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Yorkshire Cover Auctions 

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11862 EL Rome-London charged 11 with fine Fr.3f76c accountancy.40
2Boer War: 1900(July) 'no stamps available' cvr APO S.Africa (violet 3MB skeleton pmk overstruck by Birkenhead redirection)-Colonel Hamilton,Rhyl Camp.30
31900(Nov) cvr APO Volksrust(scarce violet skeleton)-UK, GB 1d lilac. PHOTO125
41901 GB 1d pink env APO Pretoria-UK. No flap.15
5Redirected: 1898 Bavarian advert cvr Nurnberg-Carlsbad @ 10pf rate redirected to Switz & charged 5r+10r P.Dues (Zum.17-8). Then to London where Courier Society(cachet) traced recipient to Brussels.25
61965 airmail cvr Andorra-Hamburg with F166+192(scarce cat £40), redirected to Denmark + W.German 15pf.35
71947(Jun) printed card for sp.FFC Namur-London, Belgian SG1071A, then London-Holland @ 1½d rate.15
8Thos.Cook: 1930s advert cvr between branches in Malta & Italy, 2½d(SG198) & oval A&V von Brockdorff RMS Knight of Malta cachet.25
9WW1:1914(Oct) Wagons Lit advert cvr Paris-C'tinople @ 25c. Ret'd to Sender + s/line Distribution Impossible.20
101915 ppc Budapest-C'tinople @ 10f rate. Both Hungarian & Turkish censors.15
111916 cvr Oxford-54th Regt,French Army @ 2½d rate. Many redirections + 2-line h/stamps: Controle par L'Autorite Militaire & La Destinaire n'a pu atteint.20
121917 printed POW card Russian POW,Langensalsa Camp(censor)-Russian POW Committee,UK.15
13Dual flights: 1934(Oct) illus(both sides) double regd (Batavia & Melbourne) Douglas FFC Dutch Indies-Australia & return with dual franking SG360,70(x5) + Australia SG147(x3).25
141952 Van Riebeeck KLM cacheted FFC S.Africa-Holland & back with SG136-40 +Dutch SG744-7(x2 cat £33).25
15WW2: 1939(Sept 12) airmail cvr to Yorks, blk of 4 GB 1½d & temporary skeleton London IS HM Ships pmk + blue naval s/line Passed by Censor. 1st week of war.25
161939(Sept) cvr London-Switz @ 2½d rate. Early French military/postal censors.15
171942 advert cvr Curacao-N.York @ 12½c rate. Triple censor: local triangular,Jamaica D/8817 & US labels.20
181943 airmail cvr Switz-UK @ 50c rate. Both German & UK censor labels + secret writing wipe.20
191945-6 colour illus Middle East Forces Xmas cards(2: both with messages).20
20Swan Is: 1954 radio ham card ex KG4AV in W.Indies to USA. Pirate radio/CIA connections. Swan Is cachet.25
21UN: 1948(Jan) air cvr Cuba-UK, SG376+80 & sp.blue pmk/cachet for UN Work/Industry Conference,Havana.35
221960s Belgian UN Forces airletters (4: codes MD x3 different or SM) fine unused. See also lot 187.20
231959 UNEF DANOR cacheted cvr/airletter(2,1 printed) to Norway/USA. 1 posted Lebanon.25
241821 outer to London rated 1/6d with stepped Bristol Ship Letter (S7 blk).40
251829 bit grubby part EL Ft George,India-Dublin re-rated to 1/8d. Boxed red India Letter Portsmouth (In3).30
261834 outer to London rated 1/8, fine stepped Penzance Ship Letter (S4 blk) across flap. PHOTO65
271835 outer STB ex Jersey to London rated 1/5, stepped Ship Letter Southampton (S7).30
281837 outer N.York-London rated 1/4d, stepped Portsmouth Ship Letter (S13).35
291836 fragile EL Tipton(Staffs)-Ohio(US) via Birmingham(red Paid at) & Boston(red Ship) rated 2/2.20
301839 EL Kirkcaldy(3-line misspelt date in blue + boxed Paid at in red)-N.York(red Ship) via L'pool rated 1/4d.20
311840 family EL Lockport(NY)-UK via N.York rated 18 but charged 8. 2-line Liverpool Ship Letter (S14).25
321846 outer Rio-London per Boelette Puggard via Cowes rated 8, 2-line Portsmouth Ship Letter (S16 blk).40
331854 transatlantic cvr Dayton(O)-Lancs(scarce Horwich udc) paid 24 + red 3 h/stamp.20
341859-64 outers(2) Mobile(A) or N.York-France charged 8(per Asia) or 16. Etats.Unis.Serv.Br.AC code K(blk) or British Calais 3(red) cds.25
351900 cvr to France, French 15c P&C & fine Ligne T Paq.Fr.No.5 octagonal pmk.25
361930s illus printed lettercard in red/cream for Canadian Pacific SS Duchess of York.10
371931 comm.cvr Kobe-USA, Japan 1½s+3s(x3). Boxed Paquebot (Hosk.3167 – scarce).30
381936 SS Leikanger illus cvr to USA, US 3c & Balboa Canal Zone p/bot (Hosk.2540).10
391937(Aug 29) regd cvr Deutsch-America Seepost Bremen-N.York(label + sp.pmk) to Switz, German 1pf,15pf Hindenburg + scarce Hitler MS638(cat £70) used 5 days before FDI. PHOTO80
40c1937 'shipmail' firms env Hamburg-Wasa(Finland), German SG499B+620 & 2-line violet Schiffpost cachet.25
411939 comm.cvr Trinidad-USA @ 6c(stamp tied NY p/bot pmk). Posted on High Seas MS Western Prince.15
421970 transatlantic cable-laying(betwn US & Spain) illus cvr to Lisbon, Portugal 1e & San Fernando Cadiz pmk + boxed violet paquebot. Hosking 1259 of Cadiz.20
43Balloon: 1927(Jun) Strassburg Phil.Exhib’n newsletter flown per ‘ballon monte’ Le Petit Parisien (cachet ties Strassburg label reverse) to UK, French 1f50 tied hexagonal La Wantzenau pmk. See also lot 1696.25
44Concorde: 1969 illus unadd.FDCs(2) of Comores SG83 + Wallis & Futuna SG198(cat £64).40
45Drink: 1939 illus(front/back) meter-franked cvr for Roses Lime Juice cordial used Durban-Volksrust(S.Africa).15
46Film: 1940-7 advert cvrs(6) to Cinema/TV Ltd in UK ex film co’s in Greece,Italy,Canada,US or Belgium.20
47Food: 1926 Jacobs Crackers illus firms p/card Liverpool-Sheffield @ perfinned ½d rate.15
48Football: 1966(July 30) World Cup Final illus cvr with sp.Wembley pmk for England vs W.Germany.20
49Freemasons: 1920 illus lodge cvr Antigua-USA, 1½d War Stamp (SG54).25
50Hardware: 1928 illus(lights/burners/keys) firms env regd Jamaica-USA @ 4½d rate.25
51Horse Racing: 1937(Jun) regd cvr Ascot Races-Kingston, KEVIII 1d+1½d(blk 4) & Mobile PO A pmks.20
52Hotel: 1905 Algerian hotel cacheted used(6) & unused(6) ppcs to UK @ French 10c rate. Diff.pmks inc TPO.25
531906 illus(front & back) Hotel Wellman,Wellington env to UK @Canadian 4c rate. See also lots 617,996,1362.20
54Military Uniforms: Gibraltar 1969-76 sets on illus FDCs(8). All unadd. ex 1 typed label.20
55Mountaineering: 1924 colour RP(climber & crevasse) ppc comm.used Switz-UK @ 20c rate.15
561955(Jun 14) illus unadd.FDC of Liechtenstein Mountain Sports set (SG332-5 cat £40).30
571969-97 all different signed Himalaya Exped'n cvrs/ppcs(19). Wide variety.50
58Olympics: 1907 mourning cvr Athens-Paris, 3-colour Greece SG184-5,8. No flap.40
59Red X: 1917 cvr Kingston-USA @ 1d + 1½d war stamp + scarce Red X Jamaica ½d opt biplane label.40
601940 Dutch Indies Red X env to Red X,Switz @ 35c. Dutch Indies censor tied Red X cachet + German censor20
61French Red X issues: 1951,61-70,78,80 mainly on illus unadd.FDCs(12) with sp.pmks. See also lots 86 etc.20
62Royalty: 1902(Jun 26) KEVII Coronation sp.ppc with sp.pmk + London sq.circle to Preston @ KEVII ½d rate.30
631933-6 pair crown crested(red or blk) envs(2,1 mourning) London(2 diff.official paid pmks)-India. GvR circ. cyphers in blk or violet.45
641956 airmail cvr Jamaica-UK @ 1/6d rate. Boxed Give to the Princess Alice Appeal Fund slogan.20
651961(Feb) illus unadd.cvr for QE2 visit to Pakistan, 2p(SG129) & sp.pmk.10
66Scouts: 1958 illus unadd.FDC of UAR Arab Jamboree (SG657-8 cat £7) & Damascus pmk.10
671963 Dubai set of 3 20np-40np airletters both fine unused & cto used (6 items).15
68Sports: 1925(Jun) unadd.cvr with Hungarian set (SG452-9 cat £60) & sp. Budapest Regatta pmk.40
69Tobogganing: 1922 firm’s advert p/card illus toboggan race comm.used Brno(Czech)-Berlin, SG193b+206.20
70ABU DHABI: 1971 20f airletter (150x106mm) fine unused. STB only 300 issued.30
71ADEN: 1902 Indian 1a on 1½a p.stat.card comm.used to Paris with both Aden & Aden Camp pmks.15
721937 The Tanks RP ppc(repaired corner) comm.used to UK, ½a+8a dhows (SG1,8 cat £14).20
731945 censored(F/106 label) cvr to HMS Waveney c/o GPO London, 3a (SG22).15
741947 US Foreign Service env regd to Yemen(rec'r), SG16+22(x2).15
75States: 1964 cvr Shihr-France, Quaiti SG42-3.15
76Mahra State: 1967On State Service printed env Ghaidha-UK, set to 500m(SG1-11) & FDI cachet. Uncommon15
77AEGEAN: 1913 regd cvr Rhodes-Italian PO C'tinople(rec'r), 40c+50c Rodi opts (SG12-13). PHOTO100
781928 Dodecanese Govt env(+ headed letter) Rhodes-Greece, Italian 25c+50c(x2).40
79AFGHANISTAN: 1963 6af grn & black airletter, scarce H&G3 fine unused.20
80ALBANIA: 1903 20pa on 10h Austrian Levant p.stat.card Scutari-Germany. PHOTO50
811906 ppc comm.used Valona(Austrian PO)-Corfu, 20pa Aust.Levant (Mi44). Some tone spotting.30
821914 regd cvr Durres-Germany, ovpt set SG40-45(cat £35). PHOTO50
831918 Austro-Hungarian feldpost 8h p.stat.card KuK FPO Scutari-Germany with KuK mountain regt cachet.25
841931 Shiaku(town) ppc comm.used Tirane-Austria, 3-colour SG277-8(x2),80.20
851937 large regd cvr Shkoder-Vienna, scarce Independence minisheet (MS320a cat £190). Central fold. PH.250
861946 printed/cachet cvr President,Red X,Tirane-POW Agency,Switz, ovpts SG446-7(blk of 6 cat £14) tied rev.35
87ANDORRA: French: 1950 regd cvr La Vieille-Holland, 20fr+40fr (F137,141 cat £19).35
881955 advert cvr La Vieille-Germany, F145-6,50,52(cat £9).15
89Spanish: 1972 Europa (SG67 cat £140) on illus unadd. FDC. PHOTO See also lot 6.90
90ANGUILLA: 1970s-80s commercial airmail cvrs(9) to UK with wide range frankings.20
91ANTIGUA:(see also lots 49,592,1695): 1913 regd cvr to Germany, KGV 5/= (SG51 cat £150). No flap. PH.250
921926 advert cvr St Johns-UK, mixed Leewards (SG61) & Antigua (SG64) 1ds.15
931932 Leewards KGV 1½d p.stat.env front air St Johns-UK + Tercent.6d,1/=(SG87-8 cat £44). Tercent.cachet25
941942 airmail cvr St Johns-USA, mix Leewards 6d(blk of 6 SG109a cat £21) + ½d(SG98). Brn censor tape tied B16 in blue mss + s/line Examined by Censor.25
951944 airmail cvr St Johns-USA, mixed Leewards 1/=(SG110ba) + 1d (SG99). Examiner B/112 label.20
961949(Jan 3) local All Saints cvr with Leewards S.Wedding SG117-8.15
97ARGENTINA: 1887 8c p.stat.env, H&G2b comm.used Tandil-B.Aires. Boxed Devuelta Oficina de Carteros.20
981891 underpaid 2c lettercard comm.used Buzonistas Capital No.1-La Plata with BA Cargo 3 blue cds + circ. A Cobrar 4 centavos, circ. Franqueo Falta.25
991894 4c lettercard comm.used Las Rosas(violet pmk)-B.Aires. See also lot 1313.20
1001899(Dec 31) New Year illus lettersheet(H&G3) comm.used B.Aires-Germany + mixed issues SG146,223.20
1011901 5c grn(+ 100r Brazil rev) lettersheet for Brazilian President visit, H&G7a used internally ex Blumenau.25
1021913 50c-1p parcel post p.stat. unused complete forms(4: H&G1-4). Rarely offered.75
1031943 National Park illus 2c p.stat.cards(3: H&G68-70) fine unused.10
104Antarctic: 1971 illus cvr for Naval Air Base Petrel to Australia(destination) inc SG1105-6.10
105Officials: 1967-8 airmail cacheted cvrs(2 inc regd) Bahia Blanca/Percamino-Turkey/Nigeria(destinations), officials O1039(x4) or 1043(x4),55(x3).25
106ASCENSION: 1923 cvr to St Helena, scarce 1½d control blk of 4 + 2d (SG3-4 cat £210+). PHOTO250
1071939(Dec) regd cvrs(2) to UK, original KGVI set to 10/= (SG38-47 cat £110).75
1081953 airmail cvr to USA via S.Africa, 5-colour SG38b(x2),41c,42b,c(x3),44(cat £21). Env.fault but commercial.30
109AUSTRALIA: 1914 KGV 1d red p.stat.card H&G3 comm.used Toowoomba(Qld)-UK.20
1101915 cvr Warwick(Qld)-Russian military attache,Greece(destination/rec'r), SG1+21c(pair). S/line Passed Cens25
1111921 Melbourne colour souvenir view set no.1 comm.used Fremantle-UK, 1½d(SG52).15
1121925 KGV 4½d regd env, H&G25a fine unused. See also lots 13,1007,1182,1203,1308-9.30
1131931(Apr) regd IA cacheted FFC Cairns(Qld)-UK, SG99a,106,15,19-23(cat £47).35
1141931(Nov) ANA sp.Xmas airmail cachet env(inc letter) Sydney-UK, strip 4 6d airs(SG139 cat £65).Worn edge35
1151934(Apr) official cacheted FFC Sydney-UK then Paris, SG109,21-3,5(cat £29).20
1161934(Dec) Quantas/IA illus env Sydney-UK, SG123,142,152(cat £76). PHOTO65
1171935(Mar) regd air cvr Sydney-UK multifranked inc commems SG147-52 + OS NSW 1d,2d cat £125+). PH.100
1181937(Aug) airmail cvr Brunswick East(Vic)-UK, 4-colour mixed Kings SG131(1/4d),146,167,174.25
1191945(Mar) airmail censored cvr Blackheath(NSW)-S.Rhodesia, SG179,209-10(x2 ea inc imprint),211.15
1201945 KGVI 7d blue/yellow scarcer airletter comm.used Melbourne-UK.25
1211946(Feb) RAAF concession airmail(box cachet) cvr RAAF 6303(Bundaberg)-Italy, pairs SG187,9,204,6.15
1221947(Sept) cvr Newcastle(sp.pmk)-Ashfield, SG219-21 + sp. 150th anniv Newcastle souvenir sheet tied.20
1231947 Scottish Insurance Corp illus advert cvr Melbourne-Scotland, perfinned 1/6d air.10
1241951(Dec) round Australia cacheted flight cvr Canberra-Melbourne with many b/stamps (stopovers).15
125AAT: 1948(Mar) cvr Macquarie-Melbourne @ 2½d rate. 2-line ANARE 1947 violet expedition cachet.20
126BCOF: 1948 cvr APO 214-Australia, set to 5/= (J1-7 cat £275). PHOTO200
127AUSTRIA:(see lots 348,901):1864 outer Trieste(oval pmk)-Pesaro, 3kr(x2)+15kr (Mi31,34).Cat 320eu(cvr).PH80
1281864 outer Steyr-Milan via Italian TPO, 5kr+10kr (Mi32-3). Underpaid (2-line Bollo Insufficiente) & charged 3. N.A.(scarce) & A3 h/stamps. PHOTO50
1291865 outer Vienna-Naples via Italian TPO, scarce 3-colour Mi31-2(x2 ea),34 (31kr rate). PHOTO200
1301913 Trieste ppc comm.used to Germany, 5h & violet Anphitrite OE Lloyd pmk. PHOTO65
1311918(Apr) airmail cvr Vienna-Lemburg, air set inc scarce p12½x11½ (SG296-8A,97C cat £100). PHOTO90
1321920 25h p.stat.card comm.used Vienna-Pardubitz + 25h(SG347 imperf) + 25h p.stat.cut-out. Scarce.20
1331927(Sept) OLAG FFC Klagenfurt-Graz, 6g airs (Mi470 x2). 10gr P.Due pays poste restante fee.20
1341930 underpaid airmail cvr Vienna-Turin, tax mark & 5-colour airs: SG617,9,21,3-4(cat £23).35
1351931 airmail express(labels) cvr Vienna-Sweden, SG624,9-30(cat £40). Gum stains on 80g.40
1361937 regd airmail cvr Kotschach-UK, Doctors set (SG815-23 cat £60). PHOTO45
1371938 German airmail cacheted cvr St Wolfgang-B.Aires, 5-colour mix franking SG814(scarce),25 + German SG497,507,9(Hindenburg 100pf x2),648,52,56 front & back. PHOTO50
1381938(Apr) cvr Hitler's birthplace(cachet),Braunau(2 diff.pmks inc Fuhrer slogan)-Schonebeek, mix franking Hindenburg 3pf+6pf se-tenant + Austrian 3g(x2).20
1391938(Nov) Belgian Consulate,Vienna env regd to St Anton, German 12pf(x2) + 50pf air (SG658).15
140Levant: (see lots 80,335,866): 1885 5sld p.stat.card comm.used Smirne(s/ring pmk)-UK.20
1411901 Samos ppc comm.used Vathy-Athens(rec'r) via Piraeus, 10pa on 5h (Mi32A).35
1421907 ppc Caifa-S.Africa(destination/rec’r), 20pa (Mi48).30
1431908 comm.cvr Scio-C’tinople(rec’r), 10pa+30pa (Mi53,55) tied reverse.35
1441914 Jerusalem ppc Jaffa-Samos(Vathy Austrian PO rec’r), 10pa pair (Mi53).30
145Lombardy Venetia:1864 mourning cvr Udine-Florence via Ferrara & Bologna, 2s(Mi14). Cat 600eu(cvr).PH.150
1461865 local Padova official(seal) EL, 3s(Mi15). 15kr fiscal tied inside. Cat 480+eu(cvr). PHOTO125
147BAHAMAS: 1906 neat hotel env to USA, KEVII 2½d (SG63 x2). Double rate. Very different printings.25
1481908 comm.cvr Nassau-USA, 2½d (SG73 cat £26).25
1491920 OHMS GPO env regd Nassau-France, ½d+2d Peace (SG106+8 cat £13).25
1501934 KGV 2d+1d regd env, H&G3a Nassau-USA + 3-colour SG115-7. Lower left corner clipped.25
1511936 comm.cvr to Miami, KGV 2½d uncancelled + 4-line Seapost Mail/British MV Ena K/Nassau/date.20
1521939 regd cvr Nassau-UK, ½d (short F variety) green + 3d (SG149,154).25
1531938 KGVI 4d regd env, H&G6 fine unused.20
1541939 airmail cvr Bimini-USA, 8d (SG160).15
1551949 official OHMS countersigned stampless cvr Nassau-USA, fine crown Paid at Bahamas (CC2).30
1561949 regd airmail OHMS cvr Nassau-UK, 10/= Eleuthera + £1 RWedding (SG192+5 cat £45). PHOTO65
1571953(Jun 24) comm.cvr to Nassau, 1½d tied blue skeleton Benetts Harbour pmk. Probably FDC PO.25
158BAHRAIN: 1930 comm.cvr to Bombay, Indian 1a tied reverse.20
15919 38 airmail cvr to Vienna, 5-colour SG1(x2),10,16,17a,19 & air pmk. PHOTO50
160BANGLADESH: 1972(Feb) official(?) cvr to W.Bengal(rec'r), pair 10pa Pakistan ovpt'd in violet 3-line People's Republic of Bangladesh.20
161BARBADOS: 1891 QV ½d p.stat,card comm.used St James(code 7 pmk)-Bridgetown (Barbados A rec'r).25
1621896 Badge ½d p.stat.card comm.used locally with St Peter pmk.20
1631892 QV 1d on 1½d single & reply p.stat.cards(2: H&G6-7) fine unused.15
1641910 cvr St Joseph-Ireland @ 1d rate.15
1651928 regd advert cvr to UK, scarce 3-colour mixed issues SG182b,221,29(x2) & RLO pmk.35
1661940-9 surface/airmail cvrs(2) St Lucy/St Peter-USA/Aruba(Curacao) @ 3d or 8d rates.20
1671944 airmail advert cvr to USA, hi-rate SG255+6a(cat £15) & Examiner H/14 label.25
1681950 regd FDCs(4) to USA of KGVI set to $2.40 (SG271-82 cat £75).60
1691954 regd airmail cvr to UK, mixed reigns SG273(x6),76,95-6(cat £28).25
170BASUTOLAND:1929 OHMS cvr(inc contents) Maseru-Canada, S.African 2d official(O1) + cachet. Scarce.PH50
1711938 regd 3-colour mixed KGV-VI cvr Maseru-UK, SG5,17-18(cat £10).25
1721961 regd airmail cvr Quthing-UK, 1r on 10/= (SG68 cat £26).30
173BECHUANALAND: 1895 QV 1d p.stat.wrapper, H&G4 used Vryburg-Winburg.30
1741913 cvr Gaberones Station-Germany, 4-colour mix issues QV-KGV SG35(x2),62,65,72. Minor creases. PH.150
1751936 regd OHMS cvr Mafeking-USA, 1/= (SG105).30
1761941 regd(violet h/st) cvr Palapye-Jo’burg, 3-colour SG118(x4),9,20(x2 cat £20).25
1771967 OBGS stampless cvr PO(cachet) Lobatsi(scarce red Postage Paid pmk)-H.Kong(destination).40
178BELGIUM: 1852 cvr Belgium-France via Belg.Valnes 5(red), 3mgn 40c (Officiel 8A cat 175eu cvr).40
1791907 regd cvr Coq sur Mer-Germany, 50c (SG103). See also lots 7,22,1696.30
1801917 SM cvr Ste Adresse-soldier on Western Front, scarce 20c Red X (SG159 cat £23). Minor tone spots.40
1811930(Dec) cacheted FFC to Congo with SG493,566 + 5fr air (SG564 cat £39).35
1821938(July 21) FDC Koekelberg-Austria of 5fr Koekelberg basilica minisheet (Block 8 cat £17).20
1831949 Resistance/Monuments pair (SG1253-4 cat £43) on 2 regd cvrs Jette-Brussels.35
1841950 airmail cvr Ixelles-Australia(destination), SG1226 + Athletics top vals SG1313-15(cat £56). PHOTO50
185Congo: 1923 regd cvr Bandundu-USA, mix franking SG105+129. Ex Adjutant-Chef.25
1861940(Feb-May) airmail cvrs(3) Leopoldville-UK @ 6fr or 6fr50 rates.15
1871964 EL written Luleaborg-Sweden ex Swedish UN Battalion with UN Forces in Congo violet pmk.20
188German Occ: 1915 cvr Loewen-Germany, 4-colour Mi1-4. Not censored.15
1891916 comm.cvr Brussels-Frankfurt, 3-colour Mi2-4. 2 diff.German banking censors inc military.20
1901918 official cacheted cvr St Maur-Mons, Etappengebiet 25c opt (Mi6) & postal censor office pmk. 2-line Zulassig (permitted) postal censor X.20
191BERMUDA: 1893 QV ½d blue p.stat.card comm.used Hamilton(1 duplex)-Ireland Island(cds + 3 duplex rec’r).35
1921913 comm.cvr Warwick East-USA, 2½d (SG48). See also lots 1697,1702.25
1931915 cvr Ireland Island-UK @ 1d rate. Triangular purple Bermuda postal censor.25
1941923 regd cvr Paget West-USA, SG77a+81(x2).40
1951924 KGV 3d regd env size F Hamilton-bandsman in E.Lancs Regt,Malta(destination) via London + 1d.30
1961925(Apr) flown cvr 'Via Airship Los Angeles'(h/st)-USA @ 2½d rate. 3-line Airmail Service Bermuda h/st. PH.50
1971934 pictorial US Navy Day cvr to USA, 3-colour SG77(x2)-a,79b & Warwick East pmk.30
1981936 sl.cut-down cvr to UK, SG100(x2) & scarcer Docks Hamilton pmk(only open 6 years).40
1991937 official stampless US PO cvr USS Flusser Hamilton-N.York.15
2001941(Apr) regd airmail cvr Hamilton-USA, SG104(x2). Blue BC1 Examiner 211 label.15
2011942(Apr) airmail cvr US APO 856-N.York @ US 10c rate. 2 diff.US Army censors inc blk/white label.15
2021948(Dec) regd cvr St Georges-USA, late use QV 6d(SG10a cat £22)+SG125(x2).30
203BHUTAN: 1960s commercial internal(or to India) cvrs(7) with varied frankings & pmks.20
204BOLIVIA: c1902 5c p.stat.env, H&G7 used Cochabamba(violet undated pmk)-Mollendo(Peru) + 5c(SG102).25
2051905 cvr Potosi-UK via Antofagasta(Chile), SG100+3(x2 ea) tied violet cork cancels. Minor opening faults.25
2061930(July) LAB FFC(cachet + etiquette), SG194,225,245,47.30
2071932(May) Graf Zeppelin flown regd cvr Cochabamba-Germany, SG197,221,59-60. See also lot 1633.35
208BOSNIA: 1879-1901 arms p.stationery(9 diff) inc lettercards,reply cards all fine unused.25
2091882-1901 2kr p.stat.cards(4: P1a or b) KuK FPO Visoko,Banjaluka,Travnik or Bos.Gradiska-Vienna/Leipzig.30
2101894 scarce 2kr p.stat.reply card (P2 type 2) KuK FPO Bihac-Capajeby but no message.20
2111901 5h p.stat.card comm.used Brcka-Germany with Mil.Post Conducteur Brcka Bhf pmk.20
2121908 10h waterfall lettercard comm.used KuK FPO Trebinje-Brasov(Rumania; then part of Hungary).15
2131908-17 5h mosque or 8h warrior p.stat.cards(5) comm.used to Germany ex KuK FPO Nevesinje, Bjelina(oval pmk),Lunavar,Capljina or Sanski Most.25
214BRAZIL: 1881 20r p.stat.card comm.used locally in Pernambuco with violet pmk.25
2151906 200r lettercard scarce p13½, H&G35b comm.used Rio-Nova Friburgo. PHOTO50
2161922 150r p.stat.env, H&G26 comm.used SJ de Alem Parahyba-Rio.20
2171924 500r regd p.stat.env Pedreira-Rio + SG330,407.25
2181928-9 printed US Mission cvrs(2) to USA, SG333(x1 or2) & oval blue/violet US Naval Mission to Brazil pmks.30
2191932 Aeropostale env flown S.Paulo-Paris, SG335+510(2500r opt cat £23).20
2201933(May,Jun,Aug) Graf Zeppelin cacheted flight cvrs(3) to Germany.45
2211934(Feb) Condor Lufthansa cachet(+ label) FFC Rio-Stuttgart(sp.air rec'r), SG406,70,72,532,46-7(cat £13).20
222BR.ANT.TERR: 1966 Churchill, 1971 Treaty, 1979 Penguins illus FDCs(3) of SG16-19,38-41,89-92(cat £66).40
2231972 SW-1983 Flight illus unadd.FDCs(10 diff). Stamps cat £35.18
224BR.GUIANA: 1899 2c on 5c p.stat.env comm.used Met en Meerzorg-Scotland.25
2251941(Dec) illus US Bases in W.Indies map cvr to USA, US 1½c & box US Navy pmk. Passed Naval Censor + Mar.Det.Br.Guiana h/stamp.20
2261944 airmail advert cvr to Canada @ 44c rate. Opened Examiner I.I./55 label.20
2271948 regd cvr Morawhanna-USA, 5-colour SG308-12.20
2281960 QE2 6c & 12c airletters(2: H&G13-14) fine unused.10
229BR.HONDURAS: 1893 cvrs(2) Belize-USA @ 12c rate (SG52 x3+56 or 59) & O duplexes.50
2301927 cvr Stann Creek(D4 pmk)-USA, 1c+3c (SG103,122 cat £12).35
2311927 comm.cvr Corozal-USA, 2c (SG127 x2). Violet 2-line Buy British Goods cachet in use 1 year.30
2321934 attractive pictorial cvr to USA @ 1c(SG126) rate commemorating Spanish attack on Belize in 1798.20
2331941 regd(Belize S label) cvr to UK, SG152(x2)+4 & bluish oval Seine Bight TRD pmk.40
234BR.IND.OCEAN TERR: 1969(July 14) cacheted/pmk’d TPO Nordvaer FDC to Seychelles, SG17+19.15
2351970 airmail commercial cvr Research Station Aldabra Is-UK via Mombasa paquebot, SG21-2. Minor creases.25
236BR.LEVANT: 1912 regd cvr Smyrna-C'tinople, mixed KEVII-KGV L4ab,12-15(cat £22). PHOTO45
2371920 Palestine ppc comm.used Br.PO C'tinople-UK, GB 1d(Z189).15
2381919 regd advert cvr C'tinople-Belgium, GB 2d+2½d (Z179-80) & APO SX3 pmk. Box Milit.Authority 6 censor.35
239BR.OCC.ITAL.COLS: 1946 airmail advert cvr Asmara-Kamaran(destination/rec’r), 3-col.MEF 1d,2½d,1/=.30
2401950(Apr) Aden Airways cvr Asmara-UK, 3-colour E13,15(scarce cat 1750eu on cvr),19. PHOTO200
2411950(Dec) airmail cvr Asmara-UK, 3-colour E13,17-8. Cat 300+eu(cvr). PHOTO50
2421951 OHMS cvr Desert Locust Survey(cachet) Asmara(forces pmk)-UK, BA Eritrea 75c (E21).40
243Cyrenaica: 1951 advert airmail cvr Benghazi-UK, 5m+20m (SG140+4). Cat 375eu(cvr). PHOTO50
244BR.VIRGIN.IS: 1900 sl.cut-down cvr to USA via St Thomas, 2½d(SG45) & A91 Virgin Is code T pmk. PHOT.45
2451923 OHMS stampless cvr Tortola-USA with 2-line PO/Virgin Is h/stamp.20
2461938 OHMS regd cvr Road Town-USA with 2ds (SG92 x4 cat £24).30
2471938 regd OHMS cvr Road Town-UK via US Virgins, 5-colour SG86-7,91-3(cat £33). PHOTO50
248BRUNEI: 1952 comm.cvr K.Belait(s/ring)-USA, 3-colour SG80ab(pair),81,84a(cat £33). PHOTO45
2491974 local Bandar Seri Bagawan cvr with 4s-35s + scarce $10 (SG233 cat £32).25
250Jap.Occ: 1944(Sept) cvr to Sarawak, J1,3,5-6,10,12-13(cat £122). PHOTO200
251BULGARIA: 1896 10s p.stat.card comm.used Actoss-Italy via Bourgas-Sofia TPO.20
2521898 comm.cvr Plevna-Vienna, 5s (SG54 x5 tied reverse).20
2531910 advert cvr Sofia-Germany, 4-colour SG106-7,9-10(x2).25
2541937(Dec 12) local Peschtera cvr with sp.pmk tying SG346(Sunday Delivery)+ 387 & violet rec’r.20
2551936 regd cvr Sofia-USA, Slav Congress set SG376-8(x2 cat £12).20
256BURMA:(see lot 1589): 1933 airmail cvr Myingyan-UK, 3-colour Indian 3p(x2),2a,8a.20
2571933(Dec) IA FFC Rangoon-Singapore, Indian SG202,21-2(airs).20
2581939(Aug) regd(prov.label) Burma Oil Co env Merchant St,Rangoon-Ireland, KGV-VI SG2,7,22(x2). Open 5yr.25
2591948 local Pazundaung cvr with blk of 4 9pi with inverted opt (SG70a cat £150+). PHOTO150
260Jap.Occ: 1942-45 3 diff.types ovpt'd 1a p.stat.env(3: H&GIB1,13,15b) all fine unused.30
2611944(Mar) comm.cvr Sagaing Hill(scarce pmk)-Rangoon, 5c (J76 cat £20) with perf faults.40
2621943 1a KGVI ovpt'd p.stat.env(H&GIB13) comm.used internally ex Insein + 5c(J91).40
263CAMBODIA: 1955 airmail cvr Phnom Penh-USA, SG16(10p)+43(cat £17).25
264CAMEROONS: Br.Occ: 1919 regd cvr Buea-Switz, 3-colour B2(x3),3-4(cat £62). PHOTO100
265CANADA: 1853 EL Toronto(red Paid pmk + Paid 3 h/stamp)-Guelph. S/line Money-Letter in black.30
2661857 EL Toronto-London rated 8(h/stamp). See also lots 36,53.15
2671861 cvr Amherstburg(blue pmk)-Barrie, 5c (SG31 cat £18) & blue 7-ring target cancel.25
2681869 advert cvr Halifax-Bridgetown(NS), 3c LQ SG58(cat £24).30
2691897 regd cvr Nithburg-London(Ont), mixed issues SG105(pair)+125(cat £12) tied s/line registered.30
2701908 ppc Ottowa-Belgium, QV ½c (SG150). Cat $250(single franking).40
2711917 censored(US label tied 36 ML) Grand Trunk Rail cvr Montreal-USA, GTR perfin 2c + 1c war tax.15
2721919 regd banking(v.fine seals) cvr Montreal-France, 10c (SG210).25
2731919 regd cvr Regina-UK via Winnipeg, KGV 2c p.stat.env + SG199,206 making 3-colour franking.30
2741925(Nov) cacheted flight cvr Victoria(BC)-Seattle via Seaplane @ 3c rate.25
2751932(Jul 12) flown cacheted FDC Ottowa-Bradore Bay, Ottowa 6c air (SG318 cat £22).20
2761931(Dec)-32(Dec) cacheted FFCs(2) Embarras Portage-Ft McMurray or Ft Resolution(NWT)-Gt Bear Lake.10
2771933(Jan) illus maiden voyage Grace Line Santa Paula cvr Victoria(BC)-Washington, 3-colour KGV 1c-3c.10
2781937-8 comm.cvrs(2: seamail or airmail) Toronto-India(destination/rec'r). Both underpaid: one taxed, other 'Please advise Correspondent that overseas letter rate is 6c per ½oz'.20
2791937 comm.cvrs(2) Toronto-USA or Vancouver-Victoria @ 3c rate + 20c express sp.delivery(S6 or 7 cat £25).50
2801939 comm.cvr Nova Scotia-USA, KGV 1c p.stat.env + pair 1c coils (SG304 cat £42).40
2811941 illus patriotic(bulldog + Union Jack) censored airmail cvr Calgary-UK, SG274,359(x3 ea),71(cat £17+).20
282CANAL ZONE: 1914 local cvr with 1c-10c(latter damaged when affixed), Sc.22-26. Scarce on cvr. PHOTO45
2831929 advert cvr Balboa Heights-Canada, blk of 4 ½c (SG74).10
2841933 US Consular Service env Cristobal-USA, 40c air (SG133). Ex Roosevelt coll'n. See also lot 38.15
285CAPE: 1872(Sept) cvr Du Toits Pan(pmk rev)-UK via Cape Town, 1/=(SG26a) & rare cancel. PHOTO150
2861895 unusual ‘illus’ medical advert cvr Cape Town(sq.circ)-Nylstroom, SG59(x2). PHOTO45
2871900 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used St Georges St,Capetown(sq.circle)-Holland. PO only open 15 years.20
2881904 ppc comm.used Midland TPO 6-Salt River(sq.circle rec’r), ½d (SG61).25
2891905 KEVII 1d p.stat.env Klein Drakenstein-Ennersdale(Natal) via Paarl.20
2901906 Cathcart RP ppc Toise River-UK @ 1d rate.20
2911906 KEVII ½d inland p.stat.card + ½d(SG70) comm.used Berlin-Germany. Uncommon pmk.20
2921909 ppc written SS Dover Castle,Cape Town-UK, KEVII 1d & Alfred Docks pmks.15
2931910 KEVII 4d regd env size F Queenstown(blue regd)-Denmark(destination) + scarce 2½d(SG73 cat £11).35
294CAYMANS: 1920 regd(1st type R) cvr G'town-Jamaica(oval violet regd rec'r),1½d on 2½d warstamp(SG86 x3)30
2951920(Mar 10) local Georgetown FDC of 1½d on 2d war stamp (SG58 pair cat £18). PHOTO50
2961951 late use of 1½d on 2½d war stamp (SG54 x8 cat £48) on regd cvr Georgetown-USA.40
297CEYLON: 1847 outer to Govt Agent,Kandy. Post paid but charged 6d + Colombo Post Not Paid cds.50
2981854 outer to Govt.Agent,Kandy pd 1½ + Rambodde half-moon with date + p.paid in mss. PHOTO250
2991863 mourning cvr Galle(red post paid cds)-Calcutta, 5d brown (SG22). PHOTO75
3001881 long EL Colombo-UK via Galle, pairs 4c+16c (SG123+6). PHOTO100
3011894 5c on 4c p.stat.envs(4: H&G17a,20,25a-b) all inverted ovpt used locally Colombo.65
3021900 QV 2c p.stat.card comm.used Kegalla-Kandy(rec’r). S/line Too Late(scarce).30
3031902 QV 6c p.stat.card comm.used Diyatalawa-Holland. Ex POW?20
3041904-7 ppcs(4) comm.used to India or USA @ 2c or 6c(x2 diff) rates. 1 with Slave Island pmk.20
3051908 Russo-Jap War ppc comm.used Kadugannawa-UK via Railway PO, SG278(x2)25
30619 22 KGV 10c regd env size G(type unlisted H&G) Colombo-Madras + SG343(x2). Inc letter.25
3071931 ppc comm.used Trincomalee-Tasmania(destination & Pingal rec'r) @ 6c rate.15
3081935 airmail cvr Colombo-UK, SG363(1r) + 80-1(S.Jubilee).20
3091945 OAS countersigned cvr Indian FPO 161(Kandy)-India.10
310CHILE: 1895 5c p.stat.env San Javier(fine pmk)-Iquique(rec’r) via Valparaiso. Roughly opened at left.30
3111915 15c p.stat.env H&G23 double regd Constitucion-USA via Valparaiso(transit regd label tied) + SG138,42.25
3121916 10c on 2c p.stat.env, scarce H&G27 regd Valparaiso-B.Aires + 4-colour SG135,41,53,58.25
313GB used in: QV 6d violet pl.9 (Z71 cat £70) & C3 duplex + iso cds pmk.20
314CHINA: 1901 stampless feldpost p/card Paotingfu-Germany, KD Feldpoststation 7 pmk & regiment cachet.40
3151919 cvr Shanghai(French PO removed pmk)-Paris, Fr.PO 6c on 15c (SG78). Censored twice by French.25
3161937(July) US Foreign Service Yunnanfu airmail(2 h/st) env to USA via Shanghai, 25c pair(SG402). Box red Airmail Service in China only.40
3171937(Mar) cvr FPO1(Shanghai)-UK, GB KGV 1d+1½d. Central fold.25
3181940 cvr Shanghai-Switz via Siberia(red boxed label with bilingual h/stamp), 50c(SG503).30
3191947(Jun) cacheted Pan-am FFC Shanghai-San Francisco, $5000 (SG895).25
320Taiwan: 1954 regd airmail cvr Taipei SO9-UK, 3-colour mixed issues SG148,163,189(cat £26).40
321COLOMBIA: 1887 2c p.stat.card comm.used Bogota(oval violet cachet)-Paris via Colon(transit pmk) & N.York20
3221903 triple regd 5c river post env H&G3 Bogota-Belgium via B'quilla & NY+ 5c(SG196x3) & 20c regd label.PH65
3231920s Scadta 100x80mm multicoloured advertising label/seal fine unused.15
3241925 10c p.stat.env, H&G10 airmail Bogota-UK + Scadta 30c. Scadta London Agency cachet reverse.15
3251925 airmail cvr N.York-Bogota, 3c(SG404) + 30c SCADTA ovpt’d EU tied Barranquilla pmk.30
326COCOS: 1953 Quantas Coronation illus FFC to UK, Singapore 10c(x7).20
327c1953 cvr to Malaya, Malayan 1c black(blk of 4) & good pmk ex year poor.20
328COOK IS: 1914(July) regd cvr Rarotonga-Berlin, blk of 4 6d (SG34 cat £112). 2 different undeliverable cachets due to outbreak of WW1 inc Postal Service Suspended. Envelope stained(reverse). PHOTO150
3291919 comm.cvr Arama Is(Aitutaki)-USA via Tahiti, 1½d p15x14 (SG48). Scarce origin.40
3301935 regd OHMS cvr Rarotonga-USA, KGV 1/= (SG105 cat £22).40
3311967(Aug) Polynesian Air illus cacheted FFC Rarotonga-Funafuti(Ellice Is) via Samoa @ 5d rate.10
332Aitutaki: 1920 regd OHMS cvr to UK via Rarotonga, ½d-6d (SG24-8 cat £82). PHOTO100
333COSTA RICA: 1898 3c p.stat.card San Jose(blue pmk)-Bordeaux. Octagonal A & D cachets.15
3341930(Mar) cacheted Pan-am FFC to El Salvador, SG176+9(x2). Only 172 flown.30
335CRETE: 1904 French Expeditionary Corps printed env IR Spedizione Postale Canea(scarcer pmk)-Switz, scarce 25c on 25h Fr.POs Crete (Mi3 cat 350eu cvr). PHOTO125
3361912 10L p.stat.card(toned) comm.used Xania-C'tinople.20
337CUBA:1818 EL Havana-Bordeaux per Lassourvoyeur Capn Nerdiel charged 9. 2-line Colonies par Bordeaux.40
3381861 EL Santiago-N.York with Steamship 10 cachet. See also lot 21.10
3391911 ppc Santiago-Paris, 1c(SG320). French Consulate,Santiago cachet.20
3401945 double censored(x2 diff.Cuban) advert cvrs(2 inc regd) Havana-UK, SG376+83 or 338,42,430(x2),58.20
341CYPRUS: (see lot 819): 1930 comm.cvr Famagusta-Canada, 3-colour SG103,18-9.25
3421935 cvr Nicosia-UK, ¾pi S.Jubilee (SG144 x2). Visit Cyprus cachet.15
3431935 cvrs(2) Limassol/Nicosia-US Consul,Pt Said or USA, SG135(x2)-6 or 137. Cyprus Holiday cachets.20
3441935-6 cvrs(2) Larnaca/Nicosia-UK/Switz, SG135(x2) or 138. Cyprus Oranges or Holiday cachets.20
3451956 QE2 15m p.stat.card + 5m(SG175) forces airmail to UK. Stamp not pmk'd but FPO pmk/arrival cachet.10
3461962 35m regd envs(5, all different sizes F-K) fine unused.25
347Turkish: 1974(Mar) local Nicosia cvr with scarce 50th anniv set (SG1-7 cat £45). PHOTO50
348CZECHOSLOVAKIA: 1865 local Prague EL with Austria 3kr arms (SG46 cat £17) & firms wafer seal.25
3491865 cvr Prague-Rostock, Austrian 5kr (Mi32) & oval Prag Klein S pmk. See also lot 69.15
3501919 ppc/Austrian p.stat/cvr(4) internal or to UK/Vienna with imperf Hradcany 3h,5h(x3),15h or 20h.20
35119 22(Nov) express regd airmail cvr Prague-Vienna, airs SG224-5(x2 ea),6(cat £23). PHOTO50
3521935 regd cvr Ceske Budejovice(sp Masaryk pmk)-USA, 3k Masaryk (SG338).15
3531937(May) CSA/LATI printed FF card Prague-Venice, 2k air & sp.pmk20
3541946-7 regd cvr Kosice-Michelovce or express cvr Trencine-Bratislava, officials O467-8 or 463+8(x2). 2 items.25
355Bohemia & Moravia: 1940 stampless ppc ex SS soldier,Prague (Deutsch Dienstpost pmk)-Austria with scarce cachet of SS hospital.35
3561944 regd official cvr Mayor of Olomouc-Prag, mix franking Mi89(x2) + official Mi23.20
357Sudetenland: 1938(Oct) Hitler ppcs(3) with Czech 1919 30h or 50h or 1938 40h fiscals & Johannesthal pmks. 3 diff red Freedom Day, Free S.Germany, Sudetenland or We thank the Fuhrer town cachets.50
3581938(Oct 9) cvr Schildberg-Prag, mix Czech/German franking & temporary 3-line date/swastika pmks. PHOT.50
359DANZIG:1923(July) express(3 diff cachets/labels) cvr to UK @ 9500mks (Mi137 x19: 2 lost rev cat 510eu).PH75
3601923(Sept 4) cvr to UK @ 375,000mks rate (Mi152 x27 + 153 x12 cat 86eu).40
3611923(Oct 17) cvr to UK @ 54 mill.mks rate (Mi166 x18 cat 90eu). Minor creasing.40
3621923(Oct 29) advert cvr to UK @ 3000 mill.mks rate (Mi174 x30 cat 150eu). PHOTO65
3631939(Oct) local regd cvr with German ovpt set to 50Rpf (SG704-15 cat £94) & sp.Hitler pmk. PHOTO75
364DENMARK: (see lots 23,1698): 1863 EL Copenhagen-Stockholm rated 36.20
3651881 cvr(inc contents) Copenhagen-Scotland via NPB boxed pmk, 20o (Fa34d cat £39). PHOTO50
3661898 formular pre-printed p.stat.card in red comm.used Viborg-Bremen with 2 5o green p.stat. cut-outs.25
3671912 insured adressebrev Copenhagen-Nakskov, 3-colour Frederik VIII 10o,20o,100o(strip of 4). PHOTO50
3681922 10o p.stat.env + scarce 10o Red X opt (SG214 cat £65) Copenhagen-Hojen(rec’r). PHOTO50
3691922 7o p.stat.env regd Aars-Holland + Fa133,36b,57(few foxed perfs) making 4-colour franking. PHOTO45
3701923 regd parcel card Copenhagen-Finland, Christian X 30o+1kr(strip of 3), Fa146+61a(cat 190kr).30
3711928 regd cvr Copenhagen-UK, SG232 + strip of 5 7o on 4o (SG240 cat £72). Stain patch. PHOTO50
3721931 regd airmail cvr Norre Aaby-Germany, 3-colour airs SG224-5+6(strip of 3 cat £346). PHOTO250
3731935 insured(V-label) cvr Sjorring-Struer, 25o caravel (Fa232 type 1 x3).20
3741943 15o caravel p.stat.card comm.used Aabenraa-Germany. German censors + 2 diff.secret writing wipes.15
375DWI: 1877 2c ultramarine p.stat.env, scarce FK1a fine unused.40
3761894 3c p.stat.env(FK8) used locally to Br.Consul with St Thomas pmk. PHOTO50
3771903 sl.cut-down local cvr Frederiksted-Christiansted(rec'r), 4c (Fa7b). PHOTO75
378GB used in: QV 4d sage-grn pl.15(Z12 cat £200) & v.fine St Thomas paid cds. PHOTO65
379Schleswig: 1920 advert cvr Hadersleben-Copenhagen, scarce I Zone 10o opts only in use 2 months.25
380DOMINICA: 1909 2d view regd env size G to USA + 2½d(SG50).40
3811937 cvr Roseau-USA, mixed KGV-VI franking SG80+98.20
3821943 regd OHMS airmail(2-line violet h/st: Airmail 2 Rates) cvr to USA via Antigua, SG105+6(x2). US censor.20
383DOMINICAN REP:1899 advert cvr SP de Macoris-S.Domingo(rec'r), scarce 2c p.stat.cut-out & 40mm pmk.PH50
3841908 advert cvr Sanchez-Italy, 10c (SG164).15
3851915 ppc comm.used Azua(violet pmk)-USA, 2c official (O178).20
3861927(Dec) FFC per Santa Maria(cachet) to P.Rico, 10c express (E250).15
387ECUADOR: pre-stamp outer to Quito with fine 2-line red Latacunga Franca.25
3881897 10c p.stat.env, H&G15 comm.used GPO-France. Uncommon.35
3891920 ppc comm.used Quayaquil-Canada, 3-colour SG366+8 & scarce 1c oblig.tax (SG375 cat £8).25
3901937(Sept) military FFC(cachet) Quito-Lima, SG547c+48. 148 flown.30
391EGYPT: 1888-1904 p.stat.reply cards(3: H&G4,6,8) all fine unused.15
3921895 underpaid cvr Transvaal-Cairo via Alexandria-Cairo TPO, tax mark & 2pi P.Due (D74) tied. Tone spots.30
3931904 cvr Cairo-UK, 3-colour 2m,3m,5m pyramids.15
3941906 5c p.stat.env Suez-USA + SG54b,58c,59c,61c making 5-colour franking.25
3951908 ppc comm.used Pt Said-China(destination) via Hong Kong @ 2m rate.20
3961921 cvr Alexandria-Vienna, 3-colour Alexandria ovpts SG39,42,48(cat £39). PHOTO50
3971923 comm. 3-colour mixed 3-issue franking cvr Pt Said-UK, SG73(x2),90,98(x3),115.25
3981924 regd advert cvr Alexandria-USA, Alexandria 10m+30m opts (SG59,62).30
3991925(Jan 1) regd cvr Cairo Citadel-Achir, 15m (SG117).15
4001931 airmail advert cvr Alexandria-Paris, both airs (SG132-3 cat £37). 2-line Par Avion Jusqu'en Allemagne.40
4011933(Jan 19) local Cairo FDC of Rail Congress set (SG189-92 cat £70) & blue sp.pmk. PHOTO60
4021935 airmail cvr Alexandria-UK, pair 27m airs (SG133).15
4031938(Mar21) Leprosy Congress illus regd FDC Cairo-UK, SG273-5 & sp.pmk.10
4041943(May) NZ Salvation Army inter-unit censored printed env ex MPO KW2(Maadi).20
4051943(July) KGVI GB 3d forces regd env censored FPO 655(Abbasia)-Kenya(rec'rs) + KGVI 10d(x2).20
406GB used in Alexandria: QV 4d vermilion pl's 7,9,11-12,14, 6d lilac pl's 3,5,9 & 1/= grn pl.4 (Z17,21-2,24,38 cat £280) with fine BO1 pmks (9).65
407GB used in Suez:QV 4d vermilion pl's 11,13, 6d lilac pl's 3,8 & 1/= grn pl.4(Z56,60,63,78 cat £172) & BO2(5).50
408EL SALVADOR: 1923 ppc comm.used to Belgium, SG729+732 & Cojutipeque pmk.15
4091924 cvr Santa Tecla-USA, SG746(x2)+54 & blue cachets 'Construct more Roads' & 'Salvador Coffee is Best'15
4101931(Dec) regd FFC San Salvador-Pto Barrios(Guatemala), SG751,55,75. Signed PMG.25
4111930s nice lot airmail cvrs(6,1 regd) with many adverts & Austria/Denmark as destinations.25
412ESTONIA: 1929 firms p/card comm.used Kuressaar-Czech, mixed issues SG37B+78.15
4131936 RP ppc comm.used Narva-Tallinn, 5s (SG126).10
4141938 regd(red box) cvr Tallinn(XI Oldlaulupidu pmk)-Finland, Literary Society set(SG140-3 cat £14).25
415German Occ: 1941 lovely illus(front & back) cvr Love-Tallinn, 15k+20k (Mi1x,2y cat £40). PHOTO100
416ETHIOPIA: 1896 ¼g-1g p.stat.cards, H&G1-3 fine unused(3).30
4171932 unclaimed(hotel/NYPO cachet) cvr Addis(violet pmk)-USA, SG306-7.20
4181946 comm.cvr Dessie(blue pmk)-Addis, 12c (SG329).15
4191946(Apr) 'direct Swedish plane' airmail cvr Addis-Sweden, pair 60c (SG333).20
4201950 regd cvr Burei-Addis(regd label), SG367+399a(x2) & Gore 3-ring pmk.20
421FALKLANDS: 1894 QV 1½d p.stat.reply half to B.Aires, cds + F1 pmks. Short message. PHOTO80
4221918 German Navy patriotic ppc of Battle of Falklands comm.used ex FPO 34 to wife in German hospital.20
4231935 regd cvr Pt Stanley-Canada, vert.pairs S.Jubilee SG139-41(cat £20+). Cat £400+(SG on cvr). PHOTO50
4241937(Mar) regd cvr Fox Bay-UK, blk of 4 4d (SG120 cat £52). PHOTO150
4251949 local Port Stanley cacheted FDC of UPU set (SG168-71 cat £13).15
4261952(Apr) 1st overseas airmail cvr to UK, 1/=(SG180) & large 3-ring pmk (scarcer F over AL variety).20
4271963 matching airmail cvrs(2) Pt Stanley-Scotland, 2/6d or 5/= (SG182-3 cat £21).40
4281963 matching airmail cvrs(7) Pt Stanley-Scotland, birds set to £1 (SG193-207 cat £75) ex 2½d,3d,1/=.60
4291974 Battle illus unadd.FDC of SG307-10(cat £24).20
430Deps: 1946 cvr S.Orkneys(violet pmk)-Pt Stanley(rec'r), vert.pairs C1-8(cat £22). Pencil address erased.20
4311951 regd cvr S.Georgia-UK, map set to 1/= (G1-8 cat £27). Dot on East variety on 1d.35
4321959 regd(Stanley label) cvr Signy Is(S.Orkneys)-UK, ½d-1/=(G26-35 cat £32).25
433S.Georgia: 1935 cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (Z66-9 cat £36). PHOTO75
4341938 cvr to East Falklands, 1/= blk/brt emerald (Z154a cat £180+). PHOTO200
435FAROES: 1918-23 comm.cvrs(2) Thorshavn-Copenhagen @ Danish Christian X 10o or 20o rates.20
4361923(Aug) comm.cvr Leith-Vaag(rec'r), GB 2½d tied s/line Fra England. Scarce so early but paperclip stain.40
4371942 regd advert censored cvr Thorshavn-UK, Danish 10o+25o(x3).25
4381943 regd censored cvr Thorshavn-USA, mix franking Danish 30o + 2o on 1o(SG2 x2 cat £190). PHOTO150
4391974(Oct) cvrs(33) to UK @ 60o rate with all different pmks. Possibly a set! See also lot 1698.50
440FIJI: (see lots 1699-1700): 1913-15 KGV 1d p.stat.envs(2) Suva(2 diff.pmks)-Levuka(rec'rs).50
4411938(Apr 5) illus local Suva FDC of KGVI ½d-6d(cat £26) inc SG258,60.25
4421944(May) OAS censored cvr to NZ, RNZAF NZAPO code A (Lauthala Bay) pmk.25
4431946 comm.cvr to NZ via Suva, 1d+1½d tied s/line Naidiri. PHOTO65
4441949 airmail cvr Savu Savu East-Ireland, UPU set (SG272-5 cat £12).20
4451950 comm.cvr Rotuma-UK, 3d(SG257). Pmk date h/struck in separate line (only found thus this year).35
446FINLAND: 1867 cvr Helsinki-Friedrichshamn, 20p blue (Fa8C3). Fine roulettes on 3 sides. Cat 1600kr.PH.50
4471881-5 10p violet or red p.stat.reply cards(2), P17+21 both fine unused.25
4481925(May) early airmail cvr Pori-UK, 1mk (Fa73 x2).40
4491928(Nov 10) local Helsinki regd cvrs(2) with marginal blks of 4 Stamp Exhib'n ovpts (SG258-9 cat £160).150
4501934 firms illus (Helsinki panorama) airmail express(label + cachet) env to UK, Fa159,183-4.20
4511941(Sept) advert censored(Finnish) cvr Helsinki-Italy, SG266(x2)+275(5mk).12
4521949-52 unused airletters(4) inc 2 diff.types no value forerunners + 20mk,25mk aircraft imprints.15
453FRANCE: (see lots 35,43,61,510,515,795,1288): 1672 EL Marseille-Livorno con Pr.Gn.Jannas d.m.s.25
4541816 EL to Milan charged 33 + 1832 EL to Scotland rated 2/2 + box ½. S/line P.Paye Paris in red or blue.25
4551849(Oct) outer Aix-Paris, 4mgn 20c blk/white(Maury 3a). Cat 170eu(cvr). PHOTO50
4561850(Jan) cvr Lille-Angers, 2+mgn 20c blk/light buff(Maury 3b). Cat 375eu(cvr). PHOTO50
4571869 EL Vic en Bigourde(Pyrenees)-Missouri(US) via Paris & N.York, 80c (SG122 cat £30).25
4581870 EL Bordeaux-Agen, 4mgn 20c blue type 2 report 2 (Maury 45 cat 70eu). Perce en ligne roulette? PH.50
4591871(Dec) EL Paris-Cosne, mixed franking Ceres 40c + Nap.30c (Ceres 30,38 cat £31) & star pmk.40
4601872 unused formular card franked with mint 10c Ceres (SG194 cat £400). PHOTO75
4611874-5 outers/EL(3) to UK/Italy @ 30c(SG205) or 40c(SG140 or 205+192(x2) cat £53) rates.40
4621888 P&C 15c blue/grey reply lettercard perf C + 1886 25c blk/pink lettercard perf B both fine unused(2).35
4631894 15c blue/bluish white p.stat.env (146x112mm) regd + 1c, pair 30c P&C Rouen(town hall pmk)-UK.20
4641898 3-colour regd cvr Cannes-UK, P&C 5c green,15c blue & 30c brown.20
4651906 cvr Colonial Exhib'n Marseille(sp.pmk)-Paris, SG289-90(x2 ea).20
4661913 Versailles Congress Hall ppc comm.used Versailles Congress(sp.pmk)-Besancon, SG289-90.20
4671913(Jun) Paris Phil.Exhib'n 10c orge private printed p.stat.card comm.used Exhib'n pmk + 5c sowers(x2).25
4681926(Jun1) airmail FFC Paris-Berlin, SG339+400b(x2). Inc posting slip.25
4691928 regd local Paris cvr, scarce Sinking Fund (SG263 cat £200). PHOTO250
4701929(Apr) cacheted 1st night flight Paris-London, SG469(x4).30
4711929 airmail cvr Paris-Argentina via Toulouse, SG421+430(x3)-1(10fr cat £27).35
4721929(May 6) regd last day illus cvr ex Le Havre Exhib'n, scarce 2fr opt (SG470 cat £900). PHOTO650
4731935 Air France env regd Paris-Brazil, SG523,25-30(cat £23).25
4741937(Aug) cacheted proposed air race Istres-Damas-Paris airmail cvr addressed to Angers, SG414+545.15
4751937 Louvre ppc used Paris(Louvre pmk)-Czech, 30c Victory (SG586 cat £55). Scarce commercial usage.PH.50
4761938 multi-franked airmail hotel env Paris-Australia, SG512-a,18,23,27,38,42,44,64,66,71(cat £62). PHOTO.50
4771943(Apr) firm’s window env used locally in Paris ‘durch die Deutsch Feldpost’ (boxed cachet + return address) with Hitler 12pf tied feldpost pmk.20
4781946 complete(rare) POW p.stat.reply card comm.used Saleux POW Camp-Silesia. Box violet POW censor 2.25
4791948 airmail cvr Amboise-UK, Relief Fund set (SG985-90 cat £15).20
4801948 regd cvr Ezanville-UK, Relief Fund set (SG1028-35 cat £28).25
481FRENCH COLS: Algeria:1865 neat EL Alger-Nice, French 20c Nap & 2240 pmk + Alger Bat.a Vap. pmk.25
4821930(May) regd cvr Philatelic Exhib'n(sp.pmk),Alger-France, 10fr (SG106 cat £65). PHOTO See lot 52.60
4831948 1f20 p.stat.card, H&G7 airmail Alger-Morocco + 6-colour SG183,216,36-7,68,74 tied s/line Rabat RP.20
484Anjouan: 1898 5c p.stat.env used to Switz with blue octagonal Anjouan pmk.30
485Antarctic: 1964 airmail Gallieni printed env(rev) Kerguelen-France, better commems SG23-4(cat £115). PH.100
4861969 airmail cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-France, 25fr polar scene (SG52 cat £50).35
4871969 official env Kerguelen-France, commems SG43-4(cat £130). PHOTO100
4881976 regd cvrs(3) Martin de Vivies/Alfred Faure/Pt aux Francais-France franked complete wildlife/ships set: SG98(x3)-106(cat £245). PHOTO(ex).200
4891977 regd cacheted cvr Martin de Vivies-France franked whales/dolphins SG113(x2)-4(x3 cat £100). PHOTO75
4901980 de Gaulle illus regd FDCs(4) to France of SG148(cat £200) ex 4 different bases.100
4911981 presentation FDI official sheets(5) no's 38,40,42,44,46 for SG157-9,61,64,66(cat £59).30
492Cameroun: 1916 regd(German label) ‘Wilson’ cvr Duala-UK, SG38-41,43(cat £22) opts.30
493Central African Rep: 1973-6 internal official cacheted cvrs(5) Bangui/Bozoum-Bouar, all diff.franking to 50fr.25
494Comores: 1966 airmail advert cvr Moroni-UK, SG38+44(cat £14).20
495Congo: 1894 25c p.stat.env Sette C'ama(blue pmk)-UK per SS Benguela changed to French ship.Scarce.PH.65
496Dahomey: 1937 airmail cvr Porto Novo-Paris via Cotonou, SG57+81.15
497Equat.Africa: 1946 regd cvr Brazzaville-USA, Free French set to 20fr (SG164-77 cat £25).25
498Guadeloupe: 1882 cvr Basse Terre-France, Colonies 25c brn/yellow (SG52).25
4991944 local Pt a Pitre cvr with scarce Resistance set (SG82-7 cat £90). PHOTO150
5001949 printed env Chief Administrator(+ cachet) Basseterre-Governor of Dominica, French SG909,1001a,67.20
501Guiana: 1892 10c blk/blue-grn p.stat.reply card, H&G4 fine unused.15
5021944 regd censored PO env Cayenne(Free French pmk)-USA, airs SG164,6-7. Local circ.postal censor.30
503India: 1936 comm.cvr Pondichery-UK, mixed issues SG71(x2)+91(cat £24).35
504Indochina: 1894 regd official cvr Travinh-Saigon, 15c+25c (SG11,13). Mounting damage to env.reverse30
5051901 ppc Saigon Port-Switz, 3-colour SG6-7(x2 ea),8(cat £10).20
5061922 2c on 5c blk & grn p.stat.env, H&G26 Hungyen-Hanoi.20
5071933 regd airmail Air Orient env Cantho(blue pmk)-France, mix franking 1c(SG168) + Kouang Tcheou opts (SG92+4 cat £18). Boxed Saigon-Marseille.35
508Levant: 1907 tiny 5c sage p.stat.env comm.used Jerusalem-Austria.30
5091913 advert cvr Smyrna-Paris, 1pi on 25c (SG19).15
5101920 advert cvr FPO 528(Smyrna)-N.York, French 25c sower.25
5111933-5 OAS cvrs(2) FPOs 605/610-Paris, box illus Air France/Air Orient cachets ‘Utilisez La Poste Aerienne’.40
512Madagascar: 1923 advert cvr Mananjary-Austria, mixed issues 75c tablet(SG13: gum stains) + 25c (SG95).30
5131927 regd cvr Ft Dauphin-Switz, 4-colour SG59,68,97,102.25
5141927 local ppc comm.used Tananarive-Vatomandry(rec'r), SG58(x2)+92.15
515Martinique: 1949 airmail advert cvr Ft de France-UK @ French 48c rate (3-colour Marianne).10
516Morocco: 1929 comm.cvr Meknes(Medina pmk)-Nice, 50c (SG138).15
5171938(Nov) Air France FFC in 1 day(cachet) Casablanca-Tunis @ 1f65c.15
5181950 regd cvr Casablanca-N.York, SG339 + Solidarity set (SG375-82 cat £60). PHOTO50
5191954(Oct 18) regd airmail FDC Casablanca-N.York, SG414,36-7(x2 ea cat £32).25
520New Caledonia: 1907 CUNC Noumea illus advert cvr to Paris, pair 5c (SG55).20
5211920 comm.cvr to Italy, SG92(x2) & scarce Service Maritime Cote d’Est pmk. PHOTO50
5221939 airmail cvr Koumac-Paris, SG145,72,76,217(cat £10).25
5231944 comm.cvr Touho-Bourail(rec’r) via Poinerihouen,Poindimie, SG154+8.25
524Niger: 1929 regd cvr Niamey-USA, SG55,58(both scarce),62,66(cat £29). PHOTO45
525Polynesia: 1968 Gauguin + 73 Loti illus unadd.FDCs(2) of SG87+170(cat £110).60
526Reunion: 1931 regd cvr St Denis-Mauritius(rec’r), pair Paris Exhib’n SG133(cat £18).30
527Rouad: 1920 coffee house ppc comm.used to Scotland, 10c Ile Rouad ovpt(SG8) pmk'd Pt Said. Scarce.30
528St Pierre-Miq: 1892-1901 10c p.stat.cards(H&G2-3,6) + 15c-25c p.stat.envs(H&G3b,7a,8b) all fine unused(6)35
5291931(Aug) proposed Newfoundland Airways flight cvr St Pierre-Canada with signed cachets re its failure.20
5301941(Dec) cvr to UK, scarce 25c+1f75 FNFL Xmas ovpts (SG217A+228A cat £220). PHOTO250
531Senegal: 1900 message half 10c Colonies p.stat.reply card written St Louis-Paris pmk’d Rufisque.40
5321934 St Louis ppc comm.used Mbake-St Louis, 40c Paris Expo (SG135).20
533Somali Coast: 1905 comm.cvr Djibouti-Italy via Yokohama a Marseille LN No.1, 25c(SG144) tied reverse.20
5341929 regd cloth sample advert bag Djibouti-USA, SG182(x3). Some faults due to nature of item; still unusual.25
5351932(Dec) regd airmail cvr Djibouti-Addis, SG228,34,36(cat £13).30
5361945(Nov) regd cvr Djibouti-USA, scarce ovpt set (SG378-85 cat £45). Rare triang.Free French censor. PH.65
5371947 regd cvr Djibouti-USA, commems SG375-7,86(cat £26+).30
538Sudan: 1936 airmail cvr Tombouctou-Paris via Bamako-Dakar(both advert pmks), SG150+172.20
5391931 regd airmail cvr Bamako-Switz multifranked front&back 22 diff.vals 1c-20fr betwn SG135-75(cat £48).PH50
540Tunisia: 1919(Jun) pioneer airmail cvr Zarziz-Ben Gardane(fancy air pmks), 30c on 35c air (SG69).40
5411929 comm.cvr Tunis-India(destination), 5-colour SG125,140,62-3,7.20
5421927 20c brn/buff p.stat.card(unlisted H&G) comm.used Tunis-Bizerte. Unknown & Return to Sender cachets.25
5431931 underpaid cvr Uruguay-Tunis taxed with 3-colour P.Dues (D102,4,6) & ret'd to sender. PHOTO50
5441953 illus regd International Fair FDC of SG360-4(cat £30) to Switz with sp.pmk20
545Upper Volta: 1928 regd cvr Ouagadougou-USA, SG20,25-6a,36(cat £30). PHOTO45
546Wallis & Futuna: 1948 regd cvr Wallis-USA via Noumea, SG59,61,64,8-9,73,5,7,80(cat £83). PHOTO100
547GAMBIA: 1904 KEVII 2d regd env size G to Portugal(destination inc TPO rec'r) via L'pool + SG46(x2),49.PH.75
5481916 comm.cvr Bathurst-UK @ 1d rate.10
5491936 regd cvr Bathurst-UK, S.Jubilee SG143-4,6(cat £20).15
5501941(Dec) Pan-am delayed FFC B.Congo-Bathurst(rec'r) @ 7fr75 rate.Rare boxed blue US Examiner censor.40
5511949 regd airmail cvr Bathurst-USA, S.Wedding set (SG164-5 cat £22).25
552GERMAN COLS: Cameroun: 1897(Jun) Gruss aus ppc to Germany, 10pf red-carmine(Mi3b cat 420eu).PH.250
5531911 5pf p.stat.card(P14) comm.used Buea-Berlin.25
554China: 1907 ppc comm.used Canton-Germany @ 4c rate (Mi30).20
555E.Africa: 1901 cvr Mahenge-Germany via Dar, 5p on 10pf (Mi8c cat 600eu). PHOTO400
5561905 3p p.stat.card comm.used Tabora-Germany via Dar.20
5571909 4h p.stat.card comm.used Amani-Germany.30
5581914 printed matter cvr ex Govt official(cachet) Moschi-Germany @ 2½h rate (Mi30).30
5591916 WW1 Tanga '7½h frankiert' unused provisional p.stat.envelope (VU3).50
560Kiaochow: 1901 colour ppc on reverse 5pf p.stat.card (PP1) fine unused.10
5611913 regd cvr Tsingtau Gp Hafen-Germany, 4c(x2)+10c (Mi30-1). PHOTO50
562Levant: 1881 outer C’tinople(KDPA pmk)-France, German 20pf (Mi42a cat 30eu).40
5631901 20pa p.stat.card(scarcer reply half of P6) comm.used Jerusalem(code a pmk)-Germany.40
564Marianen: 1907 piece ex Saipan with 10pf Germania(x2) & Deutsch Seepost Jaluit Line code b pmk. PHOT.50
5651905 10pf complete reply card Saipan-Germany(rec'r). No message.25
566Marshall Is: 1901 5pf(single or reply) + 10pf p.stat.cards(3: P11-13) fine unused.10
567Morocco: 1904 ppc Magazan-UK @ 10c rate (Mi9).30
568SW Africa: 1904 'gruss aus occupation' ppc used stampless(feldpost) Karibib-Germany.25
5691906 Zieher stamp p/card comm.used (military unit cachet) Windhuk-Germany.25
5701911 advert cvr Kalkfeld-Germany, pair 5pf (Mi25). Scarce pmk. PHOTO100
571Togo: 1900 10pf ovpt p.stat.card(P2) Klein Popo-Germany(rec'r). No message.25
5721915 Br.Occupation ½d on 5pf p.stat.card(P1) fine unused.20
573GERMAN STATES:Baden:1862 outer Mannheim-UK via Bad.Strasb.TPO, 6kr+9kr(Mi11b,12 cat 320eu).PH250
574Bavaria: 1855 EL Lauf-Walldorf, 4mgn 9kr (Mi5c type 3) & 180 cogwheel.30
5751896 comm.cvr Ludwigshafen-Australia(destination & rec’r), pair 20pf (Mi57B).25
5761912-5 internal regd cvrs(2) Viechtach-Augsburg or Ruhmannsfelden-Viechtach, 30pf (Mi81 or 99).25
577Bremen: 1819 fumigated EL to Hamburg rated 3 with 2-line boxed pmk/date.20
578Hamburg: 1868 firms EL to Switz (Basel-Olten TPO rec'r) rated 9 in blue & 40 in red.15
579Hannover: 1859 EL Bremen(blue pmk)-Zeven, 4mgn 1gr lilac-red (Mi14c).25
580NGC: 1870 local Dusseldorf advert printed matter EL, 1/3gr(Mi14) & boxed pmk. Cat 150eu(cvr).40
581Saxony: 19th cent armourial postal money order formular env blk/yellow fine unused.20
5821853 cvr Leipzig-Brunswick, 4mgn 1gr + 3mgn 2gr (Mi4 type 2, 8). Cat 210eu(cvr).40
583Schleswig Holstein: 1867 cvr Gluckstadt-Rendsburg, 1¼s (Mi18a cat 80eu). PHOTO45
584Thurn u Taxis: 1819 outer Frankfurt-Holland rated 10 via Duitsch Grensk te Arnhem(red box).25
5851865 outer Saalfeld-Hildburghausen, 1kr+3kr(x2, Mi20,32 cat 45 euros).25
586Wurttemburg: 1850 regd EL Ulm-Steyr via Salzburg/Linz. Rare Ulm charge blue h/st cat 5000eu. PHOTO.1250
5871891 regd COD parcel card complete Stuttgart-Switz, pair 50pf (Mi59). Cat 140eu(cvr).40
5881887 5pf p.stat.env + Mi45-6 Stuttgart(fine PA No.6 Heslach pmk)-Malta(destination/rec’r) via Swiss TPO 50.20
589GERMANY:(see lots 39-40,422,1392): 1872 1/3gr green small shield p.stat.wrapper used Ghodziesen-Elbing.25
5901882 5pf p.stat.card comm.used Berlin-Antigua(destination & rec’r) via St Thomas.30
5911900 2pf p.stat.card comm.used Oberlungwitz-India(destination & Tranquebar rec’r) via Sea PO C + 2pf, pair 3pf (Mi45e,52) making 3-colour franking.25
5921902 Dusseldorf Industrial Exhib’n 5pf Germania p.stat.cards(3 diff) all in sepia,blue & red fine unused.20
5931903 regd advert cvr Leipzig-USA, pair 30pf (Mi74).35
5941914 local Berlin stampless On Royal Business env & imprint blue Royal Palace Construction Commission.35
5951914(May) cvr Coln(Industrial Exhib’n sp.pmk)-Leipzig, Mi84(x2)-5.15
5961916 regd parcel card Chemnitz-C’tinople(Turkish 1pi rev), 40pf + 2mk (Mi90b+95Aii cat 66eu).Customs h/st.40
5971920(Oct) advert cvr Lubeck-Sweden, 4-colour Germania Mi85d,104,141(x3),42b(x2 cat 40eu).25
5981921(July) airmail cvr Westerland-Berlin, airs Mi111(blk of 4)-2.25
5991923(Jun) regd advert cvr multifranked Berlin-UK @ 1000mks rate (6 different vals cat 100+ euros).30
6001923(Sept 13) regd cvr Burgstadt-Sweden @ 375,000 mks rate (Mi257,278 marg.blk of 25, 287a cat 54eu).30
6011923(Sept 19) advert cvr Hannover-Oldau, scarce 75,000mks single franking (Mi276). PHOTO120
6021923(Oct 29) p/card Dresden-Ireland @ 18mill.mks rate (Mi309 x4, 318).15
6031923(Nov 4) cvr Berlin-Konigsberg @ 100 mill.mks rate (Mi312A,14,16(x3)-19A,21).20
6041923(Nov 7) insured cvr Berlin-Holland @ 13md mks (Mi324A x26 cat 52eu).30
6051924(Aug) sp.printed Gorlitz-Dresden FFC ppc, Mi344-5 + sp.etiquette tied.35
6061925 30pf Germania + 15pf Bayern opt double imprint p.stat.card comm.used Furth(2 diff.pmks inc illus) Bogota(Colombia) + SG118,358-9.20
6071930(May) Graf Zepp S.American flight cvr F'hafen-B.Aires via Rio, 4mk Zeppelin opt (SG457 cat £600).PH.250
6081930(Sept 15) regd cvr Berlin IPOSTA(sp.pmk/label)-Switz, scarce blk of 4 ex minisheet cat 560eu). PHOT.350
6091931(May) Graf Zepp RP ppc posted on board Ostsee flight to Copenhagen(rec'r), 1RM Zepp cat £55.PHOT.60
6101931(Jly)Graf Zepp polar flight card F'hafen-icebreaker Malyguin, 2RM polar opt cat £300 but gum stains.PH150
6111933(Sept-Oct) regd Graf Zepp Chicago flight cvr Bremen-Berlin-F'hafen(red connection flight cachet rev)-USA, scarce Zeppelin ovpt set (SG510-12 cat £1200). PHOTO650
6121933 regd cvr Dobern-UK, 4-colour mixed issues SG425-6(x2 ea),480,88(cat £32).35
6131934 regd cvr Berlin-Paris, scarce 20pf+40pf Wagner (SG519a+21 cat £350). PHOTO250
6141936 German airmail cvr Hamburg-B.Aires, Winter Relief SG623,8-30,1(x3) cat £47). PHOTO50
6151936(Jun) Graf Zepp cacheted cvr Hamburg-Brazil, SG444(2RM Zepp),530,32(cat £79). PHOTO60
6161939(Sep) express(label) cvr Pinneburg-Celle via Hamburg express PO, postal fund SG696-7,701(cat £11).15
6171939 pictorial hotel env express(label) Gallspach-Switz with Relief Fund SG663-4(x2 ea),5-9,71(cat £27).25
6181940(Dec) surface mail printed matter advert cvr Gotha-USA via Siberia @ 5pf rate. German censor.10
619Lorraine: 1940(Oct) regd(German label) cvr Moyeuvre Grande(French cds)-Hannover, 3-colour Mi4-5,12.25
620Upper Silesia: 1922 firms p/card Beuthen-Possneck, 5-colour Mi15a-b(x2 ea),16b,18,19c,22a(cat 33eu).40
6211922 re-used official cacheted env Gleiwitz-Rastowitz, CGHS opt 2m (Mi18).25
622Officials: 1923(May) official env Heilbronn-Schwangen, Mi72(blk of 4)+74(pair) officials (280mks rate).10
623Zones: 1946(Jun 22) regd advert cvr Darmstadt-Pfangstadt, 3-colour mixed franking Mi931(45pf) + Bizone Mi25,28(25pf misperf). Min.cat 35eu.25
6241949 Soviet Zone Leipzig Fair sets (R51-2,80-1 cat £33) with sp.fair pmks on cvrs(2) to USA.25
6251949 cvr Zweifalten-USA, Wurttemburg Christians FW47-8(cat £36).30
6261949 airmail cvr Erbstadt-Angola(destination) via Brussels, A104-5,142-4(x2 sets cat £27).25
6271949 comm.cvr Geilenkirchen-Indonesia(destination), Help Berlin set A140-1(cat £26).20
6281950 official US Zone District Attorney cvr(+ cachet) used locally in Mannheim stampless.20
629Berlin: 1950 comm.p/card to Yugoslavia, ERP 20pf (B71 cat £50) & sp.Industrial Exhib’n pmk.40
6301951(Apr 22) illus Lortzing FDC of B74(cat £75). Cat 180eu(FDC). Typed address. PHOTO50
6311955 regd advert cvr Charlottenburg-Euskirchen, B104+121(cat £20).20
6321955 regd airmail cvr Schoneberg-Israel, mix franking B48 + W.German 1DM Heuss.20
633West: 1949 airmail cvr Munich-USA, scarce commems SG1034-5,36-7(x2 ea cat £312). PHOTO200
6341951 regd cvr Wiesbaden-Lehrte, scarce Relief Fund SG1071-2(x2 cat £290). PHOTO200
6351954 airmail cvr US Army Lieut,Karlsruhe-USA, 90pf posthorn (SG1060).35
6361955 ppc comm.used Coblenz-Hanau, Madonna + Liebig commems (SG1077,1092 cat £55).40
6371957 cvr Niebull(Schleswig)-Denmark, 2 blks of 4 Heuss booklet 5 se-tenants(2pf+10pf & 8pf+10pf).25
6381957 parcel card Goppingen-Belgium, 4-colour Heuss Mi179,87,94,96(3DM x2).25
639East: 1950(Aug 26) regd Debria FDC to Heimsdorf with sp.Debria etiquette, 84pf(E19) & 2 sp.pmks.20
6401951(Aug 6) regd cvr Youth Rally,Berlin(sp.etiquette & pmk)-Sweden, E46-9 cat £30.30
6411951 airmail cvr Gera-Brazil, R44,E11,43-5(Mao set cat £105). Name cut-out reverse. PHOTO75
6421951 airmail cvrs(2) Berlin/Lichwalde-USA with frankings inc Peace set in blks of 4 (E33-6 cat £55).40
643GIBRALTAR: 1841 EL to Oporto per Tagus rated 120(blue)+40. Boxed blue P.Brit + curved arc.40
6441858 outer Gibraltar(blue cds)-London rated 6(blue h/st). See also lots 695,739.40
6451895 QV 10c wrapper Hotel Bristol(cachet)-Germany with fine cds + duplex.25
6461897 QV 20c regd env size F to UK + pair 25c (SG26).25
6471903(May 4) QV 2d regd env size G to Wilson,UK + 3-colour KEVII SG46-7(x2),9. 3 days after FDI. PHOTO65
6481907 Irish ppc written HMS Arrogant,Gib(pmk)-UK, GB 1d taxed(2 diff.tax marks). Also RP ppc HMS Arrogant25
6491908 cvr to USA, GB KEVII 2½d & Gibraltar pmk + s/line Paquebot.25
6501934(July 24) illus cvr for 230th anniv of Gib's capture from Spain @ ½d rate to USA.20
6511935 crested airmail cvr to India(rec’r), 6d + pair 2d Rock (SG97,112).20
6521935 Imperial Airways airmail cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG114-7 cat £42).35
6531943 advert cvr to UK, 2d wmk s/ways (SG124ab cat £45). Circ.red censor 3017.40
654WW2 airmail cvr SS Mahsud-UK. Scarce blue circ.PO maritime mail signed cachet + A6012 label.40
6551947 KGVI 2d illus lettercard comm.used to UK. Very scarce. PHOTO100
656GILBERT & ELLICE: 1921 piece with strip of 4 NZ 1½d & scarce Washington Island pmks. PHOTO.50
6571937(Dec) regd cvr Ocean Is-UK via Sydney(regd label), mixed KGV-VI SG15,27(x2),29,40(cat £21). PHOT.50
6581951 regd cvr Ocean Is-Australia, 3d+5/= (SG48,54 cat £17).25
6591951 regd(Tarawa h/st) airmail cvr Tamana-UK via Melbourne, SG62(x2).25
6601953 regd(h/st) airmail cvr Beru-UK, SG46(x2)+58(£1 S.Wedding cat £27).35
6611967 comm.cvr Maiana(violet pmk)-Australia, SG68. Circ.blue John Williams VIII Posted on Board cachet.20
662GOLD COAST: 1894 regd env size G Accra-UK + 3-colour QV ½d,1d(x2),2½d(x4). Stamp faults.35
6631899 cvr Saltpond-Basel German Mission,Akropong(rec'r), pair ½d (SG26) & 554 numerals.30
6641899 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used St Francis Mission(oval cachet),Cape Coast(d/ring pmk)-Germany + 556.25
6651905 comm.cvr Accra-Germany, 2½d (SG41).25
6661905 KEVII 1d p.stat.card comm.used Elmina(scarcer D5 pmk)-Austria via Cape Coast.25
6671920 KGV 2d+1d regd env size H Axim-UK + 1d(SG72).25
6681927 KGV 1d brown p.stat.env(H&G4) comm.used Accra-UK.20
6691935-7 comm.cvrs(2) Aboso or Konongo-UK @ 1d or 2d rates.15
6701936 GB ½d advert p.stat.window env re-used Aburi-UK + ½d (SG103). Uncommon usage.20
6711958 unpaid Takoradi cvr posted out of course & compulsorily regd with 1/= P.Due (D13) used FDI.20
6721700(Mar) EL(family news + brother's visit) to Henry Norris,merchant,Stockholm. Rare early letter. No marks.45
6731700(Dec) EL to same address ex his mother. Joint bids for both lots acceptable.45
6741791 EL to Rochdale rated 4 with fine Chester s/line.20
6751793 EL to Aylesbury re-rated 2 to 4 with s/line Wilnslow (45x7mm). PHOTO50
6761794 outer to London post pd4 with red Paid 3-ring cds + over-inked 74 Folk/stone.45
6771794 EL Marlow-London rated 3, 2-line curved High Wycombe reverse.40
6781796 paid(3-ring in red) EL to Aylesbury pd6, curved Windsor.25
6791797 chatty EL to Warrington rated 4, fine Chester horseshoe.20
6801799 outer to London rated 7, scarce serpentine Wimborn. PHOTO65
6811799 EL to Aylesbury rated 7, 3-ring paid with letter outside circle(scarce) + curved Oxford. PHOTO50
6821801 free(fine apple) EL Winslope Park-Aylesbury + Newport Pagnel boxed mileage.30
6831805 paid(tombstone) 6d EL to Aylesbury, Uxbridge boxed mileage.30
6841807 EL Howford-Ledbury rated 1/3d with Shefford scarcer boxed mileage.20
6851807 EL Wooburn House-Aylesbury rated 5, Beconsfield boxed mileage.20
6861811 nice family EL Lympston(good horseshoe)-Andover rated 8.30
6871815 free(signed Bridgewater) EL to Aylesbury with Hemel Hempstead boxed mileage.25
68818 18 outer to London rated 8, scarce black Portsmouth 73 mileage enclosed in circle.50
6891821-24 ELs(2) Weymouth(2 diff.fine circ.mileages)-Bewdley rated 10 or 11.20
6901824 EL Brede-London rated 8 with scarce Northiam 56 mileage.40
6911824 outer to London rated 5, Uxbridge 18 mileage (36x11mm).20
6921825 EL(nieces-uncle) Bruce Castle-Port Royal,Jamaica rated 2/2 but charged 2(h/stamp).25
6931825 outer to London rated 1/9 + 1, 2-line WIRKSWORTH/Penny Post + boxed No1. Mss Too Late.30
6941826 EL to Braintree rated 5 with Chelmsford 29 blue mileage.15
6951827 long interesting EL West Dean-HMS Clio,Gibraltar via Salisbury pd 2/10.30
6961831 outer to London rated 10, red MALVERN Penny Post.20
6971833 EL Petersfield-Romsey, boxed Fareham Penny Post + No.130
6981834 EL London-Bordeaux rated 1/2d, s/line red Angl.Est25
6991836 interesting EL son @ Stonyhurst College-mother in London, 2-line Blackburn Penny Post + No.140
7001838 EL Wath(light but rare 2-line inc date)-Wickersley via Rotherham charged d1 & refused.25
7011839 outer Woodbridge-Saxmundham rated 5, 2-line Woodbridge Penny Post.20
7021840(Mar) outer Ipswich-Saxmundham with fine circ.red Paid 1.35
7031840(Jan 4) 4d post insurance EL to London with red Welwyn udc.30
7041840 paid(tombstone) EL Maidstone-Bishops Waltham(Hants), fine P.1 in red.25
7051840 EL Sutton on Derwent-Masham with fine red York cds + Pd.1(W&J type DT)40
7061840-44 ELs(3) Hull(red or blue cds)-Leeds,Spilsby or London with 3 different red 1d h/stamps.45
7071841 EL Stratford(red cds)-Rome charged 99 via Genoa + Via di Pont Beauvoisin.15
7081846-7 ELs(2) pd1 to Wakefield/Wath with s/line or 2-line blue Woodhouse Lane or North St,Leeds.30
7091848 paid EL W.Bromwich-Earl of Dartmouth,London, very fine red Paid One Penny oval.30
7101848 EL High Wycombe-Aylesbury, 3-line Paid One Penny h/stamp.40
7111849 cvr Bury St Edmunds-Bungay(rec'r), fine circ.Bury 1 Paid in red (STB longer serifs variety).30
7121841 outer Godalmin-Guildford, 4mgn 1d imperf IE ex pl.16 tied MX pmk. Cat £100+(cvr).35
7131849 London outer with 4mgn 1d + heavy 19 pmk + s/line Vauxhall.20
7141851 1d imperf EL London-Folkingham (blue cds rec'r).20
7151851 4mgn 1d imperfs BE or EI on London-Carlisle/Newtown(Wales) ELs(2). Flaws in both E squares.25
7161851 4mgn 1d imperf (SG8a cat £30) on cvr Beenham(red udc)-London & 635 duplex.30
7171854 neat cvrs(4) with 1d stars(SG17-18 min.cat £142) in 4 diff.shades & inc Liverpool spoon pmk.50
7181855 EL Glasgow-N.York via L'pool paid 5cts(h/st) per Asia, 1/= embossed cut-to-shape SG56 die2.50
7191856 EL London-Chichester, 1d star SG22. Cat £160(cvr).45
7201856 EL London-Macclesfield, 2d star SG34. Cat £200(cvr).50
7211857 cvr Burton on Trent(green large spoon pmk)-London, 1d brn-rose (SG32 cat £55).40
7221858 London outer King St,Covent Garden(blue udc)-Coleman St,EC, 1d stars SG40(x4 inc strip 3 cat £48).40
7231858-60 neat small 1d star cvrs(3) with 3 different shades SG39-41 cat £67.30
7241858-60 local Dumfries outer/EL(2) with fine 1d stars SG40-1 & 2 different 108 pmks.20
7251860 EL London EC-Bombay, rare late use 2d imperfs(3 inc pair) but stamps cut-into at top. PHOTO100
7261863 crown crested env Castle Donington-Ashby(rec'r) via Burton, 1d star SG42 & Derby 212 pmk.25
7271866 EL London-France, 2d blues SG45 pl.8+9(cat £54). Unusual thus.45
7281867 cvr London(twin 45 pmk)-Tenbury, 1d pl.89 + 2d pl.8(cat £43).30
7291869 wrapper London-Scotland, 1d pl.22 & fine Azemar unaligned machine cancel. PHOTO.125
7301869 EL London-Leek, 2d SG45 scarcer pl.12(cat £140). PHOTO65
7311873 cvr Dumfries-Castle Douglas, pair ½d pl.3(cat £100). PHOTO60
7321880 sl.cut-down cvr London SMP-Havant, 1½d SG52 pl.3. Cat £275(cvr). PHOTO75
7331858 EL Ipswich(s/ways duplex)-Germany, 2d SG35 + 6d SG70 (cat £180). PHOTO100
7341859 EL Tunbridge Wells-Rome, 4d+6d (SG66,70 cat £235) & 820 duplex. PHOTO100
7351860 mourning cvr London SW15-Bombay, 6d SG70. Sunbury cds reverse. Cat £225(cvr).50
7361863 EL London-Bordeaux with rare blk 4 + single 3d SG77(cat £2800 as stamps alone) + 1d star. PHOT.1000
7371865 maritime EL Sunderland-Capt,Scotias Queen,C'tinople(BPO rec'r), 6d SG97 pl.5. Minor wear. PHOTO65
7381865 cvr London SE11-Bombay(box Paid 1as + Too Late rev), 6d SG85. Cat £325(cvr). PHOTO80
7391867 cvr Romford-Sir James Cochrane,Gibraltar(rec'r), 6d SG104. S(via Spain) in circle. Cat £190(cvr). PH.65
7401867 mourning cvr London SW20-India, 4d SG94 pl.8 + 6d SG97 pl.5(cat £190). PHOTO80
7411867 EL London-Paris, 3-colour 1d pl.78, 2d pl.9, 6d SG97 pl.5(cat £127). 1d fiscal tied inside. PHOTO100
7421867 outer Liverpool-Paris, 1d pl.93(fault) + 4d SG94 pl.9(x2 cat £160). PHOTO65
7431868 outer London EC85-Greece(destination/rec'r), pair 4d SG94 pl.9(cat £160). PHOTO80
7441868 EL Manchester-Naples, 6d brt violet SG107(cat £140). PHOTO65
7451868 EL London(twin 50 duplex)-Devon, 3d SG103 scarcer pl.4(cat £300). PHOTO150
7461868 regd EL Brompton(SWDO pmk)-Edinburgh, 1d plate + 4d SG94 pl.9. Cat £140+(cvr).40
7471869 EL London-Spain, 3-colour 1d pl.137,2d pl.12, 9d SG111. Unusual combination cat £420. PHOTO200
7481869 outer Dundee-Brazil(rec'r), 1d pl.111 + 1/= SG117 pl.4(cat £63). PHOTO50
7491869 EL Glasgow-Genoa, 2 strips of 3 4d SG94 scarcer pl.10(cat £900). PHOTO400
7501870 cvr Birkenhead(cds + 74 duplex)-Rotterdam, 3d SG103 pl.5. Cat £110(cvr).35
7511870 cvr Cromer(cds rev)-Upper Canada, 6d SG109 pl.8(cat £140) & Norwich cds + 575. PHOTO65
7521870 regd mourning cvr Charing X-Italy via Susa-Turin TPO, 10d + 1/= pl.4(SG113+7). Cat £900(cvr). PH.300
7531871 mourning cvr Lymington(485 duplex)-Switz, 3d SG103 pl.635
7541872 EL London-El Salvador(destination + charged 4rs) via S'ton(h/st), 6d+1/=(SG109 pl.9 + 117 pl.5).PHOT.80
7551872 outer Edinburgh-Stockholm, 1d pl.138 + 4d SG94 pl.12(cat £73). 2½d in red. PHOTO50
7561872 cvr Liverpool(466E duplex)-San Sebastian, 6d deep chestnut SG122(cat £125). PHOTO65
7571872 cvr Manchester-Naples, 3d SG103 pl.7(x2 cat £130). PHOTO60
7581873 long cvr London-Italy, scarce rate combo: 6d pale buff + 2/= pale blue SG120+123 pl.11(cat £370). PH.300
7591873 EL London-B.Aires, 1/= SG170 pl.8. Cat £240+(cvr). PHOTO65
7601873 EL London-Italy, 2d SG45 scarce pl.12 + 6d pale buff SG123 scarce pl.12(cat £440). Boxed L2. PHOT.250
7611874 EL London-Lyons, 6d grey SG125 pl.12. Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO90
7621875 EL London-Madeira, 6d grey SG147 pl.14. Cat £150(cvr). PHOTO50
7631876 scarce front London(late fee)-N.York,1d pl's 187,192, ½d pl.11+ strip 3 4d SG153 pl.16(cat £930).PH.250
7641876 outer London-Tunis(destination) via Cagliari, 1d pl.185 + 2½d SG139 scarce pl.3(cat £154). PHOTO75
7651877 A5 size env Birmingham-USA, strip of 4 2½d rosy mauve SG141 pl.9(cat £320). PHOTO125
7661878 EL London(95 pmk)-Trieste(rec'r), pair 2½d rosy mauve SG141 pl.10(cat £190). PHOTO75
7671878 outer Manchester-Vera Cruz via L'pool(rare red PLO pmk) & Haytian, pair 6d SG146 pl.16 + 1/= SG150 pl.13(cat £360). 25cs h/stamp. PHOTO250
7681880 EL London(E35 pmk)-Oporto via Badajoz, 2½d blue SG142 pl.17(cat £70).35
7691880 cvr Keighley-Nice, 2½d rosy mauve SG141 pl.15. Cat £125(cvr).35
7701881 cvr Paddington-HMS Jumna,Suez(destination/rec'r), pair 2½d blue SG157 pl.22(cat £80). PHOTO50
7711881 cvr Ambleside(scarce cds pmk)-Sydney(NSW rec'r), 6d grey SG147 pl.17(cat £350 thus). PHOTO250
7721881 cvr Romford(sq.circ)-Jersey(rec'r), fine 2½d blue SG142 pl.20. Cat £90(cvr).25
7731882 neat cvr Berkhampsted-India via Sea PO F, 5d indigo SG169. Cat £275(cvr). PHOTO80
7741883 EL Manchester-Montevideo, scarce 6d on 6d (SG162 cat £425 cvr) + 2 1d lilacs. Unusual combo. PH.120
7751884 cvr Leadenhall St(hooded circle)-Amsterdam, 1½d+2d (SG188-9 cat £117). PHOTO75
7761885 rare regd cvr London-Queensland, 3d,5d,1/=(x5 inc strip 4) lilac & grns cat £1800. Minor tones. PHOT.750
7771885 mourning EL(family letters) Beccles-Bombay via Sea PO F, fine 5d SG193. Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO120
7781885 fine front London EC(hooded pmk)-Mexico, 4d SG192 cat £200 used. PHOTO50
7791886 mourning cvr London EC(hoster pmk)-Nice, 2½d (SG195). No flap.15
7801886 cvr Newcastle-Wark, pair ½d slate-blue (SG187 cat £18).15
7811887 regd cvr Queen Victoria St-Paris, 1d lilac + 6d SG194. Cat £380+(cvr). PHOTO125
7821887 cvr Swedish-Norwegian Consulate,London(cachet rev)-Vice-Consulate,Boston(Lincs) but missent to Boston,USA(circ.cachet), scarce 5d die 1 (SG207 cat £120). PHOTO125
7831891 1d pink env Halifax-Rotterdam + ½d Jubilee, 1d lilac.15
7841893 long folded firms cvr London(3-ring pmk)-Amsterdam, scarce 10d (SG210b). Firms cachet damaged.PH.75
7851893 double embossed 3d+1½d env regd Baker St-Greece(destination/rec'r)+ SG172(x2),197 ie 4-col.frank.35
7861894 regd cvr London(Threadneedle St)-Stuttgart, 1d lilacs(strip of 4)+ pair 5d Jubilees (SG207a).30
7871894 folded regd cvr Gracechurch St-Bavaria, 4½d+5d Jubilees (SG206+7a cat £58). Unusual.45
7881898 QV 1d red p.stat.card comm.used W.Hartlepool-Finland(rec'r) & back(unclaimed label) via St.Petersburg15
7891900 regd cvr Charing X-France, 3-colour Jubilee SG201,8,13(x2).30
7901901 cvr London-Iran(Shiraz & Bouchir rec'rs) @ QV 2½d rate.10
7911902 QV 2½d p.stat.env regd London Chief Office-Germany + KEVII 2d (SG225 cat £20). Mixed reigns.20
7921902 KEVII 2d regd env Liverpool Exchange-Berlin + 3-colour SG216,19,35. Late fee paid(mss).35
7931904 cvr Charing X(sq.circ)-India, 4d (SG236 cat £30).20
7941905 regd(box cachet + 2d pmk) Snow Hill,Birmingham-USA, KEVII ½d+4d(SG236 cat £30).25
7951907 cvr Lombard St-Prince Bonaparte,Paris, 10d (SG245b). Cat £225(cvr). PHOTO75
7961907 correspondence(3 ELs) Leigh(Tonbridge)-USA @ single/double/triple 2½d rates (SG230 cat £60).35
7971907 ppc comm.used Birnam(Scotland)-HMS Tamar,Hong Kong (Victoria rec'r) @ 1d rate.15
7981908 regd cvr Duke Rd,Brighton-Berlin, late use QV 4½d (SG206).25
7991911 regd cvr Threadneedle St-Greece(destination), KEVII 2½d+4d(SG231,241).Box violet Late Fee 2d Paid.30
8001911(Dec) ppc comm.used Normanby,Pickering(skeleton)-Pickering, ½d p15x14 (SG279 cat £100 on cvr).35
8011912 ppc Walthamstow-Leytonstone, ½d Mackennal (SG340a no cross on crown cat £55).40
8021912 firms advert cvr London(L1 hooded pmk)-Germany, perfinned KEVII 2½d p15x14 + Mackennal 1d.20
8031912 regd cvr Liverpool Exchange-Germany, mixed KEVII 4d (SG286) + KGV ½d(SG344).30
8041912 regd cvr Ipswich-Vienna, mixed Kings: scarce KEVII 7d(SG305) + KGV ½d (SG348). PHOTO75
8051912-13 regd cvrs(2) Ipswich/W.London-USA, 2 diff.shades 3d grey/lemon (SG285-a).100
8061914-33 comm.cvrs(9) to Iran, many @ 2½d blue rate (nice shades), couple perfins, couple ex Persian Legation in 1915 with Russian censors, PUC 2½d(x2) noted. See also lots 790,826.40
8071916 p/card Dewsbury-Farnley, ½d bright yellow-grn SGN14(11). RPS cert.20
8081917 cvrs(4) Folkestone-Lt @ 5th Army HQ,BEF @ 1d rate: pairs ½d pale or olive-grn or 1d pale red shades.30
8091919 cvr Merioneth-St Jagos Barracks,Gibraltar(rec'r), pair 1d scarlet-vermilion (SG361 cat £100). PHOTO65
8101920 KGV 3½d regd env size H Hastings-Holland + 2½d,9d agate (SG372,392).40
8111921 KGV 4d+1d double embossed regd env(RP37) fine unused.20
8121922 ppc comm.used Plaistow-Upton Park, scarce 1d reversed Q for O variety (SG357ac cat £240). PHOT.150
8131920-4 Cornish ppcs(3) comm.used @ 1d rate (scarlet to carmine shades) & Gorran Haven(Goran) in blue or Zennor(St Ives) + Lands End cachet or Mount(Bodmin) rubber skeleton pmks.35
8141924 regd cvr Herne Hill-S.Africa, 3-colour KEVII-KGV 1d,1½d,2d p.stat.cut-outs.20
815Wembley: 1924 unused ppcs(2) of Government Building or Burma pavilion.10
8161925 Gold Coast pavilion (interior) ppc comm.used to Suffolk, BEE 1d (SG432 cat £30) & lion pmk.20
8171925 local Carlisle cvr with 1½d Br.Empire Exhib'n (SG433 cat £70). Minor env.tone spots.40
8181926(Mar) Liverpool acceptance for Toulouse-Dakar FF, ½d+ scarce 10d(SG428 cat £40).35
8191932(Apr) illus FFC Bromsgrove-Limassol(Cyprus), SG419+422.20
8201932(Jan) illus IA FFC London-S.Africa, 2d+10d (SG421+8 cat £42).30
8211932-4 air cvrs(3) London/Berkhamsted/Bromley-Kenya(Machakos,Thika,Athi River)@ 7d rate inc inv wmks.40
8221934(Apr) airmail cvr London-Brazil via Paris, 1/=+ 2/6d seahorse (SG414 cat £70). PHOTO50
8231934(May) cacheted Highland Airways FFC Inverness-Orkney @ 1½d rate.15
8241934(Oct) airmail cvr Tottenham-Munich(violet German airmail illus rec'r), 1d control(V34) blk of 4.15
8251935(Nov) airmail cvr Sheffield(temporary rubber pmk)-NZ via Sydney, 7-colour SG424,39(x2)-44.20
8261935 advert cvr Manchester-Iran(rec'rs) via USSR(h/stamp), 2½d S.Jubilee SG456.15
8271936 regd airmail firms env London-Uruguay, perfinned SG426a,44,50-1(seahorses cat £125+). PHOTO100
8281936 regd airmail cvr Exeter-W.Australia, pair 9d (SG447).15
8291938-42regd 'George King' cvrs(4):London pmks of Old Brompton & Wilton Rd,Hampstead(skeleton),Aldwych25
8301940 illus Oldham Lyceum env to London, 2½d (SG483).12
8311940 Press env London(½d meter pmk)-Canada with scarcer P&CB orange censor label 235.15
8321942 airmail cvr Sheffield-HMS Goshawk c/o GPO London, 3d,1/=,2/6d green. No flap.20
833WW2 Home Guard Certificate of Service for Adolph Vogel. Unusual, many German-sounding males interned!15
8341945(Aug) cvr St Johns Wood-Czech @ 3d rate. Ret'd to Sender. 2-line No Service except by air.20
8351948(Apr 26) private printed regd S.Wedding FDC London-Fiji(destination/rec'r) of SG493-4. PHOTO125
8361950-60 unusual lot of Morocco Agencies usages inc mixed frankings KGV-VI inc KEVIII used in UK or to US/ Australia. Better stamps eg SG80,2-3,6,90(x4),285 (7 inc 3 regd). See also lot 838.50
8371953(Nov) BEA flown cvr London-Birmingham @ 2½d rate + BEA 8d,1/2d,1/9d labels.15
8381956 QE2 overseas 6d regd env London-USA + Morocco Agencies KGVI 5/= (SG100).25
8391957(Jun) regd cvr Richmond-Isleworth, 2½d+1/= & Mobile PO pmk of Richmond Horse Show.15
8401958-63 regd 'George King' cvrs(3) with London pmks of Kingsway,Hatton Garden or Leicester Sq. Vals to 8d.15
8411979(Sept) Rowland Hill Centenary flight cvr UK-Brazil franked 50p unofficial Rowland Hill minisheet. 3-line Delayed by Actions of the British & Brazilian POs for 15 months.20
8421987(Jun 13) PO Exhib'n card no.1(4: all pmk'd Edinburgh FDI + different Br.PO Exhib'ns in Europe)15
843P.Dues: 1925 local Malta cvr Valetta-Birkirkara @ ½d redirected to UK & taxed(2 diff.h/st) + 1½d PD(D3 £20).25
8441938 underpaid airmail cvr Transjordan-Harrow, tax marks both countries + 3d P.Due (D22).15
8451951 underpaid cvr USA-Oxford Univ taxed with ½d+1d P.Dues (D27,36). See also lot 648.15
8461961 underpaid airmail cvr USA-Suffolk, tax marks + 3-colour P.Dues (D58,60,64).15
847Guernsey: 1881 EL(Elizabeth College expenses forms) to Devon, 1d SG166 & cds + 324 duplex.25
8481904 harbour ppc St Peter in Wood-London via Guernsey sq.circ.@ ½d rate.10
849Jersey: 1876 cvr to France via Iles C Granville cds(rare but faint), 2½d SG139 pl.1 & cds + 409 duplex. PH.65
8501885 cvr France-Jersey(rec'rs inc scarce St Aubyns) @ 25c P&C rate.25
8511942(Jan 29) illus local St Helier FDC of ½d arms (pair SG1 cat £12).20
852Lundy: 1953 Coronation illus unadd.FDC of ovpt set of 7 with sp.pmk.15
853GREECE:(see lots 58,141): 1855 outer Zakynthos(blue pmk)-Sta Maura(light fancy rec'r) rated 2.20
8541898 Hermes 20L p.stat.env Piraeus-Germany + 4mgn 10L (SG76).25
8551900 cvr Smyrna(blue negative + cds pmks)-Chios(rec'r), 25c(SG106a) + s/line SS Thessalia. PHOTO65
8561910 Makriyalo ppc comm.used Metelin-C’tinople, Turkish 20pa.40
8571914 advert cvr Salonica-Roumania, 25L (SG258a).20
8581917 regd cvr Le Piree-Switz: 5 diff.Royalist opts SG274-80 + charity tax opts C299-300,4-5,7-9(cat £50+).PH65
8591926(Dec) scarce Aeroexpresso pioneer airmail Athens-Brindisi, SG221(x2)+407(3L air cat £13).40
860c1930 cvr to Piraeus, SG413(x2)+5 tied violet circ.MS Aghios Issidores ship cachet.40
8611934 long airmail cvr Athens-UK @ 41dr (SG228 x2, 419d,69-70,73 cat £30). Light central fold.40
862Ikaria: 1912 advert cvr to Lloyd Austriacco Agent in Samos(rec'r), Turkish 10pa,20pa,2pi & violet cachet.PH.100
863Railways: 1920s-50s commercial p/cards(24 inc p.stat) used internally all STB TPO pmks. Many file holes.50
864Russian PO: 1906 advert cvr Mytilene(scarce violet pmk)-UK, 1pi on 10k (Mi23a) tied reverse. PHOTO150
865Salonika: 1840 EL Salonich(1st type s/line)-Trieste(rec'r). Fine disinfection cachet(reverse). PHOTO75
8661903 20pa on 10h p.stat.card comm.used Salonich 1(Austrian PO)-Vienna.15
8671915(Dec) censored stampless ppc APO X-UK.15
868GREENLAND: 1950 regd(temp.label) airmail cvr Ivigtut-UK, scarce 2kr (SG15 cat £44). PHOTO100
8691958 cvr Holsteinsborg-UK, Fa30+33 (50o Gustav Holm).40
8701958 neat regd illus FDC of 5kr (SG36).35
8711970(Feb) ‘dog-sled post’ card Rodebay-Jacobshavn, 50o (Fa66) & sp.pmk.15
872GRENADA: 1808 long EL(WI business life) to Ayr rated 4/8. S/line Grenada + date in circle(reverse).100
8731904 KEVII 1d p.stat.card comm.used Grenville-Germany via St Georges. Written St Andrews.35
8741910 KEVII 2d regd env size F GPO-UK + 1d. Imperf paper regd label.30
8751910 St Georges harbour ppc comm.used to S.Africa(destination/rec'r) @ 1d rate.15
8761929 regd OHMS crested env Colonial Postmaster(cachet)-S.Africa(destination), 4d (SG123).20
8771940(July) comm.cvr St David-Venezuala, ½d+2½d & Opened by Censor label + mss 4.30
8781965 St Georges ppc comm.used Grand Anse-Germany, 5c+7c (SG197+9). Violet box OAT/FS.25
879GUATEMALA: 1896 regd AR(circ.cachet) cvr to Italy via Paris, 25c (SG50) tied reverse.40
8801897 private printed advert 10c p.stat.env, H&G11 comm.used to UK via Pto Barrios. Minor creasing.25
8811903 comm.cvr to France, pair 25c ovpts SG129. Via Puerto Barrios & New Orleans 2-line h/stamp.30
8821929(Jan) regd airmail advert cvr to USA, SG221(5p),23,30,34. Scarce (prior to regular air service).30
8831942 comm.cvr to Ecuador, SG416-a & scarce yellow censor label opt’d Abierta por la Censura #13545.20
884HAITI: 1896 cvr Les Cayes-Bordeaux via N.York, 3c+7c (SG39,43).40
8851926(Apr) flown cvr Cap Haitien-Pt au Prince, 50c (SG302) tied airmail h/stamp.20
8861929(Nov)-30(Mar) flown(blue/blk circ.cachets) cvrs(2) Pt au Prince-USA, SG307(x2) or 308.20
8871930(Feb) NYRBA cacheted FFC Pt au Prince-Cuba, 25c (SG298).15
888HONDURAS:1914-15 comm.cvrs(3) Amapala/San Pedro Sula/Pto Cortes-USA, SG142+4,148(x2) or 167(x3).40
8891928 regd cvrs(2) Tegucigalpa-USA, blks of 4 SG251 or 3.20
8901939 airmail cvr Tegucigalpa-Yugoslavia(destination/rec’r), SG396.15
891HONG KONG:(see lot 1104): 1909 KEVII 4c p.stat.card comm.used Victoria-Germany.20
8921922 regd cvr to USA per SS President Grant, 3-colour SG101,2(x2),5.20
8931928 KGV 4c p.stat.card comm.used to Germany with 2-line red h/st: Germany via Siberia.20
8941934 Sheungwan-Canada, 12c (SG124b).35
8951935-8 comm.cvrs(2) to UK/H.Kong, GB 1½d + bklet label or Macau 5a both tied box Paquebot + Victoria cds.25
8961937(Apr) Pan-am cacheted FFC to Manila @ 35c rate.15
8971938(Jan) advert cvr to Canada, 15c (SG138) & scarcer herringbone pmk (type D155).15
8981940 airmail cvr Victoria-Victoria(Canada), 4-colour SG143,49,53,57($2 cat £40). PHOTO50
8991941(Mar) airmail cvr Victoria-India, Centenary SG166+8(cat £16). Blk/white G crown R H.Kong censor label.35
9001961 QE2 40c regd env size H to UK + SG183a(x2)+89b($2).15
901HUNGARY: 1867 regd crown crested cvr Beleny-Italy via Grosswardein/Trieste(both regd), 5kr+10kr(Mi32-3).25
9021895 5f p.stat.env regd Sopron-Leipzig + 10f (SG44a). See also lots 10,68.15
9031898 EL(circular in Russian) Versecz-Vienna, pair 1kr (SG39a) tied reverse.20
9041906 regd cvr Budapest-Governor of Gibraltar(destination/rec’r), 25f+50f (SG111,125).20
9051918(July 6) regd airmail cvr Budapest-Vienna, airs SG271-2(cat £46). PHOTO100
9061918 regd cvr Budapest-Plzen, Koztarsasag ovpts to 50f (SG282-7,9,95-8,300).15
9071930 ppc comm.used Budapest-Japan(destination/rec’r) @ 20f rate.20
9081938(Aug 26) regd flown cvr Budapest-Belgium,scarce St Stephens m/sheet (MS621a cat £70)& sp.pmk.PH.100
909ICELAND: 1905-36 virtually complete coll'n of fine unused lettercards(14: Fa1-15 ex 12).80
9101919 3a 2 Kings p.stat.card comm.used locally in Reykjavik + 1e,4a (SG81,83) making 3-colour frank. PHOT.50
9111923 regd cvr Reykjavik-UK, late use rare 20a(cat £900) + 4-colour mixed Kings(cat £62). PHOTO400
9121932(Jan) advert cvr Reykjavik-France, strip of 3 10a (Fa151: 1 with frame re-entry) + 5a(Fa194 early perf).35
9131938 illus unadd.FDC of University set (SG234-6 cat £45).35
9141940-1 OAS cvrs(2) FPO 2(Reykjavik) or 3(Seydisfjordur)-UK. Triangular or boxed censors.50
9151940-1 OAS cvrs(3) FPOs 304,305(scarce) or 306-UK. 3 different censors.80
9161946(July 16) OAS cvr RAF PO 001(Camp Winston)-Ceylon(destination). Last known date of usage. PHOT.50
9171954 regd Hafstein illus FDC Reykjavik-USA of SG325-7(cat £35).25
918INDIA: interesting mixed lot cvrs(7) with imperf ½a QV opened-out cvr to Maharajah of Jaipur, WW1 War Fund label, Mount Everest exped'n card, Coronation Durbar, Jaipur etc.35
9191847 outer Calcutta(5-line boxed ship letter)-UK per Bentinck. Boxed red India.25
9201879 3-colour franking cvr to Lady Tyler,Wales, SG43,49,53(cat £97). PHOTO80
9211895 long comm.cvr Calcutta-USA via London, strip of 4 2½a (SG103) & sq.circles.20
9221896 attractive trilingual(English,Russian,Arabic) printed env regd Peshawar City Rail Stn-Bokhara(rec’r) via Odessa & Sea PO A, SG85+91(x2) tied reverse.20
9231905(Oct) cvr GB-Fort William,India @ 1d rate. Large number redirections/pmks ending up Lahore DLO(Dec).20
9241931 KGV 1a p.stat.env regd Matheran-USA + New Delhi SG229-30 tied reverse.15
9251931 crested(Rajpatana Rifles) env Poona-UK, SG226(x4)+8(cat £21).25
9261935 airmail cvr Bombay-UK notable for S.Jubilee 3½a with bird flaw (SG245a cat £250). PHOTO250
9271937(Dec 15) illus regd FDC Apollo Bazaar-Canada of 2a-12a pictorials (SG251-8).25
9281940(Jan) underpaid airmail cvr to USA taxed with US P.Dues & rec'd damaged so US Official seal + 1941 (Jan) regd seamail cvr to USA per Pres.Tyler. 2 diff.Bombay red/white censor labels.25
9291941(Mar) Calcutta cinema advert airmail censored cvr to USA, hi-rate franking SG254,6(x2),60-1(5r x2). 2-line h/st: Transpacific Airmail Service India-Hong Kong-USA.35
9301941(Apr) cvr as above lot but franked SG249(x2),59-62(1r-10r).40
9311950 Republic (SG329-32 cat £12) on illus unadd.FDC15
9321953 Everest,Telegraph,Stamp Cent illus unadd FDCs + Stamp Cent 2a(x2 diff),14a p.stat.envs used FDI (6).15
933INDIAN STATES: Dhar: 1898 scarce ¼a violet p.stat.card, H&G5 fine unused.15
934Hyderabad: 1912 regd official native cvr, 1a+2a officials (O20,31).20
935Jaipur: 1911 regd native cvr with 3-colour mixed issues SG10(x2),11a,21(cat £13). Corner fault.30
9361949 ¾a p.stat.env local regd Sambhar making 4-col.franking (SG41,58,63 front & back). Inc letter.20
937Kishengarh: 1920 internal cvr, 2as(SG54) tied Dadhya pmk. Raj Post rec’r.25
938Travancore-Cochin: 1950 printed p/card Namkuttichira-Trichur, 4p on 8ca (SG2).10
939Wadhwan: 1894 ½pice p.12 (SG6) on local cvr. Cat £600(SG on cvr). 'as is' PHOTO75
940IRAN:(see lot 806): 1920 OAS cvr Kasvin-India ex 48th Brigade with Indian FPO 76 pmk + M274 censor.30
9411927(Oct) airmail(IA to Karachi) cvr Bushire-Delhi(TPO to Delhi), SG677(x2) tied reverse.20
9421945(Jly) air advert cvr Teheran-US via Baghdad, 4-col.SG866,69,75,77. Both Iraqi + 2 diff.Anglo-Soviet cens20
943IRAQ: 1923(May) airmail cvr Busrah-UK via Baghdad-Cairo, 1a+8a (SG3,9b) tied reverse.40
9441927(Dec) flown cvr Baghdad-Karachi by Light Aeroplane + Stack & Leete(box cachet), SG41,3-4,6. PHOT.75
9451930 regd airmail cvr Lower Baghdad-France via Nurnberg(Germany), strip of 3 4as (SG46) tied reverse.25
94619 49 printed matter(h/st) cvr Baghdad-UK, SG330 + T328(5f Palestine aid cat £7).15
9471953 formular airletter comm.used Baghdad-UK, SG258(x2)+344.25
9481970-3 comm.cvrs(5, internal or to Germany/Sweden) all with diff.oblig.tax: T763-4,932,1072 or 1119 cat £29)25
949IRELAND:1838 interesting EL Paris(Bureau E pmk)-Dublin rated 10 & 2/9 via UK, 2-line A/Late Mail red h/st.35
9501841 outer Cork-London, 4mgn 1d imperf(KA) ex black plate 11(cat £130) & MX pmk. PHOTO125
9511846 1d imperf outer Athlone-Dublin, bluish-grn 18 numeral.25
9521848 QV 1d pink env Kingstown-Maryborough, S/line Sandy Cove.25
9531859 cvr Dublin-UK, 1d star SG40. Underpaid with Over ½oz 2d to pay(in mss) + circ. More to Pay.20
9541866 cvr Dublin-Paris, GB 4d SG94 pl.8. Cat £140(cvr).40
9551868 QV 1d pink/blue paper envelope used locally in Dublin.15
9561870 cvr Dublin-Australia(rec'r), 10d pale red-brn SG113. Cat £825(cvr). PHOTO250
9571904 cvr Dublin-Egyptian Army,Omdurman,Sudan(destination/rec'r) via Egypt inc MPO @ 2½d rate.20
9581905 OHMS official regd cvr General Register Office,Dublin(oval rubber pmks)-USA, pairs KEVII 1d+2½d.25
9591909 ppc Limerick-W.Australia(destination), KEVII 1d.15
9601944(Aug 29) airmail FDC of 2½d Rice(SG135) to USA. Both Examiner 4046 & pink Irish SPI censor labels.20
9611949(Apr 4) airmail FDC Cork-Australia of airs SG140(x3)+3(cat £16).20
9621970 airmail cvr Dublin-US @ 1/9d. Ret'd to Sender cachet. Dublin RLO pmk + Irish officially sealed PO label.15
963ISRAEL: 1967(July-Aug) internal cvrs(17) with diff.FPO pmks dated diff.FDI usages Arab-Israeli conflict.25
964ITALY:(see lots 78,1053): 1813 ELs(2) to France, 2-line Genes(black) or P104P Turin(red).35
9651837 disinfected EL Rome-Corneto rated 3. Fine Papal Keys + Netta Dentro e Fuori(reverse).40
9661867 EL Genoa-London via Turin, 60c lilac (SG15 cat £21).35
9671895 regd cvr Rome(sq.circ)-Madeira(destination) via Rome-Pisa TPO, pair 25c(Sass.62 cat 135eu cvr).35
9681899 regd cvr Rome-USA, 3-colour SG53(strip of 3)-4,8a(cat £28).40
9691908 regd advert cvr Scilla(sq.circle)-Bari, 40c (SG68 cat £10).25
9701915 Italian Army 10c red/grn p.stat.env, fine unused & rarely offered.15
9711927 local Quinzano regd cvr, SG181+211(Volta 1L25). Inc letter.30
9721931 regd cvr Florence-Switz via TPO 80, 3-colour SG244(x2) + Virgil 294,96(x2).30
9731934(Jun) FFC Rome-B.Aires, airs SG391-4(cat £700) & sp.pmk. Cat 1600eu(cvr). PHOTO400
9741936 regd cvr Rome-USA, Aero Exhibition SG459-60(x5 cat £13).30
9751941(Sep) airmail advert cvr Milan-USA, unusual mix franking firms meter + SG252,274. Italian & UK censors15
9761944(May)OAS env(inc long interesting letter on military life) FPO754-USA via Indian FPO24 & Base Office 2.15
9771951 Michietti to 53 Mille Miglia illus FDCs(8), mostly unaddressed ex 1 regd. Cat 195eu.40
978Eritrea: 1893 10c(x2 diff), 7½c+10c reply p.stat.cards + 5c,20c lettercards(6) all fine unused.30
9791905 local ppc Agordat-Italy, 2c (Sass.20).25
9801927 ppc comm.used Asmara-Greece, SG37+44(cat £21). Both scarce on cvr. PHOTO80
981Levant: 1920 regd cvr Italian PO C’tinople-Vienna, pair Italian 25c V.Emmanuel & Posta Militare 15 pmk.25
9821922 regd cvr C'tinople(Italian PO)-Berlin via Freiburg(currency control censor), pair 7pi20(SG71). PHOTO80
983Naples: 1858 outer Naples(2-line in date)-Gallichio, close-clear mgns 2gr (SG3 cat £20) & Annullato cancel.20
984undated outer Anchieta-S.Valentino, 4mgn 1gr type 1(SG2 cat £60 & Annullato cancel. PHOTO50
985Papal States: 1855 flimsy EL Bologna-Paris, 4b+8b(x2: SG17,26 cat £200). Cat 500+eu(cvr). PHOTO100
986Somalia: 1912 5c+10c p.stat.reply card(H&G2) + 15c on 20c lettercard(H&G2) fine unused & scarce(2).25
987Trieste: 1919 ppc to Turin, 10c di corona ovpt. 2-line violet Trieste N14 postal censor.20
9881949 airmail cvr to UK, 3-colour mixed ovpts SG18,66(x2 ea),111(x4).25
989Trento: 1919 regd cvr Meran-Switz via Milan(censor), mixed Venezia Guilia/Tridentina/Trento opts inc express + unovpt'd Italian 5c. PHOTO150
990Tuscany: 1853 EL Siena-Rome, 3mgn 6cr (Sass.7). Cat 1500eu(cvr). PHOTO250
991JAMAICA:(see lots 50,59,64,692): 1897 cvr Four Paths-N.York(paid all rec’r), SG16a+27(x2).40
9921899 cvr Up Park Camp(sq.circ)-UK @ ½d rate. Not Known so ret'd via London RLO + box RLO Jamaica.PH.45
9931904 underpaid ppc Port Antonio(2-ring pmk)-UK @ ½d rate. Tax marks both countries.15
9941912 KEVII ½d wrapper comm.used Kingston-Germany + 1d,2½d arms(SG42). Unusual & 3-colour.25
9951913 2d+1d KGV size F regd env, H&G1 fine unused.20
9961916(Mar) Myrtle Bank Hotel illus env to USA @ 2½d rate. 2 plain labels + h/st: Opened by an Officer of the PO by Express Warrant of the Governor (scarce). PHOTO75
9971918-9 cvrs(2) Kingston-UK or Savannah La Mar both @ 1½d war stamp rate (SG74: diff.ovpt types).25
9981930(Dec) cacheted FFC Kingston-Miami, 9d (SG110).15
9991931 airmail cvr Kingston-US Consul,Guatemala(destination/rec’r), 3-col.SG89a,99(x2),110.25
10001940(Oct) cvr Kingston(scarce illus half-moon Buy British Goods slogan)-Ireland @ 2d rate.20
1001JAPAN: (see lot 37):1908 4s p.stat.card comm.used Tokyo-Greece(destination).20
10021920 cvr Jiro Shindo-Canada via Toyko, 3-colour SG168,74,99(cat £14).35
1003WW2 Bando Camp printed POW env to Germany via UK(PW 877 label). PHOTO65
10041949 cvr Kyoto-Uk, SG527,35,41. Military censor civil mails label.15
10051950 airmail illus FDC of 8y(SG561 x3 cat £13) to Switz. On reverse 103y air (SG578 cat £21) just tied.25
10061953 BOAC illus FFC Tokyo-Egypt, airs SG628,31,72(cat £27).25
1007Australian Forces: 1949(Dec) stampless airmail BCOF env Aust.Unit Postal Stn 453(Eta Jiwa)-Hong Kong.20
10081952 airmail cvr Aust.Unit Postal Stn 388(Hiro)-UK, Aussie 3d. Sellotape edges.20
1009KENYA etc:(see lot 821): 1902 Uganda 2as regd env size H2 fine unused.25
10101903 KEVII 2a p.stat.env size F used locally in Entebbe + Uganda QV 1a. Scarce mixed usage. PHOTO65
10111913 regd cvr Mombasa-Molo(scarce rec’r), 25c (SG50).20
10121915 regd cvr Nairobi-USA, 12c+15c (SG48-9).20
10131916 cvr Mombasa-Bombay @ 6c rate per SS Luna. Grn martial law label & box Mombasa Postal Censor.PH50
10141922 cvr Kampala-Sicily(destination/rec'r), 3-colour SG47a,65(x2)-6(cat £21).35
10151928 cvr to UK, Tanganyika SG93(x3) & Camp PO Dar pmk tied reverse.25
10161929 KGV 50c regd env size G Tororo(Uganda)-USA + 15c (SG82).25
10171931(Mar) IA FFC Kisumu-UK, 10c+50c (SG80,85).15
10181933 airmail cvr Mombasa-Scotland, 3-colour SG78,84-5. S/line Local Air Fee Paid.15
10191934(Dec) IA/Quantas illus FFC Kampala-Australia via Cairo, SG84(x3)+87(1sh).30
10201935 airmail cvr Tanga-Switz, scarce mix franking SG114,6 + Tanganyika SG94-5. Boxed By Air to Brindisi.25
10211942 illus censored Xmas airletter APO2-UK, 50c + 1943 illus Xmas airgraph used Nanyuki-UK. 2 items.25
10221943 cvr Nairobi-Australia via S.Africa(censor), SG134+154(pair).20
10231944 cvr Dar-S.Africa, 20c (SG139) & R/22 censor label.15
1024WW2 airmail lettercard ex RNZNVR to UK, 30c & boxed Postage Paid FMO. Triangular naval censor.35
10251947 KGVI 20c p.stat.env regd airmail Nakuru-UK + 3-colour 30c,50c,1sh.20
10261949 airmail cvrs(2) Dar/Kampala(regd)-UK, UPU SG159-61 or 160+2.15
10271953 KGVI 40c regd env size G airmail(h/st) Mwanza-UK + mixed KGVI 50c(SG145ba) & QE2 Coronation.15
10281954(Apr) BOAC airmail env Entebbe Airport(violet skeleton pmk)-UK, mixed reigns SG145ba+166.25
10291958 regd illus FDC Marangu(scarce skeleton pmk)-S.Rhodesia, SG181-2. PO open 8 yrs. Inc contents.20
10301960 regd illus FDC Nairobi-Sierra Leone of set to 20/=(SG183-98 cat £38). Inc issue details folder.30
10311963 illus regd FDC Nairobi-Eldoret, Independence to 20s(SG1-14 cat £14).Inc booklet signed Jomo Kenyatta15
1032KOREA: NZ forces: 1953(May) forces mail stampless cvr NZAPO 444 FPO 3(Inchon)-UK.15
1033KUWAIT: 1953 airmail cvr Ahmadi-UK, mixed KGVI-QEII SG84,89,95.20
10341957(Jun 1) airmail FDC to USA, 25np+75np (SG127+130 cat £9).15
10351994 regd parcel card to India franked SG913(3d) + scarce coils SG1209(x28 cat c£250). PHOTO100
1036LABUAN: 1947 local cvr with N.Borneo BMA set 1c-25c (SG320-30 cat £40).35
1037LAOS: 1954 illus unadd.FDC of Indian ovpts (N6-10 cat £20) & Vientiane pmk.15
1038LATVIA: 1906 stampless EL Riga religious community(seal)-Pernov.25
10391919 regd cvr Riga-Hamburg, 3-col.mix issues SG16,25(imperf),strip of 3 SG27(perf). MPk censor.25
10401921 regd cvr Ogre-Mecklenburg, surchs SG70,2-3.20
10411928(Aug) regd cvr Korsowa-Riga, mixed currency SG85(perf air)+152.20
1042LEBANON: 1906 regd cvr Beyrouth-Aleppo, Turkish 1pi(x2).25
10431917 ppc Beyrouth-sugar refinery,Egypt via Pt Said, Palestine EEF 5m(SG9a) folded over ppc edge.N censor35
10441936 underpaid front Amman-Beirut taxed with pair 5pi P.Dues (D195 cat £24).25
10451939(Jan 6) cacheted cvr to Damascus for opening Beirut Airport, pair SG237 & hexagonal violet airport pmk.25
10461949 cvr Chemlan(violet hexag.pmk)-S.African Legation,Cairo, SG343(x3) + T339. Egyptian censor.20
1047LEEWARDS: 1926-8 KGV 1d violet & 1½d brown p.stat.envs(2: H&G5,8) fine unused.30
10481926 KGV ½d, 1d single & reply, 1½d p.stat.cards(4: H&G9-11,13) fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.45
10491928 KGV 3d regd env size H2 St Kitts-N.York + SG47,63(x2). See also lots 94-6,1414-6.35
10501930 KGV 1d brick-red p.stat.env, H&G9 fine unused with double lined Specimen ovpt.25
1051LIBERIA: 1896 small unsealed env to Germany @ 1c (SG75) rate.25
10521928 regd cvr Buchanan-USA, 15c official (O523).25
1053LIBYA: 1912 Italo-Turk War ppc(digging trenches) comm.used Bengasi-Italy, Italian 5c(x2).20
10541916-7 armourial military p.cards(2 diff.types) Homs-Italy. Military cachets + s/line Censurata or Visto Censura40
10551916 advert cvr Bengasi-Marseilles, 25c (SG9). Boxed violet Italian censor.25
10561916-19 Homs ppcs(2: local or to Italy), 5c type 1 or 5c+10c type 2 ovpts.20
10571922 cvr Benghasi-Milan, 40c on 50c sheet marginal (SG38).30
10581952(Jan) airmail advert cvr Tripoli-UK, pair 6mal on 12m (SG155). Cat 1200eu(cvr). PHOTO150
1059LIECHTENSTEIN: 1912 regd cvr Vaduz-Munich, 5h-25h (SG1-3 cat £100). PHOTO75
10601924(Dec 31) local Vaduz small New Years card env, 5rp p.9½ (Mi48A cat 22eu).20
10611931(Jun) Graf Zepp flown cvr Vaduz-Lausanne, 2fr Zeppelin (SG117 cat £425). PHOTO300
10621932(Sept) official regd cvr Vaduz-Bregenz, scarce official set (O118-25 cat £600). PHOTO500
1063LITHUANIA: 1923 advert cvr Kaunas-Berlin, pair 30c on 8a (SG174).15
10641925 regd 3-colour franking cvr Siauliai-Switz, SG193,203(x2),4(x5).20
10651939 regd cvr Ukmerge-Skiemonys, scarce perf Independence minisheet (MS431a cat £30). PHOTO50
1066German Occ:1941(July16) local Vilnius express regd FDC scarce ovpts(Mi10-8 cat 1200eu). Sorani cert.PH650
1067LUXEMBURG: 1876 cvr Clervaux-Diekirch, 10c (SG60).15
10681921 regd cvr to USA, SG183,88,206a (mixed issue 3-colour franking).25
10691927(Sept) illus card for International Philatelic Exhib’n flown by balloon, SG249-50 & sp. 3-line pmk.15
10701929 regd cvr Kayl-USA, SG279a+283(cat £34) tied reverse.35
10711949(Jan8) regd censord FDC Wiltz-Austria,scarce Charlotte MS524a but tear top mgn.Cat 600eu(FDC).PH100
10721950 Caritas set (SG539-42 cat £50) on regd airmail FDC to USA.35
10731956+58 Caritas Heraldry sets (SG615-20,645-50 cat £45) on illus unadd.FDCs(4).30
10741957 illus unadd.Europa FDC of SG626-8(cat £60).40
1075German Occ: 1942(Apr) cvr to Walferdingen, scarce Hitler 1Rm-5Rm (SG799-802 cat £110) & sp.pmk. PH.100
1076MALAYA: 1906 comm.cvr Penang-India, SG123(blk of 5 cat £40) + 128.30
10771912 comm.cvr Penang-USA, 4-colour SG127,55,7-8.20
10781924-28 unpaid/underpaid cvrs(2) India or Singapore-Penang, tax marks & 8c or 12c P.Dues (D4,6).20
10791934 underpaid cvr India-Singapore with tax mark + Straits 4c P.Due (D3).30
10801937(Jun) printed WS Airlines FFC Singapore-Penang, Coronation SG276 & return using SG275(x2).20
10811940(Jan) regd airmail cvr Singapore-UK, 5-colour SG283+5(x3 ea),6,9-90. 3-line Passed for Transmission.20
1082FMS: 1926 cvr Seremban-India, strip of 4 1c + scarce 2c (SG53-4 cat £12) tied reverse.20
10831928 2c p.stat.card comm.used locally in K.Lumpur with Brickfields Road pmk.35
10841929 underpaid Indian p.stat.env to Klang with 2c+4c P.Dues (D2-3) tied reverse.25
10851934 unpaid cvr India-Klang, tax mark & 8c+10c P.Dues (D4w,5w cat £42). PHOTO75
1086Johore: 1951 long airmail cvr Johor Bahru-USA, 4-colour SG140-1,44,46($2 cat £14+).25
1087Kedah: 1927 cvr Sungei Patani-Malta(destination/rec'r) via Egypt, 2c+4c (SG27,54).25
10881936 airmail cvr Alor Star-UK, 25c (SG33).40
10891940 cvr Alor Star-India(censor), SG55a+68a(type 2 x3 cat £7) tied reverse.20
1090Malacca:1959 regd air cvr to India via Singapore,3-col.mixed SG45,48(scarce $2 cat £40)+ Fed.SG14 rev.PH45
1091Penang: 1923(Nov) cvr to India @ 6c rate with fine Br.Empire Exhib'n slogan pmks. PHOTO50
1092Perak: 1897 Tiger 1c p.stat.reply card used locally in Gopeng with sq.circle pmk. No message.25
10931896 1c p.stat.card comm.used Gopeng-Tapah via Ipoh(sq.circles). PHOTO50
1094Jap.Occ: 1942(Nov) presentation env with Selangor Agric.Exhib'n ovpt pair (J90-1 cat £48) & sp.pmk. PHOT.50
10951944 local Penang censored(boxed 3) cvr with mixed issues J275,97-8 & pictorial JH55 pmk.25
1096MALDIVES: 1956 airmail cvr to Morvi(rec’r), SG9(x2)-10.30
1097MALTA: 1831 EL to Cartagena di Levante re-rated 13 to 10 with curved framed Malta + Paid. PHOTO250
10981843 disinfected EL Smyrna-Marseille rated 11. Red Paquebots de la Med + 25mm Purifie au Lazaret Malthe.35
10991851 brown env to UK rated 1/1 with Malta Paid d/arc pmk. See also lots 8,843,1614,1657.20
11001858 ELs(2) Messina(2-line inc date)-Malta(rec'rs) charged 1 or 2.25
11011873 EL to N.York via London, scarce GB 10d (Z72 cat £130) & fine pmk. PHOTO250
11021895 QV 2d regd env ex coal merchant to UK + 2½d(x3).25
11031902-4 underpaid ppcs(2) ex Italy with tax marks & fine 3d or 4d circ. h/stamps.50
11041919 ppc comm.used Valletta-Japan(destination/rec'r) @ 1d rate. Boxed violet PBC (Hong Kong).30
11051926 regd cvr Valletta-Birchircara, postage ovpt set to 6d (SG143-51 cat £50).40
11061928 regd OHMS cvr GPO(cachet)-USA, SG180+5(x2 cat £12).25
11071944 stampless cvr HM Dockyard(FPO 188 pmk)-Italian interpreter with N.African forces. Octagonal DD/5 censor + blk/white Opened by Examiner. Stamps removed by censor?25
11081945 airmail cvr to USA, SG221b(x2)+8(2/=). DD/45 censor label + oval red OAT.30
11091948 underpaid Self-Govt FDC Valletta-Floriana, SG234(pair) taxed with imprint pair ½d P.Dues (D11).25
1110MAURITIUS:(see lots 1451-2): 1882 outer to Marseilles via Suez & Naples, 17c (SG96) & B53 pmk.35
11111886 cvr Curepipe Road-Mahebourg(rec’r), 2c(SG103) & light 37 numeral.30
11121896 formular card H&G3 comm.used Curepipe Road-Belair(scarce rec’r) @ 2c rate. Fault bottom corner.30
11131908 regd cvr to Ceylon per SS Fazilka, 6-colour SG145,64-8(cat £23) tied reverse.40
11141926 long OHMS regd cvr Pt Louis-USA, SG231(scarce 12c cat £23)+34(x2).40
11151929 album page size regd cvr GPO-UK, 6-colour SG215,19b,26(x2),34,42,44(scarce surchs). Edges worn.25
11161932 airmail regd cvr Curepipe-UK via Nairobi, 4-colour SG227a(x3)-8(x2),30,36(x3 cat £20) front & back.40
11171935 local Forest Side FDC of S.Jubilee (SG245-8 cat £50).45
11181939 cvr(inc letter) Quartier Militaire-Canada, 3-colour KGVI SG252,3(x2),4.20
11191969(Mar illus album-page size unadd.FDC of marine life defins to 10r (SG382-99 cat £40).30
1120MEMEL: 1922 slightly cut-down regd airmail cvr to Latvia(rec’r), airs Mi75-8,80-1(cat 34eu).30
1121MEXICO: 1847 EL Mexico City-Bordeaux via Vera Cruz(Br.PO), London charged 90. Faint Colonies Art 13.30
11221853 outer Vera Cruz(fine Br.PO cds)-Havre charged 15. Boxed red Colonies &c Art 13.40
11231896 comm.cvr Mexico City(servicio urbano pmk)-Belgium via NY, 3-colour SG218,21-2.25
11241903 official Customs env(+ blue dated cachet) used stampless to Washington,USA.25
11251915 regd cvr Tacubaya-Armed Forces Minister,Mexico City, 3-colour CT15(x2),CV25,27(scarce 15c) reverse35
11261921 pair 5c officials(Sc.O138 cat $12) on printed President of Republic official env to Belgium. Uncommon.25
11271928(Oct 1) cacheted FFC Mexico City-Laredo, SG442+456(50c air).20
1128MONACO: 1899 cvr(+ letter) Monte Carlo-Scotland, 25c green (SG16 cat £37).30
11291933 multifranked cvr Monte Carlo-Paris, 1c-5fr most vals betwn SG116-40(cat £119). PHOTO75
11301938 regd cvr Monte Carlo-France, scarce Relief Fund set (SG199-208 cat £330). PHOTO250
1131MONTENEGRO: 1896-7 Monastery 2nkr & 3nkr wrappers + 2nkr & 5nkr p.stat.cards(4) all fine unused.10
11321907 5p green Nicolas p.stat.card comm.used Podgoritsa(violet pmk)-Hungary.20
11331910 tiny cvr(inc business card) Podgoritza-Vienna via Cettigne, 10pa (SG132).15
11341916 Austro-Hungarian feldpost 8h p.stat.card comm.used KuK FPO Niksic-FPO 188. S/line KuK milit.censor20
1135MONTSERRAT: 1919 regd(label) cvr to USA, ½d+3d (SG49,53 cat £25+) tied reverse.35
11361926 regd cvr to UK, 3-colour SG50a,52,67(cat £44). Vertical fold at left. PHOTO50
11371928 regd(Plymouth label) cvr to UK, 2½d+5d (scarce SG72+6 cat £29). PHOTO45
11381932(Feb) 1st airmail cacheted cvr to St Lucia, SG64+77(x2). 52 flown.40
11391983(Dec 15) illus unadd.FFC to St Kitts, SG586-9 opt’d flight details (1 with Inagural error). Pilot signed.25
1140MOROCCO AGENCIES: 1899 10c ovpt p.stat.card comm.used Tangier-Germany via Gibraltar.20
11411911 KEVII 30c on 3d regd env scarcer size H Tangier-Vienna + 3-colour SG112-3,9. PHOTO75
11421914 KGV 30c on 3d regd env size G type 2 fine unused. See also lots 836+8.25
11431928 ppc comm.used Tangier-UK, scarce 3c on ½d (SG128 cat £9).30
11441930 signed cvr ex US Congressman in Casablanca-USA, 3-colour SG203,6,10.25
11451935 cvr Tetuan-UK, Spanish ovpt S.Jubilee SG149(x2),50,1(x2 on reverse),2(cat £51). PHOTO45
11461936 cvr Tangier-UK, S.Jubilee SG238-40(cat £28).25
11471937 regd cvr Rabat-Australia(destination/rec'rs) via Gibraltar, 6-colour SG217+9(x2 ea),20-3.25
11481944 airmail censored cvr Tangier-UK, mixed franking GB Z202(x2) + Tangier SG252(x2 cat £23).30
11491951 cvr Police Commissioner,Ceuta(Spain)-USA, pairs 10c+40c (SG169,183 cat £50) & Tetuan pmk. PHOT.75
1150MUSCAT: 1944(Dec) stamp dealers unadd.env with scarce official set (O1-10 cat £160). PHOTO80
1151NATAL:(see lots 1497,1694): 1889 cvr Kearsney(light pmk)-UK, 4d (SG102).25
11521897 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Verulam-Argentina(destination/rec’r).25
11531899 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used Durban-Holland + 2½d (SG113).15
11541902 POW cvr Umbilo-Riet Vlei(rec’r) via Mooi River @ 1d rate. Ex Jacobus Grove (Heidelberg Commando). Scarce circ.red POW Natal censor. Opening faults. PHOTO45
11551902(Apr) comm.cvr Durban-Stanger @ 1d rate. Scarcer ER martial law label tied boxed PBC Durban.25
11561911 cvr Hilton Road-Tabamhlope(rec'r) via Estcourt, Transvaal 1d. Rare pmk but tone spotted env. PHOTO100
1157NAURU: 1923 commercial cvr Pleasant Is-Sydney(NSW), scarce 2d (SG16 cat £80). PHOTO150
1158NEPAL: 1887 formular card in red & black, H&G15 fine unused.20
11591950s internal cvrs(4) with SG64(x2),65,66(x4) or 70.25
1160Early-modern internal commercial cvrs(66). More modern with British Embassy security check h/stamps.25
1161NETHERLANDS: (see lot 14,1547): 1820 fragile toned EL written Bremen-Bordeaux rated 96, red s/line Almelo + LPB4R. Boxed Pays Bas par Valenciennes.25
11621862 4mgn(close lower right) 5c light blue plate V(cat £50) on EL Gent(green s/line)-Arnhem via Nymegen.40
11631898 5c Wilhelmina p.stat.env + 7½c(SG149 cat £11) comm.used Amsterdam-Switz.30
11641909 cvr Zwolle-Greece, 4-colour SG167,70(x3),72,77.25
11651911 banking p/card comm.used Amsterdam-Jerusalem(Austrian PO rec'r) @ 5c rate.15
11661914(Dec) official stampless army envs(2) FPO7-10 or Head FPO-12 with translations of cachets/addresses.25
11671915 ppc Domburg-Belgium @ 5c rate.Twice censored(boxed violet Commandant in Zeeland & circ.German).20
11681919 3c on 2½c p.stat.card(message half) comm.used express(label) Rijswick-The Hague + 15c(SG182).20
11691922(May) large flown advert cvr Amsterdam-London, SG238(x4) + scarce airs 239-41. PHOTO150
11701924(Sept 6) regd FDC The Hague Stamp Exhib'n(rubber pmk)-Amsterdam, scarce SG290-2(cat £190). PH.150
11711937-9 cvrs(3) Harlingen-Canada, 12½c Cultural Funds (SG472,482,496).20
11721941 cvr to UK, SG595-8 & Dutch marine ship 227 boxed pmk.15
11731951 underpaid cvr UK-Amsterdam, tax marks both countries & 10c+15c P.Dues (D663+7)15
11741952 Utrecht Stamp Exhib’n illus FDC of SG757a-d(cat £80). Typed address. PHOTO60
1175Curacao:(see lot 17): 1910 12½c Wilhelmina p.stat.env comm.used to Holland.20
11761935(Jan) SNIP trial FFC to Maracaibo, 20c (SG127).15
11771944 Red X set (SG224-31 cat £25) on regd twice censored cvr Willemstad-USA.25
1178Indies:(see lots 13,60): 1899 cvr Bandoeng-Germany, 25c (SG98).25
11791918 regd advert cvr Magelang-Holland @ 22½c rate. British censor label.20
11801934 comm.cvr Paree(Java)-Hungary(rec'r), 15c charity (SG364).15
1181Scarce WW2 Japanese military Gunji Yubin p/cards(2 diff) comm.used Java-Japan & censored.100
11821945(July) regd censored cvr Aust.Army PO 197(Morotai)-Tasmania @ Aussie 6d rate.20
11831948 military ‘post-free’ formular airletter in blk/pale blue comm.used Veldpost Batavia-Holland.20
1184Jap.Occ.Sumatra:1945(Mar) advert cvr Pemktang Siantar(sp.pmk)-Medan,blks 10c-40c(SG21-4 cat £35).PH45
1185New Guinea: 1952 airmail cvr Sorong-UK, SG6+19(1g).20
11861962 UNTEA 7c p.stat.card comm.used Manokwari-Hollandia + UNTEA opts SG5,13.35
11871962(Nov 1) illus unadd.FDCs(2) of UNTEA opts to 5g (NVPH 1-19 cat 60eu).50
1188Surinam: 1906 12½c p.stat.env, H&G3 Paramaribo(sq.circ)-Holland. Boxed Suriname via Havre.25
11891929 complete regd parcel card Paramaribo-USA, SG150+189.35
11901945 airmail cvr Paramaribo-Paris, 3-colour SG215,45,76. Local blk/pink + US censor labels.15
1191NEW BRUNSWICK: 1850-4 ELs(2) to St John rated 3 or 4½ & St George,Bathurst,WO Bathurst Village pmks45
11921866 cvr(+ letter) St John-Annapolis(NS), 5c (SG16 cat £40).40
1193NEWFOUNDLAND:1929(Jun) local St Johns cvr,15c(SG175 cat £48)& 10th anniv 1st transatlantic airmail pmk40
11941931(Jan) cacheted FFC St Johns-Western Arm, 15c air (SG192 cat £18).25
11951931(Feb) cacheted Nfld Airways FFC St Johns-St Anthony, 15c air (SG192). Pilot signed Sullivan.35
11961933 regd advert cvr St Johns-UK, scarce 32c Gilbert (SG249 cat £70). PHOTO65
11971937(May 12) regd FDC St Johns-UK, long Coronation set (SG257-67 min.cat £50).35
11981939(Aug) IA illus FFC Botwood-UK, 15c (SG217 x2). See also lot 1284.10
1199NEW GUINEA: 1932(Jan) regd airmail cvr Wau-UK, 1/= (SG172 cat £15).25
12001932(Mar) Guinea Airways FFC Salamaua-Rabaul, 3d(SG141 cat £13). Pilot signed (Denny). 48 flown. PH.75
12011934 cvr Rabaul-USA, SG177-81,90(cat £70). PHOTO.60
12021939 airmail cvr Kokopo-Germany via Townsville, SG208-11.20
12031940(Nov) cvr Wau-USA via Salamaua, 3d(SG194). Boxed Aerial Service completed Sydney. Red/white censor label + boxed TNG censor 22.40
12041941(Fe) regd air cvr Rabaul-UK via Townsville, 4-col.SG196-9(cat £41). Red/white label + box TNG no.1.PH50
1205NEW HEBRIDES: 1939 regd(blk/white label) cvr Vila-Australia, 10c+20c (SG53,55). Perf.tone spots.30
12061949 airmail cvr Pt Vila-Scotland, mix franking SG55(x2),64,F53(cat £20).30
12071954 cvr Vila-USA, SG68-71,74-8(cat £32).30
1208French: 1948 airmail cvr Pt Vila-UK, 50c (F60 x2 cat £10).20
12091965 ITU illus unadd.FDC of F126-7(cat £44).30
1210NEW S.WALES:1864 1d rose p.stat.wrapper on wmk’d vertical laid paper, H&G1b good unused & uncommon30
12111896 regd cvr Haymarket-Iowa(US) via Winnipeg(Canada), SG265c(x2)+271c (5½d rate).20
12121904 caves ppc comm.used Jenolan Caves-UK, SG313-4 & 1152 numeral.15
12131910 regd AR(h/st) telegram Sydney-Governor,Herbertshohe(German N.Guinea), 3-col.SG327c,33b,36. PH.65
121419 15 regd cvr Newcastle West-NZ, strip of 4 1d (SG334).15
1215NEW ZEALAND: 1862(Feb) cvr Otago-Scotland, 6d pale brn (SG14 cat £300), 3mgns on vert.laid paper.PH200
12161864 cvr Christchurch-UK, 4 close-clear mgns 6d red-brn (NZ pmk: SG99 cat £700). PHOTO500
12171865 cvr Dunedin-UK, 2ds(SG73+102) + 6d(SG76 cat £430). Part flap. PHOTO350
12181868 cvr Wellington(070 duplex)-Christchurch, 3d (SG117). PHOTO100
12191880-3 internal cvrs(2) @ 2d rate (SG181 or 187 x2 cat £21) & Lyttleton L or LN duplexes.50
12201888-9 cvrs(2) Timaru(TU duplex)-UK, strip of 3 2ds (SG188d or 196 cat £60), pale-deep shades.75
12211902 QV ½d grn p.stat.env Featherstone-Martinborough & redirected via TPO to Glentunnel.25
12221903 cvr Dunedin North-USA, 2½d (SG308 cat £12). See also lots 404,656.20
12231907 International Exhib'n ppc no.16 Wellington-Auckland, 1d Universal. Posted at top of tower NZIE cachet.35
12241916 Aussie ppc Wellington-USA @ 1d Universal rate. 3-line Passed by Military Censor NZ.15
12251927 share transfer certificates(3) with QV postal fiscals(6/= or 9/= single or pair) & Wellington/Otago pmks.25
12261934(Jun-Jul) illus triple FFC: Trans-Tasman to Australia, then to N.Guinea & back(cachet rev), SG550+4.PH45
12271935 comm.cvrs(2) Wellington/New Plymouth-USA @ 1d kiwi rates with different KGV S.Jubilee slogan pmks.20
12281935(Oct) album page advert airmail cvr Wellington-UK, high 9/= rate inc hi-cat SG550-1(x2 ea),64(x2),66-7 (x3),72(x2),F145(cat £168). PHOTO100
12291937(Dec) cacheted FFC to USA per Samoa Clipper, SG588,90(3/=),601(cat £15).20
12301941-3 airmail/seamail cvrs(3) to UK/Ireland/USA @ 2d,3d or 1/6d(SG624 x2) & DDA/55 or 215 or Opened & Passed NZ censor labels.20
12311949(Feb) underpaid cvr Kenya-Auckland taxed with 3-colour P.Dues: D41-2,44(x2 cat £58). PHOTO100
12321949 illus Health FDC Ngaio-Johnsonville, pairs SG698-9 inc 1d no dot variety cat £20.25
12331954 wool company sample bag label 2nd class(h/st) airmail Christchurch-UK, QE2 10/= (SG136 cat £19).35
12341954-7 illus local Whangarei FDCs(3 inc regd) of QEII set to 10/= inc later 1/9d & 2/6d (SG723-36 cat £35).30
12351976 QEII 8c p.stat.env Terrace End-UK + $2(SG934) & $4-10 postal fiscals (F219a-22a).25
1236Life Insurance: 1901 printed mourning(QV death) cvr Wellington-Auckland-Whangarei, ½d(L13). PHOTO150
1237NICARAGUA: 1896 10c p.stat.env, H&G35 comm.used Rivas-UK.20
12381899 cvr Bluefields-Greytown(San Juan del Norte b/st), bisected 10c telegrafo ovpt tied. PHOTO45
12391932 ppc comm.used Corinto(violet skeleton pmk)-Japan(destination), SG467+605.20
12401936 local Managua cvr with bisected 1c (SG865) tied.25
1241NIGERIA: 1895 Lagos 2d regd env size G Lagos-Germany + 2½d(SG31).25
12421898 cvr Akassa(violet box pmk)-UK via L'pool, GB 2½d (Z20 cat £65). PHOTO200
12431912 regd cvr Lagos(large regd pmk)-UK, S.Nigeria SG33(plate 1 strip of 3)+37.25
12441918 regd cvr Lagos(large regd S.Nigeria pmk)-UK, 4d (SG6b).20
12451927(Apr) KGV 3d regd env size G Apapa-Holland + 3d (SG22a). Very early date + typed regd label.25
12461928 comm.cvr Badagry-UK @ 2d rate. No flap.15
12471934 KGV 1d p.stat.env Abakaliki-UK via Pt Harcourt + 1d (SG16).25
12481936 regd cvr Lagos-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG30-3 cat £55).40
12491937 airmail cvr Bukuru(D4 pmk)-UK via Jos, mixed KGV-VI SG34,46-8(cat £11+)20
12501953 motor factors unusually detailed advert airmail cvr regd(h/st) Nguru-UK, 3-colour KGVI tied reverse. S/line & 2-line Nguru or Nguru/N.Nigeria h/stamps also.20
1251NIUE: 1928 comm.cvr to UK, 2½d (SG46 cat £11).25
12521936 OHMS stampless GPO env to India(destination/rec’r).25
1253NORFOLK IS: 1953 illus regd airmail FDC to UK of set to 5/= (SG13-18 cat £19).20
12541959 illus FDC to UK of Ball Bay 3d+2/= (SG6a,12a cat £20).20
12551981-7 pre-stamped envelopes: earlier issues complete for both mint & used FDI. Later issues used only(26).25
1256N.BORNEO: 1919 regd cvr Sandakan-UK, 25c-$2 + 4c (SG246,48-50(cat £235). PHOTO300
12571927 comm.cvr Sandakan-UK, 2c+4c (SG160,280). No flap.30
12581931 comm.cvr Sandakan-UK, 12c (SG285).25
1259N.RHODESIA: 1931 KGV regd env size G Luanshya-USA + 3d (SG5).30
12601932 comm.cvr Ndola(machine pmk type 2)-Jamaica(destination & rec’r), 1d(x2).20
12611935 regd airmail cvr Nkana-UK @ 10d rate (SG5 x2 +6).20
12621939 KGVI 4d regd env size G Mufulira(provisional regd label)-UK + SG27(x2).25
12631941(Apr) cvr Mwininlunga-USA, SG30(x2). US censor label + crown passed O/11 cachet.30
12641944 comm.cvr Chunya(Tanganyika)-Canada @ 20c rate intercepted with Examiner O/1 label.25
1265NORWAY: 1849 outer Arendal(black pmk)-Christianssand, re-used 1 month later in reverse also + black pmk.35
12661863 EL Christianssand-Mandal, pair Oscar 2sk (SG4 cat £300+). PHOTO500
12671916 censored(UK) cvr Kristiania-UK, 3-colour p/horns Fa101-2,9 (20o rate).20
12681927 fjord RP ppc comm.used Odda-Java(destination/rec'r) @ 20o rate.20
12691931 comm.cvr Oslo-Switz, 6-colour Fa100-2,4-5,35(scarce 14o).20
12701953(Jun 15) illus FDC Oslo-UK of scarcer N.Cape set (SG442-4 cat £50). See also lot 1701.40
12711958 pictorial Polish Spitzbergen IGY Exped’n cvr to UK, 65o (SG469). Longyearben Spitzbergen cachet.15
1272NOVA SCOTIA: 1866 cvr Halifax-UK, 12½c (SG17a cat £30). PHOTO100
1273NYASALAND: 1893 1d & 2d p.stat.cards(2), H&G1-2 fine unused.15
12741931 comm.cvr to Switz, 3d (SG105) & TPO pmk.35
12751935 regd airmail cvr Blantyre-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG123-6 cat £70). PHOTO60
12761937 regd(temporary label) cvr Salima-UK, 6d (SG120).20
12771951 airmail cvr Domasi-UK, 1/= (SG152).20
1278Malawi: 1964 formular regd env size H Mzuzu-Transvaal + set to £1 (SG215-27 cat £13).20
1279ORANGE FREE STATE: 1893-6 1½d on 2d p/cards(2: P4,9) comm.used Bethany/Bethanien-Germany.40
12801896 ½d on ½d p/card(P8) comm.used locally in Winburg.15
12811900 cvr Ventersburg-POW,Green Point(circ.censor), pair ½d VRI (SG112).20
12821900 cvr Bethulie-Sneezewood(Cape & rec’r), 3-colour mixed ovpts SG103,6(pair),9,12,24(cat £17).30
12831902 cvr B'fontein-Berlin, SG113(pair)+133. ER martial law label tied PBC s/line.20
12841903 KEVII 4d regd env size G Bloemfontein-Newf’dland(destination/rec’r) via L’pool + VRI 2d,3d(SG114,7).25
12851909 late use VRI 1d on ½d p.stat.card comm.used Pmburg-Germany. Taxed with circ.T20c & boxed Porto.20
1286PAKISTAN: 1950 forces concession airmail cvr Peshawar-UK, 2½a(SG30 cat £11). Scarce stamp/rate.20
1287Bahawalpur: 1949 cvr to Bombay, S.Jubilee set (SG39-42 cat £29). PHOTO65
1288PALESTINE:(see lot 508): 1911 River Jordan ppc comm.used Jerusalem-France, French 5c Sage P&C. PH.45
12891912 ppc comm.used Bethlehem-Vienna via Pt Said, Turkish 20pa.35
12901929 regd cvr Jaffa-Turkey(rec'rs) via Haifa, SG93+95(x4).15
12911934 underpaid airmail cvr India-Jerusalem, tax mark & 6m+8m P.Dues (D15-6) tied. Tone spotting.40
12921938 ppc comm.used Sarona-Germany, 8m (SG106). Office only open 10 years.30
12931939 airmail cvr Nes Tsiyona-UK, SG90+106.20
12941941(Nov-Dec) censored cvrs(2) to UK/Australia with AIF FPO 9(Khassa) or 10(Hill 69 Camp) pmks.40
12951942 local Tel Aviv regd EL in Hebrew, SG97-8 & Allenby Road pmk.20
12961945 15m regd env size G fine unused H&G8.20
12971947 15m regd env size H, H&G9a airmail Mount Carmel-UK + SG102(x2). PHOTO65
1298Russian PO: 1904 Jerusalem ppc to France, 10pa on 2k(Mi21y) & ROPIT Jerusalem pmk. PHOTO50
1299Jordanian Occ:1949(Aug)-50(Feb)cvrs(2) Nablus/Jenin-Damascus,20m(P10: 2 diff opts) + PT39 or 35+7(x3)25
1300PANAMA: 1928(Jan 9) sp.Lindbergh Visit red pmks on local cvr or to Canal Zone(2 items), SG222 or 3.25
13011929(Oct) printed cacheted FFC Colon-Argentina, SG228-30.20
13021946 regd express(cachet) cvr David-Panama City via Reparto a Domicilio No.1, 4-color SG200(x2),2,424,41.25
1303PAPUA: 1932 regd cvr Pt Moresby-USA, pair Harrison 6d airs (SG116 cat £24).40
13041934(Nov 6) FDC Pt Moresby-UK of Protectorate set (SG146-9 cat £26).25
13051935 cvr Daru-Scotland, 5d (SG149 cat £19).25
13061935 regd cvr Pt Moresby-Switz via Brisbane, 1/3d (SG140 cat £27). PHOTO45
13071940 regd airmail cvr Pt Moresby-USA, SG163-7(cat £41). Boxed censor. PHOTO50
13081947 regd cvr Pt Moresby-Canada, scarce mix franking 4d(SG135) + Aussie KGVI 2½d.30
13091948 cvr to UK, Aussie ½d+1d(x2) tied Trobriand Islands green mss + Losuia pmks. Scarce origin.40
13101962 regd airmail cvr Madang-Hawaii(rec'rs), SG29(x2)-31.15
13111969-72 regd cvrs(7) Buka,Maprik,Kawito,Saidor,Woitape,Ukarunapa or Kukipi-Australia @ 30c-60c rates.35
1312PARAGUAY: 1929(Dec) regd airmail cvr Asuncion-UK, SG296(x4) + airs SG359(x2)+62(x3).30
13131931(Oct) 70c p.stat.card flown(cachet rev) Zepp to Germany(rec'r) via B.Aires. Joint frank inc Argentine.PH.50
13141937 cvrs(2 inc advert) Concepcion/Asuncion-UK/Germany, SG496-7(x3) or 498.15
1315PERU: 1843 EL Arequipa-France charged 15 per Lydie via Outre-Mer Pauillac(red entry cds). Mss Lima forwarding agent: Larrabuse,Thomas & Co. Scarce.50
13161907-8 internally used ppcs(2), SG364(x2) or 365 tied d/ring Receptoria de Chorillas or Miraflores, former with oval agency cachet of San Juan de Dios.40
13171918 local Lima cvr with unlisted inv.opt on 1c on 20c (SG394) tied machine cancel.25
13181941(Dec) advert cvr Lima-USA, SG639,43,46. Uncommon boxed red ‘only paid for airmail to Panama’.20
13191948 regd advert cvr Lima-UK, hi-rate 26s45c inc SG702(x2). Boxed Nor-Atlantico.15
1320GB used in: QV 6d chestnut pl.11 + 2/= blue (Z44,55 cat £170) & fine C35 pmks.50
1321PHILIPPINES: 1935(Jun) airmail cvr Manila-Singapore via British flying boat RAC(cachet), SG459-60,63.25
13221945(July 21) cacheted FDC Cebu-USA of Victory set (SG610-21 cat £35). PHOTO50
13231951 local Manila business reply paid env wrongly charged 6c P.Due (D646).15
13241954 Stamp Centenary set (SG760-5 cat £88) in blks of 4 on illus unadd.FDCs(6).60
1325PITCAIRN: 1939(Oct) regd cvr to UK, Niue Coronation set. NZ unovpt'd set cat £130 thus. PHOTO100
13261940(Oct 15) local 1d rate FDC. Illus HMS Bounty 'Hands Across the Sea' envelope.25
13271949 UPU plain FDC to UK of SG13-16(cat £15).20
13281963 illus FFH FDC to USA of SG32. Scarce. PHOTO75
1329POLAND: 1912-4 cvrs(3) Warsaw(2 or 3 or 5 boxed/oval pmks)-Krakow or UK all @ Russian 10k rate.25
13301916 Russian Poland 5pf Germania p.stat.card comm.used Lodz-Posen(s/line censor).15
13311917 Austro-Hung. 8h feldpost Polish p.stat.card used locally KuK FPO Kielce. 2-line Kielce military censor.25
13321918(Oct) flown cvr Lemburg-Vienna, Austrian SG291a + scarce 4kr air (SG298a cat £23). PHOTO50
13331920 p/card comm.used Czstockowa-Zoppot(Danzig), mixed issues SG75(x2),86(x3),110.15
13341929 Br.Consulate,Warsaw cacheted cvr to Canada, SG278(x2) & Poznan Exhib'n slogan.Inc letter ex Consul15
133519 26(Jun) regd airmail(cachets) cvr Krakow-Belgium via Warsaw-Paris, SG228,249,259.30
13361934 regd(exhib'n h/st) air cvr Katowice Phil.Exhib'n-Krakow, exhib'n opts (SG297-8 cat £85) & sp.pmks. PH.70
13371940 regd express cvr Kielce-Germany, German ovpt set to 2zl (Mi1-13).25
13381941 Gen.Gov 12pf p.stat.card regd Krakau-Polish undercover address.Lisbon + 80g(SG406).German censor40
13391943-6 OAS cvrs(2) Polish FPO 121 or 128-Palestine(rec'rs inc Polish Red X). 1 with Polish censor 111.40
13401947 regd cvr Poznan-UK, SG556 + Peasant Fund set (SG572-4 cat £24).25
13411949 regd cvr Lodz-Austria, scarce 100zl Pulaski (SG645b cat £46). PHOTO50
1342PORTUGAL: 1898 small cvr Calhariz-Germany, Vasco de Gama SG378-80.25
13431904 cvr Braga-Brazil(rec'r), SG343+49(x3) tied reverse.20
13441914 underpaid ppc Germany-Lisbon, 20r Republica P.Due (D420) tied.20
13451917 Portalegre local newsletter sent to Lisbon franked 2½r newspaper stamp (N178).25
13461919 ppc Porto-Switz, 3c (SG521). Both circ.censor 54 & scarce Porto censors.20
13471926(Xmas Eve) Estoril ppc comm.used Lisbon-UK, 96c(SG717) + 15c Charity(C669). Scarce.25
13481930 regd cvr Zoological Museum,Univ.of Coimbra-USA, 3-colour SG703,10,24(5e). PHOTO50
13491936(Feb) Crilly Airways illus FFC Lisbon-Croydon, SG890 & sp.pmk.15
13501937 airmail cvr Lisbon-Brazil, Branco 10e(SG660) + SG850(x2),87. See also lot 1702.40
13511941 airmail cvr Restaurandores-Br.Guiana(destination/rec'r), SG844(x2) + 892(x5).15
1352Angola: 1908 Africa 20r illus p.stat.card H&G2 comm.used Bihe-Paris.30
13531913 ppc comm.used Bihe-Austria via Benguela, 10r (SG168).20
13541945 airmail cvr Nova Lisboa-Luanda, mix franking SG390,C413(tax stamp),D349 + 3e60 emergency air(rev).35
1355Azores: 1889 10r p.stat.card comm.used Villa da Povoacao(oval pmk)-Ponta Delgada(rec’r).35
13561930 local ppc comm.used Horta-UK, 96c (SG309).20
13571945 OAS stampless cvr RAF PO 004-UK. Double censored (RAF + army censor label).25
1358Cape Verde: 1891 10r p.stat.card, H&G4 comm.used Praia S.Thiago-S.Vicente (oval rec’r).35
13591916 comm.cvr Praia-UK with Ceres SG234(x6)+247.20
1360Guinea: 1933 regd cvr Bolama-USA, 4-colour SG253,5-6,62.25
1361Macao: 1937(Apr) cacheted FFC to USA, SG354(x2),56,61(cat £45).35
1362Madeira: 1929(Feb 1) underpaid local Reids Hotel cvr, 3-colour Ceres SG157(x2),61,64(x2 cat £10).25
1363Mozambique: 1925 regd cvr Quelimane-Lisbon, 40c+80c (SG288,293).20
13641930 comm.cvr Tete-Paris, pair 80c pink (SG292).20
13651947 regd cvr Beira-S.Africa, 6-colour SG342,52,54,59,64,75,94.20
1366S.Tome: 1893-9 20r or 30r p.stat.cards(2), H&G2,3 comm.used to Germany with 2 diff.pmks40
1367PRINCE EDWARD IS: 1870 small cvr to USA, pair 2d (SG13 cat £46) & oval bars cancel. PHOTO90
1368PUERTO RICO:(see lot 1645): 1898 Alfonso XIII 3c reply p.stat.card(Edifil 16) fine unused.30
1369QUEENSLAND: 1892-9 coll'n all diff.QV ½d or 1d wrappers(9: H&G1-6,8,9 x2 diff.printings) all fine unused.40
13701899 1½d black illus(bullock ploughing) p.stat.card comm.used Woolloonbabba(cds + 472 duplex)-UK.25
13711904 cvrs(2) to Hobart @ 2d rate tied TPO No.3 NCR or S&W Rly Down pmks.25
13721908 comm.cvr Brisbane-UK, 6d (SG250).25
13731911 QV 1d(both halves separated) + 1½d(joined) reply cards(2: H&G20-1) fine unused & uncommon.25
1374RHODESIA: 1897 Mashonaland 1d p.stat.card Bulawayo telegraph-Belfast telegraph +1d(SG29). Tone spots.25
13751912 cvr Salisbury-UK, p.13½ 1d doublehead (SG183 cat £50). PHOTO65
1376& Nyasaland: 1955 4d regd env size H2 airmail Mufulira-UK + SG2-3(x2),9-10.15
1377ROSS DEPS: 1967 Scott Base cvr to USA, SG5-6+8(cat £23).20
13781963(Nov) illus cvr for Vice-Regal Visit, SG1-4 & sp.pmk.25
1379RUMANIA:1850 disinfected EL Gallatz/date(Austrian PO)-Genova charged 99.Black AT+ red TA4(scarce).PH65
13801875 EL Galatzi Gara-Vienna, 25b (SG110 cat £23). PHOTO45
13811907 underpaid Russian 3k p.stat.card to Braila, taxed with 5b P.Due(D449).25
13821911 ppc comm.used Bucarest-Nigeria(destination & Abeokuta rec’r) @ 5b rate.20
13831926(Jun) regd FFC Chisinau-Bucarest, SG939b,44+T979. PHOTO65
1384RUSSIA:(see lots 864,1298,1550,1614): 1860 firms EL Berdiansk-Marseille via Odessa(diamond),Breslau-Berlin TPO & Prusse Valenciennes 3 charged 11. Boxed AUS RUSSLAND & P35, Porto 3.30
13851868 stampless cvr St Peteresburg-UK rated 5(red). Oval Frankurovano(in Russian).20
13861868 stampless advert cvr Odessa(cds)-Marseille charged 22 + 2½(blue) via Allemagne Erq.Paris & Breslau Berlin & Lyon-Marseille Rapide TPOs. Boxed AUS RUSSLAND.30
13871877 8k p.stat.env(U22c) Krutvle Pod Gub(2-line inc date in green)-Helsinki via St Petersburg. PHOTO40
13881914 regd Red X cvr Kodrikov Vologda-POW Agency,Denmark @ 24k rate via Petrograd(red oval censor).20
13891916 stampless envs(3) to Red X,Denmark, 1 taxed, 1 ex Esperanto Assoc. 3 diff.Russian censor labels.50
13901931 All Nations Press Exhib’n env Tiflis(Georgia)-NZ(destination), 3k (SG543) & sp.pmk20
13911954 official paid local London cvr ex Br.Embassy Moscow(circ.cachet). Via diplomatic bag to FO(cachet).15
1392German forces:1941(Au) Russian 20k p.stat.card used feldpost German soldier FPO11511E(Volkhov)-Germ.20
1393Levant: 1895 10k lettercard fine unused.25
13941897 4k p.stat.card comm.used C’tinople-France via Odessa.35
13951907 20pa on 4k p.stat.card comm.used C’tinople-Bohemia.20
1396Ukraine: 1919 unadd.cvr with 15 diff.ovpts (2gr,5gr or 10gr in blue,violet or red + Polish eagle) on imperf Mi1-5 tied Bekaholosk Pol.Korps pmks.25
1397WW1 stampless cvr to Berlin via Vienna(triangular censor). S/line cachet: correspondence ex Ukraine.20
13981941 regd cvr Dnjeproprtrowsk-Vienna(rec'r), Hitler 50pf (Mi16).30
1399RYUKYUS: 1954 illus Japan Airlines FFC Naha-Tokyo, 13y (SG21).20
1400SAAR: 1920(May) official(seal rev) cvr St Wendel-Duren, mixed ovpts 20pf+40pf (Mi8,37).15
14011921 express(label) 3-colour franking cvr Merzig-Hamburg, Mi53,63-4.20
14021928(Feb) cvr St Johann-USA, Welfare Fund set (SG104-7 cat £150). PHOTO100
14031928(Nov) airmail cvr St Johann-Algeria(destination), SG114+126(50c air).25
14041935(Jan 13) sp.Plebiscite Day p/card Saarbrucken-Brunswick, scarce Charity opts SG196-7(cat £40).30
14051935 airmail cvr Saarbrucken-UK, airs Mi192-4(cat £27).30
14061952 cvr Saarbrucken(sp.Philatelic Congress pmk)-UK, 30fr IMOSA (SG311 cat £40).35
1407ST HELENA: 1929 cvr to USA via S.Africa, 1d+2d (SG98,100).25
14081934 regd cvr to UK, Centenary 6d (SG119).20
14091932 comm.cvr to Belgium. 1d with cleft rock(but damaged corner) + 3d(cat £99). Cat £480(SG cvr). PHOTO75
14101952 regd cvr to UK, Tristan 8d ovpt (SG8).20
1411ST KITTS-NEVIS: 1906 scarce 2½d badge p.stat.env, H&G2 comm.used to Germany. Ex SMS Stein.40
14121923 regd cvr St Kitts-USA, 3-colour SG24,26,29(cat £18).35
14131932(Jan) airmail cvr to UK via Antigua, 3-colour SG40a,46-b.40
14141935 cvr Sandy Point-Scotland, Leewards 2½d (SG85).35
14151941 regd censored(Examiner 4060 label) cvr Dieppe Bay-UK, Leewards SG96(x2),98,107.20
14161944 censored(US) airmail cvr to USA, mixed Leewards 1/=(SG110ba) + St Kitts 1d.20
14171947 regd OHMS Customs env to UK, pair 1/= (SG75b). See also lot 1049.15
1418ST LUCIA: 1904 QV 1d p.stat.env Castries-UK.20
14191919 OHMS regd cvr Castries-Buenos Aires(destination/rec’r) via N.York, 2d+2½d (SG80,81b cat £14+).30
14201926 regd cvr Castries-Canada, scarce control blks of 4 1d+1½d (SG92,94 cat £86). PHOTO100
14211936 regd OHMS cvr to USA, 2½d+3d (SG98,100 cat £15).20
1422ST VINCENT: 1895 regd cvr Kingstown-UK, 5/= brn-lake (SG53b cat £55). PHOTO100
14231918 regd cvr Kingstown-Trinidad, 3-colour SG108+11 & blk of 4 war stamp inc 2 comma varieties (SG122+b cat £86). Envelope corners damaged. PHOTO50
14241937 double regd cvr Kingstown-USA, 2½d+3d (SG133a,35).20
14251953 regd cvr Kingstown-USA with S.Wedding set (SG162-3 cat £35).30
14261964 airmail cvr Questelles-UK, 15c+25c (SG195,210).15
1427SAMOA: 1931 banking cvr Apia-Canada, 2d (SG156).20
14281935(Aug 7) illus FDC Apia-NZ inc SG180-4 S.Jubilee set inc scarce 1d(SG177a) with RPS Cert. PHOTO200
14291947 regd airmail cvr Apia-UK, scarce £5 single wmk (SG194 cat £475). PHOTO500
1430SAN MARINO: 1921-4 50c on 15c p.stat.reply card + 30c on 10c p.stat.card, P12-13 both fine unused (2).20
14311950 20L & 55L airletters(4 different), LF1-4 all fine unused.25
14321952 Stamp Exhib’n illus unadd.FDCs(2) of SG446-51(cat £45).30
1433SARAWAK: 1929 comm,cvr Kuching-Canada, 6c (SG81).25
14341946(May 18) local Kuching FDC of Centenary set (SG146-9 cat £42).30
14351946 regd(h/st) cvr Sibu-UK via Singapore, 15c Rajah + 8c Cent(SG115a+146(cat £17).30
14361947 regd airmail cvr Kuching-UK, SG150-9. Black circ.AV2 cachet.25
14371949 long regd airmail cvr Kuching-UK, hi-rate SG158,61(x2)-2.25
1438SAUDI ARABIA: 1937 airmail cvr Djeddah-Holland via Egypt, SG346 + 330,33a,36b(x2 ea).20
14391950s regd Saudi Airlines cvr Djeddah(violet pmk)-UK, 5g official (SGO348) on greyish paper.20
14401960s-70s nice lot airmail advert cvrs(25) to UK with good range frankings/pmks(some violet).25
1441SERBIA: 1888 local Belgrade printed matter cvr, 5pa(SG59a).15
14421886 5pa(x2)+10pa(x3) revenues with monogram opt tied to legal document ex Belgrade. Rare.40
14431914 double censored (Austrian & Serbian) 5pa p.stat.card ex Czech POW comm.used Nis(blue pmk)-Czech. S/line Serbian Red X cachet. Uncommon.35
1444German Occ: 1943 1d50(P5) p.stat.card comm.used internally ex Belgrade with Belgrade censor.15
1445SEYCHELLES: 1926 cvr Victoria-Victoria(Australia: destination), 12c (SG108). Date inverted.20
14461934 cvr Victoria-Switz, 20c (SG113a).15
14471935(May 6) local Victoria FDC of S.Jubilee set (SG128-31 cat £32).35
14481936 printed paper rate cvr Victoria-USA, 3c (SG99).15
14491941(Nov) regd cvr Victoria-UK, scarce 1r + 1r50 (SG146-7 cat £92). PHOTO100
14501966 underpaid cvr Victoria-Praslin, SG222(x2) & 30c P.Due(D8) tied Bay Ste Anne pmk.30
1451Mauritius used in: 1863-72 3d dull red + 6d blue-grn (Z19,23 cat £175) & B64 pmks.60
14521878 2c + 1883 16c-17c (Z37,62-3 cat £268) & fine B64 pmks(3).90
1453SIERRA LEONE: 1897 OHMS Colonial PO env regd(red oval R5) to USA via L'pool. Unlisted oval R. PHOT.45
14541903 railway ppc comm.used Sherbro-France via Freetown(no year in pmk) @ KEVII 1d rate.30
14551912 KGV 1d p.stat.env Freetown-Waterloo(scarce rec'r).40
14561912(Dec) Xmas card ppc Hill Station(rare pmk)-UK via Freetown @ 1d rate. PHOTO200
14571917 native market sellers RP ppc Freetown-UK @ 1d rate. S/line Passed by Censor.40
14581924 regd cvr Freetown-UK, scarce 10d (SG122 cat £18).40
14591929 long OHMS env(inc letter) Freetown-Canada, 3d (SG136).15
1460SINGAPORE: 1940(Sept) airmail cvr to UK, Straits 5c+50c. Both triang.14 & boxed naval 50 censors.20
14611941(Nov) Pan-am clipper cvr FPO SP501-UK, Straits SG290,7(x2)-8(x6 cat £60+). RAF censor. PHOTO65
14621954 KGVI 25c+5c double imprint airletter(no.2) fine unused.10
14631970 Osaka, 1971 Festivals & 1976 Art minisheets (MS132,159,282 cat £95) on illus unadd.FDCs(3).60
1464SLOVAKIA: 1939(Mar) cvr Ceklis(pictorial pmk)-Bratislava(2 diff.pmks), 2k50 ovpt (SG17).20
1465SOLOMONS: 1928 OHBMS cvr Tulagi-UK with 1st violet Paid frank in use 4yrs only. Minor corner fault. PH.50
14661930 regd 'Wilson' cvr Tulagi-UK, 5-colour SG39,41-44(cat £32). Tone spotted.35
14671936 regd cvr Tulagi-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG53-6 cat £35).25
14681938 regd(violet h/st) cvr Shortland Is-UK, SG57-9. Scarce pmk/regd label.65
14691944 local Lunga cvr @ 1d rate.20
14701947 illus(canoe prow) regd(violet h/st) env Honiara-NZ, SG63+65.30
14711949(Aug 1) regd(Munda h/st) airmail cvr Gizo-USA, S.Wedding set (SG75-6). FDC pmk.30
14721955 regd(Honiara red h/stamp) cvr Kira Kira-UK, SG60+67.15
1473SOMALIA: 1951 Mogadiscio RP ppc comm.used to Italy, 45c (SG245).30
14741960(Jun 26) folded local Hargeisa FDC of Independence opts in blks 4 (SG353-5 cat £380). PHOTO300
1475S.AFRICA: (see lots 45,170): 1914 censored cvr Roodekop RO-Holland @ 2½d rate.25
14761916 ppc comm.used Muizenberg-Hatherley Rail(rare rec’r) @ ½d rate.20
14771918(Nov 29) cvr Maquassi-Canada @ 3d rate. Circ.censor(yet war over!). Scarce pmk.20
14781923(Nov) cvr Jo'burg(scarce Br.Empire Exhib'n slogan pmk)-UK @ 2d rate.20
14791925(May 7) KGV 4d regd env flown Durban-UK + air set (SG26-9 cat £100). PHOTO80
14801926 ppc comm.used Oudtshoorn-UK, scarce 1½d coil (SG20 cat £15).25
14811935(Mar 3) cvr to Bulawayo, pair ½d officials (O12w cat £11) & bilingual Imperial Press Conference pmk.20
14821935(Feb) 4d regd env airmailed Von Brandis(Jo’burg)-Greece + single 1/=(SG48). Rare pmk.40
14831935(May airmail cvr Simonstown-UK, pair 3d S.Jubilee (SG67 cat £55). PHOTO50
14841939 regd cvr Jeppe Str(Jo’burg)-UK, SG74(pair). Scarce non-European PO only open 5 years.40
14851939 printed regd Huguenot FDC Durban-UK of SG82-4(cat £30).30
14861942-3 illus advert censored cvrs(2) Cape Town/Pretoria-USA inc war effort frankings to 1/=(x2 different).20
14871943(Jan) local Cape Town cvr with War Effort set(SG88-96 cat £110+). Inc uniform stain on 1d. PHOTO100
14881954 illus FDCs(2) regd Skukuza-UK, animals set to 10/= (SG151-64) tied sp.pmks.20
14891961 cvr Montagu-Cape Town franked 2½c savings stamp so taxed with mixed issue P.Dues (D47,51 cat £9).20
14901969 SAA illus 1st flight cvr to Rio & N.York, SG244(x2). Official cvr no.920
1491S.AUSTRALIA: 1893 QV 1d p.stat.card used N.Adelaide(sq.circ)-Jersey(destination)+ ½d p12½(SG187).30
14921901(July) regd OPS cvr Adelaide-Canada, 3-col.mix OS opts: O59,81,83(cat £21). 2½d pre SG issue.PH.350
14931902 aborigine vignette ppc comm.used Adelaide-Russia(destination/rec’r), SG176+241.20
14941907 comm.cvr Cleve-USA via Cowell, SG293+4(x2).20
1495SW.AFRICA: 1916 cvr Okasise-Holland via Windhoek(modified TPO) & Cape Town(censor), S.African 2½d rate & Okahandja cds. 3 different censors inc label.25
14961916 advert cvr Windhoek(modified TPO)-Heusis @ S.Africa 1d rate. Box bilingual red Passed Censor 100.20
14971918 Natal QV 4d regd env size H2 Tsumeb(box blue h/st)-Switz+ 3-col.S.African ½d,3d,4d. 2 diff.censors.PH65
14981927 OHMS Returned Postal Packet GPO env regd Windhoek-Cape Town, SG45-6,50(cat £45). PHOTO50
14991931(Aug) FFC Upington-Mariental(rec'r), blk of 4 2d official (O11 inc broken F variety). Cat £290+(cvr). PH.100
15001933 KGV 4d ovpt regd env size G(H&G11) Windhoek-Cape Town + 2d pictorial.20
15011935 advert cvr Swakopmund-Germany, 3-colour SG74,89-90(S.Jubilee cat £25+).25
15021942 regd cvr Windhoek-Kokstad, pair 3d war effort (SG117 cat £29).30
15031953 regd cvr Biermannskool-USA, SG84+151(pair). PO only open 13 years.25
15041961(Feb 13) last day cvr Windhoek-UK, change wmk set to 1/6d (SG166-70 cat £27).25
1505S.RHODESIA: 1924 mine advert cvr Battlefields(3-ring pmk)-UK, 2d(SG4).25
15061929 comm.cvr Umtali(38mm D17 pmk)-Guernsey(destination) @ 2d (SG2 x2) rate.20
15071929(Dec) advert cvr @ ½d(not pmk’d) rate Umtali-Mt Selinda(scarce D2 rec'r pmk in use 1 year).25
15081934 cvr Bulawayo-USA, 3-colour KGV ½d-1½d (SG15-16d).20
15091936 airmail cvr Banket Jctn-UK(& redirected), scarcer SG35(x3 cat £54). No flap. PHOTO50
15101937 comm.cvr Chakari-Canada, strip of 6 KGVI 1ds.30
15111944 comm.cvr Heany Camp-UK @ ½d rate.20
15121953 illus Rhodes regd(red label) FDC Barham Green-Bulawayo, SG71-5. Scarce PA only open 4 years.40
15131953(Aug 31) regd illus local Bulawayo FDC of set to £1 (SG78-91 cat £95). PHOTO65
1514SPAIN:(see lots 42,1149): 1821-27 ELs(2) to UK both rated 2/2. 2-line Espagne par Bayonne(2 diff.types) + 3-line Sev.Andalusia/Baxa or blue oval Galicia Rivadeo.30
15151862 EL Rivadavia(Orense)-Bordeaux via St Jean de Luz 3, 4mgn 12c (SG71) but stamp bit grubby at right.20
15161868 post office official EL regarding unpaid letter Reus-Valencia. Minor staining.20
15171896-1903 local Barcelona comm.used ppcs(3) @ 10c rate with boxed 2-line undated Barcelona La Garriga, Caldetas or Cardedeu(latter violet) cachets cancelling stamps.50
15181905(Xmas Day pmk) ppc SS Aruba-UK @ 10c rate with scarce Pasages Guipuzcoa pmk.30
15191916 regd censored cvr San Fernando-UK via Madrid, 5c(x2)+40c (SG330+8).15
15201937 cvr Logrono-Vigo, SG883 + 10c Logrono against Workers Strike label tied. Torrecilla military censor.20
15211937 regd banking cvr Malaga-UK, 3-col.SG883(x3),8(1p scarce on cvr) + 5c Pro-Malaga label & censor.15
15221938 regd banking cvr Palma-UK, 3-colour SG879(x2),86,88(1p scarce on cvr) + 5c Majorca anti-unemployment labels(x2). Palma censor. S/line Par Avion jusqu'a Rome.25
15231948(Nov) cacheted FFC Barcelona-Azores via N.York, SG945 + 1050.15
1524Morocco: 1914 sl.cut-down Diaz maritime line advert cvr Larache-USA, SG31+2(x2).20
15251926 cvr Tetuan-Switz, pair 20c (SG106).15
15261934 advert cvr Tangier-Barcelona, 30c (scarce SG50 cat £9).30
15271948 airmail cvr Tetuan-Austria(censor), SG205,8-9 + express E233.25
1528SUDAN: 1906 cvr to UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO, 5m tied Halfa-Halfaya TP pmk.15
15291908 cvrs(2) El Obeid(2 diff.pmks: D3 or 4)-UK @ 5m rate.35
15301910 cvr Roseires-UK via Khartoum @ 5m rate. Scarce pmk. PHOTO75
15311918 5m p.stat.env Govt Pearl Fishery,Pt Sudan-UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO 1. Triang.violet Sudan censor 66.40
15321924 5m p.stat.env Khartoum-UK(& redirected in) + 1m (SG30 x5 cat £22).25
15331931(Nov) airmail cvr Omdurman-Nairobi(Kenya) via Khartoum-Kisumu, SG48-9,50(cat £24+).25
15341937 comm.cvr Zeidab-UK via Khartoum(airmail), 2½pi (SG53c).25
15351949(Dec) airmail cvr Dilling(scarce D5 pmk in use 6 months)-UK via El Obeid(airmail), 3pi (SG104).30
15361950 BISN Co cvr White Nile TPO 3-USA via Shellal Halfa TPO 2, SG112. Arabic censor label.20
15371950 airmail cvr Wad Medani-UK, scarce low vals (SG96-100 x2 inc controls cat £47). PHOTO50
15381951(Jun 2) local FDC of postal services at Nzara, SG115 & violet rubber skeleton pmk.25
15391956 regd cvr Kareima Kerma TPO No.1-Khartoum, SG129(x3).20
15401956-7 regd inland cvrs(8), 45m rate & Abidiya,Aba(violet),Dongola,Gedaref,El Hosh,Barakat,Argo or Kareima40
1541SWAZILAND: 1932 KGV 4d regd env size G fine unused & rarely offered.30
15421936 regd OHMS cvr Mbabane-USA, 4d+6d (SG15-16).25
15431939 cvr Malkerns-UK, 1½d (SG30). Scarce pmk. PHOTO50
1544SWEDEN: 1865 EL Bordeaux-Stockholm(Sodra St Banen rec’r pmk) charged 72 (h/stamp).25
15451897 5o reply card complete comm.used + 3-colour SG41(used as seal),47,56 Stockholm-Germany.25
15461898 regd official cvr Visby-Kalmar, 30o official (TJ21).20
15471918 regd cvr Halsingborg-Belgian soldier in Holland, 3-colour Gustav 5o,10o,20o. Dutch military censor label25
15481918 ppc comm.used Orebro-Swiss soldier (FPO rec'r), 12o on 25o (SG88).20
15491920 regd cvr Stockholm-Switz, 20o Gustavus Adolphus (SG120A x2).15
15501933 15o reply half p.stat.card comm.used Moscow-Stockholm.20
15511938 regd cvr Gavle-Austria, Fa234C,239E(x4),249 (scarcer perf varieties cat 400kr). PHOTO45
15521940 regd express(label) cvr Goteborg-Holland, SG134(x4)+249(x2). Swedish customs+ German censor label20
1553SWITZERLAND: 1863 EL Bern-Paris, 40rp (Mi17 x2). Cat 340eu(cvr). PHOTO80
15541903-27 internal underpaid cvrs/ppc(3) with 3 diff.P.Dues (Mi18,32 or 42 x2).20
15551916 cvr Zurich-St Moritz, scarce Pro-Juv 5c+10c (J1a-2 cat £130). PHOTO100
15561921 regd advert cvr Tegna-Australia(destination), Mi145+165(x2) & unusually WW1 1918 soldier stamp tied.25
15571924(Apr) FFC Grenchen-Zurich, SG318 + J24(blk 4 cat £57) & sp.blue pmk. 30c flight label tied.40
15581924(Jun) regd FFC Romanshorn-Zurich, 65c (Zum.10 cat 32Sfr) air & sp.violet flight pmk. 30c flight label tied25
15591924(Sept) early parachutist ppc flown Zurich-Basel-Grenchen, SG280+319(cat £29). 30c flight label tied.25
15601927 Pro-Juv set in vertical pairs (SGJ48-51 cat £40) on Wetstal-Glarus cvr.30
15611934 regd parcel card complete Sarmenstorf-Belgium, 30c Tell + 2fr arms (Mi197z).25
15621934(Oct) NABA ppc regd(sp.label/pmk) airmail Exhib'n Zurich-UK, Mi201z,7z,75(cat 66eu).40
15631933-35 Pro-Juventute sets (J64-75 cat £55) on neat cvrs(3,1 regd) to Glarus.45
15641935(Jly)mourning flown(night flight: Basel & Frankfurt) cvr to UK,35c air(SG320a x2 cat £130)& TPO 39.PH100
15651937 regd cvr Bern-Wabern, Pro-Juventute set (J76-9 cat £45).35
15661941 airmail cvr Luzern-USA via Basel, SG243(grilled paper),332a(2fr),389A(5fr). PHOTO75
15671946 airmail cvr St Gallen-Argentina, SG377A + 3fr PAX (SG457 x2 cat £220). PHOTO200
15681948(Dec 1) plain FDC Bern-UK, Pro-Juv set (J124-7). Cat 160SwFr(FDC)35
15691950 cvr Montana(sp.pmk)-Ireland, Pro-Patria set (SG522-6 cat £55).40
15701954(Dec 1) regd FDC Bern-Vienna, Pro-Juventute set (J152-6 cat £20).25
1571WHO: 1952 printed airmail env Geneva-S.Rhodesia, 1fr ovpt (Mi19). Scarce. Central fold.40
1572SYRIA:(see lot 527): 1912 ppc comm.used Damas 2-Vienna via Pt Said, Turkish 20pa.20
15731924 Aleppo ppc comm.used French FPO 615(Alep)-FPO 614(Alexandrette rec’r).25
15741935 advert cvr Damas-UK, Republic 1p50+6p (SG277,283 cat £14+).20
15751938(Jun) LATI(label) regd airmail cvr Alep-Paris via Damas, SG255,331-2,37(cat £12).25
15761942-4 OAS cvrs(7 inc 2 diff.Active Service envs) FPOs 80,172,292,555,567(x2),574-Egypt/UK/Palestine/NZ. 2 different Base Censor labels + area map with Forces movements.65
15771946 cvr Damas-Palestine addressed in 3 languages, SG438 + 5p oblig.tax T425(cat £35).40
1578Latakia: 1935 advert cvr Lattaquie-USA via Aleppo, 1p50 (SG74).25
1579TASMANIA:(see lot 307): 1891 local Campbell Town cvr, 1d(SG156a) & 18 duplex + cds rec’r.20
15801902 regd cvr Hobart-USA, mixed issues 9d+10d (SG220+27 cat £16). PHOTO75
1581THAILAND: 1914 comm.cvr Bangkok 2-H.Kong(rec’r), mixed Kings SG143(x2)+166.25
15821946(Mar) OHMS cvr Indian FPO 39(Bangkok)-India. Scarce. PHOTO65
15831947(Jun) Pan-am cacheted FFCs(2) Bangkok-Manila or USA, SG292,4(x2),307 or 262,92,4(cat £18).25
1584TOGO: 1915(Dec 31) regd cvr Lome-UK, 3d(H38). 3-line Lome censor.25
1585TONGA: 1905 comm.cvr Nukualofa-NZ, 2½d (SG43).25
15861912 native crafts ppc comm.used Nukualofa-Germany, 1d (SG39). Scarce.20
1587c1930s Quensall tin-can mail airmail cvr to USA, 1d+2d (SG39,57c x2) tied violet Niuafoou s/lines. 2-line violet Not Paid for US/Airmail Service.25
15881934(Mar 15) cacheted FDC Nukualofa-NZ, ½d+2½d (SG55,59).20
15891939 multi-cacheted Tin Can Mail cvr regd Niuafoou-Burma(rare destination/rec’r), SG71-3(cat £23).35
15901950 airmail cvr Nukualofa-USA, mixed issues SG76,78(x2),91(cat £15+).20
1591TRANSJORDAN: 1946 regd cvr Zerka-Israel, SG253+5 & El Zarqa pmk.25
15921946 comm.cvr Mefrak-Israel, SG253.30
15931949(Ap) airmail cvr Amman-UK via Beyrouth, 9-col.SG231-2,4(x2),60(x2),2-3 + T264(x2),6,8,70. Hexag.cens20
15941951 Sacred Land Agency airmail cvr Jerusalem-USA, 4-colour SG239(90m),T265-6,70(x2).25
1595TRANSVAAL: (see lots 392,1156): 1894 cvr Pretoria-Holland, 3-colour surchs SG195,7-8. PHOTO60
15961896 regd advert cvr Jo’burg(oval regd pmk)-USA, ½d+6d (SG210,216).30
15971900 scarce ZAR 1d vermilion p.stat.card, H&G7 fine unused.20
15981901 regd cvr Germiston-USA via London, VRI 2½d (SG229 x3: 1 with no stop var). Cat £486(cvr). PH125
15991905 KEVII 1d p.stat.env comm.used Cantonment BO Standerton(pmk in use 5 years)-UK.30
16001909 comm.cvr Jo'burg-USA, scarce 2½d (SG276 cat £11). Cat £220(SG on cvr). PHOTO65
1601TRINIDAD:(see lot 41): 1886 cvr to UK, 4d (SG110 x2) & 1st thimble pmk. Double rate.30
16021879-82 formula p.stat.cards(2), H&G2-3 fine unused with SG75b+99 on one & SG101(cat £137 un) on other.65
16031904(Jan 1) comm.cvr Tunapuna-USA, 2½d (SG117).25
16041934 regd cvr La Brea(scarce D8 pmk)-USA, 2d+4d (SG222+4). PHOTO45
16051942-3 airmail cvrs(5) Venezuela Red X/Brazil/Argentina-USA all intercepted with diff.types IE label.25
1606TRISTAN: 1911 pair of GB KEVII 1d on piece with violet type 1 cachet. Rated £4000 on cvr. RPS Cert. PH.200
16071927 plain cvr with good strike in purple of cachet IV. Rated £850 on cvr.50
16081950 cvr to Australia, oval violet cachet X & S.African ½d+1d(x2 ea) & Cape Town paquebot.25
16091952 regd airmail cvrs(2) to UK, KGVI set to 10/= (SG1-12 cat £90).75
16101960 regd FDC to UK of 1/= to 5/= (SG38-40 cat £23).25
16111965(Feb 17) illus unadd.FDC of set to 10/= (SG71-84).15
16121967 RP island ppcs(6 diff) all used FDI 4d on 4½d (SG108).15
16131972 cvr to UK, 2½p on 6d National Savings (F2). See also lot 1410.15
1614TURKEY: 1864 EL Taganrog(Russian Black Sea)-Malta(rec'r) via C'tinople rated 6. Bleaching/ink faults.25
16151898 cvr Brousse(scarce type 148 pmk)-Pera, mixed 5pa ovpts (SG160,N161).20
16161914 10pa grn wrapper Stamboul 4-UK + 10pa (SG503). See also lots 10,856,862,1042,1289,1572.15
16171922 RP unused ppcs(2) of Smyrna burning with warship in harbour + aftermath.15
16181926 Arabic parcel card comm.used to Trebizonde(rec'r), A87 + SG990,1002-3.25
16191926 regd AR(box h/st) cvr Orta Keuy-Czech(destination) via Stamboul, SG1002(x6).25
16201944 cvr Izmir-USA, SG1320 + T1290. Both Indian & Free French censor labels tied.25
16211945 airmail advert cvr Istanbul-Switz, SG1126a,33(x4),99,T1290. Boxed red OAT.20
1622TURKS & CAICOS: 1892-3 QV 1d on 1½d or 1d p.stat.reply cards(2: H&G4,6) fine unused.15
16231895 QV 1d p.stat.card, H&G5 comm.used Turks Is-N.York.15
16241917 regd OHMS censored(Italian) cvr to Italy(destination), War Tax SG140(strip of 3)+41. PHOTO45
16251920 KGV 2d regd env size G, H&G1a fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.25
16261923(May) local cvr with marginal blk of 4 1/= (SG161 cat £164) & D6 pmk. PHOTO125
16271948(Dec 14) regd airmail FDC Grand Turk-USA via Jamaica of Centenary set (SG210-16 cat £16).20
1628UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: 1975 25f on 30f on 20f Abu Dhabi airletter fine unused & uncommon.15
1629URUGUAY: 1887 5c p.stat.env, H&G10b comm.used Nueva Palmira-Montevideo.25
16301897 Uruguay Philatelic Society formular reply card in lilac,black & blue fine unused.20
16311904 underpaid ppc ex Algeria taxed with 2c P.Due (D247). PHOTO50
16321920 cvr Tres Chuches-Mar del Plata, pair 2c (SG551).20
16331935(May) Panagra cacheted regd FFC Montevideo-Tacna-La Paz(Bolivia), SG728. Undelivered, return to sender cachets + boxed violet Military Censor 31.25
16341945-6 regd cvrs(3) to USA, SG918-9 or 911(x4)-2(x2) or 901-2(x2 ea),3-4.15
1635USA:(see lots 33-4,201,225,271,550): 1830 EL Columbus(Ohio d/ring oval +date in mss)-Mt Vernon rated 10.20
16361829 EL N.York-Andover(Mass) rated 18¼ in red. Providence(RI) pmk & s/line Steam Boat.25
16371861 1c Franklin (SG60b cat £45) on local Philadelphia cvr with octagonal US Penny Mail pmk.45
16381867 cvr Brunswick(Ga)-UK via NY Br.Pkt, 24c grey (SG74b cat £275). Minor env.fault. PHOTO150
16391867 cvr Brunswick(Ga)-UK via NY Am.Pkt, pair 12c Washington (SG65 cat £240+ but str.edge). PHOTO150
16401869 2c brn (SG115 cat £90 but straight edge at left) on wrapper to Norwich Town(Conn).45
16411874 Washington 3c p.stat.env(U84) + 6c Lincoln (Sc159 cat £18) Nashotah-Wankesha(Wis). Year in mss.25
16421885 War Dept 3c red/blue p.stat.env Sheukels(Pa)-Washington via Pottstown. PO/date in mss + pen cancel.25
16431903 Washington 2c p.stat.env double regd(McCracken Kans & N.York)-Germany + SG270,75,83,86(4-color)25
16441903 long regd cvr N.York-UK via London & Brighton SC, 4-col.SG270(x4),75,86,89(x3 cat £21 but some str).20
16451909 ppc San Juan(P.Rico)-Natal(destination & rec’r) @ 2c rate.15
164619 22 regd cvr Burley(Idaho)-Norwalk(Conn), 12c (SG519) tied s/line red Burley.20
16471925(Apr) 2nd airship Los Angeles flight cvr N.York-Bermuda, SG559(blk of 4) & red pmk.25
16481925(Sept) unusual commercial usage of 1914 German Rhein-Main flight card N.York-Southampton per SS Berengaria & flown London-Berlin-Munich, 10c Franklin.20
16491926(Dec) printed Sir Alan Cobham(signed) round Washington flight cvr using 1c p.stat.card + SG621.35
16501928 opened-out express airmail cvr San Francisco-Denmark, 2c p.stat.env + SG640,A646.20
16511931 ppc comm.used Pittston(Pa)-Tanganyika(destination & Manyoni rec’r) @ 2c rate.15
16521936(May) cacheted Hindenburg FFC Lakehurst-Frankfurt(illus rec'r), 4-colour SG571b,637,93-4..20
1653Alaska: 1939 cacheted emergency flight cvr Ekwak-Anchorage @ 3c rate.15
1654Antarctic: 1934(Jan) RP ppc(radio antennae rig in Antarctica) Little America-USA(S.Francisco mail rec’d Little America pmk) @ 3c Byrd rate.Signed cachet Captain SS Bear of Oakland ‘greetings from Byrd Expedition’.15
1655Confederate: 1862 pair 5c(Sc.6: 1 crossed by file fold) on cvr Athens(Ga)-Col.Billings,Madison(Ga).25
1656VATICAN: 1937 comm.cvr to Denmark(destination), 25c Congress (SG43 cat 50eu). Cat 150eu(cvr).40
16571947 ppc comm.used to Malta(destination & Victoria Gozo rec’r), 10L opt (SG116).20
16581949(Dec 21) Holy Year set (SG151-8) on regd airmail FDC to USA.25
16591951 regd cvr to Rome, Chalcedon Council set (SG168-72 cat £80). PHOTO50
16601954 express(2 cachets) ppc comm.used to Switz, SG148A(100L),185,195(cat £15+).25
1661VENEZUELA: 1862 outer to Caracas, 4mgn 1r (SG8) & mss X cancel. Cat $US500(cvr). PHOTO75
16621910 comm.cvr Coro-USA, 50c (SG315).20
16631930(May) Pan-am cacheted FFC Maracaibo-N.York via Cristobal(Canal Zone), SG396+404.20
16641938 Pan-am airmail cvr Caracas-UK, SG537,41(opts),46. 2-line Por Avion Caracas-USA.15
1665VICTORIA: 1866 cvr Melbourne-UK, rare 10d grey (SG119 cat £130). PHOTO350
16661893 QV 1½d on 2d p.stat.card, H&G12a comm.used Melbourne-UK. Boxed Too Late.20
16671897 ship line cvr Melbourne-Canadian Pacific,Canada, ½d+2d (SG314c+30).20
16681905 cvr Melbourne-USA, ½d+2d (SG384b+87ba). 2d wmk inverted.20
16691905 regd cvr Melbourne-USA, 2½d+3d (SG388a+9b).20
1670W.AUSTRALIA: 1902 cvr Ship Mail Room Perth-UK, 2½d (SG114).25
16711911 cvr Perth-UK, 1d (SG139).15
16721911 regd OHMS cvr Albany-USA via Perth, 2½d+3d (SG114,141). PHOTO65
16731912 Ceylon ppc comm.used to UK, GB 1d Mackennal & Fremantle pmk.15
1674YUGOSLAVIA: 1907 regd comm.cvr Uskub-Hungary, Turkish 2pi (SG216).25
16751919(July) ppc comm.used Krapina-Zagreb, 3-colour mixed issues SG87-8,108.20
16761920 15p p.stat.card(P50) comm.used Maribor-Switz + 15p (SG152).15
16771920 express cvr Valivokec-Marburg, Carinthian Plebiscite set SG163a-f(cat £12).20
16781925 regd cvr Ljubljana-Berlin, 6-colour franking King Alexander SG164(x7)-5(x2(,71(x2),97-100.20
16791933 firms folded p/card comm.used Belgrade-Cyprus(destination), SG263+293(Red X oblig.tax).10
16801937 regd cvr Stara Kanjiza-Belgrade, blk of 4 costumes ex MS356.15
16811940 regd internal cvrs(5) ex Sabac,Mitrovica,Srpske Moravice,Torza with mixed King Peter issues inc 3-color30
16821944(Jan 1) cvr to Liverpool, SG476-81 & boxed violet Yugoslav Merchant Navy pmk.20
1683Laibach: 1944 regd cvr to St Veit, German SG874,82-4 & Deutsch Dienstpost Adria cachets/pmks.20
1684ZANZIBAR: 1895 Indian QV ½a p.stat.envs(2, H&G1-a) with blue or blk Zanzibar ovpt fine unused.25
16851896 1a on 1½a ovpt reply card, H&G4 fine unused.20
16861913-26 Sultan lettercards(5: H&G1-3,4-5) fine unused & uncommon.50
16871918-26 complete set Sultan p.stat.cards(8: H&G25-32) fine unused.50
16881941 airmail cvr to USA, SG313(x5)+18(1sh). Examiner 6224 + red/white censor labels.25
16891944 regd local Chake Chake FDC of SG327-30 with fine regd cachet & pmk.20
16901946 local cvr with hi-vals SG318-20,22(cat £38).35
16911950-2 formular airletters(2) comm.used locally @ 10c rate with fine Mkoani or Chake Chake pmks.25
16921961 very scarce Sultan Seyyid 25c & 50c airletters(2: H&G5-6) fine unused.40
16931961-4 scarce Sultan Seyyid 10c p.stat.cards(2: H&G41-2). 1 with Jamhuri ovpt.25
1694ZULULAND: 1904 Eshowe ppc comm.used Melmoth-Sweden(destination), Natal KEVII 1½d.40
1695ANTIGUA: 1929(Sept) cacheted FFC to P.Rico(rec'r), pairs SG70+73(cat £10+).25
1696BALLOON: 1939(Sept) Gordon Bennett Cup flown illus card Belgium-Lwow in Belgian balloon Belgica, Belgian SG686+811 & sp.flight label tied. Pilot signed.25
1697BERMUDA: 1937(Jun) illus RMA Cavalier cacheted FFC Hamilton-USA, SG101+3(x3 ea).25
1698DENMARK: 1927-48 commercial cvrs/ppc(3) all to Faroes (1 rec'r) @ 7o,10o,20o rates.20
1699FIJI: 1941(Nov) cacheted FFC Suva-Canton Is, SG251,57-8(cat £12+).15
17001959(Dec) Pan-am jet clipper cacheted FFC Nadi-Sydney, 1/=(SG289).10
1701NORWAY: 1943(Nov 10) regd FDC Oslo-Bergen of Winter Relief set (SG357-9 cat £24).20
1702PORTUGAL: 1942(Jun) airmail cvr Lisbon-USA via Bermuda (IC Examiner 3935 label), SG844,49b + 3e air cat £17+. Box red cachet Transatlantic Airmail via Lisbon.25
1703QATAR: 1958 cvr SS Allustan,Umm Said-UK, 40np (SG9).15

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