29th April 2020


Yorkshire Cover Auctions 


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1Boer War: (see lots 1284,1480): 1900(Jan) cvr FPO14 (Rensburg,Cape)-UK, GB ½d (Z3 x2 cat £14).20
2 Redirected: 1876 front Oakleigh(Victoria)-South Island,NZ @ 2d rate. Redirected in NZ +2d(SG153) & S1 pmk 35
3WW1: 1917 p/card comm.used Belgian soldier interned at Zeist Camp,Holland-Belgian Internee Fund, London. Camp pmk + 4-line post free foreign military personnel interned in Holland cachet (blue).20
41931(May) Wilkins-Ellsworth Trans-Arctic Submarine Exped'n cacheted cvr with joint US/UK franking.35
5 WW2: 1942 regd cvr Panama-Sweden,SG402,10,24(x2). Censored in US(twice) + Examiner4225+ IC blue h/s 25
61943 airmail cvrs(2) Rio-N.York @ 500-900cr meter rates. Brazilian,US & Trinidad(IE 8005 or 7) censor labels20
71943 airmail cvrs(3) Switz-UK @ 50c-70c rate. Triple censored: 3 diff.German/UK labels+secret writing wipes40
81945(May) Free French censored FM cvr Damascus-Casablanca with Poste aux Armees FF pmks.25
9Missent: 1954 cvr London-Dumfries @ 2½d meter. Missent to Amman(Jordan: very scarce h/st) & delivered 4 months later via Karachi & Montreal(oval Br.Mails pmk). PHOTO50
10Radio: QSL cards(9) 1947-54 with US Army PO pmks @ US 3c-5c rates ex Okinawa,Bermuda,Jamaica,Iwo Jima or Hawaii all to UK.20
11UN: (see lots 1183,1698,1771): 1956 cvr to UK, French 30fr & SHAPE Paris pmk.15
121956 UNESCO env Paris-UK with large red Peace/Unesco slogan 3fr meter mark.15
131956 UN Palestine Refugee Agency env Beirut-USA, Lebanon SG527,32,46.15
141995 multi-cacheted(all diff) Ukrainian Military Contingent in UNPROFOR(Croatia sector) cvrs(2) to Ukraine (rec’rs). Sp. Ukraina Unprofor Hrvatija 10c(part perf pair) or 25c(imperf) printed labels & 2 diff.pmks.20


151800 EL Jamaica-UK per Columbus via Liverpool(oval crown ship lre) rated 1/=.35
161801(Mar) 1pp letter to Revd Priestley re latter's sons transfer from Redoubt to Nelson's ship, commission in Marines via Lord St Vincent, preferment for sons of clergymen, love the King and hate all Republics and Republicans signed Nelson & Bronte (Admiral Lord Nelson) @ St George,Yarmouth. PHOTO1500
171826 outer Amsterdam(s/line)-London rated 8 per Belfast, black London Ship Letter (S23).20
181835 outer Cadiz(s/line)-London per Liverpool rated 5/=, red stepped Falmouth ship letter (S6).40
191839 outer to Amsterdam rated 8 per Batavia, red oval Paid Ship Lre London (S51) +Eng’land over Rotterdam25
201840 long EL CapeTown-UK per Marie Anne rated 8, fine boxed India Letter Penzance. PHOTO75
211841 firms outer Havre-London per Jas Ward rated 8, fine red Ship Letter London (S28).20
221842-5 outers(2) Antwerp-London rated 8 or 1/= per Soho/Wilberforce, both with red Ship Letter London(S28)30
231845 EL Hamburg-London via Hull(blue seriffed box Ship Letter S11) rated 8.35
241850 EL Naples-Genoa per Castore rated 10 & 6, 3-line Via di Mare + box Paccheto a Vapore Stati al d’Italia.30
251853 EL N.York(Br.Pkt pmk)-Marseilles per Asia via Paris(Etats.Unis.Paq.Brit red cds) rated 8 charged 26.25
261881 cvr to Dunoon(rec’r), 1d lilac 14 dots & Columba Steamer Greenock cds pmk + 163 duplex. PHOTO65
271902 Naples ppc comm.used to UK, Germania 10pf & fine Deutsch Seepost Australische Hauptlinie code e (SS Prince Regent Luitpold) pmk20
281904 Helsingborg harbour ppc to UK, Swedish 10o & boxed Fra Sverige. Helsingor violet p/bot(Hosk.577).25
291905 Egypt/Madagascar ppcs(2)comm.used to France/Italy, French 5c & Reunion a Marseille No’s 1or2 pmks25
301913 White Star Afrio ppc comm.used Albany(W.Aust)-UK, GB 1d & v.scarce violet paquebot(Hosk.1348).35
311913 ppc Siracuse-Malta(postman 14 rec'r). S/line violet paquebot (Hosk.4034 –purser mark). Italian 10c tied violet SS Carola cachet.20
321929-34 cvrs(3) to USA ex USS Black Hawk,Chefoo,China with US 2c-3c & 3 diff.Station pmks in blk/red.25
331930 Tenerife RP ppc comm.used to UK, Spanish 25c + Antwerp pmk & scarce paquebot(Hosk.767).20
341936 Tetuan RP ppc comm.used to Denmark, German 15pf & NDL Seepost Spanienfahrt pmk.20
351938 SS Gneisenau RP ballroom dancing ppc to Denmark, German 15pf & Bremen Ostasien D.Gneisenau Seepost pmk. Also Paquebot Singapore cds.25
361938 Oslo firms p/card to UK, Norway 7o & Newcastle pmk + rare violet s/line paquebot(Hosk.158).40
371946 cvr to USA, Indian 9pi (SG278 pair) tied oval British Fleet Mail Officer N.York pmk15
381952 cvr to Germany, 3-colour Libya SG176,79,82 tied violet Tirrenia M/N C.Trapani violet cachets.25


39Balloon: 1948(Oct) 1st Austrian Childrens Home illus balloon FFC Vocklabruck-Switz, SG1078+1134.20
401939(Sept) Gordon Bennett Cup(in Poland) flown illus card for Belgian entry. Pilot signed & sp.label tied.25
41Birds: (see lot 1204):1975 airmail cvrs(3) to USA, BIOT set to 10r (SG62-76 cat £50) & TPO Nordvaer pmks.40
42Butterflies: 1985 illus.unadd.Macau FDC of minisheet MS616(cat £140). PHOTO.65
43Concorde: 1976(Jun) 1st scheduled BA commercial Concorde flight ex Heathrow with sp.pmk/cachet. Flight crew signed inc Norman Todd.45
441980(Aug) illus 1st BA Concorde passenger flights London Heathrow-Gatwick & return (2 FFCs).30
451981(Mar) illus BA Concorde FFCs(4) London-Graz-Linz(Austria) & return with sp.pmks/cachets.30
462003(October) illus final Concorde flight ex Heathrow. With certificate.15
47Cricket: 1907 children playing cricket coloured ppc comm.used Bristol-Southville @ ½d rate.15
48 Football: 1935(Jun)sp.unadd.Balkans Tournament ppc, scarce Bulgaria set(SG351-6 cat £450) &sp.pmk.PH 250
49 1966 (July) GB World Cup matches(14 diff.inc 2 illus) all with SG693 or 4-5 & sp.match pmks. 40
50Horses: 1975 Bahrain se-tenant blk of 8 (SG223a-h cat £70) on illus unadd. FDC.40
51Hotel: (see lots 447,1273,1707+11): 1898 Grand Hotel Hungaria,Budapest illus cvr to Germany,Hungary10
521902 illus Hot Springs Hotel,Te Aroha cvr to UK @ NZ 1d universal rate. Minor opening fault.25
531904-9 Italian ppcs to UK/Germany/Greece all with very fine red/violet sq.circle pmks of Grand Hotel Brufani (Perugia), Palace Hotel(Milan) or Grand Hotel Victoria(Sorrento). Scarce lot (3). See also lots 1123+5.40
541929 Hotel d'Ecosse,Paris illus advertising lettercard used locally in Paris @ 50c rate.15
55Masonic: 1923 illus lodge(Grand Templars) cvr Roatan(Honduras)-UK, 20c (SG203).20
56Medicine: early 20th cent decorative Newbury dispensing chemists illus envs(2 diff), both addressed locally.20
57 Mineral: 1974 illus Botswana FDCs set to 2r(SG322-35 cat £60)+ Kenya ‘77 illus FDC set to 40sh(SG107-21). 40
58Music: 1986 illus unadd.Macau FDC of musical instruments MS629 cat £180. PHOTO80
59Olympics: 1952(Jun 20) regd illus air FDC Olympic Festival,Berlin-Germany, B87-90(cat £100) & sp.pmk.PH60
601956-66 Quantas Olympic torch illus FFC Athens-Australia + Olympic illus FFC Athens-N.York (2 FFCs).10
61Red X: 1945-7 folded cvr Red X Expo,Paris-USA flown Brussels-Paris & within Paris all with Red X theme.20
62 Religion: 1930(May) ppc + air cvr(2 item) Carthage(Eucharist Congress sp.pmk)-France, Tunisia SG132,142. 25
63Rockets: 1960s Dutch rocket post European cvrs(7) with all diff.tied etiquettes. Many signed Dr AJ de Bruin.50
64Royalty: (see lot 1050): 1922 local crested SW London official paid env to Miss Montefiore with GvR cypher.20
651930 crown crested env regd Buckingham Palace-USA with Privy Purse cachet, SG425+34(damaged). Inc typed letter ex King's private secretary on Buckingham Palace notepaper.40
661934(Mar 20)cvr to S.Africa, Bech’land imprint pair SG100 & oval Prince George Royal Tour S.Afr crown pmk30
671959 Kenya 20c QE p.stat.env Nairobi-UK +SG168,75 & scarcer Kenya Welcomes HM Queen Mother slogan15
68Scouts: 1957 Sutton Coldfield Jamboree printed folder with sheetlet of 8 u/mint poster stamps.10
69Skiing: (see lot 1180): 1933(Feb 6) official ppc Innsbruck(sp.pmk)-Vienna, Austrian 12pf (SG699 cat £31).40
701936(Feb 21) official ppc Innsbruck(sp.pmk)-Germany, Austrian 12pf (SG788 cat £10).20
711939(Feb) regd Polish cvr Zakopane(sp.FIS pmk)-Lodz, skiing set (SG353-6 cat £15).20
72Space: 1962 illus Gagarin unadd.FDC of Albania airmail ovpts (SG691-3 cat £150). PHOTO75
73Speedway: 1947 ‘Golden Helmet’ ppc to USA, Czech SG493 & sp. Pardubice illus pmk20
74Tobacco:1889 NSW 1d p.stat.card Sydney-Williamstown per RMS Arcadia.Reverse printed advert cigs/cigars20


75ADEN: 1890 countersigned seamens letter front,HMS Marathon-UK @ Indian 9pi rate (SGZ46 cat £15). PH.50
761942 printed large format regd advert cvrs(2) Aden or Camp-India @ 6½a rate.Twice censored: PC22 red labels + diamond Aden censors 1 or 3.20
771942 printed lge format regd AD advert cvr Aden-India, 3-col.SG20-22. 2 censors inc box violet Censor Aden.15
781951 KGVI 6as airletter comm.used HMS Messina-UK overstamped KGVI ½a-8a (SG16a-23).20
791956-8 airmail cvrs(2) Little Aden-S.Rhodesia @ 1sh35 rate (all different frankings inc 3-colour).20
80States: 1955 regd airmail cvr Mukalla-Sweden(destination/rec’r), SG21(rev),25(x2),27(scarce 5/= cat £47).PH90
811966 regd(box violet unlisted cachet) airmail cvr Seiyun-UK, 5f-75f (SG42-51 cat £12+).20
82AEGEAN: 1923 advert cvr Rodi-UK, Italian 1L25 (SG186).25
831935 airmail cvr Rodi-Italian King’s Envoy in Addis(Ethiopia), military medal air set (SG168-74 cat £840). Cat 2000€ (Sassone on cvr). Diena Cert. PHOTO500
84AFGHANISTAN: 1925 underpaid cvr to India, 10p(SG177 tied rev). Landikhana & Peshawar tax marks.20
851941 regd cvr Kabul-N.York, SG268+76. Red/white armourial censor label H (Peshawar).25
861969-70 internal cvrs(8 inc airmail) with Ghazni,Koudouz,Banyan,Baghlan,Paktyah(violet),Herat or Kondoz (violet) pmks. Frankings inc SG457(blk 4),467(pair), newspaper N652 or 3, official O287.50
87ALAND: 1892 Finnish 10p p.stat.card comm.used Mariehamn-Helsinki.20
88ALBANIA: 1916 Valona salt factory ppc to Rome(rec’r), Italian 5c uncancelled. Box C2 & Italian violet censors20
891925(May) cacheted FFC Tirane-Vlone, SG154,6(x2)-7(cat £15).30
901927 cvr Tirane-USA, 5c(pair)+15c (SG195+7).20
911927(Jun) flown cvr Tirane-Korce(rec’r), SG204(blk 4),211(blk 10),13(cat £64). PHOTO50
921928 cvr Korce(34mm d/ring temporary pmk)-USA, 5 on 25q (SG230).25
931928-30 ppcs(2) comm.used Korce 1/Shkoder-Germany, SG213-4 or 261(15 on 10q). See also lot 72.30
94ANDORRA: French: 1956 airmail(label deleted) cvr La Vieille-UK, 50fr(F159 x2 cat £10). Mss Found in Box.20
951973 Europa illus unadd.FDC of SGF245-6(cat £30).20
96Spanish: 1948 advert internal cvr San Julian de Lorio-La Seu, 45c (SG36) + Spanish 5c.35
971952 airmail cvr La Vieja-USA, mix franking 50c SG47(cat £16) + Spanish scarce 4pta Franco.40
981972 Europa (SG67 cat £225) on illus unadd. FDC. PHOTO.100
99ANTIGUA: 1908 US Consular Service env St Johns-USA, 2½d (SG46 cat £18).30
1001928 regd cvr St Peters(scarce village pmk)-UK via Plymouth, ¼d pair + 4d(SG58+70 cat £23). PHOTO100
1011929(Sept) FFC St Johns-US Virgin Is(rec’r), 3-colour SG63,70,74(x2 cat £14).25
1021930 regd OHMS cvr St Johns-USA, 5d(SG71). PO Antigua crown cachet + Visit Antigua slogan cachet.45
1031945(Feb) cvr to USA, SG99a+105 & IB/673 censor tape.20
1041947 advert + regd printed matter cvrs(2) St Johns-USA, Leewards pair 3d(SG107) or 2½d+3d(SG105a+7a).20
1051949 regd airmail cvr St Johns-UK, S.Wedding set SG112-3(cat £18).20
1061950 regd OHMS cvr St Johns-Canada, 10/= (SG108 cat £38).45
107Barbuda: 1973-5 OHMS airmail cvrs(15 inc 8 regd) to UK, vals to $1. Many Codrington pmks.25
108ARGENTINA: 1871(Jan 1) EL Villa Maria-Cordoba, 5c (SG28) tied star cachet.20
1091890 cvr B.Aires-Boston(USA paid rec'r) via London, SG123(x3)+7.20
1101900 Brazilian President Visit 5c l/sheet(H&G7: Brazil 100r rev) B.Aires-Germany per Thames + SG223,6(x2).20
1111938 advert cvr Bahia Blanca-HM Dockyard,Gibraltar(destination/rec’r), 3-colour SG644(x2),648(x2),650.15
112ASCENSION: 1935(May 6) airmail FDC of S.Jubilee set (SG31-4 cat £110). PHOTO125
1131952 regd Union Castle Line env to Scotland, 6 vals ½d-10/= (SG38b,42b,d,44,5c,7b cat £108). PHOTO100
1141956(Nov 19) regd FDC to USA of QEII set to 10/= (SG57-69 cat £80).65
115AUSTRALIA: 1912 advert cvr Sydney-Canada, 4-colour mix Q’land,S.Aust,WA(SG138) ½ds +Tas 1d on 2d.25
1161914 James Sandy & Co env Sydney-USA, perfin 5d (SG8 cat £48). Circ. Late Fee Paid GPO. PHOTO175
1171914-17 illus envs(Reschs Ltd factory or Essex Paint Mnfrs decorative design) Sydney-USA, 2½d(SG4 or 25).65
1181917 firms env Elizabeth St,Melbourne-USA, 2d+3d (SG35+7 cat £14). Circ. D.S.6.30
1191923 cvr(+ love letter) HMS Fantome,Thursday Is(Qld)-UK @ KGV 2d rate.25
1201924 Brisbane ppc comm.used George St(Qld)-Syria(destination/rec’r), ½d+1d (SG56,76a: dot before 1 var).35
1211930(Feb) airmail FFC Darwin-Brisbane(& onto Canberra), SG96+115. Eustis 153(not flown).25
1221931 airmail cvr Burwood-Malta(destination/rec’r) & onto Italy, SG115+121.15
1231931(Nov)Xmas illus/cach ANA FFC Melbourne-UK, SG121+6d airs(SG139-a OS opt cat £78).Pilot sign’d.PH50
1241933(May-Jun) flown cvr Sydney-Sydney via Rabaul, 5d(SG130) + New Guinea 5d(SG196).20
1251934(Dec) FFC Cootamundra-Darwin, Macarthur SG150a-1(cat £18). See also lot 1182,1304,1387,1427.20
1261934(Oct) air cvr Hebarton(SA)-Alberton(SA) via FF Perth-Daly Waters & return via Brisbane, SG99,117,147.25
1271934(Nov) sp.illus card for 1st autogyro flight Portland-Melbourne @ 2d rate.20
1281935 airmail cvr Sydney-UK, hi-rate SG110(2/=),153,155(Anzac 1/= with perf fault). Stamps cat £59.40
1291935(Nov) Adelaide Airways FFC Adelaide-Port Lincoln, SG115+127. Eustis 558.20
1301940 KGVI 1½d brn p.stat.card comm.used airmail Brisbane-UK + SG166,197(x3 cat £10)20
131WW2 airmail cvr ex HM Australian ship(censor + 2-line blue h/st) to Melbourne, 3d(SG187) tied dumb pmk.15
1321941-5 cvrs(5) inc air to UK/S.Afr/US/Tas @ 1d-1/6 rate. RAAF oval censor or diff censor labels 1,2,3 or 5.25
1331944(Sept) AIF airmail censored cvr AIF FPO22(Windola,Qld)-Tasmania, 4d(SG188).15
1341945 airmail cvr Sydney-USA, SG171(x2),76-7(hi-vals cat £20).2-line California Clipper. 2 dot red censor label25
1351952 cvr Watsons Bay-USA, ½d(SG228 x6). Violet cachets: From HMA Ship + boxed Watsons Bay.10
136AAT: 1948(Mar) illus ANARE printed env Macquarie Is-Victoria @ KGVI 2½d rate.25
1371973 defin set to $1 + Ships parts 2+3 presentation packs(3). U/mint stamps cat c£25.20
1381976 illus US/ANARE multi-cacheted airmail cvr,MS Thala Dan,Casey-UK, SG24,28,31.20
139AUSTRIA: 1815 EL Anaberg(s/line)-Roveredo rated 16. L.T.(scarce black transit letter Bolzano h/st).40
1401847 EL Wien(red s/line)-Trieste(s/line inc date).20
1411859 regd outer Graz(oval regd pmk)-Vienna, 10k(Mi14 type 2 x2: 1 neatly cut reverse by opening).35
1421861 scarce 25kr & 30kr p.stat.envs(2, both 147x85mm) fine unused. PH50
1431864 outer Bellovar(Croatia)-Prague(rec’r)@ 15kr rate(blk 6 2kr cat 8500€+ 3kr),SG45-6.Stains(disinfect’d)1000
1441868 EL Vienna-Madeira via L’pool & Lisbon, scarce 50kr (SG66 cat £275). Another stamp lost in transit so charged 20. Oval Franca. Rare. PHOTO250
1451900 ppc comm.used to Spalato(rec'r), 5h & blue-grn Lloyd Austriacco pmk.40
1461914 censored Grand Hotel,Vienna p/card to USA, scarce War Fund SG240-1.20
1471915 cvr Kuk naval war base(cachet) Cattaro-USA, SG192+6 tied 3-line violet Zara military censor.25
1481918(July) flown cvr Vienna-Budapest, SG290+8(4k grey air cat £31). Cat 220€ (flown cvr). PHOTO65
1491919 Austria 8h p.stat.card disallowed Komatau(Czech)-Vienna + Czech SG39,E24. Taxed with 5h+15h dues25
1501920 regd express cvr Klagenfurt-Gmunden, Carinthian Plebiscite perf set to 2kr (SG411-22 cat £25).30
1511927(Mar) OLAG FFC Vienna-Berlin then Koln-Paris, airs SG617+22.25
1521930(Apr) FFC Vienna-Athens, airs SG619+26. 310 flown. See also lots 39,69-70,401,1502-3.25
1531931(Dec) French airmail cvr Vienna-Argentina(rec'r), 5-colour Mi451,73,78(x4, 1 damaged),99,507. PHOTO50
1541933(Jan) R.Kronfeld 10g+12g p.stat(H&GKX120)flown 1st glider Vienna-Semmering +SG624(x2 cat £38).50
1551936(May) cacheted 'sky-train' FFC Vienna-Budapest, SG730+33.20
1561936 airmail cvr Vienna-India(destination/rec'r), 2sh (SG735 cat £12).25
1571938(Mar) comm.cvr Vienna-Hungary, Mi570(x2)+3(x3). 2 diff. vote yes(for union) political slogan h/stamps.25
1581948(6/9) airmail regd FDC to USA of 40gr,60gr,2s costumes (Mi901,5,19). Military censor civil mails.45
1591950 local Vienna FDC of scarce 3gr (Mi893 x5) & Spring Fair pmk. Cat 1100 eu as FDC with 4 others.45
160Levant: 1892-4 20pa on 5h p.stat.cards(2) to Belgium with Salonicco s/ring or Salonich bilingual pmks.35
1611900 wrapper Adrianopel-Constantinople, 10pa (Mi32A).35
1621904 ppc Samsun-Belgium, 10pa (Mi39)35
1631905 Jaffa ppc to UK, 20pa(Mi44) & fine Caifa pmk.25
1641908 comm.cvr Smyrna-Br.Columbia,Canada(destination), 1pi(Mi49).20
165Austro-Hungarian Feldpost: 1918(Feb) regd cvr KuK FPO Belgrad-Budapest, SG57(pair) tied reverse. Box KuK Belgrade censor + s/line censor no.725
166Dalmatia: 1869 official outer to Meglise port health official with Austrian PO Cattaro(now Kotor) pmk.35
167BAHAMAS: 1883-1902 QV 1d reply card, KEVII 1d single+reply cards, KGV 1d p.stat.card + QV-KEVII 2½d p.stat.envs, 1d staircase p.stat.env all fine unused ovpt’d Specimen (7).50
1681906 regd OHMS cvr Nassau-UK, KEVII 6d (SG66 cat £35).45
1691930 Nassau Development Board colour illus cvr to Canada with fine crowned circle Paid at Bahamas.40
1701938(Apr 19) regd airmail FDC Nassau-UK of SG151-2,4,6(5/= cat £107). PHOTO75
1711943(Apr) regd OHMS cvr Nassau-UK, Columbus ovpts 2/=+3/= (SG172a+3 cat £18).40
1721943 airmail cvr RAF Nassau-UK, 3-colour Columbus SG165,68,71b(cat £17+). Dot in U of 1/= ovpt variety.30
1731943(Nov) express airmail censored cvr Nassau-USA, 6d+2/=(SG131a cat £50). PHOTO75
1741941-9 KGVI comm.cvrs(6 inc airmail with SG155,regd, 3-colour Eleuthera) Nassau-overseas. Nice lot.35
1751944 regd N.Atlantic airmail cvr Nassau-UK, £1 (SG157 cat £150). PHOTO125
1761949 local Nassau cvr with pair 3/= Eleuthera (SG190 cat £17).20
1771970 advert Staniel Cay yacht club env to Nassau, 3c(SG345) & rubber Staniel Cay,Exuma skeleton pmk.20
178BAHRAIN: 1932(Nov) printed IA FFC to UK, Indian ½a+8a (Z123+131 cat £45). PHOTO100
1791947 airmail cvr to USA, 4-colour SG32(1r),39,44,49(cat £21) & Persian Gule pmk error. PHOTO65
1801953(Feb 15) plain FDC to Awali of 1½a local(L3) + local 1955 commercial cvr to Awali with L3. 2 items.10
1811957 album page size regd airmail cvr to UK, SG99-100(x2 cat £23). Central fold.25
1821964(Feb 22) illus cacheted FDC to Awali of defin set to 10r (SG128-38 cat £48).40
1831972 scarce illus FDC of Arab League set (SG184-7 cat £60). See also lot 50.40
1841990 regd parcel card Manama-India, hi-vals SG244-a(strip of 4 cat £56). Central fold.25
185BARBADOS: (see lot 243): 1883 QV 1½d p.stat.card, 1888 2d regd env type 3 size G, 1892-3 ½d+1d Badge p.stat.cards all fine unused ovpt’d Specimen (4)20
1861902 OHMS countersigned wrapper WI Agric.Dept-Scottish Botanic Gdns. Rare 1st official paid h/st. PHOT.250
1871906 US Consulate printed env to USA @ 1d Nelson (SG147) rate.20
1881919-37 comm.cvrs(2) St Peter/St Lucy-USA @ 1d+1d war tax or 2½d(SG231+d) rates.25
1891935 KGV Badge 2½d regd env size G to USA + SG230,243(S.Jubilee) x2 ea. Envelope repaired(reverse).25
1901950(May 1) regd FDC to UK of KGVI set to $2.40 (SG271-82 cat £75). PHOTO60
1911969 regd cvr FIOM-UK, $2.50(SG355),388(pair),392 opt(strip of 5 inc 2 with ovpt varieties)15
1921972 local cvr St Thomas-St Joseph(rec’r) @ 5c rate. S/line Too-Late (h/stamp).15
193BASUTOLAND: 1927 S.African KGV ½d p.stat.card comm.used Mohales Hoek-Morija. Minor card fault.25
1941939 regd cvr Maseru-UK, 4-colour SG18,20,23-4.15
1951949 regd cvr Maseru-USA, S.Wedding set (SG36-7 cat £50).40
1961949(Oct 10) OHMS illus regd airmail cvr Maseru-Cape Town of UPU set (SG38-41 cat £10).15
1971954 cvr Mt Moorosi-USA, 3-colour KGVI SG18-19,22.20
198 BATUM: 1919 local regd cvr with 4-colour mix issues SG2(x3),4-6,8(cat £197). Rare. Also b/w unus.ppc. PH 750
199 BECHUANALAND: (see lot 66):1901-5 Bech.Prot.½d+1d p.stat.cards(2: H&G1-2)fine unused opt'd Specimen. 50
2001911 KEVII 4d duty opt regd env,H&G9a Mochudi-Mafeking + mixed QV-KEVII SG65(x2)+68. PHOTO150
2011936 regd(violet h/st) cvr Mafeking-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG111-4 cat £38). Doctor blade flaw on 3d.35
2021948 regd(box violet h/st) cvr Mahalapye-S.Rhodesia, SG136(x2)-7 S.Wedding (cat £50). PHOTO50
203BELGIUM: 1857 EL Anvers-Vienna via Aus Belgien per Aachen(red) rated 15(blue)+2(blk). S/line B2ER(blk).25
2041858 firms EL St Ghislain-France via Belg a Quievrain TPO, 3mgn 40c (SG6 cat £120+) & 103 pmk.50
2051863 EL Brussels-Paris via Pays Bas Forlaix, pair 4mgn 40c (SG15 cat £240++). PHOTO150
2061869 cvr Ixelles(Brussels)-UK via Angleterre par Ouest 1, 30c (SG36 cat £15) & 61 pmk.15
2071879 cvr French Consulate,Anvers (h/stamp & circ.cachet)-Nievre(France) via Belgique Val a Paris & France Midi (s/ring) TPOs, 25c (SG62). See also lots 3,22,33,40.20
2081910 Brussels Expo ppcs(2 diff) to UK + cvr to Germany @25c rate. 2 with fine Brussels Expo slogan pmks.20
2091915 cvrs(2) to Holland@ 20c (SG145 or 187) & bilingual military PO pmk + military censor(s/line or perf label25
2101929 regd cvr Brussels-Hamburg, Anti-TB set (SG472-7 cat £40).30
2111931 regd airmail cvr Brussels-Hamburg via Koln, airs 50c-5Fr (SG560-3).25
212Congo: 1926(Feb) rare regd cacheted FFC Bukama-Leopoldville(rec’r), SG88,118-20,2-3,7. PHOTO125
213German Occ: 1918 cvr Schaarbeek-Vienna, scarce 75c on 60pf (SG21 cat £65). Rare single usage. PHOT.250
214BERMUDA: (see lots 5,887): 1904 scarce local use of ppc in Paget East @ ½d(SG31) rate.40
2151916 ppcs(2) Flatts-USA @ ½d-1d rates with circ.violet P.C.Bermuda censors.25
2161917 cvr St Georges-N.York @ 2½d rate. Triangular violet Passed Postal Censor Bermuda.25
2171925(Apr) cacheted FFC by ‘Los Angeles’ airship Hamilton-USA, 2½d(SG91a).30
2181937(July) IA Cavalier printed FFC Hamilton-Canada, Coronation SG107-8(x2 ea),9(x4 cat £13+).20
2191938(Jan 20) cacheted local regd St Georges FDC of 1d-1/= (SG110-2,13-4,15 cat £20).20
2201940 US Export Lines airmail env SS Exeter,Hamilton-USA, SG104+11. Red PC102 censor 78 label.15
2211942-3 ppcs(3 diff)US Army(3 diff pmks inc rubber skeleton)Bermuda-USA @US 1c rates. US Army censors.35
2221943(Apr) local regd cvr Hamilton-Pembroke West, corner blk of 4 2/6d (SG117b cat £32+). PHOTO75
2231949 regd cvr Hamilton-UK, late use QV 6d pair (SG10a) +S.Wedding pair SG125. Stamps cat £45.40
2241959-60 ppcs(2 diff) US Navy 10958 or Army Airforce 856 pmks-USA @ US 4c rates.15
2251950-67 OHMS stampless envs(2), local Hamilton or to UK with official regd label or red circ.Official Paid.20
2261962 airmail cvr Flatts-UK, 2/6d-10/= (SG147-8,9a cat £20+).25
2271962(Oct 26) regd cacheted FDCs(5) Hamilton-UK of 1d-£1 ex 10d(issued later), SG163-79 cat £35.30
228BHUTAN: 1973-89 cvrs(10) to India/Switz/UK inc several regd, mixed frankings inc 3-d & appendix, Samchi & Trashigang pmks noted.45
229BOLIVIA: 1896 5c p.stat.env(H&G5) Santa Cruz-Cochabamba + 5c(SG65).20
2301913 comm.cvr Sucre-Germany, SG100(x2)+19 tied cork cancels.30
2311930(Aug) cacheted LAB/Condor FFC La Paz-Brazil, 3-colour SG221-2,245,7-8.25
2321960 airmail cvr La Paz-UK, SG370+3(x2 ea). Boxed red OAT.20
233BOSNIA: 1894 5h complete reply card(scarcer MiP6) KuK Livno-Sinj(rec'r). No message.25
2341898 2k p.stat.card + 3k p10½ accompanying parcel of cheese Trappist monks,Banjaluka-Constantinople with boxed KuK MPO11 pmk.40
2351899 2k p.stat.card comm.used Sarajevo-Konkanica(Slovenia rec’r) pmk’d TPO Sarajevo-B.Brood.25
2361902 10h red telegram receipt to Celebic(Vikoc) with 2-line blue Kuk Telephon-General/Sarajevo cachet.20
2371910 8h parcel post card regd MPA Banjaluka-Pecs(Hungary) +40h(SG196 x2).25
2381911 regd cvr Duboj-Vienna, 3h p12½ +6h p9(x7) tied rev + wax seal.SG188+90. Slight opening fault(rev).25
2391916 stampless feldpostkarte KuK military commando unit(violet cachet) Mostar-Vienna.20
240WW2 stampless ppc KuK Epidemic Hospital,Brsadin(ex military nurse)-Budapest. Osijek 14 2-line milit.censor25
241BRAZIL: (see lot 6): 1880 outers(2) Corda/Para(per Bahia)-Maranhas, 100r (SG47 perf or 61 roulette).40
2421884 outer Urubu-Maranhas, pair 50r (SG59). PHOTO50
2431899 cvr Rio-Costa Rica(destination) via Barbados(scarce oval ship letter) & N.York, 100r+200r (SG234+9).45
2441919 100r p.stat.env S.Joao Nepomuchero(Minas violet pmk)-Italian war zone(destination)+100r (SG292A).25
2451931(Oct) Graf Zeppelin 3rd flight cvr Rio-Germany, SG406+510(ovpt cat £23).25
2461932(Jan) Aeropostale env Natal-Beyrouth(Lebanon) via Marseille(destination/rec’r), SG330(x2),472,479.35
2471933(Feb-Aug) illus VARIG FFCs(2) Pto Alegre-Caxias or Palmeira inc VARIG 350r air in red or brown.35
2481934(Jun) Graf Zeppelin regd cvr Rio-B.Aires, SG473,516,29,3825
2491934 Air France flown cvr Pelotas-B.Aires(rec’r), 2500r Zeppelin opt (SG508 cat £24).25
2501937 ppc/advert cvr(2: both regd) Rio/Rio Grande-Gibraltar(destination/rec’r), SG602-3 or 602(x4)+8.20
251BR.ANT.TERR: 1963(Feb 1) printed unadd.FDC ex Deception Is, set to £1 (SG1-15 cat £120+). PHOTO80
2521966 Churchill(Deception Is pmk),’77 Whales,’79 Penguins(Halley Bay diff.pmks) illus unadd.FDCs(3)cat £50.30
253BR.GUIANA: 1891 cvr Good Success(fine pmk)-UK via Georgetown @ 5c rate.30
2541901 1c p.stat.card comm.used by Georgetown bank(printed reverse) to Essequibo (Suddie d/ring rec’r).15
2551903 1c green wrapper comm.used New Amsterdam-EC Berbice(rare Skeldon d/ring rec’r).40
2561923 6c ship regd env, scarcer H&G9b(SIX Cents text) fine unused.20
2571932 regd local Georgetown cvr, scarce $1 (SG287 cat £65). PHOTO100
2581941 OHMS GPO stampless cvr Georgetown-USA & scarce 33mm skeleton Official Paid cachet (OPD8).25
2591948 regd airmail cvr NA-UK, 24c (SG312). Scarce 2-line Airmail to US only + boxed To NY Only by Air.20
260BR.HONDURAS: 1920 comm.cvr Corozal-USA, 3c (SG103).20
2611924 cvr Belize-USA, SG127(x2) & scarce boxed Visit Br.Honduras Court Br.Empire Exhib’n cachet. PHOT.100
2621926 regd(label) advert cvr Stann Creek-USA, 10c(SG132).35
2631936 OHMS PO env Belize-USA, 3-colour scarce Relief Fund (SG138-40 cat £69). PHOTO125
2641936 airmail cvrs(2 inc long letters on Colonial life) Cayo-Scotland, 4c+5c+25c or 4c+10c(x3).40
265BR.IND.OCEAN TERR: (see lot 41): 1975 airmail cvr TPO Nordvaer-USA, ovpts SG3,5,9,12,14(cat £11).15
2661969-71 cvrs(2) Farquhar Is(blk or violet pmks)-Seychelles, SG5+16 or 16-7.25
267BR.LEVANT: (see lot 864): 1892 GB 1d brown p.stat.card comm.used Beyrout(hooded scroll BPO pmk)-UK.25
2681893 GB 1d red p.stat.card comm.used C’tinople-UK. Ex HMS Imagene.20
2691891-1900 cvrs(2) Smyrna(scarce small cds or F87)-UK/USA, 40pa (SG4).40
2701906 regd cvr C’tinople-UK, 2pi on 5d(SG14) tied reverse. Minor opening faults.15
2711919 banking advert cvr BAPO C’tinople-Paris, GB 2½d(Z180). Box violet Censored by 5 Milit.Authority.25
272Stamp: 1888 12pi on 2/6d, SG3a unmtd mint with unlisted SPECIMEN ovpt. Normal cat £65.40
273 GB used in Beirut: 1876-81 2½d rosy mauve(Z7 pl.11 or 13 or Z9 pl.12 cat £68) on pieces with GO6 pmks(3) 20
274GB used in Smyrna: 1872-81 2½d rosy mauve/blue(Z218-20 pl’s 13 or 21)+ 1d pl.172, 4d vermilion (Z211, 223 cat £79+) all on pieces(3) with F87 pmks.25
275BR.OCC.ITAL.COLS: 1942(Sept) OAS cvr HM Ship(tombstone censor) Indian FPO88(Massaua)-Kenya via Indian FPO90(Asmara).25
2761944 cvr Asmara-Italian POW Camp,S.Africa, 4-colour MEF M12-13,15-16. ZZ/37971 Examiner label.45
2771949 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, 3-colour BMA Eritrea E2,4,5.45
2781952(Feb) airmail cvr US Faith Mission,Eritrea(cachet rev)-USA, BA Somalia 75c+1s (S28-9 cat £18). PHOT.50
2791951 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, BA Eritrea 75c on 9d(E21).30
280Cyrenaica: 1950 airmail advert cvr Benghasi-Glasgow, SG136+143(x2 cat £18). Cat 2000€(cvr). PHOTO400
2811951 formular airletter Berenice No.1-UK, Cyrenaica 5m+20m (SG140+4). Cat 375€(cvr).45
282BR.VIRGIN.IS: 1917 regd cvr Road Town(32mm)-UK via US Virgins, 1d+3d war stamp(SG78b,79a cat £30).45
2831927 regd OHMS cvr Road Town,Tortola-USA, scarce 5d (SG97x2 cat £96). PHOTO150
2841972 regd(h/st) cvr East End-Nigeria(destination), SG240(x2)-1,2(x2)-3. Ex postmaster(cachet).20
285BRUNEI: 1936 On Govt Service stampless cvr PO Brunei(d/ring undated cachet)-Australia.40
2861951 regd airmail express cvr Tutong-USA via Singapore, $5 (SG91 cat £28).45
2871964 regd airmail cvr to USA, SG108(strip of 3),11a-12(hi-vals cat £7).20
288BULGARIA: 1889 5s p.stat.card comm.used Philipople(blue pmk)-UK. Underpaid with matching blue T.25
2891926 regd cvr Sofia-Germany, 10L(scarce SG238) + blk of 10 20s opts (SG257). See also lot 48.25
2901932 regd airmail cvr Rousse-France, scarce airs (SG323-5 cat £150). PHOTO100
2911935 regd cvr Sofia-Paris, scarce 5L+10L top vals (SG237-8).15
292Occ of Romania: 1917(Dec) unpaid local Kiupria cvr with tax marks + 5c(SG186) ovpt'd T used as P.Due.20
296BURMA: 1920 Moulmein bell ppc comm.used Bogalay Bazar,Rangoon-UK @ India 1a rate.20
2971923(Oct) Indian ½a p.stat.card comm.used Yenanggaung-Mandalay, rare Experimental PO R71 pmk.PHOT.65
2981935 Indian 3a+1a3p regd env size H + SG206,214(1r),246 Rangoon-India or SG201+242 R1 Set 1 TPO- India. Both items inc S.Jubilee mix frankings.25
2991937 advert cvr Rangoon University-USA, mixed 3-colour franking Indian 1a + ovpts SG1(x2)+5.20
3001941(Mar 7) illus local Rangoon cvr, 9p(SG21) & scarce P&T Exhibition pmk in use 1 day only.30
3011945 OHMS airmail cvr Judge,Rangoon High Court-legal advisor,Maharajah of Jaipur, 2a(SG41) & Experimental PO3 pmk (Churchill Road). Violet DGB/1 octagonal censor.25
3021946 regd forces mail cvr FPO595(Rangoon-Gold Coast(scarce destination & Bogatanya rec’r) via Nigeria (Lagos Mil skeleton), India SG271b(pair).20
3031947 long regd OHMS cvr Rangoon-UK, 3-colour Service ovpts O43(x3)-4(x6),49(cat £13).20
3041947 regd airmail cvr Prome-UK, 7-colour franking SG51,2(x3),3-5,7,8(x3 cat £27).25
3051949 KGVI 6a airletter comm.used Rangoon-India. Boxed X By Surface Route cachet.20
306Jap Occ: 1942(Aug) 1a brn p.stat.env(IB7) Maubin-Henzada(rec'r).35
3071942 KGVI ½a on 9pi green + 6pi blue p.stat.cards(2, H&G11+13) fine unused.25
308CAMBODIA: 1955 cvr FPO 745(Phnom Penh)-India, Indochina Commission ovpts (N1-5 cat £25).20
3091971 airmail cvr Phnom Penh-France @ 10r rate. 4-line red Khmer Republic censor.15
3101973 regd airmail cvr Phnom Penh-Yugoslavia(destination), mixed issues SG168 + Khmer SG295,321.15
311CANADA: 1862 cvr Beauharnois(brown cds)-Toronto, 5c beaver (SG31 cat £20).25
3121874 cvr Moose Creek(red cds + mss date)-Toronto(House of Assembly recr), 3c red(SG80) & mss cancel.25
3131878 offical crested cvr Archbishop of Toronto-Dean in Ireland, 5c (SG85 cat £17).25
3141894 Western Union Telegraph env regd St John(NB)-Nova Scotia(rec’rs) via Pt Tupper & Sydney TPO, pairs SG75+105 & oval undated pmks. Nice wax seal (reverse).40
3151898 advert cvr St John(NB)-Toronto, 1c(SG151) + 2c Xmas (SG167).20
3161899 regd cvr Montreal(type B sq.circle)-USA, 3-colour mix franking SG124,154+6(cat £12).30
3171903 regd cvr Metcalfe(Ont)-Scotland, 3 different QV 3c issues (SG105,145,156).25
3181913 KEVII 2c p.stat.env comm.used to USA with Halifax & Yarmouth RPO pmk.15
3191915 advert cvr Hamilton-Boston, mixed QV-KGV SG142,50,200.20
3201920 regd advert cvr Montreal-UK, 3-colour mixed KEVII-KGV issues SG175,203,5b+6 cat £10+).25
3211928(Aug) Golden Jubilee cacheted FFC National Expo Toronto(sp.pmk)-Kingston(Indust.Expo rec’r),SG250.20
3221929(July)-30(Mar) internal cacheted FFCs(6 diff) all franked 5c air(SG274).20
3231929 advert cvr Montreal-Germany, SG257(coil)+277(scarce 3c pair cat £48).40
3241935(Sept)-38(Aug) internal cacheted FFCs(12 diff.mostly Sask or Br.Columbia) franked 6c air(SG355,371).25
3251938(May) cacheted FFC White Horse(Yukon)-Juneau(Alaska), SG274+352(cat £21).15
3261942 airmail censored cvr Charlottetown(PEI)-UK, scarce 6c air (SG399 x5 cat £70). PHOTO50
3271942 airmail censored cvr Kelowna(BC)-Wales, hi-vals 50c+$1 (SG366-7 cat £32).45
3281962(Jan 13) illus FDC of QE2 phosphor set to 5c (SG463p-7p cat £27)20
329CANAL ZONE: 1924-66 all different sizes p.stat.cards/envs inc airmail fine unused. Nice basis collection(16).20
3301929 2c red airmail env(UC2) fine unused.20
3311925-9 2c red p.stat.envs(4)used locally or to USA with Ancon(2 diff inc machine),Pedro Miguel or Gatun pmk40
3321929(Jun 25) cacheted FDC Balboa Heights-USA @ 5c rate for 25th Anniv Canal Zone PO. Unusually re-used 25years later for 50th Anniv @6c rate tied sp.slogan pmk.20
3331949-55 6c airmail p.stat.envs(5) to USA with Curundu,Ft Amazon,Quarry Heights,Gamboa or Margarita pmk25
334CAPE: (see lot 1): 1895 ½d on 1d p.stat.card comm.used Britstown-Cape Town with 230 numeral.35
3351897 QV ½d p.stat(reply half) Barkly East(cds + 252 numeral)-Germany + ½d(SG61).40
3361901 cvr Simons Town(hooded pmk)-UK, 3d(SG64). Mss Late Fee.20
3371905 KEVII 4d regd env Vryburg(formerly Bechuanaland)-UK via Cape Town(oval RLO) + SG70(x2)-1.25
3381905 Worcester ppc comm.used to Channel Is(destination) @ 1d rate with uncommon Orchard Siding pmk.20
3391909 KEVII 1d p.stat.env Coerney-Ireland. Rare PO (1908-13).40
3401911 ppc used locally in Wynberg to Lance-Corp in Hampshire Regt with Natal KEVII ½d(Z53). Interprovincial20
3411913 ppc comm.used to UK, Transvaal 1d(Z155) & scarce Alfred Docks,Cape Town pmk. Interprovincial.20
342CAYMANS: 1935(Jun 24) illus (KEVIII birthday on 23rd) cvr Georgetown-USA, S.Jubilee SG108(x2).10
3431938 regd OHMS cvr Georgetown-UK via Jamica, 2/=(SG105 cat £38). PHOTO65
3441952 QSL radio card comm.used Georgetown-UK, 2d(SG139).15
345 CEYLON: 1878 cvr Colombo-Iof Wight via Brindisi, 48c (SG130). PHOTO 50
3461884 QV 2c p.stat.card comm.used Lindoola-Kandy(both paid pmks) & fine 74 numeral.25
3471885 15c on 12c regd env size H, H&G2b fine unused.15
3481885 2½c on 2c p.stat.card,H&G6 used Udapussellawa-Colombo(both paid pmks), fine 33 numeral. Stains.25
3491885(Feb) scarce 3-colour franking cvr Colombo-Rangoon via Calcutta per P&O Kaiserihind, SG148,151,155 (cat £195). Stamp faults but rare on cvr. PHOTO150
3501887 QV 3c p.stat.card comm.used Kalutara(paid pmk + 6 duplex)-Galle(paid rec'r).40
3511891 cvr Dickoya(paid pmk + 72 numeral)-UK, pair 28c (SG199). Scarce but bit roughly opened.40
3521894 OHMS blue p.stat.card Medical Officer Colombo(cachet)-Hatton pmk'd Maradana. Boxed Free.40
3531895 cvr Manipau-Scotland via Colombo, 15c (SG197).20
3541900 QV 5c blue p.stat.env +6c(SG259) Maskeliya-UK via Colombo.20
3551901 firms env Colombo-DiyatalawaCamp(rec’r+oval censor),5c(SG195)& firms cachet.VR crown Martial Law25
3561911 comm.cvr Columbo-Singapore via Penang to Singapore marine TPO, KEVII 2c(strip of 3) tied reverse.15
3571913 5c KGV brn-violet p.stat.env,H&G40 comm.used Cinnamon Gardens-Colombo.25
3581923 advert cvr Tellipptilai(scarce d/ring pmk)-USA, pair 10c (SG346).30
3591928-32 cvrs(2) Madampe Old Town(2 different pmks)-India @ 5c or 6c rate.25
3601938 regd airmail cvr Maradana-UK, mixed KGV-VI 1r (SG378 cat £32) + 20c (SG391).40
361CHILE: 1903-5 Columbus 5c blue p.stat.envs(3) internally used with Los Angeles-Santa Fe, Santa Rosando-Temuco or Talcahuano-Cuzco TPOs.40
3621907 Victoria distillery ppc regd(unusual) to France, 5c+10c (SG107-8).20
3631912-14 5c grey Columbus p.stat.envs(3) internally used with Ambulancia(TPO) 63,67 or 81 pmks.30
3641930 airmail cvr Valparaiso-UK, 5-colour SG168,186,191,4(x2)-5(5p),99. 10p30 rate.20
365GB used in: 1874 5/= rose scarcer pl.2(Z88 cat £400++) & fine C30 pmk. Cat £1500 used UK. PHOTO200
366CHINA: (see lot 32): 1905 temple ppc Shanghai-hulk ‘Madras’,Wuhu(rec’r + 13 postmans no), SG122(x2).20
3671911 unused real photo Imperial troops with Maxim machine gun.15
3681946 airmail advert cvr Tientsin-USA, 4-colour mixed SG792-3(x2),97(x2),884 reverse.25
3691946 airmail cvr to UK, mixed issues SG733(x2)-4,839,884.20
370Jap.Occ: 1938 Danish Mission regd advert cvr Dairen-Moukden, Japanese 4s+10s (SG317,322).35
371Manchuria: 1932-3 Antung Middle School envs(2, 1 to Moukden), 1f on 4f (SG2 or 6).45
372NE Provinces: 1946 airmail cvr to Denmark, 3-colour SG1,3,5(cat £15).40
373CHRISTMAS IS: 1958(Oct 15) illus FDC to UK of ovpt set to $1 (SG1-10).15
374COCOS: 1953(Sept) forces mail cvr RAAF PO-UK @ Australia 3½d rate.30
375COLOMBIA: 1895 2c p.stat.card comm.used Bucaramanga-Brazil via Barbados. Scarce route (took 5 weeks)25
3761899 comm.cvr Honda(violet distorted pmk)-UK via Colon a St Nazaire p/bot Ligne A No.1, 5c(SG153 pair)25
3771922(Jun) Scadta internal airmail cvr Honda-Barranquilla, SG384A + 30c grn Scadta.25
3781923-6 Scadta cvrs(3) Bogota/Manizales-UK/USA @ 33c-38c rates with boxed Scadta agent cachets of Langstaff,Ehrenburg & Pollak(L’pool) or Gonzalez Meji or American Trading Co(both N.York).40
3791926 3c on 10c p.stat.env, scarce H&G14 comm.used Bogota-Manizales + 1c. See also lot 1430.25
380 1927 airmail cvr Hamburg-B’quilla-Bogota, mix franking German 20pf(x5)+Scadta 30c,60c(x2 ea) opt’d A.PHOTO100
3811946(Nov) cacheted FFC Bogota-Guyana-Ascension-Africa-Colombian Embassy,UK @ 85½c. Unlisted Muller25
382COOK IS: 1932 regd cvr Rarotonga-UK, perf 13 ½d,2d,2½d (SG99,101-2 cat £85). PHOTOs100
383 1945(July) regd cvr Rarotonga-USS Ontario,S.Francisco(US Navy rec’r), ½d-3/=(SG101a,28,30,37-8,41-3,5) PHOTO100
384 Penrhyn: 1921 regd cvr to UK via Rarotonga, set to 1/= (SG32-7 cat £110). PHOTO 90
385CRETE: 1932-6 advert cvrs(3 inc regd) Heraklion-UK/Germany, Greek SG224,419e or 228(5)+417(26L rate).30
386CROATIA: (see lot 143,1833+7): 1941 cvr Swiss Consulate,Zagreb(cachet)-Switz, scarce 5k black (SG40)20
3871944 regd express(labels) cvr Petrinja-Zagreb, mixed issues SG33,47(20k),108,138c.25
388CUBA: 1878 firms EL Cardenas-N.York per City of Washington, pair 25c (SG76).25
3891899 advert cvr Havana-N.York, 5c US opt (SG250).20
3901934 1c p.stat.card regd airmail Sta Lucea(Oriente)-UK + 4-col.SG336-7,41,E352(10c express). Ex SS Siris.20
3911948 regd advert cvr Yaguajay(d/ring cachet)-Thailand(destination/rec'r) & redirected to USA, SG349a+501.15
392CYPRUS: 1900 QV 1pi p.stat.card comm.used Troodos-Paris via Nicosia. PO only open 5 months a year.25
3931914 KGVI 2pi regd env size G Larnaca-Egypt + 30pa(SG76). Provisional regd label.25
394 1929 SS Otranto ppc(written on board) to UK, GB 1½d & Larnaca pmk. Paquebot pmks started here 1930. 25
395 1940 (Apr-May) cvrs(2) Nicosia-UK, 1½pi(SG155). Visit Cyprus or Cyprus Oranges cachets+ red 6 or 7 censor 25
3961951 QSL radio card comm.used airmail Nicosia-UK, SG155ab(x2).15
3971962 35m regd envs(2) scarce sizes I & K fine unused.20
398c1970 cvrs(3) to Famagusta @3m rate & scarcer rural service pmks of Platres Kato,Panagra or Kerpashia.40
3991970-90s cvrs/ppcs(14 inc regd) to UK/Sweden all with Refugee Relief 10m/1c (x4 different).20
4002003 parcel tag Supreme Court,Nicosia-UK franked hi-vals SG876(£1),995(€3 x3 cat £40) +1c oblig.tax.25
401 CZECHOSLOVAKIA: (see lot 73,149,944):1867 EL Olmutz(2-line)-Steffanau, fine Austrian 2kr perf 9½ (Mi30). 25
4021917 regd cvr Landskron-Argentina(destination/rec'r),mix issues SG192+253(x2 ea).Kuk Tetschen/UK censor35
4031919 ppc comm.used Hombok-Sweden, 3-colour Hradcany 1h,5h(imperf),15h(perf).15
4041927(Mar) Lufthansa printed FF card Prague-Berlin, SG196 + airs (224-5: latter 'small o' variety).25
4051937 Latvian Exchange Club illus cvr Prague-Cyprus(destination/rec'r), SG363(x5 inc blk of 4).15
4061937-45 illus Slovak or Pro-Vlast publicity sheets(2 diff) with N364-7 + 2 patriotic labels tied 2-colour Uherske Hradiste pmks or SG443-7 & sp.Ysetin pmks.25
4071948 advert cvr@ 5k(SG460) or 1k50 p.stat.card(+SG504) Ostrava/Prag-Germany.2 diff circ.armourial censor20
4081952 airmail cvr France-Bratislava @ 40fr rate. Opened by Czech currency control(label) & returned because contents didn't comply with regulations (mss + cachet + Nepripustne label).15
4091955(Sept 13-18) Prague Phil.Exhib’n imperf set of 5 ex MS896b cat £75 on 3 illus cvrs to UK with sp.pmks.30
410 Bohemia-Moravia: 1943-5 internal cvrs(4 inc 3 regd) with Hitler defins to 5k(SG93) ex Lettovice,Prerau,Plzen. 20
411E.Silesia: 1920 firms printed p/card Oderburg-Moravian Ostrava, imperf 20h SO opt (Mi7).25
412Sudetenland: 1938(Oct 28) cvr Schildeberg(3-line temporary blue pmk)-Ziegenhals Station, German 3pf-5pf.25
413DANZIG: 1923(Oct) regd inflation advert cvr to UK @ 12,000mks rate: SG146 x24 cat c150+€. PHOTO75
4141936(Jun) DAPOSTA printed env regd locally with green 50pf minisheet (MS251 cat £180) & sp.pmk. PHOT.150
4151939 cvr to UK, final pre-war commem set (SG285-7).15
416 DENMARK: 1888 4o p.stat.env Copenhagen-Karlsrade + pairs 3o grey/grey blue,5o (Fa28f,53). PHOTO 50
4171902 addressebrev for 3 packets Copenhagen-Fredericia, 16o (SG84 x6 cat £30).40
4181917 Hald Camp printed p/card Hungarian POW-Hungary with POW Camp No.2 pmk. PHOTO65
4191919 regd advert cvr Esbjerg-UK, mixed franking SG136,174(x2 ea),206(cat £17)30
4201921 20 on 15o p.stat.env regd Ringe-Svendborg + 30o(SG150).20
4211921 unstamped advert cvr Copenhagen-Hillerod taxed with pair 20o P.Dues (D218 cat £22)+ s/line violet h/st35
4221922 regd cvr Vejle-Berlin, 4-colour mixed SG136,143,215(scarce)-6(x3 cat £100). PHOTO80
4231925 Zoology Museum,Copenhagen env to USA, blk of 5 8o (Fa.94 cat £17).25
4241926 double imprint 10 on 15o + 10o reply half of p.stat.card comm.used Innsbruck(Austria)-Denmark.20
425 1930 (May) printed 1st night FFC Copenhagen-Stockholm, 25o air (SG226 cat £75). PHOTO 50
42619 35(Aug) NAFILA cacheted FFC Nakskov-Copenhagen, airs SG287(x2)+9(cat £10). See also lots 489-92.20
4271962(Nov 29) regd FDC Aarhus-Copenhagen of scarce 35o-60o fluorescent defins (Fa418b,20b,21b)20
4281972 1kr on 90o airletter, LF22(scarce printing 28), fine unused25
429DWI: 1876 outer St Thomas-Vera Cruz per Ebro, rare GB 4d pl.15(Z11 cat £300) & paid pmk. PHOTO400
4301894 3c red p.stat.card comm.used St Thomas-Austria then Germany via London.25
4311903(Jan 20) home-made St Thomas local FDC of 4c bisect (Fa16) tied. Min.cat 1200kr(cvr).40
4321904 wharf ppc comm.used St Thomas-France(arrived Xmas Day), 2c (SG40 cat £30). PHOTO65
433GB used in: 1873 4d vermilion pl’s 12 & 14(Z10 cat £100) & fine C51 pmks.25
434DOMINICA: 1886 QV 1d+1½d single + reply p.stat.cards + 1903 View ½d,1d single+reply p.stat.cards, wrappers, 1d+2½d p.stat.envs, 2½d regd env all fine unused Specimen (12)45
435 1935 (May 6) plain FDC Roseau-Canada, S.Jubilee 1d+1½d (SG92-3). 10
4361965 OHMS stampless cvrs(2) to Uk with 2 diff Department cachets inc Forestry & circ.Official Paid cachets.15
4371967-90 regd cvrs(5) to Jersey or internal commercial with village pmks of Atkinson,Wesley,La Roche,Grand Bay,Portsmouth,Anse-de-Mai,St Joseph or Morne Ratchette (10 items).40
438 DOMINICAN REP: 1917-8 advert cvrs(2) Sanchez/S.Domingo-USA, 2c(SG222).Opened by Censor 24 or 257. 20
4391935 regd advert cvr S.Pedro de Macoris-W.Australia(destination/rec'r), SG260+350(x2).15
4401937 regd cvr Santiago-Egypt(destination/rec’r) via Ciudad Trujillo, SG353+379.15
441ECUADOR: 1895 3c p.stat.card, H&G13 comm.used Guayaquil(blue pmk)-Costa Rica(destination).20
4421932(July) multi-cacheted FFC Latacunga(date error)-Cuenca, 10c(SG460).25
4431942 airmail cvr Lt in US Air Corps,Salinas (manuscript censor)-USA, SG558(x2),616,639.20
444EGYPT: 1864 outer Alexandria-Paris, French Napoleon 10c+40c & 5080 pmks.45
4451891 3m on 5m p.stat.card(H&G5) fine unused but with surcharge reading down left to right. STB error.20
4461894 tiny env Cairo-Germany, 3-colour SG59,61,63.20
4471902-9 ppcs(2 inc Hotel) comm.used Luqsor Winter Palace(blue pmk) or Savoy Hotel Cairo-UK @4m-5m rate20
4481907 ppc comm.used Cairo Station-UK, 1m+3m (SG58+61c).10
4491907 local cvr to Alexandria(rec’r) with Pt Said 30c(SG131) tied Tresor et Postes 410 pmk20
4501916(May) double censored cvr Australian Base Details PO(Zeitoun)-Malta, 20m (SG79).20
4511923 ppcs(2) comm.used to UK ovpts SG101(x2) or mix franking SG98(x3)+115(Fuad).15
4521929 comm.cvr to Switz, 15m(SG117) tied Pfo Helouan Lloyd Triestino pmk. Central fold.25
4531932-7 King Fuad 3m+13m p.stat.cards (H&G33-5) + wrappers 2m,4m(H&G8-9) all fine unused (5).40
4541937 airmail cvr to UK via Pt Taufig & Alexandria, SG159+236(x3) & red 2-ring Khedival Mail Line SS Talodi.35
4551938 maritime crested env Pt Taufig-UK, 3-colour airs SG193,98,201(all x2).10
456GB used Alexandria: QV 3d pl.4, 4d pl.12, 1/= pl.1 & 4 (Z11,17,35,37 cat £200) & BO1 pmks(4).50
457GB used Suez: 1875-9 GB 2½d pl.1(blued),3,4,7,9 (Z46-7,9 cat £205) all with BO2 pmks(5)50
458EL SALVADOR: 1892 3c green p.stat.card, H&G16 comm.used San Salvador-Germany(rec’r) via N.York.25
4591894 10c p.stat.env, H&G40 comm.used Santa Ana-USA + SG84.35
4601902 2c p.stat.card, scarce message half H&G56 reply card internally used Sonsonate-San Salvador(rec’r).25
461ESTONIA: 1920(Mar 13) regd advert cvr Tallinn-UK, 3-colour mix franking SG8-9,11a,15(5m air FDC). Estonia Phil.Soc.certificate. PHOTO50
4621921 regd cvr Tartu-Argentina(destination/rec’r) via N.York, 5m (SG12a).25
4631924 cvr Tallinn(nice slogan pmk)-Sweden, perf 15mk (SG33).20
464Dorpat: 1918 20pf on 5k Russian p.stat.card fine unused with black DORPAT h/stamp.15
465German Occ: 1941 comm.cvr Tallinn-Abja, 30k (Mi6).35
466ETHIOPIA: (see lot 83): 1931(Jun) 3rd flight(sp.etiquette) Addis-Djibouti & onto USA, 3-colour airs SG296-8.35
4671936 Dutch Red X ambulance team cacheted p/card Addis-Holland, SG306-7. Signed by all team.25
4681937 airmail cvr Dessie(Amara)-Switz via Rome, Eritrea 25c+1L (SG203+5).20
4691941(Sept) OHMS cvr EA APO63(Neghelli)-Kenya. 2 diff.censors inc violet military box 42.25
4701945 regd airmail cvr Addis-Switz, mix franking SG326-7,31(x4),39-40,44-5(V ovpts cat £19).25
4711946 airmail advert cvr Addis-Schweppes, UK, 20c+50c (SG330+2).15
4721948 airmail cvrs(2 inc regd) Addis(2 diff.pmks)-UK, SG374 or 373+4(x2).15
4731949 airmail cvr Dire Dawa(blue pmk)-Paris, 50c (SG388).15
474FALKLANDS: 1949 local Pt Stanley FDC of UPU set (SG168-71 cat £10).15
4751952(Sept 4) local Pt Stanley cvrs(2) with KGVI set to £1 (SG172-85 cat £75).50
4761966 cvr Fox Bay-UK, blk of 6 Churchill ½d (SG223 cat £15).15
4771968 cacheted cvr Pt Stanley-Fox Bay(rec’r). Carried on Hovercraft SRN6 @ 2d rate.20
4781972 parcel post Customs Declaration form to UK for cured sheepskins. Unusual survivor.25
479Deps: 1947 cvrs(2) local S.Georgia with 2 ½d maps 1 with broken arc variety or regd S.Georgia-Falklands with 3-colour ½d,1d,2d maps. Stamps cat £25.40
4801947(Jan) cvr Hope Bay,Grahamland-Stanley, 6d ochre with gap in 80 degrees (G6ed cat £160). PHOTO250
4811947(Feb) cvr S.Orkneys-probably Pt Stanley but address part removed, ½d-1/= thick maps (SGG1-8 cat £27). 4d ‘broken o in Coats, 1/= dot on East varieties. 1st mail ex Cape Geddes.40
4821948 cvr S.Shetland-Falklands, 3d(G4) via SS Trepassy. Pmk is 1922-3 cds because of PO fire.25
4831950 cvr S.Orkneys-Stanley, 1/= ovpt (C8).20
4841950 cvr S.Shetlands-Stanley, UPU set (G21-4 cat £11).15
4851951 cvr Grahamland-UK, 6d map (G6 x3 cat £15).25
4861958(Jun) cvr to UK, G41-44 & scarce IGY Expedition pmk.20
4871964 cvr S.Georgia-Pt Stanley, set to £1 (G26-40 cat £130). PHOTO75
488S.Georgia: 1929 regd cvr to USA, 4-colour Z36(x2)-8,40(cat £160). PHOTO200
489FAROES: 1927-37 internal Xmas ppc or comm.cvrs to Denmark @ Danish 10o/15o rates(all diff) & Thorshavn (2 diff inc Spis Faerosk Klip) or Trangisvaag pmks. 3 items.35
4901930s internal cvrs(2) @ Danish 15o rates(SG246,308) & Midvaag or Vestmanhavn undated 2-ring cancels.40
4911941 internal cvr to Thorshavn, 20 on 5o(SG3) & Fuoler undated 2-ring bluish cancel.35
4921967 Danish 50o or 35o+15o double imprint p.stat.envs(2) Vestmanna-Thorshavn.25
4931975(Jan 30) complete set unadd.FDCs(7) of defins 5o-500o (SG6-19 cat £18).15
4941979 25k Ram illus unadd.FDC of SG41 with sp.pmk.10
495FIJI: 1895 1½d green p.stat.card,H&G2 comm.used Suva(scarce KD6 cds + FIJI duplex)-UK.40
4961896 1d blk/cream p.stat.card written Nausori-Germany(rec’r) + ½d p10(SG76) pmk’d Suva. PHOTO50
4971924 local Levuka comm.cvr @ 2d rate (SG229 x2 +30).20
4981935 regd cvrs(2) Suva-Scotland, S.Jubilee set (SG242-5 cat £32).30
4991938(Apr 5) local Lautoka FDC of KGVI set to 1/= inc SG258,260 cat £25+.25
5001956-71 all diff.ship h/stamps & p/bot cancels of Suva/Lautoka on NZ stamps/cvrs to Australia/NZ(14 items).40
501FINLAND: 1867 firms outer Helsinki-Tammerfors, 20p blue with good roulette 3 pmk’d ANK (cat £140). PH75
5021870 EL Abo-Uleaborg, 40p light red with excellent roulette 3 perfs (cat £120). PHOTO100
5031872 8p green p.stat.card (Mi P3), fine unused. See also lots 87,1674.20
5041906 unstamped & taxed cvr French Consulate,Helsinki(cachets)-Foreign Trade Ministry,Paris.20
5051915 advert cvr Helsinki-Stockholm, blk of 10 2k Russian(R29) tied reverse. Trilingual censor label.20
5061916(Jan 1) New Year p/card Sortavala-Kuopio @ 10p rate (SG177 x2). Circ.red Finnish censor.15
5071928 parcel card Jyvaskina-Lahti, 3-colour SG207,248,250(x2 ea).20
5081937(Dec) regd cvr Huuhanmaki-UK, Red X SG301,13-14(cat £17). Anti-TB/Xmas label tied.15
509Karelia: 1944 cvrs(5) to Stockholm @ 1mk rate (Fa1 or 16 x2) with Paatene,Vitele,Soutjarvi,Repola or Aunuksenlinna pmks. Circ.violet Finnish censors.50
510FIUME: 1919 regd cvr to Milan, 10c(x2)+25c (SG36,59).20
511FRANCE: 1823-7 pair ELs(2) to UK rated 1/11 with P43P Orleans in red (+ box PPPP) or black.25
5121840 French paquebot EL Marseille-Livorno per Pharimond. No marks so presumably via Captain.10
5131863 outer Paris-Madrid(rec’r) via Espagne Irun(red cds), 80c Napoleon (SG98 cat £48).40
5141866 cvr Boulogne-UK, 40c Napoleon (SG64 x2, 1 4mgn cat £48). See also lots 11-12,54,444,536,700.30
5151871 outer Serignan-Lyon, 3-colour mix franking SG109,137,148(damaged) cat £345. PHOTO100
5161871 firms advert EL Paris-Trieste(rec’r), pair 30c Ceres (SG205 cat £24).25
5171887 private telegram freepost envelope Orleans-St Astier by railway. Inc telegram. Rare survivor.40
5181895 cvr Paris-UK @ 25c rate (5-colour P&C franking SG245,8,51-2(all x2)+282). Minor opening faults.25
5191905 illus p/card for visit of King of Spain to Paris comm.used(message relates) Paris-UK + 10c sower.25
5201914 sower 10c l/card used as German feldpostbrief to Wurtt’burg with KD FPO2212 pmk of 1st Garde Inf.Div.15
5211935 local Paris pneumatic cvr hotel,Rue de Courty-Yugoslav Embassy,Rue La Perouse, 1f50 (SG526)20
5221936 cvr Paris-UK, 1f50 Normandie in scarcer sky-blue shade (SG526 variety).25
5231936 insured album-page size cvr Paris-London, hi-vals SG470a,73a(x3),554 scarce 10fr(x2 cat £360+). PH.200
5241935-7 airmail cvrs(3) to Madagascar(inc to Governor) or Indochina(inc letter) @ 3f50-4f65 rates.25
5251936-9 90c red illus p.stat.cards(4 diff) to UK ex Paris,Castres(stamp day pmk),Vimy Canadian Memorial.30
5261938 comm.cvrs/ppcs(6 inc 2 regd,airmail) to Gibraltar. Better frankings cat £30+.25
5271938 airmail cvr regd Paris-Norway(destination/rec’r), better commems SG541a,72-3,68,95,611,13(cat £42).35
5281939 Infantry Monument ppcs(2) Paris(sp.Infantry Day pmks) airmail to Belgium(rec’r), SG604-5,9-10(cat £24)25
5291940(Jun) censored(French military label tied WK423 cachet) cvr Royan-USA, SG599(x2)+665(cat £16).20
5301940(Nov) clipper airmail cvr Chaussin-USA, SG600+638a(x5 cat £67). Examiner 714 PC90 label. PHOTO50
5311943 cvr Paris-Sweden, Relief Fund set (SG757-68 cat £55). Postal examiner reseal tape.40
5321947(Nov)POW reply l/card(complete) comm.used(rare thus) Citadel,Amiens-USA. Official violet camp 4 cens25
5331949(Jun 1) CITEX 10fr(SG1071a cat £70) used FDI obverse on sp. Stamp Centenary maxicard.35
5341951 airmail cvr Megeve-USA franked @ 53fr rate + PTT 10fr,20fr,50fr war victims fund semi-postals tied.40
5351954 Stamp Day illus unadd.FDC + maxicard of SG202 & sp.pmks (2 items). See also lots 983,1852.25
536FRENCH COLS: Algeria: 1872 firms EL Oran-France via Oran paquebot, French Ceres 25c & 2240 numeral.25
5371934 airmail military cvr Sidi bel Abbes(Oran)-Saigon(destination/rec’r) via Marseilles, hi-rate SG53,63,66.25
5381943 cvrs(2) Philippeville/Oran-Switz, SG198(x2) or 53+130(x2). US Base Army +UK Examiner 2406/7603.20
539Antarctic: 1960(Dec 1) illus cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-UK, 200fr albatross (SG18 cat £85). PHOTO65
5401960 Kerguelen illus unadd. FDC of SG23(cat £65) & Kerguelen pmk.40
5411962 Satellite Telstar illus unadd. FDC of SG25(cat £65) & Kerguelen pmk.40
5421963(Jan 1) cvr Crozet-UK, 8f+25f (SG14,27 cat £205). PHOTO150
5431964(Jan 1) illus cvr Terre Adelie-UK, SG2-3,11,13(cat £135). PHOTO100
5441971(Mar 9) illus.unadd.FDC of se-tenant strip 40f+50f (SG69-70 cat £65+) & Kerguelen FDI sp.pmk.40
5451977 regd(blank label) cvr St Martin de Vivies-Orkney & redirected to Italy(destinations), SG116,24-5(cat £65)45
5461979-85 cacheted Exped’n(all diff) cvrs(4) Dumont d’Urville-UK, SG131,8(pair),95,206-7(se-tenant cat £50).50
547Cameroun: 1917 regd cvr Duala-Gabon(rec’r), 40c+45c (SG39-40 cat £11).40
5481918 rare 15c opt p.stat.env, H&G3 regd Duala-Switz + 1fr-5fr (SG43-5 cat £57). PHOTO100
5491961 airletter comm.used MV Degema,Tiko-UK, 6d on 20fr Rep.Federale ovpt (SG292). See also lot 1380-3.15
550 Central African Rep: 1963 airmail cvr Bangui-France, scarce 15fr FM opts(M36 x2 cat £30 un; unpriced used) 40
551Chad: 1936 airmail cvr Ft Lamy-Brazzaville, mix franking Middle Congo SG76 + AEF scarce SG44(cat £34).30
5521938-9 airmail cvrs(2) Zouar(2 diff.pmks)-France, SG22-3 + AEF airs SG79-81(cat £32).30
553Congo: (see lot 551):1935-8 airmail cvrs(3) Brazzaville(2 diff.pmks)-France, Middle Congo SG85(x2) or AEF issues SG10,12,39,57,65,68 (cat £32)25
554Equat.Africa: (see lot 617-8): 1939 regd cvr Libreville-France, Gabon Centenary set (SG97-100 cat £15).20
5551943 De Gaulle visit ppc regd Brazzaville-USA(censor), FFL opts 1fr+3fr (SG131,140).30
556Gabon: 1927 comm.cvr Libreville-France, SG94+101(cat £11+).20
5571937 airmail cvr Libreville-France, AEF air SG77. Heart of Black Africa 3-line advert slogan.15
558 Guadeloupe: 1915-7 advert cvrs(2 diff inc regd) Basse Terre/Pt a Pitre-USA/Italy(censor), SG68(single or x2). 25
559Guiana: 1842 EL Cayenne-Bordeaux rated 7 via Nantes(outre mer red cds). S/line Guyane Francaise.40
560India: 1905 15c red & blue p.stat.env Chandernagore-Calcutta.35
5611910 10c p.stat.card comm.used Mahe(large date slug 910)-Belgium. Unusual.30
5621937 regd cvr Pondichery(oval pmk)-UK, Paris Expo set (SG112-7 cat £34).30
5631946 cvr Chandernagore-Pondichery, 4-colour France Libre ovpts SG165,69-71(cat £24).35
564Indochina: 1898 regd mourning cvr Hanoi-France via Haiphong, pair 25c (SG13).35
5651920 cvr Hanoi Station-France via Hanoi a Haiphong TPO, ovpts SG91-2.20
5661929-33 ppc + regd cvr to France ex Cap St Jacques/Saigon Central(both blue pmks), SG122 or 128+40.25
5671937 Air France cvr Saigon Central-France, Paris Expo SG244+6(x2).15
5681939 airmail(boxed Saigon-Marseille) cvr to Morocco(destination/rec’r), SG202,246,251(cat £24).40
5691939 printed env(+ cachet) Governor-General,Hanoi-Govt Minister,Paris via Air France, SG250.20
570Ivory Coast: 1901 mourning cvr Lahou-Switz, P&C 5c(x2)+15c (SG4a,6 cat £33). PHOTO50
5711924-8 regd cvrs(2) Koroko/Dimbokro-Saar/Czech(better destinations/rec’rs), SG47-8+83 or 77(x2 cat £18).25
5721928-32 cvrs(6)to France@ 25c-50c & Agboville,Aboisse(blue),Grand Bassam,Lahou,Bouake,Bingerville pmk50
5731933 cvr missionary @ Ferke-France, 50c(SG70) & Bouake-Abidjan TPO pmk.20
5741935 airmail cvr Aboisse-UK via Grand Bassam,Abidjan,Dakar & Paris, SG58-9,70. 3-line boxed cachet: Bananas,Café,Cacao,Textiles,Ivory Coast.25
5751944 Catholic Mission env regd Ferkessedougou-Abidjan, SG129+135(x5 cat £17).20
576Levant: (see lot 1422): 1907 ppc Trebizonde(Turquie d’Asie pmk)-France, Levant 5c & 3-ring pmk.40
577 Madagascar: (see lot 633): 1895 expeditionary corps cvr to France with Tresor et Postes aux Armees 2 pmk 35
5781913 cvr Tsihombe-France via Ft Dauphin,Retboka, Anjouan ovpts pair SG22A(cat £6+).25
5791924 regd cvr Tamatave(blue pmk)-Costa Rica(destination), SG66(x4).20
5801937 airmail cvr Tananarive-France, 3-colour SG133,40a,46.15
5811940 military(cachet) airmail cvr to Paris, SG186a+199 & Tamatave-Tananarive TPO pmk.20
5821945(Jan)stampless censor(French milit) cvr Majunga-France, 3-line viol.h/st: Majunga air taxe percue 10fr5c.20
583Martinique: 1866 firms outer St Pierre-Bordeaux via Colonies Fra.v.Angl. blue cds charged 8.25
5841917 regd advert cvr Francois(blue pmk)-Ft de France, SG56(x4)-7,60. Minor creasing.25
5851946 regd advert airmail cvr Ft de France-USA, hi-val airs SG273-4.20
586Morocco: 1913(Oct) Cherifien Govt env Rabat(Residence Generale pmk)-France, Fr.POs 10c on 10c(SG32).35
5871933 regd airmail express cvr Casablanca-Paris, airs set (SG193-8 cat £12).25
5881941(May) regd airmail cvr Casablanca-UK via Tangier,Lisbon, scarce mix franking SG 254 + French 5fr on 10fr(SG687). UK examiner label.35
5891945(Oct) regd cachet FFC Casablanca-Fez, mix frank SG309A(FDC) + French Resistance SG82-6(cat £35).40
5901951 regd airmail cvr Casablanca-USA, 300fr air (SG342a cat £15).25
591New Caledonia: 1908 ppc comm.used Pouembout(blue pmk)-France, 10c (SG56).25
5921937 regd cvr Noumea-UK, Paris Exhib’n set (SG211-16 cat £26).25
5931947(Jul-Aug)cacheted TRAPAS FFCs(2) Noumea-New Hebs/Wallis Is(regd), SG217+76 or 278+89(cat £19).30
5941948(Dec) cacheted Air France regd FFC Noumea-Saigon, SG318+21.20
5951979-85 illus airmail envs(4 diff) Noumea-France franked commems cat £24.20
596Oceania: 1953(Sept) airmail cvr Papeete(sp.FDI pmk)-Australia, 14fr Gauguin (SG213 cat £80). PHOTO60
597Polynesia: 1975 ‘dancing girls’ ppc comm.used Papeete-UK, S.Pacific Games SG200+2(cat £35).25
5981959 Flora-78 Cook illus unadd.’better’ FDCs(12) inc ‘62+66 Games,’69 Concorde, ’74 UPU cat £267.60
599Reunion: 1865 EL St Denis(cds + firms cachet)-Bordeaux via Col.Fra.v Suez Amb E red cds.20
6001964 regd airmail cvrs(2) St Denis-UK @ 250-300 CFA rates (SG397 x5 or 403 x3).20
601St Pierre-Miq: 1946-8 advert cvrs(2 inc regd) to USA/Canada, SG330+4 or 327+351(cat £14).25
6021954-68 illus unadd.FDCs(5) of Liberation,Fauna,Explorers (SG398,431-4,450-3 cat £85).50
6031963-4 airmail cvrs(2) to USA, SG404,13,29 or 404,6,28 cat £33).25
6041972 airmail cvr Miquelon-France, 35fr (SG492 cat £25).20
605Senegal:1931 airmail(Dakar-Toulouse) cvr to UK, SG80,120(damaged),127 & Thies a Kaolack TPO pmk.20
606Somali Coast: 1929 comm.cvr Djibouti-USA, 3fr on 5fr (SG211 x2).20
6071962(Jan) illus unadd.FDC of 500fr camel caravan (SG449 cat £50).40
6081962(Mar) illus unadd.FDC of Fauna & Flora set (SG454-9 cat £38).30
609Sudan: 1936 Aeropostale env to Paris via Dakar, SG150,59,69 & Kidira-Bamako pmk (TPO?).20
6101938 regd cvr Bamako-UK, Paris Exhib’n set (SG190-5 cat £22).20
6111939(Dec)-40(Jan) air censored cvrs(2) Kati/Kayes-France, SG150+199 or 162(x2). 1 with CO military cachet20
612Togo: 1942 airmail cvr Lome-Marseilles, SG74+122. Not censored.15
613Tunisia: (see lot 62): 1911 cvr Camp Serviere-Dieppe, 10 on 15c(SG48).15
6141926 regd parcel cards(2 diff: white or grn) Tunis-France, 3-colour Parcel Post P48,148,159 or P51,155+9.40
6151945 regd air cvr Makula Rades-Algeria(Bone currency censor),SG176,82(x2),234,36,40,1,3(cat £12)20
616Ubangi Shari: 1930 tiny cvr Bambari(blue pmk)-Paris via Bangui, SG50(x2).20
6171936-9 airmail cvrs(4) Bangui-France, varied AEF ovpt issues inc 3-colour cat c£50.40
6181939(Nov) airmail cvr Batangafo-France, AEF SG47 + scarce 99(x2 cat £11). Not censored.20
619Wallis&Futuna:1931(Xmas Day)regd cvr Wallis(blue pmk)-Switz, SG4,14,47,49,51(x2),54-5,60(cat £70).PH100
620 GAMBIA: 1883 QV 1½d reply card,H&G2a fine unused with scarce tiny local Specimen ovpt.Rare. 30
6211912-22 KGV 1d,1½d or 2d regd p.stat.envs size F all fine unused ovpt’d Specimen(3).Only 400 of each thus.40
6221935 regd airmail(flyingboat illus cachet Gambia-UK) cvr Bathurst-UK, SG124 +S.Jubilee 144+6(cat £17).20
6231936 cvr Bathurst-UK per MV Accra, ½d+1d (SG123-4).15
6241938(Jun) cacheted FFC Bathurst-S.Leone(Cline Town rec’r), SG152a+3.30
6251946 airmail cvr TPO No.2 R.Gambia(Lady Denham)-UK, SG150-1,53a(x2),54a,62-3. Sender in RAF.25
626GERMAN COLS: Cameroun: 1903 5pf p.stat.card comm.used Buea-Germany.20
6271904 Canaries ppc used to Germany,10pf yacht(Mi9)& oval Hamburg-W.Africa German Seepost XXVII pmk.25
6281908 buildings ppc comm.used Kribi-Germny, 5pf yacht (Mi21).25
629China: 1891-4 forerunners Reichspost 5pf,10pf,20pf(x2) on pieces + larger piece with 20pf(blk 4)+50pf(pair) all with Shanghai KDPAG pmks all expertised Dr Steuer, MiV46b-48b,50. Min.cat 360€ (10).100
6301912 2c p.stat.card(Mi P14) comm.used Peking-Berlin.20
6311913 ppc comm.used Hankau-USA, 4c (Mi40).30
632E.Africa: 1908 hunting game ppc comm.used Ujiji-Germany @ 4h rate.30
6331910 4h p.stat.reply card complete(P20)written Nossi-Be(Madagascar)-Germany pmk'd Dar es Salam type 4.40
634Levant: 1895 cvr C’tinople-Germany, 1pi (Mi8b).25
6351900 20pa on 10pf p.stat.env,U1A regd C’tinople-Berlin +3-colour German Reichspost 2pf,3pf,25pf. Rare.PH200
6361900-9 20pa opt p.stat.card + 1pi on 20pf advert cvr both to Germany with scarcer C’tinople code 3 pmks.45
6371904 10pa wrapper comm.used Jaffa(superb pmk)-Germany.25
6381905 regd advert cvr Smyrna-Brunswick, 2pi (Mi17).25
6391917 feldpost ppc comm.used C’tinople(Mil.Miss.pmk)-Germany.25
640Morocco: 1901 10c on 10pf p.stat.card(P6) comm.used Mazagan-Germany.25
6411906 10c on 10pf p.stat.card(no wmk) comm.used Mogador-Hamburg.30
6421907 Tangier custom house ppc Larache-UK, 10c (Mi23).30
6431907 5c ovpt p.stat.card(P9y: scarcer no wmk) comm.used Rabat-UK + 5c (Mi35).25
644SW Africa: 1910 Waterburg landscape ppc comm.used Okahandja-Germany, 5pf(Mi25).25
6451910 official(schutztruppe cachet) stampless cvr Karibib-Keetmanshoop(rec’r).25
646Togo: 1910 ppc comm.used Atakpame-Germany @ 5pf no wmk rate.30
647GERMAN STATES: 1779 EL Parchim-Pforzheim with embossed seal of Friederich V.G.G.25
648Baden: 1852 US Consulate env(Mannheim Agency) to Coln, 3mgn 9kr (Mi4b cat £46).40
6491864 outer Engen(boxed pmk)-Singen, 1kr+3kr (Mi17-18 cat £26).35
650Bavaria: 1859 EL Ansbach-Leipzig, 4mgn 9kr yellow-grn (Mi5d type 3 cat £26) & 19 cogwheel.25
6511908 Munich Exhib’n official ppcs(2 diff) used locally with 3pf tied different exhibition pmks.25
6521912 5pf+25pf airmail p/card(SFP1) Munich-Kempton with sp.pmk.40
6531916(Aug) regd cvr Munich-Amsterdam via Emmerich(censor), 3-col.Mi111(x6 inc blk 4),13,15(x2 cat 27eu).20
654Hamburg: 1820 fumigated EL to Bordeaux rated 19. S/line Hambourg,TTR4 & boxed Allemagne par Givet.20
655Hannover: 1898-1901 Mercur 2½pf/3pf p.stat.card/lettercard + Mercur 1½pf grn on local cvr all commercial(3)45
656Mecklenburg-Schwerin: 1864-7 1sch-5sch p.stat.envs(5 diff: U9-13) fine unused.25
657Prussia: 1864-6 2nd Danish War EL + ‘turned’ outer(2) with K.Pr.Feldpost Relais 5 or 17 pmks.50
658Thurn u Taxis: 1865 EL Eisburg-Hildburghansen, rare 2k p.stat.cut-out (GAA13) tied. PHOTO250
6591867 cvr Frankfurt-Ursel, 1kr grn (Mi51a x2 cat £40) & 220 numeral.40
660Wurttemburg: 1866 6kr p.stat.env(U14) Stuttgart-Offenburg via K.Wurtt.TPO 16 & Heidelburg-Basel TPO 7.45
661 GERMANY: 1872(Feb) regd EL Waldbrol-Siegen, 4-col. ¼gr,½gr(x2,1 creased),2gr SG1,3,6(cat £300+).PH. 300
6621888 insured cvr Muhlhausen-Ranteln, 25pf+50pf (Mi43a,44b). See also lots 27,34-5,380,1526.40
6631889 Switz 10c p.stat.card(reply half: P15A) Dresden-Switz via TPO 13.15
6641890 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Rostock-Sumatra(destination) via Ned.Ind.Penang(violet cds).20
6651891 regd parcel card Berlin-Karlsbad(KuK customs h/st) via Prague, 10pf+50pf (Mi47a,50b).30
6661899(Nov) cvr Neustadt-Norwegian ship Rosefield,Barbados then Aruba & back to Germany with many nice sq.circle b/stamps, 10pf (Mi47db pair). Open 3 sides. Min cat 170€(cvr).40
6671902 10pf p.stat.reply card(P27 type 3)complete both halves used pmk'd TPO & Moritzburg-Leer25
6681902 2pf Reichspost p.stat.reply card(P46b type 1) comm.used both halves locally in Hannover.25
6691907 p/card GPO Wilhelmshaven-Holland with blue/white official PO wafer seal tied arrival pmk.25
6701907 regd cvr Berlin-Holland, 1mk (Mi94A type 1). Cat 150eu(cvr).40
6711914-5 advert cvrs(2) Dresden/Hamburg-Boston(USA)@ 20pf. Circ.red Coln-Deutz or 9th Army Hamburg cens20
6721920 regd cvr Hamburg-Zurich, 4-colour inc Weimar SG102,7-8,10(cat £12).20
6731922(Sept) airmail cvr Magdeburg-Dresden, airs SG112,221(2)-2(x3),3-4(cat £188). PHOTO120
6741922(Dec) advert cvr Moltenburg-Buhl @ 12mk rate (SG151 strip 5 + 199 cat £29).20
6751923(Sep 13) internal cvrs(2 inc regd)@ 75,000mks(SG275 x5) or 150,000mks(SG285(x2).Stamps cat £20+.20
6761923(Sep 23) advert cvr Dresden-Neumuhle @ 250,000mks rate (SG313+284 x2 ea cat £10).10
6771923(Oct 1) advert p/card Hof-Nurnberg @ 800,000 rate (SG287 x8 cat £20). FDC rate.20
6781923(Oct 10) advert cvr Siegen-Neumuhle @ 5mill.mks rate (SG287(x2),295,305(x2 cat £18). FDC rate.15
6791923(Nov 20) cvr Wiesbaden-UK @ 80md mks rate (Mi325A x10, 327B x14 cat £60).30
6801927 Hindenburg b’day set (SG417-20 cat £80) on airmail cvr Dresden-Stockholm via Berlin. PHOTO90
6811930(Sept) flown cvr Berlin Iposta(sp.pmk)-Switz, pair 25pf (Mi416).20
6821930(Oct) Aeropostale printed airmail env Hamburg-Chile via Frankfurt, 4-colour airs SG394-7(cat £26).25
6831931 regd airmail cvr Munich-Nurnberg, 2RM Zeppelin (SG444 cat £85). PHOTO65
6841931(July) Graf Zeppelin printed Iceland flight(rec’r), 1RM Zepp (SG433 cat £60) & on-board pmk. PHOTO50
6851933(Nov) Graf Zepp Chicago flight round trip cvr(pilot signed), SG396+510(1RM opt cat £650. PHOTO450
6861935 advert cvr Berlin-UK, 25pf Hindenburg mourning (SG550 cat £14).25
6871936 15pf+10pf Winter Olympics p.stat.card comm.used Leipzig-Denmark. Scarce non-philatelic usage.25
6881936 airmail cvr Hamburg-Chile via Paris, 3-colour Mi520,3(x2),37.20
6891936(Mar) Hindenburg 1st trial flight card, SG600-1(x2) & on board pmk.25
6901936(Nov) airmail cvr Uetersen-Brazil, SG509B,617(x3),630(x4,1 damaged cat £32).30
6911937 regd cvr Berlin-NZ(destination), 5pf Hindenburg + 4-colour airs (SG526-9).20
6921938 Hitler+Italian king RP Rome visit ppc used Leipzig-Gibraltar, SG493B(x3)+650(x2).Box Sevilla milit.cens15
6931939 regd cvr Babelsburg-HM Dockyard,Gibraltar(rec’r), 4-colour mixed issues SG493B,500B(x2),26,670.15
6941939 German airmail cvr Zwickau-Argentina, Hindenburg 25pf(grey-blue)+50pf,100pf airs.25
6951941 Hitler 6pf p.stat.card Jansdorf(Zwittau)-Mahrisch Schonberg officially used between Mayors.10
6961941 SS Feldpost cvr Chief of Police(cachet) Grossrosen-Schonthal. Scarce.25
697Alsace: 1940(Dec) regd cvr Strassburg(pictorial pmk)-Westphalia, 4-colour Mi4-6,9.20
698Officals: 1923(Sept 15) inflation cvr Dusseldorf-Koln with O279(x38 f&b)+O313(x3 cat £110.40
6991933 Prussian Govt official env Magdeburg-Aschersleben, 4-colour officials Mi115,20,24,27.20
700WW1 Western Command: 1918 10c red on 10pf French civilian worker p.stat.card(P8) comm.used to German FPO 354 with boxed Gepruft PU 51(censor) cancelling imprint. Minor corner stain.30
701Zones: 1946 regd cvr Lutter-Warburg, 5-col.Bizone Mi16(x3),17a,b(x2),24(x2),31(min.cat 67€).35
7021947(May) 7-colour airmail cvr Berlin(subsequently cancelled NW7 pmk)-Sweden, Mi914,25-7,31,4-5 cat £24.25
7031948 regd local Rottenbach(Thur) cvr, 9-colour SG913,15-16,20(x7),29-30,32-4,36,38,47(3mk cat £52).30
7041948(Jun 21) illus regd FDC Uberlingen-USA of Baden Mi14-5,8-9,22,24. Extra 2pf with constant var PF4.40
7051949 regd airmail cvr Stuttgart-UK, 4-colour A111,119,126(all p.11),140-1(cat £34).25
7061949 cvr Ebingen-USA, Wurttemburg UPU set (FW51-2 cat £30).20
7071949(12/8) cacheted airmail FDC Freiburg-UK of Baden Goethe set (FB47-9 cat £130). PHOTO100
7081950 cvr Dillenburg-UK, Wurttemburg Christianity set (FW47-8 cat £40).30
709Berlin: (see lot 59): 1949 comm.cvr Lichterfelde-USA, 50pf black ovpt (B13 cat £39).30
7101949(Jun) 10pf red ovpt p.stat.card(P3) comm.used Charlottenburg-Zehlendorf.40
7111950 8pf illus(100 years GPO) p.stat.card(P10) comm.used Charlottenburg-Zehlendorf.20
7121953(Jan-Jun 24) illus unadd.FDCs(2) of Berliners 5pf,15pf,30pf or 6pf(B92-3,96,99 cat £52) & sp.pmks.50
7131953 regd cvr Charlottenburg-UK, 4-colour Bells B101(x2)-4(cat £28).25
7141954-5 illus unadd.FDCs(2) of Stamp Exhibition/Day (Mi120,131 cat £70).45
7151957-9 illus unadd.FDCs(4) of buildings B142,144 & Heuss B181-2(cat £42). Cat £350€(FDCs).100
716West: 1949 cvr Unterhocken-Laupheim, 30pf UPU (SG1038 cat £60).40
7171952 cvr Ulm(Donau)-Laupheim, 30pf Rontgen (SG1073 cat £27) + Berlin 2pf tax.20
7181953 airmail cvr Hannover-USA, SG1055 + IFRABA set (1097-8 cat £76).50
7191955 comm.cvr Munich-UK, 40pf Pappenheim (Mi203 cat £60).40
7201955 airmail cvr Hannover-USA, Westropa set SG1143-4(x3 ea cat £80). PHOTO50
7211955 insured(V-label) advert cvr Hannover-Munich, mixed SG1139,41 + Berlin B121+5(cat £42).30
722East: 1949(Oct 9) local Leipzig FDC of 50pf UPU (E1 cat £16). Cat 400€(FDC).PHOTO100
7231950 Labour Day FDC Berlin-Karlsruhe of 30pf (Mi250 cat £23) & sp.pmk. Cat 120€.35
7241951(Jan 3) scarce FDC of 5DM Pieck(E14) Mecklenburg-Unna(Westphalia). Cat 2600€(FDC). PHOTO500
7251951 airmail cvr to US, scarce pair 60pf Hegel (Mi225).25
726GIBRALTAR: 1886-on 2d blue or red, 20c on 2d QV size G, KGV 2d regd envs sizes F&G(5) all fine unused.25
72718 87 QV 1d single+reply p.stat.cards, 1889 10c on 1d,15c on 1½d reply cards, QV 5c single+reply & 15c p.stat cards + KEVII ½d,1d reply,2d regd env size F all fine unused ovpt’d Specimen (10)50
7281892 QV 20c regd env size F to UK + pair 25c(SG26).30
7291893 cvr to Tangier(rec'r), unusually 2 different QV 5c green p.stationery cut-outs tied.25
7301912 KGV ½d+1d reply cards(P31-2) fine unused ovpt’d Specimen(2). Scarce.35
7311935 ship’s crested airmail cvr to UK, 3d S.Jubilee (SG115).15
7321938 regd cvr S.Gibraltar-UK, mixed reigns 3ds (SG113,5,20,25a p14 cat £17).25
7331939(Aug)-41(Jan) cvrs(2) USA-Gibraltar with 2 diff.red or orange/white Gib postal censor labels (1 with no.4).25
7341982 Aircraft set to £5 (SG460-74 cat £40) on 3 illus unadd.FDCs.30
735GILBERT & ELLICE: 1938 regd cvr to Ocean Is, SG40-2 & scarce PO Nui 3-ring pmk. PHOTO65
7361946(Dec) local Funafuti FDC of SG55-6 with unlisted parcel post rec'r (as Tarawa PP3).25
7371949 regd cvr Nanumea-UK, SG44,55-6.20
7381955 comm.airmail cvr Abaiang-UK, SG48,50,51ab-2(cat £33).35
7391962-3 cvrs(2: regd OHMS stampless or 2d local) Abaokoro-Abemama or Betio-Bairiki.20
7401965-6 regd(h/st) cvrs(5) to UK @ 9d or 40c rate ex Niutao,Nanumanga,Nanumea,Nukufetau,Nikunau pmks.25
7411966 regd(h/st) cvr Nonouti-UK, 3-color SG65,66a,86(cat £40).30
742 GOLD COAST: 1904 QV ½d p.stat.card used Abokobi-Christiansburg via Accra & Victoriaborg BO s/rings. 30
7431913 Accra ‘chieftains coronation’ ppc comm.used Victoriaborg-UK @ 1d rate. PO closed 1915.25
7441928 KGV 1d Castle p.stat.card, H&G11 fine unused.15
7451930 KGV 3d regd env size G Swedru-Germany + SG104(x3).20
7461930 regd cvr Beyin(D5 pmk)-USA, SG104(x3)+6. Scarcer agency.35
7471933-5 comm.cvrs(3) Dunkwa/Tamale/Nsawam-France/Switz @ 3d-4d rate inc SG105(x2).30
7481943-4 cvrs(3) Accra/Asamankese/Navrongo-N.America @ 3d-4d with OO/34/36/234 GC labels on buff/grey.35
7491950 KGVI 3d regd env size G Accra-Switz + SG142(blk 4),151.15


7501712 outer to Sir John Newton Bt at his house in Soho,London, rated 4. Fine 2nd type small bishop.65
751Undated outer to Ormesby nr Alfold,Lincs rated 3 with 4d to pay (IIII). Fine 2nd type small bishop.50
7521759 EL to Newbury rated 9, 2-line Reading on reverse.50
753Undated outer to Pontefract rated 6d+2d, 2-line early 26x12mm Don/caster.25
7541776 EL Bartlett Buildings-Bridgewater rated 2, bishop mark + tiny s/line Partington. PHOTO50
7551782 EL(had letter for forwarding) London-Margate rated 16. Circ.red Post Paid + bishop mark.40
7561784 EL to London rated 4, bishop mark & fine s/line Bawtry.20
7571788 EL to Kirkcaldy(Fife) rated 10 with scarce 2-line 272 New/castle 1st mileage.40
7581792 EL Iver-Aylesbury re-rated 2 to 5 with serpentine Uxbridge. PHOTO65
7591792 EL Surrey St,London-Bridgewater rated 5, rare d/ring Temple GPO. PHOTO.75
7601794 outer to Baldock rated 6 with fine 2-line Sunder/land.35
7611795 EL to London rated 4, fine black horseshoe Canterbury.25
7621797 outer to Lincolns Inn,London rated Pd6. 3-ring red Paid + year & s/line Hythe.25
7631797 outer to Baldock re-rated to 7 with s/line Needham. PHOTO50
7641797 EL Tyningham-Aylesbury, red 3-ring Free without code letter & 2-line Newport Pagnel. PHOTO75
7651798 outer to Dorking re-rated 7 to 8, fine Worksop convex arc + scarcer B outside pmk.40
7661799 EL Thornton Hall-Aylesbury Bye Post rated 3 with large s/line Winslow. PHOTO50
7671799 EL to Lincoln rated 4 with 2-line Horn/castle.35
7681803 OHMS EL London-Hants with red s/ring Free (apple) pmk.25
7691804-9 ELs(2) Henley.T(2 diff.mileages)-Aylesbury @ 7d or 2/= rates.40
7701805 EL Beaconsfield-Aylesbury re-rated to 7, Beconsfield boxed mileage.20
7711806 paid outer to Guernsey rated 1/= with fine & scarce s/ring late fee (London) pmk.50
7721807 EL to London rated 10, Ferrybridge boxed mileage.10
7731812 EL to Brighton rated 5, Uckfield boxed mileage.20
7741813 outer to Queen Annes Bounty,Greys Inn,London with Gloucester mileage.20
7751817 EL to Excise Officer,Dover rated 6 with East Grinstead boxed mileage.10
7761823 outer to Lincolns Inn,London rated 10 with boxed Southwold Penny Post + No.115
7771827 long EL to Skipton via Manchester(187 circ.mileage) rated 8 with boxed red Oldham PP.20
7781829 EL Manchester(red cds)-Rochdale rated 4. Fine red oval Too Late.30
7791829-34 EL/outer(2) to Knaresboro/Leominster rated 5 or 1/10 with 2 diff.oval Paid at Leeds h/st.20
7801830-1 EL London Wall-Leek via Lichfield + outer Lichfield-Shrewsbury both rated 8. Too Late in red or black.35
7811831 Essex EL betwn overseers of parishes Woodford & Braintree. Both 2 & 3 paid h/st erased.2 diff.7 Night.20
7821833 outer to Boston rated 8, circular undated Caistor L.16535
7831834 soldiers letter Deal-Ireland ex Sgt-Major in artillery countersigned by Lieut,CO of troops on Baviosa.PH.65
7841834-9 ELs(2) Southwell(s/line)-London rated 10 + Ramsgate-London rated 8. Both with 2 diff.red G:P h/st.25
7851835 outer to Stroud rated 8, fine s/line Paid at Frome.35
7861836 personal EL Milan(2-line inc date)-Marquis of Bath,London(scarce d/ring rec’r) rated 1/4d & redirected to Luton with boxed Kensington & TP Strand WC charged 3 & finally 2 with fine boxed To Pay 2d Only h/st.25
7871837 EL Sedgefield-Beverley rated 9 with Rushyford mileage. Nice seal(reverse).12
7881839 EL Versailles-Scotland via London(30mm d/arc pmk) rated 22. Red framed arc Foreign Paid.35
7891841-6 ELs(2) Northampton-London with 2 diff.types red P.1 or Pd1 types f or g.50
7901843 paid outer Southampton-Cirencester with h/struck red 1.25
7911845 cvr Blackburn-Durham with fine circ.Paid 1 h/st. PHOTO50
7921849 outer Ipswich-Seaham with scarcer red circular Ipswich Paid 1d.35
7931854 Emigration Commission crested env + oval public letter frank used locally London with crown paid pmk.25
7941856 4pp market prices current report ex Hull with 1d newspaper tax red h/stamp.15
7951843 outer Dean of Westminster,London-Leicester, 4mgn 1d imperf & 6 in MX. Cat £500(cvr). PHOTO100
7961843 EL London-Newcastle, 2 4mgn 1d imperfs (IB,JC) & MX pmks. S/line Store St h/stamp.25
7971843 outer Ambleside-London, 4mgn 1d imperf(SD) & MX pmk. Blue 2-line Hawkshead Penny Post. PHOTO50
7981844 outer London-PO Harrogate, close but clear 4mgn 2d blue (KH). Cat £350(cvr).45
7991844-46 ELs(2) Liverpool-Newtown or Yeovil(929)-Bristol, both with 4mgn 1d imperfs.20
8001846 EL Wetherby(872 duplex)-Scarboro with fine 4mgn 1d imperf.20
8011847 local Lynn EL ex Sir WJ Folkes Bt, 4mgn pair 1d pl.74(IB-IC) & 488 numeral. 2-line Castle Rising PP.40
8021850 EL Bristol-Dundee, 4mgn 1d pale red-brn imperf (SG9).20
8031850 cvr London-Somerset, 4mgn 1d imperf, mss 2 + circ.More to Pay.15
8041851-2 business ELs(2) Sunderland-London & return with fine 4mgn 1d imperfs.20
8051853 land deal EL London-Marlborough, 4mgn 1d imperf.15
8061854 cvr Edinburgh-Glasgow, pair 2d SG19 & s/line Hanover Street pmks. Cat £300(cvr). PHOTO80
8071854 small cvr Lochgilphead-India(rec’r), 1/= embossed 4mgns SG55. PHOTO250
8081855(Nov) cvr Cambridge(s/ways duplex)-Lincoln, 1d star p16 (SG26). Cat £240(cvr). PHOTO75
8091856 EL London-France, pair 2d SG34. Cat £270(cvr). PHOTO75
8101857(Jan) EL(enclosed Journal hence rate) South Petherton-Cheltenham, rare blk of 6 1d stars (couple with perf trims at top) SG32 & 725 duplex. Cat £350 as used. PHOTO125
8111857(Mar 2) outer Bradford(s/ways duplex)-Spalding, 1d brick red (SG30 cat £45).40
81218 63 local Devon cvr Barnstaple-S.Molton(rec’r) via Exeter with 1d star pl.50 (SG42 cat £40) & 50 pmk.25
8131863 EL London(twin 46 pmk)-Nottingham, 2d blue SG45 pl.915
8141869 outer London-Geneva, 1d pl.133(x4 cat £44). Uncommon usage.35
8151871 EL Glasgow-Ross(Hereford), scarce cds use of ½d pl.8 (cat £360 thus). PHOTO250
8161873 outer London-Switz, 1d pl.147 + 2d pl.14(cat £42). Both misperfs.30
8171877 cvr Grimsby-Norway, ½d pl.14 + pair 1d pl.134(cat £35).25
8181879 local London forwarded(cachet) cvr EC57-WC, 1½d SG51 pl.3 PHOTO90
8191881 long cvr Lynedoch Place,Edinburgh-Sir Thomas Munro,London, pair 1½d SG167. Cat £220(cvr).60
8201881 cvr Birmingham(sq.circ)-USA, pair 1d bluish lilac 14 dots (SG170 variety)+165(cat £320). PHOTO150
8211855(Nov) cvr Bakewell-Lille, 4d blued paper SG62 with straight edge at right. Cat £780(cvr). PHOTO80
8221856(July) outer Edinburgh(131 roller)-Perth(rec’r), 4d SG62a. Cat £780(cvr). PHOTO200
8231857(Jan) very early use London-Paris cvr of 4d SG66. Cat £225(cvr).40
82418 58 mourning cvr London(73 pmk)-USA via L’pool charged 5cts, 1/= SG72. Bow udc(rev).Cat £425(cvr).PH100
8251860 cvr North St,Bristol-Protestant College,Malta, 6d SG70 with str.edge. Cat £240(cvr).50
8261860 outer London(15 pmk)-Amsterdam, 1d star + 4d SG66(x2 cat £310). PHOTO100
8271861 EL Manchester-Barcelona via La Junquera(Espagne cds), 6d SG70. Cat £240(cvr).65
8281861 EL Liverpool-N.York per Persia, 1/= deep grn SG71(cat £550). PHOTO150
8291862 cvr Charing X-USA via N.York Am.Pkt Paid 24, 1/= SG72 & heavy pmk. 21cts h/st. Cat £425(cvr). PH80
8301862 EL London(12 pmk + late fee rev)-Turin, 1/= SG72(x3 cat £1050). PHOTO450
8311862 EL London(12 pmk)-Paris, 4d SG80(x2). Late Fee pmk(rev). Cat £440(cvr). PHOTO90
8321863 East India Army regd EL London SW16-Edinburgh, 1d star SG41 + 4d SG79(cat £190). PHOTO90
8331863 cvr Forfar-Victoria(rec’rs + 1 h/st to colony), 6d (SG84). Cat £225(cvr).65
8341864 outer London(4 pmk)-Trieste via Aachen(red franco pmk), 1d star + 6d SG84(possibly azure tint). PH.75
8351864 long cvr Bath-Philadelphia, rare blk of 4 1/= SG71 min.cat £2200 + HS flaw. 48cts h/st. PHOTO1250
8361864 EL Glasgow-France, 4d SG81 pl.4. Min.cat £300(cvr).65
8371864 outer Glasgow-Messina, 6d SG84. Boxed Piroscafi Postali Francesi. Cat £225(cvr).50
8381865 cvr London-Switz(TPO rec’r), 1d pl.84 + 6d SG97 & twin 46 pmk. PHOTO75
8391865 EL Liverpool-Capt ship America c/o N.York per Australasia, 1/= SG90. 2-line red Insufficiently Stamped. 38cts h/s. Cat £450(cvr). PHOTO120
8401865 outer Manchester-Hamburg(oval blue rec’r) via Ostend, 6d SG83.80
8411865 EL Liverpool-La Guayra(destination) per Ada Wilson, 6d SG85. Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO100
8421865 outer Manchester-Lyon, 4d SG95 scarcer pl.7(cat £130).50
8431866 cvr London-Frankfurt aus England per Aachen franco blue pmk, 6d SG97 pl.5 Cat £225(cvr).50
8441866 cvr London WC26-Philadelphia(rec’rs inc 3cts) via L’pool(quartered b/st) per Scotia, 1/= SG101. PH.125
8451866 cvr Melrose-Australia(rec’rs) via London, pair 3d SG92. Cat £750(cvr), PHOTO220
8461866 EL London(late fee rev)-Bordeaux, 4d SG94 pl.8(x5 cat £450). PHOTO200
8471867 regd cvr ItalianConsulate(fine seal)-Bologna via Susa-Milan TPO,4d SG94 pl.9 +1/=SG115 pl.4(x2).PH150
8481867 outer London(47 pmk)-Vera Cruz(destination), 1/= SG117 pl.450
8491867 cvr London SW17-Australia, 3-colour 1d pl.102, 3d SG72, 6d SG97 pl.5(cat £493). PHOTO250
8501867 outer London(48 pmk)-Greece(destination/rec’r), 9d pl.4 (SG98). Cat £1400(cvr). PHOTO400
8511868 outer Bradford-Leipzig’aus England per Aachen franco’(blue), rare strip 4 SG103 pl.4(cat £1200) .PH500
8521869 firms EL Glasgow-Lisbon, 2d blue pl.12 + 4d SG95 pl.10(both scarce pl’s cat £290). Oval Franca. PH.200
8531869 EL Liverpool-Paris, 1d pl.114(pair)+ 6d mauve SG109 scarcer pl.8(cat £170). PHOTO80
8541869 regd cvr Blackburn-Rochester, 1d pl.129 + 4d SG95 pl.11(cat £100).50
8551869 EL Liverpool-Genoa, pair 3d SG102 pl.5(cat £140).60
8561869 cvr London WC22-passenger,P&O,Suez, 6d SG109 pl.8 + 2/= SG118 pl.1. Cat £965(cvr). PHOTO300
8571869 EL London(106 pmk)-Lyon, 4d SG95 pl.11. Boxed red LI & Too Late GPO. Cat £140(cvr).40
8581871 cvr London EC76-Munich, strip of 3 3d SG103 pl.6(cat £210). PHOTO100
8591871 EL London-Trieste, 3-colour 1d pl.121(x2),3d SG103 pl.5,4d SG95 pl.12(cat £167). PHOTO125
8601871 regd cvr Hereford(oval red pmk)-Ledbury via Gloster Station, 6d SG109 pl.950
8611872 regd local London cvr, scarce combo 1½d SG52 scarcer pl.1 + 4d SG94 pl.12(cat £185). PHOTO125
8621872 firms outer London-Florence, 2d blue pl.13 + 1/= SG117 pl.5(cat £75). Boxed L2. PHOTO65
8631873 cvr Harrogate-Australia(& redirected with 3 rec’rs), 6d grey scarce pl.12. Cat £375(cvr). PHOTO100
8641873(Feb) outer London-Smyrna(destination), 10d brn SG112. Cat £850(cvr). Early use Br.PO rec’r. PHOTO260
8651873 firms EL London-Riga(destination/rec’r),2d blue pl.14 +3d SG144 pl.11(cat £118).Red Wfr 1½ .65
8661874 crested env Marlborough-Bishop of N.York,Phila(rec’rs), pair 6d grey SG146 pl.13(cat £180). PHOTO90
8671874 cvr London N28-Tasmania(rec’rs inc Circular Head & Ship Letter Inwards Free), 3d SG143 pl.15 + 6d SG146 pl.13 (cat £170). PHOTO100
8681875 firms EL London-Hamburg(fancy horseshoe rec’r), pair 2½d SG139 pl.3(cat £350). PHOTO150
8691875 firms EL London-Calcutta via Sea PO D, 1/= SG150 pl.12. Cat £240(cvr). PHOTO80
8701876 EL London-Ragusa(Dalmatia rec’r) via Vienna, 2½d SG141 scarce pl.3(cat £150).65
8711877 EL London(L1 late fee pmk)-Lyon, ½d pl.12 + 3d SG143 pl.18(cat £110).65
8721877 EL Manchester-La Guayra(Venezuela) via L’pool scarce PLO cds, 1/= SG148 pl.12(x2 cat £320). PH.175
8731877 cvr London EC71-New South Wales(rec’rs), 8d SG156. Cat £625(cvr). PHOTO200
8741878 EL London EC53-Oporto, 2½d mauve SG141 pl.11(x2 cat £170).65
8751878 EL Lombard St,London-Paris, 1d pl.194 + 2½d SG141 pl.11 & LS5 L1 late fee pmks (cat £90).50
8761880 cvr Stockwell-Lt in Inniskilling Regt,H.Kong(rec’r) & redirected back, 2½d SG142 pl.19(x2 cat £110). 65 877 1880 cvr Manchester-Bahia(Brazil), pair 4d sage-grn SG153 pl.16(cat £600). PHOTO300
8781881 regd(oval blue pmk) cvr Bolton-Preston, ½d(SG165)+1d lilacs 14 dots(x3 cat £157). Inc £3000. PHOTO75
8791882 EL London-Paris, 2½d blue SG157 pl.23 with rare cds pmk. Cat £35+75%.40
8801882 cvr Berkhamsted-India via Sea PO F, 5d SG169. Cat £325(cvr). PHOTO100
8811883 cvr Edinburgh-Bremen, 2½d blue SG157 pl.22(x2 cat £90).45
8821883 cvr(inc letter ex Forest Hill) London WC(SMP pmk)-Shropshire, 1½d SG167.60
8831884 EL Liverpool(sq.circ)-Vera Cruz per Oaxaca, 4d dull green pair SG192. Cat £570(cvr). PHOTO200
8841884 cvr London WC8-Paris, ½d+2d(SG187+9). Cat £160(cvr).50
8851884 EL Hythe-Army surgeon,India via Sea PO B, 5d dull green SG193. Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO100
8861886 firms outer Manchester-Vera Cruz(rec’r) per Aurania via NY, 4d dull grn SG192. Cat £350(cvr). PHOT.100
8871887 OHMS cvr War Office,London-military staff,Bermuda(destination & blue rec’r), 4d(SG205). 20 888 1887 cvr London(scarce cds only)-Kimberley Diamond Mines,S.Africa, 6d grn SG194. Nice wax seal(rev).PH200
8891887 QV 2d regd env H2 Throgmorton St-Amsterdam + 3d,1/=(SG191,211 cat £180). PHOTO125
8901890(May) local London cvr, 9d Jubilee (SG209) & fine Guildhall 1d Post Jubilee pmk. PHOTO150
8911897 complete London share broker receipt with QV 1/= Contract Note revenue tied.10
8921899 QV double embossed 2½d+6d(10a+14a) env Manchester-Hamburg + pair 2d Jubilees.50
8931900 ppcs(2) Kentish Town or Gt Yarmouth(both sq.circ)-Naples(sq.circ rec’rs) @ 1d lilac rates.12
8941901 QV 2d regd env London SWDO-Switz + 3d,1/= Jubilees(SG212+4). 1/= rare on cvr. PHOTO400
8951903 KEVII 2d+1d regd env insured London WCDO-Thos.Cook,Switz +2½d,9d(SG250).Box Late Fee 2d.PH125
8961905 KEVII 2d+1d regd env size G Oldham-Munich + pair 2d (SG226 cat £70).45
8971907 regd OHMS cvr London EC Chief Office-USA, 1½d+3d (SG223,232b).25
8981908 local Manchester Xmas card @ ½d rate with fine Xmas machine pmk type 5. PHOTO65
8991908 Br.Bechuanaland regd env(imprint cut-out) Ben Rhydding(Leeds)-Liverpool + 2 QV 1½d cut-outs tied.25
9001911(Nov) firms env London (L1 hooded pmk)-Munich, perfinned mixed Kings SG284+330(cat £19).20
9011911 KEVII 1d p.stat.lettercard comm.used London-Germany + mixed reigns KEVII ½d, KGV 1d(SG268,327)20
9021911(Dec) ppc comm.used Richmond-Enfield, ½d p15x14 (SG279). Cat £100(cvr)30
9031911 KEVII 1d p.stat.env + 1½d(SG287 cat £38) London NW(machine cancel)-Germany.25
9041912 KEVII 2d regd env size H Threadneedle St,London-Germany + 2d,2½d (SG284,290 cat £37).25
9051912 regd cvr Belfast-Leeds, 3d grey/lemon SG285a(cat £3250 unused but unpriced used. PHOTO250
9061912(May-Nov)ppcs(3) comm.used @ ½d rate(SG338-40 all with clear no X on crown varieties cat £165).100
9071913 cvr W.London-Strassburg, 1d Mackennal SG336(x4 cat £120). PHOTO100
9081913 Glasgow ppc comm.used to Bradford, ½d cypher wmk no X on crown variety (SG344a cat £175). PH.100
9091916 ppc comm.used London-Belgian Congo (Matadi rec’r) @ 1d rate.15
9101916(Nov) cvr Stevenage-Holland @ 2½d rate. Both censor 1022 + scarce blk/blue-grn Ret'd to Sender by the Censor labels tied boxed RLS London Undelivered cachet.40
9111916 regd cvr St Pauls(Camden Town)-Captain in Engineers,India, 9d agate (SG392 x3).40
9121922 comm.cvr Highgate-Chile(destination/rec’r), 3-colour KGV ½d(x2),1d(x2 diff inc SG361 cat £50),1½d.40
9131924(Jun) cvr + p/card(2 items) Windsor-Liverpool, 1d or 1½d Wembley (SG430-1 cat £26).20
9141924 regd cvr Norwood-Cheadle, Wembley 1d(strip of 3)+1½d (SG430-1 cat £48).40
9151924(Nov) airmail cvr London-Vienna via Berlin, 2d+2½d pale blue (SG421-2).20
9161925(Aug) seafront ppc Margate-USA, 1½d Wembley (SG433 cat £70).50
9171925(Sept) ppc London-Germany, 1d+1½d Wembley cat £100 & fine Torchlight Tattoo Wembley Stadium.PH75
9181925 Indian Pavilion ppc comm.used Wembley(lion exhib’n pmk)-Hants, 1d (SG432 cat £30).20
9191925(Oct) Wembley 1½d p.stat.env comm.used Wallasey-London.25
9201929(Mar) IA illus FFC London-India, 1½d(SG420) blk of 5 with inverted wmk.20
9211929 regd cvr High St,Birmingham-Worcester, pair 2½d PUC (SG437 cat £20).25
9221930 KGV large format private printed 1d+3d p.stat.env(ESC778) London-Czechoslovakia. Uncommon.25
923Lymington: 1930s RP unused RP sepia ppcs(7 diff) of pier station,river,high st,quay,Waterford,shipyards etc.20
9241931(Feb) illus IA FFC London-Aswan(Egypt) @ 5d rate.15
9251931(Mar) IA illus FFC London-Kisumu(Kenya) @ 7d rate.15
9261931(Mar) German airmail Cable advert cvr London-Vienna via Berlin @ 4d rate.15
9271931(Aug) airmail cvr London NW9-Turkey via Paris-Istanbul, SG419-20(x2: all inverted wmks).20
9281931(Dec) illus/cacheted FFCs(2) London-S.Africa @ 1/= rate inc 3-colour 1d,2d,9d.20
9291932(Apr) FFC Liverpool-Limassol(Cyprus) @ 3½d rate.20
9301933(Apr) airmail cvr London-Argentina & onto passenger SS Reina del Pacifica,Canal Zone via France@ 4/=25
9311933(July) printed official IA FFC London-Calcutta, SG425+29(x2). Better shades: ochre/buff-brn.25
9321934 airmail ppc(unusual thus) Yelverton(Somerset)-Holland @ 2½d rate.15
9331934(Jun) cacheted FFCs(2) Hull-Amsterdam or Berlin both @ 4d rate.20
9341934(Aug) illus patriotic Dunlop rubber airmail env Liverpool-Cape Town, scarce 10d (SG428 cat £40).30
9351934(Oct) airmail cvr to Australia via air race, ½d+4d & Mildenhall Aerodrome skeleton pmk.20
9361935 Air France env London-Syria (French FPO 515 rec'r) via Beirut, SG441 pair.20
9371935 German airmail cvr London-B.Aires, SG429 + 5/=,10/= seahorses cat £165. PHOTO150
9381935(May 7) regd FDC Fleet St(oval rubber pmk)-Sussex with S.Jubilee set (SG453-6).25
9391936(Sept 1) local Glasgow KEVII printed FDC of ½d,1½d,2½d.50
9401937 KGV 4½d regd env insured(label) London-Denmark + mixed KGV-VI SG426a,47(9d),64.20
9411938 airmail cvr London-Capt,MS Slemmestad,Indochina(Hanoi rec'r), perfinned 2½d (SG466 x12).20
9421939(Jun-Aug) IA(per Caribou)/Pan-am illus/printed FFCs(2) London-N.York/Canada, SG449+467 or 471-2.15
9431940(May 6) regd local London illus Centenary FDC of SG479-84 & sp.red pmks.20
9441942(July-Sept) comm.cvrs(2) to Herts @ 2½d rates with boxed violet or circ.black Czech fieldpost pmks.25
9451949(Dec) 1st BOAC Stratocruiser illus FFC London-N.York, UPU 6d SG501(x2).15
9461953(Jun 3) regd airmail Coronation FDC to USA with scarce sp.Arundel pmk. PHOTO100
9471963 Red X phosphor set (SG642p-4p cat £55) on illus local London WC FDC with FDI pmk.35
9481964-9 BEA illus/cacheted Trident FFCs(2) London-Moscow or Rome @ 6d or 9d rates15
9491966 Clydesdale Bank regd parcel label(HVP etiquette) London-Glasgow, 1/=+5/=,10/=,£1 BW Castles.25
9501972 Wedgwood bklet panes complete set with sp.pmks on 4 illus FDCs(3 unadd). ½p s/band good perfs.25
951Officials: 1902 OHMS cvr Sheerness-Rugby(station rec'r), pair ½d army official(O48).35
9521903 OHMS cvr Royal Naval College,Greenwich-Brighton, scarcer 1d (O102). Cat £300(cvr). PHOTO100
953Postal Fiscal: 1881(Oct) cvr Errol(Scotland)-Hinckley, 1d die 4 (F22).40
954P.Due: 1924 underpaid fleet in harbour ppc Malta-Dorset, tax marks both countries + ½d,1d P.Dues.15
9551925 underpaid ppc Belgium-London, tax marks & 1½d P.Due (D12 cat £22) & Paddington pmk.20
9561936 unpaid cvr Wan Tsai(H.Hong cds rev)-Surrey, GB 1½d disallowed,2 diff tax marks inc 3½d & D10,14.PH50
9571949 unpaid cvr Newmarket-Cambridge, 5d tax mark + ½d(D27 x10 inc blk 8 cat £37) tied reverse.35
9581954 unpaid p/card Bethnal Grn-B'mouth then Devon. 2 diff.4d tax marks + 4d blue P.Due (D38 cat £22).20
959Alderney: 1948 Liberation illus FDC to UK of SGC1-2 with scarcer Alderney pmk.25
960Guernsey: 1798 EL to Scotland rated 1/3d, rare concave GUERNSEY. PHOTO250
9611941(Feb 18) illus 1d arms (SG2) FDC to Jersey.20
9621942(Apr 9) plain FDC to Jersey of 1d banknote (SG5). PHOTO75
963Jersey: 1811 outer to London rated 1/= with very good Jersey scroll. PHOTO75
9641941 local cvr franked 1d arms (SG2) with extra framelines at right & base.15
9651943 local cvr to St Brelades, SG1+2e(x2: greyish paper cat £34).30
9661947 illus QSL radio card comm.used to UK @ GB KGVI 1d rate.15
967Herm:1962-9 cvrs/ppcs(8)all franked locals inc sets + 1972 Guernsey ppc comm.used ex Herm + locals bklet.25
968Lundy: 1961-95 cvrs/ppcs(19)all franked diff. locals inc sets, metermarks inc delayed by storm, RAF flown etc50
969GREECE: (see lots 160,385): 1853-4 outers(2) rated 2 or 4 with Sta Maura oval fancy pmks in red or blue.25
9701863 underpaid outer Trieste-Athens taxed with 3-colour 4mgn 10L,20L,40L(SG19-20,28 min.cat £120).PH.125
9711895 Hermes 20L red p.stat.env comm.used Pyrgos-Patras.20
9721914 riflemen action ppc comm.used Chios-Egypt(rec'r), 3-colour SG253-5.25
9731917 5L blue military feldpostkarte comm.used ex Chios with circ.violet Chios B4 censor.30
9741926(Sept) Aero Expresso Italiana flown cvr Athens-Brindisi(rec’r), SG217(x3),21 + violet air surch.cachet.PH50
9751934(May) Air Union cacheted FFC Drama-Athens, SG416(x2)+68. STB c50 flown.35
9761939(Apr) printed/cacheted EEES FFC Athens-Candia(Crete), SG488a-b,503,C482,C525.20
9771938-52 air cvrs(2) Piraeus/Alexandropolis-UK/USA, SG479+88d or 696 & 2 diff.Greek exchange control label15
9781945 advert cvr Athens-UK, SG607+613. Greek Examiner label 1575 tied circ.Greek censor.15
9791945(Feb) GB KGVI 3d forces regd env FPO 776(Athens)-UK. RAF censor + printed regd label.25
9801953 illus Rhodes QSL radio card comm.used to UK, SG663+698.15
981Dodecanese: 1947 airmail cvr Rhodes-USA, 3-colour EAA opts G1,3,4(x3 cat 800€ cvr).Env.faults.PHOTO100
982Salonika: 1887 Turkish 20pa outward half of reply card(P5f) comm.used to Paris & Salonique type 8 blk pmk.25
9831917 Serbian Economic Military printed env Tresor et Postes 510(Salonica)-USA via Corfu(Serbian FPO 999), French 10c+15c sowers. Box violet Serbian censor 73.40
984GREENLAND: 1939 cvr Marmorilik-Denmark, 1o-15o (SG1-5).25
9851950(Aug 15) illus FDC Godthab-Holland, original set to 5kr (SG26-30,33-5 cat £25).40
9861958 cvr Godthab-Maribo(Denmark), scarce(on cvr) 30o TB opt (SG43).25
9871970 regd parcel card Julianehab-Capt,M/S Peter Anker,Holsteinborg(rec’r), hi-vals SG36,59-60.20
9881970-3 illus/cacheted Arctic Supply vessel cvrs(4) to UK/USA ex MS Nanok S or Edith Neilsen & Holsteinborg, Nanortalik,Pamiut(Frederikshab) or Kakortok(Julianehab) pmks.30
989GRENADA: 1889 cvr to UK, 4d (SG33).40
9901896 QV ½d p.stat.reply card complete comm.used St Georges-Trinidad(rec'r) + ½d(SG30).40
9911901 comm.cvr St Patricks-UK, QV 1d tied reverse. Pmk also on front.40
9921919 regd cvr Crochu(scarcer village pmk)-USA, 1d SG92(x3). PHOTO50
9931941 airmail cvr St Georges-USA @ 1/5d rate (4-colour SG153b(x2),4,b,6b,60). S/line red Passed by Censor.20
9941941-2 cvrs(2) St Georges-USA @ 3½d or 1/5d(3-colour airmail) rates. Censor 7 or Examiner SS/5 labels.30
995GUATEMALA: 1908 3c p.stat.card(firms printed reverse re Indiana cargo) used locally(violet local post pmk).25
99619 25 regd AR cvr Guatemala City-UK, hi-vals SG208(x2)-9.25
997HAITI: 1901 2c p.stat.card, H&G2 comm.used Pt au Prince-Holland + 1c(SG67).20
9981926(Apr) flown cvr Pt au Prince-Cap Haitien, 4-colour SG294+6(x2 ea),300-1 & airmail h/stamps.25
9991930(Mar) NYRBA cacheted scarcer FFC to Antigua(rec’r), SG298.25
1000HONDURAS: (see lot 55): 1935 airmail cvr Comayaguela-Sweden, SG365,67,73.15
10011936 airmail cvr San Pedro Sula-Jamaica, SG368,72,74(scarce 50c). S/line Late.20
1002HONG KONG: (see lot 876,956): 1902 cvr Canton-France via Victoria(HK), 10c(Z181).30
10031904 ppc to Jersey(destination) via Shanghai, KEVII 2c(x2) & Liu Kung Tau pmk.40
10041913 cvr Swatow-USA via H.Kong per SS Monteagle,KEVII 2c(x3)+10c (Z964+7 cat £32). PHOTO65
10051916 advert cvr Canton-USA via H.Kong, Z223-4(x2 cat £10).30
10061935 p/card comm.used Wantsai-Germany, 8c(SG123).35
10071936(Mar) IA illus/cacheted FFCs(2) to Penang(rec’r) or UK per RMA Dorado, SG125 or 125-6+8(3-colour).50
10081937(Apr) FAM-14 cacheted FFC to USA, KGV 30c,50c,$2 (SG127-8,30).25
10091941(Apr) regd Clipper airmail cvr to UK, SG157($2 x2)+167-8(cat £106). PHOTO90
10101941(Jun) regd Clipper airmail cvr to UK, rare hi-rate SG159($5),161($10 x2),167(cat £340). PHOTO250
10111946(Mar) OHMS cacheted official airmail(GcrownR env rev) Civil Affairs-GHQ India, Indian FPO 127 pmk.25
10121949 airmail cvr to UK, SG153b + UPU 173-4,6(cat £15).20
10131953 regd airmail cvr to UK, SG145a(x2),53c,56c(x2 cat £30+).25
10141960 airmail cvr Kai Tak-Italy, scarce 65c (SG186 cat £19).20
10151968 advert(camera illus)air cvr to Tanganyika(scarce),SG222,3(blk 4),24(x2),42,45,47-8,50-1(x2 ea cat £35).25
10161987(July) illus local FDC of new defins to $50 (SG538-46 cat £50) & Lamma pmks.30
10171997(Jan) illus unadd.FDC of se-tenant defins 10c-$50 (MS684-5).10
1018 HUNGARY: (see lots 51,1504,1833-4): 1912 5f p.stat.card comm.used Verbo-Java(destination) + 5f. 20
10191915 cvr Karlovac-Prague, 3-col.War Charity SG170(x2),1,2(x2). 3-line Karlovac censor 9. KuK regt cachet.20
10201915 advert cvr Szatmar-Helyben, P.Dues D170-1(x4 ea) used as postage.15
10211915 regd cvr Bia-Budapest, 4-colour War Charity SG172,4,7-8.25
10221921 army p.stat.p/card regd Gyor-Mezokovesso, SG251+261.25
10231923 regd illus cvr Budapest-Papa, 4-colour SG379(blk 4)-80,410,12 tied reverse.25
10241930(May 15) regd FDC Budapest-USA of St Emeric set (SG518-21 cat £13).25
10251930(Sept) regd Budapest acceptance on Graf Zepp Baltic Sea flight to Sweden(rec’r), airs SG479-86.PH.75
10261931(Mar) Graf Zepp cacheted flown cvr to F’hafen(rec’r), SG481-2 + both 1p+2p Zeppelins cat £260. PH.100
10271939-62 internal ppcs/p.stat(16) all comm.used with boxed 3-line inc date postal agency pmks.50
1028Carpatho-Ukraine: 1939 illus(Jasina)cvr to Prague, SG541-2(x2 ea) tied Hungarian FPO 102 cachet.25
1029ICELAND: 1902 Christian IX 3a-10a reply p.stat.cards(P35-8) + 1907 2 Kings 5a-10a reply cards(P47-9) unus25
10301910 comm.cvr Reykjavik-Edinburgh, 20a 2 Kings (Fa84).30
10311913-18 local Reykjavik commercial ppc + cvr @ 3a or 4a rates (SG82-3).40
10321938(Dec 1) local Reykjavik cacheted FDC of Independence set (SG234-6 cat £45).30
10331939(July) illus FF card Sandskeid-Reykjavik, SG156(air ovpt) + 237(scarce on cvr 5 on 35a).25
10341940-1 cvrs(2 inc airmail) Seydisfjordur/Borganes-UK, 45a(pair) or 60a p14 geysir.25
10351941-2 censored cvrs(2) Halldorsstadir/Reykjavik-UK/USA, SG226+47a or 246(x2)+262.30
10361947 airmail cvr Keflavik Airport-London Airport, 8-colour SG199,226,43a-4a,48-50,54(2kr p11½).25
10371955 airmail cvr Reykjavik-UK, 2k45 Hafstein (SG326 cat £36).30
10381957(Aug 1) 25kr Presidency (SG349) on scarce illus unadd.FDC40
10391974(Aug) cacheted return Flugstodir FFCs(2) Reykjavik-Selfoss, SG517. Both pilot signed.20
1040INDIA: 1858 cvr Fattergurh-UK via Bombay, 4a blk/blued (SG35 cat £22).30
10411861 firms EL Bombay-Marseille charged 9 via Suez(Poss.Angl.red cds).Diamond GB1f62 4/10c accountancy25
10421861 outer Madras-Scotland, 2a+4a(SG41+5 cat £60). Boxed Arbuthnot & Co cachet. India Paid red crescent45
10431863 cvr Sholapore-Kirkee, pair 1a SG40(cat £14). S/line Too-Late.20
10441875 QV 1a brn/blue p.stat.env regd Amritsar-Jhelum via Umballa + 4as SG69.25
10451895 regd cvr Ootacamund-UK, 1½a+4a(x2: SG90,95) & Pykara pmk.25
10461892-5 internal p.stat/envs to UK(4) with 6 fine crescents pmks: Jeypore City,Nusseerabad(x2 diff),Bangalore40
10471902 QV-KEVII ¼a & 1a p.stat.reply cards(2: H&G14,16) fine unused.25
10481905-8 mix franking QV 1a on 2½a or KEVII ½a p.stat.envs(2 diff) regd Delhi Rail Stn/Bhim-Tal/Harisal-UK + SG103,117+122 or 122(x2).25
10491918 cvr Norwegian Foreign Ministry-Norwegian Consulate,Madras @ 30o rate. Both Bombay circ.censor 23 & blk/white armourial censor label. See also lots 37,75,302,1244,1286,1299.25
10501922(Mar) cvr HRH Prince of Wales Camp PO(sp.pmk STB Peshawar)-Bombay, ¼a on ½a (SG110 x2).20
10511929 Swiss Consulate Bombay env to Swiss Consul Java(destination/rec’r), perfin 1a+2a (SG203+5 cat £18).20
10521935 internal cvr@ 1a + UK airmail @ 7½a both with Support the Jubilee Fund slogans: Bangalore or Poona.20
10531935 airmail cvr Bombay-UK, SG210+45(3½a S.Jubilee cat £14).15
10541937 OHMS Nawab of Rampur cvr Army HQ(crest)-UK, Service O109b+127c(pairs) tied reverse.20
1055WW2 airmail/seamail advert cvrs(12) to mainly N.America with all different red/white or brn censor label types inc many armourial. Vals to 1r inc many 3-4 colour frankings.50
10561944 cvr RAFPost 3(Bangalore)-Ootycamund, 1½a (SG269c). Both Field Censor 33 + RAF censors.10
10571951 6a green airletter used Bhagalpur City-Cyprus(destination/rec’r) ‘under postal cert’(h/st). Egypt censor.15
10581954 Stamp Centenary 9pi p.stat.card fine unused with scarce blue Specimen ovpt.25
1059Indochina commission: 1968 illus unadd. FDC of N50-7(cat £32) with FPO 742(Saigon) pmk.25
10601954(Dec 1) set of 3 illus FDCs of ovpts N1-15(cat £55) & Saigon,Phnom Penh or Vientiane pmks.50
1061Used abroad: 1898 native cvr to Bombay, QV ½a blue-grn & Bushire sq.circle pmk reverse.25
10621907 cvr Busrah(sq.circ)-Bombay, KEVII 2½a (SG126) tied reverse.30
10631924-32 cvrs(2 inc advert) Muscat-Karachi(underpaid inc env fault) or Bombay, both@1a rate(Z78,84 cat £16)25
1064INDIAN STATES: Bamra: 1894 ¼a grn p.stat.card, H&G1 fine unused.15
1065Bundi: 1941 3p blue (SG79) on commercial p/card.25
10661945 regd native cvr with 2a deep brn (SG82a x2 cat £40) tied reverse. 1 damaged on opening. PHOTO75
1067Chamba: 1894 QV ¼a p.stat.card + ½a p.stat.env comm.used to Lahore/Nurpur (2 items).15
1068Cochin: 1892 2put purple p.stat.env, H&G3 fine unused.10
10691942-7 4p or 6p Maharajah p.stat.cards(2, H&G14 or 19) comm.used Irinjakhda-Adar.25
10701937-48 6p or 9p Maharajah p.stat.envs(2: H&G18Aa or 22) used Peruwantja/native pmk-Chodai/Trichur.25
1071Faridkot: 1893 QV ¼a p.stat.card + ½a env used locally or Koktapura(sq.circ)-Bombay (2 items).15
1072Gwalior: 1893 ¼a p.stat.card(scarcer reply half) comm.used Vohna-Joura(rec’r).15
1073Hyderabad: 1871 ½a orange-brn unused example on bluish paper SG13 STB proof.15
10741877-91 ¼a p.stat.card + ½a p.stat.env both commercially used with native pmks.15
1075Indore: 1894 ¼a p.stat.card yellow/brn on grey-brn or grey-violet comm.used (2 items).15
1076Jaipur: 1928-34 ½a blue p.stat.envs(2 diff. H&G4-5) regd + 3a on 8a or 1r (SG32-3c cat £41).50
10771946 ¾a p.stat.env H&G8 regd ex Gangarpur + ¼a,½a(pair),2½a(SG62) making 4-colour franking.25
1078Jhind: 1909 firms p/card comm.used to Bombay via Jhind, 3p(SG42) & J pmk(Rajputana).15
1079Kashmir: 1891 internal ¼a p.stat.card,H&G2 comm.used Udhammur-Jammu(both fine pmks).20
1080Morvi:1935 3p p.stat.card, H&G5 comm.used to Nava Devaliu.20
1081Nabha: 1934 firms p/card comm.used Jaita-Lachhmangarh, 3p+½a (SG60-1).10
1082Patiala: 1902 cvr Police Inspector,Patiala-Lucknow, pair ½a (SG33).15
10831918 ¼a p.stat.card, H&G18 comm.used Rama(hooded skeleton money order pmk)-Sri Madhopur(rec’r).15
10841941 firms p/card comm.used Barnala-Ramgarh(Jaipur), scarce 9pi (SG100 cat £16).20
1085Saurashtra: 1949 cvr Veraval-Junagarh, 1a on ½a (SG58) tied reverse.25
10861938-49 3p or ½p.stat.cards(2, H&G1b or 5) comm.used.20
1087Soruth: native cvr with 1886 1s emerald-grn (SG19g) tied reverse. Scarce.20
1088Travancore: 1890 8ca p.stat.card comm.used to Trivandrum & refused.10
10891922 5c on 4c p.stat.card, H&G21 comm.used Vaikam-Trivandrum.15
10901936-41 6c rose p.stat.cards(12,H&G24) comm.used with Changanapratry,Pallom,Quilon,Kotteyam,Kallisseri, Chempu,Rogercoil,Chalai,Aloor,Attingal,Perur,Perumbavur or Thiruvella pmks.65
1091Travancore Cochin: 1950 4p blue ‘elephants’ p.stat.card, H&G4 fine unused.10
1092IRAN: 1911 regd censored cvr Kasvin-Teheran(no.8 rec’r), 1kr(SG374) + 2 others lost in transit.10
10931913-18 comm.cvrs(3) Shiraz(oval pmk)-Isfahan No.4, Kirmanshah-Hamada or Isfahan-Dehkord @ 6ch-9ch.25
10941920 cvrs(2 inc advert) Teheran-Kasvin or Kasvin-Isfahan via Teheran both @ 6ch. Circ.censors 4 or 5.40
10951922 cvr Chiraz-UK via Bouchir, 1kr (SG374) tied reverse.20
10961928(Apr) cacheted FFC Teheran-Bushire, SG629,43,45.20
10971943(Feb) OAS censored cvr Indian FPO 105(scarce missing No known 1 week only)-UK, GB 2d(x5).30
1098IRAQ: 1921(Feb) early airmail front Baghdad-Ireland via Cairo, 3a+1r Br.Occ.ovpts (SG6+11).25
10991924(Nov) regd overland mail Baghdad-Haifa cvr Lower Baghdad(violet box bilingual h/st)-UK, SG45+7.30
11001925 regd advert cvr Lower Baghdad-Germany, 3-colour SG41-2,5.25
11011942 airmail cvrs(2) Baghdad/Habbaniya-UK/Egypt, SG177+183 or 184 & RAF or Iraqi+Egyptian censors.20
1102IRELAND: 1841 cvr Cork-UK via Dublin, 4mgn 1d imperf & MX pmk. PHOTO100
11031843 EL Nuns Island factory,Galway(cds)-Mountmellick via Kilbeggan. Boxed Paid at Galway.25
11041846 EL Strabane-Sligo(both blue pmks), red mss 1.20
11051857 unstamped EL Youghal-Italy, 3 regd h/st: Dublin unframed, oval crown GPO(London) & Charge(Paris).25
11061878 cvr Coleraine-Paisley, 1d pl.208(cat £40 inc premium for cds pmk).30
11071883 cvr Dublin(scarcer late fee pmk)-Tralee, 1d lilac + ½d grn(SG165).25
11081923 KGV 5d olive size F unused. Very scarce with minor frontal fault. PHOTO100
11091924 1d carmine/buff wrapper + 2d green lettercard (no.1), both fine unused (2).30
11101934(July 27) plain Hurling FDC Bray-UK of SG98. Scarce. PHOTO150
11111947(Sept) Pan-am FFC Limerick-Tokyo, 2/6d (SG123).20
11121955 unpaid local Dublin cvr with tax mark & 6d P.Due (D4).25
11131956 Dublin window env ret’d to sender + 1½d tax mark + P.Due(D7 min.cat £13). Droichead na Dothra pmk.35
11141959 express(label) airmail cvr Ballsbridge-Ethiopia(destination), SG119,134,143a.20
1115ITALY: (see lot 24,31,53,82-3,88,847,1192): 1847 outer Trieste-Cattaro(2-line rec’r) rated 4.25
11161863 EL Bergamo-Milan, 4mgn 15c type 1(Sass.12). C virtually O but not quite Sass.12c.35
11171879 outer Maravera-Cagliari, scarce strip 5 2c on 30c(SG26 cat £85). Cat 300+€(strip). PHOTO100
11181888 regd cvr Naples-UK, 25c (SG34 x2 cat £21).30
11191901 cvr Bellagno(sq.circ)-Switz, 25c (SG59).15
11201909 advert cvr Turin(express rail sq.circ.pmk)-Germany, SG75,90(x3) + 25c express(E73).15
11211921 express(cachet) regd cvr Varese-UK, 40c + 30c express (SG78+E80 x3 ea cat £14) tied reverse.20
11221928 Palermo ppc comm.used to Tunis, SG75(x3)+183(x2) & Citta di Trieste paquebot pmk.25
11231932 hotel ppc comm.used Milan-Abadan,Persian Gulf(destination) via Baghdad, 75c (SG248).20
11241935 express(label + cachet) advert cvr Turin-UK, SG250 + 2L50 express (E181).30
11251937 hotel env Baveno-Berlin, 75c Child Welfare (SG495 x2 cat £23).30
11261938 regd advert cvr Trieste-Gibraltar, SG509,527,533(cat £12).20
11271938 LATI airmail cvr Milan-HM Dockyard,Gibraltar via Morocco, SG513+517(x2 cat £26).30
11281943 RP high street ppc Cesane(Turin)-Rome, 30c brown propaganda stamp + airforce label(SG569).15
1129Eritrea: 1890 Italian 10c p.stat.card used to Marseille,fine Massawa(Red Sea)sq.circ. pmk in use 1885-93.PH65
11301935 airmail cvr Posta Militare 105-Italy, 3-colour SG192,200(x6),205.20
11311935 native ppc comm.used Sasaneiti-Italy, 30c (SG193). See also lots 275-8.20
11321936-7 airmail cvrs/ppc(4) Asmara(4 diff.pmks)-Italy @ 10c-2L50 rates(diff.frankings inc pair SG197).30
1133Levant: 1914 dervishes ppc comm.used C'tinople(Italian PO)-Belgium, 20pa opt (Sass.21).25
1134Modena: 1853 regd EL to Bologna(rec’r), 4mgn 15c+25c(Sass.3-4 cat £108). Cat 435€(cvr). Swiss cert. PH.75
1135Papal States: 1862 EL Rome-Todi via Sarni & Perugia charged 2, 3mgn 3b blk/brn (SG15 cat £90). PHOTO.50
1136Trieste: 1953 regd cvr to Germany, AMG-FTT ovpts SG118(100L)+184(x3).20
1137Tuscany: 1857 EL Firenze-Verona, 6cr blue (SG17 cat £300). Design cut-into at right. PHOTO150
1138JAMAICA: (see lot 15): 1829 long cross-written EL Lloyds-Stirling rated 2/6d with 2-line Spanish-Town/JA.50
11391839 EL Three Mile River-Edinburgh rated 2/3 + ½ with s/line Savanna la Mar(P55) & Kingston(D4). PHOT.125
11401893 QV 1½d p.stat.card comm.used Lucea(s/ring pmk)-UK via Kingston.30
11411941 stampless internment camp(cachets) cvr to USA with 4-line unframed postal censor 5.20
11421948(Dec 1) plain local S.Wedding FDC of SG143-4(cat £75). PHOTO60
1143JAPAN: (see lots 370,1448): 1876-88 5r orange-brn + 1s red or blue p.stat.cards(7) all commercially used.25
11441873-4 ½s & 1s p.stat.cards(2: PC4-5) internally used.40
11451879-85 2s grn + 3s grn&orange-yell single+reply p.stat.cards, Sakura FC4-5,7(3) all fine unused.65
11461882 2s p.stat.env(SE13) internally used.15
11471885 1s red (PC13) p.stat.reply card fine unused.25
11481907 Sagami Moru(ship ppc) posted en route Chefoo back to Yokohama, 1½s(SG136).20
11491919(May) stampless POW env German internee,Matsujama-Sweden with Camp chop. PHOTO50
11501948(Jun) cvr to UK, Australia 5½d & scarcer NZ APO 222 FPO 5(Kiwa Hospital) pmk.25
11511950 regd airmail cvr Kobe(blue pmk)-Sweden, SG433b,44,94,579(x3 cat £92). PHOTO75
1152Antarctic: 1957 illus cvr Prince Harald Base-Japan, UPU minisheet (MS550) tied sp.pmk.25
1153 JORDAN: 1951 regd(Anman label)air cvr Amman-Switz,mix currency SG295,T304(x2 ea)+ Palestine opt P11. 25
11541965 scarce bilingual formular regd env Amman-UK, SG455+581(x2). See also lots 9,1428,1740-2.25
1155KENYA etc: (see lot 67): 1896 2½a Indian p.stat.env(B4) with British East Africa blue ovpt fine unused.15
11561917 KGV 6c p.stat.env regd Mombasa-India + 25c (SG50-b).25
11571923 regd cvr Chief Acct(h/st+seal)Nairobi-Switz via Mombasa,3-col.SG81(rare 12c)-2,87(1sh cat £40+).PH150
11581924 KGV 15c p.stat.card comm.used Njoro(2-ring pmk)-Mau Summit.30
11591931 KGV 45c regd env size G airmail Nakuru-UK via Kisumu + SG78,87(1sh).25
11601931-4 Tanganyika airmail cvrs(4) to Europe/USA ex Moshi(x2),Dar or Amani with SG97(x6),95-6(x3),95+98a (x2) or 98a(x3). Boxed violet By Air to London or Brindisi.50
11611935 surface/airmail cvrs(3) Moro,Lumuru,Kabarnet(via Eldama Ravine)-UK, S.Jubilee SG124,124-5 or 126.20
11621935 airmail cvr Lohumbo Station-France, Tanganyika SG95-6(x3) via 2 diff.TPOs: Tabora-Mwanza & Dar- Tabora. Boxed By Air to Brindisi.20
11631937(Aug 24) local Mombasa cvr with mixed KGV-VI SG111,4-5,28-30 & skeleton Exhibition pmks.20
11641937 regd airmail cvr Nairobi-UK, mixed KGV-VI vals to 10/= (SG110-22,28-30 cat £180+). PHOTO150
1165WW2 air cvr Fleet Mail Office-UK, SG137(x2)+45 & box violet FMO Paid cachets.Box Passed Naval Cens.PH50
11661942 cvr Usambura(Rwanda)-Dar @ 2f50 rate. R/15 Examiner label.20
11671942-3 cvrs(2 inc airmail) Kisii or Nairobi-USA/India @ 30c or 1s30 rate & Examiner N/146 or 148 labels.25
11681949 cvr Mombasa-UK, S.Wedding SG157-8(cat £70). No flap. PHOTO50
11691950-55 Xmas illus airletter or printed scenic(both sides) env Kampala-UK@50c or Dar-Kamwenge@ 20c.(2).25
11701953 SAS airmail(label) cvr Limuru-UK, 4-colour SG133a(x3),38,40,44ea (cat £27+).20
11711953-4 KGVI regd envs(2) airmail sizes G or H Kisumu/Njoro-UK + 2s50 or 3s80 with vals to 2sh.25
11721954 pastoral ppc comm.used Ndanda(scarce skeleton pmk)-Switz, 25c (SG140).20
1173KOREA: NZ forces: 1952(July)-53(Jan) cvrs(2) to UK/Australia @ GB 2½d or NZ 10d rates & NZAPO 444 FPO 2(Taegu) or 4(Tokchong) pmks.40
1174KUWAIT: 1957 airmail cvr to UK, 3-colour SG98,110(x2),13.15
1175LABUAN: 1947 forces mail folded cvr Victoria-UK, 4-colour N.Borneo SG335-8.25
1176LAOS: 1955 cvr FPO 744(Vientiane)-India, Indochina commission opts (N6-10 cat £20) on India.15
11771965 regd airmail cvr Vientiane-USA, pictorials SG39(100p),71,116,149(cat £18+).25
1178LATVIA: 1873 1st Russian p.stat.card comm.used Libau-Russia via TPO 45.25
11791939 advert cvr Riga-HM Dockyard,Gibraltar(destination), 3-col.mix SG127,278(x3)-9(x5). Local costume(rev)15
1180LEBANON: 1936(Oct 12) regd cvr Beyrouth-UK, skiing set SG191-8(cat £230). FDC. PHOTO175
11811941(Sept) YMCA stampless env Aust.3rd Bde HQ PO M3(Ain Sofar)-Gaza,then Jerusalem. 3 diff.triang.cens.25
11821941(Dec) airmail censored cvr AIF FPO12(Beirut)-Australia, Aussie 9d (SG173).25
11831948(Nov 23) illus UNESCO FDC Beirut-Denmark, SG379-88(cat £36) & sp.pmk. See also lot 13.30
1184LEEWARDS: 1926-31 KGV 1d violet or red p.stat.cards(2: H&G10 or 15) fine unused.30
11851925 regd OHMS PO Antigua env St Johns-Costa Rica(destination),2d+3d (SG51,65 min.cat £27).45
11861929 1d brick-red p.stat.env, H&G9 fine unused ovpt’d Specimen. Scarce. See also lots 104,1264,1537-8.25
11871938(Nov 25) regd cacheted FDCs(2) St Johns(Antigua)-UK, 1/= SG110 or USA SG95-109(¼d-6d) cat £17.20
1188 LIBERIA: 1896 message half of 3c reply card, H&G5 used Harper-UK. Written Epiphany Hall, Cape Palmas. 40
11891900 10c regd envH&G4 Monrovia-L’pool via London&Queenboro ST(scarce hood regd pmk)+5c(SG149).PH50
11901912 beach scene ppc Monrovia-Germany via SS Burutu, 1c (SG250 x2).20
11911949 cvr to Firestone Plantation, faulty 2c on 5c (SG630). & Amonrovi pmk error. Missent to S.Leone & ret’d.25
1192LIBYA: (see lot 38): 1899 cvr Tripoli di Barberia(sq.circ)-Germany, Italian 25c. PHOTO100
11931914 oasis ppc comm.used Zuara(Tripolitania)-Italy @ 5c ovpt rate.25
11941916 camel water carrier ppc Tripoli-France, SG3+17(Red X cat £19). Regiment cachet + red circ.censor.40
11951921 ppc comm.used Zuara City-Genoa, 25c ovpt (SG9).25
11961940 airmail cvr Tripoli-Austria, 1L air+2L(SG45,76). German & Italian military censor labels tied.25
11971953 airmail advert cvr Tripoli-USA, 12m+20m(blk 4) SG181-2. Violet A.V.2 cachet.35
1198LIECHTENSTEIN: 1913 regd cvr Vaduz-Hamburg, 5h-25h (SG2-4 cat £130).PHOTO100
11991930(Aug) regd FFC Vaduz-St Gallen, SG97,110,13(cat £89) tied flight cachet.50
12001932 GPO env Triesenburg-Switz, no value Franco label in yellow-grn.30
12011933 regd official cacheted cvr Vaduz-Vienna, 60rp official p.10½ (O124A cat £70). PHOTO50
12021936 regd express cvr Triesenberg-Bern, minisheet MS153(cat £80).45
12031936(May) regd flown(Hindenburg) cvr Triesenberg-USA, SG151-2(cat £300). PHOTO150
12041939 regd express(label) cvr Vaduz-UK, 1fr+2fr birds (SG181-2 cat £61).45
12051942 official COD cvr Vaduz-Zurich, officials 20c+50c (O153+7 cat £12).15
1206LITHUANIA: 1860 outer Mitau-Libau, Russian 10k (Mi5) tied 2 in dotted circles.30
12071893 regd cvr Wilno-France(chargements rec'r), Russian 10k (SG56 x2) tied reverse.25
12081916(Jan) regd cvr German pilot,Kowno-Berlin, Ob Ost 3pf,5pf,10pf(expertised),20pf,40pf. MP box censor.40
12091936 regd illus patriotic cvr Panevezys-Switz, 4-colour SG390,7,9,408.25
1210LUXEMBURG: 1873-4 formular p.stat.cards(4 diff) on white or yellow(shades) paper good-fine unused.50
12111873 cvr Esch sur Alzette-Belgium via Luxemburg par Arlon(scarce entry cds), 10c (SG25).30
12121889-91 cvrs(2) Lux’bg Station/Rumelange-Belgium/Leipzig, SG85c(x2) or 88c.25
12131892-1911 ppcs(inc Royal Children) or p.stat.cards(all diff) comm.used internally or to Europe with boxed Bettingem-Ettelbruck, Echternach-Ettelbruck or Troisvierges, Ulflingen or Longwy-Lux’burg TPOs (5 items)45
12141932(Aug)-33(Jly) regd cachet FFCs(2) Echternach/Diekirch-Brussels, airs SG297-300 or 296a(x2)+300a.35
12151936(Aug) illus regd printed cvr Philatelic Expo-France, SG347-52(cat £45) & sp.pmks.35
12161946 airmail(Paris-N.York) cvr to USA, scarce SG454+456(x2 cat £18).25
12171953 advert airmail cvr Rumelange-USA, SG546(United Europe)+565(x2 cat £32+).25
12181956 Europa set (SG609-11 cat £100) on illus unadd.FDC with sp.pmk. PHOTO50
1219German Occ: 1941 regd cvr to Hamburg, Winter Relief Fund set (SG429-37 cat £20).20
1220MALAYA: 1908-18 underpaid cvr/p.stat env(2) India/Burma-Penang, tax marks & 4 h/st or box ToPay 4Cents.25
12211930 Straits KGV 2c green p.stat.card(P31) comm.used Penang-Germany + 4c (SG224).25
12221930 On Govt Service local stampless K.Lumpur cvr with cachet of Captain in charge A Company MSVR.25
12231934 underpaid cvr India-Malacca, tax mark & 4c Straits P.Due (D3) tied reverse.20
1224FMS: 1928 underpaid cvr Rangoon-Kajang, tax mark + 2c & 4c P.Dues (D2-3) tied.25
12251930 unpaid cvr India-Ipoh, tax marks & 12c P.Due (D6w) tied rev. Cat £60(cvr).20
12261932 On Govt Service stampless env used locally K.Lumpur. Countersigned cachet Major O/C A Coy MSVR.20
1227Kedah: 1937 comm.cvr Alor Star-USA, 12c (SG58).25
1228Malacca: 1965 airmail cvr Tangga Batu-Tchad(rare destination), mix franking SG50 + Malaysia SG11.20
1229 MPU: 1953 underpaid India 6a airletter Madras Airport(tax mark)-Penang + pair 8c P.Due (D19 cat £22) tied. 40
1230Negri Sembilan: 1949 QSL illus radio card comm.used Bahau-UK, SG43+45.15
1231Perak: 1956 airmail cvr Lumut-UK, SG136a+142(x2).10
1232Selangor: 1956 airmail cvr Sungei Buloh-UK, SG98+104(x2).10
1233Jap.Occ: 1942(Jun) censored(rev) cvr Taiping-K.Lumpur, 8c(J241) & Yubin Kyoku pmk in use 3 months. PH.75
12341943 cvr Malacca-Taiping, 8c (J263). Red Japanese box censor.25
1235 MALTA: 1844 disinfected EL Alexandria(red Br PO cds)-Malta rated 5(red),Purifie au Lazaret 25mm circ.cach. 30
12361911 regd(3 diff. h/st) cvr to Paris, 1/=(SG62) & GPO MX pmk.35
12371911 cvr Victoria Gozo-UK, pair KEVII ½d.20
1238WW2 stampless OAS ppc St Davids Hospital-Ireland, violet circ. undated On Active Service Medtn cachet.25
12391915-6 ppc + bank advert cvr Sliema/Valletta-Switz @ 1d/2½d rates with circ.red crown censor 1081/85 & Opened under Martial Law label (no number). 2 items.25
12401918 regd(h/st) cvr Valletta-USA, 4-colour mixed SG55,73a,79,93(war tax cat £30). PHOTO75
12411919 regd(red label) cvr Victoria BO Gozo-Palermo, 4½d(SG58). Ex convent.30
12421921 underpaid ppc Italy-St Julians with fine 4d in circle tax mark.35
12431924 printed matter cvr Valletta-USA, pair ¼d(SG123).15
1244MAURITIUS: 1849 EL Calcutta(box red ship letter)-Pt Louis per Julia. Crown GPO rec’r).30
12451888 2c p.stat.card comm.used(archery comp) Phoenix-Beau Bassin(rec’r) via Carrier, light 23 numeral. PH100
12461913 ppc comm.used Beau Bassin-Belgium, 3c(SG183).15
12471923 regd cvr(+ letter written Flacq) St Julien-Paris, pair 20c (SG220).45
12481932 regd cvr Pt Louis Centre-UK, 3-colour SG224(x2),230a(10c die 1),33(x2 cat £19+).30
12491937(May 12) local Curepipe Coronation FDC inc 20c ‘line by sceptre’ flaw (SG251b cat £50).40
1250MEMEL: 1922(Sept) regd airmail cvr to Latvia, airs 1m25-5m (SG106-12 cat £65). PHOTO60
1251MEXICO: 1861 outer Puebla-Mexico City, pair 1r yellow & 2-line d/stamp.20
12521865 EL Catorce(box pmk)-Agua Calientes, 2r (SG33) with San Luis Potosi opt + number & date.20
12531865-6 internal ELs(3) @ 2r rate(shades SG33) & fancy Colima,San Luis Potosi or Guanajuato pmks.25
12541868 EL Mexico City-Guanajuato, 2r grey-grn (SG7b cat £21).20
12551873 outer Vera Cruz-Mexico City + 1883 EL Monterrey-Durango both @ 25c(SG94 or 99) rates.20
12561905-7 4c on 3c eagle p.stat.cards(2) comm.used Tijuana/Mexico City-Australia/Java(destinations).25
12571914 cvr to California, CT39-40(x2). Returned as due 4c not paid. Mexican dead letter office official seal.20
12581931(Jan) cacheted FFC Mexico City-Cuba, 20c airs (SG470 x2). Crash mail!15
12591931(Oct 1) airmail cvr Mexico City-UK, scarce 50c air opt (SG502 cat £10).20
1260MONACO: 1886-8 Charles 15c or 25c(x2 diff) lettercards(3: Dallay 1-3 cat 160€) fine unused.40
12611897 15c p.stat.env red/grn(123x96 mm) Monte Carlo-Ireland + SG11-12(x2),13(cat £12) ie 4-colour.30
12621928 Louis 40c blue/grnish p.stat.card comm.used to Germany + 50c (SG89).25
12631937 regd cvr Monte Carlo-Gibraltar, 3-colour mixed issues SG93,111,135(cat £17).20
1264MONTSERRAT: 1912 regd cvr to Germany, Leewards 2/6d (SG27 cat £80). PHOTO100
12651949 regd cvrs(2) Harris/Salem-UK both with strips of 3 S.Wedding SG115 & year date slugs missing.40
12661949 regd airmail cvr Plymouth-USA, 10/=+£1 (SG111-2 cat £69). PHOTO65
12671957(Oct 15) scarce plain FDC Plymouth-UK of 48c (SG145a).20
12681965 regd comm.cvr Plymouth-Sweden(destination), $1.20 + $2.40 (SG147-8 cat £40). PHOTO50
1269MOROCCO AGS: 1898 QV 20c Gibraltar opt regd env sizes G+H, 1903 KEVII 20c on 2d regd env size F, 1907 30c on 2d+1d GB regd env size G(4 items) good-fine unused.40
12701898-1904 QV 5c/10c Gibraltar opt p.stat.cards inc reply(P1-3)+ KEVII 10c/1d(P6) all fine un opt Specimen(4)40
12711910 GB ovpt 10c/1d p.stat.card(P8) written Casablanca-UK pmk’d Tangier.15
12721914 regd cvr Tangier-UK, 5c(SG129: 2 strips of 3).20
12731917 regd Continental Hotel advert cvr Tangier-Switz via France(military censor label tied), 25c (SG1433 x2).25
12741932 regd cvr Casablanca-Germany via overland route, SG200(3fr)+207.25
12751935 P&O env regd Tangier-UK, blk of 4 1½d S.Jubilee (SG240).20
12761935(May) cvr Tangier-USA, 3-colour Spanish S.Jubilee SG149(blk 4),50-1(cat £32).25
12771937 regd cvr Tangier(oval pmk)-UK, KEVIII issues complete with Tangier & Br,Fr & Spanish currencies.15
12781937 airmail env Lloyds Agency(cachet),Casablanca-Lloyds of London, 1fr (SG223 x2). .20
12791956(Dec 31) regd last day cvr Tetuan-Tangier,KGVi-QE2 SG82-3,6,8-90,99-100(hi-vals),1-11(cat £125).PH100
1280 MUSCAT :1952-61 multifranked pieces(10)with KGVI to 2r & QE2 to 1r or 15np single or d/ring pmks cat £50+ 25
1281NATAL: 1901 Durban Club env to Harrismith @ QV 1d rate. Triangular red Passed Censor Durban.15
12821902 cvr Greytown-UK via P’mburg, scarce 1½d (SG129). See also lot 340.15
12831912 ppc comm.used Cato Ridge-Umkomaas(rec’r) @ ½d rate.20
1284 Boer Occ: 1899(Dec)cvr to Pretoria via Jo’burg, Transvaal 6d & 3-line violet P.K Newcastle/ZAR/date.PHOTO75
1285NEPAL: 1933 4p green p.stat.env,H&G2 comm.used internally + 2p(SG103).20
12861953 regd cvr Indian Embassy(label+pmk)-Bombay, India SG310+333c(x2 ea).20
1287 1956 illus(Tri-Chandra College) regd cvr Mangal Bazar-Wombahal(rec’r),6-colour SG66-7,73,85,97-9 (cat £21) 25
12881966(Feb18) illus unadd.FDC of 10r King Mahendra (SG164a cat £13).15
1289NETHERLANDS: 1751 EL(betwn cousins)Rotterdam-France rated 23.D'Hollande s/line(vdL972).25
12901800-1 ELs(2) Amsterdam-Brussels rated 6 or 12 with red H in circle.25
12911862 illus firms bill of lading for tobacco consignment Amsterdam-Norway.10
12921863-6 internal EL/outers(3) ex Haarlem,Amsterdam or Groningen all @ 5c rate (SG8: 3 diff.shades min.cat. £75). 1 with boxed Na Postlijd(black).65
12931864-6 EL/outers(4) ex Harderwyk,Hague,Roermond or Meppen all @ 10c rate(SG9: 4 diff.shades min.cat £50) 1 with Na Postlijd(red).40
12941872 outer Amsterdam-Lille, 20c (SG20 cat £36). See also lots 3,63.40
12951876 regd cvr The Hague-London(PP10 regd rec'r), 10c+12½c (SG82-3).40
12961895 Wilhelmina 5c l/card regd Rotterdam-Turkish Gov’nor Monastir(rec’r now Serbia)+ 7½c,10c(SG149-50).40
1297Early 20th century international formular postal order in brown/grey fine unused & uncommon thus.25
12981914(Oct) official cvr CO Cavalry Brigade(cachet) FPO A-Amsterdam (FPO 10 rec'r).20
12991915 regd advert cvr Almelo-India(destination/rec’r), 22½c (SG187). Indian pink/buff censor label + censor 16.25
13001916 cvr ex Middleburg-Birtley,Co.Durham(internee?), 5c+7½c (SG177-8) & Breda pmk. Military censor label tied violet boxed Z(Zeeland).20
13011929(Feb) ice flight cvr Amsterdam-Vlieland, SG304C(x3). 88 flown.40
13021931(Apr) regd airmail advert cvr Amsterdam-Dutch Consulate,Australia held for Abel Tasman FF(cachet) Batavia-Sydney in May, joint franking SG312,21,71 + Dutch Indies SG320(cat £35). PHOTO50
13031934(Oct) MacRobertson Air Race illus cvr Schiphol-Australia-Dutch Indies per PHAJU, SG317,417(x3),440.25
13041946(Apr) airmail cvr The Hague-Dutch Consulate,Sydney, SG515b(60c)+601. Unknown recipient so Ret’d to Sender with various Sydney DLO/Unclaimed marks.25
13051950 underpaid surface/air cvrs(2) S.Africa-The Hague taxed with pair 7c or 4c+50c P.Dues(D661 or 658+76)25
13061952 ITEP official folder with both sets (SG754-7,a-d) un/mint & used FDI. Stamps cat £240.80
1307Curacao: 1877-1904 p.stat.cards inc reply(15 different) all fine unused.25
13081880 7½c(box h/st) on 12½c p.stat.card comm.used to UK with scarce 201 diamond of dots + cds pmks.35
13091892-1901 2½c or 5c p.stat.cards(2) underpaid to Europe with tax mark & 2 diff.sq.circ.pmks. 1 with boxed Ned.W.Indie Stoomschepen Recht Streeks.25
13101897 5c p.stat.card comm.used to Holland + 2½c (SG39) & sq.circle pmk.25
13111944 regd local censored Williamstad cvr with POW set (SG220-3 cat £50).40
1312Indies:(see lots 1302-3): 1892 10c p.stat.env + 15c(SG34) Weltvreden(1 pmk)-Belgium via Italy.40
13131916-18 advert cvrs(2 inc regd) Makassar/Padang-USA, SG134 or 217. US 1236 or 1203 censor labels.25
13141946(Mar) official Govt env Indian FPO 117(Bandoeng)-India.20
13151946(Aug) NAAFI OAS lettersheet comm.used(husband-wife) Indian FPO 648(Medan)-India.25
1316New Guinea: 1961 UNTEA 7c p.stat.card + 1c,10c(SG1,10 both x2) comm.used Mercuke-Hollandia.35
13171962-3 local/internat postal orders(2) Hollandia-Holland or Manokwari-Hollandia,SG30(x3)or Untea SG11+36.25
13181963 advert airmail cvr Hollandia-Holland, 4-colour UNTEA ovpts SG3,4(x3),6,8(cat £12).25
1319Surinam:1926 complete regd parcel card Paramaribo-USA, 3-colour SG145,49-50(1g75c).40
1320NEWFOUNDLAND: 1905 regd cvr St Johns-USA, 5c (SG90 x5). PHOTO50
13211908 Toads Cove ppc comm.used St Johns-UK, 2c map (SG94).25
13221908 ppc to Trinity(rec'r) via Trinity Bay TPO, 1c(SG85) & NW Railway TPO pmk.25
13231915 advert cvrs(5 diff) St Johns(5 diff.pmks inc oval violet rubber, East)-Boston @1c(x2) or 2c rate(SG117-8)35
13241928(Jun) cvr St Johns-UK, pair 15c (SG175 cat £100 but 1 damaged) & Trans-Atlantic 1st flight slogan.40
13251933 regd cvr St Johns-N.York, Gilbert 15c (SG246 cat £50).40
13261940s formular regd env type A Victoria Cove(pop.212)-St Johns + SG279-80.25
13271947(Feb-Jun) Pan-am FFC Gander(2 diff.pmks)-Ankara,Calcutta,Karachi or Helsinki, SG285+8,290(x2),276, 84-5+90 or 276,83-5(cat £100).50
1328NEW GUINEA: (see lot 124): 1932(Oct) regd airmail cvr Wau-UK via Salamaua, airs SG190-3,5(cat £26).35
13291938(Mar-Jun) flown cvr Kieta-Brisbane-UK, 2/= (SG186 cat £17).30
13301939(Apr) airmail cvr Wau-Sydney via Salamaua, 2d+3d (SG215-6 cat £21).25
13311934(July) cacheted FFC Wau-Australia via Lae, 3-colour airs SG190,93,94(all in pairs cat £10).20
13321945(Jan) regd(scarcer h/st) AIF censored airmail cvr AIF FPO24(Aitape)-Tasmania, Aussie 3d pair (SG187).15
13331945(Feb) OAS censored(RNZAF) cvr to NZ, RNZAF APO D(Torokina) pmk.20
1334 NEW HEBRIDES: 1924 regd(blk/white label) cvr Vila-Trieste(destination), 4-color SG18-9,24,26(cat £24).PH 50
13351924(Aug) regd(scarce R3 h/st in use 6 mnths) Pt Vila-Trieste, scarce surchs SG41,F39,41(cat £43). PHOTO65
13361935 regd Pt Villa(R7 h/st) cvrs(2) to Trieste via Australia, set ½d-2/= (SG43-50 cat £100).100
1337French: 1920 comm.cvr Vila-France, 20c (F24).25
13391939 regd(blk/white label) cvr Pt Vila-UK, 5c-30c (F53-8 cat £55).45
13401977(July 1) illus unadd.FDC of SGF235,7,40,3,6(500fr cat £54).30
1341 NEW SOUTH WALES: (see lot 74): 1888 QV 1d p.stat.card underpaid to UK per RMS Oroya ex George St (1385 numeral). 2-line 5 Deficient Postage 6 Fine h/st + scarce 11d tax mark. PHOTO 50
13421890 cvr The Exchange(1134 duplex)-UK per SS Ballarat, 6d (SG256).25
13431891 QV 4d regd env Bathurst(cds + 9 numeral)-UK + 2½d (SG265).20
13441897 cvr Sydney-Cyprus(destination/rec’r) via Suez & redirected to UK, 2½d(SG265).20
13451901 regd cvr Woollarra-Tasmania, 1d+6d (SG297gb,301 cat £13) & 622 numerals.35
13461911 3d rose size G regd env, H&G12a Coffs Harbour-Natal(destination/rec’r) + Queensland 2d.25
1347NEW ZEALAND: 1897 QV 1d blue p.stat.card comm.used Ch’ch-UK via Wellington & Bluff + ½d(SG227).15
13481900 On Public Service stampless cvr Premiers Office(violet frank) Wellington(flag cancel)-Auckland. PHOTO50
13491905-11 stampless On Public Service envs(2: House of Representatives or Assembly Library crests) Wellington (2 diff.pmks)-Thames/Auckland with 2 diff. General Assembly frank stamps in red or violet.65
13501907 Christchurch Exhib’n ppcs(2 diff) used inland, SG352 or 302(x2) & sp.Exhib’n pmks. Both with violet Posted at Top of Tower NZIE cachets. See also lots 2,52,500,1150,1173.35
135119 26(Mar) illus Dunedin Exhibition cvr to Otago, SG463-5(cat £90). PHOTO125
13521934(Mar) 6th Trans-Tasman illus FFC Kaitaia-Sydney, 7d opt (SG554 cat £50)35
13531935(May 1) illus internal FDC with 2½d (SG560 cat £40). Typed address.30
13541935(May 1) illus FDC Wellington-Napier of 4d(SG562). Mitre had ‘dot on i’ flaw. Scarce thus.40
13551935(May 7) plain FDCs(3) Auckland-Mt Eden of S.Jubilee set (SG573-5 cat £35).65
13561936(Oct 1) illus Chamber of Commerce FDC Wellington-Ngaire of SG593-7(cat £18) & sp.pmk.20
13571936-40 Health illus FDCs(2: better designs H36.1C & H40.1A) of SG598,626-7(cat £26). Printed addresses.30
13581938(July 26) illus FDC to UK of KGVI 1½d(SG607) & Grey Lynn Arch Hill pmk.20
13591940(Apr) regd Trans-Tasman illus flyingboat cacheted cvr Auckland-UK via Sydney addressed to Barbados (destination/rec’r), SG613-25 (ex 7d) cat £20.25
13601943-4 plain Health FDCs(2) used locally with Hamilton Airforce or Ngaruawahia MC pmks.20
13611954(Mar 1) airmail FDC Wellington-UK of QE2 ½d-10/= (SG723-36 cat £25) less 1/9d,2/6d issued 1957.30
13621956(Aug) illus TEAL FFC by Solent Flyingboat Auckland-Fiji @ 6d rate. STB temp.service c50 flown.25
13631959 NZPO AR p/card for item Wellington-New Plymouth. Uncommon.15
1364Officials: 1943 OHMS cvrs(2) to Camp Quartermaster,Burnham @ 1d/2d rate (O123,137) & Wawera South or Ngaruawahia MC pmks.30
13651948-55 KGVI official opt 1d,2d or 2d on 1d Education Dept p.stat.cards(3) used ex Ferry Rd,Kaikohe,Opotiki.40
1366Life Insurance: 1969-81 illus FDCs(4) of L56-69.15
1367Ross Deps: 1976 cvrs(3) Scott Base(x3 diff.cachets)-UK all with 2c (SG5 x3 cat £72).40
1368NICARAGUA: 1890 2c p.stat.card, H&G8 comm.used Granada-Masaya(rec’r).30
13691892 Columbus 5c p.stat.env, H&G14 Rivas-Managua.20
13701906 message half 2c p.stat.reply card, H&G50 comm.used Managua-Leon(rec’r) + 2c(SG207).20
13711933 stampless cacheted advert cvr Leon-USA via Corinto (1cor scarce official O705 added).20
1372NIGERIA: 1905 cvr Forcados River-UK @ S.Nigeria 1d rate.40
13731918(Dec) comm.cvr Naraguta-USA via Lagos, 3d(SG5b).30
13741925 regd cvr Lagos-S.Africa, blk of 4 6d (SG25a cat £32).40
13751927 comm.cvr Ijebu Ode(d/ring pmk)-Germany, 1d (SG15b x3).20
13761935 regd cvr Lagos-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG30-3 cat £60).50
13771936 airmail env(+contents) SS Barbara Marie,Lagos-UK, 2/6d+5/= (SG42-3 cat £105). PHOTO90
13781950 regd(h/st) cvr Nguru-Opoji(scarce PA skeleton rec'r) via Kano,Oshogbo @ KGVI 4d rate.20
13791951-2 regd(rare h/st only seen 1 day or temp.label) cvrs(2) Orlu(telegraphs pmk)-UK @ 4½d or 1/3d(air)rate.40
1380S.Cameroon: 1931 regd cvr Victoria-UK, 3-colour Nigeria SG15b,16b(x2 ea),17 & Br.Mandate pmk.40
13811935 cvr Mamfe(Br.Mandate pmk)-Germany, 3d S.Jubilee (SG32 cat £19).40
13821953 KGVI 3d regd env size F airmail Kumba(Br.Mandate oval pmk)-UK + QE2 SG70-1,5(x2 ea).40
13831961 airletter comm.used Leprosy Settlement-Switz, UKTT 6d opt (T7) & Manyemen PA skeleton pmk.25
1384NIUE: 1923 comm.cvr to UK, blk of 4 ½d (SG38 cat £18).25
13851940 comm.cvr to USA, SG62(x2)+64.25
13861950 regd airmail(boxed violet From NZ cachet) FDC to USA, SG114(blk of 4),17,20-22(cat £24).25
1387NORFOLK IS: 1947(Jun 6) airmail ‘last day’ cvr to UK, Australia SG216-8.20
13881953(Jun 2) Coronation Day illus Quantas FFC + scarcer airletter both to UK, SG2+10 or 12 with sp.pmks(2).20
13891959(July 6) illus unadd.FDC of 3d+2/= (SG6a,12a cat £24).20
1390N.BORNEO: (see lot 1175): 1897 1c p.stat.card comm.used Kudat-Germany via Labuan. PHOTO50
13911940 cvr Sandakan-UK, 12c(SG310). Boxed Passed by Censor 22 N.Borneo. PHOTO75
13921956-7 airmail cvrs(2) Beaufort/Lahad Datu-UK/USA, SG379+83 or 381-2+8.35
1393N.RHODESIA: 1932-5 airmail cvrs(2) Mankoya/Mpika-UK @ 6d(SG4 x3) or 10d(SG2+3 x6) rates.30
13941942 comm.cvr Kitwe-USA @ 3d rate. Examined by Censor O/2 label tied triangular 2 censor.25
13951949 BSAC Cert Copper Mine Work, rare KGV £5+£50 revenues + KGVI 20/=(SG45) tied Lusaka pmk. PH.100
13961954 cvr Livingstone-UK, mix franking N.Rhod.SG62, S.Rhod.SG78 & Nyasaland SG173a.15
1397 NORWAY: (see lots 36,1049): 1854 internal ELs(2) with blue Frederikstad or Horten pmks.40
13981872 firms outer Moss-Christiania, 3sk (SG39 cat £41).40
13991899 N.Cape ppc comm.used Nordkap-UK via Trondheim, 1o+2o (Facit 65(x4)+75(x2) cat 800+kr).40
14001932 15o p.stat.card comm.used Alesund-Drammen. Scarce 5o blue Norwegian Seamens Fund tied.20
14011933 North Cape RP ppc to UK, 20o (SG224 cat £60) & Nordkaap pmk. On board RMS Empress of Australia45
14021939 comm.cvr Frederiksted-UK, 30o Queen Maud (SG270 cat £16).25
1403NYASALAND: 1895 ½d+1d p.stat.cards(2: H&G3-4) fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.25
14041895 2d + 1898 1d p.stat.cards(2: H&G5,7) fine unused.20
14051896 2d external p.stat.card comm.used Blantyre-Scotland via Tshinde(scarce).25
14061931 comm.cvr Chinteche-Scotland, pair 1d (SG101).40
14071934 comm.cvr Mkhoma-UK, ½d+1½d (SG114+6).40
14081935 comm.cvr Dedza-Port Herald(rec’r), SG115(x2).20
14091935 regd airmail cvr Blantyre-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG123-6 cat £70). PHOTO60
14101934-6 airmail cvrs(2) Chikwawa/Ntondwe-UK, SG118-9 or 118+20.50
14111952-3 airmail cvrs(2) Limbe CSO/Luchenza-Switz, 3-colour SG146(x2),152 or 150-1 both + pair SG160.15
1412 ORANGE FREE STATE: 1884(Apr)1d p.stat.card,H&G1 used Rouxville(scarce violet temp.skeleton)-Cape.PH50
14131891 scarce ½d on 1d p.stat.card,H&G5 used Edenburg RO(rare rail pmk)-USA. Very early use. PHOTO75
14141892-5 ½d p.stat.cards(2 diff: P2,2b) comm.used Ventersburg-Winburg or Bloemfontein-Jacobsdal.20
14151893-6 1½d p.stat.cards(2 diff: P5-6) comm.used Bethanie(violet s/ring pmks)-Germany.40
14161899 1d p.stat.card, late use H&G1 comm.used Lindley-UK via Pretoria,Durban. Oval Boer PMG censor.40
14171905 KEVII ½d p.stat.env,H&G1 Dewetsdorp(30 duplex)-Silverkrans(scarce Transvaal rec’r) via Rustenburg.35
1418PAKISTAN: 1951 airmail concession rate(certified official) cvr Rawalpindi-Maj.Gen.Woodall,UK, 2½as (SG30 cat £14). Scarce rate/stamp.25
14191955 regd airmail cvr Karachi Liaquat Bazar-UK, SG30,32,38a,9a,47-51,73-6(cat £55). PHOTO50
14201971(Oct 9) rare illus unadd.FDC for UPU Day minisheet (see SG note below SG289-90). PHOTO65
1421PALESTINE: (see lot 13): 1912 Jerusalem ppc comm.used Jerusalem(2 pmk)-Vienna, Turkish 20pa rate.25
14221913 ppc comm.used to Paris, French Levant 10c & Jerusalem pmk.25
14231917 OHMS censored cvr APO SZ14(Deir el Belah skeleton)-UK.20
14241918(Mar) OAS green env FPO 180(skeleton)-UK. Jericho for 1 month.35
14251918(Apr) comm.cvr APO SZ44(Jerusalem)-Cairo, 1pi (SG3). Boxed Palestine censor no.225
14261936 airmail cvr Ain Harod-UK @ 15m rate.25
14271942(Oct) airmail censored OAS grn env AIF FPO10(Hill 69)-UK, Aussie 1d+9d (SG173,180).25
1428Jordanian Occ: 1951 airmail censored cvr Nablus-Cairo, 4-colour P6,10 + unopt’d oblig.tax T266+8.25
14291952(Feb) underpaid cvr Beit Jala-Jerusalem, P1-2 & Transjordan 2m P.Due (D245) tied.40
1430PANAMA: (see lot 5):1893 Columbia 2c p.stat.card comm.used to Germany with Panama postal agency pmk.20
14311913 regd advert cvr Colon-New York, SG154-5.20
14321929(July) 2c airmail env flown(FF cachet) Colon-Barranquilla(Colombia) + SG229.20
14331943(Dec) local official cvr with violet local PO pmk & inc cancer tax(SG433).4-line Visit Agriculture.Fair David20
1434 PAPUA: 1924 regd cvr Treasury(cachet)Pt Moresby-USA via Sydney, pair ½d(SG93w: clear cat £80)+6d.PH100
14351935 regd cvr Pt Moresby-UK, Protectorate set (SG146-9 cat £27).25
14361938 long regd cvr Pt Moresby-UK, 9d (SG138 cat £21).35
14371938 regd airmail cvr Daru-Pt Moresby, Possession set (SG158-62 cat £55).50
14381940 regd airmail cvr Pt Moresby-UK via Townsville, airs(SG163-7 cat £40). Box violet Passed by Censor. PH50
1439PARAGUAY: 1902 reply half of 4c p.stat.card, H&G12 comm.used Asuncion-Switz + 4c (SG73).25
14401929(May 28) airmail cvr to Paris, SG308 + airs 359-62(FDC).25
14411952 QSL radio card comm.used Asuncion-UK, 20c(SG705) & Poste Restante pmk.15
1442PERU: 1913 regd official cvr ex Home Office(cachet)-Peruvian Consul,Marseilles, pairs officials O382+4.25
14431916 local regd Lima cvr with 4-colour opts SG373a(x2),390(blk 6),392(inv.opt),398(blk 4). 5-line PO cachet.25
14441926-8 parcel cards(2 diff.sizes)regd Lima-USA @ 1s50 or 3s rates. Uncommon.35
1445PHILIPPINES: 1896 Alfonso XIII(infanta) 5m-3c p.stat.reply cards(4: Edifil 16-19) fine unused.50
14461900 2c opt Liberty message card(UY1m) comm.used Mil.Sta.PO Manila-UK.25
14471940 Commonwealth 2c p.stat.card, scarce H&G40 comm.used Manila-USA.20
1448Jap.Occ: 1943(Jan-Oct) illus/cacheted internal FDCs(4) of J13-14,16+18,29-30(blk 4),imperf J32-4(cat £23+) & Manila,Bataan(sp.pmk)or Bacolod pmks. 3 with box violet Passed by Censor Japanese Military Police.25
14491943 Swiss Consulate env Manila-Bacolod, 5c on 1p(J14). 3-line box Japanese military police censor.20
1450PITCAIRN: 1938 illus ‘radio’ cvr to USA, NZ 1d(Z41 cat £17) & NZ Postal Agency pmk. Usual water stains.20
14511940 regd(purple box)FDC to UK of ½d-1/=. 3d has ‘extra island’ flaw.25
14521941(Oct) illus cacheted(HMS Bounty + Hands across the Sea) cvr to UK, SG1-2.25
14531945 regd(rubber cachet)HMS Bounty 1790 cacheted env addressed locally with ½d-6d.20
14541951 NZSCo env to UK, KGVI original vals to 2/6d (SG1-8).20
14551958 OHMS stampless cvr to Indonesia(destination).15
1456 POLAND: (see lot 40,71): 1896 regd advert cvr Lodz-Alsace, Russian 20k (SG116A)20
14571930 express(label) cvr Bielsko-Pardubice(Czech), SG280+273(1zl).15
14581932 regd cvr Ostrow(Poznan)-UK, SG272+285(x2 ea).15
14591932(May 3) FDC Warsaw-USA of blk 4 Washington SG284.15
14601933 regd air cvr Bielsko-Australia(destination/rec’r)via Greece,SG255(x2),58(x11),79(x2),88(x4 cat £108).PH80
14611937 cvr Lomanianki-Vienna, SG312(opt),313(x2)-4.15
14621946 regd airmail censored(Polish circ.RP 3224 UC censor) Sosnowiec-Palestine(destination), 8zl(SG544 x2)15
14631950 regd airmail cvr Katowice-USA, scarce Presidents set (SG645a-c cat £150). PHOTO125
1464PORTUGAL: 1862 EL Para(Brazil)-Porto per Amazonas rated 160, black oval C.Est de N (foreign shipletter).30
14651892 cvr Lisbon-Estoril via Cascaes, Provisorio opts(x2 diff) on 5r or 10r (SG283-4 cat £45+). PHOTO50
14661903 regd cvr(inc letter)Elvas-Holland via Leste2 & Beira Alta1 TPOs, 4-colour SG343-4(x3ea),5+7(x2ea).40
14671906 20r p.stat.card comm.used Porto-Poland(destination/rec’r).15
14681911 ppc comm.used Mount Estoril-Lisbon, 10r former P.Due (multa excised): SG443a.20
14691930 comm.cvr Lisbon-London, 3-colour Ceres SG704,10,17(96c).20
14701952 illus unadd.FDCs(3) of NATO,Public Works,Xavier sets (SG1065-6,71-8 cat £77).50
1471Angola: 1936 advert cvr Loanda-USA, 3-colour SG362,65,77(scarce ovpt).20
14721948 airmail cvr Lobito-Switz via Loanda, 3-colour mixed issues SG367-8(x2),395. Ex Tamariz(Benguela).20
1473Azores: 1908-24 single & reply p.stat.cards(7: H&G33,35,38,46-7,50,52) all fine unused.20
14741937 regd Norwegian Vice Consulate Horta env to UK, 6-col.mix franking SG412(x2) + Portugal SG844,83-9.35
14751949 QSL radio card underpaid US Army PO406-UK @US 1c rate. Ex Terceira. US tax marks.15
1476Cape Verde: 1925 comm.cvr S.Vicente-UK, SG237(x5)+243.25
1477Funchal: 1900 cvr Madeira-UK, 65r (SG129).20
1478India: 1939 regd cvr Nova Goa Jardim-Gibraltar(destination/rec’r), SG507+8(x6) tied reverse.20
14791944 3r p.stat.card comm.used to Jaipur(rec’r)’via Bombay’(s/line) + 6r(SG522). Twice censored DHG/3 & 8. 2-line violet Booking BBHR Tranship Wagoons with Delay.20
1480L.Marques: 1900 advert cvr to Jo’burg(S.Africa)via Pretoria, 50r(SG43). ZAR(Boer) pink martial law label.25
1481Macao: (see lots 42,58): 1987 illus unadd.FDC of Fans minisheet MS651(cat £250). PHOTO100
1482Madeira: 1879 EL Funchal(d/ring)-Le Havre via Liverpool(boxed Ship) & London(red Ship Letter cds). Circ. GB 1fr accountancy & charged 20. PHOTO50
14831912 ppc comm.used Santa Cruz-Czech(destination) via Funchal, Portugal SG441,484-6.20
1484Mozambique:1880 sl.cut down cvr to India via Sea PO F,scarce pair 50r(SG6 cat £320: 1 trimmed),Rare.PH120
14851909 20r p.stat.card comm.used Caes Gorjao-Germany.25
1486Mozambique Co: 1936 advert cvr Beira-Zanzibar(rec’r), SG253+58(x2).20
14871938 comm.cvr Marromeu-UK via Beira, 3-colour SG281,87(x3),95.25
1488St Thome: 1906 Governor’s Palace ppc comm.used Rio de Oro-Austria per SS Africa via Lisbon, 20r(SG70).25
1489Zambezia: 1908 regd advert cvr Quelimane-Germany, 4-colour SG22,25,55,63(x3 cat £19). Rare.125
1490PRINCE EDWARD IS: 1853 outer to Ayr per America(Cunard) rated 1/= via Liverpool(Paid Pkt Letter red tombstone). Circ.undated PEI Paid on front & cds(reverse).45
1491QUEENSLAND: (see lot 1346): 1872 outer Ipswich-Brisbane(rec’r), 2d blue(SG61).20
14921898 advert cvr Aramac-Barcaldine, blk of 4 1d(SG233) & 198 duplex. S/line Too Late.25
14931904 comm.cvr Dunwich(blue cds + 544 numeral)-Tasmania, pair 2d (SG234).25
14941910 rare KEVII 3d regd env Brisbane-USA + 2d,3d.PHOTO100
1495RHODESIA: 1893 BSAC 1d blk + 2d red p.stat.cards(2) fine unused.15
14961899 Mashonaland 1d blue p.stat.card used Umtali(Mashonaland pmk)-Bulawayo(Matabeleland pmk).25
14971900 cvr Umtali-UK, 4d (SG44). Took 1 month in transit.25
14981909 2½d arms p.stat.env Gadzema-Wales via Bulawayo Station. PHOTO60
14991965 Water + ITU illus scarcer FDCs(2) of SG351-6.15
1500& Nyasaland: 1954(July 1) airmail FDC Dedza-UK of set to £1 (SG1-15 cat £55).40
15011960 regd illus local Livingstone FDC of Kariba Dam set (SG32-7 cat £25).20
1502 RUMANIA: 1855 cvr Bucarest(Austria PO)-Brussels rated 58 via Vienna,Mainz & Allemagne par Est TPOs.PH65
15031856 firms EL Jassy(blue Austria PO pmk)-Paris via Autr.Valnes 2,Lemburg,Krakau& Czernowitz rated 32.PH65
15041884-8 Hungarian 2f p.stat.cards(2) comm.used Arad(written Oradea) or Brasso-Vienna.30
15051890 cvr Salina(blue pmk)-UK, 25b(SG171 cat £7). See also lot 292.20
15061891(Feb-Sept) cvrs(2) Tergu Frumos(blue or blk pmks)-Tergu Neamtu(rec’r), 15b(SG255).30
15071915 Annexation of S.Dobruja stamps ppc comm.used to Holland, 5b(SG585) & Calinesti postal agency pmk.35
15081919 street scene ppc comm.used Constanta-Bucarest, SG878a(opt)+T710. S/line Cenzurat.20
15091943 regd airmail cvr Bucharest-Prague, 3-colour SG1458,60,68(50L). Both Rumanian & German(x2) censor.15
15101947(Jun-Jly) airmail or red cvrs(2) T.Severin-UK @ 106,000 or 110,000L rates inc SG1867 or 1872(x5 ea).35
1511German Occ:1917-8 Bucarest ppc + cachet feldpostbrief ex Kronstadt(2 item)to Germany, diff German FPO.40
15121917 MBiR 10b p.stat.card(P4F type 2 message half)Bukarest-T.Severin +10b pair charity tax(Mi2x).Box cens20
1513 RUSSIA: 1873 cvr Kazan-Switz(TPO rec'r)via Moscow & Aus Russland Porto uber Bur.XI TPO,87(red),62(blu)35
15141887 14k blue p.stat.env regd comm.used Moscow-USA + 7k (SG43).20
15151908 10k p.stat.env(U34: 145x220mm) comm.used St Petersburg-Madeira(destination/rec'r).20
15161915 regd(bilingual label) cvr Irkutsk-Denmark, 10k(SG98a x2). 2 diff.circ/2-line Russian censors.25
15171922(Jan) regd cvr Rashkov-Rumania via Moscow & Berlin(Vom Ausland regd label), SG219(x10) reverse.25
15181927 airmail(red/white label) cvr to Berlin via Moscow, SG444+515.20
15191935 regd advert cvr Moscow-Switz, commems SG502,537,697(cat £13).20
15201935-6 airmail(2 diff.bilingual blk/white or grn labels)cvrs(2 inc regd) Moscow-Switz @ 65k or 85k rates.20
15211945 regd cvr Kiev-Switz, commems SG1070+77. See also lots 1178,1206,1456.15
1522Levant: 1895 4k p.stat.reply card complete fine unused.25
1523Ukraine: 1918 Podolia opt 10k on 3k p.stat.reply card (P48), fine unused.35
1524RYUKYUS: 1952 1y p.stat.card(PC3) used airmail to USA advertising new stamp issue.20
15251952(Apr 1) Govt FDC of pair SG30(cat £72) & sp.pmk. PHOTO50
1526SAAR: 1890 German 10pf p.stat.env on blue paper Saarbrucken-Smyrna(destination/rec’r) + 5pf (Mi46 x2).25
15271928(Nov) airmail cvr Homburg-Mainz, airs SG126-7(cat £14).20
15281930 insured(V-label) cvr St Johann-Italy, mixed issues 2fr+3fr (SG96,119).30
15291949 comm.cvr Neunkirchen-UK, 20fr (SG247 x2).25
15301950 cvr Neunkirchen-UK, scarce 25fr+10fr Relief Fund (SG284 cat £200). PHOTO175
15311953 comm.cvr Neunkirchen-UK, 30fr Volkshilfe (SG343 cat £16).35
15321957(Jan 1) Saarland Heuss vals 1fr-100fr (Mi380-98: 10 vals) on 2 unadd.illus FDCs.40
15331957(Mar 16) Saarland Heuss vals 2fr-90fr (Mi381-97: 9 vals) on 2 illus unadd.FDCs.40
1534ST HELENA: 1938(May 12) regd FDC to UK of KGVI 1st colours to 6d (SG131-6 cat £25).25
15351949 regd airmail cvr to USA, S.Wedding set (SG143-4 cat £45).40
1536 ST KITTS-NEVIS: 1935 regd OHMS airmail cvr St Kitts-UK via Antigua,P.Rico, S.Jubilee set(SG61-4 cat £19)20
15371948 regd cvr to UK, mix frank SG68a,69c,71b(all blks 4),75b,76a + Leewards ¼d(blk 4 SG95). All cat £21+.25
15381951 regd cvr to USA, Leewards 5/=(SG112b) + University set(cat £20).25
15391952 regd(manuscript h/st) cvr Sandy Point-UK, 2d+3d (SG71c,73f cat £22).30
15401954(Dec 1) regd FDC Basseterre-Br.Guiana(rec’r) of QEII hi-vals SG114-7,8(cat £24).30
1541ST LUCIA: 1896 cvr to UK, strip of 5 ½d(SG43) & scarce code S(Soufriere) village pmk. PHOTO80
15421906 QV 1d p.stat.env Castries-Barbados(rec’r).20
15431914 KGV 2d regd env size G Castries-USA + 2½d (SG81a).25
15441921 comm.cvr Soufriere-USA @ 1d rate.40
1545ST VINCENT: 1913 KGV ½d & 1d p.stat.cards(H&G8-9) & ½d wrapper(H&G4) fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.25
15461918 regd cvr Kingstown-UK, 3d + 1d war tax blk 4 (SG112b,129 cat £28+).40
15471932 cvr Kingstown-USA, 3d (SG135).15
15481947(Jan 14) regd cacheted airmail FDC to USA via Trinidad of 2½d,2/6d,10/=(SG153a,7a,8a cat £13).20
1549SAMOA: 1962 regd airmail cvr Tuasivi-USA, 10/= postal fiscal (SG233 cat £50). PHOTO100
1550SAN MARINO: 1892 20c lettercard comm.used to Germany with blue pmk.20
15511942 airmail cvr to Milan, 10L ovpts (SG235-6 cat £160). PHOTO125
15521950(Sept 4) 55L airletters (2 diff inc Stamp Day,Riccione opt) both used FDI to USA.15
1553SARAWAK: 1934 St Thomas’ School,Kuching env to UK, 3-colour SG106,8,9.30
15541939(Dec) cvr Kuching-USA, 6-colour SG106-8(x2),9-11. Early violet boxed Passed by Censor. PHOTO65
15551945 regd airmail cvr Kuching-UK via Singapore & RAF flyingboat, 3-colour SG146-8.25
15561947 regd airmail cvr Kuching-USA via S’pore, SG126-7(x2),148,151(x2),54,56,58,59-61(x2).Black AV2.PH50
15571948 comm.cvr Mukah-Kuching, 8c (SG155 x2).25
15581951 cvr Methodist Mission,Kapit-USA, 8c (SG176).25
15591955 regd missionary advert cvr Kuching-UK via Singapore, $1(SG183) tied reverse.20
15601963 regd OHMS airmail cvr Kuching Inland Revenue-UK via S’pore. Violet Official Paid cachet.20
1561SAUDI ARABIA: 1918 cvr Djeddah-Egypt(rec’rs),1pi(SG15). Circ. Passed by Censor 5. PHOTO150
15621943 Bahrain firms env censored Khobar-USA, 5-colour SG330,37,39,40,46.25
15631976 parcel card to UK, SG864-6(hi-vals cat £30)+8. Horizontal crease.20
1564SERBIA: (see lot 983): 1871 EL/outer(2) to Belgrade, 20pa (SG46) & fine Kragujevac or Shabats pmks.50
15651912 German Consulate in Belgrade (printed env + wafer seal) cvr to Germany, 25p (SG152).20
15661918 regd cvr Belgrade-UK, 10pa (SG197 x5). 2-line violet Serbian censor.20
15671941(Jun) Serb POW p/card ex German Feldpost 22203-Rudnik(Serbia). Illus in Serbo-Croat article.45
1568German Occ: 1941 Yugoslav 1d p.stat.cards(2) ovpt'd with green fancy pattern(scarcer P1) comm.used Belgrade(2 diff.pmks)-Kragujevac. Boxed violet censors 18 or 22.50
1569SEYCHELLES: 1890-1902 3c(local),4c-8c p.stat.cards(10) both single & reply, H&G1-11 fine unused.40
15701902 6c on 15c p.stat.env comm.used to UK, then redirected to Italy. Notable for T almost absent in ovpt.40
15711903 KEVII 12c regd env size H2 fine unused. Unlisted H&G.25
15721953 regd airmail cvr Victoria-USA, 5r S.Wedding (SG153 cat £48).40
15731955 KGVI 20c regd env size K airmail to UK + SG175,9,83,86(2r25 cat £13).50
1574SHARJAH: 1966 regd airmail PO env to UK, SG114,137(x3),150 + Khor Fakkan ovpt on SG95.25
1575SIERRA LEONE: 1899 S.Leone Frontier Force crested env Freetown-Belgium, QV 2½d(SG45).25
15761909 Tower Hill Barracks ppc Freetown-UK @ 1d(SG100) rate. S/line Late.30
15771910 KEVII 2d regd env Bonthe-UK + 1d tied regd oval pmk.30
15781916 United Brethren Mission env Moyamba-Freetown Mission @ 1d(SG113a) rate.25
15791916-17 ppcs(2) Freetown-UK @ 1d rates. 2 different types s/line Passed by Censor.50
15801921 colour advert(Singer Sewing Machines) cvr Freetown-Denmark, ½d+2d (SG112b,115).25
15811921 KGV 2d regd env size F Sumbuyah-UK + 2d (SG115). Early regd h/stamp.40
15821930 comm.cvr to Moyamba via Sembehun(rec’r), 1d(SG132a) & Freetown-Bo TPO pmk.25
15831932 OHMS regd cvr Freetown-Switz, 3-colour SG158,161(x2)+3(cat £37+). Nice GPO seals(rev).45
15841932 underpaid cvr Freetown-USA, SG158. Tax marks inc scarce 20c h/st (UP21).35
15851940 comm.cvr Magburaka-USA @ 3d rate. Blk/white censor label + boxed violet censor 10.20
1586 SINGAPORE: 1945(Dec)OAS stampless airmail cvr Dutch soldier-Holland,violet Dutch PO Singapore pmk.50
15871956(Sept 4) illus KLM airmail FDC to Holland of set to $5 (SG38-52). PHOTO75
15881973 regd airmail cvr Airport-Germany, scarce SEAP minisheet (MS211 cat £35).30
1589SLOVAKIA: 1938(Oct-Nov) OAS p/cards(6: 2 diff), FPO(Polni Posti) C47(red),33,39,40,45 or 6 pmks. Red manuscript or h/stamp censors.35
15901940-1 official cvrs(2 inc regd) local Bratislava or Bratislava-Ruzemberok with comm.usages 60h/1k P.Dues.25
1591SOLOMONS: 1929 cvr Tulagi-USA, 4-colour SG39,41-3(cat £26). Hinge remains to front. PHOTO50
15921935 regd OHMS cvr P’master(cachet)Tulagi(RLO 38mm pmk)-Australia(rec’rs). Box Postage Paid cachet.35
15931938 regd(violet h/st in use 1 year) Gizo-UK via Sydney, SG87-9.25
15941944(Aug) US official election war ballot airmail p/card comm.used US Army APO 709(Guadalcanal)-USA.25
15951944(Oct) OAS patriotic fund censored(RNZAF box) cvr NZAPO C(Guadalcanal)-NZ.20
15961959 OHMS official env Auki-Honiara.10
1597 SOMALIA: 1960(Jan 26) local Hargeisa FDC of scarce Independence set in blks of 4(SG353-5 cat £548).PH400
15981961 airmail cvr Mogadiscio-UK, SG288+295(scarce 1s20 air).40
1599SOMALILAND: 1914 regd ‘Wilson’ cvr Berbera-UK, 4as (SG65).45
1600S.AFRICA: (see lots 193,1618-9,1672): 1917(Mar) KGV ½d grn p.stat.card comm.used Kloof St,Cape Town- Swakopmund with circ.Passed Censor C8/99. PO closed 5 days later.20
16011920 regd cvr Pretoria-Nicosia(Cyprus: destination) via London, 1½+4d (SG5,10). Red Ret’d to Sender bilingual oval pmk(unlisted Proud) + Cape Town RLO pmk.30
16021923 local council cvr De Aar-India, KGV ½d corner control plate 6 strip of 4 tied rev.20
16031925(Apr)airmail cvr Somerset West-Alice via E.London, SG6+27(3d air cat £12). STB 7th service ex Cape.20
16041927 regd cvr Caledon-UK, pairs 1d+2d (SG31,34 cat £35).30
16051930 cvr Jo’burg-USA, 1d pair + single p.13½x14 (SG31aw cat £89). PHOTO100
16061931 ½d bi-colour Springbok p.stat.card + ½d betwn Dutch Consuls in Pretoria(cachet) & Cape Town.15
16071935(May 1)regd airmail S.Jubilee FDC to UK, SG65-8(cat £140). 3d with ‘missing skull’ variety. Scarce.PH.150
160819 37 OHMS airmail cvr Pretoria-S.African envoy to Holland, pair 6d officials (O16).15
16091937 airmail cvr Jo’burg-UK, blk of 4 1½d (SG57-c) inc flag variety.25
16101938(Dec) illus KLM New Year FFC Pretoria-Holland, Voortrekkers SG80(x10)-1(x4 cat £21+).20
16111948 underpaid airmail cvr ex Sutton Coldfield(UK) redirected to Durban & charged 4/= P.Dues (D33 f&b x16 inc units 4,6,2(x3 cat £180++). PHOTO200
16121962 local unpaid Durban cvr with tax marks & 5c (D56) tied.20
16131972 underpaid cvr Germany-Rustenburg, tax mark & corner marg.control no.5c+6c P.Dues(D66,68 cat £11).25
1614 S.AUSTRALIA: 1848 part unpaid outer(front + flap)to UK charged 1/4d,fine GPO crown S.Aust.unframed pmk.20
16151855 mourning cvr Shea Oak Log(26 pmk)-UK via Adelaide & L’pool(red Paid Ship tombstone), strip of 3 2d (SG2 cat £280+) with 3+ mgns. Red d3 charge h/stamp. Scarce multiple. PHOTO200
16161904 comic ppc Pt Pirie-Holland, ½d+1d (SG176a,241). See also lot 115.15
1617SW AFRICA: 1915(Mar) native food queue ppc OAS FPO 6(Swakopmund)-Natal(rec'r). Box blue censor.20
16181916 cvr Aus(violet box pmk)-Berseba via Keetmanshoop, pair S.African ½d. Bilingual 103 red censor label + s/line violet Passed by Censor. Rare. PHOTO100
16191916 cvr Karibib-Swiss Peace Bureau, S.African ½d(x5). Circ.blue C15,bilingual 99 label,Cape oval blue cens40
16201925 cvr Windhoek-Cape Town, vertical strip of 4 ½d (SG29 cat c£30 thus).40
16211927 cvr Kolmanskop(scarce large year in cds)-Germany, SG41-2(strip of 3 + single cat £10+).25
16221935 regd cvr Okahandja-Germany, S.Jubilee set (SG88-91 cat £35).30
16231939(July 17) illus regd Huguenot FDC of SG111-3(cat £48).40
16241947 cvr Ariamsvlei-USA, war effort SG117+121(cat £34).35
16251970 illus Biblia official FDC of SG228-9. Typed address.20
16261971 illus FDC no.3 of SG230-3(cat £18). Typed address.20
1627S.RHODESIA: 1932(May 2) airmail 2nd day cvr Umtali(38mm pmk)-Scotland, SG29-30(x2 ea cat £11).20
16281935 regd cvr Raylton-Cape, S.Jubilee set (SG31-4 cat £42).30
16291935 airmail cvr Gatooma(scarce 38mm pmk)-Germany, 1/6d (SG24 cat £28) + 3d(uncancelled SG30).40
16301937 regd airmail cvr Salisbury-UK, unusually blk of 4 3d Coronation (SG38 cat £38).30
16311937-9 airmail cvrs(2) Banket Junction or Glendale-UK, 6d(SG20b) or SG42(x2)+48.20
16321943-5 cvrs(2) Salisbury-Switz SG35a+41 or Bulawayo-US SG42(x2). Red/white Examiner & DE/4-5 censors.25
16331948 QSL radio card comm.used Bulawayo-UK @ ½d rate.15
16341952 KGVI 6d airletter comm.used Heany Camp-UK.20
1635 SPAIN: 1842 EL Cadiz-Porto rated 120(blue)+40. Circ. B.C.Cadiz(Br.Consulate) + blue box P.Brit.20
16361860-2 outer/EL(2) Genoa-Jerez/Alicante rated 4R in blk or blue with matching boxed Cerdena(Sardinia) applied at La Junquera. Scarce. See also lots 96-7,692.65
16371863 cvr Madrid-London, 4mgn 2r (SG74 cat £14).35
16381873 5c blue p.stat.card, Edifil 1 fine unused.15
16391900 bullfighting ppc comm.used Vigo-Berlin @ 10c rate.15
16401904 10c Alfonso orange-red p.stat.card (scarcer 47) fine unused.35
16411908 US Consulate,Tenerife(cachet)cvr-US via Southampton(shipletter cds),5c+scarce(on cvr)20c(SG293+8)25
16421919 regd advert cvr Madrid-Berlin, 3-colour SG330,37,43.25
16431924 regd cvr Sada-Mexico via NE TPO 3, mixed issues 5c+50c (SG339a,375).30
16441930 regd cvr Madrid-Switz, mixed issues SG375,588(x2),92. Part flap missing.25
16451938-40 comm.cvrs(4) Barcelona/Las Palmas/Madrid-UK/Paris @ 50c-1p25 rates.All diff.censors inc military.25
16461958(July) illus unadd cvrs(2) with pair Brussels Exhib’n minisheets (MS1285-6 cat £54) & sp.pmks.40
16471972-83 cvrs/ppc(4) to UK ex Chafarinas(isle off Morocco),Ceuta(2 inc underpaid),Melilla(N.Africa enclaves).15
1648Guinea: 1951 comm.cvr San Carlos(F.Poo)-USA, SG249(x4).20
1649Ifni:1953-68 illus Stamp Day/Child Welfare FDCs(7 diff)+ QSL radio card to Madrid +1973 cvr Maroc used Ifni20
1650Morocco:1909 Mogador ppc comm.used Mogador-UK @ 10c ovpt rate.20
16511945 illus patriotic regd cvr Tangier-USA, SG253+280. Boxed red Tangier government censor.20
16521947 airmail cvr Beni Enzar-USA via Madrid, airs SG261-2.20
1653Sahara: 1952 Stamp Day-’74 UPU illus FDCs, medical ppc, regd cvr to USA(13 items). Stamps cat £22+.25
16541951 illus unadd.FDC of Franco’s Visit, 5p (SG87 cat £48) & sp.Aaiun pmk.30
1655Tangier: 1952 airmail cvr Tangier-Switz, 4-colour Spanish SG1135(x2),72(x2),3-4(cat £15).20
16561958(Feb 25) local Tangier illus last day cvr of Spanish PO, SG126,30,34.15
1657W.Africa: 1951 regd airmail cvr Villa Bens-USA, air set (SG19-25 cat £36).30
1658SUDAN: 1906 cvr to UK via Shellal-Haifa No.1, 5m & Halfa-Halfaya TPO pmk.20
16591911 4m red camel p.stat.card,H&G14 comm.used Wad Medani-France.20
16601913 Bedouin ppc Mongalla-France, 2m (SG19).40
16611920 5m p.stat.env Ed Damer-Cairo via Shellal-Halfa TPO No.120
16621922 cvr Nahud-UK @ 1pi rate.20
16631922 scarcer 5m brown camel p.stat.env,H&G10 Khartoum-Egypt.20
16641928 natives ppc to Paris, 4-colour SG30-3(cat £45) & Shellal-Halfa TPO No.2 pmk. Clear wmks.40
16651940 censored(triangular violet 2588)OAS cvr Indian FPO 24(Gebiet)-Cairo.20
16661940(Feb) air cvr Pt Sudan-UK, SG41+44(x2). Violet triangular Passed Censor Sudan 11.25
16671948(Dec) airmail cvr FPO718-UK, 6-colour mix franking GB KGVI 2½d + SG97-9,101-2(cat £20).20
16681953 regd(Khartoum)cvr Halfa Degheim(violet skeleton)-USA, 4-colour SG123,5(x3),7,33 cat £26).20
16691957-60 regd cvrs(2) Aba/Argin(blue PA rubber skeleton pmks)-Khartoum, SG129(x3) or 130a+2.30
1670 SWAZILAND: 1933(Jan 23)underpaid cvr Jo’burg-Mbabane+1d,2d P.Dues(D1-2 cat £56) used FDI.Rare.PH500
16711937 regd(scarce h/st) local Goedgegun FDC of Coronation set (SG25-7 x2 ea).20
16721959 unstamped cvr Bremersdorp-Jo’burg taxed with 2 diff tax marks + S.Africa 2d P.Due tied.15
1673SWEDEN: 19th cent 3o Goteborg local private post fine unused lettercards(2 diff,1 with firms adverts).20
16741902 costumes ppc to UK, Finnish 2k(R2 x2) & Stockholm pmk + boxed Fran Finland.20
16751903 5o p.stat.card written Ostervik-Stockholm(rec’r) with Angbats PX(ship) pmk.25
16761919-25 printed tiny Xmas(pmk Xmas Day TPO) or Easter telegram envs(2) comm.used to Hossaa @ 5o rate.1 ex Jala. Nice & unusual. See also lot 28.30
16771928 regd advert cvr Stockholm(sp.PFFS thimble pmk)-Norrkoping, SG175c-d.15
16781928(Aug) airmail ppc flown on FF overnight Stockholm-London(sp.pmk + 4-line cachet), SG96Bb+175b.20
16791929(May)-36(May) night FFCs(2) Malmo-Amsterdam or Goteborg-Hannover(sp.pmks)@15o(illus p.stat)-40o.25
16801929(Jun),1930(Apr-May) diff FFCs(3) Stockholm-Vienna,Malmo-Paris or Stockholm-Berlin all with sp.pmks.50
16811932 sanatorium advert cvr Ulricehamn-Denmark, Lutzen set (SG177-80). 90o scarce on cvr.40
16821937(Sept) S.Jubilee Swedish airmail env to Malmo, SG175f+HF2(3kr opt air label) & Barnens O air sp.pmk35
16831937 regd express airmail FFC Stockholm-Oslo, 4-colour mix franking inc pair SG175f & sp.FF pmks.15
16841939(Feb-Dec) FDCs(2 inc regd) to UK/USA of SG235(pair die 2) or 213(60o)+237(20o).25
16851939 comm.cvr Halmstad-USA, 10o lion (Fa146C x4) + 5o Gustav pair (Fa266BC). Stamps cat 415kr.30
16861942- 3 airmail cvrs(2 inc regd) Stockholm/Malmo-USA ‘via England’(2 diff.s/lines in red or blue), SG237,9(x2), 54(1kr) or 258+68(x2). 2 diff. Examiner PC90 labels.30
1687SWITZERLAND: 1857-8 stampless cvrs(2) Chateau d’Oex/Bulle-Geneva charged 15 in red mss or black h/st.25
16881858 firms EL Vevey-Chateau d’Oex, 5r+10r Standing Helvetia close-clear mgns min.cat £50.40
16891860 cvr Geneva-UK rated 6, boxed Fr 1fr78c & red French entry cds. See also lot 7,663.40
16901905 missionary cvr Zurich-China(destination & German PO Tsingtau rec’r) @ 5c.20
16911914 regd advert cvr Berne-Vienna, 5-col.franking Mi106,112 scarce type 1, 118 type 2, 119(scarce 12c),20a.30
16921917 underpaid local Lausanne ppc, 3c(Mi112 type 2), tax mark & pair 1c P.Dues(Mi29) tied. Rare usage.25
16931918 advert window env ex Bern with Pro-Juventute 10c (J8 cat £40).30
16941919 regd advert cvr Baar-Zurich, pair Pro-Juventute 15c (J10 cat £40).35
16951920 Pro-Juventute set (J14-16 cat £60) on local 1921 Berne cvr.40
16961923 regd advert cvr Bern-Poland, 4-colour SG229,48,54,60,307(x4 cat £40).30
16971923 comm.cvr Shonenwird-Paris, scarce Pro-Juv 40c (J27 cat £80) & TPO blue pmk. PHOTO60
16981923(July) regd air cvr Far East PeaceConference,Lausanne-Geneva, airs SG318,23-4(cat £75).Sp.pmk/regd45
16991924(Jun) FFC(sp.label tied) Romanshorn-Zurich, Mi162+180(25c air cat £33) tied sp.pmk.25
17001924(Aug) sp.Monument des Rangiers FFC La Caquerelle-Lausanne, airs Mi179+189x(cat 39€) & sp.pmk25
17011925(May) FFC Basel-Zurich for unveiling Soldier’s Monument, 35c air (SG319 cat £75). Sp.label tied.45
17021925(Oct) 20c illus p.stat.card flown Basel-Mannheim FF(cachet) + 20c air (SG317).20
17031930 regd advert cvr Zurich Station-Kilchberg bei Zurich, 30c Pro-Juventute(J51).20
17041932(Aug) round Europe FFC regd Geneva Airport-Bellinzona, SG266,89,340,48(x2) & sp.red pmks.25
17051936 regd advert cvr Lugano-Scotland, 5-colour mix franking SG355(x2),64-6,69(x2 cat £65) tied rev.50
17061936 regd airmail cvr Geneva-UK, airs SG320,22a,59(cat £196). PHOTO120
17071937 Hotel env Zuoz-UK, Pro-Juventute set J76-9(cat £50).30
17081938 local Zurich cvr franked Pro-Juventute minisheet (J83a cat £85).50
17091946 airmail cvr St Gallen-Argentina(destination/rec’r), SG415 + 3fr PAX (SG457 cat £130). PHOTO100
17101948 regd cvr Chur-Vienna(censor),SG490,94 + IMABA minisheet (MS498a cat £100). PHOTO60
17111950 hotel env Zurich-UK, National Fete set (SG522-6 cat £60).40
17121950-1 comm.cvrs(2) Lausanne-France, 10c+30c Nat.Fete SG523+5 or 528+30(cat £61).40
17131954 airmail cvr Les Acacias-USA, Pro-Patria set (SG553-7 cat £30).20
17141956(Jun 1) illus unadd.FDC of Pro-Patria set (SG571-5 cat £25) & Bern German pmk.20
1715 SYRIA: 1920 regd cvr Beyrouth(15 pmk)-C’tinople(FPO 506) via Pacha Kapoussi(rare pmk), pair 2pi(SG37).30
17161922 regd(h/stamp) advert cvr Beyrouth-France, pair 3pi (SG74). See also lot 8.20
17171934 cvr Syrian Catholic Church,Aleppo-Argentina(destination/rec’r), SG181,189(x2 cat £17).25
17181939(Nov) cvr Alep-Switz, SG333+6. Early oval French military censor L1.20
17191945 local Aleppo cvr, SG347 + 5p on 25p on 40p pink Army Fund revenue (T421 cat £50).40
17201949 airmail cvr Aleppo-France, SG482-4(UPU/Revolution cat £28) + 5p army fund revenue tied reverse.30
1721TASMANIA: (see lot 115,867): 1891 cvr Hobart-UK, 2½d on 9d deep blue (SG168b).45
17221898 cvr Burnie-UK, mixed franking SG156b(x2)+216.20
17231899 QV 1d p.stat.card written Somerester-Launceston(rec’r) pmk’d Ross + 77 numeral.25
17241900 2d blue pictorial(River Derwent,New Norfolk) lettercard, H&G2 fine unused.20
17251904 comm.cvr Launceston-USA, QV 5d (SG218).25
17261908 Govt House ppc comm.used Hobart-Fiji(destination/Suva rec’r), 1d (SG250a: wmk inverted).25
1727THAILAND: 1931 3a grn p.stat.card, scarce H&G58 comm.used Sam(?)-Switz via Bangkok(scarce Radiogram slogan pmk) + SG252,4 ie 3-colour. Slight foxing.25
17281941 15stg blue regd env, H&G2 fine unused + 15stg blue p.stat.env, H&G6 both fine unused(2).40
17291943 10stg red lettercard, H&G5a fine unused.15
17301946(Apr) OHMS cvr Indian FPO 135(Bangkok for 6 months)-India.35
17311957 3b airletter comm.used Bangkok 5-UK. Content re Royal garden party & meeting king.15
17321963 large print'd matter regd air cvr Ministry Foreign Affairs,Bangkok-Thai Consulate,Hull inc SG435(5b x12)20
1733TIBET: 1930s 4t green p.stat.env used internally with Shigatse pmk. Rarely seen.25
1734TONGA: 1929 regd(blurred oval pmk) Vavau-USA via Samoa, 7½d(SG61).45
17351935 regd cvr Haapai-USA, 4-colour SG39,55(x3),57c,59.45
17361938(Oct 12) FDC Haapai-Fiji of 20th anniv Queen Salote (SG71-3 cat £26).25
17371944 outward regd Tin Can Mail cvr Niuafoou-UK ex Walter Quensell(signed+ Victory cachet), 5-colour SG56, 74-7(cat £14). Examiner W(W4 excised) rare censor label. PHOTO75
17381944 NZ advert cvr Niuatobotabu(Keppels)-NZ via Vavau,1d+2d(SG75-6). Scarcer pmk. PHOTO.75
17391945 OHMS cvr Nukualofu-Auckland, 2½d(SG71).Violet Balimia crested signed cachet.25
1740TRANSJORDAN: 1936 cvr Amman-USA, 5-colour franking 1m-5m (SG194b-96,7,8a cat £37).40
17411939 cvr Amman-Switz, p.14 1m-20m + scarcer 90m,100m (SG203-4 cat £13+).25
17421949 censor(lozenge) air cvr Amman-UK via Beirut,SG195a,232,34(x2),60(x2),2-3,T264(x2),66,68,70(cat£22)25
1743TRANSVAAL: (see lot 341,1284): 1893 regd(boxed pmk) cvr Jo’burg-Austria, 4d+6d (SG181-2).35
17441896 1d p.stat.card(H&G6: scarcer reply half) comm.used Belfast-Pretoria.15
17451897 regd 3-colour franking cvr Jo'burg-USA, 2½d,3d,6d (SG219-20,22).40
17461901 regd cvr Germiston-USA via London, VRI 2½d (SG229 x3).35
17471904 KEVII 4d regd env Jo’burg-Germany + 2½d(SG247).20
17481907 OHMS cvr Pretoria-Switz, ½d+2d (SG262,273).15
17491907 ppc comm.used Cantonment BO Standerton-Scotland @ 1d rate. PO only open 5 years.30
1750 TRINIDAD: (see lot 6,1805): 1882 1½d p.stat.card comm.used to Hungary (destination & rec’r).30
17511889 cvr to UK, 4d (SG110) & thimble pmk.30
17521914 Govt ppc comm.used Pt of Spain-Bolivia(destination/rec’r) via Colon(transit pmk) @ 1d rate.20
17531929(Sept) FFC to Havana, 6d (SG226) strip of 3. 169 flown.25
17541930(July) NYRBA FFC to Grenada(rec’r), 6d (SG226). 224 flown.30
17551950 airmail cvr French Consulate,Pt of Spain(printed env)-French Embassy,UK, SG252a-3.15
17561966 matching underpaid cvrs(2) Sauteurs(Grenada)-San Fernando, taxed with 2c or 4c P.Dues (D26a,27a).35
1757Tobago: 1897 cvr to Trinidad, ½d on 4d (SG33 cat £55). PHOTO450
1758TRISTAN: 1946(May) unpaid cvr to UK with scarce cachet(violet) VIII. S.African tax mark. Written-up. PHOT.50
17591950(Feb)cvr to UK via MV Peruana, GB pair 2½d(SG495) & CapeTown p/bot. Edinboro Settlement cachet IX40
17601956 underpaid cvrs(2)Grimsby/Mansfield-Weather Stn,Tristan, tax marks& 3d-4d(D3-4)tied Feb1’57 FDI pmk50
17611957(Feb 6) underpaid local cvr to Mrs Stableford, SG18 + box tax mark & 1d(D1 cat £16) P.Due.35
1762 TURKEY: (see lots 982,1421,1715):1855 EL C’tinople-Marseille rated 10.15
17631897 regd cvr Pera(Grand Rue C&W66A pmk)-Brousse(28mm rec’r), SG143+160(x8).25
17641902 20pa p.stat.card comm.used German Consulate,Brousse(cachet + s/line pmk C&W145)-Berlin.25
17651913 C’tinople ppc Galata-Italy, 2pa(SG333) & blue R.Nave Ammo di St Bon pmk.25
17661915 regd censored cvr Voivoda-Austria, scarce hi-val opts (SG534-5 cat £21).40
17671943 airmail cvr Basmane(Izmir)-USA via Iran,India, SG1450,52(x3),1300,13(x2)+T1290. Triple censored: Iranian(Anglo-Soviet-Persian censor 23), Indian & US labels.25
1768TURKS & CAICOS: 1903 QV 1½d p.stat.card,H&G1 used to Germany(rec’r) but no message.20
17691911 US Consular Service env to US State Dept,Washington, SG117(x2)+123 & N.York paquebot pmk. PH.65
1770UN: 1955 illus unadd.FDC with 10th anniversary minisheet (Sc.38 or MS38 cat £60) & sp.pmk.40
17711953 commercial cvrs/ppc inc used p.stat. sp.delivery, airmail bag label to Danish Forces in Lebanon etc. Mostly New York office but couple ex Vienna (12 items).25
1772URUGUAY: 1895 regd AR PO env Montevideo-UK, 25c (SG148).40
17731910 Montevideo University(cachet)-Uruguayan Consul,N.York, 5c official opts (O223 x2).20
17741920 2c on 3c brown illus(customs sheds) p.stat.card comm.used Montevideo-Italy.15
17751925(Aug) regd flown FFC Florida-Montevideo, SG377,410(x2),12,14,473(cat £22) & sp.red pmk.35
17761930 cvrs(2) to Germany/Switz per Conte Verde or General Osorio, SG644 or 641-4(Independence + slogan).25
17771935 5c lettercard, H&G20 fine unused. Uncommon.15
1778 USA: (see lots 10,32,221+4): 1844 EL Chicago(red cds)-Portland(Conn) paid 50.20
17791866 sl.soiled cvr Santa Clara(Cal)-Yorkshire Ironworks via N.York Br.Pkt, 24c grey (SG74b cat £375). PH.175
17801871 cvr N.York-UK, 6c Lincoln (SG161 cat £20) & cork pmk.25
17811883 cvr Muscotah(Kans)-France, 5c Garfield (Sc.205) & unusual brown maltese cross pmk.25
17821884 cvr Salem-Austria redirected from London(Charing X sq.circ) & US Europe Exchange(oval pmk),5c brn.20
17831885 Washington 2c p.stat.env on fawn(U234) Rome(NY)-Buffalo + strip of 3 2c(SG213) & fine cork pmks.15
17841886 printed matter cvr N.York(oval P pmk)-France, 1c (Sc.145 cat $20). Scarce transatlantic rate.25
17851888 Liberty 2c p.stat.card comm.used Dayton(O)-Hawaii(Honolulu rec’r).Oval framed Too Late.20
17861891 Jackson 4c pink/amber p.stat.env(U239b)+ 1c,5c,10c(SG224,8,31) N.York-Austria ie 4-colour franking.25
17871896 Washington 2c advert p.stat.env +1c,2c(ie 3-colour) SanFrancisco-Fiji(destination/rec’r).15
17881905-11 ppcs(2) to Duluth/Kansas @ 1c rate with Detroit Marine PO pmks + 1 or 2 duplex.25
17891906-9 Hudson River Day Line printed ppcs(2 diff) of Hendrick Hudson Albany/Iona Is-Ohio/Pa @ 1c rate.35
17901907 cvr Redbank(NJ)-Scotland, 5c Pocahontas (SG337 cat £36).30
17911909 Spokane ppc comm.used to Dede Aghadj(Turkey: destination/rec’r) @ 1c rate.20
17921922(Dec) cvr San Diego-Milwaukee @ 2c. 4-line Delayed by Forced Landing Airmail,Porcupine Ridge,Utah.25
17931927(Apr) cacheted FFC Chicago-Dallas route Ponce City(Oklahoma)-Maywood(Ill) stage @ 10c rate.15
17941933(Oct) cacheted Graf Zepp Chicago Expo FFC Akron-F’hafen, 50c Zeppelin (A732 cat £75). PHOTO60
17951960 Organisat’n US States official cvr Washington-Calif. 3-line Damaged in Fire in Railway Car Daggett Cal.25
17961969 stampless printed env Austin(Tx)-Kentucky with Lyndon B.Johnson frank stamp + ink signature.25
1797P.Rico: 1909 San German ppc comm.used Guayama-UK @ US 2c rate.20
17981917-23 comm.cvrs(2) Cayey/Mayaguez-USA @ 2c/3c rates.30
1799VATICAN: 1931 regd cvr to Germany, set to 10L inc express pair, SG1-13,E14-15(cat £120). PHOTO90
18001933(Apr 3) publicity FDI card with Holy Year set (SG15-18 cat £90). Cat 500€(FDC). PHOTO100
18011936 regd cvr to Norway(destination/rec’r), Catholic Press set (SG47-54 cat £130). PHOTO90
1802VENEZUELA: 1884 comm.cvr Caracas-Maiguetia, 25c (SG94).25
18031898-1904 embossed official cvrs(2) to Venezuelan Consuls in France or Wales, 50c officials (O177 or 328).50
18041930(May) Pan-am FFC Puerto Cabello(oval pmk)-US Consul,Curacao(rec’r), SG397+401.15
18051935 Trinidad(BWI) company envs(2) Carapito/Guanaco(violet pmks)-UK, SG419 or 454.20
18061938-9 airmail cvrs(4) Caracas/Maracaibo-Europe @ 65c-1b95 rates with 4 different black or violet 2-line Por Avion desde Caracas(or Maracaibo) hasta Estados Unidos h/st.25
1807 VICTORIA: 1857(Sep) sl.cut-down cvr Melbourne-Scotland via London, 6d roulette(SG53a cat £60). PHOTO50
18081865 cvr Melbourne-UK, 6d black (SG107b).30
18091870 cvr Richmond-Benalla(rec’r) via Melbourne, 2d dull lilac (SG132h)15
18101877 cvr Kerang(207 numeral)-Ireland via H&K Pkt, 6d dull blue worn plate (SG136e x2 cat £15). Minor soils.30
18111888 QV 4d pink regd env, H&G4 fine unused.20
18121893-7 ½d red or yellow p.stat.wrappers(2: H&G15 or 17) Kilmore(54) or Euroa(41) both to Melbourne.20
18131895 QV 1d orange-brn p.stat.env Melbourne-Canada(arrived Xmas Day) + 4d (SG316a).25
18141895 OHMS postmaster-general frank env comm.used GPO Melbourne-Belgium +2½d(SG315b).Uncommon35
18151898 OHMS PMG frank env Melbourne-Tasmania. Printed env(f&b)for Federal Convention,Parliament House.30
18161904 Australian Mutual Provident Society illus env(inc contents) Melbourne(paid 1d meter)-Rutherglen.25
18171918 OHMS long crested env Observatory,Melbourne-Holland, perf OS ½d+2d. 3-line blue Passed by Censor 7 3rd Military District h/stamp. See also lot 2,833.30
1818VIETNAM: 1952 official cacheted Finance Ministry airmail cvr Saigon-Paris, scarce SG67(x2).20
18191953(May) cacheted Pan-am FFCs(2) Saigon-Guam or San Francisco, SG74+87 or 62,68,77,82.20
18201961 airmail cvr Dalat-USA, mixed franking SG77(x2),86(x2),S66.20
1821North: 1976-82 airmail cvrs(8 inc 1 illus env) Hanoi/Haiphong-France. Wide variety frankings.50
1822W.AUSTRALIA: (see lot 30,115): 1897 1½d on 3d p.stat.card comm.used Perth-UK.20
18231898 OHMS stampless cvr Perth-Canning(rec’r). 2 diff.Department Lands & Survey violet cachets. Boxed Unclaimed & Perth DLO(blue).25
18241901 cvr Ship Mail Room-Cornwall, 1d+2d (SG112-3).25
18251904 ppc Greenbushes-UK, 1d (SG117 x3).40
18261904 Ceylon tea ppc comm.used SS Moldavia,Fremantle-UK, GB KEVII 1d & s/line Paquebot(Hosk.1393).20
18271905 cvr Subiaco-UK via Perth, 1d (SG117 x2).25
18281908 Welcome US Fleet rare 1d blue swan p.stat.card, H&G12 fine unused. PHOTO125
18291909 1d(STB slate-blue) p.stat.card,H&G6C comm.used Perth-Onslow.35
1830YEMEN: 1939 internal cvr ex Sanaa, 4b on ½b ovpt (SG27 cat £27). PHOTO50
18311947 internal airmail cvr ex Dhamar,6b (SG62a).20
18321953 6b blue/bluish grey p.stat.env(as SG101) fine unused. Uncommon.15
1833YUGOSLAVIA: 1912 ppc comm.used Vinkovci-Zagreb, Hungary 5f + patriotic Croatia 2f label tied.30
18341916 ppc & comm.p/cards(3) to Vienna/Znaim with Hungarian 5f tied Zemun/Novska pmks or stampless ex Zagreb with boxed KuK censors of Zagreb (no’s 7 or 8) or circ. Ujvidek.40
18351919 10v red/yellow p.stat.card written Yevce-Zagorju + 5v(SG107) & violet temp.Devica Marije v Poljen pmk.25
18361919(Aug)Abbazia 1914 RP ppc comm.used Krapina-Zagreb, 3-colour mix issues SG87,97a,108. Box censor20
18371919 Zagreb market + tram ppc comm.used Zagreb-Czech, 10h Croatia (SG90).15
18381921 Peter 1 ppc comm.used Belgrade-Maribor, 15pa (SG152).15
18391921 parcel card comm.used Belgrade-Nis, 3-colour SG168,74(x2),77(10d).25
18401927 rural ppc regd(unusual) Subotica-Budapest, 3-colour SG210-11,13.25
18411933(Aug) cacheted FFC Ljubljana-Zagreb, SG251+263 & sp.triangular pmk.20
18421934 Hvar ppc comm.used to Czech, SG263+305 & Split pmk + 2-line Predanona Parobrodu/Paquebot.25
1843ZANZIBAR: 1895 QV India ¼a + 1a on 1½a p.stat.cards(2: H&G1 or 4: latter reply card only) fine unused both with blue Zanzibar opt.20
18441895 1a on 1½a p.stat.cards(3 diff: H&G2,4 inc both halves reply card) locally addressed but no messages.40
18451932-4 airmail cvr + ppc(2: diff.labels) to UK via Dodoma, SG305+8 or 4-colour SG301-2,4-5.25
18461945 comm.cvr Chake Chake-India, SG311(x2).20
18471954 airmail cvrs(2) to Lindi, SG339(x2)+354 or 342(x2)+347.10
18481954 Sultan 30c regd env,H&G13 comm.used to UK + SG341a-2.20
18491953-6 Sultan 20c & 50c airletters(4: H&G1-4) fine unused.20
18501961 Sultan 50c regd env size H,H&G11b airmail to USA + blks of 4 SG358,60-1,63,65(cat £18+).20
18511964 airmail cvr to Dar, Jamhuri local opt on 40c (SG401). Uncommon.15
1852French PO: 1894 firms env to Hamburg per SS Ara(Reunion a Marseille No.4 p/bot), French 25c P&C. PH.250
1853ZULULAND: 1893 ½d brown GB p.stat. reply card, scarce H&G3, fine unused opt’d SPECIMEN violet h/st.40

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