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Yorkshire Cover Auctions 

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11864 EL Rome-Exeter via di mare(to Marseilles) then Paris-London charged 11 with tombstone Fr 3f76c.35
2Boer War: 1901 cvr APO Standerton-Durban, GB 1d lilac. Oval violet Press Censor Standerton.15
3WW1: 1914(Aug) cvr USA-Cattaro(Austria), US 5c (SG425). Censored on arrival scarce early Kotor KuK seal.35
41915 French illus patriotic military p/card comm.used Belgian Army FPO 8-hospital in France.15
5Redirected: 1901 double regd (La Union & N.York) cvr El Salvador-UK @ 28c rate (1 faulty), redirected (on reverse) Balham-Portugal with GB QV 2½d Jubilee pair. Scarce. PHOTO100
61946 regd airmail cvr Kegalla(Ceylon)-India, SG386c,389(x2 ea),400-1. Redirected to DLO Bombay then UK (Walsall & finally Edinburgh). Both times posted out of course & only ½d to pay. See also lot 383.20
*71957 hotel airmail env Norway-H.Kong @ 1k35 rate then H.Kong-UK @ $1.30 rate. Attractive.40
81960 airmail cvr London-St Kitts @ 2/4½d rate, sent back to London with St Kitts 110(x2),12b(x2),13,14(x3).20
9WW2: 1944(Dec) Xmas 1944 Postage Free opt'd privilege airletter comm.used Indian FPO 26(Lebanon)-UK.25
*101943 cvr Haifa-PO Box 226,London (undercover address of Czech Army) @ Palestine 10m rate. Double censored inc KK/35116 label + superb Czech Army FPO pmk. PHOTO40
111945(Jan) cvr Fez(Morocco)-internee,POW Camp,Fort Meade,USA @ 4f50 rate. US censor.15
12UN: (see lot 362): 1949 Singapore Conference souvenir env(album page size) to Switz, SG3+34.15
131981 airmail cvr Saudi Arabia(meter mark)-Alderney(destination). Boxed Missent to Manila.10
*141899-1908 GB-Australia items(2 inc 4½d Jubilee but tone spots), Cocos 1963-4, 1942 India-Australia etc (7).20


151797 outer Madras-London, redirected to Scotland rated 8, 2-line London Ship Lre (S5). PHOTO50
161807 EL India-doctor aboard Lady Jane Dundas(or Mayfair) rated 1/3d. 2-line Margate Ship-Lre(S1). PHOTO65
171825 EL India-Scotland re-rated to 2/8 + box ½. Oval unframed Madras Ship Letter + India Lre Deal (In2).35
181830 EL Cologne(thimble pmk)-Kent franco 1/3d. Unframed Ship Letter London(S24) in use 3 years only.25
191833 paid outer Phila(USA)-London via L'pool(ship letter S11 blk) rated 37½ in red, 3/2 in blk.20
201834 outer to London rated 4/= per Fairfield & Capt.Norie, stepped Hastings Ship Letter (S3 blk) across flap.35
211840 EL Vera Cruz-UK rated 8 via N.York(forwarded Aymar & Co red oval), red Ship Lre Portsmouth(S15).PH45
221841 EL N.York-Leics paid 25 & charged 8, 2-line Liverpool Ship Letter (S11) + scarce blk inspector's star.25
231841 EL Le Havre-London per William Saweet, red unframed Ship Letter London (S28).20
241846 outer Hamburg(ship letter cds)-UK via Hull(blue 3-line ship letter S11) rated 6.25
251888 creased Norwegian 10o p.stat.card comm.used Bergen-Scotland. Fine 2-line Newcastle Ship Letter.PH.75
261923 NGI Augustus crested env to USA, Italian 1L25 & Augustus paquebot pmk.15
27c1925 Lloyd Triestino crested cvr to Germany, Italian 20c+1L(perfin LT) & violet Lloyd Triestino Pfo Semiramis cachet. S/line Paquebots (of Brindisi). PHOTO40
281932 cvr Paramaribo-USA, Surinam SG128(x2)+185 & circ.N.York p/bot + Posted on High Seas SS Munamar15
291932 comm.cvr Hawaii-S. Francisco, US 2c coil & box Packet Boat + NZ maritime PO pmk of RMMS Aorangi.15
301933 cvrs(4) Glasgow-US,Canada 5c & p/bot slogan +SS Duchess of Atholl,Richmond,Bedford orYork cachet25
311934 MV Mongolia(cachet) cvr to USA, GB 2½d & Loose Ship Letter Sydney pmk (Hosk.1503).25
321934 cvr purser,RMS Amsterdam(cachet)-USA, GB 2½d & Hook of Holland pmk + p/bot (Hosk.801).15
331934 cvr Londonderry-US, GB 2½d & British Mail ex RMS Caledonia high seas pmk. No p/bot pmk pre-1955.20
341937 cvr Dominica-USA, mix KGV-VI SG71+96 & Boston(US) pmk. Circ.CNS Lady Hawkins posted high seas15
351945(Sept) OAS formular airletter HMS Berwick,Port Said-Naval Air Liaison,RAF Rangoon(RAFPost 8 rec'r).20
361970 cvr Ardrossan-Greenock @ 4d rate with scarce violet Paquebot (Hosk.269A).25


37Balloon: (see lot 1176): 1935(Sept) Gordon Bennett Cup race flown cacheted cvr Warsaw-Solokow Podlaski, Poland SG284a-5,307(x2)-8,13 & sp.pmks.25
381980 sp.p/card for 1st balloon flight on Barbuda, $1.25 (SG444). Cachet & pilot signed.10
39Binoculars/Telescope: (lot 1425): 1909 lovely Italian illus firms p/card comm.used Milan-France @ 10c rate.20
40Birds: (see lot 1248): 1967(Jan) scarce 5fr kingfisher (New Hebrides SG109 cat £19) on illus unadd.FDC.20
411974 Fr.Antarctic illus unadd.FDC of SG99+102(cat £58) & Alfred Faure pmk/cachet.40
421978 Botswana set (SG411-27 cat £50) on 2 illus unadd. FDCs.35
43Chess: 1950(Aug) illus Chess Olympics unadd.FDC of Yugoslav SG647-51(cat £34) & sp.pmk30
44Christmas: 1911(Dec 25) local N.London ppc comm.used with GB KEVII p.15x14 ½d (SG279 cat £100 cvr).30
45Concorde: 1969 French Antarctic illus unadd.FDC of 85fr (SG53 cat £65)40
461985 illus cacheted FFC Hong Kong-UK, Macau acceptance franked SG551(x3).15
47Engines: 1911 lovely illus(2 diff.gasoline engines) New Brunswick advert cvr @ Canada 2c rate.15
48Esperanto: 1922-3 sp.printed p/card + ppc with sp.pmk for 15th Congress in Nurnberg. Both items to UK.20
49Football: 1938 comm.cvr Paris-Switz, French 1f75c World Cup (SG612 cat £17).30
501953-4 Uruguayan Football League printed envs(3) Rocha-Minas @ 7c rates tied different Rocha blue/violet boxed/circular agency pmks. Red 20c express label noted.25
51Forestry: 1958 cacheted African Forestry Conference,Pte Noire(Congo)-Paris, AEF SG273(x2)-4,284.15
52Gymnastics: 1907 5th Czech Tournament official ppc Prague-Paris @ Austrian 5h rate. 2h blue sp.label.15
53Helicopter: 1952(May) illus double FFC Centilux(Luxb'g)-Strassburg & back ex Federal Congress Exhib'n.20
54Hotel: 1902 printed illus Grand Hotel Righi ppc comm.used Valletta(Malta)-UK @ 1d rate.20
55Fine lot 1902-37 hotel cacheted Swiss ppcs(15) to UK all commercially used. See also lots 7,477,1081,1500.30
561938 illus Kibu Hotel,Marangu airmail env Moshi-Germany, 3-colour Kenya KGVI 10c,15c,50c.20
571937 lovely illus Canadian advert cvr to UK @ 3c rate. Colour illus of 2 Toronto hotels full-size reverse.20
58Minerals: 1974 Botswana set (SG322-35 cat £60) on 2 illus unadd. FDCs.45
59Motoring: 1937 Burma AA env airmail Rangoon-AA,UK, 3-colour ovpts SG5(x3),8,12.15
60Music: (see lot 899): 1899 illus ppc for Dresden Song Festival comm.used to Chemnitz @ 5pf rate.20
611950(Oct) Berlin 10pf+5pf p.stat.card for 100yrs GPO addressed to Friends of Berlin Philharmonic with sp.pmk for Furtwangler concert in Titania Palace. Card cat 160 euros.25
621950 cvr Celle(Germany)-S.Africa, Bach set (SG1043-4 cat £110). PHOTO80
63Olympics: 1936(Feb) 15pf German Olympic p.stat.card internal air(label) ex Garmisch(Olympic slogan)+ 1pf.20
641936(Aug) Olympic ppcs(2 inc aerial view) comm.used internally in Germany, SG606-7 or 8 & Olympic Stadium sp.pmks. Circ, Reichsportfeld Berlin cachets in blk or violet. See also lot 618.25
651952 airmail cvr Bochum-Finland with Helsinki publicity label + scarce Berlin set (B88-90 cat £55). PHOTO50
66Police: (see lot 1350): 1974 Vietnam National Police/Interpol printed env Saigon-USA @ $2.80 meter rate.10
67Race Relations: 1955 GB cvr Cheshire-Middx @ 2½d rate. Chair of RaceRelations multicolour label tied rev.15
68Red X: (lot 341): 1911 Turkey Red Crescent official env(+cachet) to Red X,Paris, pair 20pa & St Sophia pmk.20
691943-4 Venezuela Red X envs(2 inc cachet)-Red X Geneva @ 2b20 or 3b30 rates intercepted in Trinidad(IE).15
70Religion: 1930 ppc to France, Tunisian SG127-8 & Eucharist Congress,Carthage pmk.20
71Royalty: 1927 mourning cvr Sandringham(official paid pmk)-Fred Jarrett(philately)Canada. Violet GvR cipher.35
721937(Jun) Marriage of Duke of Windsor illus cvr Monts(France)-USA @ 1fr50 rate.15
731938(July 21) regd cvr Versailles-Sevres for visit of KGVI & Q.Mary, France SG608+615(cat £25). Also official visit ppc Paris-UK franked SG215 (2 items). See also lots 134,161,713.25
741957(Oct) illus cacheted cvr for QEII visit to USA posted at London Airport on day of departure @ 4d rate.15
75Rugby: 1967-on fine lot worldwide commem cvrs + FDCs (18 diff). Nice starter lot.30
761995 set of 16 pre-printed p.stat.p/cards for World Cup Nations + 3 diff.illus S.African FDCs (19 items)15
77Scouts: 1953(Aug 8) sp.unadd.Scout conference ppc, Liechtenstein set (SG313-6 cat £40) & 1st day pmk.30
78Space: 1962 express airmail FDC Berlin-Kenya of scarce E.German MSE663a sheetlet cat £70. PHOTO50


79ADEN: 1905 'Bombay infantry on route march' ppc to UK, Indian 1a & Aden Camp + Aden pmks.15
801934 cvrs(2) to USA, GB 2½d tied p/bot Aden (Hosk.2933) & MV Llangibby Castle/SS Viceroy of India cachet.20
811946 forces airmail cvr No.11 RAF Postal HQ(Khormaksar)-UK.20
821947 cvr Khormaksar-Aden, SG17-18,20.20
83States: 1949 printed regd UPU FDC to Iraq of SG16-19. Arabic censor + black A.V.220
841955 long double regd (inc scarcer h/st) airmail (regd by airmail h/st) cvr Mukalla-Sweden(destination/rec'r), (reverse),25(x2),27(scarce 5sh cat £41). PHOTO75
85AEGEAN: 1928 advert cvr Rhodes-UK, Italian 1L25 (SG186).20
861918 advert cvr Rhodes-USA, Rodi 25c (Sass.5). Boxed red Censore N1. PHOTO45
87ALBANIA: 1914 regd cvr Lushje(scarcer pmk)-Austria via Brindisi, 4-colour SG28,9(x2),30-1. Date error. PH.65
881922 ppc comm.used Tirane-UK via Durres, mixed Besa ovpts on SG123-4(x2 ea),143(cat £77). PHOTO100
891925(May) cacheted FFC Tirane-Valona, SG181,86(x2)-7(cat £15).25
901929 cvr Br.Embassy(crest) Durres(blue pmk)-UK, 25q (SG253).25
911936-7 advert cvrs(2 diff) Shkoder/Durres-Vienna/Yugoslavia @ 5q(SG279) or 25q(SG280-1) rates.25
921939(Jun) Italian armed forces printed p.stat.card for Albania comm.used Tirane (PM22 pmk)-Rome.35
931941(Apr) regd air cvr Vlone-Italy(rec'rs), SG351-2,4-7,68. Italian label tied scarce Albanian censors. PHOTO.75
941960 airmail cvr Tirane-St Helena(destination), SG575(x2)-6,9,645(x3),55(x2).15
95ANDORRA: 1950 cvr St Julien de Loria(scarcer pmk)-USA, 4-colour F108,20,26,28(cat £21).35
96Spanish: 1958 ppc to UK with 1pta air (pair SG54 cat £52). PHOTO50
971967 ppc La Vieja-Madrid, mixed issues SG52,7-8,40-1,3,6(cat £41).40
981972 Europa (SG67 cat £140) on illus unadd. FDC. PHOTO80
99ANGUILLA: 1971-82 comm.cvrs(6) to UK all with Travelling Branch (TPO) pmks.30
1001970s-80s comm.cvrs(9) to UK all with Valley pmks & wide range frankings.20
101ANTIGUA: (see lots 1051-4): 1886 1½d p.stat.card comm.used to UK with fine AO2 pmk.25
1021898 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Cedar Hall-St Kitts(rec'r).15
1031918 regd cvr to Canada, marginal plate blk (no.1) of 4 war stamp SG54.20
1041929(Sept) cacheted FFC to USA, 3-colour SG69,74,76(cat £14).20
1051936 airmail(2 Rates) cvr San Juan(P.Rico)-USA, 2/6d (SG78 cat £32) pmk'd St Johns. PHOTO65
1061934(May) airmail cvr GPO(cachet)-Br.Guiana, 4-colour mix franking SG75 + Leewards SG58(2 blks of 4 ¼d inc control 26),67(pair),70(cat £37). Central fold. PHOTO50
1071948(May) regd cvr St Johns-USA, KGVI 10/= & £1 (SG108-9 cat £92). PHOTO100
1081949 regd cvr St Johns-USA, S.Wedding set (SG112-3 cat £15).20
109Barbuda: (see lot 38): 1926 regd(red h/st) cvr to UK, Leewards 6d (SG72 cat £38). PHOTO65
110ARGENTINA: STB 1826 pre-stamp cvr to Cordoba rated 3 with fine red 2-line Buenos Ayres.30
1111850s outers(2) to Cordova/B.Aires, fine s/lines SnJvan + Franca in blk or red.40
1121856 outer B.Aires(Br.PO cds)-Bordeaux per Camilla/Avon charged 30. Scarce red box Colonies Art-18. PH.80
1131887 12c p.stat.env Lomas de Zamora-Switz via B.Aires(Oficina pmk) & Ligne J Paq.Fr.No.2 blue cds.25
1141913 regd cvr San Geronimo-Java(destination/rec'r) via Italy, 6-colour SG293B,6B(x2),96,7(x2)-9,402(x2).40
1151921(Sept) advert cvr B.Aires(slogan pmk for 1st Pan-American UPU Congress)-Mar del Plata @ 5c rate.20
1161928 regd AR(boxed) cvr Parana-USA, SG515,8(x2),50.20
1171939 regd Air France env B.Aires-UK, SG676 + scarce RM690(cat £45). PHOTO65
118ASCENSION: (see lot 1384): 1935 regd cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG31-4 cat £100). PHOTO80
1191938(May 12) regd FDC to S.Africa(rec'r) of ½d-6d inc scarce 1d,3d(cat £50). Minor perf tones.40
120AUSTRALIA: (see lot 31): 1929 KGV 4½d regd env, H&G26 Charing X(NSW)-UK per RMS Orsova.20
1211931 OHMS red Money Order Advice env airmail Melbourne(Ship Mail Room)-UK, 3d air(SG115) perfin V.PH.45
1221931(Apr) illus/cacheted FFC to NZ, SG102+113.15
1231931(Apr) illus/cacheted ANA FFC Sydney-UK, SG108-9,121(cat £33).25
1241931(Nov) ANA Xmas FFC regd Melbourne-UK, scarce Ash imprint strip of 3 OS 6d(SG139a cat £165+).PH.150
1251931(Dec) regd airmail cvr Adelaide-Toowoomba(Qld), 6d OS air + 5d KGV (SG103a,139a cat £62). PHOTO50
1261932(Jun 1) printed regd local Perth FDC of 6d kookaburra (SG146). Scarce. PHOTO75
1271934(Nov) illus 6th Aust.Phil.Exhib'n Melbourne regd cvr to Ashfield, SG147(scarce Ash imprint g/pair)+150.20
1281937(Aug 2) local Cairns regd FDC of KGVI 3d(SG168a white wattles cat £85),6d,1/=. PHOTO75
1291937 regd cvr Elizabeth St(Melbourne)-Hobart, 4-colour KGV SG124-7(cat £18).30
1301938 airmail cvr Ashfield(NSW)-UK, SG118(x2)+165(x12 cat £23). Sydney Br.Empire Games colour label tied25
1311940(July 15) illus War Effort FDC of SG196-9(cat £35) Ashfield-Waratah(NSW).20
1321947 cvr Lord Howe Island-USA, 3½d (SG217).20
1331954 underpaid cvr France-Melbourne, tax mark both nations & pair 1½d PDues(uncommon D93 cat £18).PH50
1341954 Royal Visit sp.illus airletter comm.used to UK @ 10d rate.25
1351964(Feb) illus unadd. FDC of 10/= & £1 Navigators (SG358-9 cat £21).25
136AAT: 1949(Dec) cvr Macquarie Is-UK @ 3d rate. ANARE 2-line violet cachet.20
1371950(Sept) cvr Macquarie Is-Australia @ 2½d rate. 3-line ANARE HMS Labuan cachet.25
1381951(May) illus ANARE cvr Macquarie Is-Australia @ 3d rate.15
139BCOF: 1947 airmail cvr FPO 80(Hiro)-Brisbane, 5/= ovpt (J7 cat £150). PHOTO125
140AUSTRIA: 1858 cvr Vienna-Offenbach, scarce 15kr (SG27) with perfs cut-off. PHOTO75
1411862 EL Trieste-Cremona(Italy), pair 3kr + 10kr (Mi19,21 cat 77euros). PHOTO75
1421863 3kr green (no wmk) arms p.stat.env comm.used locally in Vienna with boxed pmk.35
1431907 local Vienna comm.cvr with 12h perf.13 (Mi135). Scarce (cat 135eu on cvr).35
1441910 comm.cvrs(2) Vienna-USA, 3-colour Jubilee Mi140-1,6 or 139,43(x2),45(scarce). Childcare labels(rev).25
1451910(Aug 18) 2h insured letter Innsbruck-Kaltenbach + 10h-20h(Mi166-8 cat 30eu).FDC. Nice wax seals. PH.50
1461916 regd 10h parcel card(inc coupon) Vienna-C'tinople(parcel rec'r), scarce grey paper 60h+2kr (Mi151z+4z)40
1471921 underpaid local Vienna cvr taxed with 2kr+3kr P.Dues (Mi86-7).15
1481928(Jun) FFCs(2) Salzburg-Klagenfurt & return, airs Mi469+481 or 468-71+79(cat £15+).25
1491933 regd cvr Vienna-Rabensburg, scarce Catholic Congress set (SG706-11 cat £350) & sp.pmk. PHOTO250
1501935 regd airmail cvr Vienna-Argentina(destination/rec'r), 3-colour SG729,33,35(scarce 2s but fault).30
1511937 regd express airmail cvr Bregenz-Yugoslavia, Doctors set SG815-23(cat £65). PHOTO45
1521938(May) sp.pmk/cacheted ppc for final Austrian stage of NSFK 'round Greater Germany flight' @ 5g rate.20
1531938 20h airmail p.stat.card Vienna-Berlin + SG717. Boxed bilingual 'to speed up transport, sent by rail'.20
1541941 regd cvr Wasserburg(Inn)-Munich, German 4-colour Mi519,773,6-7.20
1551945 local Vienna unpaid cvr taxed with scarce(only valid 2 yrs) 1pf,5pf,10pf Russian Zone dues(Mi175,8-9).20
1561948(Jly) regd air censor cvr Vienna-Uruguay(destination/rec'r), Artists set(SG1145-51 cat £65) & sp.pmk.PH.50
1571950 regd advert cvr Gmunden-USA, scarce commems SG1210-14(cat £138). PHOTO90
158Levant: 1890 20pa on 5kr p.stat.card comm.used Smirne(s/ring)-Germany.20
1591890 20pa p.stat.card comm.used Jerusalem (Gerusalemme bilingual pmk)-UK.25
1601893 20pa p.stat.card comm.used Trebisonda(scarcer pmk)-Vienna. PHOTO50
1611899 20pa on 5kr(scarcer reply half) p.stat.card comm.used Blandford(UK)-Hastings Bostock,HMS Dido, Med'n Squadron. Interesting message re Prince of Wales visit inc entourage to Preston House,Iwerne Minster.40
1621911 Damascus ppc written Damascus-UK, 20pa(Mi54) pmk'd Beirut Austrian PO code c pmk.15
163Lombardy Venetia: 1859 EL Trient-Padua, 10kr type 2 (Mi14). Cat 2200kr on cvr used thus. PHOTO500
164BAHAMAS: 1901 1d staircase p.stat.env fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
1651911 regd OHMS cvr Nassau-Germany, scarce MCA 6d (SG74 cat £48). PHOTO75
1661914 KEVII 2d regd env Harbour Island-UK + 1d rose (SG82b x2).40
1671919 regd cvrs(2) Nassau-USA, war tax set in marg.plate(no's 1 or 2) blks of 4, SG102-4(cat £210). PH(ex).175
1681930(Apr) airmail cvr Nassau-Haiti via Miami, 4-colour SG119,26(x3),27(x2)-8(cat £55). PHOTO65
1691930(Sept) airmail regd cvr Nassau-UK via Miami, 3-colour staircase SG77,111-2(cat £50). PHOTO50
1701935(May 6) regd airmail FDC Nassau-Dominica via N.York of S.Jubilee set (SG141-4 cat £38).35
1711937 comm.cvr Green Turtle Cay(fine pmk)-UK, SG115 strip of 3.20
1721941(Sept 17) local Nassau FDC of 1d grey (SG150a) notable for clear & unlisted 'Fenny' variety. 'as is'40
1731941 rare 2d on 1½d p.stat.card, H&G15A fine unused ex couple tiny pinholes. PHOTO50
1741943 airmail double censored cvr Simms(oval TRD pmk)-USA, SG152b+160. PHOTO45
1751949 regd airmail OHMS cvr Nassau-USA, UPU set + 8d Tercent (SG186,96-9).15
1761950 airmail cvr Nassau-Singapore(destination), 2/=+3/= (SG131b+2b).40
177GB used in: 1856 6d lilac (Z4 cat £350) & fine AO5 pmk. PHOTO100
178BAHRAIN: 1940(Feb) airmail cvr to UK, KGV-VI 5-colour SG1(x2),10,19,21,23. No flap.35
1791946 airmail cvr to Denmark, 5-colour SG39,41,44,47,49(x2 cat £19). PHOTO50
1801953 airmail cvr to UK with Br.POs E.Arabia 6a(SG22) & fine d/ring pmk.25
1811956 airmail cvr British FPO 551(Muharraq)-UK, 2½a(SG84). Ex BFPO 63.15
182BARBADOS: 1855 small cvr to London rated 6, Barbadoes d/arc reverse.25
1831897 regd cvr to UK, scarce 8d (SG112 cat £28). PHOTO50
1841899 regd cvr to USA, mixed issues SG107(pair) + 128(2½d blued paper cat £45). PHOTO75
1851910 ½d brown badge p.stat.card comm.used St Lucy-St Josephs.30
1861934 Furness Lines illus env airmail to USA, 5-colour SG229,31,32,34,37. PHOTO50
1871934(Aug) underpaid ppc GB-Bridgetown, taxed with 1d P.Due (D2).20
1881940 regd cvr to India(destination) via L'pool, Tercent set (SG257-61 cat £15).15
1891947 regd cvr Private in Br.Army,Bridgetown-USA, 3-colour SG250d,52c,55a(x2).15
1901950(May 1) local Bridgetown FDC of KGVI set to $2.40 (SG271-82 cat £70). PHOTO50
191BASUTOLAND: 1934 regd 3-colour franking cvr Maseru-UK, SG1(x2)-2,5(cat £12).20
1921935(May 4) regd S.Jubilee FDC Maseru-S.Africa of SG11-14(cat £18).20
1931937 cvr(+ long letter in French) Morija-France, 3d (SG4).15
1941953 illus QE2 cvr St Rodrigue Mission-NZ(destination) @ KGVI 1d rate.20
195BECHUANALAND: 1935(Dec 31) regd last day cvr Mafeking-USA, S.Jubilee SG111-4(cat £24).20
1961941-51 comm.cvrs(2) Serowe(2 diff.pmks)-Jo'burg/UK. SG121 or 122+135(airmail). See also lots 42,58.20
1971951 advert cvr Guatemala-USA then to Pitsani, taxed with rare mixed P.Dues(D1,6). Cat £6000+(cvr).PH.2000
1981960(5/5) printed unadd.FDC for Northern Prot.Agric.Show, SG154-6 & Showgrounds Francistown pmk. PH.40
199BELGIUM: (see lot 4): 1866 EL Antwerp-Italy via Italie Midi 2 TPO, 40c (SG37 cat £26).40
2001912 large local Wijchmael cvr with Brussels/Charleroi Exhib'n sets (SG109-32 cat £350). PHOTO.300
2011915(Apr) regd cvr Le Havre(special Belgian Govt in exile pmk)-UK, SG133-5 + 6-colour Albert to 50c.25
2021917 SM cvr St Adresse-soldier on Western Front, scarce 20c Red X (SG159 cat £23). Minor stains.40
2031922 regd advert cvr Verviers-Switz, 1fr sepia Albert scarcer p.11 (Officiel 214A).20
2041927 regd advert cvr Duinbergen-Germany, 15 diff.Albert vals to scarce 10fr (SG373 cat 400eu on cvr). PH.100
2051928 Wounded Soldiers sp.env Louvain-UK, 4-colour SG357,63-4,436,461(5c Orval – scarce on cvr).25
2061930 regd advert cvr Ixelles-Switz, SG354 + scarce BIT Congress ovpts (SG569-71 cat £34).30
2071936 airmail cvr Brussels-N.Rhodesia(destination/rec'r), SG494,6,562,686.25
2081954(Feb 17) illus unadd. King Albert Memorial FDC of SG1520-2(cat £38).30
209Congo: 1905 15c p.stat.card written Irebu-Belgium pmk'd Leopoldville.15
2101945(Aug) airmail cvr Leopoldville-USA, SG266a+8. Oval red OAT.20
2111951 regd AR(h/st) airmail cvr Elisabethville-Jo'burg, SG284+8.15
212German Occ: WW1 cvr to Berlin using captured French human rights organisation envelope, Belgian 5c (SG 93 with band) & German FPO 24 pmk. German unit cachet alongside.25
2131915 advert cvr Brussels-Venezualan Consul, Holland then redirected to UK, perfinned 25c (Mi4). 2 different German censors inc banking commissar + UK label.20
214BERMUDA: 1880 cvr St Georges(blue 2 duplex)-Warwick(rare RO8 duplex) via Hamilton @ 1d rate. PHOT.125
2151890 QV ½d blue p.stat.card comm.used Hamilton(1 duplex)-St Georges(rec'r).20
2161899 cvr Paget East-USA, QV 2½d rate. PHOTO50
2171902 local cvr Hamilton-Pembroke, pair ¼d ovpts (SG30).30
2181904 cvr Hamilton-USA, SG31+2(x2). See also lot 764.15
2191917 cvr to Nova Scotia, pair ½d docks uncancelled. Triangular Passed Censor Bermuda + date.25
2201925(Apr) airship 'Los Angeles' flight cvr to USA @ 2½d rate. Scarcer 3-line Airmail Service Bermuda. PHOT.50
2211935(May 6) S.Jubilee cacheted FDC Hamilton-Jamaica of SG94-7(cat £50). PHOTO50
2221940 airmail cvr Hamilton-USA, SG98(x2),104,122(scarce ½d surcharge).20
2231956 QE2 1d p.stat.card, 1d & 2d wrappers + 1970 3c wrapper,4c p.stat.card all fine unused (5).20
2241963 airmail cvr Devonshire South-Tchad(destination), SG163-4,73(cat £8).20
225BOLIVIA: 1898 2c p.stat.card, H&G6 comm.used Oruro(boxed cachet)-Paris 'via Argentina' + SG78(x2).25
2261905 10c p.stat.env, H&G8 + 2c strip of 5 SG101 La Paz-Germany via Callao(Peru).20
2271925(Aug) FFC Sucre-Cochabamba, SG152+180(x2). Scarce early flight. PHOTO75
2281938 Pan-am/Grace airmail env Uyuni-Egypt(destination/rec'r), SG300(x11)+305(x2).20
229BOSNIA: 1884 advert env(chemist to Austrian Kaiser) to Czech, 5k(Mi4) tied rev Milit.Post XXX1 Serajevo.20
2301887 2k p.stat.card comm.used Gorazda(Milit.Post XX11 pmk)-Sarajevo. See also lot 899.15
2311901-17 cvrs/ppcs/p.stat.cards(2 diff) comm.used with Sarajevo,Mostar,Trebinje,Prijedor pmks (10 items).25
232BRAZIL: (see lot 621): 1858 EL Bahia(fine Br.PO cds)-Porto rated 300 per blue Transatlantico 68 cds.35
2331923 ppc Porto Alegre (triangular urban post pmk)-USA, 200r (SG330).20
2341932(Oct) Graf Zepp cacheted flight cvr to Switz via F'hafen, SG470,2,99,511(Zeppelin),14,16(cat £30).25
2351935(Sept) military airmail cvr Rio-Campo Grande, SG420+543.30
236BR.ANT.TERR: 1971 Treaty set (SG38-41 cat £30) on illus FDC to Falklands.20
2371973 cvr Adelaide Is(boxed cachet)-UK, 15p on 2/6d (SG35 cat £12).25
2381972 SW, 77 Whales, 90 Q.Mother-98 Mapping illus FDCs(8 inc 2 regd to Belgium). Stamps cat £71.35
239BR.GUIANA: 1881 cvr George-Town to Chief Justice,New Amsterdam(rec'r), 2c (SG127).20
2401900 2c ship p.stat.env Arakaka-Georgetown. PHOTO50
2411924(Feb) ppc New Amsterdam-UK, SG272(x3) & scarce boxed Empire Exhib'n cachet(in use 6 mnths). PH.100
2421945 colour illus Daily Chronicle advert(front & back) cvr Georgetown-Canada, SG309(pair).20
243BR.HONDURAS: 1906 comm.cvr Corozal(cds + C duplex)-UK @ KEVII 2c rate. PHOTO75
2441926 comm.cvr Cayo-USA, strip of 4 scarce 1c (SG122 cat £48). PHOTO75
2451926 US 3c p.stat.card(reply half) used ex P'master-USA. 2-line h/st: Buy British Goods/& Get the Best.35
2461931(Oct) airmail advert cvr to USA, 3-colour SG130-2.25
2471937(Aug) printed/cacheted FFCs(2) Belize-Cayo & return @ 3c Coronation rates. 129 flown.65
2481951 printed matter cvr to USA @ 1c rate with oval violet Gales Point TRD pmk.30
2491968 commercial cvr Corozal Town-St Helena(destination), SG205,56-8.10
250BR.LEVANT: 1864 EL C'tinople(Br.PO grn cds rev)-UK, 1/= (Z112 cat £65) & C pmk. PHOTO100
2511880 cvr Br.PO C'tinople(red cds)-USA(rec'r), GB 2½d rosy mauve pl.15 (Z81 cat £24) & C pmk.40
2521909 Levant KEVII 1d p.stat.card comm.used BPO Salonica-UK.25
2531911 bank cvr C'tinople-UK, uncommon mix franking GB Harrison 1d pair(cat £24 used UK) + Levant ½d(L1).25
2541920 message half GB Mackennal 1d reply card comm.used Smyrna-UK. Part address erased but scarce.20
2551922 Byzantine Column ppc comm.used C'tinople-UK, 4½pi (SG44a).15
256BR.OCC.ITAL.COLS: 1942(Jun) regd cvr Asmara-UK, mixed MEF 1d-5d (M5,6,7a,8a,9a(cat £188). OETA 3 Censor. Cat 7000eu(cvr). PHOTO1000
2571947 local Rhodes unpaid cvr with tax mark & MEF set of P.Dues (MD1-5 cat £30). Cat 10,000eu(cvr). PH.150
2581948 airmail(h/st) advert cvr Tripoli-UK, BMA Tripolitania 12mal (T8). Minor stains. Cat 160eu(cvr).20
2591949 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, BMA Eritrea 50c+1sh (E7,9). Double rate. Cat 200+eu(cvr).40
2601949 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, BMA Eritrea 10c+65c (E2,7a).25
2611950 Tripoli ppc comm.used Castel Benito-Belgium, BA Tripolitania T16+18(cat £19). Black AV2. PHOTO50
2621950 Aden Airways(label) cvr Asmara-UK, 3-colour BA Eritrea E13,17-8(cat £12). PHOTO50
2631950 airmail cvrs(2) Asmara-UK, BA Eritrea 10c+65c or 75c (E14+20 or 21). Cat 275eu(cvrs).50
264BR.VIRGIN IS: 1911 Virgin 1d p.stat.card comm.used to USA + KEVII ½d(SG54).50
2651919 local Tortola regd cvr with blk of 4 1d carmine war tax (SG78 cat £84). PHOTO100
2661924 regd 'Wilson' cvr Virgin Gorda(rare violet h/st + cds)-UK, 5d+6d(SG97-8 cat £50+ but colour run). PH.75
2671935 regd cvr to Mauritius(destination & Pamplemousses rec'r), S.Jubilee set (SG103-6 cat £45).40
268BULGARIA: 1906 regd 4-colour franking advert cvr Sofia-Switz, SG107-8,9(x2)-10.30
2691925 advert cvr Widdin-Sofia, SG267 + scarce Sunday Delivery stamp (SG268b).30
2701928 regd cvr Sofia-Trier, 5-colour SG255,7(strip of 6),74,78(x2)-9(x6 inc blk of 4 cat £32). PHOTO45
2711932 regd German airmail cvr Sofia-Berlin, scarce airs SG323-5(cat £150). PHOTO125
2721938 censored cvrs(2) to Sofia, SG409 & sp.pmks: Imperial Army Manoeuvres or Camp of Prince Simeon.25
273BURMA: 1923 regd cvr Rangoon-Czech(destination) via London, 3-colour Indian ½a,1a(x3),2a(x2).20
2741929 comm.cvr to India @ 1a rate with fine Kyonmangne pmk reverse.30
2751933(Dec) Rangoon stage of Singapore-UK FFC, Indian SG202-3,20(x2)-1.20
2761935 1a p.stat.env + 3p comm.used Maymyo (scarce Support the Jubilee Fund slogan pmk)-Rangoon.25
2771937-40 illus FDCs(5) to H.Kong/UK/USA of issues between SG1-34. Vals to 12a.25
2781941(Jan) illus maiden voyage SS Executor cacheted cvr Rangoon-USA, SG34. Triang. Rangoon censor 9.15
2791945(Aug) OAS cvr(+ fascinating long letter brother-sister) RAFPost 303(Ramree Island)-UK. RAF censor.25
2801945(Dec 31) regd local Rangoon last day cvr of Mily Admin ovpts (SG35-50). Central fold.25
2811948(Jan) illus printed FFC Rangoon-Moulmein, SG69+74. Uncommon. See also lot 35.20
282Jap Occ: 1943(Dec) cvr Rangoon-Yandoon(rec'r), 5c (J87). PHOTO45
283CAMBODIA: 1972 air cvr Phnom Penh-N.Caledonia(destination), SG118a+153. 4-line Khmer Rouge censor.20
284Indian Forces: 1955 cvr FPO 745(Phnom Penh)-India via TPO, N1-5(cat £19).20
285CANADA: (see lots 30,47,57,890): 1854 EL Hamilton-N.York with black CANADA 10cts h/stamp.30
2861864 scarce triple rate cvr Quebec-St Joseph, 5c beavers (SG31-2 inc 2 diff.shades cat £51+). Vert.fold. PH.75
2871865 cvr Montreal-N.York, 10c pale brn (SG36 cat £75). Minor env.fault. PHOTO75
2881897 regd(s/line) cvr North Clanford(Ont)-USA, 3c+5c Jubilees (SG126+8). PHOTO65
2891897 cvr Brockville(Ont: superb sq.circle)-USA, pair ½c (SG101 cat £22).25
2901899 regd cvr(inc letter ex GPO) Quebec-UK, 4-colour SG150(x8 inc blk 4),51(x4),53(x2),56,71(cat £20+).PH.45
2911903 local Dawson(Yukon) cvr @ QV 2c rate.20
2921903 regd advert cvr Fredericton(NB)-Queens Cove(Sheffield rec'r), 7c (SG160 cat £22).30
2931916(Xmas Day) censored OAS cvr FPO 3W(W.Front)-Canada. 2c+1c imperf x perf 8 coil (SG234 cat £12) added at St.Johns(NB) for postage to Flatlands(rec'r).30
2941917 regd cvr Toronto-USA, 3-colour mixed reigns SG177,206,228(war tax).25
2951925(Oct) local Vancouver cvr @ 1c rate with scarce slogan pmk for 2nd Philatelic Exhib'n.20
2961932(July 12) regd Ottowa Conference FDC of SG315-7(cat £12) flown(cachet) Ottowa-Bradore Bay.20
2971933(Feb) regd cachet FFC Great Falls-Wadhope & onto Jamaica(destination/rec'r),SG300,1,14a,18(cat £27)20
2981933(May 14) illus Mothers Day cvr St Marys(Ont)-USA, 3c coil (SG218a).20
2991937 advert cvr Montreal-USA, KGV 1c coil (SG217 x3 cat £75). PHOTO50
3001938 regd sp.delivery FDC Ottowa-N.York of 50c (SG366 cat £16).25
3011939 advert sp.delivery cvr Quebec(St Foch pmk)-Montreal, 3c coil + scarce 10c on 20c sp.del(S11 cat £19).35
3021940(Nov) airmail cvr Toronto-Egypt(2 diff.censors), SG363+5. Oval red OAT.20
3031948 Canadian Naval Forces env @ 3c rate with RPO pmk, re-used Charlottetown-Montreal with OHMS reseal label & 1c+3c perf OHMS (O137,140).15
304CANAL ZONE: 1916 1c Balboa ovpt p.stat.env(U1) fine unused.25
3051922 2c Land Gate ovpt p.stat.env(U2) comm.used Gatun-USA. PHOTO50
3061944-6 airmail cvrs(2) Diablo Heights/Fort Gulick-USA, SG128 or 130.20
3071953 airmail env Br.Embassy,Ancon(cachet)-UK, SG191,201,3.10
308CAPE: Undated pre-stamp outer to Swellendam rated 2 in red. Fine boxed Prepaid.20
3091875 cvr(inc family letter) Cape Town-Stellenburg Bay, 4d ultram(SG24b). No flap & minor worm damage.PH.50
3101900 advert cvr Caledon-POW,St Helena(rec'r but no censor) @ 2d rate.20
3111900 QV ½d p.stat.card with corner fault comm.used Biesjespoort-UK. Very rare pmk (PO open 6 yrs). PHOT.50
3121901 cvr Hope Town TO(scarce telegraph office pmk)-Kimberley @ 1d rate. Triangular press censor.25
*3131907 parcel post certificate of posting comm.used Sir Lowry Road-Middelburg @ 1d rate. Scarce & unusual.30
314CAYMANS: (see lot 1394): 1935 regd cvr Georgetown-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG108-11 cat £16).20
*3151952 underpaid cvr Tristan-Cayman Brac, tax marks & 3d(SG141) used as P.Due.30
316CEYLON: 1850(c) OHMS outer to Govt Agent,Kandy & fine semi-circ. Gampolle Post + mss Free (rev). PH.125
3171873 cvr Colombo-Scotland, fine 48c (SG130) & early use KD6 killer 10-bar oval. PHOTO65
3181887 QV 3c p.stat.card comm.used Kurnegalle-Colombo(both paid pmks) & E duplex.20
3191888 QV 3c p.stat.card comm.used Rattota-Colombo with fine 50 numeral.35
3201890 QV 3c violet p.stat.card comm.used(re tea crop) Dolosbage-Hatton(paid pmks) & 97 numeral.25
321QV fine unused p.stat.coll'n: diff.cards inc reply(14), envs(2),lettercards(2),wrappers(3),10c regd env size H.40
3221924 regd cvr Maskeliya-UK, 2c+50c (SG307,353). See also lot 6.20
3231933 comm.cvr Colombo (3cts meter franking)-E.Africa (Tanga rec'r).15
3241934 airmail cvr Colombo-passenger,SS Alster,Genoa, 5-colour SG338,41,44(x2),46b(x2),51b.20
3251937 Orient Line env airmail Colombo-UK, mixed KGV-VI SG368-9,385(all x2 cat £10).15
3261938(Jan-Feb) local Colombo FDCs(4) of KGVI 10c+30c, 15c,20c or 25c.20
3271938(May 6) regd cvr Colombo-UK, SG386ab,387a,394(scarce 3c & 50c cat £64). STB FDC 2c+3c. PHOTO65
3281964-71 internal cvr @ 20c or to UK @ 60c rates with fine Up Galle TPO or Up Jaffna TPO pmks (2 items).25
329CHILE: 1891 complete 3c p.stat. reply card comm.used Santiago-Belgium via Valparaiso & Magellanes.25
3301937 airmail cvr Santiago-B.Aires @ $4.10 rate (6-colour mixed issues inc airs).15
3311968 airmail cvr Santiago-St Helena(destination) @ 90c rate.10
332CHINA: 1910 1c p.stat.card, H&G6 used locally in Tientsin(2 diff.pmks inc city). Re clay pigeon shooting.20
3331938 airmail cvr Shanghai-USA, SG398+402(x4 ea). Violet 2-line: From HongKong by US air service.30
3341948 airmail cvr Peiping-USA @ $90,000 rate: SG947(x2)-50,58,62,65(x3)-6(x2),1001.25
335Shanghai: 1893 1c & 2c p.stat.wrappers + 2c p.stat.env fine unused (3).15
336COCOS IS: 1946(Jan) RAF(crested env + letter) airmail cvr RAFPost 301-UK. PHOTO125
3371953(Jun) cacheted Coronation airmail cvr to Australia @ Aussie SG252 rate.15
338COLOMBIA: 1898 2c p.stat.card comm.used Medellin-Belgium.15
3391900 cvr Cartagena-UK, imperf 5c locals (SG183 x2) tied. PHOTO45
3401925(May) Scadta airmail cvr(ex N.York) Barranquilla-Bogota, SG394(x2)+ 30c Scadta(x2) ovpt'd EU.35
3411937 air cvr Bogota-French Legation,Caracas(rec'r) via Mancomun, SG431,39 +scarce 5c Red X tax(SG509).15
342COOK IS: 1895 cvr Rarotonga-Australia via Auckland, 5d (SG9 cat £15). PHOTO50
3431931 inter-island cvr Atiu-Rarotonga, pair 1d (SG82-a) inc double derrick flaw (unpriced used).40
3441954 regd cvr Penrhyn-Switz, 3/= (SG145 cat £35). PHOTO50
3451957 airmail cvr Penrhyn Is-UK, SG153,5,7(cat £9). Sender in AWRE BFPO 170.20
3461970 regd illus FDC to Japan(destination) of scarce $4 ovpts (SG335-6 cat £76). PHOTO50
347Penrhyn: 1904 double regd cvr to Germany via Tahiti & N.York, 3d,6d,1/= (SG14-16b cat £145). PHOTO125
348COSTA RICA: 1925 10c p.stat.env as H&G5 but private printing (no embossing) Turrialba(violet pmk)-N.York via San Jose (boxed red Transito).20
349CRETE: 1898 cvr Candia-Syros(rec'r) via Piraeus, Turkish 1pi. PHOTO75
350CROATIA: (see lot 1627): 1942-3 illus unadd.FDCs(2) of SG59-61(Croat Independ) & 77(Zagreb Centenary).15
3511941 underpaid censored German p.stat.card comm.used to Zagreb, taxed + scarce 1d(pair D27) P.Dues.PH.45
3521942 local Zagreb cvr @ 2k rate, redirected to Travnik & taxed with 2k P.Due (D53). Inc contents.30
353CUBA: 1899 US soldiers letter (countersigned Captain) Buena Vista-USA, 2c ovpt (SG247).40
3541900 Havana Customs House env to USA countersigned by Chief Clerk to qualify for 2c rate.20
3551934 comm.cvr Havana-Grand Cayman(destination/rec'r) @ 2c rate. Minor env.fault.15
356CYPRUS: 1888 1pi p.stat.card comm.used Larnaca(sq.circ)-UK(redirected within + crown R inspector mark).15
3571920 scarce 10pa on 5pa p.stat.wrapper comm.used locally on island with unclear pmk.25
*3581932 regd advert cvr Larnaca-Liechtenstein(scarce destination/rec'r), SG103+119(x5: 1 faulty). PHOTO45
*3591932 advert cvr Nicosia-Yugoslavia(destination), SG103+119(x2 ea).30
3601939 Sudan Railway airmail cvr Khartoum-Nicosia @ 2½pi rate. Both Larnaca & Nicosia airmail(scarcer)pmks25
3611952 comm.cvr Kato Amiandos-Nicosia via Limassol @ 1½pi rate.30
3621964 Swedish military printed env ex UN Battalion to Sweden with green reply stamp intact.15
363CZECHOSLOVAKIA: 1929 official Ministry env(+ seal) regd Prague-Switz, scarcer 5kr Wenceslaus (SG297).15
3641933 50h p.stat.card comm.used Jablonec-Turkey(destination/rec'r) + 4-colour SG287b-91a.15
3651938(Oct) advert cvr USA-Brno @ 5c rate. Boxed red Censurevano. See also lots 10,52.10
3661947 airmail cvr Prague-Denmark, SG489 blk of 4 + 2 se-tenant labels. Ret'd to sender(Czech label + censor)15
3671967 airmail cvr Prague-St Helena(destination), 5k minisheet MS1605. Peclivo peciatkujte label. Inc letter.10
368Bohemia & Moravia: 1939 cvr Prague-Lostice, SG27 + scarce both personal delivery 50h (P38-9).35
3691940 censored(German label) cvr Prague-N.York, Mi21(x2),28,34.20
370Sudetenland: 1938(Oct) advert cvr Tyssa(2-line pmk inc swastika)-Finland(destination), perfinned SG383+7.35
371DANZIG: 1920 regd cvr to UK, pair 80 on 30pf (Mi20). No flap.30
3721922 40pf blue p.stat.card comm.used to Berlin + Mi74,8-9(making 4-colour franking).20
3731929(July) flown firm's p/card Stamp Exhib'n(sp.pmk)-Dresden via Berlin, 15pf (Mi218).20
3741939 advert wrapper to UK, scarce 8pf swastika wmk Mi291 strip of 5 cat 175eu. PHOTO120
375DENMARK: 1855-7 cvrs(2) Schleswig/Oldenburg-Copenhagen/Rendsburg, nice 4s(Fa4: 2 shades) & 68/127.25
3761866 cvr Assens-Moyens, 2s+4s (Fa11a,13e cat 530kr). PHOTO50
3771899 regd adressebrev for 3 parcels Stege-Copenhagen, 3-col.mixed issues Fa42aa,44(x3),58(cat 640kr).PH.80
3781903 lovely pictorial Copenhagen env to Germany, 5-colour mixed issues Fa38-40,56-7. PHOTO50
3791919 regd cvr Nordby-Norway, 7o + scarce 27o (Fa132,144 cat 520kr). Envelope stain at top. PHOTO100
3801924 firms regd parcel card Copenhagen-Finland via Malmo, 5-col. Fa95,151(x2),58,60,61a. Top vals perfin.35
3811927 regd cvr Copenhagen-Germany, 3-colour Fa157(60o),160(90o),170.35
3821931 underpaid airmail cvr Copenhagen-UK, 5-col.SG173-4(x2 ea),6,225,56-7(cat £79).Taxed with GB 1d.PH75
3831934 airmail cvr Copenhagen-Holland, 8-colour franking: Fa87 type 2, 98,100-1,5,8,10,227,29,32 all type 1, 38-9. Redirected & registered within Holland with no extra stamps.30
3841935(Oct) regd 3-colour mixed issues cvr Copenhagen-UK, Fa110(scarce type 1),227,272. PHOTO50
3851937(July) FFC Esbjerg-Copenhagen, airs SG287-8 & sp.pmk.20
3861940 express cvr Odense-Copenhagen, air set SG287-91(cat £32). See also lots 861-2.25
387DWI: 1851 cvr to London re-rated to 3/=, fine St Thomas 30mm cds reverse.30
3881903 German ppc used locally with 1c(Fa19) & Frederiksted pmk. Cat 3000kr(cvr). PHOTO120
3891903(Jan 21) local St Thomas cvr with tied 4c bisect (Fa16a). Cat 1200kr(cvr).40
390GB used in: 1868 EL St Thomas(thimble)-Jamaica(rec'r), 1d pl.79 + 3d scarcer pl.4(cat £250 used UK).PH.250
391Schleswig: 1925 advert cvr to Copenhagen, SG4+6 tied oval TPO pmk. German post-war censor label tied Slesvig International Commission cachet. PHOTO50
3921921 advert cvr Germany-Hadersleben, tax marks & pair 20o P.Dues (L6 cat 180kr).25
393DOMINICA: (see lot 34): 1913 regd cvr to USA, QV 6d revenue ovpt (R2). Cat £360(cvr). PHOTO125
3941918 regd cvr to USA, mix franking ½d(SG47b) + scarce Leewards 3d(SG51 cat £20+).30
3951924 regd cvr Portsmouth-Br.Guiana, SG72(x2),6 + pair ½d war tax (SG57).25
3961951 regd(printed label) cvr Marigot-UK, SG135-7.15
397DOMINICAN REP: 1890 5c,10c & 20c p.stat.envs(3: H&G15-17) fine unused.15
3981905 cvr SP de Macoris-N.York via Sanchez, 5c(SG152). Both scarcer 'clock-type' pmks.20
399ECUADOR: 1841-96 business/legal ELs(3,2 official) Chillo,Liga or Guaranda-Quito.25
400Unstamped legal outers(3,1 dated 1857) to Quito rated 1½ or 3¼ & 2-line Latacunga/Ambato/Bolivar Franca.30
4011914 comm.cvr Encomietatas-USA via Guayaquil, 10c (SG358).15
4021922 comm.cvr Guayaquil-UK, 5-colour franking SG366-9,70(x2).25
4031934 regd airmail advert cvr Guayaquil-USA via Canal Zone, SG480-1,3,92(oblig.tax).15
404EGYPT: 1865 cvr Alexandria-Marseille via boxed French p/bots, French 10c+40c Napoleon & 5080 pmk. PH.60
4051916(Jun) censored cvr 1st LH Bde Details FPO(Maadi)-Malta unusually franked GB KGV 9d.40
4061926 cvr Pt Said-Scotland, mix franking 10m red revenue (as SG157) + France SG339,400b.20
4071926(Dec) local Cairo cvr with SG138-40 & International Navigation Congress sp.pmk.15
4081927(May) airmail cvr Pt Said-India via Karachi, 27m air (SG132 cat £27).30
4091932(Jan) regd FFC Alexandria-Cape Town(Houses of Parliament rec'r), 5-colour SG133,48,53,59,64.15
4101944 OAS cvr Base APO 4-S.Africa, GB KGVI 1d,3d + 6d airletter cut-out. HM ship censor. Most unusual.20
4111948 airmail cvr FPO 235-Germany, SG324(x2),8-9. Ex POW in Camp 380. See also lots 302,1600.15
412Fr.PO Pt Said: 1906 P&O cvr Pt Said-UK with SG122-7(cat £11).20
413 GB used in Alexandria: 1d star, 3d(sl.perf trim),4d verm.pl's12
414EL SALVADOR: 1907 local San Salvador cvr with 2c p.stat. cut-out(as H&G80) tied fancy barred pmk.20
4151904 message half of 1c on 2c reply card, H&G63 comm.used San Salvador-Denmark + 2c(SG487)..25
4161914 1c p.stat.card, H&G77b comm.used Santa Tecla-San Salvador. Scarce.20
4171922 advert cvr Santa Ana-Hamburg via Zacapa(h/stamp), SG732(x3). See also lot 5.15
418ESTONIA: 1923 banking cvr Tartu-Berlin, 15m(SG33). Red oval Tulge Tartu Naitusele(+ date) cachet.20
4191937 regd cvr Tartu-Australia(destination/rec'r), SG80a(x2)+121.20
420German Occ: 1941(Dec) pictorial(front & back Parnu views) env Love-Tallinn, mixed issues Mi2y+SG157.PH.80
421ETHIOPIA: 1935 long advert cvr Addis Gare-India(destination), SG306(x20 inc blks of 6+14) tied reverse.40
4221935(New Years Eve) large regd cvr Addis-Djibouti via Dire Daoua, SG306-7(x8 inc blk of 4). Pink label tied 2-line violet Empire d'Ethiopie military censor. PHOTO75
4231946-9 local Addis advert(all diff.inc Br.Council,US Mission) cvrs(9) to hospital doctor @ 4c-10c rates.40
4241949-50 airmail cvrs(3) Addis(2 diff.pmks)-Sweden @ 65c rates inc SG333 or 388. See also lot 810.20
425FALKLANDS: 1901 message half QV 1½d reply card comm.used German Consulate-Hamburg. PHOTO50
4261893-9 QV 1d red p.stat.card + 1d red env both fine unused ovpt'd Specimen (2).60
4271913 KGV 1d red envelope + 1d red/blue lettercard good-fine unused ovpt'd Specimen (2).100
4281963 airmail cvr Pt Stanley-UK, 1/3d (SG203 cat £13).20
4291965 regd airmail cvr Fox Bay-UK, SG195,7,204.20
4301974 Battle illus unadd.FDC of SG307-10(cat £24).20
4311975 formular regd env size H Fox Bay-Goose Green, 10p (SG286).15
4321977(Dec) cacheted FFCs(2) Cape Pembroke-Argentina with Joint Declaration cachets in black or violet & SG277+294 tied Fox Bay or Pt Stanley pmks.25
433FAROES: 1927 cvr Trangisvaag(violet pmk)-Sorvaag via Thorshavn, Danish Christian X 15o. Some cvr soils.25
4341930s local cvrs(3) @ 15o Danish caravel rate with Sorvaag,Midvaag or Vestmanhavn undated d/rings.50
4351941(Apr) comm.cvr Trangisvaag(Spis Faerosk sp.pmk)-Thorshavn, 20 on 5o (Fa5 cat £27).25
4361941 local Thorshavn cvr with set of provisional opts SG1-5(cat £370). PHOTO250
437FIJI: (see lot 666): 1895 1d & 1½d p.stat.reply cards(2, H&G3-4) fine unused.20
4381920-7 KGV 2d+2d or 3d+2d brn or blue regd envs(3: sizes G or H2), H&G3,4-a fine unused.40
4391938 regd FDC Suva-Niue, original KGVI vals to 1/= (cat £28).25
4401942(May 19) FDC(inc letter) Suva-UK of 2d (SG255 strip of 3). Elusive wartime FDC.20
*4411947-50 regd(2 diff.boxed cachets) Nabouwalu-Australia, SG249+59 or 255a,72,74.20
4421948 illus local FDC of S.Wedding (SG270-1 cat £10).15
4431966(Aug 29) Rotuma illus FDC to UK of SG351-3. Box violet Posted by 1st Air Drop at Rotuma cachet.10
444FINLAND: 1868 cvr Wiborg-Imohla, superb 20p roulette type 3 (Fa8). PHOTO100
4451930(Sept) Graf Zeppelin cacheted FFC to Germany, pair 2mk Zepp.ovpt (SG281 cat £380). PHOTO250
4461931 airmail cvr Skuru-UK, scarce commems SG282,4-5(cat 435kr). PHOTO45
4471932-35 comm.cvrs(2) to Helsinki @ 2m rates. Stamps tied violet Rintaia or Naarjoki s/lines.20
4481932 regd cvr Kuopio-Belgium, 4-colour Fa104(x2),94-6(surcharges).20
4491939(Dec) regd cvr Jacobstad-Yugoslavia(destination/rec'r), SG331(x2)+3. Finnish censor label tied.15
450Karelia: 1941(Oct 1) regd FDC Vieljarvi-Ikaalinen Fa1-7 + 1942 Mannerheim regd FDC Repola-Abo Fa22-7.25
451FIUME: 1918 port ppc regd to Graz, 15f+20f ovpts (SG7,9).15
452FRANCE: 1835 long EL Algeria-France via Toulon with 2-line Armee Expedte d'Afrique. PHOTO75
4531868 cvr Nancy-Vienna(nice rec'rs), pair 20c Napoleon (SG116 cat £44: 1 with corner fault).30
4541871 EL Nevers-Cosne, mixed perf/imperf Ceres 5c+25c (Ceres 37,42 state 2 min.cat 260eu). PHOTO175
4551872 EL Lille-Belgium, mixed issue Napoleon 5c + Ceres 15c (Ceres 35,59 cat 180eu). PHOTO150
4561872 formular p/card with pair Ceres 5c affixed (SG192 cat £600 unused). PHOTO.100
4571879 mourning cvr (crown insignia) Paris-Nice, 25c black/deep red (SG262 cat £28) & blue pmk.25
4581885 underpaid cvr Aldershot-Pau taxed with 10c+40c P.Dues (D284+8 cat £78). PHOTO80
4591906 advert cvr Paris-London, 3-colour 5c yell-grn, 30c brn, 40c orge-red P&C (SG237,269,282).25
4601918 stampless cvr to Narbonne with Tresor et Postes pmk & cachet of French Military Mission with US Army.20
4611919 printed POW card Romans POW Depot-Germany, boxed Verifie Romans 5.15
4621920 Rental Commission regd AR(h/st) outer Villefranche-Beausoleil, 40c+45c Merson (SG303-4).20
4631928 cvr Le Havre-UK, Sinking Fund set (SG466-8 cat £90). PHOTO80
4641934 regd cvr Paris-Manchuria(destination & Harbin rec'r), 3fr50c rate: 6-colour Sowers/Peace to 40c.25
4651935 regd cvr Paris-Strassburg, scarce War Orphans SG389(x2)-91,451-3(cat £198). PHOTO150
4661936(Apr) airmail cvr Tourcoing-Shanghai via Haiphong, SG473a(5fr),512,14.25
4671937 regd airmail express (3 cachets/labels) cvr Nice-UK with commems SG527,45,70-1(cat £16).25
4681938 cvr Paris-USA, blk of 4 Military Monument (SG611 cat £58). Scarce on cvr. PHOTO50
4691939 insured (charge h/st) regd cvr Montauban-Carcassonne, SG651(x4 cat £26).30
4701939(Aug-Sept) internal Spanish Civil War refugee cvrs(2 inc 1 between refugee camps) both with 90c Peace & F ovpt + Camp de Gurs(Pyrenees) or Pontenx les Forges(Landes) camp pmks.50
4711949 illus local Paris FDC of Seasons (SG1087-90 cat £14). See also lots 4,404+7,477-80,1059-60.25
4721950 airmail cvr Paris-Australia(destination) inc scarce Relief Fund set (SG1095-1100 cat £100). PHOTO80
4731951(Mar 10) Journee du Timbre illus p/card comm.used Paris(sp.pmk)-Soleuvre, SG1107. Scarce.25
474Used abroad: 1872 firms EL Beyrouth-Lyon via boxed red Med'n p/bots, Ceres 40c(x2) & 5082 pmk. PHOT.65
4751917 cvr to Switz via Italy(censor) ex Ministerial PO Corfu, 25c sower & s/line Postes Serbes. Serb cens.PH.100
476FRENCH COLS: Afars & Issas: 1977 cvr SS Okeania Australis,Djibouti-UK, SG521,618,28,30(cat £16).20
477Algeria:1905-12 hotel cacheted used(6) & unused(6) ppcs to UK @ French 10c rate. Different pmks inc TPO.30
4781923 cvr Blida-USA, pair French 25c sowers.15
4791930(May) airmail sp.flight Alger(red pmk)-Tunis, SG37+50 & set of 6 sp.labels for flight tied.30
4801947 Air France night flight cvr Marseille-Alger, SG891+5. Algeria 3fr P.Due (D44) pays poste restante fee.20
481Antarctic: (see lots 41,45): 1963 cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-UK, 50fr satellite (SG25 cat £60).40
4821968 airmail cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-UK, 30fr Dumont d'Urville (SG44 cat £120). PHOTO80
4831964 expedition cacheted cvr Terre Adelie-UK, SG10+13(cat £92). PHOTO75
4841971 commercial airmail cvr ex doctor on Terre Adelie-France, 2fr+85fr (SG6+15 cat £72). PHOTO60
4851972 illus unadd. FDCs(2) of Kerguelen airs (SG78-9 cat £110). Both signed/cacheted Captain Gallieni p/bot.75
4861972 multi-cacheted cvr Kerguelen-UK, SG43+52 (cat £61).40
4871983 regd cvr Pt aux Francais-France, SG169(blk of 4),171,180(cat £75). PHOTO50
488Cameroun: 1943 airmail cvr Yaounde-USA, SG190j,222,38(cat £13).20
489Congo: 1895 25c p.stat.env Sette Cama(blue pmk)-UK via Libreville & L'pool Br.Pkt per SS Boma. PHOTO50
490Dahomey: 1944 PO Money Order stampless env Porto Novo-Anecho(Togo). Minor stains but scarce.20
491Equat.Africa: (lot 51): 1937 regd airmail cvr Brazzaville-Paris, Middle Congo SG88 + Gabon SG145. No flap.15
492Guadeloupe: 1909 25c p.stat.env, H&G3 comm.used Pointe a Pitre-Vienna(destination/rec'r).35
4931930s attractive black & white pictorial (Galion waterfall) env to Paris, 50c (SG119).20
4941931 regd local Terre du Haut(scarce blue pmk) cvr with Exhib'n set (SG147-50 cat £40). PHOTO50
4951948(Dec 1) local FDC of West Indies Conference @ Basse-Terre, SG220-2(cat £17) & sp.pmk.25
496Guinea: 1910 official PO receipts (strip of 3) for 3 insured letters ex Conakry. Uncommon.25
4971934 PO Service official env Conakry-Switz, 1f50 (SG122).25
498India: 1920 regd cvr Pondichery-USA, 6-colour SG27-31,41. PHOTO50
499 Indochina: 1895 Tonkin Expeditionary Corps cacheted(inc regiment) cvr Bac Ninh-Paris via Haiphong. PHOT.50
5001910 10c p.stat.env comm.used Bektre-Saigon.20
5011931 airmail comm.cvr (tyre advert reverse) Saigon-India, 30c (SG155).20
5021932 airmail cvr Campha Port-UK via Haiphong, SG175,81(x2),92.20
5031935 airmail cvr ex Captain of Dumont d'Urville(frigate),Far East Naval Squadron (violet FM cachet), Saigon-wife(?) onboard cruise ship @ Pt Said via Baghdad, SG122+187(x2 ea).25
504 Ivory Coast: 1934 costume mask ppc Bobo Dioulasso-France, mix frank SG100 + Upper Volta SG45(cat £15)20
5051939 small cvr Abidjan-doctor in Schweizer Hospital,Gabon(rec'r), 65c (SG161).10
5061961 cvr USA-Abidjan, 5fr+10fr P.Dues (D198-9 cat £12) pay poste restante fee.25
507Levant: 1907 ppc Trebizonde(Turquie d'Asie pmk)-France, Levant 5c tied.35
5081908 ppc Caiffa(Syrie dotted circle pmk)-Belgium, Fr.POs 2c+3c (SG10-11).40
509Madagascar: 1908 river crossing RP ppc written Majinigo-France, 5c(SG17) & Reunion a Marseille p/bot pmk15
5101931 regd cvr Ilaka-Tamatave, SG102(x3).15
5111938 regd cvr Tamatave-UK, Paris Exhib'n set (SG187-92 cat £15).15
5121943(Mar) OAS stampless cvr EA APO 59-UK via APO 88(Kenya). EA military censor.30
5131947 regd airmail cvr USA-Tananarive, underpaid with France Libre P.Dues (D258,62,64 cat £15). PHOTO45
514Martinique: 1898 10c p.stat.card, H&G6 Fort de France(blue pmk)-Germany via Colon a Bordeaux LD No.325
5151935 comm.cvr Trinite(violet pmk)-France, 50c (SG149).20
5161947 cvr Morne Vert-N.York, SG209,11,15-16,19(cat £20).25
517Morocco: 1924(May) early flown cvr Casablanca-Oran-Alger, SG113+131.25
5181928 regd airmail cvr Rabat-UK, scarce Flood Relief set (SG149-158 cat £150). PHOTO125
5191950 regd cvr Tanger Cherifien-Switz, Solidarity set (SG375-8,79-82 cat £65). PHOTO50
520New Caledonia: 1937 regd cvr Noumea-UK, Paris Exhib'n set (SG211-16 cat £25).25
5211940(July) printed/cacheted FFC Noumea-NZ(rec'r), SG143,216+8(cat £10).15
522WW2 OAS cvrs(3) to NZ with NZEF APO 150 no's 7 or 9 or Field PO in violet + triangular censors 16,39,62.25
5231944 airmail cvr Noumea-Australia, SG174+218. Blk/buff censor label tied postal censor.25
524Niger: 1946 rare official PO postal power of attorney form ex N'Guijmi, Fr.W.Africa 10fr fiscal. PHOTO50
525Oceania: 1898 5c p.stat.env (115x75mm) Papeete-USA(rec'rs).20
5261935 comm.cvr Uturoa(Ile Ratatea)-USA, SG110.20
5271942-3 comm.cvrs(2) Papeete-UK/USA, SG98+113 or 153-4. Local milit.censor labels(blk on white or purple).40
5281947(Nov) regd TRAPAS cacheted FFC Papeete-Noumea, SG168,77-9(cat £35).30
529Polynesia: 1962 advert printed matter cvr Papeete-Portuguese India(destination), 4fr (SG5).20
5301965 airmail cvr Papeete-USA, SG18,25,33,36(scarce),38(cat £24).20
531Reunion: 1916 official PO Service env regd St Denis-Switz via La Reunion No.1 p/bot, SG63-4,9. Scarce.35
532St Pierre Miq: 1893 double regd cvr to Belgium via Midi 8 TPO, rare ovpt'd 20c+30c P.Dues (SG53-4 cat 100). 20c has Mon variety (Dallay value + 100%). Tax mark deleted. PHOTO300
5331894 advert cvr St Pierre-UK, 25c (SG67).25
5341926 local cvr with Government PP boxed cachet (no value).15
535Senegal: 1930 comm.cvr Dakar-Italy(destination/rec'r), SG69,116(x2),124.15
536Somali Coast: 1921 cvr Djibouti-Paris, original set P.Dues to 1fr (D185-92 cat £50+). PHOTO50
537Sudan: 1922 comm.cvr Segou-France via Kayes, Upper Senegal & Niger 15c (SG64) + 10c opt (SG89).20
538Tchad: (see lot 546): 1959 official airmail cacheted cvr Ft Lamy-UK, officials O153+5. Uncommon.20
539Togo: 1924 regd cvr Lome-USA via Keta(G.Coast), 1fr+1fr10 (SG85,87).15
5401945 airmail cvr Lome-USA, mix franking SG129,46,75(x2) & W.Africa SG7,9(x2 ea),11,13(x4),14,16(cat £39)30
541Tunisia: (see lot 70): 1904 5c p.stat.card comm.used Bizerte-Tunis(rec'r). Hand-painted scene on reverse.20
5421910 ppc comm.used Le Krib-Mexico(destination/rec'r), 3-colour SG10,30-1.20
5431916 POW Fund Red X opts SG51-5(cat £49) on cvr Tunis-Paris pmk'd 1912. PHOTO40
5441926 regd parcel card Tunis Bab Souika-France, mixed parcel post issues P47(x2)+159. Uncommon.30
5451928 airmail (help French aviation label tied) cvr Tunis-Antibes-Brussels, SG141+149.25
546Ubangi Shari: 1934 comm.cvr Moundou-Paris via Bangui, Tchad ovpts SG27(x2 cat £13).20
547Upper Volta: (see lot 504): 1929 regd cvr Ouagadougou-USA, 5-colour SG19,21-2,35,37(cat £32). PHOTO45
548GAMBIA: 1913 KGV 1d p.stat.env, H&G2 comm.used Bathurst-UK.35
5491930 regd OHMS cvr (album page size) Bathurst-UK, 6d (SG131).15
5501935 regd cvr Bathurst-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG143-6 cat £21).20
5511953 local Bathurst FDCs(2) of QEII set to £1 (SG171-85 cat £42).35
552GERMAN COLS: Cameroun: 1908 5pf p.stat.colour ppc Victoria-Bosnia(destination). Tax mark.25
553Carolines: 1903 5pf p.stat.card comm.used(short message) Ponape-Germany(rec'r).35
554China: 1901 cvr Tientsin-Germany, 10pf (Mi17).20
5551901(Ja) long official(nice wafer seals) feldpostbrief KD Marine FPO 43(SMS Furst Bismarck)-Admiralty,Berlin25
5561912 comm.cvr Hankau-Hamburg, pair 4c (Mi40).30
5571912-13 HAPAG Tientsin or Ostasiatische Lloyd Shanghai envs(2) to Germany via Siberia(h/st), Mi39(pairs).25
558E.Africa: 1900 DOAL Hamburg cvr Dar-UK, ovpt set Mi6b-10(cat 100+eu). PHOTO100
5591908 Bismarck monument ppc comm.used Tanga-USA @ 7½h rate.20
560Kiaochow: 1906 Litsun ppc comm.used Tsingtau(scarcer code c pmk with no time).25
561Levant: 1909 Syrian village ppc comm.used Beirut-Moravia via Egypt, 20pa (Mi37).20
5621909 5c on 5pf p.stat.wrapper Jerusalem(scarcer pmk type 3 with bars)-Germany.30
5631913(July) Cairo ppc written C'tinople-Germany, German 5pf & KD Marine FPO 47(SMS Strassburg). PHOT.50
5641917 Jerusalem ppc OAS Mil.Miss.AOK 4(Aleppo)-Vienna with KuK regiment cachet. PHOTO50
565Marianas: 1902 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Saipan-Germany. PHOTO50
566Morocco: 1914 Spanish wine advert folded cvr Tangier(scarcer Marokko code b pmk)-Austria, 5pf (Mi47).20
567N.Guinea: 1909 comm.cvr ex Tobera-Germany, 10pf yacht pmk'd Herbertshohe. Minor env.faults.40
568SW Africa: 1901 5pf yacht p.stat.card comm.used Karibib-Windhoek(rec'r).20
5691904(Dec) troopship leaving Hamburg OAS ppc with KD Marine FPO 67(SMS Palatia) pmk bound for SWA.25
5701908 comm. p/card Otavi-Berlin @ 5pf (Mi25) rate.25
5711913 Hansa Hotel env Swakopmund-Germany, pair 5pf (Mi25).20
572Togo: 1904 5pf yacht p.stat.card written Tupli-Germany, pmk'd Klein Popo.30
573GERMAN STATES: Baden: 1858 cvr Heidelberg-Elberfeld via Frankfurt, 4mgn 9kr (Mi4b) & 57 numeral.30
5741869 mourning wrapper Mosbach-Neckarelz, 1kr (Mi23). Central fold. Cat 100eu(cvr).25
5751870 scarce formular PO p/card (valid 16 months only) fine unused.15
576Bavaria: 1866-7 ELs(2) ex Stadtamhof/Kaufbeuren, 4mgn 3kr(Mi9) & scarcer 237 or 404 numerals.25
5771871 insured(charge) outer Wallhalben-Nurnberg(station rec'r) via Zweibrucken, 7kr (Mi25Xa). PHOTO40
5781890 40pf type 2 (MiA46) parcel card fine unused.15
5791900 3pf complete reply card with both halves + 2pf(Mi65) postally used Urfeld-Burgau & Burgau-Munich.35
5801904 regd parcel card(inc coupon) Bad Reichenhall-Denmark, 80pf (Mi68y).20
5811906 5pf official p.stat.card scarcer type 2 comm.used Parsberg-Regensburg.20
582Brunswick: 1864 cvr to Hoya(rec'r), 4mgn 2Sgr (Mi7a). Blue railway pmk. PHOTO75
5831861 2sgr p.stat.env(U2b) comm.used to Magdeburg with blue Brunswick pmk. Signed Hartmann.40
584Hamburg: 1814 EL to Hannover(Jan 1 rec'r) rated 2½. Black s/line & red pmk. PHOTO50
5851866 EL to Stockholm rated 2. Blue boxed Franco + KSPA(D) pmk on front. Cat 250eu thus on cvr. PHOTO75
586Hannover: 1857 1gr green p.stat.env(U1) comm.used Soltau-Celle.15
587NGC: 1868 neat cvr Hamburg-UK, 5gr (Mi6).20
588Prussia: 1864 Danish War 'militaria' outer Prussian army artillery regiment no.2 (seal reverse) to Schleswig with K.Pr.Feldpost Relais No.10 pmk. PHOTO50
589Thurn u Taxis: 1856 cvr Kirchhaln-Marburg, 4mgn ½sgr (Mi3a) & 36 numeral.30
5901865(May) EL Frankfurt-Offenbach, pair 1kr (Mi41 cat 50eu used) & 3-ring numeral 220. Clear roulette!30
5911866 3sgr p.stat.cut-out(GAA12) tied Trendelburg-Bremen(rec'r) cvr. Signed Sommer. Cat 400+eu. PHOTO.120
592Wurttemburg: 1800 EL with red grille(regd) to Furstersheim with mss vHBroan (von Heilbronn).25
5931859 EL Ludwigsburg-Austria via TPO2, 4mgn 9kr deep red (Mi9b cat 1100kr). PHOTO750
5941860 outer Stuttgart-Berlin, virtually 4mgn 9kr(Mi14a). Cat 170eu(cvr).40
595GERMANY: 1872(Feb) regd EL Waldbrol-Siegen, 3-colour ¼gr,½gr(x2,1 creased,2gr(Mi1,3,5 cat 250eu).PH200
5961873 printed bank notice EL Frankfurt-Vilshofen, fine 1kr (Mi23a cat 80eu cvr).20
5971878 outer Kubeland(boxed pmk)-Blankenburg, 20pfe (Mi34b cat 40eu).20
5981887 regd advert cvr Leipzig-UK, 3-colour 10pf,20pf(x3 inc pair),50pf grey-grn (Mi41b,42ba,44a cat 123eu). Envelope rounded corners but cat 300eu. PHOTO75
5991900 advert cvr Hamburg-UK with 40pf Reichspost (Mi60). Cat 120eu(cvr).30
6001907 cvr Norderney(island off coast)-Lt in Royal Hussars,India(destination/rec'r) @ 20pf rate.20
6011912(Jun) flown Grand Duchess RP ppc Offenbach(scarcer pmk)-Pirmasens, Mi85 + 10pf air. PHOTO45
6021917 Kiel ppc OAS to Heidelberg with KD Marine FPO 72 pmk (SMS Zahringen)15
6031919(Nov 1) cvr Berlin(airmail pmk)-Nurnberg, corner marg.blk of 6 10+5pf War Fund (SG105 cat £35+).35
6041920 parcel card regd Leipzig-Zurich with nice Customs marks & 1mk (Mi94BII x12 cat 36eu front & back).25
6051922(Feb) 40pf p.stat.card comm.used Zellerfeld-Haale + 5pf,80pf type 2 (Mi140b,149b cat 108eu). PHOTO50
6061922(Dec) comm.p/card Hamburg-Berlin, Childrens Fund set (SG247-8 cat £64). See also lots 60-65.50
6071923(Jun 30) regd airmail cvr Berlin-Munich, airs Mi237,63,4(x2)-5(cat 103eu). PHOTO50
6081923(Sep 30) advert cvr Bitterfeld-Switz @ 1,125,000 mks rate (Mi275b,287a, scarce 293 x4 cat 100+eu).PH50
6091923(Nov 4) cvr Kempten Allgau-Switz @ 4mill.mks rate (Mi318+ scarce 320 x13 cat 158eu). PHOTO100
6101923(Nov 12) local Berlin school cvr @ 5md mks rate (Mi323W x25 cat 100eu inc 2 poor) & Lichterfelde pmk.30
6111924 airmail cvr Dessau-Moscow via Berlin, scarce Welfare Fund (SG365-8 cat £110) + SG381. PHOTO90
6121926(Jun) airmail cvr Brunswick(boxed airport pmk)-Bremen(rec'r), Mi379(x2)-80.20
6131929 regd cvr Berlin-Bautzen with von Stephan 60pf (Mi362y). Cat 90eu(cvr).25
6141930 cvr Berlin-Poland, se-tenant strip of 3 15pf+8pf+15pf Welfare Fund (MiS71 cat 38eu)25
6151933 regd cvr Berlin Britz-Poland, Mi410,67,76(12pf Welfare Fund in scarce tete-beche blk of 4 cat 28eu).20
6161935(Jun) Graf Zepp cacheted airmail cvr Hamburg-Brazil, SG444(2RM Zepp),530+2(cat £74). PHOTO50
6171936 German airmail(cachet) cvr Hamburg-Argentina, Winter Relief SG623,28-30,31(x3 cat £45). PHOTO50
6181936 airmail cvr Wiesbaden-Dutch E.Indies(destination/rec'r), Olympics SG599+613(cat £21).25
6191938(July) cvr Munich(sp.Brown Ribbon pmk)-Breslau, 42pf+108pf Brown Ribbon (SG659 cat £65).50
6201938 airmail cvr Brunswick-Chile, 2DM Lilienthal (Mi538 cat £26) & red Europe-S.America cachet.30
6211939(Jun) German airmail cacheted cvr Hamburg-Brazil(boxed censor), airs SG534+6(3RM cat £64). PHOT.50
6221939 regd window env Berlin-Switz, scarce 2RM on 2g Danzig (SG717 cat £75). German censor label. PH.125
623Alsace: 1940 regd express cvr Strassburg(illus pmk)-Germany, Mi8,13-14.20
6241941 local cvr Winzenheim-Ingelbach, mix franking 4pf ovpt + German 8pf (SG743).15
625Upper Silesia: 1920 regd express cvr Kreuzburg-Hannover, scarce 5mk (Mi9). PHOTO150
626Zones: 1946 censor(US zone) cvr Darmstadt-USA, Bizone 15pf (Mi24 x5). Cat 150eu(cvr).35
6271947 censor(Br.zone) cvr Wilhelmshafen-USA, SG903,6,27(scarce line perf cat 55eu & unpriced cvr). PHOT.50
6281948(21/6) currency reform 10x franking local express Munich FDC, Mi932,36,43,45,49-52.35
6291948(22/6) currency reform 10x franking 12pf p.stat.card uprated + Mi917,20,45,47(x4),49-50. Commercial.25
6301948 regd cvr Berlin-Switz, Leipzig Fair sets (SG926-7,51-4 cat £25). Each set tied diff.sp.pmks.25
6311948(Oct 1) pictorial airlift FDC Berlin(Neukolln)-Hamburg, Soviet Zone Mi190-1 & sp.explanatory label rev.30
6321949 airmail cvr Ranstadt-UK, A116-7(p.11),140-1(x2 cat £38).30
6331949 cvrs(2) Tubingen-UK, Wurttemburg Goethe 10o+20o or 30o (SGFW44-6 cat £110). Cat 500eu(cvrs).125
6341949 regd cvr Berlin-Sweden, 5-colour mixed issues Mi195(scarce cat 120eu),202,5,13,18. PHOTO65
6351950 cvr Hochstadt-UK, Goethe set (A148-50 cat £48).35
6361950 advert cvr Frankfurt-UK, 30pf red (Mi88). Cat 90eu(cvr).25
637Berlin: 1948(Oct) airmail cvr Berlin SW11(airlift pmk)-UK, 4-colour blk ovpts to 1DM(B1-3,17 cat £200+).PH.150
6381949-50 60pf airletters(2: LF2 type 4 & LF3) fine unused. See also lots 61,65.35
6391949 comm.cvr Steglitz-UK, 30pf red opt (Mi28). Cat 150eu(cvr).40
6401953 cvr to UK with 4-colour Famous Berliners etc SG91,93,96,101(cat £36).30
6411957 airmail cvr to Chicago, 1Dm (Mi153). Cat 100eu(cvr).25
642West: 1949 60pf orange-red airletter (LF5) fine unused.20
6431949 comm.cvr Hamburg-UK, 30pf UPU (SG1038 cat £49).40
6441950 comm.cvr Frankfurt-Hofheim, 20pf Stamp Cent (SG1036 cat £49) + 2pf Berlin tax.30
6451953 regd cvr Frankfurt-UK, commems SG1088-96(cat £140). PHOTO90
6461955 airmail cvr Mannheim-Indonesia(destination), Relief Fund set SG1126-9 +33(cat £70+). PHOTO50
6471964 Martyrs set (SG1343a-h in se-tenant blk of 8) on illus unadd.FDC with sp.Bonn pmk.25
648East: (see lot 78): 1952 airmail cvr Jena University-USA, 3-colour Mi221-2,253ba(1DM).15
6491952(Nov 26) illus cvr Berlin (Schoneberg Stamp Day sp.pmk)-Amsterdam, 50pf Mao (Mi288 cat £37).30
6501964 regd cvr Kyritz-Sweden, scarce se-tenant pair & blk of 4 Mi901-6(cat 72eu).40
6511967 airmail cvr Plauen-St Helena(destination), E977-8,985-6.10
652GIBRALTAR: (see lots 751+3): 1847(Jun) outer to London per Jupiter rated 1/=, fine small Gibraltar arc.35
6531876 outer to Madrid(rec'r), GB 1d pl.178 (Z19 cat £23). PHOTO45
6541891 20c regd env size H to Holland + 25c (SG26 x5 inc strip of 3).40
6551935 regd(red label) OHMS cvr to Belgium(destination), S.Jubilee set (SG114-7 cat £40).30
6561950 comm.cvr to Switz, SG121(x2)+4c. Scarce boxed cachet of Gibraltar Festival.20
657GILBERT & ELLICE: 1936 regd cvr Ocean Is-USA, 3-colour SG16,28,30(cat £50). PHOTO.65
6581937 regd(Tarawa h/st) cvr Abaiang(d/ring undated pmk)-Ocean Is, Coronation set SG40-2.30
6591937 regd(Tarawa h/st) cvr Little Makin-Ocean Is, Coronation set SG40-2. Scarce pmk. PHOTO50
6601944 cvr Fanning Is-NZ @ 2d rate. Boxed G&E censor no.145
6611945(Oct 16) local regd Funafuti cvr @ 5d rate with violet D4 pmk + R3 regd cachets(both last day usages).30
6621947(Apr) cvr Canton Is(violet pmk)-NZ, KGVI set to 5/= (SG43-54 cat £65+ inc 47a,49a). 5d+2/6d rev. PH.45
6631949 regd(h/st) cvr Christmas Is-UK, SG44,55-6.20
6641957 local Christmas Is cvr addressed to BFPO 170(atomic test), 2d P.Due (D2 cat £25). PHOTO50
6651962 airmail cvr Nanumaga(violet pmk with spelling error)-UK, SG65(x2)-6,8(x2),9,70(x2)-1(cat £15).25
6661964(July) Fiji Airways env carried on 1st flight Tarawa-Fiji (& onto Australia), SG71. Pilot signed.20
667GOLD COAST: 1894 regd env(imprint missing) size G Accra-UK + 3-col. QV ½d,1d(x2),2½d(x4). Faults.30
6681905 large OHMS regd(scarce R h/st) cvr Victoriaborg BO-UK, mixed QV 4d + KEVII 2½d (SG16a,41). PH.50
6691905 KEVII 2d+1d regd env size H used locally in Kwitta(D7 pmk) + 1d(x2).40
6701907 local Accra ppc to France @ 1d rate with fine Victoriaborg BO Accra s/ring pmk.25
6711907 KEVII 1d p.stat.card comm.used Akuse-Germany.20
6721919 comm.cvr Accra-UK, SG72a + 85(war tax).15
6731936 regd cvr Accra-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG113-6 cat £55). Minor envelope stain. PHOTO40
6741952 regd cvr(album page size) Accra-Nigeria, SG140,3,5(5/= cat £12). Commercial.20


6751748 EL to James Smyth,writer to Signet,Edinburgh rated 2, s/line Kirkaldy.40
6761752 EL(illegitimate child & maintenance) to Temple rated 3. Bishop mark & light 2-line Roys/ton.50
6771789 EL to Edgware re-rated 4 to 5, fine Daventry s/line (45x5mm).30
6781791 social EL Kalleath-Alex Blair,writer to Signet,Edinburgh pd 6 but 4d more topay(mss).2-line Loch/maben.25
6791792 EL Navy Pay Office,London-Edgware with 3-ring red Free code A.25
6801794 non-business EL to Alloa re-rated 4 to 6, fine Langholm s/line.20
6811798 EL to Bewdley rated 5 with fine s/line Rudgeley.20
6821802 EL Lanark-Edinburgh rated 6, fine s/line Lanerk(error).25
6831804 accounts EL to Olney rated 4, superb Nhampton 66 mileage. Age stains.25
6841806 EL to London rated 7, superb Northampton 66 36mm circ.mileage.20
6851817 EL to London rated 11, 2-line red BRISTOL/PENNY POST.25
686Tenby: 1814 outer to London pd 1/= with fine mileage + undated EL to B'ham & fine half-moon mileage eras'd20
6871819 long EL Raunds-Wadham College,Oxford re-rated 9 to 10, good Thrapstone 86 mileage.20
6881826 EL to Norfolk rated 9, v.good scarce Wansford 80 mileage (reverse).35
6891826 EL Bagshot-Norfolk rated 1. Boxed Bagshot Py Post + rare s/line One Penny ToPay. PHOTO65
6901831 long EL Catladge-Edinburgh rated 8, fine s/line Laggan (inverted).20
6911831 EL(cheque dispute) Beccles-Saxmundham rated 7 with Beccles erased mileage across join.20
6921833 long sherry EL London-Jerez via Paris,Madrid, rated 4/4 + 16R, s/line red Angleterre. Disinfected slits.30
6931838 EL to Taunton rated 9 with fine unframed Seaton No.2 on front & boxed Axminster PyP across flap.30
6941838 family(baby's health,debts) EL Barham-London re-rated 4 to 1/6d with boxed Postage Not Paid to London & Canterbury Penny Post (reverse). Redirected to Essex with Romford Penny Post. PHOTO50
6951849 paid EL Fenchurch St(s/line)-Spain via Boulogne rated 1/1d. Oval red P-F + charged 10Rs(blue).15
696Francis Freeling: 1807-26 long letters to Freeling about candidates for Postmaster,complaints,death of Exeter mail guard & appeal against dismissal of Bath mail guard for firing pistol + Freelings signed reply (6 items).50
697Crimea: 1856 cvr to UK charged 3 with fine blue PO British Army cds reverse.50
698Mulready:1840 spacefiller front + flap of 1d forme A136 lettersheet & 2d a201 env ex Torquay/Walsall-L'ndon25
6991841 3mgn 1d imperf cvr London-Basingstoke & v.fine 7 in MX. Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO60
7001841 1d pink env London-Warwick. Stamp imprint tied fine MX.15
7011842 EL Edgware Rd-Regents Park, pair 4mgn 1d imperfs CI-CJ STB ex pl.24(cat £120 thus) & MX pmk. PH.60
7021842 large folded EL Thornhill(udc),Bristol-L'ndon, lovely blk 6 GE-HH & MX pmk STB pl.12(cat £600+). PH200
7031843 EL London-Deal, 2mgn 1d imperf tied 8 in MX. Cat £350(cvr).40
7041843 outer York(fine blk cds + red Paid 1 in circle)-Chester.15
7051843 EL(contents relate to 1728-36) Brighton-E.Grinstead, strip of 3 1d imperfs MA-MC 3-4 mgns ex pl.32 inc re-entry MC & MX pmks. Above 1oz 2d More to Pay. PHOTO50
7061843 outer Ivybridge-Radstock, 4mgn 1d imperf (II) tied MX.25
7071845 EL Daventry-Wolverhampton, almost 4mgn 1d tied 238. Reverse v.fine & rare West Haddon s/line.50
7081845 1d pink env Husbands Bosworth(scarce Leics udc)-Basingstoke via Welford(Northants 857 duplex + partial traveller skeleton).40
7091848 cvr Totnes-London, 4mgn 1d imperf (SH) with mark in S square & deformed H square.20
7101848 1d imperf cvr St Peters(scarce udc)-Bracknell via Margate(506) with Binfield violet udc rec'r. PHOTO45
7111848 1d pink env Brighton(blue cds, 132 numeral & scarce W in 17mm circle)-Bungay(rec'r).40
7121849 1d pink env Honiton(376 duplex)-Exeter via Taunton(blue 3-line penny post inc date).20
7131849 EL King Edward(fine s/line in grn) EL to Edinburgh via Banff, 4mgn 1d imperf.20
7141851-3 3 or 4mgn v.fine 1d imperfs on local Birmingham cvrs(3) with 3 different types 75 duplex.40
7151852-3 cvrs(2) Pontypridd(163 duplex)-Cardiff, v.fine 4mgn 1d imperfs SG8-a(cat £50). 1 with extended frame35
7161853 1d pink env London-Bungay(yellow cds). S/line red South ER (railway mark) reverse.40
7171853 outer Newcastle(Staffs)-Naval Attache,Br.Legation,Chile, pair cut-to-shape 1/= embossed(SG56).PH.150
7181853 cvr Newport(Mon)-Cardiff, 4mgn 1d red-brn(GB) showing fine recut corners.20
7191853 cvr Bridlington Quay(red cds + 125 duplex)-Wakefield, 4mgn 1d red-brn(CG).15
7201854 EL Tenby(blue cds rev)-Leicester, 4mgn 1d imperf & blue 784 duplex. Cat £500(cvr). PHOTO100
7211854 outer Dundee-Edinburgh, 1d stars SG17(x2, 1 misperf). Cat £75(cvr).25
7221855(Feb) outer London-Lyon, pair 2d blue SG19. Cat £265(cvr). PHOTO75
7231856 cvr Plymouth(spoon pmk)-Tavistock, 1d dp red-brn on blued(SG24a cat £100). Union St cds(rev). PH.50
7241857 cvr Haverfordwest(fine s/ways duplex)-Narberth, fine 1d transitional SGC9(4) pale rose. Cat £100(cvr).30
7251857 cvr York(spoon pmk)-West Burton, pair 2d stars SG34 but 1 damaged. Cat £210(cvr). PHOTO50
7261859 neat cvr Bridgenorth(fine & scarce spoon pmk)-Ludlow, 1d SG40.35
7271860 cvr London SE12-Dieppe, 1d stars SG40(x4 cat £40).30
7281860 EL Greenock-Edinburgh, 1d stars SG40(x4 inc strip of 3 cat £40).25
7291860 mourning env Oxford-Torquay via London, 1d pl.36(SG40) ovpt'd in red OUS(Oxford Union) reading up.40
7301864 mourning cvr Hastings-Dublin via H&K Pact, 1d star SG42. Cat £60(cvr).20
7311864 cvr Derby(242 duplex)-Dumfries, 1d pale rose (SG39 cat £30).20
7321864 cvr Ivybridge(408 duplex)-Newton Abbot, 1d pale red (SG38 cat £30).20
7331864 cvr Berwick(66 duplex)-Alnwick, 1d star alphabet IV (SG42 cat £60 cvr).20
7341869 outer London-Llanelly, 1d pl.107 tied scarcer unaligned Azemar A1 machine pmk. PHOTO100
7351870(Dec) outer Middlesbrough(946 duplex)-Newport(Mon rec'r), ½d SG48 pl.3(cat £40).25
7361876 masonic illus env(Independent Order Good Templars) used locally in London, 1d pl.181. Part flap. PH.50
7371879 long local London cvr, 1½d SG52 pl.3 & SMP pmk. Cat £250(cvr). PHOTO65
7381880 cvr Salisbury-Shaftesbury, vertical strip of 3 ½d SG49 scarcer pl.19(cat £165). PHOTO100
7391881 cvr Medina Road,Cowes(cds rev)-London, 1d bluish lilac 14 dots(cat £125 as 16 dots) & Cowes sq.circ.50
7401881 cvr Melrose-Sir Wm Scott,London, 1½d SG167. Cat £130(cvr).40
7411895 'insufficiently addressed' 1d lilac cvr London(sq.circ)-Cheshire inc Chester Station Office,Liverpool RLO.15
7421856 firms EL London-Paris, 4d SG63 tied smudged pmk. Cat £700(cvr). PHOTO125
7431857 EL Cardiff(s/ways duplex)-Jamaica(scarce Pt Maria rec'r), 2d+4d (SG34,64 cat £410). PHOTO250
7441858 outer Glasgow-Messina, 3-col.1d star,4d rose,6d lilac(fault at right). Stamps cat £250. Oval Franca.PH.100
7451858 cvr Bristol(s/ways duplex)-Narberth, fine 4d (SG66a). Cat £190(cvr). PHOTO50
7461859 cvr Isleworth(udc rev)-Nova Scotia(Kentville rec'r) via L'pool, 6d SG70. Cat £190(cvr).45
7471859 EL Exmouth-India(much redirected with b/st inc Belgaum,Fr.India), 3-col.SG34,40,70(cat £160). PHOT.150
7481863 creased outer Glasgow-Holland via London, 4d SG80(x2 cat £180). Engeland Franco. Cat £290(cvr).PH65
7491864 EL London(twin 48 numeral)-Lyons, pair 4d SG81(cat £240). Late fee pmk(rev). PHOTO90
7501864 fragile mourning cvr London-Queensl'd(unframed ship lre cds), 4d(x2)+ pair 1/=(SG81,90 cat £700).PH150
7511865 cvr London SW-Capt in Welsh Fusiliers,Gibraltar, 1d pl.72(x2) + 4d SG82. Cat £235(cvr). PHOTO80
7521866 regd cvr Huddersfield(387 duplex)-London, 1d plate + 4d SG93 scarcer pl.7(cat £110). PHOTO60
7531868 cvr Romford(668 duplex)-Gibraltar(rec'r) via Paris & Madrid(S in circle), 6d SG104 pl.6. Cat £175(cvr).50
7541868 cvr London E16-Queensl'nd(Maryborough rec'r), 4d SG94 pl.9(fault inc stain) + 6d SG104 pl.6(cat £150)50
7551871 outer London(103 pmk)-Valencia, 6d SG109 pl.9. Boxed red L2 + thimble Too Late GPO. Cat £130(cvr).40
7561877 cvr Melrose-Australia, 8d orange SG156. Cat £500(cvr). PHOTO150
7571878 EL London EC53-Oporto, 2½d SG141 pl.11(x2 cat £110). PHOTO50
7581882 hand-painted (artist + easel) front Hull-London, strip of 3 ½d (SG165 cat £54).20
7591882 cvr(+ letter) Paddington-Leipzig, 5d SG169. Cat £225(cvr).50
7601882 cvr Bradford-Brazil(rec'r), 4d brn SG160(cat £65). PHOTO50
7611882 EL London(just cds & scarce thus)-Paris, 2½d SG157 pl.23(cat £50 thus).35
7621883 cvr Edinburgh-Bremen, 2½d blue SG157 pl.22(x2 cat £80).40
7631884 cvr Newton Abbot-Australia(N.Adelaide sq.circ), 6d SG194. Kingskerswell cds(rev). Minor fault. PHOT.80
7641892 QV 1d brn p.stat.card comm.used London(hoster pmk)-Bermuda(destination & Hamilton rec'r).20
7651895 Prices Candles illus 2½d p.stat.env New Wandsworth(31A duplex)-Belgium. Grand Prix Anvers cachet.20
7661898 1d pink p.stat.env type 5 Manchester-Frankfurt + 1½d,2½d Jubilees.20
*7671898 cvr Ventnor-London @ 1d lilac rate forwarded(Brown,Shipley & Co cachet) to Switz +4d Jubilee(SG205)40
7681899 regd cvr Gracechurch St(London)-France, 3d+6d Jubilees (SG202+5). Boxed Late Fee 2d.30
7691899 cvr Sutton Benger-London, 1d lilac & scarce F66 duplex.15
7701899 1d pink env Cardiff(sq.circ)-Vienna + ½d verm.SG197. Pair ½d SG197 added in London as underpaid.20
7711899 1d p.stat.card comm.used Mark Lane-Switz + 1d lilac & L1 late fee hexagonal pmk.15
7721899 QV ½d brn firms cachet p.stat.card comm.used London(d/ring pmk)-Rotterdam + perfinned 1½d Jubilee.15
7731900 QV ½d brn p.stat.card comm.used Bedford-Paris + ½d blue (as SG213).15
7741900 regd advert cvr Lombard St-Berlin, perfinned ½d+5d(x3) Jubilees. 2 late fee cachets inc boxed 6d.40
7751901 QV ½d grn p.stat. reply card complete comm.used Eastbourne-Brussels + ½d(SG213).20
7761903 KEVII folded regd env size H2 Victoria Grove.Kensington-France + 2d,1/=(SG225,257 cat £55). PHOT.65
7771904 scarce 3-col.franking cvr Fleet St-Italy, KEVII 1½d,9d,1/=(SG221,250,257 cat £115). PHOTO150
7781904 KEVII 2d regd env size G Cannon St-Germany + 3-colour KEVII ½d,1d,2½d.35
7791907 correspondence(3 ELs) Leigh(Tonbridge)-USA @ single/double/triple 2½d rates (SG230: cat £60)30
780KEVII ½d private firms p.stat.env to Brazil(destination) 'by supplementary mail via Lisbon'(h/st) with FS/C pmk15
7811911(Sept) comm.cvr Harrow-Belgium, mixed KEVII 1½d + KGV 1d (SG287,327 cat £37).25
7821911 local Whetstone(N.London) comm.used ppc with p.15x14 KEVII ½d (SG279 cat £100 on cvr) & sq.circ.25
7831911 aerial view White City Exhibn ppc comm.used Coronation Exhibn Shepherds Bush(sp.pmk)-Belgium,½d.15
7841912 ppc comm.used Kings Lynn-Belgium, 2½d p15x14 (SG284). See also lot 44.15
7851912 KGV 3d regd env size G London-Germany + mixed reigns KEVII 4d p15x14(SG286) & Mackennal ½d.35
7861912 KEVII 1d p.stat.env London-Magdeburg + scarce 1½d (SG287 cat £35).25
7871912 ppc comm.used London-Strassburg, mixed KEVII ½d p15x14 (SG239 cat £45) + Mackennal ½d(SG339)35
7881912 regd(Norwood label) cvr Crystal Palace-Canada, unusually both type Mackennal: strip of 3 SG327+341.20
7891913 Mackennal 1d p.stat.card comm.used + 1d(SG350 cat £10) London(hooded late fee pmk)-Hamburg.20
7901917 cvrs(4) Folkestone-5th Army HQ,BEF @ 1d rates (pairs ½d in pale,olive or blue green shades cat £50+).30
7911924(Apr 30) BEE 1½d p.stat.env Wembley Park(slogan)-London SW1 + 1924 BEE set (SG430-1 cat £26).40
7921924 Wembley 1½d p.stat.env & lettercard comm.used Plaistow/Forest Gate-Epsom (2 items).25
7931925 cvr H.Kong pavilion,Wembley(circ.Exhib'n lion pmk)-Paris, SG418+432(x2 cat £61). PHOTO45
7941925 ppc comm.used Dover-Manchester, 1½d Wembley (SG433 cat £70).50
7951926(Jun) airmail cvr London-Hamburg(rec'r), SG419-20(x3).20
7961927 illus(portable clothes wardrobe) advert window env ex London @ 2½d rate.15
7971927(Sept) damaged regd airmail cvr Kilburn-India via Cairo-Basra(rec'r), scarce KEVII 1/= + KGV 6d. PHOT.45
7981929 cvr Southend-Australia, mixed Wembley/PUC franking (SG430,35,37 cat £23).20
7991929(Oct) underpaid(cancelled) airmail cvr Finsbury Park-Tasmania('roadside delivery') @ 3½d rate.20
8001931(Dec) ANA Xmas flight illus cvr Dartmouth-Australia, 4-colour SG418,22-3,28(cat £46).40
8011932(Mar) airmail cvr SW London-Gibraltar via Madrid, SG421+9. Marked 'via Toulouse & Tangier'.20
8021934 airmail advert cvr London-Zanzibar(rec'r) @ 7d rate.15
8031934(Jun) airmail cvr Muswell Hill-China(black censor rec'r) @ 11d rate. Marked 'via Singapore & H.Kong'.20
8041935(Feb) London Midland & Scottish Railway 3d parcel stamp on cvr Glasgow-London + KGV 1½d. PHOT.45
8051935(July) air(Air France label) cvr London-Argentina via Le Bourget, SG429+451(x2 5/= cat £166). PHOTO.125
8061935(Dec) airmail cvr London-Argentina, 3-colour SG426a,450-1(seahorses cat £126). PHOTO85
8071935 airmail cvr Ipswich-NZ via Sydney, 5d+10d (SG425+8 cat £43).35
8081935-9 meter-franked (½d or 2½d) comm.cvrs(2 inc advert) London-Java(destination/rec'r).20
8091937 comm.cvr Leith-Kedah(destination & Sungei Patani rec'r) @ 1½d rate.15
8101938 airmail cvr London-Ethiopia(Adi Ugri rec'r) via Alexandria, mixed KGV 1/= + KGVI 3d.15
8111938 airmail cvr London-NZ, 2/6d seahorse (SG450 cat £40).25
8121940(May 6) RPS illus local London Stamp Centenary FDC with sp.red pmk.20
8131940(Jan 10) Robson Lowe illus Penny Post Centenary FDCs(4) for Bangor,Bolton,Slough or York.40
814as above lot but for Andover,Basingstoke,Carlisle & Northampton (4 FDCs). Joint bids for both lots OK.40
8151940(May) Sudan Govt env Lytham St Annes-Sudan Defence Force,N.Khartoum(rec'r), SG475+484.15
8161940(May) advert censored cvr London-Paraguay, perfinned KGVI 6d,1/=(pair),2/6d brn(x3 cat £24). PHOTO50
8171941(Mar) censored airmail cvr Todmorden-Venezuela(destination), 3d+ 2/6d grn (SG476).20
8181942 airmail cvr Oxford-USA, pair KGVI 2/6d grn tied dumb skeleton 40mm cachet. Boxed Postal Press Cens.25
8191944 1½d brn p.stat.card for POWs in Japan fine unused.10
8201944 Forces KGVI 3d grn regd env format FRF1(G) fine unused with round stop after compensation variety.30
8211945 airmail cvr London-Liechtenstein(scarce destination) @ 5d rate.20
8221946(Jun) illus Victory FDC Jarrow-USA with clear date & typed address.20
8231948 local Watford regd cvr with £1 brn (SG478b cat £26). Probably FDC but month unclear.40
8241950(Aug) rail ppc comm.used Edinburgh-Switz @ 2d rate. Edinburgh Festival publicity label tied.20
8251953 Coronation illus regd FDC Newcastle-Holland of SG532-5. Typed address.25
8261953 plain airmail FDCs(2) Leeds-N.Rhodesia of Coronation 1/3d & 1/6d in blks of 4 (cat £32).25
8271955 airmail cvr Plymouth-USA, Tudor wmk 7d+11d (SG524+8 cat £20+).15
8281959 QE2 1/= forces regd env size G2 fine unused.20
8291967(Apr) cacheted BOAC FFC to Australia via S.Pacific, SG578(x3)-9.15
8301967-8 commercial cvrs(26) to St Helena(destination), surface or airmail(1/6d) rates. Wide range frankings.40
8311974 Britons set in traffic light gutter blks of 4 on fine illus Cotswold FDCs with bureau pmks.20
8321978 Shire Horse official Benham FDCs(2, BOCS4), Horses set in t/light gutter pairs + Maidenhead sp.pmk25
833P.Due: 1943 unpaid ppc Keswick-Bury, tax mark + scarce 4d P.Due (D31 cat £10).15
8341950 regd cvr Gibraltar-UK taxed with 1/=+2/6d P.Dues (D33-4). Contained stockings(customs label).15
8351957 underpaid ppc Canada-UK, tax marks inc 7d + 2-line Shortpaid for Airmail & D49,52(cat £23).20
8361970 underpaid cvr USA-Oxford taxed with scarce 4d + pair 1/= P.Dues (D74-5 cat £10).15
837Jersey: 1905 QV 3d+1½d double embossed p.stat.env regd David Place(cds rev)-Paris. 409 duplex. PHOT.50
8381941(Apr 1) illus local FDC of 1d arms (SG2).15
8391943-4 ½d-3d pictorials on FDCs(5 diff dates) to Germany with various German 12pf tied Feldpost pmks.40
840Guernsey: 1873 mourning env to Boston(paid rec'r), 3d SG102 pl.7(cat £65) & 324 duplex.40
8411879 decorative Valentine env(part flap) used locally, 1d pl.176 & cds pmk. Minor tone spot.20
8421953 BEA flown cvr to Alderney, SG532 & Alderney pmk. BEA 6d airletter label tied box pmk.15
8431970 unpaid cvr London-Guernsey taxed with pair 4d P.Dues (D4 cat £10).15
844Locals: 1961 Europa ovpt sets for Jethou & Herm on illus cvrs(2) to UK/Guernsey.12
845Lundy: 1954 Jubilee Year set of 7 vals to 12puffin on illus unadd.FDC with sp.pmk.15
846IofMan: 1916 POW env Douglas-London @ 1d rate. Light oval violet Aliens Detention Camp Douglas censor.45
8471941(Nov) POW lettersheet Camp PO Onchan(oval violet dated cachet)-Italy via L'pool. Censor(rev). PHOTO50
848GREECE: (see lot 1476): 1871 outer Cephalonia-Trieste, 3-colour Hermes 5L,10L,40L. PHOTO65
8491901 Turkish 20pa p.stat.card comm.used ex Janina(fine pmk).40
8501904 Rhodes ppc comm.used to Holland, Turkish 10pa & Chio pmk (VL.6).25
8511916 ppc THA.FP.NAEOY(telegraphic cancel)-Athens @ 10L rate. Fair boxed Syra Postal Censor.25
8521917 cvr Athens-France(redirected with military censor label tied), 25c opt (SG275). Red X 5L(C271) tied rev.20
8531931(Nov) multi-cacheted FFC Janina-Athens, SG411(x4)+17. STB FDI new airmail label. 336 flown.25
8541932 redirected(Italian hotel pmk) cvr to Italy, SG417(x3)+457 tied Greek TPO pmk ex Athens.20
8551939(Mar) regd airmail cvr Athens-USA, SG488(blk of 4 cat £38),501(x2),11. Currency control censor.35
8561947 10d p.stat.card (P54) comm.used Athens-Barbados(destination & St Lawrence rec'r) + C643,648,56.20
857Occ.Dodecanese: 1947 airmail cvr Rhodes-USA, G8(x2). Sender on Tilos. Cat 800eu(cvr). PHOTO80
8581947 airmail cvr Tilos-USA via Rhodes, G1(x9 – front & back). Cat 880++eu(cvr). PHOTO150
859Salonika: 1902 ppc to Cuba(destination/rec'r), Turkish 5pa(x2)+10pa & type 15 pmk. PHOTO45
8601903 ppc to France, French Levant 5c & Quartier Franc pmk. See also lot 252.25
861GREENLAND: 1939(Aug-Sept) mix franking Danish 7o p.stat.cards + Fa2-3 or 1-2(x2 ea) comm.used Scoresbysund or Angmagssalik-Copenhagen(2 items, 1 early German censor).50
8621945 ppc comm.used Thule-Copenhagen with Fa1+5 & Danish 10o+5o.25
8631956 illus FDCs(2) to Denmark of 60o surcharges (SG37-8).12
8641965-9 comm.cvrs(3) to Denmark @ 50o or 60o rate, violet Quarsut,Igolorssuit or Ikerasak pr Umanak pmks.40
865GRENADA: 1908 regd cvr Colonial Postmaster-Paris, 2d+2½d (SG79-80). .30
8661910 St Georges harbour ppc comm.used to S.Africa(destination/rec'r) @ 1d rate.15
8671917 regd cvr to USA, war tax 1d (SG111 x6 inc plate blk of 4).20
8681929 regd OHMS crested cvr Colonial Postmaster(cachet)-S.Africa(destination), 4d (SG123).20
8691930(July) NYRBA FFC to Trinidad, SG114+126. 221 flown.30
8701942-3 airmail cvrs(2) Sauteurs-Venezuela(destination/rec'r) @ 1/3½d rate. Diff.types SS/5 or 47 censorlabels50
8711945 regd OHMS cvr Colonial Postmaster(cachet)-USA via Trinidad, SG159+161a(2/= pair). Central fold.20
8721948-9 airmail cvrs(2) to Australia(destination) @ 5/4d or 6/10d rates.40
8731965 underpaid comm.cvr Malta-Grand Anse(rec'r), tax mark & 6c P.Due(D17 cat £12) tied Sauteurs pmk.30
874GUATEMALA: 1895 advert cvr Guatemala City-France, 10c (SG48).15
8751923 advert cvr Carcha(blue-grn pmk)-Germany via Coban, 25c (SG141: blks of 4 + 6).20
8761931 express airmail(cachet) cvr Quezaltenango-Guatemala City, SG223 + scarce ovpt SG246(x4).20
8771936 airmail(PAA label) advert cvr to Costa Rica(rec'r), SG223,296,308,312.15
878HAITI: 1893 comm.cvr Jacmel-France, 3c+7c mixed issues (SG31,39).30
8791899 comm.cvr Aux Cayes-France via N.York(h/stamp), 20c (SG60).25
8801904 1c p.stat.reply card (message half) comm.used to Germany via N.York + 2c (SG68).20
8811929 cvr Milot (blue pictorial Citadelle Christophe slogan pmk)-Pt au Prince, SG305.20
882HONDURAS: 1919 regd advert cvr Tegucigalpa-USA, scarce 10c+20c officials (O208-9). PHOTO40
8831929-32 comm.cvrs(2) Santa Barbara/Pto Castillo-USA, 6c (SG252) or 319+330.25
8841932 advert cvr San Lorenzo Valle(violet pmk)-USA, SG320(x3)+3(x4).15
885HONG KONG: (see lots 7,46,333,793): 1906 comm.cvr Shanghai-Canada per SS Tartar, 4c (SG78).15
8861937 comm.cvr Victoria-UK, 3c+12c (SG119,124b).20
8871937 regd FAM-14 illus FFC to USA, KGV $3 (SG131 cat £70). PHOTO65
8881938 US Foreign Service airmail env to USA, mixed KGV-VI SG130($2),151,3. PHOTO45
8891938 regd airmail cvr to San Francisco via Hawaii, KGVI SG143,55,57($2 cat £33)35
8901941 wrappers(2) Victoria-Canada @ 5c(SG165) rate. S/line Passed by Censor C-263 or 270 in blk/violet.25
8911946 regd airmail cvr to UK, SG143,7,70(x3) tied rev. S/line violet By Air to London Only.25
8921946 long local OHMS cvr HQ Land Forces(cachet)-Kowloon, readdressed to India ex HQ Indian RE Works Indian FPO 127 pmk.20
8931962 regd illus FDC Secretariat-UK, QE2 defins to $1 (SG196-205).15
8941982 illus unadd. FDC of defins to $50 (SG415-30 cat £60) & Tuen Mun San Hui pmk.40
8951975 scarce Festivals minisheet (MS334 cat £35) on illus unadd. FDC25
896HUNGARY: (see lot 1361): 1829-36 fine pre-stamp outers(3), fancy ovals of Szigeth,N.Karoly or v.Eperies.40
8971873-4 ELs(2) Pest-Pancsova or Buda-Pest, fine 2kr yellow or orange shades(min.cat £34).65
8981894 5k p.stat.env Zombor-USA + 5k(SG42).15
8991913 unpaid music(Weber) ppc Bos Brod-Pancsova, tax mark & 10f P.Due (D174).15
9001915 cvr Karlovac-Prague, 3-col. War Charity SG170(x2),1,2(x2). Violet 3-line Karlovac 6 censor.20
9011916(Dec 30) FDC Budapest(sp.pmk)-Vienna, Coronation SG267-8.15
9021920(Nov) flown cvr/aerial ppc(2) Budapest(sp.pmk)-Szombathely(rec'r),8k or 12k air ovpts (SG402-3).25
9031921 local regd Budapest cvr with official seals & officials O431-2.15
9041925(May) unadd.cvr with Sports set (SG452-9 cat £65) & sp.pmk.40
9051930 regd express airmail cvr Budapest-Germany, air hi-vals SG487-9(cat £52). PHOTO65
9061931(Mar) Graf Zeppelin Budapest flight(cachets) cvr & card(2) with 1p or 2p Zeppelins(SG529-30 cat £260)150
907ICELAND: 1913 ppc comm.used Reykjavik-Berlin, 3-colour mix issues Fa82 + scarce 111,3(cat 600+kr).PH.100
9081920 comm.cvr Reykjavik-Norway, 5a (Fa127, scarce blk of 4).30
9091922 comm.cvr Safjordur-Germany, pair 20a (Fa135).40
9101930(Jun) cvr Pingvellir(sp.pmk)-Reykjavik, Parliament 3a-40a (SG158-67 cat 1650kr). PHOTO125
9111930(Oct) regd airmail cvr Vestmannaeyjar-Australia(destination) via Scotland, scarce airs SG156(x4)-7(x2 Cat £205). Postmaster wafer seal(rev). PHOTO175
9121935 cvr to Reykjavik, Danish 5o+10o tied Reykjavik cds + boxed Skipsbrief (Hosking 611).20
9131940 local Reykjavik tiny mourning cvr with 5 on 35a (Fa216).40
9141941 local regd cacheted FDC of Sturlassen set (SG262-4).25
9151943(Nov) stampless free cvr US Army APO 860(Reykjavik)-USA. US army censor.20
9161944(Jun 17) regd FDC Pingvellir(sp.pmk)-Reykjavik, Republic set (SG265-70 cat £75). PHOTO50
9171952(May 2) regd illus FDCs(3) to USA of scarce airs SG275,77,79 in blks of 4(cat £70).50
9181948 airmail cvr Seydisfjordur-UK, pair 45o geyser (Fa231).15
919INDIA: 1845 EL Calcutta(boxed red ship letter)-Rouen via Paris & Precursor steamer. Boxed red India.20
9201859 cvr Calcutta-UK, 4a(SG35 x2: 1 with cut base perfs but cat £44). Boxed red India Paid.30
9211865 EL Calcutta-UK, 3-colour SG53,63-4(cat £41). India Paid red crescent. PHOTO45
9221869 cvr Maltgaon-Guernsey(destination/rec'r), 2a+6a8p (SG61,72 cat £36). PHOTO50
9231888 countersigned (Colonel, CO Lancs Fusiliers) soldiers env Ahmednagar(sq.circle)-UK, 9p (SG86).30
9241898 QV 2a6p p.stat.env Chamarajangrapete-Batavia via Colombo & NI Agent Singapore(sq.circ)20
9251900 cvr(inc letter ex P'master) Sangrur(Jhind State hooded pmk)-UK, ¼ on ½a(SG110 x16 inc blk 8 cat £12)20
9261905 ppc comm.used Ootacamund-Hungary(destination/rec'r) @ 1a rate. See also lots 17,747,953.15
9271908 OHMS local Rawalpindi cvr addressed to 10th Hussars @ 1a OHMS opt rate.15
9281935 cvrs(2 inc airmail) Vizagatan/Salvation Army,Kilpauk-UK, S.Jubilee SG242(x2) or 245 + 201(x2) or 210.15
9291949 UPU set (SG325-8 cat £11) on illus airmail FDC Bombay(sp.pmk)-USA. Typed address.15
9301956(Oct) Air India illus cacheted FFC Bombay-Australia, 1r2a (SG367 cat £6).12
931ICC: 1968 illus unadd. FDC of SGN50-7(cat £30) & FPO 742(Saigon) pmk.25
932as above lot but FPO 744 pmk of Vientiane.25
933IEF: 1915(Mar) regd cvr FPO 14(France)-UK, 2a opt (E5).15
934Used abroad: 1943(Jan) OAS cvr RAF India-UK, 8as & Exptal PO K46 pmk STB Dubai. Double censor.PH.100
935INDIAN STATES: Bhopal: 19th cent cvrs(2) with ½a (SG61 or 63) tied. Uncommon.25
936Bundi: c1944 large piece with 6p(x8) + 2a dp brn(x2), SG80,82a(cat £120 as postal use) tied pen cancels.25
937Cochin: 1923 4p Rajah p.stat.card, H&G11 comm.used ex Ernakulam.15
9381950 4pi p.stat.card, H&G22 regd Ernakulam-Kallettumkam + mix franking SG110 & Travancore SG66.25
939Dhar: 1898 ½a blue p.stat.env, H&G2 good unused & scarce.20
940Hyderabad: nice lot of used 19th cent ¼a p.stat.cards in orange,red or brn shades + scarce ½a p.stat.envs in red-brn or yellow (5).30
9411911 On Nizam's Service printed env Aurangabad Jail-Bombay, ½a official (O22a).20
942Indore: 1941 ¼ p.stat.card comm.used ex Tarana + ¼a on 2r (SG34).15
943Jaipur: 1945 ¾a orange or 1a slate blue p.stat.envs(2: H&G3-a) fine commercially used internally.20
9441948-9 ¼a or ¼a on ½a p.stat.cards(2: H&G21,24) comm.used with Jaipur Raj RMS TPO pmks J1 or 2 Out.25
9451949 ¼a p.stat.card regd ex Gangapur + SG72,76(cat £13).30
946Kishengarh: 1943 native cvr with 4a chestnut (SG76) & RajPost pmk.10
9471945 native cvr with 4a brn (SG88 cat £21) & RajPost pmk. PHOTO50
948Travancore: 1932 cvr to Trivandrum, 10ca (SG48) tied boxed Chiihrangar.20
949Travancore-Anchel: 1945-7 regd Service ovpt cvrs(2) with 1ch+4ch or 2ch+3ch (O96-100 inc 98a).25
950INDONESIA: 1950-1 airmail cvrs(3) to Switz with mixed issue frankings inc RIS opts to 1r.25
9511960-2 seamail/airmail cvrs(2) Pasuruan/Malang-Jamaica(destination) @ 60s or 8r40 rates.20
952IRAN: 1911 internal cvr Barpbouche(oval pmk)-Tehran(2 rec'r), pair 3ch on 5c (SG277).20
9531920 comm.cvr India-Meched @ 2½a rate via Indian Exchange PO of Koh-i-Malik-Ziarat & Base Office L.25
9541929(May) cacheted FFC Teheran-Meched @ 10ch rate (air opts).15
9551930 US Legion env Paris-Ahwaz via Mohammerah @ 30c rate.Scarce blk/buff bilingual Ret'n to Sender label20
9561931(Sept) airmail Basrah-London printed env Mohammerah-UK, 5-colour SG670,80-1,705(x2),8.20
9571959-61 8r airletters(2 diff. inc scarcer H&G2a) comm.used Hamadan-Germany.15
958IRAQ: 1935 airmail cvr Baghdad-Malta(destination/rec'r), 15f (SG179).15
9591936 KLM airmail cvr Hinaidi-UK, 5-colour mixed Kings SG143,73-5,80.15
9601948(Aug) airmail cvr Basrah-UK, 4-colour SG278,81,85,T335(cat £13).15
9611949 regd airmail cvr Basrah-UK, 5-colour SG223b,280,85-6(x2 ea),T337(cat £22).20
962IRELAND: (see lot 33): 1817 long travel EL(interesting experiences in France!) Cheltenham-Bishop of Kildare, (oval red PP Office 3 o'clock Evening rec'r) rated 1/2d.25
9631823 outer Loughall 86(red mileage)-Edinburgh with fine red Free frank.20
9641840 EL Belfast-Ballymena(rec'r), fine red boxed Paid at Ballymena + d1 h/stamp.30
9651841 EL Drogheda-Southampton via London, 1d imperf(ragged mgns) & MX pmk. S/line Collon (reverse).40
9661844 EL to London, just 4mgn 1d imperf & blue Carrickmacross Penny Post.25
9671859 cvr Carlow-Dublin(rec'r), 1d star (SG41 cat £20).15
9681879 cvr Donachadee(cds)-NZ(RTPO rec'r), scarce 8d SG156 & Belfast pmk. Cat £550(cvr). PHOTO175
9691922 comm. p/card Blackrock-Greece, 1½d (SG32).15
9701936 comm.cvr Dublin-Wenchow,China(destination/rec'r) @ 3d rate.20
9711937 unpaid cvr Dublin-New Ross, tax mark & blk of 4 1d (D2 – wmk unchecked).30
9721942 double censored(inc Irish SP1 label) airmail cvr Mooncoin(Co.Kilkenny)-USA, SG116+122(1/= cat £18).20
9731945(Nov) illus American Airlines cacheted FFC Limerick-Washington, 3d+1/= (SG116,122 cat £18).15
9741950-67 airmail cvrs(3) Dublin/Galway(hotel env)/Ballyporeen-USA, 3d+6d or 1/3d or 1/5d airs(SG141-3b).25
975ISRAEL: 1949(May 1) illus unadd.FDC of Tabul minisheet MS16a cat £95. PHOTO50
9761950 airmail cvr Haifa-Paris, SG29(x2, both with tabs). No flap.20
977ITALY: (see lots 26-7,39,85,1524): 1691 ELs(2) Genova-Livorno rated 34 in red or black.40
9781816 EL Verviers(Belgium)-Bolzano(fine LT –VdL type ad61 rec'r) via Frankfurt (red pmk) rated 12/16.25
9791849 EL France-Italy rated 11 via di mare(s/line) & Genoa(Corresponda Esta fleur-de-lys) with oval Bologna disinfected cachet.25
9801875 3-colour franking cvr Spezia-USA(circ. red unframed NY Paid All), SG10,13,20a(cat £28).40
9811902 mourning cvr(worn edges) Naples(VE flag cancel)-USA, pair 25c (SG67).20
9821917(May) sp. airmail card for Turin-Rome FF, 25c air opt (SG102 cat £40).30
9831922 insured regd advert cvr Verona-UK, SG71,77 + Victory SG120-1(x4). PHOTO50
984c1925 ppc comm.used Lake Maggiore-UK, 15c grey + Campari label (Sass.3).35
9851927 cvr Rome-Milan, pair 30c scarcer p.14 (Sass.193 cat 40eu).30
9861930 cvr to UK, 1L25 Defence (SG280 cat £48) & Ausonia (Italian paquebot) pmk. PHOTO65
9871930 regd advert cvr Milan-Holland, 5-colour scarce 35c (SG225) + Ferrucci SG282-4(x2 ea)+5(cat £22).30
9881937 Orient Line env Naples-UK, SG248+486.15
9891938 cvr Siena-Milan, 6-colour Empire to scarce 5L(SG543). Cat 400+eu(cvr). PHOTO100
9901951 botanical advert airmail cvr Florence-USA, SG669(100L),767-8(x3).25
9911951 comm.cvr Rome-USA, 55L Holy Year (SG747). Cat 100eu(cvr).25
9921952 sl.cut-down airmail advert cvr Turin-USA, 55L Monte Cassino + 100L worker. Cat £275eu(cvr). PHOTO65
993Eritrea: 1922 regd advert cvr Asmara-Milan, 5c + pair 20c ovpts(Sass.14,16). Cat 200+eu(cvr). PHOTO65
9941936 LATI express airmail env Posta Militare N88-Italy, 3-col.franking inc 1L25 express (E116).20
9951940 local village ppc comm.used Adi Ugri-Asmara, 20c (SG192).20
996Libya:1935(Dec 4) LATI FFC Bengasi-Asmara-Mogadiscio(sp.pmk), mix frank 50c + Cirenaica 1L.No flap PH.65
997Naples: 1859 EL Arpino-Naples, 4mgn 1gr type 1 + 5gr type 2 in pale shades. Cat 820eu(cvr). PHOTO100
998Papal States: 1868 outer Civittavechia-Bologna, perf 20c blk on red-mauve(Sass.27). Cat 175eu.40
9991858 outer Rome-France via Marseille(E.Pont 2 red cds), pair 6b + 8b(Sass.7,9). Cat 1100eu(cvr). PHOTO250
1000Sardinia: 1860 cvr San Remo-Genoa, 4mgn 20c blue (Sass.15). Extra frameline flaw. Min.cat 90eu (cvr).30
10011863 EL Bologna-Genoa, 4mgn 5c yellow-grn + 10c orange-bistre(Sass.13D,14D). PHOTO50
1002Trieste: 1919 military illus(soldier: Santa Fanteria) cvr Posta Milit.63-Florence, blk of 4 Venezia Guilia 5c opt.25
10031950 regd airmail cvr to Argentina(destination), airs SG117-8(x2) tied reverse.25
10041948 cvr Trieste-Rome, AMG FTT ovpts inc 12L(scarce on cvr)+ express 35L (SG65,71,E33). PHOTO100
1005Tuscany: 1860 firms outer Livorno-Carrara, close-clear mgns 10c(Sass.19 with frame break at left). PHOTO65
1006JAMAICA: 1877 1d penitentiary card, H&G5d comm.used St Anns Bay-Spanish Town(rec'r). PHOTO50
10071877-9 QV p.stat.cards: H&G7,8,a,9,10 + KGV 1912 ½d+1d: H&G23a,25 all fine unused(7).20
10081894 comm.cvr Kingston-Italy(destination/rec'r), pair 2½d (SG29).20
10091895 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Priestmans River-Turks Island(rec'r).30
10101901-2 QV ½d p.stat.cards(2) comm.used to Kingston with Newport-Jamaica or New Port scarcer pmks.50
10111903 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used locally in Kingston with fine Street Letter Box pmk.20
10121904 ppc comm.used Myrtle Bank(scarce pmk)-UK via Kingston & Bristol @ 1d arms rate.35
10131905 ppc comm.used Kingston-Ecuador(destination) via Panama(late transit pmk) @ 1d rate.20
10141908 KEVII ½d p.stat.card much redirected on island eg Cedar Valley,Trinityville,Morant & Pts Maria,Antonio.35
10151919 OHMS regd cvr Kingston-USA, 1½d+3d war stamps (SG74-5). See also lot 743.15
1016JAPAN: (see lot 1040): 1885 1s reply card + 1898 1s p.stat.card (PC13,16) fine unused. Cat 21,000yen (2).45
10171906 'generals' commem ppc(CC49) used locally in Kobe, 1½s(SG154) & violet military review pmk.15
10181906 'generals' commem ppc(CC49) cto SG154-5(cat £36) & violet Nagoya military review & railway sp.pmks.25
101919 19 Bando POW Camp printed/cacheted env to Switz. PHOTO75
10201940 + 51 National Parks sets (SG363-6, 618-21 cat £47) on illus unadd. FDCs(2).50
10211946 official(4-character h/st) cvr made from old newspaper with Hsukushima PO cachet.20
10221946(July) British forces OAS airmail cvr Aust.Unit Postal Stn 497(Kure)-UK.15
10231951 airmail cvr Tokyo-UK, SG433b,539,578(cat £25) tied sp.pmk for National Land Movement Week.30
10241954 OHMS Certified Official cvr British FPO 949(Kure)-Gold Coast(destination).20
1025JORDAN: 1988 airmail parcel card Amman-Switz, 1d(SG458 x10 cat £210) + SG1520. Central fold. PHOTO50
1026KENYA etc:1904 OHMS regd cvr Mombasa-Paris via Zanzibar & French p/bot 3, 3a+4a(SG5-6 cat £87).PH.120
10271907 sl.cut-down regd parcel label Mombasa-UK, 6-colour KEVII SG35(x2),6-40(cat £28). PHOTO50
10281912 KEVII 2a regd env size F Entebbe-UK + SG35a-6. Mixed currency. PHOTO50
10291915 regd advert cvr Mombasa-Empire Patriotic Prize Fund,Switz, 3c+25c (SG45,50).25
10301916(Sep) OAS censored cvr Indian FPO 51(Voi)-UK. 2-line IEF B FPO No/Postage Free (scarcer F2 cachet)20
10311929 local Dar regd(exhib'n label/skeleton pmk) cvr, mixed Tanganyika SG72(scarce),77,94-5(pairs).PHOT.45
10321931 airmail cvr Bradford-Manyoni(rec'r) via Dar-Kigoma TPO No.1 @ 7d rate. See also lot 56.20
10331932 KGV 45c regd env size G Nairobi-Ireland + 3-colour SG78,82,85.25
10341935 regd airmail cvr Muanza-UK via Kisumu, 4-colour Tanganyika SG93-4,8a,100.20
10351936(Jan) opened-out airmail cvr Kinyangiri-UK via Dodoma & Dar-Tabora TPO Down, KGV 50c.35
10361944 Red X delegation(cachet) cvr Nairobi-Algiers via Egypt(2 censors) @ 30c. Circ.32mm Deputy Field Cens25
10371948(Dec 1) local Mombasa S.Wedding FDC of SG157-8(cat £70). PHOTO65
10381960(Oct 1) illus local Kiambu FDC of set to 20sh (SG183-98 cat £38) & scarcer skeleton pmk.30
1039KOREA: Indian Forces: 1954 cvr FPO 740-New Delhi(rec'r), set to 1r (K1-12 cat £90). PHOTO75
1040Japan used in: 1926 advert cvr Haiju-USA, Japanese 2s (SG241) & native pmk.25
1041South: 1948 internal cvrs(2) @ 2w rate (SG83 x4 or 84 x2 cat £10).25
10421955 comm.cvr to Austria, SG231(x2),229,31(x2 perf),44(1hw cat £10).15
1043KUWAIT: 1946 airmail cvr to USA, 3-colour SG53,57,60a(x5 inc blk of 4 cat £96) tied reverse. PHOTO100
1044LABUAN: (see lot 1308): 1897 regd cvr to UK, 12c+18c (SG95a,99 cat £110) & bluish pmk. PHOTO150
1045LAOS: Indian Forces: 1955 cvr FPO 744(Vientiane)-India via Base PO TPO, N6-10(cat £19).20
1046LATVIA: 1891 Russian 7k p.stat.env (+ 3k) comm.used Mitava-Egypt(destination/rec'r). No flap.30
10471895 Russian 1k wrapper (+ 1k) comm.used Libau-Riga(rec'r).20
10481927 comm.cvr(inc letter) Riga(DZ.St pmk)-Japan(destination) @ 5s rate.20
1049LEBANON: 1910 Jaffa ppc comm.used Beyrouth 2-Hungary(destination) @ Turkish 20pa rate.25
10501944-5 airmail cvrs(2) Tripoli/Harissa-France/USA, SG235+247(x2) or 214(x2)+250.2 different Controle labels tied Free French censors. See also lots 9,474.25
1051LEEWARDS: 1893-5 QV 1d & 2½d p.stat.envs(2) comm.used Antigua(2 diff.pmks)-St Kitts/St Thomas(rec'rs)25
10521935(May 6) regd FDC St Johns(Antigua)-UK of S.Jubilee set (SG88-91 cat £35).30
105319 56 regd cvr St Johns(Antigua)-UK, mixed reigns/currency SG110+134. See also lots 106+9,394,1388.15
10541956(Jun 30) printed last day Federation local Antigua cvr with SG126-7,29-31 + Antigua SG121-3,6.15
1055LIBERIA: 1887 10c regd env H&G2 + 1893 10c p.stat.env H&G6a both fine unused (2).20
1056c1920s Customs official envelope to USA, SG393(x4, 1 faulty perfs cat £12)+O431(perfs faulty) tied unclear Deutsch Seepost oval cancel. Unusual.25
10571923 regd cvr German school ship 'Frederick August',Harper-Germany, mix franking O266 + SG403.25
10581932 regd cvr Monrovia-USA per SS Adda, official 15c (O523).20
1059LIBYA: (see lot 996): 1909 French 10c sower p.stat.card comm.used Tripoli(Barbarie pmk)-UK.35
10601910 ppc comm.used Tripoli(diff. Barbarie pmk to above lot)-France, French 5c sower.30
10611929 ppc comm.used Tripoli-Czech(destination), p.11 10c+15c pictorials (Sass.61-2 cat 58eu). PHOTO45
10621952 cvr Tripoli-Sweden, scarce 3-colour Tripolitania opts SG151,3,4. Valid only 4 months.Cat 300eu(cvr).PH65
10631950s-60s mix of commercial cvrs & FDCs (19).20
1064LIECHTENSTEIN: (see lot 77): 1912 regd cvr Vaduz-Munich, 5h-25h (SG1-3 cat £100). PHOTO75
10651931 20rp p.stat.card (P12) fine unused: 6 items with different views in brown.75
10661932 regd cvr Vaduz-Switz, 4-colour Mi95,99,100,102(cat £50+) all cheapest perfs. PHOTO50
10671935 regd airmail cvr Ruggell-USA, airs SG145+150(cat £100). PHOTO75
10681946(Apr) sp.env for glider FF Masescha-Schaan regd express Triesenburg-Basle, SG180,248
10691949(Mar-May) GPO FDCs(2) regd airmail Vaduz-USA of Paintings set Mi268-76. Cat 185eu (FDCs)50
10701960 Europa (SG404 cat £65) on illus unadd.FDC.45
1071LUXEMBURG: (see lot 53): 1915 regd cvr to USA, 62½c ovpts (SG173a-b cat £12). Trier circ.censor.25
10721933 regd airmail cvr Echternach-Austria, airs SG296a + 300a(cat £11).25
10731945 cvr Differdingen-UNRRA team with US Army Europe, SG472. Scarce Luxemburg postal censor.25
10741946 airmail advert cvr Diekirch-USA, SG454(scarce),7-8(cat £10).20
10751949(Jan 8) regd censor FDC Wiltz-Austria, scarce Charlotte MS524a but tear at top. Cat 600eu(FDC). PH.100
10761950 Caritas set (SG539-42 cat £52) on regd airmail FDC to USA.40
10771956 & 58 Caritas Heraldry sets(SG615-20,645-50 cat £48) on illus unadd. FDCs(4).35
1078German Occ: 1941 regd cvr Esch-Hamburg(rec'r), SG414,6,24,26(scarce),28(cat £44). PHOTO45
1079MALAYA: (see lot 809): 1884 QV 3c on 4c p.stat.card (P4) fine unused.25
10801895-7 cvrs(2) Penang(2 diff.cds pmks + 7-bar oval)-India @ 8c rate (SG100-a). Earlier item faults.25
10811910 ppc comm.used to UK, 3c(SG153) & legible Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang pmk (v.early).20
10821930 unpaid cvr Taiping-Malacca via Seremban, tax marks & 8c P.Due (D4).10
10831931 Straits KGV 15c regd env size G Singapore-UK + 6c (SG229).20
1084BMA: 1947-9 airmail cvrs(4 inc 2 regd) to India with all diff. 3-col.frankings to 50c inc Pitt St(skeleton) Penang.40
10851948(Feb) airmail cvr Penang-UK, 5-colour franking @ 50c rate: SG1a(x2),2a,4b(x2),12ba(cat £20+).20
1086FMS: 1918 cvr Papan(fine sq.circle)-Kampar via Ipoh @ 4c rate.30
10871919 2c on 1c p.stat.card comm.used Seremban-Bangi via Kajang.35
10881923 cvr Mentakab-Malacca via Gemas, 5c(SG61) with Poslage error (Tan 60a unpriced). PHOTO50
10891930 unpaid cvr India-Tapah, tax mark + scarce 12c P.Due (D6w) tied reverse.45
10901933 unpaid cvr India-Kampar taxed with 8c+10c P.Dues (D4w,5w cat £42). PHOTO80
1091Penang: 1916 underpaid Indian ½a p.stat.env ex Burma with fine boxed To Pay 4 Cents.15
1092Perak: 1938 2c grn Sultan p.stat.card(P6) comm.used Bagan Serai-Penang.40
10931938 2c grn Sultan p.stat.card(P9b) comm.used Ipoh-Penang.20
10941954 airmail cvr Ipoh-Japan(destination), 50c (SG145).10
10951955-6 Sultan 20c regd envs size G(C4-5) Batu Gajah/Bidor-Ipoh both + 10c.20
1096Selangor: 1955-6 Sultan 6c p.stat.cards(2 diff on grey/white papers) comm.used locally in K.Lumpur.10
1097Jap.Occ: 1943 regd local Queen St Singapore censored cvr with rare Trengganu red ovpts to 35c inc several uncat used by SG: J97b,98b,99a,102b,3a,4b,5a,6a,7a,8a,9a,10a,11a. Cat c£2000 as stamps. PHOTO1500
10981943 regd local Queen St Singapore censor(rev) cvr, J146+273(blks 4) + rare $1(J221a).Cat £975(cvr).PH.300
10991945 comm.cvr Syonan-Penang, Japanese 5s. Boxed censor 5 & red 9-character cachet.20
1100MALDIVES: 1957 comm.cvr to India, mixed 10c issues, SG10+16A.20
1101MALTA: (see lot 54): 1839 EL to London(unframed rec'r) rated 2/6, Malta cds on front.15
11021847 disinfected EL to Athens via Piraeus rated 135 with Malta pmk & Purifie au Lazaret Malte (26mm).35
11031869 part outer to Italy per Marsala, GB 4d Z49 scarcer pl.10(cat £140 used in UK) & fine pmk.35
11041905 ppc comm.used Birchircara-Ireland @ ½d rate.25
11051918 comm.cvr St Pauls Bay-Rabato(thence to Notabile), ½d + ½d war tax. PHOTO100
11061920 comm.cvr Valletta-HMS Wessex,London, 1d + ½d war tax.15
11071930 KGV 1½d red/grey p.stat.card comm.used Notabile BO-Vienna.15
11081931(Jun) FFC Valletta-Tripoli(rec'r), 2½d(SG198) & violet airmail pmk.20
11091934 advert cvr Valletta-USA notable for 4 diff. ¼ds (SG97,114,122,143 cat £41) + 194. PHOTO50
11101935(Jun) airmail cvr to Jerusalem(destination) via Brindisi, S.Jubilee set SG210-13(cat £35) tied violet airmail pmks. ½d has short extra flagstaff variety cat £48 mint. PHOTO75
11111961 album page size cvr to UK, blk of 12 ¼d(SG266) & Rec'd from HM Ships Malta cds. Br.Fleet Mail 10 b/st15
1112GB used in: ½d scarce pl.20(cat £75 used UK) + 2d pl.15 on piece + 6d grey pl.12(Z63 cat £75) & A25 pmks.50
1113MAURITIUS: 1891 creased QV 2c p.stat.card comm.used Mahebourg-Pt Louis via Carrier & 14 numeral. PH.50
11141900 regd cvr(inc letter ex GPO) to UK, 4-colour SG127(blk of 6),28(x3),29(x2)-30(cat £12). Oval red regd.25
11151906 cvr Quatre Bornes-Italy(destination/rec'r), 15c postage & revenue ovpt (SG159).20
11161908 2c p.stat.card, H&G8 comm.used locally to Pt Louis on Turf Club business with Pillar Box pmk.20
11171927 illus Dunlop regd advert cvr Pt Louis-USA, 15c+20c (SG219,234).20
11181928 KGV 5c grey p.stat.env uprated to S.Africa + SG205,9.25
11191937(Jan) Roland Garros cacheted FFC to France, 3-colour SG227,35a,38. 40 flown. PHOTO65
11201967-8 commercial cvrs(4) to St Helena(destination) @ 35c(2nd class air),70c,1r20 or 1r80 rates.25
1121MEXICO: (see lot 21): 1869 EL Monterey-Durango, 4mgn 25c (SG69) with Monterey 7 69 opt.20
11221916 Constit.Govt 10c p.stat.env regd Monterey-S.Africa(destination/censor) via NY + SG299,378(pair). PH.45
11231922 labdscape ppcs(2) Mexico City-Austria(destination) @ 12c rates.20
1124MONACO: 1807-16 ELs(2) to Agde rated 6+1 or 9 with 2 different(sec or black) 85 Menton.50
11251893 neat cvr Monte Carlo-Nice, 5c+10c (SG13-14 cat £27).35
11261924 regd baggage label to UK, 40c (SG17 x8 cat £26). Unusual item.35
11271948 regd airmail cvr to USA, Bosio set (SG352-60 cat £100). PHOTO75
11281957 airmail Hotel de Paris env to Australia(destination), SG373,508,21,25(cat £27+).25
1129MONGOLIA: 1962 comm.cvr to Czech(opened & examined Customs), SG152,71,75,215,44,53.15
1130MONTENEGRO: 1911 hotel ppc comm.used Niegouchi-Vienna, 5pa (SG143).20
11311909 10pa p.stat.env comm.used Cettigne-Vienna.25
1132MONTSERRAT: 1927 regd(Plymouth label) OHMS cvr to Switz, both 3d's (SG73-4 cat £21).30
11331930 regd(diff.Plymouth label) cvr to Australia(destination/rec'r), pairs 1d+2d (SG66,70).25
11341930(Jun) NYRBA FFC sent by seaplane(Feb 31) ex HMS Dorsetshire to St Kitts, SG64+78. Only 52 flown.40
11351935 regd cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG94-7 cat £25).20
11361936 regd 4-colour franking cvr to UK, SG66,69,71a,78.30
11371935 OHMS cvr(inc contents re stamp availability) to Hawaii(destination), 1½d+2½d (SG69,71a).25
1138MOROCCO AGS: 1903 10c p.stat.card comm.used Tangier-Germany via Gibraltar.15
11391937 airmail cvr Tangier-UK via Paris, GB KGVI 1d(x2)+1½d(x3: Z179-80 cat £64). PHOTO50
11401937(Jun 11 & Aug 4) local Tangier FDCs(2) of KGVI SG165-8,230,45-7.15
11411938(Jan 8) local Fez 'last day' cvr, mixed reigns SG219 + 230(x8 cat £22).20
11421940(Nov) regd censored cvr Tangier-UK, mix franking GB 2½d (Z182 x2) + Tangier SG248(cat £25).25
11431945 airmail advert cvr Tetuan-USA, 3-colour GB KGVI Z215(damaged),17,24(cat £36).25
11441948(Apr 26) regd FDC Tetuan-Tangier(regd violet rec'r), S.Wedding set (SG176-7 cat £23).35
1145NATAL: (see lot 1438): 1900 cvr Pietermaritzburg-USA, SG97a(x2)+102(4d). Minor env.fault.25
11461901 cvr Richmond-UK @ 1d rate. Union Jack flag covers the reverse.20
11471901 comm.cvr Krantzkop-Germany via Greytown @ QV 2½d rate. Scarce PO(only open 9 yrs). PHOTO50
11481903 KEVII 1d p.stat.env Bulwer-Pinetown(rec'r) via POA 51.25
1149NAURU: 1939 SS Monowai crested env to Scotland, pair 9d (SG35B cat £42). PHOTO50
1150NEPAL: 1933 8p red p.stat.env, H&G3 fine unused.10
1151NETHERLANDS: (see lots 32,383): 1862 just 4mgn 5c light blue (pl.V) on EL Gent (green s/line)-Arnhem.40
11521865 EL Amsterdam-Germany via Emmerich-Oberhausen boxed TPO, pair 10c (SG5 cat £22).25
11531887 underpaid Begian p.stat.card comm.used Liege-Maastricht taxed with 5c P.Due (D76 cat £17). PHOT.50
11541892 2½c p.stat.card + 2½c(SG139 pair) The Hague-Batavia(rec'r), 2-line Ned-Indie Britsche Pakketb.25
11551892 regd insured cvr Amsterdam-Hamburg, rare 3-col.mix: SG86,139,152a. Unpriced NVPH. File hole. PH.500
11561899 4-colour franking cvr Helmond-UK, SG167,8(x2),72(x2),77.20
11571915-18 stampless ppc/cvrs(2) Scheveningen/Amersfoort-UK(London Paid machine red rec'rs), blk or violet 4-line Post Free/Militaire etrangers/internes dans Les Pays-Bas (1 ex Lt in 60th Rifles).25
11581923-4 cvrs(2) Berlichum-Vienna, 3- or 4-colour frankings: SG179,249,253(x2 ea),259 or 249,59,61-2.25
11591928 advert cvr The Hague-Belgium, 9c(scarce NVPH 181) + 2c(R19 with interrupted perfs 2 sides).20
11601934 airmail cvr The Hague-Batavia, SG394(air)+428(x4).15
11611935 regd express insured(labels) cvr Amsterdam-Austria, 75c air + 1g Wilhelmina. Minor creasing.40
11621941(Mar) air cvr Rotterdam-USA via Coln, pair 22½c ovpts (SG529 cat £14). German censor. 3-line violet Via Transatlantic airmail Lisbon-N.York (in Dutch).20
11631941(Jun) transatlantic airmail cvr Lochem-Argentina(destination/rec'r), SG536(scarce 80c cat £9)+ 547. Both German censor + PC90 Examiner 8018 label (probably Trinidad but possibly Bermuda).30
11641943 regd Deutsche Dienstpost Niederlande cvr Rotterdam-Germany, 3-colour Hitler 4pf,8pf,30pf.25
11651947(Aug 1) regd FDC Groningen-USA of Cultural Fund set (SG656-60).25
11661968 regd parcel card Rotterdam-Dutch Indies, 20c + 2½g,5g hi-vals (SG788-9).20
1167Curacao: 1908 12½c p.stat.env to Holland + SG54,6,8(ie 4-colour franking). Part flap.25
11681941 regd cvr Willemstad-Venezuela, scarce Prince Bernhard Fund (SG175-82 cat £320). Circ.censor. PH.250
1169Indies: 1893 5c p.stat.card + 5c(SG91) Padang(sq.circ)-Holland. 3-line Ned:India over Genua.20
11701896 scarce 5c p.stat.reply card complete Cheribon(sq.circ)-Holland via Ned:Indie StoomschepenRechtstreek25
11711900 Wilhelmina 12½c,15c & 20c p.stat.envs(3: H&G14-16) fine unused.15
11721910 cvr Batavia-Austria(destination/rec'r), mixed issues SG123(x2)+148(Java opt).20
11731921 regd ppc Djokjakarta-Rome(destination/rec'r), 4-colour SG210,12,14-15(x2).25
11741922 22½c p.stat.env regd locally in Bandoeng to military commandant + SG216.20
11751929-32 underpaid cvrs(3) ex India with tax marks & 7½c(D227 x3 or 230) or 15c(D230 x2) P.Dues.50
11761948 illus balloon flight cacheted cvr ex Batavia for 75yrs Red X in Indonesia, 3c (SG514). Scarce.20
1177Jap.Occ.Sumatra: 1943(Mar) cvr to Medan, blks of 4 SG15-19(cat £40) & sp.red pmks. Minor perf stains.30
1178New Guinea: 1945(Feb) US 6c airmail p.stat.env Navy Hospital 17(Hollandia)-USA. US Navy pmk + censor.15
11791961 scarce airmail regd parcel card Biak-Hollandia, 4-colour hi-vals SG20-1(x3),30(x2),7. PHOTO75
11801963 UNTEA 7c p.stat.card comm.used Hollandia-Irian Barat + UNTEA opts SG1,6,12(4-colour).35
1181Surinam: 1905 10c p.stat.env Ben Commandine(scarce pmk)-Holland via Ned.W.Indie Stoomschepen. PH.75
11821912 5c p.stat.card, H&G20 comm.used to Germany via N.York(h/stamp).25
11831926 regd parcel card (blk/pink) Paramaribo-USA, SG145(x3)+150(1g). See also lot 28.35
1184NEWFOUNDLAND: 1900-3 1c p.stat.cards(2 diff.printings) Brigus/Shoal Harbour-St Johns/Lower Head Cove.30
11851921-34 cvrs/ppc(8, internal or to N.America) with Lamaline,Greenspond,Whitbourne,Trinity East,Spaniards Bay,St Johns East,Rawlins Cross or Port Union pmks.65
11861924 cvr Pushthrough-St Johns(Br.Empire Exhib'n slogan rec'r), 3c (SG151).15
11871935 cvrs(2 inc letter) Marystown(red box pmk)/Sandy Point(blue skeleton)-St Johns/USA, 4c or 5c S.Jubilee.25
11881937 regd cvr St Johns-UK, long Coronation set (SG257-67 min.cat £50).35
11891940-7 cvrs(7, mostly internal) with Perrys Cove,St Vincent St.M,Western Bay(advert),Trout River,St Albans, Port Anson or Fleur-de-Lys WB pmks.45
11901941-4 airmail cvrs(4) to N.America @ 5c/6c rates with CAPO No.1 or 2 pmks & Passed by Military Censor 36, 44,76 in different colours or Passed by RCAF censor.40
1191NEW GUINEA:1919 regd cvr Rabaul-Switz, 5-col. NWPI opts(all scarce typ b): SG70,72,88-90(cat £110).PH125
11921931(Dec) airmail regd cvr Wau-Salamaua, 1/= (SG172 cat £15).25
11931932 OHMS cvr Rabaul-USA, unusually mixed OS 2d ovpts (SGO24,33). PHOTO100
11941939(May) regd cvr Rabaul-UK, SG212-4,7,9(cat £59). PHOTO50
1195NEW HEBRIDES:1921(Aug) unadd.cvr: Script CA(SG36-9 cat £120) +Fr.vals to 2fr(F22-5,30-1 cat £77).PH.100
11961977 illus unadd. FDCs(3) of ovpts to 500FNH (SG220-32 cat £40). See also lot 40.30
1197French: 1928 regd(blk h/st) Pt Vila-Paris, F45+48(x2 ea cat £22). PHOTO50
11981941 regd cvr Pt Vila-USA, scarce France Libre opts F65-76, FD77-81(cat £575). Victory patriotic label. PH.500
11991965 ITU illus FDC to UK of SGF126-7 (cat £44).30
1200NEW SOUTH WALES:1872 firms EL Sydney(unusual L pmk)-Scotland(TPO rec'r),pair 9d on 10d(SG219).PH50
12011895 2d blue p.stat.card, H&G10 comm.used Sydney-Melbourne.20
12021900 QV 3d regd env size F, H&G11 West Wallsend-Newcastle + 1d(SG301) & 1429 numeral.15
12031902 regd advert cvr Newcastle-UK, 3-colour SG228d,98,301(x2 cat £16) & 437 numerals. PHOTO40
12041905 cvr Sydney-UK, pair 2d (SG302). Black circ. GPO Late Fee Paid cachet.25
12051906 underpaid Coogee Beach ppc Upper Copmanhurst-S.Africa, 2d(SG315) & tax marks both countries.15
12061910 comm.cvr Auburn-Japan(destination/rec'r), ½d+2d (SG333b,6).20
1207NEW ZEALAND: QV p.stat.coll'n: 2 wrappers,10 p.stat.cards inc reply/pictorial & 2 lettercards(14 diff. fine un)50
1208Excellent KEVII p.stat.coll'n: 5 envs,3 cards inc reply,1 wrapper,2 lettercards & 2 regd envs (13 diff.fine un).75
12091881 cvr Wellington(W duplex)-Scotland, 6d (SG183 cat £12). See also lot 29.20
12101910 cvr Waitapu-Wellington, KEVII 1d p.stat. cut-out tied.20
12111915 comm.cvr Trentham Military Camp-Bluff, 1d Universal (SG405).20
12121917 cvr Franklin Nore(sq.circ)-Dunedin, ½d war stamp (x3)20
12131922 regd cvr Brua-Invercargill, KEVII 5d (SG402). STB ex Waikune Prison. Uncommon value on cvr.30
12141932(Dec) Xmas cacheted airmail FFC Wellington-Oamaru, 4d (SG549 cat £22).20
12151933 airmail cvr Hastings-UK, SG468e + 550(x2 cat £18).20
12161934(Feb) printed 1st Trans-Tasman FFC to Australia with 7d opt (SG554 cat £45) & ret'd with Aussie 1d(x2).30
12171935(May 1) illus set FDCs(13) Wellington-UK of pictorial set to 3/= (SG556-69 cat £225). Typed address.200
12181935 comm.cvrs(2) Eltham-UK, 2½d or 5d (SG560,563 cat £80). Single/double rates.75
12191935 airmail(Aust-UK) cvr Auckland-UK per SS Wanganella, SG548,72,82,88(cat £22).25
12201936(Nov 25) illus final voyage(USA-Wellington) RMS Makura cvr to Wellington, ½d (SG593).20
12211944 censored(NZ) airletter @ 6d rate to NZ forces overseas (much redirected). MPO KW5,11 & 12 b/stamps.20
12221948 cvr Raoul Island(Kermadecs)-UK @ 2d rate.15
12231949 Health scarcer illus(blue Children swinging) FDC Glenelg Health Camp-Christchurch.15
12241968 commercial cvrs(4) to St Helena(destination) @ 3c-30c(airmail) rates.25
1225Postal fiscals: 1927-9 share transfer documents(2) with 6/= or 9/=(F119 or 136) & stamp duties dept pmks.30
12261938-50 share transfer documents(5) with arms 7/=(x2),9/=+£2,15/=,10/=+7/6d+ KGVI 3/=(x2) or £1+8/= & ,Auckland(2 diff), Wellington or Southland stamp duties dept pmks.75
1227Ross Deps: 1958(Jan) illus official Trans-Antarctic cvr to UK, SG1-4 & scarce blue Antarctic Meeting pmk.20
1228NICARAGUA: 1893 5c p.stat.env, H&G19 comm.used Managua-Granada(rec'r).20
12291899 cvr Bluefields-Greytown via S.Juan del Norte(all oval violet pmks), bisected 10c with Telegrafo opt. PH.50
12301929(May) scarce cacheted FFC Managua-Miami, SG604,9,14. Pilot signed.30
1231NIGERIA: 1893 Oil Rivers 1d p.stat.card Old Calabar River-Govt House,Lagos(rec'r). No message.25
12321903 regd cvr Old Calabar-Germany via London, QV 1/=(SG72a). Cat £450(cvr). PHOTO150
12331909 scarce ½d on 1d S.Nigeria p.stat.card H&G4 comm.used Lagos-Germany + S.Nigeria ½d(SG33). PH.50
12341912 regd cvr Zungeru(scarcer NN pmk in use 3 yrs)-UK, N.Nigeria SG28(x3)+34(cat £17).45
12351919 cvr Jebu Ode(S.Nigeria D4 pmk)-USA via Ibadan @ 2½d rate. PHOTO50
12361924 cvr Maidugari-France via Kano, 3d(SG5e cat £15). Ex French soldier in Tchad. Minor crumpling at right.20
12371926 comm.cvr Katsina-UK via Kano, 1d (SG16b x2).20
12381935 KGV scarce 3d regd env, H&G3 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.25
12391939 comm.cvr UK-Nigeria @ 1½d rate much redirected via scarce RLO Lagos & Gusau pmks.40
12401940(Jan) airmail cvr Lagos-UK, KGVI 2/6d (SG58 cat £23).20
12411940-4 cvrs(5) Ado Ekiti/Sapele/Lagos/Makurdi-UK/USA @ 1d-3d rates. All diff.types half-moon censors.25
12421949 cvr Item(skeleton pmk)-UK via Uzuakoli @ 1½d rate.15
12431951 cvr Agbeni PA(skeleton))-Canada @ 6d. Scarce 4-line Insufficiently Prepaid for Transmission by Air.20
1244S.Cameroon: 1953 airmail cvr Mamfe-UK, Nigeria 3d+1/=.15
1245NIUE: 1954 comm.cvr to Fiji, 3d (SG116).10
1246NORFOLK IS: 1947(Jun 6) cvr to UK, Australia SG209-11 & fine pmk.15
12471959 illus FDC of 3d+2/= (SG6a,12a) to USA.20
12481961(Aug 14) illus regd FDC to USA of scarce 10/= tropic bird (SG36 cat £32).25
12491981-7 pre-stamped envelopes: earlier issues complete for both mint & used FDI, later issues used only(26).25
1250N.BORNEO: 1939(Jan 1) regd air FDC Sandakan-Canada via Singapore, set to 50c(SG303-14 cat £90).PH.75
12511946 regd airmail advert cvr Jesselton-USA via Singapore, 3-col. BMA SG329,31-2(cat £45) tied reverse. PH.50
12521948 regd cvr Labuan-UK via Singapore, GvR ovpt set to 20c (SG335-44).15
12531957 airmail cvr Lahad Datu-UK, SG281-2,88.15
1254N.RHODESIA: 1938 comm.cvr Pemba(NW pmk)-USA via Livingstone, KGVI 3d.20
12551944 comm.cvr Lusaka-USA @ 3d rate. Violet crown O/3 censor.20
12561948 comm.cvr Kawambwa-UK, SG34(x3).15
1257Zambia: 1973 scarce WHO illus unadd. FDC of SG199-202(cat £33).25
1258NORWAY: (see lot 7): 1902 insured letter(fine seals rev) sent unpaid Vinstra-Hundorp via Nordbaernes TPO 1, taxed with 20o P.Dues (L12K x2 cat 1800kr). PHOTO150
12591918 'Fram stuck in ice' ppc comm.used in Kristiania, 30o opt(Fa86) & Polhavet illus polar pmk. PHOTO40
12601924 regd cvr Kongsberg-UK, 40o+50o (Fa119-20).20
12611930 advert cvr Kristiansund-Brazil(destination/rec'r), St Olaf 30o(SG222). Rev. pair 5o Seamens Fund tied.20
12621937 cvr Fjaerland-UK, Nansen set (SG235-8 cat £23).20
12631941(Jun) fjord RP ppc comm.used locally in Oslo, SG295 & Halogaland Exhibition pmk.15
1264NYASALAND: 1894 4 on 2d regd env size H2, H&G4a fine unused ex couple hinge marks reverse.20
12651908 missionary ppc comm.used Chiromo(sq.circle)-UK via Chinde @ 1d rate.25
12661912 regd(scarce 4-line h/st) cvr Zomba(sq.circ)-UK via Chinde BPO(sq.circ), 1/=(SG72). PHOTO50
12671931 comm.cvr Fort Manning-UK, 2d SG103.30
12681935 airmail stampless cvr PMG(signed cachet)-PMG,USA with red Official Paid Zomba pmk. PHOTO45
12691936 airmail cvr Zomba-UK, SG115+20(x2 ea). Part flap.15
12701940 comm.cvr Kota Kota-UK, 2d (SG133).15
1271ORANGE FREE STATE: 1890 1d orge p.stat.card comm.used Thaba Nchu-Bloemfontein(rec'r)20
12721898 ½d shield p.stat.card(P12) written Kareefontein-Bloemfontein pmk'd P.K.Brandfort.30
12731900 cvr Bloemfontein-UK, scarce VRI 2½d on 3d (SG104 cat £18). PHOTO65
12741901 VRI ½d on ½d reply half H&G29 comm.used Heilbron-Durban. Both NPB & s/line blue Passed Censor.20
12751905 regd cvr Harrismith Army-Jo'burg, 5-col.SG139,42-4,47(scarce 5/=). Central fold. Pmk in use 2yrs. PH.100
1276PAKISTAN: 1947(Oct) comm.cvr Karachi-Bermuda(destination), pair SG3 + Indian 1½a(uncancelled).20
12771948(Jan) Indian 1½a p.stat.env with large 26mm Pakistan opt regd AD Montgomery City-Lahore + SG7.25
12781950-1 airmail cvrs(2) Karachi-USA, 8a+10a (SG35+54 or 49-50 cat £16).25
1279PALESTINE: 1898 religious ppc to Berlin, Turkish 20pa & Camp Imperial Jerusalem pmk (Kaiser's visit).PH.65
12801903 ppc Jerusalem-Ireland @ Turkish 10pa printed matter rate.20
12811911 gruss aus ppc comm.used locally in Jaffa to Hotel Kardegg @ Turkish 20pa rate & Haiffa pmk.30
12821918(Oct) censored OAS cvr FPO H21(Haifa)-UK. Not seen Proud. PHOTO45
12831919 regd cvr Jerusalem(OETA-EEF pmk)-Egypt, set to 2pi (SG5-11).25
12841924 ppc comm.used Haifa-Rumania(destination & Chisinau rec'r), 8m (SG78). See also lots 10,508.20
12851925 comm.3-colour franking cvr Tel Aviv-Germany, SG71a,4-5.20
12861932(Apr) underpaid FFC Jerusalem-Cyprus, SG90,1,3 & tax mark. Central fold.25
12871934 underpaid airmail cvr India-Jerusalem, tax mark + 6m,8m P.Dues (D15-16) tied. Tone spots. PHOTO40
12881946 15m regd env size H Kefar Sava-UK + 3-colour SG90,100,107. PHOTO65
1289Jordanian Occ: 1950 comm.cvr Beit Sahour(40mm rubber skeleton pmk)-Jerusalem, 2m opt (pair P2).20
1290PANAMA: 1911 double regd (inc N.York) cvr to UK, 25c (SG149).35
12911917 2c p.stat.card, H&G10 comm.used Panama(violet pmk)-Ecuador.15
12921928(Jan 9) FDC to USA of SG222-3(Lindbergh opts) & sp.Lindbergh visit red pmk.15
12931935 2c p.stat.card, H&G17 comm.used Boquete-Germany.15
1294PAPUA: 1911 OHMS stampless cvr Pt Moresby-Buna Bay.25
12951926 comm.cvr Samarai ED-UK, 1½d (SG95 x2). Extra brown frameline on 1 stamp.40
12961927 comm.cvr Pt Moresby-Sweden(destination), 3d (SG98c).30
12971930 OHMS cvr Treasury,Port Moresby-UK, perf OS ½d+1d (O38-9).30
12981931 regd cvr Pt Moresby-Canada(destination/rec'r), 2d+3d (SG96b,98b cat £20).40
12991934 comm.cvr Pt Moresby-USA, 4d (SG99a cat £18).40
13001934(Nov 6) Br.Protectorate FDC Samarai-Austria(destination) of SG146-9(cat £25).25
13011952(Oct 30) regd illus FDC Pt Moresby-UK of set to £1 (SG1-15 cat £28).35
1302PARAGUAY: 1927 hotel RP ppc comm.used San Bernardino(violet pmk)-Argentina, 1p(SG273).15
13031928(Jun) acceptance on experimental FFC(cachet) Montevideo(Uruguay)-Rio, 1p50 (SG333). Scarce. PH.45
1304PERU: 1862 EL Lima-Bordeaux via Callao(Br.PO cds), GB 2fr87 5/10c accountancy & charged 12. PHOTO45
13051897(Jan 1) 1c on 5c p.stat.card, H&G26 Iquitos-Lima(rec'r). New Year greetings (PO + cachet).15
13061897 4c p.stat.card comm.used to Japan(destination) with Lima Ultima Hora pmk.15
13071916 local Lima 'calling card' cvrs(3): se-tenant pairs 1c 1915 (SG384,6 or 8) with/without ovpt!40
*1308PHILIPPINES:1935(Jun)FFC Manila-Labuan(rec'r), SG337(x2)+464. Box Via Flyingboat of Br.RoyalAirCorps.30
1309Jap.Occ: 1943 Rizal 2c p.stat.card used locally in Manila + J11(pair),34B(cat £162). PHOTO150
1310PITCAIRN: 1954 NZSCo env to NZ, SG1-2,6a(8d).20
13111963 illus unadd. FFH FDC of SG32. Scarce (NZ retail £100+). PHOTO65
13121983(Feb) illus cvr for 1st RNZAF Hercules mail airdrop on Pitcairn, NZ/Pitcairn issues & respective pmks.15
1313POLAND: 1919 Austro-Hungarian feldpost 8h p.stat.card comm.used Krakow-Vienna. Circ K1 censor.15
13141919 regd cvr Jaworow-Austria, SG85(x3). Circ. K1 censor.15
13151923(Dec) banking p/card Chorkowka-Warsaw @ 20,000mk rate (SG178 & 200 x2ea + 202).15
13161925(Oct) regd airmail cvr Warsaw-Norway(rec'r) via Danzig, SG229 + airs 252-3,4(x2),5-60(cat £33). PHOT.45
13171934(May 13) illus Phil.Exhib'n last day cvr Katowice-Aleksandrowice, Exhib'n opts SG297-8(cat £58). PHOT.50
13181938 illus Warsaw Phil.Exhib'n cvr regd to Italy with imperf minisheet MS335 cat £85 & sp.pmks. PHOTO75
13191940 regd cvr Lublin-Germany, 4-colour Osten opts (Mi5,7-9).25
13201947 regd cvr Lublin-Vienna, SG569,71,77-9,83a. Mil.Cens.Civil Mails label + Austrian censor.15
13211950-1 cvrs(5 inc 3 regd) to Switz all with groszy ovpts(diff.types) inc couple mixed with unovpt'd stamps.40
13221951 regd cvr Krakow-Switz, UPU set with groszy ovpts (Mi636-8 cat 53eu). See also lot 37.40
1323PORTUGAL: 1872 EL ex UK rated 100 per Douro with black oval C.Est de N (ship letter).30
13241878 EL Porto-France via Spain, 50r grn (SG115 cat £60) p.12½. PHOTO80
13251912 Faro newspaper 'O Sul' used Villa Real Santo Antonio-Lisbon, bisected 5r (SG442) tied. Scarce usage.50
13261914 mourning cvr Chacim-S.Thome(rec'r) @ Ceres 2½c rate.15
13271931 comm.cvr Lisbon-UK, scarce commem (SG857 cat £46). PHOTO65
13281931 regd cvr S.Bento-UK, SG842(x2) + scarce commem (SG863 cat £33).45
13291936 unpaid ppc Bom Jesus-Vilai d'Ossos, tax marks & 50c (D870) P.Due tied.15
13301936 US Legation env(+ nice wax seals) regd Lisbon-UK, SG654(1e60 Branco)+847.20
13311952 airmail cvr Picoas-Chile(destination/rec'r), SG950a(scarce)+51a(x2).20
13321957-8 underpaid cvrs(2) USA-Rear Admiral Moore @ US Embassy, taxed with D927+30 or 930-1 P.Dues.25
1333Angola: 1929 comm.cvr Ganda-Germany, pair SG322a + 50c charity tax (C347) tied.25
13341947 airmail cvr Silva Porto-Switz, 7-colour mixed issues: SG353-4,7,60,5,9,92,420,D175.20
13351952-3 airmail cvrs(3 inc 2 regd AR h/st or mss) Luanda(2 diff.pmks)-Switz, SG432+466 or 426,32,70,85 or 462(x2)+482 inc se-tenant label.20
1336Azores: 1886-9 10r p.stat.cards(x2 diff.inc message half reply card) comm.used Villa da Povoacao (oval pmks)-Ponta Delgada(2 diff.rec'rs).50
13371944(Dec) OAS blue RAF privilege env RAF PO 004-UK. RAF censor.25
1338Cape Verde: 1956 regd airmail cvr S.Vicente-UK, SG346-50,1(x4),6,9(x2).10
1339L.Marques: 1897 Mozambique 10r p.stat.card (written in Arabic) to Transvaal + L.Marques 10r(SG2). Scarce.30
13401913 local ppcs(2) comm.used to UK, SG94(x2) or 96 & 2 diff.pmks.20
1341Mozambique: 1932 regd cvr L.Marques-UK, 4-colour Ceres SG287-9,301 tied reverse.15
1342Mozambique Co: 1904 10r p.stat.reply card complete H&G11(illus: Beira Club) fine unused.15
13431939 airmail cvr Beira-UK, 5-colour SG282,90-1,99,302.20
1344PUERTO RICO: (see lot 105): 1861 EL Ponce(firms cachet)-Bordeaux via San Juan(light cds) & London, charged 16. Boxed black GB 1f60c & red Encaminada por Elzarreu. PHOTO65
13451872 EL Ponce(firms cachet)-London per WI Mail, h/struck 1/=.25
13461885 Alfonso XII 3c brn + 1892 Alfonso XIII 3c blue p.stat.cards, Edifil 2+4 fine unused. Cat 166eu(2).40
13471894 2c blue,3c red, 1896 2c blue-grn, 1898 Infanta 1c grn p.stat.cards + 5m red reply card all fine unused(5).30
1348QATAR: 1966 30np, 1967-70 30dh or 50dh airletters (4 diff) fine unused.15
1349QUEENSLAND: (see lot 750): 1876 local Brisbane outer with misperfed 2d p.12 (SG75 cat £70). PHOTO50
13501908 OHMS cvr Police Dept,Brisbane-UK, perf OS 1d+2d (SG288+9a cat £13). PHOTO50
13511911 ppc comm.used Toowoomba-Mexico(destination/rec'r)), ½d+1d (SG286+8).20
1352RHODESIA: 1897 1½d Mashonaland p.stat.card comm.used locally in Gwelo(Matabeleland pmk).20
13531904 cvr Buluwayo-India(destination/rec'rs) via Beira, 2½d(SG80) in grey-black shade (not blue).20
13541905 falls ppc comm.used Bulawayo-USA, 1d (SG94).25
13551911 1d red p.stat.card comm.used Livingstone(NW pmk)-UK.20
13561973(Nov) illus printed Air Rhodesia FFC Salisbury-L.Marques @ 4c rate.10
1357& Nyasaland: 1954 local illus Blantyre FDC of set to £1 (SG1-15 cat £50).40
13581959(Aug 12) KGVI 4d S.Rhod.regd env size H2 local Wankie use & set to £1(SG18-31 cat £90) FDI rev. PH.75
1359RUMANIA: 1880 unpaid official(?) outer Buzeu(blue pmk + tax mark)-Focsani.20
13601888 regd cvr Galati-Germany, 25b (pair SG171, 1 with prominent flaw behind king's head). PHOTO45
13611890-5 Hungarian 2f p.stat.cards(3,2 diff) comm.used Brasso(3 diff.pmks)-Hungary/Germany.30
13621911 ppc comm.used Bucarest(independence pmk)-Nigeria(destination & Abeokuta pmk), SG583(x2)+90.20
13631928(Oct) internal flown cvr Cluj-Baneasa-Galatz, SG1086-8,99-101,T979(cat £18) & red pmks.30
13641931(Sept) regd airmail cvr Brasov-Austria, 4-colour airs SG1183-5,6(x2 cat £29). PHOTO40
13651934 regd cvr Sibiu-Germany, SG1172(x4),77, scarce Women/Fruit Exhib'ns 1286-8,99-300(cat £19),1296-7.25
13661938 regd advert cvr Constanta-N.York, perfin 20L (SG1327). Uncommon.15
1367RUSSIA: 1820 outer Pskov(s/line)-Pernau.25
13681864(Sept) cvr Uglint-UK, 3-colour Mi9(pair),10(pair + strip of 3),11(x2: 1 with corner fault but stamps cat 2100eu) tied reverse. Boxed Franco on front & light cover soiling. PHOTO1500
13691890 message half 4k p.stat.reply card comm.used Odessa-N.Borneo(destination!).40
13701917 Archangel ppc comm.used Tiraspol-UK, 10k p.13½ (SG158). Boxed violet censor 56.20
13711918 3k p.stat.card uprated internally with 4-colour SG93-4,8a.107B(x2). Commercial usage.20
13721924 unpaid local Moscow EL to newspaper charged 14 with 1k on 35k(pair) + 12k on 70k rare P.Dues. PH.100
13731930(Sept) regd Graf Zeppelin FFC Moscow(Potchtamt label)-Germany, SG386,518,578(Zepp) & sp.pmk.PH.50
13741931 airmail cvr Moscow-Austria, SG580-1 airs (cat £25).30
13751939 express(label) cvr Moscow-Holland, commems SG799,801-2,9,12,17,19,28(cat £15).20
1376Levant: 1897 scarce 4k p.stat.card comm.used C'tinople(ROPIT pmk)-Germany via Odessa. PHOTO50
13771913 advert cvr Smyrna(violet ROPIT pmk)-Switz, 1pi on 10k (Mi52). PHOTO65
1378SAAR: 1921 comm.cvr Camphausen-Algeria(destination/rec'r), opts Mi70A(x4)-1A(x3 inc ceut variety).30
13791927 regd express cvr Saarlouis-Bonn, mixed issues Mi85,94,102,119.25
13801928 church ppc comm.used Saarbrucken-UK, pair 45c Madonna (SG102). Cat 110eu(cvr) but toned perfs.20
13811950 regd cvr Ottweiler(sp.pmk)-UK, SG239,43,68,71,90-1,3(cat £39).30
13821951 regd cvr Saarbrucken(375th anniv Reformation pmk)-Switz,scarce Relief Fund(SG306-10 cat £210).PH.175
1383ST HELENA: (see lots 651,830,1120,1224,1563,1576): 1950 cvr to UK, KGVI 10/= (SG140 cat £19).25
13841953 regd cvr to Scotland, mixed KGVI 3-country (Ascension,Tristan,St Helena) franking.15
13851967-9 internal commercial cvrs(3) @ 1d rate with all different frankings.10
1386ST KITTS: 1900-2 Leewards QV 1d p.stat.cards(2) comm.used to St Thomas(2 diff.rec'rs) & A12 pmks.25
13871917 regd cvr Nevis(cds + AO9)-USA, ½d war tax SG22(x7 inc plate no.1 blk of 4).20
13881924 2d badge regd env size G to USA + Leewards ½d,4d(SG59,70 cat £22). PHOTO50
13891964 commercial cvr Basseterre-St Helena(destination), SG146. See also lot 8.10
1390ST LUCIA: 1910 regd OHMS cvr to UK, 3d (SG71 cat £18).35
13911912 regd cvr Castries-Germany, scarce KEVII 5/= (SG77 cat £70). PHOTO150
13921914 regd OHMS cvr to Germany, 2d+4d (SG80,83).25
13931924 regd(violet h/st) OHMS cvr Castries-Costa Rica(destination/rec'r), 6d (SG102).25
13941932 underpaid cvr Caymans-Castries, tax marks both countries & D1-2 P.Dues. Cat £500(cvr). PHOTO125
1395ST VINCENT: 1899 regd cvr Kingstown-UK, strip of 4 3d on 1d (SG63 cat £88). PHOTO125
13961930 double regd cvr Union Is-UK, 1/= (SG138 cat £28). PHOTO100
13971935 cvr Kingstown-St Kitts(rec'r), S.Jubilee set (SG142-5 cat £20). 1/= 'white sky' variety.25
1398SAMOA: (see lots 1544-6): 1917 regd cvr Apia-UK, pair 2½d (SG139a). Blue boxed GRI censor 2.25
13991919 regd cvr Palauli-Switz, mixed KEVII/KGV ovpts SG115-7,20,39,42. PHOTO75
14001947 stampless OHMS cvr Malua-Schools Superintendant,Apia.25
1401SAN MARINO: 1931 regd cvr to Merano via Pescara-Milan TPO, 3-colour SG119(x2),27,29.20
1402SARAWAK: 1948 comm.cvr Kuching-USA, 15c (SG147).15
14031957(Oct) Malaysian Airways illus FFC Kuching-UK, SG189,92,95,99.10
14041965-7 education cvrs(6) to Kuching @ 15c rate & fine Saratok,Lundu,Simanggang,Bau,Serian or Mukah pmk30
1405SAUDI ARABIA: 1953 double regd(Mecca/Djeddah) airmail(bilingual h/st) advert cvr Mecca-UK, SG351+360.15
1406SERBIA: (see lot 475): 1911 regd banking cvr Belgrade-UK, mixed Kings issues SG119(x3)+148.25
14071915(July) advert cvr Belgrade-UK, 25p (SG173). 2 diff. red/violet 2-line censors.20
14081943 POW cvr Stalag VB(Germany)-Bavaniste(rec'r) with censor label tied both circ.red Camp censor + boxed violet Serbian censor.20
1409SEYCHELLES: 1894 regd cvr to Germany via French p/bot, 4-colour SG15(x2)-6,22,24 & B64 pmks. PHOT.75
14101906 6c on 8c p.stat.env. comm.used to UK.30
14111927 comm.cvr Victoria-USA, SG98+103(pair).30
14121928 opening ceremony for new hospital ppc Victoria-Czech(destination), 9c (SG106).30
14131936 regd airmail cvr Victoria-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG128-31 cat £28).20
14141937(July) airmail cvr Victoria-UK, SG98(x2)+116(45c).40
14151940(Dec) cvr Victoria-USA, SG135-6+7. 2-line violet Passed by Censor Seychelles No.2 PHOTO50
1416SIERRA LEONE: 1884 bit grubby crested env to UK via L'pool Pkt, 4d blue(SG26) & B31 pmk. Red S.Leone Paid cds(rev). Cat £420(cvr). PHOTO125
14171902 sl.cut-down cvr Sherbro(cds rev)-USA, SG41+2(x2) tied Freetown pmk.35
14181907 comm.cvr Kent-UK via Freetown @ 1d rate. Scarce pmk. PHOTO125
14191914 regd OHMS cvr Freetown-USA, ½d+4d (SG112a,117 cat £15).25
14201918 local ppc comm.used to UK, KGV 1d tied scarce Garrison Mail pmk.40
14211934 KGV 3d brn regd env size F Freetown-Austria + 3d(SG172).20
1422SINGAPORE: (see lot 12): 1955 KGVI 20c regd env size G comm.used locally + 10c with Geylang pmk.15
14231969(Aug 16) illus unadd.Philatelic Exhib'n cvr with Founding set (SG121-6 cat £90) & sp.pmk. PHOTO50
1424SLOVAKIA: 1940(Sept) regd airmail censored cvr Bratislava-Vienna-Germany, airs SG55-60.20
14251942(illus(binoculars,telescope,watch,glasses) advert cvr regd Trnava-Zeiss @ Jena, SG45(x9).20
14261943-4 cvrs(2) Bratislava-Germany/Prague, SG113-6 or 121. 2 diff. German tapes & machine censors.20
1427SOLOMONS: 1938 regd(violet box) cvr Shortland Is-UK, Coronation set (SG57-9).25
14281944(Mar) cvr to USA, KGVI 2d & US Navy pmk. Circ. red Passed by Naval Censor(+ initials).25
14291959 regd cvr Honiara-Saudi Arabia(destination/rec'r), SG88-9,92-3.20
14301959-72 maritime cvrs(3) to UK, SG82(x3) & posted on board MV Tulagi or MV Lagenbank or Munda pmk + MV Ozama Twomey.20
14311966 airmail cvr Honiara(1st machine pmk)-New Hebrides(Santo rec'r), 10c (SG143b).10
14321969 underpaid airmail cvr Papua-Honiara taxed with 2c+8c (SG167,171) used as P.Dues.20
14331970-2 written-up coll'n of all diff.postal agency pmks on cvrs(45) to UK. Difficult to replicate.150
1434SOMALIA:1960(Jun26) local Hargeisa FDC of Independence opts in blks 4(SG383-5 cat £185).Vert.fold.PH150
1435SOMALILAND: 1937 illus regd FDC + 1938 regd cvr(2) both Berbera-UK with Coronation sets (SG90-2).15
14361949 regd airmail cvr Hargeisa-USA, S.Wedding set (SG119-20).15
1437S.AFRICA: 1914 KGV 4d regd env size F Pretoria(scarce Indo Native Office pmk)-India + 1d. PHOTO50
14381914 largeish regd cvr Pilgrims Rest(Tvl)-Austria, scarce mix 6d(SG11)+ Natal 2½d(SG131 pair). Minor faults25
14391922 advert cvr Umtata-E.London, 2 1d KGV p.stat. cut-outs tied. Unusual. See also lot 1172.25
14401925(Mar) airmail cvr Caledon-Durban, SG6 + airs SG26,29(cat £77). PHOTO65
14411928 cvr Jo'burg-USA, scarce strip of 3 1d p13½x14 (SG31d cat £84) with imperf edges ex bklet SB6. PH.100
14421936 regd airmail cvr Cape Town-UK, blk of 4 3d S.Jubilee (SG67 cat £110). PHOTO100
14431936(Nov) Jo'burg regd FDC ex Phil.Exhib'n(sp.pmk & regd h/st), JIPEX minisheets (MS69-70 cat £20) on rev15
14441938 regd cvr Rissik St,Jo'burg-USA, vert.pair scarce 2d(SG44d cat £75 horiz) + ½d bklet pane(SG75ca).PH.50
14451938(Dec 14) regd Voortrekker FDC Stellensbosch-Canada of SG76-81(cat £35).25
14461939 airmail cvr Pretoria-USA, 4-colour SG45c,6c,58,61c(cat £53). PHOTO50
14471941(Aug 2) regd local Grahamstown cvr with blk of 4 3d war effort (SG91 cat £90). Day after FDI. PHOTO75
14481943 printed POW card ex Italian POW Camp-Italy. 5-line violet POW trilingual cachet.20
14491948 regd illus local Pretoria cvr ex Nat.Phil.Exhib'n with exhib'n minisheet + blk of 4 2d official(O36 cat £48).40
14501949 Voortrekker Monument illus unadd.cvrs(2) with SG50-3,76-81(cat £50+) & sp.pmks.35
1451Coin: 1880 E.London Municipality 1d coin struck due to severe shortage. Rated VF.10
1452S.AUSTRALIA:1906 Adelaide ppc to Japan(destination) via H.Kong, ½d+1d (SG242,294) & Trabmaus pmk.20
14531909 cvr Port Augusta(sq.circ)-Sydney via PA Railway 6, 1d (SG294 x2).15
1454SW.AFRICA: 1922 cvr Ondonga(Amboland)-Finland(destination/rec'r) via Tsumeb @ S.African 1d rate.40
14551927 OHMS PO env for ret'd postal packet regd Windhoek-Cape Town, .SG45-6,50(cat £43). PHOTO50
14561931(Nov) regd airmail cvr Windhoek-Jo'burg via Keetmanshoop, SG76,86(pair),O16(cat £38). Open 3 sides.30
14571935 regd cvr Windhoek-France(destination), SG86(single), S.Jubilee 88,90(cat £28).30
14581939 airmail cvr Swakopmund-UK, Huguenot set SG111-13(cat £42).35
14591943(Jan 15) cacheted FDC Walvis Bay-Bloemfontein of pair 1/3d war effort (SG120 cat £28)20
1460Namibia: 1991 provisional SWA regd envs(4) ovpt'd Republic of Namibia with mixed frankings Namibia issues to R1 + SWA framas PT01-4.20
1461S.RHODESIA: 1928 KGV 4d regd env size G Gwanda-Jo'burg + SG2(x2). Env.edges toned.25
14621934 airmail cvr Shamva-Switz, 1d+10d (SG16a,22a cat £13). See also lots 1358,1640.25
14631935 regd airmail cvr Salisbury-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG31-4 cat £42).30
*14641937 early use of radio ham QSL card Bulawayo-USA @ ½d rate.20
14651942(Jun) OAS RAF cacheted cvr Belvedere Camp-UK.20
14661944(Jun) censored(label tied DE/18 crown cachet) cvr Melsetter(rare s/ring in use 2 mnths)-USA @ 3d. PH.100
14671944 cvr Mt Hampden(d/ring pmk)-UK @ 2d rate. Blue/grn censor label tied AB2 censor cachet.40
1468SPAIN: 1830-5 ELs(2) Madrid-UK rated 2/2. 2-line Espagne par Oleron or St Jean de Luz.20
14691849 EL Jerez-Cadiz with black Compania del Sol private carrier cachet. Scarce. PHOTO45
14701866 cvr Jerez-UK via Madrid, scarce 20c (SG98 cat £60). PHOTO100
14711873 outer Barcelona-Genoa via Modane-Turin TPO, 50c Amadeo (SG203).40
14721896 regd cvr Barcelona-Austria, 50c Alfonso (SG284). Bit roughly opened at left.20
14731896 cvr to UK made out of folded part sheet of 100 ¼c(SG187) uncancelled ex Gosport rec'r. Unusual.30
14741897 cvr to Barcelona ex Deputy 360, pink official (O290 cat £22) & blue crowned Senate pmk. PHOTO45
14751937 cvr Sta Cruz de Tenerife-UK, 5-colour SG745,8,72(x4),E775(express) + 5c blue Canaries air labels(x3).20
14761938 regd cvr Palma(Majorca 2-line censor)-Syros(Greek censor) via Italy TPO, SG923+5c grn Majorca local.15
14771949 1p50 & 4pta airletters(2: Edifil 37,44 cat 165eu) fine unused.50
14781970 8pta & 12pta airletters(2), Edifil 84,88 fine unused. Cat 160eu.35
1479Guinea: 1952 regd cvr Santa Isabel(F.Poo)-USA, pair 5pta (SG370 cat £32).25
1480Morocco: 1926(Jun) early airmail advert cvr Larache-Barcelona via Madrid, pair 10c (SG103).30
14811939 mosque ppc comm.used Tetuan-Berlin, SG165,180,201(oblig.tax).15
14821944 bank cvr Alcazarquivir-Tetuan, SG254,63(x2 ea),64-5(oblig.tax). Scarce boxed violet intervention censor25
1483SUDAN: (see lots 360,815): 1899(Feb) 5m opt p.stat.env Omdurman-Cairo War Office. Early date for PO.40
14841910 2m on 4m, scarce H&G9 comm.used Atbara-France via Pt Said + 2m (SG19).35
14851921 1½pi brown regd env Khartoum-UK + 1pi (SG24).20
14861924 10m p.stat.env, H&G11 to Thos.Cook(rec'r),Cairo pmk'd Halfa-Khartoum TPO no.325
14871927 cvr to UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO No.2 @ 10m rate with scarce Khartoum-Makwar TPO No.2 pmks. PH.50
14881931(Dec) IA illus/cacheted FFC Juba-Cape Town, airs SG47-8(x2),9(cat £42).30
14891937 cvr Aroma-UK, scarce perf airs SG53b+57e(cat £45). PHOTO50
14901938(July 1) local Khartoum FDC of airmail surchs (SG74-7 cat £65). PHOTO50
14911941 airmail cvr Indian Base Office 2(Khartoum)-S.Rhodesia, Indian 9a rate. Double censored inc RAF.20
14921950 official printed FDC regd Khartoum-UK of air set (SG115-22 cat £23).20
1493SWAZILAND: 1937 comm.cvr Mhlotseni-S.Africa, 1d (SG25).20
14941937 comm.cvr Hluti-S.Africa, 1d (SG25).25
14951941 regd(oval violet PO Mbabane unlisted cachet) cvr to Pretoria, blk of 4 SG44.20
14961949 regd(light violet s/line h/st) airmail cvr Mbabane-USA, S.Wedding set (SG46-7 cat £46).40
14971961 regd(tiny s/line h/st R7) airmail OHMS cvr Mbabane-UK, 50c on 5/= (SG75).15
1498SWEDEN: 1874 12o dark blue p.stat.env type 3 fine unused. Cat 1300kr.40
14991875 regd(box Warde) cvr Walskog-Falun via TPO 5, 30o brn (Fa25v2) with shaded digits. PHOTO50
15001890 5o p.stat.card(illus Grand Hotel Goteborg) comm.used Ramlosa-UK + 5o(Fa43a).40
15011928(Aug) regd(Vasteras) cacheted Stockholm-UK(& onto USA) 2nd FFC, SG105A,175c-e.25
15021929(Jun) ABA FFC Stockholm-Berlin, Fa143C+146A tied sp.flight pmk. Scarce.25
15031936 airmail cvr Stockholm-UK, scarce 1kr Junkers seaplane (SG199).25
15041936(Dec) scarce cacheted FFC Bromma-Abo(Finland), Fa231+242C. Only 40 flown. PHOTO65
15051944(Sept) ABA FFCs(2) Lulea/Sundsvall-Stockholm both @ 20o air (Fa231) rate.20
15061945(Jun) 1st transatlantic flight cacheted censored cvr Stockholm-USA, SG255-6(scarce),261. PHOTO75
1507SWITZERLAND: 1856 COD wrapper Frauenfeld-Eschlikon, 3mgn 15r (Mi15b). Cat 200eu(cvr). PHOTO45
15081861 EL Ruswil-Luzern, 4mgn pair 5r (Mi13). See also lot 55.40
15091863 cvr Geneva-UK via Suisse Bellegarde 3, 30c vermilion-red (SG57 x2 cat £88). PHOTO65
15101864 cvr Thun-S.Wales via Suisse Pontarlier 3, scarce 60c bronze (SG59 cat £200). PHOTO150
15111916(Dec) local Bern comm.cvr with scarce 3c Pro-Juventute (Mi130 cat £55). PHOTO45
15121917(Dec) comm.cvr Basel-Bern with scarce 10c Pro-Juventute (Mi135 cat £35).25
15131919(Jun 17) flown cvr Dubendorf(airforce FPO pmk)-Lausanne-Zurich inc 50c opt air (SG303 cat £160).PH.150
15141926 airmail cvr Lausanne-UK via Paris, Mi163,179,189x,91x(cat 100eu). PHOTO50
15151926(Oct) airmail cvr Davos-Japan(destination) via Berlin-Moscow, SG293 + airs SG316+8(x2 cat £70). PH.75
15161926 complete parcel card regd Bulle-France, 70c + 1f20 arms (Mi171x,195x).20
15171928 airmail cvr Lucerne(sp.Gymnastics Festival pmk)-Basel, 75c air (Mi190x cat £95). PHOTO60
151819 30 Bundesfeier 10pf(illus schoolboy) p.stat.card airmail Zurich-Munich + 35c air (SG320a cat £65).40
15191931(Dec 1) regd FDC Clarens-Lausanne of Pro-Juv 30c (J59 blk of 4 cat £100). Cat 700eu(FDC set). PH.150
15201937 local Zurich express regd cvr with Pro-Juv J80-1 + MS38a(cat £78). PHOTO50
15211945(Mar 3) regd cvr Zurich-Reggesom, scarce War Fund set +minisheet(SG445-6a cat £310)& sp.pmk.PH.200
15221946 regd airmail cvr Basel-UK, air set to 5fr (Mi387-94 cat £30).25
15231951 regd PTT FDC Bern-N.Ireland of Pro-Patria set Mi555-9. Cat 150eu (FDC).40
1524Italian POs: 1933 Milan cathedral ppc comm.used Chiasso-UK, Italian 75c (SG248).30
1525SYRIA: (see lots 474,508,561+4): 1911 small cvr Alexandrette-Paris, French Levant 2c+3c(SG10-11).20
15261929 regd cvr Damascus-S.Australia(destination/rec'r), 15p on 25p (SG219).20
15271937 regd airmail cvr Damascus-UK via Palestine, air set (SG322-9 cat £20).25
15281944 regd airmail sample label Alep-UK, SG437+480(x3 cat £13). Customs cachet.20
15291946 airmail cvr Alep-UK via Damascus, SG344(x2),5,6(x2) + scarce postal fiscals 410(x3),12,26(x2) + Syrian Army Fund 5p(T422). Total cat £66 front & back. PHOTO50
1530TASMANIA: 1848-9 wheat ELs(2) Nath Down/Trust Lodge Endally-Launceston(d/ring rec'rs) rated 4(blk/red).40
15311895 comm.cvr Ulverstone-Forth(rec'r), 2d (SG157) & 53 numeral.20
15321899 cvr(inc Tattersalls Melbourne Cup lottery ticket) Hobart(1d postage paid keyhole pmk)-NZ(red cds rec'r). S/lines: Gone No Address(green) & Unclaimed(red). See also lot 799.20
1533THAILAND: 1883 1a p.stat.card with native ovpt comm.used to Bangkok.25
15341930 official Ministry of Commerce env double regd Bangkok-UK, SG254(x6).20
15351948 KLM airmail cvr Bangkok-USA, SG299(3b),313,27 & black AV2.25
15361961 cvr Bangkok-Jamaica(destination), 5-colour SG337,9(x3),41(x2),382,407.15
1537TOGO: 1915 regd(Agome Palime label) cvr to UK, 2/=(H42 cat £19) & Station Palime pmk. PHOTO50
15381916 small regd cvr Lome-UK, ½d-1/= (H34-41 cat £25). 3-line Lome censor.30
1539TONGA: 1911 1d King p.stat.card ppc(view: Haapai beach) fine unused.20
15401933 comm.cvr Nukualofa-USA, ½d blue (SG38 x4 cat £12).25
15411934 SS City of Los Angeles South Seas cruise printed cvr Niuafoou-USA, 2½d(SG39a: recut 2d variety).25
15421949 airmail cvr Nukualofa-NZ, 3-colour mixed issues SG56,74,89(cat £10).15
15431962 OHMS airmail cvr Nukualofa-UK, violet skeleton Tonga official paid + armourial Treasury cachets.15
1544TOKELAU: 1946 cvrs(2) Fakaofo-NZ, Samoa set to 3/= (SG180-8).30
15451947 regd cvr Atafu-UK, Samoa 6d(SG217).20
15461948(Jun 21) printed illus last day cvr Atafu(Union Is)-Fiji, Samoa SG215-8.20
1547TRANSVAAL: 1897 regd(box cachet cancels stamps) cvr Jo'burg-USA, ½d+6d (SG216,222).25
15481901 Italian Consulate(cachet + seal) Pretoria censor cvr to Rome(destination/rec'r), strip of 3 VRI 6d(SG232)40
15491905 comm.cvr Spelonken-Switz(Bundeshaus rec'r) via Pietersburg, 2½d (SG247).20
15501905 comm.cvr Jo'burg-Greece(destination & Volos rec'r), SG244+60.25
15511912 cvr to USA, KEVII ½d+1d(x2) & v.fine Western TPO 6 Down pmks.20
1552TRINIDAD: 1862 EL Tobago(cds rev)-London rated 6 with red crowned circle (CC1 cat £1200). PHOTO300
15531886 scarce ½d on 1d wrapper, H&G3 comm.used locally on island with s/ring pmk.45
15541892 Tobago 2d regd env size G fine unused.10
15551898(Oct 18) QV 1d p.stat.card used locally with fine boxed Ag.Show PO(used 2 days only).No message.PH.50
15561898 regd(label rev) cvr San Fernando-UK, ½d+4d (SG114+8 cat £22). PHOTO45
15571912 comm.cvr Chaguanas-USA, 2½d (SG137) See also lots 69,1611-12.25
15581922 KGV 2d regd env size F Siparia-UK + SG208(strip of 3).25
155919 24 KGV 2d regd env size G San Fernando(scarcer pmk with no Trinidad)-USA + 3d(SG211).20
15601941(Apr) stampless bank cvrs(2) to Canada with red Pt of Spain Paid red cds (PD8) with 6c or 26c(air) rate.40
15611942 OHMS Money Order Advice GPO env airmail to USA, SG250+3 & Accountants Branch oval pmk.25
15621942-3 airmail cvrs(4 inc regd) Uruguay/Brazil/Argentina-USA all intercepted with diff.types IE label.25
1563TRISTAN: 1941 cvr to UK, St Helena ½d + scarce KGVI 1d(SG131-2) & fine violet type VII cachet.20
15641950 signed(rev) cvr to Kenya via Cape Town(p/bot tied S.African vals). Fine boxed violet cachet IX. PHOT.50
15651952 regd cvr to UK, KGVI ovpt set to 10/= (SG1-12 cat £90). PHOTO75
1566TURKEY:1901 US Consular Service env(+ wax seal) Sivas-USA via Cospoli(Galata), pair 20pa(SG142a) rev.25
15671907 ppc comm.used Pendik(rare)-Haidar Pacha(scarce rec'r) via Yeni Djami @ 20pa rate. PHOTO65
15681910 comm.cvr Dardanelles(fine type 7 pmk)-Scutari(fine violet rec'r) @ 20pa rate. See also lots 68,146,349.25
15691918 20pa p.stat.env regd & censored Galata-Germany + SG91,119,21,24(x3). See also lots 1049,1279-81.20
1570TURKS & CAICOS: 1907 scarce Salt Cay advert cvr front to USA per SS Cherokee, 2½d (SG104).20
15711925(Mar 1 or 4) regd cvr to USA, marginal 6d(SG182). If Mar 1 FDC!25
15721937 regd cvr to UK, mixed KGV-VI SG178,191,3.15
15731942 OHMS cvr to UK with 30mm official paid pmk.25
1574UN: 1951 defin set to $1 & airs to 25c, SG1-11,A12-15 all on illus unadd. FDCs(15).20
15751955 illus unadd. FDC of scarce UN Day minisheet (Sc.38 cat £45).35
15761968 airmail cvr N.York-St Helena(destination) @ 25c rate.10
1577URUGUAY: 1894 regd AR(h/st) cvr Montevideo-Belgium, SG140(x2)+8 tied A duplex reverse.30
15781904 underpaid local Montevideo ppc, SG218(x2 obverse) & 2c P.Due (D247) tied reverse.25
15791906 cvr(+ letter about ranch life) Navarro-UK, SG254b(x2) & O duplex.25
15801925 regd local Montevideo FDC of SG467-9 tied sp.pmk.20
15811925(Aug) lovely illus regd FFC Montevideo-Florida, SG436-7,59,72(cat £20). See also lot 50.25
1582USA: (see lots 19,21,340,353): 1860 double rate cvr Chester(Pa)-Burlington(I), 3c (Sc26 x2, 1 faulty).20
15831862(Jun) cvr N.York-UK, 24c Washington (Sc.70a x3 cat US$775: 2 fine, 1 sheet mgn str.edge). PHOTO300
15841864 Jackson 2c blk/orange p.stat.env(US2) fine unused.15
15851869 2c brn (SG115 cat £90 but 1 str.edge) on wrapper to Norwich Town(Conn) with cork cancel. PHOTO50
15861870 crested env Portland(Me)-New Brunswick(Canada) via steam mail to St John, 6c(SG117 cat £225).PH.200
15871875(Xmas Day) local Poughkeepsie(NY) cvr, 2c (Sc.178) & black Carrier pmk.20
15881880 EL New York-Cuba, 5c Gen.Taylor (SG161 cat £23).20
15891881 3c red Centenary p.stat.env(U218) comm.used Franklin Falls(NH)-Brooklyn + 3c(SG208).20
15901888 advert cvr Richmond-Australia(destination/rec'r) via S.Francisco, 2c+10c (Sc.209+213).25
15911898 cvr N.York-Belgian Consul,Hungary(destination) with 5c Omaha (SG294 cat £23).25
15921899 colour advert(front & back) cvr for Elks Street Carnival,E.Liverpool(O)-New Philadelphia(O) @ 2c rate.25
15931901 regd cvr Durham-Dover(NH), 2c Washington p.stat + 8c Buffalo Expo (SG304 cat £50). PHOTO45
15941906 underpaid cvr Edinburgh-N.York with tax marks & 2c(x3)+10c P.Dues tied reverse.20
15951909 comm.cvr N.York-N.Jersey, pair imperf Lincoln 2c (Sc.368 cat $50).30
15961912 5c Washington p.stat.env Wall St-India(destination) per Mauretania via Brindisi(violet h/stamps).15
15971917 advert cvr Chicago(Lincoln Park Stn)-Red X POW Agency,Denmark @ 5c rate. PW37 censor label.15
15981925 regd cvr Hartford(Conn)-Sta Barbara(Cal), blk of 4 Norse 5c (SG625 cat £54+). PHOTO50
159919 29(Aug) Graf Zeppelin round world cacheted ppc NYork-F'hafen-NYork, SG636a+701.25
16001939(Sept-Dec) airmail cvrs(3) Detroit/N.York-Egypt(censors) @ 36c or 72c rates.20
1601Alaska: 1945-60 internal cvrs(21) with all diff.pmks inc many skeletons inc coloured,APOs,USS Hancock etc.40
1602Guam: 1930 comm.cvr to USA ex US Navy Station, 2c (SG648).15
1603Hawaii:1882 2c black,3c green p.stat.cards + 2c dark blue message card, UX2-3,UY2m fine unused(3 items).35
16041900 2c green p.stat.card, UX9 comm.used Honolulu (2 duplex)-UK. Central fold.20
1605VATICAN: 1932 regd local Rome cvr with set to 10L inc express(SG1-13,E14-15 cat £125). PHOTO90
16061934 regd ppc to Switz with Holy Year set (SG15-18 cat £85). PHOTO75
16071949 cvr to Switz, 5-colour SG124,6-7(x2),33 + express E119(scarce ovpt cat £7).20
1608VENEZUELA: (see lot 69): 1864-74 ELs(2) Pto Cabello/Ciudad Bolivar-N.York per Isabellita or Jane Adeline.30
16091885 comm.cvr San Carlos-France, 25c (SG121).25
16101930(May) Pan-am cacheted regd FFC Caracas-Panama, SG396(x2)+405.20
16111935 Trinidad(BWI) advert env Guanoco(violet pmk)-UK, SG419(x2).15
16121943 regd airmail cvr Caracas-Argentina via Trinidad(IE censor label), Resellado ovpts SG662-3,6,8.20
1613VICTORIA: 1859 regd insured cvr Sandhurst-Switz via London,Paris, 3-colour 6d,1/=,2/=:SG35(3mgn),73,81 latter badly misperfed & faults). Stamps cat £221. No flap but still a rarity. PHOTO150
16141873 cvr Melbourne-Bath, uncommon 9d (SG172 cat £26). PHOTO50
16151893 QV 1d orge-brn p.stat.env Melbourne-Mansfield(rec'r). Boxed Unclaimed at Mansfield & DLO red cds.15
16161899 cvrs(2) Williamstown-UK @ 1/0½ or 2/1d rates (SG321c single or pair + 331 or 332b cat £15).50
16171903 OHMS cvr Senate Office,Melbourne-Perth, pair ½d(SG384) & S.Yarra pmk + 200. Melbourne DLO pmk.15
16181904 W.Aust.1½d on 3d p.stat.card written onboard SS Victoria 'at sea' posted Melbourne-UK + SG384b,5c.25
1619VIETNAM: 1961 airmail cvr Dalat-USA, mixed issues SG77,86(x2 ea),S66.15
1620Indian Forces: 1955 cvr FPO 743(Hanoi)-India via Base PO TPO, N11-15(cat £19).20
1621W.AUSTRALIA: (see lot 1618): 1899 1d blue p.stat.card comm.used Beverley-UK via Albany + ½d (SG94a).25
16221903 OHMS cvr(+ land act contents) Perth-Laverton(rec'r), 5d(SG99). DLO Perth(x3 diff) reverse. PHOTO65
16231904 comm.cvr Ravensthorpe-Tasmania via Albany, pair 2d (SG113) & oval bars cancel. Spike hole.25
1624YEMEN: Peoples Republic: 1972 regd(prov.label) airmail cvr Al Ghaidha-UK, SG71,83,98.20
1625YUGOSLAVIA: 1914 sp.printed insured letter env stampless Belgrade(chargements pmk)-Switz. 75/19 rate.25
16261919 Kraljevstvo 20h opt on Bosnian 10h lettercard (K3 x2 diff: 1 missing I in opt, other missing Kral in 1st line, S in 2nd & o in 3rd). 2 items. See also lot 3.20
162719 19 regd local Osijek cvr with SHS Hrvatska opts: SG55(x2),57,64,8-9,75(blk 4),77.20
16281919 formular feldpostkarte with 10x imprint (MiP16) comm.used Sarajevo-Vienna + 5v (Sg107).20
16291922-3 regd stampless cvrs(2) Limbus/Maribor-Austrian Consulate,Ljubljana.25
16301922-5 comm.cvrs(5 inc advert, regd,express) Sarajevo/Belgrade/Novo Mesto/Split-Vienna all with 1d ovpts (SG181 or 3) singly or x3 or in mixed frankings with King Peter or Alexander defins.35
16311924 regd 5-colour franking cvr Ljubljana-Germany @ 5d rate inc opt SG195(x2).25
16321936 airmail cvr Dubrovnik-UK via Zemun, 4-colour SG301-3,325.15
16331949 regd airmail Preseren FDC Ljubljana-Denmark. 10d is olive shade (Mi469b cat 42eu). Inc letter.30
16341950 5d p.stat.airmail env Ljubljana-Brunei(destination/rec'r) + 12d (SG628).20
16351953 regd cvr Belgrade-Sweden, SG676-7,737(x2),9(cat £22). Currency control censor.20
16361989-90 regd internal cvrs(6) to Belgrade @ 2000-8900d rates all with oval KD censors in red/violet.25
1637ZANZIBAR: 1894 Indian 1a on 1½a p.stat.message half reply card comm.used to Germany via Reunion a Marseille p/bot with sq.circle pmk. Address part faded. PHOTO65
16381927 regd(h/st) cvr to UK, SG265+274(x4).25
16391934 4-colour airmail cvr to UK, SG303-4,6-7.20
16401940(May) comm.cvr Chake Chake-S.Rhodesia via Beira, SG310+12. S/line violet Passed by Censor.30
16411946 regd(boxed cachet) airmail cvr to India, 3-colour SG312,6,8(1sh).20
16421954-5 local cvrs(2) @ 10c rate: SG339(x2) or 340 & Wete or Ngambo pmks.25

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