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Yorkshire Cover Auctions 

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11857 EL Rome-London via Marseilles with fine Fr.3f76c tombstone accountancy h/stamp.35
2Forwarding Agent: 1909 hotel cvr Nice-London @ French 25c rate, forwarded to hotel in Devon with oval violet Alexander Fletcher & Co, St Helens Place, London EC forwarding agent cachet.25
3WW1: 1915 cvr Amsterdam-Paris @ 12½c rate. PO censor label tied War Ministry Dieppe seal + 3-line Opened by Military Authority.15
41915-7 POW p.stat.cards(3 diff: 2 reply half) comm.used to Italy ex POWs in Russia/Germany. Camp censors40
51918 POW cards(2 diff) + lettersheet ex Munster Camp(circ or 2-3 line censors)-UK. Sheet has PW1058 cens25
61918 cvr Bilbao(Spain)-Berlin @ 25c rate. Octagonal Saisi par Autorite Militaire.25
7Wilkins-Ellsworth Trans-Arctic Submarine Exped'n: 1931 dual US/UK frank cvr signed Hubert Wilkins. PH.50
8Dual flights: 1929(May) Panama 2c p.stat.env(H&G2) flown(cachet) Pan-am to Ecuador then re-flown (cachets) Guayaquil-N.York & back with no extra franking.25
91934(Apr) illus Trans-Tasman cachet(x2) FFC Adelaide-NZ & back, Aust.SG106,15-6 & NZ SG554(cat £60).40
10MacRobertson Air Race: 1934(Oct) cvr flown Col.Roscoe Turner London-Melbourne. Joint UK/Australia franking. They came 3rd. Also illus card of him & plane signed & dated (2 items).30
11WW2: 1941(Feb) cvr Scotland-Palestine @ 1½d rate redirected around Egypt (FPOs 147,201). 2 diff.violet Not Known in Middle East cachets & ending up at APO(officially sealed label) then ret’d to sender.20
121941(Dec) illus RAF MEF Xmas airgraph(+ envelope) to UK ex RAF Kagrit.15
131942(Dec) airmail cvr Czech Exiles in Ecuador-Norwegian Legation,Brazil @ 3s40 rate inc 2 diff.oblig.tax15
141943(Feb-Nov) illus Greetings airletters(2 diff) Indian FPO 61/93(India/Egypt)-UK @ Indian 4as rates.15
151945(Feb) stampless POW cvr Germany-Breckinridge POW Camp,USA. Both German & US censors.20
161945 Red X Geneva message form to Yugoslav Red X,Lisbon,Portugal saying they have traced a Serb POW to a camp in Germany. Secret writing wipe.15
171948(Apr) POW lettersheet complete(scarce both parts inc reply) ex German in Lens Camp(France)-Germany20
18UPU: 1949 FDCs(5) for Barbados,Nigeria or Gold Coast(latter inc letter). Stamps cat £20+.20
19 UN: (see lots 452,1497): 1949 UNICEF printed env Paris-WHO,Geneva, French SG968+981. 20
201949 Childrens Fund env(forerunner UNICEF) airmail Paris-USA, French SG909,14,1007(blk 4).20
2120th cent mixed lot cvrs/cards(30) inc WW1/2 censors + Detained in France during German Occ, Seychelles Postage Paid cachets c1977(x5), Brazil early used p.stat, G.Coast 1936 airmail etc.25
221815 EL to Scotland rated 5/4 per Louisa, fair large oval Ship Letter Greenock (rare S6). PHOTO150
231826 outer to London rated 1/5, stepped Poole Ship Letter (S4) rev. Took 2 months. PHOTO50
241823 outer Rotterdam(red s/line)-London(unframed ship letter rec'r) per King of Netherlands (John Bull master) rated 8. Also 1827 local London PO circular setting out the vessels timetable to/from Holland.25
251825-7 ELs(2) Hamburg(circ. ship lre)/Nuremburg(2-line)-London(unframed ship lre S22-3) rated 1/4d or 3/4d.25
261827 EL Westmoreland(Jamaica)-Edinburgh per ship Eden & Capt.Slater re-rated to 5/6d with scarce red 2-line Lymington Ship Lre but outer damaged (not affecting letter). PHOTO65
271839 EL Liverpool(PLO cds rev. overstruck by Boston Br.Pkt)-Boston per Niagara rated 38(mss) & 48(h/st).35
281840 outer Liverpool-Holland via London(paid Ship Lre S51) rated 8. 2-line red Engeland over Rotterdam.25
291844 outer Antwerp-London(red unframed S28 ship letter) rated 8. Boxed red PF.25
301845 EL Bahia-London per Stag rated 2/8. S/line Ship-Letter (S36 black).15
311884 cvr Crono(Canada)-Scotland @ 5c(SG85 cat £15) rate with fine Paid Glasgow Packet cds on reverse.35
321901 lovely Pacific Line RMS Oravia ppc written Pernambuco posted London-Scotland @ 1d lilac QV rate.20
331906 Tunisia 5c p.stat,card(+ 5c SG33) comm.used to Germany with Marseilles Ligne de Tunis pmk.20
341910 comic ppc to USA, GB KEVII 1d & rare Swansea ship letter cds (Hosk.259). PHOTO80
351911-28 Egypt/Djibouti ppcs(2) to France @ French 10c/40c rates & Marseilles a Yokohama 2 or 8 p/bot pmk.25
361913 Osterr.Lloyd SS Heluan ppc to Vienna @ 5h Austrian rate & Alexandrien-Trieste maritime TPO pmk.40
371913-4 ppcs(2) to Vienna @ Austria 5h & Cattaro-Triest maritime TPO 2 or 3 pmks. 1 on board Pr.Hohenlohe.50
381915 stampless ppc Duala(Cameroon)-France via Matadi a Bordeaux p/bot. Circ.Vauban French Navy cachet35
391921 Paris liner ppc comm.used to France, French 20c & N.York au Havre code 8 p/bot pmk.15
401922 ppc Bornholm-Tondern(Schleswig) via Copenhagen, pair Danish 5o tied s/line Fra Bornholm.25
411930 US 2c p.stat.env printed for USS California comm.used(ex Captain) to Washington with ship pmk.15
421930s mainly Canadian Steamship Line cvrs(7) in W.Indies area written-up on leaves. Lady Hawkins/Drake/Prince Henry cachets + unused RP ppcs.40
431933 advert cvr India-Tanganyika per SS Karanja, Indian 2½a tied Mombasa Paquebot cds(reverse).15
441934-5 cvrs(2) to USA @ US 3c/10c rates & United Fruit Co SS San Gil or SS Ulua posted high seas cachets.15
45c1936 advert cvr Hamburg-Finland, German 25pf & s/line Schiffpost (unlisted Hosking) in violet. PHOTO50
461936 cvr Avonmouth-Croydon, mixed reigns KGV ½d + KEVIII 1d(x2). Rare Bristol on front & scarce boxed violet Ocean Mails ex Ariguani (reverse). PHOTO 80
471936(Feb) cvr Swedish Sea PO 70(MS Gripsholm betwn Miami & Vera Cruz pictorial pmk)-UK, Swedish SG 189-90(pair),98 + 1933 map ppc for winter cruise with illus pmk betwn Goteborg & Boulogne & SG178.30
481936 airmail cvr to UK, Bahamas SG116+19(pairs) tied Miami pmks + s/line Paquebot (Hosk.1996).15
491937 colour illus booklet (36pp) for Canadian National Steamships cruises to Bermuda & W.Indies.25
501938 Singapore ppc comm.used to France, French 30c & Marseilles a Kobe No.4 p/bot pmk.20
511939(Feb) ppc Venice-Austria @ 75c rate. Mediterranean cruise cachet of MS Oceana (kraft durch freude).20
521954 maiden voyage MS Tanganyika(German E.Africa Line) cvr to France, Berlin pair 5pf (B92) & sp.pmk15
53Balloon:(see lot 890,1247,1317):1949-54 illus cards(5)for flights in Holland/Belgium/Germany/Switz/Denmark40
54Bee-keeping: 1954 illus(hives) honey firms advert cvr Hamburg-Dusseldorf @ German 4pf rate.15
55Boxing: 1953 Polish set (SG809-11 cat £16) in sp.commemorative folder with sp.pmk.20
56Butterflies: 1966 Malawi £2 (SG262 cat £24) on illus unadd. FDC20
57Chess: 1950 illus FDC Dubrovnik-Liechtenstein of Yugoslav SG647-51(cat £34) & sp.pmk30
58Concorde: 1976(Jan) inaug.flight Bahrain-London with se-tenant blk 4 SG232-5(cat £16). Pilot signed(Todd).20
591975 printed flown cvr for Soviet Concordski FF Moscow-Alma Ata, Russian Concorde MS3771 & sp.pmk10
60Cricket: 1966 signed Garfield Sobers maximum card used FDI Barbados-UK, SG358(the man himself!).20
61Drink: (see lot 936): 1914 illus(reverse) whisky advert internal Mexico cvr @ 5c rate (SGCT4).20
621953 colour illus(Pepsi bottle & top) cvr Singapore-Japan @ 45c rate.15
63Esperanto: 1947 12th Congress cvr Mechelen(Flanders)-Czech, Belgian airs SG1165-6,93 & sp.pmk15
641927(July) Danzig Congress 10pf p.stat.card + 10pf Langfuhr-UK. Pencil message. Cat 175eu. PHOTO45
651949 Bournemouth ppc to Yorks, KGVI 2d & 341 Congress de Esperanto skeleton pmk.20
66Freemasons: 1896 illus Danish Lodge of Good Templars cvr Skive-Hjorring, Fa38a+57 & Struer-Langat pmk.35
67Flowers: 1948 regd censored airmail cvr Vienna-UK, Austria set SG1098-1107(cat £10).15
68Gambling: 1936 French pictorial lettercard for Boulogne Casino used to French Consul,Folkestone @ 1f50.20
69Horses: 1975 Bahrain set (se-tenant blk of 8 SG223a-h) on illus unadd. FDC. Stamps cat £6040
70Hotel: 1897 illus Eden Hotel Rome pictorial env to USA, pair Italian 25c (SG34 cat 140eu on cvr). PHOTO40
711903 illus hotel env Toowoomba(Qld)-Tasmania @ Queensland 2d rate & 626 pmk. Stain patch.25
721926 illus(front & back) advert cvr Lisbon-UK, 3-colour Ceres SG523,7,31,42. See also lot 813,1006,1079.20
73Ice Hockey: 1938(Nov) lovely illus folder for World Championships in Prague, Czech SG378-9 & sp.pmk20
74Hunting: 1954 airmail cvr Hunting & Game Fishing Exhib’n,Dusseldorf(sp.pmk + publicity label)-Holland, Berlin bells set (B82-6 cat £110). PHOTO60
75Kennedy: 1964 Monaco imperf mourning stamp as SG813(cat 45eu mint) on illus unadd.FDC.25
76Methodism: 1900 Canada 2c orange p.stat.card used Toronto-UK. Printed back ex Methodist Publishers.20
77Motoring: 1959 illus unadd.FDC of Monaco Monte Carlo Rally (SG614 cat £8).10
78Mountaineering: 1970-89 Himalayan Exped'n(6 different) signed mountain ppcs. Pakistan frankings.25
791951 regd illus FDC Split(Yugoslavia)-UK of SG687-9(cat £70). PHOTO50
80Music: 1908 RP ppc of woodwind/string group used locally in Kristiania(Norway) @ 5o rate.15
81Olympics: 1920 Brussels ppc to Vienna @ 5c rate with 7th Olympiad at Antwerp slogan pmk.15
82Red X: (see lots 16,502,510,515,1168,1192,1247): 1918 comm.cvr soldier in Belgian Army-Red X,Paris, 25c Belgian Red X ovpt (SG228 cat £29) tied military pmk. Uncommon. PHOTO50
831951(Dec 22) illus Monaco FDC to Canada of imperf 4 vals opt'd ex MS459(cat £600). PHOTO65
84Royalty: (see lot 909,1148): 1883 rare London VR cds on scarce GB QV 3d on 3d (SG159 cat £145). PHOT.65
851934(Mar 31) bookpost cvr to S.Africa, N.Rhodesia ½d & crown oval Royal Tour Prince George pmk35
861937(Jun 3) illus cvrs(2 diff) for marriage of Duke of Windsor & Wallis Warfield, French SG569 & Monts pmks.25
871950 crested envs(2) London/Balmoral Castle(red official paid pmks)-Lymington with fine blk or violet GviR.30
881955 printed cvrs(8) for Princess Margaret visit to W.Indies: 8 different islands: Antigua to Trinidad.40
89Scouts: 1953(Aug 8) illus unadd.Scouts Conference ppc used Vaduz FDI. Liechtenstein SG313-6(cat £40).30
90Skiing: 1949 cvr Lindau-Wassenburg, blks of 4 Wurttemburg set Mi38-9 inc 3 varieties (types 2-4) on 10pf + type 4 on 20pf (cat £250+). PHOTO200
91Space: 1962 Albanian Gagarin red ovpt set (SG691-3 cat £150) on illus unadd.FDC. PHOTO120
92Speedway: 1951 illus(rider in action) advert cvr Sweden-UK @ 30o rate.15
93Tobacco: 1937 Bulgarian ‘tobacco fields’ p/card used Sofia-Germany @ 1L. Smoke Bulgarian Tobacco h/st.15
94Turtles: 1975 regd airmail cvr Anguilla Valley-USA, $10 (SG144a cat £18).15
95UPU: 1950 regd illus cvr Budapest(Hungary)-UK, scarce perf 3fo(Mi1111A cat 50eu) ex MS25
96ADEN: 1929 comm.cvr to Holland, Indian 3as blue.15
971930 water cart RP ppc to UK, Indian 1½a (SG204).15
981937(Apr 11) cvr to UK, dhows set to 1r (SG1-9) + extra 9p,1a(x2) on reverse (cat £59). PHOTO45
991938 Indian Govt envelope to Sir Harry Luke,Lt-Governor,Malta(rec'r), 2½a (SG5).25
1001937-9 advert cvrs(2) Aden/Aden Camp-Switz, SG1+6 or 1+3(x2 cat £18).25
101AEGEAN: 1904 ppc to France, pair Fr.Levant 5c & Rhodes,Turquie d’Asie pmk.40
1021913 cvr Kos-Mersina(Austrian PO rec’r), SG3-6,11-13 ovpt’d Cos (cat £67). Pencil address erased. PHOTO50
103ALBANIA:(see lot 91): 1913-32 all different coll'n of fine unused p.stat.cards(16) inc many reply eg P14,20.35
1041916 Skanderbeg 5q grn p.stat.card with Valona local star ovpt (P6) fine unused.10
1051916 Albanian ppc/stampless cvr(2) PM Occupation Troops No.1 or 2-France. Regt details & 2 diff.Ital.censor50
1061917 Albanian ppc comm.used PM 111-Paris @ Italian 10c rate. Valona military cachet. Italian censor.25
1071925(May) 10q p.stat.env flown Tirane-Vlone FF(cachet) + airs SG186-9(cat £20).25
1081929 comm.cvr Tirane-Germany, SG250-1(x2) ovpts.15
1091941(May) Italian armed forces p.stat.card PM 38-Italy. Italian censors. STB Albania but written Corfu.20
110ANDORRA: French: 1964 cvr Canillo-UK, scarce 65c-1fr (SGF178-80 cat £98). PHOTO75
111Spanish: 1972 illus unadd.FDC of Europa 8ptas (SG67 cat £140). PHOTO90
112ANTIGUA:(see lot 1114): 1932 comm.cvr to UK, 1½d Centenary (SG83). Part flap.15
1131933 regd airmail cvr St Johns-Switz, KGV 5/= (SG60 cat £50). PHOTO100
1141937-8 comm.cvrs(2) St Johns(2 diff.pmks)-Scotland, 1½d or 2½d (SG69,73).20
1151946 Pan-am test flight cvr US-Antigua & return, dual franking US 10c + Antigua SG99a,103-4.15
1161948 regd airmail cvr St Johns-UK, £1 (SG109 cat £65). PHOTO75
1171953 airmail cvr St Johns-St Lucia, mixed issues SG101a(cat £6+) + Leewards 1d (SG100).15
118Barbuda: 1949 regd cvr to Switz, 3-colour SG98,102-3.15
119ARGENTINA: 1869 EL B.Ayres(Br.PO thimble rev)-France via Soton & London. Box GB 1f60c & charged 20.25
1201884 stampless Post Office 3A Division official envelope B.Aires-Montevideo.25
1211896 3c orge, 6c grey(with view) Liberty p.stat.cards + 3c,4c Liberty l/cards all fine unused opt’d Muestra (4).20
1221900 5c lettersheet for Brazilian President’s visit, H&G7(black) comm.used locally in B.Aires.20
1231900 5c p.stat.env regd Tucuman-B.Aires + SG143,223(x2),6(x2),8(ie 5-colour mix issue). S/line Sin Retorno.30
1241901 1c wrapper comm.used B.Aires-L.Marques(destination/rec'r).15
1251930 5c revenue on local B.Aires cvr(2 different rec'rs). Item pen cancelled + Laballester pmk.15
1261934(Jun) cacheted(violet) Graf Zeppelin flight cvr to Germany @ 1p15 rate.30
1271936 Personalities 5c,10c,15c p.stat.envs, 5c,10c lettercards, 3c,4c wrappers, 4c,5c,12c single + 10c,12c reply p.stat.cards(12) all fine unused ovpt'd Muestra (specimen).65
1281936 San Martin 10c map illus + 4c,10c with colour 'promised land' illus p.stat.cards(3: H&G49,53b,54b) all fine unused ovpt'd Muestra (specimen).30
129Corrientes: 1872 flimsy cvr to Mercedes per Correo, 3mgn 3c deep blue (P59) & cds pmk. No flap.30
130ASCENSION: 1924(Nov) regd 6-colour cvr to USA, vals to 2/= (SG10,12,14,16,18-9 cat £350+). Minor cleft rock & broken mast varieties on 6d. PHOTO400
1311936 regd(label + oval pmk) OHMS stampless cvr to UK.20
1321937 regd cvr to UK, set to 5d (SG21-6 cat £12).20
1331945 airmail regd cvr to UK, mixed perf vals to 1/= inc 4d pair cat £18.20
134AUSTRALIA: 1914 KGV 1d red p.stat.card, H&G5(sepia view: Bacchus Marsh,Vic) used Mildura-Guernsey.30
1351917 1d KGV reply(reply excised) lettercard in brown with view of Giant Red Gum, scarce H&G14 fine unused40
1361926(Dec) regd cvr Engadine(NSW)-NZ, 1½d(SG87 x3). See also lots 9-10.20
13719 27 regd cvr Muswellbrook(NSW)-Singleton, 4½d (SG81).25
1381931(Jan) regd cvr Ipswich-NZ, 4d+5d (SG102+3a cat £10).25
1391931 OHMS Money Order env Melbourne-UK, 3d SG115 with V(?) perfin (unclear).25
1401931(Nov) ANA Xmas illus FFC Melbourne-UK, SG99 + pair OS 6d air (SG139a cat £110). PHOTO90
1411934(Dec) IA/Quantas illus FFC Melbourne(ship mailroom pmk)-UK, SG129(x2)+149(cat £22).25
1421935 regd cvr Maclagan(Qld)-Brisbane, 2d(SG127) + 3d S.Jubilee (SG157 cat £11).20
1431935 OHMS airmail cvr Brisbane-UK, SG146+155(1/= Anzac cat £45). PHOTO75
1441938(Apr 20) illus FDC Geelong-UK of KGVI 1½d (SG166 x2).25
1451938(Oct 3 or Sept 1) illus FDCs(2, 1 unadd) of ½d kangaroo & 9d platypus (SG164,173).30
1461941(Dec) airmail illus advert (gunsmith) cvr Brisbane-UK, 2/= (SG134 x2). Australian & PC90 censors.20
1471943 censored(Aussie 4 label) regd cvr N.Adelaide-N.Ireland, 1d(SG17c: late use) + 6d air(SG139 cat £32).30
1481945(Oct) scarcer KGVI 7d blue/yellow airletter comm.used Brisbane-India.25
1491955 cvr Melbourne-UK, SG261 + strip of 5 ½d coils (SG228c).15
1501957-76 cvrs(18) mainly to Melbourne with all different Relief PO pmks.35
1511967 QEII 5c Defence Forces p.stat.envelope(IFB6) fine unused & scarce.25
152BCOF: 1949(Sept) airmail cvr Aust.Unit Postal Stn 495(Onomichi)-Australia, 3d (J3).25
1531949(Oct) cvr Aust.Unit Postal Stn 497(Kure)-Australia, pair ½d (J1 cat £24).25
154AUSTRIA: 1866 local Vienna outer with 3kr (Mi31) tied lozenge pmk + Mariahilf boxed rec’r.25
1551902 5h p.stat.card written Trifail/Trbovije(Slovenia)-Greece + 5h & FPA 9 Wien-Trieste TPO pmk.15
1561915 twice censored grn feldpostkarte to Hungary with 2-line Fliegerpost Przemysl Janner 1915 h/st. PHOTO.50
1571917-8 ppcs(4) comm.used feldpost Pola-Austria with cachets/censors of SMS Szentistvan, Vhinas Unitis, Franz Josef 1 or Alpha in various colours.50
1581924(Aug) official cacheted Flight Week in St Wolfgang p/card to Vienna @ 500kr rate.25
1591925(Sept) airmail cvr Vienna-Budapest, 4-colour airs SG582,616,8-9,22,28(cat £12).30
1601931(Aug) regd airmail cvr Klagenfurt-Vienna-Zurich, 4-colour airs SG617,24-5,30(cat £34). Blk & red airmail advert label for Klagenfurt-Salzburg-Innsbruck 'the most beautiful flight in Europe' tied reverse. PHOTO50
1611933(Jan) Robert Kronfeld RP ppc (with glider) flown Vienna-Semmering by glider(cachets), Mi473(x3),502.25
1621935 airmail cvr Vienna-Paris, 1sch(SG733). Bilingual 4-line cachet: no flights on Sunday, sent ordinary mail.25
1631936(Jan) regd express cvr Modling-Poss.Retz, scarce Winter Relief 1s+50g (SG781 cat £90). PHOTO80
1641938(Sept 1) regd advert cvr Vienna-St Anton, German Hindenburg 1pf(x2) + Austrian SG824-5(x2).15
1651938(Dec 9) regd local Tyrolean cvr Kossen-St Anton, German SG663(x2)-4,9,72-3(cat £18+).20
1661939 German 15pf Hindenburg p.stat.card air Vienna(sp.Grossdeutschland slogan)-UK + German 5pf airs(x2)15
1671946(Jan) stampless cvr(inc letter)Gaming-Yugoslavia with mss Postgebuhr 50gr. Milit.censor civil mails label20
1681947(Jun 14) regd cvr Zirl-Innsbruck, pairs Mi801,A802. FDI 18gr Grillparzer. Cat 100+eu(FDC).30
1691948-66 all different fine unused p.stat.airletters & airmail envelopes (9 items)35
1701952 censored cvr Vienna-UK, SG1217(2s bird)+25(miner cat £35). See also lots 36-7,394-8.25
171Levant:(see lots 443,923): 1876 unpaid EL Meteline-C'tinople(Lloyd Agenzie rec'r), tax mark + 20. PHOTO50
1721871 outer Smirne(thimble pmk)-Greece, 15sld pale brn (Mi5). PHOTO50
1731890 regd cvr C'tinople-UK, 1pi on 10kr (Mi23 x2).25
1741890-1906 20pa on 5kr or 10h p.stat.cards(2) comm.used to Germany with fine C'tinople II or III pmks.25
1751899 lovely illus(front & back inc factory) cvr Smyrna-N.York, 1pi on 10kr (Mi23).30
1761905 Metellin ppc to UK, 10pa (Mi45) & fine Metelino Austrian PO pmk.35
1771908 10c on 10h p.stat.card comm.used Beirut-Holland.20
178Lombardy Venetia: undated outer Trento(2-line inc date)-Venezia, 4mgn 15c type 2(Sass.5). Cat 150eu(cvr)35
1791854 EL Milan-Mantova, 4mgn 30c on ribbed paper (Mi4 type 1 cat 350eu cvr). PHOTO100
180BAHAMAS: (see lots 48,759): 1848 EL Nassau-N.York with no postal markings.20
1811893-1901 cvrs(4) Nassau-USA all franked QV 2½d (SG51-2) in nice range shades.50
1821917 advert cvr Nassau-USA, KGV 1d & boxed Tourist Season Dec to Apl slogan pmk.20
1831920 regd 3-colour Peace franking cvr to Switz, SG106-7,9(cat £15+).25
1841935(Dec 31) regd airmail cvr Nassau-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG141-4 cat £38).30
1851940 KGVI 2d regd env, H&G5a Nassau-UK + 3d ovpt (SG161: scarce on cvr).25
1861943(Dec) stampless 'RAF overseas' cvr Nassau-UK. RAF rank & number reverse.15
1871952 regd airmail cvr Nassau-UK, 10d + 5/= (SG154c+156e cat £24+).30
1881953 air cvr Nassau-UK, KGVI-QE2 SG131c,49e(broken value tablet),50a,51a,52c,53a,54b,c,55d,58,60,200.30
189KGVI-QE2 airletters (6 different: H&G1-6) fine unused.25
1901970-2 cvrs(2) to Nassau or USA both @ 3c rate. The Bluff Andros blue or violet different fine skeleton pmks.25
1911978 cvr Nassau-USA, s/ways wmk set 5c-$2 (SG395-9 cat £18).20
192BAHRAIN:(see lots 58,69): 1946 airmail cvr to Denmark, 5-colour SG39,41,44,47,49(x2 cat £23). PHOTO65
1931979 Dhows illus unadd.FDC of SG258-65(cat £50) in se-tenant format.30
1941990-1 regd parcel cards(2) Manama-India, 1d(SG244 in v.diff.shades x 8 or 9 cat £148). Central crease on 1.40
195BARBADOS:(see lot 246): 1887 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used St Peter-St George. Early use cds.30
1961901 ½d on 1d QV p.stat.env to USA + 2d,2½d (SG108-9).40
1971930 cvr to UK, 1d(SG240) tied circ. SS Voltaire Posted on High Seas cachet + Barbados pmk alongside.15
1981931 comm.cvr to Greece(destination & rec’r), 2½d (SG233).15
1991935 regd cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG241-4 cat £45).40
2001940 KLM airmail sp.delivery hotel advert cvr to Canada, SG251(x5),57,60(x2 cat £21).25
2011950 regd airmail cvr to UK, pair 60c (SG280 cat £26).25
202BASUTOLAND: 1937 KGV ½d p.stat.card comm.used Mafeteng-Morija.25
2031937 KGVI 1d p.stat.card, H&G4 fine unused.15
2041949 cvr Kolonyama-Pretoria @ 2d rate. Fairly good strike of scarce pmk.30
2051951 KVI 4d regd env size H2 Tsime-Morija via Buthe Buthe + 2d(SG21). PHOTO75
2061954 local regd(h/st) Teyateyaneng FDC of QEII set to 10/= (SG43-53 cat £55).40
2071963 QEII 5c regd env size H2 Seforong-Morija via Qachasnek + 2½c. Violet regd h/stamp.25
208Lesotho: 1968 unpaid cvr to Roma(x2 diff.pmks), tax mark & D13-14(pair) P.Dues (cat £10) tied.25
209BECHUANALAND: 1907 KEVII ½d & 1d p.stat.cards(2, H&G3-4) fine unused with horseshoe specimen ovpt.50
2101937 cvr Lobatsi-SW Africa, 1d(SG100).20
2111938 regd OHMS cvr Mafeking-UK, 6d (SG124).15
2121945 comm.cvrs(3,1 advert) Gaberones Sta,Serowe or Palapye-Jo'burg all @ 2d rate.30
213BELGIUM: 1894 lovely Old Antwerp ppc used to France, 3-col.mix issues SG78a-9(x2: scarce on cvr),93. PH50
2141904 ppc Bruges-Dominican Rep(destination/rec'r), 1c (SG78a strip of 5).25
2151929 regd cvr Brussels-Dresden, Anti-TB set (SG472-7 cat £40).30
2161931(Aug) Brussels acceptance for ‘Europa’ catapult flight cvr to USA, SG586-7.30
2171932(Dec) regd cvrs(2) Etterbeck-Switz, Anti-TB set (SG624-30 cat £125).80
2181933 regd express(label) cvr Marchienne-USA, SG566-7,82-3,86 + express E530. Hotel label tied reverse.20
2191934 illus unadd.cvr for Invalids RPS inc tied label & Brussels Phil.Exhib’n with SG663-4(cat £37) & sp.pmk.30
2201939 regd cvr Brussels-USA, Orval set (SG861-6 cat £34). See also lots 63,81-2,886,1143.30
2211955 regd airmail cvr Brussels-USA, Anti-TB set (SG1543-8 cat £48) in pairs front & back.35
222Congo:(see lot 900): 1922 regd cvr Thysville-UK, pair 50c on 25c (SG105) with toned perfs.25
2231932-47 1fr,1f20, 1fr on 60c, 2fr on 1fr p.stat.reply cards(4, H&G75,82-3,88) all fine unused.25
2241932 regd cvr Kikwit-UK, 2fr ovpts (SG174 x2).20
2251939(Nov) SABENA cacheted FFC Costermansville-Irumu, SG197+220(x2).15
226Ruanda Urundi:1938 stampless Governors Office official env(+cachet) Usumbura-Uganda via Kigale. Air h/st25
227BERMUDA: (see lot 854): 1912 comm.cvr Hamilton-Warwick East(rec’r) @ ½d rate.25
2281915 regd cvr Warwick East-USA, SG46(x2)+8. Triangular Passed Postal Censor Bermuda.40
2291921 OHMS PO official env comm.used stampless Hamilton-postmaster in USA.20
2301921-4 ppc/comm.cvr(2) Warwick East-USA @ 1d/2½d rates (SG48 or 65).50
2311924 regd cvr Devonshire South-USA @ 5½d rate. Envelope corner stains. PHOTO45
2321935 comm.cvr Mangrove Bay-USA, 3d (SG103).20
2331935 regd cvr Hamilton-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG94-7 cat £50).40
234BOLIVIA: 1860 EL Potosi-Cobija rated 2 in blue with matching fancy armourial Potosi Franco cachet.30
2351893 10c p.stat.env, H&G4 comm.used Cochabamba(violet pmk)-Oruro.25
2361908 comm.cvr Cochabamba(oval violet pmk)-Peru(Arequipa rec’r), 5c+10c (SG102-3).20
2371913 comm.cvr Sucre-Germany, SG100(x2)+119 tied cork cancels.30
2381928(Mar) cacheted Doolittle FFC La Paz-Santiago, 15c (SG209).30
239BOSNIA: 1893 5kr lettercard comm.used Cazin(milit.post XLVI pmk)-Trieste(rec'r).20
2401899-1902 cvrs(2 inc letter) Mostar-Vienna or Maglaj-Budapest @ 5kr or 10h rates.20
2411900 much redirected cvr Mostar-Fiume,Graz,Trnovo & back to Mostar all for 10h rate.25
2421918 sl.cut-down regd parcel cards(2) FPO 264(Hungary) or Gradacac-Sarajevo, milit.post 2kr(Mi69) or Bosnia Mi125,27,35(x2).25
243BRAZIL: 1841 EL Pernambuco-Porto charged 160(h/st) & oval Barra do Porto (both blue).30
2441872 EL Rio-Paris per Gironde, pair 200r(SG48 cat £17) on rev(split by opening). Large red boxed PD.40
2451894 100r-500r p.stat.envs(4, H&G12-15) fine unused.20
2461900 cvr Rio-Costa Rica(destination) via Barbados(scarce oval ship letter) & Colon @ 300r rate.50
24719 22 300r regd env, H&G2 Araguay(Esp.Santo)-Rio + SG407(x2).20
2481930(Aug) Condor/LAB cacheted FFC Rio-La Paz, SG487-8 + Condor 700r,1300r. Scarce35
2491932(Sept) Graf Zeppelin cacheted cvr Pernambuco-UK via F’hafen, SG409 + Zeppelin opt (SG512 cat £27). 20 250 1936(Apr) printed Hindenburg FFC to Germany, SG406,9,532,577.20
2511940 Pan-am illus env S.Paulo-UK, SG410,65,86. S/line By Airmail via USA.15
252BR.ANT.TERR: 1965-77 lovely lot cvrs(10), all diff.base cachets/pmks. Some signed (1 with 10 only cachet).65
2531979 Penguins set (SG89-92 cat £20) on illus unadd. FDC.15
2541984 Marine Life set to £3, SG123-38(cat £30) on 4 illus unadd.FDCs.20
2552005 all diff.Base POs ppcs(5) used Pt Lockroy-UK, SG369-71,73,76(cat £15). Ex Saga Rose world cruise.25
256BR.GUIANA: 1890(July) local Georgetown cvr, pair 1c on $1 Inland Revenue ovpts (SG207).25
2571886 cvr Georgetown(sq.circ)-UK, 3-colour SG170(x2)-2. PHOTO100
2581892 OHMS cvr Govt Secretary,Georgetown-Germany, 20c (SG182 cat £21). PHOTO75
2591895 2c p.stat.card comm.used Mahiacony-UK via Georgetown. Some card staining.20
2601913 regd cvr to Germany, 6c+12c (SG263-4).15
2611919 regd cvr Skeldon-USA via New Amsterdam & Georgetown, 6c (SG283).20
2621934 cvr New Amsterdam-UK via G’town(Savings Bank slogan) @ 4c rate. Violet circ.Visit Kaiteur Falls.20
2631948(Dec 20) regd local Georgetown FDC of S.Wedding (SG322-3 cat £26).30
2641952 regd airmail cvr to UK, scarce 60c (SG315 cat £9+).20
265BR.HONDURAS: 1897 comm.cvr Belize-USA, 5c (SG54).15
266QV fine unused p.stat.coll'n(8) inc 2 different 5c on 1½d & 2 different reply cards betwn H&G1-11.20
2671919 comm.cvrs(2) Stann Creek or Corosal-USA both @ 3c rate.50
2681920 KGV 1c & 2c wrappers, H&G1-2 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen (2).25
2691934(July 19) illus commem cvr (last Spanish attack on colony in 1798) to USA, 1c (SG126).20
2701935 regd cvr Belize-Canada, S.Jubilee 5c(corner blk 4) + 25c pair (SG145-6 cat £28).40
2711938 KGVI 1c & 2c wrappers, H&G4-5 fine unused (2).20
2721955 QE2 unused p.stat(6): 2c cards(H&G18-a), 3c & 5c regd envs size G(H&G7-8), 1c + unlisted 2c wrapper25
2731959 cvr(inc Xmas card) Boom-Bermuda, 4c (SG182).20
274BR.LEVANT: 1893(Feb 25) FDC Stamboul-UK, 40pa on ½d (SG7 cat £100). BPA Cert. PHOTO150
2751901 cvr BPO C'tinople-USA, 40pa (SG4).15
2761904 ppc comm.used BPO Smyrna-UK, GB KEVII 1d (Z269).15
2771911 comm.cvr BPO Salonica-Paris, 1pi ovpt (SG13) tied reverse.20
2781912 regd cvr Smyrna-USA, 2pi+30pa (SG14ab,29).35
2791920(Nov) advert cvr C’tinople(Br.PO pmk)-Switz, GB 2½d (Z192) scarcer milky blue shade.25
2801922 regd advert cvr BPO C'tinople-Vienna, 4-colour SG41,42b,43(all x2),44b(cat £50+) tied reverse. PHOT.65
281BR.OCC.ITAL.COLS: 1949 air cvr Asmara-UK, 3-col.10c,65c,75c(E2,7a-8). Double rate. Cat 500eu(cvr). PH.65
2821950(Jan) airmail cvr Asmara-UK, BMA Eritrea 25c+50c (E4,7). Cat 200eu(cvr).30
2831950 airmail cvr Tobruk-UK, Cyrenaica set to 100m (SG136-46 cat £75). 100m cat 3750eu on cvr. PHOTO200
2841950 Aden Airways(labels) cvrs(2) Asmara-UK, BA Eritrea 10c+65c or 30c+50c.60
285BR.VIRGIN IS: 1903 ½d(+ ½d SG43) or 1d Virgin p.stat.cards(2) philatelically used Tortola-Germany(rec'rs).25
2861918 regd cvr Tortola-UK, 1d+3d war stamps (SG78b,79 cat £35). PHOTO50
2871927 regd OHMS cvr PO Tortola-USA, scarce 5d (SG97 x2 cat £90). PHOTO150
2881930 regd cvr Road Town-UK, 3d (SG96 x2 cat £22).30
2891937 1d Coronation (x2) on comm.cvr Road Town-USA.15
2901947 regd OHMS largeish air cvr Commissioner(cachet)-UK, mixed issues SG116a,7a(x4 ea),23(x3 cat £20).20
2911971 UK formular p.stat.reply cards(3) Anegada,Cane Garden Bay or Jost van Dyke(blue)-UK @ GB 2½p/3p.25
292BRUNEI: Jap.Occ: 1944(Sept 30) local FDC of N.Borneo J21+27(cat £22). PHOTO65
293BULGARIA: (see lots 93,1425): 1902-7 5c(+5c) or 10c p.stat.cards(2) to Germany, 1 ex Slivno via Bourgas Tsaribrod TPO, other pmk’d Varna-Sophia TPO.25
2941917-18 nice pair 5s p.stat.cards(2 diff) comm.used Trnovo-Belgrade via Sofia(circ. red armourial censor cachet) or Budapest (boxed 3-line censor).25
2951932 1L p.stat.card used Vratza-Sofia, SG298(Sunday delivery stamp)+304a pmk'd on arrival. Water stain.25
2961941-2 advert cvr/ppc(2) Skopje/Plovdiv-Vienna/Germany, SG437+464 or 455 & 2 different German censors.25
297BURMA: 1937 underpaid(box due cachet) cvr Dallah-India, SG2+4(pair) tied reverse.20
2981937 KGV 3a+1a ovpt regd env, H&G1(size H) Kanyutkwin-India + SG2,9.25
2991938 regd cvr Merchant St(PO only open 5 years)-Tanganyika(destination/rec'r), SG5+8.20
3001939(Sept) Burman Messenger newspaper wrapper Insein-USA, 9p (SG3).15
3011942(Mar 2) airmail illus advert cvr Mandalay-India via Lashio, SG22(x8)+28. Double censored inc X72. Burma fell to Japanese 6 days later.40
3021946(Jan 1) local Pazundaung matching illus FDCs(4) of set to 10r (SG51-63 cat £110).100
303Jap.Occ: 1942(May 17) FDC Rangoon-CO,military camp,Moulmein, 1p (J25 cat £375) & sp.pmk. PHOTO250
3041942(Jun) KGVI 1a brn p.stat.env H&G5 Moulmein(wireless pmk)-Tamure(rec'r). Scarce. PHOTO75
305CAMBODIA: 1971 airmail cvr Phnom Penh-France, 10r(SG166) with gum stains. 4-line Rep.Khmer censor.15
306CANADA: (see lots 42,76): 1864 cvr Quebec-St Joseph, 5c(SG32). Minor retouches in corners.25
3071866 cvr Quebec-India(unusual destination) via London & TPO NW rec'r, 5c(SG32). Tax marks deleted. PH.50
3081870 cvr PO Cobwell Cape(NB)-USA, fine 6c chocolate (SG59 cat £75). PHOTO100
3091883 cvr St Francois Xavier(Man)-UK, 5c (SG85 cat £16) & cork pmk.25
3101898 regd cvr Mitchell-Toronto, 2c+5c (SG128,145 cat £18). PHOTO65
3111900 QV 3c p.stat.env Millerton(NB)-UK + SG151,166 making 3-colour franking.35
3121910 Ontario Dept of Lands (Military Grants branch) env regd House of Assembly(cds + oval blue regd)- Aylmer, KEVII 2c+5c. Not Called For + Returned to s/lines. Fold at left.25
3131912 cvr Montreal-Paris, mixed 1c Kings (SG175,197).20
3141931 local Vancouver regd cvr, 3-colour SG275(pair ex bklet),91,97(scarce 8c cat £24).35
3151933 airmail cvr Quebec-Germany, 6c air ovpt (SG313 x3).15
3161935(May 4) regd S.Jubilee FDC Ottowa-UK, 3c+10c (SG357+9 cat £11).15
3171936 cacheted FFC Cole-Golden Arm(Ont), mixed Kings SG338+352(cat £22).15
3181938 regd air cvr Red Lake-India(destination) via TPO, mix KGV-VI coils: SG286,304-6(all x2 cat £130). PH.150
3191949(Sept) cacheted FFC Vancouver-Hong Kong, Newfoundland SG276+287(cat £28). Pilot signed.20
3201953 air cvr Calgary-UK, KGVI booklet SG422b,23c(x2 cat £20) +panes of 3 SG423a,23b cat £54 unused.PH75
321CANAL ZONE: 1908 Panama 1c p.stat.card + Canal Zone 14½mm opt unused (minor stains). Scott US$200.40
3221910 ppc comm.used Las Cascadas-USA, 1c opt (Sc.22). Scarce pmk.25
3231918 2c p.stat.env Corozal-USA. Boxed Panama Canal Defence military censorship(signed). PHOTO50
3241951 airmail cvr NZSC MV Rakaia,Cristobal-NZ, 3-colour airs SG128,31-2.15
325CAPE: 1886 cvr Aliwal North-Queenstown(rec’r) @ 2d rate (SG50) & fine 524 numeral.25
3261905 ppc comm.used Wynberg-Crete(destination & Heraklion rec'r) @ KEVII 1d rate.20
3271905 regd cvr Kimberley(oval pmk)-Tasmania(rec’r), scarce 3d+6d (SG74,76). Repaired spike hole.20
3281905 cvr Wellington(sq.circle)-USA, scarce 2½d KEVII SG73.25
3291905 ppc comm.used Mill Street(Cape Town pmk first listed 1913)-UK per RMS Carisbrook Castle, SG70(x2).25
330Book: 1982 Sothebys 'Maximus' Grand Prix Cape coll'n bound auction catalogue. Fine inc prices realised.20
3311989 Sothebys Sir Maxwell Joseph Cape coll'n bound auction catalogue in fine cond'n with prices realised.20
332CAYMANS: 1919 comm.cvr Georgetown-USA, 2½d (SG44).30
3331939 regd cvr Georgetown-UK, SG98(blk of 4)+100(cat £10).20
334CEYLON: QV 2c & 2c on 5c District Letter envs, 5c blue p.stat.env(H&G27-9) + 5c violet, 5c blk/blue both single & reply lettercards (H&G1-3) good-fine unused ovpt'd Specimen (6).45
3351881 cvr Kandy(C pmk K5 + paid cds PD7)-Nuwera Eliya, 4c (SG123).25
3361885-6 2½c on 2c or 3c p.stat.cards(2: H&G6,16) used Passara/Maskeliya(both paid)-Colombo + 16/88 pmk.50
3371893 2c on 5c district letter env used locally in Nuwaraeliya with boxed Too Late.25
3381901 QV 6c red p.stat.card comm.used Colombo-W.Australia(destination/rec’rs).20
3391901 QV 5c p.stat.env + SG195,216 making 3-colour franking Colombo-UK.25
3401902 ppc comm.used Veyangoda(scarce MO&SB pmk in use 1 year)-Germany, 2c+4c (SG256+8).40
3411906 Nuwara Eliya ppc comm.used Galkissa(name changed in 1908)-Austria @ 6c rate.25
3421914 scarce KGV 2c yellow-olive p.stat.card, H&G48 locally used in Nuwara Eliya.25
3431923 KGV 10c regd env size G(type unlisted H&G) Kandy-Germany(box TPO) + 3-colour SG307(x2),43,50.35
3441927 3c p.stat.reply half, scarce H&G59 comm.used Colombo-Germany + 1c(blk 10 SG301).35
3451931 cvr Colombo(broadcast listener licence slogan)-Philippines(destination), SG344-5(x2).15
3461946 regd airmail cvr Mariakade-Holland, SG392.94d,95.15
347CHILE: 1855 outer Copiapo-Lima(circ.Vapor grn rec'r), 5c+10c (SG8,15). File fold but cat US$750(cvr). PH.150
3481901 crested env Santiago-Tiltil, pair 1c postal fiscals (F86).25
3491908 snowy ppc comm.used Punta Arenas-Java(destination), 3c (SG106 x2).20
3501916 2c illus p.stat.card(H&G35) comm.used Valdivia-Germany + 4c (SG151 x2).15
3511929(July) cacheted FFC Santiago-B.Aires by Mermoz, SG191+216(x2).30
3521958 printed env(+ cachet) to UK ex Cambridge Atacama Desert Exped'n @ $90 rate.10
353GB used in: 1874 9d (Z80 cat £200) with Valparaiso Paid cds. PHOTO65
354CHINA:(see lot 1082): 1886 cvr Shanghai(Fr.PO)-UK via Ligne N Paq.Fr.No.7, French 25c yellow P&C(Yv92).30
3551934 airmail ‘By Netherlands Airmail’ h/stamp cvr Shanghai-UK, SG391,3,8,415.25
3561941(Mar) French p/card used by French family Shanghai-France @ 30c rate. German censor.20
3571945 local Chungking cvr with Sun Yat Sen set (SG746-51 cat £40) tied reverse. PHOTO50
3581946 regd air cvr Siking-Chinese Ministry to Vatican(destination/rec’r), SG833(x10),839 & 889(x3 ea) rev. PH.65
359Pakhoi: 1907 regd cvr to Paris, 10c-40c opts (SG21,3-7 cat £29). PHOTO50
360Taiwan: 1948 formular airletter, H&G1 fine unused. No value (cost $5000). Uncommon.15
361CHRISTMAS IS: 1961 25c regd env, H&G2 fine unused.20
3621968-70 illus FDCs(4) of Fishes set (SG22-31) to Australia.20
363COCOS: 1953 Coronation Quantas airletter (scarcer than illus cvr) flown to UK, Singapore 10c Coro(x3).30
3641963 pictorial set (SG1-6) on 2 illus FDCs to UK.15
365COLOMBIA: 1893 advert cvr Cucuta(oval violet undated pmk)-N.York, 10c (SG155).20
3661910 large regd cvr Honda-UK, SG281(x3)+R289.20
3671919 regd cvr Barranquilla-USA, 5c (SG361) + 10c regd (R370) tied oval violet pmk.20
3681925 OHBMS diplomatic bag label regd Br.Legation,Bogota-Foreign Office,UK, SG361,4-6(hi-vals),R409 rev.25
3691927(Jun) airmail cvr Hamburg-Bogota @ 1m30 rate. Scadta 30c(x2)+60c(x3) & A ovpts tied Barranquilla pmks + 2 different Colombian green airmail labels. PHOTO100
370COOK IS: 1921 regd(violet pmk on label) cvrs(2) Mauke(scarce)-UK, set to 1/= (SG70-5 cat £85). PH(ex)100
3711928 regd OHMS cvr Rarotonga-USA, scarce 4d (SG84 cat £16).40
3721949 cvr Rarotonga-Canada, 5-colour SG130,38,40,43-4(cat £70). PHOTO60
3731966(Mar 5-8) illus Polynesian Airlines cacheted FFCs(2) Rarotonga-Fr.Polynesia or Aitutaki(pilot signed).15
374Aitutaki: 1932 regd 'Wilson' cvr to UK, ½d-1/= (SG27-32 cat £150). PHOTO150
375COSTA RICA:1911 unusual panoramic folded Cartago earthquake damage ppc to USA, SG86(x4)& box pmk20
3761933 cvr SS Crynssen,Limon-UK, Philatelic Exhib'n SG194-5,6(x2)-7.10
377CRETE:(see lot 326): 1904 ppc ex French expeditionary corps to France, 1L(SG1 x5) & Hania pmk.25
3781909 village ppc to Belgium, Austrian PO 5c (Mi77) & Candia Austrian PO pmk.20
379CROATIA: 1875 EL Porto Re-Trieste(Tergested oval rec’r), Hungarian 5f pmk’d Kraljevica.25
3801941 stampless official cvr Babina Greda-German POW Camp Stalag 218. German censors. 3-line cachet: Sluzbeno a poslu javne sprave presto od po tarine.25
3811941 comm.cvr Zagreb-Rome, SG33(x2)+37. Rome censor label tied blue armourial censor cachet.20
3821942-3 1d50 p.stat.cards(2 diff.types) Vilic Selo-Zagreb or Virovitica-Martinjska(this + 0.50k).15
3831943 regd parcel card Zagreb-Croat in German army,Bavaria, SG42(x2)+78.30
384CUBA: 1859 EL Cienfuegos-Havana(rec'r), 4mgn ½r(SG9) blue-grn & oval pmk. Light file fold.20
3851879 outer Havana(oval violet pmk)-Holland via Liverpool US Pkt, pair 25c (SG82). PHOTO40
3861927(Oct) regd FFC Havana-Key West flown Caldwell, 4-colour SG336-7,9,41 & d/ring undated regd 7 pmk.20
3871943 airmail advert cvr Havana-Mexico, SG386+458. Scarcer Spanish language censor 1034 label.15
388CYPRUS: 1881 QV 2pi regd env size F good unused. Registered 49mm long.15
3891930-1 regd cvrs(2) Larnaca/Nicosia-UK, pairs SG121 or 2(cat £10).25
3901936(Aug) MISR FFC Nicosia-Egypt, 1½pi (SG137).25
3911938(Jan-May) cvrs(2) Nicosia-Italy(inc letter) or UK, SG137 or 8. Both with Cyprus Oranges cachets.20
3921945 cvr Famagusta-USA, SG155a(x2). Blk/buff M/66 censor label.20
3931957 cvr Nicosia-Vietnam(rare destination/rec’r) @ 20m rate. Ret’d to Returned Letter Office Nicosia(pmk).25
394CZECHOSLOVAKIA: 1861 firms EL Vienna-Prague, Austrian 3kr grn(SG24 cat £225) pmk'd on arrival. PH.200
3951864 unpaid firms EL Prag-Switz via Heidelberg-Basel & Aarau-Bern TPOs charged 40 postage due.20
3961902 Luzne Lisan multi-view ppc comm.used to Vysoke, Austrian 5h & FPA 38 Eger-Prag TPO.15
3971916 official regd stampless cvr Teplitz Schonau-Grauben taxed + 3 diff.Austrian P.Dues(D212c,274,284)tied.25
3981918 Austrian 8h p.stat.card regd Goltsch Jenikau-Franzenbad + Austrian 5h,20h (Mi186,222b).15
3991919-20 Hradcany p.stat.cards inc uprated or ppcs + Hradcany frankings(15 items inc 4 to Austria/Germany).40
4001920 regd cvr Bratislava-Switz, 6-colour mixed perf/imperf Hradcany issues to 40h + 5h newspaper stamp. Boxed Censurovano in violet. See also lots 13,884.20
40119 45(Jun)-51(Mar) internal ppcs(2) to Litomerice/Pribov @ 50h/1k50 rate. 2 diff.s/line Cenzurovane cachets.20
402Bohemia & Moravia: 1940 airmail cvr Prague-N.York, 3k+5k (Mi33,35). Boxed violet Mit Luftpost nach Nordamerika und ab New York. German censor label.25
4031940 air cvr Brunn-Hamburg, 5h-30h + 1k(SG20-4,28).Sent via German DIenstpost with German 6pf(SG680).20
404East Silesia: 1920 cvr Hobomin-Vienna, 3-colour mixed perf/imperf SO ovpts, SG9-10(x2),26. No flap. PH.65
405DANZIG:1923(Oct 11) air cvr Tiegenhof-Bad Oeynhausen via Leipzig/Berlin @ 12mill.mks(Mi164-6 cat 23eu).25
4061929(July) cvr to UK, 5pf+30pf (Mi193xb,198aa cat 19eu) & International Stamp Exhibition pmk. See lot 64.25
4071932(July) Graf Zepp Luposta flight cvr (sp.pmk/cachet) to Ronne, exhib'n ovpts SG221-5(cat £150). PHOT.150
4081936(Jun 23) regd FDC to Switz of Brosen set (Mi259-61) with sp.pmk/regd label. Cat 200eu(FDC). PHOT.50
409DENMARK:(see lots 40,66): 1857(Jan) EL Flensburg-Hamburg(KDOPA rec'r), 4mgn 4s type 2 (Fa4d).25
4101885 4o p.stat.env regd Skive-Copenhagen + 3o,4o(x3),5o (Fa28f,29h,53b cat 500+kr). PHOTO50
4111897 official(nice seals) insured stampless cvr Aalborg-Horsens with purple etiquette.20
4121915 ppc comm.used Herning-Copenhagen, 5o Frederik VIII p.stat. cut-out tied. Unusual.20
4131917 aerial war ppc used as feldpostkarte Odense-Germany ex officer on L4 German Zeppelin that came down in Denmark Feb 1915 & crew interned. S/line red Censureret F. Scarce.40
4141921 Skodsborg Sanitorium illus advert cvr to Copenhagen, 3-colour mixed issues Fa86-7(x2),133(x2).35
4151923 insured(orange label) cvr Copenhagen-Helsingor, Christian X 70o (Fa158).25
4161925 regd cvr Helsingor-Syria(destination/rec’r), 50o(Fa155a)+5o(Fa90 x4).35
4171930 comm.cvr Copenhagen-UK, pair scarce 20o Christian X birthday (SG260 cat £20).25
4181930 underpaid airmail cvr France-Copenhagen @ 4f50 rate. Tax marks inc 36o grn meter to pay mark.20
4191934 complete(3 parts) postal order for 2kr85o Viborg-Vrensted @ 30o rate. Unusual.20
4201935 Bornholm RP ppc comm.used to Sjelland, 10o & Copenhagen pmk. S/line Fra Ronne.20
4211936 airmail advert cvr Sonderburg-Erlangen, scarce 50o air (SG227 cat £300). PHOTO200
4221950 10o+40o airletters (2 diff: LF3-4) scarce commercially used Copenhagen-Belgium/USA.40
423DWI: 1891 3c p.stat.card Bassin-UK with scarcer Christiansted 24mm pmk. PHOTO50
4241907 message half 10b red Christian IX type 2 p.stat.reply card comm.used St Thomas-UK. Staple marks.30
4251911 underpaid Trinidad ½d p.stat.card used Belmont-St Croix taxed + pair 5b P.Dues. Rare but stained.PH.200
4261911 local comm.cvr Christiansted-Frederiksted(rec’r), 5b (Fa32b x2).25
427GB used in: 1867 QV 10d (Z27 cat £275) & fine C51 pmk. PHOTO75
428Schleswig: 1920 comm.cvr Haderslev-Denmark, 3-colour Fa2,4-5.20
429DOMINICA: 1909 regd(small violet boxed h/stamp) OHMS cvr to USA, 6d (SG52 cat £12).30
4301910 cvr Portsmouth-Germany, 1d SG48(x3).25
4311924 regd 3-colour franking cvr to UK, SG71,6-7(cat £10).20
4321937 cvr Roseau-UK. Uncommon usage of pair Leewards 1d Coronation.20
4331937 local Coronation FDC of SG96-8 & Soufriere pmk.15
4341946-51 regd(black or brown h/st) cvrs(2) Pointe Michel-UK, SG110(x2)-1 or 102+4a.25
4351946 cvr La Plaine-USA, SG109(¼d blk of 8)+100.20
4361949 regd airmail cvr to UK, S.Wedding set (SG112-3 cat £35).30
437DOMINICAN REP: 1897 comm.cvr SP de Macoris-Canada, 5c(SG87) & rubber 40mm pmk.35
4381903 comm.cvr Monte Christy(red pmk)-USA, bisected 10c (SG113) tied.25
439ECUADOR: (see lot 8): 1894 5c p.stat.env, H&G10 comm.used to Quito with 7-barred oval pmk.20
4401919 comm.cvr Bahia de Cunaguez-USA, SG370(x2) + scarce oblig.tax SG375.25
4411940 cvr Cuenca-China(destination/rec’r), SG480(x2) + oblig.tax SG624.20
442EGYPT: 1866 outer Alexandria-France, French 40c Napoleon & 5080 pmk. PHOTO45
4431870 outer Alexandrien(Austrian PO)-Austria via Trieste, 15sld grey-brn (Mi5). PHOTO65
4441888-1908 p.stat.reply cards(9: H&G4-8,10,13,15,17) all fine unused.45
4451898 5m p.stat.lettercard comm.used Cairo(Shepheards Hotel pmk)-Germany + 5m (SG63).20
4461908 regd cvr Alexandria-France, French POs 15c+50c (SG26,32).20
4471915 scarce 2m on 1m p.stat.env, H&G15 fine unused.20
4481917 ppc Shepheards Hotel,Cairo-UK, 2m(SG74). Violet boxed Base Censor EEF.15
4491933 comm.cvr Cairo Station-Denmark(destination) via Alexandria, unusual usage SG214(x4 cat £17).20
4501937-8 regd FDCs(2) Cairo-UK of Ophthalmic/Cotton Congresses (SG262-4,66-8) & sp.pmks/regd cachet.20
4511942(Apr) OAS cvr AIF FPO 16(Cairo)-Alexandria. Boxed violet cachet Certified Official Chief Paymaster AIF.20
452Gaza: 1960 UNEF airletter comm.used to Sweden ex Swedish Bn with UNEF violet pmk.20
453GB used in Alexandria: QV 2½d pl's 3-5,7,9, 3d pl.5, 6d chestnut pl.11, 6d grey pl.14, 1/= pl.5 (Z7,9,12,26, 28,38 cat £235) & fine BO1 pmks (9).65
454GB used in Suez: QV 2½d pl's 1,3,4,7,9 (Z47 or 49 cat £160) & fine BO2 pmks (5).50
455QV 9d straw (Z70 cat £225) & fine BO2 pmk. PHOTO70
456EL SALVADOR: 1889 10c red provisional p.stat.env (front only of H&G2) comm.used La Union(violet pmk) - Spanish Consulate,UK via Panama + 1c(SG9). Rare.25
4571898 3c red p.stat.card, H&G50 comm.used San Salvador(blue pmk)-Paris via N.York.15
4581903 5c p.stat.env, H&G76 comm.used Sonsonate-San Salvador, 1c blk/white Primary Education tax tied rev.40
4591903 comm.cvr to Belgium(rec’rs), 13c(SG492) tied fancy ES in circle cachet + violet oval Foreign PO pmk.25
460ESTONIA: 1914(Dec) Tallinn ppc used Reval-HMS Inconstant,UK, Russian 4k(SG129) & circ.Russian censor20
4611921 regd advert cvr Tallinn-UK, 5m (SG12a x4: 2 pairs).20
4621935 regd cvr Tallinn-Canada, 4-colour mixed franking SG77,80a,82,100.20
463German Occ: 1941 comm.cvr Tallinn-Abja, 30k (Mi6).35
464ETHIOPIA: 1937 airmail cvr Harar-Italy, mix frank Ethiopia 50c(SG322e)+ Eritrea 1L air & blue PM N.108 pmk25
4651937 cvr Addis-USA, mix 4-col.frank: scarce 10c(SG322a) + Eritrea SG196,200,4(cat £23). Minor stains. PH.50
466c1940 cvr to Holland, 1g (SG360 x2) pen-cancelled. Pink label & 2-line violet Empire military censor. File hole25
467FALKLANDS: 1936 cvr Fox Bay-UK, strip of 3 ½d (SG127 cat £30). PHOTO50
4681976 comm.cvr Pt Stanley-UK, blk of 4 ½ds (SG276,293 or 315 cat £19 or £120).25
469Deps: 1948 cvr with 1d-1/= maps (G2-8: 1/= has broken arc var) & S.Shetlands pmk. Pencil address erased.25
4701949 cvr S.Shetlands-Stanley, UPU set (G21-4 cat £11).15
4711963 cvr S.Georgia-UK, ½d+2½d (G26a,30 cat £32).25
472S.Georgia: 1945 cvr to Pt Stanley(rec’r), ovpt set to 1/= (B1-8 cat £11).20
473FAROES: c1915 local official cvr with Danish 5o (SG135) & fine Vestmanhavn undated star circ.cachet25
4741926 local Thorshavn cvrs(2) with Danish SG143 or 182(x2) ie 20o rates.25
475c1930 local official(crown) cvr, 10o(SG182) tied blue mss X + M.Vaag. Both mss crayon.20
476FIJI: 1895 1½d green p.stat.card(H&G2) comm.used Suva-Australia(& redirected within).35
4771907 ppc Levuka-S.Africa(destination/rec'rs) via Sydney @ 1d rate.40
4781913 rare large formular regd env Suva-Vienna franked 1d+6d(x2: SG121 cat £80). Central fold. PHOTO150
4791913-4 KGV 1d p.stat.envs(2: H&G1a,2b) comm.used locally with Levuka pmks.50
4801937 plain Coronation FDC of SG246-8 Tavua(scarcer pmk type)-Suva.20
4811941(Nov 9) OAS airmail cacheted FFC Suva-Auckland, SG254(cat £16)+262. Boxed violet Censored.25
482FINLAND: 1856 10k p.stat.env(U4a) Wiborg(box pmk)-Sardavala. Central stain from wax seal.40
4831902 20p blue p.stat.env Borga-Helsinki cancelled with fine 59(rural mail) barred cancel.20
4841905-14 internal cvrs(6) @ 5p/20p rates with 213,216,222,245,349 or 369 rural mail cachets.80
4851931(Sept) flown p/card Helsinki-Abo(rec'r), Fa148+169(cat £13).20
4861945(Dec) airmail cvr Haapamaki-N.York, SG373a+74(x6: 32mk rate). See also lot 1428.15
487Karelia: 1941(Oct) express(label) airmail cvr Aunas-Sweden, set to 10mk (Fa1-7 cat 240kr). Finnish censor.25
488FIUME: 1919 regd local cvr, ovpts SG93(x3)+99(x2). Circ. armourial Fiume censor. No flap.20
4891920 street scene ppc comm.used to Pisa, 15c (SG133).15
490FRANCE: 1760 + 1787 ELs(2) Lyon-Bancaire/Chateau Montrevon rated 9 or 11. 2 diff. DE LYON s/lines.50
4911857 cvr Paris-London, Napoleon 20c(x2,1 4mgn) & fine pointille fin pmks. Box red PP.40
4921857 EL Negrepelisse-Agen, 3+4 mgn pair Napoleon 15c bistre-orange.30
4931857 EL Rochefort-Saintes, close-clear 4mgn strip of 4 20c (Maury 14 cat 40eu) & petit chiffres pmk.30
4941869 outer Belgian Consulate,Bordeaux(cachet)-Rome via TPO, 40c(SG120 cat £15).Box red Affr.Insufficient20
4951871 EL Aubenas-Lyon, 3-colour mixed issues SG102,137,156(3½mgn cat £376). PHOTO200
4961871 EL Orleans-Belgium via France Midi II TPO,mix frank Ceres 25c+ Nap.1c(x5 inc strip 4 cat 300eu).PH.125
4971875 outer Bordeaux-Mexico via St Nazaire, pair Ceres 30c grey-brn + 40c(Maury 38+56c). Red box PP. PH.65
4981900(Nov) ppc used locally in Paris@ 10c rate ex US Postal Agency at Paris Expo(scarce machine pmk).PH200
4991905-9 ppcs(4) to UK @ 10c sower rate all pmk'd fine different TPOs.15
5001915(Sept) OAS censored cvr to UK with scarce skeleton FPO A2A pmk (2nd Army GHQ).15
5011919(May) local Versailles cvr, War Orphans SG370 & Peace Congress pmk.15
5021919 regd cvr Paris-Ireland, 5-colour franking inc SG371,378(cat £90). PHOTO75
5031925(May) airmail cvr Paris(Philatelic Exhib’n pmk)-Bruges, SG289-90,339(Vichy advert label),410.25
5041935(July) Air Bleu sp.cacheted FFCs(2) Paris-Toulouse & return, SG523+8 or 526+30(cat £14).20
5051938 regd cvr Paris Fair(sp.pmk)-Switz, SG606,8-10(cat £42). No flap.30
5061939 regd cvr St Vivien-Switz, SG607,13,33,39(x2),41(cat £44).35
5071942 pictorial(bird) airmail cvr Casablanca-Pau underpaid with 3-colour P.Dues (D298,302,312).20
5081951 stampless countersigned cvr Arromanches(aircraft carrier pmk)-Paris. French Navy cachet.15
5091951+54 Day of the Stamp illus p/cards(2) franked obverse SG1107(scarce) or 1202 & sp.pmks.40
5101958 regd cvr Evreux-USA, Red X set (SG1365-6) in se-tenant booklet panes of 4. Cat £52+. PHOTO50
5111964 illus PHILATEC FDC Paris(sp.pmk)-Neuilly of SG1651(cat £29). See also lot 1,3,19-20,35,68,442,1609.20
512FRENCH COLS: Algeria: 1870 outer to Algiers, French 20c Napoleon tied 5005 pmk of Algiers. Box BM.25
5131916 cvr Sidi Chami(Oran)-USA @ French 25c rate. Plain censor tape tied both circ.armourial War Ministry Oran postal censor & boxed opened by military censor. 25
5141941 airmail cvr Algiers Bourse-Marseille, unusually franked SG81+162(cat £15).20
5151957 large GPO regd FDC to USA of Red X set (SG373-4) in blks of 4 (cat £120) & sp.pmk. PHOTO90
516Antarctic: 1962 cvr Terre Adelie-UK, 10fr+20fr (SG10,13 cat £92). PHOTO65
5171963 Quiet Sun illus unadd.FDC of SG36-7(cat £180) & Kerguelen pmk. PHOTO125
5181962 Telstar & 1970 Meteorological Station illus unadd.FDCs(2) of SG25 & 59(cat £71).40
5191963(Jan 1) Gallieni paquebot cacheted cvr Crozet-UK, SG14,25,27,34(cat £340). PHOTO250
5201964 cvr Kerguelen-UK, SG3,10-11,27(cat £136). PHOTO100
5211964 cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-USA, 8fr + Kerguelen 25fr (SG9,23 cat £120). PHOTO90
5221973 cvr Terre Adelie(13th expedition cachet)-UK, SG64,7-8(cat £63). PHOTO45
5231976 regd exped'n airmail cvr Dumont d'Urville-UK, wildlife set (SG98-103 cat £140). PHOTO100
5241977 regd(blank label) cvr Martin de Vivies-Orkney(destination/rec'r), then Italy, SG116,24-5(cat £65).45
525Cameroun:(see lot 38): 1919 regd cvr Duala-France, occupation ovpts SG30-1,3-4,7(x2 cat £17).30
5261920 comm.cvr to France, 30c (SG37) & N'kona Samba to Bonaberi TPO pmk. Minor envelope faults.20
5271941 comm.cvr Yaounde-UK, SG168(x3) & French military censor label.15
528Congo: 1897 10c p.stat.card comm.used Brazzaville(blue pmk)-Holland(destination).25
5291934 lovely illus(tyre & battery) advert cvr SABENA airmail cvr Brazzaville-Paris, AEF Ubangi-Chari 2fr(x2)opt25
530Dahomey: 1909 dance troupe ppc Kouande-France, Benin 30c (SG41 cat £12).30
5311913 regd cvr Porto Novo-UK, 25c (SG24 x2 cat £14+) tied reverse.25
532Equat.Africa: 1944 airmail cvr Pt Gentil-S.Africa, SG62,64,175-6(cat £10). AEF circ.censor.20
533Fezzan: 1950 sp.maximum card for Colonel D’Ornano with 15fr(SG47 cat £27) tied obverse Sebha pmk.30
534Gabon: 1915 comm.cvr Ngomo-UK, 05 on 25c (SG70A).20
535Guadeloupe: 1861 outer Pt a Pitre(fine unframed pmk)-Nantes rated 6 via Calais(Col.Fr.Angl.cds).20
5361901 comm.cvr ex US Consul,Basse Terre-USA, 25c (SG42 x2).20
5371941 comm.cvr Pigeon(violet pmk)-Basse Terre, SG113+124.20
538Guinea: 1927 fishing boats ppc comm.used Conakry-France, 3-colour SG83,85,90.25
539India: 1944 cvr Pondichery-Haiphong, Free French 1ca ovpts (SG211 x6 cat £80). PHOTO75
540Indochina:1899 expeditionary corps stampless cvr Ha Giang-France with Corps Expeditre Tonkin d/ringcachet + blue Army CO Poste de Guan-Ba blue cachet. No flap. 35
5411931 5c ploughing p.stat.env Hue(Annam)-Paris + 1c(SG140).15
5421939 airmail cvr Saigon-Casablanca, SG200,4 + scarce Cancer commem (SG251 cat £23).35
5431947 cvr Saigon-Argentina(destination/rec’r), scarce surchs SG328-30(cat £19).30
544Ivory Coast: 1937 regd airmail cvr Tabou-France, SG63,79,112(x2),118(cat £9).20
5451939 cvr Grand Lahou-UK, mixed issues SG111+146(x2 cat £7).20
5461963 medical advert air lettercard Abidjan-France, SG188-9(x2 ea),90(cat £12).15
547Levant: (see lots 101,1608-9): 1908 advert cvr Samsoun-France, SG15+19.25
5481906 Beyrouth ppc Mersina(Turquie d'Asie pmk)-UK @ 5c rate.30
549Madagascar: 1902-3 expeditionary corps cvrs(2) Tananarive(blue or black pmks)-Paris with Malgache Tirailleurs cachets in blue-grn or violet. 40
5501914 regd cvr Tananarive-France, 35c (SG62).15
5511925 regd cvr Antsirabe-USA, SG64+96(x2 ea cat £12) + scarce multicolour Xmas & New Year label tied rev.25
5521925 regd cvr Diego Suarez-Mexico(destination/rec’r) via Paris, 2fr (SG68).35
5531930 illus 50c p.stat.env, H&G13 comm.used Fenerive-Tananarive.15
5541950(July 30) cvr Ste Marie-Tamatave @ 6fr rate. Box cachet Bicentenary Union Ste Marie & France.15
555Morocco: 1929 regd airmail cvr Rabat-UK, Flood Relief set (SG149-58 cat £150). PHOTO150
556New Caledonia: 1913 Messageries Maritime ppc of Fremantle lumber yard comm.used Justice of Peace(cachet),Noumea-France, 5c (SG88).20
5571929 regd(scarce blk/grey label) cvr Noumea-USA, SG142-6,72.30
5581941(Nov) cacheted FFC Noumea-Fiji(rec'r), SG162+218(cat £8).15
5591941(Nov) comm.cvr Noumea-USA, 5fr(SG176). Circ.Allied censor 9 + blk/pink local censor label.25
5601942 cvr Noumea-USA, 13 different vals betwn SG163-78(cat £65). PHOTO50
5611947(Feb) cacheted Pan-am FFC to Australia, 5fr (SG283).20
562Niger: 1938 airmail cvr Zinder-Canada, 3-colour SG51,55(scarce 1fr),71(cat £22).40
563Oceania: 1942 cvr Vaitape(Bora Bora)-USA, Free French 5fr ovpt (SG137 cat £15).30
5641953(Sept 24) airmail FDC Papeete-Australia of Gauguin 14fr (SG213 cat £70) & sp.pmk. PHOTO50
565Polynesia: 1967(Nov) Air NZ illus FFC Tahiti-USA, SG38-9,63(cat £11+).15
5661969-72 illus unadd.FDCs(5) of SG88-9,91-2,128,158(cat £53).25
567Reunion: 1933 regd(2-line h/st) cvr St Denis-USA, SG94,101,126(x2).20
5681937 airmail cvr Avirons-Paris via Pointe des Galets & Marseille Airport, SG74(x2)+149 reverse.20
5691946 regd airmail cvr St Denis-USA, Chad-Rhine set (SG278-83 cat £40).30
570St.Pierre-Miquelon: 1926 advert(Canadian merchants) cvr to St Pierre, boxed Govt PP(no value) cachet.15
5711942 double censored(inc Canadian label DB/C.128) cvr to USA, FNFL opts SG267+295(stained) cat £33.PH50
5721948 regd airmail cvr to USA, hi-vals 50fr-200fr (SG382-4 cat £59). PHOTO50
5731962 airmail cvr to Paris, SG403-4,9,17(cat £17).15
574Senegal: 1896 regd cvr St Louis-Belgium via Dakar, pair 25c (SG15, 1 damaged when affixed).25
5751907 cvr Thies-France via Dakar, scarcer blk of 4 5c (SG21). See also lot 590.25
576Somali Coast: 1908 ppc Djibouti-Marseilles, 5c(SG140a) & Reunion-Marseille p/bot LV no.1 pmk.15
5771939 underpaid airmail cvr Djibouti-France, 10fr (SG276).20
5781966 100fr lionfish (SG501 cat £36) on illus unadd.FDC.25
579Sudan: 1945 regd airmail(Bamako-Dakar) cvr Mopti-Paris, mixed issues SG147,66 + Mauritania SG127(x2).20
580Tchad: 1937 US 3c p.stat.reply half comm.used military(cachet) Fort Lamy-USA.20
581Togo: 1945 regd cvr Lama Kara-France, SG80,131,46(x2 cat £19) + green local publicity label.25
5821953 regd cvr Bassari-USA via Sokode, scarce military medal SG187(x5 inc blk of 4 cat £41).40
583Tunisia: (see lot 33): 1912 blk/orange complete parcel post repayment card unfranked used locally in Sfax.25
5841927 parcel card for 3 parcels regd Tunis-Zarzis, P148,54,57,59-60 + 10c fiscal.40
5851939 1f90 on 70c airmail p.stat.card, H&G1 fine unused & uncommon.20
5861943(Mar 24) airmail lettercard comm.used & censored MPO KW5(Bir Sultan)-UK @ NZ 3d rate. Scarce.25
5871947(May) cacheted Air France FFC Tunis-Marseille-Paris in 1 day, 5fr(SG247).15
588Upper Volta: 1921 regd cvr Ouagadougou-Paris, hi-vals SG11-17(cat £60). PHOTO65
589Wallis & Futuna: 1948 regd cvr Wallis-US via N.Caledonia, Free French set to 20fr(SG126-39 cat £100).PH.80
590W.Africa: 1948 airmail cvr Dakar Yoff airport-Uruguay(destination), SG19,43,49.15
591GAMBIA: 1909 cvr Bathurst-UK per SS Muraji via L'pool @ 1d rate (SG58).20
5921922 regd cvr Bathurst-UK, ½d-2½d (SG108-12 cat £60+). PHOTO75
5931925 cvr TPO 2 R.Gambia-Senegal, bisected(?) vertically 3d (SG128). PHOTO45
5941950 regd illus(UPU) airmail cvr Kaur-UK, SG166-9. Scarce pmk/regd label.25
5951966 arms(no value) regd env size G Bathurst-UK + SG234,39,42. Uncommon.20
596GERMAN COLS: Cameroun: 1912 ppc written Vgowayang-Germany @ 5pf rate pmk’d Kribi.25
597China: 1901 ppc Tsingtau(Kiaochow)-Germany, pair 10pf (Mi3 type 2).40
5981908 ppc comm.used Peking-UK, 4c (Mi30).20
599E.Africa: 1899 5p on 10pf p.stat.card Wilhelmstal-Germany via Tanga. No message.25
600Kiaochow: 1909 ppc comm.used to Germany @ 2c rate with scarcer Litsun pmk. PHOTO45
601Levant: 1901 Church of Nativity ppc Jaffa-Holland @ 10pa rate.20
6021902 comm.cvr C’tinople-Germany, marginal strip of 4 10pa (Mi12) tied reverse.25
6031903 advert cvr Smyrna-Germany, 1pi (Mi14 type 2).25
6041905 regd advert cvr Smyrna-Brunswick, 2pi (Mi17).25
6051907 ppc Beirut-Venezuela(destination), 10pa (Mi36).25
606Morocco: 1906 10c on 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Fes-UK.30
6071910 ppc comm.used Tangier-S.Africa(destination), rare mix franking ovpt'd/unovpt'd Germania 5pf. PHOTO100
608SW Africa: 1904 feldpostkarte Rehoboth to soldier in Tientsin(China). Rare. PHOTO100
6091910 comm.cvr Outjo(type 2 pmk)-Hamburg, 10pf (Mi26a x2).25
610GERMAN STATES:1837 illus firms EL Muhlhausen-Guernsey(destination)per Grandville rate 4+1.Box red PP20
611Baden: 1854 cvr Rastatt(scarce red pmk)-Freiburg, pair 3kr (Mi6) & 115 pmk.30
6121861 EL Lahr-Wiesleth, fine 6kr (Mi11a cat 90eu) & 79 pmk. PHOTO75
613Bavaria: 1862 outer Augsburg-Czech via Vienna, fine 4 mgn 9kr (Mi11) & 28 cogwheel.25
6141863 EL Lichtenburg-Nurnberg, 3kr (Mi9a x2, 1 4mgn) & scarce 287 cogwheel.20
6151865 EL Kitzingen-Grosslangheim, 4mgn 1kr (Mi8 type 1) & 249 cogwheel.35
6161870 outer Heufeld-Innsbruck(Austria), strip of 3 1kr (Mi22Ya).25
6171917 regd complete parcel card Munich-Switz, 30pf+50pf (Mi99,101). Customs censor.20
6181919 cvr Treuchlingen Castle-Finland(destination/rec'r), 3-colour Mi111,53,55,71.15
619Hamburg: 1820 fumigated EL to Bordeaux rated 19, s/line Hambourg, TTR4 + box Allemagne par Givet.20
6201865 EL to Stockholm franco(boxed) 7, fine boxed KSPA(D) pmk on front. Cat 250eu(cvr). PHOTO.50
621Hannover: 1854 cvr to UK, 4mgn 1/10th (Mi5 cat 75eu) & blue pmk. Red P in circle + curved Foreign Paid.PH.45
622NGC: 1869-70 matching pair outer/EL(2) Bremen/Dresden-N.York/N.Orleans(1 per Rhein) with 2 different N.York Paid All rec'rs & Franco in red or black, pair 2gr (Mi17) in different shades.25
623Prussia: 1862 outer Bremen(box pmk)-Bohemia via Leipzig-Dresden TPO, 3sgr (Mi12b cat 25eu).20
6241864-7 outers(2) Elberfeld/Duren-France/Holland, 2gr(x2 in pair) Mi17(v.diff.shades). Violet PD or box Franco.40
625Saxony: 1856-7 cvr/ELs(3) with fine 4mgn ½,2 or 3ngr (Mi,8,10-11 cat 50eu).40
626Thurn u Taxis: 1856 EL Frankfurt-Debreczin(destination), 4 close mgns 9kr (Mi10).20
6271856 outer Dillenburg(cds + 173 numeral)-Coblenz, 3kr (Mi8 x2). Cat 160eu(cvr).40
6281863 ½sgr orange p.stat.env(147 x84mm) Weimar(251 numeral)-Klein Gromsdorf.10
629Wurttemburg: 1866 3kr p.stat.env(scarcer U10B) comm.used Hall-Entringen via K.Wurtt TPO 41.20
630GERMANY:(see lot 25,45,369,892): 1872(Aug) formular printed p/card Samoczyn(Poland)-Berlin, ½gr (Mi3).25
6311879 EL(herring report) Konigsberg(boxed TPO 11 pmk)-UK, 5pf (Mi32).15
6321898 insured cvr Inowrazlaw(Poland)-Posen, 5pf+50pf dark brown (Mi46,50).25
6331898 cvr Swedish-Norwegian Consulate in Saxony(cachet)-Norway(Christiania rec’r) @ 20pf rate.20
6341902 Germania 5pf Berlin private printed advertising(back + flaps) lettercard fine unused. Uncommon. PH.50
6351910 parcel card regd(firm’s label + cachet) Cassel-Finland, perfinned Mi87a(x2)+94AI.20
6361913(18/10) Workers Struggle Monument,Leipzig ppc comm.used to Berlin @ 5pf rate with sp.FDI pmk.20
6371914(Oct) advert cvr Stettin-Stockholm, perfinned Germania 20pf. Early 2nd Army Stettin circ/3-line censors.15
6381921 p/card Kripp-Koln, 4-colour Germania Mi85d,86c,140b-1(cat 28eu).20
6391922 local Aschaffenburg cvr with Childrens Fund set (SG247-8 cat £70). PHOTO50
6401923(Aug) cvr Weinsburg-Canada(destination) @ 12,000mks rate (Mi254c,55,61).20
6411923(Sept 13) cvr Berlin-Frankfurt @ 80,000mks rate (Mi253 x4, 55 x3, 56 x4, 78 x5).25
6421923(Sept 20) local Teichwolframsdorf FDC of 250,000mks on 500mks (Mi295).30
6431923(Oct 4) 35pf+40pf double imprint p.stat.card Rastede-India(destination/rec'r) + Mi306A(x2),309AP.25
6441923(Nov 20) comm.cvr Bremen-London @ 80md rate (Mi328-9).15
6451928 5pf illus p.stat.card(P174) Berlin-Colombia(destination) + Mi387(x2).15
6461928(Oct) firms p/card flown LZ127(cachet) F'hafen-USA, 2RM Zeppelin (SG444 cat £75). PHOTO60
6471929(Apr) Graf Zepp RP ppc flown Holy Land flight(x2 diff.cachets), F'hafen-USA, 1mk (SG397).30
6481929(May) Graf Zepp 1st America flight cvr/card(2) with 2 diff.F'hafen pmks & 2RM or 4RM Zeppelin cat £130.80
6491930(Oct) Aeropostale printed airmail env Hamburg-Chile via Frankfurt, 4-colour airs SG394-8(cat £23).30
6501931(May) Viktoria Luise airship ppc flown Graf Zepp Ostsee flight Berlin-Lubeck, SG433+442. PHOTO50
6511931(May) airmail FFC Breslau-Budapest, airs SG393-4 tied FF cachet for Breslau-Istanbul.20
6521931(Jun) printed Graf Zepp Iceland flight cacheted cvr, 1RM Zepp (SG443 cat £55) & on-board pmk. PHOT.50
6531931 Hindenburg 10pf illus(inside& out) firms p.stat.reply card complete Langenhagen-Venezuela. Scarce.PH50
6541932 Hindenburg 6pf p.stat.card + Mi467-8 comm.used Nurnberg-missionary in New Guinea(destination).25
6551932(Aug) Graf Zepp Luposta Danzig FF cacheted card signed by helmsman(rev), SG485+9 & on-board pmk50
6561934(Mar) ppc comm.used Oberammagau(sp.slogan pmk)-UK, 15pf (Mi488 cat 35eu).Scarce single franking.40
6571934(May) express(labels) cvr Berlin-Denmark, 25pf+50pf mesh wmk Hindenburg (Mi492).25
6581934 comm.cvr Bremen(Saar plebiscite slogan)-N.York per D.Bremen, 25pf Coloniser (Mi543 cat £30).30
6591934(Sept 8) airmail express(label) cvr Nurnberg(Reichsparteitag NSDAP pmk)-Zittau via Dresden,SG545-50.20
6601935 regd cvr Aschaffenburg-Guatemala(destination & nice La Tinta/Panzos rec'rs), SG496+603.20
6611939 airmail cvr Hamburg-Argentina, 25pf+3RM (SG503,536 cat £65). PHOTO50
662Alsace: 1941 regd cvr Strassburg(pictorial pmk)-Bavaria, 3-colour 8pf,10pf,25pf.20
6631941 comm.cvr Muhlhausen-Paris, 25pf(Mi10) & Wehrmacht censor strip.20
664Lorraine: 1940(Sept) cvr Boutonnay(scarcer French hexagonal pmk)-Saar, 5pf (Mi3 x6 inc blk of 4).30
6651940(Oct) regd cvr Sierck-Hannover, 4pf+50pf (Mi2,13) tied boxed violet h/stamp.25
666Officials: 1923(Aug 27) council rent office env Hirsau-Calw @ 25,000mks (Mi81 x50 cat 100 euros).30
6671923(July) Wurttemburg Gamekeeper Corps official env used locally in Laupheim @ 390 mks (Mi33e x12 + 73 blk of 6 cat 60eu).25
668Upper Silesia: 1921 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Kattowitz-Norway(destination) + 10pf,60pf (Mi16b,23).25
669Zones: 1946 cvr Brake-Berlin, 3-colour Bizone 3pf(x3: 2 diff.papers),5pf(grey paper),10pf(white paper).20
6701947 better rated cvrs(4) to USA: Allied SG915 or 937(x3 ea), 917+32 or 910+21.50
6711947 cvr(inc contents) betwn Latvian Displaced Persons in camps of Geesthacht & Rendsburg @ 24pf rate.15
6721948(Jan1) illus FDCs for regd post-war letters(2) Reutlingen/Hamburg-US, R'land FR4+15 or Wurtt FW9+12.25
6731948(July) p/card Erfurt-Scotland, 3mk (Mi961).25
6741949 cvr Koblenz-USA, Rheinland Stamp Centenary set (FR49-50 cat £50). See also lot 90.40
6751949 airmail cvr Hannover-Barbados(destination/rec'r), Trade Fair A142(x2)-3,4(x3 cat £25).30
6761949 regd local Dortmund cvr containing postal order for 150mks, 40pf (Mi90 x2).20
6771949(Aug 28) Goethe official festival p/card with A148-50(cat £45) tied sp. Frankfurt pmk.35
6781949(Dec) airmail cvr Hannover-USA, mix franking Cologne Cathedral set (A104-7) & Baden UPU(cat £50).40
679Berlin: 1948(Oct 11) local cvrs(2), 8pf or 50pf (Mi3 or 13) & airbridge slogan pmks. Cat 100eu(cvrs).25
6801949(Nov 1) illus FDC 1pf booklet pane (MiH4A cat 150eu on cvr) & sp.pmk 100yrs German stamp.40
6811950 regd parcel card to Belgium, 80pf + 2DM (Mi55,58) & SW77 pmk.30
6821953 illus unadd. Uprising FDC of SGB110-1(cat £45).30
6831955 regd cvr Neukolln-Munich, scarce 70pf (B119 cat £28). See also lots 52,74.30
6841958 airmail cvr to USA @ 3mk20 rate inc 3 B146 cat £10. High rate.25
685West: 1952 airmail cvr Nurnberg-Canada, better commems SG1074(x2),78,85,87(cat £156). PHOTO100
6861952 comm. p/card to UK with 20pf p/horn + se-tenant green X label ex booklet (S5) tied.25
6871953 comm.cvr Buckeburg-UK, mixed p/horns & commems: SG1045,49(scarce),89-90(cat £62). PHOTO45
6881953 comm.p/card Mulheim-UK, pair scarce Science Museum (SG1089 cat £82). PHOTO60
6891954 airmail cvr Neuhussheim-USA, 80pf p/horn (Mi137).25
6901956 express cvr Rosenheim-Vienna, SG1122e,58(x2)-9,62,65(cat £32).25
691East: 1949 comm.cvr Rabenstein-UK, 50pf UPU (Mi242). Soviet Zone Saxony boxed control h/st(reverse).20
6921950 comm.cvr(drucksache) Berlin-USA, 10pf (Mi265).30
6931950(Sept 2) DEBRIA illus cvr Leipzig(4 sp.pmks)-Frankfurt, MSE29a(cat £200). PHOTO150
6941952 airmail cvr Zittau-USA, pair 60pf Hegel (Mi225). Cat 110eu (cvr).30
6951953 beach ppc comm.used Ostseebad(pictorial pmk)-Philippines(destination), E116-7.15
696GIBRALTAR: 1884 cvr to UK, GB 2½d blue pl.23 (Z28) & cds + light A26.25
6971892 QV 20c regd env size F to UK + pair 25c (SG26).25
6981901 QV 2d regd env size G to UK + 1d(SG40).20
6991909 ppc to Russia(destination/rec'r) @ 1d rate.15
7001931 Main St ppc(with vehicles) comm.used to UK, 1d(SG110a) & Marseilles Gare Bouches du Rhone p/bot.15
7011935 regd airmail cvr to USA, S.Jubilee set (SG114-17 cat £42).35
7021950 regd OHMS airmail cvr PO-Malta, 1/= New Constitution (SG143).15
703GILBERT & ELLICE: 1912 advert cvr Butaritari Is(violet pmk)-Jaluit(Marshall Is rec’r), SG8-11(cat £48). PH.100
7041919 cvr Ocean Is-UK missent to S.Australia, 1d(SG13a) + 1d war tax (SG26 cat £18). PHOTO50
7051939 regd cvr Beru-UK, SG40-2. Scarce pmk/regd cachet. PHOTO50
7061948-9 regd cvrs(2) Niutao/Nonouti-UK, SG44,55-6 on each.35
7071949 regd (Tarawa h/st) cvr Aranuka-UK @ 2d rate.20
7081956 airmail cvr Canton Is-USA, set to 2/= inc p.12 1/= (SG43-52 cat £62 inc SG47a,51ab). PHOTO45
7091964 airmail cvr Funafuti-UK, SG68,71-2 (3/3d rate).15
7101972-5 regd(blk or violet h/st) cvrs(2) Niutao-UK @ 8c/18c rates & blk/violet pmks.15
711GOLD COAST: 1900 QV 2d regd env size F Elmina-UK via Cape Coast + 1d(x2).40
7121907(Jan) cvr Sekondi(crown pmk)-USA per SS Ukalo, 2½d (SG41).25
7131911 QV ½d p.stat.card written Essuassu-Germany + KEVII 1d (SG69) & Seccondee crown pmk.25
7141912 regd(scarce h/st) cvr Victoriaborg-Germany, 2d+2/= (SG61,66 cat £16). PHOTO50
7151920 comm.cvr Seccondee-UK per SS Appam @ 1d rate.15
7161939(Nov)-42 comm.cvrs(4) to UK @ ½d-2d rates. G.Coast red/blk hexagonal censors 7,8,9 or 11.30
7171947 regd cvr Accra-UK, scarce perf Victory SG133+4a in blks of 4 (cat £24).20
7181958(May 6) underpaid FDC of Ghana SG173 Bogosa-Tarkwa. Tax marks & 1d P.Due (D2) tied.15
7191749 EL Dalduff-Edinburgh rated 3 with tiny s/line Maybole.25
7201762 EL Carlton-London rated 4, blurred s/line Newark(scarce 33x7mm) & bishop mark. PHOTO50
7211765 family EL to Norwich by Caxton Bagg rated 3, scarce s/line Ely (19x8mm). PHOTO75
7221767 EL to Queen Annes Bounty,London rated 4 with bishop mark & s/line purple Norwich (50x7mm).30
7231776 outer to Baldock re-rated 4 to 7, fine 2-line White/haven (26x11mm) & bishop mark.25
7241784 EL(criminal record) Little Missenden-Aylesbury, red Free in circle + rare 2-line 29 Amer/sham. PHOTO.100
7251786 EL to Southwood near Norwich rated 5, fine 137 Horn/castle (reverse).40
7261786 EL(for stamps!) to Aylesbury rated 7, rare 2-line (5)2 Newport/Pagnel. PHOTO75
7271786 partly toned EL to London rated 5 with good 2-line 85 Har/borough + bishop mark.30
7281789 wine EL to Cognac(France) paid to London 5d & charged 30. Circ.Post Paid + s/line Yoxford (27x4mm).45
7291790 wine EL (as above lot) but s/line Bungay (30x5mm). PHOTO50
7301790 EL to North Glembane rated 2 with 2 strikes curved Ipswich (24x5mm).25
7311793 paid(3-ring red pmk) EL London-Aylesbury paid 4, then back to London @ 4d + 2-line 44 Ayles/bury.PH.65
7321795 EL Beaconsfield-Aylesbury rated 1/6 + mss & h/stamp 2, 2-line North/leach (Gloucs?).40
7331796 outer to London rated 8, curved Melton.S20
7341799 outer to London re-rated several times (one by red crown), reversed horseshoe Fakenham.40
7351799 EL to Ashborne rated 5 with fine Lichfield reversed horseshoe.35
7361799 EL(re Merton College) to Aylesbury re-rated 5 to 7,s/line Oxford (rare 29x6mm in use this year only).PH.75
7371799 outer to Edinburgh rated 8 with fine red 3-ring Free (no code letters) & bishop mark. PHOTO50
7381806 EL(re shares) to Rochdale Canal Co rated 11, fine s/line Walsingham (45mm).15
7391806 EL(re game certificate) to Aylesbury, re-rated 5 to 7, fine Staines boxed mileage.15
7401810 EL(arrest cancelled) to Under Sheriff,Aylesbury re-rated 5 to 7, Uxbridge mileage.20
7411814 EL to London rated 11, 31mm Stockport 179 circular mileage in red-purple.15
7421818 EL London-James Wilson,St Vincent(destination) rated 2/2.20
743Lichfield: 1819-25 outer/ELs(3, 1 free ex Bagot) to Leek/London rated 8 or 9 with 3 diff. red/blk circ.mileages.20
7441821 EL to Wisbech re-rated 9 to 11, Beccles boxed mileage.20
7451826 free(signed Teignmouth) outer London-Hon.Fredk Shore,India(Calcutta GPO box rec'r).20
7461829 very long EL Bampton-London rated 9, boxed Witney Penny Post (42x12mm) + No.125
7471831 EL Liverpool(boxed red Paid at)-Cognac rated 1/1 & charged 16. S/line red Angleterre (vdL 165).35
7481832 EL to Aylesbury rated 6, fine s/line H Wycomb (41mm). Unlisted BCC.30
7491834 EL to Aylesbury with scarce blue General Post dated pmk of Borough.20
7501835 EL Kirkcudbright-Castle Douglas pd 1/10½ posted at Wigan(cds) + oval Too Late.25
7511835 signed front ex Sir Charles Brooke Vere BT,Henwick-Uppingham, box Ipswich PP + rare 1 h/st(W&J209)25
7521840(May) EL Ipswich-Halesworth, red circular Paid 1.25
7531843 OHMS EL Canterbury-Deal rated 1, s/line Wincheap.45
7541844 OHMS outer to London rated 2 with fine unframed Chatham traveller skeleton pmk(reverse).40
7551844 EL Paisley-Naples rated 2/1 & charged 31. 2-line red Via di Uninga + ALP in fancy oval.25
7561845 outer to London via Peterborough rated 2 with fine Whittlesea udc on front.45
7571845 EL York-Derby, circular Paid 1 red h/stamp.20
7581848 EL Northampton-Aylesbury with fine red Pd1 h/stamp type J.20
7591857 unpaid cvr Liverpool-Bahamas(destination) charged 6.20
7601860 outer Bradford(blue pmk)-Norway(red Christiania Bypost)via Hamburg(KDOPA pmk)rate 7(blue),9½ red.25
7611842(Jan) EL(coachmaker’s headed invoice) Hull-Holderness, 4mgn 1d ex pl.16 with MX pmk.45
7621842 outer Ringwood-Bath, 4mgn 1d imperf pl.22 tied MX pmk.40
7631843 outer London-Derby, 1d imperf (LH) with recut baseline & 6 in MX (cat £160).50
7641845 1d imperf EL(re slate) Aberystwyth-Kington then to Cheltenham(scarce traveller skeleton) & charged 1.40
7651846-9 4mgn 1d imperfs on cvrs(2) Wellington Salop(blk or blue pmks)-Ludlow/Shrewsbury. High Ercall udc.30
7661848 EL Inchope Abbey-Edinburgh, 4mgn 1d imperf (SG9) & 263 duplex. Rare yellow Lindores udc (reverse).45
7671849 local Ludlow outer with 4mgn pair 1d imperfs & blue 449 duplex. d4 more(mss). Cat £250+(cvr). PHOT.75
7681850 local Darlington 1d pink envelope with 233 duplex & Winston udc in blue.15
7691851 local Bewdley outer with virtually 4mgn pair 1d imperfs & blue 68 duplex. Cat £250(cvr). PHOTO50
7701851 cvr Loughborough-Bewdley,4mgn pair 1d imperfs on lavender paper(SG8a) & 475 pmk.Spouorndon udc25
7711851 EL Dewsbury-N.York per Europa ex Liverpool, cut-to-shape 1/= embossed. PHOTO65
7721852 1d pink env Portshead(spelling error: blue udc)-Shepton Mallet via Bristol(3-line blue PP) & Pilton udc.25
7731852 outer London-Belgium via Angleterre par Ostende,3+mgn 1d imp.+ 10d embossed.Cat £3000(cvr).PH.350
7741855(July) outer York(s/ways duplex)-Essex, 1d star die 2 (SG21). Cat £110(cvr).35
7751855(Nov) EL Blaxhall Rectory-Woodbridge, 1d star p16 SG26 & 907 pmk. Both Blaxhall & Tunstall udcs.PH.75
7761858 cvr Skipton-London, 1d star p16 (SG36) & 714 duplex. Cat £160(cvr)45
7771859 EL Thorpe-Ipswich, 1d SG41(cat £20) & Colchester 210 pmk. Fine Thorpe le Soken udc(reverse).20
7781859-60 ELs(2) Edinburgh-Dundee or London-Perth with fine 2d pl.7 or 8 (cat £100 used).50
7791865 regd(oval red pmk) cvr Birmingham-Handsworth, unusually 1d pl.74(x4)+78(cat £14) & 75 pmks.30
7801869 EL London-Leek, 1d pl.110 + 2d scarcer pl.12(cat £151). PHOTO75
7811870 Law Life Assurance Society headed renewal notice EL London-Shaftesbury, 1d pl.11715
7821871 EL Edinburgh-Aberdeen, 1d pl.106 + 2d pl.13(cat £30).25
7831873 cvr Dundee-Edinburgh, pair ½d pl.3 (cat £100). PHOTO50
7841877 cvr Derby-Paris, ½d pl.13 + 1d pl.191(x2 cat £42).30
7851878 2d blue regd envs(2: EU2 sizes F or G) fine unused & scarce.50
7861881 crested env Christ College,Cambridge, ½d pl.20 + 1d SG166(x2 cat £101). PHOTO65
7871881(Dec 13) local Taunton EL with 14 dots 1d pale bluish lilac (SG171 cat £30) & sq.circ.pmk. FDI 16 dots.25
7881894 1d lilac cvr to Chelford with superb & scarce Chestergate BO Macclesfield sq.circle pmk.20
7891858 illus headed EL Lady Bank Works,Dundee-Nice(then part of Sardinia), 6d SG70 & exptal duplex. PH.65
7901859 EL London EC75-Germany via Aachen Franco red cds, 6d SG70 & red 3d h/st. Cat £225(cvr). PHOT.65
7911859 toned EL London EC74-Bombay, 3-colour 1d star, 2d pl.7, 6d SG70(cat £182). PHOTO125
7921860 cvr North St,Bristol-Malta, trimmed wing mgn 6d SG70 & 134 duplex. Cat £225(cvr).40
7931862 cvr Charing X-USA via N.York Am.Pkt paid 24, 1/= SG72. Cat £425(cvr). PHOTO80
7941862 EL London-Linkoping(Sweden) via Hamburg(KSPA pmk), 2d pl.9(late fee) + 1/= SG73. Cat £435. PH.125
7951862 EL London EC74-Jerez(Spain), 1d star + pair 1/= SG73(cat £660). Outer stained at right. PHOTO175
7961863 EL Manchester-Oporto, 1/= SG90. 80 h/st. Minor fumigation stains. Cat £425(cvr). PHOTO100
7971864 EL Newcastle-Copenhagen via Hamburg, 9d SG86. Cat £875(cvr). PHOTO250
7981864 EL Dundee-USA via Cork & Boston Br.Pkt, pair 1/= SG90. Cat £675(cvr). PHOTO200
7991865 soiled cvr Bolton-Rome via Civitavecchia Mare, 2d pl.9 + 9d SG87. Cat £885(cvr). PHOTO200
8001865 EL(objection notice) Yarm-York, 3d SG76 & 926 pmk. Cat £575(cvr). PHOTO175
8011865 EL Charing X(red paid pmk)-Nice, 4d SG82. Cat £250(cvr).50
8021865 EL Glasgow-Bombay via London, 1d pl.81 + 9d SG87. Cat £875+(cvr). PHOTO250
8031865-8 ELs(2) London-Paris franked 4d SG93-4 scarcer pl.7 or 10(cat £270).100
8041866 outer Glasgow-Hamburg, pair 3d SG92. Cat £660(cvr). PHOTO200
8051866 EL Glasgow-Sicily, 6d SG97 pl.5. Boxed Piroscafi Postali Francesi. Cat £180(cvr).50
8061867 outer London SW-Germany via Aachen Franco blue cds, 6d SG105 pl.6. Cat £190(cvr).50
8071867 EL London EC-France, 4d SG94 pl.9 (cat £140 on cvr).35
8081867 mourning cvr London(late fee pmk)-Hamburg, 4d SG94 pl.8 + 1d pl.103(x2 cat £89) & twin 46 pmk. PH.50
8091867 cvr London(EC71 pmk)-Quebec,Canada(rec’r), 6d SG97 pl.5, Cat £180(cvr).50
8101868 cvr Charing X-Canada(Montreal PO rec'r), 1d pl.171(x2) + 6d SG97 scarcer pl.6(cat £205). PHOTO.100
8111869 cvr Penzance-France, 4d deep vermilion SG94 pl.11. Small sellotape stain but cat £140(cvr).35
8121870 EL London EC71-Oporto(franca oval), 6d SG109 scarcer pl.8(x3 cat £420). PHOTO200
8131870 Inns of Court Hotel,London printed env to California(rec’r), 6d SG109 scarcer pl.8(cat £140). PHOTO65
8141871 outer London(9 pmk)-Liverpool, 3d SG103 pl.6. Cat £110(cvr).30
8151871 outer London-Venice, 3d SG103 pl.6 + 1d pl.120(x3: 1 cds used). Boxed red L1. PHOTO50
8161872 outer London-Holland, 3d SG103 pl.7 + 2d pl.14(cat £100). Boxed red L2. PHOTO65
8171872 EL Manchester-Panamanian agent for Acapulco(destination), 1/= SG117 pl.5. PHOTO50
8181872-4 nice pair matching cvrs(2) Scarborough(2 different cds + duplex)-Montreal, 3d SG103 or 144 pl's 8 or 15 + 1d pl's 131 or 139(cat £175).90
8191872 mourning cvr Brighton-Paris, 3d SG103 pl.8. Cat £110(cvr).30
8201873 EL London EC78-Sweden(TPO rec'r), 3-col.1d pl.161, 2d pl.14, 3d SG144 pl.11(cat £120). 2½ h/st. PH.90
8211873 cvr Bangor-Dean of Melbourne,Australia, 9d SG110. Cat £500(cvr). PHOTO150
8221873 firms outer London(87 pmk)-Paris, perfinned 3d SG103 scarcer pl.10(cat £140) but sl.perf trim. PHOT.50
8231874 EL London-Sweden via Hull, 4d SG94 pl.13(x2) + 3d SG143 pl.14(cat £215). PHOTO120
8241874 cvr Edinburgh-Victoria(Waterloo 1873 rec'r!), 6d grey SG147 pl.13. Cat £150(cvr).50
8251874 regd(oval red pmk) cvr Manchester-Paisley, 1d pl.150 + 4d SG94 pl.13. Cat £145(cvr).45
8261875 outer London(FS blank duplex)-Palermo, pair 3d SG144 pl.15(cat £150). PHOTO75
8271875 cvr London WC29-Tasmania(destination/rec'r), 3dpl.17 + 6d pl.14 (SG144+7 cat £155). PHOTO75
8281876 cvr Salisbury-Ohio(US) via N.york, 2½d SG141 scarcer pl.3(x2 cat £300). PHOTO150
8291876 cvr Liverpool Exchange-B.Aires(rec'r) via PLO, 1/= SG150 pl.12. 10 in blue mss. Cat £240+(cvr). PH.80
8301876 EL London (14 pmk)-Paris, 2½d SG139 pl.2. Cat £160(cvr) but possibly blued paper!50
8311877 cvr London(W41 pmk)-Switz, 2½d SG141 pl.5(x2 cat £160). PHOTO65
8321878 EL Bristol-Rhodes(destination/blue rec’r) via Marseilles,Smyrna, 2½d SG141 pl.1450
8331878 EL Lombard St(L1 late fee pmk)-Paris, 1d pl.194 + 2½d SG141 pl.11(cat £90).45
8341879 cvr Gateshead(309 pmk)-India(Madras overland mail rec'r) via Sea PO E, 1d pl.210(pair) + 6d SG147 pl.16(cat £110). Whickham cds(reverse). PHOTO65
8351879 cvr Manchester-NZ(RTPO DS rec'r), wing mgn 8d orange SG156. Cat £600(cvr). PHOTO175
8361881 very long cvr Lynedoch Place,Edinburgh-Sir Thomas Munro,London, pair 1½d(SG167 cat £120+:1 cds).75
8371883 cvr London W5-Grenada(destination/blue rec'r), 6d grey SG161 pl.18. PHOTO50
8381883 mourning cvr Earls Court-India via Sea PO B, 5d SG169 tied scarce cds cat £240 thus. PHOTO150
8391884 EL(shipment of hemp) Throgmorton Ave(TA4 duplex)-Venice, 2½d blue SG157 pl.22 & fine cds.25
8401885 cvr London(hooded scroll pmk)-Paris, 1d+1½d lilacs (SG172,188 cat £44).45
8411885 EL Fleet St(scarce L2 late fee pmk)-Wem(sq.circ.rec'r), SG172+187 (1½d rate !!).25
8421885 cvr(+ letter) Croydon-Surgeon Major,Indian Army, 5d SG193. Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO100
8431886 cvr London-Australia, 1d lilac + 5d (SG193 cat £400 cds used). PHOTO250
8441888 outer(sl.damage at top) London(L1 + CS1 pmks)-Naples, 3d+½d (SG191+7). Cat £180+(cvr). PHOTO50
8451889 regd cvr New Wimbledon(thimble cds)-Belgium, 4-colour mixed issues SG165,87-8,201(cat £75) & Merton pmk. Faults inc red ink stain but scarce combination. PHOTO50
8461893 QV 2d regd env Waterloo St,Leicester-Germany + 1d lilac,2d Jubilee(x2).25
8471894 1d p.stat.card + ½d Jubilee (late fee) comm.used Ludgate Circus (L1 pmk + LC1 duplex)-N.York.20
8481895 regd cvr Manchester(oval 2d pmk)-Lisbon, 3-colour SG172(x2),197,206(cat £50).40
8491895-8 QV ½d p.stat.env or 2½d Jubilee cvr(2) both to USA with v.fine Ealing or St Johns Wood sq.circle pmk20
8501897 regd cvr Regent St,London-Vienna, 1/= (SG211 cat £75). PHOTO75
8511897 QV 2d regd env size H Kensington-Germany + 5d,10d Jubilees (min.cat £55). PHOTO125
8521897 QV 2d regd env size G Sheffield-Australia + SG172(x2),197.15
853QV sq.circles: 1893-1901 cvrs/cards(8) with v.fine Chiswick,Lombard St,Charing X,Wimbledon,St Johns Wood,South Tottenham(2 different),Stoke Newington pmks.50
8541898-1902 comm.cvrs(2) London/Hythe-Bermuda(Hamilton or Paget rec’rs) @ 1d/2½d rates.35
8551900 QV 2d regd env Gresham House-Java(destination/rec’r) + 2½d,5d Jubilees.30
8561902 QV 2d regd env size H Plymouth-Germany + mixed QV 1½d, KEVII 6d (SG198,245).30
8571902 KEVII 2d regd env size G Leadenhall St-Bremen & perfin(+ firms cachet) KEVII 6d. Boxed Late Fee 2d.25
8581903 KEVII 2d regd env size G Spitalfields-Germany + SG221,242(cat £40).30
8591905 ppc to Herefordshire, KEVII ½d & oval Posted in Advance Manchester for Xmas Delivery cachet.45
8601908 KEVII 2d regd env size G Brick Lane(E.London)-Germany + 3-colour SG217,9,23(cat £23).35
8611910 KEVII ½d reply p.stat.card complete comm.used NW London-Bavaria + 1½d(SG222).20
8621912 firms cvr London(FS1 pmk)-Bavaria, perfinned 3-colour mixed Kings SG284,339,42(cat £25).25
8631912 regd cvr W.London-USA, 3d grey/lemon (SG285a cat £3250 mint) & hooded pmk. PHOTO500
864KEVII sq.circles: 1902-7 ppcs(18) with v.fine Forest Hill,Finsbury Park,Finchley Church End,Ealing,Chiswick (2 diff),Blackheath,Wood Grn,W.Norwood,Tottenham(2 inc Sth),W.Ken & Stratford(3 diff).S.Newington pmk50
8651915(Mar) cvr to Kent, KGV 1d & fine Fleet Post Office (Scapa Flow) pmk.15
8661923 regd cvr SW London-S.Africa, 3-colour mixed KEVII 1d + KGV 1½d,2d p.stat.cut-outs tied.25
8671924 Exhibition ppc comm.used Amble-Denmark, Wembley 1½d (SG431 cat £15).15
8681925 London Road ppc(car/horse & cart/bicycle) Sevenoaks used to Essex, 1d Wembley(SG432 cat £30).25
8691925 Canadian Pavilion ppc comm.used Empire Exhib'n lion pmk-Gloucs, 1½d Wembley (SG433 cat £70).40
8701925 regd cvr Norwood-Stockton, strip of 3 1½d Wembley (SG433 cat £210). PHOTO150
8711925(Dec) Leeds advert cvr acceptance for Toulouse-Casablanca FF, ½d+5d(SG425).25
8721929 firms illus advert p/cards(3 different) Bristol/Somerset/Devon-Cornwall @ ½d/1d rates.20
8731934 firms env London-Brazil, 1/= SG429(x3 perfinned) + 2/6d (SG415 cat £70). PHOTO65
8741934 air cvr Edinburgh-Marquis of Bute,Chile, SG426a + 2/6d(faulty when affixed),5/= s/horses cat £190.PH.125
8751934(May) APEX autogiro illus flown cacheted card Windsor-London, ½d & Airpost Expo winged pmk.20
8761934 Dunlop tyre illus airmail env Liverpool-Cape Town, scarce 10d (SG428 cat £40).30
8771934 airmail cvr Annan-S.Rhodesia, 5d brt ochre-brn + 1/= pale buff-brown (better shades SG425+9).20
8781936(Sept 1) printed KEVIII regd FDC Glasgow-Kilmarnock of ½d,1½d,2½d. PHOTO50
8791939(Jun) local London cvr @ 1d rate with green poached egg label tied.15
8801939(Aug) illus(2 diff) IA 1st transatlantic FFCs(2 inc regd) London/Ipswich-Newf'dland,KGVI 7d+8d or 8d+10d20
8811939(May 1) local Ripon FDCs(3) of KGVI 9d,10d,1/= (SG473-5).100
8821940 censored cvr London-USA, coil strips of 1d(x3) + 2d(x6: SG463a,65a cat £267). PHOTO250
8831940(Jan) airmail cvr London-Trinidad(rec'r), SG468+474(x2: 2/= rate).15
8841942-3 cvrs(2) to/from Czech FPOs(sp.pmks) in UK @ 2½d rate. 1 with freedom fighters label, other censored20
8851943 re-use env ex London @ 2½d rate. Examiner 9462 label + grn Returned to Sender by Censor label (memo not included). Former usage was @ 1d rate.20
8861944(May) printed env Belgian Govt in London-Belgian Consul,USA. Signed official cachet of Foreign Minister but still censored (PC90 7170 label) @ 3½d rate.20
8871945(Feb) airmail cvr Cheshire-N.Africa, KGVI 6d+9d with boxed h/st Postage Refunded. Censored + green Ret'd to Sender by Censor label. Unusually notices(3: PC12,177 + RLO receipt) enclosed. Faults but rare.40
8881946 express(label) cvr Brent Knoll(Somerset)-Cheshire, ½d+8d (SG472,485).10
8891948(May 10) illus CI Liberation FDC London(90% scarce Nursing career slogan)-Southampton.25
8901949(Sept) illus balloon flight card ex Belfast for War Memorial Fund @ 1d rate. Signed cachet.20
8911950(Nov 20) illus Greetings GPO Telegram (+ sp.illus envelope) used locally in Portsmouth. STB FDI.25
8921953 UK trade stand ppc(royal theme)at German Industry Exhib'n,Berlin, Germ.SG1093-6(cat £50) & sp.pmk.25
8931953 Coronation illus FDC with Epsom Long Live the Queen pmk. Typed address. STB variety on 1/3d.25
8941970(Nov) illus Orkney Air FFC Kirkwall-N.Ronaldsay @ 5d rate.10
8951978 BP Benham FDCs(2, BOCS1) with Energy set in gutter pairs & Forties Field pmk.15
896Officials: 1903 OHMS cvr Newton Abbot-Torquay, redirected to Bournemouth, IR official KEVII 1d (O21).25
897Postal fiscal: 1881 cvr Staines(741 duplex)-Forres, 1d (F23) die 4 wmk orb.35
898P.Due: 1924 underpaid cvr S.Africa-Gloucester @ 1d rate. 3 diff.tax marks + D9(x2 cat £12) P.Dues tied.20
8991924 underpaid ppc France-London(& redirected). Tax marks + 1½d P.Due (D3 cat £20) tied.15
9001926 underpaid cvr B.Congo-UK, 1fr(SG132). Tax marks both countries + pair ½d P.Dues (D10) tied.15
9011957 unpaid cvr Swanage-Epsom taxed with scarce 5d PDue(D44 cat £20). See also lot 1202.15
9021970 regd airmail cvr Rhodesia-Durham surcharged with 3/3d P.Dues (D57,59,62 x2).15
9031980 official airmail cvr Nevis-London, 3-colour 1p,10p(x2),£1(x3) P.dues pay custom charge.10
904Guernsey: 1824 outer to London re-rated to 3/3d. Good Guernsey scroll (reverse). PHOTO75
9051934 Cobo ppc comm.used to Isle of Wight, GB ½d(x2) & Cobo rubber skeleton pmk.25
9061944(Apr 12) regd(scarce violet & red h/st) FDC to Vale, SG1d+3(x2 cat £26). PHOTO50
9071945 local illus(large: unusual thus) advert cvr to St Martins, pair ½d (SG1f).20
9081969 illus FDCs(2) to UK of set to £1 (SG13-28 cat £26).20
909Herm: 1959(Jun 22) illus cvr for visit of Princess Margaret to Guernsey, Herm ovpt set of 6 to 1/6d on reverse + Guernsey 3d(SG7) pays local island postage.20
910IoMan: 1838 long EL to Dublin rated 1/3d. Boxed Ramsey IoMan(reverse) + scarce IoMan Penny Post. PH.650
911Jersey: 1943(Jun 1) local St Helier FDC of ½d pair SG3(cat £24).20
912Sanda Is: 1964(Oct 1) local Campbeltown(Argyll) illus FDC @ 3d rate + Europa Sanda sheetlet tied reverse.10
913GREECE: 1870 outer Corfu-Trieste, 3-colour 5L,10L,40L. None 4 mgn but attractive. PHOTO50
9141870-2 outers(2) Syra/Syros-Tripolis, 4mgn 20L(x2 diff.shades) & 67 numeral.25
9151926 largeish regd cvr Laurium-France, 4-colour SG222(x2),4,7-8.20
9161929 regd cvr(+ long letter) Agrinion-Athens, SG415(marg.imprint)+428 tied reverse.15
9171940 1L+8L double imprint p.stat.env Thyxikon-Vienna. Both Greek & German censors.20
9181941(Oct) advert cvr Arta(Epirus)-Athens, SG498,500,4(x2) tied rev. Italian 11th Army Modena Division censor25
919Corfu: 1942 mourning censored cvr Corfu-Athens, Isole Jonie 50c ovpt (Sass.6).35
920Italian Occ: 1941(Nov) 3rd Army Corps crested env comm.used PM 28(Volos)-Italy, Italian 20c(x5). Italian censor label tied provincial 24 censor. See also lot 918.25
921Occ.Dodecanese: 1947 air cvr Tilos-USA via Rhodes, G1+4(x3 ea).Roughly opened. Cat 800+eu(cvr). PH.150
922Thrace: 1913 official cacheted local stampless Demir-Tache cvr. Scarce pmk. PHOTO50
923Salonika:(see lot 1587,1698): 1905 20pa on 10h p.stat.card comm.used Salonich 1(Austrian PO)-UK.15
9241907 banking cvr Salonique-Budapest @ Turkish 1pi rate.20
925GREENLAND: 1942 censored cvr US APO 809-USA @ US 3c rate.15
9261939(May) Danish NE Greenland Exped’n colour p/card used to Denmark(rec’r), Danish 15o & exped’n pmk.25
9271945(Feb 1) printed unadd.FDC of SG8-16(cat £350) & Godhavn pmk. PHOTO250
9281954 cvr to Copenhagen(Greenland PO rec'r), 30o(SG6) & blue boxed Mestersvig Airport pmk. PHOTO65
929GRENADA: 1886 QV ½d & 1½d p.stat.reply cards(2: H&G8,10) fine unused.12
9301890 QV 1½d p.stat.card comm.used St Georges-UK with fine D pmk of Grenville. Minor card fault. PHOTO75
93119 12-25 KGV ½d grn & 1d brn scarce p.stat.cards(2: H&G13,16) fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.25
9321934 regd cvr Grenville-UK, SG114(x2)+119.20
9331944 airmail cvr to Barbados, 3-colour SG154a,55a,57 & ISS/14 censor label.25
934GUATEMALA: 1891 3c p.stat.card comm.used Coban(cds + star pmk)-Germany via Livingstone.20
9351898 6c on 5c p.stat.env,H&G14 comm.used Livingstone(bluish pmk)-Germany.20
9361926 pharmacy illus advert cvr to USA, SG206+12(blk of 4). Best coffee in world trilingual cachet.20
9371933 regd cvr Chichicastenango-Berlin, 5-colour SG223,5(x2),9(x5),31,72.20
9381938(Dec) regd cvr Central America Phil Exhib'n(sp.pmk)-USA, SG347(x3),57,69-75. 2-line Affranchi par Avion jusqu'a New York. See also lots 660,1512.15
9391951 cvrs(2) Nebaj/Tucuru-Guatemala both with bisected 8c (SG498: left or right halves).15
940HAITI: 1912 2c p.stat.card, H&G14 comm.used Pt au Prince(blue pmk)-France.20
9411926(Apr) flown cvr Pt au Prince-Cap Haitien, 4-colour SG294+6(x2 ea),300-1 & airmail h/st.25
9421927(Dec) WIAE printed cacheted FFC Pt au Prince-Dominican Rep, SG300+2. Pilot signed(Rowe).20
9431943 cigarette advert cvr Pt au Prince-USA @ 60c rate. Double censored inc scarce police censor label.15
9441944 censored(US) OHBMS cvr Br.Legation,Pt au Prince(cachet)-USA, SG329+394(oblig.tax).15
945HONDURAS: 1925 Via Airplane(label) ‘Roessler’ cvr Tegucigalpa-Tela(Landing Field oval rec’r), 6c(SG217).25
9461927 US Legation,Tegucigalpa env to USA, 6c on 10c (SG243d) tied Washington pmk + 4-line violet Washington PO ‘This article was originally posted in country indicated by postage’.15
947HONG KONG: 1903 QV 4c p.stat.card comm.used Shanghai(s/ring pmk)-Germany.20
948Unused pre-war ppcs(6) of flower market,street scenes,reservoir,grave,filter beds. PTSA £143.40
9491909-28 KEVII or KGV 4c p.stat.cards(2) comm.used to Japan inc earlier item with Victoria pmk.40
9501935 p/card comm.used Wan Tsai(fair pmk)-Germany, 8c(SG123).35
9511936 unused RP ppcs(2) of typhoon damage.20
9521936(Mar) matching IA illus cacheted FFCs(2) to Penang or UK, SG125 or 125-6+8.45
9531937 regd airmail clipper(h/st) cvr to USA, SG128(x2)+30($2). Inc letter.30
9541941 airmail advert cvr Victoria-N.York, 3-colour SG153,55,57(cat £42). Boxed Not Opened by Censor. PH.50
9551946 airmail cvr Victoria-USA, 30c+$1 (SG151a,155b cat £33).30
9561950s formular airletters(4 different) printed for colony, fine unused.25
9571948 airmail cvr to India, SG152(x2). By Air to Office of Exchange Only s/line.30
9581951 airmail cvr to Br.Army on Rhine(FPO 508 rec’r), SG140(x5 inc blk 4),41,44,50(all blks of 4 cat £52) f&b.40
9591953(Dec) airmail advert cvr to USA, $1(x2: SG156c cat £30) & 11th HK Products Exhib'n slogan pmk.20
960HUNGARY: (see lots 95,379): 1895 5k p.stat.card comm.used Munkacs-Tripoli(destination in N.Africa).20
9611915 regd cvr Dugaresa-Prague, 3-colour mixed franking SG125,170(x6)-1(x2).20
9621916 local regd Budapest cvr with Flood Charity set to 5kr (SG136-52 cat £100+). PHOTO75
9631917 ppc to Budapest @ 10f rate tied boxed cachet: Postakalauz Popradenka Szentivanyi Csorbaton Oz Ott.20
9641919 ppc comm.used Austria(violet Mariazeller pmk)-Sopron @ 50h rate with scarce circ. Sopron censor.20
9651927 underpaid advert cvr Yugoslavia-Budapest taxed with mixed issue P.Dues D486,93(x2),509(x3).25
9661929 regd complete 1f parcel card Budapest-Switz + SG466,74,76,78(5p cat £11).30
9671931(Mar) round Budapest Graf Zeppelin flight card, SG479+529(ovpt cat £130).50
9681934(May) cvr Budapest-UK, SG536 & Lizst MS cat £180 & Hungarian PhilSoc.Jubilee pmk. PHOTO125
9691943 regd advert cvr Budapest-France, SG760+69-71(x2 ea). German censor label + secret writing wipe.15
9701954 Jokal set + scarce minisheet (Mi1395-6, Block 24) on regd illus FDC to USA with sp.pmk. Cat 75eu.20
971ICELAND: 1913 ppc Reykjavik-Berlin, mixed issues 25a+40a (SG51,101 cat £50). Cat 4500kr(cvr). PHOT.150
9721913 lettercard comm.used Siglufjordur-Baisa via Akureyri & SS Jurandur, pair 5a(Fa79). Scarce. PHOTO50
9731922 ppc comm.used Reykjavik-Berlin via Bergen, mixed Kings SG133(x2)+38.40
9741930 20a red National Museum p.stat.card with blue ship at left fine unused.20
9751932 cvr Vestmannaeyjar-Scotland, rare 10kr on 5kr(SG150a cat £550). PHOTO500
9761933 comm.cvr Hvammstangi-UK, 35a Gullfoss (Fa196).25
9771936 cvr Siglufirdi-Reykjavik, pair 10a(Fa210) tied Reykjavik pmk + boxed Skipsbrief.25
9781938(Apr 1) regd FDC Reykjavik-UK of geysir 15a-50a (Fa227-9,32).30
9791941(Dec) OAS censored cvr FPO 306-Scotland. Inc scarce Forces in Iceland printed Xmas card.40
980WW2 undated OAS overseas cvr RAF Iceland-UK. Red official paid maritime cancel + RAF censor 3.40
9811942 regd cvr Reykjavik-Stockholm, 50a + scarce 5a on 35a surcharge (SG155,237). PHOTO50
9821943(May 1) unadd.cacheted FDC of Fa233,47,50-1,61(5kr).40
983INDIA: 1847(May) EL Calcutta(red 5-line box ship letter)-UK via P&O steamer. Box red India Paid.20
9841852 EL Madras(red 3-line GPO box pmk)-Mauritius(oval ship letter rec'r) via Galle. Red crescent India Paid.25
9851861 outer Madras-Scotland, 2a+4a (SG41+6 cat £50). Boxed Arbuthnot ties stamps. India Paid red crescent.40
9861864 cvrs(2) Sholapore-Kirkee, pairs SG37 or 40(cat £23). S/line Too Late on 2as cvr.25
9871865 outer Bombay-UK, 3-colour 2a,4a,6p (SG44,46,52 cat £68). PHOTO60
9881881 QV 4a6p p.stat.env, H&G3 fine unused with Specimen ovpt.25
989Early 20th century coloured unused ppcs(4) of forts in Khyber Pass area.10
99019 15 cvrs(2) Dutch Indies-Bombay/Calcutta @ 12½c. Both with plain label & violet crown + Open by Censor.25
991WW2 cvr Bombay-UK, 3a6p(SG254) & Victorian era B-1 pmk. Boxed violet Passed by Naval Censor.20
9921942(Nov 4) signed patriotic airmail cvr carried on Hong Kong bombing raid by USAAC, 28 flown. PHOTO.200
9931942(Nov 7)signed patriotic air cvr carried by USAAC on reconnaissance flight over enemy terr.39 flown.PH.125
9941944(July) triple censored OAS cvr Indian FPO R257(open 2 months)-S.Africa. S/line Rec’d Without Stamps.20
9951945(Apr) cvr Cawnpore-Roman Catholic Archbishop,Hawaii(destination/rec'r) @ 1½a. Several Indian censor20
996Forces in Indochina: 1955 cvrs(3) to New Delhi via 56 Base TPOs 1 or 4 ex FPO 742(Saigon), 744 (Vientiane) or 745(Phnom Penh), N1-15(cat £55) spread over the 3 cvrs.50
997Used abroad: 1913 comm.cvr Bushirf-Bombay, blk of 5 KEVII ½a tied reverse.25
9981913 KEVII 1a p.stat.card comm.used Busrah(fine sq.circle)-Berlin.25
999INDIAN STATES: Bamra: 1894 ¼a grn/grnish blue p.stat.card, H&G2 fine unused.15
1000Bundi: 1935 native cvr with ½a blk (SG64 cat £95) on horizontally laid paper. PHOTO100
10011943 p/card comm.used internally with 3p (SG79) & native pmks.25
1002Cochin: 1923-4 regd cvr/card(2) ex Chittar/Irinjalakuda, SG36+45 or 37+43.20
10031929 4p message half scarce H&G13 reply card comm.used Irinjalakuda-Trichur(rec'r).20
10041942 4p p.stat.card, H&G14 comm.used Irinjalakuda-Adur(rec'r).10
1005Gwalior: 1941 1a red p.stat.env, scarce H&G19A comm.used to Calcutta + 3p(SG105).20
1006Hyderabad: c1932 local Secunderabad hotel env with SG30-1c(rare on cvr),41-5,48(1r). PHOTO45
10071932 8p p.stat.env regd locally + 1a(SG36b x3) ex Hyderabad rail station.15
1008Jaipur: 1926 regd native cvr with ½a + 3a on 8a tied (SG25b,32).15
10091942 internal ¼a violet p.stat.card, H&G18 regd ex Sawai Jaipur + 3a(SG63). Advice receipt label attached.15
10101949 firms illus advert p/card to Ringas(rec’r), ¼a S.Jubilee (SG71).20
1011Jind: 1921 KGV ½a ovpt p.stat.env regd Nandi Dadri-Calcutta + 1a(pair SG66) tied reverse.15
1012Kishengarh: 1913-21 printed matter folded ELs(4) all franked 1a (SG65a shades cat £30) & pmk’d Raj PO.50
1013Morvi: 1935 3p p.stat.card, H&G5 comm.used internally. Scarce.25
1014Patiala: 1921 regd cvr Bazar Nainaul-Calcutta, SG48a(pair)+52a tied reverse.15
10151929 1a on ½a p.stat.env(unlisted H&G) comm.used to Sikar.20
1016Saurashtra: 1938 3p blue/buff p.stat.card, H&G1 comm.used to Junagarh(rec’r) with Vpl.Ry.Tra TPO pmk.20
1017IRAN: 1918 cvr Koum Bazar-Hamadan via Sultanabad at 6ch rate. Circ.Passed Milit.Censor (Dunsterforce).35
10181921(Mar) countersigned Field Service env Base PO per LofC(Duzdab)-India. Circ. M.281 censor.30
10191928(Apr) FFC Teheran-Bushire, SG631+654(scarce air ovpt cat £8).25
1020IRAQ: 1906 comm.cvr Kerbela(light but readable pmk)-Iran(rec’rs), Turkish 1pi (SG215).30
10211920 comm.cvr Asharstrand-India, ½a (SG1 x3). Pmk in use 2 years only.35
10221924 comm.cvr Hindia Barrage-UK, 1a (SG42 x3) tied reverse.25
10231924(Oct) regd airmail cvr Baghdad-UK, SG42(x3)+47.30
10241949(Dec) airmail cvr Baghdad-UK, SG271+334 & 5f on 6f oblig.tax (T337 cat £22+).15
10251972-3 cvrs(4) airmail to UK/Germany or internal notable for different oblig.tax (T932,1071-2,1119 cat £38).35
1026IRELAND: 1850 EL Clonmel(blue cds)-N.York via Liverpool rated 1/=. Red paid & 5cents h/stamps.25
10271861 stampless crested cvr ex Earl of Carlisle-Hull, red Official Paid Dublin thimble cds.35
10281863 cvr Ballinasloe-Dublin, 1d star SG40. Mss Over ½oz & charged 2.15
10291865 regd(red PLO Dublin pmk) cvr to Newry, then Cavan, 1d pl.86(x5 inc strip of 4 cat £25) & 186 duplex.40
10301867 EL Dublin-France, 4d SG93 pl.9(cat £140 on cvr).40
10311868 mourning cvr Ballinasloe-Dean of Melbourne,Australia, 4d SG93 pl.9 + 6d SG104(cat £190). PHOTO100
10321876 cvr Dublin-London, ½d pl.6 + 1d pl.189(cat £32).25
10331879 cvr Dublin-Limerick, 1d pl.210 (cat £15).15
10341895 GB QV 2d regd env Dublin(x2 diff.regd pmks inc PLO)-Belgium(regd label) + perfinned 2½d Jubilee(x2).25
10351940(Aug) airmail cvr Dublin-Major in Eastern Rifles,Ceylon & redirected to India. Appears old wmks 5d+10 (SG78+81 cat £20). Pink Irish SP1 178 label + red/white Opened Censor label tied triang.02 censor.25
10361955 local Dublin meter frank cvr, returned to sender & 1½d P.Due (D7) charged.25
10371955 airmail express(pink label) cvr Ballsbridge-Ethiopia(destination/rec’r), SG119+143a.20
10381957 regd cvr Dun Laoghaire-USA, 2/6d(SG123)+SG156 & S.R.Sheoirse U pmk.20
1039ISRAEL: 1949(Apr) airmail cvr Haifa-UK, SG4-5. Blk/red Hebrew censor label 1019 tied censor 24.10
1040ITALY:(see lots 70,105-6,381,920,1125): 1718 EL Alessandro-Venice. Rare oval Ven.da.Mar & lion. PHOT.250
10411837 EL Rome-Pisa rated 22 with fair 2-line Florence disinfected cachet. Also illus article.20
10421866 EL Milan Station-Lyon via Italie Lanslebourg 4 red cds, 40c (SG14 cat £10).20
10431877 unpaid cvr Malta-Livorno taxed with 60c P.Due (Sass.10). Cat 350eu(cvr). PHOTO100
10441894 10c postal order(for 6L) used Carovilli-Naples + 20c, pair 25c (SG33-4: latter cat 120eu on cvr).30
10451895 10c illus p.stat.card for Art Exhib’n,Venice comm.used Venice-Rome.20
10461916 ppc Genoa-Malaya(destination & Penang rec’r), SG76+96(Red X).25
10471927(Mar) SISA airline illus advert ppc flown Trieste-Vienna, SG192+8(60c air).25
10481935(July) FFC(cachet + sp.pmk) Rome-Paris, SG197,238(x3),451.30
10491938 cvr Sestriere(Turin)-Switz, SG512-3,42(2L75 cat £45). PHOTO80
10501940(Mar) cacheted Swissair FFC Rome-Locarno, SG271(x2)+552.25
10511943 60c orange & 70c blue airmail p.stat.cards(2) fine unused.20
10521957 air express(label) cvr Lama del Peligni(Chieta)-USA, scarce 65L+200L(Sass.652+760). Cat 200eu. PH.50
1053AMG Sicily:1949 cvr Roosevelt Sicilian Union,Palermo-KGVI,London,50c+ scarce 2L(Sass.7 cat 450eu).PH100
1054Eritrea: 1932 mission advert cvr Asmara-CO,border fort,Sudan(Gedaref/Kassala rec'rs), 1L25(Sass.7). PH.80
10551936 Italian E.Africa armed forces illus(map) p/card comm.used Assab-Italy. See also lots 464-5.25
1056Levant: 1911 regd advert cvr Smyrna-UK via C'tinople, 1pi on 25c ovpts (SG154 x2). PHOTO50
1057Naples: 1858 EL(part) to Naples, 4mgn 1gr (SG2 x2 cat £120) & Annullato pmk. PHOTO80
1058Trieste: 1949 airmail advert cvr to UK, AMG FTT opts SG61(x6)+E28(x2 cat £15+).25
10591949 advert cvr to UK, pair AMG-FTT opts 20L ERP (SG96 cat £16).40
1060Venezia Guilia: 1920 stamp dealer’s price list sent Venice-Germany, 5c(SG77) & Zara pmk.20
1061JAMAICA: 1854 EL(life insurance report) Kingston-Rodney Hall(both unframed cds) rated 4.30
10621826 family EL Morant Bay-Scotland rated 2/5 + box ½(grnish), fair unframed Kingston Jamaica. Bit soiled.30
10631860 outer Rodney Hall(D2 cds)-Spanish Town(fine unframed pmk) rated 4. PHOTO65
10641889 1½d on 3d p.stat.card, H&G10 comm.used Kingston(sq.circle)-Southfield(scarce rec’r).25
10651894 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Bog Walk-UK via Kingston.25
10661902 New Year card Kingston-UK, GB KEVII 1d & box Paquebot(Hosk.2400). RMSP Posted High Seas cach.20
10671918 advert cvr Kingston-UK, 1½d war stamp (SG71).15
10681935 regd airmail cvr Kingston-Switz via N.York, 6d+1/= S.Jubilee (SG116-7 cat £37).40
10691942(Nov)-43(Jun) printed internment camp p/cards(2) to US Aid for POWs,N.York with camp oval pmks + US (red or violet) & D/5 or D5(blue or violet) censors.40
10701960s airmail regd cvrs(10) to USA ex all different oval blue/violet TRDs (fine strikes). See also lot 26.50
1071JAPAN:(see lot 1629): 1879 2s & 3s green p.stat.cards(2, FC4-5) fine unused.40
10721885 3s orange-yellow p.stat.reply card(FC7) fine unused.30
10731895 advert cvr Yokohama-Paris, 5s (SG83b).20
10741903 ppc Yokohama-France via USA. Stamps fell off in transit. 3 diff.tax marks inc circ. red Due Sen.25
10751903-4 ppcs(2 inc Emperor) to France/Hanoi @ 4s rate & viol/blk Sannomiya Kobe pmks. 1 ex SS Kennebee.25
10761907-12 4s p.stat.card or p/card Yokohama-France via Seattle(h/st) or Kyoto-Switz via Tsuruga& Siberia(h/st)25
10771914 US troopship,Nagasaki ppc comm.used by POW(h/stamp) to Germany, 4s (SG172).20
10781916 AR card Matsuyama POW Camp-Shanghai. Violet seal & red censor. PHOTO50
10791937 Nikko Hotel cvr to UK, 3-colour SG167(x8 inc blk of 4)-8,9(blk of 10) reverse.25
10801949(Aug) forces mail crowned envelope Aust.FPO 512(Kure)-Australia.15
1081POs in China: 1899 Japanese 4s p.stat.card Shanghai-Hungary(destination) via Chinese PO & Yokohama.35
10821910 Japanese ppc used locally in Tientsin, ½s (SG2 x2) & Tientsin 2 IJPO pmks.40
1083JORDAN: 1949 airmail cvr Amman-UK via Beyrouth, UPU SG285-8 + T270. Violet hexagonal censor.15
1084KENYA etc: (see lot 43): 1896 Br.E.Africa opt on 2½a India p.stat.env, H&G4 fine unused.15
10851907-12 KEVII & KGV 6c p.stat.envs(2: H&G2-3) fine unused.15
10861912 comm.cvr Mombasa-USA, 3-colour mixed KEVII-KGV SG34(x2),37,45. PHOTO45
10871916 regd cvr Nairobi-USA, 25c+75c (SG50b,52b cat £18).40
10881917 OAS cvr(+ letter ex Dar dated 31/12/16 from S.African forces) to Natal with FPO 343 pmk. Mss censor.25
10891919 regd cvr Dar(scarce R1 pmk)-Switz, 4-colour GEA ovpts SG48(x2),49-51.30
10901924-35 KGV 20c p.stat.envs(5: H&G1-5) all fine unused size 145x90mm.40
10911927 Tanganyika KGV 30c regd env size G, H&G3 fine unused ovpt’d Specimen.20
10921931(Mar) IA FFC Mwanza-India via Cairo, 3-colour Tanganyika SG95,98,100.25
10931931(Mar) Wilson Airways FFC Nairobi-Mwanza @ 30c rate. Only 50 flown.40
10941932 regd cvr Dar-UK, 4-colour Tanganyika SG93-6.20
10951933 airmail cvr Nairobi-UK, 2s (SG88 cat £17).35
10961934 regd insured local Kilindini cvr with hi-vals betwn SG87-93(cat £533). 2s+5s with margin faults. PHOT.500
10971935 KGV 20c p.stat.env uprated Nairobi-UK with S.Jubilee set SG124-7 used FDI.20
10981935 airmail cvr Lupa River(skeleton pmk in use 3years at goldfields)-Berlin via Mbeya, 3-colour Tanganyika SG93.96,100. Box violet By Air to Brindisi.35
10991936 airmail cvr Mnyusi-UK via Tanga feeder service, SG114(x2)-5.20
11001944 regd airmail cvr Nairobi-Cairo @ 1s60 rate. Both N/141 label + Passed N/5 crown censors.20
11011973 comm.cvr Kampala-UK @ 2sh rate with violet President’s Office (Idi Amin) censor.15
1102KOREA: 1952 500w blue(as SG192) on 10ch red(as SG77) p.stat.card fine unused.15
1103Indian PO: 1954 airmail cvr FPO 740-New Delhi, ovpt set to 1r (K1-12 cat £95). PHOTO75
1104KUWAIT: 1959 airmail cvr Safat-India, strip of 3 20np (SG134).15
1105LABUAN: 1893 3c p.stat.reply card(P4) fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
11061946(Xmas Eve) cvr Victoria-N.Borneo, BMA ovpts 1c-50c (SG320-31 cat £38) & box Centenary FDI pmk.PH.75
1107LATVIA: 1873 EL Riga-Paris via Aus Russland TPO Porto red pmk, Russian 10k(Mi21 x2) tied TPO pmk.30
11081920 regd cvr Daugavpils-USA, 2r on 35k (SG68 x3) tied reverse. See also lot 671.20
11091924 regd cvr Riga-Switz, 4-colour SG100(x4),3(x2),27(x2),9.15
11101938 local Riga cvr @ 5s rate. Boxed violet Pedestrians & Drivers obey traffic regulations (in use 1 month).25
1111LEBANON: 1938(Dec) Beyrouth acceptance for Air France FF Damascus-Tunis, SG185+231.20
11121944 airmail cvr Mezirra(blue hexag.pmk)-Nigeria(destination/rec'r) via Zghorti & Egypt(censor), SG189(50p) + 251(x5 cat £10). Pink control label tied Free French censor.30
11131945 advert cvrs(2 inc airmail) Beyrouth-UK/USA, SG280 or 291+3 both + army stamp T289(cat £35).30
1114LEEWARDS: 1902(Aug 11) set of 3 individual local Antigua FDCs of ovpts SG17-19. Scarce. PHOTO(ex)150
1115Both QV & KEVII 1d+2½d p.stat.envs(4) all fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.25
11161930 KGV 1d p.stat.env, scarce H&G9 fine unused.20
11171938 KGVI 1d p.stat.env, scarce H&G10 fine unused ovpt’d Specimen.25
11181939 regd cvr St Kitts-UK, ½d-1/= (SG95-110: 9 different vals cat £23). See also lots 117,432,1452-4.25
11191949(July 1) local St Kitts FDC of ½d-3d (SG97-108) + ¼d (SG95 cat £5).10
11201943-54 cvrs(4 inc airletter) St Kitts or Nevis-USA/UK: SG109a(x2),b,10bb(cat £13) & 3-col.SG95-6,105a.40
1121LIBERIA: 1884 3c p.stat.card,H&G1 ex Muhlenberry Mission pmk’d Monrovia-USA via L’pool Br.Pkt. PHOTO.45
11221891 3c p.stat.card with face erased, H&G3 comm.used Monrovia-UK. Scarce usage (6 months only). PH.65
11231905 5c p.stat.env, H&G6a Monrovia-Germany.15
11241918 comm.cvr Buchanan(violet pmk)-USA via S.Leone, SG288-9.25
1125LIBYA:1889 cvr Tripoli(Italian PO)-Italy via TPO, pair 10c Estero (Sass.13, 1 faulty) & 3051. Cat 1150eu.PH.250
11261915 advert cvr regd Bengasi-Italy, 40c (SG10). Cat 250eu(cvr). PHOTO70
11271919 comm.cvr Tripoli-Paris, 25c opt (SG9). Circ. red Tripoli censor.20
11281924 ppc Tripoli-Italy, mixed issues 5c+20c (SG8,24A).25
11291941 regd cvr Tripoli-Switz, Hitler & Mussolini set (SG123-30 cat £100) + Italian E.Africa SG62 (rare unissued 1L air cat 100eu mint). 2 different Italian censors(rev). PHOTO250
11301972 advert cvr Benghazi-UK, pair 35m Libya obliterated (SG523). SG unpriced!25
1131LIECHTENSTEIN: 1910 ppc comm.used Vaduz-Rotenboden, Austrian 5h Franz Joseph.25
11321912(Apr) regd cvr Vaduz-Germany, 5h-25h (Mi1-3 cat £100). PHOTO75
11331919 regd cvr Eschen-Salzburg, 3h-25h (SG7-10,12).25
11341935(Sep) delayed due to bad weather(cachet) 1st glider Jungfraujoch flight Triesenberg-Thun,1fr cat £65.PH.45
11351937 airmail express(label/cachet) official cvr Vaduz-UK, 3-colour mix officials O157,74(blk 4),77(x2 cat £14).20
11361946(Aug) Stamp Exhib’n printed env Vaduz-Switz, minisheet MS251a cat £60. Not FDC.45
1137LITHUANIA: 1885 Russian 7k p.stat.env(140x113mm) comm.used Mitau-Brno(Czech rec’r).20
11381938 RP ppc comm.used Kaunas-Czech, 4-colour SG389,98-9,413.20
11391941(Aug) regd local Vilnius cvr with 5k-60k local ovpts (Mi10-16 cat 62eu). PHOTO50
1140LUXEMBURG: 1893-5 5c p.stat.cards(11) comm.used internally. All diff.pmks eg Oap,Jungkister,Larochette.50
11411903 10c red Grand Duke p.stat.reply card complete comm.used to Brussels.15
11421914(Dec) war damage ppc sent feldpostkarte German FPO 103-Esch, taxed with 5c(D173).20
11431936(July) airmail cvr Clervaux-UK via Belgium(50c air & Brussels pmk), 4-colour SG252a,4a,55b+c.20
11441940 German Occ 15rpf on 1fr p.stat.card + 1945-6 75c/2fr on 40c/75c reply cards, 1f50 on 75c(scarce P127), 75c & 2fr castle & arms p.stat.cards(5) all fine unused.25
11451952(May 24) Centilux regd FDC to UK of se-tenant SG552f-g(cat £100). Cat 400eu(FDC). PHOTO100
11461953 illus unadd. FDCs(2) of SG569-71(cat £16). Scarce.40
11471956 Europa set (SG609-11 cat £90) on illus unadd.FDC. PHOTO65
1148German Occ: 1941 cacheted cvr Chief of Nazi Civil Admin-Paris, 25c(Mi10). Ae red censor.20
1149MALAYA:(see lot 1671): 1880s cvr Singapore PO(d/circle blank centre)-Calcutta, 8c(SG52).40
11501919 piece of bank draft with KGV 30c,$1,$2,$5(SG212b x5) & firms oval cachet. Stamps cat £620 used.30
11511929 underpaid cvr India-Penang taxed with Straits 2c+4c PDues (D2-3).25
11521965 comm.cvr Ipoh-St Helena(destination), mixed franking Perak 4c + Malaysia SG12,18.15
1153FMS: 1928 underpaid cvr India-Ipoh with 2c+4c P.Dues (D2-3) tied.25
11541932 underpaid cvr India-Seremban taxed with 4c P.Due (D3).20
11551935 unpaid cvr India-Teluk Anson taxed with 8c+10c P.Dues (D4w,5w). Cat £260(cvr). PHOTO80
1156Johore: 1925 comm.cvr to Tasmania(destination), 6c(SG110).20
1157Kedah: 1912 3c red p.stat.card fine unused.15
11581920 rubber tree ppc Alor Star-France via Penang, 2c (SG18 pair).25
11591934-9 cvrs(2) Sungei Patani(2 different D5-6 pmks)-UK/India, SG54(x2) or 55.50
11601941(Sept) air(bilingual label) advert cvr Alor Star-India, 50c(SG65) tied rev. 2 censors inc triang.Passed 96.40
1161Kelantan: 1910 3c red p.stat.card(P2) fine unused opt’d Specimen.20
11621950 regd cvr Khota Bharu-Singapore, UPU set (SG57-60 cat £11).15
1163MPU:1952 underpaid Indian meter-franked cvr to Seremban, taxed with pair 8c P.Dues (D19 cat £15) tied rev.25
1164Perak: 1938-9 2c grn p.stat.cards(2, H&G 6 or 9) comm.used Ipoh(2 diff.pmks)-Penang/Singapore.50
1165Jap.Occ: 1943 re-used env OCPS Kuala Langat-K.Lumpur, 4c (J300 x2) & Banting pmk. PHOTO65
11661943 local Seremban comm.cvr(inc contents), 8c (J307) & blue JSL3 pictorial pmk.25
11671944 regd advert banking cvr Penang-Singapore, J301+8. Boxed Japanese censor 14.30
11681945(Jan 10) local regd Singapore cvr with rare Red X opts J311,14-17(cat £90). Boxed violet Jap censor 22 (rev). Re-regd on July 3 with J295-6(x2) + 312-3(cat £110) tied rev. Blk boxed Jap.censor 39. PHOTO200
1169MALTA: 1849 paid outer to Genoa via 3-line Piroscafi Postali Francesi. P in oval + Malta d/arc.20
11701902(July) QV 2d regd env to Palermo via TPO + SG20,36(x2) & A25 pmks. Oval red regd.40
11711903 KEVII 2d regd env to Palermo via TPO + KEVII 1d(SG39 x5) tied A25 pmks. Oval blk regd.20
11721903-9 ppcs(2) Egypt/Paris-Malta underpaid with 2 diff. 1d in circle tax marks.20
11731914 advert cvr Valletta-Germany, mixed Kings SG51+71.20
11741916 regd cvr to Gibraltar via London, 1d(SG75a x3) & GPO MX pmk. Both triang.censor & martial law label.20
11751929 KGV 3d regd env to Switz + SG125(x3). Oval AR h/stamp.25
11761931(Jun) cacheted FFC Valletta-Naples, 2½d(SG198) & sp.violet airmail pmk.20
11771932 underpaid airmail cvr Sudan-Malta via Cairo taxed with 2½d+4d(x4) PDues cat £65. Minor faults. PH.200
11781949 regd cvr to USA, S.Wedding set (SG249-50 cat £48). PHOTO45
1179MAURITIUS:1887 2c p.stat.card comm.used Riviere Dragon-Pt Louis via carrier & 36 numeral.Card fault.PH120
11801896 cvr Curepipe-UK, 3-colour mixed issues SG105-6,29.30
11811905 KEVII 6c p.stat.env Reduit-France via LV3 p/bot + SG138,147(8c cat £13). Minor env.stains. PHOTO.50
11821906 2c on 6c p.stat.card, H&G14a comm.used Rose Hill-France + SG165a(x2).25
11831909 regd cvr(inc contents) Argy(thimble pmk)-Pt Louis(regd rec’r), 12c (SG148).30
11841919 river ppc Riviere Seche-Greece(destination/rec'r) via Egypt, 2c+4c (SG192+4).40
11851932 36c p.stat.env H&G18 regd Vacoas-Sweden(destination) + 4c(SG226).30
11861937 regd cvr GPO-France, 6-colour SG207,18,24,26c,27(x2),30. See also lot 984.30
1187MEXICO: 1858 EL Colima(fancy pmk)-Zapotlan, 4mgn 2r(SG7b cat £21) with Morelia district name. PHOT.45
11881914 cvr OPA 655-Sonora, bisected 10c(CT5) tied.25
11891929(May) 35c grn airmail env(as H&G2 but mixed typefaces) used as FFC Arriaga-Mexico City + SG441,57.20
11901933 regd cvr Almagen-UK, scarce Statistics Congress SG533(x2)-4(cat £10). See also lot 61.15
1191MONACO:1913 25c blue/salmon lettercard(complete with edges) used Monte Carlo-Russia(destination/rec’r).20
11921918 regd cvr Monte Carlo-Paris, strip of 4 Red X (SG30 cat £37).40
11931927 40c blue/grnish p.stat.card (Dallay 13) comm.used Monte Carlo-Holland + SG89. Uncommon.25
11941938 regd cvr Condamine-Switz, 75c+3fr (SG130+8 cat £15). See also lots 75,77,83.15
11951960(Jun) 3fr-5fr airmail hi-vals (Royal Couple: SG642-3 cat £62) on illus unadd.FDC.40
1196MONGOLIA: 1930 red band cvr Ulan Bator-China, 5m+20m(SG28,30 cat £43) + Chinese 4c junk(rev). PH.250
1197MONTENEGRO: 1895 10Nkr Centenary ovpt p.stat.env(scarce U8 type 2) Cettigne-Vienna.25
11981902 5h p.stat.card comm.used Podgoritza-Vienna via Cettigne.15
11991904 25h King Nicolas p.stat.env Cettigne-Germany(rec'r).15
1200MONTSERRAT: 1922 regd OHMS cvr to Transvaal, 3d+4d (SG53a-4 cat £60). PHOTO75
12011946 regd cvr to UK via Antigua, 4-colour SG103a,5a(x2),6a,8a.20
12021947 regd cvr Salem-UK, Leewards SG115-6. Posted out of course with Southampton regd label, 3d to pay h/stamp + GB D30 tied 723 duplex.30
1203MOROCCO AGS: 1916 regd 'Wilson' cvr Tangier-UK, strip of 3 15c (SG131).15
12041917 regd cvr Tangier-UK, 1/=(SG49).25
12051928 regd ppc Tangier-Prague, 3-colour mixed ovpts SG58,231(x2)-2.25
12061937 cvr Magazan-Switz, KEVIII SG75-6.15
12071948 airmail cvr Tangier-USA, GB 3d+1/= (Z191,202 cat £13). Oval violet OAT.25
12081948(July 29) local Tetuan FDC of Olympic Games set (SG178-81).12
12091950(Oct) cvr Tetuan-UK, mixed KGV-VI: SG159,65-70(cat £38).45
12101951(May 3) local Tetuan FDC of KGVI set ½d-5/=(SG94-100 cat £55).Scarce FDC but tone spot on 5/=.PH.100
1211MUSCAT: 1945 regd airmail cvr to UK, scarce official set O1-10(cat £160). PHOTO250
1212NATAL: 1894 1d on 1½d p.stat.card, H&G9 comm.used Van Reenan(cds rev)-Durban, pmk’d POA 7.40
12131894 ½d brown p.stat.card written Mariathal, pmk’d Ixopo, to Trappist monks in Griqualand East via Umzimkulu + ½d (SG97a).25
12141895 cvr Van Reenan-USA @ 2½d rate. Redirected in US with s/line Forwarded.25
12151902 ppc to France, QV 1d tied fine POA 3 pmk. Tax mark deleted.35
12161909 OHMS Postal Dept env regd Durban-UK, 6d (SG165).20
12171912 cvr Tabamhlupe-Hilton Road(rare rec’r) via Estcourt, Transvaal 1d. See also lot 1271.40
1218NAURU: 1917 regd(fine violet h/st) cvr Pleasant Is-UK, 4-colour SG4,7-9(cat £38). PHOTO75
12191936 cvr to USA, 3-colour SG26-8A(cat £10).20
12201950 airmail cvr to Denmark(destination), 6-colour SG26Bc(x2)-7B,9B,30B(x2),31B,33B(cat £67). PHOTO80
1221NEPAL: 1960s official cvrs(22) with vals to 50p (O143) & many 3- or 4-colour frankings.25
1222NETHERLANDS: 1798 EL Amsterdam-Hodimont p.Vervier rated 11. Good s/line Hollande (vdL 1721).30
12231868 stampless EL Amsterdam(franco scroll pmk)-Rotterdam. Blue-grn N.Holland 1c armourial frank h/st.25
12241883-1902 Willem/Wilhelmina 5c p.stat.cards(2) used with Amsterdam-Arlive or Utrecht-Rotterdam TPO pmks15
12251901 complete parcel card regd Amsterdam-Switz, 50c+1g (NVPH 76D,77B). PHOTO75
12261905 ppc Utrecht Station-Dutch Indies via NI Postagent Penang sq.circle @ 5c rate.20
12271916 GB Mackennal ½d p.stat.card + ½d comm.used London-Flushing. S/line Censuur Gepasseerd.15
12281923 express(h/st) local Amsterdam cvr, marginal control A blk of 4 15c air (SG240 cat £10).40
12291927 comm.cvr Grave-Berghem, 10c air (SG239).20
12301933(Dec) Postjager cacheted flight cvr The Hague-Batavia, SG412-7(cat £52). See also lot 24.40
12311938(Dec) illus KLM Dingaan FFC Amsterdam-S.Africa & back multifranked stamps both countries.20
12321940(Sept) censored(German) airmail cvr Amsterdam-Venezuela(destination), mix Wilhelmina SG331a+509.25
12331943 cvr Sassenheuren-Rhineland @ 10c rate. German censor tape + many chemical wipes.15
12341946(Dec 2) printed regd FDC Amsterdam-Sweden, Child Welfare set (SG631-5).20
12351952(Mar) Van Riebeeck illus FFC Culemborg-S.Africa, SG744-6+7(x2 cat £32).20
12361952(July 18) illus FDC 100yrs Dutch Telegraph Exhib'n The Hague-Apeldoorn, SG754-7 & sp.pmk20
1237Antilles: 1953 official cacheted env regd Willemstad-Switz, SG312a+341(blk of 4 cat £11+).15
1238Curacao: 1934 comm.cvr Aruba-USA, 12½c (SG144).20
12391940 cvr St Nicolaas(Aruba)-USA, SG126a+130. S/line Insuffisament affranchi (underpaid).15
1240Indies: 1888 5c p.stat.card + 2½c(SG89) comm.used Semarang-Holland. Boxed Ned Indie via Marseille.20
12411892 internal 5c p.stat.card comm.used Bengkalis-Medan via NI Agent Singapore.20
12421914-19 underpaid cvrs(2) India/Malaya-Medan(sp.fair rec’r) or Pematang Siantar both via NI Postagent Penang(2 diff pmks), taxed with D103(strip of 3) or 233 P.Dues.30
12431922 KNPM(shipping line) ppc used Soerabaia-Switz, 12½c ovpt(SG251) & Visit Industrial Fair 3-ring sp.pmk20
12441935 official free p/card(similar to H&GD1) Dept of Justice Batavia-Soerabaia. Scarce stationery.40
12451936 regd cvr Pangkatan-Manchuria(destination), SG335,40,52. See also lot 990.15
12461947 5c on 3½c p.stat.card(H&G98) regd airmail Semarang-Aden(destination/rec'r)+SG471(x2),502-3(x3),4,7.30
12471948(Nov) illus Red X balloon flight cacheted(3 diff) card @ 3c rate. Uncommon.20
1248New Guinea: 1959 printed cacheted FFC Hollandia-Lae(rec'r) per Kroonduif, SG60(x2),1,2(x2).15
12491962 UNTEA 7c p.stat.card comm.used Manokwari-Hollandia + 30c UNTEA ovpts (SG11 x4).30
1250Surinam: 1927 5c p.stat.card comm.used Paramaribo-Bahamas(destination) via Trinidad + 5c(SG128).25
12511931(Aug) DO-X(violet cachet rev) cvr to Trinidad, scarce DO-X opts (SG218-24 cat £350) & sp.pmks. PH.250
1252NEW BRUNSWICK: 1851 outer Chatham(blue cds)-St John via W.O Douglastown(red) rated 3.25
1253NEWFOUNDLAND:(see lot 319): 1921 cvr Sandy Point-USA via St Georges, SG130(x3).15
12541931(Feb) cacheted FFC Conche-St Johns, 5c+10c (SG183+5 cat £10) & barred pmk. Minor env.faults.20
12551931(Aug) cacheted FFC St Johns-N.Sydney, 50c (SG196 cat £75). PHOTO60
12561941(Dec 1) illus FDC to USA, SG275 & large oval temporary St Anthonys IGA pmk.10
12571942(May 1) illus/cacheted FFCs(2) Gander-St Johns & St Johns-Canada, SG266+71(cat £13) on each.20
12581947(Jan 1) cacheted 1st direct flight cvr Gander-N.York, 10c (SG283).10
1259NEW GUINEA: 1932(July) regd cvr Madang-UK via Sydney, 2/= (SG186 cat £17).30
12601945 OAS NZ patriotic cvr RNZAF NZAPO D(Bougainville)-UK.20
1261NEW HEBRIDES: 1935 PO env Vila-USA, mixed issues SG43-6,F42-3(torn),47(x2 cat £100+). PHOTO100
12621972 large OHBMS airmail cvr Commissioner(cachet),Pt Vila-UK, SG100,5(x10),7(x2),56.20
1263French: 1953 cvr Pt Vila-Australia, scarce UPU set (F77-80 cat £50). PHOTO60
12641963 Red X set (F108-9 cat £40) on illus unadd.FDC25
1265NEW SOUTH WALES:(see lot 1412): 1870 QV 1d dull rose p.stat.env, H&G1 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.15
12661896 QV 3d regd env size G Sydney-UK + 7½d on 6d (SG267d). PHOTO45
12671902 regd advert cvr Merewether-UK, 3-colour ½d,1d(pair),3d & 437 numerals.40
1268NEW ZEALAND:(see lots 9,586,1260,1508): 1898 QV 3d blue regd env, scarce H&G2 fine unused.30
12691897 regd cvr Christchurch-Timaru, 1d+6d (SG228,243). Tone spotting(cvr).25
12701899-1900 ½d Mt Cook or QV p.stat.envs(3 diff: H&G1,4-a) fine unused.20
12711900 unpaid cvr Invercargill-Natal with fine tax marks both countries.40
12721901 QV 3d regd env, H&G2a Wellington-UK + pair 1d Universal.25
12731909-10 KEVII 1d p.stat.envs(2 different) Motueka or Rangiuahia-UK20
12741916 OHMS PM’s Office stampless cvr Wellington-Timaru. Prime Minister’s Official Paid blue cachet.25
12751931(Dec) airmail cvr Auckland-UK, airs SG548,50(x4)-1(cat £62). PHOTO45
12761934 airmail cvr Christchurch-UK, SG550-1(x2),55(cat £46).35
12771936 airmail cvr Wellington-UK, SG571-2(pairs + 591-2(blks of 4 cat £24).20
12781937(Jun) regd cacheted FFC Wellington-Auckland, SG552-3(scarce Healths) + 571(cat £52). PHOTO50
12791940(Apr) cacheted NZ-Aust-UK FFC unusually franked 1/6d meter marks. NZ censor label tied 33 censor.15
12801947(May 1) regd airmail FDC to UK of KGVI set to 3/= (SG680-9).20
12811959 regd airmail cvr Wellington-USA, Health minisheets MS777c(x2 of each cat £52) front & back.40
12821954-77 coll'n of QE2 regd envs(20) on leaves, appear all different unused or used.40
12831954-90 coll'n of QE2 p.stat.envelopes on leaves both unused & used (56 items).50
12841967-9 illus FDCs(4) of Exports SG870-2,75-7.15
1285NICARAGUA: 1900 5c blue p.stat.env Chinandega-Germany via N.York + 10c (SG143).25
12861896 3c p.stat.card, H&G33 comm.used Bluefields-Germany via N.Orleans.25
12871899 cvr Rama(violet oval pmk)-USA(rec'r) via N.Orleans, 10c (SG112) & Telegrafo ovpt. PHOTO45
12881928-33 cacheted official banking cvrs(3) Leon/Bluefields-USA, officials O517,679 or 705(1 cor).40
1289NIGERIA: 1897 Niger Coast 1d p.stat.card comm.used Benin River-London via Liverpool Br.Pkt.40
12901895 Oil Rivers 1d p.stat.card comm.used Opobo River-UK via Opobo(scarce sq.circ) & L'pool Br.Pkt. PH.75
12911903 religious festival ppc Forcados River-UK, S.Nigeria ½d (SG21a pair).30
12921908 Lome market ppc comm.used Sapele-Germany, pair ½d S.Nigeria (SG21) & scarce D4 pmk.30
12931917 cvr(+ letter) Kontagora(N.Nigeria pmk)-Ireland via Zungeru @ 1d rate. PHOTO65
12941934 cvr Lagos-Germany, 3-colour 3d,4d,6d (SG23-4,5a cat £10).25
12951935 comm.cvr Okigwi-UK, 2d S.Jubilee (SG31).20
129619 46(Nov) forces mail cvr to USA, 11th Bn Nigeria Regt cachet & Lagos Mil skeleton pmk.15
12971950-9 cvrs(4 inc 2 regd) Ubiaja-UK with 4 different pmks inc scarce telegraphs + regd h/st s/line.40
12981955 regd cvr Udo(skeleton PA pmk)-UK @ 1/9d rate.15
1299S.Cameroons: 1952 regd(scarce box h/st) cvr Victoria-UK @ 1/3d rate.20
1300NIUE: 1935 regd cvr to USA, 4-colour SG57,61-3(cat £14).40
13011935(Oct) regd cvr to Hawaii(rec'r), S.Jubilee set with varieties (SG69a-71a cat £57). Date error: 1934. PH.75
1302NORFOLK IS: 1953 regd illus FDC to UK of SG13-18(cat £19).20
13031959(July 6) regd illus FDC to Canada of 3d + 2/= (SG6a,12a cat £20).20
1304N.BORNEO:(see lot 292): 1894 8c grn p.stat.card comm.used Sandakan-Germany.40
13051927 comm.cvr Sandakan-UK, 6c (SG168). No flap.25
1306N.RHODESIA: (see lot 85): 1933 cvr Mpika(scarce NE pmk)-UK @ 2d rate. PHOTO50
13071933 unpaid cvr India-Lusaka, 4 diff.tax marks & scarce 3d P.Due (D3 x3 cat £78). PHOTO250
13081935 airmail cvr Mankoya-UK @ 6d rate.20
13091949 airmail cvr Kitwe-USA, 6-colour SG25,27,30(all in control strips of 3),32(x2),34,38.20
13101953 regd cvr Mporokose-UK, SG55,8-9(cat £8).20
1311NORWAY:(see lots 80,633,760): 1850 local Christiania EL ex Chr.Lange. No pmks but mss 4dp90/-.25
13121857 official(heading + seal) local Christiania EL. Blue cds + red Christiania Bypost pmks.25
13131907 Royal Family official ppc for Royal Visit to Paris in May sent Paris-London @ French 10c rate on 2nd day of tour. P/card lists official programme for visit. Scarce.40
13141918 'Fram' ppc comm.used to Kristiania, 4-colour p/horns (Fa100-1,9,13) & Polhavet cancel.30
131519 22 25o lilac p.stat.card comm.used Kristiania-Estonia(destination/rec’r).25
13161942(Feb 1) local Oslo FDC of Quisling ovpt (Fa306 cat £29).25
13171951(May) 1st balloon flight cacheted illus card ex Oslo @ 15o rate.20
13181955 NORWEX ovpts illus unadd.FDC of SG455-7(cat £45+). 20o has E variety.35
1319Antarctic: 1951 regd illus joint Expedition cvr Dronning Maud Land(sp.pmk)-Holland, SG282+394.20
1320Ephemera: 1898 different Bergen firms invoices(2) for shipped goods. Good condition & attractive.25
1321NOVA SCOTIA: 1861 cvr Halifax(cds rev)-UK, 12½c (SG29 cat £32). PHOTO100
1322NYASALAND: 1906 2d arms external p.stat.card comm.used Chiromo(sq.circle)-UK via Chinde.35
13231934 advert cvr Ncheu-USA, 1d+2d (SG115+7).25
13241936 cvr Salima-UK, 2d (SG117). Only opened 1934.25
13251954(July 1) airmail cvr Ntondwe-UK, scarce FDI mix franking SG173a(x2),76a,80a + Rhod.& Nyasa 6d.25
13261954 QE2 4d regd envs(3 sizes: H&G5-b) all fine unused (3).25
13271961 comm.cvr Ntakataka-UK @ 3d rate. See also lot 1520.20
13281963(Nov 1) regd airmail FDC Limbe-Salisbury of scarce provisional set to £1 (SG188-98 cat £21).25
1329ORANGE FREE STATE: 1889 1d p.stat.card comm.used Ventersburg-Cape Town with 21 numeral.25
13301889 cvr(+ letter) Fauresmith(brown cds + oval 4 cancel)-Cape Town, pair 1d (SG2).30
13311896 ½d p/card(P2b) comm.used Zastron-Bloemfontein.25
13321902 cvr Ladybrand-Jo'burg, VRI 1d. ER martial law label, oval Ladybrand censor, Jo'burg + PBC censors.20
13331905 1d on 1½d p.stat.card(H&G33) philatelically used to George(Cape), rare Bethany Village SO skeleton.30
1334PAKISTAN:(see lot 78): 1952 OAS env used internally to Geological Survey,Quetta @ 1½a rate (O28) re-used OHMS airmail Geological Survey,Quetta-UK, Service 4a+8a (SGO21 + scarce O31 cat £25).40
13351954 RAF forces airmail cvr Mauripur Airfield-BBC,UK, 2½a(SG30 cat £10). 4-line RAF concession h/st.15
1336PALESTINE: 1919(Feb) stampless ppc FPO SZ16(Haifa)-UK. Scarce.35
13371919(Dec) cvr UK-Military Governor,Acre @ 1½d rate. Haifa OETA rec'r of New Years Day & scarce Acre skeleton of Jan 1st. Inc letter. PHOTO50
13381930 regd cvr Cashier PTT(dated cachet),Jerusalem-UK, 8-colour franking SG90-5,7-8 (50m rate).20
13391933 13m blue regd env Tel Aviv-UK + 3-colour SG90(x3),105,8. PHOTO50
13401938 13m regd env size G, H&G7 fine unused.25
13411942(Sept) YMCA censored OAS env AIF FPO 9(Khassa)-Australia.25
13421947 regd airmail cvr Tel Aviv-KGVI,London, 3-colour SG99,100(x2)8a & scarce Allby Rd BO regd pmk.30
1343Jordanian Occ: 1950 airmail cvr Nablus-UK, P10(x2)+PT41.20
13441951(Oct-Dec) cvrs(2) Bethlehem-Jerusalem(diff.rec'rs), P1-2(thick/thin ovpts)both+ unovpt'd Jordan T264(x2)25
1345PANAMA: 1925 official cacheted(x2 diff) Consular env to Panamanian Vice-Consul,Glasgow, 5c (SG201).15
13461929(July) cacheted FFC Colon-Curacao using 2c p.stat.env, H&G2 + SG165,229. See also lot 8.15
13471942 advert cvr Davis-Ancon(Canal Zone), SG233,395. Scarce yellow Defensa Continental censor label.20
1348PAPUA: 1908 scarce 1½d p.stat.card Samarai-Australia. Black smudge. No message. PHOTO50
13491925 cvr Samarai-UK, 1½d (SG95).20
13501936 cvr Pt Moresby-USA, 3-colour SG130-2(cat £12).20
13511937 regd Coronation FDC to Australia with fine Kokoda violet pmk & 2-line regd cachet.20
1352PARAGUAY:1934 regd advert cvr Asuncion-Switz, Columbus SG458+61. Foreign Legion patriotic label. PH.40
13531936 regd airmail cvr Br.Legation Asuncion(cachet)-UK, SG304,12,25,400,9,66(all x2 ea),421.20
13541938 regd airmail cvr Asuncion-Germany, SG396(x2),406,487a,505-6 tied boxed dated cachet ‘Transmission From Presidential Office of General Jose Estagarribia’ Envelope corner fault.40
1355PERU:(see lot 347): 1916 regd local Lima cvr with pair 10c(SG400) with Franqueo 1916 ovpt inverted.25
13561921 regd advert cvr Lima-Germany, mix franking SG407 + pair P.Dues (D422).25
13571926 regd parcel cards(2 diff.papers/sizes) Lima-N.York both @ 50c rate.25
13581932 airmail cvr Lima 5-Estonia(destination/rec'r), 50c scarce Piura Centenary (SG511 cat £23). PHOTO40
13591944 regd airmail advert cvr Lima-UK, SG698-9. 2-line Airmail to NYC Only & Via EE.UU. US/UK censor label15
1360GB used in: 1870 6d violet (Z42) pl.9 + 1/= grn (Z54) pl.12 & fine C38 pmks. Cat £125(2).40
1361PHILIPPINES: 1903 ppc Manila-Tasmania(destination & rec’r), 2c (SG253).20
13621927 comm.cvr Cebu-USA, 4c(SG338) & Manila pmk + red s/line Paquebot (Hosking 1661).30
13631937(Apr) Pan-am cacheted FFCs(2) Manila-Macao or Hong Kong, SG486+530 or 454,9,67.20
13641948 2c, 1951-3 5c or 6c on 2c p.stat.envs(3: H&G27-9) all fine unused & with re-valued 10s ovpt.10
1365PITCAIRN: 1930 cvr to UK, NZ 1d admiral (Z15 cat £30) & fine NZ Agency pmk.50
13661936 cvr to UK, GB ½d+1d S.Jubilees & NZ Agency pmk. PHOTO75
13671938 illus cvr to UK, NZ 1d Coronation (Z54 cat £40). Signed Richard Edgar Christian. PHOTO75
13681951 illus regd FDC to USA of 4d+8d (SG5b,6a cat £20).25
13691965 regd(violet h/st) cvr to UK, 2/6d (SG46).15
1370POLAND:1900 ppc written Podersam-Prague, Austrian 5h & FPA 87 Pilsen-Dux TPO pmk.15
13711919 regd local Warsaw cvr with mixed ovpt franking SG2-3,5,13A(cat £9).25
13721926(Oct) flown p/card Swislocz-Warsaw by balloon(Poznan cachet), 5gr + 1zl balloon label. Scarce. PHOT.50
13731931 express(label) cvr Bielsko-Czech, SG250+273(1zl).20
13741938(May) local Warsaw illus cvr with Phil.Exhib'n perf minisheet (MS335 cat £85). PHOTO65
13751938(24/9) illus Stratosphere balloon flight cacheted sp.card Zakopane-Rybnik, MS Block 6 cat 90eu rev.PH. 65 1376 1938(Nov) airmail cvr Krakow-Australia via Greece, set to 2z (SG336-47 cat £23) tied reverse.35
13771939(July) airmail cvr Lwow-NZ(destination), 3-colour SG344,46(1zl),57.20
13781940 Dienstpost Osten cvr German Police Co,Warsaw-Vienna, 60gr ovpt (Mi10).20
13791943 regd cvr Tarnow-Bad Nauheim,Germany, 3rd anniv set (SG451-5). See also lots 55,630,632.10
1380PORTUGAL:1856 EL Lisbon-Brazil per Cadiz rated 300. On reverse oval De Franquia pelo Paquete + 600.40
13811892-7 10r or 20r p.stat.cards(4 diff) comm.used Lisbon-Cape Verde(2 diff.rec'rs). See also lots 243,1555.40
13821917 Douro ppc Porto-UK, SG485+8(scarce 1½c) + 1c ovpt Assistencia (C484: scarce on cvr).Stamps cat £8.30
13831927 25c Ceres p.stat.card comm.used Lisbon-Germany + SG553,702,7(4-colour franking).20
13841929 advert cvr Lisbon-UK, mix franking scarce 1e60 opt (SG812 cat £17) + Azores SG329(x2) & TPO. PH.45
13851935 airmail cvr Porto-Brazil, scarce Castelo Branco 2e(x2)+10e (SG665,60 cat £18+)+ 841a. PHOTO45
13861943 airmail censored(2 diff.PC90 labels) cvrs(2) Lisbon-UK @ 3e50 rate both inc scarce air SG893a(cat £34)35
13871946(Jun) regd airmail cvr Restaurandores(Lisbon)-USA, SG970-1,77,86 + Castles set (SG989-96 cat £20).20
13881950 airmail cvr Lisbon-UK, 3-colour SG943,49a,1038(scarce 5e Holy Year cat £44).35
13891953 Stamp Centenary illus unadd.FDC of SG1102-9. Cat 180 euros(FDC). PHOTO45
1390Angola:1946 official airmail env Nova Lisboa-Luanda, SG355-6 + 90c emergency airmail label (Sanabria 12).25
13911986 blk of 4 UNITA rebel issue postally used Jamba-USA(rec'r). Inc letter.25
1392Azores: 1890 10r p.stat.card comm.used Villa da Povoacao(oval pmk)-Ponta Delgada(rec'r).40
13931911 20r reply card, 1913 1c card(H&G43-4), 50r,25r & 2½c reply lettercard(H&G11-2,15) all fine unused.20
1394Cape Verde: 1925 ppc comm.used S.Vicente-Switz, 12c(SG235 x8: 2 blks of 4 front & back)25
1395India: 1916 cvr to Karachi, 6r(SG446) tied rev. Triang.violet 3&4(censors?) + blk/orge Opened Censor label.35
13961921-5 comm.cvrs(3,1 per SS Karapara) to L.Marques, SG443(x6 inc blk 4), 446+7 or 446(x3).40
1397L.Marques: 1911 cvr(+ letter) to India per SS Umbria, 50r (SG98) tied reverse.15
13981917 cvr to India, SG152(pair) + Mozambique 1c war tax (C234 roulette).30
1399Macao: 1937(Apr) cacheted FFC to USA, SG357(3p)+61(cat £63).40
14001965 airmail cvr to USA, 1p50 map (SG477).10
1401Madeira: 1927 small mourning cvr Funchal-UK, Portugal 32c Ceres London printing.20
1402Mozambique: 1892 30r p.stat.card to Holland via Durban+viol.pmk & small box Ship Letter. Message erased.20
14031925 regd cvr L.Marques-Canada, 2e (SG302) tied reverse. See also lot 1398.20
1404Mozambique Co: 1937 airmail cvr Beira-Scotland, pair 2e triangular (SG301).20
1405S.Thome: 1913 comm.cvr to Chacim(Portugal), 25r Republica (SG127).15
1406Zambezia: 1904-7 nice ppcs(2) comm.used Quelimane(2 diff.pmks)-UK/Switz. 20r or 25r (SG24,56).Scarce.75
1407PRINCE EDWARD IS: 1865 cvr to Charlottetown, 2d p.11½ (SG12 cat £19) & bars cancel. PEI d/arc b/st.PH.45
1408QUEENSLAND: 1886 QV 1d red/cream p.stat.card, H&G1 comm.used Maryborough-Gympie(rec'r).25
14091899 crested PO env regd Brisbane-USA, pair 4d (SG245). Ink mark on 1 stamp.25
14101901 regd cvr Maryborough-Hobart via TPO No.1 NCR Down, 2d+3d (SG235+40).20
14111902 cvr(inc letter) N.Keswick-UK via Brisbane, ½d+2d (SG234,262) & Ipswich pmk.15
14121912 comm.cvr Toowong-Petersham(NSW), NSW 1d arms. See also lot 71.15
1413RHODESIA: 1905 BSAC 2½d p.stat.env, H&G3a Umtali-Rumbali.30
14141906 ppc comm.used Plumtree-UK @ 1d rate.20
14151908 1d arms p.stat.card comm.used Shesheke(NW pmk)-Switz. Date error in year. PHOTO65
14161910 1d p.stat.card, H&G11 comm.used Gresham Farm,Marandellas-UK.20
14171922 cvr Sinoia-UK, pair 1d Admirals SG195.25
1418& Nyasaland: 1960(May 17) airmail FDC(4,2 regd) Kariba-UK, SG32-7 & Royal Visit pmks. 3d gorge flaw.30
1419RUMANIA: 1856 unpaid disinfected EL Jassy(blue cds)-Paris charged 16 via Krakau & Czernowitz. PHOTO.65
14201915 5b p.stat.card used locally in Bucarest with blue station pmk & 10b postal tax due TD644.25
14211918 local Galata cvr @ 1b rate redirected to Bujor(blue pmk) taxed with D675(blk 6)+TD680(x2). Box censor.30
14221926(Jun) regd cacheted FFC Bucarest-Chisinau, SG943(pair)+T979. PHOTO45
14231928(Oct) airmail cvr Chisinau(red airmail pmk)-Iasi(rec’r), SG1086-8,99-101(cat £18).30
14241938 church ppc Mercuria Ciuc-Bucarest, SG1315 + cultural/aviation funds T1277,1341. Tax mark.15
1425Bulgarian Occ: 1918(Jun) local Bucarest cvr. mix franking ovpt'd SG1,3-4 + unovpt'd Bulgarian 5s(SG195).30
1426RUSSIA: 1829 EL St Petersburg-Trento(Tyrol) with fine s/line Russie (VdLinden 2470).35
14271860 EL Berdiansk(2-line inc date)-Marseille via Odessa(diamond pmk), Breslau-Berlin TPO & Prusse Valenciennes 3, rated 11. Boxed Aus Russland, Porto & P35. See also lots 460,1107,1137.25
14281915 regd advert cvr Archangel-Karhula(Finland) @ 20k rate. Finnish trilingual censor label.20
14291916 POW stampless cvr Orenburg-POW Agency,Copenhagen. Boxed grn Russian censor 167.20
14301923(Jly) cvr Kem((Pet.Kap.Tp.Kom pmk)-Petrograd, mixed imperf SG293(strip of 5)-4 + perf SG320 reverse.20
14311928 regd cvr Uman-UK, 28k (SG507 cat £11).20
14321930 regd(nice boxed cachet) airmail cvr Moscow-Germany, 4-colour SG505,8,19,71(cat £12).25
14331930 comm.cvr Vladivostok-Canal Zone(destination), SG508+572.20
1434Levant: 1880 cvr C'tinople-Odessa via Kiev, 10k (SG17a cat £10) tied reverse. PHOTO45
14351896 4k p.stat.card C’tinople-Belgium via Odessa.25
1436Transcaucasian Federation: 1923(Nov regd advert cvr Tiflis-Germany, blk of 8 700,000r on 75,000r (SG10) tied reverse but sadly 2 lost in transit. Edges worn, remaining stamps cat £40 & rare on cvr. PHOTO50
1437Ukraine: 1942(Jan) regd Dienstpost cvr Prosskurow-Berlin, set to 80pf (Mi1-18 ex 10,12) & blue pmks.25
14381942(Jan) regd Dienstpost cvr Belaia Zerkov-Dresden, 60pf(Mi17) & scarce blue s/line h/stamp.35
1439SAAR:1920(Aug) advert cvr Puttlingen-Pirverbrucken, rare 1mk + broken bar (Mi17). Signed + Brun cert.PH.650
144019 21(May) regd cvr Marpingen-Switz, 4-colour Mi5,9b-10,14 type 1(min.cat 180eu). PHOTO100
14411951 local Saarbrucken cvrs/card(3 inc regd), Relief Fund set (SG296-300 cat £400) & sp.fair pmks. PH(ex).300
14421951 cvr Neunkirchen-UK, 4-colour mixed franking Mi275,7(x2),82(x2),310(cat 40 euros).30
14431952-3 Child Relief Fund sets (SG335-7,41-3 cat £85) on illus FDCs(2 inc regd). Typed addresses.60
14441958 matching cvrs(4 inc 2 regd) Saarbrucken-USA, scarce Heuss set to 300fr (SG406-25 cat £140).100
1445ST HELENA: 1904-11 ppcs(4 diff.types) to UK @ KEVII 1d rate (SG56: shades). PTSA £115. Written-up60
14461934 regd OHMS cvr to UK with boxed Official Paid.25
14471935 cvr(inc letter ex Colonial Surgeon about island) to USA, SG114(strip of 3)+16.25
14481937 RNE St Helena crested env to UK, 1½d+2d (SG99-100 cat £15).30
14491987 illus unadd.FDCs(5) of ships set (SG501-4 cat £45). Each FDC signed by Cmdrs HMS Vanguard,HMS Repulse,HMS Herald,island administrator or stamp designer. Certified only 40 sets exist.65
1450ST.KITTS:(see lots 1118-20): 1906 cvr to UK, scarce ½d(SG11 x2 cat £13) & St Kitts pmk.20
14511907 1d red badge p.stat.card comm.used Nevis-UK.25
14521910 scarcer mixed franking cvr to USA, 2d(SG15) + Leewards ½d(SG37).25
14531924 double regd cvr Old Road-USA, Leewards 5d(SG71) & code O(R not visible) cds + duplex. Scarce.PH.50
14541927 2d badge regd env size H2 to USA + Leewards SG59,63(x2).35
14551936 regd OHMS cvr to USA, 2½d+3d (SG44,45a).25
14561951(Mar) commercial mixed currency cvr to UK, SG73f,75c,93(cat £28).25
1457ST LUCIA: 1895-8 comm.cvrs(2) to UK @ 2½d or 5d(double) rates, SG46(x1 or 2).40
14581901 OHMS(Her changed to His) regd cvr Castries-UK, scarce 6d (SG49 cat £24). Central fold. PHOTO150
14591931(Oct) regd(h/stamp no.1) airmail 3-colour franking cvr to USA via P.Rico, SG100a-1+3(cat £18).30
14601936 underpaid comm.cvr ex USA taxed with 2d P.Due(D4). Much scarcer than D1-2. Central fold. PHOTO75
1461ST VINCENT: 1884 QV 1½d p.stat.card comm.used Kingstown(red pmk)-Holland with fine A10 pmk.30
14621897 QV 2d regd env size G Kingstown-USA + pair 3d red mauve (SG63a cat £96). Regd label rev. PHOT.150
14631944 cvr Union Island-USA, 2½d (SG153). See also lot 742.25
14641952 regd advert cvr Kingstown-Holland via Trinidad, SG165,71-2. Circ.violet small AV2 with dots.30
1465SAMOA:(see lot 1680): 1923 local Apia cvr with Victory set (SG143-8 cat £65). PHOTO65
14661930 comm.cvr Apia-Austria, 2½d (SG157).25
1467SAN MARINO: 1907 official cacheted cvr to Rimini, 15c on 20c (SG52).25
14681928 official PO env regd to N.York, scarce surchs + Onofri set SG123-32(cat £26) + 1L25 Express. PHOT.50
1469SARAWAK: 1913 Rajah Brooke 10c regd env size H unused with minor tone spots but v.scarce50
14701948 cvr Kuching-Canada @ 8c rate. Boxed violet Passed by Censor. PHOTO50
14711947 regd(h/st) cvr Kuching-UK via Singapore K, SG146-8.15
14721949 regd FDC Simunjan-Kuching of UPU set (SG167-70 cat £11). Violet pmk & regd h/st.30
1473Jap Occ: 1945(Mar) censored cvr Bau-Miri, 2c+6c (J3,9 cat £330). PHOTO250
1474SAUDI ARABIA: 1945 advert window env ex Mecque, SG333a(x2),40a,48. Box Arabic & circ.Egyptian censor20
14751954 airmail cvr Ryad-Switz, 6-colour franking SG329-30,1a,3a,6b,348.20
1476SERBIA: 1905 regd cvr Belgrade(Moustere pmk)-Vienna, 15p+25p (SG119,121).25
14771915 stampless formular red/white card ex German POW in Serb hands to Germany, 40mm blk Serbian cens.25
14781916 Austrian feldpostkarte comm.used KuK FPO 131(Belgrade)-Hungary. Cachets of KuK milit.soap factory.20
14791918 regd cvr Belgrade-UK, 10p (SG197 x5). 2-line violet Serbian censor.20
1480German Occ: 1942 1d red ovpt p.stat.card(P2) comm.used Nis-Belgrade + 0.50d(Mi2) & boxed Nis censor.25
14811943 internal regd cvr ex Pozeravac, 4d pair (Mi7) & Belgrade postal censor label.25
1482SEYCHELLES: 1918 regd 'Wilson' cvr Victoria-UK, 1r50 (SG80).25
14831924 cvr Victoria-N.York franked in error @ 12c empire rate (SG101 x3).25
14841936 cvr Anse Royale(bridge pmk)-Ireland, SG105(x2). PHOTO50
14851945 regd airmail cvr to Kenya, 4-colour SG135+36a(blks of 4),36+43(pairs),44 cat £18+.20
14861948(Nov 11) local Victoria S.Wedding FDC of SG152-3(cat £48).45
14871951(Mar 3) local cvr with P.Due set (D1-8 cat £45).45
14881962(Feb 21) illus unadd.FDC of original set to 10r (SG196-212 cat £35).25
1489SIERRA LEONE: 1898 scarce triple rate cvr(+ letter) Freetown-UK via L'pool Br.Pkt, 2½d(x3). PHOTO65
14901905(Nov) advert cvr Sherbro(early date Bonthe pmk)-Switz per SS Tarquah via Plymouth or L'pool(h/st), 2½d (SG77) & Freetown pmk.35
14911914 KGV 1d p.stat.env,H&G5a Freetown-Paris + 1½d(SG114).25
14921916 regd cvr Freetown-Paris, SG112a+3(x4).15
14931929 native village ppc Bonthe-Switz, 2d(SG134).25
14941938(May) Lufthansa air cvr Freetown-Ireland via Gambia & Germany, mix KGV-VI SG163(cat £12)+189(x2).30
14951944 cvr Freetown-USA @ 4/= rate (SG196 x2 + 7). QQ/12 censor label.15
14961958(Sept) Cambridge Exped'n printed cvr(+ cachet) Mount Aureol-UK, 4d (SG215).15
1497SINGAPORE: 1949 illus UPU FDC locally regd to Tanglin, SG33-6(cat £10) & scarce UN Conference pmk.40
14981954 airmail cvr to UK, 3-colour SG19a,25a,28.10
14991957 airmail cvr to USA,mixed issues SG41(x2) + Trengganu $1(SG97 cat £10).15
15001969 illus unadd.FDC of $10 (SG115 cat £15).30
15011971 C/wealth,Tourism & Art sets (SG146-54,165-70 cat £75) on illus unadd.FDC(3).45
15021973 regd cvr Airport-W.Germany, scarce Shipping minisheet MS188 cat £45. See also lots 62,1241,1677.35
1503SLOVAKIA: 1941 50h p.stat.card comm.used Bratislava-Sudetengau + SG42,45. German censor.12
15041941-2 airmail cvrs(2) Lednicki Rovne/Bratislava-Prague/Moravia, 3k (SG35a or 59). 2 diff.German censors.25
15051943(May) cacheted FFC Presov-Bratislava, airs SG55(x2)+57.20
15061943 airmail firm’s window env regd ex Dolne Hamry via Prague with German censor + SG56-9. Also chemical test wipe for secret writing.20
1507SOLOMONS: 1936 regd cvr Tulagi-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG53-6 cat £35).30
15081945 patriotic OAS cvr RNZAF NZAPO C(Guadacanal)-UK. RNZAF boxed censor (Major Cunningham).25
1509SOMALILAND: 1917 KGV 1a p.stat.card, H&G2 fine unused opt’d Specimen.20
1510S.AFRICA: 1917 ppcs(2) USA-Transvaal @ 2c rate with circ.Passed Censor 20 in blue or violet.25
15111921 KGV 4d regd env size F Market St,Jo'burg-USA + 2½d,1/=(scarce on cvr). PHOTO45
15121922 ppc Cape Town-Guatemala(destination & rec’r) @ 1½d rate. See also lots 1231,1528-9.20
15131925 ppc Durban-UK, scarce 1½d coil (SG20 cat £15).35
15141928 regd cvr E.London-Umtata, SG5a(tete-beche pair cat £18)+34(single).25
15151929 cvr Jo'burg-Memel(destination/rec'r), scarce ½d bklet pane of 6 with some trimmed perfs (SG30e ex SB6: pane cat c£1000) tied reverse. PHOTO350
15161932(Jan) regd IA illus FFC Cape Town-UK, 4-colour officials O12-13,16(pairs) + O14(singles cat £23).25
15171935 regd cvr Durban-India notable for vert.marginal pair 1d S.Jubilee (red doctor blade flaw thru Suid Afrika on 1 & ear flaw on other) & horiz.pair 3d with cleft skull (SG67a cat £120 alone). PHOTO175
15181941(Aug 1) plain FDC Jo’burg-Boksburg of pair 3d War Effort (SG91 cat £50).40
15191948 6d airletter, scarce H&G4 comm.used via Pan-am Cape Town-USA + SG56,59(singles).20
15201957 unstamped cvr Kasungu(Nyasaland)-Jo'burg, 2 diff.tax marks inc T5d in circle.20
15211960 underpaid cvr Bethal-Jo'burg, T4d in circle + 4d P.Due (D42 cat £15).30
1522S.AUSTRALIA: 1885 ½d wrapper, H&G3b used Adelaide(undated pmk)-Egypt(destination) + ½d(SG191).20
15231888-9 cvrs(2) Ship Mail Room(SA or Adelaide pmks)-Scotland, 6d (SG185-a: different shades).40
15241892 regd cvr Adelaide-Melbourne, 2d(damaged when affixed)+ 5d(SG230) ovpt.40
15251893 QV 1d p.stat.card, H&G3a fine unused ovpt’d Specimen in blue.15
15261898 cvr Adelaide-Hamburg @ 10d rate (SG236 x2 + 238).25
15271907 cvr St Petersburg(sq.circle)-Tasmania @ 2d rate via PA Railway.15
1528SW AFRICA: 1916 regd(German label) cvr to Peace Bureau,Switz, S.Africa 2½d+4d. Scarce blue 3-line For Censorship in Cape Town. Duly obliged with oval censor(rev) + C15 & censor 99 label. PHOTO40
15291921 S.Africa KGV 5½d regd env size G Luderitz-Berlin + S.African ½d(x2).25
15301931(Dec) IA illus cvr Keetmanshoop-S.Africa, 4d air (SG72).15
15311932(Feb) regd airmail cvr Okahandja-UK via Windhoek-Kimberley service, airs SG96-7(cat £120). PHOTO100
15321938 illus Voortrekker cvr Windhoek-Transvaal, Voortrekker set (SG92-5 cat £55).40
15331939(July 17) regd FDC Windhoek-UK of Huguenot set (SG111-3 cat £45).35
15341939 comm.cvr Ondangua-Finland(destination), strip of 3 SG109(cat £26).25
15351939(Aug) cacheted West Coast FFC Windhoek-Mossamedes(Angola), 1½d official (O17 single).20
1536All different fine unused airletters(7) inc 2 SWA ovpt on S.Africa 3d.15
15371966 airmail cvr Windhoek-Germany, SG172,86-9,91,98(cat £14).15
15381970 Bible set (SG228-9) on illus official FDC No.14. Typed address to Natal.15
1539Namibia: 1993-5 formular regd envs(4) Orangemund,Ngwese,Katima Mulilo,Ongandjera-Jersey, vals to R2.20
1540S.RHODESIA: 1932(Jan) 1st official airmail(cachet) cvr Makwiro-UK via Salisbury, 10d (SG22).25
15411935 airmail cvr Bulawayo-N.Ireland, 1d+6d S.Jubilee (SG31,34 cat £26).25
15421949 UPU FDC Chibi(scarce pmk)-Gwelo of SG68(x2)-9. Repaired envelope tear. PHOTO100
15431952 Swedish Mission airmail cvr Mnene-Sweden, SG35a-b,47(10d).25
1544SPAIN: 1840 ELs(2) Cadiz(circ. BC: Br.Consulate)-Porto per Braganza or Tagus rated 180 or 300 in blue (both + 40) with matching blue boxed P.Brit.40
15451872 mourning cvr Corcudios-Cuba via Carvallo(Coruna), pair 12½c grey-lilac (SG199) tied reverse.30
15461896 cvr to Huelva, Chamber of Deputies red stamp (O290 cat £17) & blue Congress crowned pmk.30
15471899(Jan 1) ppc of ships in Pto de la Luz harbour Las Palmas(blue pmk)-Trieste via L'pool Br.Pkt,10c(SG278)20
15481908 cvr US Consulate(cachet),Tenerife-USA via Southampton ship letter cds, 5c+20c (SG293b+98).25
15491911 ppc comm.used Santa Cruz de Tenerife-Nigeria(destination & Abeokuta WCA rec’r) @ 10c rate.20
15501937(Jun) patriotic illus cvr to Naples, Italian 50c(x3) & FPO 4 pmk of Italian Brigade. Scarce. PHOTO50
15511952 regd airmail cvr Valencia-Germany, SG974,1166,74-5,77(cat £34).35
15521954(Aug) IBERIA illus FFC Madrid-N.York, SG1121,25,38.15
15531958(Jun 25) illus unadd.FDCs(2) of Stamp Exhibition minisheets (MS1285-6 cat £54).40
1554Guinea:1952-3 cvrs(2 inc airmail regd) Sta Isabel(F.Poo) or Bata-Nigeria (1 via Cameroon), pairs SG322 or 3.25
1555Melilla: 1917 ppc comm.used to Portuguese Expeditionary Force in Boulogne (CEP SPC8 rec’r) franked Spanish SG187(x4),330,44(x2 uncancelled). 2 diff.censors inc S in circle & Censurado in red arc.35
1556Morocco: 1931 comm.cvr Tangier-Berlin, mixed issues SG8 + 3(Tangier).25
15571937(Sept) regd cvr Tetuan-Paris, miniature sheet MS183a(cat £21). 2-line military censor Tetuan.40
15581943 cvr Tangier-France, SG226+255(x2). Both French & Madrid censor labels.15
1559Rio de Oro: 1911 fish market ppc comm.used to USA, 20c (SG52). PHOTO50
1560Sahara: 1951 illus regd FDC Villa Bens-USA, 5p air (SG84 cat £18).20
1561SUDAN: 1906 Khartoum market ppc comm.used Wad Medani-Cairo, SG10+19.20
15621908 4m on 5m p.stat.card comm.used Khartoum-Belgium.15
15631910 cvr Number Six Sudan-UK via Shellal Halfa TPO 1S, SG19-20(x2 ea). Scarce pmk. PHOTO100
15641918(May) cvr(+ letter) Pt Sudan-Ireland via Shellal Halfa TPO 1 @ 5m rate. Partial violet triang.censor 5.25
15651918(Oct) 5m p.stat.env(inc letter written Loka) Rejaf-Ireland. Triangular Sudan censor 1. PHOTO50
15661926 cvr to UK, blk of 4 5m (SG34) & White Nile TPO No.2 pmk.25
15671928 2½pi regd p.stat.env Singa-UK via Shellal-Halfa regd TPO 1.40
15681943 cvr Talodi-Australia(censored there) via Egypt(censor) & Shellal-Halfa TPO, SG39+40(x3).25
15691950 printed official regd airmail(bilingual h/stamp) cvr Khartoum-UK, officials O48+50(x5).20
15701952-56 2½pi or 3½pi airletters(2, H&G1-2) comm.used Juba-UK.20
15711954 tiny 5m on 2m p.stat.env(scarce H&G15) Barakat-Khartoum.20
15721952-77 White Nile TPO No.1,2 or 3(all x 2 different pmks) cvrs(6), internal or to USA.50
1573SWAZILAND: 1943-53 comm.cvrs(2) to Pretoria @ 2d or 3d rates with Goedegun or Emlembe pmks.20
15741949 regd OHMS cvr Mbabane-N.Rhodesia, S.Wedding SG46(blk of 4)-7(cat £49). PHOTO45
1575SWEDEN: 1850 EL Stockholm(cds)-London via Hamburg(2 diff.pmks inc KSuNPA cat 150eu). Myriad rates.35
15761897(Sept) 5o p.stat.card comm.used Stockholm(Kupolen Exhib’n pmk)-Karlskrona + 30o(Fa58).25
15771908 5o p.stat.env + 8o Gustav (SG46 pair) Stockholm-USA. See also lots 47,633.20
15781923 20o on 25o orange-red p.stat.card comm.used Stockholm-France.20
157919 28(Aug) ppc flown on 2nd night flight (4-line cachet) Stockholm-London, SG96B+175b.20
15801929(Feb) cvr flown on Ice flight Malmo (sp.violet airmail pmk)-Hamburg @ 15o rate.20
15811930(Apr) FFC Malmo-Cyprus(destination) via Egypt, SG67+89.20
15821939(Dec 11) sp.GPO FDC p/card to USA of pair 4-sided perf 10o Gustav (Fa273C).20
15831944(Oct) advert cvr Stockholm(firms meter 220o frank)-Mexico(destination/rec'r) via England(h/st). 2 censors25
15841945 local post FDCs(5) for Tranas,Norrkoping,Central Stockholm,Varnamo & Boras.25
1585SWITZERLAND: 1859 cvr Luzern-Scotland via St Louis 3 red cds. Boxed Fr.1f78c accountancy.40
15861862 cvr Luzern-UK via St Louis, neat 20r+40r (SG50-1 min.cat £160). PHOTO80
15871903 ppc Lausanne-Salonica(Austrian PO rec'r) @ 10c rate (Mi54Yd).15
15881915(Dec 2) cvr Sovanen-Bern, pair 5c Pro-Juv (J1a cat £28).30
15891917 cvr Zweisimmen-Zurich, scarce Pro-Juv J3(x2)-4(cat £124). PHOTO100
15901924(Apr) FF10c p.stat.card Laufen-Zurich, SG304+18(cat £32). Scarce 30c ovpt flight vignette tied. PHOT.45
15911927(Feb) Pestalozzi official flight cacheted card Brugg-Yverdon, SG316(x2 cat £22) & sp.pmk20
15921927(Aug) airmail cvr Lausanne-Budapest via Zurich, pair 15c airs(Mi179 cat £22) & label for Zurich air show30
15931926 airmail (to Paris) ppc Winterthur-USA, 40c air (SG321 cat £75). PHOTO50
15941928 regd insured(x2 diff.labels) cvr Baden-London, 1f50 arms (Mi196x).35
15951929(Sept) flight cvr Berne-Zurich, 20c air (Mi213) ovpt’d 2-line red Berne Flugplatz/Luftpost h/stamp.25
15961930-1 illus(glass/porcelain shop) firms p/cards(3 diff) Mendrisio-Monthey all @ 10c rate. 1 with TPO pmk.40
15971931(Dec 1) regd FDC Clarens-Ouchy of 30c Pro-Juv blk of 4(J59 cat £100). Full set FDC 1000SwFr. PH.150
15981934(Nov) German airmail cvr Davos-Argentina, airs SG325-6,346 cat £175). PHOTO120
15991946(Jan) regd FFC Zurich-Prague, 1fr Pax (SG455 cat £130). Only 30 flown. PHOTO150
16001947(Dec 7) illus Day of the Stamp sp.p/card Luzern(sp.pmk)-USA, Pro-Juv J120-3(cat £12).20
16011948 sp.env IMABA,Basel-Vienna, SG485(x2)+MS498a(cat £90) & sp.pmk. Brown censor label ties mss. PH.50
16021948 luggage label Riehen-Feldis, Pro-Patria 20c+ scarce 30c marg.blk of 6 (SG497-8 cat £70+) tied rev.PH.50
16031948(Jun 15) regd printed Pro-Patria FDC Berne-UK of SG495-8.40
16041951 rail freight document Winterthur-Geneva with 10c,50c(x2),1fr railway fiscals tied.20
16051960 Pro-Patria MS641(cat £30) on illus unadd.FDC.20
1606SYRIA: 1903 ppc comm.used Damascus-Sweden(rec’r), Turkish 10pa (SG215 x2).20
16071920 regd cvr Beyrouth(15 pmk)-C’tinople via FPO 506 & Pacha-Kapoussi(rare pmk), pair 2pi(SG37). No flap.25
16081926(Sept) airmail cvr Homs-Palmyra(Vaguemestre d’Etapes 20 Levant b/stamp), 10pi air (SG191).25
16091927(Mar-Sept) stampless ppcs(2) French FPO 612(Hama) or 615(Alep)-Paris.40
16101936 cvr Alep-USA, SG250+308(scarce fair ovpt).20
16111945 cvr Alep-UK via Damascus, SG414(x2) + oblig.tax T424(cat £29) tied reverse.25
1612TASMANIA: 1890 cvr Sheffield(cds + 101 duplex)-Forth(rec’r), SG156a(x2).25
16131900 2d lettercard H&G2(Macquarie Harbour view) comm.used Hobart-Adelaide.25
16141903 comm.cvr Hobart-USA, 2½d view (SG232).30
16151903 QV 1d p.stat.card, H&G7b comm.used St Marys-Launceston(rec’r).20
1616THAILAND: 1918 5s on 4a p.stat.card, H&G29 comm.used Bangkok-Denmark(destination).25
16171939 3s green p.stat.card, H&G60 comm.used Prae-Lambang(rec’r).25
16181946 advert cvr Bangkok-UK @ 4b15 rate. Scarcer narrow AV2 h/stamp (25mm).30
1619TIBET: 1953(July 24) cvrs(7) Lhasa-Gyantse(rec’rs), SG7+8,9 or a,13a or d,9+13d,10+11. ‘as is’50
1620TONGA: 1938(Oct 12) regd(?) FDC between elders(?) Haapai-Nukualofa(rec’r) of SG71-3(cat £23).30
16211937-9 incoming 'tin-can mail' multi-cacheted cvrs(2) USA-Niuafoou @ 5c/6c rates.25
1622TRANSJORDAN:(see lot 1083): 1937 5-colour franking cvr Salt-UK via Amman, SG194b,5,6,7,8.35
16231952 cvr Ma’an-UK via Amman 3, 3-colour mixed issues SG262,314,316(all x2).25
1624TRANSVAAL:(see lot 1217): 1873 6d p.stat.env, H&G2a(type 3) fine unused.25
16251901 cvr Langlaagte-Cape Town, GB 1d lilac (Z1).15
16261901 local Jo'burg regd overfranked cvr: VRI 2/6d(x4)+ 5/=(x3 inc no stop after V), SG234-5a cat £270+.PH.250
16271902 GB QV 1d lettercard complete with edging Pretoria-Germany + ERI opts SG239(x2)+43. Press Censor.25
16281904 Br.Government crested env Cantonment Potchefstroom-UK @ 1d rate.20
16291905 Japanese ppc @ 4c rate Kobe-Kimberley via H.Kong. Box violet Redirected at Kimberley(2).20
16301909 long regd cvr Jo'burg-UK, SG266a+74. Boxed Posted Out of Course. Opened & resealed in Jo'burg RLO (label + pmk) & 4 1ds added with RLO duplex pmks. PHOTO50
16311910(Jan) comm.cvr Jo’burg(machine cancel)-Germany, 2½d (SG276). Cat £220(cvr). PHOTO65
1632TRINIDAD: 1895 regd cvr to UK, 4-colour QV ½d+1d(pairs),2½d(strip of 3),4d. PHOTO100
16331902 QV 2d regd env size F Arima-UK + 1d.25
16341931 Apex Oil advert cvr Fyzabad-UK via Siparia @ 1d rate.30
16351935 regd cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG239-42 cat £25).20
16361941(Dec) FAM-22 printed/cacheted FFCs(2) to Gambia/B.Congo(rec'rs), SG249a+53(x2) or 253(x2).20
16371941 illus patriotic US army censored cvr US APO 803-USA @ US 3c rate.15
16381943 regd airmail cvr Argentina-USA @ 4p35 rate. Double censored inc intercepted IE/8051 label.10
16391950s comm.cvrs(22) to UK @ 6c-36 rates with all different pmks inc better eg Brothers Road,St Juliens,Santa Flora,Charlie Ville,Charlotteville,Dabadie,Guaico,Matelot & California.100
1640TRISTAN:1911 pair of GB KEVII 1d on piece with violet type 1 cachet. Rare.Rated £4000(cvr).RPS Cert.PH.250
16411927 plain cvr with proof strike in purple of cachet 4. Rated £850. PHOTO85
16421936 cvr to UK, GB 1d S.Jubilee & blue cachet 5.30
16431938 cvr to UK, Gambia 1d Coronation(x2) & bluish-black type 7 cachet.20
16441949 cvr to UK STB per HMSAS Transvaal, 1d potato stamp disallowed & taxed 1½d. Tristan type 8 cachet initialled Rev.Inglis Luard. Lot also includes u/mint marginal 1d potato stamp. PHOTO65
1645TURKEY: 1854 EL Smirne(cds)-Vienna(rec'r) rated 19 in blk & 11 in red.25
16461863 firms EL C'tinople(blue pmk)-Vienna(rec'r) rated 15.20
16471914 comm.cvr Pancalti-Kutahia(rec’r), 4-colour SG500,1(x2),2,4.20
16481914 20pa p.stat.card comm.used to Germany with Stamboul (scarcer all Latin characters) Coles & Walker type 77 but unlisted code 3 pmk. See also lots 1020,1606,1698-9.25
16491917 all-Arabic cvr ex Kechan with scarce type 74 pmk, SG654+757 tied.20
16501918 regd local C’tinople cvr with hi-vals 1pi-5pi (SG548-9,576) & Stamboul 2 pmk.25
16511920(Dec) cvr Indian FPO 400(C’tinople skeleton)-UK, mix franking GB 1d + pair IEF ½a.30
16521922 complete parcel card Samsoun-Angora via Kaledjik, SG769(50pi)+919(x2).20
1653TURKS & CAICOS: 1914 regd cvr to UK, 3d (SG133 cat £11) & 2 diff.pmks inc regd oval.25
16541917 cvr to USA, 1d(x3) + 3d war tax (SG140-1). 1ds show thick/thin opts + reversed K, 3d long T. PHOTO100
16551922 regd 'Wilson' cvr to UK, script wmk ¼d-2½d (SG154-8 cat £62). PHOTO65
16561937 comm.cvr Turks Is(D6 pmk)-UK, 2d (SG179).15
1657URUGUAY: 1853 EL Montevideo-Italy per Prince via London. Boxed red Colonies Art 13 & charged 17.30
16581861 EL Montevideo(oval pmk)-France via London(English packet) charged 8. Boxed GB 1fr60c.20
16591901(Jan 1) N.York ppc used locally, 5m(SG218) & superb fancy New Century Montevideo pmk. Scarce.25
16601911 ppc comm.used Montevideo-Tallinn,Estonia(destination/rec’r), SG297(x2). Ret’d to Sender cachets.20
16611932(Apr) regd 2nd Graf Zeppelin flight cvr Montevideo-Germany, SG548,58,665,67.25
16621938 large Air France airmail env to Germany, SG780(x2),94 + airs 738,40,42(cat £38).30
1663USA: (see lots 41,44,498,1637): 1860 3c claret (Sc.26 cat $25) on cvr Elmirer(NY blue pmk)-Brooklyn.25
16641861 3c Washington on advert cvr Washington-N.York with double perfs variety at top & bottom. PHOTO50
16651865 cvr Charlestown(Mass)-Nova Scotia, 10c grn (SG64 cat £55). PHOTO50
16661879 Washington 3c p.stat.env comm.used Chicago(blue pmk + cork)-St Louis. Redirected St Louis-E. Gloucester(Mass) with extra 3c Washington & black cork cancel. 2 diff. St Louis pmks.25
16671879 cvr San Francisco(H cancel)-Boston, 3c+6c(Sc.159 min.cat £18).25
16681881 outer N.York(27 duplex)-France per City of Berlin, strip of 3 5c Zachary Taylor (SG181 cat £69). PHOT.50
16691885 double regd(Weimar Tx & N.York) 3c p.stat.env uprated to Germany + 2c,5c,10c(Sc205,9-10 ie 4-color).30
16701895 regd cvr Linden(Mo)-N.York, 10c (SG276) & grid-iron cancel.15
16711908 2c Washington p.stat.env + SG306,26 Providence(RI)-Malaya(destination & Batu Gajah sq.circ.rec'r).20
16721912 regd cvr Scranton-Buffalo, Washington 2c + 10c regd (R404 cat £12).15
16731922 official 3c p.stat.env regd Washington-Texas + pair 6c airs (A546 cat £68). PHOTO50
16741928 regd cvr Prescott(Az)-Bridgeport(Ct), 2c p.stat.env + SG608(x3) tied by woodcut rodeo scenes!20
16751932(May-Aug) USS Akron(airship) internal cacheted flights(2) ex Lakehurst @ 5c/8c rates.20
16761933(Oct) Graf Zeppelin cacheted flown cvr Akron-F'hafen, 50c Zeppelin (A732 cat £75). PHOTO65
16771941(May) illus cacheted Pan-am FFC San Francisco-Singapore(triangular censor 33), airs A630+777.10
1678Alaska: 1935(Mar) illus(plane) emergency mail flight Goodnews Bay-Ruby @ 3c rate. Signed postmaster.20
1679P.Rico: 1916 advert cvr San Juan(RMS pmk)-Denmark(destination/rec’r) @ US 5c rate. Censor 4260 label.15
1680Samoa: 1931 Education Dept envelope Pago Pago-USA @ US 2c rate.15
1681VATICAN: 1933 regd cvr to USA per SS Majestic, 75c+2L (SG26,30 cat £48) tied reverse.50
16821937 ppc comm.used to UK, 75c (SG51 cat £85). PHOTO100
16831938 regd airmail cvr to UK, SG29,56-7,9 + scarce(on cvr) parcel post P25(x2 cat £28). PHOTO65
1684VENEZUELA: 1893 US Consular Agency(cachet) cvr Caracas-N.York per Philadelphia, 25c (SG165).25
16851892 10c p.stat.card, H&G5 comm.used Caracas(official cachet)-Germany via N.York pmk'd 12 duplex.20
16861905 cvr Agriculture Ministry(cachet) Caracas-Italy, pair 25c officials (O327) tied reverse.20
16871942 NW Airlines(label) cvr Barcelona(violet pmk)-USA, SG524+612. US censor label + 3 different censors.15
1688VICTORIA: 1858 cvr Horsham-UK, 4mgn 6d (SG32a cat £19) & 51 numeral.30
16891887 scarce 4d regd env, H&G4a fine unused.30
16901892-3 QV 2d p.stat.envs(2) in pink or rosine Melbourne-Richmond or Collingwood. Boxed Unclaimed & Not Known by Letter Carriers of both POs + violet DLO Melbourne cds.25
16911903 OHMS cvr S.Yarra(cds + 200)-Perth, pair 1d die 3 (SG385c).20
16921907 camera advert ½d grn wrapper, H&G25 comm.used Melbourne-UK.20
1693W.AUSTRALIA: 1897 ½d brn p.stat.card Fremantle Town Hall(+ PO duplex)-Capt of ship ‘Helias’,Fremantle.25
16941901 regd cvr Mt Morgan-Fremantle via Perth, 1d(x3)+2d(x2): SG112-3 tied unusual regd cachet. PHOTO75
16951901 p/card written Staunton Springs-Northam(rec'r) via Pingelly,Beverley & Newcastle, pair ½d (SG94a).30
16961912 pictorial lettercard series 1 comm.used Claremont-UK @ 1d rate (SG129).25
16971912 1d on 2d p.stat.env, H&G4 fine unused.30
1698YUGOSLAVIA: (see lots 57,79): 1907 Turkish 1pi p.stat.env(145x125mm) Pristina-Salonica(4 rec'r). PHOT.50
16991911 Ohrid ppc to France, Turkish 10pa & Monastir pmk type 89 in black.25
17001919 unfranked cvr to missing persons bureau,Marburg, 3-colour SG102,7-8 & Porto h/st used as PDue. PH.50
17011920 Corinthain Plebiscite set (SG163a-f cat £13) on cvr Borovlje-Zagreb.25
17021920-1 10v/16v regd parcel cards(2 diff) Uvidek-Celje or Sarajevo-Prnjevor,SG120,35,54,60(x2) or126,60,2,5.25
17031926 COD regd parcel card Zagreb-Pec, 5-colour mix franking SG192,99,202-3(x2),8 & 2d P.Due(D188) rev.20
17041940(Jan 1) illus regd local Belgrade FDC of Postal Workers set (SG427-31 cat £18).20
17051945(Nov 29) FDC Ljubljana-UK, SG519-24 type A(cat £25) & sp. Assembly pmks.25
1706ZANZIBAR: 1898 1a p.stat.card(reply half H&G8) comm.used to UK per SS Djinnah with sq.circle pmk.20
17071904 comm.cvr to UK, pair ½as (SG210) & sq.circle pmk.15
17081936(Dec 9) local FDC of SG323-6(cat £8). Scarcer Mkoani Pemba regd h/stamp & pmk.25
17091941 airmail cvrs(2 inc advert) to USA @ 2sh rate (SG317 blk of 4 or 239) & 2 diff.PC90 censor labels.25
17101964 FDC to Nairobi of Jamhuri ovpts (SG414-29 cat £22).20

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