January 6th 2016


Yorkshire Cover Auctions 


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11848 EL from father in Camberwell,London to daughters in Switz pd 1/9, oval P-D, 2-line TP Walworth CO (in red) + scarce ATF (Angleterre transit France) in bright red. 11 & 28 rates in red.30
2Boer War: 1900 NZ QV 1d p.stat.card illus(Camp, 2nd Contingent) fine unused.10
31900 regd outer FPO 24(Harrismith)-Scotland, rare QV 1/= grn & carmine (Z17 cat £225). PHOTO650
41901(Dec) cvr APO Kroonstad(code B)-UK, GB 1d lilac (Z1).15
5Redirected: 1908 Gruss aus Munich ppc to UK @ German 10pf rate then Chelsea-USA @ 1d rate.15
61909 p/card K.Lumpur-UK @ FMS Malaya 4c rate then Highbridge(sq.circ)-Hants @ GB ½d rate.25
71926 Australia cvr to UK @ 1½d rate then London-France @ 1d rate.15
8WW1: 1915 SM cvr Belgium(military pmk)-Belgian conscientious objector in Bordeaux. Unusual.20
91915 cvr Clitheroe-private in E.Lancs Regt c/o GPO London @ 1d rate. Boxed Unable to Trace APO Expeditionary Force & 2-line violet Present Location Uncertain.15
101915(Jun) stampless cvr Dresden-German POW Camp,Algeria (Tizi Ouzou camp censor) via Karlsruhe (14th Army corps censor) & Romans(POW interpreters box censor). Scarce combination. PHOTO45
111916 express(label) cvr Switz-Rumania intercepted in Temesvar(Hungarian censor) @ 55c rate.20
12Crash mail: 1932(Jan) IA FFCs(2) S.Africa-UK per City of Basra & City of Delhi. Both crashed & written-up.50
131940(May) cvr Canada-Canadian Forces o/seas per SS Eros(torpedo'd). Sline Salved from Seas. Written-up.40
141943(Feb) air cvr USA-UK. Box violet Damaged by Sea Water & GvR RLS official seal. Written-up.20
15WW2: 1939(Aug 29) cvr Ireland-India @ 2d rate. Early red/grey armourial label + Karachi censor.25
161942 advert cvrs(2) Portugal-Belgium @ 1e75 rates with 2 diff.German censor labels.15
171943(Feb) OAS cvr to Free French Forces,UK ex armed forces(cachet). FNFL censor. Rare but front fault.PH50
181944 4pp colour airdrop propaganda leaflet no.109 in Japanese/Chinese (illus crashed planes etc).25
191944 comm.cvr Madrid(govt censor label)-Lisbon(box censor) @ 75c rate.15
201944-5 Xmas Greetings printed colour card from Middle East Forces inc message. See also lot 1751.10
21Airletters:1953-6 all different GB ovpt’d Bahrain,Br.POs E.Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar QE2 airletters(10) fine unused40
22Autograph: b/w photo of actor John Mills with pen signature.10
23UN: 1947 admission ticket to UN Special Committee hearing on Palestine in Jerusalem. Unusual survivor.20
241992 stampless official Sisak-Zagreb cvr with UNPROFOR cachets(x 2 different). See also lots 1264,1655.15
25Balance of consignment: Commonwealth inc Jamaica pre-stamp, Malta 1906-27, Nova Scotia QV 5c, Solomons KGVI-QE2, Tristan signed etc (27 items)80
26World cvrs/cards(40) inc better with Wurttemburg inflation, 1883 Surinam, 1899 Liberia, pre-stamp Reunion, Ethiopia p.stat, used 19th cent Japan p.stat, early Spain,France,Italy, Iceland Sturlasson FDC etc.120
271815 EL to Scotland per Louisa rated 5/4. Large oval Ship Letter Greenock(rare S6) but edges worn. PH.125
281818 long cross-written EL father(probably in W.Indies)-daughter in Scotland(much redirected) per The Hawke re-rated 5/4 to 4/= to 3/=½, stepped Greenock Ship Letter (S9).35
291820 outer to Methodists,London rated 4/= with fine stepped Deal Ship Letter (S8).25
301829 outer Canada-Archdeacon Hamilton,London per Endeavour, stepped Ship Letter Dover (S10).25
311830 outer to Cape Town rated 8, oval red Post Paid Ship Lr London(S47).30
321831 EL Madras-UK rated 1/8 per HMS Success, boxed India Letter Deal (In4).30
331834 EL Berbice(Br.Guiana)-missionary society,UK rated 1/8, stepped Ship Letter Dover (S11).30
341839 EL Funchal-Scotland rated 1/10 + box ½. Red stepped Ship Letter Deal (S10).40
351839 outer Manila(Philippines)-UK rated 4/= per Mary. Boxed Gravesend Ship Letter (S9).35
361842 EL French JP-French Consul in Baltimore(USA) via Bureau Maritime Havre & red New York Ship cds.25
371842 EL Livorno-Genoa rated 6. 3-line red Via di Mare (E). Scarcer larger type.25
381844-50 outers(2,1 ex Havana)-UK per Niagara or Queen of the West(3-line Liverpool Ship). Oval Forwarded by HE Moring(blk) or Denniston,Wood & Co(red) New York cachets.50
391846 cvr Greenwich(s/line)-Royal Observatory,Cape re-rated 10 to 8. Red Paid Ship Lre London(S51).30
401849 outer Mauritius(crown pmk)-UK per Susan Crisp rated 8, scarce blue box India Letter Deal (In1). PHOT.65
411853 EL Havana-Paris via N.York Br.Pkt & Boston-Liverpool per Canada & Etats-Unis Paq.Brit.Paris cds charged 19. Oval Forwarded by John Durand & Co.New York cachet.40
421855 EL Genoa-Nice(rec’r) per Galileo. Red oval Via di Mare Levante.20
431894 cvr to Germany, German 20pf(SG49) & oval Deutsche Seepost Hamburg-S.America line pmk.20
441900 Ceylon ppc German Marine FPO 27(blue ink: SMS Dresden,Colombo). Blue Far East battalion cachet.35
451903 Brazilian ppc to UK, GB KEVII 1d & fine Southampton Packet Letter cds.10
461905 crocodile hunt ppc to UK via Aden, German 10pf & Far East Line Deutsch Seepost code f pmk.15
471907 cvr German Marine FPO 64(SMS Bremen in Quebec,Canada) to Germany @ 10pf rate.25
481909 Italian ppc Genoa-Singapore @ 10c rate via Penang to Singapore maritime cds.25
491913 La Marguerite RP ppc comm.used Llandudno-L’pool @ ½d rate. Violet d/ring Posted on La Marguerite.30
501914 ppc to Argentina, French 5c(x2) & B.Aires a Bordeaux No.2 p/bot pmk. Also S.Vicente(Cape Verde pmk) + box paquebot. Unusual combination.20
511915 Royal Indian Marine crest OAS env to Bombay(censor 7) ex HMS Dufferin(h/st), Bombay p/bot(H2949).15
521926 DOAL env to Germany, German SG370-1(x2) & Deutsch Seepost E.Afrika line code d pmk.15
531927-33 cvrs(2) to USA, US 1½c/2c & USTP Sea Post pmks of SS.Pres.Grant(+2) or SS Pres.Wilson(+18).15
541931(May) D.Bremen cacheted catapult flight cvr to N.York, German SG393-4.6 airs(cat £13).25
551934 cvr to N.York, US Byrd 3c imperf tied violet SS Ormes Dawnic WI Line posted at sea cachet. St Thomas VI cds + duplex alongside.15
561934(July) D.Europa cacheted catapult flight cvr to UK via Southampton, SG530+2 & sp.pmk.25
571935(May) cvr to UK, Hindenburg 6-colour to 12pf inc 2 se-tenants & fine Hamburg-N.York seepost flag pmks.15
581935(Sept) illus SS Bremen catapult flight cacheted cvr to UK via Southampton, SG530(pair) & sp.pmk.30
59Balance of consignment with eg Norfolk(worldwide), RAF(inc signed), husky/stagecoach mail etc (64 items).35
60Athletics: Berlin Olympic Stadium 20pf (B42b) on illus(hurdler) FDC with sp.pmk for 1953 Germany/UK athletics competition in August. Signed by German Minister for Posts.25
61Balloon: lovely lot A5 size mounted 19th cent colour original artwork depicting balloon scenes (6 items).PH.100
621933(July) illus cacheted card for balloon post per Belgica Brussels-Poland(rec'r), Belgian SG686 & sp.pmk25
631938(Sept) flown cvr Swiss Stamp Exhib'n,Aarau-Hornussen, SG327a + Aarau MS387a(cat £60). PHOTO45
64Birds: (see lot 452,539,1149): 1961 Norfolk Is illus unadd.FDC of scarce Tropic Bird 10/= (SG36 cat £38).30
651978 Botswana set (SG411-27 cat £50) on illus unadd.FDCs(2).35
66Blacksmith: 1922 lovely illus firms p/card comm.used Genova-Switz, Italian 3-colour SG75,6(x3),8.25
67Cactus: 1927 illus (echino cactus) comm. p/card Barth-Switz @ 6pf rate (German Mi385 x2). Minor stain.15
68Concorde: 1969 illus unadd. French Antarctic FDC of SG53(cat £65).40
691970(Feb) cacheted French airletter flown on 001 @ Mach2 ex Toulouse by Andre Turcat.15
701973-5 flown 02 cvrs(8) ex Venezuela,USA(x3 diff), Spain,Brazil,France(x2 diff).50
71Drink:(see lot 1681):1910 wine illus cvr Tangier-Germany,German PO Morocco 3c(Mi34)& better code b pmk30
721952-4 Munich Oktoberfest ppcs(2) comm.used to Austria, German SG1079+1125(cat £23) & sp.pmk/cachet.20
73Europa: 1957 Luxemburg set (SG626-8 cat £60) on illus unadd.FDC with sp.pmk.40
74Fencing: 1958 illus World Championships cvr Luxemburg-France, SG627(cat £29) & sp.pmk.25
75Film: 1947(Sept) illus Cannes Film Festival flown p/card, France SG977 + sp.grn label & air rally cachet.20
76Flowers: 1910 Belgian floral floats unused ppcs(2 diff) for Gentbrugge van Houtte Centenary parade.20
771955 illus regd FDC to Venezuala of Dutch Antilles SG345-9(cat £16).15
78Football: 1954 express cvr Switz-Austria, 40c world cup (SG552 x3 cat £17).15
79Freemason:1902 US 2c private printed p.stat.env(illus) for Mary Commandery No36 KT Order used to Ireland20
80Glider:(see lot 1152):1952(July) illus World Championship Madrid FDC to France, Spain SG1160(x3 cat £30).20
81Gymnastics:(see lot 1072,1149): 1900 cvr to Lausanne, Swiss 10c & Gymnastics Festival sp.pmk.20
82Helicopter: 1954(Feb) Berlin or E.German acceptances on Swedish helicopter printed cvrs(2) ex Stockholm.15
83Hotel: 1894 Swedish 10o p.stat.card Helsingborg-Kiel. Reverse printed illus for Hotel Mollberg.20
841912 ppc used Jerusalem-Ireland@ Turkish 20pa. Grand New Hotel Jerusalem cachet. See lot 201,872,1215.20
85Mineralogy: 1974 Botswana set (SG322-35 cat £60) on illus unadd.FDCs(2).40
86Motoring: 1936(Feb) German 15pf Olympics p.stat.card used locally Berlin + SG601-2 & 50th anniv car show.20
871936 motoring exhib’n RP ppc Prague Autosalon(sp.pmk)-Vienna @ Czech 1k20 rate.20
881950(Jun 1) scarce Berlin 10pf 100yrs PO illus p.stat.card used locally with 1st Motor Show pmk.25
89Norwich: nice lot inc Canada(eg 1915 war tax), UK inc illus QE2 visits(1968 Stampex,1977) & strike mail, USA inc 19th century & ppcs (25 items). See also lot 1701.40
90Olympics: (see lot 60): 1936(Aug) airmail cvr Berlin(sp. Olympic village pmk)-S.Africa, SG609-13(cat £25).25
911960 Guinea ovpt set (SG248-52 cat £75) on illus unadd. FDC. PHOTO50
92Red X:(see lot 163,1677): 1946-50 regd Yugoslav internal cvrs(3) inc Red X oblig.tax SG545,594 or 664.15
93Religion:(see lot 1392): 1930 cathedral ppc to France, Tunisia 15c & Eucharist Congress,Carthage pmk.15
94Rescue services: nice lot inc many lifeboat items eg early ppcs, RAF cvrs inc Lundy etc (20 items)25
95Rockets: 1959 Cuba 20th anniv 1st experimental rocket flight cvr + 1962 Belgian/Dutch rocket test cvr (2 item)20
961960-5 illus flown Yugoslav rocket mail cvrs(2) ex Maribor. See also lot 134.15
97Royalty: 1877 crested cvr Albert,Prince of Wales(initials),London-Lord Abingdon,Dorset, 1d pl.203(cat £20).40
981935 advert cvr Kingston-UK @ 1½d rate, scarce Jamaica welcomes HRH Duke of Gloucester. PHOTO.50
991939(Jun 9-11) cvrs(2) USA-NZ @ 6c rate with 2 diff. Royal Train RPO pmks. See lots 237,638,1102,1273.20
1001956 forces air cvr Nairobi Military Hospital(cachet)-UK with scarce Kenya welcomes HRH Princess Margaret.25
1011957(Oct) illus cacheted cvr for QE2 visit to USA posted at London airport on return @ 4d rate.15
1021960 illus regd Rhod & Nyasa Kariba Dam FDC of SG32-7(cat £25) & Royal Visit pmk.20
1031987 Queens 40th Wedding anniv illus unadd FDCs(29 diff, many MS) ex St Vincent Grenadines, Tuvalu isles.15
104Salvation Army: 1980 world illus commem.cvrs/FDCs + 7 early ppcs/cvrs (23 items).25
105Scouts: 1948(Aug) cvr Peace Jamboree(sp.pmk)-UK, France SG1017(x2).15
1061948(Jan) local Natal cvr @ S.African 1½d rate with scarce Jamborally Natal temporary pmk in use 1 week.25
1071953(Aug 8) illus unadd.sp.ppc of Vaduz Conference,Liechtenstein, SG313-6(cat £50) & FDI sp.pmk.35
108Skiing: 1949 official unadd.p/cards(2) of German ski games @ Isny,Wurttemburg SG38-9(cat £64) & sp.pmk.50
109Stamp Collecting: Berlin illus 1951 FDC of B80-1(cat £80) with sp.FDI pmk. PHOTO50
110Theatre:1910-34 Oberammagau ppcs(2) to UK @ Bavarian 10pf/German 15pf rate with sp. Passion Play pmk15
111Zionism: 1921(Sept) local Karlovy Vary regd cvr, Czech vals to 600h(SG214) & 12th Congress sp.pmks20
112ABU DHABI: 1980s regd parcel cards(6) to India with UAE varied hi-vals to 20dh cat £250 inc blk of 6 SG93.60
113ADEN:(see lots 822,1688): 1883 cvr to UK, Indian 1½a+3a & B duplex. PHOTO150
1141906 Indian QV 1a p.stat.card comm.used Aden Camp-France via Aden.20
1151930-2 sepia ppcs(2 diff) to UK, Indian 3p+½a(x3) or 1a3p. 1 ex RAF Hospital.20
1161937(Apr 1) regd FDC Aden Camp-IoMan(flown by West Coast Airways cachet), SG1-7(cat £28).25
1171949 regd airmail cvr to UK, Shihr & Mukalla 1½a S.Wedding x12(SG14: 3 blocks of 4 cat £54).40
1181951(Oct 1) regd FDC Aden Camp-USA of ovpt set to 10r (SG36-46 cat £38).30
1191951 regd airmail cvr to UK, S.Wedding set inc blk 4 10r (SG30-1 cat £225). PHOTO200
1201953 Indian ppc comm.used SS Carthage-China(destination/rec’r), 1sh (SG62).20
121States: 1957 OHMS airmail cvr to Br.Consul,Addis Abeba(rec'r), Hadramaut SG29,33,36.15
122AEGEAN: 1918 regd(Karki telegraph office) express cvr to Italy, 3-colour Karki opts 5,8,12D(cat £55). PH.150
1231922(Aug) comm.cvr (central fold) Rhodes-Turkey (PM171 rec’r of Smyrna), Italian 20c+60c.35
1241941 airmail cvr Rhodes(x2 diff.pmks)-Switz, 3-colour SG22-3,126. Italian censor label tied boxed C1.30
125ALBANIA:(see lot 1209): 1915 Durazzo harbour ppc Durres(blue pmk)-Pola, 20pa ovpt (SG42).20
1261918 Schkodra ppc OAS KuK unit(cachet) Scutari-Vienna.15
1271919 ppc Italy-Valona (boxed 3-line censor) @ 10c rate.30
1281925 advert cvr Korce-USA, 25q ovpt (SG182).20
1291927 RP ppc (bridge over Drina) Durres-Germany, ovpts SG211-13(x2),14,16-8.25
1301929 cvr to Italy, scarce ovpts SG250-2(cat £37) & Piroscafo Otranto (boat TPO) pmk. PHOTO50
1311941(May) stampless Albanian market ppc military PO 99-Italy. Written Prenjez. Circ. RR Poste TS.20
1321950 regd airmail cvr Tirane-Czech, airs SG541(x2)+43(cat £15).25
133ANDORRA (Fr): 1939 Ordino firm advert cvr(+ headed letter) to Canada(destination), F32,50,87(cat £47).PH.50
1341962(Sept) cvr for 1st Zucker rocket flight in Andorra, SGF185 + sp.label tied cachets.20
135ANGUILLA: 1951 comm.cvr to UK via St Kitts, St Kitts SG86-7 & Valley pmk.15
136ANTIGUA: 1893 Leewards QV 1d p.stat.env comm.used to Moravian Mission,St Kitts(rec'r).20
1371903 1d arms p.stat.env fine unused.10
1381931(Mar) commercial airmail cvr to USA, 4-colour SG69,74-6(cat £15).20
1391942 St Kitts firms advert airmail env St Johns-USA, Leewards SG101+110. Examiner 4790 label.15
1401947 airmail cvr St Johns-USA, mixed SG99a + Leewards SG109,116(cat £10+).15
1411953 set to $4.80 (1c,3c,6c better shades & cat £50+) on 14 ’62 cvrs(local or regd h/st to US) all ex All Saints.65
142Barbuda: (see lot 344): 1927 regd(red h/st) cvr to UK, Antigua SG68(x2)+70. PHOTO45
143ARGENTINA:(see lot 1753): 1856 firms cachet B.Ayres(Br.PO cds)-France charged 16. Boxed GB 1f60.25
1441857 EL B.Ayres((firm cachet + oval Renta Gral de PO + Franca all blue)-Belgian Consul,Montevideo rated 3.35
1451888 4c p.stat.card comm.used news agency,Concepcion del Uruguay(cachet)-B.Aires(pmk'd on arrival).20
1461902(Oct 26) local Rosario FDC of 5c (SG290).25
1471940 Condor LATI airmail cvr German Consulate,Posadas(cachet)-Germany @ 1p45 rate.15
148ASCENSION: (see lot 1500,1752): 1935 illus regd S.Jubilee cvr to USA, SG31-4 cat £110. PHOTO120
1491935 regd OHMS cvr to UK, 4-colour SG21-3,25(x2).30
1501939(May) Canadian Pacific env regd(label rev) to USA, ½d-1/= inc SG39,42(cat £53). PHOTO60
151AUSTRALIA: 1904 underpaid cvr Henty(NSW)-Tasmania. Oval T4d tax mark & D5 PDue(cat £14) tied mss.40
1521923 KGV 2d p.stat.env Hobart(Br.Empire Exhib'n advert slogan)-UK. See also lots 7,1280-1.20
1531924 banking p/cards(2) comm.used locally in Sydney, 1d KGV grn no wmk or mult.wmk (SG82-3 cat £22).45
1541926-32 firms advert cvrs(4 diff) to Norway(destination/rec'r) @ 3d-4d rates inc meter franking & SG82.30
1551931(May) regd Sydney acceptance for Melbourne-Batavia cacheted FF, SG99a(x3),104,110(cat £45).35
1561935(Nov) Adelaide Airways FFC Adelaide-Port Lincoln @ 5d rate. 319 flown.20
1571935 Orient Line env to Hillpark, 1½d(SG97 x2 cat £12) & Outer Harbour(SA) pmk+ p/bot (scarce Hosk.1459)30
1581936 Cable regd illus FDC Adelaide-UK of SG159-60.20
1591938 cvr Malabar(NSW)-Queenscliff, blk of 4 ½d SG124(cat £20). 1 stamp STB with ACSC 69(9)e variety.30
1601940(July 15) commercial airmail FDC of SG198(strip 3) + SG173 Malvern-UK. Stamps cat £35.25
1611941(Sept) censored airmail cvr Sydney-UK, SG171(x2)+76(5/=). 2-line California Clipper.15
1621942(Nov) POW airmail lettersheet Mil.PO Myrtleford(pmk + 2 diff.cachets)-Italy @ 1/= rate. Several censors.35
1631942 KGVI 2d red/grey-blue lettercard Melbourne-nurse in USA + 2½d. Lady Cowrie Red X label + censor.20
1641948 cvr Parramatta-Sydney taxed for use of NSW 2d stamp duty with 1d+4d PDues (D116+120).25
1651948 local Sydney cvr for bulk payment business postage due with 6d+ 1/= blk of 9 (D125+8 cat £18).25
1661949 KGVI 7d airletter to Cyprus + 1950 air cvr Armidale-Gold Coast(destinations/rec'r) @ 1/6d (2 items).25
1671952 underpaid air cvr Qld-Norwood redirected to Mildura. Box Exceeds ½oz tax 4d but charged 6d (D125).20
1681952 regd air cvr Townsville(Qld)-Argentina via Texas! franked Papua vals to 9d (SG7-9). Box RAAF Service.20
1691952-3 KGVI 1/0½d regd envs(2) airmail to USA + hi-vals SG134,253(x2 ea) or 176.20
1701953 regd airmail cvr Springvale(Vic)-USA, late use 5/= roo (SG13 cat £200) + 2/= Coronation. PHOTO150
1711959 10d jet airletter (A11) fine unused with fold flaps in red. Scarce.25
1721963(Feb 1) local Ringwood(Vic) FDC of postage stamps used as P.Dues with oval T1d tax mark.20
173AAT: 1948(Mar) cvr Macquarie Is-Australia, Aussie 2½d + ANARE 2-line violet cachet.20
1741955 regd(temporary label) cvr Macquarie Is-Australia, QE2 1/0½d. S/line Macquarie Island cachet.15
1751960(Jan/Feb) illus regd FDCs(2) Davis/Wilkes-Australia both with SG2-5.20
176AUSTRIA: 1864 outer Vienna-Cremona, 3-colour 3k(x2),5kr,15kr (Mi31-4) p.9½ arms. PHOTO200
1771864 15kr brn arms p.stat.env comm.used Mitterdorf Station-Baden Baden via TPO.15
1781905 regd 1k PO COD sp.env Bohm.Leipa-Holland + 50h (SG149b cat £13).25
1791916 regd 10h parcel card Vienna-C'tinople + scarcer grey paper 60h,2k (Mi151+4z).40
1801918 double regd(inc Vom Ausland uber Dresden 7 label) cvr Vienna-Chemnitz, blk of 4 10h(SG250) tied rev.20
1811923 underpaid cvr London(Empire Exhib'n slogan)-Austria, tax marks & 100+800kr PDs (D532+7).15
1821931(Jun 23) regd cvr Vienna-USA, Rotary ovpts set (SG666-71 cat £480). PHOTO250
1831938(Oct) Hitler 6pf+19pf p.stat.card (P273) + Hindenburg 10pf comm.used Vienna-China (destination).30
1841939 regd cvr Vienna-Switz, German Winter Relief hi-vals SG725-6(cat £16). German censor.25
1851941-2 regd parcel cards(2) Vienna-Switz, German Hindenburg 60pf(x2) or 40pf+100pf(pairs).20
1861950(Oct 10) illus airmail FDC Klagenfurt(sp.pmk)-UK, Carinthian Plebiscite (SG1212-14 cat £120). PHOTO.65
1871951 Costumes printed 30g+40g+75g p.stat.card, H&GKB165 both unused & used for Vienna-N.York sp.FF.40
1881951 censored cvr Vienna-Czech, SG1224,7-8(cat £49). See also lots 402-3,601,1413-4.40
1891956 US Mission to Austria env regd airmail Vienna-USA, blk of 4 2s20 (SG1135).10
190Levant:(see lot 436): 1877 outer Smyrna-C'tinople(both Lloyd Agency pmks), 10sld type 1 (Mi4). PHOTO75
1911883 cvr C'tinople-Austria, 10sld type 2 (Mi4) p.9½.25
1921889 advert cvr Smirne(s/ring)-UK, 1pi on 10kr (Mi17).15
1931898(Oct 31) religious ppc Jerusalem(violet pmk)-Germany STB for Kaiser Wilhelm visit, 20pa (Mi22).30
1941901 ppc comm.used Adrianopel-France, 10pa on 5h (Mi32).35
1951907 ppc to Scotland, 10c on 10h POs in Crete (scarce Mi9 cat 150eu on cvr) & Jerusalem code b pmk.40
1961907 camel caravan ppc Smyrna-Reunion(destination/rec’r) via Suez TPO, 5c POs in Crete (Mi14).25
1971911 ppc comm.used Haifa(Caifa pmk)-Jerusalem(Austrian PO rec’r), 10c POs in Crete (Mi18).20
198Austro-Hungarian feldpost: 1918 regd parcel card FPO 268-Bohemia, 2kr (Mi69) & FPO 230 pmk.25
199Lombardy Venetia: 1857 EL Venice-Verona, 4mgn 30c (Mi4 cat £25).20
200BAHAMAS: 1893 2½d red on 4d p.stat.env, H&G2 comm.used to UK. Uncommon.35
2011913 Hotel Colonial env Nassau-N.York, 4-colour mixed issues SG71,73,75,82(cat £32). PHOTO50
2021927 KGV 2d regd env Harbour Island-USA + KGV 1d.40
2031930(Feb) airmail advert cvr Nassau (2 diff.pmks)-N.York, 3d Tercent (SG127 pair cat £30).35
2041934 cvr Nassau-USA, US 3c tied s/line violet Ship Mail (Hosk.2421).20
2051940(May 6) regd illus FDC of 1st undersea PO to USA, SG149+158 & oval Sea Floor pmk. Inc article.20
2061943(July) airmail cvr Nassau-UK, 1/= thin paper (SG155a cat £100)+159. Examiner 6641 label. PHOTO75
2071946 comm.cvr Simms (fine oval TRD pmk)-Nassau @ 1½d rate.35
2081951 OHMS airmail cvr Nassau-USA with fine Paid at Bahamas crown circle.20
2091970(Sept) local Nassau cvr with pair 4c whiter paper (SG298a cat £36).30
2101970 OHMS cvr HM Customs(oval dated cachet) Marsh Harbour(violet skeleton in use 1 year)-Nassau.20
211BAHRAIN: 1939 airmail advert cvr to USA, mixed KGV-VI SG1(x22)+23(blk of 4) front & back.30
2121944 censored airmail cvr to UK, 2a+12a (SG24,31 cat £63). PHOTO75
2131951 airmail cvr Awali-UK, SG51,5-6.20
2141955 airmail cvr Awali-UK, 6a (SG87).15
2151957 album page size regd airmail cvr to UK, SG99+100(x2 cat £23). Central fold. See also lots 596,1515.25
216BARBADOS: 1855 small cvr to UK rated 6, Barbadoes d/arc reverse.25
2171896 1d badge p.stat.card comm.used St Joseph-Br.Guiana(rec'r).25
2181903 Plymouth Brethren illus p/card Boston & Plymouth RPO-Barbados(scarce oval ship letter) @ US 2c.PH.50
2191927 firms env to USA, strip of 4 ¼d (SG229).15
2201935 regd cvr to HMS Orion,UK, S.Jubilee set (SG241-4 cat £45).40
2211942 airmail cvr to USA @ 1/6d rate. Blk/white Opened by Censor label type 4 + censor initials.25
222BASUTOLAND: 1889 Cape ½d p.stat.card Morija(cds + 277)-Cana via Maseru. PHOTO80
2231932 S.African 1d p.stat.card comm.used Mafeteng-Morija. Written Likhoek.30
2241933 regd(h/st) cvr Mohaleshoek-Pt Elizabeth, S.African airs (SG26-9 cat £100). PHOTO80
2251933 KGV 1d red p.stat.card fine unused.15
2261934 regd OHMS cvr Maseru-Germany, 3-colour SG1(x3),4,6. Minor creasing.25
2271953 airmail cvr Maseru-UK, 3-colour mixed KGVI-QE2 SG19,21,24,42(x3).15
2281954 plain FDC Leribe-Ficksburg of QEII set (SG43-53 cat £55).40
229Lesotho: 1967 5c airletter comm.used Moteng(PA only just opened)-UK + 5c ovpt pair SG115.15
230BECHUANALAND: 1889 Br.Bechuanaland QV 4d regd env, H&G7b(scarce size K) fine unused.25
2311890-3 Br.Bechuanaland ovpts on 1d-1½d p.stat.cards(3: H&G5,8-9) fine unused.15
2321900 cvr Vryburg-UK, Cape 1d.30
2331906 KEVII Bech.Prot 4d Duty ovpt on size G regd env(H&G8b) ovpt'd Specimen fine unused.20
2341907 ppc comm.used Francistown-UK, KEVII 1d (SG68).30
2351938(Apr 1) regd FDC Gaberones Station(scarcer h/struck cachet)-S.Africa of KGVI set to 1/=(cat £26).30
2361948 regd FDC Lobatsi-UK of S.Wedding set (SG136-7 cat £50). PHOTO45
2371947(Apr 17) illus regd(sp.Royal Visit h/st) cvr Lobatsi-Jo'burg of SG132-5 & sp.Royal Visit pmk in use 1 day only. Also s/line Day of Arrival of Royal Family.15
238BELGIUM:(see lot 8,62,76): 1850 EL Paris-Gand(red rec’r) rated 11 via France par Mouscron green cds.20
2391893 p/card comm.used Brussels-Paris, 3-colour SG78a(x3),79(2c yell – scarce on cvr),81 all + Sunday label30
2401894-5 10c p.stat. reply cards(2: P29 or 33) complete comm.used Audenarde-Paris.25
2411905 insured cvr Ougree-Hamont, 3-colour SG83-5 tied reverse. Nice seals.20
2421915 regd cvr Ste Adresse(Belgian Govt exile PO in France)-Calais, set to 2fr ex 3c grey (SG170-92).25
2431923 regd cvr Liege-Amsterdam, mixed issues SG237-8(x2: scarce on cvr),40,322(pair with/without ovpt),362. Both Return to Sender & Unclaimed cachets.35
2441946 firms advert envs(2 diff) Gent-Argentina(destination) inc 2 diff.-10% on 5fr. 1 Found in box h/stamp.20
2451954 cvr Gent-Denmark, better commems SG1520+31(cat £29).20
246Congo: 1893 10c p.stat.card comm.used Boma(blue pmk)-Brussels + 5c (SG7).25
2471902 comm.cvr Boma(blue pmk)-Bavaria, 50c (SG21: scarcer olive-yellow shade).25
2481929 airmail cvr Leopoldville-Berlin(rec'r), SG87-8,148.20
2491932 comm.cvr Leopoldville-USA, Stanley SG149 + scarce 152(both x2 cat £16).25
2501955 stampless Belgian Consulate Kigoma env to Tabora with postal frank of Belgian Consul.15
251Ruanda: 1917 regd(MPO 4 label) cvr Kigoma 1(blue pmk)-UK, Belgian Occ ovpts (SG19-21 cat £26). PHOT.50
252BERMUDA: 1882 cvr St Georges(blue pmk)-UK, 4d (SG20).35
2531893 ½d blue p.stat.card comm.used Ireland Island (faint 3 duplex)-Hamilton (scarcer s/ring rec’r).30
2541903 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used SMS Falke,Hamilton-Berlin. German ship mail scarce from here.45
2551914 cvr Hamilton-UK @ 1d rate. Fine triangular Passed Postal Censor Bermuda.25
2561916 OAS cvr APO S13(France)-Warwick East(scarce rec’r). Twice censored inc circ.violet PC Bermuda.25
2571921 comm.cvr Hamilton-USA, 2½d Tercent (SG66 cat £20).25
2581924 ppc Hamilton(Br.Empire Exhib'n slogan pmk)-USA, SG77a-8.15
2591935 regd cvr to USA, S.Jubilee set (SG94-7 cat £50).40
2601937 OHMS police chief crested env Hamilton-UK with violet circ. Bermuda Official Paid cachet.15
261BOLIVIA: 1920 ppc comm.used Potosi-Argentina via Villazon, 5c (SG151).10
2621921 10c p.stat.env, H&G13 comm.used Oruro-Cochabamba.15
2631929(Jun) flown LAB cvr Santa Cruz-Puerto Suarez, SG213+219.25
2641950 scarce surcharges on illus p.stat.cards(2: H&G9-10) fine unused.20
2651954 scarce Bs0.90 on 45c lettercard, H&GA1 comm.used Cochabamba-USA + SG580,88.25
266BOSNIA: 1918(July 21) cvr Sarajevo-Germany, Emperor's fund set (SG436-8).20
267BRAZIL: 1871 EL rio(cds + firms cachet)-France(Bresil Bordeaux cds) per steamer Germany charged 8.20
2681895-1905 40r,50r,80r illus p.stat.cards(3) comm.used internally or to Germany.20
2691914 50r reply card, H&G38 fine unused.15
2701918-9 cvrs(2) Cid de Campos-Argentina via Campos-Volta TPO or internal to Rio with TPO pmk. Both franked SG292A(pairs). Triangular green Rio censors + 1 with armourial censor label.25
2711920 200r blue p.stat.env Porto Alegre(triangular urban post pmk)-Germany.15
2721934 regd express(box cachet) airmail cvr Rio Grande del Norte-France, 5-colour SG451,71-2(x2 ea),79,509.20
2731934(Jun-Sept) Graf Zeppelin flown cvrs(2) to Germany @ 4200r rates. See also lot 1754.35
274BR.ANT.TERR: 1966 illus(penguins) cvr Adelaide Is-UK, SG2+4.15
2751979 Penguins set (SG89-92 cat £20) on illus unadd. FDC15
276BR.GUIANA:(see lot 33): 1887 1c p.stat.card comm.used Buxton-Georgetown(rec’r). Written Friendship.20
2771913 2c ship p.stat.env TPO Bartica Str(D4 pmk)-Kelantan,Malaya(rare destination/rec'r).40
2781931(July) cvr Georgetown-Fr.Guiana @ 6c rate. Oval Centenary Celebrations violet cachet in use 4 months.20
2791938 stampless cvr MOD,London(cds)-Demerara(G'town rec'r) + violet initialled Official Paid Br.Guiana frank.25
2801956 airmail cvr Soesdyke-UK, SG334(x6).20
2811959 airmail cvr Cove&John-UK, SG336(x5).20
282Guyana: 1968-70 regd airmail cvrs(2) to Canada, diff.ovpts $2 or $5 (SG407b,427).20
283BR.HONDURAS: 1894 ‘Aikman’ local cvr with pair 2c on 1d inc bisect tied (SG37+a cat £110).35
2841927 cvr Benque Viejo-USA via Belize, both 2c (SG127-8). PHOTO50
2851936 local Belize cvr with S.Jubilee set (SG143-6 cat £20).15
2861943 cvr Belize-Guatemala(rec’r), SG150,4,6 & scarce J/8173 censor label.35
2871948(Oct) local Belize cvr with S.Wedding set (SG164-5 cat £50).40
288BR.LEVANT: 1893 40pa on 2½d QV p.stat.env BPO C'tinople-Germany.10
2891905 Levant ovpts on KEVII ½d wrapper + 1d single & reply p.stat.cards(4 different) fine unused.20
2901911 Bethlehem Xmas Day pilgrimage ppc comm.used Beyrout(Br.PO)-UK, Levant 1d.20
2911913 KGV ½d Levant ovpt wrapper BPO Salonica-Hungary(rec'r).30
2921912-21 1pi & 7½pi ovpts on KGV 3d/5d orange regd envs(2: size G) fine unused.25
2931920 KGV 4½pi on 1½d p.stat.reply card fine unused & uncommon.20
2941922 KGV 4½pi p.stat.card comm.used C’tinople-Switz.20
295BR.OCC.ITAL.COLS: 1948 regd airmail cvr Mogadishu-UK, EAF set to 2/6d (S1-9 cat £25). PHOTO50
2961948 airmail advert cvr Benghazi(Cyrenaica)-UK, MEF 2½d(x2)+3d (M13-14). Cat 220eu(cvr).40
2971949 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, BMA Eritrea 5c(x2)+65c (E1,7a).25
2981949 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, BMA Eritrea 75c(E8). Cat 500eu(cvr). PHOTO80
2991950 airmail advert cvr Benghazi-UK, Cyrenaica 8m+20m (SG141+4). Cat 400eu(cvr).50
3001951 telegram Asmara-Aden, perfinned BA Eritrea E21,3-4(2/6d & 5/=).40
3011951 telegram Asmara-USA, perfinned 5-colour BA Eritrea E17,22,3,25(10/= x2)-6(cat £150+). PHOTO75
302BR.VIRGIN.IS: 1904 cvr Tortola-Dominica(rec'r) notable for all 3 varieties on ½d+4d Virgin (SG43a-b,6a). Cat £9000+(cvr). BPA Certificate & few known. PHOTO3000
3031918 regd cvr Tortola-UK, 1d+3d war tax (SG78-9 cat £56). PHOTO50
3041944 regd OHMS(inc contents ex postmaster + cachet) cvr Road Town-USA, 4-colour SG114a-7a(cat £8).15
305BRUNEI: Jap Occ:1944 scarce 15c opt regd env size H Brunei Town-Serian + 12c(J12).Japanese cens.PH.450
306BULGARIA: 1891 10c p.stat.card, H&G1 comm.used Baltchik(blue pmk)-Paris.15
3071916 opened-out regd cvr Sofia-Dresden via German TPO 5(re-seal labels), SG165(x2). Opened by military authorities in Breslau under martial law + Bulgarian censors(x2 inc wafer seal).25
3081918 unpaid censored cvr Sofia-Kiupria taxed with 5 diff.vals to 50c (SG163,86-7,9-90) & T h/stamps. PHOT.50
3091924 50s p.stat.card comm.used Lidjene(violet pmk)-Germany + P.Dues D242-3 used as postage. Unusual.30
3101926 1L p.stat.card comm.used Bercovitsa-Turkey + SG226(x2),261-2(x2 ea),3 ie 5-colour. Tax mark.25
3111940 regd banking advert cvr Sofia-UK, hi-value 20L (SG308f).20
312BURMA: 1891 advert cvr Rangoon(sq.circ)-Moulmein(rec'r), QV ½a tied firms oval cachet. Box P.Due 1anna.25
3131934 Indian 2a+1a regd env scarcer size J insured(label) Myingyan-Rangoon + 4-colour ½a,2a,3a blue,8a(x3)30
3141936(Nov 15) local Maymyo FDC of SG19(x3),20-1(cat £11) & Alexandra Barracks pmk.15
3151940 3a+1a opt regd env size H (H&G1) Kungyangon-India + mixed KGV-VI SG2,26.25
3161945(Apr) OAS censored cvrs(2) Indian FPO 209(Ramree Is) or 210(Myitche for 2 months)-UK/Bombay.25
3171945(Au)-46(Fe)OAS censor cvrs(4) FPO 23(Mingalon),82(Penwegon),145(Rangoon)or 200(Akyab)-UK/India30
3181946(Apr) OHMS cvr RAFPost 183(Meiktila in violet)-UK.25
3191946 KGVI 6p blue(disallowed?) p.stat.card airmail Momeik-Swiss Consul,India(rec'r) + SG55(pair).20
3201947 local Pazundaung cvr with KGVI set to 10r (SG51-63 cat £120). PHOTO100
3211948 KGVI 9p grn p.stat.card airmail Rangoon-India + mixed issues SG68,92.20
322BURUNDI: 1963 4f airletter comm.used to Switz + 2f ovpt(SG15). Uncommon.15
323CAMBODIA: 1953 cvr Phnom Penh-Belgium, mix frank Indochina 30c + SG1,3(x3),4(x2),7,9-10,13(cat £16).15
324CANADA: 1868 fine mourning front London-Orkneys(destination), QV 12½c (SG41 cat £85). PHOTO50
3251890 regd cvr Spadina Ave,Toronto-USA, 3c(SG84) + 5c regd(R7) cat £20.25
3261892 cvr Montreal-Austria via London, QV 10c dull rose (SG111 cat £42). PHOTO100
3271897 QV 2d grn scarce p.stat.env Winnipeg(sq.circ)-Vermont + pair ½c (SG101 cat £26).25
3281897 cvr Toronto(fine flag code B cancel)-Ottowa, 1c+2c Jubilee (SG123+5 cat £17+). See also lots 13,1277.20
329QV illus(Canada remembers USS Maine inc Old Glory flag or Anglo-Saxon League: Gloria Mundi) unused private p/cards(2) pre-stamped @ QV 1c rate.25
3301918 OHMS Free Military Service env regd to Vancouver inc service certificate.25
3311931 Commercial Airways FFC Ft McMurray-Athabasca(AB) @ 2c rate + black Air Fee stamp.20
3321932(Sept) cacheted FFCs(2) Siscoe-Piscalis(PQ) & return both franked 6c Ottowa air (SG318 cat £48).25
3331934 local Vancouver special delivery cvr, SG298,312,19,34(plate 1 pair cat £13+).20
3341935 regd cvr Vancouver-UK, S.Jubilee 3c+10c (SG337+9 cat £12).15
3351943(Apr1) local Lethbridge(AB) FDCs(2 inc airmail rate) of new postal tax in war budget, SG357+399 or 377.25
3361967(Jun) illus map ppc RAF Tanquary Base,Ellesmere Is-UK @ 25c rate pmk'd Eureka NWT.10
337CANAL ZONE: 1916 2c red & blk p.stat.env(U2a) comm.used locally ex Balboa Heights.20
3381942 official Panama Canal printed env Balboa-Costa Rica, 10c official (O169).30
339CAPE: 1864 outer Colesberg-Cradock(oval red pmks rev), fine 3mgn 4d (SG19a cat £140). PHOTO150
3401897 QV 1d p.stat.env Mill St Gardens(rare pmk: PO only open 5 yrs)-Holland. PHOTO100
3411901(Oct-Dec) cvrs(2) Grahamstown(sq.circ)-Cape Town @ ½d(SG58). Triangular Press Censor blk or violet.15
3421903-11 ppcs(2) written on board SS Wilcammia or Croxdale to UK(1 sent via RMS Scot) @ 1d rates with 2 different Alfred Docks,Cape Town pmks. See also lots 222,232,1578.25
3431907 regd cvr Cape Town(oval pmks)-Germany, KEVII 1d(x4)+ 2½d(strip of 3 SG73 cat £39) front & back.PH50
344CAYMANS: 1933 underpaid cvr Barbuda-Georgetown @ ½d rate taxed with 2d(SG88).40
3451945 VE Day printed env Georgetown-USA, SG117-20,21. Crown D/41 censor. PHOTO45
3461951 underpaid cvr Dominica-Cayman Brac with tax mark & KGVI 2d with T2d h/stamp.30
3471966 cacheted FDCs(2) Northside(regd)/Savannah-UK/Trinidad of SG198-9,203-4.15
3481969 airmail cvrs(2) Stake Bay/Creek(Cayman Brac)-UK, SG225(x6)+230 or 225(x4)+8(x3).15
349CEYLON: (see lot 94): 1869 outer Colombo-Scotland, 5d+ fine pair 8d (SG66b,68b cat £194). Tragically 1 stamp cut-out. Redirected in Scotland & charged 2. PHOTO100
3501885 cvr(inc letter) Galle-Burma(rec'r) via Bombay, 5c+20c opts (SG143,180) & B duplex. PHOTO80
3511893 QV 10c on 15c regd env Colombo-Switz + strip of 3 25c yell-brn (SG198) & A duplex. PHOTO65
3521894 QV 5c blue p.stat.reply card(H&G33) + 5c reply lettercard(H&G3) both fine unused.15
3531897 QV 5c p.stat.env to Colombo via Railway PO + 1911 ppc to UK @ KEVII 3c rate. 2 different scarce Jaffna Kachcheri pmks (PO closed 1914).50
3541901 QV 2c p.stat.wrapper Colombo-Mahara(scarce rec'r). Violet oval Ragama Camp censor.25
3551903 QV 2c yellow p.stat.wrapper + 6c(SG250) Colombo-Maskeliya. Rare high internal rate.40
3561904 KEVII 10c regd env size G Colombo-Germany + QV 75c (SG262). PHOTO50
3571911 KEVII 6c red p.stat.card comm.used Kotahena-Italy(destination/rec'r) via Colombo.15
3581924(Dec) ppc comm.used Gampaha(MO&SB pmk in use 1 month)-Malta(destination) @ 5c rate.25
3591935 regd cvr Lindula-UK, S.Jubilee SG379-82 cat £20. 9c has vertical dash below flagstaff.20
3601937 regd advert airmail cvr Colombo-Austria via Italy, mixed KGV-VI SG368-9,83-5(cat £9+).15
3611950 OHMS certified official airmail cvr Colombo(red official paid pmk)-UK with Army Signals pmk also.30
3621951-6 airmail cvrs(2) to UK @ 25c/50c rates inc Karainagar MO&SB pmk with 2-line Insufficiently Paid for Air Service in red or black.25
363CHILE: 1887 Columbus 2c p.stat.card used as Happy New Year card Vallenar-Valparaiso(rec'r).20
3641899 cvr Santiago-Argentina via Valparaiso & 'via Magellanes', 20c (SG62).15
3651909 5c p.stat.env Coigue-Santa Fe.15
3661936(Apr) OHBMS mourning(death KGV) env Valparaiso-UK, SG188(1p)+260(x2). See also lot 1756.15
367CHINA: 1902 nice advert cvr Shanghai-Germany, French POs 25c (SG9).20
368COCOS: 1954(Apr 5) illus Royal Visit cvr to Singapore, Kelantan 12c. PHOTO50
369COLOMBIA:(see lot 679,1755): 1879 EL Santa Martha-N.York(scarce 5c due pmk) per 'Old ship'.20
3701896 2c p.stat.card Pasto(violet pmk)-USA via Panama(transit cds) & N.York.20
371c1922 SCADTA internal airmail advert cvr Barranquilla-Bogota, Scadta 20c+1p(SG21,25) pmk’d Barranquilla, SG358+361(x2 ea) pmk’d Bogota violet undated cachets.30
3721924(May) advert cvr Bogota(red Scadta pmk)-UK, SG361(x2),98 + 3-colour Scadta 10c,20c,30c(x2). On reverse red Langstaff,Ehrenburg & Pollack of Liverpool (agent) cachet.25
3731931(Jan) flown cvr Sabanalanga(Boliviano agency 45mm violet Scadta pmk)-Cartagena, SG358,395 +15c.25
3741934 regd cvr Medellin-Manchuria(destination) via N.York & Seattle, 4-colour SG430-1,52-3.20
375COOK IS: 1922 regd cvr Rarotonga-USA, 1d+6d (SG71,74 cat £36). PHOTO45
376Aitutaki: 1931 regd cvr to NZ via Rarotonga, scarce blk of 4 2½d (SG32 cat £320+). PHOTO300
377COSTA RICA:1928(Sep) local cvr, SG130(x2) & box pmk(in use 1 week) for Col.Fierro prior to Panama flight.20
3781940 official cvr Education Secretary(cachet + env) San Jose-Argentina, pair 5c officials(O228).20
379CRETE: 1908 Knossos ppc comm.used Heraklion-UK, 10L (SG23).15
3801929 regd Br.Vice-Consulate Candia env Iraklion-Canada(destination/rec'r), Greek SG412+431(x2 ea cat £22) tied reverse. Inc headed letter.30
381CROATIA:1919 Hungarian 1f p.stat.card used Sveti Ivan Zilina-Bjelovar + mixed Hungarian 5f +Slovenia 10v.25
3821941(Apr 12) local Zagreb FDC of independence ovpts (SG1-8 cat £50). PHOTO45
3831943 regd mourning cvr Zemun-Zagreb, 12k50 (SG79). Boxed violet censor 57 (reverse).25
3841943 official cvr Dubrovnik-Zagreb, mixed franking SG37,O56,D68.20
3851944 regd local Zagreb cvr: SG78(x2 diff.perfs),84,110(x2 shades),121,135,138e.20
386CUBA: 1838 outer Havana-London(scarce d/ring date error rec'r of Jan 1) per SMB Muline packet rated 3/1d.20
3871868(Aug) outer STB ex San Juan Martinez(blue pmk)-Havana, 10c Habilitada opt(SG37 cat £36). PHOTO50
3881869 EL Trinidad (firms cachet)-N.York per Morro Castle, forwarded by Busing & Co,Havana(blue dated cachet). NY Steamship 10 circ. cachet. See also lot 41.30
3891881 liquidation notice EL Santiago-Manzanillo, 1c (SG91). Vertical file folds.20
3901894 Alfonso XII 2c p.stat.card (Edifil 11) comm.used Santiago-N.York via Havana.35
3911903 comm.cvr Manzanillo-Finland(destination/rec’r), 5c (SG304).20
392CYPRUS: 1905 cvr Larnaca(sq.circ)-USA, 2pi CA wmk (SG53 cat £17) tied reverse.30
3931932(Apr) FFC Limassol-UK, SG106+122.20
3941932(Apr) cacheted FFC Nicosia-Athens, SG106(x3)+119(x2).25
3951935 regd OHMS cvr Nicosia-Hawaii(destination/rec’r), 3-colour SG134,7,9. PHOTO45
3961943(Nov) censored cvr FPO 552-UK.20
3971943 KGVI 3pi regd env size G fine unused.25
3981944 scarce KGVI 2pi p.stat.card Limassol-Palestine + pairs 1pi,2½pi. Short message.45
3991946 internal cvr to Famagusta, SG164-5 & Dhenia GR rural pmk.25
4001950 Cyprus Airways stapled airmail booklet complete with 40 airmail labels. Rare survivor.40
401CZECHOSLOVAKIA: 1844 official outer Posowitz(2-line inc date)-Polna. Kingdom of L'stein wafer seal rev.20
4021862 EL Vienna-Brunn, Austrian 3kr(SG34 cat £38) cancelled on arrival with Brunn Station pmk. PHOTO45
4031918 10 on 8h Austrian p.stat.card comm.used Esch-Austria. See also lot 111.15
4041935(Mar 7) cvr Prague(sp.gold Masaryk 85th b'day pmk)-USA, Masaryk SG336-8.15
4051948 regd advert airmail cvr Prague-Italy, SG454+509(x5). Currency control label tied reverse.15
406Silesia: 1920 Czech 15h p.stat.card Dombrova-Slovakia + SO 1920 opts on perf 5h + imperf 20h. PHOTO45
407Sudetenland: 1938(Oct) advert cvr Oberleutensdorf-Hradec Kralove, German 20pf tied red s/line + date.20
408DANZIG: 1923 local official cvr with DM opts 20mk+100mk (Mi32+4X). Do not forward cachet. Cat 190eu.PH.50
4091930 regd advert express cvr to Finland, 3-colour Mi194b,212a(1g),15a.25
4101940(Jan 6) regd airmail cvr to UK, 4-colour Hindenburg 5pf(x2),10pf,12pf(x2),30pf.15
411DENMARK: 1862 EL Copenhagen-Paris rated 7 via Hamburg(2 diff.pmks inc KDOPA) & Valenciennes (Tour.T red 2 pmk). Boxed Danemark R2 + SJJB.P.SPB & 34 pmk.25
4121869 local Copenhagen footpost(oval blue pmk) cvr, 2sk (SG22 cat £50).40
4131883 unstamped env Slagelse-California,USA(destination) via Nyborg. Tax marks both countries. PHOTO45
4141902(Sept 12) local Copenhagen FDC p/card of 1o (Fa56 strip of 3).30
4151914 regd cvr Copenhagen-UK, 4-colour Fa80,1(x2),2,131.15
4161921 comm.cvr Copenhagen-UK, scarce 40o blk/blue-lilac (Fa150b).30
4171927 insured letter Copenhagen-Norway, 6-colour mixed issues: SG173-4,82,229,231-3(cat £30).25
4181932(Sept) FFC Aarhus(Phil.Exhib'n box pmk)-Copenhagen, pair 15o airs (SG225 cat £180). PHOTO100
4191936 airmail cvr Vejrs Strand-El Salvador(destination/rec’r), SG287(damaged)-8(x7 cat £43),95.40
4201937 comm.cvr Randers-Sudan(destination/TPO rec’r), 6-colour Fa98a-9a(x2 ea),100a,8a,273-4(cat 140kr).25
4211965 freight document with 1k25 parcel post opt (P384 cat £11) & oval Fano-Esbjerg ferry pmk.15
422DWI: 1881 3c red p.stat.card comm.used St Thomas-Holland via London.30
4231890 cvr Christiansted-UK via St Thomas, pair 5c(Fa 8c: 1 with T1 retouch). Cat 4400+kr. PHOTO150
4241912 Frederick VIII 5b no wmk p.stat.card comm.used St Thomas-Germany + 5b (Fa41b).25
425GB used in: QV 1/= grn pl's 4,5,6 or 7 (Z29 cat £128+) all with C51 pmks(4: 2 diff.types).35
426QV 2/= blue (Z31 cat £130) with light C51 pmk.40
427Schleswig: 1920 regd cvr Hadersleben-Dresden, plebiscite set 2½pf-1mk (Mi1-11).15
428DOMINICA: 1895 Leewards QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used to Germany with AO7 pmk.20
4291903 1d View p.stat.reply card, H&G9 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.15
4301932 regd(h/stamp) cvr Pointe Michel-USA, 3-colour SG71-2,76. PHOTO45
4311936 regd 3-colour franking cvr Roseau-UK, SG71,78,80.20
432DOMINICAN REP: 1935 regd advert Pan-am airmail cvr S.Domingo-UK, SG295,329,48,51.10
433ECUADOR: c1910 advert cvr Manta (violet undated pmk)-Paris via Panama, 20c (SG328). 5-line multilingual cachet (rev): Panama hats are made in Ecuador.20
4341946 cvr Quito University-Argentina, 10c tortoise official (O526).15
435EGYPT: 1856 EL Alexandria(bluish Br.PO cds)-Paris via Paq.Angl.Marseille re-rated 16 to 30.25
4361877 Aust.Levant 5sld p.stat.card + 10sld(Mi4) comm.used Alexandrien-Spain(destination). PHOTO75
4371900 Zieher stamp ppcs(2 diff, 1 embossed) fine unused. See also lots 873,1612.15
4381902 underpaid cvr USA-Cairo, tax marks & 2m+1pi P.Dues (D71,73).40
4391916(Feb) OAS censored ppc 2nd Aust.Inf.Bde FPO(Serapeum for 2 mnths)-UK. Rare but cnr fault. PHOTO50
4401916(May) OAS censored cvr Aust.Base Details PO-EEF unusually franked GB KGV 1/=(SG395).30
4411916-17 stampless cvrs(2) Ras-el-Tin POW Camp,Alexandria(x2 diff.cachets)-Cairo(1 via TPO). Oval Passed by Censor 13 in green or violet.30
4421918(Mar) Khedivial Line advert cvr BAPO Z-UK @ GB 1d rate. Base Censor label tied EEF censor.20
4431918(Oct) POW lettersheet APO SZ10(skeleton)-Switz. Ex Tura Camp near Cairo. POW box censor.20
4441923 regd cvr Alexandria-Switz, 3-colour Kingdom ovpts SG102,5-6(all x2).20
4451925(Oct) airmail(label + bilingual cachet) cvr Alexandria-Baghdad, 4-colour SG111-4.35
4461929(Apr) FFC Alexandria-UK, 27m air (SG132 cat £34).30
4471933 regd cvr Cairo-USA, railway set SG189-90(x2),1-2(cat £90). PHOTO75
4481939 15m plum regd env, H&G5 Abbasia Barracks-Ireland + SG204,256.20
449Nice lot stampless WW2 OAS censored(inc RAF) cvrs(24) to UK/S.Africa/MEF inc Palestine with EPP 4,7,10,11,14,17-19,34,38,40,45,55,57,61,65,67,71,73,75,96-7,123-4 pmks.100
4501942(Nov) censored airmail cvr RAF EPP94-Natal, pair NZ 5d (SG584b cat £26).20
451Original unadopted 1962 artwork for UAR 10m Mothers Day issue. Rare.40
4521982 parcel card Pt Said-Switz notable for £E1 bird mosaic SG1351 x12(cat £72).40
453GB used in: 1856 1/= grn + 1865 3d rose pl.4 (Z11,34 cat £190) & BO1 pmks.50
4541870 nice pair 4d vermilion pl.13 (Z17 cat £58) & BO1 pmks.15
455EL SALVADOR: 1908 1c p.stat.env, H&G84 San Miguel-Spain via La Union + SG605.40
4561909 3c p.stat.env, H&G86 San Miguel-Spain via La Union + SG602(x2).40
4571935 airmail cvr to Costa Rica, 3-colour mixed officials O742,68-9. Scarce.25
4581950 official cacheted cvr to Salvador Consul,GB, scarce 20c official (O963 cat £40). PHOTO50
459ESTONIA: 1919 flimsy regd cvr Tartu/Dorpat-Arusdorf bei Haida, imperf pairs SG1-4(cat £14).25
4601921 regd multi-franked cvr Tallinn-UK, imperfs inc surchs SG16,20-1,3,6-7,9-30.20
4611936 RP castle ppc comm.used Tallinn-Germany, 15s abbey (SG128).15
462ETHIOPIA: (see lots 121,902): 1933-5 cvrs(2) Addis-Germany @ 4g rate (SG298 or 308).25
4631936 LATI airmail env Addis-USA via Rome, Eritrea SG242(x3).25
4641936 regd airmail cvr Addis-Milan, strip of 3 Eritrea 1L25 (SG197).25
4651936-8 cvrs(2) Addis/Dessie-Italy/UK, Eritrea SG203(x2)+242 or mix franking SG322e + Eritrea SG203.25
4661937 native ppc Quoram-Italy, Eritrea 20c. Scarce pmk but p/card edges stained.20
4671937 obelisk ppc Addis-Milan, Eritrea 5c (SG200 x2) & Posta Militare 130 pmk.15
4681939 airmail cvr Addis-Italy, mix franking SG322f(cat 250eu on cvr) + Eritrea SG243. PHOTO75
4691939 airmail cvr Addis-Italy, Eritrea SG242(x2). Returned to Sender cachets.15
4701956 airmail cvr Addis-Belgium, SG369,79,E358(50c express).15
471FALKLANDS: 1893 QV 1d reply p.stat.card complete fine unused ovpt’d Specimen.20
4721897 QV 1d p.stat.card to Germany(rec'r), F1 25mm cds pmk but no message.25
4731933 cvr Fox Bay-UK, ½d Centenary (SG127 x2 cat £24). PHOTO45
4741935(Dec) local cvr with S.Jubilee set (SG139-42).20
4751937 regd cvr Pt Stanley-Canada, Coronation SG143(x2)-4(blk of 4).15
4761952 OHMS(changed His to Her) airmail cvr HMS Snipe(cachet)-Admiralty,UK, £1 (SG185 cat £27).40
4771968 regd cvr Pt Stanley-Switz, KGVI hi-vals SG181-3(cat £30).30
4781972 regd parcel post customs form Pt Stanley-UK for cured sheepskins. Uncommon survivor.40
479Deps: 1947 regd local S.Georgia cvr, 4d broken arc (G5a cat £14).25
4801951 cvr Grahamland-UK, 6d (G6 x3 cat £15).20
4811951 regd cvr S.Georgia-UK, thick maps G1-8(cat £27). 6d+9d have dot on East varieties.30
4821958(Jan) cvr to UK, SGG11-14 & IGY Expedition pmk.15
483S.Georgia: 1949 regd airmail(local type D label) cvr to UK, S.Wedding 1/= (G20 x2).25
4841969 airmail cvr to UK, 2/= (SG11 cat £7)15
4851969-79 cvrs(3) to USA/UK with RRS John Biscoe/Bransfield or HMS Endurance cachets.15
4861976(Jun) illus cvr for Visit of Lord Shackleton to S.Georgia, SG18+20b. Printed label to UK. Uncommon.20
4871977(Nov) regd cvr to UK, SG27,29(x2),53(cat £20+).20
488FAROES: 1929 firms advert(all different) local cvrs(4) all @ Danish 15o caravel rate.50
4891953 cvr Norddeble(rare undated pmk)-Thorshavn via Klaksvig, Danish SG385. PHOTO.150
490FIJI: 1928 comm.cvr PO Nadi-Suva(rec'r) @ 2d rate.30
4911937 cvr Lautoka-UK @ 2d rate.20
4921940 KGVI 2d+3d brn regd env size G fine unused ovpt’d Specimen. Unlisted H&G & print qty unknown.40
4931941(Nov) cacheted FFC Suva-NZ, SG257-8,62(cat £13).15
4941945(July) censored(3 diff inc 2 Army) airmail cvr 70th Fighter Sqdn US APO 913/918-NZ @ US 6c rate.25
4951956(Oct 1) illus regd FDC Nadi Airport(box regd h/st)-S.Africa, SG282,4-5,90-1,3.10
496FINLAND: 1884 EL(circular) Wiborg-Puumala, 5p p12½ (Fa13). Min.cat 1250kr on cvr.40
4971929 cvr Pori-Canada, 2m (SG262) & Kanka Anpaa pmk.15
4981933 regd complete parcel card Helsinki-Canada via Lubeck, SG265(x3),76-7(x2 hi-vals).25
499FIUME: 1882 Hungarian 5f p.stat.card comm.used to Paris with s/ring pmk.15
5001919 local cvr with 15f on 10f scarce savings stamp (SG29 cat £18).35
501FRANCE: 1753 long EL Orleans(s/line)-Lord de Montreveaux,Tournus ‘par Dijon’ rated 10.25
5021842 cvr Elbeuf-Vienna rated 28. Box red PF + LF(vdL 1884). See also lots 1,17,38,50,75,105,238,242.15
5031868 mourning EL Paris(17 star pmk)-Vire, 5c (SG89 x2 cat £26). See also lots 553,570,1429.25
5041872 EL Bordeaux-N.Orleans(USA) via N.York, Napoleon SG116(x2 with perf faults) + 120(cat £56).30
5051888 15c P&C blue/grey reply lettercard fine unused. Scarce complete.20
5061894 internal cvr with 4mgn imperf Ceres 15c blue + Bordeaux 5c olive-yellow(x3) essays postally used on Mediterranee-Paris TPO & also redirected without query. PHOTO100
5071896 P&C 15c p.stat.env + 10c(SG284) Sommery-Tiflis(Georgia: destination/rec'r).20
5081899 unused pictorial 'In memoriam President Faure' mourning envelope.25
5091918 advert cvr Paris-UK, war orphans SG370(strip of 5)+2(cat £58).40
5101919 cvr Versailles(Peace Congress pmk)-Pointoise, 15c+5c Red X (SG378 cat £75). PHOTO50
5111927 regd insured parcel card Obernai-Dijon rated 13fr75c inc SG387(x6) & 1fr fiscal.30
5121929 regd express cvr Paris-Austria, pair 3fr Merson (SG430). Scarce usage.25
5131932 airmail cvr Paris-Estonia(destination) via Berlin, SG392,483,94+6(scarce Sinking Fund cat £186). PH.150
5141932 40c lilac/grey Peace p.stat.reply card with no address lines fine unused & very scarce.40
5151933 pneumatic cvr Paris 51-Acceuil(101 recr) notable for double opt on 25c/35c sower cat 425eu used. PH.250
5161937 Air Afrique airmail cvr Nice-Madagascar, SG545,66,76-7,85(cat £45).35
5171937 airmail cvr Paris-Chile(destination/rec'r), SG474b(10fr),515(x4),569(cat £24).20
5181938 air cvr Marseilles-USA via Ile de France, 25c + 3fr grey-violet Mermoz (Ceres 338e x3 cat 180eu). PH.100
5191938 airmail hotel lettercard Cannes-UK, scarce 50fr air (SG540 cat £450). PHOTO300
5201938 regd airmail cvr Paris-Norway, commems SG580,90,602,5,9-10,14(cat £36).30
5211939(May) cacheted/illus FFCs(4) to USA inc Azores leg. Stamps alone cat £20+.20
5221939(May) cacheted official FF card Montpellier-Marseille, SG605.20
5231940 regd cvr Courcay-USA, scarce War Charity set (SG662-5 cat £35).30
5241941(Jan-Sept) airmail cvrs(3) to gunner on battleship Richelieu stationed Dakar/Tunisia etc @ 1fr-1f50 rate.40
5251949-54 Stamp Day illus unadd.sp.ppcs(2), SG1054 & 1202 tied sp.pmks obverse.25
526St Nazaire: 1944(Nov 11) printed Armistice Day cvr regd locally in La Baule with SG627c+725a.40
5271945(Mar) meter-franked cvr Piriac-La Baule with Taxe Percue cachet. Scarcer usage.40
528Used abroad: 1867 EL Smyrna-Batavia(destination/rec'r) via Egypt(Fr.PO), French 40c+80c & 5098 pmk.PH.50
529FRENCH COLS: Afars & Issas: 1970 regd cvr Obock-USA, SG527,37,46(cat £17). Printed map red cachet.25
5301970-77 airmail cvrs(3) Djibouti-UK franked stamps cat £34.25
531Algeria: 1912 ppc Alger(Summer Palace pmk)-UK, 3-colour French mixed issues SG288,92,331.20
5321940 censored(French military label) airmail regd cvr St Denis du Sig-Argentina(destination/rec’r), hi-rate SG128+138(x10 cat £29) front & back.35
5331943 airmail cvr ex officer in CHMBC Casablanca-UK, 4-colour SG181,3,6,201(cat £10+) & Poste Navale pmk. French Navy anchor cachet.25
534Antarctic: (see lot 68): 1957 IGY cacheted cvr Kerguelen-Paris, SG19-21 (cat £55).40
5351963 Quiet Sun illus unadd.FDC of SG36-7(cat £180). PHOTO120
5361963 cvr Crozet-UK, 8fr+25fr (SG14,27 cat £171). PHOTO100
5371965 Gallieni p/bot (printed rev) airmail env Kerguelen-Reunion, 30fr ITU (SG39 cat £150). PHOTO80
5381969 Polar Exped’n illus unadd.FDC of SG52(cat £50).30
53919 69 cacheted exped'n cvr Terre Adelie-UK, scarce 20fr albatross + 30fr d'Urville (SG31,44 cat £400). PH.300
5401969 regd airmail cvr to France(rec'r), SG7-8,10,12,26-7,35(cat £268) tied red crayon X's. Most unusual. PH.50
5411969 printed paper rate cvr Kerguelen-UK, 2fr+8fr (SG6,27 cat £58).35
5421972 airmail cvr Kerguelen-Strassburg, 200fr (SG56 cat £90). PHOTO65
5431978 cvr Martin de Vivies-Argentina (destination), SG99-100 (cat £31).25
544Cameroun: 1951 cvr Yokadouma-USA via Yaounde, SG241+8.10
545Congo: 1898 cvr Libreville-Germany via Loango a Marseille p/bot, 25c (SG26 cat £21).40
5461937 cvr Fort Crampel-USA via Ft Sibut & Bangui, pair 75c AEF opts (SG11 cat £12).25
5471947 cvr Franceville(Middle Congo)-USA, late use Middle Congo 1f10 (SG59 cat £11).20
548Equat.Africa: 1938 cvr Brazzaville(3rd Fair cachet/pmk)-France, SG9+42(cat £10) tied Au Coeur de L’Afrique Noire advert cachet + rays (AEF,Tourism & Hunting, Plane,Car,Boat,Rail). Uncommon.20
549Gabon: 1917 local ppc Loango-Belgium, mixed issues SG18+49 & inverted date.20
550Guadeloupe: 1928 regd cvr Basse Terre-USA, SG83 + surchs SG96,99-100(cat £14).25
5511937 regd local cvr Terre de Bas(scarcer pmk)-Saintes(rec’r), Paris Exhib’n set (SG157-62 cat £30).35
5521944 cvr Basse Terre-France, ovpts SG171-3,77(cat £22).30
5531949 cvr Pointe a Pitre-USA, mixed franking SG183,211-13,D150-1,D233 + French Marianne 5-colour to 10fr (front & back)+ Madagascar(!) 1c (cat £32+). PHOTO45
554Guinea: 1924 cvr to USA, SG90(pair) & Mamou a Conakry TPO pmk.20
5551937 regd cvr Conakry-France multifranked SG65(x2)-6,73,83-4(x2 ea),87(x2),90,94,108-9,13(cat £47).PH.65
556Guiana: 1951 Air France(airmail label) Laurent du Maroni-Paris, SG157+236(cat £13).25
5571951 Pasteur Institute regd cvr Cayenne-Paris, SG169,237(x3 cat £22).25
558India: 1928 hotel env Pondichery-France, 3-colour opts SG67,69,72(cat £10).25
5591929 firms regd env Pondichery-Saigon per Chantilly paquebot, 2f12 opt (SG102).25
5601945 airmail cvr Pondichery-France, mix issues SG172A,233,243(cat £12).25
561Indochina: 1900 stampless Ceylon ppc Haiphong-France ex Tonkin Expeditionary Force (army CO cachet).25
5621921 4c on 10c p.stat.env Saigon-Singapore + opts SG91-2.25
5631928 cvr(inc letter) Vicar of Quinhon(Annam)-France, SG123(x2). See also lot 323.20
5641938 airmail advert cvr Cholon-Reunion(destination) via Marseille, SG168,206,13,44(x2).20
565Ivory Coast: 1902 cvr Moyan Pereri-France, 15c (SG6).25
5661934 cvr Po-Canada(destination) via Ouadadougou, Upper Volta SG63-5(cat £28). PHOTO45
5671934 cvr Diebougou-Paris via Bobo Dioulasso, mix franking SG100,2(x2) + Upper Volta SG43-4(cat £28). PH.45
5681936-8 airmail cvrs(3) Abidjan/Bobo Dioulasso-UK/France @ 4fr65-5f50 rates.15
569Levant: 1906 El Aqsa mosque ppc comm.used Jerusalem(Palestine cds)-Belgium, Levant 5c.20
5701921 regd cvr Secteur 506B(C'tinople)-Belgium, strip of 4 French 25c sowers.20
571Madagascar: 1901 regd expeditionary corps cvr Diego Suarez-Nantes, 40c (SG11).35
5721938 regd cvr Tsaralalana-Fiji (destination & rec’r), Exhibition set (SG187-92 cat £15).25
5731953 regd airmail cvr Majunga-Paris, hi-val airs SG163-4(x2),74-6(cat £43). PHOTO50
574Martinique: 1870 firms EL St Pierre-Bordeaux rated 6 via Col.Fr.Paq.Fr.A.No.3(STB rare) & St Nazaire.30
5751931 cvr Fort de France-USA, SG93(x2) + surchs 114,123(cat £27).25
5761946 regd airmail cvr Fort de France-N.York, Chad-Rhine set (SG225-30 cat £40).35
577Mayotte: 1910 regd cvr Maroni-UK, 1fr (SG13 cat £44 with corner fault). Very scarce. PHOTO45
578Morocco:1910(Jan) stampless cvr Casablanca exped'tion force(CO cachet)-France, tresor et postes 217 pmk20
5791926(May) cacheted FM(ex CO,airforce squadron) airmail cvr Casablanca-France, SG116+126.20
5801945(Oct) Air France printed 1st post-war flight cvr Tangier-Casablanca, SG308.15
581New Caledonia: 1940(July) illus cacheted Pan-am FFC Noumea-USA, SG151,209(scarce opt),220(cat £44).35
5821947 local comm.cvr Paagoumene-Negropo via Koumac,Kone,Vom,La Foa,Bourail & Paya, SG281(x2)..20
5831969 regd cvr Noumea-Sweden multifranked inc SG416,39,57-8(x2),61,3-4(cat £100+). PHOTO75
584Niger: 1946 regd airmail cvr Niamey-USA, SG61,94-8(air set) + Fr.W.Africa SG30(cat £42). PHOTO45
585Oceania: 1944 cvr Papeete-USA, SG113(x2). 2 censors: US + local military censor label tied postal censor.20
586Reunion: 1850-8 outers/ELs(6) St Denis-France all by named ships + some written-up.60
5871944 regd official cacheted env St Denis-USA, SG260(x2)-1. Examiner 2071 PC90 label.20
5881948 airmail cvr Pointe des Galets-France, SG287-92,302(cat £37).30
589St Pierre-Miq: 1928 regd cvr to France, mix franking 30c PP Govt frank + 75c(SG92). PHOTO50
590Senegal: 1899 internal military stampless cvr Ambulance Goree(blue anchor cachet)-Dakar. PHOTO65
5911937 Italian ship ppc (Giulio Cesare) airmail Dakar-UK, SG159+167(x2).10
5921941 airmail cvr Dakar-Marseille, SG186(x2). Scarcer postal censor label + oval cachet.15
5931953-60 UAT illus/cacheted FFCs(2) Dakar-Paris @ Fr.W.Africa 15fr-40fr rates. Uncommon.15
594Somali Coast: 1937 regd cvr Djibouti-France, Exhib’n SG237-8,40-1(cat £12). Scarce commercial usage.20
5951953 regd airmail cvr Djibouti-USA, hi-val airs SG412-4.15
5961962 cvr Rear Admiral Grantham,Cmdr MEF,Bahrain-Ft.Lt,RAF Aden, SG439,42-3 & Djibouti pmk.20
597Sudan: 1932(Mar) airmail cvr Bamako-France, SG172 + scarce 187(cat £10).20
598Togo: 1938 cvr Sokode-Switz, scarce Paris Exhib’n SG103-4(cat £15).20
599Tunisia: 1916 patriotic(flags) military p/card comm.used Sousse-Tunis. Blue unit cachet. Uncommon usage.25
6001928 regd(?) cvr Tozeur-Switz, 7-colour SG30,36,72,74,102,5,9(scarce),11.20
6011934 mosque ppc with reverse illus printed for Austrian magazine's Africa trip Tunis-Austria, SG176+8.20
6021939 airmail cvr Sfax-France, 6-colour SG187 + parcel post P147,8,52,4-5. Scarce usage. PHOTO.45
603Upper Volta: (see lots 566-7): 1928 regd cvr Ouagadougou-USA, blk of 4 2fr (SG16 cat £23).35
604Wallis & Futuna: 1954-8 illus FDCs(2, 1 unadd) of SG160,171(cat £39) & 2 diff. Mata Utu pmks.30
6051967(Sept) Polynesian Airlines illus signed FFC to Gilbert & Ellice, SG166,74-5(cat £20).15
606GAMBIA: 1894 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used St Marys Parsonage,Bathurst-Liverpool(Paid Br.Pkt rec'r).25
6071912 KGV 2d regd env size F good unused ovpt'd Specimen.15
6081914 hairdresser ppc/cvr(2) Bathurst-UK/Switz @ 1d (SG87-a shades) rate.25
6091926 OHMS cvr Bathurst-USA, Oval Official Paid PO cachet + GPO Bathurst pmk.35
6101945 regd airmail(h/stamp) cvr Bathurst-UK, 2/= to 4/= (SG157-9).20
6111959 comm.cvr Kunta Ur-UK, 3d (SG175).15
612GERMAN COLS: Cameroun:1901 artistic ppc of Cameroun River + boats comm.used Victoria-Germany, 5pf25
6131904 Fernando Po ppc Duala-UK, 10pf (Mi9).15
614China: 1905 locally addressed ppc written Mau Shan, 5pf(Mi16) & Tschifu pmk.40
6151909 cvr Tsinanfu-Germany, 4c (Mi30). PHOTO45
616E.Africa: 1904 Post Office ppc comm.used Dar-Germany, 3p (Mi12 x2).15
6171910 mother & child ppc Tabora-Belgium @ 4h rate.20
618Kiaochow: 1908 2c p.stat.card + 1c(Mi28 x2) comm.used Tsingtau-France via Trans-Siberia. Native chop.25
619Levant: 1903 20pa type 2 p.stat.card comm.used Jerusalem(code a pmk)-Germany20
6201904 Beirut ppc comm.used to Germany with 20pa Mi13 scarcer type 2. Cat 150eu(cvr).40
6211907 ppc comm.used Jaffa-UK, 10pa (Mi36).20
6221911 5c on 5pf p.stat.env(U5) comm.used (firms cachet) Jerusalem-Germany.20
6231917 ppc OAS Aleppo-Germany with Deutsche Feldpost pmk.25
624Morocco: (see lot 71): 1902 10c p.stat.card comm.used Mogador-Germany35
6251909 ppc(of harem embarking on boat) Mazagan-Germany, 10c (Mi36).35
6261911 ppc comm.used Tangier(Marokko pmk)-Belgium, 10c (scarce Mi48a).25
627Samoa: 1907 5pf p.stat.reply card complete(scarce thus) Salailua-Germany(rec'r) but no message. PHOTO75
628SW.Africa: 1906 feldpostkarte to Germany written Paradies bei K'hoop pmk'd Kubub & scarcer thus. PHOTO65
6291910 Kanus rail station RP ppc(stained picture) comm.used Seeheim-UK @ 10pf rate.20
630Togo: 1913 cvr Lome-Germany, mixed wmks 5pf(pair)+10pf (Mi9,21).25
631GERMAN STATES: 1800 regd EL Wurzburg (light s/line)-Kastell with 2 red grilles.25
6321840 outer Coeln-Lyon fco 21 via Prusse Forbach 2. Black PPaye & red oval 1 AED (both scarcer).25
633Baden: 1864 EL Mannheim-Switz, mixed issues 3kr(x2)+6kr (Mi15c+18 cat 360eu). PHOTO250
6341871 local Heidelberg outer, 1kr (Mi23 cat £14) & townpost pmk.25
635Bavaria: 1865 EL Nurnberg-Mannbach, 4mgn 1kr yellow (Mi8 cat £27).40
6361918 regd complete parcel card Ensheim-C'tinople via Saar TPO, perf 20pf+2mk (Mi97,105)20
6371920 express(label) cvr Munich-Nurnberg, 3-colour mixed issues Mi56By,121B,183.15
6381920 regd cvr Munich-Stuttgart, 1mk-5mk hi-vals (SG266-8,70-1 cat £51). PHOTO50
6391920 10pf + 15pf official p.stat.cards(2: DP7-8) fine unused & uncommon.30
640Brunswick: 1894 St.P.Fr h/stamp in red on 3 different coloured p.stat.envs all fine unused.20
641Hamburg: 1819 EL to Bordeaux charged 19. S/line Hambourg, TTR4 & boxed Allemagne par Givet.20
642NGC: 1868 1gr p.stat.env + pair 2gr (Mi5) Berlin(blue pmk)-UK.20
643Prussia: 1828 insured EL accompanying parcel Minden(2-line inc date)-Hildesheim paid 6 5/12gr.20
6441864 local Koln invoice, 6pf(Mi15a) & station pmk. Possibly underpaid (mss ½ in blue). Cat 120+eu(cvr).30
645Saxony: 1853 insured (20thaler) cvr Dresden-Munich paid 7 9/10ngr. Myriad rate marks.25
646Thurn & Taxis: 1855-62 ELs(2) Frankfurt(2 diff.pmks in red/blk)-Austria(3 diff.Wien rec'rs) rated 9 or 20.15
647Wurttemburg: 1837 EL Ulm(2-line inc date)-France via Strassburg(box) rated 8(red h/st). Scarcer TTR3.25
6481878 14kr used postal order for 214 marks with Hall pmk. Horiz.fold at base but v.scarce25
6491888 cvr Swiss Consulate,Stuttgart(cachet)-Swiss Consul,Venice via Swiss TPO 8, 20pf (Mi47).20
650GERMANY: 1872 outer Darmstadt-Hirschhorn(rec'r), 7kr (Mi10). Cat 240eu(cvr). PHOTO65
6511872 cvr Muhlhausen(Els horseshoe pmk)-France, strip of 3 1kr (Mi4 cat 130eu). PHOTO50
6521873 cvr Dresden-Scotland, 2½gr (SG21 cat £120). Cat 280eu(cvr). PHOTO85
6531874 EL Hamburg Station-Denmark, ½gr+1gr (Mi18-9). Cat 150eu(cvr).40
6541887-90 Hannover/Magdeburg 2pf/2½pf local townpost Mercur/Courier p.stat.cards(2) commercially used.25
6551897 Kaiser Wilhelm Centenary ppc Munster-Schwerin @ 5pf rate. Scarce 3pf Kaiser local post tied rec'r.20
6561897 insured(for 2000mks) cvr Berlin-Austria, 25pf+50pf (Mi49b,50c). Nice wax seals.35
6571899 insured letter Brunswick-Hamburg, 20pf(pair)+50pf(x2: Mi48,50).25
6581901 Berlin 3pf local post p.stat.env used with Packet Fahrt pmk. S/line violet Schlussschein h/stamp.15
6591901 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Schmolin-German Consulate,Hawaii (destination & rec’r).25
6601915(Jun) stampless feldpost cvr(+letter) to Bavaria,2
6611922(Jan) cvr Dusseldorf-Duisberg, pair 1m50 orange-brn (Mi114c). Cat 120eu(cvr).30
6621922(Sept) flown cvr Dresden-Hannover, SG112,219,21,24(cat £77). PHOTO50
6631923(Jan) local Hamburg cvr with scarce 8mk (Mi229W – thin 8 cat 36eu) + 40mk(Mi232P).25
6641923 cvr Wilhelmsburg-Furst, Rhein-Ruhr opts (SG257-9 cat £180). PHOTO100
6651923(Aug) flown cvr Munich(blue air pmk)-Nurnburg inc air set SG269-73 cat £160. PHOTO80
6661923(Sept 28) advert cvr Hamburg-UK @ 1875 mks rate: SG288(x3)+9(x5 cat £50).35
6671923(Oct 8) advert cvr Goslar-UK @ 6mill.mks rate (perfinned SG302 x3) pmk'd Hannover.15
6681923(Oct 22-Nov 5) firms p/cards(2) Frankfurt-Italy @ 18mill or 2200mill.mks rates20
6691923(Oct 31) cvr Hamburg-UK @ 30mill.mks rate (SG320 x3).15
6701923(Nov 24) 'drucksache' advert cvr Hamburg-Barmen @ 4md mks rate (Mi326A pair).15
6711924(Aug) airmail cvr Hallenburg-Texas(USA), 10pf+20pf airs (SG359-60).20
6721924(Aug) regd cvr APO S40(Cologne)-UK via diff. APO S40 pmk, GB 1½d strip of 3 with inverted wmk.25
6731925(Dec 31) cvr Hamburg-USA per Cedric, welfare fund SG389-90(x2),91(x4 cat £93). PHOTO100
6741927 firms advert p/card airmail Hagen-UK, SG371,92,95.15
6751928(Oct) LZ127 FFC F'hafen-N.York, SG375,82,96,411,36,9-40(cat £70). PHOTO50
6761928(Nov) large airmail regd cvr Bremen-Vienna via Berlin, 5-colour airs SG392-3,5-7(cat £24).20
6771930(May) Graf Zepp S.American flight cvr to Spain(Seville pmk), 2RM opt (SG456 cat £600). PHOTO250
6781931(Jan) 8pf illus p.stat.card regd Darmstadt-USA + welfare fund SG465-8 cat £160. Also 8pf + X label cat 150eu used. Some creasing. PHOTO150
6791931(May) regd airmail cvr Luckenwalde-Columbia(flown internally by Scadta) per SS Baltic from Liverpool, SG397,43035,57(4RM Zepp opt cat £610). PHOTO300
6801933(Mar) regd cvr Essen-Bechuanaland(destination), 30pf Ebert + 25pf Hindenburg.25
6811935(July) Graf.Zepp 8th S.American round trip cvr, Hindenburg 4-colour to 50pf + rail set SG577-60. PHOTO50
6821935(Sept) Graf.Zepp 12th S.American flight cvr to Brazil, SG443(1RM Zepp),527,576(cat £60). PHOTO50
6831936 cvr Berlin-UK, scarce Costumes set (SG585-94 cat £70). PHOTO50
6841936 Winter Olympic 15pf p.stat.card comm.used Berlin-SW.Africa(Swakopmund rec’r) in 1937.20
6851937(Jan) regd cvr Rottweil(visit Carnival illus pmk)-Vienna, Brown Ribbon minisheet (MS618 cat £21) rev.20
6861937 mourning cvr Tubigen-Rumania, 40pf Winter Relief (SG631 cat £10).20
6871939(Jul) regd(racecourse label) cvr Munich(sp.Brown Ribbon pmk)-Hamburg, Brown Ribbon SG687 cat £37.30
6881939 regd cvr Oppenau-Switz, commems SG680-1,87(cat £47).40
6891941 regd cvr Metz(sp.illus pmk)-Berlin, Relief Fund set (SG739-47 cat £20) inc se-tenants. Minor creases.15
6901941-3 official Airforce stampless cvrs(4) inc enclosures, re-use(up to 3 times), cachets etc.25
691Officials: 1922(Oct) official cacheted cvr Eisleben-Nordhausen, blks of 6+14 30pf (Mi27 cat 50eu) tied rev.15
692Alsace: undated cvr to Chemnitz, 3pf(Mi1) & oval Muhlhausen-Almunster TPO 101 pmk.15
693Lorraine: 1940 regd express cvr Falkenburg-Oldendorf, 3-colour Mi7,12-13.25
694Upper Silesia: 1922 cvr Rudzwitz-plebiscite commissar @ Beuthen, scarce 20mk opt (Mi43a). PHOTO350
695Zones: 1945(mostly)-47 gebuhr bezahlt h/stamps or pmks(all different) on internal commercial cvrs(8).25
6961947 COD cvr Ehmen-Koln, 4-colour numerals Mi919-20,22,26(scarce).20
6971949(Sept) express airmail cvr Leipzig Fair-Berlin stage of Moscow flight, Soviet opts (R23-30,49 cat £40).30
698West: 1949 comm.cvr Marburg-UK, 30pf UPU (SG1038 cat £49).40
6991949 censored(Austrian) cvr Hilders-Austria, scarce 30pf Wichern single franking (SG1042 cat £140). PHOT.150
7001950 regd cvr Koln-UK, hi-cat commems SG1035,39,41-4(cat £320). Part lower flap(rev). PHOTO200
7011951 mourning cvr(inc letter) Hilders-Austria(censor), mixed issues A112(x2),4 + 1043(cat £57).40
7021952 mourning(?) airmail cvr Hamburg-USA, 90pf p/horn (SG1060). Cat 130eu(cvr).30
703Berlin: 1949 cvr Tempelhof-USA, 50pf ovpt (B13 cat £38). See also lots 82,109.30
7041953 comm.cvr Berlin(Spandau)-UK, scarce 30pf (Mi111 cat £45).35
7051953 official illus unadd. FDC of 20pf churches (Mi108 cat £65). Cat 160 euros (FDC).40
7061956(Mar 1) Radio tower 7pf illus unadd. FDC of Mi135. Cat 120eu.30
707East:1950(Aug 26) regd(sp.label) FDC Leipzig-Holland of DEBRIA minisheet(E29a cat £200) & sp.pmks.PH.150
7081951 airmail cvr Oelsnitz-USA, 60pf Hegel (Mi225 x2). Cat 110 euros (cvr).25
7091951 cvr Berlin-UK, Polish Presidents visit set SGE41-2(cat £44).35
710GIBRALTAR:(see lot 1757): 1825 EL to Cadiz rated 18(double). 3-line red De Gibr S.Roque Anda Baxa.30
7111898 QV 20c regd env size G to Germany + 50c (SG28).35
7121925-6 OHMS(2 diff.types) regd(2 diff. labels) cvrs(2) to Belgium, 3 or 4-col.SG90+3+5 or 90,5a,7-8(cat £40+)50
7131937 ppc comm.used to UK, unusual mix KGV-VI SG89,110,118.15
7141937 airmail cvr to India, SG97,110,113.20
7151938 regd cvr South Gibraltar-UK, SG118(blk of 6)+124.20
7161944 airmail cvr FPO 475-RAF Bahamas(destination), 3-colour SG124b,27b,28b(2/= cat £14). RAF+ US cens30
7171967 ships set to £1 (SG569-81 cat £50) on local FDC.30
718GILBERT & ELLICE:(see lot 917): 1938 cvr Ocean Is-UK, strip of 3 ½d (SG27 cat £10).20
7191938 regd(h/st) cvr Beru(scarce undated D4 cachet)-UK via Australia, SG40-2.40
7201941(July) cvr Ocean Is-USA, SG40-2. Boxed violet G&E Passed by Censor.25
7211944(Aug) US 6c p.stat.env (+ US 6c air) US APO 459(Makin Is)-USA.30
7221948 cvr(+ contents) Sydney Is(D3 pmk in use 5 years)-USA via Canton Is, 1/= (SG51a).30
7231948 regd(Tarawa h/st) cvrs(3) to UK, SG44,55-6 & Arorae,Maiana or Marakei pmks.30
7241951 cvr Fanning Is-UK, pair 1d SG44.10
7251965 matching regd(all box h/st) cvrs(6) to UK ex Nukulaelae,Niu,Nukufetau,Namumea,Nanumanga or Niutao all franked SG65,68,69a. Stamps cat £250. PHOTO(ex)175
726GOLD COAST: 1894 QV 2d size F regd env Appam-Germany via L'pool & London(regd) + 2½d(SG14). PH.65
7271901 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used Akropong-Aburi.25
7281902 KEVII 2d+1d brn regd env size G, H&G7 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
7291906 KEVII 1d p.stat.card comm.used Abokobi(fine D3 pmk)-Switz.30
7301909 regd(scarce R h/st) OHMS cvr Victoriaborg(D4 pmk)-Germany via Plymouth, strip of 3 3d (SG63).40
7311919 cvr Beyin(v.early D5 pmk)-USA via Axim, SG71a+2a(x2).40
7321937(Oct) regd IA cacheted FFC Koforidua-Nigeria, SG117-9(x2 cat £14).20
7331941 cvr Bekwai-UK @ 1½d rate. GC blk/buff censor label + Passed by Censor 7.15
7341957 cvr Labadi-Akrofufu, SG155-6 + D2 all with Ghana s/line h/stamp & tax mark.15
7351959 formular airletter comm.used University PO Legon Accra-Belgium, 6d opt (SG177).15
7361752 EL Thundridge Bury-Putney rated 3, distinctive s/line Ware + bishop mark. PHOTO65
7371759 EL to Nottingham rated 3 with scarce 2-line Raw/cliff. PHOTO65
7381767 personal EL to Bath rated 7, s/line Worcester.25
7391770s EL to London (WF rec'r) then Windsor rated 7, v.fine early purple Norwich (52x8mm). PHOTO45
7401774 EL(father-son) to the Mackerel,Shadwell Dock,London rated 7, fine s/line Whitby (39x6mm) + bishop.30
7411776 EL to Devizes re-rated 3 to 7 with s/line Hertford + bishop mark.35
7421776 Christian family EL(inc death) to York rated 4 via Caxton, s/line Norwich (43x5mm in red-purple).40
7431778 EL to Ryse(Essex) by Bishops Stortford bag 'in all' 5 with s/line Southam + bishop mark.40
7441786 EL(for stamps!) to Aylesbury rated 7 with rare 1st 2-line (52) Newport/Pagnel mileage. PHOTO65
7451790 free EL Albury Hall-London with scarce 31 Bishop/Stortford 1st mileage. PHOTO50
7461791 EL Toulston Lodge-Wakefield rated 3 with s/line Tadcaster.25
7471791 EL to London rated 3 with s/line Hartford (45x5mm).35
7481792 EL to Somerton rated 4 with serpentine Bristol reverse.30
7491793 EL(ref shooting licences) Eton-Aylesbury rated 6 with s/line Windsor.25
7501799 EL to Aylesbury rated 1/=, fine curved Windsor.20
7511803 EL to Penrith rated 8, 2-line Chester & date (trace of circle).35
7521804-10 ELs(2) to Aylesbury rated 6 or 7 both with fine Newport Pagnel box mileages (1 ex Gt Linford).20
7531806 EL Iver Cottage-Aylesbury pd7 with Uxbridge boxed mileage.30
7541808-15 ELs(2) Kippax-Barnsley/Wakefield rated 4 or 5 with both types Ferrybridge 174 mileage.20
7551809 EL to Rochdale rated 4 with red inverted circular Manchester mileage.30
7561810 EL Coventry-Rochdale rated 2/= with good Coventry circ.91 mileage(37mm) with fleurons (no year).40
7571822 accounts EL Birmingham-Henley rated 4 with scarce red 109 mileage(W&J 119: 31mm in use this year)25
7581824 outer Isleworth(boxed)-London(oval 7 Night 7 rec'r) rated 3 (h/stamp).20
7591825 outer Winslow(fine mileage)-London rated 8. See also lot 1.25
7601826 EL Madrid-London rated 8/8 with Espagne par Bayonne + 1oz at 8/8 per Oz h/stamps. PHOTO65
7611827-34 business ELs(2) to Norfolk/London rated 9(or 9 to 11), scarce Rugby undated 83 mileage or udc.30
7621828 strengthened EL Vera Cruz(Mexico)-London with Oz at 12s/- per Oz h/stamp. PHOTO75
7631828 outer to Settle rated 8, rare Clitheroi(Lancs)/219 mileage in blue.40
7641830 EL to Aylesbury rated 6 with 2 strikes s/line High Wycomb.25
7651830 outer Tipton(s/line)-London rated 6 with boxed PP8 Unpd obscured by box TP Rate 2.25
7661833-5 money market ELs(2) London-Genoa rated 11, s/line red Angleterre or circ. Angleterre par Calais.40
7671834 EL to Kirkby Lonsdale with boxed blue Kendal Py Post + No.4(Sedbergh).20
7681836 EL(bounced cheque) to Mirfield rated 5, boxed Cleckheaton Penny Post (51x12mm).30
7691838 EL Cross House-Halifax rated 10. S/line Bootle(Cumbria) + red Ulverstone Penny Post.40
7701839 mourning EL Rudston-York rated 6, boxed Sledmere.25
7711840 EL to Hartlepool rated 1 with fine red Castle Eden. PHOTO50
7721841 outer Norwich-Darlington rated 1 with superb s/line Prepaid. See also lot 1701.30
7731841 OHMS paid outer London-Thorner(Yorks) missent to Thorne(Doncaster) in mss, then Wakefield & Leeds20
7741843 mourning(inside not outside) EL Rosehill-Rye via Robertsbridge (P.1: 19x15mm h/st). PHOTO65
7751843 EL Watton(udc rev)-Wymondham via Thetford with red circ. 1d h/stamp. PHOTO50
7761843 paid EL London(FBO pmk)-Mrs Skipton c/o Br.Consul,Madeira rated 10 in red, 160 in blk.20
7771840(Dec)-41(Jan) 3-4mgn 1d blacks (QA,QB) on Carlisle-Beverley/London outers(2) & red MXs.100
7781841(Apr)part outer Bedford-London, close-clear 4mgn 1d ex black pl.5(cat £200) pre-prov(AS35)+ MX. PH.200
7791841(Aug) outer London-Inverness, cut-into pair 1840 2d blues(NC-ND) with file fold thru' NC & MX pmk. PH.50
7801844 outer London-IoWight, 4mgn 1d imperf & 2 in MX (cat £180). PHOTO125
7811844 opened-out 1d imperf cvr Guisborough-York with scarce Loftus Penny Post.50
7821847 4mgn 1d imperf(FG) on Liverpool-Lancaster cvr. Fine & scarce Woolton udc(blk) reverse.40
7831849 outer London-Leek, 4mgn pair 1d on lavender paper (SG8a cat £64)40
7841850 1d imperf EL Liverpool-Sheffield with red s/line Gt Howard St (STB scarce) across flap.25
7851850-1 Yorks ELs(2) with fine 4mgn 1d imperfs & Brotherton udc or s/line Rawcliffe.30
7861855(Mar) outer Mansfield-Derby, 1d star SG24 (cat £110 on cvr) & 504 numeral.35
7871855(Jan) cvr Tadcaster-Wakefield, gross misperf 1d SG17. Cat £60(cvr).20
7881855 cvr Glasgow-Edinburgh, 1d p.16 SG26 & boxed Argyle Street. Cat £240(cvr). PHOTO75
7891855(July) mourning cvr Chipping Sodbury-Marlborough via Chippenham, 1d(SG24a cat £110) & rare 193.PH75
7901856 mourning cvr Thirsk-Easingwold, fine 1d brn-rose (SG32 cat £55).30
7911856 1d pink env Tunbridge Wells(s/ways duplex)-Aberdeen with fine green Frant udc.20
7921857(Mar) cvr Louth-Bakewell, 1d orange-brn on deep blue paper (SG33 cat £60) & 477 numeral.40
7931857(Nov) EL London-Taunton, 2d blue SG35. Cat £200(cvr).50
7941857 EL London-Marseille, pair 2d blue stars SG35. Cat £270(cvr). PHOTO80
7951858 cvr Windermere-Lady Franklin,London, blk 4 1d SG36(AG-BH) cat £500 alone. Grasmere udc(rev).PH.350
7961858 outer Leeds-Knaresborough, 1d p.16 (SG36). Cat £160(cvr). PHOTO50
7971859 EL Edinburgh-Dundee, 2d SG45 pl.7(cat £65). Boxed Castle Street.35
7981859 EL London EC-Loughborough, 2d SG45 pl.8 (cat £42).20
7991859 EL London(15 pmk)-Leek, 1d SG40 + 2d SG45 pl.7(cat £77).50
8001860 cvr London(NE17 pmk)-Dieppe, 1d stars SG40(x4 cat £48) arranged in blk 4.30
8011860 EL Lombard St (paid red cds + mss 4)-Paris, 1d star tied 59 numeral pays late fee.30
8021863 cvr Redcar(004 duplex)-Leeds, 1d pl.50 (SG42 cat £40) with dot after N variety.25
8031864 mourning cvr London-France, 1d pl.83(x4 cat £36). PD cancelled, 2-line Insufficiently Stamped.40
8041871 outer Glasgow-Edinburgh, ½d SG49 pl.1(cat £90).45
8051871 sl.cut-down cvr Dundee-Glasgow, ½d pl.3 + 2d pl.13(cat £80).50
8061872 cvr South St,Exeter(cds rev)-Launceston, pair ½d pl.1(cat £180). PHOTO100
8071875 cvr Oxford(603 duplex)-London, ½d pl.5 pair cat £50.25
8081879 cvr Bournemouth-London, 1d pl.219 (cat £85).40
8091881 cvr Guildford-Ireland, 1d bluish lilac 14 dots(cat £150). PHOTO75
8101883 cvr Batley Carr(cds + mill advert env)-Senator Morrill,USA asking for copy of his tariff law speech, strip of 3 1d lilacs & Dewsbury pmks.25
8111856 cvr Edinburgh-Germany via Aachen, pair 4d SG63. Cat £1675(cvr). PHOTO450
8121856 commodity EL London-Lyon, 4d SG62. Cat £780(cvr). PHOTO200
8131860 regd(fancy red Lombard St) EL London-Macclesfield, 1d star + 6d(looks bluish paper). Min.cat £130.PH.65
8141861 EL London-Portugal, strip of 3 6d SG70(cat £375). 120 h/st + late fee(reverse). PHOTO175
8151861 cvr London EC-Germany via Aachen, 2d pl.9 + 6d SG70(cat £140). PHOTO65
8161862 cvr London(3 pmk)-N.York(Br.Pkt Paid 24 rec'r) via Q'town, 1d+1/= (SG42,72 cat £390). PHOTO150
8171863 EL Burslem-Switz via Aachen, 2d pl.9 + pair 4d SG80 (cat £295). PHOTO140
8181864 cvr Sheffield-Toulouse, 4d SG81 pl.4. Cat £300(cvr). PHOTO75
8191865 outer Lombard St,London(red paid)-Sicily, pair 1/= SG101(cat £550). Box Piroscafi Postali Francesi.PH200
8201865 outer London-Trieste via Aachen(blue), pair 6d + 2 1/= (SG97,101 cat £840). Late fee(rev). PHOTO350
8211867 EL Newcastle-France, 4d SG94 pl.8. Cat £140(cvr).35
8221867 cvr London(late fee rev)-Aden(rec'r), 4d pl.8 + 6d SG96 scarcer pl.6(cat £390). PHOTO150
8231867 disinfected EL Liverpool(x2 diff.pmks)-Greece(destination) via Trieste, 10d SG112. Cat £850(cvr). PH.250
8241867 cvr Minehead-Paris, 4d SG94 pl.9 & 779 pmk. Cat £140(cvr).45
8251867 firms outer Middlesborough-Prussia via Aachen, 3d SG103 scarcer pl.4(x2,1 damaged cat £600). PH.100
8261868 outer London(twin 49 pmk)-Mauritius(destination/rec'r), 4d pl.9 + 6d pl.6 (SG94,104 cat £210). Red 4½d accountancy charge cancelled by unsightly waxy paper. Inc late fee. PHOTO50
8271868 outer London(late fee pmk)-Geneva(TPO rec'r), 1d pl.109 + 4d pl.9(cat £95).45
8281870 outer London-Messina(Italy), 1/= SG117 pl.4(cat £65). Boxed red L2.50
8291870 cvr London-Berlin(not forwarded & entlastet pmks), 3d SG103 pl.5 & 2-line Insufficiently Stamped.35
8301871 fine outer Newcastle-Switz, 3d SG102 pl.6. Cat £110(cvr).35
8311872 outer London(87 pmk)-Italy, 6d pale chestnut SG122b. Cat £150(cvr).45
8321873 regd(red oval) cvr Bristol-Nantes via London, 6d pale buff SG123 pl.11. Cat £250(cvr). PHOTO80
8331873 EL London-Tasmania(destination & diamond ship letter inwards free), 9d SG111.Cat £525(cvr). PHOT.175
8341873 cvr Twickenham(C93 pmk)-Paris, 6d grey SG125 pl.12. Cat £375(cvr). PHOTO100
8351874 EL London-Konigsberg(Prussia), 2d pl.14 + 3d SG143 pl.12(cat £120).50
8361875(July 3) cvr London W24-N.York via Queenstown, pair 2½d SG139 pl.1(cat £240). 2 days after FDI. PH.125
8371876 mourning regd cvr Bamber Bridge-Chorley via Preston, 1d pl.150+ rare 4d SG152(cat £530) & 628.PH.350
8381876 EL London(95 pmk)-Switz, 2½d SG139 scarcer pl.3(cat £175). PHOTO75
8391876 cvr London(L1 late fee pmk)-Australia(rec'rs), 3-colour 1d pl.186, 6d grey pl.15 + pair rare 4d vermilion pl.15(cat £1150). Redirected within NSW & charged 2. PHOTO650
8401877 cvr Deal-San Francisco(red rec'r), 2½d rosy mauve SG141 pl.6 See also lot 1006.40
8411877 regd cvr Woolwich Arsenal(cds)-Greenwich, 1d pl.202 + 4d grn SG153 pl.15(cat £335). PHOTO200
8421878 outer Quayside,Newcastle-Switz, 2½d rosy mauve SG141 scarcer pl.10(cat £95).45
8431878 cvr London EC44-Melbourne(Australia), pair 4d green SG153 pl.16(cat £600). PHOTO300
8441879 cvr Bury St Edmunds(97 duplex)-Victoria(rec'rs), 6d grey SG147 pl.16. Underpaid with oval 8d more to pay + 2-line Deficient Postage 2 Fine 6 h/stamp. PHOTO150
8451880 cvr London EC64-Sweden(TPO rec'r), pair 2½d blue SG142 pl.18(cat £110).50
8461881 cvr Prestwich(cds + C76)-S.Australia per Orient Line, 6d SG161 pl.1745
8471881 cvr London W44-S.Africa, 6d on 6d SG162. PHOTO150
8481881 regd cvr Pimlico-Lichfield, 3d SG144 scarcer pl.20 (cat £140). PHOTO75
8491883 mourning cvr Kingston on Thames-India(rec'rs) via Sea PO B, 5d indigo SG169. PHOTO100
8501884 EL Manchester-Venezuela per RMS Don, 4d grey-brn SG160 pl.18(x2 cat £160). PHOTO85
8511885 Parliamentary Notice long env London SW44-Newbury, 3-colour SG187(x2)-8,94(cat £305). PHOTO250
8521885 EL Dundee-Venezuela 'per Royal Mail via Southampton'(h/st), 4d SG192. Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO100
8531885 QV 2d regd env Lombard St-Paris + 2½d,5d (SG190+3 cat £230). PHOTO120
8541886 cvr London-Lt on HMS Hyacinth,Pacific Stat'n(Coquimbo,Chile), 1d lilacs(x2)+ 6d SG194(cat £240).PH150
8551887 crested cvr Shrewsbury(708 pmk)-India via Sea PO E, 5d Jubilee scarce die 1 (SG207). PHOTO75
8561889 mourning cvr London(heavy W44 pmk)-S.Africa @ 4d Jubilee rate. Redirected to Jo’burg & back (RLO Cape Town cds). S/line Gepubliceerd & Tafgehaald h/stamps.25
8571889 cvr S.Kensington-Cape Town, 3-colour 1d lilac + 3d,4d Jubilees.40
8581889 QV 1½d+6d compound p.stat.env(ESC38) London-Leipzig + 2½d(SG201). Light toning at base.15
8591892-1981 QV-QE2 fine unused collection of lettercards (16 different).25
8601894 regd cvr King William St,London-Hamburg, 4½d (SG206).30
8611896 1d pink + 1½d yellow compound p.stat.env London(hooded pmk)-Switz. Small ink stain.20
8621897 Oakham(MO&SB pmk) parcel post label with 4d+1/=(x4) Jubilees. Stamps cat £338. PHOTO100
8631897 QV 2d regd env size G Gracechurch St-Guatemala(destination/rec’r) + 5d (SG207a).25
8641898 QV 2d regd env Cannon St(London)-N.York, perfinned 5d+10d Jubilees (SG210 cat £300 on cvr). PH.80
8651900 QV 2d regd env size G Lothbury(London)-Major Boulton VC,Venezuela(destination) + 5d Jubilee.35
8661901 colour illus(packaging) advert cvr Dundee-USA, 2d + pair 3d Jubilees.20
8671901 QV 6d embossed p.stat.env(stamp type 15) London-Leipzig + 2½d Jubilee. Mss Late Fee.15
8681901 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used London-Manchester(pmk'd on arrival) via rail(LNWR 2d label + mss pmk)40
8691901 Bank of England crested lettersheet London-France, 2½d(SG201).10
8701903 KEVII ½d p.stat.env regd Norwood-USA + strip of 3 3d(SG232 cat £54) & Anerley,Crystal Palace pmk.40
8711908 Luss ppc comm.used Ardlui 676-St Kitts(destination/rec'r) @ 1d rate.15
8721909 KEVII regd env size H Hotel Cecil(cds),London-Germany insured + 3-colour 2d,3d,1/=(x2 cat £152).PH120
8731910 cvr Eastbourne-Capt,Egyptian Army in Sudan(destination/many rec'rs) @ 1d rate.20
8741910 regd cvr Penny Lane,Liverpool-Holland, ½d+ 4d orange (SG217,241).15
8751911 cvr N.Kensington-Morecambe, QV ½d(SG197 x2) both with P controls. Uncommon.25
8761912 KGV 3d regd env Manchester-Germany + mixed KEVII/Mackennal SG279,329(cat £48).35
8771912 KEVII 1d p.stat.env Pontardawe(Glamorgan)-Hamburg + 1½d(SG287 x2 cat £76). PHOTO50
8781912(Dec) ppc comm.used Stoke Poges-Maidenhead, ½d SG340a(no X on crown variety cat £55).35
8791915 POW env Lancaster Camp-Yorks @ 1d rate.Violet circ.PC(passed censor).10
8801921 KGV 5d orange regd env size G scarcer type 2 flap Boscombe,Bournemouth-Dorchester.15
8811922 cvr Market Deeping-Peterborough, 2d intense orange (cat £475). PHOTO250
8821923 regd cvr Liverpool-Pickering, scarce single franking 9d pale olive-grn (SG393b cat £40).50
8831924 cvr London-India, SG419 + Wembley pair(cat £27).20
8841924 Wembley 1½d p.stat.env airmail Wembley Park(Exhib'n circ.lion pmk)-Berlin(rec'r)+ SG418,31(cat £16).40
8851924 cvr Hartfield(T.Wells)-London, SG418+30(Wembley 1d cat £12).10
8861924-5 Wembley sets (SG430-3) on regd cvrs(2) London/Ipswich-USA, Stamps cat £196.100
8871925 Wembley 1½d p.stat.card + lettercard both fine unused (2 items).25
8881927 cvr Oxford-Torquay, 1½d Wembley (SG433 cat £70).40
8891929(May 10) local Manchester regd FDC of PUC set control K29 singles (SG434-7).PHOTO120
8901929(Aug) GB acceptance on internal S.African flights Cape Town-Pt Elizabeth-Durban. Pilots signed. PHOT.50
8911930(Apr) regd cvr(+ letter on headed paper) London Naval Conference(cds)-Kent, 5-colour KGV ½d-2½d.PH65
8921932(Jan) airmail cvr Farningham(Dartford)-Persia via Bushire, KGV 1½d+6d.20
8931932(Oct 1) IA printed FFC to Sharjah @ 6d rate. Scarce.35
8941933 KGV 4½d regd env size F insured(label) Ludgate EC London(oval rubber)-Belgium + 2d,9d(SG421+7).30
8951933(Dec) IA illus env London-Bangkok(rec’r), SG419+428(10d cat £40).35
8961935(Jan 21) illus airmail FDC Newport-Greece via Vienna of KGV photo 2d (pair SG442).30
8971936(Mar) German airmail(cachet) cvr Cardiff-Chile(rec'r) via Berlin @ 4/= rate (SG429 x4).15
8981936(Sept 1) local Manchester regd KEVIII printed FDC of ½d,1½d,2½d.50
8991936(Oct) GB acceptance on Sabena illus accelerated FF to Congo(rec’r), mixed SG448+60(x2 cat £12) & London Stamp Exhibition pmk.25
9001936(Nov) express(label) air cvr London(violet skeleton)-Germany(customs label), mix Kings SG443(x3),58-9.15
9011937(Feb) OHMS NZ High Commissioner illus env London-Essex, KEVIII 1½d perfinned NZ.15
9021938-9 KGVI 1½d p.stat.env or 5½d regd env(2) to Ethiopian Refugee Camp,Isiolo,Kenya(destination/rec'r).25
9031938(Oct) Air France cvr London-Argentina, pair 10/= seahorses (SG452 cat £160). PHOTO150
9041938 regd German airmail cvr London-Argentina, mixed KGV-VI 4-col.inc 2/6d,5/= seahorses(cat £125). PH.100
9051939(July 1) regd KGVI 9d,10d,1/= airmail FDC Grimsby-Barbados. Scarce. PHOTO150
9061940 Cent illus air FDC London(Red X pmk)-Canada of SG479-84. S/line Salved from the Sea. 100 known.25
9071941(May) censored airmail cvr London-Ecuador(destination/rec'r) @ double rate (5/6d).30
9081941(Jun) airmail advert cvr Manchester-Tanganyika, 2/6d brn (SG476).25
9091944 airmail cvr Sulgrave(Banbury)-USA, KGV 9d + KGVI 1d Cent(SG480) G40(3) cyl.blk of 6(cat £18+).20
9101945(May) 'George King' cvr Polish Forces P/76 pmk + 2-line censor. Violet FPO 209 both tying pair SG488.20
9111946 regd airmail cvr London-Shanghai(destination/rec'r), SG492+476b (2/6d grn).15
9121949 UPU set (SG499-502) in blks of 4 on local regd Reading FDCs(4).20
9131951 Festival of Britain illus FDCs(2) of SG503-7(KGVI defins) + 513-4, London pmks & h/written addresses.15
9141953 illus Coronation FDC of SG532-5 to USA, both London SW Long Live Queen slogan + cds.25
9151955(Sept 1) regd illus airmail FDC Edinburgh-NZ of 10/= Castle (SG538). Scarce. PHOTO200
9161956(July) illus CAA Viscount FFC London(Hounslow Airport pmk)-Jo'burg @ 1/3d rate. Inc insert.15
9171964-5 airmail cvrs(2) Stafford/Southampton-Gilbert & Ellice Is(destination), phos SG649p or 652-3p,59p.25
9181969 Investiture illus unadd.FDC with House of Commons cds & signed George Thomas, Welsh Secretary.30
9191979 Direct EEC Elections illus FDC with London FDI sp.pmk & signed Margaret Thatcher.25
920P.Fiscal: 1881(July) cvr Hanley(549 pmk)-Stockport, 1d(F23). Minor stains. Cat £110(cvr).30
921P.Due:1875 firms paid outer Lombard St-Dutch Indies(destination/rec'r)rated 1/3d but charged 12½c h/stamp.25
9221903-29 all different coll'n of Yorkshire 1d-2d tax marks on used ppcs(7) inc 2 different on 1 ppc.20
9231924 regd sample bag Belgium-Liverpool surcharged because contains plaque/medal @ 1/6½d (D1,5 x2,8).25
9241925 underpaid ppcs(2) France-UK, tax marks + 2 different 1½d P.Due shades (D12 cat £44).35
9251935 underpaid cvr Denmark-Newcastle, tax marks inc 2½d h/stamp + D10,13. See lots 181,1407,1627,1686.10
9261945 unpaid cvr Hitchin-Biggleswade taxed with damaged 1d + fine 4d(D31 cat £10) P.Dues.15
9271958 underpaid cvr Gonzales(Trinidad)-UK @ 5c rate. Tax h/st: T(Gonzalez),T14c(Pt of Spain),3½d(GB).20
928Jersey: 1827 EL St Helier-London rated 1/1d with v.good Jersey scroll. PHOTO80
9291897 QV ½d wrapper + 1d lilac to NZ(destination) with cds pmk.20
9301943(Jun) set of 6 cacheted local FDCs of views set (SG3-9 inc pair ½d cat £33 thus).25
9311953 Coronation (SG532-5) illus FDC Quennevais-St Brelade.20
9321970 invalid airmail cvr Rhodesia-Jersey surcharged with 3d(x3)+1/= P.Dues (D3-4 cat £8).15
9331980(Sept 30) regd(village label) last day local Augres cvr, SG53(x8)-54. Printed cachet 1 of 15 only.15
934Guernsey: 1851 cvr to London, 4mgn 1d imperf & 324 numeral. Blue Guernsey cds reverse.25
9351873 cvr to Boston,US(paid rec’r), 3d SG144 pl.11 & fine cds + 324 pmk.40
9361915 cvr Vale Road-UK @ KGV 1d rate.15
9371942 local advert cvr with scarce blued paper 1d (SG5 cat £25). PHOTO75
938IoMan: 1940(Aug) EL(release appeal) Metropole Internment Camp-solicitor in L'pool via London(official paid).25
9391973 Inaug(blk of 4),1980 Mailboats, 1981 QE2 £2, 1985 QE2 £5 illus unadd.FDCs(4). See also lot 116.10
940GREECE: 1849 EL Corfu(fancy black oval pmk)-Sta Maura rated 2.25
9411850-9 outers(2) Sta Maura(2 diff.fancy oval blue pmks)-Corfu(circ.blk rec’r) rated 1 or 4.40
9421893 5L Hermes p.stat.card comm.used Athens-France + strip of 5 1L brown p11½ Hermes heads.25
9431913 5L p.stat.cards(2) comm.used to Leros with fine telegraphic dotted circle cancels of Kiatoy or Dadioy.40
9441917(Nov) OAS censored cvr FPO 84(Krushe front)-UK. Proud NS.20
9451918 cvr Tax.Athens-France, 25L opt (SG275). Greek censor bilingual label tied 2-line censor 4.15
9461918(Mar) OAS censor orphanage ppc APO SX4(scarce skeleton of Kalamaria(Salonika) in use 3 mnths)-UK.15
9471921 regd cvr Kalamata-Canada(destination/rec'r) via London, 50L+25L (SG220+3) tied reverse.15
9481934 cvr to Canada via Larissa-Salonika TPO @ 8dr rate tied scarce dotted telegraphic cancels.25
9491940 Br.Vice-Consulate Calamata env(+ cachet) to UK, SG509+C525(x2) tied reverse.15
950Occ.Dodecanese:1947 airmail cvr Rhodes-USA, G1-2,3(x5 inc blk 4) + unovpt’d C643. Cat 800+eu(cvr).PH.100
951GREENLAND: 1969-73 Arctic Supply ship cacheted cvrs(7). All different ships/pmks.35
952197-1 illus/cacheted dog-sled mail or Danish-English coast-to-coast Exped'n cvr signed by members(2 items).20
953Thule: 1935(Aug) Kap York Station env to Jakobshavn,10o,15o,30o(AFA 1-3 cat 320kr) locals.40
954GRENADA: 1909 comm.cvr Grenville(s/ring pmk)-UK, 1d (SG78).20
9551936 regd airmail(boxed wings cachet) cvr to Scotland, 3-colour SG140-2.20
95619 41 cvr Dover Carriacou(scarce pmk)-UK, 3d (SG158).25
9571945(Apr-May) airmail cvrs(2) to St Lucia @ 2½d rate. 2 diff. Examiner labels + ISS/A or C in mss.50
9581946 regd airmail cvr Petit Martinique(scarce pmk)-USA, SG160a,4-5.25
9591949 KGVI ½c wrapper, H&G12 fine unused & uncommon.15
960GUATEMALA: 1897 6c p.stat.env( H&G10) comm.used to San Andreas Osuna(rec’r) via Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa with violet cork Direccion General pmks.25
9611899 comm.cvr Zapaca-France via N.Orleans, 10c (SG48).20
9621930 unique pictorial official airmail lettercard, H&G1 fine unused.25
963HAITI: 1844(Apr) EL Port Republicaine-UK rated 2/10 with large Jacmel Br.PO cds. Disinfection? V.early.PH.65
9641871 outer Pt au Prince-France with fine Jacmel Br.PO s/line small cds. Box GB1f60c, Jacob Miragoane cach40
9651895 cvr Cap Haitien-France per SS Dalecarlia, mixed palm issues SG31a+39. Surname erased.35
9661900 2c p.stat.card, H&G5(scarcer reply half) comm.used Jacmel-Paris + 1c (SG51).25
9671928(Feb) airmail cvr Pt au Prince-UK via FF to Havana flown Lindbergh, SG298(x3) & red aeroplane cachet.20
968HONDURAS: 1882-93 p.stat.cards inc reply: H&G1,5,6,8,15,17,20 all fine unused (7).15
9691930(Feb) flown cvr San Lorenzo-USA, 10c officials (O262x2).20
970HONG KONG: 1910 KEVII 4c p.stat.card comm.used Victoria-UK.20
9711913 Yangtse junks ppc written Wuchang-UK, 4c(Z515) pmk’d Hankow s/ring thimble pmk.35
9721935-7 advert cvrs(2) Sheungwan(x2 diff.pmks)-Canada, 10c S.Jubilee or 15c Coronation.50
9731937(Apr) FAM-14 illus/cacheted FFC to USA, 3-colour SG127-8,30($2).20
9741937(Aug) regd Pan-am airmail cvr to USA, scarce $3 (SG131 cat £70). PHOTO75
9751941 advert cvr Victoria-USA, KGV-VI SG123(x3)+140(x6 cat £38). Not Opened by Censor + C282 label. PH.45
9761949 UPU illus local regd FDC of SG173-6. See lots 1758-9 (used abroad)40
9771950 direct airmail cvr to Grenada(destination/rec’r), SG148,52,53c(x3). 8th Chinese Exhib’n label.20
9781951 KGVI 40c airletter(AL3) comm.used to UK with 9th Products Exhib'n slogan pmk.15
9791982 illus unadd.FDC of defins set to $50 (SG415-30 cat £60).35
9801987(July 11) illus unadd official 'last day' cvr of defins to $50(SG487) & Sai Kung pmk. Stamps cat £50+.30
981HUNGARY: 1914 10f regd parcel card(for 3 parcels) Gyoma-Ocsa + SG122(x2 perfins)+130(x4).25
9821914 Serbian military p.stat.card used Budapest(3-line censor)-Switz @ 5f rate taxed with 10c P.Due.20
9831916(Dec 30) local Pozsony regd Coronation FDC of SG267-8(strips 3) + blks of 4 SG264-5,153(x2),185.25
98419 20 underpaid cvr Nadap(box postal agency)-USA, SG246(x4),276(x2),301(x4),3(x2). Tax marks both lands.20
9851925 regd cvr Sopron-Leipzig, SG433-5 + sport set (SG452-9 cat £77). PHOTO60
9861924-6 mostly internal ppcs(5) underpaid with all diff.inflation P.Due rates 500k-3000k (D445-52).65
9871926(Apr) stamp dealers advert lettercard comm.used Budapest-USA, mixed currency SG442+463.20
9881935(Apr) FFC Budapest-Venice, SG542+56 & sp.flight pmk. STB pilot signed. See lots 11,381,499,1260.25
9891943(Dec) 18f p.stat.card comm.used Ungvar-Kana. In 1944 became part of Russia as Uzhorod.15
9901944 regd cvr Pand-Prague,1p(SG748). OKW German machine censor + secret writing wipe.15
9911946(July 31) inflation cvr Budapest-Switz @ 2mill.adopengo rate (SG969 x2). See lots 1463,1740.25
9921947 Hungarian-Soviet Society card Budapest-Cyprus(destination), SG1011 & sp.pmk. 7 diff.perf Fund labels20
9931949 regd cvr Budapest-Liechtenstein(destination/rec’r), scarce sheetlet of 4 Stamp Day (Mi1065 cat £75).PH50
994ICELAND: 1912 Reykjavik ppc comm.used to Germany, strip of 5 1e (Fa108).25
9951923 cvr Stykkisholmur-Eyjafjordarsgilur per SS Esja, pair 10a(Fa132). Scarce named shipmail.40
9961931(July) Graf Zeppelin cacheted flown cvr Reykjavik-F'hafen, 2kr Zeppelin opt (SG181 cat £150). PHOT.120
9971937 regd cvr Isafjordur-UK, Christian X set (Fa218-20 cat £40).30
9981939 advert cvr Reykjavik-USA, strip of 3 airs SG156+217(cat £34).35
9991941 OAS scarcer RAF usage FPO 306(Reykjavik)-Scotland. Oval blue RAF censor 638.25
10001943(May 1) local cacheted Reykjavik FDC of 12a,35a,50a fish, 60a geysir, 5kr Viking.40
10011945(Mar 26) local regd cacheted Reykjavik FDC of 10a,25a fish, 1kr geysir, 10kr Viking. PHOTO80
1002INDIA: (see lots 15,32,40,51,113): 1842 EL Calcutta(steam letter paid pmk)-UK rated 3/6. Boxed red India.25
10031857 cvr Benares-Ireland(blue rec’rs) via Bombay, 4as(SG45). 2 diff.boxed India Paid. Minor soiling.30
10041859 cvr Meerut-UK, 1a+4a (SG35,39 cat £27) & 180 duplex.35
10051866 Via Marseilles printed env Calcutta(red Indian Paid pmk)-UK, 3-colour SG52,63-4(cat £44). PHOTO60
10061867 cvr Scotland-regimental doctor in India, 6d SG104 with inverted wmk(cat £295 thus). Scarce s/line Redirected. Boxed Bombay Bg 2as & 2 different Bengal TPOs 1 & 3(reverse). PHOTO200
10071895 stampless green E.India p.stat.card comm.used locally in Monghyr.10
10081902 QV 1a blue reply card + KEVII ¼a single & reply cards + ½a grn/buff p.stat.env all fine unused(4 items).20
10091918 POW env Ahmednagar Camp(pmk)-Madras with boxed signed Passed Censor.25
10101922(Jan) regd cvr HRH Prince of Wales Camp(skeleton pmk)-Bombay, SG155(pair)+192(blk of 4).25
10111927(Feb 14) flown cvr Karachi-Lahore(RAF rec'r) by Stack & Leete(violet box) @ 1a rate. PHOTO50
10121927(Feb 23) RAF flown cvr Delhi-Peshawar(rec'r) @ 1a rate. PHOTO50
10131927(July) printed local Calcutta flown cvr (by Flt.Lt.Vetch) @ 1a rate. PHOTO50
1014WW2 stampless cvr HMIS Indus-Bombay. Box Postage Free + scarcer blk/white armourial censor 210C label.20
10151941(May) advert cvr Baluchistan-Karachi @ 1a3p rate. Scarce red/grey armourial censor seal.15
10161941 RP ppc(Dominion Monarch + Sydney Harbour Bridge) airmail Delhi-NZ(destination), mixed KGV-VI SG221+250 & boxed Not Opened by Censor.15
10171942-4 censored Italian POW cards/envs(4) to Italy ex Yol/Bairagarh/Camp3/Kangra Valley(25: fascists)camp50
10181945(Aug) OAS censored airmail cvr EA APO 79(Ranchi)-Belgium, SG275-6.15
10191947 KGVI 1½a p.stat.env airmail Nagpur-Mexico(destination/rec'r) + SG259,69c,71b reverse.20
10201953 regd airmail cvr Pondichery-Saigon, blk of 4 SG333c reverse.15
1021Mostly QV-KGV cvrs/cards inc p.stat. 1911 Coronation Durbar item. Also States esp Jaipur inc stampless(28).35
1022Used abroad: 1899 cvr Bushirf-Cairo via Suez, QV ½a(x5 inc blk of 4) tied reverse.25
10231916 comm.cvr Bushirf(sq.circle)-Bombay(censor 7 rec’r), 2a6p (SG171).25
1024INDIAN STATES: Bundi: 1935 ¼a(SG67 x2 cat £14) sacred cows on native cvr.25
1025Gwalior: 1932 cvr to Kuchaman Road, SG79(scarce surch)+87 tied reverse.10
1026Indore: 1894 ¼a p.stat.card H&G1 comm.used with 3 different pmks inc Indore & S in bars.15
1027Jammu&Kashmir: 1888 regd combination cvr Sialkot-Amritsar, Indian 2a pair + 4as(SG158). PHOTO50
10281904 India QV p.stat.env + ½a Maharaj Ranbirganj Bazar-Amritsar + 4a(SG155) tied L in bars.40
1029Jhind: 1893 QV ¼a opt p.stat.card comm.used Davri-Sangnar(rec'r).10
1030Kishengarh: native EL with pair 2as (SG86 cat £26) tied d/ring Raj Post pmk.35
1031Patiala: 1916 KGV ¼a p.stat.card comm.used Patiala RMS-Dalhousie via Set 2 TPO.10
1032INDONESIA: 1950 cvrs(2) Soerabaja-USA @ 20c RIS ovpt rates inc 3-colour franking & pairs/blks of 4.20
1033IRAN: (see lot 1065): 1917 cvr Tauris-Yezd via Teheran @ 6ch rate. Oval black local censor.25
10341918 cvr Kazvin-Yezd via Teheran @ 6ch rate. Fine circ.Dunsterforce censor.40
10351928(Apr) cacheted Junkers FFC Teheran-Bushire, SG631,43-4(x2).20
10361929(July) airmail Basrah-UK printed env with SG674-5(x2)+9.20
1037IRAQ: 1911 ppc Baghdad-Beyrouth @ Turkish 20pa rate.20
10381917(Feb) On Field Service crested cvr Indian FPO 84(Nasiriya)-UK. Blk/grn martial law label.25
10391924(July) airmail cvr Baghdad-Berlin via Cairo, 4-colour SG41-2(x2),3-4.40
10401927(Jun) airmail(Basra-Cairo) cvr Magil-UK, pair 3as (SG45).25
10411931 comm.cvr Basra-India, mixed issues SG42,80,84.20
10422002 customs parcel card to Malaya, scarce embargo issues SG2103(x10)+2166(x4 cat £174).50
1043IRELAND: 1838 family EL(betwn brothers) to London rated 8 with s/line Clare.20
10441840(Aug) Mulready 1d env A132 Dublin(red MX)-Waterford(rec'r). PHOTO100
10451846 outer to Glasgow via Belfast, scarce grn Paid at Down 1d.30
10461880 cvr Kingstown(289 duplex)-Paris, 2½d blue SG142 pl.18(cat £55).35
10471880 cvr Castlerea(121 duplex)-Paris, ½d SG49 pl.12 + pair 1d SG166(cat £55).35
10481924(Oct) 1½d maroon p.stat.card comm.used Cork-UK. Early use.20
10491930 regd cvr Dublin-Cuba (destination/rec’r), 6d (SG79).25
10501941 censored express(blk/pink label) cvr College Green,Dublin-UK, 3-colour SG79,111,14.15
10511941 airmail cvr Scarriff(Co Clare)-USA, SG111,22,27(cat £30). Both Irish & Examiner 5678 labels.25
10521944(Oct)local Dublin cvr multifranked 20 diff.vals to 1/= inc SG95,122(cat £30+)& Irish Philatelic Exhib’n pmk25
10531953 airmail An Tostal cacheted FDC to UK of SG154-5(cat £29).20
10541954 meter franked cvr Dublin-Ballsbridge, returned to sender with 1½d P.Due h/stamp & D7(cat £11) tied.25
1055ISRAEL: 1949(May 1) illus unadd.FDC of Tabul minisheet (MS16a cat £95). PHOTO50
1056ITALY: 1835 EL Padova(2-line inc date)-Tonnerre(France) rated 20. Autriche p.Huningue & LT (both in oval, latter unusual thus) + L.1 all in red. See also lots 37,42,123,1017,1141-2,1424,1596,25
10571856 EL Trieste-Marseille via Autr.Briancon 2 red cds, rated 16 & 30. 2-line red Via Degli Stati Sardi.20
10581863 outer Siena-Florence, fine 4mgn 15c type 1 (Sass.12 cat £17+).25
10591879 regd cvr Firenze-UK, 10c+40c (SG14,21 cat £19) tied railway cds + 174 numeral.25
10601901 regd(no.1 h/st) Ornavasso(dq.circ)-Milan via Domodossola-Novara TPO(sq.circ), 45c(SG60).25
10611903 cvr Rapallo(sq.circ)-Denmark, 3-colour SG62(x3)-3,66.20
10621917(May) illus FFC Turin-Rome, 25c air opt (SG102 cat £48) & sp.pmk. World's 1st air stamp!40
10631930 regd AR cvr Grottamare-Argentina(destination/rec’r), SG186(x2),244(x2),47.20
10641931 official(cachet) regd cvr La Maddalena(island off Sardinia)-Kranj(Yugo) via Trieste, SG247(x2)+51.15
10651932 Persian Legation env Rome-Persian Consulate in Yugoslavia, Garibaldi SG335-6(x3 cat £12).20
10661932 Savoia Palace Hotel illus envs(2) Trieste-Scotland, 1L25 commems (SG309 or 339 cat £15).25
10671939 airmail cvr Florence-Germany via Venice, SG540+6(cat £14).25
10681941-2 censored cvrs(2) Milan-Liechtenstein/Sweden(destinations), 1L25 (SG250 or scarce 558).20
1069c1946 Italian Navy corvette Minerva printed env to USA, SG656-7,60 & oval violet ship cachet.20
10701947 airmail ppc Venice-Mogadiscio(Somalia) @ 35L rate.10
10711950 Vatican illus(front & back) env Milan-Switz, 55L Holy Year (SG747).25
10721951(May 18) illus unadd.Gymnastics FDC of SG787-9(cat £1800) & sp.pmk. Games TPO. Bolaffi cert.PH.1500
10731952 60L airletter, LF1, fine unused.20
10741955 scarce 120L airletter comm.used Capri-USA.35
1075Eritrea: (see lots 463-9): 1909 cvr Asmara-Florence, 15c on 20c (SG30 cat £13).30
10761935-6 airmail cvrs(5) to Italy with Posta Militare 12,15,55,101 or 103.50
10771938 airmail cvr Asmara-Milan, SG195,242,44(2L cat 150eu on cvr). PHOTO50
1078Levant: 1919 advert cvr C'tinople-Berlin, Italian 25c & Posta Militare 15 pmk. Part flap.20
1079Papal States: 1855 outer Arbano(s/line)-Serrasanquivico, 4mgn 6b (Sass.7b cat £110). PHOTO100
1080Sardinia: 1862 cvr Monte Catini-Lucca, 4mgn 10c brnish orange (Sass.14Dg cat £32).30
1081Somalia: 1935 airmail cvr Balet Uen(scarce pmk)-Italy, SG169a(x3).30
10821937 airmail cvr Mogadiscio-Naples, SG166d(pair)+227. Ex Somali Fascists(printed env).25
1083Trieste: 1948 airmail advert cvr to UK, AMG-FTT opts SG61(x7 cat £70)+67(x2). PHOTO50
10841952 60L & 120L airletters, LF1-2, fine unused (2).15
1085JAMAICA: (see lot 98,1760): 1822 EL Westmoreland-Edinburgh rated 2/3d with fleuron pmk.35
10861846-8 ELs(2) to Bath rated 8 or to London 1/2d with Montego Bay or Spanish Town pmks.30
10871843-8 outers(2) to UK rated 1/= or 2/= with Kingston type D6-7 pmks.25
10881857 EL Rodney Hall(date inverted)-London rated 6.35
10891891 ½d on 1d p.stat reply half used Falmouth-Montego Bay(both sq.circles).15
10901894-1909 range of cvrs to overseas(10 inc regd) ex Kingston inc ½d rate to USA & ½d wrapper to Turks Is.25
10911896-1919 cvrs(10 inc regd) ex Ocho Rios,Sav-la-Mar,Annotto Bay,Siloah,Retreat,Linstead,Malvern,Pt Maria.50
10921903-6 KEVII ½d p.stat.cards(2) Moneague-Kingston or + ½d Spanish Town-UK.20
10931904 comm.cvr Myrtle Bank(scarce pmk)-USA, 2½d (SG35).35
10941908 ppc Glasgow-Browns Town(sq.circ) via Br.Guiana @ GB 1d rate. Redirected to Falmouth via Dry Harbor20
10951912 KEVII ½d wrapper comm.used Kingston-Germany + 2½d (SG42). Unusual.20
10961920 regd(h/st) cvr Race Course-UK, ½d+3d (SG37,62b).20
10971935 regd airmail cvr Kingston-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG114-7 cat £40)35
10981941(Sept) airmail cvr Kingston-USA @ 1/= rate.Circ.red Military Censor Y Force No.2. PHOTO50
10991942 Jamaica Internment Camp printed POW card comm.used to USA. Violet crown D/39 censor.25
1100JAPAN: (see lots 1127,1181,1262-3): 1892 3s p.stat.reply card(FC11) fine unused. Cat 20,000yen.40
11011907 cacheted official p/card commemorating Tokyo Industrial Exhib’n comm.used Yokohama-USA @ 4s rate20
11021922(Apr) Guide to Tokyo Peace Exhib'n(12pp) + Tokyo city guide(44pp) given to crew of HMS Renown & Durban accompanying Prince of Wales on official visit (2 items).30
1103WW2 Fukuoka Camp POW card comm.used to UK. Japanese & English censors. PHOTO50
11041948(July) Certified Official cvr NZAPO 222 FPO 2(Yamaguchi)-NZ.20
11051950(Feb-Apr) illus FDCs(2) to USA of 8y famous Japanese SG558-9.20
11061953 cvr Yokohama-UK, US 2c+3c, box Paquebot(Hosking 3474 red) + MV Brightstar Posted on High Seas.20
11071951 large airmail printed matter cvr Tokyo-UK inc SG559(x5), airs 576(x3)-7(x2 cat £113). PHOTO100
1108JORDAN: (see lots 1668-70): 1949 regd airmail Amman-UK, UPU SG285-6,9 + oblig.tax T268,70.20
11091954-5 internal cvrs(2) @ 4m rate with fine Beit Sahour different skeleton pmks in blk or blue.35
11101960 forces red/grey formular airletter RAF training mission, Jebel Amman 2-UK, 15f (SG486).15
1111KENYA etc: 1893 BEA ½a & 1a p.stat.cards(2: H&G1-2) fine unused with violet Specimen h/st ovpt.25
11121897 cvr Mombasa(sq.circ)-UK, 2½a (SG68). See also lots 100,251.35
11131903-4 BEA 1a p.stat.cards(2): single Mombasa-Zanzibar + double Mombasa-Germany(rec'r). No messages.25
11141903 cvr Kampala-Italy(destination/rec'r) via Zanzibar & redirected to Ireland, Uganda 2½a(SG93). PHOTO65
11151924-35 KGV 20c p.stat.envs(5: H&G1-5 all 145x90mm) fine unused.35
11161933(Mar 4-5) Wilson Airways cvr Mombasa-Kisumu via Nairobi, SG78,80,83a. S/line Local Air Fee Paid.15
11171935 air cvr Lupa River(skeleton pmk in use 2 yrs)-UK via Mbeya, 65c S.Jubilee. Box By Air to London.25
11181940(Sept)-41(Jan) OAS censor cvrs(4) APO-u-MpK 7(Kitale),10(Aerodrome),11(Gilgil) or 17(Marsabit)-S.Afr.50
11191943(Aug) OAS cvr APO 55(Mariakani for 2 wks only)-Kinangop(rec’r) via APO 89. 3 diff.censors inc label.30
11201943(Oct) 25c Kenya & Uganda local airletter EA APO 2(Eldoret)-UK. Box RAF censor.25
11211948(Dec 1) airmail regd FDC Nairobi-Nyasaland(rec'rs), S.Wedding (SG157-8 cat £70). PHOTO50
11221954 KGVI 40c regd env size H airmail Njoro-UK + SG139ba,42,45ba(x3 cat £10)20
11231955 formular airletter written Kigoma-Scotland, SG168+73 pmk'd Tabora-Kigoma TPO Down.15
11241956 airmail cvrs(2) Malya/Murchison Falls(scarce skeleton pmks-UK @ 1sh/1sh30 rates.25
1125KOREA: 1946 cacheted FDC to Hong Kong of Liberation set (SG75-80).25
11261957 regd airmail cvr Seoul-USA, SG202,17(x2),30B,43(cat £8).15
1127Japan used in: 1929 cvr Pyongyang-USA via Yokohama, 10s (SG243).25
1128KUWAIT: 1945 airmail cvr to USA, 3-colour SG53,57,60a(x5 inc blk of 4 cat £135). PHOTO150
11291953 folded cvr to UK, mixed KGVI-QE2 SG84-5,7,95,103-4(cat £13) & s/ring pmk.20
1130LABUAN: 1897 regd cvr to UK, 12c+18c (SG95a,99 cat £115) & blue pmk. PHOTO100
1131LATVIA: 1899 Russian 7k p.stat.env(scarcer 115x80mm) Revel(firms cachet)-Riga(rec'r).35
1132LEBANON: 1942(Sept) OAS censored cvr FPO 552(Beirut for 6 weeks only)-S.Rhodesia.20
11331943 Rabbinical Tribunal of Beyrouth official env stampless to Tiberias with hexagonal H10 Palestine censor.20
11341946(Mar) GB KGVI 3d forces regd env FPO 141(Beirut)-Uganda(destination/rec’r).25
11351944(Apr)-45(Dec) OAS cvrs(4) Indian FPO27(Khalde or Ablah),28(Tripoli) or 88(Saida)-India/Egypt/UK.50
1136LEEWARDS:(see lot 1493-5): 1928-30 KGV 1d+1½d p.stat.envs(2: H&G8-9) fine un + Specimen d/lined ovpt.35
1137LIBERIA: 1887-92 10c regd p.stat.envs(3: sizes F,G,H2), H&G2-3,6 good-fine unused.20
11381923 cvr Buchanan-UK, official 5c pair O364 tied reverse.20
11391937 airmail cvr Monrovia-Berlin(Hotel Bristol rec’r), air set SG530-5.15
1140LIBYA: 1913 stampless cvr Posta Militare Intendenzia Tripolitania(hooded pmk)-Italy.20
11411912 ppcs(2: 1 troops embarking) Tripoli Port-Genova @ Italian 5c or 10c rates.40
11421913 Italian 5c p.stat.card(scarcer reply half) comm.used Garian-Rome + 5c opt (SG3). Regiment cachet.25
11431919 military regiment cacheted censored ppc Homs-Italy, SG2(x5 inc strip 4)-3(cat £14).20
11441932 firms p/card Tripoli-Switz, mixed franking 25c(SG27A) + Italian Cols 50c Dante (SG23).25
1145LIECHTENSTEIN: 1925 cvr Eschen-St Polten, 5rp+ scarce 25rp brown-red (Zum.54b cat 175SwFr).PHOTO65
11461928 commercial 4-colour mix franking cvr Schaan-USA, SG50,67,69,84(cat £32).30
11471932 regd official local Vaduz cvr, 50r official (SGO132C cat £30). Returned to Sender.25
11481934 express(label) advert cvr Eschen-Vaduz, 50r (SG136 cat £30).30
11491936 airmail cvr Triesenberg-Winterthur(gymnastics event sp.pmk rec'r), 30r air (SG148a cat £80). PHOTO50
11501937 regd cvr Vaduz-Yugoslavia, 5-colour SG161-2,8-70(cat £26).25
11511942 official COD cvr Vaduz-Switz, 3-colour officials O175-6+8(cat £12).15
11521946(Apr) printed glider FFC env Masescha-Schaan regd Triesenberg-Switz, SG180,248-50(cat £60).40
11531969-75 internal official regd cvrs(3) with officials O287+95 or 503(single or pair). See also lot 401.25
1154LITHUANIA: 1927 15c+5c p.stat.card comm.used Kaunas-Berlin.15
11551928 scarce 25c p.stat.env(U1) comm.used Anyksciai-Liepaja.35
11561941(Nov) feldpost cvr German FPO 29018(blank pmk)-Amstetten. STB ex Feldcommando 821.20
1157LUXEMBURG: 1915 regd cvr to Alsace, scarce 62½c opts (SG173a+b cat £12). Trier circ.censor + label.25
11581931(July) regd airmail cvr Echternach-Austria via Trier(20pf German air added), airs SG297,9-300.25
11591932 complete rail freight document Rodange-Clemency, 1½fr red ‘lettre de voiture’ fiscal tied.15
11601934 regd cvr to Switz, 5fr (SG317 cat £17).30
11611936 cacheted FDC of Philatelic Congress set (SG347-52 cat £45) tied sp.pmk.40
11621947 regd FDC Echternach-Switz of abbey set (SG492-7 cat £45) with sp.pmk.35
11631949 illus unadd. UPU FDC of SG525-8 (cat £50). See also lots 73-4.40
1164German Occ: 1940 regd express(label/cachet) cvr to Germany, 4-colour ovpts SG418,20,3-4.15
11651941(Mar) Wehrmacht official cvr to Germany, German SG751 & boxed violet dienstpost pmk.25
1166MALAYA: (see lot 6): 1904 comm.cvr Tanglin-UK, KEVII 4c (SG125).20
11671906 ppc Italy-Singapore @ 10c rate via Penang to Singapore marine sorter cds. See also lot 48.25
11681927-31 unpaid/underpaid cvrs(2) India-Singapore taxed with 4c or 12c Straits p.dues (D3 or 6).25
11691935 underpaid cvr India-Penang with tax mark & scarcer 4c P.Due (D3) tied reverse.20
11701935 comm.cvr Simpang Ampat-India, SG224(x2) tied reverse.20
11711939 comm.cvr Alor Gajah (D6 pmk)-India, KGVI 8c (SG283).15
1172FMS: 1928 2c green tiger p.stat.wrapper fine unused. PHOTO50
11731935 comm.cvr Kuala Kubu Bharu-India, SG224(x2) tied reverse.20
1174Johore: 1938 comm.cvr Johore Bahru-India, SG103(x4)+8 tied reverse.10
1175MPU: 1952 underpaid bank airmail p/card India-Kampar taxed with 8c P.Due (D10 cat £14).40
1176Perak: 1893 Tiger 1c p.stat.cards(2: single & reply) both fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
11771900 message half 1c Tiger p.stat.card(P5) comm.used locally in Gopeng(sq.circ). Light central fold.30
11781940 Sultan 15c blue regd env size G fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.15
11791955-8 Sultan 20c blue regd envs(2 diff size G) Kuala Kangsar/Tanjong Tualang-Ipoh both + 10c.20
11801957(Jun-Aug) illus FDCs(3,2 regd locally) to Singapore of $1-5 (SG159-61 cat £18).25
1181Jap Occ: 1942 cvr Teluk Anson(sp.Great East Asia pmk)-Ipoh, Japanese 8s. PHOTO45
11821942 internal cvrs/card(5 inc regd) ex Taiping(3 diff.pmks), SGJ241 or 246(pair) or 248.75
11831944(Oct) local Penang FDC of postal savings bank sp.pmk, J297,9-300.25
1184MALTA: 1926 regd cvr GPO Valletta-Belgium, mixed issues 2½d+3d (SG131,148 cat £25).30
11851935 regd cvr Valletta-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG210-13 cat £42).30
11861944 advert cvr Valletta-UK @ 2½d rate. Blk/buff DD/30 examiner label.10
11871953 regd airmail cvr S.Africa-Israel @ 9d rate. Scarce s/line Missent to Malta. PHOTO75
11881952-60 comm.cvrs(6) to UK with Birkirkara SPO,Gzira,Paola,Mosta,Prince of Wales Rd,Sliema or Victoria BO Gozo pmks & KGVI-QE2 3d-4½d frankings.25
1189GB used in: QV 1d & 2d stars + 6d all with fine M pmks (Z12,16,20) cat £415(3).120
1190MAURITIUS: 1860-84 fronts(3) to Paris with 4d no wmk & blank barred oval or 16c/17c opts (SG48,87,115 cat £48) & B53 pmks. See also lots 40,826.50
11911887 QV 6c p.stat.card comm.used Rose Hill(cds + 25 numeral)-UK.40
11921892 cvr Mahebourg(cds rev)-Forest Side(scarce rec'r), pair 2c/4c(SG118) & 14 numeral. PHOTO45
11931903 2c on 8c p.stat.card comm.used St Pierre-Forest Side.25
11941912 36c p.stat.env, scarce H&G18a regd(large oval pmk)-Reunion(rec’r).35
11951935(Aug) internal cvr to Curepipe Rd then Pamplemousse(rec'rs), 2c & box Pt Louis Bicent.Exhib'n pmk.20
1196MEXICO: 1899 4c orange advert p.stat.env as H&G47 regd Mexico City-UK + SG225,253(3-colour). Private?25
11971914 cvr Hermosillo-USA, scarcer 5c provisional CT4. See also lot 762.15
11981914 cvr Altar(Sonora)-Mexico City, 5c with violet CT3 constitutionalist h/stamp.15
11991929(Apr) CAT FFC Matamoros-Mazatlan using 35c airmail p.stat.env(H&G2). Pilot signed (Bob Starkey).20
12001932 regd cvr Monterrey-Italy per Rex, scarce Congress ovpts SG486(x2)+8(cat £7).20
1201MONACO: 1929 airmail advert cvr to UK, SG76,86,107(strip of 3).15
12021931 regd cvr Condamine-Switz, 5-colour surcharges SG106-8,10-12(cat £11).20
12031933 album page size regd airmail cvr Monte Carlo-Java(destination/rec'r), multifranked cat £130+. PHOTO100
12041938 cvr Monte Carlo(ideal climate slogan)-UK, SG124+134(strip of 3 cat £45).35
12051949 RP aerial ppc Monte Carlo-Switz, SG373+397(x2 cat £40+).25
12061960 advert express(label + cachet) cvr to UK, SG407(100fr),523,623(cat £14).20
1207MONTENEGRO:1906 comm.cvr Podgoritsa-Cettinge(both violet pmks), strips of 7+3 1h(SG111) tied reverse.40
12081913 comm.cvr Cettigne-Dresden, 35pa(x2)+1p (SG148,150) & portraits obliterated by crayon marks25
12091913 5pa p.stat.card comm.used Scutari(violet pmk)-Melua + SG153-4.25
1210MONTSERRAT: 1918 cvr to UK, pair ½d war stamp (SG60-a: 1 with short opt).25
12111928 cvr to USA, 4d (SG75 cat £13).25
1212MOROCCO AGS:1898-1902 fine unused coll'n of QV-KEVII p.stat.card inc Agency,variety & both opts(13diff).65
12131900 10c Gibraltar ovpt(scarcer type 2) wrapper comm.used Tangier-Bavaria(rec'r).15
12141906 10c on 1d GB KEVII reply card complete fine unused.15
12151934(July) Hotel El Minza crested env airmail Tangier-UK via Paris, SG231+4(x3).25
12161934 NDL General von Steuben ppc comm.used Casablanca-Czech, pair 15c (SG204).15
12171937 local Casablanca cvr with blk of 10 5c on ½d (SG230 cat £38).30
12181937 airmail cvr Casablanca-France, SG202(x3),5,6(blk of 4 cat £23).30
12191937(May 13) illus regd FDC Tangier-USA, blks of 4 SG164+244.15
12201949 air advert cvr Tangier-Germany, 4-col.mix KEVIII-KGVI SG76(x2),243-4(x3ea),51(x2 cat £13). Oval OAT25
1221MUSCAT: 1944(Dec) cvr to UK, scarce official set (O1-10 cat £160). PHOTO250
1222NATAL: 1898 cvr Upper Tongaat-USA via Tongaat, SG97a+99a(x2).20
12231900s Durban ppc to UK @ 1d rate with fine & scarce POA 115 pmk. PHOTO65
1224NAURU: 1932 cvr to Canada, 3-colour SG26-8 & Central Pacific pmk.40
12251936 cvr to UK, blk of 5 ½d (SG26A cat £14).25
12261951 cvr to Scotland, 6d+1/= (SG34B,36B).25
1227NEPAL: stampless internal rice-paper envs(16) covered in native pmks & negative cachets to decipher!35
1228internal regd cvr with 4-colour franking of small-size 2p,4p,16p,24p.25
12291949 philatelic cvr to India with set to 1p (SG64-72 cat £40).30
1230NETHERLANDS: 1798 EL Amsterdam-Bordeaux, fine s/line D’Hollande (36mm).25
12311859 EL Rotterdam-Amsterdam, fine 4mgn 10c plate 5 (cat £39).35
12321871 EL Zwolle-UK, 15c p13½ (NVPH 9C cat £45+) & 135 numeral. S/line Bissen.35
12331877 2½c p.stat.card comm.used Breda(blue pmk)-Antwerp via Pays Bas par Anvers TPO + 2½c (SG139).20
12341882 Wilhelm 5c p.stat.reply card complete(P15) comm.used Amsterdam-Brussels.20
12351917 underpaid censored cvr London-Deventer, taxed with 7½c P.Dues (D240 x2).25
12361919 underpaid S.African 1d p.stat.env(+ ½d x3) to Amsterdam, 50c tax mark but only 25c PDue(D245) tied.20
12371920 cvr The Hague-Rotterdam, 3-colour SG168,71,76.15
12381926 ppc comm.used Ijmuiden-Antigua(destination/rec’r) @ 10c rate.15
12391928(Sept) regd airmail p/card Groningen-Java, 5-colour SG309-11,20,371(40c air).30
12401933 regd parcel card Zaandam-Belgium, 3-colour NVPH 163(1g),177,196.25
12411938(Dec) Wilhelmina 7½c p.stat.reply card complete flown Dingaan's Day(FF cachet) to S.Africa + SG417, 65,85-6(cat £11) & re-flown regd by return KLM flight @ S.African 1/4d rate.25
12421941 official cvr Reichskomissar for Holland,Amsterdam-President of Farm Workers,Vienna ‘durch Deutsche Dienstpost Niederlande’ & blank security pmk. Frei durch Ablosung Reich h/stamp.20
12431950 Leiden University illus unadd.FDC of SG725-6 & sp.pmk. Cat 1600eu(FDC). PHOTO300
12441952 ITEP official folder with both sets (SG754-7d cat £230) u/mint & used FDI. Scarce.80
12451952 regd parcel card Utrecht(ITEP pmk)-Denmark, 4-colour inc 1g(blk of 4),5g(SG700a) hi-vals.20
12461956 Child Welfare set (SG838-42 cat £10) on illus FDC to Belgium. Typed address & sp.pmk.Cat 45eu(FDC)15
12471956 airmail cvr Rotterdam-USA, Rembrandt set (SG826-30 cat £35).25
1248Antilles: 1951 regd FDC Willemstad-Aruba of Child Welfare set (SG331-5 cat £40).30
12491952 regd illus FDC Willemstad-Aruba of Seamens Fund (SG336-40 cat £28).25
12501954 OHMS cvrs(2) Curacao(airport pmk)-Up Park Camp,Jamaica, vals to 2½g inc 10c,21c,27½c(cat £17+).25
1251Curacao: 1941(Aug) KLM cacheted censored FFC to Jamaica, SG127. Uncommon.20
12521946 regd cvrs(2) to USA, Relief Fund sets (SG232-47 cat £36).30
1253Indies: STB 1853 wrapper to Semarang rated 20, fine Japara Gefrankeerd negative oval with p/horn.30
12541885-90 Willem 5c p.stat.cards(2) comm.used to Batavia with Tangerang s/lines(x2 diff) in blue or black.30
12551897 Willem 12½c p.stat.env Meester Cornelius(sq.circ)-Holland + 2½c(SG89). See also lot 921.20
12561904 15c opt p.stat.env comm.used to Holland with boxed Sindanglaua (2 strikes).25
12571906 7½c p.stat.card comm.used Kotja Radja(sq.circ)-Amsterdam via Postagent Penang(sq.circ).15
12581910 ppc comm.used Batavia-France, scarce 4c (SG125 cat £13).25
12591931(May) Abel Tasman cacheted flight cvr Soerabaja-Australia, SG265,319-20(cat £27).25
12601932 airmail cvr Lhosoekon-Austria via Hungary(airmail cachet/pmk), SG222+319. Unusual.25
12611940 advert cvr Tokyo-Java, SG363-4,6(cat £18) & 3-line Censuur Gepasseerd 7 in red.20
12621945 stampless internee printed p/card comm.used Bandoeng-Djawa WN with Japanese censors.25
1263Jap Occ: 1944 3½c Dai Nippon p.stat.card comm.used P.Pandjang-Medan. Boxed Japanese censor.20
1264New Guinea: 1962 UNTEA set to 5g on 2 printed UNTEA FDCs (SG1-19 cat £95) with Hollandia pmks.75
1265Surinam: 1936 cvr to Holland, Moravian Mission set (SG230-5 cat £23) & boxed KNSM SS Rensselaer pmk.25
12661930(Jun) matching Pan-am cacheted FFCs(2) Nickerie-Paramaribo & return @ 31c rate (diff.3-col.frankings)25
1267NEWFOUNDLAND: 1900 cvr St Johns-Scotland, strip of 4 ½c (SG83) with slight perf stains.15
12681928(Jun) cvr St Johns(anniv.transatlantic crossing pmk)-UK, pair 15c (SG175 cat £100 but 1 damaged).40
12691931(May) FFC Burin North(box violet pmk)-St Johns, 15c air (SG192 cat £15).25
12701932 regd airmail cvr St Johns-USA, 50c air(SG196 cat £75). PHOTO60
12711935 regd PO cvr St Johns-USA, S.Jubilee SG250-2(cat £13).20
12721937 regd cvr St Johns-UK, long Coronation set SG257-67(min cat £50).35
12731939 Popes Furniture attractive colour illus(front: loyal welcome to King & Queen; reverse: store & factory) env St Johns-USA @ 5c rate.35
12741941 cvr Woods Island(pop 210)-USA @ 5c rate. Opened by Censor 39 label.20
12751942(May) regd cacheted FFC St Johns-Moncton(Canada), SG215,71,77. DC/51 censor label.15
12761942 local Gander philatelic cvr with SG277 + P.Due set (D1-6 cat £150). PHOTO75
12771949(Apr 1) printed airmail regd FDC St Johns-Canada for entry into Confederation, Canada SG375-81,401 -7,12, S15-16(cat £27).25
1278NEW GUINEA: 1936 regd OHMS airmail cvr Rabaul-India via Queens'd, ½d-6d opts (SG190,2-5,7 cat £47).40
12791938 comm.cvr Wewak-Finland(destination/rec’r) via Wau, SG179a(scarce)+90(pair cat £30).40
12801945(Oct) regd(scarce violet box) air cvr Aust.APO 0112(Madang)-Tasmania via No.7 Base PO(Lae)@ 6drate25
12811948(Oct) regd airmail cvr Rabaul-Australia, Aussie 3d+5½d & scarce Relief No.5 pmk.20
1282NEW HEBRIDES: 1936 cvr Vila-UK, mixed issues SG44-5,F44(cat £24). PHOTO45
12831949 illus UPU FDC Vila-UK of SG64-7.15
12841953(Jun) Quantas Coronation illus/cacheted FFCs(2) GB-Vila @ 1/6d or Vila-GB @ 50c. Inc insert.15
12851953 regd airmail FDCs(3) to UK of set to 5fr (SG68-78 cat £32).30
12861973 regd cvr Lamap-UK, SG160+6.20
1287French: 1949(Nov) illus cvr for last inter-island mail, 10c(F54) & scarce Inter-Island mail pmks.25
12881965 ITU illus FDC to UK of SGF126-7(cat £44).30
12891967 cvr Pt Vila-Turkey(destination), F96+110.15
1290NEW SOUTH WALES: 1870(May) cvr Sydney(unusual unframed pmk)-UK, 6d violet (SG166).20
12911892 local Sydney cvr to Oxford St(rec'r), 2 different ½d grey & ½d on 1d grey p.stat.cut-outs. Unusual.25
12921894 stampless printed circular to Yallundry via Molong & Cumnock with Postage Paid Sydney pmk.20
12931901 QV 3d regd env size F(H&G11) Peak Hill-Tasmania+ pair 1d(SG290) & fine 1501 pmk.20
12941912 printed matter cvr Nth Sydney-Gordon @ 1d rate with circ. 2d More to Pay. See also lot 839.20
1295NEW ZEALAND:1862(Dec) cvr Port Chalmers(cds rev)-UK, 3mgn 6d brn(SG42 cat £130) & 18 numeral.PH.200
12961870 cvr Auckland-Sydney per City of Melbourne, 3d brown-lilac (SG116 cat £650). PHOTO500
12971878 scarce QV ½d wrapper, H&G1(no wmk) good-fine unused. See also lots 2,450,1508.30
12981891 cvr to Nelson, strip 3 QV 1d(SG187d cat £24) & The Port pmk + box Loose Letter. Rare. PHOTO200
12991896 QV ½d p.stat.wrapper used locally in Wellington with Feb.29 date (leap year!).15
13001897-1900 QV 1½d lettercards(2 diff: H&G2-3) + 1d/1½d illus p.stat.cards(2: H&G8-9) fine unused (4).25
13011898 On Public Service signed cvr Inspector of Stock,Masterton(sq.circ)-Palmerston Nth via RPO WN-NA.20
13021902 telegram env Wellington-Invercargill(rec'r). Scarce survivor. PHOTO50
13031903-7 KEVII 1d illus lettercards(2: H&G5-6) in chocolate(unused) or claret(used Auckland-Australia).20
13041904 KEVII 1d blue p.stat.card comm.used Auckland-Denmark(destination/rec'r).15
13051905 Hokitika ppc to UK, ½d(SG279) & scarce Otira Railway pmk.35
13061908 KEVII ½d p.stat.wrapper Port Chalmers-Dunedin + box red Packet-Boat (Hosk.1589). Rare. PHOTO150
13071923 comm.cvr Kaiapoi-Dunedin, KGV 1½d p.stat. cut-out tied. Unusual & scarce usage.25
13081925(Nov 17) regd FDC Dunedin Exhib'n(sp.pmk)-Wellington, SG463-5(cat £90). PHOTO100
130919 27 KGV 1d admiral red/blue lettercard with advert for direct mail reverse, H&G23 fine unused.20
13101930 cvr Dunedin-Queensland, 1d anti-TB (SG544 cat £19).20
13111934(Feb) illus 1st Trans-Tasman FFC Auckland-Australia, 7d air ovpt (SG544 cat £50).30
13121935 cvr St Andrews-Belgium, ½d(SG446c) + pair 1d Crusader (SG555 cat £34).30
13131936(Dec) cvr Waitangi(Chatham Is)-UK @ 1d rate.20
13141941 official NBS radio station,Christchurch card to USA, SG577 + scarce 1½d official (O138 cat £24).40
13151941-4 censored(NZ or DDA/121 labels) cvrs(2) Mt Eden/Ch'ch-Canada, 1/3d or 5/= postal fiscals (F191 or 5)20
13161942 OHMS Secret(h/st) cvr to Surveyor-General,Wellington with wax seal of Navy Office,Wellington.20
13171947 illus (map of Northland) cvr Whangarei-Whakatane, SG667(x2).20
13181949 unpaid cvr to Wellington,pair ½d P.Due (D41 cat £10)& Miramar pmk.Circ.To Pay Double Deficient Post.20
13191955-7 QE2 1½d or 2d on 1½d printed matter p.stat.cards(2: H&G7-8) fine unused. Unpriced H&G.25
13201958-on QE2 p.stat.cards(8),regd envs(3),lettercard + env all different fine unused/used FDI sp.pmk(13).25
13211969(Oct 9) TARAPEX illus cvr to UK, Cook MS910(cat £28) & sp.pmks. + New Plymouth 3-line souvenir h/stamp & cachet as per SG footnote.25
1322Officials:(see lot 1314): 1919 printed grn OHMS p/card comm.used Pahiatua-Dannevirke, 1d (O78).25
13231922 OHMS cvr ex Prime Minister (Wm Massey)-Gordonton with blue PM’s Office Official Paid pmk.40
13241947 Minister of Finance printed env to USA, 3d (O140) & Parliament Buildings pmk.20
1325Postal fiscals: 1927-8 share transfer documents(2) with 6/= or 9/=(F119 or 136) & stamp duties dept pmks.25
1326NICARAGUA: 1895 10c p.stat.env, H&G30, comm.used Leon-Managua (rec’r).20
13271893 10c p.stat.env, H&G20, comm.used Granada-N.York via Corinto.25
13281897 2c p.stat.card, H&G36, comm.used Corinto-Managua.20
13291935 Pan-am airmail cvr Managua-UK, scarce 50c(SG703 cat £9) used externally + SG629,778.20
1330NIGERIA: 1893 Oil Rivers opt QV 1d red p.stat.card comm.used Old Calabar River-UK.35
13311894 OHMS front Opobo(scarce sq.circ)-UK via L'pool US Pkt, 5d (SG49 cat £17). PHOTO50
13321906 Dahomey ppc comm.used PO Lagos-Australia(destination/rec’r), Lagos 1d.25
13331907 comm.cvr Bonny(D5 pmk)-UK, Lagos 1d.20
13341908 S.Nigeria ½d on 1d p.stat.card, H&G4 fine unused.15
13351912 ppc comm.used Burutu(scarce D6 pmk)-UK via Forcados, S.Nigeria 1d.25
13361915 regd(h/written blank label) cvr Lagos-USA, 1/= (SG8 cat £23).30
13371925 regd cvr Sapele-UK, 2½d (SG21 x2 cat £24).30
13381928 regd cvr Ikorodu(S.Nigeria pmk)-USA, 6d(SG25a).25
13391930 KGV scarce 2d p.stat.env H&G2 Kano-UK.30
13401940 underpaid(tax mark) cvr Umuahia(scarcer D5 pmk)-USA via Pt Harcourt @ ½d. Red hexag.censor 14.12
13411951 KGVI 6d airletter comm.used Abakaliki-UK.10
1342S.Cameroons:1943 cvr Kumba-USA via Victoria & Eket,SG49+50a(x3).Examiner label+hexag.red censor 19.20
1343NIUE: 1967 regd airmail cvr to NZ, 3/=(SG122).15
1344NORFOLK IS: (see lot 64): 1940(Dec) cvr to Hobart @ Aussie 2d rate. Boxed violet censor 3. PHOTO100
13451958-60 scarcer surcharges illus FDCs(3) of SG21-2,37-9.20
13461959 illus FDC to UK of 3d & 2/= on white paper (SG6a,12a cat £22).20
1347N.BORNEO: 1898 regd(h/st) cvr Sandakan-Germany via Italy, 18c+24c (SG108-9 cat £125). PHOTO150
1348N.RHODESIA: 1924 KGV 1½d p.stat.card, H&G2 fine unused & scarce.25
13491930 scarce KGV 2d p.stat.env, H&G1 Livingstone-Kasama(rec'r). Minor soiling.25
13501930 cvr(inc v.long letter) Mongu Lealui-Switz @ 3d rate.20
13511933 airmail cvr Lusaka-Latvia(destination) via Broken Hill @ 11d rate.20
13521937 Coronation cvrs(3): 1½d+3d in blks of 4 used locally Abercorn or 2d in blk 5 Ndola-UK. Stamps cat£13+.25
13531939 regd(h/st) cvr Mufulira-Ndola, 1½d+4d (SG29,36).15
13541944 comm.cvr Balovale-USA @ 3d rate. Triangular Passed by Censor 7.30
13551947 KGVI 4d regd env size H2 Livingstone(h/st)-Argentina(destination) + various KGVI to 1/=.30
13561950 cvr Mazabuka-Cape province, ½d+1½d (SG25+30).15
13571953(Sept 15) QE2 4d regd env size H2 Livingstone(diff h/st to above lot)-UK + SG61-8(FDC).25
1358NORWAY: 1919 ice-bound ‘Fram’ ppc comm.used to Drammen, 10o(SG160) & Polhavet illus polar pmk.30
13591927(Mar) underpaid cvr Ireland-Oslo taxed with 20o P.Due (L9K).25
13601928 underpaid cvr Barbados-Oslo @ 2d rate. Tax mark + 12o violet p/horn(Fa108) h/st T in circle.30
13611941(Dec) air cvr Oslo-Argentina, scarce 2kr V opt(SG319B cat £60). Intercepted by Germans & ret'd. PH.65
13621944(Mar 31) cvr to UK, 10o-60o (Fa335-40) & boxed Norwegian merchant navy ship 104 pictorial pmk.25
13631954 N.Cape RP ppc comm.used N.Cape(pictorial pmk)-UK, 30o+15o (SG443 cat £17).20
1364NOVA SCOTIA: 1860 cvr Truro-Chatham(NB) via Sackville, 5c (SG12 cat £25).25
1365NYASALAND: 1895 2d BCA arms p.stat.card, H&G5 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.15
13661895 1d arms p.stat.card cto with scarce Chinde sq.circle 1900 pmk.12
13671935 regd airmail cvr Blantyre-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG123-6 cat £70). PHOTO50
13681942 cvr Mkhoma-USA, SG131+3. Opened by Censor label tied circ.Passed Censor 9. Minor stains.30
13691949 formular airletter comm.used Blantyre-Cyprus(destination/rec'r), 6d(SG150).20
13701951(May 15) regd cvr Zomba(Diamond Jubilee sp.pmk)-USA, SG168-9(FDI). See also lot 1457.10
1371ORANGE FREE STATE: 1888 1d orange p.stat.card used Bloemfontein(inv'd centre red pmk)-Reddersburg.25
13721890 1d orange p.stat.card comm.used Ladybrand(violet pmk)-Ficksburg with 17 numeral.25
13731894 1½d on 2d p/card(P5) comm.used Bethanie(violet pmk)-Berlin.30
13741895 ½d p/card(P2b) comm.used Ficksburg(red sq.circ)-Cape Town via WTPO Up. Minor soiling.30
13751905-12 KEVII 1d p.stat.envs(2 diff.sizes/papers) used locally Klipdam or Reddersburg-Durban.25
1376PAKISTAN: 1948 airmail cvr Sylhet-Belgium, 4-colour opts SG3(x2),7-9.15
13771952 OPS airmail cvr Camp PO-UK, service opts 4a+8a(O21,31 cat £25+). Ex RAAF,Lahore(cachet).40
13781952 multi-cacheted HMPS Karsaz cvr Manora Karachi-USA, 4a(SG33).20
1379Bahawalpur: 1949 cvr Baghdadul Jadid-Bombay, Amir S.Jubilee set (SG39-42 cat £29). PHOTO65
1380PALESTINE: 1910 ppc comm.used Jaffa 2(scarcer violet pmk)-C'tinople(rec'r), Turkish 10pa. PHOTO50
13811918-9 New Year Greetings from Palestine 4pp printed card. Unusual survivor with message.15
13821936 OHMS internal stampless regd official(dated cachet) cvr ex Tiberias. See also lot 23,84,569,1133,1744.20
13831937 8m red/buff p.stat.card, H&G6 comm.used locally in Jerusalem.15
13841940-4 OAS censored cvrs(7) to UK ex FPOs 120-22,148,156,171-2. Inc OHMS/Active Service green envs.35
13851940(Jun) OAS airmail censored cvr Aust.PO BW1(Jerusalem)-Australia, SG97+100.25
13861941(Aug) censored airletter AIF FPO 6(Julis)-Australia @ Aussie 3d rate.25
13871941(Oct) certified official cvr Cashier,Accts Branch GPO Jerusalem(cachets) to 16 MEF Gen.Hospital (Indian FPO 87: Gebiet,Sudan rec'r) via FPO 201. GB 3d's uncancelled.25
13881944 scarcer blue RAF printed OAS envs(2) FPO 148-UK. Boxed or diamond RAF violet censors.20
1389Jordanian Occ: 1952 underpaid cvr Bethlehem-Jerusalem, SGP1-2 & Transjordan 2m P.Due (D245).25
1390PANAMA: 1921-29 1c p.stat.cards(2, H&G12,16) fine unused.15
13911917 2c p.stat.card, H&G10 comm.used to Ecuador with postal agency violet pmk.20
13921946 advert cvr to Argentina, SG233-4,442(oblig.tax) + 1c religious congress label tied.15
1393PAPUA: (see lot 168): 1901 1d Lakatoi p.stat.card, H&G1 fine unused.20
13941932 cvr Pt Moresby-Samarai, 2d on 1½d (SG122) with P joined to frame flaw + Postage at right blurred.40
13951934(Nov 6) regd FDC Pt Moresby-UK of Protectorate set (SG146-9 cat £27).25
13961936 airmail cvr Pt Moresby-UK, 6d + 1/= airs (SG116+20 cat £25).30
13971943(Sept) airmail censored(AIF) cvr Aust.Army PO 207-Australia, Aussie 3d.15
13981945(Aug) censored(RNZAF) OAS cvr RNZAF H(Jacquinot Bay for 3 months)-NZ.35
13991953(Sept) illus Quantas FFC Lae-Hollandia, 1/=(SG10). Pilot signed (Fawcett).20
14001963-5 regd cvrs(2) Badili/Talasea-Pt Moresby/UK, SG28(x2)+41 or 53 & Relief 1 or 5 pmks.20
1401PERU: 1916(July) local Lima cvr with 1915 1c on 1c(SG384a: surcharge inverted) & slogan pmk.25
14021916 local Lima cvrs(2 inc regd) notable for 1915 1c on 1c or 1916 1c on 50c (pairs SG384a/395a both surcharge inverted + 1 stamp no ovpt) + 2 other 1915-16 normal ovpts.50
1403GB used in: QV 5/= rose pl.1 (Z56 cat £450) & C38 pmk of Callao. PHOTO100
1404QV 4d sage-grn pl.16 (Z39 cat £200) & C38 pmk. PHOTO60
1405PHILIPPINES: 1932 comm.cvr Manila-UK, 16c(SG344). S/line violet Paquebot (48mm – worn Hosking 1723).20
14061938 OHBMS env Manila-UK, SG514(x2). See also lot 35.10
1407PITCAIRN: 1936 underpaid cvr(NZ Agency pmk rev) to UK, GB ½d+1d S.Jubilee. 2 tax marks + ½d PD. PH.65
14081937(May 12) illus Coronation FDC to NZ, NZ 1d Coro (Z54 cat £40). PHOTO65
14091938(Mar) Pitcairn Radio illus cvr to USA, NZ 1d(Z41 cat £17) & NZ postal agency pmk.20
14101944 HMS Bounty cacheted cvr Mrs Ward-USA, SG2+4. NZ(?) DDA/70 censor label.30
14111952 cvr to UK, KGVI 4d+8d (SG5b,6a cat £20).20
1412POLAND: pre-stamp outers(2) to Friedrichsthal/Bromberg with Jnowraclaw or Trzcmeszno pmks.20
14131873 regd cvr Plzen-USA via N.York, Austrian 5kr(x4: 2 reverse)+3kr. PHOTO125
14141876 Austrian 2kr yellow p.stat.card comm.used Przemysl-Prague(rec'r).12
14151878 Russian 4k p.stat.card(P4) comm.used Warsaw-UK via TPO 27. Corner fault but scarce usage.30
14161915 regd cvr Warsaw-UK, Russian 1k,3k(pair),10k war charity(cat £18). Nice wax censor seal.25
14171928 regd cvr Stanislawow-Vienna, SG244a(x5),51,65(x2 cat £31) front & back.35
14181928(May) regd flown cvr Warsaw-Vienna, SG260 + interpanneau pair SG272-3(cat 340eu) & sp.pmk. PH.200
14191930 Bar Pomorza(clipper ship) RP ppc Gdynia(3-ring pmk)-Warsaw, SG274.15
14201932(Nov) regd airmail cvr Warsaw-Breslau, airs SG255(x2),6-8,9(x3)-60(cat £27).35
14211934 20g p.stat.card comm.used Wilno-USA + 15g(SG285a). See also lot 910.10
14221939 regd local Warsaw official cacheted cvr taxed with 15gr P.Dues (strip of 3 D352).25
14231943(May) Indian 8a forces airmail p.stat.env Polish FPO 130-UK. Polish circ.censor 103. PHOTO45
1424PORTUGAL: (see lot 19): 1856 outer Faro(oval blue)-Genoa via Badajoz & Turin-Genoa early TPO, 4mgn 25r Pedro (SG21 cat £22) & 208 pmk. PHOTO50
14251877 outer Lisbon-Genoa, 50r green p.13½ (SG115 cat £60). PHOTO75
14261887 20r p.stat.card comm.used Lisbon-Mexico (destination) via Madrid.25
14271890 complete Correio de Barca newspaper used locally Arcos-Lisbon, 2½r p.11½ newspaper stamp.20
14281902(Dec 31) printed env Dutch Consul,Lisbon-Holland, 3-colour SG344-5(x2).9(cat £9).20
14291918-9 exped'nary force cvrs(3) CEP SPC7(France)-Portugal. Blk circ.Censura 8,27,48 +half-moon 110 cens.25
14301942 Swedish Legation,Lisbon env airmailed to USA, SG849b-50,95a-6(air hi-vals cat £16).40
14311950 San Juan Dios, '54 S.Paulo, '57 Garrett illus FDCs(3: 2 unadd,1 regd). Stamps cat £100+ & sp.pmks.65
14321953 Stamp Centenary illus unadd FDC of SG1102-9(cat £25) & sp.pmk. PHOTO50
1433Angola: 1906 ppc comm.used Loanda-Germany via Lisbon, 5r+20r (SG81,84).15
14341949 airmail cvr Dundo-USA via Portugalia & Tshikapa(B.Dongo), hi-val airs SG407+9.25
1435Azores: 1880-4 10r opt p.stat.cards(2) comm.used Villa da Povoacao(boxed or oval pmks)-Ponta Delgada.65
14361910 regd cvr Ponta Delgada-Germany via Southampton, 50r (SG210 pair).25
14371945(Apr) blue RAF OAS privilege env RAF PO 004-UK & RAF censor.25
1438Cape Verde: 1932 5c p.stat.card, H&G18 comm.used Praia-USA + 80c (SG245).25
1439Funchal:1897-1929 Funchal/Azores ppcs all used Horta/Funchal + Ponta Delgada 20r reply card used(4item)20
1440L.Marques: 1916 cvr to Sweden(destination/rec'r), 50r(SG98). Bilingual 99 censor label, s/line blue Passed Censor + oval Chief Censor Cape Town.30
1441Macao: 1937(Apr) illus/cacheted FFC to USA, SG357+361(cat £79). PHOTO45
14421950 regd cvr to USA ‘par avion via H.Kong’(blue box), SG415+20(cat £37) tied reverse.35
1443Madeira: 1943 comm.cvr Brazil-Funchal via Lisbon. Both military censor label & boxed CMPT 20 Censurado.35
1444Mozambique: 1897 30r p.stat.card comm.used Zambezia-Holland via Zanzibar & Aden.30
14451940 cvr Inhambane-USA, scarce Presidential Visit 1e75 (SG380 cat £7).12
1446Mozambique Co: 1931 advert cvr Beira-USA, 3-colour SG238(x2)-9,51(x5 cat £12+).20
14471941 censored(S.African) cvr Beira-USA, SG273,79,81. Hands Across Sea printed cachet.20
14481945(Sept) OAS cvr Beira-UK, 1e75(SG312).15
1449Sao Tome: 1904 25r p.stat.card comm.used S.Thome-Germany via Lisbon.25
1450QUEENSLAND:1889-1910 p.stat.card(6): H&G4(x2 v.diff),8a,10a(Mulgrave River),15(harvest),19 fine unused50
14511903 Rockhampton ppc comm.used to UK, QV 1d & scarce TPO No.3 S&W pmk.25
14521904 Japanese ppc comm.used Thursday Is(cds + 336)-Burketown @ 1d rate. PHOTO65
1453RHODESIA: 1893-1903 p.stat.cards inc reply(7: H&G7-13) fine unused.50
14541922 cvr Buluwayo-UK, pair white paper 1ds (SG284 cat £18).30
14551966 Independence ovpt set to £1 (SG359-73 cat £25) on illus local Bulawayo FDC.20
1456& Nyasaland:(see lot 102): 1954(July 1) illus local Salisbury regd FDC of set to £1 (SG1-15 cat £55). PHOT.50
14571955 regd cvr Dowa-USA, SG1,3 + booklet pane of 6 1d(SG2). Uncommon.25
14581957 S.Rhodesia KGVI 4d regd env size H2 airmail Abercorn-Malta(destination/rec’r) + SG3,10.20
14591957 regd airmail cvr Llewellin Barracks-UK, SG4+11(x2 cat £13).20
14601959 cvr Chisempere-UK, 2½d (SG3a).15
14611959(Aug 12) illus unadd.FDC of set to £1 (SG18-31 cat £90). Envelope has 6 small stain spots. PHOTO50
1462RUMANIA: 1874 stampless outer Pitesti-Bucarest, boxed 20 BANI.25
14631890 Hungarian 2f p.stat.card comm.used Brasso-Germany + 1896 cvr Kolosvar(now Cluj)-Vienna @ 5f rate.35
14641896 10b p.stat.card Kustendje-Chile(destination/rec'r) pmk'd Constanta-Bucarest TPO XIV.40
14651919-20 Tirgu Jiu/Kolosvar ppcs(2) comm.used to UK @ 10b/15b rates (SG692,878a). 2-line violet Cenzurat Cluj or circ.Censurat D4.25
14661921 regd cvr Arad-Germany, mix franking Transylvania ovpts(5 diff) to 3L(SG831) + 5b(SG892).25
14671935 regd cvr Lugoj-Holland, SG1226,48,95,1320.15
14681947(July) 140L p.stat.card uprated Radauti-UK + 26,860L inc SG1707(x2),1865(x5).20
1469German Occ: 1918 comm.cvr(inc letter) German FPO 3261(+ military cachet)-Germany. Uncommon.25
1470RUSSIA: 1872 outer Odessa-Vienna, 3-colour 1k,3k,10k on vertical laid paper cat 250eu alone. PHOTO200
14711877 3k brn p.stat.card(P1) comm.used locally in Moscow with red pmk. See also lots 1131,1415.20
14721902 5k p.stat.env(145x80mm) St Petersburg-Arco(S.Tyrol: destination/rec'r) + 5k(SG54).20
14731913 scarce Romanov 2k p.stat.wrapper comm.used St Petersburg-Rome + 2k Romanov.35
14741917 3k p.stat.card regd Ekaterinaburg-Petrograd + SG96,100,78(x2 ie 4-colour franking).20
14751927 regd parcel card(inc coupon) Moscow-USA, SG343,445,452(2r). Uncommon.35
14761929 Petrograd ppc underpaid to P.Rico(destination). 3 diff.tax marks inc oval Russian TPO141 + 4 US h/st, SG508-9 & Nizhniy-Novgorod pmk.20
14771943 internal triangular EL soldier in Irkutsk(Siberia) to his mother. 2 diff.Russian censors.20
1478Levant: 1900 20pa on 4k p.stat.card (P3) fine unused.20
1479Ukraine: 1918(Dec) regd cvr Kharkov-Sumy(rec'r), 35k+50k Kharkov trident ovpts. PHOTO50
1480German Occ: 1942 regd cvr Dnjepropetrowsk-Vienna, 60pf (Mi17) & temporary pmk.20
1481RYUKYUS: 1957(Aug 1) regd cacheted airmail FDC Naha-USA of air set (SG53-7 cat £45).30
14821960-8 airmail cvrs/ppc(5) to USA inc better frankings eg pair SG84 surchs, 97-8(x4),101 pair etc.25
1483SAAR:(see lot 636): 1920 regd cvr Saarbrucken-Holland, Saargebiet opt set to 2m50 (Mi32-43 min.cat £25).30
14841921 comm.cvr Camphausen-Algeria(destination & rec’r), surchs Mi70A+74A.20
14851927 regd/cacheted Sarre Govt Commission env Saarbrucken-Switz, 4-colour SG108,12,14,17(x3).25
14861933 cvr Neunkirchen(sp.pmk)-Argentina(destination/rec'r), SG113+4a(x2).20
14871935(Jan 13) official League of Nations plebiscite envs(2) used locally Saarbrucken with air set opts (SG 192-5 cat £50) & plebiscite day pmks + SG183.6.40
1488ST HELENA: 1901 1d p.stat.card written(in Dutch) Jamestown-UK. Circ.POW censor EW. Cork cancel(CNC1). Horizontal crease. See also lot 1599.35
14891933 Main Street sepia ppc comm.used to USA, 2d(SG100).15
14901936 regd front to UK, 4-colour SG97-100(cat £21).20
14911939 regd OHMS cvr to S.Africa, 4-colour SG131-2,3,5(cat £22).25
14921944 OHMS cvr to UK. Boxed Official Paid.20
1493ST.KITTS:(see lots 135-6,871): 1899 Leewards QV 1d p.stat.card Basseterre-Germany with cds + A12 pmk.18
14941927 Guadeloupe ppc comm.used to UK @ Leewards 1d rate.12
14951940-1 comm.cvrs(2) USA-Basseterre @ 5c rates. Red circ.crown Passed by Censor 3 or 4.25
14961945 airmail cvr to USA, mix franking SG69a + scarce Leewards 1/= (SG110bb cat £13).25
14971947 regd cvr to USA, scarce pair 1d carmine-pink (SG69b cat £32) + SG78-9(x4 ea).30
1498ST LUCIA: 1892 local cvr with 1d on 4d (SG55).25
14991892 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used to UK with thimble cds.15
15001932 underpaid cvr Ascension-Castries, scarce SG1(cat £27) & 1d+2d PDues(D1-2). Cat £523(cvr). PHOT.140
15011935 cvr Vieux Fort(scarcer pmk)-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG109-12 cat £25). PHOTO45
1502ST VINCENT: 1901 QV 1½d p.stat.reply card complete comm.used to Montserrat(rec’r).25
15031901 QV ½d p.stat.card(+ ½d SG67) comm.used Kingstown-USA.40
15041937 KGV 3d regd env size G Kingstown-UK + KGVI 2½d(SG148).35
15051918 regd cvr Kingstown-Br.Virgins via US Virgins(scarce censor label), SG106 + blk 4 war stamps inc 2 with commas (SG122+b). Stamps cat £111. PHOTO150
15061938 KGVI 1d brown p.stat.env ovpt'd Specimen. Scarce.25
1507SAMOA: 1917 window env ex Australia @ 1d KGV rate with boxed Passed Samoa Censor 3.25
15081942 cvr Apia-Resident Commissioner,Niue @ 2d rate. NZ censor label tied circ.10 censor.25
1509SAN MARINO: 1892 15c blue p.stat.reply card complete comm.used to Holland.25
15101920 10c grn p.stat.card comm.used to Aosta + scarce 5c war fund (SG59).35
15111951 scarce 25L,80L or 120L opt airletters, LF5-7 fine unused (3).35
1512SARAWAK: 1946(May 18) regd airmail FDC Kuching-UK via Singapore of Centenary set (SG146-9 cat £45).30
15131948 cvr Bintulu(violet pmk)-Kuching, 8c (SG165).15
15141967 regd airmail express(label) cvr Kuching-UK, Malaysia 25c(x4),30c,50c + Sarawak 10c.15
1515SAUDI ARABIA: 1947 airmail cvr Aramco,Bahrain-India, 5-colour franking to 10g & Khobar pmk.15
1516SERBIA: 1918 FM stampless cvr ex railways inspector FPO 999-Paris. Boxed violet Serbian censor 43.25
15171920 regd cvr Belgrade-France, SG197(x3, faces defaced by pen) tied rev. Boxed Censure Militaire Serbe.25
1518German Occ: 1941 regd advert cvr Krusevac-Belgrade, 7d(Mi79). Belgrade postal censor label tied.20
1519SEYCHELLES: 1900 comm.cvr to Mauritius (carrier rec’rs), 12c(SG23). No flap.30
15201902 6c on 8c reply card complete, scarce H&G8 fine unused with Specimen h/stamp opt.25
15211913 cvr to UK, KEVII 6c (SG62).15
15221926 advert cvr Victoria-UK, 2c (SG98 x6).20
15231935 airmail cvr Victoria-UK via Bombay, 75c (SG118 cat £22).40
15241935 regd airmail FDC Victoria-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG128-31 cat £35).30
15251941 regd cvr Victoria-UK, original 2c-75c (SG135-45 cat £100). Top vals reverse. PHOTO65
15261949 regd airmail cvr Victoria-UK, S.Wedding set (SG152-3 cat £45).40
15271956 QEII 40c regd envs(4: sizes F,H,H2 & K) fine unused.25
1528SIERRA LEONE: 1885 Red Riding Hood Club env to Belgium via L'pool(paid Br.Pkt) & SS Roquette, 4d brown (SG33) & B31 pmk + S.Leone paid red thimble. PHOTO100
15291899 QV 1d reply card(scarce) comm.used London-Freetown(rec'r) with quartered h/stamp.40
15301910 KEVII 2d regd env Mano-Freetown + pair ½d(SG99) cancelled on arrival.30
15311918 local ppc comm.used to UK @ 1d rate with Garrison Mail scarcer pmk.40
15321921 KGV 2d regd env size G Pujehun(regd h/st)-UK + 1d(x2).25
15331933 regd OHMS cvr Freetown-Canada, 4-colour Wilberforce SG168-71.20
15341943 airmail cvr Freetown-UK @ 1/3d rate. Violet crown QQ/1 box censor.15
15351943 OAS NAAFI local censored(crown 2022) env FPO 41-Blackhall Road Camp. Internal mail scarcer.20
15361952 regd(h/stamp) cvr Kaballa-UK, SG190a(x4).15
1537SINGAPORE: 1942(Feb) AIF censored 25cts Postage Paid Malaya airmail env Aust.Base PO 28-Australia. Minor stains but rare. PHOTO100
15381948(Sept 1) airletter FDC to UK of KGVI 1c-6c + 10c (SG1-5,7).15
15391949 airmail cvr to UK, 25c UPU pair (SG35 cat £6).10
15401957 QE2 20c regd env size G used locally.10
1541SLOVAKIA: 1939 cvr Trencianske Teplice-UK, 3-colour perf Hlinka to 50h inc strip/blk of 4.15
15421940 regd airmail cvr Piestany-Chile(rare destination/rec'r), air set to 20k(SG55-64 cat £17). S/line Cenzur 12.40
15431941 largeish regd censored airmail cvr Utekac-Vienna, hi-rate airs SG57,59,62(all x2),63.20
1544SOLOMONS: 1926 comm.cvr Tulagi-UK, 1d (SG40 pair cat £22).35
15451937-8 regd(label or violet h/st) cvrs(2) Tulagi-UK, SG57-9 on both + RLO 38mm pmks.15
15461945 OAS censored patriotic illus cvr RNZAF NZAPO C(Guadacanal)-NZ.20
15471947 cvr Auki(violet pmk)-N.Guinea via Honiara, 2½d (SG64).20
15481948 regd cvr Munda-UK via Sydney, SG73(x2)-4. Both pmk/regd h/st in violet.20
15491968 illus unadd.FDC of defin set to $2 (SG166-80 cat £16).15
1550SOMALIA: 1960(Jun 26) local Hargeisa FDC of independence opts SG353-4(x4 cat £246). PHOTO200
1551SOMALILAND: 1936 regd airmail cvr Berbera-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG86-9 cat £50).40
15521938(May 10) regd FDCs(2) Berbera-UK, set to 12as (SG93-100 cat £123). Uncommon.100
15531947(Jun) forces airmail cvr Public Works Dept(cachet),Hargeisa Camp(s/ring pmk)-Kenya, SG105-6.30
15541947(Jun) card Berbera(D13 pmk)-USA, SG105-6.15
15551949 regd airmail cvr Hargeisa-USA, S.Wedding set (SG119-20).15
1556S.AFRICA:1911(May) advert cvr Rosherville(Tvl)-Berlin, 2½d(SG2). V.rare pmk(PO only open 18mnths).PH.150
15571916-9 ppcs(2) USA-Transvaal @ 2c rate. 2 diff.types Passed Censor h/st: 20 or Pretoria triangle.30
15581917 censored(S.African) comm.cvr Muldersvlei Rail-USA @ 2½d rate.20
15591923 KGV 6d regd env size F Nylstroom-Austria + coil pair ½d SG18.20
15601923-4 KGV 4d regd envs size G(2 diff) E.London/Newtown(Jo'burg)-Germany + 3d or 6d KGV(SG9,11a).25
15611924 comm.cvr Cape Town-USA, 1½d tete-beche (SG5a cat £18).30
15621928 1½d ship p.stat.card (illus: Toverwaterpoort) Cape Town-Germany.15
15631929 airmail cvr Cape Town-Pretoria, officials O7-8(blk 4 cat £18).25
15641935(May 1) airmail FDC Cape Town-UK of S.Jubilee set (SG65-8 cat £140). PHOTO100
15651935(May 22) airmail cvr Imperial Press Conference Jo'burg(sp.pmk)-Cape Town @ 1½d rate.20
15661938 regd cvr Rissik St,Jo’burg-USA, SG72 + 1d booklet pane (SG56f cat £35 unused). PHOTO45
15671938 airmail cvr Jo'burg-Vienna(rec'rs) via Greece(exchange control), pair 6d (SG61 cat £50).40
15681938(Dec 31) illus KLM New Year flight cvr Pretoria-Holland, Voortrekkers SG76-81(cat £36).25
15691942 airmail p/card Jo'burg-Palestine, KGVI 6d revenue disallowed so sent surface(h/st) with SG97(strip of 3) + 2-line Insufficiently Paid for Airmail. See also lots 12,106,856,890,1236+41,1446.15
15701943 official(cacheted) regd cvr Pretoria-Palestine, small war effort in pairs (SG97-104).25
15711944(Apr 1) cvr to Parow, strip 3 1d(SG98a) & scarce Sanctuary Toevlugsoord pmk in use 6 days@ Cape rail25
15721949 long regd airmail cvr Pretoria-India, 2d-6d pictorials: SG46c,61c,117(all blks 4),107b(blk 6 cat £53).40
15731950(Oct) illus cvr for visit of HMSAS Transvaal to Marion Is in S.Atlantic, SG115 & Cape Town p/bot.25
15741961 unpaid local Cape Town cvr, tax mark + mixed 1c+4c P.Dues (D47,51 cat £9).20
15751961 cvr Paardeneiland-Cape Town, animals set to 1r (SG185-97 cat £42).30
15761969 SAL-SAA official illus flight cvr (no.9) to New York, SG244(x2).15
1577S.AUSTRALIA: 1862 cvr(inc letter ex Lake Bonny) to Adelaide via Moorhype(?), 2d roulette (SG24a) & Overland Corner cds + (light) 116 numeral.30
15781894 cvr Adelaide-Cape Town(scarce Gardens TO rec'r) per Hippolas, 2½d (SG234).40
15791903 OS Taxation Dept env Adelaide-Nooringa(sq.circ.rec'r), 2d violet (SG178).15
15801910 G&R Wills advert env Adelaide-Marryatville, perfinned QV 1d. Uncommon.25
1581SW.AFRICA: 1916 regd cvr Windhuk-Switz, S.African KGV 2½d(pair)+4d. 3 different censors: circ.C.15, 99 bilingual label + 3-line For Censorship in Cape Town.30
15821917 S.African 4d regd env size G Omaruru(violet s/line h/st)-Swakopmund via Karibib +½d pair.30
15831928 unpaid cvr Jo'burg-Luderitzbucht, tax marks & pair 1½d P.Dues(D29). Cat £800(SG on cvr). PHOTO200
158419 35 S.Jubilee cvr Walvis Bay-Swakopmund of SG88-91(cat £35).25
15851938 air cvr Windhoek-Germany(customs censor), officials O13,15-6(singles),17(cat £98) Cat £798(cvr).PH.200
15861940 airmail cvr Walvis Bay-UK, SG101(x3) + horiz.pairs SG111-3(cat £45).35
15871942 airmail cvr Walvis Bay-Palestine(destination + censor), SG77(single)+119(pair cat £9).15
1588S.RHODESIA: (see lot 1458): 1925 comm.cvr Gwanda-UK, 1d (SG2 x2).20
15891924 regd cvr Nyabira-Germany via London, 4-colour SG1(x3),2-4. Stamp faults 1d+1½d. PHOTO65
15901932(Jan) illus cacheted IA FFC Salisbury-UK, 5-colour SG15(x2),16,17-19(cat £17).20
15911936 regd airmail cvr Bulawayo-Cape Town, 3-colour SG16b(x2),19a(x2),30(cat £15).20
15921941(May-Sept) cvrs(2 inc regd) Bulawayo-USA @ 3d or 7d(SG53-5,8) & triangular Passed Censor 10 or 11.25
15931949 regd airmail cvr Salisbury-India, SG35b+51(2/6d – scarce on cvr).25
15941953 Cape Town by night ppc comm.used Umtali-Hawaii(destination), 3d (SG35b).15
1595SPAIN: 1825 EL Burgos(3-line inc crown h/st)-London rated 6(red) & 2/2, 2-line Espagne par Bayonne.15
15961864 EL Genoa-Barcelona via La Junquera(blue cds). Box blue Cerdena(Sardinia) + 4Rs h/stamp.25
15971864 EL Santander-Bayonne via St Jean de Luz, 4mgn 12c (SG77a cat £12) & 43 rueda.25
15981865 outer Bilbao-Paris, fine 4mgn 12c (SG82 cat £22). H/struck 5c.30
15991903 comm.used ppc Vigo-St Helena(destination/rec’r), 10c(SG294).20
16001906 Alfonso 10c p.stat.card(Edifil 45) comm.used Caldas de Malavella(violet pmk)-Gerona.20
16011923 printed env(+ label/cachet) for Internat.Furniture Expo,Barcelona-Hungary, 3-col.mix SG330,36,78a.30
16021937 air(Cadiz-Rome) cvr Seville-Switz, SG888 + Seville local 5c. Box Seville milit.censor + Pro-Franco illus.15
16031950 Stamp Centenary illus cvr to UK, SG1141-2,5-6(cat £33) tied sp.pmk.25
16041952 illus Xavier FDC to USA, SG1178(cat £30) & sp.pmk. See also lots 19,80,760.25
16051972 8ptas airletter, Edifil 83 comm.used Las Palmas-UK. Cat 125eu.35
1606Guinea: 1963 regd airmail cvr Evinayong-USA via Batu, SG366(x2)+403.15
1607Morocco: 1948 airmail cvr Xauen-Switz, 4-colour airs SG258-61.20
16081940 advert cvr Beni Enzar-Yugoslavia via Nador(rare 3-line milit.intervention censor),SG200(oblig.tax),24-5.25
16091943 POW post cvr Tangier-Red X,Geneva, SG228+253. Madrid & German censor labels.20
16101949 airmail cvr Tetuan-Spain. SG209,E233(express),272.20
1611Tangier: 1953 regd cvr to USA, blk of 4 25c (SG131).15
1612SUDAN: 1898 5m opt p.stat.card Challal Wadi Halfa(Egyptian PO)-UK via Challal,Alexandria. PHOTO75
16131898(Oct) 1pi ovpt p.stat.env Khartoum(SPS pmk)-Cairo via Wadi Halfa SPS. Very early date.30
16141908 ppc comm.used to UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO, 5m & Halfa-Halfaya TPO pmk.25
16151909 Egyptian 4m p.stat.card Cairo-Pt Sudan(rec'r) & redirected to Pt Said via Shellal-Halfa TPOs 1&2.25
16161910 cvr Roseires-UK @ 5m rate. PHOTO75
16171919 cvr Bor-USA, blk of 10 1m(SG18). See also lot 873.45
16181926 temple ppc comm.used to USA, 3-colour SG31a-2,4(cat £29) & Shellal-Halfa TPO No.1 pmk.25
16191931 regd airmail cvr Khartoum-UK, scarce 4½pi (SG56 cat £15).20
16201940(Dec) OAS grn env double censored Indian FPO 23(Gedaref)-UK, SG43+44b.25
16211940(Dec) censored OAS cvr Indian FPO 24(Gebeit for 3 months)-Cairo (BPO rec’r).20
16221952-6 2½pt/3½pt airletters(2) comm.used(re expat life) Juba-UK.20
16231954 scarce 5m on 2m p.stat.env, H&G15 comm.used Ed Damer-Khartoum.20
16241956 airmail ppc comm.used to Switzerland, SG128-9 & scarce Khartoum Airport pmk. Proud NS.35
1625SWAZILAND: 1956 plain FDCs(3) to UK of set to £1 (SG53-64 cat £80).60
16261960 cvrs(2): local 1d or 6d to USA with Piggs Peak or Goedgegun pmks.20
16271965 underpaid ppc Mbabane-UK @ 1c rate. Tax marks both countries.10
16281968 comm.cvr Luyango-Piggs Peak @ 3c rate.15
1629SWEDEN:(see lot 83): 1880 6o lilac-brown official p.stat.card comm.used Malmo-Oscarshamn.20
16301898 10o p.stat.card Toreboda-W.Australia(rare destination +CSR TPO recr) via Trelleborg-Sassnitz TPO.PH65
16311911 ppc comm.used Sodertolje-Egypt(scarce destination) @ 10o Oscar rate. Redirected to UK via Cooks PO Cairo & Pt Said-Cairo TPO.35
16321924 New Year card comm.used Stockholm-UK, 20o UPU (SG164 cat £35).30
16331928 Collectors Exhib'n env regd airmail Stockholm(sp.label/pmk)-UK, 25o+30o UPU (SG150,66 cat £58).PH.65
16341929(May) flown(cachets) cvr Malmo-Paris by French airline, SG67+89.20
16351938 German airmail cvr Stockholm-Argentina(destination/rec'r) via Berlin-Sassnitz TPO @ 2kr10o rate.25
16361948-68 illus cards/envs(25) all flown internally by helicopter inc return trips. Fine base collection.125
1637SWITZERLAND: 1817-21 ELs(2) rated 2 or 6 with fine Altorf(Uri) or Weinfelden(Thurgau) scarcer s/lines.35
16381842 EL Zurich-Vienna rated 110. 2-line red Nach Abgang der Post(too late).20
16391861 internal EL via Luzern, good mgn 20r (Mi16B green thread cat £85) & s/line Rothenburg. PHOTO45
16401894 colour illus Zurich Industry Exhib'n 5c p.stat.card comm.used Zurich-Chaux de Fonds.20
16411912 Red X Biel local COD p/card refused & returned via Fahrpost, 12c (SG251). Uncommon.15
16421917 cvr Oberagern-Zurich, scarce 10c Pro-Juv (J5 cat £110). PHOTO100
16431918 Luzern ppc comm.used Basel-Canada, 15c Pro-Juv (J10 cat £20).20
16441926 regd parcel card Lugano-France, 30c Tell + 3fr red (Mi142). See also lots 63,81,649,982.25
16451930 airmail cvr Pully-UK, airs 15c-25c: SG316-8(x2 cat £85). PHOTO50
16461931(Dec 1) Pro-Juventute FDCs(4: 1 regd with blk of 4 30c cat £116 alone + 3 low vals J56-8 on individual illus cvrs) to Lausanne/Geneva. Cat 1000Sfr(FDC). PHOTO(ex).200
16471932 regd cvr Zurich-Bermuda(destination), SG225-6,64,340,J59(cat £48).35
16481937 airmail cvr Lenzburg-UK, SG344-5,60-2(surchs),68(x2)-9(cat £69).40
16491939(May) Swiss acceptance on cacheted express FFC Marseille-N.York, Mi305+324(BIT 1fr cat £28).25
16501942 advert cvr Lausanne-Italy(3 diff.censors inc scarcer removed from post by censor), scarce se-tenant strip of 3(SG427F+G+I cat 225SwFr). PHOTO65
16511946 regd airmail cvr Basel-UK, airs to 5fr (SG415-22 cat £30).25
16521952(May 31) regd Pro-Patria FDC Eschenz-Stein am Rhein, SG536-40. Cat 245Sfr(FDC).45
16531981 regd parcel card Lausanne-India via Chiasso, hi-vals SG656-7,865(x2).10
16541981 airmail cvr India-Switz notable for 3-line Geneva anti-drug censorship label + h/stamp.15
1655WHO: 1955 printed env express(cachet/label) Geneva(sp.pmk)-UK, 1f20 ovpt (LH20 cat £21). PHOTO45
1656SYRIA:1942(Jan)+1945(Au-Sep)OAS cvrs(3)to UK/India ex Indian FPO26(Aleppo/Jebel Mazar)or 28(Deir es)40
16571942(Apr 6) regd air censor(Free French) Independence FDC Damascus(Salkie)-Beirut, SG358-63(cat £30).30
16581945(Jun) GB forces 3d regd env FPO 555(Damascus)-S.Africa via APO-u-MpK 29A(Cairo) + GB KGVI 10d.20
16591946 airmail cvr Alep-Holland, SG423,9(x2) + Army Fund 5p (T422 cat £33). See also lot 623.30
1660TASMANIA:(see lot 833): 1895 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Forth(36 numeral)-Ulverstone(rec’r).20
16611900(Nov 30) local Hobart cvr with pair 3d revenue opts (SGF34 cat £70). PHOTO100
1662THAILAND: 1887 4a p.stat.reply card complete, H&G4 fine unused.10
16631911-2 3 on 1½a p.stat.cards(2 diff) used locally in Bangkok with code 2 pmks.30
16641947 airmail cvr Bangkok-Belgium, SG243,54,61(cat £10).15
16651947(Jun) Pan-am illus/cacheted FFC Bangkok-Calcutta, SG292,4(x2),307(1b).15
1666TONGA: 1935 regd tin-can mail cacheted long cvr Niuafoou-Niue, set to 1/= min.cat £40+. PHOTO.50
16671944(Jan) illus tin-can mail cacheted local Niuafoou FDC of SG83-7(cat £7).15
1668TRANSJORDAN:1942 banking cvr Amman-Baghdad, SG227(x2). Lozenge violet censor 4 + Iraqi censor tied20
16691949 cvr Amman-UK, SG285-6+7(x3),T270.Scarce box bilingual violet 3-line Censorship/Amman/Passed(rev)35
16701952 Arab Legion(env + Base HQ cachet) airmail cvr Amman-UK, pair 20f ovpts (SG327). See also lot 1389.25
1671TRANSVAAL: 1896 1d p.stat.card comm.used Jo’burg (scarce 3 ZAR duplex)-Germany.25
16721897 regd cvr Brakpan(scarcer pmk)-Germany, 3d+6d (SG220,22).40
16731901 local Jo'burg regd cvr with VRI 2/6d(x4) + 5/=(x3: 1 no stop after V), SG234-5a cat £270+. PHOTO250
16741904 regd cvr(inc accounts contents) Krugersdorp-UK, 3d+6d (SG248,50).25
16751906 comm.cvr Jo’burg-USA, 3-colour KEVII SG262,4-5.30
1676TRINIDAD: 1904 Governors Residence ppc comm.used Rose Hill-UK @ 1d rate.35
16771916(Oct 19) local FDC to Belmont(rec'r) of 1d Red X ovpt (SG175).15
16781931(Jan) CGA cacheted FFC Pt of Spain-Venezuela(rec’r), SG219+227.20
16791938 Pan-am airmail cvr Pt of Spain-USA, 3c+24c (SG232a,36a cat £20+).25
16801941 air hotel advert cvr Pt of Spain-Brazil, SG246-8,9a,50-1(x2),2. Violet circ.crown Passed Postal Censor.315
16811944 illus Angostura Bitters airmail advert cvr to UK, KGVI 8c,12c,24c(x2).15
16821956 KGVI 5c grn/blue airletter comm.used Pt of Spain-UK + QE2 SG268,71.15
16831956 QE2 8c regd env size G Tunapuna-UK + SG274(x3).15
16841989 cvr Marabella-San Fernando @ 40c rate. Scarce blk/red T&T PO Officially Sealed label.20
1685TRISTAN: STB 1931(Mar) cvr to UK, GB KEVII 1d & type 3 cachet possibly via SS Seringa. PHOTO150
16861938 cvr to UK, fine type VII violet cachet, tax marks + GB ½d+1d P.Dues (D19-20 cat £12).25
16871938 cvr to Guernsey via Cape Town p/bot & SS Suomen Joutsen(cds rev), GB KGVI vals + blue type V cds.35
16881948 cvr to Aden(rec'r), Seiyun 1a+2a tied brownish type VIII cachet. PHOTO50
1689TURKEY: 1886 20pa p.stat.card comm.used to Paris with circular negative seal of Constantinople.20
16901912 mosque ppc to France, 10pa tied rare 3-line Cospoli/date/Port. PHOTO100
16911924 regd(box h/st) cvr Pera 5-Switz, 15pi (SG1006). See also lots 84,528,1037,1380.20
16921926 parcel card comm.used Olti(scarce)-Samsoun via Bafra, mix issues SG968(25 pi pair),A121,1002.30
16931954(May) airmail cvr FPO 513(Ankara)-UK, GB QE2 2½d. Uncommon.20
1694TURKS & CAICOS: 1914 regd(oval pmk ties stamps) cvr to USA, 2d+2½d (SG131-2).30
16951919 regd OHMS cvr to USA, pair 3d war tax (SG151).20
16961919 regd cvr to USA, both ¼ds SG115-6 + blk of 4 war tax SG150.35
16971923 cvr to USA, SG163b + 152(x2 war tax cat £20) + 1922 local cvr with ¼d (SG154 cat £26) + 1936 advert cvr to USA, strip of 5 SG187 (3 items).35
16981937 regd cvr to Caymans via Jamaica, ½d+ pair 2½d (SG176,180 cat £10+).20
16991937 regd cvr to UK, mixed KGV-VI SG178,91+3.15
17001937 regd cvr Cockburn Harbour-UK, SG191-3.15
1701URUGUAY:1900 cvr Montevideo-UK, 10c(SG223). Redirected Norfolk-York with rare 115 duplex Stoke Ferry.40
17021903 ppc Argentina-25th August(rec'r) @ 4c rate via TPO A64(fine pmk).20
17031907 underpaid ppc Paris-Montevideo taxed with 2c P.Due (D405).40
17041925(Sept) flown regd FDC Montevideo-Rincon of SG474-5(cat £16).15
17051949 airmail(via BSAA labels) advert cvrs(2 inc regd) Montevideo-UK @ 36c-48c rates. See also lot 195.15
1706USA:(see lot 38,41,53,55):1829 EL Norfolk(Va)-Washington rated 18 with Baltimore pmk + s/line Steam Boat.25
17071829 EL N.Orleans-N.York per SS Kentucky with curved red Mail Route. See also lots 99,218,369,1476,1505.25
17081857 cvr Sacramento-Belfast(Maine), 3mgn 10c (Sc.14 cat £180). PHOTO90
17091865 local New York EL with 2c blackjack (SG69 cat £65 but straight edge) & cork cancel.35
17101883 advert cvr Hunterville(Iowa: blue pmk)-Comits Ferry(Pa: brown pmk) underpaid with 3c P.Due (J3) tied.20
17111893 double regd (Cleveland & N.York) cvr to UK, 8c Columbus + 10c Webster (SG231+241 cat £18).25
17121898 5c Grant colour advert p.stat.env to Sweden pmk'd Chicago & Duluth TPO.20
1713Early-modern cvrs(10) inc nice 1888 attorney advert, WW1 censor to Italy, 3 P.Due items, illus N.Pole etc.25
17141903 long double regd(San Francisco & N.York)cvr to Ireland, 3-colour mix issues SG286,89(x2),312(cat £15)25
17151916-22 regd cvrs(4) Neu Ulm(Mn)-Austria @ 15c rate inc 3-colour frankings & SG519-21.30
17161924(Sept) airmail cvr Carmel(Calif)-Mass, 2c p.stat.env + 24c air (A616 cat £34).30
17171926(Apr) FFC Las Vegas-Salt Lake City using 2c p.stat.env + 8c air (A614 cat £16) & sp.flight pmk.15
17181940 OHBMS Br.Consulate,Boston printed env to UK @ 5c rate.10
17191943(Aug) US Navy illus patriotic V free p/card to Washington with circ. Passed Naval Censor.15
1720Alaska: 1946(July) cacheted emergency mail service flown cvr Quinhagak-Fairbanks @ 6c rate.15
1721Guam: 1901 regd(circ.h/stamp) cvr Agana-Germany, scarce ovpts to 15c inc sp.delivery 10c(cat £1400+) tied violet s/line. Gum stains but very rare. PHOTO2000
1722Hawaii: 1934(Oct) illus/cacheted FFC Hilo-USA @ 13c rate.10
1723VATICAN:(see lot 1071): 1934 unadd.Rome hotel env with SG15-28(cat £92).45
17241935 cvr to Canada, 1L25 (SG29 cat £14). Inc Vatican radio station p/card.25
17251938 regd air cvr German Camposanto College-UK, SG29,56-7,9 +scarce Per Pacchi PE15(x2 cat £30+).PH100
17261945 50c p.stat.card comm.used to Polish Forces CMF 46(Middle East) + 3L(SG113).15
17271955 regd airmail cvr to USA, commems SG208-14(cat £40).30
1728VENEZUELA: 1895 10c p.stat.cards(2: H&G8-a) Maracaibo(blue rubber skeleton) or Ciudad Bolivar-Germany20
17291908 Sucre 10c p.stat.card, H&G14 comm.used Pto Cabello-Valencia.15
1730VICTORIA:(see lot 844): 1901 ppc comm.used Melbourne-Belgium, scarce 1½d (SG333) green.20
17311901-7 underpaid cvrs(3) Oakley/Norwell/Ballarat-Tasmania with 3 diff.types oval T2d h/stamp.40
17321905 OHMS unstamped cvr Melbourne-N.Fitzroy(Collingwood rec'r). Oval T1d + uncancelled 1d P.Due(D27c)20
17331907 ppc St Kilda-Shanghai(destination/Br.PO rec'r), SG417+433 & Melbourne pmk.20
17341910 Zieher 'NSW stamps' ppc comm.used Melbourne-Germany @ 1½d rate contrary to UPU regulations.20
1735VIETNAM: 1958 airmail cvr Saigon Airport-Singapore, SG61-2,6,S15,18,33,43-4,49(cat £10).15
1736W.AUSTRALIA: 1896 regd cvr Onslow-Govt Assayer,Perth, 3-colour mix franking SG95(x4),99(scarce on cvr),F11(faulty),F13 & 3 duplex. Contained gold? PHOTO100
17371900 cvr Ship Mail Room-UK, ½d+2d (SG94a,113).20
17381902 1½d on 3d p.stat.card comm.used Ship Mail Room-UK.15
17391910 front South Perth-UK, 4-colour SG94a,5,6a,113. See also lot 1630.20
1740YUGOSLAVIA: (see lots 24,92,381): 1916 Hungarian 5f p.stat.card comm.used Zagreb-Berlin with 2 diff. Kuk Zagreb censors + Graz 3-line censor.25
17411920 SHS ovpt 10f p.stat.card(P38 type 4) comm.used to Bjelovar + pair 3v(SG97a).20
17421920 regd advert cvr Sarajevo-UK, 30v(SG111 x5) tied reverse. Boxed violet Sarajevo censor.20
17431933(May 27) regd illus Pen Club Dubrovnik FDC to France of SG270-5(cat £75) & sp.pmk. PHOTO50
17441939(Sep) regd advert cvr Zagreb-Palestine(destination/rec’r), SG332(20d) + Red X 50p. Palestine cens.label20
1745ZANZIBAR: 1897 Sultan 2as regd env scarcer size J used locally + 5as(SG166). Central fold.50
17461931 regd(h/struck) cvr to Finland(destination/rec’r), SG304(x2)+6.20
17471960 OHHGS airmail On Postal Service(cachets) cvr Postmaster(cachet)-UK with Official Paid pmk.15
17481964 regd airmail cvr to Mombasa, Jamhuri local ovpts set to 10sh (SG394-408 cat £18).20
17491964 regd airmail cvr to Kenya, mixed Jamhuri opts SG395(x3),9,414(blk 8),17-19.15
17501966 formular regd env size G airmail to India, SG464,66,70(x2). Uncommon.20
1751WW2: Far East propaganda leaflets(6 inc illus) no's SJ63(2 diff),66(2 diff),67,68 (STB dropped by RAF 356 Squadron over Singapore/Java).60
1752GB used Ascension: 1911 piece with KEVII 1d+4d(bisect not tied), Z21+8 cat £432 'as is'. PHOTO50
1753GB used Argentina: 1867 2/= blue (Z27 cat £175) & B32 pmk but damaged at left.25
1754GB used Brazil: 1867 wing mgn 1/= grn pl.5 (Z37 cat £50) & fine C82 pmk.20
1755GB used Colombia: 1864 1d pl.123 (Z2 cat £55) & fine C56 pmk.20
1756GB used Chile: 1873 1/= grn pl.13 (Z84 cat £65) & C30 pmk.20
1757GB used Gibraltar: 1867 5/= pale rose scarcer pl.2 (Z68 cat £1000) + forged A26 pmk. RPS certificate.50
1758Hong Kong used Foochow: QV 10c on 12c blue (Z330 cat £130) & F1 duplex.45
1759QV 2c-10c (Z313-4,6,335 cat £186) & blk/blue F1 pmks (4).60
1760GB used Jamaica: 1d star + 6d lilac (Z103+5 cat £875) & fine A55 pmks. 6d on piece (PHOTO).200
1761GB used Mailboats: 1859 1d stars(x2) on piece (Z130 cat £140) & fine A91 pmks.50
1762GB used Puerto Rico: 1864 1d pl.118 (Z15 cat £65) & fine F83 pmk. See also lot 1476.20

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