January 28th 2017


Yorkshire Cover Auctions 


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11856 EL London(paid)-Sweden(rec’rs) rated 10 & 1/2d via Hamburg(KDOPA & KSunPA pmks cat 250eu).PH.65
2Disinfected: 1837 EL Rome(s/line red Affrancata)-Fermo. Papal keys + Netta Dentra e Fuori & slits.35
31837 EL Lucca(s/line + date)-Bologna(rec’r). Boxed Disinfettato pel Contatto.35
4Boer War: 1900(July) large OHMS PO cvr FPO 17(Jo’burg)-Scotland, GB 2d (Z5 cat £20). Unusual.40
51902(Jan) QV GB 2d regd env size G FPO47(Vryheid)-Cradock via NE TPO Down + GB 1d lilac.30
61902(May) QV GB censored 2d regd env size F APO 56(Heidelburg)-Durban + KEVII 1d strip of 3 cat £33.35
7WW1: 1916 censored Doberitz Camp illus Easter card to UK. Also unused illus camp p/card (2 items).20
81917 German 10c ‘civilian worker’ p.stat.card comm.used to Camp AKP2 with imprint tied box Gepruft PU.St25
91918 French army p.stat.card ex British soldier,Salonika force with Serbian Army via Serbian military PO.20
10Asia: 1903-37 cvrs/ppcs(13) ex H.Kong inc FFC, German/Russian(60% ppc) POs Shanghai,Indochina,China.35
11C/Wealth: balance consignment KGV-VI cvrs inc Mauritius,Pitcairn,Tristan,Gibraltar,BWI etc(20 items)65
121930 IA/Quantas England-Australia airmail envelope fine unused.10
13WW2: 1941(Dec) censored airmail cvr N.York(US)-Belgium@ 30c. 2-line Ret’d to Sender Service Suspended.20
141941-2 illus POW Xmas cards(3) to UK ex Stalag 8B(x2 diff) or Oflag VIB in Germany. All different censors.30
151944(May) airmail cvr S.Africa-Ireland @ 1/3d rate. Examiner 1569 + red Irish box censors.15
16Safe Conduct passes(SE Asia): multilingual leaflets(3) SJ107,117,125.40
17Propaganda leaflets(5) in Asian languages no's SJ109,115,118,122,124(latter 2 inc pics) in red/blue/black.65
18Early SJ69 Asian language leaflet inc map Burma/Thailand/Vietnam one side & text ovpt'd picture the other.20
19UN: 1977 cvr UNDOF AUSBATT 1500(Austrian FPO in Syria) to UK @ Austrian 4s rate.10
20undated EL St Thomas-Cumbria rated 2/4. Stained/fumigated & split folds but rare grn Leewards F h/st. PH.200
211821 EL(illness/shipping) Madeira-UK rated 2/6, s/line Lisbon.30
221836-7 ELs(2) Leicester/London-Canada(rec'rs) rated 1/=(red)+2/=(blk) or 3/=(inc 1/4+9) via N.York ship cds.25
231838 EL St John(NB)-Scotland rated 1/7 + box ½. Box blk Liverpool Ship Letter(S13).20
241839 EL St Andrews(NB)-UK rated 1/5. Blk 2-line Liverpoool Ship Letter(S14).20
251869 EL Bahia(Brazil)-Portugal per La Plata rated 150(h/st). P.Transatlantico blue cds.20
261873 outer Vera Cruz(Mexico)-N.Orleans via Galveston(blue cds + cork). Circ.10 + Ship(both blue).25
271894 mourning cvr Naples-Cornwall, GB 2½d Jubilee + s/line Paquebots(Hosk.1119). Early use.15
281902 RSMP printed QV ½d grn p.stat.card used London-Paris + KEVII ½d perfin RMS. RSMP Co.pmk(rev).20
291905 Kaiser Wilhelm II ppc Gibraltar-UK, Germania 10pf & Deutsch Seepost E.Asia Line code f pmk.20
301906 Aden ppc to Germany, Germania 10pf & Deutsch Seepost E.Africa Line code g pmk.20
311909 market ppc written Accra-Hamburg, Germania 5pf(x2) & oval Hamburg-W.Africa Deutsch Seepost pmk.20
321914(Nov) Egyptian OAS ppc to UK, landed at Bombay with boxed Paquebot (Hosk.2949). 2-line Rec’d from HM Ship No Charge h/stamp & countersigned(cachet) Capt Commanding F Company 4th Bn Wilts Regt.20
331914 HAPAG 'Imperator' ppc used to Belgium, German 10pf + Imperator flag Hamburg-N.York US line pmk.15
341921 Bergen N.Cape RP firms ppc to UK @ Norway 25o rate & Bergen-Newcastle Norwegian Sea PO pmk.25
351921 RSMP env(+ headed letter) Arlanza(high seas pmk)-Argentina(rec'r), GB 3d & boxed paquebot20
361933 Cunard env SS Carinthia(posted on board) to USA, GB 1½d & Durban pmk + box Paquebot(Hosk.2774)25
371934(Sept) cvr Mazatlan(Mexico)-USA, US 1c(x3) not pmk'd. V.rare Hosk.6419 p/bot(x2) in use '34 only. PH.50
381935 cvr to Cape Town, GB 2½d S.Jubilee & Dar-es-Salam paquebot cds (Hodk.2758).25
391935(Oct) cvr to N.York, US 1c(x2) & USS Houston Magdalena Bay pmk + Presidential Cruise cachet.15
401936 Suez Canal RP ppc to Holland, German 15pf Hindenburg & Bremen-E.Asia Line D.Potsdam pmk.20
411937 cvr to UK, Jamaica Coronation set tied Belize pmks + 2-line Mailed at Sea RMS Connector.15
421939(Mar) D.Europa cachet catapult flight cvr to USA, German SG674-6(cat £20)& oval Berlin-Hannover TPO25
431939 cvr to UK, US 3c tied Sydney paquebot machine cancel (scarcer Hosking 1507).25
441941 advert cvr Guayaquil-N.York, Ecuador SG566,605,34-5 tied NY & Valp. SS Santa Lucia US Sea Post cds + s/line paquebot. Central fold.15
451946 OAS cvr to UK, PO maritime mail slogan + British Fleet Mail 29(Simonstown) pmk.15
461952 cvr Djakarta-USA, US 2c & boxed Paquebot (Hosking 3076 – space between E&B).25
471954 cvr Charlotte Amelie(US Virgins)-UK, late use St Vincent 1d+1½d Coronation & s/line Paquebot(Hosk. 2357). Circ.red TEV Queen of Bermuda Posted on High Seas cachet.15
481955 cvr Leoville to USA, Norway 20o tied box Paquebot (Hosk.3299) of Penang(cds).15
49Arts: 1892 Austria 2kr illus(rev: Music & Theatre Exhib'n,Vienna)p.stat.card used locally with sp.exhib'n pmk.25
50Balloon: 1954(Oct) Austria Pro-Juv illus p.stat.env Salzburg-Switz, 30gr+30gr costumes +SG1174,1232.20
511938(Sep 23) regd p/card for Polish stratosphere balloon flight Zakopane-Torun, MS335b cat £70 on rev. PH.65
52Birds:(see lot 146): 1971 Lesotho set (SG204-10 cat £20) on illus.unadd.FDC15
531974 Bahamas set + minisheet (SG429-33 cat £19) on illus FDCs(2) to UK.15
54Concorde: 1970(Nov) French airletter flown(cachet) 001 1st flight at Mach2 ex Toulouse by Andre Turcat.20
551973-5 illus 02 flown cvrs(8) ex France(x3 diff),Venezuela,USA(x2 diff),Brazil & Spain.40
561979(Feb) official BA cvr for HM Queen's flight Riyadh-Dhahran @ Saudi 20h rate.15
57Cycling: 1921 internal Swedish cvr @ 20o rate with reverse full-size picture of bicycle.20
58Dance: 1948(Mar) illus local cvr for World Championships in Helsinki,Finland, SG456. Inc sp.label.15
59Esperanto: 1949 Bournemouth ppc to Rochdale, GB KGVI 2d & fine Esperanto Congress skeleton pmk.20
60Gardens: 1904 Indochina 10c p.stat.card comm.used Botanic Gardens,Saigon-Kew Gardens (scarce Royal Gardens 30mm rec’r) via Ligne N.Paq.Fr.No.8 pmk35
61Glider: 1950(Oct) 100yrs Juba Stamp Exhib’n p/card regd Graz(sp.pmk/label)-Vienna, Austrian Mi950. Flown by glider(cachets/label) ex Worschach & forced to land Steinach due to bad weather(cachet).20
62Golf: 1970-95 illus cvrs(17)ex Jamaica,Canada,Xmas Is,St Vincent,Kenya,Malaysia,UK,Aland,NZ.Most FDCs25
63Helicopter: 1947(Nov) cacheted sp.flight cvr The Hague-Brussels, Dutch 20c.20
641954(Feb) illus E.German acceptance on Ostermans AB Swedish FFC Stockholm-Skorgatan & back.20
65Hotel:(see lot 1052): 1904 regd advert cvr Glen Innes(NSW + 132 numeral)-Tasmania, pair 2½d(SG316)30
661906 Chile 2c red p.stat.card(back pre–printed with illus for Gran Hotel Vina del Mar) used Vina-Santiago.25
671921-5 Hotel Pomeroy,Barbados pictorial envs(2 diff) to USA @ Barbados 2d or Trinidad 1d rate. Inc letter.25
681937 lovely colour illus(full reverse) Cuba airmail hotel env Havana-USA @ 10c rate. See also lot 475.25
69Motoring: Guernsey 2006-7 illus Andy Priaulx inc minisheet + F1 Champions sets on illus unadd.FDCs(3).15
70Mountaineering:(see lot 998): 1980s-90s all different signed Himalayan Expedition cvrs/ppcs(16).50
71Olympics: 1924 regd cvr Bruyeres-UK, French Olympics SG401-3(cat £18).25
721936(Aug) Hindenburg cacheted Olympic flight cvr Frankfurt-Berlin, 1mk (Mi364). See also lot 708.25
731956(Nov) Quantas Olympic torch illus FFC Athens(sp.pmk)-Australia(sp.Olympiad rec'r) @ Greek 7d50.15
74Red X:(see lot 529): 1939 regd cvrs(2) Wevelghem-UK, Belgian set(SG839-46 cat £18).20
751943-71 Columbian cvrs(6 inc regd) to USA all with different official(SG704,36-8) or unofficial Red X stamps.25
76Rocket: 1960(Aug) flown flimsies(2) Germany-Holland with different Missile Research Institute labels.10
771962(Sept) 1st flight Zucker rocket in Andorra cvr, Andorra SGF185 & sp.label tied cachets.20
78Rowing: 1932(Sept) flown regd cvr Zagreb-Vienna, Yugoslav set (SG264-9 cat £45) tied sp.air pmks.40
79Royalty: 1831 'The Mirror' Coronation souvenir 16pp booklet for King William IV & Queen Adelaide. Rare.50
801922 crown crested env Sandringham(s/ring pmk)-Gen.Higginson,Bucks @ 2d rate. Countersigned G.25
811939(May) regd cvr Royal Train Canada(both English/French pmks)-USA, SG357-62,71-4,S9(cat £14).20
821953(Nov) illus Royal World Tour cvr 1st stop Newfoundland, Canada 4c & Gander pmk. Uncommon.15
831955 cvr St Kitts-USA, Leewards 8c+12c & boxed Give to the Princess Alice Appeal (good strike rubber pmk).25
841958(May) illus/cacheted cvr for Princess Margaret's visit to Br.Honduras @ 1c rate. Scarce.25
851980(Dec) illus cvr for visit of Prince Charles to Nepal, Nepal stamps & sp.PO Hotel Shankar,Kathmandu pmk10
861986(Feb 17-21) 1st & last day illus cvrs(2) for Queen’s visit to Nepal with sp.PO pmks. See also lot 56.20
87Scouts: 1929 aerial ppc of opening of Birkenhead International Jamboree @ Arrowe Park fine unused.15
881953 Liechtenstein PO regd FDC Vaduz-Switz of SG313-6(cat £50).35
891959(May 4) illus African Jamboree FDC Ruwa-Hadfield, Rhod&Nyasa 2½d & sp.pmk.15
90Skiing: 1936(Feb) illus unadd.FIS World Games Innsbruck cvr, Austria SG788-91(cat £200).Central fold.PH100
91Space: 1959 regd cvr Gabrovo(Bulgaria)-Switz, SG1129 both perf/imperf cat 30 euros.20
921961(Oct 17-23) Russian illus unadd.FDCs(2) of 1r inc ovpt (SG2635-6 cat £175). PHOTO(ex)100
931971(Feb 6) Bahamas cvr for Apollo 14 landing inc sp.local label tied.10
94Tennis/Cricket:1899 Mauritius 2c p.stat.card locally used with printed back for tennis matches at cricket club.20
95Whaling: 1980 anti-whaling printed p/card USA-Norway @ 26c rate.10
96ADEN: 1934 crested env Khormaksar-Australia(destination), pair Indian 1a3p.40
971937(Apr 1) scarce 9p dhow p.stat.card used FDI Aden Camp-UK + SG1. PHOTO65
981938 cvr Aden Camp-Scotland, 3-colour SG1-2,4(cat £9).15
991939 KGVI ¾a p.stat.card H&G2 fine unused.15
1001939(Oct) provisional OAS I Certify ‘honour env’ to Canada ex RAF pilot officer, SG18-19.25
1011941 forces airmail stampless cvr No.11 RAF Postal HQ(pmk)-UK.15
1021951(Oct 1) regd FDC Aden Camp-USA of ovpt set to 10sh (SG36-46 cat £38).30
1031951 regd cvr to Switz, SG42(blk of 4)+45 (5r cat £23).25
104States: 1951 local Maalla cvr with pair+single ½a STB comb perf olive–grn (SG1a cat £126). PHOTO80
1051951(Nov) airmail cvr Aden-UK(& back), Shihr & Mukalla opt set to 5sh (SG20-7 cat £75). PHOTO70
106AEGEAN: 1913 cvr Caso(violet Italian PO pmk)-Mersina(Austria PO rec’r), ovpt vals(7) to 50c(cat £88). PH.80
1071915 graves at Psitos RP ppc used to Italy, Italian 5c Rodi opt. Circ.armourial military radio-telegraph cachet.30
1081933 comm.cvr ex Italian policeman on Kos (Coo pmk)-Milan, 50c (SG22).25
109AFGHANISTAN: 1925 cvr to Peshawar, mix frank 10p(SG177) & oval Zulgada pmk + Indian 1a & Landikhana25
110ALBANIA: 1918 feldpostkarte KuK FPO Elbassan-Vienna. KuK unit s/line cachet. Mss censor..25
1111925(May) cacheted FFC Tirana-Valona(rec'r), 10q p.stat.env uprated airs SG186(x2)-7(cat £12).25
1121928-32 King Zog 10q,25q p.stat.envs(4 diff inc 2 with MBRETNIA SHQIPTARE 2-line ovpt)25
1131930 cvr to Florence, ovpts SG259(x10)-60 & Lussino(Italian paquebot)pmk. Ovpt varieties on 50q inc small A, AI not AZ & no dots after A or Z. PHOTO100
1141930 firms p/card Sarande-Tirane(& redirected to Vienna), 10q ovpt (SG251).30
1151940 cvr Tirane(airmail pmk)-Red X,Switz, SG354-5,68(20q air).25
1161941(Apr) Italian forces p.stat.card PM28(Durazzo)-Milan. Italian circ.censor 240.25
1171960 airmail beach ppcs(2) Durres/Korce-Prague, 8L (SG580).25
1181961 regd airmail cvr Tirane-Italy, SG543(10L air x2),575,599(cat £23). See also lot 1153.20
119ANDORRA: French:(see lot 77): 1956 airmail cvr La Veille-UK, 50fr (F159 x2 cat £10). Mss Found in box.15
1201964 illus unadd. Red X FDC of Santa Coloma virgin (F192 cat £35).25
121Spanish: 1949 advert cvr Escaldes-Seu de Urgel, SG44 + Spanish 5c,25c tied La Vieja pmk.40
1221952 cvr La Vieja-La Seu de Urgel, SG47(cat £16) + Spanish TB set (SG1163-5).40
1231954 regd airmail cvr La Vieja-USA, SG44,47,54(blk 4 cat £135) + Spanish 10c. PHOTO100
1241959 mountains ppc La Vieja-USA, SG49,54(pair cat £67) + Spanish 10c. PHOTO75
125ANGUILLA: 1961 regd airmail cvr Valley-USA, St Kitts-Nevis $4.80 (SG118 cat £11).25
1261967(Sept) slightly cut-down airmail cvr to St Maartens(Dutch WI), 5c+15c opts (SG6+9 cat £67). PHOTO65
1271976 regd(box h/st) cvr Travelling Branch(TPO)-USA, ovpts SG225-6,30,34.20
128ANTIGUA: 1911 2d arms regd env size H2 St Johns-Prague + set to 6d (SG31-6 cat £131). PHOTO100
1291912 ½d arms p.stat.card comm.used St Johns-Gracehill (scarce All Saints rec’r).40
1301929(Sept) FFC to P.Rico (rec’r), 3d+6d (SG74-5). See also lots 1129-31.20
1311936 regd cvr St Johns-Switz, 3-colour SG68,69 + scarcer 72(cat £19).30
1321937 regd cvr St Johns-UK, mix franking SG73(x4) + scarce Leewards 5/= (SG78 cat £100). PHOTO150
1331941(May) airmail cvr St Johns-USA, 4-colour KGVI SG102-3(x5),5-6(cat £30).40
1341942(Mar) US APO 806(naval base)-UK @ US 6c rate. US Examiner + Examiner 3249 censors.20
1351961(Nov 14) illus regd(Dockyard added in mss to h/st) airmail FDC Nelsons Dockyard-UK, SG140-1. FDI PO15
136Barbuda: 1924 double regd cvr to Antigua, 2/= (SG6 cat £55 + frame break over L). PHOTO100
1371977 regd airmail cvr to Tristan(destination), strip of 3 SG91-3.15
138ARGENTINA: 1905 unstamped ppc to Italy, boxed A Cobrar $0.04 B.Aires & circ. Falta Franqueo.20
1391913 cvr Pueblo Nuevo Junio(BA)-Prague(destination), 4-colour SG297,395(x2)-7,99a.20
1401921 San Martin 5c p.stat.env regd Bahia Blanca-UK + 20c (SG458B). Firms advert.15
1411928(July) cacheted 1st experimental flight cvr B.Aires-Montevideo @ 5c rate. Flown Doolittle.40
1421930 regd 8-colour franking cvr Rosario-USA, SG493,513,5,30,2-3,5,77.25
1431940-1 censored(German/Italian) LATI airmail cvrs(4) to Europe inc 3 different Condor-LATI h/stamps.50
144Antarctic: 1948 comm.cvr S.Orkneys-Santa Fe(rec’r), SG790. Scarce. PHOTO45
145GB used in: 1/= pl.4 spray wmk wing margin (Z25 cat £45) & full B32 pmk.15
146ASCENSION: 1964 cvr to UK, birds set to 10/= (SG70-82 cat £40+).25
147AUSTRALIA:(see lot 43,473,1267-8,1398,1410-14): 1916 KGV 4d orange regd env, H&G8 fine unused. PH.45
1481919 KGV 1½d p.stat.advert(drug company) env Sydney-USA + 1½d (SG52).25
1491931(Apr) illus cacheted FFC Sydney-UK, SG109,121-3(cat £32).20
1501931(Nov) sp.illus cachet Xmas FFC Melbourne-UK, airs SG121,39-a inc OS(cat £78). Pilot signed(Allan).PH. 60
1511934 regd airmail cvr Sydney-UK, SG141-2,6,53 + scarce(on cvr)officials O129-30(cat £18),40
1521935 OHMS police front Kurrajong-Parramatta, OS 1d+2d (O129-30). Sydney boxed red Tax 2d h/stamp & 2d (D102 cat £11) P.Due tied.40
1531938(Feb-Oct) plain FDCs(2) to S.Africa of ½d roo(SG164 blk of 4) or 4d koala (SG170).25
1541939(Sept) regd airmail cvr Brisbane-Switz, 2/=(SG134). Very early red/white censor labels + box censor 4.25
1551945 blue telegram Townsville(Qld)-Naragoorte(SA). Uncommon.25
1561949(Oct 3) regd FDC Sydney-USA of 10/= arms (SG224b).35
1571953-4 regd airmail cvrs(2) Springvale(Vic)-USA @ 6/9d-7/= rates with late usages 5/= roos(SG30,42c: faults)50
1581966-7 QE2 24c & 25c regd envs(2, H&G47,49) fine unused.25
1591984-90 sets on fine unadd.illus FDCs(29). High cat/face value.30
160AAT: 1948 cvr Macquarie Is-UK @ 2½d rate. 2-line violet ANARE 1947 cachet.20
1611954-61 nice lot mainly illus cvrs(6 inc regd) ex Wilkes,Davis,Macquarie or Mawson. Vals to 2/=(x4).25
162AUSTRIA:(see lot 19,49-50,61,90,424-5): 1863(Nov) disinfected(?) outer Bellovar(Croatia)-Prague via Zittau, blk of 6 2kr+3kr (Mi24-5 cat 2400eu as used). PHOTO1500
1631869 EL Trient-Lecco(Italy) via Bergamo, 15kr (SG64 cat £18).30
1641883 wrapper Vienna-Bordeaux, 2kr (Mi35 scarcer p.9 type 2) x2. Cat 540eu(cvr). PHOTO165
1651910 cvr Karlsbad-USA, 6-colour Jubilee Mi139-41,43,5-6 tied reverse.25
1661916 5h p.stat.card sent express(label tied) Bruck-Prague + 30h(Mi148). Boxed Bruck military censor.20
1671917 stampless ADRIA env KuK FPO 267-Fiume via KuK naval support vessel Expositar (s/line cachet). Circ. red Adria Ungharese anchor cachet.25
1681920 local Klagenfurt insured money envs(2) with perf/imperf Karnten plebiscite opts (SG411-29 cat £40).35
1691922(Nov) regd airmail cvr Vienna-Czech via Prague, SG484,88,505(x2),46,48-51. Cat 350eu(cvr). PHOT.100
1701927(Apr) airmail FFC Aspern Airport,Vienna-Hannover, 30g air (SG626). STB only 20 flown. PHOTO65
1711928 air cvr Vienna-Hannover, airs Mi468-9,71. 4-line bilingual cachet ‘No flights Sunday, sent ordinary mail’.25
1721933(Sept) regd airmail cvr Vienna-Berlin, Catholic Congress set (SG706-11 cat £450) & sp.pmk. PHOTO300
1731935 regd airmail cvr Vienna-Switz, scarce 10sh air (SG777 cat £200). PHOTO150
1741938 airmail cvr Vienna-Denmark, mix franking SG726(x2) + Hindenburg 1pf.15
1751939 long express(cachet + label) airmail regd cvr Vienna-UK, German Mi521,35,38(scarce 2RM air).50
1761949 POW set (SG1170-3 cat £75) on illus unadd.FDC. PHOTO50
177Levant: (see lot 300): 1903 advert cvr Scio-UK, 1pi (Mi45).25
1781903 20pa on 10h p.stat.card comm.used Trapezunt-Vienna.40
1791906 20pa on 10h p.stat.card comm.used Adrianopel(fine pmk)-Germany.35
1801906 ppc used Jerusalem-Spanish Legation,Gezireh(rec’r),Egypt, 20pa(Mi44). Grand New Hotel cachet.25
1811907 10c French currency p.stat.card comm.used Jaffa-Jerusalem(rec’r).25
1821911 20pa p.stat.card (P26) comm.used Metelino-Athens.25
183Lombardy Venetia: 1865 EL Mirano-Brianza via Sirone & TPO, pair 5s(Mi21). 2-line Bollo Insuffisamente + s/line Deb.Aus.Sld.5 PHOTO50
184BAHAMAS: (see lot 53): 1917 cvr Nassau(fine tourist season Dec-Apl slogan)-USA, 1d Red X (SG90).20
1851918 folded OHMS local Nassau cvr with 4-colour 4d-5/= (SG85a-8a cat £120). PHOTO100
1861920 regd OHMS cvr(inc letter) GPO Nassau-Paris, 3-colour Peace SG106-7+9(cat £16).30
1871940 long regd airmail cvr Nassau-UK, SG131(2/=),152,156(pair 5/= cat £238). PHOTO250
1881941 airmail cvr Nassau-UK, 3/= (SG132 cat £32). PHOTO100
1891942(Oct 12) Columbus Day illus p/card San Salvador-UK, blk of 4 ½d (SG149).20
1901943(Nov) regd airmail censored cvr Nassau-USA, 1/= on thin paper (SG155a cat £100). PHOTO75
1911945 cvr Nassau-UK, 2/= Landfall (SG172b cat £32).40
1921971 radio station cvr to Nassau, 8c whiter paper (SG300a cat £20) & fine blue box Hatchet Bay PO pmk.20
1931973-6 airmail cvrs(2) Treasure Cay(2 diff.temp.violet pmks)-Nassau, SG363(x2) or 368. PO unlisted Proud.25
194BAHRAIN:(see lot 892): 1933 airmail cvr to Scotland, 3-colour SG2,7(pair),10(cat £156). PHOTO200
1951937 airmail cvr to Germany, blk of 6 3p(reverse) + pair 4as (SG1,19). Tax mark.25
1961946 airmail cvr to USA, 3-colour SG39,44,48(x4 cat £55). PHOTO100
1971966(Jan 21) illus local FDC of set to 1d (SG139-50 cat £20). Typed address.25
198BARBADOS: (see lot 67): 1887 firms advert cvr to Nova Scotia per SS Finance, 4d (SG98). PHOTO150
1991897 comm.cvr to Holland per RM Stmr (h/stamp), 5d (SG110).25
2001898 local cvr to St Joseph(rec'r), 1d blued paper (SG127 cat £40). PHOTO65
2011920 cvr to USA, blk of 4 ¼d (SG181a) + 1d war tax tied reverse.20
2021935 regd cvr Christchurch-USA, S.Jubilee set (SG241-4 cat £45).40
2031942 OHMS cvr Colonial Secretary(cachet)-Canada with red Official Paid pmk.40
2041942 hi-rate airmail cvr to USA, SG252b(x2)+56. Blk/buff censor label + 27.25
2051944(Dec) cacheted BWIA FFC to Jamaica @ 4d rate. H/1 octagonal censor(reverse) + initials. PHOTO100
2061962 airmail cvr to USA @ 3c rate. Scarce 2-line violet Insufficient Air Postage & 12c added later.25
2071983-5 cvrs(2) US APO 34028(Adams Airport: 2 diff.pmks)-USA/Austria @ US 20c/30c rates. 1 with Barbados Defence Force Caribbean PKF detachment cachet.25
208BASUTOLAND: 1925 S.African KGV 1d p.stat.card written Maphutseng-Morija, pmk’d Mohales Hoek.30
2091933 regd(scarce s/line) cvr Teyateyaneng-S.Africa, S.Africa Voortrekkers SG51-3. PHOTO75
2101937 plain Coronation FDC Makoalis(scarce pmk only open 10 yrs)-S.Africa of SG15-17.40
2111949 illus UPU FDC to Scotland with scarce Mohatlanes pmk.30
2121957 comm.cvr Maseru Location(scarce Agency pmk)-Natal @ 3d rate. Unusually addressed with drawings.30
2131959 QE2 6d regd env size H2 Seforong(violet h/st)-Morija via Qachasnek + 3d.25
214BECHUANALAND: 1892 Br.Bech QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Vryburg(cds + 555)-Cape Town.25
2151907 KEVII Duty 4d ovpts on 2d+1d regd envs(2: H&G9-a) fine unused.65
2161911 KEVII Duty 4d opt regd env Mochudi-Mafeking(rec'r) + mix QV 6d(pair SG65 cat £30) + KEVII 1d. PH.150
2171920 cvr Serowe-USA, ½d+1d (SG73-4 x2 ea).40
2181931 firms advert cvr Serowe-Mossel Bay(Cape), 2d(SG93).25
2191936 regd(violet h/st) cvr Mafeking-UK, SG99-100,4(6d).40
2201948 regd(violet h/st) cvr Mahalapye-Rhodesia, S.Wedding set (SG136-7 cat £50).45
221BELGIUM:(see lot 74,556): 1863 EL Brussels-UK, 40c (SG27 cat £36). STB retouched at top.35
2221915 stampless POW(h/stamp) cvr Antwerp-Zeist Camp,Holland. 2-line military censor.15
2231922 cvr Verviers-Elbeuf, Albert 1c(pair)+2c(blk of 4), SG237-8. Both scarce on cvr.35
2241927 regd cvr Ixelles-France, rare 10fr single franking (SG373). PHOTO200
2251929 airmail(scarce trilingual blk/grey-blue label) cvr Anvers-Caen(France), SG367(x2),491. Boxed By Air.25
2261933(July) FFC Zoute-Haamstede, SG560+607 tied sp.pmk. Only 32 flown. PHOTO50
2271935 regd cvr Brussels-Argentina(destination/rec'r), 5-colour SG582,603,714,6-7,920
2281935(Feb) illus/cachet SABENA FFC to Congo(& back), SG561(x2),660,71(x2) +Congo SG153,98-9(cat £22)20
2291936(Dec 1) regd FDC Antwerp-Manchuria(destination), SG777-84(cat £10).20
230Congo:(see lot 895): 1900 ppc Banana(blue pmk)-France, 50c (SG21).25
2311922 regd cvr Kinshasa-Czech(destination/rec’r), 1fr (SG76) tied reverse.35
2321926 Kinshasa ppc comm.used to Belgium, 30c opt (SG104) & octagonal Thysville pmk.25
233German Occ: 1918 regd cvr Luttich-Switz, 50c (Mi20a).20
2341918 cvr Schaarbeek-Vienna, scarce 75c (Mi21). Cat 800eu(cvr). PHOTO200
235BERMUDA: 1883 formular p.stat.card setting B Hamilton(blue cds + 1)-USA, ½d+1d (SG2,19). PHOTO200
2361886 cvr St Georges(cds + 2 duplex)-UK, 4d(SG20).40
2371913 cvr Warwick East-Canada @ 1d ship rate. Circ.violet PC Bermuda.35
2381924 cvr Hamilton(Br.Empire Exhib’n slogan)-USA, 2½d (SG81).20
2391925(Apr) 'Los Angeles' cacheted airship cvr Hamilton-USA @ 2½d rate. 3-line Air Mail Service Bermuda.40
2401935 regd hotel cvr Hamilton-USA, S.Jubilee set (SG94-7 cat £50).40
2411941 local Hamilton cvr with SG98,110,122(scarce ½d surch).25
2421942(July) cvr USA-Switz, 5c. Intercepted with Examiner 4106 + mss IC. Blue-grn censor form N3 encl. PH.200
2431943(Jun) wrapper Hamilton-USA @ 1d rate. Green censor 39. Rare but faults. PHOTO200
2441948(Dec) regd airmail cvr Hamilton-USA, 12/6d (SG120c cat £70). PHOTO150
2451951(Aug) PSNC SS Cuzco maiden voyage cvr, SG107+112a pmk's Salinas Cruz(Ecuador) en route.25
246BOLIVIA: 1888 2c p.stat.card comm.used La Paz-Berlin via Lima(38mm pmk).20
2471890 10c p.stat.env, H&G2 comm.used Tupisa(cork pmk)-Berlin via Jujuy & B.Aires.30
2481894 5c p.stat.env, H&G5 comm.used Potosi(oval pmk)-Cochabamba.20
2491905 20c p.stat.env,H&G9 Cochabamba(violet armourial cachet)-UK ‘via Panama’(h/st) & Callao + SG100(x2)25
2501942-4 advert cvrs(3) Sucre(3 diff.pmks)-Argentina @ 45c or 1b rates(inc 2 bisects). 3 diff.military censors.50
251BRAZIL:(see lots 25,1084): 1871 EL Santos-Scotland per La Plata rated 2/=. Thimble Rio de Janeiro Br.PO type 3 cds + oval Alexandre Wagner Rio forwarding agent cachet. PHOTO50
2521892 200r black p.stat.env Pelotas-Holland via Rio,Paris & blue Ligne J Paq.Fr.No.120
2531900 40r p.stat.reply card, H&G21e complete comm.used Rio-S.Paulo(rec'r).40
2541902 ppc to France, pair 100r(SG239) & octagonal B.Aires a Bordeaux LK No.1 pmk.20
2551908 200r p.stat.env + SG264 Luz-Australia(destination/rec’r).20
2561933(Sept) Graf Zeppelin 8th flight cvr to Germany, SG409+532.25
2571933(Oct) Graf Zeppelin cacheted flown cvr Rio-Germany via N.York, SG409+532(x2).30
2581934(Feb) cacheted Condor/Lufthansa regd FFC to Germany(sp.Stuttgart flyingboat rec'r) multifranked airs.20
2591941 airmail censored(German) cvrs(3) to Europe. 3 different LATI airmail labels/handstamps.40
260BR.ANT.TERR: 1977 Whales + '79 Penguins sets (SG79-82,89-92) on illus unadd.FDCs(2).20
2611990 Fossils set to £3 (SG171-85 cat £35) on illus unadd.FDCs(3).25
262BR.GUIANA: 1906 OHMS regd cvr Cornhill St Georgetown(skeleton pmk)-USA, pair 5c (SG243a cat £16).25
2631923(Dec) front Buxton-UK @ 4c rate. Circ.Br.Empire Exhib'n lion cachet/pmk.20
2641924 front to UK @ 4c rate. Scarce boxed Br.Guiana 1924 Empire Exhib'n cachet.25
2651929 6c regd env size G Bourda-USA + 4c (SG275).25
2661939 Pinkus Expedition illus cvr to USA, SG308(x2). Signed Pinkus.20
2671947 long Pan-am airmail advert(rev) cvr to UK, SG310,13(x2 ea),18($2 cat £28).40
268BR.HONDURAS: (see lots 41,84,893,1733): 1910 illus advert(hats) cvr Belize-USA @ 5c rate.40
2691916 cvr Stann Creek-USA, SG112+4(war ovpt).30
2701923 cvr Belize-USA @ 5c rate with paquebot h/st (Hosk.2547). PHOTO50
2711932 cvr to USA @ 20c rate with large red d/ring PAA Office pmk. PHOTO75
2721933 advert cvr to USA, 5c tied United Fruit Co SS Choluteca steamship pmk. PHOTO50
2731934 cvr Punta Gorda-USA, scarce 2c+3c ovpts (SG139-40 cat £52). PHOTO100
2741935 advert Pan-am airmail cvr Airport-USA, 20c (SG132 x2).40
2751936 airmail advert cvr Corozal-Germany, SG130+2(x2).25
2761951 underpaid cvr Kenya-Guinea Grass(violet oval TRD inc separate date) taxed with 4c P.Due(D3). PH.200
277BR.LEVANT: 1893 QV 40pa on 2½d p.stat.env Smyrna(cds)-UK.25
2781893 GB 1d p.stat.card comm.used Smyrna(cds + F87)-UK. PHOTO50
2791904 GB KEVII 1d p.stat.card comm.used Beyrout(hooded pmk)-UK via Alexandria.30
2801908 KEVII Levant 1d p.stat.card comm.used Smyrna-Constantinople(rec’r).20
2811909 GB KEVII 1d p.stat.card Glasgow-C'tinople(rec'rs). S/line blue Orient Express. PHOTO100
2821911 cvr C'tinople-UK @ 1d(L2a). S/line Paquebot (Hosk.1302). Rare. Inc letter ex SS Membland. PHOTO150
2831912 US Consular Service,Smyrna env to USA, 1pi p15x14 (SG27).20
2841921 regd advert cvr BPO C’tinople-UK, GB ½d+4d (Z188,194 cat £14).25
285GB used in: 4d vermilion pl’s 11-14 (Z92 cat £108) & fine C pmks(4).25
286BR.OCC.ITAL.COLS:(see lot 900): 1949 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, 3-colour BMA Eritrea E1(x2),5-6. PHOTO50
2871950 cvr Mogadiscio-Scotland, Somalia 5c+30c (S21+5 cat £13). Cat 500eu(cvr). PHOTO100
2881950 cvr Mogadiscio-Scotland, 1sh (S29). Cat 2000eu(cvr). PHOTO400
2891951 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, BA Eritrea 75c(E21). Cat 175eu(cvr).35
2901951 cvr Tripoli-Scotland, BA Tripolitania 18MAL on 9d(T22). Cat 200eu(cvr).40
291BR.VIRGIN IS: 1901 1d & 2½d Virgin p.stat.envs(2, H&G1-2) fine unused ovpt’d Specimen.20
2921907 regd cvr to Germany, 4-colour ½d-6d (SG43-5,7).35
2931919 regd cvr Tortola-USA, 3d war stamp (SG79b x7 cat £203). Wmks? PHOTO150
2941937 regd Coronation FDC to UK of SG107-9(cat £7) with scarcer West End pmk.15
2951938(Aug 1) regd cacheted FDC Road Town-UK of 2/6d & 5/= (SG118-9 cat £28).30
2961958 regd airmail cvr Road Town-USA, KGVI £1 (SG121 cat £24).35
297BRUNEI:(see lot 1119): 1932 On Govt Service regd env to Penang(rec'r), pair 10c (SG42a). PHOTO50
2981969 regd airmail cvr K.Belait-Australia, SG118,21,71,73.20
2991970 formular regd env Tutong-Singapore, SG119,20a,29($1).20
300BULGARIA: (see lot 91): 1903 10st p.stat.card comm.used Philippople-Adrianopel(fine Austrian PO rec’r).20
3011915 cvr Tsaribrod Station-UK, 4-colour SG160-2,4.20
3021917 advert cvr Roustchouk-Belgium, perfinned 25st(SG165). Bulgarian circ.censor. Intercepted in Germany with TPO No.5 label + Breslau martial law h/stamps(x2 different).25
3031922 official cvr Roustchouk-Vienna, pair 3L top value P.Due (D245) used postally.25
3041944 censored(German OKW tape) airmail cvr Sofia-Vienna, SG457+O511(2L official).20
305BURMA: 1859 outer Moulmein-Rangoon(rec'r) per Burmah, Indian 1a & B127 pmk. PHOTO150
3061891 cvr Mandalay(sq.circ)-UK via Bombay @ Indian 2½a rate.20
3071906 Indian QV 2a6p p.stat.env Rangoon-USA via Sea PO A + KEVII ½a,1a(x2) making mix 3-colour frank.15
3081933(Oct) illus/cacheted FFC Rangoon-UK, India SG207,20,22.20
3091939(Aug) long OHMS regd cvr Tavoy-UK, mixed KGV-VI SG9,20,22.15
3101940 regd cvr Merchant St,Rangoon-India, SG19(x2)+34(x4 cat £14) tied reverse.20
3111941(Jun) cvr Mingaladon Cantt-UK, 2½a (SG6).15
3121946(Apr) OHMS env reused On State Business regd internally ex Tavoy, blk of 6 10c(J109). PHOTO50
3131947 airmail regd cvr Rangoon-UK, 3-colour SG54,57,58(strip 3 cat £14).20
314Jap.Occ: 1942 ½a on 9ps + 6ps ovpt'd p.stat.cards(2: H&G11+13) good-fine unused.25
315CAMBODIA: 1950(Feb) cachet Air France 25th anniv cvr Stungtreng-France, Indochina SG170+8(x4 ea),196.15
316CAMEROUN: Br.PO: 1915 CEF ½d on 5pf single + reply & 1d on 10pf p.stat.cards, MP1-3 cat 320eu fine un.80
3171916(Jan) OAS cvr Duala(German pmk rare code b)-UK @ Nigeria 1d rate. Countersigned Capt.1st NR. PH.250
318CANADA: 1834 OHMS outer to Crown Commissioner,Quebec rated 1-2 with red March udc + mss date.15
3191847 chatty social EL Montreal-USA paid 1/6 in red + 30 in blue.15
3201862 cvr Montreal-UK, 12½c (SG39 cat £70). PHOTO80
3211866 cvr Picton-USA via Kingston & Montreal, 5c beavers (SG31 x2 cat £40) & 7-bar cancel.40
3221873 regd(s/line) cvr Bracebridge-Toronto, 2c+3c (SG77,80 cat £22).25
3231877-88 cvrs(2) Warwick West or Ravenswood-UK, 5c (SG85 cat £34) & target or geometric cancels.25
3241897 comm.cvr Toronto(flag cancel F)-Chicago, mixed 2c issues (SG78,125 cat £14).25
3251902 regd advert cvr Kintail-London(Oct), 2c+5c (SG155+8). See also lots 23-4,81,910,1079,1284.25
3261911 regd(2 cachets) cvr Victoria-USA, KEVII 7c (SG180). S/line Unclaimed & Return to Writer.20
3271918 regd cvr Ponoka(Alta)-USA via Calgary & Edmonton RPO, 3-colour SG201,5b,28(war tax).20
3281920 regd cvr Yorkton(Sask)-Sweden(destination) via London, 3-colour SG199,201(x2),11(10c).25
3291924 regd cvr Winnipeg-USA, 5c+10c Quebec (SG191+3 cat £125). PHOTO100
3301924(Oct 1) illus FFC Estevan-Winnipeg @ 3c rate. Sp.oval pmk + blk/red label. 400 flown.40
3311925 PO Avis de Reception card comm.used Regina-Melville(Sask), 5c (SG250b x2). Uncommon.20
3321927 advert cvr Victoria(BC)-New Westminster, 2c coil (SG257). Short-lived rate.25
3331932(Feb-July) airmail FDCs(2) Ottowa/Montreal-USA of 6c airs (SG313 or 318 cat £26).20
3341936 cvr to Toronto @ 3c rate. Stamps tied Eastern Arctic mail service RMS Nascopie oval pmk.20
3351942 advert cvr Quebec-Montreal, 1c PP frank + 3c coil(SG370) + sp.delivery 10c (S11 cat £22).35
3361945 regd banking parcel label Chatham-Merlin(Ont), SG380(x3)+88($1 x2 cat £26).35
3371952 airmail cvr Oakville-UK, scarce booklet panes of 6 SG375b+417a (cat £25 mint).20
3381967(Jun) illus map ppc RAF Tanquary Base,Ellesmere Is-UK @ 25c rate pmk'd Eureka NWT.10
339CANAL ZONE: 1916 2c ovpt p.stat.env(U2a) Gatun-USA.25
3401925(Dec) FFC Cristobal-Costa Rica, 2c ovpt tied sp.circular blue flight cachet.20
341CAPE: 1895 ½d on 1d p.stat.card comm.used Carnarvon-Montagu(rec’r) via Western TPO Up.20
3421896 QV 2½d grn/buff p.stat.env Philips Town-Germany with fine 684 numeral pmk.40
3431899 cvr Grahams Town Station-UK, 2½d(SG63). Pmk in use 16 years only.20
3441900 GB QV 2d regd env Aliwal North-UK via RLO Capetown + SG52b,59a(x2).25
3451901 mourning cvr Dept of Agric,Cape Town-Riversdale(rec'r). Vogel Vlei & Tyggersfontein scarcer transits.40
3461902-11 ppcs(2) Alfred Docks(2 diff.pmks)-UK @ Cape/Transvaal 1d rates.25
3471905(Mar 3) market ppc to UK, 1d. Rare Pier Head Cape Town pmk in use 2yrs. PO opened Mar1. PHOTO100
3481909 ppc comm.used Herbertsdale-Zwartbraak(scarce Buffelsjagts River Bridge rec’r) via Durban, ½d(SG70).25
349CAYMANS: 1913 cvr Georgetown-USA, mixed KEVII-KGV SG26,40(pair ¼d)-1.35
3501909 1d p.stat.card(H&G3), ½d wrapper + 1d p.stat.envs(x2 diff. on grey or blue-grey papers) good-fine unused ovpt’d Specimen (4).50
3511915 regd(blue box Grand Cayman) cvr Georgetown-USA via Cuba, rare 5/= (SG51 cat £170). PHOTO250
35219 24 cvr Georgetown-USA via Cuba, 2½d (SG74).25
3531937 cvr Cayman Brac-UK, mixed issues SG70,85,87(cat £14).30
3541937(Feb 11) printed cvr for HMCS Saguenay visit to Caymans,G'town-Canada,2d(SG100).Ship Cmdr cachet25
3551942 regd OHMS cvr Georgetown-USA, ¼d-6d (SG115-22). Examiner 9827 label.15
3561986 Marine Life illus unadd.FDCs(3) of set to $4 (SG635-46 cat £45).30
357CEYLON: 1847 EL Colombo(steamer letter pmk)-UK rated 4/1 per Precursor from Galle.25
3581877 cvr Kadugannawa(red paid pmk)-Scotland, 24c (SG127 x2) & 38 pmk. PHOTO100
3591885 QV 2½c on 2c p.stat.card comm.used Nuwara Eliya-Colombo(both paid pmks) & fine 45 duplex.40
3601893 QV 2c p.stat.card(H&G30) comm.used Koslanda-Haputale(rec’r). Early use pmk.30
3611899 QV 2c p.stat.card comm.used Anuradhapura-Germany via Railway PO + scarce 4c(SG246 cat £15).PH45
3621901 QV 5c blue p.stat.env Maskeliya-UK + 6c (SG259).20
3631909 KEVII 10c regd env Neboda-Sweden(destination/rec'r) + 4c,12c(SG279,282). Small box R. PHOTO45
3641913 KGV 5c brn p.stat.env, scarcer H&G41 Cinnamon Gardens-Colombo.20
3651919 street craftsmen ppc Colombo-Norway(destination/rec'r) @ 6c rate. Circ.blue Colombo censor.20
3661924 ppc comm.used Gampaha(MO&SB pmk in use just 20 days)-Malta(destination), 2c.35
3671929 KGV 20c regd env size G Colombo-Scotland + 9c (SG345 pair).15
3681950 KGVI 5c p.stat.env(H&G74) regd Kurunegala(regd pmk)-Colombo + 20c.20
3691952-66 underpaid sea/airmail cvrs/5c p.stat.card(3) to Europe/Canada with 2 diff.types cts/cms tax marks20
370CHILE: 1893 3c red/blue p.stat.card comm.used Los Andes-Poland(destination) via Mendoza & B.Aires.20
3711894 stampless firms env Punta Arenas-Valparaiso(rec'r). Took 9 days.20
3721935 airmail cvr Puerto Montt-USA, hi-rate (29p30) airs: SG200d(x2),2-3(x2),34(cat £19). See also lot 66.25
373c1939 Esso oil advert cvr Valparaiso-Iquique, SG269+71 tied violet s/line Vapor 'Junin' h/stamp.20
3741940 airmail(Condor-LATI) censored(German) cvr Santiago-Vienna @ 12p50 rate. No flap.15
375GB used in: 1867 9d (Z80 cat £200) with C30 pmk. PHOTO65
3761867 10d (Z81 cat £275) with C30 pmk. PHOTO85
377CHINA: 1911-31 cvrs/ppc(3) S'hai/Shenchow(Hunan)/Taiku(Shansi)-USA, SG122(x4),269(x10) or 3-col Junk.20
3781920 RP school + pupils/teachers ppc Chuching-Austria via Shanghai, 4c (SG292).15
3791933 advert cvr Taiku Hospital-USA, 5-colour mixed issues SG317,66,410,12,15.15
3801946 airmail cvr Peiping-Denmark, SG799,812(x5)-3,883(x2).20
3811947 airmail cvr Shanghai-USA, SG822(blk 4),868(x4),905(x4),948,50.20
3821947(Sept) airmail cvr Peking-Ireland @ $7200 rate: SG834,61(x3 ea),894(x2),911A.25
383Jap POs:1906 military Tientsin ppc comm.used locally Peking, 1½s opts (SG5 x2) & violet Peking IJPO pmks25
384US POs: 1920 comm.cvr Shanghai-N.York, US 2c(x2) & US POs Service pmk.25
385CHRISTMAS IS: 1957(Jun) Forces airmail cvr BFPO Christmas Is-UK, blk of 4 GB 2d.15
386COCOS: 1953(Jun) Coronation Quantas illus cacheted FFC to UK, Singapore Coronation 10c(x7).20
387COLOMBIA: 1886 2c p.stat.card(H&G8) used Bogota(violet pmk)-Paris via scarce Savanilla Paq.Fr(75%).30
3881902 5c on 2c p.stat.card, H&G15a comm.used Bogota(oval pmk)-N.York. See also lot 75.15
3891928 SCADTA flown advert cvr Barranquilla-Medellin, 3-colour inc 50c,1p (SG43,46). S/line Tarde(late).25
3901940 advert LATI airmail(box Transoceanico) cvr Pasto-Switz via Italy @ 1p75½c rate (4-colour).15
3911950 LANSA airmail cvr Bogota-Cali, scarce set to 5p (SG1-9 cat £130). PHOTO100
3921951(Oct 1) Avianca ovpts set to 5p (SG14,18,20-2) on regd FDC Bogota-USA.20
393GB used in: 4d vermilion pl.15 (Z53 unpriced but cat £525 used GB), fine E88 but 1 pulled perf. PHOTO100
394COOK IS: 1897 sl.reduced local Rarotonga cvr addressed to HMS Torch, 4-color SG7,16-7,19(cat £119). PH.80
3951929 comm.cvr Rarotonga-Pacific Science Congress delegate,Java(destination/rec’r), 1d (SG82).25
3961932(Aug) regd cvr Rarotonga-UK, 3-colour SG99,101-2(cat £84). PHOTO80
3971935(May 6) forged S.Jubilee cvr Rarotonga-UK, SG113-5 inc small E on 2½d.20
39819 49 cvr Danger Is-USA, plate blk 4 2½d Coronation (SG125).25
3991949(Aug 1) regd airmail FDCs(2) Rarotonga-UK of set to 3/= (SG150-9 cat £60).50
4001952 airmail cvr Aitutaki(blue pmk)-USA, blk of 5 3d (SG153 cat £10).20
401COSTA RICA: 1933(Feb) cacheted FFC San Jose-Liberia(rec’r), SG182-3. 50 flown. PHOTO50
4021945 transatlantic airmail(x2 diff.h/st) cvr San Jose-UK, SG403(x2).10
403CRETE: 1907 Italian POs 5c+10c or 10c p.stat.reply cards complete(2: P26+28) fine unused.25
404CROATIA:(see lot 162): 1941 censored cvr Zagreb-Germany, 4d ovpt (SG15).20
4051941 censored cvr Zagreb-Vienna, mix franking ovpts SG25+28(latter very scarce on cvr).35
4061942 regd parcel card Zagreb-Varazdin, mixed issues SG33+D29(x6 cat £17) taxed with D53(x4) dues.20
4071943 censored cvr to Austria(fancy red rec'r), SG101+5 tied chequerboard shield cancel + German brown parcel post (M805 cat £18) tied 3-line Spalato/date/Split. M in fancy circle. 'as is'25
408CUBA: 1833 EL Villaclara(s/line)-Havana rated 1½ + 1844 EL Santiago(red pmk)-Havana(rec’r), h/st 2. 2item25
4091881 Alfonso 3c red p.stat. reply card(no.10) fine unused.10
4101914 1c p.stat.card + 1c(SG320) comm.used Havana-Hungary(destination/rec'r).15
41119 16 regd AR(s/line) advert cvr Estacion La Vedada-Canada, 4-colour SG325-6,8-9(x2).25
4121931(Dec) cacheted FFC Havana-Merida(Mexico), SG353(x2). See also lot 68.15
413CYPRUS: (see lots 429,1049): 1855 EL Limassol-Malta with no postal marks.40
4141914 regd cvr Larnaca(x2 diff.pmks inc sq.circ)-Berlin, 3-colour SG62-3(x3),66(4pi). PHOTO65
4151919(Dec) OAS stampless cvr Famagusta-UK. Bridge pmk type unlisted Proud.40
4161922 KGV 2pi regd env size G Nicosia-UK + 30pa (SG87 x3).40
4171925 regd cvr Larnaca-Egypt, SG105(x5) on front + 103(x2) tied reverse.25
4181925 ½pi (SG118) on OHMS cvr Nicosia-France. Scarce rate.20
4191931 comm.cvr Limassol-Germany, 3-colour SG103,118(x3)-9.25
4201937 regd advert cvr Limassol-Belgium, pair 2½pi (SG138).15
4211940(Apr) printed matter rate cvr Nicosia-UK, ¼pi (SG151 x2). Oranges cachet + circ.red censor 7.20
4221941(Nov) long regd AR(h/st) cvr Limassol-Egypt, SG156(pair)+8 tied rev.Armourial censor label+ red cens.7.25
423CZECHOSLOVAKIA: 1841 cacheted/headed Knights of the Cross EL to Vienna, 2-line Znaim/date rated 8.20
4241894 regd advert cvr Prag-Switz, Austrian 20kr (Mi63) perf.10. Horiz.fold.20
4251918(Dec) underpaid cvr Vienna-Brno @ 3h rate. Austrian 15h+20h(SG290-1) opt'd T used as P.Dues.30
4261923 regd cvr Prague-Ceylon(destination/rec’r), SG228-9. See also lots 1730,1736.20
4271928 advert cvrs(2) to Bratislava @ 1k/1k30 rates tied Medzi Laborce-Kosice or Dobsina-Plesivec TPOs.25
4281929 50h complete parcel card regd Deutsch Liebau(Moravia)-Switz. Uncommon.25
4291936 underpaid ppc Cyprus-Zilina, ¼pi(x2). Tax marks both countries & 2k P.Due (D293).25
4301939(Jan 18) airmail FDC Bratislava(yellow sp.postbus pmk)-Berlin, 300h Slovak parliament ovpt (SG393b)40
4311942(Mar) cvr betwn Czech forces in WW2 with red circular or violet box FPOs @ GB KEVIII 2½d rate.15
432Bohemia & Moravia: 1940-2 scarce lot stampless RP ppcs(7), comm.used to Austria with regiment cachets & Deutsch Dienstpost pmks of Prague(x3 diff), Brunn,Olmutz,Prerau or Mahrisch Ostrava.50
4331941 regd cvrs(2) Weltrus-Prague, Red X/Dvorak sets (SG60-3) both in se-tenant blks of 4 inc labels.50
4341941 official school cvr(cachets) Pisek-Ceska Skalice still taxed with 1k20 P.Due (D47)15
435DANZIG: 1922(Oct) regd express airmail cvr Zoppot-Berlin, surchs SG96(x2)-8.25
4361923(Oct) regd inflation airmail cvr to Leipzig @ 36mill.mks (SG149 x9) f&b. Stamps cat 3600eu. PHOTO1250
4371937 airmail cvr Zoppot(oval air pmk)-UK, SG178+ airs 233+5(x2).20
4381939 cvr Zoppot-UK, 3-colour inc airs: Mi290,8,300(x2 cat 25eu).25
439DENMARK: 1855 outer Hamburg-Schleswig, 4s private perf 12 (Fa4v) & 113 pmk + Altona cds. Scarce. PH.100
4401871 local Copenhagen footpost(blue oval pmk) cvr with 2sk (Fa20b scarce Prussian blue). PHOTO125
4411881 EL Copenhagen(pakke pmk + numeral)-Scotland, 4o + pair 8o (Fa29e,31c cat 200kr).25
4421905 5o p.stat.env Copenhagen-Berlin + mix issues 15o,20o (SG99,105: 3-colour franking).20
4431915 illus(department store) advert cvr Copenhagen-Vienna, Christian X 10o(x5).35
4441917 scarcer POW reply p.stat.card comm.used POW Camp 2(Hald)-Austria. PHOTO65
4451920 7 on 5o firms p.stat.env regd Skive-Finland + 3-colour mixed issues Fa86,137,189(scarce 27o opt).30
4461925 regd advert cvr Aarhus-UK, 300th Anniv post 10o+20o(x7 inc se-tenant strip of 5 cat £62+). PHOTO75
4471926 regd(orange label) insured env Copenhagen-Austria, SG231(x2),2(x4),4(x2).20
4481936 ppc comm.used Copenhagen-Java(destination), 20o caravel (Fa229a). See also lot 675.15
4491938 regd cvr Copenhagen-Manchuria(destination), 6-colour SG267-8,9,71c,311,14.20
4501942 cvr Copenhagen-Hillerod, Christian X 12o scarcer type 2 (Fa135 cat 500kr on cvr) disallowed & taxed with 3-colour p.dues: D285(x2)-6,93.25
4511953 10o+50o double imprint airletter(scarce no.6) comm.used Virum-USA.20
4521965-72 80o-1kr(inc surchs) airletters, LF18,19,21 type 1 & 22(scarcer imprints 28-9) fine unused (4 items).30
453DWI:(see lot 20): 1900 cvr St Thomas-Speaker of House,Washington(USA), 10c (Fa10 cat £180) PHOTO150
454GB used in: 4d sage-grn full wing mgn (Z12 pl.15 cat £200) & C51 pmk. PHOTO50
45510d red-brn full wing mgn (Z22 cat £275) & C51 pmk. PHOTO75
4561876 outer St Thomas-Vera Cruz per Ebro, rare 4d vermilion pl.15 (Z11 cat £300) & scarcer paid pmk. PH.300
457Schleswig: 1912 ppcs(2), local Fjelstrup usage or Fjelstrup-Fyn, Germania 5pf or 10pf.25
4581920 regd cvr Flensburg-Holland, set to 10mk (SG1-14 cat 800kr). PHOTO50
459DOMINICA: 1914 regd cvr to USA, 6d revenue ovpt (R2 cat £24). Cat £360(SG on cvr). PHOTO100
4601915 cvr Portsmouth-USA, ½d+2d (SG47b,48aw cat £18).40
4611918 cvr Portsmouth-France, SG48bw(x2) + 57(x2 war tax).25
4621928 regd front Delices-UK, 3-colour mix franking SG77 + Leewards SG61,63(cat £12).30
4631932 regd cvr Grand Bay-USA via Pt Michel, 3-colour SG70-1,76. Year added in mss.40
4641940 cvr Colihaut-USA, imprint blk of 4 2d (SG102 cat £9+). T1 tax mark?.20
465DOMINICAN REP: 1890 comm.cvr S.Domingo(blue pmk)-Germany via Ligne F & Paris, SG79(x2). Part flap.25
4661932(Aug) cacheted FFC SP de Macoris-Jamaica, SG297+300.20
467ECUADOR: (see lot 44): 1929(July) PAGAI cacheted FFC Guayaquil-Chile, SG425(x4).20
4681929 regd advert cvr Quito-Switz via N.York, 4-colour SG416a(x3),25,59,66(inc postal ovpts).15
4691942 advert cvr Quito-N.York, SG634-5(oblig.tax),654. Double censored: US + censor 13506 labels.15
470EGYPT: 1892 5m on 2pi p.stat.env(H&G7a: 24mm) regd Samalout-Cairo + 5m pair (SG63).20
4711893 regd advert cvr Alexandria-Paris, pair 25c France P&C (SG267)25
4721906 regd cvr Pt Said-Paris, pair 25c French PO Pt Said SG130.20
4731918 POW env Palestinian Camp,Helouan-German POW Australia(box violet censor SD), FPO GM2 pmk & red box POW Central Censor.30
4741919 10m blue regd env Pt Said-UK + SG77. Inc letter.20
4751923(Dec) airmail(Baghdad-Cairo) cvr Continental Savoy Hotel,Cairo-UK, 10m ovpt (SG103).25
4761923-4 regd cvrs(4) Damanhur,Attarin,Ras-el-Tin or Pt Said-Alexandria all at 15m (all different frankings).25
4771924 10m red regd env Zifta-Alexandria + 5m.20
4781926(Mar 10) flown regd FDC Cairo-Baghdad of 27m air (SG132 cat £34) + SG128. Very scarce. PHOTO75
4791940(Mar) censored OAS airmail cvr NZ FPO1(Alexandria for 3 months)-NZ, 10m strip of 4 (A15).20
4801941-4 OAS envs/censored cvrs(38) to UK/S.Africa/local ex EPP2,4,8,14,16-7,30,33-4,38,41,51-2,55,57-61, 63.66,68,70-2,74,93,96,99,100,103-4,123,128,145. Good lot for research.100
4811942-3 air cvrs(2) EPP 31 or 71-S.Africa, S.Africa SG80(x4),87 or SG93(pair cat £31).2 diff.types RAF censor30
4821954 official cvr President of Republic's office(env + cachet),Palace-USA, SG419(x2),28(x3),39. Oval censor.20
483GB used in: QV 10d brown (Z33 cat £140) with fine BO1 Alexandria pmk.45
484EL SALVADOR: 1898 5c p.stat.env(H&G70) comm.used(firms cachet) San Salvador-Sonsonate.30
4851898 12c p.stat.env(H&G71) comm.used Santa Tecla(violet pmk)-Mexico.25
4861924 20c(SG756) on advert cvr San Salvador-Paris. 2-line Por Automobil via Guatemala (by car).20
4871943(Nov) TACA illus cacheted FFC to Managua(Nicaragua), SG896+915. Uncommon.20
488ESTONIA: 1895 Russian 5k p.stat.env(U29E: scarce 146x60mm) Ustenarovy-Narva + Russian 2k. PHOTO50
4891923 Aruth Wartan RP ppc comm.used to Tallinn, SG19+25 tied oval Narva-Tallinn TPO.15
4901980s attractive regd cvrs(10) Tallinn-UK multifranked Russian commem sets/vals.20
491German Occ: 1941 cvr Tallinn-Abja, pair 15k (SG6). PHOTO50
492ETHIOPIA: (see lot 673,1039): 1936 airmail cvr Posta Militare 103E(Addis)-Gorizia(Italy), Eritrea SG193(x5).20
4931937 regd cvr Dire Daoua-Addis, Eritrea 50c(x6)+75c (SG195-6).40
4941937(Sept) airmail cvr Harar(air pmk)-Italy, Eritrea SG193(x5).20
4951937 ppc Addis-Rome, 20c (SG322b). Cat 160eu(cvr).40
4961939 crested(6th Colonial Brigade) env Dessie-Italy, Eritrea SG195+205(x2). T in circle.25
4971940 censored cvr Addis-Italy, Eritrea SG196+205. Boxed Italian censors 265C + label.20
4981957 airmail cvr Asmara-Rome, 50c express (E358).15
4991968 large regd airmail advert cvr Asmara-France, hi-vals SG384,443,662(cat £28). Central fold.35
500FALKLANDS:(see lot 570): 1913 KGV 1d red/blue lettercard fine unused ovpt'd Specimen. PHOTO50
5011913 KGV 2d regd env size F fine unused.25
5021935 local cvr Pt Stanley-North Arm, S.Jubilee set SG139-42.20
5031937(May 12) Coronation FDC S.Georgia-Stanley(rec'r), Z70-2(cat £13).20
5041941(July 14) small plain unadd.FDC of 1d,2d,3d wartime vals (SG148,50,53 cat £15).15
5051978 Ships set to £3 (SG331A-45A cat £35) on 5 illus unadd.FDCs.25
5061994 Marine Life set to £5 (SG701-12 cat £30) on 3 illus unadd.FDCs.25
507Deps:(see lot 144): 1954(Feb 1) FDC Pt Lockroy-UK, set to 2/6d ex 3d,6d (SGG26-37 cat £63)40
5081961 regd cvr S.Georgia-UK, 2/= (G36 cat £22).30
509S.Georgia: 1937 regd cvr to UK, mixed KGV-VI Z45,47(deep shade),8-9,70-2(min.cat £200). PHOTO175
5101969(Jan) album-page size OHMS cvr to HMS Excellent,UK, set to £1 (SG1-15 cat £85).50
5111971 airmail cvr to USA, 1d-6d + scarce £1 blue whale (SG15 cat £48).40
5121994 Whales set to £5 (SG231-42 cat £35) on 3 illus unadd.FDCs.25
513FAROES: 1943(Oct) illus local Thorshavn cvr with surcharge set (SG1-5 cat £450). PHOTO350
514FIJI: 1891 heavily tone-spotted regd cvr Suva-Sydney, mixed issues 4d(SG56) + ½d(SG86a x2 cat £24).PH.50
5151913 KGV 1d p.stat.env Levuka-UK. Scarce.40
5161923 regd cvr Suva-USA, 1/= die 2 (SG134d cat £38). PHOTO50
5171939(Apr 5) regd FDC Buca Bay-Bermuda, KGVI original set to 6d cat £24.25
5181941(Nov) regd cacheted FFC Suva-Canton Is, SG249a,52,54,61,67(cat £27).20
5191942 regd OHMS envs(2) Suva-USA(2 diff.censors inc Released District Postal Censor), SG256(blk 6)or 261.20
5201945(Jan) censored NZ Patriotic Fund OAS env to NZ, fine RNZAF NZAPO A pmk.30
5211949 airmail cvr Vatukoula-NZ, 5d (SG259). See also lot 876.20
5221953 QE2 6d+2½d regd env size G(H&G8) fine unused.15
5231962(Dec 3) local Suva illus FDC of QE2 vals to 5/= (SG299-300,302,13,18-9,23 cat £14).15
524FINLAND: 1890 20p p.stat.env(U30: 150x82mm) Lempois(blue pmk)-Tammerfors.20
5251902 ppc Abo-Nummela, Russian 10k tied oval framed ship cachet (Hosking 936)25
5261928-31 internally used complete parcel cards(6: all different types) @ 4-9mks rates.40
5271935 RP(inside exhib'n hall) ppc comm.used to Fienhaaranas, SG271a & Helsinki Suurmessut(Fair) sp.pmk.20
5281936(Dec 13) regd FDC Helsinki-Haapumaki of pair 2mk (Fa201). Scarce.25
5291950 regd airmail cvr Helsinki-UK franked Red X commems cat £27 inc scarce 300mk air (Fa388). PHOTO50
5301981 cvrs(2) Tampere-UK with complete booklet panes ex booklets HA10-11. Uncommon.25
531FIUME: (see lot 167): 1919(Jan) regd cvr to Susak(Hungary rec'r). 45 on 6f (SG30 cat £15).35
532FRANCE:(see lot 71,471,556,595,601,1138,1198,1212,1784): 1765 EL Villefranche(s/line)-Toulouse rated 3.10
5331824 local cvr to medical student in Paris with 2-line Postes Bau de la Cour(red) & oval Grand Maitre des Ceremonies de France cachets.25
5341851 EL Metz-Thionville, fine 4mgn 25c deep blue (Maury 4). Cat 95eu(cvr).25
5351854 EL Bordeaux-Bergerac, 4mgn Louis Napoleon 25c (SG39 x2 cat £96). PHOTO80
5361854-7 mourning outer/EL(2) Reims-Salou or Bernay-Rouen, 4mgn 10c(SG50 shades cat £30) + plate flaws.40
5371864 EL St Gaudins-Revel, 20c Napoleon tied numeral + red OR(origin rural cat 700eu on cvr). PHOTO150
5381869 mourning cvr Boulogne-Scotland(EdinrM TPO rec'r), 40c (SG120 cat £15).15
5391872 EL Bordeaux-New Orleans(US), Napoleon SG116(x2 with perf faults)+120(cat £56).25
5401874 mourning cvr St Germain-USA(charged 2c), mix franking Nap.80c + Ceres siege 40c cat £41. PHOTO50
5411890 15c P&C blue/blue p.stat.card, scarce Yv.134 fine unused.20
5421898 cvr Le Havre-UK, 3-colour P&C 25c franking (SG245,52,60).25
5431916 On Military Health Service stampless ppc comm.used Bar le Duc-UK. 2-line military censor.15
5441918 advert cvr Paris-UK, war orphans SG370(strip of 5)+2(cat £58).35
5451924 airmail(airport pmk) underpaid cvr to Casablanca via Toulouse inc 5c orange sower millesime(3) pair & taxed with Morocco 20c P.Due (D96).20
5461925(May) airmail cvr Paris(philatelic exhibition sp pmk)-UK, SG399+409(x2).20
5471930 cvr Vernon-Trouville, scarce Sourire de Reims (SG480 cat £120). PHOTO100
5481931 regd parcel card Strasburg-Chomery par Igney-Avricourt(label), 3-colour sowers to 2fr(x4) + 1fr fiscal.20
5491935 underpaid cvr UK-Nancy taxed with 20c+1fr PDues.Redirected to Besancon & taxed again+ 60c(x2)PDs20
5501935(July) cacheted Air Bleu FFC Lille-Paris, SG508+526(x2).15
5511938 Air France airmail cvr Paris-Brazil, SG415b + 20fr St Malo (SG601 cat £25).20
5521939 airmail cvr Paris-Madagascar(rec'rs), SG509a,604,14,16,24,30(x2 cat £50).35
5531951(Mar 10) local Le Havre 'day of stamp' illus FDC p/card of SG1107 with sp.pmk/label.25
5541957(Oct) illus cvr for Council of Europe,Strasburg 9th Session-Germany @ 8fr with sp.pmk.15
555Used abroad: 1875 outer C'tinople-France via Smyrna(cds,5098 + oval BM) & Cambodge, 80c Ceres. PHOT50
556FRENCH COLS: Algeria: 1902 unpaid cvr Foreign Minister,French Consulate,Anvers,Belgium(cachets) Mustapha via Paris, taxed with French 5c+10c P.Dues.25
5571926 regd cvr Palais d'Ete,Alger-UK, SG14,23(x2),31(2fr).25
5581928 regd airmail cvr Algiers-Paris, SG32(3fr)+49.25
5591943(Sept) GB 3d green forces regd env censored FPO 265-UK.20
560Antarctic: 1958 illus cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-UK, SG4-5,8-10,12(cat £157). IGY cachet(reverse). PHOTO125
5611959 illus Adelie Land cvr Terre Adelie-UK, SG5,8,10(cat £50).40
5621960 cvr St Paul & Amsterdam, IGY set (SG19-21 cat £55). Signed postal agent on Amsterdam Is.40
5631963 cvr Terre Adelie-UK, SG13+22(cat £90). PHOTO50
5641965 underpaid cvr Terre Adelie-UK, 5fr (SG35 x5 cat £400).GB 7d P.Dues uncancelled(reverse). PHOTO250
5651968 cvr Crozet Archipelago(2-line cachet)-UK, SG14+35(cat £210). PHOTO150
5661969 cvr Crozet Archipelago-Germany, 30fr (SG44 cat £120). Signed Captain Gallieni(cachet). PHOTO100
5671971 Gallieni paquebot cacheted cvr St Paul-UK, 40fr (SG45 cat £60).40
5681976 regd cvr Martin de Vivies-Italy, SG101,7-8(se-tenant strip cat £53+). Signed local postal agent.40
5691978 regd cvr Alfred Faure(Crozet)-UK, 10fr (SG125 cat £50).35
5701980 regd cvr Dumont d'Urville-Falklands(rec'r + Returned to Sender), SG148-50,52,55(cat £70+). PHOTO50
571Cameroun: 1922 cvr Edea-Gabon(rec'r), pair 25c ovpts (SG36).25
572WW1 expeditionary force stampless ppc to France with blk Tresor et Postes aux Armees cachet. PHOTO50
573Congo: 1895 25c p.stat.env Sette Lama(blue pmk)-UK per SS Boma via L'pool Br.Pkt. PHOTO75
574Dahomey: 1928 regd cvr Rohicon(blue pmk)-USA, 3fr ovpt(SG72 cat £10).25
575Equat.Africa: 1941(Jan) cvr Pt Gentil-Lambarene(Gabon), SG44+54(cat £11). Internal censor. Opening fault.15
576Gabon: 1907 10c p.stat.card comm.used Talagouga-Switz.30
5771924 market ppc comm.used Libreville-UK, SG52+55(scarce 20c cat £12).20
578Guadeloupe: 1862 outer Pointe a Pitre(unframed cds)-Nantes charged 6 via Col.Fr.Angl.Amb.Calais D pmk.20
5791928 cvr US Consulate(3–line red cachet),Pointe a Pitre-USA, surchs 96,8-9(cat £14).25
5801945 cvr Basse Terre-USA, SG183-4,6-90(cat £30). Circ. Guadeloupe postal censor.30
581Guinea: 1954 regd airmail cvr Kindia-UK, French W.Africa SG40,54(50fr),68.15
582Guiana: 1954 airmail cvr SATGA,Cayenne-USA, scarce wartime 50c(no RF) + 100fr airs (Yv.20,25).35
583India: 1900-3 comm.cvrs(2) Pondichery(2 diff.pmks)-France, SG4+5 or 6 (15c rates).40
5841923 regd cvr Pondichery-Sweden(destination), 50c (SG39 x2 cat £13).30
5851938 cvr Pondichery-UK, scarce (on cvr) Paris Expo (SG114-5 cat £10).20
586Indochina: (see lot 60): 1904 advert cvr Hanoi-Canada(destination/rec’r), mixed issues SG24+29.25
5871904 expeditionary corps cvr Hanoi-Paris, Tonkin Corps Expeditre & blue postal frank cachets. PHOTO45
5881906 local Hanoi ppc comm.used, 2c (SG7) & Citadelle pmk.20
5891909 cvr Canton-France via Ligne N Paq.Fr No.3, 25c Canton ovpt (SG40).15
5901948 comm.cvr Phuphong-Dalat(Annam), SG198(x6)+273(x3 cat £19).25
5911953 FM airmail cvr Dumont d’Urville(convoy escort)-France, poste navale pmk + French Navy anchor cachet20
592Ivory Coast: 1925 cvr Aboisse-France, SG46(x2)+8.20
5931938 airmail cvr Agboville-UK, SG113+148(x2). Anti-TB label reverse.15
594Levant: 1913 Smyrna ppc comm.used to France, Levant 5c & Corr.d’Armees Constantinople pmk.25
5951921 ppc Tresor et Postes 506(C'tinople)-Marseille, French 5c+20c(pair) sowers.20
596Madagascar: 1900 exped’n corps stampless c’signed cvr Diego Suarez(Corr.d’Armees)-France. Milit.cachet.35
5971920 regd cvr Tananarive(blue pmk)-UK, SG60-1(scarce 30c x2 cat £20).30
59819 30 50c illus advert p.stat.env(H&G13) Nossi Be-Tananarive.20
5991934(Aug) airmail cvr Manakara-Paris, SG68(2fr x4)+95(x2).25
600Martinique: 1876 firms outer St Pierre-Bordeaux via Col.Fr.Paq.B No.1, scarce 4mgn pair imperf 25c Ceres (Dallay 21 type 3) & Mqe lozenge. PHOTO125
6011952 comm.cvr Fort de France-Governor of St Helena(destination/rec’r), French SG1007+1067.20
602Mauretania: (see lot 621): 1939 regd cvr(inc letter) St Louis-USA, SG89,90,92,94,96,100(cat £37).35
603Mayotte: 1894 15c lettercard complete with edges Dzaoudzi(blue pmk)-Germany via Reunion a Marseille p/bot + SG4(x2 cat £9). No message.35
6041901 scarce 10c p.stat.reply card complete Dzaoudzi-Germany via La Reunion a Marseille p/bot. No message35
605Morocco: 1914 ppc Fez-Paris with military cachet, 2c(SG29) tied 3-line violet Campagne de Maroc 1913-14.20
6061922 comm.cvr Tangier-N.York, Fr.POs in Tangier 50c (SG14 cat £11). Uncommon.35
6071939 airmail cvr Military Adjutant to French Resident(cachet)-France, SG213(x2).15
6081950 regd cvr Casablanca-N.York, SG370 + scarce Army Welfare Fund set (SG383-6 cat £32).25
6091951 regd airmail cvr Casablanca-N.York, scarce 300fr air (SG342a cat £13). See also lot 545.30
610New Caledonia: 1947(July) TRAPAS cacheted FFC Noumea-New Hebrides, SG224-5.20
611Niger: 1930 regd cvr Bilma-France, SG44(x4 cat £20).30
612Obock: 1894 15c lettercard, H&G3 fine unused.10
613Oceania: 1898 cvr Papeete-Paris, 15c (SG6 cat £12).30
6141903 cvr Papeete-Paris, mix franking damaged 5c(SG14) + Tahiti 10c ovpt (SG57 cat £12).30
6151924 5c & 25c p.stat.envs(2: H&G13-14) fine unused & uncommon.25
6161958 regd cvr Papeete-Switz, SG189-91,94,99,202-3,5-6(cat £27).25
617Reunion: 1854 EL St Pierre(firms cachet)-Nantes via Marseille,Paris charged 8 & 10.25
6181944 regd airmail cvr Governor(s/line + cachet),St Denis-London, SG171,259,263. Redirected in UK by French Diplomatic Corps postal service(cachet).35
619St Pierre Miq: 1892 10c p.stat.card(H&G2),25c lettercard(H&G4),15c p.stat.envs(H&G2a-b) fine unused(4).15
620Senegal: 1940 airmail advert cvr St Louis-Paris, 3fr(SG174). French W.Africa circ.postal censor.15
6211944 airmail cvr Dakar-UK, mix franking SG152,220 + Mauretania SG107(x2 cat £13). French postal censor.15
6221945 regd cvr St Louis-USA, Fr.W.Africa SG1+17(cat £23).25
623Somali Coast: 1929(Dec) regd FFC Djibouti-Addis, SG217+226(x2 cat £30) tied s/line FF air cachet. PHOT.65
6241948 airmail advert cvr Djibouti(blue pmk)-France, mixed issues SG257,68,388(cat £11).15
625Sudan: 1902 ppc comm.used Kita-Paris, 5c (SG6 x2 cat £11).25
6261937(Nov) Air France cacheted trial flight cvr Kayes-Dakar, SG162+192.15
6271943 airmail cvr Segou-Morocco, SG143,61,68(cat £10+).20
628Togo: 1923 regd(provisional label) cvr Nuatja-UK via Lome, 3-colour opts SG42(gum stains),3(x3),4(reverse)40
629Tunisia: 1895 insured cvr Tunis-France, 3-colour SG12,14,16.30
6301924(Aug) regd airmail cvr Tunis-Paris, strip of 3 airs SG70.30
6311928(Apr) airmail regd cvr Sfax-UK via Antibes, airs SG152-4(cat £11+).25
6321938(Apr) cacheted LATI FFC Tunis-Tripoli, SG110+12. Scarce.30
6331942 comm.underpaid cvr Marseille-Sfax, tax marks & pair 50c P.Dues (D106).20
634Wallis & Futuna: 1931(Xmas Day) regd cvr Wallis-Switz, SG4,14,47,49(x2),54-5,60(cat £70). PHOTO100
6351967(Sept) Polynesian Airlines illus/cacheted FFC Mata Utu-Gilberts, SG166,74-5(cat £20). Pilot signed.20
636GAMBIA: 1909 KEVII 2d regd env size H to France via L'pool + 2d(SG59). PHOTO100
6371911 regd cvr to UK, KEVII 5d marginal with tear when affixed (SG77).25
6381922 KGV 2d regd env size H Bathurst(regd h/st)-UK via L'pool + 3d(SG91c). PHOTO75
6391942 local underpaid Bathurst cvr with scarce T1d to pay h/stamps. PHOTO125
6401943 regd airmail cvr Bathurst-UK, SG155-6. Octagonal Passed NN/3 censor.20
6411947 regd OHMS(On Post Office Business only h/stamp) cvr Postmaster, Bathurst-USA.20
6421950 KGVI 6d airletter Kaur-UK. Ex postal agent.25
6431953 US 10c airletter to US Consul,Bathurst. Not Known & Undelivered Return to Sender h/stamps.50
644GERMAN COLS: Cameroun: 1898 10pf opt p.stat.card comm.used to Metz with Kamerun s/ring pmk.40
6451905 ppc Duala-UK @ 10pf yacht rate.15
646China: 1905-6 ppcs(2) comm.used Tientsin(code a pmks)-Germany @ 5pf or 2c rates (Mi16,29).25
6471911 ppc comm.used Peking-UK @ 2c rate.20
648E.Africa: 1894 5p ovpt p.stat.card comm.used Dar-Bechuanaland(destination) via Durban. Central vert.fold30
6491902 3p yacht p.stat.card comm.used Tanga-Archdeacon in Magila.25
6501903 3p yacht p.stat.card comm.used Amani-Germany via Tanga.35
6511908 4h p.stat.card comm.used Schirati(scarce pmk)-Germany via Kisumu & Mombasa. PHOTO75
652Kiaochow: 1914 attractive illus(geisha group) env Tsingtau-Europe @ 4c rate & code c pmk.20
653Levant: 1884(Mar) EL C’tinople(2 pmk)-Holland, 1pi (Mi3a).40
6541900 regd cvr C'tinople-Germany, pair 1½pi (Mi9b). Cat 260eu(cvr). PHOTO80
6551902 cvr C’tinople-Stuttgart, 1pi Mi14 type 2(scarcer seriffed). Cat 100eu(cvr).30
6561907 ppc comm.used Jerusalem(scarce type 3 pmk with hours in use 1 yr)-UK, 20pa (Mi37). PHOTO50
657Morocco: 1900 10c on 10pf private p.stat.env(PU1) fine unused with printed firms address.20
658New Guinea: 1913 cvr Finschhafen-Bavaria, 5pf yacht (x2).45
659SW.Africa: 1901 10pf ovpt p.stat.card(P2) Rehoboth(fine pmk)-Germany(rec'r) but no message.20
6601907 ppc used as stampless feldpostkarte Otjiwarongo-Berlin.25
6611909 printed matter cvr Berseba(scarce pmk)-Germany @ 3pf rate (Mi11: scarce single franking). PHOTO75
6621913 Govt House ppc comm.used Aus-Germany, 10pf (scarce Mi26b).40
663GERMAN STATES: 1843-51 outer/EL(2) Frankfurt(red or black pmks)-Vienna or Verona(Italy).12
664Baden: 1859 outer Mannheim-Rauenberg, 3kr blk/blue(Mi8 cat £50).35
6651864 regd insured(charge) toned cvr Waldshut-Zurich via Swiss TPO, 9kr yell-brn(Mi15b cat 320eu). PHOT.125
666Bavaria: 1906 Centenary Exhib’n illus 10pf p.stat.card in red comm.used Hof-Belgium.20
6671906 2pf(+3pf Mi60) p.stat.reply card(P68) complete both halves used Ludwigshafen-Edenkoben & back.25
6681912(Oct) 5pf+25pf sp.flown p/card Munich-Mariaweld. PHOTO50
669Bremen: 1849-51 ELs(2) to Marseilles via T-T Valenciennes in red/ blk charged 6 or 15. Half-moon segments20
670Hamburg: (see lot 1): 1783 EL Lubeck-Bordeaux fco Hamburg charged 37, s/line black Hambourg.20
6711806 EL to Bordeaux charged 13, s/line Hamburg in red.20
672Mecklenburg-Schwerin: 1864-7 1sch,2sch,3sch p.stat.envs(3, U9,11,13) fine unused.20
673NGC: 1868 outer Leipzig-Bible Society,London, 5gr(Mi6). Cat 80eu(cvr).20
674Prussia: 1860 3sgr yellow p.stat.env type A Coln(railway PO no.8 box pmk)-Magdeburg.20
6751864 Danish War military feldpostbrief ex CO,Kiel-Echternfolde, fine circ. K.Pr.Feldpost Relais 2 pmk.25
676Saxony: 1867 outers(2) Borna-Leipzig or Chemnitz-Schonfeld, ½ngr shades Mi15d-da. Cat 580eu(cvrs).PH.150
677Thurn & Taxis:1863 cvrs(2) Wiesbaden/Homburg-UK, pairs 9kr(M34 cat 200eu thus) in very diff.browns.65
678Wurttemburg: 1858 larger cvr Stuttgart-Guglingen, 4mgn 6kr(Mi18a cat £100). Redirected/charged 2. PHOT.75
6791866 6kr p.stat.env(U14a yellow opt cat 150eu) Stuttgart-Offenburg via K.Wurtt 16 & Heidelberg-Basel TPOs.45
68019th century local advert cvr franked Stuttgart No.1 Franco 2pf red cds.20
6811922 Deutsches Reich opt on 10pf official p.stat.card(DP11: scarcer issue 11/20) Giengen-Ulm + officials Mi156(x4),7-8(x2 ea cat 18eu).20
682GERMANY:(see lots 8,14,72,302,457): 1873 cvr Homburg-IoWight, 2½gr large shield (SG21 cat £120). PH.100
6831874 official cacheted COD invoice ex Bledenkopf, 1gr+2gr (Mi19-20 cat £20). Curved Auslagen.25
6841892 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Halle-US Consulate,Jerusalem(rec'r).15
6851895 illus 50th anniv Berlin PS 2pf local Berlin parcel card commercially used. Uncommon.25
68619th cent Almeritters local Frankfurt postal service 20pf express letter envelope fine unused.20
6871899 hi-rate insured cvr Bochum-Hamburg, 20pf+50pf(Mi50 x3). See also lots 29-31,40,42.30
6881912(Jun) Rhein u Main illus flight card Frankfurt(sp.pmk)-Heimbach + 10pf air (Mi1).25
6891914 Rhine river boat ppc comm.used St Goar-Holland, Mi85(x2). 2-line violet Schnelldampfer Bismarck.20
6901916 ppcs(2 inc SMS Derflinger) used OAS stampless to Kiel/Hannover with Marine FPO 59 or 107 pmks.20
6911920 10pf p.stat.card express(label) Berlin-Dresden + 4–colour Mi85d,103,11-12(cat 26eu).20
6921923(Jun 19) cvr St Josephs Home,Berlin-USA, pair 30pf (Mi231b). Cat 120eu(cvr).35
6931923(Jun) ppc comm.used Aue-USA, pair rare 40m olive-grn (Mi244c cat 3400eu)+247. PHOTO1500
6941923(Sept 26) ppc comm.used Zeitz-India(destination) @ 150,000 mks rate (Mi287 pair).20
6951923(Oct 10) advert cvr Lahr-Switz @ 14mill.500,000mks rate (Mi295 x2, 312Aa x7 cat 200eu).50
6961923(Nov) firms p/card Cottbus-Holland @ 513,600,000 mks rate (multifranked inc Mi292(double ovpt),296-7, 303,5). Stamps cat 200++eu. PHOTO125
6971924 airmail cvr Hildesheim-UK, 50pf air (Mi347 cat £42).35
6981925(May) flown(UDET cachet) cvr Heilbronn-Wurzburg, Mi355 + 40pf air(Mi112) ovpt’d Heilbronn Flugtag.25
6991926(Aug) airmail express cvr Chemnitz-Munich, 50pf (Mi396).15
7001927 local Berlin regd cvr with scarce IAA ovpt set (SG421-3 cat £300). PHOTO200
7011930 local Frankfurt regd cvr with Welfare Fund set (SG465-8 cat £150). PHOTO100
7021930(July) Graf Zepp cacheted Rheinland flight card Koln-Koblenz(rec’r), SG393(x2)+5(x4).30
7031932(Jun) French(?) airmail cvr Dusseldorf-Chile(rec’rs), 4-colour airs MiA379-82(cat £24).30
7041932 regd parcel card(inc coupon) Berlin-Switz, SG439(x2)-40(x3 cat £23).20
7051933(Nov) Graf Zepp Jubilee flight round trip, 1RM opt(SG510 cat £600) & on-board pmk. Signed(pilot?)PH.350
7061933 airmail(Baden label) cvr Heidelberg-Sumatra(destination/rec’r), Mi418(x2)+471.20
7071935(Aug) 11th S.America Graf Zepp cacheted FFC to Brazil, pairs SG577,79-80(cat £14)& on-board pmk.PH.50
7081936(Jun) Olympic swimming stadium RP ppc flown airship Berlin-USA, SG527-8,32,606.20
7091936(Aug) Hindenburg cacheted 7th flight cvr Frankfurt(sp.pmk)-USA, SG603-4.20
7101937((Aug) German airmail(x2 diff.cachets) cvr Hamburg-Argentina, SG503B,34-5(2RM cat £35).30
7111939(Aug) Graf Zepp German flight card Frankfurt-Essen, 50pf(SG506B).Sp.cachet inc 3-line cancelled flight.25
712Alsace: 1941 express cvrs(2 inc regd) Strassburg(pictorial pmk)-Bavaria, 4pf+60pf or 3pf+80pf(Mi1-2,14-5).50
7131941 regd cvr Strassburg(pictorial pmk)-Stammbach, mixed opts: Alsace 3pf, Lorraine 6pf, Lux’bg 3pf,30pf.25
714Lorraine: 1941 regd COD cvr Schalbach-Essen, 5-colour 40pf-100pf tied box s/line cachets. PHOTO75
715Zones: 1946(May) 6pf Bizone p.stat.card comm.used locally Hagen-Vorhalle + 6pf Bizone p.stat.cut–out tied.20
7161946 scarce official proof of delivery env Merseburg-Halle, 3-colour Mi917,29,33b(cat 55eu).25
7171946(Jan) regd cvr Possneck-Reit, 6-colour Thuringen Mi94-7,8(perf & imperf),9(min.cat 26eu).25
7181948(Jan 1) illus FDC for regd cvrs in post-war Germany regd Hamburg-USA, SG928,30,45(1mk).25
7191948(Aug 15) illus Cologne Cathedral FDC to USA, SGA104-7(cat £24) & sp.pmk.25
7201949 regd cvr Hamburg-USA, Goethe set (A148-50 cat £55).40
7211949 60pf airletter (LF3) comm.used Zell-USA.20
7221949(Sept) regd cvr Austhal Zellerfeld-Stassfurt, mix franking A142-4 & W.German SG1034(cat £45).35
723Berlin: 1948(Nov) cvr Berlin SO36-RAF Singapore(destination), 2pf+24pf ovpts (B1,9 x2 ea).20
7241949(Jan) cvr Wilmersdorf-USA, 50pf ovpt (B13 cat £38). No flap.25
7251953(Aug 9) illus FDC Berlin(sp.pmk)-Ruhr, scarce Churches set (B106-9 cat £275). PHOTO175
7261953 illus Uprising FDC (B110-11 cat £48) signed by Senator Kollhofer (in charge of postal service).35
7271957-8 airmail cvrs(3) Charlottenburg-USA @ 1mk40-80 rates (SG146+48 or 142 or 144 cat £28).40
728West: 1949 cvr Bremen-UK, Parliament set (SG1033-4 cat £55).40
7291952 airmail cvr to USA with 90pf posthorn (Mi138). Cat 130 euros(cvr).35
7301954 ‘strictly personal’ cvr Bielefeld-Fabbenstedt, mixed franking 70pf posthorn + 20pf Heuss.20
7311955(May) Lufthansa FFC Munich-UK, air set (SG1131-4 cat £20).15
7321956 airmail cvr Hamburg-USA, 40pf Florence Nightingale (Mi225)+ Mi223,8(cat £53).35
7331956 scarce message half Heuss 20pf p.stat.reply card comm.used Frankfurt-USA + se-tenants S18,20.30
7341958 p/card comm.used Feuchtwangen-USA, Mi226(1pf strip of 4) + se-tenant strip MiW18X(cat 27eu).25
735East: 1950 regd cvr Berlin(Wilhelmsruhe)-Munich, 8pf+1DM (Mi253a,64 cat 26 euros).20
7361950 firms advert cvr Schwerin-Klutz, 2 x12pf Engels p.stat.cut-outs tied sp.pmk. Uncommon.25
7371953(Aug 10) illus unadd.FDCs(3) of workers set to 84pf (Mi362-79 cat £100) ex 24pf issued later.65
738GIBRALTAR: 1849 67th Regt OHMS env(+ letter) to UK rated 2/2. Box red Postage Not Paid to London. PH.200
7391859 countersigned soldiers letter 100th Regt-UK, GB 1d star (Z18) & A26 pmk. PHOTO350
7401893 QV 5c p.stat.card used locally. Scarce box bilingual Not Called For h/st. Corner stained. PHOTO65
7411894 regd cvr to UK, 5c+25c(x3: SG22,26). See also lots 1190,1223-4.40
7421912 regd cvr to Switz, KGV 2/= (SG82). PHOTO150
7431936 regd cvr to USA, S.Jubilee set (SG114-7 cat £48).35
7441941 airmail cvr FPO475-USA @ 1/6d rate.Blue postal censor 11 tape(only in use 3 mnths)+ triang.censor 28.35
7451946 airmail cvr to UK, SG133(x2). Reverse has GcrownR Found Open & Secured label tied. PHOTO125
7461951 airmail advert cvr to Denmark @ 6d rate. Box Prepaid for Air Transit to GB only(scarce).40
7471970 underpaid ppc ex GB, tax mark + 2d P.Due (D2) cancelled with C in circle(refused).40
748GB used in: QV 6d buff (Z47 pl.11 cat £150) good used with fine A26 pmk.40
749GILBERT & ELLICE: 1913 regd(red/white label) cvr Ocean Is-France, 4d+6d (SG17,19).45
7501919 regd cvr Ocean Is-Canada via Sydney, 1d war tax SG26(x7 inc blk 4 cat £45+). PHOTO75
7511937 Air Bleu illus env regd(violet h/st) Ocean Is-France via Sydney, SG15,40-2(cat £13).40
7521937 Coronation set on regd (Tarawa) cvr Marakei (fine pmk)-Ocean Is.45
7531938(July) cacheted FFC GB-Gilbert & Ellice @ 1½d rate.20
7541949 regd(h/st) cvr Fanning Is-UK via Honolulu,N.York, 1d+5d (SG44,49).25
7551949 regd(blk h/st) cvr Ocean Is-UK via Sydney, 2/- (SG52 cat £11).20
7561955 regd(blue h/st) airmail cvr Tarawa-UK, SG43,45,53-4 (top vals cat £29).25
7571958(Jun 18) comm.cvr Sydney Is-Betio @ 3d rate. Last mail before evacuation of island.25
758GOLD COAST: (see lot 31): 1884 QV 1½d brn p.stat.card used to Germany per L'pool Br.Pkt. Quittah cds + B27. Tone spots & h/written contemporary label affixed to front.25
7591901-5 QV 1d p.stat.card/ppc @ 1d rate comm.used Aburi(2 diff.pmks)-UK/Ireland (2 items).40
7601905 KEVII 2d regd env size F used locally in Kwitta to German Mission + ½d (SG38).40
7611910 regd(scarce h/st) cvr Victoriaborg-Hungary(destination) via Plymouth, pair 3d (SG63).45
7621919 KEVII 1d p.stat.card comm.used Koforidua(scarce D5 pmk)-Germany.25
7631928 regd 4-colour franking cvr Accra-USA, SG103,6-8. No flap.25
7641937 Coronation FDC Jumapo-Koforidua, SG117-9(cat £10).15
7651944 airmail cvr Aburi-UK @ 1/3d rate. Blk/pale grey OO/235 label.15
7661952 regd airmail cvr Kuntanasi-UK, SG141-2(x3 ea cat £19). GvR reseal label tied Found Open RLB London25
767pre-1713 outer to Alfold(Lincs) with 4d to be paid by recipient & tiny bishop mark.50
7681712 outer to Sir John Newton Bt at his house in Soho Sq,London rated 4. Tiny bishop mark.50
769c1760 undated outer to London rated 4, rare tiny 2-line Ring/wood + bishop mark.50
7701765 EL to New Inn,London rated 7, bishop mark & fine 2-line Glouces/ter.20
7711783 EL to Bewdley rated 3, s/line Litchfield (58x6mm).30
7721785 fine EL to Leek rated 3 with 2-line 119 Litch/field mileage.40
7731787 long EL to Sheffield rated 2, scarce 2-line Doncas/ter 161 mileage with reversed N. PHOTO80
7741791 EL Iver-Aylesbury rated 5, fine s/line Uxbridge. PHOTO65
7751792 EL Chichester(s/line)-Royal Bookseller,London rated 4. Ex Wm Hayley(author).40
7761794 EL to Westminster rated 4, fine 2-line Newport Pagnel. PHOTO50
7771799 EL to Aylesbury rated 6, fine s/line Winslow.50
7781799 EL(request for shooting licence) Eton-Aylesbury, red P6 but mss More to Pay 6, s/line Windsor(39x5mm). Partial paid outside red circle(scarce).30
7791799 EL(mentions shipwreck) Nottingham-Oxford rated 5, watery purple circ.127 horseshoe struck twice.40
7801800 EL(marital separation) to Ashbourn rated 5, fine Lichfield reversed horseshoe.20
7811805-19 ELs(2: latter is Clifford family news) to Leek rated 7 or Devon rated 11, 2 diff.circ.Litchfield 119 h/st.20
7821809 local Manchester EL rated 1 with unique red Manchester 185 34mm circ.mileage.30
7831812 business EL New York-Lisbon pd 5/2 pmk'd York 196 mileage. Ideal research!25
7841818 EL Manchester-Rochdale rated 4, scarce circ.red Manr Paid.40
7851826 EL(2 diff) Clary-Dorchester rated 9, 2-line SHAFTSBURY 5th Clause Post across reverse flap.50
7861826 EL written Hannover by Wm Davison(manservant to Duke of Cambridge) re his gout & riots in St. Petersburg etc but posted in London with red TP May-Fair, oval Even pmk + h/struck 2.20
7871827 EL Edge Hill-West Leigh(Bolton) rated 8, box red Liverpool Py Post, Too Late(type F) + No.5 h/stamps.25
7881827 EL to Mayfield Hall in Derby rated 10. Mss Not + boxed Missent to Derby. PHOTO50
7891833 EL Liverpool(box red Paid at: rounded edges)-Cognac rated 1/11, charged 16, s/line red ANGLETERRE25
7901840 EL(horse purchase for trip to Yorks) Rickinghall(Suffolk)-Rotherham pd7, light rare Thwaite 85 box m'ge40
7911840 small cvr Tunbridge Wells-Bath Paid 1d(all marks/cds in red). PHOTO50
7921841 outer Norwich-London rated 1, fine black Prepaid.30
7931845 EL Leith(brown paid pmk)-Holland re-rated 1 to 4. 2-line tiny blue Engeland Franco.20
7941847 EL Worthing-Wymondham pd1 via Dereham & Elmham(scarce undated horseshoe).25
7951850 EL Liverpool(red paid pmk)-Germany via scarce box Aus Engeland per Aachen franco rated 8.30
7961855(Jan) stampless cvr to Scotland rated 6 via Marseilles. Ex Crimea correspondence but no marks.20
7971857 firms EL London(red paid pmk)-Amsterdam rated 8. Boxed FRANCO (unusual).15
7981840(Dec)-41(Jan) 3-4mgn 1d blacks(QA,QB) on Carlisle-Beverley or London outers(2) & red MXs100
7991842 EL Winchester-London, 4mgn 1d pl.22 (DJ: J flaw) & MX pmk.30
8001842 EL Cromer(udc)-Aylsham, 4mgn 1d imperf STB plate 26 & MX pmk.30
8011844 outer Wisbech-London, 4mgn 1d imperf & 857 duplex. 2-line Long Sutton Penny Post.25
8021844 cvr Torquay-Ilfracombe, fine 4mgn 1d imperf STB plate 49 inc N.Y flaw.25
8031844 cvr London-Cambridge, 4mgn 1d imperf RH tied 5 in MX(cat £180 used). PHOTO75
8041844-51 outers(5) mostly with unplated 4mgn 1d imperfs.30
8051846 local Edinburgh outer with 4mgn 1d imperf pl.52 notable for recut framelines.15
8061847 cvr/EL(2) Southampton-Ilfracombe or Derby-Wolverhampton, fine 4mgn 1ds SG8a-9 ex plates 71-2.20
8071851 cvr Kingsbridge-Crediton, 4mgn 1d SG8a & blue 418 pmk. Cat £250. PHOTO80
8081855(Jun) cvr Canterbury-Paris, pair 2d SG23(cat£450). S/line Westgate in blue(reverse). PHOTO200
8091855(Oct) cvr Llanwrst-Oswestry via Conway, scarce blk of 4 1d SG21. PHOTO250
8101855(Dec) cvr Stoke-Melbourne(red ship letter free rec'r), 6d cut-to-shape embossed + 1d h/stamp. PHOTO90
8111856(July) outer London-Lyon, 2d blue pl.5 (SG34: 2 very different shades cat £140). PHOTO90
8121857(Feb) cvr Manchester(s/ways duplex)-Chippenham, 1d SG37. Cat £1100(cvr). PHOTO250
8131859 cvr Bedale(66 pmk)-York, 1d star SG41. Ex West Burton(udc).Redirected to Harrogate +1d h/st typeDX.30
8141867 cvr Edinburgh-Nice, pair 2d SG45 pl.9(cat £30).20
8151869 EL London-Leek, 1d p.110 + 2d scarcer pl.12 (cat £151). PHOTO100
8161870 local London outer, 1d pl.177 & hexagonal late fee pmk.20
8171872 stained cvr London-Cognac, 1d plate + scarce blk of 4 2d pl.13(cat £350 thus). Box red L1. PHOTO80
8181872 Midland Counties Herald newspaper advert EL Birmingham-London, ½d SG48 pl.4(cat £40).25
8191873 cvr Carlisle-Penrith, pair ½d pl.5(cat £50).25
8201877 cvr Fordingbridge(scarce 304 vertical duplex)-Southampton, pair ½d SG49 pl.14(cat £50).30
8211877 cvr Liverpool-Switz, ½d pl.14 + 2d pl.15(cat £63).40
8221878 EL(in Norwegian) Grimsby-Norway, ½d pl.10 + pair 1d pl.207(cat £47).35
8231855(Oct) cvr to France, 4d blued paper(SG62). Cat £780(cvr). PHOTO100
8241859 cvr London W6-Major in Royal Artillery,India(rec'rs), 1d SG40 + pair 4d SG66(cat £300+). PHOTO75
8251861 EL London(scarcer twin 45 pmk)-N.York per Etna from L'pool, 1d star + 1/= SG72. Cat £425+(cvr).PH.100
8261861 EL Manchester-Barcelona via La Junquera, fine 6d SG70. Cat £240(cvr).50
8271862 EL London(12 pmk)-Paris, pair 4d SG80. Inc late fee. Cat £440(cvr). PHOTO90
8281864 outer Glasgow-Sicily via Piroscafi Postali Francesi(box), 6d SG84. Cat £225(cvr). PHOTO65
8291864 EL Newcastle-USA via Boston Am.Pkt, 1/= SG90 with ironed-out file fold. Cat £450(cvr). PHOTO50
8301865 cvr Manchester-Lyon, 4d SG94 scarcer pl.7(cat £130).50
8311866 cvr York-Bombay, 4d+6d (SG81,97 cat £315). PHOTO100
8321866 outer Dundee-Calcutta via Sea PO C(oval blue), marg.inscription 9d SG98 pl.4. Cat £1400(cvr).PH.400
8331867 firms outer Middlesbrough-Sweden(Sodra St TPO), 3d SG103 scarce pl.4(x2 cat £600). 3d h/st. PH.200
8341868 cvr London-Mauritius(destination/rec'r), 10d SG113. Cat £850(cvr). PHOTO250
8351868 cvr London(EC79 pmk)-Switz, 1d pl.87 + 4d SG94 pl.9(cat £92). Late fee.40
8361869 EL London(106 pmk)-Lyon, 4d SG94 pl.11. Boxed L1 + circ.thimble Too Late GPO. Cat £140(cvr).40
8371869 cvr Croydon(cds+ 938)-Trieste(ship agent rec'r)via Aachen(blue franco),6d SG109 scarce pl.8(cat £140)50
8381870 cvr London-Berlin(not forwarded & entlastet cachet/pmk), 3d SG103 pl.5. 2-line Insufficiently Stamped.30
8391871 firms EL Lombard St(red paid pmk),London-Paris, 3 in red mss.15
8401873 outer Hull-Fiume(destination/rec'r) via Vienna, 3d SG103 scarcer pl.10. Cat £110+(cvr).35
8411874 cvr London WC-Faringdon, 1½d scarce pl.1 SG52. Cat £275(cvr).75
8421874 cvr London-Turin, 2d pl.14 + 6d SG125 pl.12(cat £338). Red L2. PHOTO150
8431874 mourning cvr Bath-CO,HMS Petrel,Panama, 6d SG125 pl.12(severed pair cat £600).PHOTO250
8441874 EL London(89 pmk)-Cadiz, 6d grey SG147 pl.13. Cat £150(cvr)45
8451875 cvr London-Tasmania(destination & Circular Head rec'r), 3d SG144 pl.17(x3 cat £240). PHOTO120
8461875 mourning cvr London SW39-India(Allahabad TPO) via Sea PO A, 1/= SG150 pl.10. Cat £240(cvr). PH.75
8471875 cvr Paddington(P16 pmk)-N.York, 3d SG144 pl.16. Cat £120(cvr).30
8481876 EL London-Bordeaux, 2d pl.15 + 2½d SG141 scarcer pl.3(cat £188). Scarcer small box red L2. PHOTO90
8491876 cvr Lombard St,London(LS2 pmk)-Trieste, pair 1d pl.202 + 3d SG144 pl.19(cat £100). PHOTO50
8501876 cvr London(L1 75 late fee pmk)-France, 1d pl.172 + 2½d rosy mauve SG141 pl.5(cat £83).40
8511877 cvr Shipston on Stour-17th Regt,Punjab,India via Sea PO D, pair 8d SG156(cat £700). PHOTO250
8521877 EL London-Bordeaux, 1d pl.200 + 1½d SG51 pl.3. Cat £275+(cvr). PHOTO85
8531878-81 QV 2d blue regd envs(2: EU4 size G or EU7 size F) fine unused.25
8541881 regd cvr Coventry(223 duplex)-Aberdeen, 1d+2d (SG166+8). Cat £300(cvr). PHOTO100
8551882 cvr Lombard St(L1 late fee pmk)-Police Supt,Oudh(India) via Sea PO A, 6d grey SG161 pl.1740
8561882 1d pink env + 1½d(SG167) Alderley Edge(cds + F86)-Berlin.50
8571882 long cvr Edinburgh-Peebles, 1½d (SG167). Cat £160(cvr).45
8581883 cvr Mark Lane(L1 late fee pmk)-Calimnos (rare destination) via Smyrna(Br.PO), 2½d blue SG157 pl.22 (x2 cat £90) + 1d lilac. PHOTO100
8591884 cvr Manchester-Australia, 3d on 3d SG159(x2 cat £320). PHOTO200
8601885 1d pink env London(hooded pmk)-Boston(USA) + 4d (SG192 cat £210). PHOTO100
8611886 cvr Cardiff-Victoria, 6d grn (SG194). Cat £350(cvr). Ex Llandaff(cds reverse). PHOTO100
8621886 cvr Selby-Venezuela, 4d SG192. Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO100
8631887 QV 2d regd env(EU12) Runcorn-Birmingham + 1½d (SG188). Minor creasing.40
8641889-97 1d lilac mourning cvrs(2 inc letter) with fine Finsbury Park or E.Finchley sq.circle pmks. See lot 1587.25
8651890-4 QV ½d p.stat.cards(4)used with fine New Southgate(rare),Stratford,Bow or Clapton scarce sq.circ.pmk75
8661894 regd(2 diff.h/st + Belgian regd label) cvr Threadneedle St,London-Belgium, 4½d (SG206).35
8671895 regd cvr Threadneedle St-Canada, 3-colour SG172(x3),197,208. Rate!35
8681899 QV 2d regd env scarcer size K Threadneedle St,London-Berlin + 3d,1/= Jubilees (cat £85).80
8691900 QV 4d+4d double embossed env Lombard St EC SO(sq.circle)-Montreal(Canada).35
8701900 regd cvr Anerley Rd,Norwood-San Francisco, SG197(pair)+206(strip of 3 cat £137). PHOTO90
8711902 KEVII 2d regd env size H Lothbury-Hamburg + perfinned 3-colour ½d,5d,1/=(SG242,257). Flap fault.50
8721902 advert cvr Threadneedle St(late fee pmk)-Syria(destination/rec’r) via Pt Said, QV 2½d + KEVII 1d.20
8731903 bank draft ex Spain-Liverpool with KEVII 6d foreign bill stamp tied.15
8741903 KEVII ½d grn wrapper Edinburgh(NPB pmk)-Germany + 1½d (SG221). Scarce.30
8751903 Suez ppc comm.used to Scotland posted on arrival in UK @½d rate with scarce Tyne Docks E89 duplex10
8761907 ppc comm.used Hampstead-Fiji(destination/rec’r) @ 1d rate.20
8771911 KEVII 3d regd env size H2 Weston super Mare-Japan(destination/rec'r) + 3d(SG234).20
8781911 Xmas Eve ppc London-E.Croydon, ½d p15x14 SG279 (cat £100 on cvr).30
8791912 local Bristol ppc comm.used with ½d Mackennal no X variety (SG340a cat £55).40
8801915(Apr) KGV 3d regd env size F London IS(label)-Halifax with ships 6-bar dumb cancel. Mss Closed +initial15
8811916(Mar) OAS blk/green printed env Mounted Brigade Division FPO-London.15
8821924 cvr London-Moscow, SG418(inv wmk)+ 1d Wembley(x2 cat £23+).20
8831924 Egyptian p.stat.env regd Wincanton-USA, SG423+431(1½d Wembley cat £17).20
8841925(May) folded cvr London W1(London Defended Wembley Stadium pmk)-Dorking, 1½d Wembley cat £70.50
8851925(Dec) local London redirected cvr with pair 1d Wembleys (SG432 cat £60).35
8861926 regd Western Union cablegram env London-Switz, perfinned KGV 3d + 2½d meter mark.20
8871927(Sept) airmail FFC to Kenya @ 7½d rate via Kenya-Sudan airmail(red skeleton pmk). Minor env.fault.25
8881927 toned regd cvr Putney-P.Rico(destination/rec'r), late use KEVII 7d(SG249) + KGV 1½d(x2).50
8891931 airmail cvr Leeds-Palestine(Gaza,Ajami BO rec'rs) @ 3½d rate. See also lots 1230,1574.15
8901931(Dec) airmail cvr Sevenoaks-Australia, 2/6d(SG415a)+ pair 427(cat £82). PHOTO80
8911932(Jul 14) illus George Washington bicentenary cvr Sulgrave Manor-Oxford, marg.control Q32 pair SG418.25
8921932(Oct) IA illus FFC to Bahrain(rec’r) @ 6d rate.30
8931932(Nov) airmail cvr Ealing-Belize(destination/rec’r) @ 1/3d rate.25
8941935(July) airmail cvr Kings Lynn-Zanzibar(rec'r) @ 6d rate. See also lot 766.15
8951935(Nov) Croydon acceptance for FFC Brussels-Elizabethville(Congo) @ 8d rate. Tax mark.20
8961936 commercial KEVIII cvrs(5) to Norway @ ½d-2½d rates(all different frankings inc mixed with KGV).25
8971938 cvr Iver-Abingdon, 2½d inc pair KGVI 1d(SG463a cat £18) with perfs double at bottom & sawtooth top.25
8981939(Jan) German airmail cvr Liverpool-Peru, pair 10/= seahorses (SG452 cat £160). PHOTO150
8991940(Jun) airmail cvr Sheffield-hospital in Palestine(Sarafand rec'r) @ KGVI 2/6d brn rate (some toned perfs)20
9001941 airmail cvr(+ letter) Uxbridge-Br.HQ.Eritrea(FPO 90 rec'r) @ 1/3d rate.20
9011944(Mar) air cvr B'ham-Field Ambulance,CMF@ 1/3d. 2-line 1/3 per ½oz airletter service not available h/st.20
9021945(May) regd cvr Sevenoaks-Argentina, SG484(x2). V-Day + 2 German stamps defaced. Examiner 658.15
9031949(May) regd cvr Birmingham(BIF oval regd sp.pmk)-Ludlow, SG486,89,96.15
9041951(May 4) local Hounslow regd cvr with 10/=(SG511). Bit roughly opened(reverse).20
9051952(May) regd(SW London) cvr Chelsea Flower Show(skeleton pmk)-Tring, KGVI SG490(x2),503,6.15
9061961 airmail express cvr Chelsea-Nigeria, 3d + strip of 3 1/6d (SG586).15
9071967 regd cvr W.Kensington-Austria, phosphor commems SG643p,680p,695p(cat £31).25
9081969 airmail cvr Newmills(Ayrshire)-Australia, Scottish 1/6d (S13).10
9091971 Ulster fine illus FDC with sp.Norwich Paintings day pmk.25
910P.Due: 1922(Dec) underpaid cvr Canada-Matlock @ 3c rate. Boxed Insufficiently Prepaid, tax marks both countries + ½d,1d P.Dues. Xmas seal tied. Not called for so both Manchester RLB & Ottowa DLO pmks.25
9111924 regd sample bag Belgium-Liverpool surcharged because contained plaque @ 1/6½d (D1,5(x2),8).20
9121924 underpaid ppc USA-Dover, tax marks both countries inc 1½d & 1½d P.Due (D12 cat £22).20
9131948 underpaid cvr S.Africa-Dartmouth, 6d h/st + 1d,5d (D28,32).15
9141960 underpaid cvr France-Richmond, tax marks both countries + D47,52(cat £21+).20
9151966 underpaid ppc USA-Bracknell, tax marks both countries inc 3½d & D58-9 tied oval violet pmk.15
9161971 underpaid cvr Luton-Truro taxed with scarce pair of ½p (D77). See also lots 564,1579.10
917Channel Is: 1944(Feb) cvr Jersey-Guernsey, 2½d(SG7). Reposted locally Apr.44 with 2½d(SG3). Unusual.25
918Guernsey:(see lot 69): 1948 regd cvr Les Gravees-UK, C1(x3)-2.15
9191970 surcharged Rhodesia airmail cvr to Castel taxed with D1(x2),2-6 P.Dues cat £22.20
920Jersey: 1854 outer to Malta(destination) rated 1/3d. Yellowish-red Jersey d/arc cds overstruck by paid pmk.25
9211943 local comm.cvr, ½d+1d(pair) arms on white/grey papers, SG1+2c(cat £34).25
922GREECE: 1851 EL Sta Maura(fancy oval pmk)-Corfu(circ.rec'r) rated 2.25
9231881 lettercard comm.used Tripolis-France, 4mgn 30L brn (SG53).30
9241900 cvr Athens-France, mixed 4mgn imperf 20L pale red + 10L p.11½ Hermes heads.25
9251905 Chios ppc comm.used Chio(scarce type 128 pmk)-Stamboul, Turkish 20pa35
9261909 cvr Athens-UK, 3-colour Hermes SG170-1(x2),73.20
9271926 10L blue military p.stat.card comm.used Athens(tax.pmk)-Paris + 3-colour SG219,22,24.25
9281932(Apr) cacheted FFC Athens-Limassol(Cyprus), SG227(x2)+415.25
9291939 air cvr Pogoni Janina-USA, SG484(x4),88a-b(x4),531,C523(x2 cat £24) front & back. Currency control.25
9301941(Feb) blue 1940 'trumpeters' feldpost card comm.used FPOs 470-652. Diamond T450L.20
9311941(Nov) airmail cvr Athens-Germany(censor label), SG488d,510,521(pair) + unusual blk of 4 C561 opt rev.15
932Salonika: 1912 Turkish 20pa p.stat.card comm.used Salonique 3-Germany.20
933GREENLAND: 1956 illus FDC to Denmark of scarce 60o ovpts in blks of 4 (SG37-8 cat £40).30
9341960(5/5) regd illus cvr for 15th anniv.Liberation Sdr Stromfjord(sp.pmk)-Kolding, SG5a,17-9(cat £150),32.PH.75
9351968 advert cvr to Copenhagen, SG49(blk of 4)-50 & MS Disko pmk.20
9361983(Jan 27) illus unadd.FDC of 50kr salmon (SG138 blk of 4 cat £60) & sp.pmk.30
937GRENADA: 1912 KGV 2d regd env size F, H&G4 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen15
9381914 comm.cvr Carriacou-USA, 2½d (SG94).45
9391923 comm.cvr Gouyave-USA, 2d (SG116).20
9401935 regd cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG145-8 cat £42).35
9411940 regd OHMS crested cvr to USA, 6d(SG159). S/line red Passed by Censor.Inc stamp invoice ex P’master20
9421946(Feb) regd local advert St Georges cvr with 10/= p.12x13½ narrow frame.25
9431946 regd(blue h/st) cvr Sauteurs-St Georges, SG158ab+164.20
9441962 airmail cvr Gouyave-Barbados, ¼c(SG192 x16 cat £16). Redirected back to Grenada & taxed with 4c P.Due (D16 cat £20) & Sauteurs pmk.40
945GUATEMALA: 1892 10c p.stat.env + 10c(SG48) San Augustin-Switz & cork cancels.30
9461907 native Indians ppc comm.used Coban-Germany, 3-colour SG116-7,21 & violet box pmk.15
9471922 cvr Quetzaltenango-UK, scarce 25c ovpts (SG173 x6).25
9481921 2p50 p.stat.env, scarce H&G15 fine unused.20
9491930(Jun) cacheted FFC Guatemala-Retalhuleu, SG223,30,54. Coffee slogan.20
9501941 Pan-am airmail cvr Br.Legation(cachet)-chief censor,Trinidad, SG388,95,410,12(oblig.tax).15
951HAITI: 1889 formular p/card in red comm.used Pt au Prince-Holland + 2c (SG25). PHOTO80
9521904 cvr Pt au Prince-Italy via Jacmel per SS Royal Mail, 5c (SG55 x2).20
9531928(Feb) airmail cvr Cap Haitien-Pt au Prince, SG113,130-1 tied sp.airmail red cachet re Lindbergh visit.20
954HONDURAS: 1927(Mar) flown(cachet) cvr Tegucigalpa-S.Pedro Sula then Seguatepeque.Pilot(Haight)signed35
955HONG KONG: 1900 QV 2c,5c,10c size B p.stat.envs(3, EN3,5,6) all fine unused.40
9561900 QV 5c & 10c size C p.stat.envs(2, EN8-9 on grey paper) both fine unused.35
9571934 airmail(Bandoeng-Amsterdam) crested(The Club) cvr to UK, 3-colour SG124(x2),28,30($2).30
9581936(Mar) IA cacheted 'Dorado' FFC to UK via Penang @ 50c rate.20
9591937 advert cvr Sheungwan(fine pmk)-Canada, 15c (SG138).35
9601937 airmail cvr Victoria-UK, mixed KGV-VI SG119(x2),37-9(cat £19).25
9611937 printed matter cvr Canton-Canada, 5c (SG121) pmk'd Victoria.20
9621937(Apr) Pan-am cacheted FAM-14 FFC to USA, 3-colour SG126,28,30($2).15
9631941(Feb 26) illus airmail FDC to Fiji of Centenary set (SG163-8 cat £30). Scarce FDC. PHOTO80
9641941(Oct) regd airmail(USA-London) large cvr, hi-rate SG155+9(x3 ea)+167(cat £172). Central fold. PHOT.150
9651946 airmail cvr to Portugal(destination/rec’r), $1 (SG156). S/line By Air to London Only(black).30
9661947-57 airmail cvrs(10 inc 5 regd) to USA. Vals to $2 inc Sheungwan,Kowloon pmks.45
9671948-50 KGVI 40c airletters (Yang AL3-4) fine unused (2).20
9681950 regd cvr Sheungwan-UK, 10c (SG145a x11 inc 2 blks 4).30
9691966 TWA FFC to N.York + 1971 Lufthansa FFC to Athens or Cathay Pacific to Bali. 3 illus FFCs.20
970Foochowfoo: cds pmks on QV 2c-30c (Z337,39,42-44,55 cat £91(6).25
971Shanghai: QV vals to 30c or 20c-$1 opts(18 inc Z802,5,8(x2 diff.shades) with S1 in blk/blue + cds. Catc£250.65
972HUNGARY: (see lot 1473): 1850 social EL Wittendorf-Scotland via Vienna paid 8 with 2-line Szombathely/date, Franco & P in circle (vdL 2081).25
9731873 5kr blue telegram receipt in Hungarian/Kroatian fine unused.10
9741900 ppc comm.used to Belgium, 5f tied Zagreb Agram(now Yugoslavia) pmk.20
9751911 tiny cvr to Germany, 10f & fine Orsova-Budapest TPO pmk.20
9761915 regd cvr Zagreb(now Yugo)-Graz, 35f(SG127) tied rev. 3-line violet KuK Zagreb telegram & letter censor25
9771916 3f insured money env comm.used Budapest-Pecs. Nice wax seals reverse.20
9781917 unpaid cvr Vag Ujhely-Uyulafehervar taxed with 6f P.Dues (D193 x5).20
9791920 15f p.stat.env regd Budapest-Switz + POW Fund set (SG369-71).25
9801931(Mar) Graf Zepp printed round Budapest flight cvr, SG481+530(2p Zepp ovpt cat £130). PHOTO50
9811939-62 internal ppcs/p.stat.card(16) all commercial used with boxed 3-line inc date postal agency pmks.65
982Serbian Occ: 1920 advert cvr Nagykikinda-Zagreb, 50f on 20f (SG5).20
983ICELAND: 1902 I GILDI blk ovpt on 5a(double) + 10a single p.stat.cards(2) fine unused.25
9841912 3aur 2 Kings p.stat.card comm.used locally in Reykjavik.15
9851916 harbour ppc Reykjavik-Berlin, mixed issues SG82+106(cat £70+). PHOTO100
9861923 cvr Siglufjordur-Eyjafjarursyska per MS Lagerfoss(scarce thus), 20a (SG134).40
9871931(Jun) Graf Zepp cacheted regd FF ppc to Vienna, 1kr+2kr ovpts (SG180-1 cat £260). PHOTO180
9881936 ppc comm.used Reykjavik-Luxemburg(destination), 30a (Fa153).25
9891938(Apr 1) regd FDC Reykjavik-UK of geysir Fa227-9,32.35
9901938(Oct 9) regd FDC Reykjavik-USA, strip of 3 Fa224-6 ex Leif Ericsson minisheet cat £24.25
9911940(Sept)-41(May) OAS censored(2 diff.types) cvrs(2) FPOs 304 or 306(Akureyri,Reykjavik)-UK.25
9921948 comm.cvr Hvolsvollur-UK, SG251-2. PO only opened 1944.20
9931957 regd complete parcel card ex Reykjavik, SG321+3(10kr pair).20
994INDIA: 1868 ½a lettersheet comm.used Arrah-Delhi via Bengal TPO1 & NWF TPO6(blue).25
9951862 Via Southampton printed env Calcutta-UK,SG40+5(cat £17). Ex Col.Haythorne(Adj-Gen).Red India Paid35
9961869 cvr Bombay(India Paid pmk)-UK, 8p+8as (SG53,74 cat £22).25
9971873-86 mostly regd internal cvrs(8) at up to 5as rates in mixed condition. Original lot.50
9981924 Mt Everest Exped'n ppc Darjeeling-Holland @ 1½a rate + sp.blue label tied Rongbuk Glacier base camp20
9991932 airmail cvr Ghumra Bazar-UK, 6-colour SG201,11,14(1r x2),20(x2),33,35(x2).20
10001934 On Pataudi State Service airmail cvr Pataudi-UK, SG202+222.15
10011935(Jun) stampless local Quetta cvr (tear neatly repaired) with s/line Quetta Earthquake Postage Paid. PH.50
10021941(Jun) cvr Peramour Barrage-UK @ 2a6p rate. Red/white large armourial censor label.15
10031952(Dec) cacheted Pan-am FFC Calcutta-Rangoon @ 6as rate. See also lots 32,96,109,1387.10
1004Used abroad: 1897-1902 cvrs(2) to Egypt, 2½a rate(SG113+7 or 85+91) & Bushire/Bushirf sq.circle pmks.50
1005INDIAN STATES: Gwalior: 1948 illus(both sides) bookpost env(opened out) to Bombay, 9pi (SG120).10
10061933 folded KGV 2a+1a regd env(H&G7: 189x112mm) Lashkar-Bombay + SG86,89(strips of 3).20
1007Jammu & Kashmir: 1872 native cvr with pair ½a blue STB SG56(cat £650). PHOTO200
10081876 underpaid cvr Kashmir-Amritsar, ½a STB SG66(cat £650) & pen cancel. Box P.Due 1A. PHOTO200
10091887 Indian ¼a p.stat.card + ¼a(SG141) comm.used Sialkot-Daska.35
1010Kishengarh: 1940s native ELs(2) @ 2as rate (SG75a or 86 cat £26).50
1011Morvi: 1939 6pi emerald-grn p.stat.card, H&G7 comm.used with native oval violet pmk.35
1012Patiala: 1907 KEVII ¼a p.stat.reply card(message half) comm.used Nagal Chaudhri-Shahpura State(rec’r).15
1013Travancore: 1947 6c+2c green Service p.stat.card, scarce H&G14 comm.used Punalur-Trivandrum.20
1014Travancore Anchel: 1941 local Aleppey cvr with Coronation SG47-8.15
1015Travancore Cochin: 1949 4p on 8c p.stat.card, H&G2 comm.used Ramapuram-Ernakul.15
1016INDONESIA: (see lot 46): 1949 airmail cvr Batavia-NZ(destination), SG533+43(x2).15
10171952 cvr to Djakarta via Semitau, SG615(x3) & violet Bestelhuis Selimbau undated cachet.20
1018IRAN: 1918 scarce AR receipt form Teheran-Semnan, 3-colour SG361,3,74(scarce 1kr).40
101919 20 censored(circ.armourial black or violet 8) cvrs(2) Hamadan/Tauris-Recht/Isfahan @ different 6ch rates.50
10201920-1 internal cvrs(4) ex Seidabad,Tauris or Chuster(x2) @ 6ch,9ch or 10ch rates(different frankings).40
10211923 underpaid cvr Damghan-Teheran, pair 3ch ovpts (SG573) reverse & tax marks.20
10221930 official cvr Chiraz-Germany via Isfahan, 75d opt (SG762 x2) tied reverse.15
10231955 cacheted Pan-am FFC Tehran-USA + 1958 illus SABENA FFC Teheran-Brussels (2 FFCs).15
1024IRAQ: 1923(Mar) airmail cvr Baghdad-UK @ 9as rate (SG6 ovpts x3).40
10251917(Jan) grn OAS env BaseOffice F(Bandar Abbas)-France. Circ.red Censor D. Ex Light Armour Motor Grp.35
10261928 advert printed matter cvr Hillah-USA via Basrah, SG41+3.25
10271944(Feb) censored(x2) airmail lettercard Indian FPO R-30(Khanaquin)-UK @ Indian 3a rate.15
10281949 regd UPU FDC Junoubi Baghdad-UK of SG339-41(cat £10) + oblig.tax 5f(T337 cat £21).25
10291972 airmail cvrs(2) Baghdad-UK notably inc oblig.tax stamps T932 or 3(cat £12+)15
10301980 large folded parcel card regd Baghdad-Switz, SG633(x2),35(1d x4),1214,17,1333(x2 cat £24+). Scarce.25
1031IRELAND: 1866 EL Dublin-Rheims via Paris-Erquelines TPO, fine 4d SG93 pl.8. Cat £140(cvr).35
10321870 regd cvr Donegal-Derry via Strabane, pair 3d SG103 pl.5(cat £140). PHOTO80
10331880 outer Dublin-Wexford, 1½d(SG167 cat £60). Scarce value used Ireland. PHOTO65
10341885 cvr Dublin-Queensland, 6d dull grn (SG194). Cat £380(cvr). PHOTO120
10351896 QV 2d regd env size F Athlone(s/ring skeleton)-London + 1d lilac.20
10361943(Jun) cvr Cahirciveen(Kerry) @ 2½d rate. Pink SP1 72 censor label. See also lot 15.15
10371949 scarce 6½d violet regd env size F fine unused.20
10381952 scarce 1½d maroon + ½d grn p.stat.card comm.used Kilkenny-UK.20
10391953 express airmail cvr Dublin-Ethiopia(destination/rec’r), SG119+c(x2).20
10401957 local Dublin unpaid cvr taxed with 6d P.Due (D4).20
10411963 scarce 4d blue-grn lettercard fine unused.25
1042ISRAEL: 1948(May 16) illus FDC to USA of coins to 1000m (SG1-9 cat £300). PHOTO150
10431949(May 1) illus unadd.FDC of Tabul minisheet (MS16a cat £95).50
10441949-51 cvrs(3) Haifa,Tel Aviv or Jerusalem-UK @ 35-40pr rates. 3 diff.types Israeli censor label.20
10451951(Apr) cacheted FFC Lod-Tokyo, SG27-8.15
1046ITALY: (see lots 2-3): 1837 EL Turin-Lyon charged 16. Box Italie p.Le Pont de Beauvoisin(red) & tiny CS2R.20
10471862 cvr Genova-Baroness in Schuttmar Castle,Lippe via Bellinzona,Basel & Frankfurt variously rated in blk, red & blue. Scarce boxed Schweiz NTT. PHOTO45
10481871 cvr Verona-USA, 3-colour 5c,10c,40c (SG10,11,14 cat £23) & 182 pmk. PHOTO65
10491883 EL Varazze-Cyprus(destination & Larnaca sq.circ. rec'r) @ 25c rate (SG34).30
10501912 ppc Bellagio(sq.circ)-Mauritius(destination & Beau Bassin/Quatre Bornes rec’rs) @ 5c rate.20
10511926 express advert cvr Rome-UK via TPO, SG77(x3),190B(scarce p.11 cat 120eu) + scarce 2L express (E180 cat 625eu on cvr) but fault. PHOTO100
10521927 hotel ppc comm.used Naples(Hotel Terminus pmk)-Japan(destination) @ 75c rate.15
10531931 airmail cvr Florence-UK via Paris, airs SG198-9(x2)+296(cat £126). PHOTO150
10541933 75c illus (green view of Rome) p.stat.card comm.used Bolzano-Berlin.20
10551938 cacheted LATI FFC Geneva-Tunis, Augustus airs SG516-7(cat £21).35
10561938 regd express cvr Milan Station-Paris, SG541(x2) + 2L50 express (E351 cat £14).25
10571939 hotel airmail cvr Bellagio-Egypt, 3-colour SG536,9-40 & Lake Como TPO 28 pmks.15
10581949 regd cvr Orta Novarese-UK, Milan Fair + Venice sets (SG720-4 cat £12). See also lots 113,116,1142.15
1059AMG in Sicily: 1944 captured Italian PO envelope used Palermo-USA, 1L (SG588).35
1060Campione: 1944 regd insured cvr Campione-Zurich, set to 1fr (cat £55).40
1061Eritrea: (see lot 493-4): 1918 ppc comm.used Asmara-France, 5c (SG34).30
10621932 roughly opened(at top) cvr Asmara-UK, Italian Cols Dante IL25 (SG25). Cat 220eu(cvr).40
10631936 Italian armed forces p.stat.card comm.used Asmara(military PO)-Rome.20
1064Papal States: 1867 EL Rome-Spoleto, 4mgn 2b on pale grnish white (Sass.3Aa).45
10651870 cvr Rome-Bologna, 20c magenta (Sass.28g). PHOTO50
1066Somalia: 1936 E.African armed forces p.stat.card comm.used Mogadiscio-Italy.25
10671934 river crossing RP ppc written Alessandria-Rome, 20c(SG165a) pmk'd blue Polis Giuba.40
1068Trieste: 1952-3 20L grn p.stat.cards(5 diff) all fine unused, some with adverts for car & phil.exhib’ns/fairs.30
10691952 60L & 120L airletters, LF1-2 fine unused (2).15
1070Tripolitania: 1933 mosque ppc Homs-Sicily, 10c (SG158 cat £35). Cat 275eu(cvr). PHOTO65
1071Tuscany: 1850 EL Firenze-Perugia, close-clear 4mgn 4cr (Sass.14 cat £170). Env.horiz fold. PHOTO250
1072Venezia Guilia: 1919 ppc comm.used Zara-Grado, 5c(SG65 x3). Circ.armourial Censura Militare Zara.20
1073JAMAICA: 1851 EL Kingston(D8 pmk)-May Hill(fair rec’r) rated 6.40
10741885 QV 1d blue p.stat.card comm.used St Anns Bay-Kingston(sq.circ.rec’r).20
10751897 QV ½d brn p.stat.card comm.used Retreat-Berlin via Kingston + ½d(SG16a).20
10761924 piano advert cvr Kingston(Br.Empire Exhib’n slogan pmk)-USA, 2½d (SG95).25
10771931 regd airmail cvr Kingston-UK @ 3/2d rate (SG94,99 strip of 3).25
10781935(May 6) regd airmail FDC Kingston-Australia(destination/rec'r), S.Jubilee set (SG114-7 cat £40).35
10791942(May) air cvr Canadian Army,Kingston-Canada, 1/=. Circ.military censor Y Force No.4 + signed. PHOTO.50
10801943 airmail advert cvr Kingston-Barbados via Trinidad @ 1/5d rate. Examiner DD/8806 label.20
10811963 QE2 4d+2d regd env size H Jubilee Town(oval violet TRD pmk)-USA + 1/=.15
1082JAPAN:(see lots 16-18,383,1115,1182-5): 1903 cvr to French Consul @ Nagasaki, 3s(SG138) with marginal inscription. Redirected with label + Forwarded by Grand Hotel Yokohama cachet.25
10831915 ppc comm.used German POW-Germany. Double censored. PHOTO50
10841916 Brazilian p.stat.card written in Japanese to Tokyo & cancelled on arrival. Unusual.20
1085WW2 Japanese forces 'pigeon & helmet' p.stat.card fine unused.15
1086Used abroad: 1901 4s p.stat.card comm.used Tientsin IJPO-Hungary(destination/rec’r) via Yokohama.35
1087JORDAN: (see lots 1401-2,1676): 1962-5 35f airletters(2) comm.used Amman(2 diff.pmks)-UK..15
10881984 regd parcel card Amman-Switz, SG428(x2),58(1d x3 cat £70+) & 1119. Top edge creases.Uncommon.35
1089KENYA etc: (see lot 38): 1893 BEA ½a + 1a p.stat.cards(2: H&G1-2) fine unused.15
10901901 BEA QV 1a p.stat.card comm.used Malindi(scarce pmk)-Germany via Mombasa. PHOTO150
10911902 OHBMS regd(box h/st) cvr Entebbe-USA via Mombasa, 8as (SG89). PHOTO200
10921904 KEVII 1a p.stat.card comm.used Mombasa-Germany via Zanzibar. Scarce boxed Too Late. PHOTO80
10931911 large regd firm’s env Mombasa-Germany per SS Mauristan, 3c+25c (SG35,40).25
10941915 18c KGV regd env size F, H&G3 fine unused.15
10951916 front Kismayu-Nairobi, 6c. Tax mark deleted. Rare boxed violet Passed by Censor Kismayu. PHOTO50
10961922 KGV 10c p.stat.env Kabale(scarce pmk)-UK via Mbarara. PHOTO75
10971923 OHMS RLO stampless env regd locally in Nairobi. Mombasa env overstamped Nairobi. PHOTO.150
10981933(Apr 1) local Nairobi unpaid cvr taxed with rare 1/= P.Due (D6 cat £140). FDI? PHOTO500
10991934 regd cvr Kaberamaido(Uganda)-UK, 50c (SG85). Scarce pmk.35
11001934(Jun) airmail cvr Jinja-China(destination/rec'r) via Cairo, SG78+88(2sh cat £19). Chinese censor 2. PH.65
11011937(Aug 25) printed Mombasa Exhib’n cvr to Kilindini, SG128-30 & sp.skeleton pmk in use 4 days.20
11021938 cvr USA-Nairobi @ 5c rate. Scarce Nairobi pmks/handstamps inc Poste Restante,RLO,Unclaimed, Undelivered for Reason Stated & Return to Sender.50
11031942 cvr Bugondo(Uganda)-USA via Tororo @ 30c rate. Blk/white censor 244 label.25
11041943 Mulango Mission advert cvr Kitai-USA @ 30c rate. Circ. N Released 11(violet).25
11051943(Dec) cvr Eldama Ravine-USA @ 30c rate. Double censored(US + Examiner N/BO1 labels).25
11061945(May 9) VE-Day cacheted regd cvr Iringa-Zanzibar, horiz.pairs SG151+3+154(vert pair cat £16).15
11071948(Dec 1) regd airmail FDC Mombasa-USA of S.Wedding (SG157-8 cat £70). PHOTO60
11081952 regd(temp.label) hotel env Westlands,Nairobi(skeleton pmk)-Nyasaland,SG136,8,40+2-3(x2 ea cat £17)25
11091965 airmail cvr Ngogwa Mukono(Uganda skeleton pmk)-Dar, Tanganyika SG109(x4)20
11101966(Dec) illus local Nairobi FDC of animals set to 20/= (SG20-35 cat £23).20
1111KOREA: 1953(Dec) forces airmail cvr FPO 948(Inchon)-UK, GB QE2 2½d.10
11121954(Feb) US airmail(red illus From Korea cachet) APO 90-UK @ US 15c rate.15
11131955(Apr) forces airmail(pictorial cachet 'From Korea') FPO 985(Singapore)-BBC London, GB KGVI ½d+2d.15
1114Indian PO: 1954 airmail cvr FPO 740-India, set to 1r (SGK1-12 cat £100). PHOTO80
1115Japan used in: 1929 cvr Pyongyang-USA, Fuji 2s (SG241).35
1116KUWAIT: 1950 airmail cvr Ahmadi-UK @ KGVI 6a rate.15
11171963 airmail advert cvr to USA, pair 45f (SG157).20
1118LABUAN: 1893 1c lilac & 3c green p.stat.complete reply cards(2) fine unused with Specimen h/stamp ovpt.25
11191952 cvr to UK, Brunei 1c,3c,4c tied s/line Paquebot (Hosk.3208).35
1120LAOS: 1959 King Vong maxicard with SG91, 1960 Refugee Year illus FDC, 1953 FFH set (SG128-31) in imperf epreuve de luxe sheetlet, 1975 Apollo Soyuz set (appendix issue) on official regd cvr to Switz (4).25
11211967 regd cvr Vientiane-Fr.Polynesia(rare destination), SG209(x2).20
1122LATVIA: 1885 Russian 3k p.stat.card(scarcer P6) comm.used Riga-Berlin.20
11231889 Russian 3k p.stat.card used Riga-Switz(Ambulant 5 rec’r) with Riga-Dunaburg violet TPO pmk.20
11241891 regd cvr Riga-Germany, Russian 10k + scarce 50k (Mi41,43). Vertical fold. PHOTO45
11251925(Jun) regd airmail express(3 cachets) cvr Liepaja-UK, 4-colour SG84-5(perf),101,9.25
11261928 6s green p.stat.card comm.used Strenci-USA + SG129,132(x2 ea).20
1127LEBANON:1944(Apr-Sep) censor(diff) airmail l/cards(2 diff) Indian FPO 26(Ansariya) or 88(Saida)-UK, GB 3d20
1128LEEWARDS: (see lot 20,83,132,462): 1897 QV 2½d p.stat.env, H&GB2a comm.used St Kitts(A12 pmk)-UK.20
11291906 regd cvr St Johns(Antigua)-Germany, scarce 1/= Jubilee ovpt (SG15 cat £275). Cat £3500(cvr). PH.750
11301911 regd OHMS cvr St Johns-UK, 3-colour ¼d(plate blk 4 tied rev),2d,3d(SG36,39,41 cat £27+). PHOTO65
11311915 regd cvr St Johns(Antigua)-USA, 3d (SG51b cat £26). PHOTO50
11321922(Jun) cvr St Kitts-UK @ 2d rate (early use SG65).15
11331926 KGV 3d regd env size G, H&G5a fine unused.15
11341929 regd cvr St Kitts-Austria, 4d (SG70 x2 cat £42). PHOTO60
11351935 regd airmail cvr St Johns(Antigua)-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG88-91 cat £48).40
1136Unlisted KGVI 1d red & 1½d brn p.stat.envs(2) on yellowish paper size 134x106mm + same on greyish paper (2) size 152x90mm all fine unused ovpt’d Specimen (4). See also lot 1219.100
1137LIBERIA: 1931 illus(map + Africa for God) missionary cvr Harper-USA, 5c official ovpt (O521).25
1138LIBYA: 1911 advert cvr Tripoli(Barberie pmk)-Germany. French 5c+10c(x2) sowers.40
11391913 regd insured cvr Bengasi-Italy, 25c+50c (Sass.7+9). Cat 325eu(cvr). PHOTO80
11401914 tiny unstamped cvr Merg(uncommon pmk)-Ancona(rec'r). Probably contained Xmas card.20
11411914(Boxing Day) Tripolitania military p.stat.card comm.used Misurata-Italy. Large tax mark.20
11421917 underpaid Cyrenaica Govt cachet env Bengasi-Ancona, 20c(Sass.6) taxed + 40c Italian PDue(Sass.24).25
11431918 Tripolitania military p.stat.card(differs to previous lot) Bengasi-Italy. Military cachet validates card for use in 1918 only + manuscript censor.25
11441923 cvr Zuara-Siracuse, 15c (Sass.33 x3)+ 5c (Sass.3 type 2).35
1145LIECHTENSTEIN: 1912(Mar) regd cvr Vaduz-Germany, set to 25h (SG1-3 cat £130). PHOTO100
11461925 advert cvr Eschen-Germany, 30rp (SG57 type 1 cat £30).25
11471931(Jun) Graf Zeppelin RP ppc flown(cachet) Vaduz-Lausanne, 1fr (SG116 cat £180). PHOTO75
11481934 comm.cvr Schaan-Vaduz, 10rp scarce p11½x10½ (Mi98C cat 100eu). PHOTO65
11491938 castle (violet dated cachet) ppc regd Vaduz-Ireland, SG161,3-4(cat £69). PHOTO50
11501960 Europa illus unadd.FDC of SG404 (cat £80).50
1151LITHUANIA: 1890 Russian 4k p.stat.card comm.used Wilna-Leipzig.15
11521925 regd cvr Erzvilkas-Silale(rec’r), pair 25c (SG191) tied reverse.20
11531927 ppc comm.used Kedainiai-Albania(scarce destination), pair faded(to yellow) 5c(SG203).25
11541930 Kaunas ppc comm.used to Germany, 15c (SG315) & oval Ryga-Kybartai TPO pmk.15
11551961 regd cvr Vilnius-USA, Russian Arctic Station minisheet (MS1926a cat £41).35
11581993-7 illus FDCs(26: many regd) to UK. Better inc minisheets.25
1159LUXEMBURG: 1873 scarce blk/violet formular p.stat.reply card(no.4) fine unused.40
11601873-4 formular cards(5 diff) on white/yellow papers fine unused.50
11611875-95 5c or 10c complete reply cards(7: all different) fine unused.35
11621920 regd insured(charge h/st) advert cvr Ettelbruck-France, SG174+182(x2 ea) tied reverse.25
11631921 regd cvr Hosingen-France, blk of 20 4c (SG159) tied reverse. Edge creasing doesn’t affect block.20
11641936 regd cvr Phil Exhib'n(sp.label + pmk)-Belgium, SG347-52(cat £50).40
1165German Occ: 1941 regd COD(label) cvr to Gunzberg, 4-colour mixed franking: Mi1,2,13(50pf),19.25
11661941 regd express cvrs(2) to Radeburg, set to 40pf inc 4pf+8pf se-tenant (SG429-32 cat £20+)20
11671944 regd cvr Limpertsburg-Germany, 3-colour Hitler 8pf,16pf,30pf. See also lot 713.30
1168MALAYA: (see lot 48): 1933 long KLM airmail cvr Singapore-UK, 3-colour SG219,26,37(35c blk 4).40
11691937 illus regd Coronation FDC of Straits SG275-7 Tanglin(Singapore)-NZ.10
1170BMA: 1945(Oct 19) local Johor Bahru FDC of SG1-2a,4,6a,7,8a & blue pmk.20
11711946(Aug 2) airmail cvr Singapore-UK, 25c(x4) on thin striated paper (SG13b cat £32). Day after FDI.30
1172FMS: 1924 cvr India-Kajang(rec’r) @ 2c rate via scarce FMS Railway Sorting Carriage cds.45
11731927 underpaid cvr India-Kajang, tax mark & 2c+4c P.Dues (D2-3) tied reverse. Cat £145(cvr).35
11741927 unpaid cvr India-Kajang, tax mark & 12c P.Due (D6) tied reverse. Cat min £80(cvr).30
11751929 ppc comm.used Sungei Siput-UK @ 4c rate.15
11761938 KLM airmail cvr to UK, 4-colour tigers (SG64,68,71,75).25
1177Johore: 1935 airmail cvr Johore Bahru-UK, 5–colour SG103,5,8,12,29.25
1178Kelantan: 1955 20c regd env size G(RE4) Pasir Mas-K.Lumpur + 10c (SG69).20
1179MPU: 1936(Nov) underpaid Indian p.stat.env to Ipoh, tax marks & 4c P.Due (D2).15
1180Penang: 1924(Apr) toned advert cvr to India @ 6c Straits rate with oval lion Br.Empire Exhib'n pmk.25
1181Perak: 1951 comm.cvr Taiping-UK, mix franking SG129(x2) & Trengganu SG70(x2).15
1182Jap.Occ: 1943(1/9) FDC to Penang of SG307-8 with sp.illus pmk (JHS4) & Japanese censor 12.20
11831942(Jun) cvr to K.Lumpur, 6c(J241) & Taiping Perak Yubin Kyoku in use 3mths.Small box censor(rev). PH.75
11841943(Feb 15) local Singapore cvr with Japanese 1s-25s(9 vals) & JHS2 pictorial pmk.40
11851945(Jan 10) regd local Singapore cvr franked J311,14-17(cat £90). Cover re-regd locally in March with J295-6(x2),312-3(cat £110). 2 different Japanese censors(22 or 30 in violet/blk). PHOTO250
1186MALDIVES: 1953 cvr to Colombo, 50L (SG28).20
1187MALTA: 1868 EL Tripoli-Livorno via Malta(Ismail Zeki blue forwarding agent + GB 4d Z49 pl.9). 2½ h/st.PH250
11881910 underpaid ppc GB-Fort Ricasoli, tax marks inc rare 2-line Tendered on Receipt to Post Orderly who refused to pay the Charge. Also boxed Advertised/date GPO Malta. PHOTOs250
11891915 stampless env German POW-internee agency,Switz.Scarce box Free from POW + Post Free PC POW250
11901917 cvr Valletta-Gibraltar @ 1d rate. Blk/grey martial law label + triang.censor 4173 (Malta or Gib?)20
11911925 underpaid cvr France-Malta per SS Pensilva(cachet). Tax marks both countries inc circular 3d.35
11921933 cvr Valletta-Austria, scarce 2½d (SG101 cat £48). PHOTO50
11931943(Feb) regd cvr Notabile-UK, SG217(blk 4 ¼d)+227(1/6d). Examiner /1042(no DD) label tied 6 in blue.40
11941945(Mar) regd(distorted rubber h/st) cvr Birkirkara-Egypt @ 6½d(4-colour) rate. DD/26 examiner label.35
11951971 airmail cvr Valletta-UK, ½d(Malta double variety)+ 4½d (SG330b,37).25
1196MAURITIUS: (see lot 94,1050): 1839(Mar) EL Pt Louis-France charged 6. Red Outre Mer Nantes + mss cachet ‘forwarded at anchor in St Nazaire’ (June).35
11971883 QV 2c p.stat.card advertising ‘ladies work’ sale at Curepipe via Quatre Bornes-Vacoas(rec’r), 21 pmk..25
11981888 QV 2c p.stat.card comm.used Rose Hill(cds + 25 numeral)-Vacoas(rec'r).40
11991897 formular card comm.used Poudre d’Or-St Pierre(rec’r), QV 2c (SG103). Minor spotting. PHOTO45
12001910 6c arms p.stat.card written Plaisance(no PO)-Paris pmk'd thimble Union Vale.25
12011935 regd local Pt Louis cvr with S.Jubilee set (SG245-8 cat £50).40
12021938 scarce KGVI 3c p.stat.card comm.used Argy-Pt Louis(boxed delivery pmk).35
12031947(Mar) regd cacheted 100th flight cvr Pt Louis Railway(scarce pmk/label)-Reunion @ 60c rate (8-colour).20
12041954 airmail wrapper Pt Louis-UK, SG299(x2),303. Blue-violet circ.AO (OAT/AV2 type h/st)15
12051978(Mar 12) illus unadd.FDCs(4) of set to 25R (SG529A-48A cat £40). Uncommon.30
1206MEXICO: 1844 EL to UK rated 4/6d. Franqueado S.L.Potosi cds + Franco in red & Vera Cruz Br.PO cds.40
12071862 EL Guanajuato(franco pmk + firms cachet)-S.Luis Potosi rated 2(blk h/st). See also lot 26.20
12081907 5c p.stat.env regd Jalisco-Austria + SG276,78,80(ie 4-col). Stamped/sealed in my presence (h/st rev).25
12091915 5c p.stat.env opt'd Villa-Zapata monogram Vera Cruz-Mexico City + rouletted SG293-4.20
12101916(Jun 1) sp.GPO 1c p.stat.card (printed details rev Gen.Carranza)used as internal FDC of 10c (SG359).20
1211MONACO: 1895 15c red/green p.stat.env(145x110mm) + 15c(SG15 cat £14) comm.used to Cannes.30
12121900 ppc comm.used Menton-N.France, French 10c P&C.20
12131924 local regd cvrs(2) with provisional ovpts (SG51-3 or 70-2 cat £18).25
12141938 Air France airmail env Monte Carlo-India(destination/rec’r), SG130,40,59(cat £63). PHOTO50
12151940(Boxing Day) regd cvr Ville-Villefranche, blk of 4 1f50 (SG146 cat £38).30
12161949(Mar 3) illus regd FDC to Aruba(Dutch WI: destination/rec'r), SG375-82(cat £13).15
1217MONTENEGRO: 1908 5p King Nicolas p.stat.card comm.used Nikchitch-Risano via Cettigne.25
12181913 military ppc written Mjeguran-Germany, 10pa (SG156) pmk’d Kotor Cattaro.20
1219MONTSERRAT: 1900 Leewards QV 1d p.stat.env comm.used to HMS Pearl,Barbados or elsewhere..20
12201924(Feb) regd(h/st) cvr to US, Leewards 4d (SG70 FDI?). Ret'd for extra postage + 1d(SG65) added Mar.PH65
12211928(Xmas Day) cvr to USA, pair 2½d (SG71a).20
12221949 regd cvr Cudjoe Head-UK, strip of 3 2½d S.Wedding (SG115).20
1223MOROCCO AGENCIES: 1891 Gibraltar 20c regd env size F Tangier-UK + 25c(Z145). PHOTO150
12241903 Gibraltar QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used locally in Tangier(cds + A26 duplex).35
12251910 10c opt on 1d p.stat.card comm.used Fez-Germany via Tangier.50
12261911 Arab ppc comm.used Mazagan-UK via Tangier @ 10c rate.30
12271933 airmail advert cvr Tangier-UK via Paris, SG58(pair)+60.20
12281936 very long regd cvr Casablanca-UK, 3-colour SG201(6fr cat £40),210,227. Central fold.50
12291937 regd cvr Rabat-UK, SG217,19-24.15
12301939 large format regd air env Tangier-UK, KGV 5/= s'horse(Z177 rare cat £150)+KGVI Z182+4(cat £28).PH300
12311939 airmail cvr Tangier-UK, 3-colour mixed KEVIII SG75-6,241.15
12321939 airmail cvrs(4 inc regd) Tangier-UK @ GB 4d-5½d rates inc mixed opt/unopt. Stamps Z179-84 cat £66.60
12331951 cvr Tangier-UK, GB 2½d Festival(unpriced used thus). 2-line Ship Letter Tangier.35
12341954 regd express airmail cvr Tangier-UK, mixed KGVI-QE2: SG286(2/6d),95,7-8. Tone spots. PHOTO125
1235NATAL: 1900 ppc Trappist Monastery,Marian Hill(cachet)-Austria via Durban, ½d+2d (SG97a,107).25
12361900 local Durban unpaid cvr with 2d P.Due circular h/stamp. See also lot 1385,1680.20
12371902 cvr POA 2 (Tugela Ferry)-Cradock(Cape sq.circle rec'r) @ QV 1d rate. PHOTO75
12381905 Durban ppc to Europe via Vryheid,Paulpietersburg, pair ½d & POA 3 pmk. PHOTO75
1239NAURU: 1935 regd commercial cvr to Australia via TPO 1 South, strip of 3 1½d S.Jubilees (SG40).25
12401948 cvr to USA, 3-colour SG26Bc,27B,29B(cat £21).40
1241NEPAL: (see lots 70,85-6): 1887-1904 'horse' p.stat.cards(3 diff.types) fine unused or cto.20
12421904 blk/red p.stat.card, H&G10 comm.used to Pondichery(destination). PHOTO45
12431933 4p grn p.stat.env H&G2(pointed flap) comm.used internally.20
12441963(Apr) cacheted FFC Kathmandu-Dacca, SG88,154-6+7(x2). Uncommon.20
1245NETHERLANDS: (see lot 63): 1806 EL Rotterdam-Cognac rated 38, s/line Hollande (36mm).25
12461852(Oct) EL Amsterdam-Rotterdam, 4mgn 10c plate 1 scarcer deep carmine shade cat 200eu. PHOTO100
12471861 outer Arnhem-Nijmegen, 4mgn 5c pale blue (SG1 cat £50).40
12481886 5c Willem complete reply card ovpt'd Specimen fine unused.20
12491904 regd parcel card(inc coupon) Rotterdam-Bordeaux, Wilhelmina 25c+50c (SG188a,191). S/line Avise.25
12501915 advert cvr Amsterdam-Paris, perfinned 12½c rate & Amsterdam-Antwerp TPO pmk. French milit.censor.20
12511923 cvr Waalwijk-Switz, 4-colour SG260-1,72-3(scarce Culture Fund cat £53). PHOTO65
12521923 cvr The Hague-Epe, 10c airs (SG239 x3).25
12531926 Colombo ppc comm.used to UK, 12½c(SG282) & Postagent Rotterdam-Batavia pmk.15
12541929 regd advert cvr Wouwerman St,The Hague-Deurne, 4-sided 7½c red coils (R43 x4 inc strip 3).25
12551935(Jan) airmail cvr Schiedam-India(destination/rec'r) via Karachi, SG322C(x2)+426a.25
12561947 cvr(+ letter) The Hague-Switz, SG424a(x5)+601.Justice Ministry cachet + Customs opened label.25
12571951 Castles set (SG732-6 cat £25) on illus FDC to UK with sp.pmk. Cat 375eu(FDC). PHOTO80
1258Curacao: 1943-4 cvrs(2) St Nicolaas/Oranjestad-USA with triangular or (scarce) Aruba censor 42 label.20
1259Indies: 1867 cvr Buitenzorg-Batavia, 4mgn 10c (SG1 cat £160). PHOTO450
12601879 cvr Weltvreden-Scotland, 25c (SG36). No flap.35
12611897 20c Willem p.stat.env regd Magelang-Weltvreden via Maos(all sq.circles).25
12621905-11 regd cvrs(3 inc advert) Soerabaja,Blitar or Padang(all sq.circ)-Holland @ 22½c-40c varied rates.25
12631908 regd ppc Batavia-France, 12½c Java ovpt (SG150). Uncommon.30
12641924 17½c on 25c p.stat.env Weltvreden(sp.oval Visit Bandoeng Industrial Fair pmk)-Holland + 2½c(SG265).20
12651933 regd air cvr Bataviakramat-Finland(destination/rec’r) via Berlin,SG313,28,9(x4),30-2(x2 ea),34(cat £28)40
12661936 regd advert cvr Semarang-Lithuania(destination/rec’r), SG335,7-8,40,2-3,97,401.15
12671945(Jan) ACF censored cvr Aust.Air Force PO 251(Morotai)-Australia, Aussie 1d(x3).15
1268New Guinea: 1962 UNTEA 7c p.stat.card comm.used locally in Hollandia + UNTEA SG1(x5),10(x2).30
1269Surinam:1892 5c p.stat.card used Paramaribo-Holland. Box 3–line Ned.W.Indie Stoomschepen Rechtstreeks20
12701923 blk/pink parcel card comm.used Paramaribo-USA, SG145+9.40
12711944 airmail cvrs(2) Paramaribo-USA, SG215+43 or 213(x2). Both double censored inc 2 diff.Surinam labels.25
1272NEW BRUNSWICK:(see lot 24):1866 cvr St John-Shediac(redirected to Salisbury: rec’rs), 5c(SG14 cat £18).25
1273NEWFOUNDLAND: 1893-7 2c Widow p.stat.cards(2 very diff.printings) comm.used St Johns-Canada/US.25
12741921(Mar) FFC St Johns-Fogo(rec'r), 3c rate tied s/line Air Post Fogo. PHOTO100
12751928 cvr St Johns East-India(destination/rec'r) & redirected to UK, 6c (SG169 cat £55). PHOTO65
12761928 cvr Rawlins Cross-Scotland, 20c line perf (SG176a cat £12). PO only open 6years.40
12771931(Jan-Feb) cacheted FFC St Johns-Hampden, 15c air pair (SG192 cat £36).25
12781933 QV 2c message half reply card(UY6a) comm.used Grand Falls(violet skeleton)-USA.30
12791937(Dec) regd cvr Sandy Point-St Georges(rec’r), long Coronation set SG257-67(min.cat £50).30
12801943(Jun 1) illus airmail FDC St Johns-UK, SG277+291(blk 4). DC/29 examiner label.15
12811947(Jan) cacheted FFCs(2) Gander(pmks in blk or violet)-N.York @ 10c rate.15
12821947 blue formular regd p.stat.env type A River of Ponds(udc + s/line date)-USA + SG280a(x3). Pop:46.40
12831948 regd airmail cvr Gander-Switz, p.12½ 1c-10c + 48c (SG276-83,89 cat £50).40
12841949(Apr 1) printed airmail regd FDC St Johns-Canada for entry into Confederation, Canada SG375-81, 401-7,12,S15-6(cat £29). See also lot 82.25
1285NEW GUINEA: 1932 regd cvr Rabaul-Australia, 1½d+3d (SG126a+8)25
12861932 regd cvr Madang-UK, 9d (SG184 cat £26).30
12871938 regd(violet h/st) cvr Kokopo-UK, Coronation SG208-11.20
12881946(May) illus(Australia FDC) cvr FPO 042(Rabaul)-UK, Aussie 3d(x4).15
1289NEW HEBRIDES: 1926 cvr Pt Vila-Paris, 2d (SG45) & D4 d/ring pmk. No flap.20
12901935 regd(French h/st) cvr Vila-Switz, SG31,42,49(cat £60). PHOTO65
12911945(Aug) OCS official env(+ letter) Vila-USA. Scarce bilingual circ.censor. PHOTO65
12921975-7 OHMS local Vila cvr or wrapper to France with British or French residency cachets (2 items).25
1293French: 1922 regd cvr Vila-USA, 3-colour SGF25,28,31(scarce 2fr cat £95). PHOTO125
12941932 local Vila cvr locally in pencil, pair 1fr (F50).20
12951948 cvr Pt Vila-USA, 10c (F54 x3 cat £11).15
12961950 formular airletter Pt Vila-USA, 30c (F58 cat £10).20
12971963 regd cvr Pt Vila-Australia, F96,108-9 (Red X set cat £43).35
12981965 ITU illus FDC to UK of SGF126-7(cat £44).30
1299NEW SOUTH WALES: 1857(Oct) EL Sydney-Casino per Grafton, 2d(split by fold)+6d(SG96 cat £35) imperfs.30
13001866 regd cvr Sydney(oval pmk)-Scotland via London, SG127(scarce 6d regd)+166(6d). PHOTO65
13011885 QV 6d violet OS regd env, H&G2 fine unused.25
13021894 QV ½d grey wrapper(H&G6) Albury(cds + 50 duplex)-Melbourne. See also lot 65.15
13031898 QV 3d regd env size F Baan Baa-Newcastle via TPO North + 1d(SG290 x2) & 202 numerals.25
1304NEW ZEALAND: 1868(Feb) Dunedin(Otago duplex)-UK per Star of Tasmania, 6d brn (SG122a cat £42).PH.75
13051895 QV ½d local Wellington wrapper used 'leap year' + 1902 cvr Invercargill-USA @ 2½d Wakatipu rate.25
13061896 On Public Service stampless PO Returned Letter env used locally in Auckland.25
13071892 underpaid cvr Helensville-Yorks via L’pool US Pkt, 2d(SG219). Octagon violet T5c + d1 h/st.25
13081913(Jun) comm.cvr Auckland-UK @ 1d rate with fine Exhib'n opening Dec '13 slogan pmk.20
13091921 regd cvr Christchurch-Wellington, KEVII 5d (SG391a).25
13101925 underpaid ppc UK-Devonport, 1½d tax mark & ½d+1d P.Dues between SG23-27.25
13111928 House of Representatives crested env Wellington–Christchurch(postmen rec’r).General Assembly frank.20
13121932(Apr) illus/cacheted FFCs(2) Russell-Whangarei or Dargaville-Russell, SG551 on both.25
13131934 cvr Gore-Dunedin @ 1d rate. Boxed violet Loose Letter (48x10mm). Unlisted Hosking. PHOTO50
13141934(Feb) illus Faith in Australia FFC Auckland-Sydney, 7d air (SG554 cat £50). Ret’d to NZ + Aust.1d(x2).30
13151935(May 1) illus FDCs(2) to Napier of SG560-1(cat £44) inc sp.inserts.30
13161935 airmail cvr Hastings-UK, airs SG549-50(x2 cat £40. No flap.25
13171935(July) comm.cvr Auckland-Canada, 2½d+ 1d air (SG560+570 cat £41).30
13181935 cvr Dunedin-Timaru @ 1d rate. Blue PO Officially Sealed label tied.45
13191936(Jun) airmail cvr Marton-UK, 1d,5d,1/= (SG557,63c,67 cat £70). PHOTO50
13201936 Commerce set on regd FDC, 1947 Life Insurance illus FDC, 1/3d & 5/= postal fiscals on censor cvrs(4).30
13211938(Oct 1) illus(less common designs: IB,IEA) Health FDCs(2) to Auckland/UK, SG610.20
13221939(Oct 16) illus Sunlight League(unlisted Jones for '39) Health FDC to Canal Zone, SG611-12(cat £12).25
13231939(Mar) East Coast Airlines illus FFC Gisborne-Auckland @ 2½d rate. STB c100 carried.25
13241940(Jan 2) Centenary illus regd FDCs(6) Christchurch-UK of SG513-25(cat £20). 8d issued later.25
13251947(May 1) regd FDC GPO Wellington-UK, KGVI set to 3/- (SG680-9). Also inc earlier 1941-4 vals to 3d.25
13261978(Mar) Polynesian Airlines FFC Auckland-Apia(Samoa) @ 25c rate. Returned to Sender.10
1327Officials: 1914 OHMS regd cvr Te Awamutu-Wellington, 1d officials (O78 x3).25
13281937 OHMS Parliamentary Debates printed wrapper Wellington-Holland, pair 1d (O121).20
13291948 OHMS airmail cvr Nelson-UK, KGVI 6d+1/= (O154+7).15
1330Ross Deps: 1963 illus cvr to NZ for Vice-Regal Visit, SG1 tied sp.pmk.25
13311964-8 good lot cacheted(all diff.inc ships,exped’ns) cvrs(8) to UK @ 3d-4d or 3c rates. Some signed.50
1332NICARAGUA: 1893-4 10c p.stat.envs(2), H&G20 or 25 comm.used Leon/Granada-Paris/Hamburg.40
13331896 10c yellow p.stat.env comm.used Managua-Paris via Corinto,25
13341924 regd advert cvr Leon-Ivory Coast(rare destination) & redirected to UK via Madrid, SG397(x4)-8(x2).35
13351936 airmail cvr Managua-Curacao(destination/rec'r), SG618+29(x2).15
1336NIGERIA: 1893 Oil Rivers 1d p.stat.card Bakana-UK per SS Mandingo(h/st reverse). PHOTOs250
13371894 OilRivers 1d p.stat.card Old Calabar(scarce violet sq.circ)-S.Leone(rec'r) via Bonny River per SS Volta.125
13381894 cvr Lagos-UK via L'pool Br.Pkt paid, 2½d(SG31) & oval barred cancel.35
13391900 Lagos QV 1d p.stat.card used to Germany with Deutsch Seepost Hamburg W.Africa Line XIX oval pmk.50
13401903-8 S.Nigeria 1d or ½d on 1d KEVII p.stat.cards(2: H&G2,4) fine unused.15
13411908 ppc Sapele(Proud D4 pmk)-UK per Mandingo, S.Nigeria ½d’s (SG33 x2).30
13421906 strange RP collage ppc comm.used Warri(skeleton pmk)-Germany, S.Nigeria ½d (SG21a x2).25
13431930 KGV 3d regd env size G Agege-UK + 1d.20
13441931 KGV 3d regd env size G Ikom-UK via Obubra(regd oval) + 2d.30
13451933 KGV 1d p.stat.env Enugu-UK + ½d pair (SG15b).25
13461947 regd(scarce violet s/line + pmk) airmail cvr Abeokuta-UK @ 1/3d rate.20
1347S.Cameroons: (see lot 317): 1931 comm.cvr Victoria(mandate pmk)-UK @ Nigeria 1d(x2) rate.45
13481943 advert cvr Buea-USA via Victoria @ 3d rate. Double censored inc red half-moon.25
13491957 QE2 4d regd env size F Victoria(regd pmk)-USA + 2d(x2).25
1350NIUE: 1936 regd S.Jubilee cvr to UK inc scarcer 'narrow b' on 1d variety (SG69b-71 cat £43).40
13511936 regd cvr to Austria, mixed perfs SG58+62(blk of 3 cat £90). Cat £650(cvr). PHOTO200
1352NORFOLK IS: 1951 regd(prov.label + blue h/st) airmail cvr to Australia, 5-colour SG1,6-8,11.15
13531953(Jun 10) illus regd(prov.label + red h/st) FDC to UK, SG13-18(cat £20).20
1354N.BORNEO: 1894 1c red & 3c blue p.stat.reply cards(2: P8-9) fine unused.25
13551921-2 cvrs(2) Jesselton/Sandakan-UK, SG160+4 or 162(x2),25
13561936 cvr to USA @ US 3c rate with USS Augusta Jesselton pmk.20
1357N.RHODESIA: 1924 KGV 1d & 1½d p.stat.cards, H&G1-2 fine unused (2).25
13581932(Sept) airmail cvr Luwingu-UK via Kasama & Mpika @ 10d rate.25
13591934 airmail cvr Mankoya-UK via Broken Hill, SG4(x2)+7.25
13601935 OHMS env regd Livingstone(s/line)-USA, S.Jubilee set (SG18-21 cat £16).20
13611944 comm.cvr Kasama-Canada @ 2d rate. Examiner O/1 label.25
13621949 OHMS air cvr Acct-General,Lusaka(oval dated cachet)-UK & Ridgeway pmk. Red oval Official Paid PO.25
1363NOVA SCOTIA: 1840 EL Halifax(udc?)-UK rated 1/=.20
13641864 cvr Halifax-Windsor, 5c (SG25 cat £29).25
1365NORWAY: 1880 cvr Christiania-Sweden(redirected via TPO), scarce 12o green (SG55). PHOTO75
13661924 cvr Kristiania-UK, 5o+40o p/horn & 40mm blue pmk for Ist Internat.Stamp Exhib’n. Minor opening fault.25
13671936 hotel airmail env Oslo-UK, Nansen set (SG235-8 cat £40). See also lot 34.30
13681943 regd internal parcel cards(2 diff) complete ex Arendal/Trondheim @ 60o-1kr rates.20
13691960(May) illus Oslo acceptance for DC-8 jet FFC Copenhagen-N.York, tourist set (SG464-6 cat £20).15
1370Antarctic: 1952 regd illus British/Swedish/Norwegian Exped’n cvr Dronning Maud Land-Denmk, SG282+394.20
1371NYASALAND: 1897 1d internal p.stat.card comm.used Blantyre-Zomba(rec'r).25
13721902 BCA 2d external p.stat.card comm.used Blantyre(sq.circ)-UK via Chinde.25
13731937 local cvr Chileka FDC of Coronation set SG127-9. Scarce temporary agency.30
13741937 regd 3-colour airmail cvr Limbe-UK, SG118(x3)-9,22(cat £23).35
13751938 regd(blk/white label) cvr Zomba-UK, KGV set to 1/= (SG114-22 cat £35).30
13761939(Aug) NPA&TZ Railways env TPO 1-UK, 2d (SG133).25
13771950 Liwonde,Shire River ferry RP ppc airmail Limbe-Portugal(destination), SG146,8-9.15
13781954 regd OHMS stampless cvr Postmaster(cachet),Zomba-UK via Limbe CSO.15
1379OMAN: 1963 official airmail cvrs(3) to Germany franked appendix issues. Rebel post via Jordan.15
1380ORANGE FREE STATE:1893 ½d/1d p.stat.card, scarce H&G5 written Langlaagte-CapeTown via Boshof. PH45
13811895(Jun) early use 1½d(red) on 2d p.stat.card(P6) comm.used Bloemfontein(sq.circ)-Jo'burg.30
13821895 1½d on 2d p.stat.card(P5) comm.used Jacobsdal-Germany.20
13831896 cvr Harrismith-UK @ 2½d rate (SG48+68 x2).20
13841897 1d p.stat.card comm.used Kroonstad-Scotland + SG68,85.20
13851901 VRI ½d(deformed letters/stops) on ½d(H&G26) p.stat.used re estate sale Viljoens Drift-Howick(Natal). Circular 1d due h/stamp.25
1386PAKISTAN: 1948 airmail cvr Karachi-N.York, hi-rate 3-colour SG4(x2),11,14(1r x5).25
13871947(Dec) Indian KGVI 1½a p.stat.env regd airmail Mikarfur(Sind)-Bombay + SG6(x2).25
1388PALESTINE: (see lot 473,889,899): 1914 ppc comm.used Tiberiade-UK, Turkish 20pa (SG504).40
13891918(July) cvr APO SZ14(skeleton)-Italian Consulate,Alexandria, 1pi(SG1b). RPS Cert. Cat £600(cvr). PH.175
13901919(Mar) advert cvr Beirut-USA, 3-colour SG5-6(x2 ea),8. Oval violet OETA censor. PHOTO65
13911919(July) advert cvr Jerusalem(OETA-EEF pmk)-India(destination/rec'r) via Pt Said, 1pi (SG10).25
13921924 ppc comm.used Haifa-Rumania(destination/rec’r), 8m(SG78).20
13931927 scarce 2m blue-grn printed matter p.stat.wrapper comm.used locally in Tel Aviv.25
13941930 13m regd env, H&G2 Haifa-Ukrainian newspaper in Paris + 13m (SG98).40
13951931(Oct) FFC Tiberias-UK, 4-colour SG91-2,4-5.25
13961938 regd KLM airmail cvr Haifa-Prague via Italy(Naples then TPOs), 6-colour franking SG90-1,3-4,104,7.25
13971940 cvr Hertzliya-Red X,Geneva @ 15m rate. Red examiner 1209 & Palestine censor 70/5433 labels.15
13981941(Sept) airmail censored cvr AIF FPO6(Julis)-Australia @ Aussie 9d rate.20
13991942(Feb) OAS double censored cvr 2nd Bde HQ PO W2(Qastina)-Thos.Cook,Egypt(inc EPP 58 rec’r).25
14001945(Dec) airmail cvr Tel Aviv-Switz, SG97b(x6). Boxed red OAT.20
1401Jordanian Occ: 1950 regd airmail censored cvr Jerusalem-Egypt, 4-colour P6,11,PT37-8,41.25
14021951 ‘biblical’ cvr Nablus-Jerusalem(rec’r), 5m(P6).15
1403PANAMA: 1921 2c airmail scarce private p.stat.env, H&GK1 flown on FF to Curacao + SG199-200,29.40
14041937 express(h/st) airmail cvr David–Panama City, SG291,99,E226(express 10c). Uncommon.25
14051941 scarce 10c regd env H&G3 airmail Colon-USA + 3-colour SG199-200(x2),4,353.25
14061945(May) Paramount films printed Victory America United & Free cvr to Curacao(rec'r), SG405,11,24. 3 diff. Panama pmks: official local,Cartero No.5 + 1944 DE. Spanish laguage censor 58012.15
1407PAPUA: 1926 regd cvr Pt Moresby-USA, 4-colour SG93aw,95-6,99(cat £35). PHOTO65
14081938 regd airmail cvr Daru-Pt Moresby, 50th anniv.set (SG158-62 cat £55). PHOTO45
14091939 airmail cvr Pt Moresby-Sydney, 4-colour SG84,106,8-9,11(cat £19).40
14101945(Aug) stampless cvr Aust.Unit Postal Stn 395(Milne Bay)-Bishop of New Guinea,Dogura Mission.25
14111947 regd airmail cvr Samarai-UK via Relief No.2, Australia 5d+1/4d (SG175,189).20
14121950-1 cvrs(2) Kairuku(violet pmk)/Maprik-NZ @ Aussie 5d/5½d rates.25
14131950 stampless OHMS cvr District Office Sohana(cachet)-Methodist Mission,Bougainville.15
14141951-2 regd cvrs(2) Angoram/Lorengau-UK @ Aussie 1/0½d rates inc blk of 4 SG245a.25
14151953 1/0½d regd env scarce H&G3 fine unused & scarce.35
1416PARAGUAY: 1929(Jan 1) CGA FFC Asuncion-B.Aires, SG334+345. Flown Vachet. Scarce. PHOTO50
14171935(Oct) air cvr Asuncion(sp.air pmk)-UK via Paris, SG304,401(x2),4,8,25(x3),42,79(x3) front & back.25
1418PERU: 1879 firms cvr Arequipa-Lima, 10c (SG27).25
14191916 local Lima ‘calling card’ cvrs(4) with inverted 1c 1915 ovpts(SG384a,86a,89a,90a). High cat.value.65
14201928(Feb) cacheted experimental FFC Lima-La Paz(Bolivia), 10c (SG434). Flown Doolittle.30
14211940 airmail(Lufthansa/LATI) cvr Lima-Switz, SG656+60(2s x2).15
1422GB used in: 9d straw, Z50 cat £200 & C38(Callao) pmk. PHOTO65
1423PHILIPPINES:(see lot 1668): 1928(Nov) London–Orient cacheted FFC Pto Princesa–Manila, SG337,41,85.20
14241935(Jun) FFC Manila-Singapore, SG337(imperf pair)+464. Boxed Via Flying Boat British Royal Air Corps.25
1425PITCAIRN: 1937 cvr to USA, NZ 2½d (Z55 cat £45) & bluish agency pmk. PHOTO75
14261940(Oct 14: last day cvr NZ stamps) to Auckland, ½d+1½d (Z61,63 cat £88). PHOTO100
14271940(Oct 15) regd(h/st) FDC to USA, original set to 2/6d (SG1-8 cat £14). Inc regd receipt for cvr.20
14281943(Aug) censored(US) cvr to USA @ 3d rate. Ex Jerri(?) Warren.20
14291951 illus FDC to USA of 4d & 8d (SG5b,6a cat £20).25
14301953(Apr) OHMS(his changed to her) stampless cvr Postmaster-USA.20
14311965 ITU, 1966 WHO,UNESCO illus unadd.FDCs(3) of SG49-50,59-63. See also lot 1639.20
1432POLAND: 1909-11 Russian 3k-4k p.stat.cards(3) comm.used ex Lodz,Bialystok,Kutno(written Starawies).20
14331912 double regd(English/Russian labels) advert cvr Lodz-Saxony, Russian 10k(x3) tied reverse.20
14341917 Gen Govt Warschau 7½pf p.stat.card comm.used Skierniewice-Germany. Box red s/line Posen censor.15
14351936(Oct) LOT trial FFC(x2 diff.cachets) Warsaw-Palestine, SG323a(x3).25
14361943 regd express cvr Krakau-Germany, 2zl (SG421). See also lot 51.25
14371944(Jun 27) FDC of Monte Cassino ovpt set (SG494-7 cat £65) & maritime agency 27 pmk. PHOTO50
14381948(Apr) GB KGVI 3d forces regd env between Polish FPOs 130 & 62(rec'r).30
14391950 regd airmail cvr Katowice-USA, Presidents set (SG645a-c cat £130). PHOTO120
1440PORTUGAL: (see lot 21,1457):1841 EL Rio-Porto per Oliveira charged 160 + oval Barra do Porto (both blue).35
14411936 underpaid cvr UK-orchestra member,RMS Arlanza,Lisbon @ 2½d rate taxed with 3-colour mixed P.Dues D594,866,872(cat £14). Interesting marks on front & back.40
14421943 comm.cvr Leiria-Funchal(Madeira), SG945+8. Double censored with Lisbon military censor label + oval CMPT C29 Censurado cachet.35
14431946(Jan) airmail cvr Porto-Sweden, SG982(x3 cat £18). Box red OAT.25
14441949 airmail advert cvr Lisbon-Switz, scarce 3e50 Alfonso Henriques (SG1028 cat £33).40
1445Angola: 1935 advert cvr Loanda-Germany, 3-colour SG356,58,65.20
1446Azores: 1889 10r ovpt p.stat.card comm.used Villa da Povoacao(oval pmk)-Ponta Delgada.40
14471909 ppc comm.used Ponta Delgada-USA, 20r (SG182).15
1448Cape Verde: 1940 censored 3-colour franking cvr S.Vicente-UK, SG271,75,84(scarce 1e40).20
1449India: 1896 ¼t grn p.stat.card comm.used Diu(blue pmk)-Bombay.35
14501898 ¼t red illus(church) p.stat.card comm.used Damao(IP pmk)-Lisbon.25
14511952(Dec 27) illus unadd.cvr for 1st Phil.Exhib'n,Goa, se-tenant strip Xavier (SG612a cat £33) & sp.pmk.25
1452Macao: 1937(Apr) cacheted FFC to H.Kong, SG343+52.20
14531957 airmail(via H.Kong box h/st) cvr to UK multifranked front & back cat £40 inc SG443,51,68(x2 ea)35
1454Mozambique:1937 air cvr Inhambane-Switz, blk/blue taxe percu 4e20c air label +SG332,4,9(x3) & L.Marques20
14551947 air advert cvr L.Marques-Australia(destination), SG395(x2 cat £10). 2-line blue Franquia Insuficiente para a via aerea.25
1456Mozambique Co: 1931-2 comm.cvrs(2) Beira-Scotland, SG230A+44 or pair 259.25
1457Ponta Delgada: 1904 Portuguese Royal Visit to Azores ppc comm.used to Austria, 25r (SG46).20
1458Sao Tome: 1885 10r-30r p.stat.cards(H&G1-3) + 1903-18 lettercards complete ex H&G3,9 all fine unused(13)25
1459Zambezia: 1911 regd advert cvr Tete-France via Cape Town, mixed issues SG53(x2)+56. Scarce. PHOTO100
1460PUERTO RICO: 1885 3c Alfonso(x2 diff), ‘90 3c grn, ‘94-6 2c grn or blue, 3c red-brn p.stat.cards (6) fine un.65
1461QUEENSLAND: 1868 cvr Brisbane-UK, 6d yellow-grn (SG47 cat £22).30
14621864 regd cvr Brisbane(red oval)-UK, 6d olive-yell regd(SG11: intermediate perf)+6d(SG34 cat £150). PH.150
1463RHODESIA: 1895 1½d Mashonaland p.stat.card written Taragyn Farm,Ambawa-UK(rec'r) but no Rhod.pmks20
14641896 Bulawayo Club env Bulawayo-Cape Town, 4d (SG28 cat £21). PHOTO65
14651900 inland 1d blue Mashonaland p.stat.card comm.used Gwelo-Schleswig(destination/pt rec’r).35
14661906 BSAC 2½d blue p.stat.env(scarcer H&G3a) Umtali-Germany.25
14671912 BSAC 1d p.stat.env comm.used Sinoia-UK via Salisbury.25
14681913 printed matter cvr Gwelo-USA, 1d doublehead (SG125).20
14691968 airletter comm.used Highlands-Kenya @ 9d rate. S/line Service Suspended + Salisbury RLB.25
1470& Nyasaland: 1955 regd cvr Nkata Bay-USA via Mzimba, 3-colour SG1,2(complete bklet pane 6 ex SB1),3.35
14711958 airmail cvr Penhalonga-Majorca(destination, set to 9d (SG1-8). See also lot 89,919.15
1472RUMANIA:1862 EL Galatz-Craiova via Bukarest, 4mgns 30pa (SG31 cat £85). Maths calculus(env rev). PH.100
14731873-4 Hungarian 2k p.stat.cards(2) comm.used Arad/Brasso-Temesvar(rec’r).25
14741889 5b p.stat.card comm.used Pitesti-UK + pair 3b(SG165a).15
14751919 regd advert cvr Craiova-UK, pair 25b(SG701). Bucarest armourial military censor + Cenzurat label.25
14761924(Nov) regd airmail cvr Bucarest-Paris, SG926,29,31-2,35a(x2 or 3 ea ie 5-colour franking).40
14771928(Oct) regd airmail cvr Cluj(oval red air pmk)-Galatz via Baneasa, SG1086-7(x2),99-1101,T979.25
14781938 regd mourning cvr Kings private secretary(seal,cachet + env) Bucarest-UK, SG1327(x3).20
1479German Occ: 1918 MbiR 10b Germania opt p.stat.card comm.used to Germany with d/ring German Feldpost pmk, written FPO 525 with blue Mobile Command HQ 268 cachet.20
1480RUSSIA:(see lot 92,488,525,1122-4): 1864 EL to Italy rated 10 & charged 20(porto h/st) via Warsaw TPO 6, Konigsberg/date/Bromberg 3-line TPO, Gr.Baden TPO 7 & Milan TPO. Boxed red Aus Russland(s/line).35
14811922 scarce 5r Keremski p.stat.card(P29) Moscow-Cuba(destination/rec'r) + 4k imperf(x7). PHOTO50
14821930(Jun) regd internal airmail cvr ex Archangel, airs SG417-20. STB 30 carried. PHOTO50
14831932 Press Exhib’n,Titlis(Georgia) regd advert cvr to Nyasaland(destination/rec’r) via Italian TPOs,SG545+50.20
14841937 cvr Moscow-Germany, 50k air p.10½x12 clear wmk s/ways (SG582 variety). See also lot 1151,1432.20
1485Levant: 1904 20pa on 4k p.stat.card comm.used Smyrna(violet pmk)-USA. PHOTO75
1486Ukraine: 1918 10k trident ovpt on 3k p.stat.reply card complete (P17 of Kharkov) fine unused.20
14871943 official cacheted large regd cvr Dnjepropetravsk-Germany, Ukraine 1pf-20pf (Mi1-11). Central fold.20
1488RYUKYUS: 1959-61 regd cvrs(2) Naha/Kainan-USA, SG75-9(x2 ea) or 89-91,94,100(cat £53).40
1489SAAR: 1920 regd cvr Saarbrucken Station-USA, 5pf-75pf Saargebeit ovpts (Mi32-40).20
14901927-31 cvrs(4 inc advert) Homburg.Saarbrucken,Einod,Bleiskastel(regd)-Cologne @ 30c-1fr90 rates.1 taxed25
14911929 official env Saarbrucken-Cologne, 50c+2fr officials (Mi28b,32). Central fold.15
14921930 regd cvr Saarbrucken Station-Halle, 4-colour SG102,9,26-7(cat £25).30
14931935(Jan) airmail cvr Saarbrucken-UK, plebiscite airs (SG192-4 cat £31).30
1494ST HELENA:(see lot 1697): 1879 cvr to UK, 1/= (SG26) & cork pmk. Mss 6 in red. PHOTO250
14951928 message half 1d harbour view reply card comm.used to Sweden(destination).25
14961929 harbour RP ppc comm.used to UK, 1d (SG98).20
14971935 comm.cvr to UK, strip of 4 ½d (SG114).20
14981964 airmail cvr to UK, set to £1 (SG176-89 cat £45). Posted at Dianas Peak (cachet).40
1499ST KITTS: 1890 Nevis 1½d reply card complete(H&G6) used(short message) to Germany, cds + A09 pmk.40
15001929 cvr to USA, scarce(on reverse) 3d Tercent (SG53 cat £15).20
15011935(May 6) FDC Old Road(fine pmk)-USA, 2½d S.Jubilee (SG63).25
15021939 regd cvr Cayon-UK, SG70+3 (1½d,3d). See also lots 83,126,1128+34.25
15031941(Apr) cvr Charlestown(Nevis: scarce Cable & Wireless slogan in use 2yrs)-USA, SG69(x3). PHOTO65
15041949 regd cvr Charlestown(Nevis)-USA, SG77a(pair cat £100) + 83-4. PHOTO80
15051969-71 airmail cvrs(10) to Montserrat with large 32mm d/ring steel/rubber different village pmks.50
1506ST LUCIA: 1903 QV 1d p.stat.env comm.used printed matter to Germany with Castries pmk.20
15071925 regd(h/st) cvr Castries-USA, pair scarce 2½d (SG97 cat £120). PHOTO125
15081928 regd(diff. h/st to above lot) cvr Castries-S.Africa, 2d+3d (SG95,100 cat £12).25
15091935(May 6) S.Jubilee FDC Castries-UK of SG109-12(cat £25).25
15101942 airmail cvr US APO 867(Vieux Fort)-USA @ US 15c rate. US Army examiner.20
15111946 cvr Choiseul-Castries(rec'r) @ 1d victory rate (SG142).15
1512ST VINCENT:(see lot 47): 1902 QV 2d regd env size F comm.used to UK + ½d (SG67 x2).40
15131913 KGV ½d & 1d p.stat.cards(2, H&G8-9) fine unused ovpt’d Specimen.25
15141916(Nov) cvr GPO-UK, SG108(x2) + 1d war stamp (SG126).20
15151935 regd cvr Kingstown-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG142-5 cat £25).20
15161945(Feb-Mar) airmail cvrs(2) to US(censored)/UK @ 1/9d or 3/4d rates (both 3-colour frankings).25
15171946-8 cvrs(4) Mayreau,Bequia,Union Is,Cumberland-USA @ 4d or 6d rates.30
15181948 cvr Kingstown-UK, S.Wedding set (SG162-3 cat £40).35
15191951(Sept 21) + '52(Jun 10) printed local FDCs(2) of SG164a,6a,7a,9a,70a or 184-7(cat £12).20
1520SAMOA: 1917 regd cvr Apia-Switz, mixed KEVII-KGV SG115-7,20,39,42(cat £14). Boxed GRI censor 2.35
15211947 regd airmail cvr Apia-UK, SG184-5,88(3/=).20
15221962 airmail cvr Aleipata-USA via Apia, 5/= arms (SG232 cat £28).50
15231962 regd airmail cvr Tuasivi-USA, 10/= arms (SG233 cat £50). PHOTO100
1524SAN MARINO:1918(Aug) regd cvr to Switz, War Fund(SG58-66 cat £60).Bologna/Milan postal/milit.cens.PH125
15251948 cvr to Greece, attractive hi-vals SG305-6,33. Unusual on cvr.20
1526SARAWAK: 1898-1903 4c red Rajah single & reply cards complete used to Germany(rec'rs) & 2 diff.pmks.50
15271902 4c red Rajah p.stat.reply card(P5) complete fine unused.30
15281964 regd airmail cvr Kuching-UK via Singapore Airport, Sabah opt QE2 $5 (SG422 cat £16).35
1529SAUDI ARABIA: 1918 cvr Djeddah-Egypt(2 rec'rs + circ.censor 5), 1pi (SG15). PHOTO175
15301938 Dutch Legation,Djeddah env to Holland via Egypt, 2¼g (SG315).35
15311938 regd(paper label) advert cvr Medina-UK, 3g (SG356 x2) + 1/8g(SG346). See also lot 56.35
1532SERBIA: (see lots 9,976.1772): 1876 cvr Belgrade-Paris notable for 2 diff.20pa p.12 (Mi14 types 1&2).25
15331902 ppc comm.used Kraljevo-Negotine via Nis, 10pa (SG86).15
15341905 regd banking cvr Belgrade-Paris, SG119(x2)-20.25
15351910 5p Peter I p.stat.card comm.used Vranya-UK + 5p (SG117).15
15361917-8 FM ppc/French military printed stationery(3 items) comm.used between Serbian Army in exile in France, Salonika (FPO 999) & Italy. Italian or Serb censors. Priced @ £125.45
1537German Occ: 1942 local Petrovgrad regd cvr, scarce mixed issues Mi5+79. VB box censor.40
15381944 local advert Belgrade regd cvr, 4d+7d (Mi78-9). Box violet censor.20
1539SEYCHELLES: 1895 8c p.stat.env regd to UK with code 5 pmk.25
15401926 cvr Victoria-Jersey(destination) @ 12c rate (SG105 x2).20
154119 28 regd cvr Victoria-UK, strip of 4 6c (SG95a) tied reverse.25
154219 48 cvr La Digue-UK, pair S.Wedding 9c (SG152).20
15431948 regd airmail cvr Victoria-Switz, SG144a,45ab,46a(cat £18).20
15441952 20c regd env scarcer size K Victoria-S.Africa via Mombasa + SG158,175. Good condition for size.100
15451970 regd airmail cvr Victoria-UK, 15r (SG279 cat £14).20
1546S.LEONE: 1891 regd cvr Freetown-UK per SS Niger, ½d+4d(SG27,33). R h/st,B31 & cds all in red-brn.PH.200
15471903 Freetown ppc ex HMS Gibraltar posted Plymouth(on return)-Kent @ GB 1d lilac rate.40
15481917 local ppc comm.used to UK @ 1d rate with Garrison Mail pmk.35
15491920 ppc to France, 1d & Boia-Yonnie TPO pmk. Scarce. PHOTO200
15501923 cvr to UK, 2d & Freetown-Bo TPO pmk. PHOTO100
15511933 regd 'Wilson' cvr Freetown-UK, 2/= (SG177 cat £50).50
15521943 cvr Freetown-S.Africa, original KGVI set of 13 to £1 (SG188-200 cat £80).50
15531945 airmail cvr Freetown-UK, 4-colour SG189,91a,2(x2),5.15
1554SINGAPORE: 1958-9 QEII 20c+10c regd envs(2, size G) comm.used locally with 2 diff.Seletar pmks.15
15551953 Coro(regd),'67 Nat.Day,'71 Tourism,'72 Ships,'73 Aviation,SEAP,'75 Birds illus unadd.FDCs(7: cat £73).25
15561976(May) illus Singapore Airlines FFC to NZ @ 20c rate. See also lot 386,1113.10
1557SLOVAKIA: 1942 express(label) airmail censored(German) cvr Bratislava-Prague, airs SG59+62.15
15581942 local Vrbove regd cvr, SG41(x2),82-5 (Philatelic Exhib’n set).15
15591943 printed cacheted FFC regd Bratislava-Plesov, airs SG55+60. See also lot 430.20
1560SOLOMONS: 1936 regd cvr Tulagi(28mm pmk)-USA, blks of 4 SG44-5,47(cat £240). Cover faults. PHOTO125
15611939 cvr Tulagi-USA, 4d with missing corner (SG45 cat £25).20
15621943-4 airmail cvrs(2: 1 censored) US APO 40 or 716(Guadalcanal)-USA @ free frank or 6c rates.25
15631966-7 OHMS cvrs(2) Govt Printers/Medical Dept(cachets) Honiara/Gizo-Methodist Mission.Munda.20
1564SOMALIA: 1958 airmail advert cvr Mogadiscio-Italy, 4-colour SG285,90d,e(x2).f.15
15651961 60c airletter comm.used Mogadishu-Ireland + SG291,365. See also lot 1066-7.25
1566SOMALILAND: 1904 KEVII 1a p.stat.card fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
15671935 regd airmail cvr Berbera-USA via Aden, S.Jubilee set (SG86-9 cat £50).40
1568S.AFRICA: (see lots 36,45,209,481): 1915(Aug 31) re-opening of Cantonment Potchefstroom PO cvr to Jo'burg. Manuscript OAS 1st Contingent SA Overseas Forces. No flap but rare. PHOTO100
15691916 POW cacheted stampless cvr Camp 2 G11-Pm'burg with s/line Passed by Censor.25
15701919-26 cvrs(4) with usages of ½d-2d coils (latter front only) inc uprated 6d regd envelope.35
15711922 1½d p.stat.env Tabase(Transkei)-Germany + KGV ½d,1d(ie 3-colour).25
15721925 underpaid cvr Pretoria-USA, 1d coils (SG19a x2 cat £17) & tax marks both countries.25
15731929(Jun) rail cvr to Pt Elizabeth, SG33(x3) & oval violet SAR&H Addo violet pmk.40
15741929(Aug) GB PUC set(SG434-7) acceptance on FF Cape Town(p/bot pmk)-E.London. Ex RMS Saxon.25
15751933-8 illus/cacheted FDCs(4) of Jipex MS & Voortrekkers (SG50-3,MS69-70,76-9 cat £70).35
15761937 cvr Durban-USA, bklet pane of 6 1d with blank margins (SG56f cat £38 unused).45
15771938(14/12) illus Voortrekker FDC Bloedrivier(sp.pmk)-Jo’burg, SG76-81(cat £36).25
15781939 cvr Melmoth(Zululand)-Canada, marg.pair 2d (SG58 cat £50).40
15791949(May)underpaid air cvr Cape Town-UK, 4d(SG46c)+ scarce sheetlet of 3 SG75cd +airmail adverts.1d PD30
15801950(Apr) local Jo'burg cvr with strip of 3 ½d officials (O37b cat £14) & oval Rand Show sp.pmk.15
15811954 airmail cvr Cape Town-UK, SG117a(single)-8(x3) & boxed violet S.African Airways SAR–SAS pmks.25
1582Parcel Post: 1940s different coloured gummed PP labels(4) inc agricultural/insured. Unusual survivors.15
1583S.AUSTRALIA: 1863(Feb 13) cvr Adelaide-Hahndorf, 2d pale vermilion (SG25) issued 10 days earlier.25
15841860 cvr Adelaide(blue paid pmk)-Norwood(rec'r), 2d orge-red (SG7 cat £80). 4mgn ex top left & 2 pmk. PH.50
15851870 cvr Tanunda-Stepney via Railway PO 1, pair 1d p.11½x roulette (SG50 cat £58). PHOTO65
15861885 cvr Ship Mail Room Adelaide-Scotland, strip of 3 2d (SG168).20
15871898 mourning cvr Adelaide-London, 2½d (SG236). Much redirected with New Cross sq.circles(x2) & London RLO. Ret'd to Adelaide (red DLO pmk).40
15881910 comm.cvr Pt Adelaide-Norway(destination/rec’r), 2½d (SG239).25
1589SW AFRICA: 1916 cvrs(2) Swakopmund(modified TPO pmk)-Switz, pair S.African 2½d shades (SG7-a). Passed Censor C17 + censor label 99 tied oval blue Cape Town censor.45
15901916 advert cvr Farm Okombahe(Waldau)-Switz, S.African 2½d & Okahandja pmk.Censors as above ex C15.35
15911925 OHMS regd cvr Windhoek-E.London, pair 3d ovpts (SG19 cat £14).30
15921928 regd cvr Windhoek-USA, all 3 triangular ovpts (SG44A-B,48 cat £25).25
15931932 regd airmail cvr Windhoek-UK, blk of 4 4d airs (SG72 cat £24).25
15941935 regd airmail cvr Windhoek-Pretoria, pair 3d airs (SG86 cat £35). Looks commercial.30
15951971 illus unadd.official FDC no.3 with commems SG230-3(cat £18).20
1596S.RHODESIA: 1935 formular regd OHMS PO env Salisbury-USA, S.Jubilee set (SG31-4 cat £42).35
15971936 cvr Bulawayo-UK, KGV ½d+1½d (SG16c scarce p12 cat £38 ex booklet with straight edge).30
15981936 regd airmail cvr Shamva-UK, comb perf 1/= (SG23a cat £50). PHOTO50
15991941(Apr) cvr Salisbury-Palestine(destination) @ 2d rate. Triangular red censor no.120
16001947 regd(blk/red label) Turk Mine-Jo'burg, pairs SG64-5 & D2 pmk.20
16011953 airmail cvr Salisbury-UK, 3-colour SG35b,41,47(10d x2).15
16021953 local Salisbury 4d KGVI regd env size H2 + SG49,52(5/=: scarce on cvr),74-5(cat £12).25
16031953(Aug 31) unadd.FDC of set to £1 (SG78-91 cat £110) & scarcer Mtoko pmks.65
16041965 formular regd env size G Waterfalls-Salisbury, 1/3d (SG357). Provisional regd label.15
1605SPAIN: (see lots 121-4,873): 1828 stampless outer to France rated 10, 2-line Espagne par St Jean de Luz + red 11 h/st & 4-line crown M.Pte Pagado/Hasta Lado h/stamps of Madrid.35
16061834 EL Vigo(fine 2-line blue Vigo Galicia)-Lisbon rated 20(h/st) per de Valenza.15
16071906 stampless ppc comm.used to Guadalajara with blue Estafeta del Congreso crowned pmk.25
16081910 New Year greetings ppc addressed locally stampless with blue Senado crowned pmk.30
16091936(Dec) cvr Seville-Lisbon, 30c(SG865) + 5c local. Scarcer Visado por la Censura label.15
16101937-9 Basque cvrs(4 inc 3 advert) @ 30c rate + 10c 'cruzada contra del frio' labels in grn,blue,blk or brown. Red or blk military censors of San Sebastian,Pasages or Tolosa or not censored.30
1611Ceuta: 1937(Jan) ppc + 1939 advert cvr to UK @ 30c-70c rate. 2-line bluish military censor Ceuta.25
1612Melilla: 1926 regd advert cvr to UK, Spanish pairs SG383a+8.20
16131932-6 advert cvrs(7) to UK @ 40c-65c rates with all different frankings.35
1614Morocco: 1945 cvr Segangan(scarce pmk)-Spain, SG277+283(oblig.tax).25
16151958 airmail cvr Tahaima(scarce pmk)-Madrid, SG409(x3) + N.Zone SG19.20
1616Sahara:1951 plain FDC to Madrid of 5ptas(SG84)+ regd cvr to USA with 5ptas(SG83). 2 diff.Villa Bens pmks.30
1617Tangier: 1953 airmail cvr to Germany, SG132-3(x4ea) + Spanish El Cid 5c(x8)+15c(x4).15
1618SUDAN: 1906 ppc Brighton-Sawakin(rec’r) @ 1d rate via Suez Ambulant TPO.25
16191902 ppc Halfaya-UK via Wadi Halfa Camp & Beni Souef-Cairo TPO @ 5m rate. PHOTO45
16201909 2m on 4m p.stat.card, scarce H&G9 comm.used internally ex Shendi.40
162119 20 5m p.stat.env El Obeid(cds rev)-UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO No.1. Stamp imprint pmk'd rhetta (unlisted).40
16221926 cvr Khartoum(scarcer transit pmk)-UK @ 10m rate.40
16231925 desert ppc to Sweden(destination), pair 5m & fine Shellal-Halfa TPO No.1 pmk.20
16241925 cvr Pt Sudan-UK, 10m rate via scarce Shellal-Halfa TPO No.2 skeleton pmk in use 6months. PHOTO100
16251939 Sudan Rail airmail env to USA via Khartoum-El Obeid TPO No.2, 5m(x6) & White Nile TPO No.1 pmk.25
16261940(Jan 1) local Khartoum North FDC of 15m blue p.stat.env(H&G12).20
16271940 regd airmail cvr Khartoum-Switz, scarce 10pi opt (SG73 cat £55).Sudan censor 5 grn label + triang.5.PH65
1628SWAZILAND: 1955 KGVI 4d regd env(H&G2) Stegi-Jo'burg + 4d (SG33a). PHOTO65
16291960 QE2 6d regd env Eranchi(violet box cachet)-S.Africa via Komatipoort + 3d(SG56). Scarcer agency.30
16301968 formular size G regd env Hlatikulu(violet box cachet)-S.Africa, SG91+99.15
16311956-61 6d,5c on 6d,5c(x2 diff) QE2 regd envs(4: H&G6-8 + 1 unlisted) fine unused.30
1632SWEDEN: c1840 official 'crown post' cvr to Tax Officer,Narebo ex Roth(official?). Contained tax receipts.30
16331889 10o red firms cachet p.stat.card Malmo-Germany via Copenhagen pmk'd 2-line Fra Sverige M.15
16341931 Arctic Circle illus p/card comm.used to Bastad, 5o grn p.10 type 2(x2) & Polarcirkeln pmk.20
16351932(Nov 6) regd cvr Stockholm(sp.300yr Gustavus Adolphus pmk)-UK, Lutzen set (SG177-80). 90o scarce.25
16361942(Apr) cvr Vasteras-USA @ 45o rate. Examiner 6457 label. Oval red OAT. See also lot 57,64.25
16371943(May)air cvr Gavle-Peru(destination/rec'r) via England(mss) @ 1k70. PC90 Examiner 7384 label.25
16381944(Aug)-45(Jan) airmail cvrs(2) Stockholm-Brazil/Argentina @ 1k80(pair 90o) or 1k90. Different UK censors (5262,5576) & Brazil item has 2 diff.US censor labels. S/line Via England h/st in blk or violet.50
16391974 airmail cvr Helsingborg-Pitcairn Is(destination/rec'r), se-tenant bklet pane inc SG653-6,736.15
1640SWITZERLAND:(see lot 1047,1060): 1835 insured EL Zurich(s/line)-Berne rated 12.20
16411860 cvr Geneva-UK rated 6 via Suisse amb Genova(red TPO). Box GB1fr78c.40
16421866 outer Winterthur-Mulhouse via Zurich & Mulhouse entry cds, 30c red(SG57 cat £50). Large PD.40
16431870 cvr(inc letter) Geneva-UK via Suisse Bellegarde 3(blue), 50c (SG67 cat £65). Hotel cachet(rev). PHOT.50
16441876 official p.stat.card comm.used Liestal-Basel, 5c (Mi22e). Uncommon.25
16451908 ppc comm.used Giswyl-army corporal,CEF,China(destination & Tangku rec’r), 15c(SG230 cat £21).30
16461918 printed matter cvr St Fiden-Krantal, 3c Pro-Juv (scarce J6 cat £90). PHOTO80
16471918 cvr Hertsau-Bern, 5c Tell + 10c Pro-Juv (J8 cat £40).40
16481925(Aug) official FFC Lausanne-Milan, SG265+318(cat £32) & sp.boxed pmk.25
16491932(Aug) FFC Bellinzona-Geneva(rec'r), airs SG322a+343(cat £136) & sp.pmk. PHOTO75
16501935(Feb) cvr Chur-St Moritz via Julier Pass postbus(red pmk + blue cachet), SG352(x2).15
16511936 airmail cvr Basel-Mexico(destination/rec'r) via N.York, airs SG344-6,59(cat £75). PHOTO50
16521939 airmail cvr Zurich-Chile, SG328a(2fr) + 393 (Italian 30c cat £41).30
16531942 airmail cvr Fleurier-UK, blk 5 10c(SG727) in all 3 languages. Examiner 1416 & reseal labels.40
16541941(May) cacheted Pro-Aero FFC Buochs-Payerne, 1fr ovpt (SG423 cat £31).20
16551943(July) regd cacheted Oskar Bider anniv FFC Bern-UK, SG431-3(cat £70). German+UK censor labels.PH.50
165619 52 illus hotel airmail env Zurich-Argentina, Pro-Patria set (SG536-50 cat £30) + 511,519.20
1657WHO: 1956 official env Geneva(sp.pmk)-Philippines, LH10,13,22(2fr cat £25). PHOTO75
1658SYRIA: 1922(Jun) advert cvr Aleppo-Germany, OMF 3pi ovpt(SG82). Oval violet Alep postal censor(rev).30
16591926(Apr) airmail cvr Damas-Beirut(rec'r), air ovpts set (SG188-91 cat £24).25
16601937 airmail cvr Aleppo-Argentina(destination/rec'r), SG255,69(50pi),328-9(cat £17).25
16611942(Jan) illus regd Pan-am FFC Damascus-N.York via Beirut,French & Belgian Congo, SG267,69,357 (115pi cat £16). Scarce flight. 2 different Free French censors.40
16621942(Apr 28) regd illus(map) censored(Egyptian & Free French) cvr Damascus-Egypt, SG358-63(cat £30).25
1663TASMANIA: (see lot 845): 1891 cvr Hobart-UK, 2½d surch (SG168b).40
16641898 QV 2d green lettercard, H&G1a fine unused ovpt’d Specimen.35
16651898 stampless On Public Service PO(violet frank) env Hobart-Swansea.40
16661900 QV 1d p.stat.card used Deloraine-Launceston(rec’r), cds + 25 numeral. 2 violet parallel lines(by train).25
16671904 cvr Farrel-Hobart(rec'r), ½d(SG237 x4).20
16681908 Emu Bridge ppc comm.used Burnie-Philippines(destination/railroad rec’r), SG237+50a(wmk inv).25
1669THAILAND: 1885 4a on 1a p.stat.card, scarce H&G2a fine unused.20
16701897 1att p.stat.card comm.used locally in Bangkok with code 2 pmk.20
16711942 10stg lettercards (2, H&G5-a) fine unused & scarce.30
1672TIBET: 1958 internal rice paper env ex Lhasa, ½t yellow imperf(SG98a x2 cat £80) tied reverse. PHOTO65
1673TONGA: 1900 regd cvr Nukualofa-USA, 5-colour SG38-9,41,3-4(min.cat £15).50
16741929 regd(oval h/st) cvr Nukualofa-USA, 4-colour SG38-9,44,58(scarce 2½d) min.cat £58. PHOTO100
16751945 regd cvr Vavau-Australia, 1/= (SG80).20
1676TRANSJORDAN: 1951 Foreign Ministry official env regd Amman-ICAO,Canada, SG263(x2) + 20f oblig.tax20
1677TRANSVAAL: (see lots 4-6): 1898 advert cvr gold mine,Barberton-UK, 2½d (SG219).15
16781899 4d grn regd env scarcer H2(H&G1c) fine unused.15
16791900 scarce 1d ZAR p.stat.card Kaapsche Hoop-L.Marques(rec’r) but no message. PHOTOs50
16801899(Dec 1)cvr to Pretoria via Jo'burg, 6d(SG222) & 3-line viol P.K.NewCastle/ZAR/date. Boer invasion Natal75
16811902 cvr Jo’burg-E.London @ 1d rate. Press censors of both cities (latter scarce).15
16821905 ppc comm.used Jo’burg-Argentina(destination), pair ½d (SG260).20
16831906 KEVII 4d regd env size G Jo'burg-Berlin + ½d(x5),2½d (SG263b,273). PHOTO50
16841906 KEVII 1d p.stat.card written Valdezia-Switz via Pietersburg pmk'd Spelonken.25
1685TRINIDAD: 1886 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used St Joseph-Tunapuna(Trinidad code 4 pmk).40
16861896 QV 2d regd env size F Arima-France + QV 2½d (SG108).30
16871904 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Arouca-Belgium per Royal Mail.25
16881907 ppc comm.used Pt of Spain-UK @ ½d rate. S/line Too Late h/stamp. PHOTO75
16891914 local Pt of Spain cvr with pair ½d officials (O11 cat £34).Rare. PHOTO150
16901918 internal cvr Chaguanas-Pt of Spain, ½d(SG149)+ ½d war tax (SG183).25
16911935 regd S.Jubilee FDC to UK of SG239-42(cat £28).25
16921941(May) intercepted airmail cvr Brazil-USA with Examiner 73 tape STB used 1 month only.40
16931947 airmail cvr Great Eastern Hotel,Calcutta(pmk)-Br.Army,Austria with scarce 4-line Missent to Trinidad BWI & boxed By Surface Mail from Trinidad BWI (both violet). PHOTO100
16941949 underpaid(x3 diff.tax marks inc box violet T6c) cvr Brothers Road-USA, 5c (SG249b).25
1695Tobago: 1895 1½d p.stat.card comm.used to Germany + ½d(SG20). PHOTO65
1696TRISTAN: 1937(May 12) illus certified (William Repetto signed cachet) Coronation Day stampless cvr to S.Africa with cachet VI taxed with S.African 1d P.Due. Paper clip nark.40
16971946(May) regd cvr to Australia, St Helena SG131,4,5a & bluish cachet VIII. PHOTO50
16981950 cvr to UK, GB UPU set & Cape Town p/bot pmk + just tied boxed cachet IX.40
16991952 ovpt set (SG1-12 cat £100) on 2 regd airmail cvrs to UK.80
17001963(Oct 1) cvr to UK, SG44(x2) & Resettlement oval cachet10
17011977 underpaid airmail cvr ex Germany, tax marks + 4p,5p P.Dues(D8-9) pay fine & poste restante fee.40
1702TURKEY: (see lot 1769-71): 1886 20pa p.stat.card C'tinople(Galata blue scarcer pmk)-UK & circ.Arabic pmk.20
17031899 US Consulate,Sivas env to USA, 2pi(SG144). Wax consular seal(rev).35
17041904 20pa p.stat.card C'tinople-USA with Galata boxed cancel C&W10. See also lots 555,925,932,1388.15
17051910 ppc Ada Pazar-Chehzade Bachi(scarce C&W type 21 rec’r) @ 10pa rate.20
17061914 cvr Smyrna(C&W type 70 pmk scarcer code 2)-C’tinople, 1pi on 1½pi (SG521).20
17071923 20pa p.stat.env with 1331 opt C'tinople-UK + mixed issues SG917(x2),63,71,74,1001 tied reverse.25
1708TURKS & CAICOS: (see lot 1729): 1920 KGV 2d regd env size G fine unused ovpt’d Specimen.20
17091922(Jun) OHMS regd cvr to USA, ½d+4d (SG134b+155 cat £22).40
17101935(May 6) local S.Jubilee FDC of SG187-90(cat £14).15
17111938(Jun) comm.cvr Grand Turk-USA, mixed KGV–VI SG176+198.20
17121938(Sept) local cvr Cockburn Harbour-Grand Turk, pair ¼d (SG194).15
17131943(Apr) cvr to Jamaica @ 2d rate. Rubber boxed D/43 censor.25
17141966 regd cvrs(2) Grand Turk-USA, QE2 set to £1 (SG237-50,53 cat £45).35
17151977 OHMS illus cvr The Chief Minister,Salt Cay-UK @ 25c rate. Inc note ex Patrick Morgan.15
1716URUGUAY: 1897 3c violet p.stat.card written Colon-Germany pmk'd Montevideo.10
17171919 ppc comm.used Chuy-Canada, SG298(x2).15
17181927(Apr) flown cvr Montevideo-B.Aires, SG454+495 & sp.air pmk.25
1719USA:(see lot 39,44,134,207,384,519,783,891): 1817 EL Easton(Pa: circ.red pmk)-Philadelphia rated 20c.20
17201847 EL N.York-Cognac per Hibernia via Boston-Liverpool rated 1/9(blue). Box Colonies & Art.1320
17211849 local Philadelphia outer with 2c bronze/blk Bloods PO Despatch label (Sc.15L17) acid tied.25
17221857 cvr Philadelphia-Marion(Ma), 1c Bloods Post(L40)+ 3c imperf. PHOTO65
17231887 long regd cvr N.York-London, 10c + pair 15c (SG191,210 cat £65). Edges bit worn. PHOTO50
17241889 Wells Fargo 2c Washington p.stat.env used locally in San Francisco. See also lot 1112,1356,1510.25
17251889 social EL Kutzt-Allentown(Pa) @ 2c rate with blue pmk + star cancel.15
17261894 regd cvr N.York-UK, 3-colour mixed issues SG225a(x2),35,41(cat £16).25
17271894 USPO D regd p.stat.env Waverley-Harford(Md) via Delta & Balto North(box)RPO. Uncommon.25
17281900 1c p.stat.env comm.used S.Francisco-Guatemala via N.Orleans per SS San Jose. Oval Too Late.20
17291902 2c p.stat.env uprated 3c N.York-Turks Is(destination/rec'r).40
17301904 unpaid cvr Lipto Teplicska(Czech)-USA via NY & Chi RPO. N.York tax mark & 10c P.Due (J42) tied.20
17311924(July) cacheted 1st west-east night flight San Francisco-New Jersey, 24c air (A616 cat £36).30
17321928(Oct) Graf Zeppelin flown cacheted cvr to Germany, SG608+701(x2).20
17331929(May) FAM-5 cacheted FFC Miami-Br.Honduras(US Consul rec'r), SG641.50,54(cat £17).20
17341933(Oct) Graf Zeppelin cacheted flown cvr Miami-Akron, 50c Zepp (A732 cat £75). STB pilot signed. PHOT65
17351936(May) Czech Legation env airmail via Hindenburg(cachet) to Slovenia via Frankfurt(sp.pmk), A628-30.20
17361937(Apr) Pan-am FFCs(2) San Francisco/Honolulu-H.Kong, SGA775+7 or 777(cat £15).25
1737Guam: 1937(Apr) Pan-am FFC to Hong Kong, SGA628+775.15
17381947 comm.airmail cvr ex Barrigada-USA @ US 5c rate.15
1739Hawaii: 1883 2c blue p.stat.scarce reply card complete(UY2) fine unused. Cat US$450. PHOTO100
17401934(Oct) cacheted FF Hilo-USA @ 10c rate.10
17411951 air cvr ex sailor on Le Vulcain(French ship)-France@15c with Honolulu Fleet PO Navy 128 Pearl Harbor15
1742Puerto Rico: 1910 governor’s palace ppc comm.used Arecibo(boxed cachet + cds)-Paris, US 2c.25
17431909 comm.cvr Santurce Sta-Aland Is(rare destination), US 5c Lincoln. Minor opening faults. PHOTO45
1744Virgin Is: (see lot 47): 1941(Dec) FAM6 cacheted FFC St Thomas-Dominican Rep, airs A684(x2).15
1745VATICAN: 1937 regd ppc to UK, Catholic Press set (SG47-54 cat £130). PHOTO100
17461937 ppc comm.used to Czech(destination), Catholic Press SG49-50(cat £25).35
17471938 ppc comm.used to S.Africa(destination), 3–colour SG23,26,28.20
17481939 regd ppc to Switz, mixed issues SG22,35(scarce on cvr),69-75(cat £33). 25c misperf.30
17491949 official env(arms rev) regd to USA, 100L (SG148).25
17501950 airmail cvr to UK, 3-colour SG145-6 + E149(express cat £38).30
1751VENEZUELA: 1850 EL La Guayra(red British PO cds)-UK rated 1/= per packet.35
17521911 ppc comm.used El Callao(blue pmk)-UK, mixed issues SG312+333.20
17531938 regd cvr Caracas-Switz, SG546+8(cat £9) & violet undated 35mm Government coat-of-arms cachet.15
17541941 airmail(Natal-Rome via LATI) censored(French) cvr to France @ 1b50 rate.15
1755VICTORIA: (see lot 810): 1901 1d on 2d QV lettercard H&G11 fine unused.20
17561911 insurance advert cvr(inc contents) Melbourne-Bendigo(not known + unclaimed box cachet)+ ret'd sender25
1757VIETNAM: 1973 pictorial airmail cvrs(2) to Saigon/Lamson, military frank SM115(x2 diff.shades cat £60) tied Military mail pmks. S.Vietnamese unit or Canadian peacekeeping force cachets.50
1758North: 1973 illus airmail cvr Hanoi-E.Germany, propaganda SGN533-4,712.40
1759W.AUSTRALIA: 1879 ½d swan p.stat.card, H&G1 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen. Scarce.50
17601894 2d swan p.stat.card, H&G3 Perth-Germany(rec'r). Scarce usage but no message.40
17611895 ½d swan p.stat.card, H&G6 comm.used locally in Fremantle.20
17621897 1d swan p.stat.card comm.used Kalgoorlie-Menzies(rec'r).30
17631903 2d blue/ultramarine lettercards(2: H&G3-a) fine unused.75
17641905 illus Perth souvenir lettercard comm.used Fremantle-Sweden(destination/rec’r), 2½d (SG114).35
17651907 ppc comm.used Northam-Channel Is(destination), 1d (SG139).20
17661907 1½d on 3d p.stat.card written Conradsfield-Germany pmk'd Cranbrook in blue. PHOTO50
17671909 cvr Geraldton-Sydney, 2d(SG140).20
17681912 QV 1d on 2d lettercard, H&G5 fine unused.35
1769YUGOSLAVIA: 1892 regd letter receipt with rare Monastir Turkey d/ring pmk(C&W type 84).35
17701893 regd letter receipt with Turkish red-brn fiscal tied bilingual Uskub pmk (C&W type 129).30
17711909 Turkish 20pa p.stat.card comm.used Monastir-Vienna. See also lots 78,974+6.20
17721921 15p p.stat.card comm.used Skoplje(Uskub)–Switz + Serbia 15p (SG198).25
17731922 complete regd insured parcel card Belgrade-Oujitze, 3-colour Kings SG166,68,76(x2),87.25
17741933(Dec) ovpt set 25p-30d (SG278-89) on cvr Turbe-Italy.20
17751952 regd cvr Ljubljana-Denmark, SG737-9a(cat £35), obligatory tax + Red X O.50d.30
17761953 regd express(label) cvr Ljubljana-Germany, SG683c(500d air)+755.20
1777Laibach: 1944 advert cvr Ljubljana-Rakek, Laibach ovpts: Mi2+4(pair).25
1778ZANZIBAR: 1899 Sultan 2½a p.stat.env, H&G5 comm.used to Germany(rec’r) with sq.circle pmk.25
17791919 regd(h/stamp) cvr to Switz, 1r (SG270).25
17801933(Nov) airmail cvr Wete-UK, SG299(x2)+306(x3).35
17811937 local commercial cvr Mkoani-Zanzibar(rec’r), 10c (SG323).25
17821937(July 1-3) matching pair cacheted IA Northbound & Southbound FFCs(2) to Dar/Mombasa, SG324.20
17831967 regd illus FDCs(2) to S.Africa/Tanzania of SG477-82(cat £15). Scarce.15
1784 French PO: 1894 cvr to Hamburg via SS Rua(Reunion-Marseille LV No.4), French 25c blk/pink P&C. PHOTO250

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