September 24th 2011


Yorkshire Cover Auctions 

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1Boer War: 1901 cvr Cape Town-POW, Diyatalawa Camp(oval censor rec'r),Ceylon, Cape + Transvaal 1ds.20
2Redirected: 1856 EL Tarnow(Poland)-Viscount Fielding,UK via Krakau & boxed TPO. Redirected Lutterworth Paris with blued paper GB 4d SG62. Cat £650+(cvr). Unusual. PHOTO200
*31904 Antigua 1d arms p.stat.env(no flap) St Johns-UK then Brockley-Germany + KEVII ½d,1d. PHOTO45
*41957 hotel airmail env Norway-H.Kong @ 1k35 rate then to UK @ $1.30 rate. Attractive. PHOTO40
*5P.Due: 1904 underpaid cvr Peru-Italy taxed with 50c P.Due. Redirected to Switz & taxed with 5c+20c dues.40
6WW1: 1915-19 cvrs/cards(3 inc stampless feldpost) Germany-France or France-USA with 3 different types/inks octagonal Saisi par L'Autorite Militaire.50
71918 superb printed IV Corps in France colour illus Xmas 4pp card. Frontispiece hand-painted & signed.25
8Airmail: 1931(Apr) cvr UK-Brisbane @ 1/4d rate returned(May) Brisbane-UK with Australia vals cat £30+.PH.40
9Crash: 1938(Nov) cvr ex GB(address washed away) @ 1½d rate. 2-line Rec'd in Damaged Condition ex Flying Boat Calpurnia.30
10WW2: 1943-4 airmail ppcs(2) Switz-UK @ 40c rate inc J107. Triple censor: UK/German + secret writing wipe.20
11Arctic: 1957-84 illus/cacheted cvrs/cards(25) ex mostly US/Russia/Rumania ships/bases/pmks/p.stationery.25
12UN: (see lots 55,208,285,948,1509,1610): 1995 illus cacheted Ukrainian Military Contingent in UNPROFOR (Croatia sector) cvr to Ukraine(rec'r), sp.Ukraina Unprofor Hrvatija pair imperf 10c labels tied.15


131798 outer Porto-UK per Capt.Hain rated 1/7, 2-line Cowes Ship Lres (S1). PHOTO65
141835 outer Montreal-UK via N.York paid 1/= + 37½(red) rated 2/8. Stepped Portsmouth Ship Letter (S13 blk).25
151859 cvr St John(NB)-Liverpool(Br.Packet black rec'r) via RMS ex N.York rated 8.15
161920-1 Cie Gle Transatlantique envs(2 diff) for paquebot France or Lafayette to USA @ French 25c or 50c rates with Le Havre a N.York pmks codes c or d.25
171934 paquebot SS Cuba(cachet) cvr to USA, Canal Zone 1c & Le Havre a Colon L.No.2 pmk15
181935 MS Argentina maiden voyage cvr, Swedish 15o & Tacoma(Wash) pmk + scarce violet p/bot(Hosk.2184).25
19SS.Normandie: 1935-9 pictorial env + cvrs(2) to USA with Le Havre a N.York diff.pmks(inc ship cachet). All with French frankings. Also unused ship ppc (4 items)40
201937 Elder Dempster MV Accra(cachet) p/bot cvr Bathurst(Gambia)-USA, G.Coast 3d (SG119).15
211937 Demerara Botanical Gardens ppc comm.used to UK, Br.Guiana SG288-9 & Paquebot Trinidad cds.Violet RMS Lady Drake mailed on high seas Canadian National Steamship cachet.15
221939 Bibby Line env Cochin-UK, GB 1½d & s/line Paquebot (Hosk.2963 in use 2 years only).20
231947 SS Samfoyle cvr St Kitts-St Lucia(rec'r) @ GB 2½d rate.15
241947 Levant maritime Xmas card Br.Fleet Mail 12(Haifa)-HMS Chequers,Malta, oval Fleet Mail Officer Haifa.15
251965 German 20pf p.stat.reply card(P78) complete comm.used Unna-USS Franklin D.Roosevelt. Reply half (used) has ship pmk + illus ship cachet.20


26Athletics: 1950 Belgian illus airmail FDC to USA of SG1311-15(cat £55) & Stadium sp.games pmk. PHOTO.60
27Baseball: 1945 advert cvr Caracas(Venezuela)-UK, scarce 1b20 (SG695 cat £10).20
28Birds: (see lot 1024): 1911 illus(large peacock) advert cvr for Peacocks(company) Mexico-USA @ 5c rate.20
291961 illus unadd.FDCS(3) of Mauritania 100fr-500fr (SG146-8 cat £18).15
301969 express(label) airmail cvr Kampala-UK, Uganda set to 20/= (SG113-26 cat £48).35
311970-1 illus FDCs(4,2 to H.Kong with typed addresses) Norfolk Is set to $1 (SG103-17 cat £21).20
32Concorde: 1989(Apr) BA illus World Cruise cvr London-NZ-London(all pmks/cachets). Only 59 flown.30
33Corsetry: 1952 local US firm's advert pictorial p/card comm.used locally in La Grange(ILL) @ 2c rate.20
34Cricket: 1998-2000 Old England XI illus cvrs(3 inc signed) + 1998 Peter Moores signed benefit year cvr (4)20
35Energy: 1930(Jun) Ebert 8pf p.stat.card + 5pf Hindenburg used Berlin(sp. 2nd World Power Conf.pmk)-Switz.25
36Esperanto: 1921 printed Esperanto comm.p/cards(2 diff) Germany-UK @ 80pf rates.15
371953 Zagreb Congress illus unadd.FDC of Yugoslav 300d (SG756 cat £225). PHOTO.150
38Europa: 1956 illus unadd.FDCs(6) for Belgium,France,Germany,Italy,Luxemburg(scarce cat £90 alone).80
391957 illus unadd.FDCs(7) inc scarce Switz & Luxemburg cat £60 alone.50
401958-61 illus unadd.FDCs(45 different).50
41Flowers: 1975(Aug) cvr to USA, Barbados orchids to $10 (SG510-13,17,21-4 cat £37).30
42Glider: (see lot 862): 1933(July) Swiss aviation exhib'n Zurich acceptance for Robert Kronfeld flight(cachets) Vienna-Budapest & back with 20c illus p.stat.card + airs SG320a+3(cat £77). Uncommon. PHOTO65
43Horses: 1888 local Colombo(Ceylon) 3c p.stat.card comm.used with printed details of Gymkhana reverse.20
44Helicopter: 1954-8 US cacheted helicopter FF cards/airletter(3 diff) ex Newark,N.York or Chicago.25
451953-62 flown cacheted Swedish helicopter flights(3) inc 50th anniv.1st flight in Sweden.25
46Hotel: 1912 ppc comm.used Naples-USA @ 10c rate with Savoy Hotel,Naples blue label tied.20
471930 airmail cvr/ppc(2) Berlin-USA/Denmark, Mi414 or 416(x3) & Hotel Excelsior pmks + 2 labels.25
48Motorcycle: 1951 illus(Matchless m/cycle) local Adelaide(Australia) comm.cvr @ 3½d rate.15
49Motoring: 1950 cvr Douala(Cameroun)-France, SG204,41,44,48. Ist Motoring Exhib'n Douala cachet.15
50Olympics: 1928 Dutch set (SG363-70 cat £70) on cvr to Amsterdam with sp.Olympic Stadium pmk. PHOTO75
511936 regd cvr Berlin(Kdf Olympic City pmk)-Gorlitz, Mi606 + 628-31(se-tenant pairs forming block)25
521948 illus 14th Olympiad cvr Wembley(sp.Games pmk)-Kent @ 2½d (SG495) rate. See also lot 607.15
531960 illus Hungarian FDCs(3 regd) to UK of imperf set (SG1686-96) + MS Block 30B. Cat 110euros (FDCs).25
*54Red X: 1945 Palestine Red X advert(+ cachet) cvr Jerusalem-Red X Geneva @ 65m rate. KK/22458 censor.20
551953 printed Red X env Paris-USA, French SG1145 + scarce 10fr Red X/UN joint children appeal fund label tied UNAC cachet. See also lots 199,389,428,626,987,1271,1556.25
56Rockets: 1934(Jan) cvr for 1ST German rocket flight in Harz region, 3 imperf labels tied sp.pmks. PHOTO45
571939(Oct 13) cacheted 1st rocket flight in Latin America cvr addressed to USA, Cuba SG433 opt cat £8.15
58Rowing: 1924 regd advert cvr Zurich-USA @ 80c rate. Large European rowing regatta Zurich label tied rev.20
59Royalty: 1954 sp.illus Royal Visit to Australia airletter comm.used Sydney(sp.visit slogan)-UK @ 1/= rate.35
601935(Mar) cvr Kingston(scarce Jamaica welcomes HRH Duke of Gloucester slogan)-India @ 1½d rate. PH.50
611953(mourning)-59 cvrs(2) Sandringham(official paid pmks)-Wisbech/St Albans. E2R cachets in blk/violet.20
62Scouts: 1953 illus sp.Conference ppc comm.used Vaduz-UK, L'stein SG313-4,5(x2)-6(cat £72). PHOTO50
631985 illus unadd.FDC of scarce Tonga Guides imperf set (SG915A-8A cat £20). Royalty cachets (QE2).15
64Tennis: 1937 RP ppc of deck tennis on board Cap Arcona Lisbon-Hamburg, German 15pf tied Deutsch Seepost Hamburg-S.America pmk of D.Gneisenau.15
65Vienna Boys Choir: 1907 comm.ppcs(2) USA-Austria @ 2c rate with violet circ or 2-line cachets for US tour.25
66Wine: 1896 firms illus p/card(rev: bottle of port) for Bordeaux Claret Co,Montreal-Toronto, Canada 1c SQ. PH.40


67ADEN: 1877 damaged(rev) cvr to Singapore(red paid rec'r), Indian 1a+4a & K8 pmk. 'on board Ninkong' .PH.45
681938 sample bag label to Switz, 3a (SG6). Uncommon. See also lot 707.25
691940 cvrs(2 inc advert) to UK/Switz @ 2½a or 3½a rates. Violet diamond 2 or 6 Aden censors.20
701945(Mar) cvr to HMS Waveney c/o GPO London, 3a(SG22). Examiner F/106 label.15
711946 stampless airmail cvr to UK with No.11 RAF Postal HQ pmk20
721953-4 QEII 15c p.stat.envs(both sizes) + 30c regd envs(both sizes) all fine unused (4 items)30
73States: 1953 long regd airmail cvr Desert Locust Control(cachet) Sieyun(mis-spelt regd label)-Sheikh Othman (rec'r), SG26 + pair 28(cat £38). Minor creasing. PHOTO75
741951-65 regd airmail/seamail cvrs(2) Mukalla(2 diff.pmks)-USA, SG20-5 or 4-colour SG42-4,6.20
75AEGEAN: 1912 stampless military ppc Bra(Cuneo)-infantryman, Stampalia(Egeo: fine rubber skeleton rec'r).35
761932(Aug 28) illus Garibaldi FDC Stampalia-Rome of SG89-98(cat £200). PHOTO250
77ALAND: 1919 regd cvr Mariehamn-Sweden, Finland 50p Vasa provisionals (Fa80 x2). PHOTO50
78ALBANIA: 1914(Mar 7) Prince William ovpt set FDC Elbasan-Qukes(rec'r), SG33-8(cat £500). Rare. PHOT.350
791914 Shkodra bridge ppc comm.used Durres(blue pmk)-Vienna, 10q (SG29).20
801923-5 printed matter p/card + cvr(2) Korce/Shkoder-USA @ 5q rate (SG145 or 180).30
8119 27 Zog 5q(+5q SG213) or 15q p.stat.cards(2) comm.used Vlone-Schkodra or Durres-Germany.30
821928 comm.cvr Bilishti(blue pmk)-USA via Korce, 25q (SG216). Small border village. PHOTO50
831930 comm.cvr Korce-USA, scarce 5 on 25q (SG230). See also lot 948.20
841937 regd cvr Shkoder-Vienna via Italy, scarce Independence minisheet (MS323a cat £190). PHOTO200
85ANDORRA: 1961 cvr La Vieille-UK, 65c,85c & 1fr (scarce F178-80 cat £98). PHOTO100
861988 regd FDC La Vella-Barcelona, 2f20 booklet stamps (2 marg.strips of 5 SG398 cat £27+).25
87Spanish: 1938 illus cvr for 150th anniv.US Constitution, Las Escaldes(illus Roosevelt red.pmk)-France(rec'r),45c (Dallay 47A). Cat 400eu(cvr). PHOTO100
881951 double regd airmail cvr La Vieja-USA, SG41,44,54(x2 cat £60). PHOTO65
89ANGUILLA: 1967 regd cvr Valley-UK, opts SG9(pair)-10(blk of 6, 1 with surface fault cat £144). PHOTO125
901969 forces airletter FPO 1046-UK @ GB 5d rate.10
91ANTIGUA: 1892 Leewards QV 1½d p.stat.card comm.used to UK per SS Bermuda via N.York.20
921909 Badge 2d regd env size H2 St Johns-Germany + SG31,33(cat £31). PHOTO75
*931919 cvr to Governor of Gambia(destination) via London, 1½d war stamp (SG54).30
941928 regd cvr St Johns-USA, 3-colour SG68,71-2(cat £36). PHOTO50
951934 Leewards 3d regd env size F airmail St Johns-USA + mixed franking SG76 & Leewards SG67.40
961936 cvr Falmouth(good pmk)-UK, SG81(x3 cat £22). PHOTO45
971949 regd cvr St Johns-USA, 1/= (SG88 cat £30) + 110-1.25
981976 regd airmail cvrs(2) to USA, defin set to $10 (SG469A-86A cat £30). See also lots 3,1011-13.25
99Barbuda: 1932 regd cvr to Scotland via St Johns,Plymouth, pair scarce 2½d orge-yellow (SG72 cat £34). PH.65
100ARGENTINA: 1862 outer to B.Aires per Inagua, 3p deep grn (P6 cat £700). Cat US$4000(cvr). PHOTO500
1011878-9 official(3-line Admin de Correos h/st in violet/green) outers to Cordoba with boxed Villa Soto pmks in black or green. One with s/line Sin Cargo in grn.40
1021890 scarce 8c p.stat.env, H&G2b comm.used Rosario-Germany. See also lot 966.25
1031892 4c lettercard, H&G6(edges intact) comm.used B.Aires-UK via Southampton Ship Letter + 2c(SG125).15
1041891 5c on 8c p.stat.env comm.used locally in B.Aires + SG122 & surchs SG135,6b making 4-col.franking tied Buzonistas Capital No.3 with 11am & Abonados No.1 b/stamps. PHOTO40
1051896 Liberty 3c,4c(x4 diff) or 6c p.stat.cards all with views fine unused, H&G15a-17a(6).20
1061920 5c reply p.stat.card, H&G32 used complete to Germany. Written Collimco, pmk'd Junin de los Andes.20
1071932(Mar) Graf Zeppelin flown cvr Rosario-Hungary(destination/rec'r), SG560,3,5.25
1081932(Oct) Graf Zeppelin flown cvr to Germany(rec'r), SG560+630 Zeppelin ovpts(x4 cat £39).40
1091935 ppc B.Aires(Phil Exhib'n pmk)-UK per SS Cap Ancona, imperf 10c ex MS654(cat £45).15
1101944 censored cvr Rosario-UK @ 20c rate + 10c blue Jose Pinna local tied.20
111Officials: 1947-62 nice lot cacheted cvrs(10 inc 2 regd) to USA with vals to 10p.50
112ASCENSION: 1946 regd airmail cvr to UK, 6 diff.vals to 2/6d (SG45c) cat £38. Cat £195(cvr). PHOTO50
1131953 Union Castle Line env regd to UK, SG41c,2b,3a,4a,7a(cat £66). PHOTO100
114AUSTRALIA: 1911 Coronation 1d brn p.stat.card, H&G4 with oval KGV portrait type 7 fine unused.30
1151919 cvr Sydney-USA per SS Niagara, 2½d roo (SG25 cat £30). See also lots 48,59,413,1261.25
1161930-4 comm.cvrs(3) NSW(all diff.pmks)-Brazil(destination/rec'r) @ 1½d or 3d rates (SG96 or 7,100b).30
1171930(Apr) airmail cvr Melbourne(ship mail room pmk)-Ireland, scarce 4½d (SG103 cat £25).35
1181931(Apr) IA illus FFC Darwin-UK @ 1/11 rate (3-colour mixed heads/roos to 1/=).20
1191931(May) ANA illus env flown Melbourne-UK, K.Smith airs SG121-2,3(strip of 3 cat £54).40
1201931(Nov) Xmas illus cacheted ANA env Gympnie(Qld)-UK, SG99+139(x4 cat £64). Inc letter & edge faults.40
1211932 underpaid cvr USA-Coburg(Vic), Seattle tax mark & 1d,2d P.Dues (D100+2 cat £22) tied pen cancels.30
1221932 regd airmail(Adelaide-Perth) cvr St Kilda Rail Stn-Germany, SG106+139(cat £22).25
1231934 KGV 5d regd env Kalgoorlie(WA)-Estonia(destination/rec'r) + 1d(SG125).25
1241935 comm.cvr Sydney(overseas box pmk)-USA per RMS Makura, 3d S.Jubilee (SG157 cat £10).15
1251935 airmail cvr(inc letter) Sydney-Holland via Paris @ 2/1d (SG105,15,24-5,27,39,42,48,50a-1 cat £60).40
1261936 advert cvr Nelson Bay(NSW)-Germany, late use Queensland 1d no wmk (SG206c).15
1271936(Dec) Intercity Airways FFC Sydney-Nyngan, SG160-1.20
1281943 censored cvr Adelaide-N.Carlton(Vic) @ 1d rate. Ex internee in Loveday Internment Camp(cachet).20
1291944 underpaid Qld airmail cvr to Fortitude Valley, tax mark & pair 3d P.Dues (D115 cat £44). PHOTO80
1301944-5 censored cvrs(15), many to Hobart @ 4d rate with all different APO/FPO pmks.45
1311945 KGVI 7d blue/yellow airletter comm.used Windsor(NSW)-Br.Army on Rhine,Germany.20
1321954(Feb 17) local Melbourne FDC of 1/= P.Due (D129). Unusual25
1331960-5 QEII 5c light blue or red p.stat.envs(2), scarcer size 229x102mm fine unused.20
1341970 Australian PO illus unaddressed Royal Visit FDC of SG456-7. Scarce.25
135AAT: 1948 regd cvr Macquarie Is-Australia, 2/= (SG224). ANARE 1947 2-line violet cachet.20
136BCOF: 1948 cvr APO 214-Australia, set to 5/= (J1-7 cat £225). PHOTO175
137AUSTRIA: 1842-7 ELs(2) Trieste(red franco or blk pmks)-Genova rated 20 or 28. Small A2 or Via di Voghera.20
1381854 unpaid ELs(2) Trieste(circ. or sq.pmks)-London/Sira(Greece) charged 3 or 65. See also lots 65,372.20
1391854 EL Winkovci-Trieste via Agram, 4mgn 3kr+6kr (Mi3a,4a). Signed Vojn.25
1401866 EL Trieste(oval pmk)-Ancona by ship, pair 3kr + 10kr (Mi31,33). PHOTO100
1411868 EL Vienna-Madeira(destination) via Lisbon, rare 50kr (SG66 cat £250). Unfortunately other stamp lost in transit & charged 20. Min.cat 3000eu(cvr). PHOTO250
1421896 2kr p.stat.card comm.used Primasten-Trogir via Sibenik, 2-line Leta Arrta per Mare.35
1431901 comm.used ppc Pozdrav(Vysoke Myto)-Uruguay (destination & rec'r) @ 10h rate.20
1441908 comm.cvr to Vienna, 10h & KuK Kreigsmarine SMS Kaiser Franz Josef 1 pmk.25
1451922(Nov) scarce early regd flight cvr Vienna-Budapest, airs Mi425,7-30. Cat 350+eu(cvr). PHOTO90
1461930(Mar) FFC Graz-Belgrade, Mi468(x2)+481 & sp.flight pmk.20
1471936(Dec 6) regd local Vienna FDC of Inventors set(SG798-803 cat £60) & Stamp Day illus mailcoach pmk.40
1481948(Aug 3) regd express censored pre-issue FDC Payerbach-Prague of Salzburg set. Cat 200eu(FDC). PH.75
1491948 Artists set, SG1145-51(cat £65) on 2 cards with Bregenz Festival sp.pmks.40
1501955 Republic set (SG1269-73) on sp.illus unadd.FDC with sp.pmks. Cat 100 euros25
151Levant: (see lot 355): 1901 lighthouse ppc C'tinople(greenish cancel)-Italy, 10pa (Mi32 x2).15
1521904 ppc comm.used Cavalla-Zante, 20pa (Mi44).35
1531906 Beirut ppc to France, 20pa(Mi48) & Jaffa pmk.20
1541908 disembarking at wharf ppc comm.used Beirut-Egypt, pair 10pa (Mi51).25
1551914 comm.cvr Jerusalem-S.Africa(destination) @ 5c POs in Crete rate.25
156Lombardy Venetia: 1859 EL Verona-Pisogne(sq.circ.rec'r), 10c brn (Mi10 type 1 cat 45eu).30
157BAHAMAS: 1892-1907 QV 1d p.stat.card/reply card + KEVII 1d p.stat.card, H&G5-7 fine un opt'd Specimen.18
1581907 regd cvr GPO Nassau-UK, KEVII 4d (SG64 cat £60). PHOTO60
1591921 comm.cvr Nassau-Belgium(destination), ½d+2d Peace (SG106+8 cat £13).25
1601926 comm.cvr Nassau-Tanganyika(destination/rec'r) @ 1d staircase rate.20
16119 29 regd cvr San Salvador(blue pmk)-USA, 3-colour SG77,116,122. PHOTO65
*1621932 KGV 4d regd env Long Cay-USA + 1d. PHOTO45
1631940 regd airmail cvr Nassau-Cuba(destination/rec'r), SG150,52,60(cat £10).20
1641940 long regd airmail cvr Nassau-UK, hi-rate SG131,152,156(pair cat £233). Central fold. PHOTO200
1651943-5 KGVI 7d airletters(2, H&G1-2) fine unused.15
1661949 regd OHMS airmail cvr Nassau-UK, 10/= + £1 S.Wedding (SG192+5 cat £45). PHOTO50
1671963-7 8d(x2 diff), 10c on 8d & 10c airletters(4: H&G3-6) fine unused.15
168BAHRAIN: 1930 comm.cvr to Bombay, Indian 1a (Z124) tied reverse.15
1691938 airmail cvr to Vienna, 5-colour SG1(x2),10,16,17a,19. PHOTO50
1701947 airmail(s/line h/st) cvr to California, 2a+1r (SG32,44).25
1711947 airmail cvr to N.York, blk of 3 6a (SG48 cat £36) tied reverse.45
1721949 airmail cvr to UK, strip of 4 1½a (SG53 cat £15).20
1731949 airmail cvr to UK, Br POs E.Arabia 3a (SG28 x2)20
1741964(Feb 22) illus FDC to UK of set to 10r (SG128-38 cat £35). Vertical fold at left well clear of stamps.25
175BARBADOS: 1891-2 printed advert cvrs(2) to Nova Scotia(destination) @ QV ½d or 1d rates.25
1761896 QV 2d regd env to USA + 2½d,5d (SG109-10). PHOTO45
1771898 cvr to Italy(destination/rec'r), 2½d on blued paper (SG128 cat £45). Signed Bolaffi. PHOTO100
1781902 comm.cvrs(2) to N.York per SS Capri or Brindisi @ 2½d rate (SG106+7(x2) or 109) & 2 different pmks.20
1791918 regd cvr to USA, 3d(SG186) + 1d war tax & RLO pmk.20
1801930(Apr) regd FFC to Antigua(rec'r), 3d+1/= (SG234+7). Only 29 flown. PHOTO100
1811956-63 regd(violet h/st) cvrs(2) St John/St George-UK, SG293(x2),6-7 or 297(x2).20
1821956(Jan) printed/cacheted Viscount FFC to Bermuda, SG292+6.15
183BASUTOLAND: 1901 Cape QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used Morija-Maseru(rec'r). PHOTO50
1841937 cvr Makoalis-Jo'burg, SG15-17. PO only open 10 years. PHOTO50
1851950 comm.cvr Corn Exchange-USA @ 1d rate. PHOTO45
1861954(Oct 18) regd airmail FDC Maseru-Holland, QEII set to 10/= (SG43-53 cat £45). Minor env.fault.35
1871962(Oct 22) regd airmail FDC Maseru-UK of SG75+78(cat £19) & SG69-70. Scarce.25
1881968-70 On Govt Service envs(2) Mokhotlong/Quthing-Quachasnek. Official Free Agriculture or District Commissioner cachets.15
189BECHUANALAND: 1902 creased Br.Bech opt on Cape 1d p.stat.card comm.used Mochudi-Italy(rec'r). PH.50
1901909 Br.Bech.1d p.stat.card, H&G5 Lobatsi-UK per SS Kinfauns Castle.25
1911913 folded cvr Gaberones Station-Germany, 5-colour mixed franking SG62,4(x2)-5,72(cat £50+). PHOTO150
1921924 comm.cvr Ramoutsa-Port Elizabeth, pair 1d (SG74a, 1 with damaged corner). Missing 'R' in pmk.25
193BELGIUM: (see lot 26): 1772 EL Anvers-Lille with red A in circle.20
1941851 EL Ypres-Gand, fine 4mgn 20c imperf appears to be box wmk(cat 60 euros).40
1951863-5 ELs(3) Anvers(4 in box or 12 in dots)-London, 40c(SG27 x3 diff.shades min cat £96).75
1961878 EL Courtrai-Italy via Italie Ouest 3(scarce TPO), 25c(SG62).25
1971910 5c p.stat.card + 25c(SG101) sent express Hofstade(boxed pmk)-St Nicolas(octagonal rec'r).20
1981912 local Wijchmael decorative large cvr with complete Exhib'n sets (SG109-32 cat £350). PHOTO300
1991919 regd local Bruges cvr with Red X set (SG157-9 cat £40). PHOTO50
2001921 local Liege commercial p/card with mixed Albert issues SG179+238(x3 ea). Scarce on cover.35
2011928 regd cvr Ixelles-Czech, 6-colour SG352,65-6,68(scarce 1f25 on cvr),435-6.20
2021934 airmail cvr Antwerp-Papua(rare destination) via Sydney, SG561,63,671. PHOTO50
2031935 regd cvr Gent-Argentina(destination/rec'r), SG661+673(x2 ea).20
2041938 35c grn colour illus(shoes) firms p.stat.card Antwerp-Prague + SG559,579(x10: scarce on cvr).20
205Antarctic: 1960 illus cvr to Belgium ex 3rd Belgian Exped'n to Sth.Pole, SG1455+1704 & Base PO pmk.20
206Congo: (see lot 1300): 1925 scarce Compagnie Belge Maritime du Congo ppc of Boma pier comm.used to Belgium with 15c(SG119) tied Courrier de Haute Mer SS Elisabethville cachet20
2071944 comm.cvrs(3) Sunia/Waisa/Irumu-USA via Leopoldville/Stanleyville @ 2f50,3f50 or 22fr (airmail) inc scarce 10fr brn. Double censored inc Congo labels.30
2081962 UN Forces illus unadd.FDCs(4) of Indian U1-6(cat £30) & FPO 660,716,771 or 777 pmks.25
209Flemish Legion:1943(Sept) cvr FPO censor 2(red pmk: Gent)-FPO 07515, Kings(MiIX-XIV cat 240eu).PH.150
210German Occ: 1915 regd cvr Antwerp(4-line censor)-Berlin, 3-colour ovpts Mi2-3,5. Military postcensor seal/cachet + 3-line 'closed with sanction of Antwerp government' on reverse.25
2111916(Jun) Namur ppc comm.used Charleroi-Germany, Germania unovpt'd 5pf (x2).25
212BERMUDA: 1904 ppc comm.used Ireland Island-Argentina (destination) @ 1d rate.30
2131914 OHMS cvr(inc letter) PO env regd Hamilton-S.Africa(destination) via US Sea PO, 4d(SG42 cat £16). PH50
2141920 cvr Mangrove Bay-USA, 2½d (SG48)20
2151924 OHMS regd cvr Hamilton-UK, 4-colour ship SG47,77a-8,81(cat £19). Wax PO seal.35
2161929 comm.cvr Warwick East-Canada @ 1d ship rate.25
2171934(Oct) pictorial Bermuda greets US Navy cvr Warwick East-USA, SG77(blk of 4 cat £12)-a. Golf label.25
2181935(May 6) illus S.Jubilee FDC St Georges-USA of SG94-7(cat £48). PHOTO65
2191936 local St Georges cvr with blk of 4 ¼d (SG77 cat £12).20
*2201939(Sept) scarcer FFC(blue pmk/cachet) Horta(Azores)-Bermuda(rec'r) @ 5e rate.20
*2211942 newspaper wrapper Hamilton-USA @ 1d rate. Green censor 33 cachet (STB rare).50
*2221946 Victory FDC St Georges-Tonga(rare destination/rec'r), SG123-4.25
*2231969 cvr Singapore-Jamaica @ 10c rate. Superb red s/line Missent to Bermuda.20
2241970(Jly 6) cacheted Flowers FDC Mangrove Bay-USA, original set to $2.40(SG249-65) front/back small env.15
225BHUTAN: 1971 internal cvrs(5 inc official) all with 20ch opts(good variety & cat £17+) & all diff.pmks25
226BOLIVIA: 1890 20c bisect (SG54a) on cvr Cochabamba(blue pmk)-Sucre. PHOTO75
2271895 10c p.stat.env, H&G6 Cochabamba(violet pmk & firms label)-Paris via Uyuni,Antofagasta.25
2281897 10c p.stat.env, H&G6 comm.used Tarija-Salta (Carteros No.2 rec'r).25
2291930s excellent lot airmail cvrs(30), several with Sobretasa airmail postage h/st & useful frankings.100
230BOSNIA: 1912 regd cvr Banja Luka-Vienna, KuK milit.post 1kr (Mi80). PHOTO75
2311917(May 9) FDC Sarajevo-Vienna of War Widows Fund opts Mi119-20.15
232BRAZIL: 1895-6 80r p.stat.cards(2, H&G15,23) Joinville/Rio-Germany per SS Nile or blue Ligne J Paq No.5.25
2331907 Belgian Consulate(cachet) env Corumba(Mato Grosso)-Belgium via Montevideo, SG153(500r)+232(x2).25
2341930 300r lettercard, H&G48 fine unused15
2351930(Feb) NYRBA(cachet) trial FFC Rio-B.Aires, SG341+448.20
2361930(May) Graf Zepp FF card Recife-Lakehurst(rec'r), 200r + 5000R Graf Zepp ovpt cat 80eu. PHOTO65
2371931(Feb) VARIG FFC Pelotas-Santa Cruz with rare VARIG ovpts (V3,12 cat 150eu). PHOTO150
2381933(July) Graf Zeppelin cacheted(grn) FFC Rio-UK via F'hafen, SG409+512(Zeppelin opt cat £27).25
2391934 comm.cvrs(7) Bahia-UK per Asturias,Neptunia,Alcantara,Orania,Arlanza or Almanzara @ 700r rates.40
2401937 comm.cvr to UK, SG406 + scarce 5000r tourism (SG606 cat £33).25
2411937 comm.cvr Rio-Manchuria(destination), SG406,543,602-3.15
242BR.ANT.TERR: 1977 Whales set (SG79-82 cat £14) on illus unadd.FDC with Halley Bay pmk.15
2431993 Antarctic Ships set to £5 (SG218-29 cat £55) on 3 illus unadd.FDCs.40
244BR.GUIANA: 1886 1c on 3c p.stat.card comm.used Wakenaam-Georgetown(sq.circ) with Good Success pmk30
2451903 wrapper comm.used Georgetown-Canada via Barbados @ 1c rate (scarce SG233).15
2461914 regd cvr GPO-USA, mixed issues SG254+262. See also lot 21.20
2471926 sea wall Georgetown ppc comm.used(printed matter) Georgetown-Japan(destination) @ 1c(SG272).20
248BR.HONDURAS: 1913 OHMS regd cvr Belize-France, 5c+10c (SG104-5).35
2491918 comm.cvr Corosal-USA, 1c+2c (SG101+2b).25
2501920 comm.cvr The Cayo(fine pmk)-USA @ 3c rate. PHOTO50
2511947 local Belize regd cvr with SG154,7,9($1 cat £13).20
2521949 regd cvr Belize-UK, $5 S.Wedding (SG165 cat £48). PHOTO50
2531972 regd cvr Dangriya-Guatemala, SG410,12,43.15
254BR.IND.OCEAN TERR: 1975 regd airmail cvr TPO Nordvaer-USA, SG1-2,4,8,15(10r cat £17).20
255BR.LEVANT: 1912 cvr(inc letter) C'tinople-USA, 1pi (SG27).15
2561913 mosque ppc comm.used C'tinople-Germany, pair Levant ½d (L16a cat £7).15
2571913 KGV Levant 1d p.stat.card comm.used Beirut-UK.25
2581920 advert cvr C'tinople-Egypt, GB KGV 2½d (Z192).15
2591922 KGV 4½pi p.stat.card comm.used C'tinople-Czech. Uncommon. PHOTO45
2601922 regd advert cvr C'tinople-Vienna, 4-colour SG41a-2,3a(all x2)-4(cat £45) tied reverse. PHOTO50
261BR.OCC.ITAL.COLS: 1947 regd cvr Rhodes-UK, MEF 2/6d (M19). Cat 5000eu(cvr). PHOTO650
2621948 forces airmail cvr Asmara(scarcer Forces blue pmk)-UK, BMA Eritrea 20c(E3).50
2631948 redirected cvr Asmara-UK, 6-colour BMA Eritrea E1-2,3(x2),4-6(cat £17). PHOTO65
2641948 cvr Tripoli-Asmara(rec'r), BMA Tripolitania hi-vals T11-13(cat £150). Cat 12,000eu+ on cvr. PHOTO1500
2651949 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, 4-colour BMA Eritrea E1-3,6. PHOTO50
2661949 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, BMA Eritrea 75c (E8). Cat 500eu(cvr).50
2671951 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, 3-colour BA Eritrea E14,17-8. Cat 300+eu(cvr).45
268BR.VIRGIN IS: 1914 Britannic Home ppc comm.used Road Town-Belgium, 1d (SG70). Uncommon.30
2691916 double regd (Road Town & St Thomas) cvr to UK, 1d war stamp (SG78 x12 inc blk of 8 cat £240). PH.200
2701936 regd OHMS cvr to USA, 2½d+3d (SG95-6 cat £15).25
2711938 regd(rare violet West End circ.cachet) cvr West End-UK, SG107-9. PHOTO100
272BULGARIA: 1898 printed env for Prince's scientific library regd Sofia Palace-Rome, 50s(SG59). Fault(rev).25
2731899 15s lettercard regd Sofia-Vienna + SG58,90 making 3-col.franking. Central fold.30
2741901 comm.cvr Roustchouk-UK, 5s(x2)+15s (SG54,56).20
2751907 comm.cvr Kazanlik-Constantinople, 25s (SG137).20
2761909 comm.cvr Roustchouk-Mexico(destination/rec'r), SG110,140-1.30
277BURMA: 1903 Indian QV ½a p.stat.env comm.used Kadapana BO Hanthawaddy(scarce so early)-India.25
2781904 long regd Burma Railways env Rangoon-USA, KEVII ½a+2a(x2).20
2791911 cvr Bassein-USA, India KEVII 2½a.15
2801933 India 3a+1a3p regd env size H insured Pyaubwe Yamethin-India + 3p,3a red(pair).20
2811935 comm.cvr Rangoon (scarce Support the Jubilee Fund slogan)-Denmark @ 3a6p rate.20
2821941(Aug) airmail cvr Kawkereik Moulmein-UK, 4a (SG28 x4).20
2831947 airmail cvr Eindawya(machine pmk)-UK, 3-colour SG55-6,60(1r).15
2841947 regd airmail cvr Rangoon-UK, 3-colour SG52,57a(x2),61(2r cat £24) tied reverse. See also lot 766.25
285CAMBODIA: 1954(Dec 1) illus FDC Phnom Penh-NZ via 56 Base PO TPO 2, Indian N1-5 opts(cat £18).20
286CANADA: (see lots 15,66): 1848 outer Toronto-N.York paid(red s/line) 9 but excised on arrival & charged 37.15
2871855 EL(cemetery fencing) London-Buffalo,4mgn 6d slate-grey(SG9 cat £750).2-line Canada Paid 10cts.PH.650
2881858 EL Coburg-Trenton, 4mgn 3d beaver (SG22 cat £425). PHOTO300
2891860 Nesbitt QV 5c & 10c p.stat.envs(2) fine unused & scarce.50
2901858-65 outers(3) ex Picton,Toronto or Warwick with all different Free s/line h/stamps.20
2911874 cvr Moncton Square-USA, 6c SQ p11½x12 (SG98 cat £48). PHOTO45
2921900-6 QV-KEVII 2c blue p.stat.cards(2) comm.used Victoria(BC, 2 diff.pmks)-Japan(destination/rec'r).40
2931898 patriotic(UK/US colour emblems) private p/card for liberty (reverse has full-size illus of new rail bridge over Niagara River) comm.used Toronto(flag cancel)-USA, ½c(pair SG142).25
2941901(Feb) printed Canada mourns her Beloved Queen mourning env Spadina Ave Toronto-UK @ QV 2c rate. VR Found Open & Officially Sealed label tied reverse.25
2951904 HM warships in harbour ppc comm.used Esquimault(BC)-UK, KEVII 2c & superb crown cancel.30
2961918 regd advert cvr Spadina Ave Toronto-USA, SG230(war tax pair),244,R7a(5c regd cat £14). Central fold.20
2971926 regd advert cvr Montreal-France, 3-colour KGV SG248,50,54a.25
2981934(Jun) cachet FFCs(2) Ft Chipewyan(Alb)-Fond du Lac(Sask) & back both franked SG268+310(cat £52).30
2991935 regd cvr Jansen(Sask)-NZ(destination/rec'r) via RPO, 4-colour SG321,35(x2)-8 S.Jubilee(cat £11).20
3001940 POW Free env Petawawa Internment Camp-Montreal with magenta Canada Int.Op.5 circ.crown censor.25
3011942 airmail cvr Ottowa-Boston, scarce 6c blue air + 10c grn sp.delivery express (SG399,S12 cat £12+).15
3021962(Jan 13) QEII 1c-5c phosphor bands set in marginal blks of 4 (SG463p-7p cat £100) on 5 FDCs.65
303CANAL ZONE: (see lot 1282): 1913 hotel ppc comm.used Cristobal-USA, 1c ovpt (Sc.31).15
304CAPE: 1895 cvr Diep River-Worcester(rec'r) @ 1d rate with fine 879 numeral.35
3051901 brewers advert cvr Queenstown-UK @ 1d rate. Triangular Queenstown press censor.20
3061902 cvr Hout Kraal-UK @ 1d rate. Oval violet De Aar (scarcer) press censor.25
*3071902 QV 1d illus(town house Cape Town) p.stat.card Uitenhage(sq.circ)-Barbados(destination/rec'r).25
*3081907 parcel post cert.of posting(scarce) comm.used Sir Lowry Road-Middleburg @ 1d rate.35
3091908-9 cvr/ppc(2) Cape Town/Wellington-USA/Germany @ 1d/2½d rates returned with Unknown/DLO cachets + single or d/ring Returned Letter Office Cape Town blue pmks.25
310CAYMANS: 1937 regd cvr Georgetown-Scotland, KGV 2/= (SG105 cat £35). PHOTO60
3111947 cvr Cayman Brac-UK, SG120a+1a. West End PO used this pmk 1937-49.20
*3121952 underpaid cvr Tristan-Cayman Brac, tax marks & 3d(SG141) used as P.Due.35
3131953 comm.cvr Stake Bay-UK, mixed reigns SG139,43,62(x2).15
314CEYLON: 1888 cvr(+ letter) Kandy(paid pmk)-Scotland, 28c (SG199) & reversed C duplex. PHOTO50
3151885-6 2½c on 3c p.stat.cards(2: H&G6) Udapusselawa/Ambegamuwa(paid pmk)-Colombo & fine 27/33 pmk.40
3161889 QV 3c p.stat.card comm.used Kurnegalle(paid pmk)-Bombay with E duplex.25
3171891 QV 5c p.stat.card comm.used Agrapatna(paid pmk)-UK via Colombo with fine 90 numeral.25
3181893 QV 5c p.stat.env Kaigalle(paid pmk)-Colombo via railway pmk + 7 numeral.30
3191904 QV 6c red p.stat.card comm.used Norwood-France via Ligne N Paq.Fr.No.820
3201902 cvr Colombo-USA per German SS Gera, QV 15c (SG261).15
3211904 regd cvr Colombo-Germany, 3-colour KEVII SG265-6,75(scarce 1r50 cat £55). PHOTO100
*3221911 ppc Colombo-USA @ 6c rate. Rare HAPAG Line world cruise blue & orange label tied. PHOTO50
3231917 KGV 2c yell-olive/grey p.stat.card, H&G48 comm.used Puttalam-Colombo.15
3241945 airmail cvr to UK, 8 different KGVI vals to 30c tied red PO maritime mail cachet or boxed blue Passed by Naval Establishment Colombo. Inc letter ex HMS Highflyer,Trincomalee.25
3251951 airmail cvr Haltota-UK, 25c (SG392a). 2-line Insufficiently Paid for Air Service. See also lots 1,43,1235.20
326CHILE: (see lot 1267):1900 15c regd p.stat.env Valparaiso-UK + 10c Columbus (SG85).25
3271926 pictorial advert(sanatorium) cvr Banos de Cauquettas(pmk unlisted Proud)-UK, 3-colour SG150-1(x2),3.25
328CHINA: 1900 German feldpostkarte comm.used KD FPO No.7 (Paotingfu)-Germany40
3291931(Oct) printed FFC Chungking-Hankow, SG315+384a. PHOTO40
3301948(Aug) airmail cvr Shanghai-Argentina(destination), SG808,13(x2 ea),839.20
3311960s-70s unused airletters(21: H&G26-onwards) all fine unused & appear different.65
332as above lot but airletters used FDI (16 different).50
3331975 Swissair illus FFCs(2) Shanghai/Peking-Zurich, 52f rate (SG2199 or 1978+2311 cat £30).25
334French PO: 1906 15c orange-red Poste Francaise lettercard(complete edges) Shanghai-Germany(rec'r).25
335Kwangchow: 1940 cvr Ft Bayard-USA, Worlds Fair set (SG119-20 cat £16).20
336Russian PO: 1914 fortified town-gate ppc comm.used Harbin-Czech @ Russian 4k rate. PHOTO75
337Taiwan: 1954 creased & repaired illus env Taipei-UK, rare $1 Relief Fund (SG195 cat £130). PHOTO100
338COCOS: 1954(Apr) illus local cvr for QEII Royal Visit, Singapore 10c Coronation.35
3391952(Sept)-55(Nov) illus/cacheted Quantas FFCs(3 diff) to S.Africa or Australia inc 2 with RAAF PO pmks.20
340COLOMBIA: 1881 5c reply p.stat.cards, H&G2,2d + 2c single & reply cards, H&G3c,3C all fine unused(4).40
3411902 cvr Cartagena(violet)-Germany, locals SG187(x2)-8 opt'd with star. Blue 1000 day war censor(rev). PH.45
3421904 cvr Buga(violet pmk)-France via Buenaventura(oval violet Transito), 5c (SG262).15
3431904 regd cvr Bogota(violet pmk)-Germany via Barranquilla(blue regd pmk), SG262(rev) + scarce 10c R264.35
3441924 3c p.stat.env, H&G7a comm.used Mariquita(violet pmk)-Manizales.20
3451925 airmail cvr N.York-US Legation,Bogota, US 8c air(A614 cat £16) + Scadta 10c,20c opt EU airs. PHOT.50
346COOK IS: 1904 regd(blue h/st) Rarotonga-USA via NZ, 4-col. mixed issues SG2,6,13,26a,30-1(cat £56).PH.150
3471925 OHMS stampless cvr Rarotonga-USA. Signed postmaster.20
*3481935 cvr Pukapuka-Albert Henry(former PM) on Rarotonga @ 1d rate pmk'd Danger Island.30
3491935 regd cvr Rarotonga-USA, S.Jubilee 2½d(unlisted thin G variety) + pair 6d(SG114-5).30
3501946(Jun) illus Peace airmail cvr Rarotonga-USA, set to 2/= (SG130,37-44 cat £100+). PHOTO100
3511964 cvr SS Northern Star(x2 diff Shaw Savill Line cachets) Rarotonga-UK, SG152+163(x2 ea).15
352COSTA RICA: 1891 10c p.stat.env, H&G4 comm.used Luzon-Germany.25
3531930(Mar) cacheted FFC to USA, SG173+179(x4).15
354CRETE: 1904 Aust.Levant 10c p.stat.card comm.used Canea(IR Spedizione Postale pmk)-Germany. PHOT.50
3551913 message half 10c p.stat.reply card comm.used Candia(Austrian PO)-UK via Piraeus.25
3561934-51 comm.cvrs(15) to USA inc airmail,regd. Wide range pmks/frankings + Hania exchange control h/st.75
356CROATIA: (see lot 12): 1941 regd cvr Zagreb-Switz, mixed franking SG9(x2)+45.30
3571941 1d opt p.stat.card (P1 type 1) comm.used Banja Luka-Zagreb.20
3581941 comm.cvr Staribandvo-Slovakia, scarce mix franking opts SG25+28. Double censored with Cenzurovano label tied red s/line Cenzur 53 + plain brn label tied circ.violet armourial Cenzura RR. PHOT.40
359CUBA: 1880 outer Havana-N.York, pair 25c (SG88) & oval pmk.20
3601894 lovely advert cvr Havana-N.York, pair 1c (SG159) & 12 numeral pmk (US arrival).20
3611899 officers (Capt. h/st) letter Military Sta.No.10 Havana-USA @ 2c rate. No flap. PHOTO45
*3621914 cvr Havana-Bermuda(destination/rec'r) @ 4c rate.20
3631936 Matanzas Port illus official envelope comm.used stampless to USA.20
*364CYPRUS: 1932 advert cvr Nicosia-Yugoslavia(destination), SG103+119(x2 ea).35
*3651932 regd advert cvr Larnaca-Liechtenstein(rare destination/rec'r), SG103+119(x5,1 faulty). PHOTO50
*3661935 OHMS cvr(inc letter) Nicosia-USS Itasca,Hawaii(destination), 2½pi S.Jubilee.40
3671935(Aug) printed MISR FFC Larnaca-Cairo, S.Jubilee 1½pi.20
3681941(Dec) Active Service grn env airmail Indian FPO 89(Limassol)-India, Indian 8a. Double censored inc base censor label tied triangular Passed by Indian censor 18. PHOTO.50
3691942(Dec) airmail censored cvr Indian FPO 48(Kokini Trinithina)-UK, Indian 2a+6a.40
3701947-52 Co-op advert cvrs(3) to Nicosia @ 1½pi rate with Millia,Paralimni or Tavros rural pmks.30
3711962(Aug 1) 35m regd envs(2, scarcer sizes I & K) cto Nicosia FDI pmks.25
372CZECHOSLOVAKIA: 1916 regd cvr Durnholz-Switz, Austrian 35h+60h grey paper (Mi149,151z). Brunn military label + 3-line censor20
3731935 1k20 illus p.stat.card (+30h) comm.used Moravska Ostrava-Rhodesia(destination).20
3741936-8 internal comm.cvrs(9 inc adverts) with pictorial Prague(mostly) or Olomouc coloured machine pmks.40
3751938 12pp church magazine inc adverts used locally ex Banska Bystrica, 5h newspaper (N365).15
3761948 regd express cvr Bratislava-Salzburg, 20k (SG530). Opened by finance ministry (cachet).15
377Bohemia & Moravia: 1941 unpaid cvr to Theresienstadt taxed with blk of 6 30h P.Dues (Mi4) on reverse. Red 4-line bilingual Victory Germany wins on all fronts for Europe. Minor opening fault.25
3781941 official cvr Friedeck-Priezmo, 40h+2k officials (Mi2,9). 3-line Victory Germany wins all fronts for Europe.15
379Sudetenland: 1938(Oct) advert cvr Teplitz Schonau(Liberation Day pmk)-Pardubice, Tegner 50h+1k with se-tenant labels ovpt'd Wir Sind Frei. Cat 435eu(cvr). PHOTO120
380E.Silesia: 1920(May) firms cvr Oderburg-Reichenburg, SO 1920 opts on perfinned perf 5h(damaged)+25h.25
3811920(July) firms advert cvr (different to above lot) Oderberg-Dresden, mixed perf/imperf 20h+30h (SG6,35). 30h (scarce on cvr) has broken 0 in 1920 variety.35
382DANZIG: 1929 10pf illus p.stat.card for Stamp Exhib'n, MiP46 fine unused.15
3831928 advert window env, 5pf+30pf (Mi193b,198aa) & Kur und Seebader pmk. Cat 70eu(cvr).20
384DENMARK: 1860 EL to Gluckstadt, 4mgn 4s (Fa7) & 2 numeral + KDOPA Hamburg pmk.35
3851865 cvr Copenhagen-Haderslev, pair 3s (Fa12) with dot after 3 variety cat 1800kr. PHOTO300
3861888 cvr Copenhagen-Budapest(destination/rec'r), 3o (Fa28f x4 cat 1800kr) + scarce 8o p.stat.cut-out. PH.150
3871898 insured adressebrev Copenhagen-Nakskov, hi-rate Fa41,44a(x6: 3 pairs),45a(pair cat 1835kr). PHOT.150
3881907,12,23,30 & 38 Xmas labels on internal cvr/ppcs(5, 3 tied).30
3891921 advert cvr Copenhagen-UK, pair Red X 10o on 20o surch (Fa200 cat 1200kr). PHOTO100
3901924-5 ppcs(4) internally used @ 15o PO Anniversary rate (Fa205-8 cat 240kr).30
3911927 regd 7-colour franking cvr Copenhagen-Germany, Fa86,94,97,221-2,4-6(cat 125kr+).25
3921928 insured cvr Karrebaeksminde-Helsingor, Fa90,95,158,197. 10o+40o tied s/line pmk.30
3931939(Aug) illus cacheted FFC Nykobing-Copenhagen, 15o+20o airs (SG288-9 cat £10) & sp.pmk.15
3941947-61 Xmas labels tied to commercial cvr/ppcs(7), mostly internal but 2 to Sweden/UK.20
395DWI: 1870 outer St Thomas(paid pmk)-UK, GB QV 1/= (Z29 scarcer pl.4). Address part excised. PHOTO100
3961884 EL St Thomas-N.York via Havana, 3-colour Fa5d(pair),6d,8a(creased) cat 1975kr. PHOTO250
3971891 3c red p.stat.card comm.used St Thomas-France.25
3981903(Mar 28) local St Thomas cvr with tied 4c bisect (Fa16).35
399Schleswig: 1920 regd cvr Flensburg-Erfurt, 2mk (Mi12). PHOTO100
400DOMINICA: 1913 Quebec Steamship Co env Portsmouth-USA, 2½d (SG50).25
*4011919 comm.cvr to Bermuda(rec'r), SG48b+57(½d war tax).20
40219 29 regd cvr to UK via Pointe Michel, 2/= (SG84 cat £25) & light village pmk (Wesley?). PHOTO50
4031929 DWI ppc comm.used Laplaine-USA via Pointe Michel @ 1d rate (SG72). PHOTO50
4041958 OHMS p/card comm.used Roseau-USA. Circular GPO Official Paid cachet.15
405ECUADOR: 1901 10c p.stat.env + red surch, H&G19 comm.used Guayaquil-Paris + SG194 & 10c fiscal. PH.45
4061932(Feb) cacheted FFC Latacunga-Guayaquil @ 10c rate.20
4071936(Aug) airmail cvr Guayaquil-Germany STB via 10th Graf Zeppelin via Brazil, SG481.25
4081938 Foreign Ministry (env+cachet) cvr Quito to Brazilian Consul,Japan (responsible for Ecuador's interests there), officials O526 tortoise(x5).25
409EGYPT:(see lot 472): 1856 outer Alexandria(blue Br.PO)-Paris via Malta charged 10 per Ava & Valletta.20
4101896 5m p.stat.env Alexandria-Germany + SG58,9,61 (ie 4-colour franking).30
*4111916 OAS censored stampless cvr BAPO Z-Jamaica(destination & Constant Spring rec'r).30
4121916(Mar) double censored cvr Aust & NZ Army HQ FPO (Ismailia for 10 days)-EEF @ GB ½d rate.20
4131916(July) censored cvr Australian 4th LH Bde Field PO (Heliopolis Airport)-EEF, unusually franked GB 6d.30
4141921 local Pt Said cvr with scarce surchs SG141,44,46,52-4,58,60,62(cat £257). PHOTO200
4151926 2m p.stat.env, H&G21a comm.used Pt Said-Brazil(destination).20
4161939 15m plum regd env, scarce H&G5 airmail Alexandria-Ireland + SG252,277.20
4171943(Dec) twice censored OAS grn env NZ MPO KW16(Alexandria)-NZ. Scarce MPO. PHOTO40
418EL SALVADOR: 1897 1c p.stat.card, scarce H&G42 comm.used locally in Santa Ana.30
4191898 3c p.stat. reply card complete, scarce H&G52 comm.used San Salvador-UK.30
4201905 13c p.stat.env, H&G77 comm.used to UK with foreign business oval green pmk.25
4211911 6 on 13c p.stat.env, scarce SG100a fine unused.15
4221939 airmail cvr San Salvador-Curacao(destination/rec'r), SG864,77,94-5(x3),903.15
423ESTONIA: 1904 local Reval regd (2 diff.labels) cvrs(2), Russian 7k+3k or 14k(x2) tied reverse.25
4241920-1 comm.cvr or p/card(2) Voru/Wiljandi-Germany, SG12a or 7-8+11 & triang. blue SK VI or V6 censors.40
425ETHIOPIA: 1927 warrior ppc comm.used Addis-UK, 1g ovpt (SG204).20
4261931-33 banking cvrs(2) Addis(blk or violet pmks)-Cairo, SG306-7 or 307(x2).40
4271936 Governor of Amara province env Gondar-Italy, strip of 3 Eritrea 50c (SG195).20
4281936 Dutch Red X Ambulance (cachet) p/card Addis-Holland, SG306-7. Signed by members.20
4291936 LATI airmail cvr PM 130E(Addis)-Italy, pair 75c (SG322f). Cat 260eu(cvr). PHOTO75
4301946 LATI air cvr Addis-Belgium, 6-colour mixed issues(front & back): SG327-31,39,44,46 inc scarce V opts.20
4311951-3 formular airletters(2 diff) Addis(2 diff.pmks)-Europe, SG407+12 or 431.15
432FALKLANDS: 1937 regd(sp. label) FDC Fox Bay-UK, SG143-5.15
43319 38 KGVI 1d p.stat.env fine unused. PHOTO65
4341970 local large size cvr with flowers set to £1 (SG232-45 cat £45).30
435Deps: 1945 cvr Graham Land-Pt Stanley, ovpt set to 1/= (A1-8 cat £10).15
4361947 cvr Graham Land(violet pmk)-Stanley(rec'r), 9d (G7).20
437S.Georgia: 1979 airmail cvr to UK, SG60-5 (min.cat £26).25
438FAROES: 1931 regd internal banking cvr Thorshavn-Sand, Danish 50o grey Christian X.25
439FIJI:(see lot 1545): 1912 KGV 1d p.stat.env, H&G1 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
4401912 KGV 1d p.stat.envs(2: H&G1a+2) fine unused.20
4411933(Mar) Fiji Airways illus FFC Suva-Lautoka(rec'r) @ 2d rate.30
44219 37 KGVI 2d+4d brn regd env size G, H&G6 fine unused.25
*4431941(Nov) cacheted FFC Suva-NZ, SG254(cat £16)+262. Red/white censor label tied Passed by Censor 2.30
4441951 KGVI 3d(+ SG255a x2) or 7d airletters(2: H&G1-2) comm.used Suva-UK/USA.20
4451957 cvr Suva-USA via Nadi Airport, SG255a(x3)+277. Circ. Posted on Board John Williams V I.15
446FINLAND: 1872 EL Helsinki-Jyvaskyla, nice 40p with type 3 roulette(Fa9) & blue pmk. Cat 2300kr(cvr). PH.80
4471909-12 internal ppc/cvr(2) @ 5p/10p rates with Piikkio pmks + 261 rural cancel in blue or violet.45
4481916 10p p.stat.card written Vaanila-Abo(circ.red censor) pmk'd Kohja As. 297 blue rural mail cachet.25
4491930s internal cvrs(13) to Helsinki with all different fine s/line village cancels. Scarce lot.100
4501950 regd illus FDC of 8mk-20mk defins (Fa382-7). See also lot 77.25
451Karelia: 1941 regd cvr Teru-Kovisa, green ovpt set to 25mk (Fa8-15 cat 200kr).25
452FRANCE: (see lots 6,16,19,518): 1848 family EL paid 6 Nantes-N.York via Le Havre(bureau maritime cds).20
4531850 outer Blois-Laon, 4mgn 20c Ceres (SG4 cat £65) & grille pmk. PHOTO50
4541852 EL(financial irregularities) savings bank in Bourges to Police in Vendee, 4mgn Ceres 25c. PHOTO50
4551856 EL Le Havre-UK, 4mgn 80c Napoleon (Ceres 17c cat 250eu on cvr) but file fold.40
4561862 mourning cvr Nice-UK, 4mgn 40c Napoleon (Ceres 16) in unusual dp brown shade. 'as is'25
4571870 EL Paris(11 star pmk)-N.York(paid all rec'r) via London, pair 40c Nap(SG120 cat £29). Small red 2 h/st.30
4581914(Nov) matching OAS cvrs(2) to Chalons, box stepped cachet + cds of Frontier Post PO E in red or blue.25
4591916-8 internal cvrs/ppcs(8) & all different military postal censors: Strassburg,Bellegarde,Boulogne,Narbonne.50
4601919 regd cvr Paris-USA, war orphans SG371(strip of 3)+5(cat £265). PHOTO200
4611929 ppc comm.used Sassenose-USA, scarce Sinking Fund SG466-7 cat £44. PHOTO50
4621930 regd parcel card for 3kg of pate Strassburg-Belgium by train, SG414,71(x2),3a,508 + 50c fiscal.25
4631937 airmail cvr Marignane Airport-Austria, SG474b(10fr),569-70. See also lots 543,613,805,1018.20
4641937 advert cvr Paris-Noisy, SG414,580 + 2 labels 'honour retired workers' & 'keep reservist milit.training'tied.25
4651937 KLM advert env Le Bourget-Croydon Airport multifranked commems cat £76. PHOTO65
4661949(Feb 14) FDC St Omer-USA of Workers set (SG1045-8).20
4671954 regd cvr Dorlisheim-Germany, scarce Relief Fund SG1215-20(cat £200). PHOTO150
4681958 regd airmail cvr Nice Grimaldi-Belgium, Relief Fund SG1337-42(cat £30).25
4691964 regd airmail cvr Paris(temporary PO)-Israel, Philatec SG1629(x3)+54(cat £30) & sp.FIP day pmk.25
4701970-3 15fr & 20fr airs, SG1892-3(x2 ea) on 4 illus unadd.FDCs with diff.sp.pmks. Cat 160eu.40
471St Nazaire: 1945 scarce 4f50 p.stat.env regd La Turballe-La Baule(rec'r). PHOTO150
472Used abroad: 1864 cvr Alexandria(Egypt)-Paris via Marseille, Napoleon 10c+40c & 5080 pmk. PHOTO50
473FRENCH COLS: Afars & Issas: 1970 regd airmail cvr Dikhil-USA, SG515,25-6,35,46,48(cat £30).25
4741969 Concorde illus unadd.FDC of SG534(cat £42).30
475Algeria: 1926 laden camel ppc to UK, SG26 & Biskra a Constantine TPO pmk.15
4761935(Sept) airmail cvr Alger-UK, SG45+65(x2). S/line Pas de depart par avion (no flight).20
4771940-4 comm.cvrs(4 inc 2 airmail) to Red X Geneva or UK with fine range diff. UK/French/German censors.25
4781952 regd airmail cvr Algiers-USA, commems SG300,17-19(cat £17+).15
479Antarctic: 1957 illus cvr Kerguelen-UK, SG19-21(cat £59) & IGY cachet. PHOTO45
4801958 cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-UK, SG4-5,8-9,10,12(cat £147). IGY cachet(reverse).PHOTO100
4811960 illus cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-UK, SG2-3,11,13(cat £126). PHOTO90
4821962 cvr Crozet-USA, SG5(x5)+24(cat £71). 1st post after setting up base cachet. PHOTO50
4831964 cacheted expedition cvr Terre Adelie-NZ, SG23+35(cat £140). PHOTO100
4841964 cvr Crozet-UK, 8fr+50fr (SG27,34 cat £150). PHOTO100
4851973 underpaid cvr/card(2) Kerguelen/St Paul-Italy, SG58 or 75(cat £28), tax marks & Italian P.Dues tied.35
486Congo: 1909 regd cvr Impfondo-Paris via Brazzaville, mixed issues SG22,40(faulty)-1. PHOTO40
4871936 airmail cvr Pointe Noire-Germany, Middle Congo SG63,80,88.20
4881964 airmail cvr Brazzaville Airport-France, imperf 50fr (SG2 of Congo Brazzaville).25
489Dahomey: 1935 comm.cvr Cotonou-UK, SG60,62,89(x3).15
490Gabon: 1918 military cacheted stampless cvr Makokou-France via N'Djole. Minor env.fault. PHOTO50
4911932 regd cvr Libreville-USA, 5-colour SG93-4,7,109,11(cat £10+).25
492Guadeloupe: 1853-74 EL/outer(2) Pointe a Pitre-Havre/Bordeaux rated 6 or 12 via Ligne B Paq.Fr.No.2 or Colonies Fra.v.Angl(red) cds. Later item has firms blue dated cachet.25
4931934 comm.cvr Le Moule-France, 50c (SG119).15
4941948 airmail cvr Basseterre-N.York, SG193+200(x2). Boxed BM (maritime box).15
495Guinea: 1903 vignette ppc comm.used Conakry-Belgium, pair 5c(SG4 cat £10) but 1 damaged.15
4961937(Mar) Air France cacheted FFC Conakry-France & onto Switz, SG79,90,103(cat £8).15
497India: 1894 10c p.stat.card, H&G1 comm.used Pondichery-Paris.20
4981941(Nov) unadd.cvr with rare Francais Toujours opts, SG162u-za cat £1925 & Pondichery pmks. PHOTO650
499Indochina: 1906 regd cvr Hanoi-France, pair 20c (SG12).35
5001906 cvr(inc letter) Sept Pagodes-France, 3-colour mixed issues SG6,8(x3 inc millesime),31. PHOTO40
5011914 5c p.stat.env, H&G15 Ft Bayard-France + Kouang-Tchou opts (SG18,20) i.e scarce 3-col. mix franking.35
5021931 regd cvr Cantho-India, 25c (SG154).20
5031932 Air Orient env Saigon-Marseille(box cachet + Controle Avion Aff), SG140,53,58,75.20
504Ivory Coast: 1938 comm.cvr Ouagadougou-USA via Bamako(Fr.Sudan), 1f75 opt (SG113).15
5051951(Feb) airmail cvr Abidjan(violet Fair pmk)-Paris, 10fr(SG20). Illus cachet for Abidjan Trade Fair.15
506Levant: 1902 comm.cvr Samsoun(fine pmk)-UK, 1pi on 25c (SG4). Minor env.faults20
5071921 FM cvr FPO 600-Army Camp Morbihan(rec'r). Boxed red Armee du Levant Etat Major cachet.25
5081934 Damascus OAS ppc to Paris, Postes aux Armees 610 pmk.20
509Madagascar: 1901 advert cvr Diego Suarez-France, 15c (SG7).20
5101922 regd cvr Tananarive-Indochina(destination & Tuyenquang rec'r), 75c (SG66).30
5111944 airmail cvr Tananarive-S.Africa, SG261-2(x2),68,71. ZB/1 censor label.25
5121945(Feb) military censored stampless airmail cvr to Paris with 3-line Madagascar/Airmail – Tananarive RP/ Taxe Percue 10fr5c violet h/stamp. Minor stains.20
513Martinique: 1881-4 formular p.stat.cards(5), H&G1a,2,2c,3a,5 fine unused.35
5141946 multi-franked(inc rev) airmail cvr to France, SG197(blk of 4),201,4-9,11,16(x2)-17,20(x2 cat £58). PH.50
515Mayotte: 1892 5c p.stat.env + 10c p.stat.reply card(H&G2) both fine unused.10
516Morocco: 1922(Dec) military cacheted airmail cvr Rabat-France, SG48(x2). Minor creasing.30
5171927-8 air(2 diff.labels) cvrs(3) Rabat/FPO 403-France @ 80c inc airs. Military or Rabat Colonial Ambulance.25
51819 40 French 90c Iris p.stat.card comm.used Casablanca-France.15
5191947 cacheted(Parachute Regt) cvr Agadir-France, French FM green stamp (M967).15
520New Caledonia: 1899 cvr Noumea-France via Ligne T Paq.Fr.No.3, 15c (SG35).25
5211909 Noumea ppc comm.used Kone(blue pmk)-Koniambo, 5c (SG55).20
5221942 cvr Noumea-USA multifranked explorers(13) to 20fr cat £64. PHOTO50
5231948 regd airmail cvr Noumea-Martinique(destination/rec'r), SG278-9,87(x2),96.20
524Niger: (see lot 537): 1932 regd cvr Niamey-USA, SG34,36,51,66(cat £12).25
5251938 airmail cvr Zinder-UK, SG38,55(scarce),69(x2 cat £19).35
526Oceania: 1924 regd cvr Papeete(Tahiti)-Switz, 5fr (SG36 cat £25). PHOTO50
5271933 cvr Tahiti-USA(rec'r), P.Due set to 3fr(ex 40c), D73-6,8-81 cat £46. PHOTO65
5281935 comm.cvr Papeete-Australia, scarcer 75c+1f75 (SG103,112 cat £21+).30
529Polynesia: 1969 Concorde illus unadd.FDC of SG93(cat £70). PHOTO50
530Reunion: 1862 firms outer St Denis-Nantes via Col.Fr.v.Suez Amb E red cds.15
531St Pierre-Miq: 1942 cvr to N.York, 2f50 FNFL opt (SG287 cat £60). Local postal censor + Canadian label.PH.75
5321965 advert(reverse) cvr to USA, SG406,24-5,31-3(cat £37+).25
533Senegal: 1884 milit.cachet cvr St Louis-France via Corr.d'Armee Ligne J Paq.Fr.No.6, Colonies 15c. PH(rev).50
5341969 local Dakar regd cacheted official cvr ex Hospital, 100fr official (O347). See also lot 537.10
535Somali Coast: 1937 regd cvr Djibouti-USA, Paris Exhib'n set (SG237-42 cat £20).20
5361939 regd cvr Djibouti-UK, SG249,53(x2)-4,58,60,62,64,68,89(cat £43). PHOTO50
537Sudan: 1922 comm.cvr Segou-France via Kayes, Senegal & Niger 25c (SG66).25
5381937 regd cvr Bamako-USA, Paris Exhib'n set (SG190-5 cat £22).25
539Togo: 1919 regd cvr Atakpame-Paris via Grand Popo(Dahomey), 75c+2fr (SG33,35 cat £32). PHOTO45
5401947 cvr Lome-Gold Coast, mixed issues SG64(x2),110(x6),129(x4 cat £34). Opens out to display.30
5411959 illus regd FDCs(8) Lome-USA, set to 500fr + P.Dues (SG217-35, D244-50 cat £65).40
542Tunisia: 1896 5c p.stat.card comm.used Tunis-Brazil(destination) + SG9(x3),10.25
5431905 cvr Ferryville-Perpignan, French 15c FM opt(M324 cat £10). S/line Vu et Transmis. Very scarce.30
5441921 regd 4-colour franking (front & back) Sfax-Czech, SG33(x12),34(x3),76-7,9(x4).20
5451939(Jan 27) Air France trial FFC Tunis-Damascus, 90c (SG138 x2).20
5461943(Apr) OAS censored cvr NZ MPO KW3 (Enfidaville for 1 month)-NZ.25
547Ubangi Shari: 1939(Sept) comm.cvr Bangui-Paris, mix franking Gabon SG138 + Equat.Africa SG13(x2),47.25
548Upper Volta: 1924 regd cvr Ouagadougou-USA franked both sides SG5-6(x2),8(x4),10,12(x2 cat £51+). PH.50
5491957 airmail cvr Bobo Dioulasso-USA, AOF SG93(x2). Routed via Paris where 8-line mss notation states that Bobo Dioulasso customs opened it & resealed with PTT label + cachets.25
550Wallis & Futuna: 1949 medical advert ppc comm.used to France, SG54,57,59(cat £24).25
551GAMBIA: (see lot 20): 1934 cvr to USA, SG123-4 & fine TPO R.Gambia No.2 pmk.25
5521938(Jun) cacheted FFC Bathurst-S.Leone(rec'r), SG152a+3.30
5531944 airmail cvr Bathurst-UK, SG154+b. Violet Passed NN/3 crown censor cachet.20
5541967 cvr Serekunda-Bathurst @ 2d rate.15
555GERMAN COLS: Carolines: 1904 5pf yacht p.stat.reply complete card Yap-Germany(rec'r). No message.30
556China:1897(NewYearEve) regd cvr Shanghai-Germany per Salazie, pair German 50pf(Mi50d cat 100eu).PH200
5571902 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Weihsien-Germany. PHOTO50
5581910 regd cvr Schanghai-Sweden, Mi29(x3)+42 & type 8 pmk. See also lot 328.30
5591913(Sept) p/card to Flensburg, 3pf(Mi84 x2) & Deutsch Marine Schiffpost No.3 (SMS Luchs – gunboat). PH.50
560E.Africa: 1903 3p p.stat.card (MiP13) comm.used Tanga-Germany.20
561Levant: 1886 sl.cut down cvr C'tinople(2 pmk)-Leipzig, pair 1pi blue (Mi3a). Cat 180eu(cvr).45
5621891 regd advert cvr C'tinople-Germany, pair 1pi (Mi8a). Cat 400eu(cvr). Sellotape edge stains. PHOTO100
5631905 regd cvr C'tinople(3 pmk)-Munich, 1½pi+2pi (Mi28-9 cat 40eu). PHOTO50
5641905 crested env C'tinople-Germany, scarcer blk of 4 10pa (Mi24).40
5651905 regd cvr Beirut-Germany, 3-colour Mi24(x2)-5,27.40
566Samoa: 1908 local ppc comm.used Apia-USA @ 10pf rate.20
567SW Africa: 1912 comm.cvr Waldau-Germany, 10pf (Mi26). Light central fold.30
568GERMAN STATES: 1698 long EL to Remberg. Good condition.35
5691837 EL Frankfurt-London (scarcer d/ring rec'r) rated 1/4, 2-line Franco Graenze & TT h/st of Saarbrucken.25
5701846 EL Buer-London with Wesel pmk, rated 8 (fco Graenze 5), s/line Franco (of Emmerich), boxed red Deutsch-Grensk te Arnhem (good strike, scarce thus).25
571Baden: 1859 EL(hospital invoice) Baden-Sollau, close-large mgns 6kr (Mi7) tied.25
5721869 EL Pforzheim-Genoa via Milan Station, 3kr+7kr (Mi24-5). PHOTO100
573Bavaria: 1901 5pf grn p.stat.reply card (P46, dated 95) complete comm.used Oberstaufen-Thale & back.30
5741907 2pf p.stat.env regd within Munich area + 2pf,3pf(x2),5pf,10pf (Mi56,60-1,65) ie 4-colour franking.30
5751911 5pf p.stat.card regd Munich-Gossheim + mixed issue franking Mi75,78,92.25
5761920 regd local Nurnberg cvr with 1mk-2½mk (Mi187-9,91 cat 50 euros).35
577Brunswick: 1865 3gr p.stat.env(U9) comm.used Wolfenbuttel(blue pmk)-Heidelberg(rec'r) via 3-line Hannover/date/Cassel TPO (scarcer in blue).30
5781867 scarce 2gr p.stat.env (U11) comm.used Brunswick-Gotha via Cassel. PHOTO60
579Hamburg: (see lots 384,681): 1860s opened out small cvr to Schwerin, mix franking ½s(Mi1: no mgns) + 2s (Mi13) & blue bars. Oval blue St PA pmk(rev). Experts h/stamp. Cat 8500eu(cvr). PHOTO1250
580Hannover: 1860 cvr Verden(blue pmk)-UK, 4mgn pair 2gr + 3gr(Mi15-16 cat 205eu). PHOTO250
581NGC: 1869 1gr p.stat.env(blk opt format 148x115mm) overstamped 1gr rouletted p.stat.cut-out + 1gr(Mi16 x4 inc pair) Berlin-Paris via Prusse Forbach 4 blue cds. Uncommon.30
582Prussia: 1863 1sgr p.stat.env(U26) Emden(blue pmk)-Munster + pair 1sgr(Mi16).20
583Thurn u Taxis: 1856 outer Saluefeln-Bremen(scarce Th&T rec'r), 2sgr (Mi5a) & 328 numeral.30
5841857 EL Frankfurt-Koln via Koblenz TPO, 3kr+6kr (Mi8,9b cat 51eu). PHOTO50
5851861 turned stampless outer Giessen-Biedenkopf, 1kr(x2)+3kr (Mi20-1 cat 32 eu) & 115 pmks.25
5861865 EL Eisfeld-Umerstadt via Coburg Station(rare pmk), pair 1kr (Mi20) & 253 numeral.40
587Wurttemburg: 1850 EL Ulm(blue pmk + rare regd h/st)-Steyr(Austria rec'r). Cat 5000eu(cvr). PHOTO1250
5881900 official cacheted EL regd Gschwend-Calw, scarce strip of 3 10pf(Mi102b).25
589GERMANY: 1873 cvr Dresden-USA via Chicago, 2½gr red-brn (Mi21b). Cat 1000eu(cvr). Minor faults. PH.200
5901879 5pf violet Reichspost p.stat.reply card (P11) fine unused. See also lots 51,56,64,211,1130.20
5911898 'hold to light' Gruss ppc comm.used locally in Berlin with 1pf(x2) orange Packetfahrt locals/pmks.20
5921900 insured advert cvr Bochum-Denmark, 3-colour Mi46c,47e,50da(x2 cat 30eu). PHOTO50
5931906 2pf-10pf unused pictorial p.stat.envs + 5pf/10pf p.stat.cards produced for Wurttemburg Jubilee (6).25
5941911 official Wurttemburg Royal Silver Wedding ppc, 5pf Germania imprint (+1886-1911) used FDI Stuttgart25
5951912(Jun) Rhein-Main flight card comm.used ex Darmstadt with 10pf air (Mi1).25
5961918 firms parcel card express(label) Zwickau-Switz, perfinned Mi87c+91(x2). Charged 1f80 (customs label).20
5971920 comm.cvr Lommatzsch-Dresden, 2½pf(x12 inc blk of 4) + 5pf (x2: Mi85d,98 cat 60eu).30
5981923(July) regd airmail cvr Berlin-Konigsberg(rec'r), airs Mi237,63-4(x2),5(cat 102eu). PHOTO50
5991923(Aug 10) p/card comm.used Lauf(Nurnberg)-Yugoslavia(destination), Mi208-9,39(x2),48,50,52,68b.20
6001923(Sept 10) cvr Gomaringen-Leopoldshohe, 100,000mks (Mi257 type 1 white centre cat 35eu).BPP signed25
6011929(May) Graf Zepp cacheted FFC to USA, 2RM Zepp (SG444 cat £55) & F'hafen machine pmk. PHOTO.50
6021933 long regd cvr Lubeck-Holland, scarce Wagner set (SG513-21 cat £300). PHOTO250
6031934 airmail cvr Leipzig-Brazil, 6pf p.stat.card + airs SG395(x2),510(scarce 1RM Chicago opt cat £400).PH.250
6041934(July) airmail cvr Hamburg-Tanganyika(rec'r) via Athens, 40pf+100pf (Mi491+5). PHOTO50
6051936 regd cvr Nurnburg-Austria, costumes Mi588-9,93,5-6(cat 36 euros).25
6061936 airmail cvr Munich-Scotland, airs 100pf + 2RM (SG534-5 cat £23).30
6071936 Olympic 15pf p.stat.card flown Hindenburg(blue cachet) Frankfurt-Berlin+ SG610,13. Cat 110eu.30
6081937 cvr Breslau-USA, 2 pairs Hitler 6pf+25pf(Mi648) with mgns ex minisheet no.9(cat 36 euros).25
6091938 local Schweinfurt NSDAP printed env with officials 1pf-40pf (Mi144-54 cat 60eu). PHOTO50
6101938 regd cvr Leipzig-USA, Winter Relief SG645-6(x2 ea),7(cat £25).20
6111939 regd cvr Wiesbaden-Holland, SG661-2,72-6 + 665-6 se-tenant (cat £28).25
6121940(July 28) regd cvr Munich Racecourse(sp.pmk)-Hamburg, Brown Ribbon (SG735 cat £30).25
613Alsace:1940(Aug 15) FDC Dambach la Ville(French pmk)-Egbolsheim, mix franking 8pf + French SG620,29a25
614Inselpost: 1945(Apr) airmail cvr Ingolstadt(Austria)-officer in FPO 68063/C(Rhodes) via Luftpostgau Vienna, perf grey-blue airmail stamp Mi8 with Inselpost opt. Cat 5500eu(cvr). PHOTO1000
615Lorraine: 1940 comm.cvr to Saarburg, 12pf opt & Abreschviller cds (scarcer French type).20
6161941 comm.cvr to Metz, 12pf opt tied very fine violet boxed Konneren.15
617Marienwerder: 1920 comm.cvr to Gr.Romnau, 3-colour Mi1(x2),4-5. Minor creasing.20
618Zones: 1945(Aug) cvr Netschkau-Chemnitz, scarce Hitler locals 1pf+5pf (Mi1b,4 x2 ea) with 1945 type 2a & b ovpts cat 1120eu. PHOTO650
6191946(Feb) regd cvr Holzhausen-Halberstadt, mixed Saxony Mi89A,135Yb,144.25
6201947 regd cvr Leipzig(Fair pmk)-Dresden, complete set 1pf-1RM numerals(27: Mi911-37 min.cat 75eu). PH.50
6211947 US civil censored cvr Rosenheim-USA, 10-colour mix franking Mi912b,16c,24,32 + Bizone vals to 25pf.25
6221948 comm.cvr Hannover-Barbados(destination/rec'r), 4-colour Mi922b,27,43c,45a.20
6231948 regd cvrs(3) Wallhalben-UK, Rheinland set to 1mk (FR1-15). Each cvr has 5-colour franking.20
6241949 60pf airletter, Mi LF4f (E in Percue variety) fine unused. PHOTO50
6251949(July 21) regd cvr Thum-USA, Goethe set (R55-9 cat £18).20
6261949 regd cvr Reil-Helmbrechts, scarce Red X Rheinland set (FR42-5 cat £400). PHOTO250
627Berlin: 1949(Aug) comm.cvr to UK, 30pf Goethe (B63 cat £65). Block bids for lots 627-8 accepted.50
6281949(Sept) comm.cvr to UK, 10pf+20pf Goethe (B61-2 cat £180). PHOTO125
6291951 regd parcel cards(2) to Belgium, Mi56(x3) or 56+58(DM2 x2) & 2 diff.Berlin pmks. Cat 300+euros.50
6301954 airmail ppc to USA, 40pf bell (Mi86).30
6311956 advert cvr Berlin SW-USA, pair 40pf (B120).20
632West: 1949(Sept 30) illus airmail FDC Munich(sp.pmk)-Switz of Stamp Centenary (SG1035-7 cat £140). PH.80
6331953 comm.cvr Pforzheim(sp.pmk)-UK, Humanitarian Fund SG1101-2(cat £90). PHOTO65
6341953 comm.cvr Bochum-N.Rhodesia(destination), SG1056,81,89-92(cat £95). PHOTO.65
6351953 airmail cvr US Army,Karlsruhe-USA, 90pf posthorn (Mi138).30
6361953 airmail cvr Rheydt-USA, 90pf rate made up of mixed issues SG1056,94,96(cat £33).25
6371956-7 airmail cvrs(3) to USA, pairs 30pf or 80pf or 60pf(x2) Heuss (Mi187,90,92). Cat 160eu(cvrs).40
6381960 10pf reply + 20pf single & reply p.stat.cards(3, P44-6) fine unused with narrow fluorescent bands.25
639East: 1949 comm.cvr to Sweden, 50pf UPU (Mi242). Cat 65 euros(cvr).20
6401950(Sept 2) regd cvr DEBRIA,Leipzig(sp.label/colour pmk)-Magdeburg, 84pf imperf ex MS(Mi272: 65 eu).30
6411951 advert cvr Berlin-USA, 50pf scientist (E29 cat £22).20
6421955 regd cvr Berlin-SW.Africa(rec'r) with Schiller minisheet cancelled FDI (cat 120 euros thus) + Mi451,453+5 se-tenant cancelled 9 days later. PHOTO40
643GIBRALTAR: 1840 EL(much detail on army life) to Scotland, good Gibraltar boxed arc in black.35
6441873 fine front to HMS Hamadiyad,Cardiff, pair GB 4d (Z37 cat £60) & fine A26 pmks.30
6451892 regd cvr S.District(rare oval pmk + cds)-Belgium via London, SG23(x2)+26a. PHOTO125
6461895 cvr to USA, 25c (SG26). See also lots 1101-2.15
6471904 KEVII 2d regd env to UK + 1d(SG47).20
6481929 regd OHMS cvr to USA, 4-colour SG89-90,91(x2)-3.25
6491935 comm.cvr to UK + OHMS regd cvr to USA, 3d or 6d S.Jubilee (SG115 or 6 cat £22+)30
6501935 cvr to Egypt(destination/rec'r), S.Jubilee set (SG114-7 cat £38).30
6511936 cvr ex HMS Titania to Brazil(destination/rec'r), SG111(x2).15
652GILBERT & ELLICE: (see lot 1593): 1917 regd cvr Tarawa-UK, SG12a(x2)+13a(x3 cat £57). PHOTO65
6531922 regd cvr Ocean Is-Samoa via Sydney, 4-colour SG17-20(cat £23). PHOTO45
6541938 regd cvr Beru Is(scarce 3-ring undated pmk + regd h/st)-UK, SG40-2. PHOTO45
6551944(Sept) censored US 6c airmail env US APO 459(Makin)-USA.25
6561944 comm.cvr Fanning Is-NZ @ 3d rate. Boxed G&E censor no.1 PHOTO45
6571951 regd(scarce h/st) airmail cvr Abaiang-UK via Fiji, SG44,50,53(cat £13).25
6581956 cvr Canton Is-USA, KGVI set to 2/= inc SG47a,49b & 1/= p12 (cat £45).35
6591968-75 regd(h/st) cvrs(5) Abemama(violet),Marakei,Nonouti,Onotoa(violet) or Tabiteuea-Aust/NZ or local.25
660GOLD COAST: 1895 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Ada-Germany via L'pool British Packet paid.40
6611902-8 QV or KEVII 1d p.stat.cards(3) comm.used Victoriaborg(3 different D2-4 pmks)-Europe.50
6621903 regd(distinctive R h/st) cvr Obuassi-UK via Sekondi, 1d+2d (SG39-40). See also lots 20,1455,1538.40
6631903 KEVII ½d+1d p.stat.cards(2: H&G5-6) fine unused opt'd Specimen.15
6641906(Nov) KEVII ½d p.stat.card comm.used Begoro(v.early date)-Odumasi via Aburi. PHOTO50
6651942 airmail cvr Takoradi Wharf-UK, KGVI ½d-6d. Blk/red-brn censor label tied GC 19 censor.15
6661954 KGVI 3d regd env airmail Accra SO Enquiry Office(skeleton in use 1 year)-Switz + QE2 SG154(x2),6,60.20


6671765 EL to Norwhich rated 3 by Caxton Bagg, rare Ely (20x8mm). PHOTO75
6681786 EL to Norwich rated 5, fine 137 Horn/castle on reverse. PHOTO50
6691787(Mar) EL London-Aylesbury rated 4 with fine late use bishop mark.20
6701789 EL ex Sir John Riggs Miller MP,London-Aylesbury 'forwarded from Buckingham', rare blk Free S. PH.80
6711796 social EL to Norwich rated 6, fine 2-line Gains/borough (42x12mm).25
6721796 EL to Rugby rated 5, fine concave Oxford (35x5mm).35
6731799 EL Leighton-Aylesbury, re-rated 3 to 6, v.fine concave Tring.40
6741799 EL Hawley Court-Aylesbury re-rated 5 to 7, concave Henley (ley wider apart).35
6751799(Sept) EL Wm Scott(Attorney-Gen)-Sir Isaac Heard. Scarce partial red Free + Yarmouth rev. h/shoe. PH.50
6761799 outer E.Barsham-London re-rated 1/2d to 1/8 with red Inspectors crown. Fakenham reversed horseshoe35
6771800 EL(re studies) London-Oxford with fine red circ.Free + date in circle (W&J 790 in use only 7 months).25
6781801 EL to Aylesbury rated 8, good 2-line concave Hemel Hempstead. PHOTO50
6791810 outer Stapleford-London rated 9, Newark 121 mileage.20
6801823 local medical EL with Manchester red 185 mileage & fine red early circ. Paid at Manchester.20
6811823 outer Hamburg(2-line pmk)-London rated 6/8 with 1oz at 6s8d per oz h/stamp. PHOTO50
6821824 EL Chapel Road-London rated 6, fine Welwyn 25 mileage in red.20
6831827 EL Bishop of Norwich in Bath to Norwich, crowned red Free + Bath starred circ.mileage.15
6841828 long shipping EL Bristol-Swansea rated 9. S/line Too Late. Inc transcript of contents.15
6851832 EL to Saxmundham pd 4, fine semi-circular Halesworth (black).25
6861832 travel EL to London rated 8, blue s/line Rolvenden.15
6871834 mourning outer to Saxmundham rated 4 with s/line Woodbridge (44x4mm).15
6881837 EL Wakefield-Kilmarnock rated 2 + ½ in red. Fine oval Paid at Wakefield.35
6891837 EL Greenwich(large cds + red TP)-Deal rated 1/5. 2-line Shooters Hill Penny Post.25
6901837 ELs(2) Beccles(fine red cds or black udc)-Saxmundham pd1 or charged 8.15
6911839 EL(gaol tender for supply of bread,flour & oatmeal to Louth prison) to Spilsby, re-rated to 5, Louth udc.15
6921842 EL Ash-Deal via Wingham rated 1, fine (italic) No.1 (unlisted BCC).25
6931842 EL Birchington-Deal rated 1, red Birchington Penny Post.20
6941843 OHMS Property Tax paid EL Canterbury-Deal, scarce 40mm s/line WINCHEAP.40
6951844 outer to London rated 2, fine Chatham traveller skeleton (reverse).40
6961845 outer to London via Peterborough rated 2, fine & scarce Whittlesea udc.45
6971843 EL(re Admiral Baker's insanity) Temple-Dover, creased 4mgn 1d imperf & 5 in MX. Cat £400(cvr). PH.65
6981844 Christian EL(father to son on reaching 21) Eaton Sq-Viscount Fielding,Coventry, 4mgn 1d imperf & 7 in MX. Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO100
6991844(May 6) wine EL London-Exeter, 3mgn 1d imperf & scarce 10 in MX. Cat £800(cvr). PHOTO100
7001844 outer London-Exeter, 3mgn 1d imperf tied 8 in MX. Cat £350(cvr).45
7011846-53 ELs/outers(8) with 3+ or 4mgn 1d imperfs ex pl.61(recut frameline), 84(weak NE cnr), 94(mark in N square), 99(D touches frame),100,106,120 or 130. Plated copies min.cat £220.65
7021864 cvr London(WC19)-Hinckley, 1d pale red(clear profile) + 2d pl.9 (SG38,45 cat £42).25
7031870 cvr Bristol-N.York(paid all rec'r), 1d pl.138 + 2d pl.13(cat £24).25
7041872 cvr Edinburgh-Canada(rec'rs), 2d SG47 pl.14(x2 cat £60).40
7051876 firms outer London EC-Stockholm, ½d pl.15 + 1d pl.177(pair cat £45).30
7061877 cvr Linlithgow(s/ways duplex)-Edinburgh, pair ½d SG49 pl.14(cat £36).20
7071877 mourning cvr N.London-Aden(fine rec'r), 2d SG47 pl.15(x3 cat £90). Part flap. PHOTO75
7081858 cvr Camden Town(blue udc)-India via Bombay(paid pmk), 3-col.1d,2d+ 6d (SG35,40,69 cat £190). PH.100
7091859 cvr Jermyn St(cds) London SW10-Brussels via TPO West, 4d SG66. Cat £180(cvr). See also lot 2.45
7101860 EL Manchester(spoon pmk)-Rouen, 1/= dp grn (SG71 cat £425). PHOTO150
7111860 EL Bayswater(cds)-Rome via Paris, 3-colour SG41,66,70(6d faults but cat £225). PHOTO75
7121862 EL Victoria St,Grimsby-Genoa, fine 6d SG70 ex trimmed wing mgn. Cat £190(cvr).25
7131862 EL London(12 pmk)-Paris, 4d SG79. Inc late fee pmk. Cat £200(cvr).45
7141864 outer London-Cadiz(oval franco), scarce pair 9d bistre (SG86 cat £900). Inc late fee. PHOTO450
7151864 cvr Exeter-India(Agra rec'r), 6d SG85 pl.4. Cat £275(cvr). PHOTO75
7161866 EL London-Oporto, scarce blk of 4 6d SG97 pl.5(cat £400 thus but top pair creased). Oval Franca. PH.150
7171868 EL Newcastle on Tyne-Denmark(rec'r), pair 4d SG94 pl.9. Cat £185(cvr). PHOTO50
7181868 outer London(EC85)-Portugal(oval franca), 6d SG104 pl.6(x2). Cat £240(cvr). PHOTO65
*7191868 mourning cvr London(W38 pmk)-N.York, 6d SG104 pl.635
7201870 EL Bradford-Lyon, 1d pl.127 + 4d SG94 pl.119(cat £63).40
7211870 Via Marseilles printed env London SW42-Calcutta, 1d pl.134(cds) + 1/= SG117 pl.4(cat £62).40
7221872 outer Liverpool-Greece(destination) via Corfu, 4d SG94 pl.12(x2 cat £110). PHOTO65
7231873 cvr Holyhead(374 duplex)-N.York, 3d SG102 scarcer pl.10(cat £120). Llanfachreth cds reverse. PHOT.60
7241873 outer London(88 pmk)-Turin, 6d grey SG125 pl.12. Cat £250(cvr). PHOTO65
7251873 outer Manchester-Madrid, 1/= SG117 scarcer pl.7(cat £70).40
7261875 mourning cvr Ramsbottom(F11 duplex)-Wisconsin(USA), 3d SG144 pl.1625
7271875 advert(rev) cvr London(95 pmk)-Melbourne, 3d SG143 pl.17 + 6d SG147 pl.14(cat £105).Minor creases.50
7281875 EL London(97 pmk)-Switz via Geneva-Bale TPO, 4d SG94 scarcer pl.14(cat £85). Boxed L1.45
7291876 outer Liverpool-Charleston(USA) per Britannia via Cork, 2½d SG141 scarcer pl.3(cat £110).50
7301877 attractive regd Bank of England env Lombard St(red cds)-Thetford, 1d pl.160(x2) + 3d SG144 pl.1840
7311879 EL London(95 pmk)-Porto, 2½d SG141 pl.16(x3 cat £150). PHOTO75
7321879 firms env(rev) London(EC59)-Australia, 8d orange SG156. Cat £500(cvr). PHOTO150
7331880 EL Dundee-Salvador(destination) per Don via Southampton, 4d sage-grn SG153 pl.16. PHOTO175
7341881 cvr Adelphi Hotel(rev) Liverpool-USA per Republic, 1d bluish lilac 14 dots + pair 2½d SG157 pl.23. PH.65
7351881 EL London(EC60)-B.Aires(rec'r) via L'pool(quartered pmk) per SS Strabo, 4d brn SG160 pl.17. PHOTO50
7361881 long cvr Edinburgh-Countess of Glasgow,Falkirk, 2d rose SG168. PHOTO80
7371882 cvr Edinburgh-Peebles, 1½d SG167. Cat £130(cvr).40
7381882 cvr Charing X(sq.circ)-N.York, 5d SG169. Cat £225(cvr). PHOTO75
7391882 long cvr Chichester(sq.circ)-Calcutta via Sea PO E, scarce strip of 4 5d SG169(cat £440). PHOTO250
7401886 QV 2d regd env Strangeways(prison) Manchester(cds + regd)-Hamburg via London + 5d(SG193).PH.125
7411887 regd outer Lombard St-Lancaster, 3d SG191. Cat £150(cvr).50
7421889 QV 4d+1/= double embossed p.stat.env Manchester-Bombay + SG197,205. Uncommon. PHOTO80
7431893 regd cvr Fleet St-Holland, 2d+5d (SG200+7a cat £23).20
7441894 QV 3d red scarce p.stat.card comm.used Stoke Newington(sq.circle)-Leipzig.30
7451895 illus J.Oakey & Sons 1d pink env London SE(sq.circ)-Germany + SG172,197(ie 3-colour).25
7461896 comm.cvr London EC-Guatemala(destination) via N.York & Livingston, 5d(SG207a). Minor creasing.25
*7471898 cvr Ventnor-London @ 1d lilac rate, redirected to Switz + 4d Jubilee (SG205).40
7481899 QV 6d+2d double embossed p.stat.env + 2d(SG200) Manchester-Hamburg. Uncommon. PHOTO65
7491902 regd cvr Gresham House,London-Leipzig, 3d+4d (SG232+5 cat £45).25
7501903 KEVII 2d regd env size F Whitechapel(E.London)-Holland + ½d,6d(SG245).25
7511903 KEVII 2d regd env size G Liverpool Exchange-Germany + 2½d SG230(x5 inc pairs cat £50).30
7521904 ppc Birmingham-Shanghai(BPO rec'r) via Victoria(HK), KEVII 1d scarce rose-carmine shade cat £25.25
7531906 KEVII 2d regd env 181 Oxford St-Paris + 3-colour ½d,1d,2½d.30
7541907 KEVII 2d regd env size H insured London E1-Germany + 4d,1/= (SG238,257). PHOTO75
7551907 comm.cvr Liverpool-Mexico(rec'r), KEVII ½d+1d(x2).15
7561908 Junior Phil.Soc. illus Penny Postage Links the English-speaking World envelope fine unused.15
7571911(Jun 22) unadd.FDC of ½d + 1d Mackennals & Dublin Castle cds. Cat £150. PHOTO50
7581911(Sept) 1st Aerial Post red env London-Charlton @ 1d rate. Minor env.edge wear.25
7591912 KEVII ½d p.stat.env + 1½d,2d (SG287,290 cat £55) ie 3-colour franking Birmingham-Germany. PHOTO45
7601913 ppc comm.used (Votes for Women!) to London, ½d (SG335 cat £40) with inverted wmk.30
7611925(May 20) cvr Empire Exhib'n Wembley(lion pmk)-London WC2, SG418+432(Wembley cat £30).20
7621925 regd cvr Norwood-Stockton, strip of 3 1½d Wembley (SG433 cat £210). Minor env.stains. PHOTO150
7631929(Nov) airmail cvr London-Bombay, SG418+423. Boxed violet Insufficiently Prepaid for Transmission by Direct India Airmail (scarce).25
7641932(Apr) FFC Sheffield-Limassol(Cyprus), SG418+423.20
7651932(Oct) illus IA 1st Arabian airmail cvr London-Sharjah @ 6d rate.35
7661933(Sept) matching pair illus IA FFCs(2) London-Burma(rec'rs inc DLO,Akyab,unclaimed), returned to sender franked 1924-5 Wembley 1d's, PUC set with K29 controls etc (cat £50+).50
7671934(May) autogyro ppc flown(cachets) Windsor-London & signed John Davis, ½d(SG418) & APEX wing pmk15
7681937 regd express London cvr The Hyde NW9-SW1, mixed KGV-VI 3 diff.issues SG426a,44,64.20
7691942(Dec) airmail cvrs(2) to Venezuela(destination) @ 1/3d(underpaid) or 2/9d(inc 2/6d brn) rates.25
7701946 local Glastonbury illus Victory FDC with clear date & typed address.20
7711950 Pan-am airmail regd cvr Kensington-USA, 10d+2/6d grn (SG474,76a).20
7721953 Coronation illus FDC London SW1('long live' slogan pmk)-Upminster. Neat h/written address. Cat £85.25
7731954 KGVI 6d violet forces regd env FPO 513(Turkey?)-UK + KGVI 1d, QEII 1½d.20
7741965(Sep 18) Biggin Hill airshow illus cvr with BoB set(SG671-8) & Biggin Hill sp. RAF pmk. H/written address15
7751969 Ships GPO FDC with Lloyds of London Coffee House sp.pmk. H/written address but scarce.25
7761982 Maritime sets on illus FDCs(2, 1 Cotswold) with oval Lloyds of London sp.pmks. Typed or unadd.15
777Postal fiscal: 1881 cvr Lockerbie-Annan, 1d purple/bluish (F23). Cat £90(cvr).25
778P.Due: (see lot 800): 1923 underpaid ppc Italy-Leicester, tax marks & 1½d P.Due (D3 cat £20) tied.20
7791936 underpaid cvr Austria-Bradford, tax marks & scarce strip of 3 3d (D14b cat £105). PHOTO125
7801939 underpaid cvr Zurich-Reading, tax marks inc 3½d & ½d+3d P.Dues (D27,30).10
7811946 underpaid cvr G.Coast-UK, tax marks & 2d P.Due (D29) added twice as 1st time unpaid & redirected.15
7821966 'invalid' airmail cvr Invuma(S.Rhod)-UK taxed with 1/= P.Dues (D64 x2).10
783Guernsey: 1810 EL to London rated 3/=, fine Guernsey type 1 scroll. PHOTO75
7841874 cvr to Boston(USA rec'r), blk of 3 1d pl.170 & fine cds + 324 duplex.25
7851939(May) illus Guernsey Airways FFC to UK @ 1½d rate.15
7861941(Jan-Feb) local philatelic p/cards(2) with both types bisected 2d (SG465b,482a). Cat £80(cvrs).25
7871941-44 local FDCs(3) with SG1(x2),2 or 3 arms cat £21.20
7881941(Jun) airmail cvr to Berlin, German 5pf & Feldpost b pmks + ½d,1d arms tied oval Jersey-Guernsey Mailboat CI (probably SS Normand). Only a handful of covers recorded. PHOTO100
789Herm: 1957(July 26) local Guernsey cvr with GB 2½d + scarce Royal Visit ovpt set to 1/= tied reverse.20
790Jersey: 1858-65 neat mourning cvrs(2) to London/Scotland, 1d star SG41 or 1d pl.78 & fine cds + 409 duplex25
7911962 EL to Paris, 4d (SG79 cat £110) & fine cds + 409 duplex. PHOTO50
7921937(May) Jersey Airways cacheted FFC to Southamption with sp. 1½d meter mark.15
7931943-4 Views set (SG3-8 cat £21) on cacheted local cvrs & p/cards (5 FDCs).25
7941944(Feb) cvr to Germany with German 3pf,4pf,5pf tied Feldpost f pmks + 1d(SG4) tied Jersey 6 pmk.30
7951969 illus unadd.FDCs(3) of set to £1 (SG15-29 cat £16).15
796Lundy: 1951 pictorial(artists aerial view of isle) cvr Braunton-Ilfracombe @ 2½d rate. ½puffin tied airpost pmk.35
797Sark: 1948 Liberation illus FDC to UK with scarcer Sark pmk.25
798IoMan: 1838 long EL to Dublin rated 1/3d. Boxed Ramsey Isle of Man(scarce) on rev + rare Penny Post. PH.500
799WW1 POW printed envs(3 diff) ex Knockaloe Aliens Camps 1,2 or 4-London/Germany & either Post Free PC POW cachet or PW283 censor label.40
8001926 'Kelly' colour illus lettercard underpaid Ramsey-Sandbach, ½d rate taxed with 2d PDue.Sellotape mars.20
801GREECE: 1867 unpaid EL Trieste-Patras charged 60 with 20L(4mgn)+40L(3mgn) used as P.Dues. PHOTO65
8021874 outer Syra-Trieste(rec'r), 3-colour 4mgn 5L,10L,40L(creased). PHOTO65
8031899 tiny cvr Metelin-Constantinople, Turkish 10pa tied reverse. See also lot 356.25
8041918 comm.cvrs(2 inc regd) Athens-UK/Switz, SG223 or 275. Greek/French censor labels & 19 or 28 censor.25
8051922(Jun) Constantinople ppc comm.used to Egypt(rec'r), French 50c sower (SG421) & Piraeus pmk.25
8061932(Apr) IA cacheted FFC Athens-Limassol(Cyprus), SG209,411-2,C406.25
8071933(Dec) flown cvr Athens-Janina(rec'r), airs SG468,9(x2),70.20
8081945 comm.cvrs(13) to USA notable for wide variety Greek bilingual censor labels + circ.Greek censors.50
809Occ of Dodecanese: 1947 cvr Tilos-USA via Rhodes, strips of 3 G3-4. Cat 830+eu(cvr). PHOTO100
810Samos: 1914 regd cvr Vathy-Germany via Piraeus, small opt set to 50L (Hellas 30-4 cat 30eu). PHOTO50
811Salonika: 1910 comm.cvr Italian PO-Switz, 1pi opt (Sass.4). Cat 140eu(cvr).40
812GREENLAND: 1949 MS Umanak env Godhavn(violet pmk)-Denmark, mix issues SG6-7,14,16(cat £69).PH.150
8131953 plain airmail FDC to USA of 30o (Fa36, blk of 4 inc coloured line flaw cat 300kr).35
8141958 cvrs(2) Diskofjord(pr Godhavn) or Qeqert(pr Jakobshavn)-UK, Fa5,31a(x2)-2 or 6,30,36.25
8151964-5 airmail cvrs(2) Aputiteq/Denmarkshavn(scarcer pmks)-Denmark @ 20o rate.30
8161970s cvrs(15) to Denmark with all different range smaller/scarcer POs (list available).75
817GRENADA: 1909 comm.cvr to USA, ½d (SG77 x5).20
8181929 regd cvr to UK, ½d + pair 2½d grey (SG112 + scarce 118 cat £18+).30
8191929 regd cvr Happy Hill-UK, 5d (SG124). PO only opened 1927. PHOTO50
8201937 regd cvr to UK, blk of 18 KGVI ¼d (SG152).15
8211943(Mar) airmail cvr Sauteurs-Venezuela, SG155,60 + 152a(¼d x8 inc blk 6 cat £18). Examiner SS2 label.25
8221943(Mar) airmail cvr St Davids-Venezuela(destination/rec'r), SG153,8ab,60a. ISS/6 Examiner label.30
8231967-77 comm.cvrs(2) Trinidad-Turks or Canada-St Lucia with 2 different s/lines Missent to Grenada.15
824GUATEMALA: 1892 2c wrapper, H&G2 comm.used(firms dated cachet) to Switz with barred cancel. 2-line Via Livingston & New Orleans(violet). Scarce used stationery. PHOTO40
8251893 unusual stampless local mourning cvr with green pmk + oval Franca. Central fold.25
8261921 regd cvr Guatemala City-Berlin, SG120+6(x4) & box violet regd h/st cancels. Independence Cent.cachet20
8271929 airmail(via Mexico) cvrs(2) Quezaltenango(violet or blk night pmks)-Germany, SG232(x3)+240(x4),223, 8(x3 or 241(x2). Boxed night airmail transit. 1 opened by Flensburg PO & resealed with label.40
8281933 airmail cvrs(3 inc regd) to UK/USA @ 21c/24c rates inc oblig.tax & international air pmks & inc SG277-8.20
8291942 airmail cvr US Army Air Corps,Aurora Airport-USA @ 19c rate inc bisect. Boxed US Army censor.20
830HAITI: 1891 formular card H&G12 comm.used Pt au Prince-Germany + 3c(SG26). PHOTO75
8311899 3c message half of reply p.stat.card, H&G6 comm.used St Marc-Germany.25
8321903 comm.cvr Gonaives-France via Pt au Prince, 3c+7c (SG39,43).30
8331926(Aug) flown cvr Cap Haitien-Pt au Prince, SG299(x10).20
834HONDURAS: 1926 advert cvr Pto Castilla(blue pmk)-USA, 6c(SG217).15
8351936-46 comm.cvrs(16, many airmail) to USA. Nice range frankings,censors,obligatory tax etc.25
8361954-5 multifranked (inc officials) airmail cvrs(3) Br.Embassy,Tegucigalpa-UK.10
837HONG KONG: (see lot 4): 1906 ppc comm.used locally @ 1c(SG62) rate with Victoria pmk. Scarce.25
8381934 advert cvr Sheung Wan-USA, SG124(x2).30
8391934 advert cvr to USA per SS President Cleveland, 20c (SG125).15
8401937(Apr) FAM14 cacheted FFC to Honolulu, 3-colour KGV SG127-8,30($2).20
8411938(May 24) local Kowloon FDC of KGVI 1c(SG140 blk of 4 cat £16) & Sham Shui PO pmk.25
8421939 airmail advert cvr Victoria-USA per Clipper, 4-colour SG143,49,53,57(scarce $2 cat £30+).40
8431941 advert cvr Victoria-USA, mix KGV-VI SG123(x3)+140(x6 cat £28). Not Open by Censor + C282 label.PH40
8441946 airmail advert cvr to Switz, $1 (SG156). S/line By Air to London.30
8451949 OHMS Parcel Receipt GPO env used stampless locally with 12 pmk.20
8461952-7 local cvrs(2) Tai Po(2 diff.pmks) @ 10c(KGVI) or 5c(QE2) rates.40
8471953-4 local forces mail cvrs(2) ex FPO 746 or 964 @ GB 1½d(KGVI) or 2½d(QE2) rates.20
8481961(Jan) illus Lufthansa cacheted FFC to Germany, scarce 65c (SG186 cat £13).15
8491968 Shipping set (SG247-52 cat £23) on regd illus FDC Tsim Sha Tsui-UK.25
850POs in China:1854 cvr Canton(blk cds +rare red paid d/arc)-Bombay per Erin via H.Kong(rev) rated 2/=.PH.500
8511905 ppc comm.used Liu Kung Tau(fine pmk)-HM Dockyard,S.Wales via Victoria @ 4c rate. PHOTO50
8521916 comm.cvr Canton(s/ring pmk)-UK via H.Kong @ 4c rate.35
853HUNGARY: 1871(Jun) regd cvr Szegszard-Hajnik via Pest, 5k (Mi3a x3,2 on reverse cat 90eu). PHOTO65
8541896 2kr p.stat.card with coloured views reverse unused (x7 different).35
8551914 regd cvr Koszeg-Berlin, 3-colour Flood Relief SG138,42,47.25
8561918(July) regd airmail cvr Budapest-Vienna, SG250(x2),60 + scarce airs 271-2(cat £46). PHOTO65
8571917 stampless cvr to Hungarian POW,Irkutsk(Russia) via Copenhagen with Budapest circ.POW censor.20
8581919 regd express cvr Rakosszentmihaly-Vacz, SG283+5(blks of 4),327.20
8591923 internal official ELs(2) ex Magyarovar/Kaposvar with pairs SGO431 or O435 officials.25
8601927 underpaid advert cvr ex Yugoslavia taxed with 2 sets P.Dues (D482,4,6,92) as charge refused 1st time.25
8611934(May) regd airmail cvr Budapest(Jubilee pmk)-Germany, SG560 + scarce Lizst MS568(cat £185). PH.125
8621936(May) sp.glider flight(aerial train) ppc flown(sp.cachet/label) Budapest-Vienna, SG581+5.25
8631936(Sept) regd cvr Budapest(sp.pmk)-Holland, University set (SG574-9 cat £15).15
8641946(May 27) regd cvr Budapest-USA @ 1440 mill.p(SG926 x4,28 x8,30 x5 cat £11) tied reverse.20
8651949 comm.cvr Budapest-Brunei(destination/rec'r) via Labuan, SG1051-2.15
8661951(Oct 6) illus regd FDC to Austria, Stamp Anniv SG1197-9(cat £40) & sp.pmks.25
867Romanian Occ: 1919 regd cvr Oroshaza-Leipzig, SG41(pair)-2(strip of 4) tied reverse.40
868ICELAND: 1915 ppc commercially used locally in Reykjavik, Christian IX 4a (Fa64).20
8691919 3a 2 Kings p.stat.card comm.used locally in Reykjavik + Fa91,93(cat 230kr) making 3-col.franking. PH.45
8701922 comm.cvr Reykjavik-Denmark, surchs Fa98(blk of 4)+100(cat 1170kr). PHOTO120
8711930(Jun 1) regd FDC airmail(Copenhagen-Hamburg) to UK, Millenary airs (SG174-8 cat £300). PHOTO200
8721938(Oct 9) regd cacheted FDC Reykjavik-USA of Leif Ericsson minisheet MS233b(cat £24).20
8731940-1 OAS censored cvrs(2 inc green honour env) FPO 2(Reykjavik) or 304(Akureyri)-UK.30
8741942 comm.censored cvr Halldorsstadir-USA, Fa229+245.20
8751945(Aug) regd censored(by Danes) FFC Reykjavik-Copenhagen(& back), air set (SG208-13 cat £65). PH.100
8761947 airmail cvr Keflavik Airport-Finland, Fa236+246(x4).20
8771950(Oct 12) illus unadd.FDCs(2) of original Occupations set to 5kr (SG297-8,300,2-3,5-7 cat £20).20
8781954(Jun1) illus unadd.Hafstein FDC of SG325-7(cat £34).25
879INDIA: (see lots 22,1237): 1848 outer to Aberdeen(blue rec'r) via Southampton rated 1/=. Oval red India.15
8801858 EL Rajasthan-Lahore, 4mgn ½a die lll (SG8a cat £50). Boxed AM(rev). PHOTO65
8811863 cvr Malligaum-UK, 3-col.SG44-5,52(cat £61 & strong colour). Boxed India Unpaid(un crossed out). PH.65
8821863 neat cvr Calcutta (India Paid pmk)-UK, 2a+4a (SG42,45 cat £48). PHOTO45
8831906 illus(deity) p/card Bombay-Indore, mix franking ¼a opt (SG148) + Holkar ¼a(SG9).20
8841950 Inauguration illus FDC to UK of SG329-32(cat £9).15
885Used abroad: (see lots 67,993): 1907 small cvr Muscat-Bombay, KEVII ½a tied reverse. PHOTO45
8861920 comm.cvr Linga-Bombay, KGV 2a6p (Z380) tied reverse.30
887INDIAN STATES: Bhopal: 1938 HH Begum's Service ½ on ¼a p.stat. Service opt ppc(city view reverse) comm.used to Bhopal + ¼a(O333) & TPO pmk. PHOTO45
888Bundi: neat small native cvr with marginal ½a black sacred cow (SG27).30
8891938-41 On Bundi Darbars Service envs(3) comm.used @ Indian KGV 1a or KGVI 1s3p or 1a6p rates.20
8901944 scarce 2a deep brn (SG82a x2 cat £40) on reverse native cvr. PHOTO100
891Charkhari: 1897 ¼a violet/buff p.stat.card fine unused. Uncommon.20
892Gwalior: 1892 ½a p.stat.env regd ex soldier in Ujjain - doctor in Gwalior + 2as(SG21) tied rev. Open 3 sides.25
8931937-42 KGV-VI 9pi p.stat.cards(2: H&G18,20) comm.used Mandsaur-Kishangarh.20
8941941 scarce 9p(SG107) on commercial p/card to Bombay.15
895Hyderabad: nice lot native regd cvrs(3) bearing total of 22 ½a in shades of red inc blks of 3,4 or 7.30
896c1920s internal regd cvr with 4-colour mixed issues SG27cb,33,35b-6b.20
897Idar: 1940s unlisted(H&G) ½a yellow-grn(as SG3b) plain p.stat card on thick buff paper.25
898Jhalawar: 1890 tiny cvr(inc contents) with ¼a(SG2) tied native pmks. PHOTO40
899Jhind: 1884 ½a grn p.stat.card, H&G2 fine unused.10
900Morvi: 1948 scarce 3p on 6p.stat.card H&G8 commercially used with native pmks.25
901Patiala: 1899 QV ½a p.stat.env regd Patiala Rly Stn-Lahore + pair 1a SG15 with broken i & damaged l var's.25
902Saurashtra: 1949 internal cvr to Junagadh, 1a (SG60) tied reverse.40
903Soruth: 1886 1a grn (SG22) tied to small native envelope by boxed grille pmk.25
904Travancore-Cochin: 1949 4p on 8 cash & 4p Service p.stat.cards(2), H&G2(ordinary or official) both fine un.20
9051950 regd cvr Koluppunpary-Trichur, surchs SG4b(x2)-5 tied reverse.10
9061951 1a blue p.stat.env, H&G3 comm.used to Punalur(rec'r).10
907INDONESIA: 1951-2 airmail cvrs(2) Pontianak/Djakarta-Aden(destination & rec'rs), SG566 or 630+664.15
9081950 comm.cvrs(3) Soerabaia-USA, RIS opts @ 20s rate (all diff.frankings with blks of 4 cat £9).20
909IRAN: 1925(Mar) printed FFCs(2) Teheran-Meched & return, SG577,95,98 on each cvr.50
9101945 comm.cvrs(7) to Baghdad @ 50d-12r50 rates with all different Anglo-Persian-Soviet censors, red or blk Arabic censor labels & Iraqi boxed/circular censors.50
9111964 2r & 8r airletters(10: H&G5-6d) complete set fine unused25
912IRAQ: 1912 Turkish 20pa p.stat.card comm.used(firms cachet) Bagdad(octagonal pmk)-France.40
9131923(Oct) early airmail cvr Lower Baghdad-UK, SG41(x2)+48.40
*9141924 ppc to Malta(destination/postman's rec'r) @ 1a rate.20
9151930(Apr 3) airmail cvr Lower Baghdad-Paris, SG43(x2)+45. Flown FF Baghdad-Damascus.25
9161931 comm.cvr Ur Junction-UK via Baghdad, 3a (SG45).35
9172002 customs parcel card to Australia(destination) franked SG2037(x3),2166(x5),2175(cat £216). PHOTO75
918IRELAND: (see lot 757): 1792 EL(daughter-father) Suir-Lisburn re-rated to 8, s/line Clonmel & bishop mark.30
9191841 outer Cork-London, 4mgn 1d ex blk pl.11 tied MX. 2-line Cork Too Late. PHOTO125
9201842(Boxing Day) paid outer Armagh-Glasgow via Dungannon & Belfast. Scarce red Paid at Dungannon.PH.50
9211852 1d imperf outer Sligo-Glasgow via Dublin(scarce red Late Mail hooded pmk).25
9221855(Mar)local Belfast 1d star cvr with split numeral, 2 diff.cds b/st & blue 2-line receiver houses.Unusual.PH.50
9231864 neat little cvr Tarbert Limerick(cds rev)-France, GB QV 4d SG81 & 426 diamond. Cat £200(cvr). PH.50
9241939(July) Pan-am illus FFC to N.York, SG78+81(cat £24).20
*9251942 cvr Aba-Dublin @ 3d rate. Nigerian censor label & 12 cachet + box violet bilingual Released by Censor.30
9261945 formular blue/grey airletter fine unused as PSAL1a but code OE1.15
9271952 meter franked (1½d) Dublin rate demand window env with Return to Sender & due marks & 1d+½d P.Dues (D5-6 cat £24).35
9281953 airmail express cvr Ballsbridge Dublin-Ethiopia(destination/rec'r), SG119+155(An Tostal cat £27).35
9291958-9 airmail cvrs(7) Dun Laoghaire-Canada with 9d or 1/3d commems: SG151,61,63,65,69,71,75(cat £73).50
9301960 Europa illus unadd.FDC of SG182-3(cat £23).20
931ISRAEL: 1948(May 14) Gabriel Gral p/card used locally in Tel Aviv, 10m immigrant ship local taxed. Last day.20
9321948(May16) illus local Nathanya PO FDC: mix franking 3m settlement local with Tel Aviv opt + Palestine 2m.15
933ITALY: (see lots 76,485,811): 1871 EL Milan Station-UK, 60c mauve (SG15). Cat 120eu(cvr).30
*9341870 underpaid cvr London-Florence, GB 4d SG94 pl.11(cat £60). 2-line Insufficiently Prepaid & pair 60c P.Dues (Sass.10 but missing red colour!). PHOTO50
9351907 regd cvr Rome-Bremen, 50c Victor Emmanuel (SG70). Cat 250eu(cvr). PHOTO65
9361917(May) sp.illus FFC Turin-Rome, 25c air ovpt (SG102 cat £40).30
9371929 scarce Pneumatic Post cvr Berzoli-Naples, 4-col. SG216,229(p.11),PE98,191(cat £135). PHOTO225
9381934 Military Medal complete set (SG424-41,E442-3 cat £480) on 3 local Como cvrs. Cat 2700eu. PH(ex).1000
9391935(Jun) FFC Rome-Paris, SG198,244,452(x2) & sp.pmk. Cat 150eu(cvr). PHOTO45
9401951(Apr 1) sp Tuscan Stamp Cent ppc regd Florence(sp.pmk)-Grosseto, SG779-80(cat 225eu cvr). PHOT.65
9411952 120L airletter fine unused & scarce.40
9421955 120L airletter comm.used Lama Peligni-USA.35
9431955 cvrs(2) Lama Peligni-USA, pairs 60L (SG876 or 8). Cat 145eu(cvrs).35
9441965 commercial p/card + cvr(2) San Remo-Austria with imperf 40L or 90L Europa (SG1138-9).35
945Eritrea:1929 cvr Asmara-UK, 6-col.mixed issues Sass.35a(scarce p13½x14),43-4,128,31,42(cat 260eu).PH.250
946Levant: 1923 advert cvr C'tinople-Smyrna, 20pa-7pi20 opts (Sass.41-5). Cat 200eu(cvr). PHOTO65
947Naples: 1858-60 ELs(2) Lanciano-Chieta or Altamuri-Napoli,fine 4mgn 2gr pl's 1 or 3 & box/curved Annullato.35
948NZ Forces WW2: 1945(July) formular airletter MPO KW15(Bari)-NZ. Ex UNRRA Albania Mission.25
949Papal States: 1732 EL Rome-Rossano(Calabria) rated 3.20
9501854 outer Rome-Genzano, 4mgn 2b grn (Sass.3 cat 90eu).20
951Trieste: 1919 triple censored cvr to UK, 25c di corona opt(Sass.5). S/line Postal Censor Trieste 18 + labels.30
9521948 firms p/card comm.used to USA, AMG-FTT opts SG6(x6)+18(1L air). See also lots 1618 & 23.20
9531949 regd express cvr to Turin, scarce AMF-FTT Revolution opts (SG73+6 cat £44). PHOTO65
954Tuscany: 1859 EL Florence-Perugia, clear 4mgn 4cr grn/grey (Sass.14). Cat 900eu(cvr). PHOTO250
955JAMAICA: (see lot 60):1887 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Milk River(cds + 201 pmk)-Kingston. Scarce.PH.150
*9561903 cvr Kingston-Brazil(destination/rec'r) via Boston(US), mixed issues SG16+32(x2).20
9571917 cvr Annotto Bay-Br.Consul @ Panama(destination/rec'r), SG58a+74(war stamp).20
9581928 KGV 2d+1d regd env size F Kingston-Chicago(US s/line Missent) + SG89a,92. Regd label + h/st.20
9591930(Dec) cacheted scarce FFC Kingston-Br.Guiana(rec'r), 3-colour SG98-9,109. PHOTO50
9601935 regd cvr Kingston-Canada, S.Jubilee set (SG114-7 cat £29).25
*9611936 regd cvr Cross Roads-Fiji(rare destination/rec'r), SG89a+97a.25
9621941(Jan) airmail cvr Liguanea-Canada, SG122+9. Oval Milit.Censor Winnipeg Grenadiers signed cachet.PH.50
9631941(Aug) airmail cvr Milit.Post Up Park Camp(oval TRD)-Canada @ 1/=. Circ.red Y Force milit.censor 4.PH.50
9641943 patriotic illus(Victory: Damn the Subs) advert cvr Halfway Tree-USA @ ½d rate.20
9651952(Nov) cvr Fairfield(oval TRD pmk)-UK @ 2½d rate. Temp.pmk in use 2 wks for BMA conference.25
966JAPAN: (see lot 136): 1906-7 ppcs(2) comm.used to Argentina(destination) @ 1s (+ Argentina 5c cancelled on arrival) or2s rates inc Sannomiya Kobe pmk.25
9671929 Shrine FDC: unadd.p/card with SG235-6 & sp.pmk.30
9681935(Nov) 'Goodwill Flight' cvr Osaka-Manila, SG167 + 9½s air (SG258 cat £11). Unlisted Muller.35
9691937 comm.cvr Tokyo-USA per President Jefferson(violet h/st), 20s(SG268).15
*9701949 censored(US military) cvr Takasaki-Poland(destination/rec'r), SG422(x2),70,90.30
9711950 62y airletter comm.used Osaka-USA.20
9721952 comm.cvr Hukuoka City-UK, SG525-6,8,84,649(cat £18+).20
9731958 air cvr Nihonbashi(Tokyo)-UK, SG541(x2)-2(x3),702+26(x2 ea),744-5(scarce blk 4),46-7(x2 cat £43+).35
974Used abroad: 1935 advert cvr Moukden(violet INPO pmk)-Yugoslavia(destination/rec'r), 10s (SG243 x2).30
975JORDAN: (see lots 1250-2): 1954 cvr Jericho-Jerusalem(2 diff.rec'rs), 3-colour SG313-4,6.15
9761954-6 superb lot internal cvrs(17) @ 4f rate with Thouri(2 diff),Battir,Anabta,Hawaa,Azzoun,Ettur,Salfit,Tubas, Halhoul,Beit Sahour(2 diff.inc blue),Yabed,El Bireh,Selet El Daher,Aquabat etc. Many violet PA pmks.150
9771964 large regd airmail Amman-UK, SG385(plate strip of 3),488,504,5-6(blks of 4 cat £56). PHOTO45
978KENYA etc: (see lots 30,160): 1897 BEA QV 1a p.stat.wrapper H&G4 comm.used locally in Lamu.25
9791912 regd cvr Mombasa-USA, 3-colour mixed KEVII/KGV SG34,37,45(x2 ea cat £18 tied reverse). PHOTO45
9801914 regd cvr Nairobi-UK, 12c+50c (SG48,51). Fine GPO wax seal(reverse).25
9811916(Mar) Mombasa ppc OAS Base Office E(Kilindini)-S.Africa. Redirected to Natal with Reposted Jo'burg pmk. Boxed violet Passed by Postal Censor Mombasa. PHOTO.45
98219 20 advert cvr Mombasa-Sweden(destination/rec'r), 15c (SG49).20
9831921 comm.cvr Moshi(scarce skeleton pmk)-France, GEA 15c opt (SG51).35
*9841929 regd cvr Tanga-Jamaica(destination/rec'r), Tanganyika SG95(x3) tied reverse.30
9851931(Mar 10-16) 1st & 2nd IA flights(2 inc illus) Mwanza-UK, Tanganyika SG95(x4) or 94+100.25
9861932(Aug) Wilson Airways FFC Mombasa-Nairobi using KGV 20c yellow p.stat.env + SG82.30
*9871944 Red X Delegation(cachet) Nairobi-Algiers via Egypt(2 censors) @ 30c. Circ.32mm Deputy Field Censor.25
9881944 cvr Nansio(island in Lake Victoria)-USA @ 30c rate. Intercepted with crown O/5 censor.25
9891949 airmail(boxed h/stamp) cvr Iringa Sub-UK via Iringa @ 1/= rate.25
990c1950 comm.cvr Mkwaya(rare skeleton pmk – no year)-USA @ 30c rate. PHOTO45
9911954(Jun 1) local Kiambu printed FDC of 5c-£1 (SG167-80 ex vals issued later & cat £28).20
992KOREA: 1951 stampless internal military cvr ex APO 602 (Navy PO Inchon).20
9931953 forces airmail cvr US APO 7-UK, Indian 14a (SG277).20
9941957 100 hwan airletter H&G2 fine unused.10
9951959 certified official(cachet) airmail cvr FPO 766-UK. Military Attache,Br.Embassy Korea circ.cachet.20
9961960 World Refugee Year illus unadd.FDCs(2) of SG358 + scarce minisheet MS359(cat £55).35
9971960 President Eisenhower visit illus unadd.FDCs(2) of SG360 + scarce minisheet MS361(cat £40).25
998Indian PO: 1954 airmail cvr FPO 740-India, ovpt set to 1r (K1-12 cat £85). PHOTO75
999KUWAIT: 1954 sl.cut-down airmail cvr to India, Br.POs E.Arabia KGVI 6a on 6d. PHOTO45
10001989 regd parcel card to India, scarce 4d hi-value (SG806 cat £32).25
1001LABUAN: 1905 regd(h/st) cvr to UK, 4c ovpt set (SG129-37 cat £110). PHOTO150
1002LATVIA: 1920 double regd cvr Leepaja-Switz, 3-colour SG16(x20),41(x3),59.20
10031921 regd cvr Riga 2-Germany via Berlin(postal censor), mixed issues SG16,62,71(all x2) tied reverse.20
10041938 regd cvr Valka-Switz, National Building Fund MS277(cat £75). Some wrinkling when affixed. PHOTO50
1005Kurland: 1945(May 7) home-made env Saka-Varve(rec'r), scarce blk of 4 12 opt on feldpost stamp (Mi4B with faults but has listed 2 variety on top left stamp: cat 60eu as singles). Unpriced Michel on cvr. PHOTO.100
1006LEBANON: 1929 regd cvr Beyrouth-France notable for 7p50 inv opt + pair 1pi inc missing R var cat 75eu.PH.65
10071935 regd illus(hand painted) env Beirut-USA, SG59-60,64-5,152,54,66-7,8a,81-2,4(cat £18+).20
10081943(Jun)-44(Dec) airmail cvrs(3 inc OAS env) Indian FPOs 26(Ansariya), 27(Khalde) or 42(Baalbek – only there 6 weeks)-UK. Scarce trio.50
10091944 airmail cvr Beyrouth-Togo(destination & rec'r), SG215-6. Free French censor.20
10101949 airmail cvr Chemlan(blue pmk)-UK via Aley, Unesco SG379-80,85-6 + T342 tied reverse.20
1011LEEWARDS: 1935(May 6) flown S.Jubilee FDC St Johns(Antigua)-UK, SG88-91(cat £32).30
10121935(Jun 3) illus cvr for KGV 70th birthday St Johns(Antigua)-USA, 1d S.Jubilee.20
10131936 regd or airmail cvrs(2) St Johns(Antigua)-USA, SG67+9 or 69+73(cat £22). See lots 91,95,1096,1356.40
1014LIBERIA: 1893 5c p.stat.env, H&G5a fine unused perforated Specimen.15
10151898 10c pink p.stat.env, H&G5 comm.used Millsburg-Brewerville(rec'r).25
10161933 regd cvr Monrovia-UK, 5-colour SG511(x3),2-4,16.25
10171952 regd cvr Buchanan-USA, SG719(x4)+21.10
1018LIBYA: (see lot 1063): 1909 ppc comm.used Tripoli-France, French 5c sower tied obverse Barbarie pmk.30
10191942(Jun) S.African 3d OAS censored lettercard EPP 42(Tripoli for 3 months)-S.Africa.20
10201952 ppc comm.used Tripoli Airport-Belgium, SG180-1. Black A.V.2 (double lined letters).40
1021LIECHTENSTEIN: (see lot 62): 1921 10rp p.stat.card comm.used Vaduz-Switzerland.20
10221932 unusual meter-franked 30rp cvr Vaduz-India(destination/rec'r).25
10231931(Apr) Graf Zeppelin flown cvr Vaduz-Lausanne, Zeppelin 2fr (SG117 cat £425) & sp.flight pmk. PHOTO.300
10241940(Apr) regd Swissair cacheted FFC Vaduz-Locarno-Barcelona, birds set SG145-9(cat £280). PHOTO200
10251960 Europa illus unadd.FDC of SG404(cat £65). PHOTO45
10261964-5 regd express official cvrs(2) Vaduz-Germany, 3- or 5-colour officials to 90rp (Mi43).20
1027LITHUANIA: (see lot 1083): 1937 regd cvr Kaunas-Switz, 4-colour mixed issues SG389,99(x2),401(x3),413.20
10281939 banking advert cvrs(2) Silute-Kaunas, 30c or 60c (SG429 or 31) tied boxed Heydekrug + s/line Das Memelland ist frei in blk or violet.25
1029Ostland: 1942(Aug) airmail Durch Dienstpost cvr Haserpoth-Titisee @ 5pf Ostland ovpt rate.20
1030LUXEMBURG: 1934 regd cvr to Germany, Emperor Henry VI set (SG312-6 cat £230). PHOTO.200
10311948 plain FDC Letzeberg-Diekirch of Welfare Fund (SG510-13 cat £60).40
10321949 regd airmail illus FDC to USA of UPU set (SG525-8 cat £55).40
10331950 regd cvr to USA, Welfare Fund set (SG529-32 cat £45).35
10341951 underpaid cvr France-Radio Luxembourg taxed with D490+3(scarce 70c) P.Dues.20
10351952(May) regd cvrs(2) Centilux-UK of Stamp Centenary (SG552a-g cat £250).200
1036German Occ: 1941 large regd express cvr to Schweidnitz, ovpt set to 100Rpf (SG413-28 cat £70). PHOTO50
10371940 regd express cvr to Strassburg, 3-colour 4pf,50pf,80pf (Mi2,13,15).25
1038MALAYA: 1925 unpaid cvr India-Penang, tax mark & Straits 12c P.Due (D6).15
10391933 regd advert cvr Singapore-China(rec'r inc label), 3-colour SG226,31ba-2.20
10401940(Feb) advert cvr Penang-India, Straits SG281+9. Straits censor label & box 11 censor + Calcutta censor.20
1041BMA: 1947 airmail cvr Batu Pahat-India, SG6b(cat £11)+8a.20
10421947 airmail cvr Penang-India, 25c(x2 on striated paper SG13b cat £15) tied reverse.25
10431949 regd cvr Tanjong Malim-India, 6c (SG6 x5 inc blk of 3 cat £30) tied reverse.25
1044FMS: 1908 cvr Taiping Prison-USA, 3-colour SG28,33,36d.20
10451922 comm.cvr K.Lumpur-Sweden(destination), 3-colour SG30,40,61.20
10461932 underpaid cvr India-Klang, 2 diff. tax marks & 4c P.Due (D3) tied reverse.20
10471935 KLM airmail cvrs(2) Pt Swettenham/K.Lumpur-UK @ 55c rate (SG62+75 or 70-1).25
1048Johore: 1910 comm.cvr Muar-Singapore, 1c+2c (SG61-2) tied crown Bandar Maharani cachet reverse.35
10491935 airmail cvr Johor Bahru-UK, SG109(x5).15
10501936 15c regd env insured Batu Pahat 2-India + 3-colour SG103,5,12(x2). PHOTO75
1051Malacca: 1925 cvr to India @ Straits 6c rate with oval lion + Br.Empire Exhib'n pmk. PHOTO50
10521925 Straits 10c regd env insured(pink label) to India + 4-col.Straits SG219(x3),32,35(cat £50),38. PHOTO.75
1053Negri: 1947 scarce 5c p.stat.env regd airmail Singapore-UK + BMA SG11,13b(blk 4 cat £39) tied reverse.50
1054Penang: 1853 EL to Glasgow(yellow rec'r) via Southampton rated 1/=.30
105519 21 comm.cvr Bukit Mertajam-India, Straits 2c+4c (SG219,222) tied reverse.15
1056Perak: 1891 local Taiping cvr with 1c on 6c (SG44 cat £160). Cat £960(SG on cvr). PHOTO200
1057Trengganu: 1938 comm.cvr to India, 8c(SG34) tied reverse.40
1058Jap.Occ: 1942(Nov 16) local Singapore regd printed FDC of J92,94-6(cat £120). PHOTO150
10591943 censored(red cachet 4 rev) Batu Pahat-Johor Bahru, 8c (J276). PHOTO50
10601944 pictorial p.stat.card comm.used & censored ex Station St,Kuala Lumpur. PHOTO50
1061MALDIVES: 1955 cvr to USA, SG21a,26-7(all x2),28-31(cat £67). PHOTO65
10621956 comm.cvr to India, pair 10c (SG10) tied reverse.20
1063MALTA:1893 QV2
10641908 regd(blk label) cvr to Germany, 2d+2½d (SG50,52) & GPO MX pmk.25
10651913 KEVII 2d regd env to Switz + ½d,2d grey(SG47,51) & GPO MX pmk. Purple regd label.25
10661914 Hotel d'Angleterre env regd to Germany, mixed KEVII-KGV SG55+71 & GPO MX pmk.25
10671916 comm.cvr to UK, KGV ½d pair tied APO SZ7 skeleton pmk.20
10681922(Aug 3) KGV 2d regd env size H GPO-UK + 1d (SG125 x6 inc blk of 5).20
10691927 regd cvr Valletta-UK, scarce blk of 4 2½d (SG129 cat £48+). PHOTO50
10701937 regd cvr Sliema-UK, mixed KGV-VI SG200,10-11,14(cat £10).20
10711940 comm.cvr to N.Ireland @ 2½d rate. Triple censored: red label tied 12, triang.censor 42 & PC90 label.20
10721954 regd(Barclays Bank label) airmail cvr GPO(oval pmk)-Germany, SG238c+243.15
10731961 QE2 6d regd env size H Mgarr(Gozo)-Sliema(Prince of Wales Rd rec'r) + SG273(blk of 4)-4.15
1074MAURITIUS:1885 2c on 8c p.stat.card H&G6 La Baraque-Pt Louis via Carrier, Union Vale cds + 15 num.PH.100
10751890 6c grn p.stat.card, H&G3 comm.used to UK with cds + B53 pmk.15
10761898 4c on 3c p.stat.wrapper, H&G2 comm.used Curepipe-Reunion(St Denis rec'r).20
10771901 cvr to Switz via La Reunion a Marseille LV No.1, pair 15c (SG149 cat £16).25
10781904 KEVII 8c regd env size F + 12c sizes F&G, H&G4-5a fine unused (3).25
107919 13 rare KGV 12c blue regd env, H&G6(unpriced) fine unused.50
10801929 KGV 20c purple regd env Vacoas(scarce D7 pmk)-Transvaal + SG223a(blk of 4),232a(cat £31). PHOT.50
10811953 2nd class airmail cvr Mapou-Europe, SG298-9. Violet circ.AO20
1082MEMEL: 1922(Oct 18) regd airmail cvr to Leipzig, airs set Mi98-107(cat 90eu). Cat 200eu(cvr). PHOTO65
10831924(Oct) cvr Klaipeda-Bucarest(rec'r),mix frank 2c(Mi183V: 5mm gap cat 180eu) +Lithuania SG203(pr).PH.120
1084MEXICO: 1909 regd 5-colour franking cvr Mexico City-Argentina, SG276,7,8(x3),9,80.35
10851914 mining advert cvr Noria(Sonora)-USA, mix franking 5c (CT9) + US 2c.25
10861914-5 5c Constitutionalist Govt (s/line opt) p.stat.envs(2: diff.sizes) Mineral del Oro-Toluca or OPA FCN Det Mexico City. Both Unclaimed, Lista pmks in violet or grn + blk/white PO reseal labels.30
10871915 regd AR(h/st) advert cvr Monterrey-USA, 10c (CT43 pair).30
10881940 regd cvr Mexico City-N.York, scarce Stamp Centenary postage set (SG643-7 cat £35).30
1089MONACO: 1892 comm.cvr Monte Carlo-Germany, 25c (SG16 cat £37). PHOTO45
10901893 10c brn/grn p.stat.reply card complete comm.used Monte Carlo-Holland.20
10911928 scarce 90c red/grnish p.stat. single & reply cards(2) complete fine unused. Cat 500eu.125
10921934 regd cvr Condamine-USA, SG126+137(x2 cat £15).20
10931936 regd cvr Monte Carlo-Yugoslavia(destination), SG19a,53-5,7,99,108,119(cat £56 + 30eu extra for c & stop closer at right variety on 30c grn). PHOTO65
10941951 printed unadd.FDC of Rainier seal 1fr-30fr (SG153-7 cat £44).30
1095MONTENEGRO: 1901 2n yellow p.stat.card comm.used Podgoritsa-Vienna.20
1096MONTSERRAT: 1935 comm.cvr to USA, Leewards 2½d (SG85).15
10971935 regd cvr Plymouth-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG94-7 cat £24).25
10981947 airmail cvr Plymouth-USA, Leewards SG103(x2)+9(cat £10).20
10991949 regd cvr Harris-UK, strip of 3 Leewards SG117.20
11001983(Dec 15) illus Montserrat Aviation FFC to St Kitts-Nevis, SG586-9 with sp.ovpt. Pilot signed.20
1101MOROCCO AGS: 1886 Gibraltar opt on Barbados 2d blue regd env scarcer size F Tangier(cds)-UK. PHOT.65
11021894 Gibraltar 20c regd env used locally in Tangier with cds + A26 pmk.40
11031898(Xmas Day) cvr Casablanca-UK via Tangier, 25c (SG4).25
11041916 taxed cvr Mogador-UK, GB 1d. Tax mark deleted. Minor envelope fault.25
11051928 regd cvr Tetuan-Italy via Gibraltar & Italian TPOs, SG130(pair)-1(blk of 4).20
11061938 airmail advert cvr Tangier-USA, GB 9d+1/= (Z189,91 cat £19).20
*1107NATAL: 1898 QV ½d p.stat.card (+ ½d SG97a) comm.used Durban-Surinam(destination/rec'r).25
11081899(Dec) cvr to Pretoria via Jo'burg, Transvaal 6d(SG222) & 3-line violet PK NewCastle/ZAR/date. PHOTO.65
11091903 QV 1d p.stat.card(3 views rev) comm.used Krantzkop-UK via Greytown. PO only open 9 yrs. PHOTO50
11101903(Mar) QV 1d p.stat.card(diff.3 views) Chakas Kraal(missing letters)-Germany. Scarce PO open Mar1.PH.50
11111908 comm.cvr Noodsberg Rd-Germany via Schroders, 1d+1½d (SG129,147).20
1112NAURU: 1934 cvr to Scotland, scarce 10/= (SG39A cat £180). PHOTO250
11131948 airmail cvr to Scotland, 3-colour SG30B,34B,36B(cat £12).40
1114NEPAL: 1887 red/blk p.stat.card, H&G3 fine unused.10
11151933 scarce 1st type 4p grn p.stat.env H&G1 comm.used internally.25
11161950 internal mixed franking cvr, possibly regd, 3-colour SG61,6-7.15
1117NETHERLANDS:(see lots 50,570):1807 EL Rotterdam-Bordeaux rated 15, scarcer s/line Hollande(35mm blk)35
11181870s formular postal orders(2) in blk(international) or red(military) fine unused & rarely offered.50
11191884 formular card with Willem 5c added, scarce H&G7 comm.used Arnhem Station-Batavia & taxed. 2-line Ned-Indie Fransche Pakkete. Crease at left. PHOTO50
11201887-90 local Rotterdam7
11211890 cvr Haarlem-Sweden(rec'r), 5c+7½c (SG80-1 cat £27).35
11221898 2½c p.stat.card comm.used Groningen-Munich + ½c,2c(SG133,7 ie 3-colour). Corner crease(card).40
11231902 5-colour mixed issues cvr Utrecht-USA, SG167(x2)-8,71-2,4(x2).30
11241914 regd advert cvr Amsterdam-UK, 12½c+17½c (SG180+4).20
11251920(Jly) airmail express(h/st) cvr Amsterdam-London, 17½c+25c(SG184+8).Minor flts but rare 2nd flight.PH.100
11261921 Wilhelmina 5c p.stat.card comm.used locally in Amsterdam + SG172. Deliver on Sunday label tied.20
11271927 GPO official env regd The Hague-Spain, Child Welfare SG359-60(x3 ea),1-2(cat £19).25
11281934(Dec) KLM illus cacheted SNIP return FFCs(2) Assen-Curacao or Surinam, mixed frankings inc airs.25
11291943 transatlantic airmail cvr Amsterdam-USA, pair 22½c opts (SG529 cat £14). German censor.20
11301944 regd Deutsche Dienstpost cvr s'Hertogenbosch-Germany, German Mi786,875(x2),83 & official pmk.25
11311951 Castles set (SG732-6) on illus regd FDC Haarlem-USA. Typed address. Cat 375eu(FDC). PHOTO100
1132Curacao: 1945 airmail cvr Willemstad-Germany, SG201-2. Scarcer Allied Censorship in Neths label tied.15
1133Indies: 1900 regd cvr Cheribon(sq.circ)-France, ovpts SG111+5.20
11341919 advert cvr Soerabaia-USA, SG211+248(scarce surch). US censor label tied.15
11351925 regd cvr Weltvreden-Germany, 5-colour SG208,13(x3),16,65(x3),72(x2).25
11361926 7½c p.stat.card comm.used Soerabaia(shield pmk Visit Bandoeng Jaarbeurs)-Batavia.20
1137Jap.Occ: 1944 3½c p.stat.card comm.used to Bandoeng with boxed Japanese censor.20
1138UNTEA: 1963 7c opt p.stat.card comm.used Hollandia Binnen-Kota Baru + UNTEA SG1(x3),10(x2).30
1139Surinam: 1889 7½c on 12½c p.stat.card, H&G5 phil.used to Holland(rec'r), 3-line Suriname over St.Nazaire.25
11401923 regd parcel card Paramaribo-USA, SG149+189.40
11411929(Oct) comm.airmail cvr Paramaribo-USA, SG139,90-1(x2 cat £10).25
11421936 regd window advert cvr Paramaribo-Trinidad(scarce Tabaquite rec'r), SG185+9.15
1143NEWFOUNDLAND: 1907 cvr Old Perlican-St Johns via CB Railway TPO, 2c (SG87).25
11441909 KEVII 1c p.stat.card(UX7) comm.used Keels(fair pmk)-Open Hall(fine pmk).20
11451917 comm.cvr Bay L'Argent(undated circ.pmk)-St Johns @ 2c rate. Population 298.25
11461919 comm.cvr Cape La Hune-Canada, SG130(x3). Population 199.25
11471930s mainly internal cvrs(7) @ 3c-4c rates with large boxed Greens Harbor,Glenwood(pop.126),St Georges, Francois,Bell Island,Badger or Terra Nova(pop.64) pmks(mostly violet).100
11481937 cvr Clarenville TB(violet cds pmk)-USA @ 5c rate.25
11491939 unusual advert(horticultural nursery) cvr Musgrave Town-St Johns, 4c (SG270).25
11501942-4 US Navy cvrs(6) to USA ex APO 103 or Argentia Naval Base(all different pmks). All Passed by Naval Censor (2 different circ.types in blk or violet).50
1151NEW GUINEA: 1918 regd cvr Rabaul-Switz via Sydney, 5/= (SG92 cat £100). PHOTO150
11521932 regd airmail cvr Wau-UK via Salamaua,Sydney, 3d+6d (SG167,170 cat £32+). PHOTO45
*11531935 OHMS cvr Rabaul-USA, 3d OS (O46 cat £32). PHOTO50
11541938(Apr-Jun) flown cvr Talasea(scarce New Britain pmk)-Rabaul-Brisbane-UK, 2/= (SG186 cat £17). PHOT.45
1155NEW HEBRIDES: 1949 illus UPU FDC Vila-UK of SG64-7.10
11561953 regd FDCs(3) to UK of set to 5fr, SG68-78(cat £32).30
11571959-62 airmail cvrs(2) Santo-Aoba or NZ, 15c or 30c (SG86,F101).20
11581965 airmail cvr Forari-UK, 5fr (SG94).20
1159French: 1949 regd illus UPU FDC Pt Vila-UK, scarce SGF77-80 cat £50). PHOTO65
11601972 set to 5fr (SGF173-84 cat £70) on 3 illus unadd.FDCs.50
1161NEW SOUTH WALES: 1853 outer Sydney(ship letter pmk rev)-UK per Anglesey via Plymouth(yellow stepped Ship letter S6 rev), 4mgns 3d(SG43e on laid paper cat £475) ex clipped top right frame. PHOTO300
11621860(Mar) cvr Sydney-Condobolin via Bundaburra,Carcoar & S.Wangan, 2d (SG134).20
11631890 P&O SS Britannia crested env George St North(1385 numeral)-UK, pair 6d (SG256).30
11641890 2d+3d p.stat.cards(2: H&G10-11) fine unused. See also lot 1320.25
11651892 cvr Sydney-UK, 3-colour SG253dc(x2),265(x2)-6(½d opt).25
11661894 1d View p.stat.env Park St(924 numeral)-E.Carlingford(rec'r). Boxed Unclaimed + DLO Sydney.15
11671895 regd cvr Sydney-Germany, 2½d+3d (SG228,265 cat £10).25
11681898-1900 1d arms p.stat.cards(2: diff.shades) comm.used Newcastle(55 pmk)-Germany + ½d (SG272 or 3).20
11691899 1½d p.stat.card, H&G23b(New Year Greetings & silver mines view) comm.used Sydney-Germany.25
1170NEW ZEALAND: 1882 cvr Nelson-UK via San Francisco, 6d (SG183 cat £12) & N duplex.20
11711896-7 On Public Service Only envs(2 diff) Treasury or Printing & Stationery Dept Wellington-Dunedin(via TPO) or Auckland with crown Treasury or PASD free imprint stamps.25
11721898 cvr Auckland-Fiji(destination/rec'r), mixed issues SG237a+247. See also lots 546,948,1278.25
11731901 regd cvr Chingaitu-Tasmania via Wellington RPO, 5d (SG263a).35
*11741918 cvr Wellington-Canal Zone(destination/rec'r), SG405+437. Large violet circ.PC NZ h/stamp.25
11751933(Dec) sp.cacheted Faith in Australia printed FF env Auckland-Invercargill, SG468+548(cat £15).20
11761934(Feb) 1st Trans-Tasman cacheted printed FFC Castlecliff-Sydney, 7d opt (SG554 cat £45).30
11771934(Mar-Apr) Southern Cross/Faith in Australia printed FF envs(2) Wanganui-Sydney, 7d air (SG550) on ea.25
11781935 airmail cvr Christchurch-Australia per RMS Morowai then to UK, 6d+1/= (SG425b,430ca cat £22+).25
11791935 airmail cvr Te Aro-UK, SG572(x3)+574. Boxed violet Late Fee. PHOTO40
11801941 airmail cvr Wadestown-NZ Cmdr HMS Acacia,UK(& redirected in), SG630+F191(x4 cat £43). Violet Not Opened by Censor in NZ 6. Minor creasing. PHOTO50
11811954(Mar 1) local Wellington illus FDC of QEII original set to 10/= (SG723-36 cat £28).25
11821956(Feb) sp.cacheted FFC Wellington-Chatham Is via Ansett flyingboat @ 1½d rate.15
11831957 airmail Matson Line cvr to Hawaii(destination), SG733 & Wellington Packet Boat pmk (Hosk.1625).15
11841959(Dec)-60(Jan) TEAL illus FFCs(3) Auckland/Christchurch-Australia/Fiji @ 6d rate.15
1185Officials: 1951 NZ Railways illus local Auckland cvr, SGO135+7 & railway pmk.25
1186Ross Deps: 1967(July 10) plain FDC Scott Base(sp.pmk)-Wellington, scarcer decimal set (SG5-8 cat £25).20
1187NICARAGUA: 1892 5c p.stat.env, H&G14 comm.used Matagalpa(red pmk)-Managua.25
11881896-7 5c p.stat.envs(3: H&G34 or 37) comm.used Masaya(3 diff pmks in blue or violet)-Managua(diff.rec'rs).40
1189NIGERIA: 1894 Lagos QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Lagos-Germany via SS Axim & Liverpool (Paid Br.Pkt).20
11901898 cvr to UK via L'pool Br.Pkt, GB 2½d (Z47 cat £48) & boxed Burutu pmk. PHOTO150
11911905 ppc Forcados River(thimble pmk)-UK @ S.Nigeria 1d rate.30
11921914 rare KGV ½d & 1d p.stat.cards(2: H&G1-2) fine unused ovpt'd Specimen. Unpriced H&G.75
11931919 KGV 2d regd env Aba(S.Nigeria pmk)-USA via Pt Harcourt + 3d (SG5b). See also lot 925.20
11941920 cvr(+ letter) Kontagora-Ireland via Zungeru @ 2d rate. PHOTO60
11951923 ppc comm.used GB-railway camp,Enugu @ 1d rate with scarce Enugu PO skeleton rec'r.25
11961926 KGV 3d regd env Badagry-UK + 3d (SG22a).25
11971936 regd cvr Calabar-UK, 5/=+10/= (SG43-4 cat £142). PHOTO150
11981936 OHMS cvr Yola-UK, S.Jubilee 2d (SG31).15
11991937 KGVI 3d regd env size G, H&G4 fine unused opt'd Specimen.20
12001953-6 regd(2 diff.h/st) cvrs(2) Alders Town(2 diff.pmks)-UK via Warri @ 7d or 1/7d(airmail) rates.25
12011955-6 regd cvrs(2) Ikire/Jos North(both skeletons)-UK @ 8d or 1/3d rates.25
12021955-7 cvrs(2 inc regd h/st) Umutu(2 diff.skeletons)-UK via Abraka @ 3d or 6½d rates.30
1203S.Cameroons:1950 regd(s/line unlisted h/st) airmail cvr Victoria(UUKT skeleton pmk variety)-UK @ 1/3d rate.25
1204NIUE: 1973 regd airmail cvr to NZ, SG149 + 50c-$2 arms opts (136-8).15
*1205NORFOLK IS: (see lot 31): 1940 cvr to Hobart @ Aussie 2d rate. Scarce box violet Passed by Censor 3. PH.75
12061947(May) airmail cvr to Sydney, Australia 2½d+3d & fine pmk.20
12071959 illus FDC to USA of 3d+2/= (SG6a,12a cat £16).20
1208N.BORNEO: 1906 Zieher US stamp ppc comm.used Sandakan-UK, 4c (SG130a).25
12091938 cvr(sl.reduced at left) Prefecture Apostolic,Jesselton-Germany, 3-colour SG277,81-2.20
12101954 regd airmail cvr Sandakan-Japan, mixed KGVI-QEll SG357-9,63,66a-7,72(x4),77-8,80-1.20
12111956 airmail cvr Beaufort-USA, 15c+$1 (SG379,383).20
12121956 printed matter cvr to Canada, 8c (SG377) & fine Train Mail pmk.20
12131957 airmail cvr Jesselton-UK, SG373,6-7(all x2).10
1214N.RHODESIA: 1927 KGV 1½d red p.stat.card comm.used Sesheke-Switz via Livingstone.35
12151929 cvr(+ letter) Mongu Lealui-Switz via Livingstone @ 3d rate.20
12161941 cvr Luanshya-USA @ 3d rate. Examined by N.Rhodesia censor label no.1230
12171944 cvr(inc letter) Kitwe-USA @ 3d rate. O/3 crown censor. See also lot 988.25
12181952 regd(h/st) FDC Broken Hill-S.Africa, scarce 4½d+9d (SG37,39 cat £17+).15
12191954 QE2 4d regd env Wusikili-USA + SG61,88.25
1220NORWAY: (see lot 4): 1876 outer Arendal-Christiania, 3sk (Fa18a) with 'white patch after R in Norge' variety.20
12211908 mourning cvr Larvik-UK, 2o (Fa74 x10 inc strip of 6 cat 150kr).25
12221933 regd Foreign Ministry env Oslo-Norwegian Consulate,Brazil(rec'r), 60o (Fa147).15
12231942(Oct-Dec) cvrs(2) Oslo-Sweden/Finland with 2 diff.German censors inc label. 1 also has Finnish censor.25
12241943 printed Deutsch Dienstpostamt Oslo cacheted env comm.used to Munich. Scarce. PHOTO45
12251947 regd airmail cvr Oslo-Shanghai(destination/rec'r) via H.Kong, SG284,7(x2),380(x30).20
12261956 N.Cape ppc to UK, SG442-4 (cat £32) & sp.pmk.25
12271957 regd parcel card Nesbyen-USA, scarce hi-vals SG273(x2)-4(x5),380,3,427b(cat 290 kr).25
1228NYASALAND: 1908 Shire Railway ppc comm.used Chiromo(sq.circle)-UK @ 1d (SG68).30
12291908 2d arms external p.stat.card comm.used Ft Johnston(sq.circ)-Germany via Chinde,Zomba & Zanzibar.40
12301910 Chinde street ppc comm.used Port Herald(fine sq.circ)-UK, 1d (SG74). PHOTO65
12311919 Blantyre ppc comm.used Zomba(D7 pmk)-UK, 2d (SG88).20
12321919 comm.cvr Blantyre-USA, ½d+3d (SG84,90).20
12331932(Jan) 1st official airmail(s/line cachet) FF Limbe-Salisbury(rec'r) & onto UK, 4d SG106 strip of 3(cat £33).35
12341950 comm.cvr Mamalulo-USA, SG146(x2). Minor creasing. PO (closed 1952) run by Seventh Day Adventist.25
1235ORANGE FREE STATE: 1901 cvr Thaba Nchu-POW Diyatalawa (scarcer MO&SB rec'r),Ceylon @ VRI 1d rate. Partial martial law label tied NPR + 3-line Censored Thaba Nchu ORC.30
12361900 regd cvr Boshof-UK, VRI opts to 5/= (SG112-3 pairs, 14,17,20-2)+ SG135. Raised stop after 1s.35
12371902 cvr Bethulie-POW Ahmednagar Camp,India(violet oval censor) @ VRI 1d rate. S/line PBC.25
12381902 cvr Bloemfontein-Germany, VRI 4d on 6d (SG136). S/line PBC(censor).20
12391902 regd local Bloemfontein cvr, scarce blk of 4 VRI 6d(SG119 cat £200+).Minor stains.PBC. RPS cert.PH.250
12401911 late use VRI ½d on ½d p.stat.card (H&G9: scarcer reply half) comm.used locally in Bethulie.15
1241PAKISTAN: 1950-4 airmail p.stat.envs(5: H&G5,8-10,12) fine unused.15
12421949-50s p.stat.cards/envs(17 inc airmail) all comm.used to India with several regd/uprated.25
1243PALESTINE: 1912 Haifa ppc comm.used Jerusalem(2 pmk)-Germany via Pt Said, Turkish 20pa.20
12441921 OHMS (AR returned) stampless env Ramleh(skeleton pmk)-USA via Pt Said. PHOTO45
12451922 ppc comm.used Haifa-UK, 3-colour franking SG60-2.20
12461929 comm.cvr Ramallah(spaced d/ring pmk)-USA, 13m (SG98). See also lots 24,54.30
12471926 comm.cvr Jerusalem-Egypt, 13m(SG80). Returned to Sender (4 diff.cachets).25
12481942(July)-43(Jan) OHMS cvrs(2) Garrison Engineer Khayat Beach or OC Ordnance Workshop Coy(cachets) Haifa (Nahla BO rec'r) with FPO 550 pmks.25
12491946(Oct) OAS air cvr FPO 546(Austria)-Palestine. 3-line By Air Concession Postage Palestine Personnel.25
1250Jordanian Occ: 1949 scarce Avis de Reception card used locally in Bethlehem, 3-col.P6,9,PT39. PHOTO.50
12511951-2 cvrs(2) Beit Jala(2 diff.pmks)-Jerusalem(2 diff.rec'rs), P1-2 or 4 + unovpt'd oblig.tax T264(x2).25
12521952 cvr Jericho-Jerusalem(rec'r), 5m(P6) with misplaced ovpt.20
1253PANAMA: 1917 mourning cvr Bocas del Toro(island PA violet pmk)-USA, SG162(x2).25
12541929(Feb) cacheted Pan-am FFC Colon-USA, SG200+225(air).10
12551942 regd cvr Pocri Cocle-Panama City, SG201(x2),402,7.15
1256PAPUA: 1921 regd cvr Pt Moresby-USA, 3-colour mixed issues SG86,87a,96. Treasury crown wax seal. PH.45
12571933 regd 4-colour franking cvr Pt Moresby-Switz, SG130,1(x2),2-3(cat £13).20
12581939 Burns Philip Line env airmail Pt Moresby-UK via Townsville, 5d+1/= (SG136,9).25
12591945(Aug) AMF censored airmail lettercard Aust.Unit Postal Stn 318(Bougainville)-Australia @ Aussie 1d rate20
12601948 regd cvr Gasmata-Australia via Relief PO No.5, Australian SG205,19,22.20
12611950 regd airmail cvr Pt Moresby-USA @ 5/= rate (Australia 7-colour franking to 2/= inc scarcer KGVI 1/4d).25
12621958 OHMS cvr Relief No.5-UK, SG1-2+4.15
1263PARAGUAY:1892 2c wrapper used locally in San Bernadino + 1896 2c p.stat.card San Bernadino-Altos(recr)25
12641930(July) CGA flown cvr to UK, SG379+381.20
12651936(Feb) regd cacheted flown cvr Asuncion-Brazil, SG304(x2),97,99,426-a(x3),28-a(x2),58.20
12661937-9 comm.cvrs(2) Concepcion-UK via Asuncion @ 10p rate (pairs SG340 or 499 with/without C opt).20
1267PERU: 1883 2c blue/yellow p.stat.env used locally in Lima with Chile 5c. Chile & Peru at war! Oval 5c tax. PH.50
12681892 message half of 3c reply p.stat.card, H&G19(value in black) comm.used Yca(violet pmk)-Lima.25
12691897 10c yellow p.stat.env, H&G12 comm.used Eten(oval pmk)-Guayaquil(Ecuador) via Payta.30
12701916 comm.cvr Callao-Lima, opts SG387a(inverted)+ pair 390. See also lot 5.25
12711940 Foreign Ministry cacheted env regd Peruvian Red X to HQ in Switz, strip of 4 10c officials (O572). PH.45
1272GB used in: 1867 2/= blue (Z55) with C38 pmk (Callao). Cat £120.40
1273PHILIPPINES: 1932 cvr Manila-Germany, 3-colour von Gronau ovpts SG433-4,7.20
12741934 airmail(box violet cachet) cvr Manila-Germany, 1p on 4p (SG431)+ 452.15
*12751935(Jun) FFC Manila-Labuan(rec'r), SG337(x2)+464. Boxed Via Flyingboat British Royal Air Corps.35
12761940 comm.cvr Manila-USA, 1p (SG534) & s/line Paquebot (Hosking 1729).15
12771961(Nov) Quantas illus Boeing 707 FFCs(2) Manila-Australia/Tokyo @ 35c/50c rates.15
1278PITCAIRN: 1938 Shaw Savill Line env to UK, NZ 1d (Z41 cat £17) & NZ Postal Agency pmk.25
12791949 UPU illus airmail FDC to NZ of SG13-16 (cat £15).20
12801951 OHMS regd stampless cvr to USA ex Postmaster. Light fold o/wise very nice.20
12811951 regd cvr to UK, scarce 4d + 8d (SG5b,6a cat £18).20
12821973 cvr to UK, SG82(x5) & Cristobal Canal Zone paquebot + machine cancel (Hosking 2573). 3-line Unable to Post at Pitcairn Island due to rough seas.15
1283POLAND: 1916 cvr Director of Railways,Warsaw-Hamburg, mix Germania opts: Mi1(x5),6b,9b,11(cat 55eu).30
12841940 regd cvr Warsaw-Germany, 1zl (Mi12). NSKK traffic unit violet cachet.20
12851941(Dec 15) printed FDC of Polish postal service, SG478-85(cat £30) & maritime agency 1 pmk. FPO rec'r.20
12861944 illus Monte Cassino card to UK, ovpt set (SG494-7 cat £64) tied maritime pmk no.25. PHOTO45
12871944 German censored 12gr Gen-Govt p.stat.card + 20gr(SG429) comm.used Krakow-Swedish Red X (undercover address for Polish forces in UK).25
12881947 cvrs(2 inc regd) Bydgoszcz-PO Box 260/50 GPO London (late usage of undercover address), readdressed to Polish Red X via Polish FPO 1(in black or red), SG568(x2) or 558+68a.40
12891951 airmail cvr Mchy-USA, 45gr(pair Mi670) & groszy opts (ovpt doubled in blk or violet). See also lot 2.20
1290PORTUGAL: 1877 EL Vianna do Castello-Porto, pair 25r (SG80) & 72 pmk.25
12911898 3-colour mourning cvr Lisbon-UK, Carlos SG344,6(scarce),8.25
12921903 advert regd cvr Lisbon-Switz, perfinned 115r (SG357).35
12931903 comm.cvr to USA, SG347+9(x2) & RA Sul II TPO pmk.15
12941917 OAS ppcs(2) ex Port.Exped'nary Force,France (CEP SPC3 pmk)-Porto. Half-moon Censurado 14/28.30
129519 23 cvr(+ letter) Lagos-Estoi, Ceres 5c + pair 10c orge-brn on vert.laid paper (Afinsa 215D cat 40+eu) rev.30
12961949 regd airmail oil company cvr Restaurandores-Nigeria(destination), SG943(x4),49(x6),55,1027(x5).20
12971952 airmail cvr Restaurandores(Lisbon)-UK, scarce 3e50 NATO (SG1066 cat £23).25
12981961 TAP forces airletters all fine unused in different colours/formats. Unusual lot (15).30
1299Angola: 1934 cvrs(2) Libolo/Camacopa(telegraph office)-Germany via Lobito/Luanda, SG358+62(x2) or 368.25
13001944 cvrs(2) Vila Luzo-USA via Elisabethville eg SG352,93,95. Double censored inc Belgian Congo labels.25
1301Azores: (see lot 220): 1908-9 local ppcs(2) comm.used Ponta Delgada-France, 2½r or 5r opts (SG179-80).25
13021915 regd cvr S.Miguel(Ponta Delgado)-USA, pair 5c (SG262).20
13031944(Feb) OAS censored (RAF) cvr RAF PO 004-UK.25
1304Cape Verde: 1925 local ppc comm.used S.Vicente-Switz, 12c(SG235 x8 inc scarce blk of 4).25
13051948 regd airmail cvr Praia-USA, SG301(x2)-2,10(x3),20(x2) tied reverse.15
1306Funchal: 1895 25r grn p.stat.env, H&G1 comm.used to Portugal. Much redirected with 5 diff.pmks.25
1307India: 1950 comm.cvr Assolna-USA, SG589(x2)+584(x3) tied reverse.15
1308L.Marques: 1903 regd cvr to Paris, SG84(x2)+89 (130r).25
1309Macau: 1937 regd cacheted FFC to Hong Kong, airs SG360,1(x2),2,3(x2),4(cat £31).25
1310Mozambique: 1908 20r p.stat.card comm.used Villa Bocage-UK via Chinde.30
13111938 airmail cvr Antonio Ehes-Switz, 3e (SG374).20
13121941-5 airmail censored(different label types) cvrs(2) Porto Amelia/L.Marques @ 3e or 9e rates.20
13131960s 1e20-3e50 airletters(8 different inc minor duplication where both unused & FDI).15
1314Mozambique Co: 1941 comm.cvr Beira-Rhodesia, SG291+304.15
1315PRINCE EDWARD IS: 1861(Jan 24) cvr Charlottetown(red paid pmk)-George Town(rec'r), 2d(SG1 x2,1 damaged cat £360). PHOTO.250
1316PUERTO RICO: 1894-8 Alfonso Xlll 2c blue or blue-grn + 1c green p.stat.cards(3) all fine unused.20
1317QUEENSLAND: 1902 QV 1½d p.stat.reply card complete, H&G9 comm.used Rockhampton(514)-Germany.30
13181904 attractive advert(auctioneer & valuer) cvr Croydon-Tasmania via Brisbane @ 2d rate.20
13191906 ppc Toowomba-Warwick or 1912 ppc to UK both @ 1d rate & TPO Queensland or TPO 4 North Up pmk.25
13201912 SS Bombala ppc comm.used Brisbane-Botany(NSW), NSW 1d arms.20
1321RHODESIA: 1900 comm.cvr Gwelo-UK via Salisbury, 4d (SG44a).25
13221901(Jan 1) 1d p.stat.card comm.used(New Year Greetings) Sebungwe-Salisbury. Very rare pmk. PHOTO.250
13231901 comm.cvrs(2) Salisbury/Bulawayo-UK @ 3d(SG31) or 4d(SG70) rates.40
13241910-24 ppcs(2) comm.used Victoria Falls(2 diff.pmks)-UK @ 1d or 1½d (SG197).20
13251911-14 ½d grn p.stat.env or card(2) both commercially used locally in Bulawayo.25
13261923 cvr Bulawayo-Jo'burg, unusual mix franking 1d (SG195) + S.African KGV ½d.15
1327& Nyasaland: 1955 Federation QEII 4d regd env size G Salisbury-UK + 3-colour SG3,4,9.15
13281960 Kariba Dam illus regd FDC to UK of SG32-7(cat £24) with sp.Royal Visit Kariba pmks.20
1329Zimbabwe: 1990 underpaid local Gweru cvr with tax mark + scarce 25 on 10c P.Due (D33).25
1330RUMANIA: 1879 10b reply card, 1891 5b King Carol reply card, 5b & 15b lettercards(4) fine unused.20
13311928(Oct) regd airmail(oval red pmk) Bucarest-Paris, SG1084-5(blks of 4),99-101(cat £17).25
13321931 King Carol 2L p.stat.card regd Iasi-Prague + 3-colour mixed Kings SG1082,1175,80.20
133319 31(Oct) 27th Interparliament Conference crested env flown Bucarest(camera pmk)-Paris, SG1180+6.25
13341937 regd cvr Homorod-Austria, scarce Crown Prince minisheet (MS1367 cat £16). See also lot 867.25
1335German Occ: 1918 propaganda cvr German FPO 308-Munich. PHOTO45
*1336POs in Levant: 1896 cvr C'tinople-Ploesti(rec'r), SG9(x2)-11(cat £80). PHOTO60
1337RUSSIA: (see lot 336):1800 long EL to Mr Longinoff at Russian Embassy,London(foreign office rec'r) rated 1/=. Coat-of-arms wax seal. Needs translation as Napoleonic era letters uncommon from here.40
13381869 EL (crown insignia on letter) Rovno-France via Aus Russland per Eisenb.Post.Bur.Xl red Franco cds,10k (Mi21x x3, 2 folded over top edge of envelope).20
13391889 7k p.stat.env St Petersburg(blue cds)-Germany + 1k,2k & blue 1 numerals(i.e. 3-colour).20
13401916 sp.printed Russian POW p.stat.card comm.used Tashkent-Germany. Camp cachet + censor.20
13411917(Dec) regd cvr Petrograd-UK, imperf SG108B(pair)+115B(blk of 4). Russian revolution local censor label.20
13421927 Microbiology Institute regd cvr Moscow-Berlin, SG494ab(P.Due opt)+518.15
13431966 regd express airmail cvr Gorintchevo(Zakarpat obl)-USA franked 50k Vostok minisheet (Block 37) +1965 local regd cvr with private printed version of same minisheet accepted by PO. Most unusual.25
1344Pleskau: 1941(Dec) 20k opt p.stat.card(P5) locally used in Pskov with 20k(Mi10x).25
1345Ukraine: (see lot 12): 1918 comm.cvr Kiev-Odessa(rec'r), 15k+35k imperfs with type 2 trident opts.25
1346SAAR: 1814 outer to Paris rated 11 & charged 12, fine 2-line 52 Sarrebourg.20
13471920 regd cvr St Johann-USA, hi-vals 1m25 + 1m50 (Mi41-2).20
13481921(Apr) cvr Saarbrucken-Flensburg, 6-colour mixed franking Mi32,34,44b,45,50,53.30
13491930(May) airmail(via Strasburg) cvr St Johann-Czech, Mi119,26-7(airs).30
13501935(Jan 13) local Saarbrucken plebiscite day cvr, 50c air(M195) & slogan pmk.Unpriced Michel franking.40
13511939(Apr 20) cvr Saarbrucken(sp.Hitler 50th b'day illus pmk)-Gravenhorst, German Hitler b'day SG679.15
*1352ST HELENA: 1890 1d p.stat.card comm.used to Angola(rare destination) via Portugal. Light central fold. PH.75
13531902 local Sandy Bay comm.used ppc, ½d on 6d (SG36) & triang.Head Office censor. Faults at left. PHOTO50
13541934 Longwood Avenue RP ppc comm.used to Belgium, 1½d with cleft rock (SG99c cat £170). PHOTO250
13551953 regd OHMS cvr(sl.cut-down) to Canada, Tristan 4-colour ovpts (SG6-9 cat £15).15
1356ST KITTS-NEVIS: (see lot 23): 1902 regd cvr to UK, Leewards QV 4d (SG4). No flap. PHOTO50
13571905 St Georges Church Basseterre ppc comm.used(printed matter) to NZ(destination) @ ½d rate (SG1).20
13581937 airmail cvr to UK, 3-colour SG41,45a,46b(cat £12).35
13591940 airmail(transatlantic h/st) cvr to UK, ½d+2/6d(SG76 cat £9).20
13601951 airmail(KLM label tied) cvr to USA, mixed SG86,90 + Leewards SG104.15
1361ST LUCIA: 1923 KGV 2d regd env size G to USA + 1d(scarce),2d (SG92,95 cat £17). Violet regd cachet.30
13621932 underpaid cvr Montserrat-Castries via Dominica, tax mark + 2d P.Due(D2). Cat £450(SG cvr). PHOTO100
13631938(Apr) airmail cvr to USA via Trinidad. High (2/4d) rate: SG119,121(x2).25
13641947 airmail cvr Vieux Fort-Ireland, 3-colour SG131a,34a,35a.20
13651974 local Martinique cvr @ French 50c rate with boxed Missent to St Lucia.10
1366ST VINCENT: 1906 OHMS regd cvr Kingstown-USA, 6d (SG89 cat £45). Inc contents. PHOTO65
13671919 OHMS regd cvr Kingstown-UK, 3d purple/lemon (SG112a cat £12).25
13681929 regd OHMS cvr Kingstown-Br.Guiana, scarce 5d (SG136) & Official Paid circ.cachet.35
13691932-5 regd OHMS cvrs(2 diff.types) Kingstown-UK, SG132b(x5) or 133a(pair).25
1370SAMOA: 1896(Jun) rare 1d p.stat.card comm.used locally in Apia (address & message in pencil) 'as is' PH.50
*13711915 regd 'Wilson' cvrs(2) Apia-UK, ovpt set to 1/= (SG115-21 cat £21). S/line Passed by Censor.50
*13721916 regd(scarce box h/st) cvr Apia-UK, SG115(x3)-6(x2). Boxed violet GRI censor 2.40
13731920 regd cvr Apia-UK, ½d+3d (SG134+40). See also lots 1539-41.25
*13741931 regd cvr Salailua-USA, 1/= (SG121 cat £19).40
13751952(Mar 7) local Apia last day cvr, SG181,4-8,99-205(cat £64). PHOTO50
1376SAN MARINO: 1928 regd cvr to Bavaria, St Francis set (SG141-4 cat £50). Cat 300eu(cvr). PHOTO80
1377SARAWAK: 1940 comm.cvr Kuching-Canada @ 8c rate. Boxed violet Passed by Censor. PHOTO50
*13781947 cvr Simanggang-Kuching, SG150,2-3 tied Kuching Paquebot cds (Hosking 3193).35
13791949 regd(h/stamp) advert UPU FDC Lundu-Kuching of SG167-70.25
13801957(Jun) regd cvr Kuching-Hong Kong, KGVI vals(14 ex 3c) to $5 + QEll 30c (cat £42).35
13811965-6 comm.cvrs(4) Baram/Kapit/Bekenu/Lingga-Director of Education,Kuching @ Malaysia 15c rate.25
1382SAUDI ARABIA: 1947 air cvrs(2 inc box TWA cachet) Dhahran-USA ex Ras Tanura oil terminal, 5½q or 20q.25
13831960s-70s nice lot airmail advert cvrs(25) to UK. Good range frankings inc mixed issues & violet pmks noted.25
1384SERBIA: 1910 regd cvr Belgrade-Bohemia (Blatna rec'r), 3-colour SG118-20.25
13851919 regd cvr Belgrade-Ljubljana, SG194(x2)-5,201(30p).20
1386German Occ: 1942 cvr Susak-Podgorica(rec'r), air opt set to 20d (G69-73 cat £33).30
13871941 local Belgrade printed matter creased cvr @ 1d rate (Mi3). Postal censor label tied boxed censor.25
13881943 regd cvr Lebane-Belgrade, strip of 3 3d rose-lilac (Mi77). Boxed Nis censor.25
1389SEYCHELLES:1903 6c on 8c p.stat.card comm.used to France via Reunion a Marseille p/bot code b. PHOT.50
13901903 15c p.stat.env regd to Italy(destination/rec'r) via Reunion a Marseille p/bot no.3 + SG47,49. PHOTO65
13911948 regd airmail cvr Anse Royale-Canada, S.Wedding SG152-3(cat £40). PHOTO45
13921952 plain local FDC of KGVI set to 1r50 (SG158-69 cat £32).25
13931963 local cvr Victoria-poste restante,Silhouette Is (fine rec'r), 20c P.Due (D7 cat £12) paying fee.40
1394SIERRA LEONE: 1885 Red Riding Hood Club env to Belgium via L'pool Br Pkt per SS Baguelle, 4d (SG33) & B31 pmk. Red Paid S.Leone pmk(reverse). PHOTO100
13951903 comm.cvr Cline Town-UK @ 1d rate. Rare so early. PHOTO100
13961906 KEVII 1d p.stat.card(scarce message half reply card) comm.used Freetown-Switz.15
13971919 advert cvr Freetown-Togo(Lome rec'r), 2½d (SG116).15
13981919 KGV 2d regd env size F Kennema(boxed h/st)-UK + SG112a,13b(x2).25
13991934 creased regd sl.cut-down cvr Freetown-Lagos(rec'r), Wilberforce vals to 2/=(SG169-72,4-7 cat £87).PH.75
14001940-1 cvrs(4) Freetown/Bo-UK @ 3d rate. Oval violet censor 1, crown QQ/1, boxed Passed by Censor 10 or Blk/white Opened by Censor label.40
14011948-52 airmail cvrs(2) Freetown-Gold Coast/Switz @ 9d or 4/1d(hi-rate: 5-colour franking inc 4d & 2/=). Both Posted on Steamer (blk boxed cachets) Elder Dempster Line.25
14021959-62 regd airmail cvrs(2) Yengema/Mattru-UK @ 1/9d rates.20
1403SINGAPORE: 1928 OHMS stampless cvr Controller P&T(cachet)-Canada. Red Official Paid s/ring pmk.25
14041940(Jun) airmail cvr to UK, Straits 5c+50c. Boxed red Passed by Naval Censor.20
14051946(Jun) forces airmail cvr RAFPost 300(Seletar)-UK.35
14061951(Sept 22) local cvr with SG1-3,19 & Singapore City Day slogan pmk (in use 1 day only).15
14071966 Air NZ FFCs(2) to Auckland/Sydney, SG68,70,73 on each (cat £15).20
14081973 regd cvr to Germany, 2 se-tenant blks of 4 National Day (SG201-4 cat £19). See also lots 223,338.20
1409SLOVAKIA: (see lot 358): 1939 local Bratislava wrapper with 5h opt newspaper stamp (Mi27).15
14101939-42 advert cvrs(5) inc express & regd with vals to 3k.20
14111942 comm.cvr Bratislava-Poland, SG45+68. Double censored (German label + s/line Cenzor 77).20
14121943 unpaid official cvr to Hnusta, ret'd with strip of 4 20h P.Dues (D90) tied reverse.25
1413SOLOMONS: 1935 cvr Tulagi-USA, ½d+2½d (SG27,39).25
14141935 regd(scarce blk/white label) cvr Gizo-UK, 1½d+3d S.Jubilees (SG53-4).30
*14151936 cvr SS Malaita Tulagi-USA, mix frank SG42(x2) + Aussie SG125,161. S/line Paquebot(Hosk.1799). PH.50
14161949 printed illus radio ham card for KH6YP/VR4 on Guadalcanal with details filled in.15
14171953(Jun 2) illus Quantas Coronation cacheted FFC/printed airletter(2) to UK, SG67 or 70+81.20
14181959 stampless OHMS cvr Kira Kira-postmaster Honiara.10
1419SOMALIA: 1940(Jun 26) local Hargeisa FDC with strip of 4 10c Independence opt (SG353 cat £48).40
1420SOMALILAND:1904 regd cvr Berbera-Germany via Aden, rare 3r (SG23 cat £180). Unpriced SG on cvr.PH.750
*1421S.AFRICA: (see lots 981,1019): 1918 regd cvr New Hannover Rail(Natal)-USA, SG4(x6)+10. Circ.C5 censor.30
14221927 regd cvr Graaff Reinet-Germany, 3-colour mixed issues SG30,33a,34(cat £26).25
14231928 regd cvr Capetown-USA, vert.pair 2d + scarce imprint blk of 4 3d (SG34-5 cat £60+). PHOTO50
14241928(Mar 27) KGV 1d p.stat.env regd locally in Cape Town +pair 4d(SG35b cat £50). Inc cert of posting. PH.45
14251930 comm.cvr Durban-Philippines (destination & rec'r), strip of 3 1d (SG43).20
14261932(Jan) airmail cvr Kimberley-Somerset West via Cape Town, SG5,42 + tete-beche pair SG5(cat £18).30
14271935 airmail cvr Simonstown-UK, horiz.pair 3d S.Jubilee (SG67 cat £55). PHOTO45
14281938 illus tyre advert airmail cvr Durban-USA, SG45c+61(pair cat £38).35
14291939(Dec) illus patriotic Xmas Greetings cvr Jo'burg-War Office @ ½d rate to be forwarded to Western Front.35
14301941 comm.cvr Pearston-UK, War Effort 3d horiz pair SG91(cat £42).35
14311941(Aug-Sept) regd cacheted FDCs(2) Jo'burg-UK(redirected in) of 4d & 6d war effort (SG92-3 cat £44).40
14321950 long regd airmail cvr Pretoria-India, blks of 4 (front & back) ½d-4d (SG46cw,56i,87,107b,114,117) + Officials O21b,31a,34(rare),36b (cat £294). PHOTO250
14331969 SAA illus official FFC (no.9) to Rio & N.York, SG244(x2).20
14341969 1½c p.stat.card, H&G46, set of 20 with all different views fine unused.20
1435S.AUSTRALIA: 1875 mourning cvr Adelaide-Beautiful Way(rec'r), 2d (SG168).15
14361881 1d lilac p.stat.cards(2) comm.used Willunga or Angle Vale-Adelaide.20
14371897 regd OHMS env Education Dept,Adelaide-Murray Town(sq.circ), pair OS 2½d (O75). PHOTO175
14381906-12 ppcs(5 inc tram,Coliseum,street scene) comm.used Adelaide(4 diff.pmks)-NZ/UK/Ireland @ 1d rate.20
14391910 local ppc comm.used Victor Harbor(superb sq,circle)-UK @ 1d rate.20
1440SW.AFRICA:1916 S.Africa 4d regd env size G Karibib(s/line h/st)-Windhoek +S.Africa 1d(x2).Twice censored25
14411918 OHMS rainfall monthly report EL Ondonga(rare rubber violet pmk)-Windhoek via Tsumeb. PHOTO150
14421924 comm.cvr Kolmanskop(scarce converted German pmk)-Windhoek(rec'r) @ 2d rate.25
14431931 comm.cvr Ondongua-Finland via Tsumeb, pairs SG58+69(cat £34).30
14441931(Dec) regd airmail cvr Mariental(violet pmk)-Victoria West, airs SG86-7(cat £112). PHOTO80
14451938 regd cvr Windhoek-USA, officials O13+17(x3 pairs cat £172). Cat £872(SG on cvr). PHOTO250
14461938 regd airmail cvr Keetmanshoop-UK, Voortrekker set (SG92-5 cat £48).40
14471978(1st)-91(final flight) Namib Air illus FFCs(27). 8 are signed.50
1448S.RHODESIA: (see lot 782): 1930 KGV 4d regd env size G Bulawayo(38mm regd pmk)-Jo'burg + 1d(SG2).25
14491936 comm.cvr Inyazura-USA, strip of 3 1d.25
*14501937 radio ham QSL card comm.used Bulawayo-USA @ ½d rate.20
14511940(Jun 3) illus Rhodes Centenary regd FDC Bulawayo-Salisbury of SG53-60(cat £11).15
14521944 KGVI 6d airletter H&G1 comm.used Cranborne-UK.15
14531947 scarce 3d Falls airletter comm.used Salisbury-UK(& redirected) + 3d (SG35b).40
14541949 comm.cvr Arcturus-E.London, SG53-4.15
14551950 Gold Coast 6d airletter comm.used Kumasi-S.Rhodesia redirected to UK with Beatrice Mine pmk.20
1456SPAIN: 1840 EL Cadiz(circ BC: Br.Consulate)-Porto per Iberia rated 180 + P.Brit(both blue).25
14571865 outer Valencia-Marseille via Spanish TPO(Amb.Asc.3 Madrid & Amb.Carc.Tar), 12c (SG88 cat £50).PH.65
14581869 EL Malaga-Bordeaux via Esp.St.Jean de Luz TPO, off-centre 12c vermilion (Edifil 100A). PHOTO45
14591870 outer Barcelona-France via red Espagne Le Perthus TPO, 12c (SG181). Boxed blue PD.15
14601937 air censor(local) cvr Palma(Majorca)-Switz, SG758(x4),863 +10c local. S/line Par Avion jusqu'a Rome.20
14611956 airmail cvr Masnou(Barcelona)-USA, SG1135-6,62,72-5,88-9,1246(cat £37).25
14621963 6pta airletter, Edifil 77 fine unused. Cat 92eu.25
1463Ceuta: 1921 regd cvr to Vienna, SG336(x2)+343.35
1464Guinea: 1948 airmail cvr Santa Isabel-Madrid via Bata, 3-colour mixed issues SG318(x2),20,26(ovpt).25
14651950 regd cvr San Carlos(F.Poo)-USA via Santa Isabel, 5p (SG347).15
14661951 regd cvr Bata-USA via Douala, air set (SG351-7 cat £11).20
1467Ifni: 1952 regd cvr Sidi Ifni-USA, pair scarce 5pta Ferdinand (SG80 cat £12).25
14681953 regd cvr Sidi Ifni-USA, air set SG87-92.15
1469Morocco: 1922 military regiment cacheted cvr Xauen-Spain, 15c (SG73).30
14701923 comm.cvr to Spain, Spanish 25c(SG336) & blue Arzila pmk.35
14711928 Tangier ppc comm.used to Berlin, mixed POs in Tangier opts (Edifil 15+20).30
14721937 regd cvr Tetuan-Paris, patriotic minisheet (Edifil 167). 2-line blue Military Censor Tetuan. PHOTO50
14731938 airmail cvr Tarquist-Spain via Melilla, SG169 + oblig.tax SG200. Box violet military censor Tarquist.25
14741957 street vendor RP ppc with scarce N.Zone SG3-7(cat £30) & Tetuan pmk.20
1475Tangier: 1948-50 advert cvrs(4 inc regd) to USA with Spanish to 1pta + all diff.Tangier inc airs to 2p.25
1476SUDAN: 1898 1pi opt p.stat.env Wadi Halfa Camp-UK. PO only open 8 years.25
14771903 ppc comm.used Tewfekia-UK, 1m+3m (SG10,12).30
14781908 Khartoum ppc to Cairo, 5m(damaged SG23) & scarce 1st type Pt Sudan-Khartoum TPO pmk.40
14791908 scarce 2m on 3m p.stat.card, H&G8 comm.used locally in Khartoum.30
14801918 5m p.stat.env Pt Sudan-UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO No.1. Triangular Sudan censor 100.30
14811927 2m p.stat.env H&G9 comm.used Khartoum-Egypt.20
14821932 cvr to UK, SG41(x6) & scarce Kassala-Sennar TPO pmks(only in use 3 years). PHOTO65
14831932 cvr to UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO No.1(skeleton), SG41(x3) & Khartoum-El Obeid TPO No.2 pmk30
14841935 regd airmail cvr Shellal Halfa TPO No.2(oval pmk)-UK, 5-colour SG52-3,c,4-5.20
14851937 2½pi regd env, H&G7 airmail Wadi Halfa-UK + SG53.20
14861944(July) cvr Egypt-Khartoum @ 10m rate. MM/4423 Examiner label tied.25
14871948(May-July) incoming cvrs(6) ex Egypt,Ceylon,UK,USA all with Arabic censor labels/cachets.40
14881949 airmail cvr Hassa Heissa-UK, 15m (SG102 x2). No flap.15
1489SWAZILAND: 1935 long regd OHMS cvr Mbabane-USA, 1d+6d S.Jubilees (SG21,24).15
14901937(May 17) regd cvr Mbabane-UK, SG25-7 & scarce s/ring pmk only in use 1 week.40
14911937(Oct) regd(h/st) cvr Stegi-UK, SG25-7 & scarce s/ring pmk only used this month. PHOTO65
14921942 regd(violet h/st) cvr(inc letter) Stegi-UK, 5-colour SG28-9,30a,31,32a.25
1493SWEDEN: (see lots 18,45): 1885 crown crested env Stockholm-Tumba, pair 5o dull green (Fa30g).25
14941923 scarce 20 on 25o type 1 p.stat.card comm.used Malmo-Berlin.25
14951929(Jun) illus regd 1st trial FFC Stockholm-N.York, Fa65,78(x3, both scarce on cvr) etc. Pilot signed. PH.150
14961930 regd banking window env Stockholm-Iran(destination/rec'r), 50o (Fa192).20
14971932 parcel card regd Jonkoping-Froseke, scarce 115o p/horn (Fa170).25
14981935(Jan 13) regd cachet ppcs(2) Arboga-Stockholm, Swedish Parliament to 60o(Fa240-2C,3-5) & sp.pmk.25
14991941 regd air cvr Stockholm-USA, SG192,97,222. 2-line By Air over the Atlantic & from N.York. Customs label20
15001948 regd internal parcel cards(x2 diff) ex Ljungbyhen or Lomma, Fa281(pair) or 286.15
15011948 airmail cvr Boras-RAF Singapore(destination), 3-sided perfs Fa385B,BB.15
1502SWITZERLAND: 1857 outer Winterthur-Zurich, 3mgn 20rp yellow-orge (Mi16B). Cat 130eu(cvr).25
15031860 local Basel EL with fine 5rp dark brn, Mi13B & 2 different Basel pmks.20
15041861 EL Luzern-Eschenbach, fine 10rp Mi14B(x2 min.cat 40eu). See also lots 10,42,58.35
15051875 invoice EL Ruti-Wald(& returned), 15c (SG 63 cat £44).40
15061900 comm.cvrs(2) Solothurn/Zurich-Bern, UPU 10c (SG169) with 'coloured dot' or 'flag on left 1' varieties.50
15071914 underpaid cvrs(2) Canada-Geneva, tax marks & both shades 30c P.Due (Mi36a or b – latter unpriced).25
15081917 local Berg cvr with scarce Pro-Juventute set (J3-5 cat £165) but cover stained. PHOTO80
15091920 wrapper Geneva-UK, 5c Tell & violet Save the Children cachet of UN agency.25
15101923(Sept 30) Chur air day flown cvr to Ruti, airs SG316,8-9,21,3-4(cat £200+). PHOTO125
15111924(Aug) advert cvr to Tramelan flown on sp.FF La Cacherelle-Lausanne for opening of National Guard monument, SG291+319(cat £66) + 40c sp.monument label all tied sp.cachets.40
15121925(May) Geneva Air Meeting sp.ppc flown(cachet) to Paris, SG289+317 & sp.pmk. Sp.30c air label tied.25
15131926(Nov) cacheted FFC Leysin-Lausanne, airs SG316-7.25
15141930 folded complete parcel card(+ customs declaration) regd Lausanne-N.York, Mi196x+142(3fr x2).40
15151936 regd insured(V-labels) cvrs(2,1 airmail) Schaffhausen-UK, SG329(90c arms)+354 or 330(1f20 arms).30
15161938 regd express cvr Burg-Seon, SDN 30c(Mi322) + Pro-Juv.minisheet (J83a cat £75). PHOTO50
15171939(Apr) KLM FFC Basel-Rotterdam, 20c (SG392). Scarce unannounced flight! PHOTO50
15181941 regd airmail cvr Zurich-Argentina via Chiasso, hi-rate SG379a,89a(pair 5fr),90b(strip of 4 10fr),413(pair 2fr cat 280eu) front & back. PHOTO250
15191944(Sept 20) regd flown FDC Zurich-Geneva of airs SG441-4(cat £30).20
15201947 regd Pro-Juventute FDC Neuhausen-USA of Mi488-91. Cat 160 euros(FDC).40
15211947 regd airmail cvr Zurich-E.Africa, Mi328w(3fr),378,90(x2).30
15221957-8 airmail censored cvrs(4) to Egypt(destination/rec'rs)@ 50c-80c rates(different frankings inc commems)20
1523SYRIA: (see lot 508): 1923(July) airmail cvr Ryak-Baghdad(rec'r), scarce OMF airs (SG89-92 cat £250). PH.200
15241926(Jun) airmail cvr Damascus-Beirut(rec'r), Refugee airs (SG208-11 cat £32). PHOTO45
15251930 Damascus Palace Hotel env to Malta(destination/rec'r), SG177(x2),81,84,223. No flap.20
15261938(July) regd Air France cacheted 10th anniv.FFC Damascus-Marseille & return, SG337(x2 cat £19).25
15271941(Sept) OAS grn env FPO 37(only there 3 months)-Palestine(rec'r). Boxed censor + Victory label.30
1528TASMANIA: 1894 cvr Evandale(cds + 30 numeral)-Melbourne via Launceston, 2d (SG157).25
15291897 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Wynyard(cds + 87 numeral)-Launceston.20
15301900(Nov 30) local Hobart cvr with pair 3d revenue opt (F34 cat £52). Last day cvr. PHOTO100
15311904 regd cvr Hobart-UK, 3-colour SG233,237,40d,da(both latter with inv.wmks). PHOTO65
1532THAILAND: 1902 1a p.stat.card, H&G1 comm.used locally in Bangkok ex German Club.15
15331910 3s on 1½a p.stat.card comm.used locally in Bangkok with 2 pmk.20
15341915 5s on 4a p.stat.reply card complete, H&G30 fine unused.20
15351946(Mar) stampless OHMS cvr Indian FPO 135 (Bangkok for 6 months)-ARM,India.35
15361946(Apr) stampless cvr Indian FPO 39(Bangkok for only 2 months)-India. Scarce but edges creased.35
15371957 3b airletter ex soldier in Royal Thai Marine Corps,Sattahiep-Lt in US forces,Philippines(APO rec'r).15
1538TOGO: 1915 Gold Coast KEVII 2d+1d regd env size H used locally in Lome with ovpt set to 20/=(small surface fault) inc small F on 2d & thin G on 2/6d. Stamps cat £460. PHOTO300
1539TOKELAU: 1946 cvrs(2) Atafu-NZ, Samoan set to 3/=.30
15401947 regd cvr Fakaofo-UK, Samoa SG215-6(x2 ea).25
15411947(May) pictorial airdrop matching set of 3 airmail cvrs Apia-Atafu/Nukunonu/Fakaofo @ Samoan 5d rate. STB only 8 sets of 3 flown. PHOTO(ex).150
15421967(Sept 4) cacheted FDC Fakaofo-NZ, decimal set SG9-15.10
1543TONGA: 1899 cvr Nukualofa-France, ½d+2d (SG38,41 cat £12).35
15441913 cvr Nukualofa-Canada, 2d die 1 (SG40).20
15451934 'tin can' cvr Niuafoou-Fiji(& onto Sydney), SG39+57c(cat £10) & Suva pmk + box Paquebot(Hosk.178a).25
15461938(Oct 12) FDC Nukualofa-NZ, Accession set (SG71-3 cat £16).20
1547TRANSJORDAN:1944 regd cvr Amman-UK, vert.strips of 4(ex coils?) SG222-6(cat £68).Lozenge censor.PH.60
1548TRANSVAAL: (see lot 1108): 1901 ERI 4d regd env Jo'burg-Switz + ½d on 2d (SG243 x5). Pink OHMS Martial law label tied violet oval Capt Ferguson Jo'burg censor cachet.30
15491906 regd cvr Pretoria-USA, mixed VRI 3d + ERI 4d opts (SG230,241).30
15501906 ppc comm.used to UK @ 1d rate with Cantonment Potchefstroom pmk.20
15511908 cvr Potchefstroom-USA, 2½d (SG263). Cat £170(SG on cvr). PHOTO50
1552TRINIDAD: (see lots 21,1142):1885 QV 2d regd env to UK + 4d(SG110) & thimble pmk code B in use 2 yrs.30
15531896 QV 2d regd env size F Couva-Pt of Spain + SG107(x2).30
15541906 carting pitch ppc comm.used Diego Martin-USA, SG133-4.25
15551914 KEVII 2d regd env size F California-USA + 1d(SG150). Gum patch. PHOTO50
15561919(Oct 16) local Pt of Spain FDC of SG175 Red X opt (blk of 4 cat £8). Date error.20
15571933 KGV 3d regd env Rio Claro-USA + 3d(SG223).25
15581934 airmail cvr Erin-USA, SG223+227. Ex Palo Seco,Siparia.20
15591937 airmail cvr Pt of Spain-UK, mixed SG236a+243(x2 cat £15).20
15601939(Dec) sl.cut-down hotel advert cvr Pt of Spain-Venezuela(rec'r), SG247,51-2. Both circ.crown 6 postal censor + plain brn Opened by Censor tape.15
15611945 cvr Public Library-New Town with Pt of Spain red paid pmk: 3c altered to 1c.20
1562TRISTAN: 1930s comm.cvr ex Mrs David Hagan to UK. Cachet VI in blk, taxed with 1½d h/stamp. PHOTO40
15631938 cvr to S.Africa with scarce se-tenant blk of 4 S.Africa 1½d(SG5a cat £36) & violet type VII cachet. PH.40
15641940 GB Centenary set (SG479-84) on maritime mail cvr to UK with blue type VII cachet. See also lot 1355.25
15651949 taxed cvr to UK via CapeTown p/bot,GB 1½d p.stat.cut-out tied box Edinburgh Settlement cachet IX.PH.40
15661951 bogus 'Victor Marsh' cvr to UK with fine circ.Edinburgh Settlement pmk tying GB 1d p.stat.cut-out.10
1567TURKEY: (see lots 803,912): 1914 underpaid cvr Galata-Pera, tax mark & 2pa-20pa P.Dues (D347-50) tied.35
15681916 regd censored cvr Voivoda(3 pmk)-Germany, all diff.1915 star & crescent ovpts to 2pi(10 stamps).25
15691960 illus unadd.Europa FDC of SG1916-17. Cat 100eu(FDC).25
1570TURKS & CAICOS: 1919 regd cvr to USA, 3d war tax (SG147 blk of 4 cat £18).25
157119 23 comm.cvr to USA, ½d+2d (SG163b+66 cat £15). Ex Bottle Creek.25
15721935(May 6) local S.Jubilee FDC of SG187-90(cat £13).15
15731936 OHMS regd cvr to USA ex Commissioner, SG162(x6 inc blk of 4) + 176(x6). PHOTO45
15741942 airmail cvr Salt Cay-UK, 5/= (SG224 cat £24).40
1575URUGUAY: 1863 regd outer Montevideo-Nantes via UK, 4mgn 80c+100c (SG16-7). Boxed GB1f60. PHOT.500
15761883 comm.cvr to S.Wales, pair 5c (SG68) & fine C2 duplex.25
15771912 regd AR advert cvr Montevideo-Switz, 3-colour Artigas SG299-301(x2).30
15781931 regd cvr Montevideo-NZ(destination/rec'r), 24c (SG560).20
15791938 Air France cvrs(2 inc regd) to UK/Germany, 5 or 6-col. frankings inc airs SG738,40,42,72(x5 cat £48+).40
1580USA:1828 EL Baltimore-Neths per Havre Packet. Oval blk Forwarded by de Rham,Iselin & Moore(NY) cachet40
15811851(Oct) cvr Aunton(M)-E.Bridgewater(Mass), 3c imperf(Sc.10) & blue 3cts pmk. Cat $1500 (1851 use).PH.400
15821862 cvr Williamsburg-Monmouth(NY), 1c Franklin (Sc63 x3 cat $150 but 1 with 2 sides imperf). PHOTO75
15831863 EL Plainville(Conn)-Cleveland, 3c dull red (Sc65b) on vert.laid paper(cat $500) with green pmk. PHOT.200
1584c1860 colour patriotic cvr Worcester(Mass)-Boston, 3c (Sc26). See also lots 25,44,345,1085.40
15851875 1c p.stat.card UX1 comm.used N.York-Akron or +1c(Sc156) to Switz, fine intaglio 10 or 14 cork pmks.40
15861879 1c p.stat.card UX5 comm.used N.Orleans(blue cds + quill cork cancel)-N.York.25
15871916 comm.cvr N.York-Switz, Pan-Pacific 5c p10(cat $20). Intercepted by French military & censored.25
15881928(Oct) Graf Zeppelin cacheted FFC Cedar Rapids-Germany, SG579($1)+A649.20
15891929(Oct) cacheted PAG FFC Miami-Canal Zone-Argentina via Chile, SG578,A628,653 x3 (cat £12).20
15901933(Oct) Graf Zeppelin cacheted FFC Chicago-Seville, 50c Zeppelin (A732 cat £75). PHOTO75
15911936 illus 1st US rocket airplane flight cvr Greenwood Lake(NY)-Hewitt(NJ) with sp.grn flight label tied flight cachet & sent sp.delivery to Chicago with 16c (AE750). Signed Willy Ley(inventor). See also lots 56-7.25
15921945(July) cvr Albany-soldier in US APO (803 rec'r) @ 6c rate. Boxed Returning to United States cachet.15
1593Pacific: 1964-75 cvrs(2) Canton Is(3 diff.pmks)-UK/Switz @ 11c or 52c(regd) rates.20
1594Siberia: 1919(Jun) OAS ppc to USA, US PA Siberia pmk & AEF Siberia oval censor. Rare. PHOTO100
1595VATICAN: 1933(Apr 3) local regd FDC of Holy Year set (SG15-18 cat £85). Cat 450eu(FDC). PHOTO125
15961939(Mar) regd illus cvr to Switz, SG25,55 + scarce Vacant See opts (SG69-75 cat £20) in use 2 weeks only.25
15971953 80L blue aerogramme (LF6) fine unused & scarce. PHOTO50
15981954 regd airmail cvr to Hawaii(destination/rec'r) via Zurich, SG195,201(x2 ea),5,8,10-11(cat £23).25
1599VENEZUELA: (see lot 27):1861-74 stampless ELs(3) Maracaibo/Caracas/La Guaira-N.York per Ilva, T.Watson or Corinth, 1 with N.York US Currency Due 10.50
16001881 EL La Guaira-Caracas per Conea, 25c (SG94).20
16011896 cvr(inc letter) La Guaira(firms dated cachet)-Germany via St Nazaire, 25c (SG165).25
16021905 ppc Caracas(undated d/ring cachet)-Belgium, SG180+310.20
16031948(Aug) CSAL cacheted FFC Caracas-Cuba, SG793. Very uncommon.25
1604VICTORIA: 1852(Dec) cvr to UK rated 3 in red & 8 in blk with oval unframed red crown Paid Melbourne pmk.25
16051863 cvr Geelong-UK, no wmk 2d grey-blue + 4d rose-pink(perfs trim at base), SG77a+85(cat £286). PH.200
16061891 Shire of St Arnaud 2d blue/blue p.stat.env Donald(303 duplex)-Parliament House,Melbourne.25
16071899 ½d green p.stat.env, scarce H&G9 fine unused.20
16081909 cvr to Ireland, blk of 4 1d die 3(SG385c cat £10+) & fine English Mail TPO Out pmk. Inc late fee. PH.40
1609VIETNAM: South: 1973 illus(map) cvr Quan Buu-Lam Son, military frank (SM115 cat £38). Triang.censor35
1610ICC: 1954(Dec 1) FDC Saigon(Indian Army PO pmk)-India via military TPO, blks of 4 N11-2(cat £40).30
1611W.AUSTRALIA: 1890-99 2d red & 3d grn p.stat.cards(2, H&G 3-4) fine unused.30
16121901 OHMS(Her to His) Engineers Office(cachets) Perth-UK. Officially Paid circ.cachet. Ship Mail Room pmk.30
16131906 Ceylon ppc comm.used to UK, GB KEVII 1d & small Fremantle pmk.15
1614YEMEN: 1970 cvrs(2 inc regd airmail) Ghaidha-UK, S.Yemen SG1,39-40,43 or 25+32(x2) & 2 diff.pmks.25
1615Royalist: 1964 airmail cvr Royal GHQ(sp.pmk)-USA, SGR4,33,43(x2) + 6b imperf ex MS37a.25
16161964 regd official cvr Camp Mansur-USA, SGMSR43a + 46(cat £22). PHOTO50
1617YUGOSLAVIA: (see lots 37,860): 1878-9 stampless feldpost cvrs(3) to Prag via Vienna with KuK FPO pmks inc XXV(Cajnica & Foca areas) & regiment details of senders. S/line Franco noted.40
16181920 Ljubljana ppc comm.used Ljubljana-Trieste, 15p (SG152). Boxed Trieste censor.20
16191921(Feb) comm.cvr Torokkanizsa(Hungary)-Subotica(rec'r), bisected 10pa(Mi121). Listed but unpriced. PH.50
16201922 25pa p.stat.card comm.used Gornja Lendava-Chile(destination/rec'r) + 25p,50p (SG169-70).25
16211934 Novi Sad sp.exhib'n ppc comm.used to Vienna, SG296(cat £13) & sp.red pmk.25
1622Trieste Zone B: 1952-3 Tito,Esperanto,Legislature illus unadd.FDCs(3) of B61-3,97,102-4.25
16231950 ppc comm.used Piran-Zagreb, 2d (B39). Uncommon.20
1624ZANZIBAR: 1903 2½a p.stat.env, H&G7 used locally to SS Cleopatra with sq.circle pmk.25
16251905 India QV 2a blue opt regd env size F used locally + 1a(SG211) & sq.circle pmks. PHOTO50
16261926 Sultan 3c,6c,12c p.stat.reply cards(3, H&G30-32) fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.35
16271932(July) airmail cvr to Lebanon(destination/rec'r) via Dodoma & Cairo, SG290(1r),301,6 tied reverse.40
16281939 On Govt Service env(+ signed cachet) to USA with Official Paid pmk.20
16291954(Feb) printed/cacheted FFCs(2) Zanzibar-Pemba & Wete-UK, SG341 or 339(x2)-41a,2-3,7.25

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