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Yorkshire Cover Auctions 

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1Boer War: 1902 GB QV 2d regd env APO Bloemfontein-Cape + KEVII 1d. Minor flap gum stains.20
21908 3 Nations X-roads ppc commercially used to Germany, German 5pf + 2pf Ostmark Fund label + Russian 1k + Austrian 1h,2h,3h all tied their respective border towns pmks20
3Redirected:1904 regd cvr Vienna-Fiume, Austrian 10h+25h. Redirected Fiume-UK + Hungary 5f+10f tied rev.40
41906 printed matter cvr Hamburg (DB flag pmk)-Captain in Prince Alberts Regt,India @ 5pf rate. Much redirected around India then boxed Reexpedie to UK c/o Cox & Co,London35
51926 airmail cvr Troyes(France)-Switz @ 1f85c rate, redirected back Switz-Troyes @ 50c air rate.35
61932 airmail cvr Indochina-Paris via Saigon-Marseille @ 36c rate then Paris-Brussels @ 1fr rate.25
71935(July) airmail cvr Wigan-Germany, SG424+55(1½d S.Jubilee). Redirected back to UK + German 40pf Hindenburg. Large silver KGV Jubilee seal reverse.20
81960 airmail cvr Ontario-Kenya @ Canada 25c rate redirected Kitale-UK @ Kenya 1s30 rate.15
9WW1: 1915(Feb) French 10c p.stat.card Paris-C'tinople. 2 diff.Return to Sender (acheminement impossible).20
10POW envelope ex Belgian in Camp de Giessen(cachet + censor)-Belgian govt in exile,Ste Adresse via Switz.15
11Airmails: 1930 airmail cvr 5th Air Traffic Congress The Hague(sp.pmk)-UK, Neths SG308,320A.20
121934(Apr) illus double cacheted FFC Australia-NZ & return per ‘Faith in Australia’ with Australian SG125,7,8, 39(x2 diff.Sydney pmks) & NZ SG548-9(cat £56) pmk’d Kaitaia. Addressed to Holland.35
13Crash: 1936(Aug) airmail cvr India-UK @ 7½a rate. 2-line Damaged by Seawater h/stamp. Ex Scipio.35
14WW2: nice lot censored airmail cvrs(43) ex S&C.America-USA. Wide variety US censor tapes/handstamps.100
151942 airmail cvrs(2) Cristobal/Balboa-USA @ Canal Zone 15c rate. Either BIC or US Spanish lang.censors.20
161943 RAF Middle East illus Xmas card used to UK. See also lots 356-7.10
171943(Mar) censored(UK) airmail cvr Switz-PO Box 260/141(Polish undercover address/FPO 1 rec'r) @ 50c.25
18UN: 1958 regd(bilingual labels) cvrs(5) UN Brussels-Germany, Belgian UN set (SG1642-57 cat £12).20
191990 UNIMOG env ex Medical Asst(cachet),Dezful(blue pmk),Iran-Yugoslavia. See also lots 215,466,1675.20
201798 outer Porto-London p.Capt Harris QDG rated 1/7d, Cowes Ship Lres (S1). PHOTO100
211802 outer to London by Thurlow, oval Ship Letter London (S7). Sunday delivery pmk.40
221840 EL Vera Cruz-UK rated 8 via N.York(red Forwarded Aymar & Co) & Ship Lre Portsmouth(S15 red). PH.50
231842(Au) outer Admiral Adam-Edinburgh rated 1/-(Liverpool h/struck), undated oval America L across join.PH50
241847 EL Antwerp-London with 2½c newspaper frank stamp inside + unframed red Ship Lre London(S29) cds.25
251850 paid cvr New Bedford(Ms)-Cornwall via L'pool(red America Col. paid cds), 48 mss + 38 h/stamp.20
261854 cvr N.York-Glasgow per Atlantic via L'pool (Paid in America tombstone) rated 24.35
271860 EL Birmingham-N.Orleans via Liverpool & Br.Packet cds rated 19cts(h/stamp). Some bleaching.15
281874 crested env Virginia-Admiral Cochrane,C-in-C Pacific Fleet,Victoria BC(Canada) @ US 6c rate.25
291875 cvr Chicago(red paid pmk)-Scotland, pair US 3c & blue cork pmk. 4-line unframed Glasgow Pkt Paid.35
301899 cvr to Finland(Abo rec'r) per Bora, Swedish 10o pair tied 3 strikes s/line Fran Utlandet.20
311903 Genoa RP ppc comm.used to UK, Germania 10pf & Deutsch Seepost Far East Line code f pmk.20
321905 ppc Las Palmas(Canaries)-Sweden(destination/rec'r), Spanish SG293b(x2) & Plymouth Ship Letter cds.15
331908 Ceylon ppc to UK via Perth SMR, GB 1d & Fremantle(WA) cds + box Paquebot (Hosk.1348).25
341924 comm.cvr Stettin-Helsinki, German 30pf tied pictorial ‘ship’ paquebot of Abo (Hosk.941).40
351930 cvr to UK, Austral.1½d & boxed Packet Boat of Auckland (Hosk.1551)+ Marine PO RMMS Aorangi pmk40
361932 Azores ppc comm.used to UK, Azores Ceres 75c & Providence(RI) pmk + s/line Paquebot (Hosk.2118).20
371933 Jerusalem ppc to France, Palestine 3m + France 50c tied Marseille a Kobe No.6 paquebot.20
381935 Captain Salmon advert cvr to Canada per Niagara, Aussie 1d+2d & Auckland Loose Letters (Hosk1549)30
391936(Mar) pictorial record of RMS Queen Mary from launch on Clyde to Southampton prior to maiden voyage.10
401938 cvr Reykjavik-Kent, 3-colour Iceland 5a,10a,20a & Edinburgh p/bot slogan(Hosk.282). Env.damage(rev)20
411938 Lloyd Triestino ship ppc to Germany written en route Cyprus, Italian SG512 & Palastrina violet paquebot pmk + scarce s/line Paquebot (Hosk.2978) + cds of Haifa. PHOTO45
421938 ‘Smye’ cvr Lyttleton(NZ)-UK, Niue Coronation set. S/line Loose Letter (scarce Hosk.1594).40
431943 regd(MM label) censored cvr to Red X,London, GB KGVI 3d & red PO Maritime Mail 40mm cachet.15
441952 SS New Australia RP ppc comm.used Algiers-UK, GB 2d tied s/line Paquebot (Hosk.2719).10
451969 cvr Liberia-UK @ 8c rate via N.York(delayed by stoppage in steamship operations pmk).15
461969 John Fairfax(solo Atlantic rower) illus signed cacheted cvr USA-UK.15
472005 Antarctic Bases ppc(8 diff) ex Saga Rose world cruise to S.America,NZ,Pacific inc Pitcairn.15
48Balloon: 1936(May) cacheted 4th car versus balloon race in Poland: express cvr Borzecin-Tychy, Poland SG300,2,7 tied sp.boxed illus violet pmks. Uncommon.25
491939(May) illus hotel env flown within Switz ex Zurich Exhib'n(cachet/pmk), 65c(SG325a). Pilot signed.20
50Birds: 1978 Botswana set to P5 (SG411-27 cat £55) on 2 illus unadd. FDCs.40
51Corsetry: 1932 attractive illus(woman before mirror) advert cvr S.Africa-USA @ 3d rate.20
52Christmas: 1905(Dec 1) ppc Stockport-Winsford @ 1d rate. Red/mauve ½ perf label tied 1905 Santa Claus Christmas Fair violet cachet. See also lots 16,130,159,480,862,1318.30
53Chiropody: 1967-8 advert cvrs(2, diff.illus) Lisbon-UK @ Portugal 3e50 rate. Front & back Dr Scholl adverts.15
54Drink:1935 advert cvr Salvador-Germany @ 45c.Slogan: Drink Water from Coatepque Lake: Salvador's Vichy20
55Esperanto: 1910 advert printed p/card for Esperanto comm.used Milan-London @ 10c rate.15
56Fishing: 1896 illus advert(fishing tackle suppliers + medals won) cvr Perth-Stirling @ 1d rate.30
57Football: 1962(Jun) Santiago RP ppc comm.used Chile-Switz signed by Swiss world cup team squad.25
58Hotel: (see lots 313,642,857,1334,1374): 19th cent. unused pictorial Grand Hotel Locarno, Hotel Jungfrau @ Eggishorn or Hotel Menaggio on Lake Como Swiss p/cards(3). 2 have Swiss 5c/10c arms(Mi52,54) affixed.30
591906 Indian bazaar ppc Charleville Hotel,Mussoorie(pmk)-UK @ 1a rate via Sea PO B.15
60Lighthouse: 1853 stampless outer On Lighthouse Service St John-Frederickton(NB), h/struck 3.25
61Mountaineering:(see lot 1252): 1982-2003 signed Himalaya Expedition illus cvrs/ppcs(8).25
62Olympics: 1924 firms p/card Paris(Olympic Games slogan pmk)-Thorshavn(Faroes: destination) @ 30c rate20
631936(Au)15pf illus German Olympics p.stat.card flown Hindenburg Olympic flight Frankfurt-Berlin + SG608,1240
641956 illus regd airmail express FDC Zagreb-UK of Yugoslav Olympics set (SG835-42 cat £60).35
65Parachuting:(see lot 1270): 1951 illus unadd.Yugoslav FDC of 1st world championships (SG696-7 cat £52).40
661924(Sept) early parachutist ppc flown Zurich-Basle-Grenchen, Swiss SG280+319(cat £29) + 30c flight label.25
67Religion: 1897 US 5c Columbus p.stat.env S.Francisco-France. 16th Internat.Christian Convention label tied.25
68Royalty: (see lot 373): 1924 printed signed cvr Comptroller to Queen Alexandra, Sandringham(official paid pmk)-General Sir George Higginson,Marlow. Violet GvR cypher. Minor edge tears at right.35
691902(Jun 19) KEVII Coronation illus ppc comm.used London(½d Paid red pmk)-Falmouth.15
701919 crown crested env Balmoral Castle(red official paid pmk)-London, GvR cypher.20
711940 fine crested env Ballatar(official paid cds)-Aberdeen with GviR cachet.20
721955(Feb-Mar) illus cvrs(4) for Princess Margaret's visit to Antigua,St Kitts,St Vincent or Trinidad.20
73Rowing: 1905 ppc(4-man boat being rowed down Adelaide river) Largs Bay(sq.circ)-France @ S.Aust 1d rate20
74Scouts: 1933 regd cvr Szeged-Germany, Hungarian set SG563-7(cat £20).25
751934(July) scouting RP ppc to UK, Latvia 20s & Skautu Nometne pmk.20
761937 World Jamboree Holland env + printed letter ex camp to UK, Dutch 12½c (SG468) & sp.pmk20
77Skiing:(see lot 1694): 1933 illus cvr for 30th US National ski meet Salisbury(Conn)-Brooklyn @ 3c rate.15
781938(Feb) regd cvr Lahti(sp.FIS pmk)-Switz, Finland set (SG321-3 cat £40).30
79Tobacco: 1876 printed matter EL(4pp on US tobacco crop) Bremen-USA, German 5pf (Mi32).25
801963(Feb 18) airmail illus FDC World Tobacco Congress,Salisbury-UK, Rhod & Nyasa 2/6d (SG46).10
81ADEN:(see lot 853): 1883 cvr to UK, Indian QV 1½a+3a (SG90,93) & cds + B duplex (KD10). PHOTO125
821894 Indian 1a on 1½a p.stat.card comm.used to Belgium with fine sq.circle pmk15
831901 Indian 1a on 2½a p.stat.env comm.used locally with Aden d/ring bridge pmk.15
841915-25 ppcs(2 inc barracks) to UK @ Indian 1a or 2a rates & 2 different pmks.15
851919(Jan) OAS ppc to UK ex S/Sgt en route UK on HT Chakdara. Base Office Aden IEF pmk. Minor fault.40
861938 MS Meonia printed env Aden Camp-Denmark(destination), 3½a (SG7).20
871950 KGVI 6a airletter H&G1 comm.used to UK20
881964 regd airmail cvr to Switz, 2/= shade (SG66b cat £18).20
89States: 1964 airmail cvr Haura-France, 4-colour SG41-4(cat £6).20
90AEGEAN: 1927 regd advert cvr Rhodes-UK via Italian TPO, 3-colour Italian SG76,180+190(x2 ea). PHOTO65
911932 Rhodes ppc comm.used to Genoa, Dante 10c (SG70 x2 cat £13).35
92AFGHANISTAN: 1939(Oct) Chakrota Hill ppc comm.used Kabul-UK, 25p (SG263).15
93ALBANIA: 1916 Italian armed forces p.stat.card comm.used Posta Militare Albania No.3-Italy.25
941916 Valona ppc comm.used PM Italian Occupation Troops No.1-Italy, Italian 10c + censor.20
951917 ppc comm.used Valona(RR Italian Post pmk)-Italy. Boxed 3-line Valona censor.40
961918 ppc comm.used Italy-Valona @ 10c rate. Boxed 3-line Valona censor.40
971938(Oct) cvr Tirane-Germany via Villach(Austrian customs censor label), SG279-80(x2).20
98ANDORRA: French: 1950 Radio Andorra ppc comm.used to France, 4fr (F115 cat £21) & La Vieille pmk.30
991974-5 Europas (SGF256-7,62-3 cat £67) on illus unadd/typed label FDCs(2).35
1001976 airmail cvr GPO La Vieille-USA, F168(x3),71,73,75,277(x3)-8(x2 cat £42).35
101Spanish: 1948(Feb 16) regd illus cvr to Spain of SG44,6-7,50 (cat £48).40
102ANTIGUA: (see lot 1138): 1901 Leewards QV ½d wrapper comm.used (firms cachet) to N.York15
1031911 regd cvr St Johns-Germany, 4-colour SG33,41,43,46(cat £49). PHOTO75
1041917 comm.cvr St Johns-USA, mix franking war stamp SG53 + Leewards 1d.15
1051921 regd cvr St Johns-Canada, War stamps SG53(strip of 4)-4(cat £12).20
1061931(Jan) scarcer FFC to Fr.Guiana(rec’r), SG56,73,76(cat £14). Unlisted Muller. PHOTO50
1071931(Aug) DO-X cacheted flight cvr to Miami, 1/= (SG76). PHOTO100
1081940(Mar) cvr St Johns-USA @ 3d rate. Circ. crown Passed by Antigua censor 2.20
1091951 regd(inc 2 village labels) cvrs(3) All Saints,Freetown or Old Road-UK, SG118-9.25
110ARGENTINA: 1865 firms EL B.Aires-Paris via Bordeaux charged 16. Octag.Conf.Argentine Saintonge p/bot.35
1111892 ½c p.stat.wrapper H&G15 comm.used locally in B.Aires with Lujan pmk.15
1121897 5c p.stat.env, H&G13 Rosario-Germany per Bresil + SG143,5(x2): ie 3-colour.20
113Pre-WW1 coll'n of all different p.stat.cards/envs/wrappers(31) good-fine unused.30
1141920 San Martin ½c wrapper + SG450(private perfs),52(ie 3-colour) B.Aires-UK.20
1151929(Nov) CGA flown env Comodoro Rivadavia-B.Aires, SG531,47,60.20
116 1935 4c San Martin illus(map/flag) publicity p.stat.card, H&G48 complete folded used locally B.Aires + c Trans Oceanica Exhibition labels. 25
1171936-on Portraits 4c(x2 diff),5c p.stat.cards, 5c env, 3c&4c wrappers(6) all fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.40
118ASCENSION: 1935 regd cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG31-4 cat £110). PHOTO100
1191939(Jan) cvr to St Helena(rec'r), ½d-3d inc scarce SG39d,42 (cat £48). PHOTO50
120 AUSTRALIA: (see lot 12,35,38): 1916 POW Free env, H&GIB2 Liverpool Concentration Camp (cachet)-Berlin. Boxed red Passed Censor SD. Inc letter. PHOTO 75
1211917 cvr Sydney-Switz, SG20+21c(x2: minor flaws noted). Violet/white Opened by Censor label.20
1221917 firms env Sydney-USA, 2½d roo (SG4 cat £16) perfinned JS&Co.25
1231918 KGV 1d p.stat.env, H&G6 Port Lincoln (SA sq.circle)-Kunden.15
1241924 KGV 4½d regd env H&G24 Echuca(Money Order Office pmk)-Black Rock (Sandringham rec'r).25
1251929 airmail cvr Melbourne-UK, strip 3 SG116. 2-line red Insufficiently Paid for Transmission by Airmail.25
1261929-32 cvrs(2) Thursday Island(2 diff.pmks)-UK/USA, SG116(x2) or 119.40
1271930 University of Queensland printed env Parliament House-UK, SG94,96,117.20
1281930(Jun 2) regd flown Sturt FDC Perth-UK, SG115,17-8(x2 cat £23).40
1291931(May) ANA ‘all the way’ sp.env Melbourne-UK, K.Smith airs SG121(x3),2(blk of 4),3(cat £41).30
1301931(Nov) Xmas illus/cacheted FFC Melbourne-UK, SG99 + airs 139-a inc OS ovpt cat £74.40
1311932 cvr Adelaide-UK, 2d red-brn (SG98). Scarcer single franking.25
1321932(Mar) crown crested env Brisbane-Toowomba, OS 2d (O125).25
1331935 airmail cvr Ulverston(Tas)-UK via Launceston,Melbourne, 9d Macarthur SG152(x2 cat £100). PHOTO80
1341936 printed regd FDC Collins St(Melbourne)-UK of Telephone Link set SG159-6025
1351939 airmail cvr Melbourne-Sweden via Greece, SG134(x2),65,67 (4/3d rate).15
1361940 cvr GB-Sqn.Ldr RAAF Richmond Aerodrome(rec'r). Ret'd to Sender with 2 diff. Sydney DLO inc censor.25
1371952 regd advert airmail cvr Oxford St(NSW)-Iceland(destination/rec'r), SG223a,38,48,51.15
1381959-65 QEII 2/5d regd envs(3, H&G44-6) all fine unused.40
1391964 OHMS window env ex Water Supply Dept,Bridgetown(WA) with red Paid at Bridgetown skeleton pmk.15
1401967 QEII 25c brn/yellow regd env, H&G49 fine unused.20
141AAT: 1948(Mar) cvr Macquarie Is-Australia @ 2½d rate. 2-line ANARE 1947 violet expedition cachet.20
1421955 regd cvr Heard Island-UK, SG117(late use),227,233,37,71.15
143AUSTRIA: (see lots 2-3,405-7,519,1475): 1859 EL Pressburg-Gran, 2kr (Mi10 type 2 cat £70). PHOTO65
1441895 2kr Illyria p.stat.card comm.used Spalato-Germany via Zara. 2-line Leta Arra per Mare.40
1451896-1903 15kr or 30h pneumatic mail p.stat.envs(2) used locally in Vienna.15
1461911 Prinz Hohenlohe ppc to Vienna, 5h & Cattaro-Trieste maritime TPO pmk.35
1471915 regd censored(Vienna wafer seal) cvr Vienna-Hannover, scarcer 35h biplane (SG246).25
1481915-6 firms p/cards(2 diff) to Vienna @ 5h-15h rates with 2 diff.KuK military censor Cilli 3-line h/stamps.15
1491916 stampless ppc comm.used SMS Prinz Eugen(ships FPO pmk),Pola-Budapest.25
1501925(Sept 1) airmail(cachets) cvr Vienna-Budapest, SG582 + airs 620,28.25
1511927 regd cvr Vienna-Beyrouth(Syria: destination/rec'r), 24g + 1s (SG581+7).20
15219 28(Jun) sp.printed illus FF p/card of G31 aircraft Klagenfurt-Salzburg, SG617+22 & sp.pmk20
1531928 express cvr Bad Aussee-Munich(rohrpost pneumatic rec'r), 45g (SG584).15
1541931 flown ppc Vienna-Berlin, 30g air (SG627 cat £13).25
1551946 local Vienna express cvr with scarce(on cvr) 5RM (SG890). PHOTO75
1561949 censored regd airmail cvr Wien Modling-USA, POW Fund (SG1170-3 cat £50). Inc letter.40
1571951(Mar 10) illus airmail FDC to UK of Reconstruction set (SG1225-8 cat £95). PHOTO75
158Levant: 1884 5sld p.stat.card comm.used C’tinopel-Paris.25
1591899(Dec 25) Xmas ppcs(2) comm.used to Germany/Vienna @ 20pa on 5kr rates tied black or violet Jerusalem pmks. Special Bethlehem dated violet cachets alongside.50
1601908 scarcer 5c POs in Crete p.stat.env comm.used Jerusalem-S.Africa(destination).40
1611910 Hotel Carmel ppc comm.used Caifa-France, POs in Crete 5c (Mi17).25
1621911 10c p.stat.card (P28) comm.used Samos-Germany with Vathy Osterr.Post pmk30
1631911 C'tinople ppc comm.used to Paris, 20pa & scarcer Prevesa Austrian PO pmk. PHOTO45
164Lombardy Venetia: 1862 vinegar factory printed EL Vicenza-Pavia, 2sld (Mi6 type 2 cat £110). PHOTO100
165BAHAMAS: 1895 QV 2½d p.stat.env regd Nassau(cds pmk)-Germany via London with scarcer AO5 pmk. PH45
1661912 local unclaimed/unpaid decorative Green Turtle Bay( scarce pmks front & back) cvr. PHOTO65
1671914 ppc comm.used Clarence Town,Long Island-UK via Nassau @ 1d rate.40
1681928 double regd KGV 2d env The Ferry Exuma-USA + 1d. Nassau regd label. PHOTO50
1691928 long comm.cvr Tarpum Bay-UK, 1d (SG111). Central fold.40
1701935 regd airmail cvr Nassau-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG141-4 cat £38).30
1711935 hotel env express(label) Nassau-N.York, SG122+131(2/= cat £36). PHOTO125
1721943 regd censored 4-colour Landfall opts (½d,1½d,2d,2½d) cvr to UK.15
1731943 regd censor airmail cvr Nassau-UK, SG132a,54-a,55a(thin paper),58,60,67-8,70,1a,73a(cat £181). PH.150
1741946 regd airmail cvr Nassau-Seychelles(destination/rec'r) via Mombasa, marginal ½d-1/= (11 vals cat £15+).20
1751951 local comm.cvr True Blue(skeleton pmk)-Nassau, KGVI 1½d & B duplex.30
176BAHRAIN: 1933(Oct) cvr to Germany, 3a6p (SG8).20
1771941 regd airmail cvr to Bombay, SG20+23(x5 inc blk of 4) tied reverse. Boxed Not Opened by Censor.35
1781948 regd airmail cvr to USA, SG54+56(blk of 12) tied reverse.25
1791957(Apr 1) airmail regd FDC to UK of QEII np set (SG102-12 cat £16). Scarce.40
1801972-9 airmail cvrs(3) Manama,Muharraq or Isa Town-UK @ 60f or 80f rates.20
181BANGLADESH: 1972(Feb) glue-stained official cvr Temporary PO 280-Dacca, pair 20p Pakistan Service opts with central Bangladesh h/stamp.10
182BARBADOS: 1896 ½d on 1d wrappers(2) comm.used to Scotland with cds or bootheel pmks.20
1831902 ½d brown p.stat.wrapper, H&G4 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.10
1841905 regd cvr to Canada, 5d (SG110).25
1851905 underpaid ppc to UK @ ½d rate. Tax marks both countries inc T in heart.25
1861911 QV 1½d p.stat.card, late use H&G6 comm.used to Montserrat(rec'r).15
1871946 hand-drawn map illus airmail cvr to Seychelles(destination) @ 1/1d rate. Scarce Officially Sealed label.25
1881949 airmail cvr to Ireland @ 2/6d rate (SG252b x10)15
189BASUTOLAND: 1885 regd letter receipt pmk'd Maseru for item to King Williams Town. Scarce survivor. PH.50
1901901 mourning cvr to POW,Diyatalawa Camp,Ceylon with Cape 1d. Blue POW censor. PHOTO.50
1911929 S.African ½d p.stat.card comm.used Leribe(D7 state 2 pmk)-Morija.30
1921935 KGV ½d p.stat.card, H&G2 fine unused.15
1931938 OHMS cvr Medical Officer,Maseru(cachet)-USA, SG2 (strip of 3).20
1941944 cvr Tsoelike-E.London(Cape), 1½d (SG20).25
195Lesotho: 1975 unpaid cvr Teyateyaneng-Qachasnek with strip of 4 2c P.Dues (D14 cat £14) tied25
196BECHUANALAND: 1886 scarcer 4d regd env with large Br.Bechuanaland ovpt, H&G2 fine unused.30
1971907 KEVII ½d+1d Bech.Prot.ovpts on GB p.stat.cards(2: H&G3-4) ovpt'd Specimen horseshoe fine unused.50
1981932 KGV ½d p.stat.card, H&G7 fine unused.15
1991934 comm.cvr Kanye-USA, SG100-1.20
2001934 regd OHMS airmail cvr Lobatsi-Kenya, SG102(x2)-3(cat £18).40
2011937 regd(violet h/st) cvr Serowe-UK, SG115-7.15
2021960 OHMS env(+ PO cachet) Lobatsi-UK, scarce 4d (SG146b cat £14).20
203BELGIUM: (see lots 10,18,24): 1775 EL rated 4 Antwerp-Lille with A in red circle.15
2041864 EL Turnhout-UK via Angleterre par Ostende d/ring, 40c (SG27 cat £32) & 367 pmk.35
2051900 comm.cvr Antwerp(station pmk)-London, 50c grey-blk (SG88a with tablet)30
2061916 stampless FM cvr Military PO-Sweden(destination/rec'r). Military censor 124 label tied.15
2071930(Dec) cacheted FFC to Congo with scarce 5fr air (SG564 cat £38). Pmk'd day before FDI.35
2081931(Apr) German airmail flown cvr Brussels-Koln-Saarbrucken, SG561-2,73.20
2091937(Apr) SABENA cacheted FFC Brussels-Prague, SG686+735.15
2101940 censored(German) airmail cvr Brussels-USA, Relief Fund SG904(x3),6-9.20
2111960 illus unadd.World Refugee Year minsheet FDC of SGMS1719(cat £85) & Gent sp.FDI pmk. PHOTO50
212Congo: 1911 regd internal US Consular Service env Luati-Vice Consul,Boma, 40c ovpt (SG50 x2). PHOTO65
2131925(Dec) airmail cvr Luebo-Leo-Belgium, SG88,104,120.40
2141929(Jan) airmail cvr Leopoldville-UK, SG87-8,153.20
2151962 UN Forces illus unadd. FDCs(4) of Indian U1-6(cat £36) & FPO 660,716,771 or 777 pmks30
216German Occ: 1916-17 local Antwerp p/cards(2) ex Dutch Consulate (cachet or pre-printed back) @ 8c rate inc mixed issue franking with p.stationery. 2 different types Antwerp censors25
2171918 advert cvr Tournai-Brussels, 5c+50c W.Command ovpts (Mi2a,8) & censor’s pmk.25
218Occ.E.Africa: 1918 troops illus 10c ovpt p.stat.ppc comm.used to France with blue BPCvPK No.16 pmk.30
219Ruanda Urundi: 1937 cvr Usumbura-USA, Queen Astrid charity set (SG103-5 cat £23).35
220BERMUDA:1880 fine formular p.stat.cards(2: H&G1-2)with ½d(SG19) or ½d+1d(SG19,23 cat £100+ unused)65
2211891 comm.cvr Hamilton-Canada per SS Trinidad, QV 2½d(x2). Double rate.25
2221897 QV ½d blue/buff p.stat.card comm.used Hamilton-Italy(destination/rec’r) via London + ½d(SG21).30
2231902 ½d & 1d dry dock or KGV p.stat.cards(4: H&G11-12,14-5) fine unused.40
2241911 QV 1d p.stat.reply card complete comm.used Hamilton-Montserrat(rec'r) via St Kitts.25
2251916(Jan) censored ppc Hamilton-USA @ 1d rate. Light triangular violet Passed Bermuda censor.20
2261916(Apr) cvr Hamilton-USA, 2½d (SG48). Circular PC Bermuda censor.20
22719 20 KGV ½d p.stat.card, H&G14 written Southampton East-Canada pmk'd Warwick West(D5) + ½d(SG45a)40
2281921 OHMS cut-down regd cvr Hamilton-USA, 3-colour Tercent.SG72-3,76(cat £130). PHOTO100
2291949 KGVI ½d p.stat.card comm.used St Georges-USA.15
2301949 regd cvr Devonshire South-St Georges, 1½d (SG111b strip of 3). See also lot 1748.15
231BOLIVIA: 1893 5c p.stat.env H&G3 + 5c(SG59) Santa Cruz-Cochabamba & cork pmk.30
2321894 10c p.stat.env, H&G6 Cochabamba-Oruro with grid pmk.20
2331909 cvr La Paz-Scotland via Callao(Peru), 3-colour SG201-2((x2),3.25
2341942 regd advert airmail cvr Cochabamba(violet pmk)-Peru, SG342,69(x2),72. 2-line Censur Region Militar 7.20
235BOSNIA: 1908 11h waterfall lettercard comm.used Zupajac-Travnik.15
2361910 cvr Mostar(red KuK pmk)-Trieste @ 10h rate (Mi34).20
2371912 regd cvr(inc letter) Bileka-Trieste, 10h+25h (Mi34+6) tied reverse.20
2381916 cvr Sarajevo-Vienna, 5h invalids (Mi97 x3) tied reverse.40
2391917 regd cvr Sarajevo-Vienna, 5h+35h (Mi67+74).20
2401917 military cacheted(KuK transport HQ) stampless cvrs(2 inc regd) Duboj/Sarajevo-Fiume.25
241BRAZIL:(see lot 1441): 1888 outer Rio-Campo Saigo, 100r (SG77a cat £14) tied cork cancels.30
2421896 80r p.stat.card comm.used S.Paulo-Paris via Cachoeira TPO & Ligne J Paq.Fr.No.3(blue).25
2431901 advert cvr S.Paulo-UK via TPO to Rio then Danube to Lisbon, SG171(scarce 500r opt)+239.25
2441906 Pan-American Conference 50r p.stat.card(H&G31) + 100r,200r lettercards(H&G37-8) fine unused(3).15
2451930(May) illus Graf Zeppelin flight cvr Rio-Recife-Lakehurst inc 10,000r Zeppelin cat 100eu. PHOTO75
2461932(Sept) cacheted Graf Zepp flight cvr Rio-Germany, SG409+512(ovpt cat £27). Envelope corner repaired.20
2471939 regd cvr Rio-Germany, SG410(x2) + Red X set (SG571-3 cat £19).25
248BR.ANT.TERR: 1971 Treaty (SG38-41 cat £30) on illus FDC Argentine Is-UK.20
2491985 Graham Land to 1994 Transport sets on illus unadd.FDCs(11). Stamps cat £96.50
2502003 Bases set to £5 (SG377-88 cat £50) on illus unadd.FDCs(2) with Rothera FDI pmks.30
251BR.GUIANA: 1896 QV 4c regd env Nigg-UK via New Amsterdam + 5c(SG214). Scarce early pmk.40
2521896 repaired env to UK, 5c (SG214) & fine PB(private box) Georgetown pmk.25
2531897 1c p.stat.card comm.used Met-en-Meerzorg to Leguan (rec’r)30
2541899 advert cvr Georgetown-USA per SS Caribbee, SG216+7(x2) Jubilee (cat £11).25
2551905 2c violet p.stat.wrapper, H&G3 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen. Uncommon.15
2561914-7 comm.cvrs(4) Wakenaam,Bagotville,Belfield or Skeldon(all skeleton pmks)-USA @ 2c-5c rates.50
2571933 cvr Essequibo Steamer(fine pmk)-UK via Georgetown @ 4c rate.20
2581933 regd airmail cvr to Scotland, Centenary set (SG283-7 cat £60). PHOTO75
2591954(Dec 1) regd FDCs(2) to UK of set to $5 (SG331-45 cat £45).40
260BR.HONDURAS: 1888 5c on 1½d p.stat.card type 2 Belize(scarce D6 pmk in use 1year)-Germany. PHOTO50
2611891 ‘Aikman’ local cvr with pair 2c on 1d, 1 bisect tied (SG37+a cat £110).35
2621893 cvr Belize(rare D8 pmk in use 3 months)-USA, 12c (SG59). PHOTO65
2631889-1902 QV-KEVII p.stat.cards inc reply(7: H&G3,5-7,12-14) all fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.50
2641924 KGV 2c brn p.stat.wrapper, scarce H&G3 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
2651926 comm.cvr Punta Gorda-USA, SG127(x2).25
2661934 cvr PAA Office-Scotland, SG130-1(x3).40
2671936 printed cvr Catholic Mission,Cayo-USA @ 5c rate.25
2681941(Oct) advert cvr Belize-USA, SG150+5(x2). Scarce Br.Honduras censor label.40
2691951 printed cvr Catholic Mission,Benque Viejo-USA, SG151+3 & El Cayo pmk.15
2701951 regd cvr Double Head Cabbage(oval violet TRD)-UK, SG176-7.30
271BR.IND.OCEAN TERR: 1973 air cvrs(2) Farquahar Is or Pedros Banhos Chagos-USA, SG17,20,2-3 or 32+5.25
272BR.LEVANT: 1871 cvr to UK, GB 6d Z101 pl.9(cat £35) & C pmk. BPO C'tinople cds(reverse). Part flap. PH.50
2731890 cvr Beyrout(hooded pmk)-USA, 40pa (SG4). No flap.15
2741893 QV GB 1d red p.stat.card comm.used BPO C'tinople-UK.15
2751899 cvr Br.Embassy env(+scarce HBME cachet) C'tinople-General Cullen,India via Sea PO A,40pa(SG4).PH50
2761904 advert cvr BPO Salonica-Germany, 40pa (SG8a).20
2771911(Sept) cvr Smyrna-UK, 1pi on 2½d (SG25 cat £9).20
2781911 ppc comm.used Stamboul-UK, 1d(L2). Scarcer pmk.25
2791919 cvr BAPO C'tinople-Marseilles, GB KGV 2½d (Z180).15
280BR.OCC.ITAL.COLS: 1944(Feb) advert cvr Benghazi-Barca(Cirenaica) with MEF set to 2/6d (M11-19).35
2811949(Feb) cvr to Scotland, BMA Somalia 1sh (S18).20
2821950 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, BA Eritrea 75c (E21).30
2831951 airmail advert cvr Tripoli-UK, BA Tripolitania 12MAL (T21). Cat 700eu(cvr). PHOTO75
2841951 airmail cvr Asmara(forces pmk)-UK, BA Eritrea 20c(E15). Cat 1750eu(cvr). PHOTO250
285BR.VIRGIN IS:(see lot 443): 1904 Virgin 1d p.stat.env,H&G1a Tortola-Germany(rec'r).40
2861916(Dec) double regd(Road Town + St Thomas)to USA, 3-col.SG69(x6),78-9(cat £66) & scarcer pmk. PH.100
2871918 regd cvr Road Town-USA, 1d+3d war stamps (SG78a pair, 79a blk of 4 cat £90). PHOTO80
2881918 double regd cvr Road Town-USA via Charlotte Amalie & St Thomas, KEVII SG58-9.35
2891942 OHMS cvr Commissioner(oval cachet),Road Town-Canada @ 2d rate.15
2901972-3 comm.cvrs(3) to Nigeria/Lesotho(destinations) with East End,West End or Virgin Gorda pmks.25
291BRUNEI: 1951 airmail cvr K.Belait-UK, pair 25c scarcer perf (SG87b cat £28).35
292BULGARIA: 1884 10st Prince Ferdinand p.stat.card unissued essay in red & blk/buff fine unused. PHOTO50
2931893 stampless cvr to Sofia(rec’r) with 15th Infantry Regt violet cachet. Corner env.fault. PHOTO.45
2941906 10s p.stat.card comm.used to Zagreb(rec’r) via Sofia pmk’d Varna-Sofia TPO No.220
2951946 double regd(Sofia & Swedish h/st) advert airmail cvr Sofia-Sweden, SG559(x3)+575.10
296BURMA:1916(Jun) cvr Rangoon-Kyaukse(rec’r), Indian ½a & scarcer Rangoon RMS Sorting Office pmk.30
2971938 KGV 3a+1a ovpt regd env size H Syriam-UK + SG4,6. See also lot 879.40
2981939(Oct) airmail cvr Rangoon-UK, SG5+12. Armourial red/white censor label + triang.Rangoon censor 4.20
2991941 cvr Mawchi Mines-USA, SG23-4. Triangular X29 censor.25
3001945(Mar) censored 'blue triangle' airletter or white OAS env(2) Indian FPO 123(Alagappa)-UK.15
3011947 1½a+3a grn KGVI regd env size H Yamethin-Rangoon.40
3021947 Jap Occ 1a brn env H&GIB13 h/st opt On Postal Service official use Rangoon-Myintinge-Mandalay. PH50
3031947 airmail cvr Pegu Club(crest) Rangoon-UK, 4-colour SG51(x2),5,7,9(cat £23).20
304Jap.Occ: 1942(Aug) 1a ovpt p.stat.env,H&GIB2 Henzada-Maubin(rec'r).30
3051943 Independence Day set (J82-3,87b cat £108) on unadd.Rangoon ppc FDC with sp.pmk. Scarce. PHOT.100
3061944(May) comm.cvr Letpadan-Maubin(rec’r), pair 5c(J91).25
307CAMEROUN: Br.PO: 1915 CEF ½d/5pf single+reply & 1d/10pf p.stat.cards(set 3 MiP1-3 cat 320eu) fine un.75
308CANADA:(see lots 8,28,60):1847 outer Montreal(5-line unframed red pmk)-N.York rated 20 in blue & 9 in red.25
3091862 lady's cvr Toronto(grid pmk)-Pt Hope, 5c brick-red (SG32 cat £18).25
3101872 cvr Ottawa-UK, 2c + faulty 6c (SG57a,59b cat £145) & cork pmk. Redirected within London. PHOTO100
3111898 regd cvr Ravenscliff-Toronto via Huntsville(sq.circ), mix franking 5c SQ(SG106) + 3c(SG145).25
3121902-3 White Pass & Yukon Route rail envs(2 diff) White Horse(Yukon)-UK via Vancouver @ QV 2c-4c rate.50
3131907 KEVII 1c CPR multicolour card(illus: Chateau Frontenac hotel die 2) used Montreal-UK.15
3141908 ppc comm.used Ottowa-Belgium, QV ½c (SG150). Scarce rate (cat $300).45
3151913(Aug) RMS Virginian ppc to UK, 2c tied oval violet British Mail Branch PO Quebec pmk.40
3161924 comm.cvr Three Hills(Alta)-Norway, 3-colour SG205,47,50 (10c rate).25
3171925 comm.cvr Lindsay-Keene(Ont), strip of 3 1c coil SG217(cat £78). PHOTO65
3181925 churches ppc Windsor(Ont)-UK, pair 1c coils (SG256 cat £17).20
3191927 special delivery Saskatchewan cvr Riverhurst-Moose Jaw @ 2c rate + 20c(S4).20
3201936 Vancouver Golden Jubilee mint inc u/mint all different colour poster stamps(30).25
3211938 illus(front & back) fur traders advert cvr Winnipeg-Sweden @ 1c rate15
3221942 Panair airmail cvr Brazil-Boston(USA) @ 5000r intercepted with Canadian C64 censor label.10
3231952 airmail cvr Edmonton-UK, SG406,31-3,38-9 inc 2 $1 (cat £15+).20
3241955 underpaid ppc Hamilton-Youngs Point(Ont) @ 2c rate taxed with 2c P.Dues (D19 x2).10
3251962 illus phosphor FDC Winnipeg-UK of QE2 set to 5c (SG463p-7p cat £27).20
326CANAL ZONE:(see lot 15): 1924 US 1c & 2c ovpt'd p.stat.envs(2: U6-7) fine unused.20
3271924-5 1c Jefferson or Seal p.stat.cards(2: UX7-8) fine unused.40
3281929(Oct) cacheted Pan-am FFC Cristobal-B.Aires via Chile, SG119(x2). Only 143 flown.40
329CAPE: 1855 cvr Cradock(oval pmk)-Grahams Town, 3mgn 4d (SG6 cat £85). PHOTO80
3301865 front Pt Elizabeth-Cape Town, 3mgn 4d on blued paper (SG4a cat £190). PHOTO75
3311884 cvr King Williams Town(cds + 4 numeral)-UK, SG30+41(x2).20
3321896 QV 4d regd env size F Draghoender(581 numeral)-Germany + SG51a,59. Scarce pmk.35
3331900 QV 1d p.stat.env Springfontein(213 numeral)-Cape Town.20
3341900 cvr Butterworth(268 numeral)-UK, 1d (SG59a pair).20
3351901 cvr Calvinia-Paarl, SG58(x2). Orange signed martial law label + 2-line Passed Censor.20
3361908 KEVII 1d p.stat.env Mossel Bay-Belgium + SG70-1.20
3371909 KEVII 4d regd env Uniondale-UK via Cape Town(oval regd) + SG71(x2).20
338CAYMANS: 1909 1d p.stat.card(H&G3) + 1d & 2½d p.stat.envs(H&G1-2) good-fine unused.30
3391909 ¼d p.stat.card(H&G2), ½d wrapper, 1d & 2½d p.stat.envs(4) good-fine unused all ovpt'd Specimen.50
3401926 comm.cvr Georgetown-USA via Havana, 2½d(SG74).20
3411936 regd OHMS cvr Georgetown-Switz, SG99-101,3-5(cat £50). PHOTO75
3421980 10c, 1982 Xmas 10c, 1997 25c Legislature airletters(3) fine unused & uncommon.10
343CEYLON: 1876 cvr Colombo-Galle(red paid), 4c (SG122) & bars (KD6) pmk.20
3441883 4c grey-blue p.stat.env Putlam(paid pmk)-Colombo with fine 67 numeral.30
3451888 5c brt blue p.stat.env Bogawantalawa(paid pmk)-Colombo & 58 numeral.30
3461888 5c brt blue p.stat.env Haputale(paid pmk)-Colombo & 93 numeral.20
3471891 QV 3c p.stat.card comm.used Kurunegala(scarcer PD6 paid pmk)-Colombo + E duplex.20
3481895 QV 2c p.stat.card comm.used locally in Talawakele. Scarce Too Late (only seen this year). PHOTO50
3491898 2½c green district letter env used locally with fine Gammadua pmk.35
3501900 ppc comm.used Colombo-Australia(destination/rec'rs), QV 2c (SG256 x3).20
3511900 QV 10c regd env(double regd inc scarce boxed R) Nuwara Eliya-India + 5c (SG195). Minor soiling.25
3521900 QV 2c p.stat.card(scarcer reply half) Lindulla-Nanuoya via Talawakele(all fine pmks). Tea estate details.25
3531906-9 regd cvrs(2 inc 10c p.stat.regd env) Vannarponnai(2 diff.pmks)-India.40
3541911 OHMS no value p.stat.card, H&G2 used Maradana-Nuwara Eliya(rec'r) on govt rail business. Scarce25
3551931 long regd airmail cvr Gammaduwa-UK, 4-colour SG340,49a,50b(x2),63(1r). Central fold.20
3561939(Sept 3) cvr Kandy-Sweden @ 20c rate. Scarce buff Colombo censor H label. Day war declared!30
3571941 cvr Colombo-UK, 15c KGVI + scarce 10c War Fund label tied. PHOTO65
3581942 OAS air cvr to India, blk of 4 5c SG341 & CO barred pmk. 2 censors: India & blue box HM Naval Office.25
3591942 ppc Colombo-USA @ 15c rate. Triangular Passed Censor 6A.15
3601942 Red X message scheme env to Geneva via Paris(German censor) @ 26c rate. Crown L7 censor. PHOT45
3611944(Sept) double censored airmail cvr Indian FPO 46(Pereadeniya)-UK via EA APO 58, 50c (SG394d).30
362CHILE: 1907 attractive illus(olive oil) advert cvr Valparaiso-Italy, pair 5c (SG107).20
3631920 regd(h/st) advert cvr Talcahuano-Argentina via Concepcion, 4-colour SG153(x2),57,61,68(x2).20
3641942 cvr Santiago-USA @ 40c rate. Both Spanish language & US censor labels.15
365GB used in: 1878 cvr Valparaiso-Scotland, pair QV 1/= pl.13 (Z84 cat £130). Surname cut-out. PHOTO300
366CHINA:WW1 advert cvr Russian-US Chamber of Commerce,Harbin-USA, 1c junks(x2). 2-line Passed Censor40
3671946(Jun) airmail cvr French Consulate,Canton-Shanghai, $40 (SG672 pair).25
3681947(Jun) cacheted Pan-am FFC Shanghai-Guam, $5000 (SG895).25
369CHRISTMAS ISLAND: 1959 QEII 30c regd env, H&G1 fine unused20
3701963(Aug 28) illus FDC to USA of set to $1 (SG11-20).10
371COCOS IS:(see lot 898): 1952(Nov) cvr to Malaya, pair Perak 2c & good pmk.30
3721953 Quantas Coronation flight cvr to UK with Singapore 10c(x7)20
3731954(Apr) illus Royal Visit local cvr with 10c Singapore Coronation.30
374COLOMBIA: 1890s river post 5c or 10c p.stat.envs(2: H&G3,5) fine unused.15
3751896 cvr Honda-UK via N.York, 10c (SG155).15
3761914 regd largeish cvr Palmira-USA, SG284(x2),297,R30820
3771924(Apr) Scadta internal airmail cvr Neiva(red pmk)-Bogota, SG394 + Scadta 10c.15
3781929 Scadta internal airmail cvr Cartagena-Medellin, SG396 + 20c Scadta. Boxed violet Tarde(late).15
3791946(Sept) illus Colombian Airlines cacheted regd FFC Bogota-London via Paris. Uncommon.20
380COOK IS: 1937 OHMS cvr Rarotonga-UK with fine Official Paid 32mm circular cachet.30
3811942 comm.cvr Aitutaki-USA, SG106-8,30(cat £7+) .15
3821944-52 comm.cvrs(2) Mauke or Rakahanga-Australia/NZ, 2d(SG108) or 3d(SG153).25
3831960 regd airmail cvr Mitiaro(blue pmk)-UK, rare £5 (SG136 cat £500). Rarotonga regd label. PHOTO500
3841963 regd cvr Resident Agent(cachet) Penrhyn-UK, SG150,55-6(x2 cat £12).20
3851966(Mar) Polynesian Airlines illus experimental FFCs(2) Rarotonga-Bora Bora/Tahiti @ 1/= rate. Pilot signed20
386Penrhyn: 1904 double regd cvr to Germany via Tahiti & N.York, NZ ovpts SG14-16(cat £148). PHOTO150
387COSTA RICA: 1932 regd advert cvr Heredia(violet pmk)-USA, SG176(x4).15
3881940 Columbus official no value p.stat.env, H&G1 comm.used to USA.15
3891945 underpaid(cachet) cvr San Isidro-USA, SG371(x2). Spanish language censor label.15
390CRETE: 1906 10L p.stat.card comm.used Vamos-UK via Hania. Minor creasing.20
3911922 Paros ppc comm.used Episkopi(Rethymnon)-France, Greek 5d (SG228).20
392CROATIA:1920 Sibenik RP ppc Sibenik-Sweden(destination). Italian 10c di corona opts(x2).S/line box censor25
393CUBA: 1896 cvr Havana-N.York,10c baby (SG173) + 1899 advert cvr Havana-N.York, 6c(SG193).25
3941911 1c-5c p.stat.envs(3: H&G11-13) fine unused.15
3951928(Feb) printed cacheted FFC Santiago-Dominican Rep per Santa Maria, SG353. Pilot signed (Rowe).20
396CYPRUS: 1880 GB QV 2d regd envs(2: sizes F & G) ovpt'd Cyprus fine unused.50
3971908 KEVII 10pa p.stat.card comm.used Famagusta-Larnaca(rec'r).25
3981911 ppc comm.used Famagusta-UK, SG60(x4)-1.25
3991935 regd cvr Nicosia-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG144-7 cat £30). Blue dot after Cyprus on 2½pi.40
4001937-9 cvrs(2) Nicosia-UK/Germany, SG149 or 156 & Visit Cyprus or Cyprus Oranges circular cachets.20
4011943(Jan) OAS cvr Indian FPO 53(Nicosia)-India(Base PO rec'rs). Boxed violet Postage Realised.30
4021948(Oct) cvr Karaolos(Jewish transir camp)-Nicosia @ ½pi rate. PHOTO75
4031948(?) internal cvr @ 1pi rate with fine Exometokhi GR rural service pmk.30
4041973 5m on 3m p.stat.card comm.used locally in Nicosia or 25m on 15m p.stat.card Nicosia-Egypt both with scarce violet Laxia rural post cachet.40
405CZECHOSLOVAKIA: 1866 regd(x4 inc 2 diff.crown types) Brunn Stadt-UK, Austrian 10kr(x3)+15kr(x2). PH.200
4061900(Jan) drucksache advert cvr Prag-Kral.Vinohrady, pair Austrian 1kr(1 val.bisect vertically).Cat 225eu. PH.45
4071912 cvr Nove Strasece-Orange Free State(destination/rec'r), 4-colour Austrian 1h,2h(x3),6h,12h.25
4081919 advert cvr Brno-Australia (destination) @ 10h imperf Hradcany rate. Minor env water stain.20
4091926 unpaid cvr London-Gablonec with D228+253(x2 ea) P.Dues tied25
4101930 1k20 illus p.stat.card airmail Brno-Nice via Paris(& returned) + SG224(air),304.20
4111936(Sept) Saaz acceptance for Hindenburg N.American flight(cachet), airs SG309,13,16. PHOTO100
4121938 airmail cvr Prague-SW Africa(destination/rec'rs) via Athens, SG312-4(airs),67,84,P363-4.25
413Bohemia & Moravia: 1941(Nov) airmail cvr Prag-N.York via Frankfurt(German censor), SG30+35(5k).20
4141942 official express(label) cvr Prague-Kremsier, 3-colour officials (Mi2,6,12)25
4151943 internal cvrs(4 inc 3 regd) with different combination 3-colour Hitler frankings to 3k.35
416Sudetenland: 1938(Nov) advert cvr to Koniggratz, German 3pf Hindenburg(7: strips of 3-4) tied violet 3-line Schatzlar/swastika/Sudetenland + separate date.25
417DANZIG: 1920 regd cvr Langfuhr-Sweden, 5-colour mixed franking inc surchs Mi2-3,7-8,17-8(cat 22eu).30
4181920(Oct) flown regd cvr to UK via Berlin, Mi4 + 50-2(airs cat 45eu). Poor flap but cat 330+ on cvr. PHOTO90
4191921-2 ppcs(2) to Brussels, both shades 80pf (Mi57: single or x3). Cat 90+eu(cvrs).25
4201922 cvr to Switz, scarce single franking 10mk on 7½pf (Mi31 type 1). Cat 300eu(cvr). PHOTO80
4211936 express(label) cvr to Halle, Brosen set (SG241-3 cat £11).20
4221939(Sept 1) regd cvr to Dresden, SG249(blk 4)-5(cat £11) & sp.Hitler Liberator pmk.20
423DENMARK: 1872 outer Copenhagen-Danish WI via London, 3-col.3sk,4sk,rare 48sk. Cat 27,500+kr(cvr).PH800
4241903 regd advert cvr Copenhagen-Leipzig, strip of 3 25o p12½ (Fa43b). PHOTO65
4251909 ppc comm.used Copenhagen-Austria, 4-colour mixed franking Fa69,76-8.20
4261914(May) flown(Ussing) ‘bjornehjaelspsdagen’ ppc Roskilde-Copenhagen @ 10o rate. Rare. PHOTO100
4271921 comm.cvr Copenhagen-UK, scarce 40o blk/blue-lilac (Fa150b).30
4281923 advert cvr Copenhagen-Germany, scarce mixed ovpts SG103+197(cat £18)30
4291926 cvr Copenhagen(x2 diff.pmks)-Hamburg, 4-colour SG174,234,43-4(x2 cat £147). PHOTO125
4301930(Jan) airmail cvr Copenhagen-Argentina(destination/rec’r), 4-colour Fa90,155b,161b,226.30
4311931 ppc comm.used Copenhagen-UK, scarcer SG167(1kr) + 263(cat £7).20
4321936 express cvr Copenhagen-Hamburg(rec'rs), 6-colour SG267(blk 4),298-301(x2 ea),2(cat £13).20
4331940 cvrs(2 inc airmail) Copenhagen-Germany @ 40o/65o rates with 2 diff.German censor labels tied.20
434DWI: 1877-1908 all different single p.stat.cards(10: no's 1-5,8-11,14) all fine unused.65
4351881 3c red p.stat.env (FK4) fine unused. Cat 800kr.25
4361896 3c red p.stat.card comm.used St Thomas-Grenada(St Georges + scarce C rec’rs).40
4371907 harbour ppc comm.used St Thomas-UK, 10b (SG52).25
438GB used in: QV 4d red pl.12 + 2/= blue (Z10,31 cat £180) & fine C51 pmks.50
439DOMINICA: 1903 2½d view regd env size G fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.15
4401906 double regd advert cvr to New Brunswick(Canada), Leewards KEVII 1d (SG21 x3).20
4411907 1d View p.stat.card comm.used Portsmouth-Germany.25
4421910 QV 1d violet p.stat.card, H&G2 comm.used to Montserrat(rec'r).20
4431916 comm.cvr to Br.Virgins(scarcer d/ring Road Town rec’r) via St Kitts, 1d(SG48b). Inter-island mail.20
4441927 KGV ½d wrapper, scarce H&G3 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
4451932 regd(R h/st of Pt Michel) cvr Soufriere-USA via Pointe Michel, SG71+74(x2). PHOTO45
4461950 advert cvr Roseau-USA, ¼d strip of 3 SG109a. Unusual rate.25
447DOMINICAN REP: 19th century unused all diff.p.stat.cards inc reply,wrappers & envelopes to 20c (24 items).25
4481927(Dec)-28(Feb) printed/cacheted FFCs(2) to Cuba/Haiti, SG241+E232. Pilot signed.25
4491932(Aug) cacheted FFC Sto Domingo-Jamaica, SG297+300.25
4501938 13c regd env, H&G2 fine unused.15
451WW2-on accumulation of commercial cvrs(110). Many to Australia noted & inc regd,censored,oblig.tax etc50
452ECUADOR: 1895 3c p.stat.card, H&G13 comm.used Guayaquil(violet UPU pmk)-Germany25
4531931(Oct) airmail cvr Guayaquil-Canal Zone, 1s scarce official opt (SG470 cat £27). PHOTO45
4541932(July) cacheted military FFC Loja-Guayaquil, SG459(x2).20
455EGYPT: 1877 cvr Alexandria-Malta(rec'r), GB 2½d rosy mauve scarcer pl.3(Z9 cat £150 used UK) & BO1.PH.50
4561886(Oct) cvr Cairo-Persia via Boushir & Sea PO D @ 1pi rate.20
4571915(Sept) stampless ppc IEF Base Office G(Pt Said)-UK. Circular expeditionary force censor.20
4581926 underpaid ppc Italy-Alexandria taxed with 10m P.Due (D103).20
4591927(Jan) IA FFC Cairo-Basrah, 15m (SG160a x2). See also lot 1633.30
4601927(May) airmail cvr Pt Said-India via Karachi, 27m air (SG132 cat £34).35
4611934 3m p.stat.card, H&G33 comm.used Cairo-Berlin + 3-colour UPU SG220-1,3.20
4621937-8 illus Wireless(regd + sp.pmk) or Ophthalmic Congress FDCs(2) of SG262-4,69-71(cat £11).15
4631938 Farouk 5m brown letter envelope, H&G28 fine unused.20
4641941 airmail cvr Cairo-USA, SG212(100m air) + 249,52,54 & 2 different Egyptian censors.15
4651949(Jun) sp.printed CITEX FF illus env Cairo-Paris + SG322,9 & sp.pmks. Blk 4 CITEX labels tied reverse.20
466Gaza: 1960 Swedish feldpost env SV FN Batallion Egypt pmk-Sweden. Ex Major in UNTSOP based in Gaza.20
467GB used Alexandria: 1d pl.103, 2½d pl.2 on blued paper, 4d pl.12, 6d's pl's 3,6 & 8, 1/= pl.4 with fine BO1 pmks (Z4,6,17,21,23-4,37). Cat £265(7).65
468QV 9d bistre + 2/= blue (Z30,40 cat £270) & BO1 pmks (2)90
469EL SALVADOR: 1891 scarce 3c p.stat.card, H&G11 comm.used Santa Ana-Guatemala(rec’r).20
4701892 10c p.stat.env, H&G23 comm.used La Libertad(oval dated cachet)-Paris via N.York, pmk’d 12 duplex.30
4711911 6c on 13c p.stat.env, scarce H&G100a Santa Ana-San Salvador(rec'r).35
472ESTONIA: 1847 outer Dorpat-Pernau (both d/ring fine pmks) rated 10.30
4731935 comm.p/card Rakwere-UK, mixed issues SG68,101,103(cat £10).20
474German Occ: 1942 local Tallinn window env with Reconstruction set (SG6-11 cat £50). PHOTO50
475ETHIOPIA:(see lot 600): 1914 scrub forest ppc Addis-Russian Consul,Budapest(destination), ½g (SG148).35
4761927 cvr Harrar-Sweden, 3-colour SG182,202+5(scarce ovpts cat £40). Minor env fault. PHOTO100
4771935 regd(pink Gare label type 2) front Addis-Sweden, 4g (SG298+308 x2ea).20
4781936 LATI airmail cvr Harrar-Sweden, 3-colour Italian Somalia 25c,1L25,1L75(cat 37eu) tied s/line 1936 Anno XIV & 2-line Poste Imperiali Italiani(rare). File holes. PHOTO100
4791945 regd airmail banking cvr Dire Daoua(blue pmk)-UK, 1t V ovpt (SG348 cat £13). Minor creasing.25
4801950(Dec) formular printed Xmas illus airletter comm.used Addis-Sweden, SG400+1(x2).25
481FALKLANDS: 1898 QV 1d p.stat.card to Germany(rec'r) with F1 duplex + d/ring 26mm pmk ('s). PHOTO50
4821935 cvr Pt Stanley-North Arm, S.Jubilee set (SG139-42).25
4831938 regd cvr Fox Bay(code c pmk + regd label)-NZ, SG143-5.25
4841949 regd airmail cvr Pt Stanley-USA, S.Wedding set (SG166-7 cat £60). PHOTO60
4851949 airmail regd UPU FDC to USA of SG168-71(cat £14).20
4861949 local Pt Stanley cvr addressed to HMS Glasgow, 1/3d (SG159).15
4871955 regd FDC Stanley-Tanganyika(destination/rec'r) via Egypt(censor), pair SG190.20
4881977 formular regd env size H Fox Bay-UK, 2p+25p (SG279,288).20
4891987 regd express cvrs(2) Fox Bay-Switz, Penguins set (SG532-5 in blks of 4 cat £30)25
490Deps: 1950 cvr S.Orkneys-Stanley, 1/=(C8).20
4911957 illus official Expedition cvr Shackleton-UK, Trans-Antarctic Expedition set G41-44.10
492S.Georgia: 1937 regd cvr to UK, Falklands Coronation set (Z70-2 cat £12).20
493FAROES: 1941 cvr Trangisvaag(Spis Faerosk pnk)-Thorshavn, 20 on 5o (SG3 cat £31)25
4941953 tiny cvr to UK, GB 2½d & Thorshavn pmk. Boxed Fra Island.20
4951975 illus unadd.FDCs(7) of set to 500o (SG6-19 cat £15).10
496FIJI: 1905-6 native village ppcs(2) Suva-USA @ ½d or 1d rates (SG115-6).25
4971927 KGV 2d lettercard H&G2 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
4981927 cvr PO Ba-UK, 2d (SG233).25
4991930(July) illus Fiji Airlines FFC Lautoka-Suva @ 2d rate. Pilot signed.40
5001932 cvr Raki Raki-NZ, SG231(x2).30
5011934 cvr Suva-USA, firms 3d red meter mark. Very early & unusual survivor.25
5021935 regd(violet box cachet) cvr Suva-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG242-5 cat £26). Vertical dashes in sky on 2d+1/=30
5031938(Apr) illus regd FDC Suva-Lautoka(rec'r) of ½d-6d (cat £26).30
5041943 comm.cvr Suva-USA, SG249+257. Examiner X/113 label.35
5051937-53 KGVI 2d+3d & QEII 2½d+6d regd envs(2: H&G7+9 both size H2) fine unused.25
5061946 regd(violet h/st) airmail cvr Suva-Australia, SG261a(x2),68(x2)-9(cat £59). PHOTO50
507FINLAND: (see lot 30,34):1875 8p grn/chamois p.stat.card(P6c) comm.used Tavastehus(blue pmk)-Tampere.25
5081888 EL Thusby-Helsinki, 20p (Fa20h) & TPO 34 pmk.20
5091904 ppc comm.used Imatra-Rumania(destination/rec'r), pair 2k Russian (R2).20
5101921 90p on 20p p.stat.reply card (P55) scarce complete comm.used Kuopio-Germany.25
5111922 Helsinki hotel env to UK, 10-colour lions to 1mk inc surcharges SG225-6+8.25
5121925 parcel card Tampere-Viipuri, 3-colour Fa74(5mk),101,5(x2).20
5131925 regd cvr Helsinki-Holland, 5-colour defins Fa71,91,102-3,16.20
5141931(May) printed airmail cvr Helsinki-Germany flown via Hannover & Berlin, SG282,85,88(cat £33).35
515FRANCE: (see lots 5-6,37,541): 1776 EL Lille(s/line)-Sergeants Inn,London rated 10 with bishop mark rec’r.25
5161842 long legal EL Felley-Geneva rated 3. Boxed red LF2D(vdl 1888).25
5171867 outer Marseille-Rome, mixed issues 20c+30c (SG95,116 cat £24).30
5181874 cvr Rouen-UK, 3-colour mixed issues SG102,187(x2, 1 damaged),198(cat £60). PHOTO50
5191892 Austrian 5kr reply half p.stat.card comm.used Paris-Lower Austria(Ulmerfeld thimble rec’r).20
5201904 30c red Paris pneumatic post env used Rue de Provence-Ave Champs Elysees.15
521Early 20th century(?) Paris city council imprinted p.stat.env with orange Saisies Warrant stamp design used locally in Paris with 25mm Paris undated cachet.25
5221911 regd advert cvr Paris-UK, scarcer millesime pairs SG316c+339 (cat 75+eu on cvr).25
5231923 cvr between post WW1 official committees for drawing up frontier between Austria & Italy in Paris & Bolzano, War Orphans Fund SG388(x5)-91. See also lots 607,610,1778.25
5241927 regd cvr Paris-Zurich, War Orphans SG390-1,3(x2),422,50(x2),52(cat £120). PHOTO125
5251927 regd cvr Paris-N.York, scarce 5fr (SG412 cat £170). PHOTO200
5261932 90c red Peace p.stat.card, P46 type 1, fine unused & scarce40
5271935 local Paris pneumatic mail env to Yugoslavian Embassy, 1f50 (SG526).15
5281936(July 26) pair FDCs(2) Vimy Ridge Canadian Memorial(sp.pmk)-La Madeleine, SG549-50.50
5291936 hotel env Dinard-UK, scarcer sky-blue 1f50 Normandie (SG526a). Also golf thematic (silhouette golfer).20
5301937(Sept) Paris Exhib'n(pmk) airmail cvr to Switz, SG534,37,44,75(cat £16).20
5311939 airmail cvr Rennes-Thailand(destination/rec'r), SG599,629a(scarce on cvr 75c),643.20
5321940(Dec) Iris 90c p.stat.card(pre-printed back) Paris-Camp de Vernet(concentration camp light censor).15
5331946(Mar-Apr) regd airmail cvrs(2) Thionville-Seychelles(destination/rec'r) via Mombasa, Marianne SG921,28, 33(x3) or 928+33(x2 ea). Boxed red or black OAT.50
5341948 airmail cvr Rennes-UK, 15fr Marianne (SG926 or Ceres 727). Scarce single franking cat 75eu.20
5351950 airmail cvr Paris-USA, SG976,78(both shades),1069 + Relief Fund SG1082,3(x3),4-6. Stamps cat £46.40
5361951 Stamp Day sp. p/card & SG1107 used FDI Valence-N.Borneo(destination)30
5371955 regd airmail cvr Sainteny-USA with scarce Relief Funds SG1253-7(cat £132). Minor env fault. PHOTO80
5381955 Relief Fund set (SG1253-8 cat £165) on illus individual FDCs(6) to Paris with sp.pmks.125
539FRENCH COLS: General:1885 10c blk/blue p.stat.card, H&G7a(join at base) complete fine unused(scarce).25
540Afars & Issas: 1970 regd cvr Ali Sabieh-USA, SG515,25,45(blk of 4),48(cat £30).25
541Algeria:(see lot 44): 1904 regd cvr Ain Taye-Italian Consul,Peru(destination/rec'r), French 50c Merson (Ceres 120) with missing gey background (cat 600eu). Very scarce. PHOTO400
5421953 regd airmail cvr Alger-Germany, SG276 + scarce commems 287,94,303,16,20-2(cat £44).40
543Anjouan: 1892 15c p.stat.envs(H&G2,7a) + 1901 10c single & reply p.stat.cards(scarce H&G5-6) fine un(4).25
544Antarctic: 1958(Jan 15) printed IGY FDC Terre Adelie-UK, SG19-21(cat £55).40
5451958 illus cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-UK, 50fr+100fr (SG16+17 cat £135). IGY cachet. PHOTO100
5461960(Jan 1) cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-USA, mixed defins/commems SG5(x2),9,10,22(cat £131). PHOTO100
5471964 cvr Kerguelen-France, SG34-5(cat £190). PHOTO150
5481964 cvr Kerguelen(scarcer s/line cachet)-France, SG12-13,27(cat £135). PHOTO100
5491966 airmail cvr St Paul & Amsterdam-France, mixed defins/commems SG8,11,24,35(cat £208). PHOTO150
5501966 illus unadd. FDC of satellite probe, se-tenant strip SG40-1(cat £65).40
5511974 Antarctic ships set (SG85-8 cat £50) on 4 illus unadd.FDCs.30
5521978 regd cvr Pt aux Francais-France, SG115-7,20,23-4(cat £40).30
5531983 regd cvr Alfred Faure-France, SG170+180(scarce 25fr cat £53).40
554Cameroun: 1917 cvr Duala(German pmk scarcer code b)-Switz, 5c+20c ovpts (SG33,35). French milit.censor40
5551918 regd cvr Buea-Switz via Victoria(Br.skeleton pmk), mix frank SG30(x4)-1(x3 cat £23) + Nigeria 4d. PH.75
556Comores: 1954 Liberation illus unadd.FDC of SG17(cat £50) & Moroni pmk.40
557Congo:1935 regd airmail cvr Brazzaville-France, mix frank Middle Congo SG80,85 + AEF opt Gabon SG112.20
5581937 airmail cvr Brazzaville-Paris via Pt Noire, mix franking Gabon SG145 + AEF 40c SG31(cat £8).15
559Equat.Africa: 1938(July) Brazzaville 3rd Fair(sp.pmk) cvr flown Air France to Bamako via Dakar, SG58 + Middle Congo SG47 + Ubangi Shari SG59(x2 cat £15).25
560Fezzan: 1950 medical ppc Sebhu-France, 3-colour SG25,7-8(cat £22). Scarce.40
561Guadeloupe: 1855 cvr Pointe a Pitre(firms cachet + pmk)-Bordeaux via Col.Fra.v.Angl.red cds rated 19.20
5621928 regd cvr Pointe a Pitre (violet pmk)-USA, scarce 10fr surch (SG103 cat £30). PHOTO45
563Guiana: 1892 15c blue/grey lettercard(H&G3) + 10c p.stat.reply card(H&G4) both fine unused(2).15
564Guinea: 1911 Conakry hospital ppc comm.used Conakry-UK, 10c (SG37).10
5651916 Conakry market ppc comm.used to France, Red X ovpt (SG82).20
566India: 1938 comm.cvr Pondichery-UK, SG92+99. Ex British Embassy (crown crested).25
567Indochina:(see lot 6): 1899 regd cvr Saigon-France, 15c+25c (SG11,13).25
5681938 airmail cvr Saigon-Morocco, commercial usage of Paris Exhib’n SG242,3-4(x2 ea),5-6.20
569Ivory Coast: 1925 regd cvr Abidjan-France, SG46(booklet pane 4),49,61(x2),64-5(gum stains cat £14+).20
5701934 cvr Grand Lahou-Paris via Abidjan, SG103 + Upper Volta SG23.20
5711935 airmail cvr Bobo Dioulasso-Paris via Dakar, SG58 + Upper Volta SG66(cat £12).25
5721939(Nov) airmail cvr Abidjan-Paris, SG126+151. 3 diff.French postal/military censors inc Fr.W.Africa.20
573Levant: 1914 advert cvr Smyrna-Belgium, 1pi on 25c (SG19).15
574Madagascar: 1891 Colonies 10c blk/lilac p.stat.card Andrangoloaka-UK via Reunion Marseille p/bot no.4.25
5751913 regd cvr Tsihombe-France via Ft Dauphin, 3-colour scarce opts on Comores SG21,6,8A(x2). PHOTO50
5761934 cvr to France, SG114 tied Marseille a la Reunion No.6 paquebot pmk.15
5771936 cachet trial flight by M.Assollant Tananarive-Tulear, SG113. Lettre Transporte Exceptionellement Avion.20
578Martinique: 1863 EL St.Pierre(cds)-Paris rated 19, Col.Fr.Angl.Amb.Calais entry pmk20
5791913 25c blk/pink p.stat.env, H&G3b comm.used Fort de France-France.25
5801939(Sept)-40 comm.cvrs(2) Fort de France(blk or violet pmks)-France, SG147(x2) or 167(x2),71-2(cat £16). Military postal censor label + circ.postal censors 1 or 2.25
581Morocco: 1907-15 ppcs(2) comm.used to France @ 5c rate with FPO pmks: 172(Casablanca) or Marrakesh.25
582New Caledonia: 1927 comm.cvr Noumea-Paris, 3-colour SG94,112,14.20
5831942(Nov) cvr US APO 3195-USA @ US 6c rate. US Army Force 7 censor. Inc letter on army life.20
5841947(Aug) cacheted TRAPAS FFC Noumea-Wallis Is, SG296.15
5851958 official airmail cvr Noumea-Papua, SG332(x2)+8. Large violet boxed Par Avion A.O cachet.25
586Niger: 1928 regd cvr Gaya-Brazzaville, SG29(x5)+69 (cat £14).25
587Obock: 1892 10c blk/blue p.stat.reply card, rare H&G2 fine unused. PHOTO65
588 Oceania: 1884 printed Tahiti 5c local 'Le Cloche' newspaper wrapper used in Papeete. Very scarce. PHOTO.150
5891939 regd cvr Tahiti-UK via San Francisco, SG83-4,7,9-91,7-8,101,120(5fr air cat £39). PHOTO45
5901954 airmail cvr Papeete-Capt,SS Pioneer Gem,Australia, scarce 14fr Gauguin (SG213 cat £70). PHOTO65
591Polynesia: 1961(May)-63(May) TAI/RAI illus cachet FFCs(2) Tahiti-Hawaii/Moorea, SG18-19 or 24(cat £15).20
5921976 ppc+cvr(2 items) comm.used Papeete-UK, scarce commems SG194 or 195+6(cat £90).75
593Reunion: 1883 firms outer St Denis-Nantes via Marseilles-Lyon TPO, 25c imperf Sage(SG31a). Hole in front.25
594St Pierre-Miq: 1932 advert cvr(inc contents) to Vancouver(Canada), 75c(SG92). Cat 235eu(single frank).PH.65
5951964 cvr to USA, birds SG423(x2)-4(blk of 4 cat £30).25
596Senegal: 1906 advert cvr Thies-France, pair 5c (SG21).20
5971937(Apr) cacheted FFC Kaolack-Dakar, SG180.15
5981940-3 airmail cvrs(4) St Louis/Kaolack/Dakar-France or Geneva @ 4f50-9fr rates. 4 diff.milit/postal censors.30
5991963 official Health Ministry env Dakar-Paris, uncommon officials O240(x3)+43(x2).15
600Somali Coast: 1930(Oct 31) airmail sp.FF ppc Djibouti-Addis(2-line Service Avion h/st), SG178,214,19(x2).40
6011964 regd cvr Djibouti-USA, 85fr (SG479 cat £9).15
602Sudan: 1924 comm.cvr Kayes-Paris, 25c (SG92 x2).15
603Tchad: 1936 airmail cvr Ft Archimbault-Paris, Middle Congo SG80+84(x2).20
604Togo: 1932 regd cvr Lome-UK, mixed issues SG74(x2),92 + scarce Exhib’n SG101(cat £21).35
6051953 regd cvr Lome-USA, SG181 (40fr elephant x3 cat £28).35
606Tunisia: 1910 regd cvr Tunis(chargements pmk)-Germany, 8-colour SG30-1,3-8.20
6071918 advert cvr Bizerte-Sweden, 25c (SG37). Intercepted in France with French military censor label.20
6081926 regd parcel card(white) Kef-France, P49,51-2(x2) + Tunisian customs stamps: 5c(x3),25c,50c.40
6091926 regd insured parcel card(green) Tunis-France, parcel post P48,52(x2 ea),53.30
6101945 airmail advert cvr Sfax-Sweden, SG182+265(x8). Intercepted in France with Controle label.15
611Ubangi-Shari: 1938 comm.cvr Bellevue par Bissangoa(no place name in pmk)-USA via Bangui, mixed issues AEF ovpt on Gabon SG111 + Middle Congo SG76.25
612Upper Senegal: 1915 15c orange & violet mounted Tuareg p.stat.reply card fine unused.15
613Upper Volta: (see lots 570-1): 1921 regd cvr Ouagadougou-France, SG12,14-15(cat £19).30
6141938 underpaid cvr Ouagadougou-USA, SG40,42,45(cat £16). Tax marks both countries.20
615Wallis & Futuna: 1958 illus cacheted unadd.Human Rights FDC of SG171.10
6161979(Feb) Polynesian Airlines illus cacheted FFCs(3) Mata Uta/Sigave-W.Samoa or internal between islands, SG175+258, 239+54 or 265-6(cat £30). All signed by pilot or flight manager. See also lot 385.40
617GAMBIA: 1902 KEVII 2d regd env size F fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.15
6181909 Dakar ppc comm.used Bathurst-USA @ KEVII 1d rate.15
6191913 KGV 2d regd env size F to Germany via Liverpool & London + 1d(SG87).40
6201934 OHMS stampless cvr Bathurst-USA. S/line On PO Business Only.25
6211935(Jun) cacheted airmail cvr Bathurst-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG143-6 cat £25).20
6221938(Apr 1) regd FDCs(3) to UK of KGVI set to 10/= (SG150-61 cat £40 inc SG152).35
6231950 airmail cvr TPO No.2 R.Gambia-UK, SG152c(x2)+153a(x6 cat £16).25
624GERMAN COLS: Cameroun:(see lot 307): 1902 Viktoria huts ppc comm.used Buea-Germany @ 5pf rate.25
6251914 cvr Duala-Berlin(rec'r), 10pf (Mi22b). Cat 140eu(cvr).40
626China: 1906 ppc comm.used Tschinwangtao-Germany @ 4c rate. Scarce pmk. PHOTO100
627E.Africa: 1896 cvr Dar-Germany, 10pf on 20pf (Mi9 cat 34eu).40
6281902 3pesa yacht p.stat.card comm.used Bagamoyo-Berlin via Dar-es-Salaam35
6291909 4h p.stat.card comm.used Tabora-Germany.25
630Kiaochow: 1907 regd cvr Tsingtau-Germany(rec'r), ½d (Mi24 cat 100eu), Signed Bothe BPP. PHOTO100
6311904 5pf p.stat.reply card complete Tsingtau-Germany(rec'r) but no message.20
632Levant: 1900 comm.cvr Smyrna-UK, 10pa(x2)+20pa (Mi12-3)20
6331900 20pa on 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Jaffa-Trieste25
6341905 ppc comm.used C’tinopel(3 pmk)-Paris, 10pa type 2 (Mi12 cat 17eu).30
6351909 20pa on 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Jaffa(bluish pmk)-Sarona.25
636Marianas:1901 cvr to Hamburg(rec'r), 3pf-50pf (Mi1-6 type 2 cat 700eu) & Australische Line code f pmk.PH.400
637Morocco: 1911 ppc of police on parade comm.used Rabat (scarcer Marokko pmk)-Casablanca, 5c(Mi47).40
638Samoa: 1907 regd cvr Apia-Germany, 80pf (Mi15 cat 35eu).40
639SW Africa: 1905 feldpostkarte stampless ppc comm.used Kubas-Germany.40
6401906 feldpostkarte OAS comm.used Warmbad-Germany.30
6411909 5pf p.stat.card comm.used Windhuk(type 5 pmk)-Karibib(rec'r).20
6421913 lovely illus hotel env Onguati(rare pmk)-Berlin @ 10pf rate. PHOTO150
643Togo: 1903 5pf private colour p.stat.ppc(PP1) fine unused.10
644GERMAN STATES: 1802 EL Osterhultz-London(Foreign Office d/ring rec'r) rated 2/8. Mss 'franco Cuxhaven'20
645Bavaria: 1858 outer Augsburg-Trieste, 4mgn 9kr(Mi5d type 3) & 28 numeral.20
6461865 EL Vilshofen(half moon pmk)-St Polten via Passau Station, 4mgn 9kr (Mi11) & 545 cogwheel.25
6471911 insured front Munich-Bruckenau, 25pf + 1mk both type 1(Mi80,86). Scarce non parcel card usage.40
6481916 firms printed parcel card Nurnberg-Turkey(rec’r), perfinned 20pf + 2mk (Mi97,105).25
649Hamburg: 1820 fumigated EL to Bordeaux charged 38. S/line Hambourg + TTR4. Box Allemagne par Givet.25
6501863 paid outer to chemist in Isny, fine 3-line boxed TT Hamburg/date.15
651Hannover: 1861 outer to Berlin, pair + single 1gr (Mi14c). All 3mgn & address part erased. Cat 176eu(cvr).35
652Prussia: 1865 EL Berlin(Post-Exp.23 pmk)-Linz, 3sgr grey-brn (Mi18b). Cat 150eu(cvr).35
653Schleswig: 1864 EL Segeberg-Flensburg via boxed Schlesw.TPO 1 North & Hamburg, 1¼s(Mi7) & 133 pmk.25
654Thurn u Taxis: 1860 EL Neustadt(Coburg)-Wurzbach, 3kr+1kr (Mi12b,20 cat 22eu) & 275 numeral.20
6551862 cvr Salzungen-Erfurt, 6kr (Mi22A). Cat 140eu(cvr).30
656Wurttemburg: 1879 15pf postal order env(AU31 type 1) Mengen-Saulgau. PHOTO50
6571897 5pf p.stat.card comm.used Spanish Consulate,Stuttgart (armourial cachet)-Rumania + 2pf,3pf(Mi55,60).25
658GERMANY: 1872(Mar) cvr Nordhausen Rail Stn-UK, ½gr+2gr(Mi3,5 cat 75eu). Part flap.40
6591872(July) Reichspost formular p.stat.card comm.used Bad Ems-Nauheim, ½gr (Mi14 cat 65 euros).35
6601876 cvr Brunswick-USA, 10pf(Mi33a x2). Cat 100+eu(cvr). See also lots 2,4,31,34,416,1788.25
6611898-1900 Hannover 2½pf Mercur p.stat.card, 3pf lettercard & 1½pf local cvr. All commercial usage (3 items).50
6621903 2pf p.stat.reply card (P66) comm.used complete(both halves) locally in Essen.20
6631908 Kaiser’s 25th Wedding Anniv private printed set of 5 2pf-20pf illus p.stat.envs fine unused.20
6641912 ppc comm.used Goslar-military address,S.Africa(& onto India) via L.Marques @ 10pf rate.25
6651912 Zanzibar 6c p.stat.card to Dar-es-Salaam re-used 1915 as feldpostkarte within Bavaria. Unusual!20
6661919(July 1) express National Assembly FDC Weimar-Frankfurt, pairs Mi107-9.20
6671921(Aug) ppc Hamburg(scarce Culture & Sports Week machine pmk)-UK, 20pf(Mi145b x4).20
6681922(Feb) advert cvr Hamburg-Venezuela(destination), 4mk (Mi153).15
6691922 ppc Munich(industrial city pmk)-Hungary, airs Mi211,13a,15(cat 63eu).35
6701922(Aug) regd airmail Berlin-Holland-UK, airs Mi212,4-6,7(x2),8(min.cat 65eu). Oval post censor W8(rev).40
6711923(Sept 26) cvr Plauen-UK @ 750,000 mks rate (Mi291 x6).15
6721923(Nov 11) regd advert express cvr Cassel-Coln @ 44md mks (Mi325A x30, 326A x2, 328 – latter pre FDI).25
6731924(Oct) airmail cvr Dessau-Moscow via Berlin, Welfare Fund set (SG365-8 cat £120). PHOTO100
6741924(Oct) cacheted ZR3 flown cvr Berlin-USA, pair 50pf airs (Mi347 cat 70eu or 150eu on cvr). PHOTO50
6751928(Oct) cacheted ZR3 flown p/card F’hafen-USA, 2RM Zeppelin (SG444 cat £75). PHOTO60
6761930(May) Graf Zepp S.America flight cvr to German Consul,Mexico(rec'r) via Brazil, 4RM opt cat £600. PH.200
6771933 scarce Hindenburg 15pf p.stat.card(P219) comm.used Bad Nauheim-USA. PHOTO50
6781933(Oct) Graf Zepp illus Chicago cacheted flight cvr, SG396,503B,11(2RM opt cat £309). PHOTO200
6791934 regd cvr Nurnberg-Denmark, Hindenburg 5pf + 50pf(scarcer Mi492).25
6801935 long insured(V-label) local Lennep cvr with Welfare Fund set (SG585-94 cat £75). Central fold. PHOTO65
6811936(Mar 23) 1st Hindenburg LZ129 cacheted mail trial flight within Germany ex F'hafen, SG530(x2)+2.20
6821938(Dec) drucksache cvr Tiefenbach a Desse(temporary s/lines inc separate date)-Rabenstein, 3pf (Mi513).15
6831938(Dec) Graf Zepp Sudetenland cacheted flight cvr Frankfurt-Baden, SG658(pair). Cat 90eu(cvr).25
6841938 insured (2 labels inc orange V) cvr Berlin-UK, 5-col.Hindenburg Mi512(x2),4,9(x2),21,27(80pf)20
6851939 German airmail(cacheted) regd cvr Bremen-Argentina, SG496B+535(2RM cat £29).25
6861941 local Hannover regd COD cvr, mixed Hindenburg/Hitler SG498B(x2)+786.15
6871943 local Nurnberg regd cvr with Hitler 2RM-5RM (SG800-2 cat £110 but scarcer on cvr). PHOTO80
688Alsace: 1941 comm.cvr Kolmar-Belgium, 25pf(Mi10). German censor.20
6891941 regd cvr Strassburg(pictorial pmk)-Berlin, 30pf-100pg (Mi11-16 cat £27).25
690Marienwerder: 1920 cvr Garnsee-Brunswick, Commission Interalliee 2m50 ovpt (Mi29). Scarce. PHOTO100
691Officials: 1923(Oct) official cvr Moehren-Munich, 75,000 on 50mks (Mi91 x27 cat 108eu) tied rev TPO pmks.25
6921938 NSDAP local Schweinfurt cvr with Workers Party officials 1pf-40pf (O648-58 cat £70). PHOTO65
693Upper Silesia:(see lot 2): 1920(Mar) cvr Beuthen-Schleswig, 3-colour mixed issues Mi3,5,6,11b(cat 18eu).25
6941921 cvr Koschentrn-UK, 5mk (Mi29b). No flap. Cat 200eu(cvr).40
695Zones: 1948 censored(British zone) cvr Brunswick-NZ(destination), 5-colour SG929-33.20
6961946(Mar) censored(US) cvr to Frankfurt, Bizone Mi11-3 + Mi914-5 tied separate s/lines Geradstetten + date.25
6971948 regd cvr Wilstedt-Switz, Cologne cathedral set(Mi69-72) + Mi36-7 type 1 opt + Mi39(x2) type 2 opt.25
6981948 regd local Berlin cvrs(2) with personalities set to 84pf (Mi212-27 cat £50).40
6991949 cvr Freiburg-UK, Christian Wurttemburg set FW47-8(cat £36).30
7001949(Aug) regd cvr Weimar(sp.Goethe pmk)-Australia(destination/rec’r), Goethe set (R55-9 cat £20).20
7011949 60pf red airletter (LF4) with E variety fine unused.40
702Berlin: 1948(Dec) comm.cvr to Scotland, 50pf ovpt (B13 cat £38).30
7031949 100pf airletter, LF1 type 2, comm.used to USA.40
7041952 comm.cvr Mulheim-UK, 40pf bell (B79: clapper to left cat £60).40
7051953 advert (police sports club) airmail cvr to Switz, mixed bells (B86,101 cat £25).20
706West: 1949 Parliament 10pf & 20pf p.stat.cards(2), fine unused20
7071949 cvr Hamburg-Stockholm, UPU/Stamp Centenary SG1035-8 cat £200. PHOTO150
7081951 cvr Koln-UK, Lubeck Church set (SG1065-6 cat £200). PHOTO150
7091952(Aug) illus Brunswick Stamp Exhib’n cvr to UK, SG1075(x2)+7(cat £39).30
7101953 8o or 10o p.stat.cut-outs on internal ppc/firms p/card(2) ex Stuttgart/Marl + Berlin 2pf perf. Uncommon.25
7111955 regd cvr Dusseldorf-UK, commems SG1135-6,42,6-7(cat £23).20
712East: 1950(Mar) cvr Leipzig(sp.fair pmk)-UK, Leipzig Fair set (SGE7-8 cat £27).20
7131951 cvr Zwickau-UK, Polish President set (E41-2 cat £40).30
7141953 scarce 20pf on 30pf reply card(P43) complete comm.used Brandis-USA. PHOTO125
715GIBRALTAR:(see lot 1231): 1841 EL to France charged 19. Red 2 h/st + 3-line De Gib S.Roque Anda Baxa.30
7161897(Nov) cvr to UK, scarce 20c(SG25 cat £100) + disallowed 10c bisect so taxed. PHOTO250
7171898 QV 20c regd env size F to Belgium + 40c (SG27).40
7181911 regd(red & blk) cvr to Germany, 2d+2½d (SG68-9 cat £13).30
7191916(Jan) OAS ppc to Jersey with scarce violet skeleton GIB dated censor. PHOTO65
7201918(Aug) ppc to USA @ 1d rate. S/line violet Passed by Censor + initials. PHOTO50
7211921(Feb 18) RP HMS Vindictive ppc to UK, 2d (SG93). Written on-board. Posted day after FDI.20
7221932 airmail cvr to UK, SG93+111(x2 ea) & 'travel key' pmk.15
7231938(Mar 16) regd FDC to USA of scarce 2/= to 10/= perf 14 (SG128-30 cat £322). PHOTO300
7241943 airmail cvr to USA, 3-colour SG122a,5b,7b(1/=). A6014 censor label.20
7251946 regd airmail cvr to UK, KGVI £1 (SG131 cat £55). PHOTO50
7261952 regd airmail cvr S.Gibraltar(oval pmk)-UK, 1½d+6d (SG122d,126b).15
7271959 QE2 4d regd env size G to UK + 3d (SG150b).10
728GB used in: QV 4d scarcer pl.14, 6d's(x4: 1 on piece inc pl's 3 & 9), 1/= pl.4 + 2½d lilac all with A26 pmks: Z37,42(x2)-3,46,63,80. Minimum cat £243(7).50
729QV 4d pairs pl.11 or 13 (Z37 cat £120) & good-fine A26 pmks.30
730GILBERT & ELLICE: 1912 cvr Butaritari Is(violet pmk)-Marshall Is(Jaluit rec'r), SG8-11(cat £48). PHOTO100
7311936 regd cvr Fanning Is-NZ, pair NZ 2d (SG559). PHOTO65
7321946 regd(mss box) cvr Beru-Australia via Fiji, SG44,55-6.20
7331947 comm.cvr Abemama-Australia, 2d (SG46). See also lots 977,1750.20
7341949 airmail cvr Abaiang-UK, SG44,46,48,50(x2).20
7351956 regd airmail cvrs(2) Canton Is-USA, QEII set to 10/= (SG64-75 cat £30).25
7361958 env NZ-Nonouti then turned inside-out & re-used Nonouti-Beru @ 2d rate.20
7371964-5 regd cvrs(3) Nanumanga/Niutao/Nanumea-UK all franked SG80-1. 1 via Fiji.20
738GOLD COAST: 1902 QV 1d p.stat.env + SG27,29 Basel Mission,Akuse-Switz. PHOTO50
7391902 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used Adda(cds + killer duplex)-Christiansborg.30
7401905 regd cvr Accra-Germany, 3-colour SG38-9,4225
7411913 comm.cvr Seccondee(crown pmk)-UK @ 2d rate inc 1d late fee per SS Falaba.25
7421914 regd cvr Victoriaborg(crown pmk)-UK, SG50a+70(x2). PO closed 1915.25
7431925(Nov) cvr Winneba(scarce d/ring 32mm pmk in use 1 year)-Canada @ 1d rate. Inc letter.20
7441928 crested(crown + PO wax seal) regd cvr Accra-UK, pair scarce 2½d (SG90 cat £24).40
7451951(Jun) forces airmail cvr Giffard Camp(skeleton pmk)-UK, 2½d (SG139).10
7461766 EL to Dumfries pd 2d, s/line Moffat.20
7471772 x-post EL to Leominster rated 7, fine s/line Litchfield (58x7mm).35
7481787 outer to Baldock rated 7, good Woking/ham 34 rare 1st type mileage. PHOTO100
7491790 EL(description of land for sale) Pontyfedwen-London rated 4, 2-line Aberyst/with.40
7501791 EL(funeral expenses) to Chester rated 4, 2-line Burton on Trent.20
7511792 outer to Baldock re-rated to 5, s/line Edgware. PHOTO50
7521795 EL(land transaction) to Leigh rated 11, fine curved Blackburn.35
7531795 outer to London rated 4, scarce 1st type 46 Biggles/wade mileage. PHOTO65
7541796 EL(about orphans) c/o Captain of Hunter,New York, fine red serpentine Stockport.40
7551798 EL Fulmer-Aylesbury re-rated to 6, serpentine Uxbridge + D outside 2-ring pmk. PHOTO50
7561798 paid EL Windsor(curved h/st)-Aylesbury. Mss More to Pay 6d. Fair 3-ring + rare small letter outside.PH.50
7571799 EL to Aylesbury 'by the bye bag' rated 4, 2-line curved Hemel Hempstead. PHOTO60
7581799 outer to London 'to be at dinner by ½ past 4' rated 5, curved Buntingford + scarce E outside pmk. PH.50
7591800 EL to Prescott rated 6, fine Lichfield reversed horseshoe.25
7601808 EL Stockport-Chester rated 6, distinctive brownish 179 circular mileage.35
7611808 EL(land sale) + 1833 EL both to Aylesbury rated 7 or 8, 2 different Newport Pagnel mileages.20
7621811 EL West Boldon-Reeth(nr Richmond) rated 8, Gateshead horseshoe.20
7631815 EL to Aylesbury rated 8 'turn at St Albans', fine Stoney Stratford boxed mileage.20
7641826 unpaid EL Bagshot-Norfolk with boxed Bagshot Py Post + s/line One Penny to Pay(rare). PHOTO75
7651831 EL Somerset House-Knodishall re-rated to 9. Missent to(red mss) + Ipswich cds.25
7661833 free EL George Keppel,Holkham-London. Boxed Holkham (reverse).40
7671835 outer Stroud-Monmouth rated 7, fine s/line Paid at Stroud. PHOTO50
7681836 tiny wrapper Boulogne-Baldock via London(scarce d/ring pmk) rated 5 & 1/8. Boxed British Foreign.40
7691836 EL Liverpool(boxed red Paid at + code G pmk)-Cognac via London(scarce d/ring pmk). Red circular P-F + undated Angleterre par Calais. Paid 3/2d but still charged 21.25
7701839 EL Manchester-Bradford then Ulverstone rated 1 & 7 with mss Redirected at Bradford Yorks(cds).15
7711846 paid EL Ewhurst-Rye with Staplehurst cds + Northiam udc. Red mss 1.25
7721846 EL London(red Paid pmk)-Italy via Genova(fleur-de-lys) & Via di Beauvoisin(2-line). Oval red PF.20
7731846 EL to Hadleigh(rec'r), oval red Ipswich 1d Paid.20
7741847 outer Milford-Pembroke rated 1, fine Humberstone horseshoe.30
7751861 shipping EL Gt Grimsby-Arendal(Norway) privately carried by Captain Johnson & brig Harmony.20
7761840 part EL Liverpool-London, 4mgn 1d blk(intense?) pl.3(MG) & orange MX. PHOTO250
7771841 EL Warminster-Salisbury, 3+4mgn pair 2d dp blue pl.2(RG-RH inc constant variety) & blk MX. PHOTO750
7781842 EL Warrington-Rotherham, 3mgn 1d JF & MX pmk. Square J, open top right corner & re-entry.25
7791842-53 part covers(3) with 3-4mgns 1ds. 2 with P converted to R(1 L'pool MX) & 1 basal re-entry. Cat £192.40
7801843 1d pink env Lincoln(MX pmk)-Weedon. Ex Bishop of Lincoln (red mitre wax seal).15
7811843 outer Camberwell Green-Bloomsbury, 2+3 mgn pair 2d blues pl.3 RK-RL & blk MX.50
7821844 cvr to Captain,York Barracks, 3-4mgn 1d imperfs (QJ,RH) & MX pmks. Blue Stillington Penny Post(rev).40
7831845 local London outer with 3mgn 2d blues (AH,QI: latter thin P) & 60 pmk.40
7841845 outer Retford-Rotherham, 4mgn 1d imperf & 638 duplex.15
7851847 outers/EL(3) Goole/Sheffield-Rotherham, clean 3mgn 1d imperfs & 319 or 700 duplex.20
7861850 part cover Wath-Rotherham, 4mgn 1d imperf & scarce 656 duplex. Scarce blue Wath upon Dearne udc.25
7871850 outer Sheffield-Rotherham, 4mgn 1d imperfs (SG10: LF,LJ cat £90) + 700 duplex.35
7881852 outer London-New York, 1/= embossed with 3 close-huge mgns, SG55 cat £1800(cvr). PHOTO150
7891852 cvr Birmingham-London, 4mgn 1d orange-brn (SG12 cat £250) & 75 duplex. PHOTO150
7901852 cvr Canterbury-Cork(Ireland), 4mgn 1d STB lake-red (SG11 cat £800). PHOTO400
7911854(Oct) EL Huddersfield(387 duplex)-London, 1d SG17(x2 cat £64). Inc late fee.30
7921854(Nov) EL Bradford-London, pair 1d stars (SG18 cat £100).40
7931855(Jan) cvr London-Macclesfield, fine 2d star misperf (SG19). PHOTO75
7941855(Mar) cvr Marlborough-London, 1d die 1 p14 (SG22) & 516 pmk. Cat £160(cvr).45
7951855(Jun) EL Bradford(s/ways duplex)-London, 1d star SG22. Cat £250(cvr). PHOTO65
7961855(Oct) family ELs in flimsy env E.Moulsey-Paris, pair 2d LC stars SG34. S/line Hampton Court. PHOTO80
7971856 outer Edinburgh(roller 131 cancel)-Newburgh, 2d star (SG34). Cat £200(cvr). PHOTO50
7981857(Jan) part EL Colchester(s/ways duplex)-Woodbridge, 1d white paper SG37. Stratford St red udc. Hinge remains but cat £1100(cvr). PHOTO250
7991857 cvr Edinburgh-Dublin via L’pool, fine 1d brn-rose (SG32 cat £55) tied s/line India Street.35
8001858(Apr) cvr Glasgow-Bridge of Allan, 1d star p.16 (SG36). Cat £160(cvr).45
8011859 cvr Bridlington-Manchester, 2d blue pl.7(cat £60) & 124 duplex.30
8021867 regd mourning cvr Brighton-London, 1d pl.87(x5 cat £14).20
8031870 EL London-Falmouth, 1d pl.142 (cat £30).20
8041870 regd cvr Manchester-Edinburgh(EdinM TPO b/stamp), 1d pl.138 + 2d pl.13(x2 cat £56).35
8051870-1 ELs(2) Gloucester(2 diff.types cds + 312 duplex)-Ross, ½d pl.3 or 4(cat £90).50
8061872 local Lancaster cvr with pair ½d SG48 pl.3(cat £100). PHOTO50
8071877 local Edinburgh cvr with pair ½d SG48 pl.13. Cat £94(cvr).25
8081878 1st provisional QV 2d regd env size F (21/11/77) fine unused & scarce.50
8091978 1st provisional QV 2d regd env size G (14/12/77) fine unused & rare. PHOTO150
8101879 local Lochmaddy OHMS EL with ½d SG48 pl.19(cat £55).30
8111857(Jan 10) EL London-Paris, 4d SG66. Cat £210(cvr). Very early date.45
8121858 outer Glasgow-Sicily, 3-colour 1d star,4d,6d. Stamps cat £250+ but perf faults. Oval Franca. PHOTO75
8131859 cvr London W13-Australia(Melbourne rec’r), 6d SG70. Notting Hill Hall Terrace udc in blue(reverse).50
8141859 EL Exmouth-India, 3-colour 1d star, 2d star pl.7, 6d SG70(cat £180). Much redirected inc Malwan(cds) & Bombay(boxed) bearing pmks. PHOTO150
8151860 outer London(14 pmk)-Bordeaux, 1d SG40 + 4d SG66a(cat £137). Inc late fee. PHOTO60
8161860 cvr Birmingham-Rhode Is via N.York Br Pkt(Africa), 1/= SG73. Cat £425(cvr). PHOTO100
8171863 cvr Forfar-Australia(Geelong & Warramboul rec'rs), 6d SG84. Cat £200(cvr). PHOTO50
8181863 outer London(12 pmk)-Canada, pair 4d SG79(cat £270). Inc late fee, PHOTO65
8191864 mourning cvr London-Queensland(ship letter rec'r), 4d(x2)+1/= pair(SG82,90 cat £740).Env.faults. PH.250
8201864 outer London(W34 pmk)-Sicily, 1/= SG90. Boxed Piroscafi Postali Francesi. Cat £425(cvr). PHOTO100
8211865 outer Liverpool-Amsterdam, 3d SG92. Engeland Franco. Cat £450(cvr). PHOTO125
8221865 cvr London SW21-Madras, 4d scarcer pl.7 + 6d pl.5 (SG94,97 cat £230). PHOTO80
8231867 EL Liverpool(PLO pmk rev)-N.York per Cuba, 1/= SG101(x4 inc pair cat £960). PHOTO450
8241867 outer London(twin 48 pmk)-Lyon, 1d pl.78 + 4d SG93 pl.9(cat £82). Late fee?.40
8251867 mourning cvr Chesterfield(cds + duplex)-France, 4d SG93 pl.8. Cat £140(cvr).40
8261868 EL London(24 pmk)-Athens(rec'r), 10d SG113. Cat £825(cvr). PHOTO250
8271868 outer Newcastle-Denmark, pair 4d SG94 pl.9(cat £160). PHOTO65
8281868 EL Bradford-Naples, 1/= SG115 pl.4 (cat £70).35
8291870(Dec) regd local Darlington cvr with 6d SG109 pl.9. Redirected Xmas Eve to London & charged 2. PH.65
8301870 cvr Hastings(342 duplex)-Boston, 6d SG109 pl.8(cat £140). Contemporary mss on cvr front.50
8311870 cvr Littlehampton-USA via N.York, 3d SG103 pl.5 & 978 duplex. Cat £110(cvr).35
8321871 firms EL London-El Salvador(destination) via Southampton(h/st), 6d pl.9 + 1/= pl.5 (cat £130). PHOTO80
8331871 cvr London W22-N.York, 3d SG103 pl.6(x2 cat £120) + pl.121(late fee cat £11). Boxed blk L1. PHOTO65
8341872 cvr Scarbro(693 duplex)-Canada, 1d pl.139 + 3d SG102 pl.8(cat £80).40
8351872-3 cvrs(2) Liverpool(S466S pmk)-Phila(USA), 3d SG103 pl's 8 or 9. One per Cuba. Cat £220(cvrs).50
8361873 cvr N.Shields(cds + 573 duplex)-Captain,Finnish ship Anni,Riga(Latvia: destination/rec'r) via Verviers- Koln TPO, 3d SG143 pl.11(cat £75). 2-line Insufficiently Prepaid & tax marks. PHOTO65
8371873 cvr London EC86-Stockholm, 2d pl.14 + 3d SG103 scarcer pl.10(cat £175). Red 2½d. PHOTO75
8381875 cvr London(98 pmk)-Genoa, 1d pl.159 + 6d SG147 pl.13(cat £83). Boxed red L1. PHOTO50
8391875 cvr Edinburgh-Maine(US) via N.York, 3d SG144 pl.12. Cat £110(cvr).30
8401875 outer Leeds-Naples, 6d deep grey SG147 pl.14. Cat £150+(cvr).45
8411876 EL London-Trieste(rec'r), 1d pl.191 + 4d grn SG153 pl.15(cat £334). PHOTO175
8421877 cvr Melrose-Australia(Ballarat rec'r), 8d orange SG156. Cat £600(cvr). PHOTO175
8431879 cvr Glenduce-USA, 2½d rosy mauve SG141 pl.1535
8441880 cvr London WC1-Paris, 2½d rosy mauve SG141 pl.15(x2 cat £160).50
8451881 cvr Coatbridge(369 duplex)-N.York(Maltster rec'r), 2½d blue SG157 pl.22(cat £40).20
8461881(Nov) crown crested env Liverpool(sq.circ)-Rome, pair 1d bluish lilac + ½d(SG165,171a cat £320). PH.150
8471880(Oct) mourning cvr West Brompton-India via Sea PO D & Madras Overland Mail, rare 4d brn pl.17 + 6d pl.16 (SG147,154 cat £600) damaged by opening. Cat £1700(SG on cvr). PHOTO200
8481882 cvr Liverpool(sq.circ)-Prussia, ½d+2d (SG165+8 cat £120). PHOTO100
8491882 cvr London-Dumbartonshire via Glasgow Sorting Tender, 1½d (SG167 cat £50). No flap.50
8501884 cvr Newton Abbot-N.Adelaide(sq.circ.rec'r), 6d SG194(cat £230). Ex Kingskerswell(cds rev). PHOTO100
8511884 firms headed EL Dundee-Venezuela per Royal Mail via S'ton(h/st), pair 4d SG192 cat £400. PHOTO200
8521885 Swedish/Norwegian Consulate(cachet rev),London cvr to New South Wales(advertised & unclaimed cachets), 1d lilac + 5d (SG169). Cat £275(cvr). PHOTO65
8531886 cvr Newcastle-on Tyne-Aden(rec'r), 5d SG193. Ex Hovingham(cds rev). Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO100
8541886 QV 6d+1d embossed p.stat.env Manchester Station late box(rare hooded pmk)-Paris + SG187,91. PH.150
8551889 cvr Birkenhead-Argentina(destination & Rosario rec’r), 4d (SG205).20
8561893 regd cvr S.Tottenham(sq.circ)-USA, 5d+1/= (SG207a+11 cat £88). PHOTO80
8571900 Cranstons Temperance Hotel env London EC-Seattle(train late/mail delayed rec'r), ½d+2d grn & scarle (SG199 cat £260). RPS Certificate. PHOTO200
8581902 ppc Crowborough-Trinidad(destination/rec'r) via Liverpool per SS Orion @ 1d rate. Boxed Too Late.20
8591902 advert cvr Liverpool-Montevideo(destination) per SS Normandy, 5d (SG207a).20
8601904 KEVII 2d+1d regd env size F West Hill,Bournemouth-Holbeach(sq.circle rec'r).10
8611904 ppcs(2) to France, ½d rate taxed or 1d rate perfinned. Both with hooded Eastcheap L1(late fee) pmks).20
8621905 cvr to Lincoln, KEVII ½d & oval MR Posted in Advance for Xmas delivery. No flap.30
8631906 regd(R fee paid label) cvr Oban-India via Glasgow & London, 1½d (SG222 pair cat £40).20
8641907 3d International Reply Coupon with St Martins le Grand pmk.10
8651909(Feb) illus souvenir p/card Manchester Stamp Exhibition/Congress(sp.pmk)-Chester @ ½d rate.20
8661909 local London cvrs(2 inc regd) all franked QV ½d brn or grn(x7) p.stationery cut-outs.25
8671911(Dec) KGV 2d+1d regd env size G London EC-Berlin + KEVII 3d grey/lemon (SG285a). PHOTO150
8681912 KGV 3d insured regd env SE District Office,London-Bavaria + KEVII 5d,10d (SG293,309 cat £95). PH.150
8691920 KGV 3½d+½d double embossed regd env size F Brentford-London.10
8701921(May) cvr Watford-Launceston, 2d deep orange (intense? cat £475) SG369.25
8711921 cvr London-Dudley, 2½d blue N21(10) with marginal pillars label. RPS Certificate.15
8721924 regd AR(oval h/stamp) cvr London EC(oval rubber)-USA, 2½d+4d (SG372,380).20
8731924(May) FFC Belfast-Liverpool @ 2d rate. Central fold.20
8741924(May-Sep) cvrs(2) Empire Exhib’n Wembley Park(slogan or circ.lion pmk)-Bedford, 1½d(SG431 cat £30).25
8751924(Apr 26) Wembley 1d(x3) + 1½d (SG430-1 cat £48) on regd cvr Norwood-Stockton.40
8761925 cvr Carlisle-Whitehaven, 1½d Wembley (SG433 cat £70).45
8771932 airmail cvr Kings Langley(Derby)-USA, 1½d experimental paper SG420f(x4: 1 inv wmk cat £480+).PH.250
8781933 airmail cvr Shrewsbury-Australia, 1d+10d (SG428 cat £40).30
8791933(Sept) illus IA FFC London-Burma(Akyab rec'r) @ 8d rate.20
8801935 London-Canada, W35 control blk of 4 ½d (SG439).20
8811935 airmail cvr S.Shields-Ceylon(TPO rec'r), S.Jubilee 1d+2½d(x2 cat £15). See also lot 7.20
8821935(Dec 2) local Hounslow cacheted FDC of 9d photo (SG447). PHOTO50
8831936 airmail cvr London-RMS Orford,Fremantle,Australia(rec'rs), 4-colour SG429,41(x4)-2(x2),5(x2).20
8841936(Sept 14) flown FDC Liverpool-Athens of KEVIII 1d (blk of 4).15
8851937-8 illus FDCs(6 inc 2 regd) Bexhill-Canada of KGVI ½d-3d (SG462-7) all in blocks of 4.65
8861937 flimsy airmail cvr London-B.Aires by German airmail SG447(x2)+450(2/6d seahorse cat £44).30
8871937 airmail cvr London-Malaya, mixed 3 Kings: SG442,57-9,61,62(x2)-3,6. See also lot 1008.20
8881938 airmail firms env Manchester-B.Aires, perfinned(inc 2/6d) SG426a,49-50(cat £43).30
8891938(Jan-Feb) cvrs(2) London-Canada, KEVIII or KGVI 1d both + green 'poached egg' labels tied.25
8901939(Nov) cvr Italy-UK @ 1L25 rate. Early PC66 Opened by Censor 60 label.15
8911941 Cable & Wireless telegram illus envelope Manchester-Sale @ 2½d rate.15
8921943 airmail cvr Worcester-India, 5-colour SG468,71,85,6(x2)-7 & BM barred grid-iron cancels. Indian censor.15
8931944 airmail regd(h/st) opened-out cvr MM 808 (PO maritime mail 40mm cachet)-Red X(Channel Is section), London @ 1/6d rate. Triangular bluish naval censor.25
8941948 repaired airmail env(poss FDC) to Canada, S.Wedding SG403(blk of 4)-4 (£1 cat £40).20
8951948 airmail cvr Sleaford-Dutch E.Indies(destination/rec'r), 1/= Olympics (SG498).10
8961951 Festival illus FDCs(2), SG503-7,13-14. H/written addresses20
8971952 regd airmail cvrs(2) Prestbury-Canada, KGVI 3d-2/6d (SG469-75,90,508-9).25
8981953(Jun) illus Quantas Coronation FDC London-Cocos Is(destination/rec'r) via Singapore, 1/3d (SG534).10
8991957 airmail cvr London FS(temporary rubber)-Norway, QE2 2½d + 2 6d airletter cut-outs.15
9001957 Parliament illus FDC of SG560 with sp.Big Ben pmk. Addressed locally. Cat £100.30
9011958(Aug 18) matching set of 6 illus FDC for 3d regionals. H/written matching addresses. Cat £125.40
9021958(Sept 29) matching pair FDCs(2) for 6d+1/3d of Scotland & N.Ireland. Printed address.25
9031966 Battle of Hastings ordinary set on sp.Cameo maxicards(8) all tied obverse Battle FDI pmks.15
9041968 Paintings,Bridges + 1970 Architecture sets on sp.Cameo maxicard(12)tied obverse Windsor/related FDI.20
9051972 Wedgwood se-tenant bklet panes inc excellent ½p side band on illus FDC with Barlaston sp.pmk15
906Officials: 1898 local Edinburgh OHMS env, QV 1d Army (O43 cat £100 on cvr).30
9071904 crested cvr Salisbury-Bristol, KEVII 1d Army (O49 cat £100 on cvr).30
908P.Due:1902 underpaid small cvr Belgium-Somerset, tax mark inc 3d FB. VR Found Open & Official Seal label20
9091921 local London EC1 unpaid cvr(+ letter) with 4d tax mark & 4d P.Due (D6w).25
9101933 Todmorden official cvrs(2), red Paid ½d pmks, Ret’n to Sender h/st & ½d P.Due box cachet or ½d(D10).15
9111955 local London banking cvr redirected unpaid & taxed with 3d P.Due (D42 cat £60). PHOTO45
9121957 unpaid ppc Midland Junction(W.Australia)-Lincoln with tax marks inc 2d both countries.15
9131961(Aug) Braemar RP ppc comm.used unpaid to St Andrews, due h/st + scarce 5d P.Due (D52 cat £20).20
9141965(Jan) 'invalid use' Rhodesia cvr to UK taxed with 2/6d P.Due (D65). See also lot 1593.15
915Guernsey: 1827 EL to Birmingham rated 1/2d with good Guernsey scroll. PHOTO65
9161906 local ppc to Forest(fine violet skeleton rec'r) @ ½d rate. PHOTO45
9171969 illus unadd.FDCs(2) of set to £1 (SG13-28 cat £26).20
9181973(Sept) BIA/Aurigny Air cacheted flown(certified 100 or 150) cvrs(2) to Southampton. Both pilot signed.25
919Jersey: 1828 outer to London rated 3/3d with fairly good Jersey scroll on reverse.50
9201943 regd local cvr, SG1,2e,3-8(FDC of 2½d,3d) & Five Oaks pmk. Stamps cat £41.35
921Channel Is: 1958(Aug 18) illus FDCs(2) for Jersey & Guernsey 3d regionals.20
922IoMan: 1915(Sept) POW env Douglas-UK @ 1d rate. Oval Aliens Detention Camp,Douglas censor. PHOTO45
923WW1 undated POW printed env to USA ex Aliens Camp,Knockaloe(address rev). PW85 censor label.20
924Lundy: 1954 RP loading stores ppc comm.used Braunton-Stratton @ 2d rate + 1puffin By Air ovpt tied.15
925GREECE:(see lots 162-3,391): 1858 EL Syros(cds)-Constantinople. PED in red (paid to destination).20
9261899 cvr Athens(5 pmk)-C'tinople(Br.PO rec'r). 4mgn 25L purple (SG91).25
9271908 regd advert cvr Athens(Kentpikon pmk)-Xanthi(Turkish rec'r) via Salonica, 25L strip of 3 SG173A.20
9281908 ppc Dardanelles (fine pmk)-France, Turkish 10pa(x2)35
9291913 comm.cvr Chio(no.2 pmk)-Turkey(rec’r), Turkish 20pa.35
9301918 5L military p/card comm.used with fine boxed Passed Aegean Postal Censor Syra h/stamp. PHOTO45
9311932(Aug) cacheted IA FFC Athens-Zanzibar(rec'r), SG451-2+7. STB only 2 flown! PHOTO150
9321937 regd cvr Athens(Platia Syntaghm pmk)-Sweden, SG479 + C500(x2 ea) tied reverse,15
9331940 airmail cvr Athens-Sweden, SG488e(10d air),521(x4 inc 3 rouletted),533.20
934Salonica:(see lot 276): 1904 comm.cvr to Hungary(rec'r), blk of 6 Turkish 20pa tied reverse by 2 pmk.25
9351907 firms advert p/card to Vienna, Turkish 20pa & Salonique 1 pmk.15
9361918 Salonika ppc comm.used to UK, 10L (SG288 perf). Circular Armee d'orient military censor.20
937GREENLAND: 1956 scarce surchs (SG37-8) in blks of 4(cat £45) on illus FDCs(2) to Denmark.35
9381958 cvr Crown Princess Island(pr Godhavn)-UK, SG28+33(scarce 50o cat £14). PHOTO45
939GRENADA: 1893 QV 2d regd env size G to Barbados(rec’r) + pair 2½d(SG32) & St Georges (D8) pmk. PH.45
9401935 regd cvr to UK, 3-colour S.Jubilee SG145-6+7(x2) cat £10.15
9411935 OHMS stampless cvr to UK with Official Paid pmk.40
9421940 regd cvr to UK, 4-colour KGVI 2d,2½d,3d,6d.15
9431942 airmail cvr St Georges-Venezuela(rec'r) @ 1/3½d rate. Examiner SS/5 label.30
9441951 spice advert cvr to St Davids(unlisted pmk rec'r) @ 1c rate. Ret'd because dead(h/st) & scarce DLO pmk30
9451952 regd OHMS cvr to USA, scarce $1.50 (SG183). See also lots 436,1711.20
9461961 Cable & Wireless telegram underpaid GPO-Gouyave. Taxed with 4c P.Due(D16 cat £19) & Victoria pmk40
947GUATEMALA: 1896 12c on 3c p.stat.local delivery lettercard, scarce H&G1 fine unused.20
9481901 Quetzal 3c p.stat.card(scarcer reply half) Livingstone-Germany pmk'd Puerto Barrios via N.Orleans.20
9491903 advert cvr to S.Francisco per Colon, strip of 4 25c on 1c(SG127) ex booklet as imperf at left.25
9501930(Mar) cacheted Pan-am FFC to Honduras, SG223,30,41. 240 flown.30
9511940 regd advert cvr Antigua-Argentina, SG401,6,9(x3)-1010
952HAITI: 1901 3c grn p.stat.card comm.used Jacmel-UK.20
9531926(Jun) FFC Port au Prince-Gonaives, 50c (SG302).25
9541927(Apr) FFC Port au Prince-Port de Paix, 50c (SG302).25
955HONDURAS: 1890-4 all different p.stat.cards inc reply + wrappers(12) fine unused.15
9561924 advert cvr La Ceiba-UK, SG196(x5)+8(x2). Health remedy label(reverse).15
957HONG KONG: 1906 KEVII 4c p.stat.card comm.used Victoria-Germany.20
9581914-17 advert cvrs(3) to USA @ 10c (all different KGV make-up rates).30
9591918 ppc comm.used to UK, 4c & HK Kowloon Branch fine pmk.30
9601938(Apr) airmail cvr Victoria-USA, v.early mixed KGV-VI SG130($2)+151,3.35
9611937 airmail cvr Kowloon-UK, SG139(x2 cat £11).15
9621938 advert cvr to Canada, 15c (SG138) & fine herringbone pmk.15
9631938 advert cvr to Canada, SG121+4 & Sheungwan pmk.30
9641960 airmail cvr Sham Shui PO-Australia, SG183a+7.10
9651966 airmail sp.delivery cvr Man Yee Arcade-USA, $2 Churchill (SG221 cat £10).20
966Treaty Ports: Amoy: QV 2c,4c,12c (Z8,9,12) good used with A1 pmks. Cat £104(3).30
967Foochowfoo: QV 20c on 30c & 50c on 48c (Z349-50 cat £51) & part cds pmks.20
968Hankow: QV 5c & 10c CC wmk (Z448-9 cat £250) & D29 pmks.75
969HUNGARY: 1831 bit tatty(disinfection?) EL Oedenburg(Sopron)-Steyer. Oval 2-line h/st + disinfection cachet.20
9701872-4 5kr p.stat.envs(2: different printings) Butka/Hajdu Boszobmeny-Pest(rec'rs).25
9711895 5f p.stat.env Tuznad-Bavaria. 2 1896 Budapest Millenium Exhib'n labels tied reverse.20
9721911 advert printed matter ppc Budapest-India(destination/rec’rs), SG100+18.20
9731915 cvr Varanno-Prague, 4-colour War Charity SG153-5,7.25
9741921(Apr) 16f p.stat.env flown Budapest-Papa + airs SG401-3(cat £13).25
9751925(Apr) cacheted FFC Budapest-Szeged, SG433-6,43(all x3). Stamps cat £48+.40
9761950 Stamp Day minisheet ((MS1156a cat £65) on illus FDC to Switz.40
9771964 airmail cvr Budapest-Gilbert & Ellice Is(rare destination), SG1646-7. See also lots 3,74,1476.15
978Rumanian Occ Debrecen: 1919 15f opt p.stat.env(U2: 150x95mm) fine unused. PHOTO50
979Baranya: 1919 150f on 16f or 35f regd envelopes(2) fine unused.50
980ICELAND:(see lots 40,494): 1908 ppc comm.used Stykisholmur-Reykjavik, 1e + 4a (Fa76,78).40
9811912 10aur red p.stat.card comm.used Akureyri-Germany.35
9821930(Oct) scarcer FFC Dyrafjordur-Reykjavik(rec’r), pair 10a airs (SG156 cat £22).35
9831931(Jun) Graf Zeppelin regd cacheted p/card to Germany, 30a+1kr Zeppelin opts(SG179-80 cat £260). PH.200
9841932 advert cvr Reykjavik-Canada, Fa145+7(x2 cat £35).35
9851934 waterfall ppc comm.used Reykjavik-Germany, 20aur air p.14 (Fa205).30
9861937(July) illus cacheted FF card Sandskeid-Reykjavik, Fa204+216(scarce opt on cvr).40
9871942(July) GB 3d forces regd env FPO 2-UK. Triangular censor 1324. Uncommon usage.30
9881947(Mar) AOA cacheted N.Atlantic FFC Keflavik Airport-Denmark, Fa229+246.25
9891947(Jun) AOA cacheted FF ppc Reykjavik-Helsinki, Fa231+246. Unlisted Muller.40
9901950-4 plain FDCs(4): SG297-307,275+7+9,313-6 or 325-7(cat £120) & FDI pmks.50
9911951 geysir eruption ppc comm.used Keflavik Airport-UK, scarce 60a+1kr (SG300+3 cat £22).35
992INDIA:(see lots 4,13,59,814,892,1125): 1860 cvr Arrah-Scotland via Bombay, 2a+4a (SG41,46 cat £51)40
9931860 cvr Futtygurh(96 numeral)-Lady Tyler,UK, 2a+4a (SG42,46 cat £50).40
994c1865 unpaid native EL to Bombay, superb boxed Bombay Ship Letter Postage Due 1an (unlisted type). PH.75
9951888 OHMS ¼a p.stat.cards(3) comm.used Border Regt,Thobba/Peshawar/Murree(inc sq.circs)-Sialkot.30
9961893 cvr to Switz via Sea PO C, QV 1a+2a (SG89,91) & M5 Out Set KK1 TPO pmk.15
9971894 multilingual regd envs(2 diff:1
9981895 QV 2a regd env Bhuj(sq.circle + regd pmks)-UK + pair 2a6p(SG103). Boxed Too Late. Circ.violet AR.30
9991894-9 East India/India ¼a service p/cards(H&G6b,7) + 1895 1a soldiers & seamen envelope + 1900 CEF ovpt ½a p.stat env & 1a on 1½a p.stat.card all good-fine unused (5).25
10001908 Belgaum Fancy Fair stallholder RP ppc to UK via Sea PO B,1a& scarce s/ring fair pmk(use 2 days).PH100
10011918 cvr Bombay-Canada@ 1a rate. GRI Calcutta grn/buff censor label & postal censor cds + box viol.cens1.30
10021921 KGV ¼a p.stat.card(scarcer H&G22) comm.used Kutcheri-Jaipur.10
10031922 KGV ½ on ¼a blue-grey p.stat.card(H&G23) used on Royal Bombay Yacht Club business.15
10041925(Jun) tiny cvr to Simla @ ½a rate with Viceroys Camp PO pmk.15
10051930 airmail tea sample label Calcutta-UK, SG203+214(1r x4). PHOTO50
10061931 hotel env Simla-UK, SG211 + 245(3½a S.Jubilee cat £9).15
10071931 airmail cvr Calcutta-Scotland, all blks of 4 SG203-4(x2 ea)+6.15
10081940(Jan-Apr) airmail cvrs(4) W.Midlands-Assam @ 1/3d rate (all different frankings inc 4-colour). Triangular Calcutta 2,4,8 or C/100 censors.30
10091942(Jun) postage free(box cachet) cvr Cmdr Heanly RN-Bombay(rec'r). Boxed violet Received from HMI Ships OAS + crown Passed by Naval Censor.40
10101945(Aug) OAS white env RAF Post 12(Karachi)-UK. RAF censor.15
10111948 commercial advert cvr Calcutta-USA, 3½a Ghandi (SG306).25
1012INDIAN STATES: Bamra: 1894 ¼a p.stat.card on greenish blue, H&G2 fine unused.20
1013Cochin: 1892 ½put deep orange Cochin Govt p.stat.env H&G1a commercially used.20
10141900 2p p.stat.card H&G2 fine unused.10
1015Gwalior: 1919 ¼a p.stat.reply card,H&G14 complete comm.used Binaganj-Bundi. Corner fault on reply card.20
10161949 KGVI 1½a p.stat.env, H&G20 comm.used Shivpari-Bombay + SG129(x2).15
1017Hyderabad: 1929 8pi p.stat.env regd Nagar Bhalki-Pattakhana + SG36b(strip 3)+39 reverse.15
1018Jaipur: 1939-40 internal cvrs(3 inc illus) ex Dausa,Sawal Jaipur or Jaipur Rail Stn-Bandikui, SG58(x2).15
10191946 ¾a p.stat.env,H&G8 Samod-Finance Minister,Jaipur City + ¼a(SG58 x15 inc blk of 6 front/back)20
1020Patiala: 1906 KEVII ½a p.stat.env regd Govindgarh-Bombay + pair 1a (SG38) tied reverse.10
10211906-10 KEVII ¼a p.stat.cards(3 inc 1 message half) comm.used Barnala,Ramer or Govindgarh-Bombay.15
10221916 cvr to Switz, SG49-50(x2) & Bombay censor 5. Scarcer usage20
10231934 KGV 9p p.stat.card comm.used Mansa-Bikaner State.10
1024Travancore: 1890 2c orge-red p.stat.env(H&G2) + 1921 5c red/yell p.stat.card(H&G22) fine unused(2).15
10251932-40 5c or 6c p.stat.cards(2: H&G23-4) regd internally + SG44,52 or 44.25
10261940 ¾ch p.stat.env, H&G11 regd locally in Aleppey(x2 diff.pmks) + SG41,44 reverse.20
1027IRAN:(see lot 19): 1918 scarce AR PO form for letter Teheran-Chahroud, SG364+376(3kr) tied reverse.25
10281920 toned cvr Kazvin-Yezd, SG368(strip of 3) tied reverse. Dark red label tied circular Persian censor.25
10291922 internal cvrs(5) @ 6ch rate & Chuster,Isfahan,Bender Nasseri or Sultanabad pmks.25
10301923(Jan) flown(Bagdad-Cairo & 2 diff.cachets) cvr Teheran-UK, 3kr(SG567). Scarce. PHOTO50
10311928(Apr) printed cacheted Junkers FFC Teheran-Bushire, SG631 + airs 643,44(x2).25
103219 30 airmail cvr Teheran-Egypt via Baghdad, SG672,5,81,95(x2),97,99(x2 cat £10).20
10331942(Oct) censored airmail cvr Indian FPO R-19(Andimishk)-UK @ Indian 8as rate.15
1034IRAQ: 1928(Nov) regd airmail US Consulate(seal)cvr Lower Baghdad-USA, 4-colour SG43-4,6-7.25
10351931 cvr Mosul-Aleppo(rec'r), SG42+44.15
10361933 IA illus FFC Basra-Calcutta @ 35f rate. Only 56 flown. PHOTO65
10371949(Feb 1) regd airmail FDC Junoubi Baghdad-India of air set SG330-7 + T328(cat £15+).20
10381952 formular airletter comm.used Kirkuk-UK, SG278+88. Great detail on air trip ex UK via Malta & Tripoli.25
1039IRELAND: 1807 EL to UK rated 1/2d. S/line red Drogheda.20
10401854 mourning cvr Newtown Butler-Strabane, 1d star SG17 & 453 numeral.25
10411862 cvr Newtown Limavady-Enfield(Co.Kildare rec'r), 1d pale red (SG38 cat £25) & 362 duplex.20
10421862-3 cvr/EL(2) Coleraine-UK or Shanes Castle via Belfast, 1d stars(SG40) & 2 diff.149 duplex.20
10431875 money letter Thurles(429 duplex)-Rome, 6d grey SG147 pl.14. Ex Ballybagget(cds rev). PHOTO50
10441878 advert cvr Dundalk-Bordeaux, 2½d rosy mauve SG141 pl.8. Cat £125+(cvr).40
10451902(Feb) ppc Inishannon-Russia(destination & Ekaterinoslav rec'r) @ QV ½d rate pmk'd Killarney RSO. In Nov 1903 same card reposted back to Russia this time with KEVII ½d & pmk'd Sandon. Oddity!20
10461923(Mar) comm.cvr Dun Laoghaire-Switz, pair 1½d ovpts (SG54 cat £17).30
10471929(Aug) cacheted FFC Galway-London @ 2d rate.15
10481930 cvr Bruigbeanta(skeleton pmk),Co.Donegal-UK, 6-colour SG71-2,4,6,9-80,82(cat £16).25
10491931(Dec) Irish acceptance on ANA FFC UK-Tasmania, SG81(x2)+93(cat £28). Uncommon. PHOTO45
10501941(Apr) airmail cvr Dundalk-S.Africa, SG122+7(cat £29). Irish SP1 171 label tied 2-line No Airmail Service by this Route at Present. PHOTO50
1051WW2 stampless cvr German military internee(cachet) in Curragh Camp to Germany(near Sachsenhausen). Irish red military censor + Irish & UK censor labels. Returned to Sender (destination unachievable). PH(rev)65
10521952 underpaid meter-franked Dublin window env with Return to Sender cachets + D5-6 P.Dues(cat £24).35
10531960(Dec) Air Lingus cacheted FFCs(2) Shannon or Dublin-N.York @ 1/3d rate (SG183 cat £40).25
1054ISRAEL: 1949 illus unadd. FDC of Tabul minisheet with sp.pmk (MS16a cat £95). PHOTO65
1055ITALY:(see lots 41,90,93-5,392): 1812 Napoleonic EL to Genoa rated 8, 2-line 116/Rome.20
10561836 local EL(on disinfection duties) to Cmdr,Lazaretto,Castel Franco with 2 strikes boxed cachet Province of Bologna Lazaretto di Castel Franco.40
105719th cent pre-stamp cvrs/ELs(11) inc papal keys, 2 types Florence s/line, Ancona,Bologna etc.25
10581838 EL Milan-Lyon rated 11 with red boxed Italie par le Pont de Beauvoisin. S/line FC & L1 + tiny black TS.20
10591871 EL Turin-UK via Verona TPO, 60c (SG15 cat £21).25
10601877 EL Termini Imerese-Palermo, strip of 4 5c (SG10 cat £20+) & 2278 numerals.25
10611915 ppc Rosazza-B.Congo(destination/rec'rs) @ 10c rate. Forwarded cachet.20
10621916 express cvr Torre de Passe-Chieti then Rome, SG75+100(x2).15
10631925(Sept) Ceylon stamps ppc flown Como-Bellagio @ 10c rate.40
10641930(6/12) cvr Naples-Rome (rec’r), 10L air (SG277). FDC35
10651934 express cvr Milan-Berlin via 2 Italian TPOs, SG412 + E351(2L50 express).20
10661945(Jun)cvr Corchiano-USA, pair 2L50 opts(SG629: scarce on cvr).Oval milit.censorship routed via civil mail20
1067Campione: 1937 RP ppc to UK, SG239,41,506,8,10 & Campione d'Italia Como pmk.15
1068Eritrea: 1903 camel + scrub ppc Cheren-Sweden(destination/rec'r), pair 5c ovpts (SG21).25
10691938 airmail cvr Decamere-Italy, 1L50 air (SG243).20
1070Levant: 1910 ppc Constantinopoli(Italian PO)-France, 20pa on 10c (Sass.21).20
10711920-2 Italian 15c p.stat.card + 40c or 25c advert env(2) Posta Militare 171(Smyrna)-France/Belgium.30
1072Papal States: 1853 EL Vojara-Rome via Subiaco, 4b pale grey-brn (Sass.5 cat £95). PHOTO65
10731856 outer Ferrara-Mantova(3 rec'r), 4mgn 2b grey-grn(cat £20). Boxed P.Stato Pontificio.20
10741868 piece Rome-France via E.Pont 4 St Michel, 3-colour 5c,10c,40c(SG45-6,52 cat £225). PHOTO75
1075S.African forces:1944(Mar) airmail cvr APO-u-MpK 10-S.Africa, war effort SG100-1(strips of 3 etc).RAF cens20
1076Trieste: 1945(Nov) cvr to USA, AMG VG ovpts on 5L+10L(Sass.10-11). 2 Allied censors inc label.20
10771948 airmail cvr to UK, mixed ovpts SG61(x8)+67(cat £20). PHOTO45
1078JAMAICA: 1831 EL(land sales/illness) to UK rated 2/2. 2-line Spanish Town/Ja50
10791845 EL(crops/slaves) Trelawny-UK rated 1/2d. Early Rio Bueno d/ring cds. PHOTO100
10801895 comm.cvr Hope Bay-USA, SG16a(strip of 3)+27.30
10811896 QV ½d p.stat.card(scarcer reply half) comm.used Chester Castle-Christiania, redirected to Kingston.PH.45
10821891-1906 QV & KEVII ½d+1d p.stat.cards inc reply(6: H&G17-8,21a-2a,3-4) all fine unused ovpt'd Specimen50
10831907 KEVII ½d p.stat.wrapper comm.used Kingston-Colombia(destination) + QV 3d(SG21a).25
10841912 KGV ½d & 1d p.stat.cards(2: H&G25-6) fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
10851937-8 regd internal cvrs(2) @ 4½d rates ex Free Hill or Lorrimers.15
10861941 printed Internment Camp p/card to USA with oval camp pmk + 4-line Jamaica postal censor(both violet).25
10871949 KGVI 3d+1½d regd env size F(scarce H&G6) airmail Kingston-Scotland + 5/=. PHOTO50
10881949(Apr) Br.Caribbean Airways cacheted FFC Kingston-Miami @ 6d rate.25
10891949-52 internal cvrs(2) @ ½d-2d rates with oval violet Mona(type 1) or Leeds TRDs.15
10901950(Apr) BWIA cacheted FFC Kingston-Nassau @ 8d rate.25
10911972 Govt Service banking cvr Liguanea-Antigua, hi-vals SG316,8-9,26,61(cat £18+).20
1092JAPAN: 1903 geisha ppc comm.used to Shanghai(IJPO rec'r) via Yokohama, 1½s(SG135b).15
10931905 warships ppcs(2 diff) Kobe/Tokyo-S.Africa(destination/rec'rs) @ 2s or 4s rates.25
10941928 cvr Osaka(sp.red pmk)-Belgium, Emperor 6s+10s (SG250-1).25
10951936 airmail double regd cvr to UK via Hsinking INPO, SG300,3(x2),4(1y).30
10961937 2s bird(Mt Fuji illus) p.stat.card Takamatsu-Canada + SG298,336-7.20
10971953 cvr Yokohama-USA @ US 3c rate. Boxed paquebot (scarce Hosking 3474) & circ.SS MS Sword Knot Pacquet Boat Mail Posted at Sea cachet. See also lots 1123,1306.25
1098NZ forces: 1946(Nov) cvr NZ APO 222 code A(Iwakuni)-UK, NZ SG667-70.20
1099JORDAN:(see lot 1402): 1954 regd(early label) cvr Jerusalem Airport-UK, SG433,37,49(x2)-50,53.20
11001959 internal cvrs(3) @ 5f rate with Azzun, Ya’bad or Silat edh Dhahr PA pmks30
1101KENYA etc:(see lot 8,1809): 1895 BEA ovpt on ½a & 1a p.stat.cards(2, H&G3-4) fine unused.25
11021896 local Mombasa cvr, 2a+4a (SG52,55 cat £43) & 2 diff.pmks inc sq.circ. Cat £480(SG cvr). PHOTO150
11031896 BEA ½d & 1d p.stat.cards inc reply(H&G7,9-10), 2½d p.stat.env(H&G5), ½a+1a wrappers(H&G3-4) all fine unused ovpt'd Specimen(6).75
11041900 BEA QV ½a wrapper comm.used Lamu(light pmk)-Germany.25
11051901-3 cvrs(2) Kampala/Entebbe-UK/Italy(destination) via Mombasa, pairs 1a Uganda (SG84 or a).65
11061905 comm.cvr Masaka-UK via Mombasa(skeleton) @ 1a rate.25
11071910 cvr Kyambu(scarcer 2-ring pmk)-Scotland via Nairobi, 1c+6c (SG34,36).30
11081917 stampless OAS censored cvr Voi-Egypt(rec'rs) via Mombasa.25
11091921 ppc comm.used Kampala-Costa Rica(destination & rec’r) @ 6c rate.20
11101927 Tanganyika KGV 30c regd env size H, H&G3a, fine unused opt’d Specimen25
11111927 Tanganyika 15c p.stat.env Tanga-Berlin + SG93(x2). Ex PO Pangani.25
11121930 cvr Mjanji Uganda(mission h/stamp rev)-USA @ 30c rate. Rare. PHOTO100
11131930(Nov) regd FFC Dar-Tanga(rec’r), GEA 75c (SG54-a). Only 57 regd flown. PHOTO50
11141931(Mar) airmail cvr Mombasa-UK, SG80(x3). Wavy violet s/line Posted in Late Fee Box.20
11151932(Dec) airmail cvr Mufindi(scarce d/ring temporary pmk)-UK via Iringa,Dodoma,Tanganyika SG93,98a(x2).30
11161933 regd airmail cvr Nairobi-UK, SG84(x3)+88(2/= cat £18). UK GPO officially sealed label tied.40
11171935(Apr) English Club,Zanzibar env Dar-UK, 3-col.Tanga SG93,8a,100.Box Feeder Service & By Air London15
11181940 comm.cvr Kikagati(Uganda)-UK @ 20c rate. Scarce pmk.30
11191940(Dec 24) OAS/OHMS Military Franked/boxed military censor(all marks in red) EAAPS violet pmk(no number)-Kinangop(rec'r). Previous owner paid £125!40
11201942(Apr 20) regd(violet scarce R4 h/st) censored(EA box) FDC APO 2-S.Africa, blk of 4 70c (SG154).25
11211943(Jan) airmail OAS cvr to S.Africa, 1s30 rate tied blank d/ring 25mm pmk. Triang.Passed Naval Censor.35
11221954 ppc written Lindi-Switz, 25c(SG140) & Ndanda skeleton pmk.15
1123KOREA: 1937 advert cvr Keijo(Chosen)-France, Japanese 20s Mt Fuji (SG268).40
11241957 cvr(inc letter Catholic Mission,Waekwan-Germany, 55h (SG315).10
1125Indian Forces: 1953(Dec) airmail cvr FPO 740-India, 3p-1a ovpts (SGK1-4 cat £27). PHOTO50
1126LABUAN: 1945(Dec) local cvr, Sarawak BMA to $4 (SG126-43 cat £240) & scarce Victoria box pmk FDI.PH250
1127LATVIA: 1862 EL Riga-Paris via Prusse Valenciennes 3(blue cds), charged 11. Boxed P33.20
11281893 advert cvr Dorpat-Estonia(Reval rec'r), Russian 7k & TPO 90 pmk.25
11291913 cvr Riga(oval rail pmk)-Berlin, Russian SG93-4,128(x2).20
11301939 regd cvr Liepaja-Germany, 4-colour Independence SG279-81,84. National costume label(rev).20
1131LEBANON: 1907 Baalbek ppc comm.used Beyrouth(2 pmk)-UK, Turkish 10pa (SG213A x2).20
11321929 unpaid cvr(crease at base) Amman-Beirut via Damas taxed with strip 3 5pi P.Dues(D126 cat £48). PH.100
11331936 advert cvr Beyrouth-Holland, 5-colour inc scarcer Tourism commems SG167a,91-4(cat £14).20
11341942(May 11) FDC Beirut-UK of Independence set (SG252-7 cat £26).25
11351945 advert cvr Beyrouth-N.York, scarce 25p (SG280) + army stamp (T289 cat £22).25
1136LEEWARDS: QV ½d+1d p.stat.wrappers, 1½d p.stat.reply card & 2½d p.stat.env(H&G2a) fine unused(4).15
11371914 regd cvr Antigua-USA, KEVII 3d+6d (SG41-2 cat £15). See also lots 102,440,1230,1506-9.40
11381956(Jun 30) local Antigua cvrs(2) with blks of 4-6 SG126,29-30,37(cat £20). Last day validity.20
1139LIBYA: 1912 war damage stampless ppc Zuara(military PO)-Rome. Violet Italian regiment cachet.20
11401919 official regd wrapper Bengasi-Sicily, strip of 3 5c+20c ovpts (SG3,8).35
11411930 advert cvr Tripoli-Tunisia, 1L25 (SG66 cat £17). PHOTO50
11421933(Mar) cacheted FFC Tripoli-Rome-Budapest by Gerle @ 60c rate.30
11431939 airmail p/card Tripoli-USA, SG41(p.14: scarce on cvr),50,109-11(scarce on cvr). PHOTO65
11441952 regd exoress(cachet + label) cvr Tripoli-UK, 3-colour SG180,3-4.25
1145LIECHTENSTEIN: 1920 regd cvr Triesen-Vienna, perf Prince John's birthday (SG43-5 cat £7).20
11461920 regd(violet h/st) cvr Eschen-Vienna, SG32,4-8. PHOTO50
11471929 regd cvr Vaduz-Triesenberg, 30rp Prince John (SG86 cat £25).30
11481935(July) cacheted FFC Vaduz-Innsbruck, 60 on 1fr (SG150 cat £75). PHOTO50
11491936(May) illus(airship rev) env regd Triesenberg-USA flown Hindenburg, airs SG151-2(cat £220). PHOTO150
11501936 regd official cvr Vaduz-Austria, 4-colour officials O150(x2)-2,55(cat £37).30
1151LITHUANIA: 1908 comm.cvr Shavli-Transvaal(destination/rec'r), Russian 2k(x5) tied rev. Bit grubby on front25
11521916 regd cvr Wilna-Berlin, blk of 10 3pf Ob.Ost ovpts (Mi2). Konigsberg censor.20
11531921(IX) cvr Kaunas-Latvia, air set (SG109-15 cat £14). Month error in date (stamps issued XI).20
11541923 postal receipt comm.used Telsiai-Kaunas, 25s (SG191).25
1155LUXEMBURG: 1882 underpaid 6c lilac p.stat.card(no.16) Esch sur Alzette-Leipzig. Tax marks.15
11561901 ppc to NZ(destination/RPO rec'r), SG152+4 & Noerdange-Martelange box TPO pmk.25
11571926 regd cvr to Switz, 50c+2fr (SG207,236).20
115819 35(Aug 15) cvr Esch(Phil.Exhib'n pmk)-UK, imperf 2fr (SG339 cat £28).25
11591937 ppc to USA, scarce 75c Phil.Exhib’n (SG263 cat £16).25
11601939 1fr red p.stat. reply half comm.used Lux'burg Station-Sweden.15
11611956 Europa scarce illus unadd.FDC of SG609-11(cat £90). PHOTO65
1162German Occ: 1941 regd express cvr to Munich, 100rpf (SG428). Cat 140eu(cvr).40
11631940 6pf p.stat.card comm.used to Belgium with German censor.15
1164MALAYA: 1899 comm.cvr Singapore-India, 4c on 8c (SG108b)25
11651906 Singapore ppc comm.used Penang-UK, Straits 3c(SG128) perfinned B&Co.15
11661923 underpaid 1a on ½a Indian p.stat.env to K.Lumpur with boxed violet K.Lumpur 8Cts To Pay.25
11671925 unpaid cvr India-Muar via Singapore. Tax marks inc scarce 40CT.25
11681933 underpaid cvr India-Malacca, tax mark & Straits 4c P.Due (D3).25
11691934(Apr) printed IA FFC Penang-UK, 5c+35c (SG237).25
11701937 KLM airmail cvr Singapore-Sweden, 30c+$1 (SG269,272).20
11711937(Jun) illus FFC Singapore-K.Lumpur, 8c (SG276).15
11721937(Dec 11) FDC Singapore-UK of 25c(SG286). Plus SG279,81,84 to make up rate.20
11731940 cvr Butterworth-USA, SG283+296. 3-line Passed for Transmission.15
11741947 OGS re-used env K.Lumpur-Sabak Bernam & back.20
1175FMS: 1909 3c tiger p.stat.card comm.used Ipoh-UK via Taiping & Penang.30
11761919 regd cvr Kuala Kubu-UK, blk of 4 5c (SG39b cat £30).40
11771926 underpaid Indian p.stat.env to Kajang, taxed with 2c+4c P.Dues (D2-3 cat £13) tied reverse.30
11781931 unpaid cvr India-Seremban, tax mark & 12c P.Due (D6w) tied reverse. Cat £100(SG cvr).35
11791932 sl cut-down underpaid p.stat.env India-Kampar with 8c P.Due (D4w) tied rev. Cat £180(SG cvr).40
1180Johore: 1937 comm.cvr Muar-India, 8c (SG129) tied reverse.15
11811941 cvr Batu Pahat-UK, 8c (SG130). Triangular censor 5.15
1182Kedah: 1930 regd cvr Alor Star-UK via Penang, 1c+20c (SG31,52).25
1183Kelantan: 1955 4c+2c double imprint p.stat.cards(2) comm.used Kuala Krai/Batu Gajah-K.Lumpur.15
1184Malacca: 1949 regd AR(h/st) cvr to Kemla Batas & redirected to UK, SG4+18(x4) tied reverse.20
1185Penang: 1940 airmail cvr FPO SP502-UK, Straits 25c+30c (SG286-7). HM Ship Censor.25
1186Perak: 1940 comm.cvr Lahat-Klang, 8c(SG110).20
1187Selangor: 1900 Tiger 1c p.stat (scarcer reply half) used locally in K.Lumpur.25
11881935 OGS cvr Kuala Selangor-Sabak Bernam (rec'r).25
11891936 cvr Pudu-USA, 3-colour SG68(x2)-9,72(x2).20
11901950-1 cvrs to UK/Canada: regd ex Sabak Bernam SG91+100(x2( or underpaid ex Kajang SG90-1(x2 ea),95.20
1191Jap Occ: 1942 local K.Lumpur comm.cvr, Pahang 8c(J241) & boxed black censor seal.25
11921942(Mar 30) local Penang FDC of 3c+5c ovpts (J58-9 cat £61). PHOTO75
11931943 OGS Ipoh-Taiping, 2c (J298). Red Japanese censor chop.20
11941944 comm.cvr Ipoh-Parit Buntar, 8c(J307) tied reverse. Japanese boxed censor 3.25
11951945 local Penang regd cvr, $1.50 on 30c (J296). Boxed Japanese censor 7.20
1196MALTA: QV ½d+1d single & reply p.stat.cards + ½d wrapper all fine unused (5).20
11971900 QV 1d p.stat.env + 1902 KEVII 1d reply card, 2d regd env size G + 1927 KGV ½d p.stat.card fine unused ovpt'd Specimen (4).40
11981904 underpaid ppc ex Italy with tax mark & fine 4d in circle. Postman 8.35
11991905 cvr Notabile(thimble pmk)-Jersey(rec'r) @ 1d (SG48) rate.15
12001910 KEVII 1d p.stat.card comm.used Victoria(Gozo)-UK.20
12011914 ppc Valletta-UK @ 1d rate. S/line blue Passed by Censor.15
12021922 regd 4-colour Self-Govt opts cvr to USA, SG114,6-825
12031928 regd cvr GPO-USA, 3-colour mixed issues SG159,174(x2),183. Green customs label.20
12041939(Sept) cvr Valletta-USA, SG220. Early red/white censor label + triangular 7 censor.30
12051948 KGVI 2d p.stat.card comm.used Xaghia-Austria pmk'd Victoria BO Gozo.20
1206GB used in: 1d pl.155, 3d rose scarce pl.4, 4d vermilion pl's 7(scarce),8,10(scarce),12-13, 4d rose(x2,1 looks blued paper), 6d pl.5 on piece all with fine A25 pmks: Z30,43,47,49,57. Min.cat £240(10).60
1207MAURITIUS: 1878-9 QV 25c & 50c p.stat.envs(2, H&G10+12) fine unused.20
12081902 4c on 36c p.stat.env(scarcer H&G20a) Rose Hill-Paris + 1c(x3 rev),8c(scarcer SG147 cat £13). PHOTO45
12091908 cvr Curepipe Rd(thimble D4 pmk)-Rumania(destination/rec'r), 3-colour SG145,65a(x3),67a tied reverse.35
12101912 underpaid cvr Cape-Hampshire Regt. Tax marks inc scarce 12c To Pay h/st. Damaged flap. PHOTO65
12111922 KGV 20c regd env, H&G10 Pt Louis-Germany + SG210(x2) & 232.25
12121925 late use QV 8c p.stat.env(H&G9) Pt Louis Centre-UK + 2c(SG206). Early use pmk.25
12131936 KGV 3c purple p.stat.card comm.used Argy-Pt Louis(rec'r).25
12141941 cvr to S.Africa, SG256(x2). Blk/white Opened by Censor label.25
1215MEXICO: 1886 lovely illus advert cvr Villa Lerdo(oval pmk)-Zacatecas, 20c(SG149).25
12161888-93 3c(x2 diff) or 5c(inland use) numeral p.stat.cards(3) comm.used to Europe or Puebla-Mexico City.20
12171904 Eagle 2c reply card,wrapper,env & lettercard + 5c env + lettercard(6) all ovpt'd Muestra (specimen).25
12181914(Dec) cvr Salvatierra(Guanajuato)-Mexico City, 5c opt (CT62). 1c,4c,10c (SG282+5+7) with 3-line violet Gobierno Constitu/cionalista h/stamp (Lower California) disallowed with blue X's.35
12191931(Jan) FFC Mexico-Cuba, 20c airs (SG479x2). Apparently crashed (label reverse).20
12201942 airmail cvr Mexico City-Colombia @ 85c rate. EUA 13203 censor label.10
1221MONACO: 1931 underpaid cvr UK-Monte Carlo taxed with pair 60c P.Dues (D116).25
12221938 cvr to UK multi-franked (cat £47) inc scarce 1f50 on 5fr air SG143. PHOTO45
12231938 cvr to UK, blks of 4 10c,15c,20c P.Due ovpts (SG150-2 cat £18).25
12241937-45 better single frankings on cvrs(2: 1 regd) to Paris/UK, 1f75 (SG136 cat £16) or 50fr (SG292).40
1225MONTENEGRO: 1911 Cettinje ppc comm.used to Belgium, 5pa (SG143).15
1226MONTSERRAT: 1908 regd cvr to Germany via London, scarce 5/= (SG33 cat £170). PHOTO250
12271903 Badge ½d+1d p.stat.cards(H&G6-8),env(H&G1),2d regd env(H&G1a: flap fault) fine un opt'd Specimen.30
12281932 comm.cvrs(2) to UK, Tercentenary 1½d(SG86) & 2 diff.pmks.20
12291935 regd cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG94-7 cat £25).20
12301949 regd cvr St Johns-UK, Leewards SG117(x3).20
1231MOROCCO AGS: 1898 Gibraltar 10c p.stat.card comm.used Tangier (A26 duplex)-Belgium25
12321903 Jewish advert cvr Tangier-UK, ovpts on QV Gib SG9-10(x2).25
12331920 cvr Tetuan-UK via Gibraltar, 5c+10c (SG129-30).20
12341935 cvr Tetuan-UK, Spanish ovpt S.Jubilee set (SG149-52 cat £25).30
12351937(May 13) local Tangier regd illus FDC of Coronation SG244 in cylinder A/37 blk of 6.15
12361946 N.Atlantic Air Service(2-line h/st) cvr Tangier-USA, mixed SG252+ GB Z188,91(cat £31). Violet OAT.PH45
12371948(July 28) regd illus Olympics local Tangier FDC of SG257-60.20
12381950 cvr Tetuan-UK, scarce KGVI set to 5/= (SG77-93 cat £200). Minor tone spots. PHOTO150
12391954 regd airmail express cvr Tangier-UK, QE2 8d-1/= (SG299-303 cat £10). Minor tone spots.25
1240NATAL: 1879 cvr Durban-UK, 6d postage opt (SG83)30
12411895 cvr Durban-Portugal(destination/rec'r), 2½d (SG113 x2).20
12421899 QV ½d wrapper Maritzburg-Jo'burg.15
12431902 regd advert cvr P’mburg-UK, mixed franking QV 2d(pair) + KEVII 1d (SG106,128)25
12441904 KEVII 1d p.stat.env used locally in Ennersdale.15
12451905 ppc Cape Town-Natal @ 1d rate with fine & scarce Hillarys rec’r.25
12461911 comm.cvr Durban-USA, 3-colour KEVII SG131,46,49.25
1247NAURU: 1948 comm.cvr to Australia, 2½d (SG30B)20
12481948 regd cvr to USA, 3-colour SG28-9,31B(cat £27). PHOTO50
12491968(Apr) illus FFC Fiji Airways to Suva, 10c(SG87).10
12501982 rare set of 6 5c-20c p.stat.cards ovpt'd Specimen. STB only 2 sets exist thus. Ex Ken Lake.75
1251NEPAL:1959 Parliament,Temple + 1960 Kings B’day(maxicard + cvr) illus unadd.FDCs(6) of SG134-7+8(x2).20
12521965(Jun) German Himalayan Exped'n cvr by mail runner to Kathmandu multifranked inc SG161 cat £20+.20
12531970s-on commercially used 30p p.stat.cards(x2 diff), 60p env & 50p airletter (4 items).20
1254NETHERLANDS: 1820-64 stampless internal cvrs/ELs(25). Appear all different cds or s/line town origins.40
12551862(Dec 31) outer Amsterdam-Alhier, 4mgn 5c plate V with 2 retouches cat £50+.40
12561863 outer Breda-Amsterdam, 4mgn 10c plate 10 cat £39.30
12571895 Wilhelmina 5c lettercard regd Rotterdam-Governor-General,Monastir,Turkey(now Yugoslavia: destination/ rec'r) + 7½c (SG149b),10c.40
12581895 Willem 12½c p.stat.env Breda-Java(rec'r). 2-line Ned-Indie Ned-Pakketb.35
12591915 regd cvr Philips factory,Eindhoven-UK, pair 22½c(SG187). Minor stains but Philips lamp label reverse.25
12601931 regd insured(label) cvr Amsterdam(Thipplein pmk)-Germany, 10c+27½c (SG317,326).25
12611931 comm.cvr Rotterdam-UK, scarce 12½c Child Welfare (SG399 cat £29).25
12621941(May-July) airmail cvrs(3) Tiel/Amsterdam/Den Haag-USA via Cologne, pair SG553 or 3-colour 546,53,57. 3 different German censors inc labels. See also lot 11.25
12631944(Sept) cvr to UK, SG595-601,4,7 & boxed violet Dutch Navy 227 illus pmks.20
12641945 regd airmail cvr Utrecht-Seychelles(destination/rec'r) via Mombasa, SG579,83,95-601,4,7.20
12651950 Bombed Churches set (SG720-4 cat £70) on regd illus FDC to USA with sp.pmk. Cat 750eu. PHOTO80
12661951 Castles set (SG732-6 cat £25) on regd illus FDC to USA with sp.pmk. Cat 375eu(FDC).45
1267Indies: 1879-80 5c(colour varies) on 12½c p.stat.card(6: scarce H&G4) all comm.used with all diff.pmks.40
12681918 regd cvr Pengkalanbrandon-Canada(destination/rec'r) via London, 5-colour SG210-12,16-7.20
12691931(May) Abel Tasman cacheted regd FFC Bandoeng-Dutch Consulate,Sydney, SG209,315-20(cat £46).PH45
12701933(Dec) sp Pelikaan card+env(2) flown to/from Dutch Indies, airs SG417+360 or 360+3.20
1271Jap Occ Sumatra: 1945 cvr Sematang-Medan, 1c-5c in blks of 4 (SG15-20 cat £46) tied red pmk.40
1272New Guinea: 1959(Dec) printed French-Dutch film expedition cvr Hollandia-Waris(rec'r) by parachute, SG65.20
12731961 regd parcel card Biak-Hollandia, rare hi-franking SG20-1(5g x3),30(x2),37. PHOTO100
12741963 UNTEA 7c p.stat.card comm.used Sorong-Hollandia + UNTEA opts SG9(x2)-10.35
1275Surinam: 1882-3 7½c/12½c yellow p.stat.cards(2,H&G5) comm.used Paramaribo-Holland. 3-line Suriname over Southampton or St Nazaire.50
1276NEWFOUNDLAND: 1873 soiled cvr St Johns(red pmk)-UK via L'pool(Br.Pkt paid red pmk), 6c (SG39 cat £28) tied dumb cork pmk + blk Newfoundland. PHOTO50
12771874 1c+2c Prince of Wales & QV + 1911 Q.Mary 2c p.stat.cards(3: UX1-2,10) all fine unused.10
12781890 QV 2c p.stat.card comm.used St Johns Central-UK.20
12791907 fishing fleet ppc comm.used Duckworth St,St Johns-Natal(destination), 2c(SG87), PO just opened.30
12801909 ppc comm.used Port de Greve(pop.283)-Trinity via Trinity Bay TPO, 1c(SG85a)25
12811920 cvr St Johns-USA, 3c on 35c (SG147 cat £24).25
12821929 advert cvr Clarenville South-Chicago, pair 2c (SG165).20
12831931(Feb) FFC St Anthony(violet box pmk)-St Johns, 15c air (SG192 cat £18).20
12841933(Aug 3) cacheted FDC St Johns-Montreal, Gilbert 15c (SG246 cat £48).40
12851939(Jun) illus Pan-am FFCs(2) St Johns-USA or Canada, 10c or 15c (SG215 or 7).20
1286NEW GUINEA: 1916 regd ‘Wilson’ cvr Rabaul-UK, 2d-3d (SG74,76,86 cat £110). PHOTO140
12871929 comm.cvr Rabaul-UK, 3d (SG128).20
12881933 cvr Catholic Mission,Kokopo-USA, 3d (SG180). See also lot 1411.25
12891935 local Wau cvr addressed to Manager,Guinea Airways, ½d ovpts (SG190 x4).25
12901938(Apr) regd(violet Gasmata cachet/pmk) FFC to Australia, 2/=(SG186 cat £17).40
12911940 regd(h/st) airmail cvr Namatanai-UK via Townsville, OS 2/= (O30 cat £65). Boxed TNG censor 8. PH.175
1292NEW HEBRIDES: 1927(Apr) postage due set (D1-5 cat £14) on local cvr to Polish Consul. PHOTO100
12931953 plain FDC Vila-UK of top vals SG74-8(cat £33).30
1294French: 1934 EL(about Papua New Guinea life) Vila-USA, 30c (F46 cat £16).40
12951935 wrapper(scarce) Vila-USA, 50c (F48).40
12961947 cvr Santo(D3 pmk)-Australia, 10c (F54).20
12971957 defin set to 5fr (F96-106 cat £85) on 4 illus unadd.FDCs.65
12981975 10fr Bull (F213 cat £40) on illus unadd.FDC.30
1299NEW SOUTH WALES:(see lot 852): 1857(July) EL Sydney-UK, 4mgn 6d grey (SG94 cat £55). PHOTO100
13001891 QV 3d on 4d regd env, H&G6a fine unused.20
13011892 OHMS public school 6d OS carmine regd env H&G3 Grafton(90 duplex)-Sydney. Scarce. PHOTO65
13021901(Aug) local mourning(QV) Sydney crested env ex Governor (blue frank).25
13031905 double regd cvr West Maitland-USA, 2½d+3d (SG316,327c).20
13041907 QV 3d regd env, H&G14 Tweed Heads-Hobart + QV 2d.25
13051908-9 ppcs(2) to Barramatta/Killara, 1d arms(single or x2) pmk'd fine TPO 1 West down code 1 or 2.30
13061908 underpaid ppc to Japan(destination/rec’rs), SG333-4 & T cachets. Boxed Def 5 Fine 5 10c P.Due cachet25
1307NEW ZEALAND: 1873 cvr Napier-UK via Wellington, blk of 3 2d SG138(cat £165). PHOTO150
13081892(Dec) cvr Christchurch-UK via RPO,Pt Chalmers & Plymouth Ship Letters per Kaikoura, 2½d (SG220).20
13091898 lovely illus(Dragons Mouth,The Twins) env Wairakai-Christchurch @ 2d rate. Fine quality. PHOTO150
13101904 QV ½d p.stat.env Hikurangi-Hamburg + pair 1d universals probably ex booklet as straight edges.25
13111903-7 lovely lot of 1d Universal cvrs(15: 50% pairs) to Hobart. Wide range shades/pmks/printings.100
13121906(Nov) International Exhib'n Christchurch ppc comm.used Exhib'n-UK, 1d (SG371 cat £16).30
13131912 1d Universal cvr Wellington-Palmerston North much redirected to Dunedin,Timaru,Waimate & Dannevirk (hotel label). Plethora pmks inc 2 different Unclaimed h/stamps. Inevitably edge wear(1 envelope corner).25
13141914(Nov) NZ MPO Expeditionary Force dated cachet ppc(Ceylon) to NZ. Violet 2-line Censor NZ. PHOTO65
13151916(July) Cape ppc ex NZ MPO on troopship 54(cachet) to NZ. S/line blue Censored. PHOTO65
13161923 cvr Timaru-UK, 7-colour KGV to 6d inc SG419a(cat £30). PHOTO45
13171931(Dec) FFC Rotorua-Hamilton, SG468+549(air cat £22). 343 flown.20
13181931(Dec) Xmas cacheted FFC Hastings-Blenheim, SG468(x2)+548(air cat £16). Only 93 flown.30
13191934(Mar) illus env for 6th Trans-Tasman flight pmk’d Auckland & addressed to USA franked 4d air (SG549 cat £22). 3 diff.tax marks + mss ‘Insufficiently Prepaid for Transmission per Southern Cross’ (scarce).30
13201934(Dec 31) local Wanganui last day cvr of 1d postage, blk of 4 SG461(cat £36) but some toned perfs.25
13211935(Jan) airmail cvr Wellington-UK, airs SG549-50(x2 cat £40).30
13221935(May 7) local Dunedin S.Jubilee FDC of SG573-5(cat £32). Reposted FDI KGVI Coro set. Scarce. PH.75
13231936 Mt Egmont illus pictorial env New Plymouth-Canada @ 1d (SG570) rate. PHOTO45
13241936(Oct 1) regd Commerce FDC Wellington Town Hall-UK of SG593-7(cat £18).20
13251938 illus regd airmail env Dunedin-UK, SG570-2,79(blk of 4),601(cat £34).25
13261939(Oct 16) scarcer illus Health FDC Dunedin-UK of SG611-12(cat £12). Jones H39.1B20
13271940(Sept) regd cvr Waitangi(Chatham Is)-UK, SG614+7(x2). See also lots 12,35,38,42,731,1096,1690.20
13281943(Nov) RNZAF env airmail Delta Force E-Rotorua @ 3d rate. Scarce. PHOTO50
13291946(Oct) scarce illus Health FDC Glenelg Health Camp-Auckland of SG678-9. Jones H46.1N30
13301947(May 1) regd airmail FDC Wellington-UK of KGVI set to 3/= (SG604,6,8-9.80-9)20
13311960(July-Sept) original set of 18 vals to £1 on 2 pictorial(front & back) FDCs Dunedin-Scotland, SG781-802.20
13321967(July 10) local New Plymouth FDCs(3) of set to $2 (SG845-62) & sp.pmks.20
1333Officials: 1909 local Hokitika On Public Service env, 1d Universal ovpt'd official.20
13341938 Chateau Tongariro advert hotel luggage label used to Rotorua, KGV 2d (O98).25
13351963(Mar 1) illus FDC Lower Hutt-USA of 2½d+3/= (O162,7 cat £40+).35
1336P.Due: 1939(Aug 15) last day usage 1d (D38 x2) on unpaid cvr Porangahau-Waipukurau.25
1337Ross Deps:1971 airmail cvr Scott Base-Switz, scarce decimal SG5,7-8(x2 cat £34).Ex MS Lindblad Explorer.30
13381972-8 multi-cacheted(diff) research programme cvrs(5) Scott Base-UK. Stamps cat £50+.40
1339NICARAGUA: 19th cent good-fine unused all diff.p.stat.cards betwn H&G1-53 + 3 diff.envelopes (19).20
13401888 2c p.stat.card, H&G1 comm.used Leon-Managua(rec'r).20
13411897-8 10c p.stat.envs(2, H&G38,41) comm.used Chinandega(2 diff.pmks)-UK via Corinto40
13421929(Dec) Pan-am cachet(rev) FFC Managua-Guatemala via San Salvador, 50c official(O524). 80 flown. PH.50
1343NIGERIA:1893-1902 Lagos QV-KEVII 1d p.stat.card(3: H&G7-9)+ 2d regd env(2: H&G1,3) fine un Specimen.40
13441902 S.Nigeria KEVII 2d regd env size G fine unused ovpt'd Specimen. See also lot 555.15
13451906 Lokoja Camp ppc to UK, Lagos 1d tied Forcados s/ring pmk.30
13461907 Gold Coast ppc comm.used Egwanga-UK, S.Nigeria KEVII 1d.35
13471912 S.Nigeria KEVII 2d regd env size G Warri(boxed h/st)-Denmark(destination/rec'r) + 2½d(SG36).35
13481914 cvr Ebute Metta(S.Nigeria pmk)-Madeira(destination/rec/r), N.Nigeria 2½d(SG31).25
13491916 WAFF crested env(4th Bn Nigeria Regt) env Lagos-UK @ 1d(SG2a) rate.20
13501921 KGV 2d regd env size G Ijebu Ode-UK + 2d die 1(SG18).30
13511923 regd cvr Lagos-UK, die 1 1d+4d (SG6e,16 cat £18).25
13521923 RP Xmas greetings ppc Ebute Meta(scarce skeleton pmk)-UK @ 1d rate25
13531933 scarcer KGV 1½d p.stat.env Lagos-UK + ½d(SG15b). Inc letter.30
13541934 comm.cvr Bansara(scarce pmk)-USA via Enugu, 1d (SG16b x3) tied reverse.40
13551937 airmail cvr Kafanchan-Scotland via Kano, Coronation SG47(x2)-8(cat £11+).15
13561938 cvr Etinan(scarce skeleton pmk)-UK via Kyo & Aba, SG34-5(x2 ea).25
13571950-8 regd(5 diff. h/stamp cachets) cvrs(5) Uyo-UK @ 1/3d-1/9d rates inc 3-colour KGVI & skeleton pmks.75
13581954-8 cvrs(3) to UK @ 2½d-6d rates with fine Uwa,Uturu or Uwessan skeleton pmks.40
1359S.Cameroons: 1961 2nd class airmail cvr Kumba-UK, 6d ovpt plate 2 single (T7).15
1360NIUE:(see lot 42): 1935(May 7) plain unadd.S.Jubilee FDC of SG69-71a inc narrow N var.on 6d(cat £50+).25
13611938 regd OHMS cvr to NZ ex MV Maui Pomare(dated cachet), SG62-7,75(cat £24). PHOTO45
13621940(Nov) censored(PC90 5731 label) cvr to UK, 3d on 1½d(SG78). Scarce PC5+12 censor leaflets included.25
1363NORFOLK IS: 1980s 30c,33c,36c illus p.stat.envs(no's 12-23) + 3 diff.airletters all fine unused (15 items).15
1364N.BORNEO: 1934 cvr Sandakan-Canada, 4-colour SG277-8,81-2.30
13651937 comm.cvr Sandakan-USA, 12c (SG285).20
1366N.RHODESIA: 1932(Feb) airmail cvr Mpika-UK, strip of 5 2d (SG4).20
13671934-7 airmail cvrs(2) Mankoya-Sesheke-UK @ KGV 6d or 1/6d rates.40
13681942 cvr Sandoa(B.Congo-USA @ 3fr50 rate. Intercepted with O/5 censor label.25
13691949 airmail regd cvr Broken Hill-Mexico(destination & rec’r), SG32(x2)+40.25
13701953 airmail cvr Ridgeway(D2 pmk)-UK, ½d(x10)+1d(x7), SG26+8 cat £29. Minor creasing.20
13711954 QEII 4d regd env size G Katete-Port Elizabeth + 2d(SG64).25
1372NORWAY: 1866 firms EL Christiania(blk pmk)-Arendal rated 5 in red.20
13731928(Dec) airmail cvr Oslo-Copenhagen-Hamburg, 45o air (Fa128a).35
13741937 regd hotel env Oslo(tiny pmk)-UK, SG199a,223-6(cat £180). PHOTO150
13751943(Mar)triple censored(US/UK/Curacao) cvr to UK, 10o-60o(SG343-8) & box blue merchant marine 18 pmk25
1376NYASALAND: 1893 1d+2d p.stat.cards(2: H&G1-2) fine unused.15
13771895 ½d p.stat.card, H&G3 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.15
13781918(?Apr)KGV 1d p.stat.env FPO 1(Limbe D3 pmk)-UK. Ex member Central African Expeditionary Force.PH50
13791932 airmail cvr Zomba-UK, 1/=(SG108).25
13801935 regd airmail cvr Zomba-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG123-6 cat £70). Doctor blade flaw on 1/=. PHOTO75
13811937 airmail cvr Lilongwe-forerunner WWF,Regents Park Zoo,UK, KGV 9d+1/= (SG121-2 cat £26).40
13821937(May 12) local Chileka Coronation FDC of SG127-9. Scarce pmk.35
13831946 OHMS official paid(label) cvr Lujire-UK.25
1384ORANGE FREE STATE: 1895 ½d on ½d p/card(P8) comm.used Rouxville-Uitenhage(sq.circ) via Bethulie.25
13851894 1d on 3d p/card(P3a) comm.used Reddersburg-Jo'burg via Bloemfontein.25
13861896 1½d on 2d(scarce P6) comm.used Smithfield-Germany.30
13871905 KEVII ½d wrapper Dewetsdorp-Silverkrans(Tvl) with 30 numeral.20
13881905(Apr) ppc Tempe(scarcer skeleton pmk)-UK @ 1d rate. PO only opened in January.20
13891907 KEVII 1d p.stat.card comm.used Bloemfontein-Guatemala(destination & rec’r).25
1390PAKISTAN: 1948 airmail cvr Lahore-Sweden, 14as (SG13).15
13911959(Dec) airmail cvr to Lebanon(destination), SG65,99,102-3 & sp.pmk for President Eisenhower’s visit.15
13921965(Dec) airmail advert cvrs(2) to Sweden @ 90p rate.Circ.Pakistan K-2 or 3 censor. Inc Exptal PO655 pmk.25
1393Bahawalpur: 1949 local UPU FDC of SG43-6 & Bahawal-garh pmk.20
1394PALESTINE: 1906 ppc comm.used Jerusalem-Germany, Turkish 10pa(x2).20
13951917(May) OAS censored cvr APO SZ14(skeleton pmk of Deir el Belah)-Alexandria(BAPO Z rec’r).20
13961917(Nov) OAS ppc APO SZ9(Deir el Belah)-UK. Light green 35mm d/ring cachet.20
13971918(Aug) OAS regd censor cvr FPO GM1(skeleton pmk: Bir Salem)-Alexandria + GB 2d.25
13981933 4m p.stat.card, H&G3 comm.used Tel Aviv(s/ring)-Germany + SG90(x2).20
13991939 cvr Samakh-UK, 5m+20m (SG93,108).15
14001943(Jun) OAS grn env censored airmail Indian FPO 55(Ar Rama)-UK, GB 3d(x4). Proud NS. PHOTO75
14011945 15m regd env, H&G9 Jaffa-UK + 15m (SG108a) & 2 pmk.30
1402Jordanian Occ: 1951 cvrs(2) Jenin(code b or c pmks)-Jerusalem, P1-2 or 3 + T264(x2) or PT36.20
1403PANAMA: 1904-5 pair mourning cvrs(2) to N.York, SG55 or 56(x3) ovpts.40
14041909 scarce 5c p.stat.env, H&G6 comm.used Panama-Germany.25
14051928(Jan) cvr to USA, Lindbergh pair SG222-3 & red 'Lindbergh arrives in Panama' sp.pmk20
14061930(May) Pan-am cacheted FFC to Venezuela, SG201+235.20
14071932 regd airmail advert cvr to USA, SG202+236. Official wafer seal.15
1408PAPUA:(see lot 1294): 1928 comm.cvr Pt Moresby-Samarai, 1½d (SG95).15
14091931 OHMS Treasury cvr Pt Moresby-UK, perf OS ½d (O38 x4). PHOTO50
14101939(Sept 6) regd airmail FDC Pt Moresby-USA via Sydney of set to 1/= (SG163-7 cat £41). PHOTO50
14111950 airmail cvr Rabaul-Java(destination), Australia 9d (SG191).15
1412PARAGUAY: 1890 3c p.stat.card, H&G8 comm.used Asuncion-B.Aires.20
14131896 2c reply & 4c p.stat.cards(H&G10-11) + 2c lettercards(H&G1,3) all good-fine unused(4).10
14141920 reply half 4c p.stat.card, H&G12 comm.used Asuncion-Germany + uncancelled SG195.20
14151936 airmail cvr Asuncion-UK, SG299+441(x2).15
1416PERU: 1883-4 3c,4c & 5c p.stat.reply cards(3, H&G6,10,11) fine unused.15
14171875-99 2c,5c,20c p.stat.envs(H&G1,2a,4), 3c lettercard H&G1 + 5c military env(H&G2a) all fine unused(5).15
14181905 Consular envelope Lima-Peruvian Consul,Wales, pair 1c officials (O348). Scarce cvr.30
14191906 4c p.stat.card, H&G59 comm.used Abancay-USA.20
14201916 comm.cvr Callao-Peru(rec’r), 3-colour ovpts SG388,90,92(inv.opt cat £20+).40
1421PHILIPPINES: 1917 comm.cvr Cayagan-military address in Manila, re-addressed to camp in USA, SG337(x3). Small circular PBC (censor)35
14221928 regd cvr Tacloban-Palestine(destination) via Singapore & Egypt with 4-colour franking SG357-8,41,45. No flap but partial Haifa-Kantara TPO North pmk. PHOTO45
14231937(Apr) Pan-am cacheted FFC Manila-Macao, air ovpts SG447,49,93.15
14241941(May) cacheted FFC Manila-Singapore, 20c(SG531). Triangular censor 93.15
1425Jap.Occ: 1943-4 FDCs(3) of J27(illus),36-8,45-7(cat £20) + unused 2c official opt p.stat.card(ID2). 4 items.15
1426PITCAIRN: 1935 cvr to UK, GB ½d S.Jubilee tied London FS Paquebot slogan pmk + NZ Postal Agency. PH.50
14271938 illus Pitcairn Radio cvr to USA, NZ 1d (Z41 cat £17).20
14281953 NZSCo env to UK, 4d-1/= (SG5b-7 cat £25).30
14291960 illus airmail cvr to UK, SG22+27(2/=). Ex Warren Christian.20
14301961 local illus cvr with set of 11 to 2/6d (inc SG19a,23a cat £44).30
14311969 cvrs(2) to USA, ovpt set to 45c (SG69-81).15
1432POLAND: 1904-15 ppcs/Russian 4k p.stat.card(3) comm.used to Czech/Estonia @ Russian 3k/4k rates with oval Warsaw SPB or Vienna rail station different pmks. See also lots 17,48.25
14331917 local Warsaw advert cvr with mixed ovpts Mi1(x2)+9. Undeliverable (Warsaw City Post violet cachet). Released & Returned cachets. Boxed Wieczania Oplacona.30
14341924(Feb) inflation cvr Mokrz-France, SG177,99,201-2(x2),4-5(x3),13 x2). 600,000m rate.25
14351926 Tatra Mountains RP ppc Kielce-UK, 3-colour SG241,4a-5a.15
14361937(Sept 2) matching set of 3 Rumanian Kings visit minisheets(MS322a-c cat 150eu) on local regd express Warsaw cvrs(3). Scarce.150
14371939(Dec) regd(provisional label) cvr to US Consulate,Berlin, 50gr+60gr opts (Mi9-10) tied 3-line Deutsche Post Osten/Szczucin/date.30
14381940(Jan) Deutsche Post Osten 30gr on 15pf scarce p.stat.card scarce type 1 Krakau-Rumania(destination).30
14391945 Polish Corps in Italy set of 4 vals on unadd.cvr with Polish FPO 104 pmks.20
14401944 cvr Polish Merchant Navy(box cancel) to UK, Monte Cassino ovpt set (SG494-7 cat £65). PHOTO50
1441PORTUGAL:(see lot 53): 1840 ELs(2) Bahia(Brazil)-Porto rated 160 or 240 in blue via Lisbon(2 diff.pmks) per Hercules or Oliveira Felix. Oval blue C.Est de N (ship letter).50
14421876 mourning cvr Lisbon-Italy, 50r green (SG115 cat £60). PHOTO80
14431905 bullfighter ppc Lisbon-Nesta unpaid taxed with 20r P.Due (D394).20
14441926 lovely bookshop advert cvr Lisbon-France, 1e60 (SG569).20
14451936 regd airmail cvr Porto-Uruguay(destination/rec'r) via Morocco, SG852(x3),87,90(x2).25
14461946 airmail advert cvr Lisbon-Switz, 3-colour Castles SG993-5(cat £12).15
14471953 illus unadd.Stamp Centenary FDC of SG1102-9(cat £25) & sp.pmk.40
1448Angola: 1911 cvr Lobito-UK, 50r provisorio ovpt (SG140).20
14491916 regd censored cvr Loanda-Paris via Lisbon, 4-colour SG207-9,11.30
1450Azores: 1912 advert cvr Angra do Heroismo-France, pair SG261.20
14511928 nice advert cvr Horta-USA, pair 80c (SG307)20
1452Cape Verde: 1893 30r p.stat.card comm.used S.Vicente-Germany.20
14531926 advert cvr Praia da Eure(PA)-Paris, pair 80c (SG245).35
1454India: 1922 regd cvr Verem-India, SG443(x5)+449(x2) tied reverse.25
14551940 airmail twice censored(PC66 label + Indian censor) cvr Mormugao-UK, hi-rate SG538-41 tied reverse.25
1456L.Marques: 1897 cvr to Germany via Pretoria & London, 100r (SG7).40
1457Macao: 1951 airmail cvr to USA, SG428,31,34(1p cat £38) tied reverse. Boxed blue Par Avion via Hongkong.40
1458Mozambique: 1928 comm.cvr Inhambane-USA, 40c (SG288 x4)25
1459Ponta Delgada: 1904(Jan 2) 25r p.stat.card, H&G17 comm.used to Austria. Day after FDI.25
1460Zambezia: 1902 comm.cvr to Germany, 50r on 65r (SG63).40
1461QATAR: 1958 airmail cvr Umm Said-UK, 4-colour SG1,3-4,5(x2 cat £8). Part address erased.15
14621962 regd airmail cvr Doha-UK, pair 40np (SG31).15
1463QUEENSLAND:(see lot 819):1864 cvr Mackay-Kembla(NSW) via Sydney ship letter, 6d(SG27) & 33 numeral.40
14641898 QV 1d chocolate/yellow p.stat.card, H&G10a(view of Overshot dam) fine unused.20
14651901 OHMS (GPO seal on flap) stampless cvr Brisbane-Fiji(rec'r). Scarce. PHOTO50
14661903 regd Tattersalls(label still attached) cvr Longreach-Tasmania via 2 TPOs, 5d (SG246).20
14671904 cvr Rockhampton(583 numeral)-UK, 2½d (SG238). Minor env faults.20
14681911 Japanese ppc comm.used Thursday Is-UK @ 1d rate. PHOTO65
1469RHODESIA: 1897 Mashonaland 1½d p.stat.card, H&G6 Bulawayo-UK + 1d (SG29).30
14701903 cvr Feira(scarce sq.circ)-UK, 2½d (SG80). PHOTO150
14711903 ½d grn p.stat.card, H&G13 Selukwe-Pilgrims Rest(Transvaal).20
14721913 KGV 1d p.stat.env, H&G5 fine unused20
1473& Nyasaland: 1962 cvr Kansenji Ndola-UK @ 1d rate.15
14741960(Sep9) City Status,Lusaka illus local cvr(inc invitations), 3d(SG32) & Capital City Lusaka slogan FDI pmk15
1475RUMANIA: 1820s EL Sibiu-Bologna(rec'r) rated 22. S/line Hermanstadt + 2-line Stati Eredetari Austriaci.25
14761879 Hungarian 2kr p.stat.cards(2: diff.shades) comm.used Arad(2 diff.pmks inc tarde(late)-Temesvar.25
14771917 5b blue p.stat.card(P61) + 5b ex German rail official interned in Botesti-Swedish Red X via Iasi. Boxed Civili. 2 different Romanian censors.25
14781924(Xmas Eve) advert cvr Bucarest-NZ(destination/rec'r), SG924(x2)+9.20
14791928(Dec) airmail cvr Bucarest-Paris, SG1084-6 + airs 1099-1101(horiz.wmk cat 20eu).20
14801929 regd cvr Bucarest-Switz, 4-colour Union SG1102,11 & 12+14(x2 ea cat £18+) tied reverse.25
14811930 airmail advert cvr Bucarest-UK via France, blk of 4 5L air (SG1185 cat £21) tied reverse.25
14821945(May) regd express cvr Bucharest-USA, SG1660 + War Victims(SG1708-13). Rumanian & Russian cens20
1483RUSSIA:(see lots 1128,1151): 1870 10k p.stat.env(139x113mm) used internally ex Luganski + 10k(Mi21a).25
14841873 cvr to Marseille, 20k (Mi22y: vertical ribbed paper cat 220eu) & TPO 21 pmk via TPO 48 & boxed Aus Russland Eis.Post Bureau V train 5. Slight envelope faults. PHOTO150
14851885 7k p.stat.env(145x80mm) Grodno-Paris.20
14861913-5 ppcs(2) Moscow(oval Kursk or Vindava rail stations)-UK, SG126+8 or 127(x2). Later item censored.20
14871917(Apr) POW printed card Boresowka Zabagkalsk Camp(E.Siberia)-Berlin.German POW.Irkutsk censor 18.20
14881918 Karenski 5k p.stat.card comm.used Tambov-Germany via Moscow(censor 55) + 2k,5k. PHOTO50
14891924 cvr Krazny Bor,Tatr-Kazan Tatresp @ 7k rate.15
14901924(Aug) regd airmail cvr Moscow-Berlin, airs SG417-20 + 3k on 3r currency control stamp tied rev.30
14911935 cvr Petrosavodsk-Estonia (Narva-Tapa TPO rec'r) via Leningrad (received damaged & resealed cachets in Russian & French) @ 25k rate.20
14921936 regd express(cachets) cvr Leningrad-UK, 3-colour SG375(2r x2),549,727m.20
1493Azerbaijan: 1922(Dec) comm.cvr to Germany via Moscow, 200,000r on 10r grey + 500,000r on 2000r blue & black tied reverse. Unfortunately 3rd stamp missing but still very scarce.35
1494Levant: 1900 32pa on 4k reply card(P5) fine unused complete. Reply half has no ovpt. PHOTO65
14951913 Smyrna camel caravan ppc to France, 10pa ovpt (Mi62) & violet Smyrna pmk. PHOTO65
1496Ukraine: 1918 local Gomel regd cvr (Voksal oval rec'r), 1r imperf (Mi39). PHOTO45
14971943 regd advert censored cvr Minsk-Belgrade(destination/rec’r), Ostland 24pf+30pf.15
1498RYUKYUS: 1955(Feb) Japan Airlines illus cacheted FFC Okinawa-H.Kong, 18y air (SG22).15
1499SAAR: 1920 cvr St Johann-Karlsruhe, 20pf + 80pf (scarce Mi16 cat 340eu). PHOTO300
15001936(Jun) express official illus cvr Saarlouis-Gera, scarce mix German officials Mi120,138b,43(cat 86eu). PH.50
15011957(May 25) illus unadd.FDC of 200fr Heuss (Mi399). Cat 150 euros.40
1502ST.HELENA: 1914 double regd cvr to USA, 6d (SG86 cat £28). PHOTO.50
15031935 regd cvr to UK, 1/= Centenary (SG120 cat £18).40
15041938 Napoleon's Residence RP ppc comm.used to S.Africa, 1d (SG98).15
15051957 printed French Foreign Ministry St Helena envelope to Paris, 4d(SG159). Uncommon.20
1506ST.KITTS-NEVIS: 1927 Badge 2d regd env size H2 to USA + Leewards ½d,2d (SG59,65).35
15071929 cvr Sandy Point(fine pmk)-Scotland, Leewards 5d (SG71).40
15081938 advert cvr to USA, mixed franking SG40a + Leewards SG62.15
15091945 airmail censored cvr St Kitts-UK, Leewards 1/= (SG110bb cat £13).20
15101967 parcel label Basseterre-bank in Barbados, SG137,39,42. Unusual.15
1511ST.LUCIA: 1891 QV ½d p.stat.wrapper comm.used to India(destination).15
15121894 QV 2d regd env size G to UK + 1d,4d (SG44,48). PHOTO50
15131929(Sept) FFC to P.Rico, SG98(x2)+100(cat £17+) tied 1st flight pmk25
15141948 regd airmail OHMS cvr Castries-UK, S.Wedding (SG144-5 cat £35).35
1515ST.VINCENT: QV p.stat.cards(6: H&G1-6) + 2d regd env size F all fine unused. Reply cards + orig,wrappers.20
15161913 regd OHMS cvr to UK, 6d (SG115).25
15171915-23 KGV 2d regd env size G + 3d size H2 (H&G4a,5a) both fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.25
15181918 regd OHMS cvr Kingstown-USA, 5d (SG114 cat £15)40
15191927 KGV 3d regd env size G Kingstown-USA + 1d.30
15201942 advert cvr Kingstown-USA @ 3d rate. St Vincent censor label tied s/line Passed by Censor 6.25
1521SAMOA: 1919 underpaid advert cvr USA-Apia @ 3c rate. Boxed Samoan censor 3. Flap repaired.20
15221927 regd cvr Apia-USA, SG154(x4).15
15231935 regd cvr Apia-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG177-9).15
15241935 OHMS Post Office Business regd cvr Apia-USA.20
1525SAN MARINO: 1924 30c on 15c reply half of P15 p.stat.card comm.used locally with 2 diff.pmks inc Borgo.25
15261934 express cvr to Rome via TPOs with SG117,9-20,45-52,54,E16420
15271947(Dec) Stamp Centenary illus sp.airmail cacheted cvr to N.York, SG360-6(cat £18).25
1528SARAWAK:(see lot 1126): 1939 cvr Kuching-USA, 3-colour SG108,9-10.20
15291956 airmail advert cvr Sibu-UK, mixed KGVI-QE2 SG180(x2)+198.15
15301959 comm.cvr Miri-UK, 12c (SG194).10
15311974 matching set of 6 regd(h/stamp) airmail cvrs to UK ex TPOs 1-6. Mixed frankings inc Malaysia.50
1532SAUDI ARABIA: 1953 regd airmail cvr Mecque-UK via Djeddah, SG331a(x4),51,67(scarcer commems x2).20
15331962 regd airmail cvr Taif(violet pmk)-Nigeria(destination/rec’r) via Khartoum, SG351,98,400,53(x3).15
1534SERBIA: 1900 underpaid ppc Austria-Belgrade @ 5h rate. Tax marks & pair 5pa P.Dues (D87) tied. PHOTO45
15351913 regd cvr Koumanovo-UK, 10pa (SG170 x5).25
15361916 stampless cvr FPO 801-Serbian College,Algeria via FPO 999. Boxed Serb censor 27. PHOTO50
15371918-9 ppcs(2) Num/Belgrade-Paris @ 10p rate (SG197). Boxed or s/line Serbian military censors.25
15381921 ppc comm.used Pozarevac-Paris, 25p (SG200).15
15391944 POW scarce reply lettersheet comm.used Belgrade-Serb in Oflag 2406/VIC,Germany(camp censor recr)25
1540German Occ: 1943 1d50 on 1d p.stat.card(P3) comm.used Petrovgrad-Boka(rec’r). Scarcer box VB censor.20
1541SEYCHELLES: 1928 cvr Victoria-Costa Rica(destination), 20c (SG113a).20
15421937 cvrs(3) La Digue/Grande Anse/Bay St Anne Praslin-Mahe, all with SG132-4.40
15431941(Dec) front to N.Ireland franked 9 vals to 1r(cat £18). 2-line violet Passed Seychelles censor 1 + UK label20
15441942(July) cvr Victoria-USA, 18c (SG139c). 2-line violet Passed Seychelles censor no.240
15451947-8 cvrs(2): local@ 3c rate (SG136ab) or 50c(SG144a) regd to Germany.20
15461952 cvr Victoria-Australia(destination), KGVI 18c (SG139cb cat £14).20
15471953 regd air cvrs(2) Victoria-Australia, SG159,64,68 or 159(x2),63(x2),65(cat £14) & 2 diff.pmks inc Jubilee.30
15481966 cvr Victoria-La Digue underpaid with 3-colour P.Dues (D3-5 cat £14+).35
15491969-72 QE2 regd envs(2, sizes H2 or K) airmail Victoria-UK + SG199(x2),207 or 274(x3),306. File holes.25
1550SIERRA LEONE:1905 adv.cvr Bonthe(rev)-Switz via Plymouth or L'pool(h/st), 2½d+5d(SG80,90 cat £50).PH.75
15511911 W.African Regt crested env Freetown-UK @ 1d rate. S/line Late.35
15521913 KGV 2d regd env size G Freetown-Germany via London + 4d(SG117 cat £15).30
15531913 military RP ppc Llandammarch Wells(Wales)-Pendembu(scarce v.early rec’r) @ GB 1d rate.25
15541917 cvr Sherbro-Switz, 2½d (SG116). GR officially sealed label + s/line Passed by Censor. PHOTO65
15551938(Jun) cacheted FFC Freetown-Bathurst(Gambia), SG188-9,91.25
15561940 airmail cvr Freetown-UK @ 1/3d rate. S/line violet Passed Censor signed by RN Cmdr Veale. Inc letter.30
15571942 regd airmail cvr Freetown-UK, SG195-6. Violet QQ/2 censor.15
1558SINGAPORE: 1936 Straits KGV 15c regd G env Orchard Rd-Cmdr,SS Orama,UK(then Australia)+ 12c. PH.45
15591937 KLM airmail HAPAG(shipping line) envelope to Germany unusually franked 65c meter.15
15601937 worn env(inc letter) GB-Singapore @ ½d. Ret'd to Sender as Insufficent Address(h/st). Red DLO pmk20
15611952 Indonesian Consulate env(+ cachet) to Penang @ 10c rate15
15621953 airmail cvr Brunei-Singapore @ 8c rate. Lots of pmks/mss marks/Return to Sender big box cachet.25
156319 71 Satellite illus FDC used locally with typed address, SG160-4 inc blk of 4 cat £45+25
15641971 Art (SG165-70 cat £50) on illus unadd. FDC. See also lots 1184 etc,1424.30
1565SLOVAKIA: 1939(May) firms p/card Bratislava-Prague, mixed issues SG12,27a.10
15661939(May) cvr to Germany, pair SG12 & Zilina-Bratislava TPO 807 pmk.20
15671940-4 censored(diff.German tapes) cvrs(4 inc regd/air) to Czech Prot @ 2k-5k rates inc 4-colour & diff.pmks30
15681954-5 local Munich cvrs(2) to Austrian Consulate with different Slovak Republic propaganda labels tied.25
1569SOLOMONS: 1927 regd 'Wilson' cvr Tulagi-UK via Sydney, 3-colour SG41,45,49(cat £72). PHOTO100
15701935 local Tulagi cvr with S.Jubilee set (SG53-6 cat £35).35
15711939 comm.cvr Shortland Is(scarcer pmk)-USA, SG42(x2). PHOTO50
15721945(Apr) OAS censored cvr RNZAF NZAPO C(Guadalcanal)-NZ.25
15731947 illus (canoe prow) cvr Munda-USA via Honiara, SG64(x2).25
1574SOMALILAND: 1931 cvr Berbera(scarcer KD4 pmk)-UK, 2a (SG75) tied reverse.35
15751935 regd cvr Berbera-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG86-9 cat £48).45
15761937 regd(scarce Skeikh label: under 5 known!)-USA, Coronation set & Sheikh pmk. PHOTO100
15771937 OHMS stampless cvr to USA with red skeleton Berbera Paid pmk.50
15781951 cvr Burao-Aden(rec'rs inc Mukalla) via Hargeisa, 5c+30c (SG125+9) tied reverse.25
15791953 Coronation illus FDCs(2: diff.designs) to UK, SG136 & Hargeisa or Berbera pmks.10
1580S.AFRICA:(see lot 1075): 1920 regd(s/line) cvr Port Nolloth-UK, SG4(x3)+7a.20
15811925(May) cacheted airmail cvr Pt Elizabeth-Cape Town-UK, 2d + 6d air (SG28 cat £14).25
15821928 regd(cachet) cvr Durban(West End RO pmk)-Malaya(destination/rec’r), marg.pair 3d (SG35 cat £28).30
15831931 rail letter Stormberg 346 (oval SAR pmk)-USA via Cape Town, SG42-3(horiz.pairs)25
15841932(Jan 1) air cvr Kimberley-Somerset West via Cape Town, SG5a(rare gutter pair)+42(pairs cat £21+). PH.75
15851935(May 3) regd cvr Cape Town PO Exhib'n(sp.pmk)-Belleville, pair 6d S.Jubilee (SG68 cat £75). PHOTO100
15861939(July 17) regd airmail FDC Somerset West-Australia of Huguenot set (SG82-4 cat £30).25
15871941(Aug-Sept) local Jo’burg FDCs(3 inc 2 regd) of War Effort 3d-6d (SG91-3 cat £102).100
15881943 regd airmail censor(S.Africa)cvr Cape Town-Canada, war effort SG98,103(blks of 6)+102(blk 4 cat £29).25
15891943 cvr Cape Town-USA @ 3d rate. Attractive patriotic colour label(Gen.Smuts: our man) + S.African censor20
15901943 twice censored(S.Africa 2-line + German) internee mail Batavianspoort(camp official free)-Germany.25
15911944 stampless cvr Patentie-E.London taxed with pair scarce 2d P.Dues (D32a cat £50 as unit of 3).25
15921947 airmail cvr Durban-Cyprus(destination/rec'r), SG46c,54,59.20
15931959 meter franking(poor impression) cvr London-Jo’burg, taxed with 2d,4d P.Dues (D40,42 cat £15). Returned to Sender with myriad marks inc 6d tax marks & London FS & RLB.30
15941965 ITU sp. FDI card(2 diamonds rev), SG260-1 + sp.pmk & typed address. PHOTO45
1595as above lot but 3 diamonds variety & h/written address to UK.40
1596S.AUSTRALIA:(see lot 73): 1877 cvr Adelaide-UK, scarce 8d on 9d (SG118).40
15971884 cvr Ship Mail Room Adelaide-Scotland, 6d brt blue (SG140).25
15981891 cvr Murray Bridge-Melbourne, SG167b + pair 229(2½d ovpts).25
15991904 cvr Mitcham Railway(sq,circ)-UK via Adelaide, 2½d (SG257).20
16001908 1d grn(x2) or blk p.stat.cards(3: H&G8) with illus of Rundle St,Adelaide library or wheat stack all fine un.75
16011912 regd cvr Adelaide-Austria, 6-colour SG123,33(2/=),298d,99,301-2(cat £98). PHOTO150
1602SW AFRICA: 1915(Apr) OAS ppc APO 4(blank D2 state 2 pmk of Luderitzbucht)-Jo’burg. Boxed blue censor.25
16031916 cvr Magistrate,Okahandja(cachet)-Peace Bureau,Switz, S.African SG7(x2). 4 different censors inc oval Cape Town + s/line violet Passed by Censor.25
16041931 KGV regd env size H2 (H&G10a red ovpt) Aroab(box h/st)-Jo'burg via Keetmanshoop + 1d.20
16051935 OHMS cvr Luderitz(30mm Sea Bathing Health Resort pmk)-Windhoek. Magistrates official free cachet.20
16061936 regd airmail cvr Windhoek-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG88-91 cat £35).25
16071939(July 17) regd airmail Huguenot FDC Windhoek-Transvaal of SG111-3(cat £45).35
16081949(Dec) local Kub cvr with SG141-3 & scarce s/ring 24mm pmk unlisted Putzel.25
16091953 regd(mss) cvr Vogelweide-USA via Mariental, SG74+151(x2). Very scarce pmk.40
16101972 regd illus sp.event FDC for unveiling national monument Omaruru-USA, SG173,81,211-3.25(cat £44).35
1611S.RHODESIA: 1924 KGV ½d & 1d wrappers, scarce H&G1-2 fine unused.25
16121932 airmail cvr Salisbury(38mm pmk)-UK, 3-colour SG19,20,22(x2). Triple rate25
16131933 illus(Zimbabwe Ruins) env(+ headed letter) S.Rhodesia publicity bureau,Bulawayo-Canada, SG16d(x2).20
16141935 local Salisbury (38mm pmk) S.Jubilee FDC of SG31-4(cat £42)40
16151937 KGVI ½d p.stat.card + 1d red p.stat.env, both H&G5 fine unused (2).15
16161937 Coronation FDC of SG36-9(cat £15) Rusape-UK.20
16171953 airmail cvr Melsetter-Uganda, SG47(10d) + 56.15
1618SPAIN:(see lot 32): 1850 EL Aquila(Murcia)-Galicia, 4mgn 6c (SG2 cat £18) type 2. Arana black pmk.40
16191851 EL Madrid-Oviedo, 4mgn 6c (SG9) but light file fold thru' stamp. Arana black pmk.15
16201870 shipping EL Malaga-Arendal(Norway: destination) privately carried. No postal marks.20
16211874 5c+5c grn & blk p.stat.reply card (Edifil 2) fine unused.25
16221897 Baby 10c red p.stat.card comm.used La Orotava(Canaries)-France.15
16231903 stampless ppcs(2) used Madrid-Coruna/Valencia, blue crowned Estafeta de Senado or Congreso pmks.50
16241918 censored(US) cvr to N.York, 25c(SG336) tied blue crowned Congress de los Diputados (MPs) pmk.25
16251932 regd cvr Carderera(Majorca)-Vienna via Arta-Palma TPO, mixed issues SG389(x2)+691.20
16261932 regd cvr Pto Pollensa(Majorca)-UK, pair 40c (SG694) ovpt.20
16271935 airmail cvr Alcudia(Majorca)-UK via La Puebla-Palma TPO, SG752(scarce) + 760(x2).20
16281938 cvr Seville-Germany, SG879+918(x2). Illus Franco patriotic slogan h/st + 5c local tied rev.Military censor15
16291951 regd cvr Barcelona-Saar, SG902,1156,59.10
16301963 6pta airletter (Edifil 77) fine unused. Cat 103eu.25
1631Morocco: 1927 advert cvr Larache-Barcelona, 5c ovpt (SG102 x4). Central fold.20
16321956 airmail cvr Tetuan-UK, 3pta (SG437).10
1633SUDAN: 1897 Egyptian 5m p.stat.env + 5m Sawakin(D3 pmk)-UK via Suez. Bank redirected + sl.env.fault40
16341912 1m Camel p.stat wrapper(H&G3) on Sudan Church business,Khartoum-El Obeid.25
16351922 2½p regd env(H&G7) Korti-UK via Kareima-Argo TPO No.1 & Shellal-Halfa TPO 2(oval regd).35
16361924 cvr Barakat-UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO 1 @ 10m rate.20
16371929 cvr to UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO 2, 10m & Khartoum-Pt Sudan TPO 1(scarce D11) pmk. Envelope faults25
16381931(Mar) IA illus cacheted FFC Khartoum-UK, SG38,48-9(ovpts cat £24).20
16391936 airmail cvr Pt Sudan-W.Australia(destination/rec'r) via Khartoum, SG53c(blk of 4).15
16401945(Jan) cvr Khartoum-Egypt @ 10m rate. MM/7658 censor label.20
16411945 GB 3d grn forces regd env scarcer type 2 FPO 718(RAF Khartoum)-Egypt + GB 3d(x4).30
16421950(July 1) local Khartoum illus FDC of airs (SG115-22 cat £26).20
16431952 regd illus(camel post) airmail cvr Khtm Sennar Kassala s/ring TPO(scarce)-USA, SG118,27,30,32.35
16441953 3½p regd env H&G11 Jebel Aulia-Khartoum + SG128.15
1645SWAZILAND:1948(Dec 1) KGVI 4d regd env + S.Wedding(SG46-7 cat £46)used FDI Mankaiana-Pretoria.PH65
16461953 6d ovpt airletter Piggs Peak-USA + mixed KGVI-QE2 SG28b(x2)+52(cat £24) pmk'd Bremersdorp.35
1647SWEDEN: 1890 official regd cvr Stockholm-Germany, 20o(Fa46b x2). Fine royal wax seal reverse.40
16481891 insured(boxed Warde) 10o p.stat.env Djura-Falun + 20o Oscar.30
16491905 ppc Goteborg-China(destination) @ 10o rate20
16501906 insured(warde) official cvr Malmo-Landskrona, 50o grey official (Tj23 x2: front & back). Nice wax seals.40
16511917 local Stockholm regd cvr with Landstorm ovpts on 1o-5K (SG86k-u cat £550). PHOTO400
16521919 regd cvr Orebro-Canada, 3-colour Gustav 30o,40o,50o.25
16531929(May) + 1930(May) 1st night flights(2) Malmo-Berlin or Stockholm-Copenhagen @ 15o rates.25
16541943 airmail ppc Stockholm-US via Lisbon-NYork @ 75c rate.Triple censor: German/US + secret writing wipe.20
16551955 illus Stamp Centenary FDC to UK, SG366-70(cat £30) & sp.pmk. See also lot 30.20
1656SWITZERLAND:(see lots 5,49,58,66): 1865 outer Geneva-Turin, 30c vermilion (Mi25b cat £44).35
16571878 insured EL Lausanne-Sentier, pair 15c (SG63 cat £88). PHOTO80
16581900 local Bern cvrs(2 inc advert), 5c UPU(Mi71) with varieties: SE white patch or dot betwn eyes cat 140eu.100
16591915 cvr to UK, Tell Mi111 type 3(x5),112 type 2(x3),124(x6) & Feldpost 4th Division pmks.25
16601918 comm.cvr Nidau-Bern, Pro-Juv 5c+10c (J7-8 cat £42).40
166119 18-9 internal cvrs(2) ex Fischenthal or Berne, 10c or 15c Pro-Juv (J9-10 cat £52).50
16621920-22 advert cvrs(6) @ 25c-1fr(regd) rates. Varied perfin Tell/Standing Helvetia to 50c frankings.50
16631924 regd cvr Zurich-UK, pair 40c Pro-Juv (J27 cat £140). PHOTO125
16641925 airmail cvr Zurich-UK, 25c airs (SG318 x2 cat £58).45
16651926(Nov) regd cacheted Africa flight cvr Zurich-Naples, airs SG316(x3)+326(cat £128). PHOTO80
16661928 Rheinfall RP ppc flown Neuhausen-Czech via Zurich, 40c air (SG321 cat £75). PHOTO50
16671930(Aug 1) 25c airmail National Fete illus p/card flown St Gallen-Zurich.25
16681930 hat-makers illus 20c Tell private printed p.stat.env regd Wadenswil-Germany + 50c (SG240a).25
16691935 airmail cvr Rheinfelden-Swiss Legation,London, 40c air (SG322a cat £120). PHOTO80
16701936(May) acceptance on Hindenburg N.American flight, airs SG318,26,59(cat £125). PHOTO75
16711937 airmail cvr Baldegg-Dutch Indies(destination/rec’r) via Hungary, 80c (Mi141z). Boxed violet Taxe Percue 40c Zurich Airport.25
16721940(May) regd Red X flight cacheted cvr Frauenfeld-FPO 22(rec'r), SG324a,83-4.20
16731943(Sept) illus cvr Geneva Stamp Exhib’n(sp.pmk)-Basel, Mi416 + GEPH minisheet (MS433a cat £60).40
16741943 child & skis New Years ppc Chur-Germany(censor), J104(x2)-5.15
1675WHO: 1950 express(3 cachets/label) printed env Geneva(UN)-UK, 5c,40c,1fr (DH1,5,19 cat £15). Central fold40
1676SYRIA: 1908 cvr Damascus-UK, strip of 4 Turkish 10pa (toned perfs).20
16771921 1pi OMF opt on 20pa p.stat.card, H&G6 fine unused20
16781938(Dec) regd cacheted FFC Damascus-Tunis, airs SG264(x2),324.15
16791947 airmail env(toned in places) Homs-UK, ovpts SG417 + T422(cat £36).25
1680Lattakia: 1931 ppc comm.used to Germany, 50c + 4pi ovpts (SG70,77). Scarce.40
1681TASMANIA: 1850(Sept) small Conservative Club mourning cvr to Hobart rated 4 per Derwent. Reverse spoilt by removal of seal but fine boxed ship letter remains.40
16821886 cvr Ulverstone (53 numeral)-Forth, 2d (SG157).20
16831900 cvr Richmond-UK via Hobart, 2½d view (SG232).30
1684THAILAND: 1922 US Presbyterian Mission,Chiengmai cvr to USA via Bangkok 1+2, mixed SG165,7(x2),218.35
1685TIBET: 1914 4t deep blue (SG7A cat £1110) on native cvr with Lhassa PO pmk. ‘as is’ PHOTO100
1686TOKELAU: 1956(Mar 27) illus unadd.FDC of SG5 + airmail plain FDCs to NZ of SG5 & 2 diff.FDI cachets (3).15
16871970 cvr to UK, SG9-10 & Auckland Packet Boat pmk.10
1688TONGA: 1934(Sept) Tin Can Mail cvr Niuafoou-NZ, SG39(x2)+55.15
16891934-41 comm.cvrs(2) Haapai/Vavau-USA, SG39(x2) or 44a.40
16901939-40 inward multi-cacheted Tin Can Mail cvr + radio ham card(2) ex NZ @ 1½d or 2d rates.25
16911944 OHMS cvr Nukualofa-USA. Circular Tonga Govt 33mm frank.25
16921964 RP ppc of girls in canoe comm.used Nukualofa-USA, SG103+10.10
1693TRANSJORDAN: 1949 double censored cvr Amman-Egypt, SG286+T265.15
16941950 airmail cvr Mefrak-UK via Beirut, 4-colour SG258-9,63(x2),T265(x2),70.35
16951952 airmail cvr Nablus-UK, 4m (SG259 x10).20
16961953 airmail cvr US Embassy, Amman-USA, mixed issues inc ovpt SG328,65,68.25
1697TRANSVAAL: 1900 long regd cvr Jo'burg-Bloemfontein, VRI ½d-2/6d (SG226-34 cat £37).40
16981900(Aug) scarce 1d p.stat.card, H&G7 philatelically used locally in Barberton.40
16991901 regd cvr Pretoria-Switz via London, mix franking ERI 1d(x3) + VRI 6d. Triangular Pretoria censor.30
17001904 crested env Cantonment Potchefstroom-UK @ 1d rate20
17011905 regd OHMS cvr Pretoria-France, ½d+4d pair (SG249,260)25
17021905 OHMS official(crested Burgher Land Settlement cachet) cvr Beerlaagte-Heidekburg(rec'r).25
17031905 ppc comm.used Cape-Jo'burg @ 1d rate via superb Transvaal TPO 1 Up pmk.25
17041909 cvr Pietersburg-Switz, 2½d (SG263b). Cat £120(cvr).35
17051915 crown crested env(+ letter in German written on Govt House notepaper) Cape Town-House of Rest, Durbanville underpaid @ S.African 1d rate & taxed with 2d P.Due(D3). PHOTO50
1706TRINIDAD: 1862 local San Fernando cvr, 1d (SG52 cat £38) & 2 in bars. PHOTO75
17071896 advert cvr Arima-UK via Pt of Spain, SG106-7(x2).20
17081902 3-col.franking cvr Pt of Spain-USA per SS Grenada, SG114,7,27(x2).20
17091905 cvr Dabadie-Denmark(destination/rec'r), 2½d (SG136). PHOTO65
17101930(May) NYRBA FFC Pt of Spain-Scarborough(Tobago rec’r), 3d(SG223). Sp.NYRBA label tied. 487 flown.25
17111930(July) NYRBA FFC to Grenada (rec’r), 6d (SG226). 224 flown.40
17121935 local Pt of Spain cvr with S.Jubilee set (SG239-42 cat £25).20
17131940-2 cvrs(4) to UK/USA @ 4c-30c rates with 4 different censors: PC90 7117 label or violet crown Postal Censor 6 or brn tape tied s/line Opened by Censor 6 or Examiner E/11.35
17141943 Active Service grn env Mucurapo-UK, SG251+4. Violet circular crown censor 8799.25
1715TRISTAN: c1936 cvr to UK, GB KEVIII set & type V cachet. Fully written-up. Paper adherance bottom corner.25
1716c1937 illus Coronation env to UK, GB 1½d Coronation & violet type VI cachet.40
1717c1946 cvr to UK, GB 3d Victory & 2 type V cachets.25
17181948 regd cvr (Cape Town label) to Australia, St Helena 4 vals to 4d & type VII cachets. Boxed Posted Out of Course + T4d h/stamp. Inc full write-up. PHOTO50
17191952(Jan 1) local FDC of ovpt set to 10/= (SG1-12 cat £90). PHOTO75
17201955(Oct-Dec) underpaid cvrs(2) to exped’n leader,Gough Is with survey cachet, tax marks & Tristan 1d or 2d used as P.Due (took 6 weeks). Matching underpaid pair Gough Is-Tristan took 5 months (4 items).50
1721TURKEY: (see lots 928-9,1131,1394,1676,1787): 1850 EL (in Greek) to Trieste(rec’r) rated 18 & 2-line Smyrne/date.35
17221908 ppc Mersina 2(type 83 violet pmk: uncommon)-UK @ 10pa rate.20
17231910 ppc comm.used Candilli(uncommon type 18 pmk)-France @ 10pa rate.20
17241913 regd cvr Stamboul 2(Latin pmk type 77: uncommon)-UK, scarce 2pi (SG346 cat £9) tied reverse.30
17251918 1pi p.stat.env(U34 opt) regd Voivoda-Berlin+ SG918,21. Turkish censors/seal. 4-line German censor.PH40
17261925 ppc comm.used Rize1(Anatolia type 11 pmk: scarce)-UK, SG979(x2).25
17271944 advert cvr Galata-Sweden via Vienna(German Ag censor), 4-colour mixed SG1130,35,1290,T1290.15
17281945 airmail advert cvr Galatz-Sweden, SG1135,47,T1290. Free French censor + oval red OAT.25
1729Cilicia: 1919 complete parcel card comm.used with TEO opts SG76(x2)+85(25pi).35
1730TURKS & CAICOS: 1910 comm.cvr to Fiji(destination/rec’r), KEVII 1d.35
17311935 regd cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG187-90 cat £14).15
17321938 OHMS stampless cvr to USA with 30mm Official Paid pmk.25
17331954 airmail cvr Grand Turk-UK via Bahamas, 5/= (SG232).20
1734URUGUAY: 1868 firms EL Montevideo-N.York(ship letter 4 rec'r) per Flor del Mar.25
173519th century fine unused different p.stat.cards(10 inc reply),lettercards(3) & scarcer envelopes(6).50
17361888 10c p.stat.env, H&G8 Montevideo-Denmark per Congo.25
17371913 5c blue illus (school) p.stat.card, H&G52 Montevideo-Germany + SG297-9(ie 4-colour franking).25
17381928(Mar) CGA FFC Montevideo-B.Aires, SG454, 95-6 tied sp.boxed airmail cachet.35
1739USA:(see lots 14,22,25,29,45,67,366,1734): 1855 bisected 3c Washington on Edwardsville(ILL)-N.Orleans cvr tied barred circle pmk. Cat US$5000. PHOTO.1000
17401860s 3c p.stat.env(U34) N.York(target cancel)-Poughkeepsie + 1c Franklin (SG60b cat £45).40
17411860s Wells Fargo 3c p.stat.env Genoa(Nevada express oval pmk)-San Francisco.35
17421863 long social EL Southbridge-House of Refuge,Randalls Is,N.York, 1c Franklin (SG60b x3 cat £135).PH.100
17431869(Oct) cvr to Perrysville(Pa), scarce 10c (Sc.68 & 116 cat £195) & cork pmks. PHOTO150
17441893 2c p.stat.env uprated with 6c Columbus (Sc235a cat £23) New York-Philadelphia.30
17451898 2c blue Liberty p.stat.card, scarce UX13 comm.used N.York-UK.25
17461900 red/buff PO official regd env size 235x125mm comm.used stampless Heber-Eureka(Utah).40
17471907 ppc comm.used Detroit-Nevis,W.Indies(destination/rec’r) @ 2c rate.20
17481925(Feb-Apr) Los Angeles airship FFCs(2) N.York-Bermuda(rec’rs) @ 2c rates with sp.purple or red pmks.50
17491926(Dec) Sir Alan Cobham signed/printed/cacheted FFC Philadelphia-Washington @ 4c rate.30
17501940(July) cacheted FFCs(2) Canton Is-Hawaii/NZ @ 10c/20c air rates.25
17511945(Sept) Lincoln 1c p.stat.card(UX28) Long Island-US Consul,Seychelles(destination/rec'r) + 1c(x2).15
1752Alaska: 1942 censored emergency airmail(cachet/label) cvr Russian Mission-Flat @ 3c rate.15
1753Hawaii: 1911 comm.cvr Honomu-Br.Guiana (destination/rec’r), Washington 5c (Sc.335).35
1754Highway POs: 1941-57 1st trip cvrs(15 inc 10 illus) with sp.pmks & many signed by postmasters.30
1755Puerto Rico: 1902 1c ovpt p.stat.card, UX1 San Juan-Baltimore(rec'r) but no message.40
17561940 1st voyage illus cvr SS America-N.York @ 3c rate with US Seapost,P.Rico pmk.10
1757VATICAN: 1930 regd cvr to USA, set to 10L inc both express (SG1-13,E14-15 cat £120). PHOTO80
17581934 ppc Rome-Germany, 80c+2L (SG27,30 cat £48).40
17591938 regd cvr to USA, archaeology set (SG63-8 cat £75). PHOTO50
17601950 express (h/st) cvr to Alassio via Rome-Turin TPO, Papal Guard SG159-61(cat £15).20
17611952-4 80L+100L airletters (LF5+7) + 158 unfolded 20L + 35L reply p.stat.cards(4) all fine unused.30
1762VENEZUELA: 1883 regd cvr Caracas-N.York, 25c strip of 4 (SG121). PHOTO45
17631894 10c p.stat.reply card complete(H&G9) comm.used Valencia(oval pmk)-Belgium via blue Ligne D Paq.Fr.25
17641899 10c p.stat.card, H&G8a comm.used Puerto Cabello (smudged blue undated pmk)-N.York + 5c (SG163).20
17651905 regd cvr Caracas (circ.undated + bars)-Italy, 25c+1b officials (SGO327+9) tied reverse.35
17661954 lovely pictorial (front & back) airmail env Caracas-B.Aires, 50c (SG1250).20
1767VICTORIA: 1858(Jan) cvr Melbourne-UK, 3-colour 1d,2d,6d roulettes: SG46,7a,53a(cat £220). PHOTO150
17681864 cvr Melbourne-UK, 4d+6d (SG107b,110 cat £12).30
17691879-84 QV 1d p.stat.cards(2 diff) Minyip/Kew-Melbourne/Geelong with fine 125 or 888 numerals.25
17701881 QV 4d lilac regd env, H&G1 fine unused.25
17711886 GB SG194 on Hawthorn-UK cvr per SS John Elder. Rare usage. PHOTO50
17721899 OHMS Victoria Railways printed card Melbourne-Richmond with Minister of Railways frank stamp.25
17731901 regd cvr Melbourne-Hobart, 2d+3d (SG359 wmk inverted + 361). Cat £105+(SG on cvr).35
17741904 Melbourne ppc comm.used to UK, scarce 1½d (SG386: clear wmk). Cat £95(SG on cvr).30
17751904 cvr to Tasmania, SG385ba(x2)+7a & Up Train Victoria code MG2 cds + TPO duplex.25
17761905 advert cvr Melbourne-USA via Sydney, 2½d postage + 6d late fee (2d x3).30
17771912 'Weekly Times' advert cvr Melbourne-UK, 1d on 2d (SG456).20
1778VIETNAM: 1954(Nov) FM cvr SP4719(military cachet)-UK, French 30fr & poste aux armees pmk. Part flap.15
1779W.AUSTRALIA:(see lot 33): 1896 long cvr Esperance-USA, 1d+2d (SG95,96a).30
17801900 OHMS regd cvr Perth-Coolgardie. Land Titles Dept frank stamp. Boxed Unclaimed. Returned (Coolgardie regd + DLO pmks(x3 different) reverse. PHOTO50
17811903 cvr Northam-UK, strip of 3 1d (SG117).25
17821904 cvr Ship Mail Room-Tasmania, 2d (SG113 x2). File hole.20
17831906 cvr Perth-UK, 1d+3d (SG139,141).25
17841907 cvr Bunbury-Tasmania, 2d (SG140) & cds + B duplex.35
17851907 regd OHMS local Perth cvr(inc contents), OS 4d (SG119). Unclaimed,Insufficiently Addressed,Unknown by Letter Carriers h/stamps. DLO & LCR Perth pmks reverse. PHOTO50
17861907 1d blue p.stat.card, H&G10 Fremantle-USA + ½d (SG94a).25
1787YUGOSLAVIA: 1894 20pa Turkish p.stat.card comm.used Monastir (type 85 pmk)-Salonica30
17881916 Uskub ppc used stampless to Germany with German FPO 22 pmk25
17891919 regd cvr Zagreb-Switz, Hrvatska opt 3k (SG71).25
17901919 10v Slovenia p.stat.card comm.used Brod-Croatia + 5v (SG107).15
17911920 early unified Yugo Osijek ppc comm.used to Karlovac, bisected 30v (SG111). Tone spots.25
17921921 12pa on 10 Bosnia ovpt parcel card Sarajevo-Tuzla + mixed issues SG152(x2),162-3(x2),170.25
17931921 unpaid ppc Mitrovice-Bos.Brod taxed with D164(x2)+66 P.Dues. Scarce.40
17941923 scarce 10pa blue parcel card comm.used Ivanek-Strumitza(Macedonia) + SG166(x3),187.35
17951929 0.50d insured p.stat.env Zagreb-Germany + SG211,17 tied reverse. Nice wax seals. Uncommon.25
17961930(Mar) cacheted FFC Zagreb-Graz, SG245(x2) & sp.pmk. 238 flown.25
17971939 illus Motor Racing local Begrade FDC of SG402-5(cat £13) + sp.pmk20
17981940 illus Postal Workers FDC Belgrade(sp.red pmk)-UK of SG427-51(cat £18).20
17991947 regd advert cvr Zagreb-UK, pairs Slav Congress SG541-2,4(cat £18).20
18001948 regd advert cvr Ljubljana-Austria(censor), mixed SG596 + 3-colour officials O541,4-5.20
18011951-55 regd airmail cvrs(2) Zagreb-Switz, airs to 50d inc 6d(SG578).15
18021952 regd airmail cvr Zagreb-Switz, SG706+730(x5 inc blk of 4 cat £15).20
18031956 regd airmail cvr Zagreb-Switz, 50d+70d art (SG813-4 cat £12).15
18041970 express regd(2 labels) cvr Ljubljana-Germany, Europa SG1407(x2)-8(cat £11).15
1805ZANZIBAR:(see lot 665): 1895 message half 1a on 1½a Indian p.stat.card comm.used to Germany via Reunion a Marseille LV No.3 & sq.circle pmk. Part address erased. PHOTO50
18061896 2½a Indian p.stat.env ovpt'd Zanzibar in blue, H&G4 used locally with Zanz bar pmk. Toned edge.PH.50
18071900 2a regd env size F, H&G3 comm.used to London + 1a (SG189). Central crease. PHOTO50
18081931-3 On Govt Postal Service printed envs(x2 different) stampless to USA with sq.circle or cds pmks.40
18091934 cvr to Dar with blk of 12 1c (SG299) & Dar-es-Salaam p/bot cds (Hosk.2758) tied reverse.20
18101935 On Govt Service env airmail regd to Berlin, 8-colour SG299(x2)-308 inc scarcer 303+7.20
18111943 airmail advert cvr to USA, SG318(x2) tied reverse. Examiner U censor label.25
18121960 30c regd env size H type 1, H&G11b airmail to USA + SG360-1,63,65(all x4 cat £16+).25

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