September 27th 2017


Yorkshire Cover Auctions 


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11863 EL Rome-Exeter via Marseilles with tombstone Fr 3f76c accountancy mark.40
2Boer War: 1901(Jan) rare usage of GB 1d pl.100 on FPO 51(Jo’burg hospital) cvr to UK. PHOTO50
31900(Dec) GB QV 2d regd env size F FPO Br.Army S.Africa(Bloemfontein)-UK + GB 3d(Z7 cat £16)35
41901 cvr APO Standerton-Durban, GB QV 1d lilac. Oval blue dated Press Censor Standerton.15
5Postal Fraud: c1862 Rumanian firms EL Galatz-Craiova(rec’r) via Bukarest with 2 halves 30pa(SG31 cat £85) joined together. Convinced postal authorities! Maths calculus covers reverse of cover. PHOTO50
6WW1: 1918 Canada KGV 2c p.stat.card Toronto-Rumania(destination) via Emmerich(German border censor).15
71917(Dec) underpaid cvr Hungary-Switz via Austria(2 diff.KuK Feldkirch censors) & taxed Swiss 20c P.Due.25
8WW2: 1942(Sept-Oct) regd airmail cvrs(2) Chile-Mexico @ 7p90 rate. EUA Spanish language censor labels.20
91942-4 POW card/env(2) Jewish POW Stalag 8B,Germany-Palestine. Camp + British forces censors.40
101943 printed/illus Panair ‘aerogram’ Botafogo-USA @ 5000r. Brazilian censor + intercepted Trinidad(IE)labels.25
111944-5 Xmas/New Year combined illus airgraph GB-Lt on HMS Braganza,Bombay + envelope.20
12Leaflets in Japanese(2: SJ137-8) dropped by SEAC on Jap.forces re war has ended & Hirohito abdicates.40
13UN: 1951(Dec) regd UN Assembly local Paris cvr, French commems cat £9 inc SG1040-1,1132-3 & sp.pmks.20
141992 cvr ex Canadian Contingent in UNPROFOR (48mm blue pmk) to UK. See also lot 78,104,239,471,107310
151817 outer to UK re-rated 1/7d to 1/8d. Boxed Ship Letter Plymouth (S6)20
161830 EL Rome(s/line)-Herts re-rated to 1/3d via Arnhem(poor). Unframed Ship Letter London (S24).25
171832 EL Bremen(circ.pmk)-UK rated 8, fine black Ship Letter London (S25).25
181836 outer St Johns(NB)-UK rated 1/7. Red 2-line Liverpool Ship Letter (S14).25
191839 EL Havana-UK rated 1/4d per John. Red Ship Letter London (S28).20
201840 firms advert EL to Germany pd8 & charged 35. Oval red Paid Ship Letter London (S51).20
211850 cvr USA-UK paid 48(black), 38(red), red America Paid Liverpool pmk.20
221875 cvr Chicago(blue pmk)-Scotland @ US 6c rate. 4-line unframed Glasgow Packet Paid/date.25
231881 cvr to Dunoon, GB 14-dot 1d lilac & fine Columba Steamer Greenock code B + 163 duplex. PHOTO65
241887 cvr Cottonsville(Va)-Scotland @ US 5c rate. Oval Packet Letter Glasgow pmk.20
251890 Iceland 10a p.stat.card Reykjavik-Copenhagen(rec’r). Boxed Ship Letter(unlisted Hosking). PHOTO65
261898-1900 1d lilac cvr/EL(2) to HMS Hawke @ Malta or HMS Gibraltar @ Cape.25
271903 Ceylon ppc to Belgium, German 10pf & Deutsch Seepost Far East Line code c(Prussia) pmk. Ex H.Kong20
281905 cvr Bedford-Singapore @ 1d rate via v.fine Penang to Singapore marine pmk.25
291906 Dakar ppc comm.used to Paris, Senegal 10c(SG22) & blue B.Aires a Bordeaux LJ No.2 p/bot pmk.20
301906 cvr Germany-Essex @ 20pf rate. S/line Missent + US Sea PO 2 cds + duplex.25
311907-10 ppcs(2) to Holland, German 10pf & Deutsch Seepost Far East Line codes a or f pmks.25
321908 RSMP Trent ppc comm.used Vigo-Scotland @ 1d rate. Oval violet RSMP Trent cachets20
331917 Jamaica ppc comm.used to UK, US 2c & RSMP oval violet SS Danube posted high seas cachet.20
341923 RMS Darro RP ppc Cherbourg-UK @ GB 1d rate. 4-line RSMP Darro posted high seas cachet.20
351929 cvr to Egypt(rec’rs), Egyptian 1m+4m & Sea PO Cyprus pmk. 2-line SS Bellens Cyprus-Egypt. PHOTO45
361929 cvr Valetta(Malta)-UK, GB PUC ½d+1d tied s/line Paquebot (Hosk.1052).15
371932 advert cvr Iceland-USA, 1e+6a (Fa.145+9) & Hull Yorks 5 cds + s/line Paquebot (Hosk.99).25
381932 Aeropostale env(+pmk) Santos-passenger,SS Arlanza,Pernambuco(oval violet RMSP Co dated rec’r).15
391932 cvr to Barbados(rec’r), Jamaica 1½d & boxed Posted on Board 3-line Ocean Mails ex SS Bayano.20
401933 cvrs(3) Glasgow(p/bot)-US, Canada SG329 & violet 4-line Posted on Duchess of York,Bedford or Atholl.25
411934 cvr to Paris, Reunion 60c(SG119) & La Reunion a Marseille No.6 paquebot pmk.15
421935cvr Funchal-UK, GB 1½d S.Jubilee ex booklet pane tied boxed Paquebot (Hosk.2656.15
431935(Jun) airmail cvr OSTROPA(sp.pmk)-N.York via SS Europa(label + cachet), German SG526,70-1(x2 ea).30
441937(Feb-Jly) USS Selfridge/Wyoming illus cvrs(2) for shakedown/midshipman cruises Funchal-US @ US 2c.15
451938 comm.cvr to Germany, Iceland 35a(Fa229) & scarce Bergen p/bot (Hosking 630).30
461938(July) regd airmail cvr Koln-N.York per SS Europa(cachet), se-tenant Hindenburg 8pf+6pf+8pf & 649(x4).25
471943 regd(MM label) cvr to UK, HM Ship tombstone censor + GB 3d tied red 40mm PO Maritime Mail cachet.15
481959(July) illus official cvr USA-UK for John Fairfax(signed) solo Atlantic rowing voyage.15
491968(Aug) illus cvrs(2) for inaug.Swanage-Bournemouth(& return) Isle of Purbeck hovercraft service, 3d rates.15
501975 Financial Times Clipper Race set of 3 illus cvrs with GB Sailing set & sp.pmks.15
51Balloon: 1953(May) illus/cacheted Austrian Pro-Juventute balloon post envelope flown Salzburg(sp.pmk)- Munich, 5pf+10pf imprints(x2 ea: H&G167) + SG1243(FDC).20
52Birds (see lot 281): 1961 illus unadd.FDC of Norfolk Is 10/= frigate bird (SG36 cat £38).30
53Butterflies: attractive illus FDCs(12) 1960-80 ex Hungary,India,BWI,Malawi,Indonesia,Venezuela,Germany.40
54Christmas (see lot 1201): 1927-50 illus/cacheted US cvrs(2) with Christmas(towns in Az or FL) pmks20
551936(Dec 25) illus cvr Christmas Is-USA with 10c mailboat label.Oceania 50c added Tahiti. PHOTO65
56Concorde: (see lot 1307,1589): 1969(Mar) illus FFC Concorde 001 ex Toulouse.15
571969 illus unadd.FDC of St Pierre-Miquelon SG456(cat £46).25
581976-84 Br.Airways illus cvrs(9) for positioning/charter flights, Farnborough Airshow, FFs to Barbados,Miami, Bahrain or Venice ex GB.25
591982(Oct-Nov) illus last flights(3) Paris or N.York-Mexico & back.20
60Drink: (see lot 1764): 1931 illus colour advert cvr for Five Roses tea S.Africa-USA @ 3d rate.20
611937 illus advert (old Rarity whisky) cvr Honduras-USA @ 8c rate.15
62Flowers: 1953 illus FDCs(2) San Marino-USA of set to 100L (SG464-72 cat £40).30
631959 illus regd express cvrs(2) Zagreb-Switz, Yugoslav set SG928-36(cat £10).15
641966 Andorra printed FDC to UK of SG63-66(cat £10).15
65Glider: 1958 Yugoslav acceptance on illus German cacheted FFC Hornberg-Elchingen. Pilot signed.15
66Gymnastics: 1955 illus FDC San Marino-USA of 250L gymnast (SG484 cat £43).30
67Helicopter: 1961 illus unadd.FDC of San Marino 1000L (SG636 cat £44).30
68Hotel: 1893 illus Hotel Kramer,Malmo advert Swedish 10o p.stat.card to Germany with Fra Sverige M h/st.40
69Judaica: (see lot 9,746,1073): 1948 comm.cvr Bremen-UK with scarce circ. Jewish Community cachet.20
701950(Oct 14) local Jo’burg(S.Africa) illus cvrs(2) franked blk/grn Herzl or brown coinage perf patriotic labels & Posted at Israel Cavalcade Stamp Exhibition cachets (x2 diff). Unlisted Reisener.50
71Masonic: 19th century local Michigan(US) IOOF Grand Encampment printed envelope @ 6c rate.15
72Military Uniforms: 1969-73,75 illus Gibraltar FDCs(6) of SG240-3,48-51,90-3,300-3,40-3.20
73Olympics:1936(Aug) ppc Kiel-Wesselburen @ German 8pf rate with Olympic Regatta @ Kiel illus sloganpmk15
741955 illus FDCs(3) San Marino-USA of SG496-505(cat £25).20
75Photography: 1930s-40s illus(eg Leica/box/movie cameras) cvrs(5) ex Mexico,USA(x2),Spain or India.30
76Police: 1919 stampless Dutch internal ppc Utrecht-Laandyk with 4-line military police CO Utrecht cachet.25
771937 On Constabulary Service regd env Bromsgrove-Droitwich, KEVIII 1½d strip of 3. See also lot 1440.15
781964 airmail cvrs(4) Cyprus-USA @ 30m rates (all diff.frankings). UNIFCYP civilian police cachets for HQ, Australian,Austrian or Danish Contingents. Also Self-Determination or Turkish Bombs slogan cachets.50
79Prams: 1897-1917 illus firms p/card or env(2) ex Switz/Holland both featuring early prams.25
80Railway: 1935 Austrian Railways stampless env(inc newsletter contents) Salzburg(2-line cachet)-Karlsruhe. S/line Porto Zahlt Empfanger (postage to be paid by receiver).20
81Red X: (see lot 1435): 1949 local Rheinland Pfalz cvr, 20pf (Mi38) & green Red X rebuilding Help NOT label.20
82Rocket:1946(Nov) cvr Zandvoort-UK, Dutch 4c(SG427a) + 2g50 Holland thanks Roosevelt label & flight pmk.20
83Royalty: 1938(21/7) cvr Versailles-Brionne, French SG608+15(cat £27) & slogan for KGVI visit to Versailles.25
841954(Aug) illus cvrs(4) for Duke of Edinburgh’s Canada tour ex Churchill,Ft Simpson,Coppermine & Yell’knife50
851958(May) local Belize cvr, SG179-80,82,84,87 & Princess Margarets Visit cachet in use 2 days only.25
861959(July) illus cvr for QE2 Royal Visit to Chicago Expo @ US 8c rate. Uncommon.25
87Scouts: 1931 Romania set of 5 stamps fine mint SG1221-5 cat £45.15
881957 GB Jamboree official folder with set of 8 poster stamps in sheetlet.20
89Tobacco: 1947 colour illus(cig.packets) airmail advert cvr Lisbon-Denmark, Portugal SG942,5,54.15
90Cuba 1939 cigars FDC + slogan, Rhodesia advert cvr + Congress illus FDC. Brazil,PNG,Belgium illus cvrs(8)40
91ADEN: 1861 cvr Aden Stmr Pt(pmk rev)-India, Indian 4as. Circ. red Aden BPP Paid. PHOTO200
921916 censored cvr Perim-Bombay @ ½a rate. Violet scalloped Passed Censor A9 Perim. Rare. PHOTO300
931917 OAS cvr to UK with violet 3-ring cogwheel A-108 Passed Censor Aden.40
941919 OAS tea house ppc comm.used to UK with Base Office Aden IEF pmk.20
951928 Indian 2a+1a regd env Aden Camp-Italy insured(label) + 3-colour 1a,4a,8a. Rare. PHOTO100
961937(Apr 1) FDC Aden Camp-UK, mix franking Indian 3p + SG1-3(cat £8).15
971946 local cvr with KGVI set to 10r (SG16-27 cat £40).30
981953 QE2 10c p.stat.card + 30c regd env size F both fine unused (2).15
99States: 1949 Quaiti/Seiyun UPU sets(cat £18) on regd illus FDCs(2) to UK.25
1001949(Jan 17) matching regd airmail FDCs(2) to Baghdad of Quaiti & Seiyun S.Wedding sets. Arabic censors.25
101AEGEAN: 1912 regd cvr Scarpanto(blue skeleton pmk)-Milan, 5-colour Italian to 20c (40c rate). PHOTO100
1021925 official Rhodes Govt env to Bologna, Italian 5c(x2)+50c tied reverse.45
1031939 comm.cvr Piscopi(Italian PO pmk)-USA, Rodi 1L25 (SG23).25
104AFGHANISTAN: 1952 250p airletter, H&G2 comm.used UNTA Mission Kabul-Switzerland.15
105ALBANIA: 1914 unadd.env/telegraph office front(2), SG37-32 or 40-5(cat £65) & Bcarcar Peqin/Qukes pmks50
1061916-18 feldpostkarte(x3 diff) KuK FPOs Schkodra,Elbassan or Tirana-Vienna/Bohemia. Diff.KuK unit cachets30
1071918 armourial cacheted cvr Posta Militare 111-Milan, Italian 10c(x2).25
1081925(May) Adria Aero Lloyd cacheted FFC Tirana-Valona(rec’r) using 10q p.stat.env + airs SG186(x2)-7.25
1091928 Durazzo ppc comm.used to Vienna, SG214(x2).15
1101932(Jun) FFC Tirane-Salonika(rec’r), SG281,8-9. See also lot 948.35
1111938 regd cvr Sarande-Paris via Durres, 5-colour SG329,30(x2),31-2,3(x3). PHOTO50
1121941(Feb) Italian armed forces p.stat.cards(2 diff) Posta Militare 28(Durazzo) or 61(Lopsit)-Italy.30
1131941 Split ppc comm.used Salona-Italy, Italian 20c (SG554) & Posta Militare 79 pmk.20
1141941 express airmail censored(NI armourial cachet & Italian label) cvr Tirane-Rome, SG355(x2)-6,E373.PH.75
115ANDORRA: (see lot 64): 1964 cvr Canillo-UK, scarce History set (F190-1 cat £64).45
116Spanish: 1951 regd cvr Las Escaldes(scarce label)-USA, SG41,46(x4),54(cat £94) + Spanish 25c. PHOTO150
1171952 comm.cvr San Julian de Loria-Lisbon, SG44(x10 cat £75). Couple stained at top. PHOTO50
1181972 Europa (SG67 cat £225) on fine illus unadd. FDC. PHOTO100
119ANGUILLA: 1965-7 ppc to US + airmail cvr to Montserrat, St Kitts SG135 or 129(x2),30-1,3-4 & Valley pmks.15
1201967-9 OHMS airmail + regd FDC(2) both to USA with letters ex Postmaster, SG23+27 or 17,21,23,25-7.15
1211975 illus FDC to USA of $10 Turtle (SG144a cat £18).15
122ANTIGUA: (see lots 1157-61): 1904 comm.cvr St Johns-USA, 2½d (SG34 cat £23).35
1231907 regd cvr St Johns-Germany, 1/= (SG37a cat £140). PHOTO125
1241927 OHMS(h/stamp) cvr St Johns-USA, 3d (SG55 cat £15). PO Antigua crown cachet (signed).25
1251928 regd cvr St Johns-USA, 3-colour SG68,72-3(cat £22).40
1261936 regd airmail cvr St Johns-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG91-4 cat £23).15
127Barbuda: 1937 regd cvr to UK, Leewards Coronation set (SG92-4) & blue-violet pmk.20
128ARGENTINA: 1885-92 1c wrapper (+1c SG102) or 12c grey p.stat.env comm.used to Amsterdam or Paris via J Paq.Fr.No 4 or 6(Congo) paquebots (both blue pmks). 2 items.25
1291903 5c green p.stat.ppc, H&G28 comm.used B.Aires-Prague + 3-colour SG222-4.20
1301918 5c p.stat.env, H&G29 comm.used Lomas de Zamora-UK + SG397(x2),400,2(ie 4–colour). Censor label20
1311926(Sept) San Martin 5c Philatelic Exhib’n printed p.stat.env used locally in B.Aires with sp.pmk25
1321928(Apr) San Martin 5c p.stat.env flown B.Aires-Montevideo + airs SG558,63.30
1331931-3 regd cvrs(2) San Isidros/Gahan-Yugoslav Legation/Delegation,B.Aires @ San Martin 30c rates.25
1341932(Mar) nice advert cvr flown(Brazilian cachet) Graf Zeppelin to Germany, SG536,39,624.30
1351935(Oct) local B.Aires cvr with Philatelic Exhib’n minisheet (MS654 cat £45) & sp.pmk. PHOTO50
1361940-1 Condor-LATI airmail cvrs(6) to Germany/Switzerland. Good variety town origins.40
137Corrientes: 1862 EL Esquina-Goya, large margins 1r (P56) & pen cancel. PHOTO75
138GB used in: 4d vermilion pl’s 11 & 12 (Z9 cat £100) & B32 pmks(2).30
139ASCENSION: 1938(May 12) regd FDC to UK of set to 1/= inc 1d,3d (SG38-44 cat £54).40
140AUSTRALIA: 1914 Sydney Botanic Gardens ppc comm.used to Ireland, 1d die 2 (SG21d). PHOTO25
1411913(Jan) advert cvr Spencer St(Vic) late fee pmk-USA, 4d(SG22a) + 1d(SG21cd). S/line Passed. Date error!50
1421914 OHMS local Tamworth(NSW) cvr, damaged 1d roo perfin OS NSW (O17d).20
1431916 cvr Melbourne-USA, 1d SG21aj: RA joined flaw cat £12). S/line PASSED. T30c tax mark. PHOTO50
1441917 cvr Sydney-USA, 2½d roo (SG4 cat £20). Violet/pale grey censor tape STB unlisted.40
1451924 machinery advert cvr Brisbane(Br.Empire Exhib’n slogan)-Germany, pair 1½d(SG77).25
1461931(May) 2nd experimental flight cvr Sydney-UK, SG103a,5(x2),8,15-17(cat £42).30
1471931(July-Sept) regd Brisbane-Camoweal(Qld) ‘round Australia’ cvr via train,boat & plane franked SG102,3a, 21(x4,1 torn),23(cat £31).25
1481931(Nov) regd ANA illus Xmas airmail cvr Sydney-Holland, OS 6d air (SG139a x3 cat £180). PHOTO150
1491934(July) double cacheted/regd FFC Sydney-Papua & back, Victoria set (SG147-9 cat £28). Re–regd from Papua with no extra stamps.25
1501934-5 Blue Star Line airmail advert late fee(h/stamp or Sydney Rail Stn pmk) cvrs(2) to UK @ 1/3d (SG140+51 £21) or 3/1d rates (SG153 x2 cat £25).45
1511936 Paid at Hobart 2d meter franked cvrs(2) to NSW with boxed violet Unclaimed or Not Known NSW h/st, circ. red DLO Sydney Examiner 4 or 5 cachets & ret’d with official Returned to Sender DLO labels.50
1521936(Aug 3) FDC Melbourne-NZ of S.Australia Centenary set (SG161-3).35
1531940 hand-painted(colour pen & ink) harvest scene on front of envelope Melboune-UK @ 2d rate.20
1541940(Oct)-41(Sep) airmail cvrs(2) Adelaide/Melbourne-UK @ 1/6d rate (1 meter franking, other Victory slogan). 2 diff.red Opened by Censor labels(inc 3-dot) tied triangular 4 or boxed violet censors.20
1551941(July) long airmail clipper cvr Ship Mail Room Melbourne-N.Wales @ 17/6d rate (SG134,172,6-7 cat £21). Red/white censor 3 label tied box censor VIII.30
1561944 advert cvr Sydney-USA @ 3½d rate. Boxed Australian Publicity armourial censor + PASPRESS h/st.40
1571947(Sep 8) regd FDC Newcastle(sp.regd label + Phil.Exhib’n pmk)-Melbourne, SG219-21. Exhib’n sheet tied20
1581952 10d Constellation airletter (A5) fine unused.10
1591952-3 KGVI-QE2 3½d lettercards(3: H&G51-3) fine unused.35
1601959(Apr-Aug) 10d jet airletters (2: A9-10: plain or Science Congress) used FDI to UK.20
1611971 Xmas illus unadd. official PO cvr with blk of 7 (SG498ba).20
162AAT: 1947(Dec)-49 cvrs(2 inc regd) Heard Is-Australia, SG219(x2) or SG179,84,222. Violet HMA Ships.25
1631955-61 illus/cacheted cvrs(7 inc 2 regd) inc SG279 ex 3 diff.bases, SG1-5 ex Davis,Canberra 1st Meeting pm25
164AUSTRIA: (see lot 7,51,1489): 1851 EL Trieste-Graz(2-line + Windisch pmks), 4mgn 6kr brown(Mi4) type 1b.25
1651850 outer Vienna-Roveredo(Italy), 4mgn 9kr type 1 (Mi5a). Broken k in kk flaw. PHOTO50
1661854 Troppauer Zeitung newspaper banner headline to Bransdorf, 4mgn blue newspaper 0.6kr (cat £160) tied 2-line Jagerndorf/date. Min.cat 350eu (piece). PHOTO100
1671874 Franz Josef 15kr p.stat.env Levico-Modena via Trient & TPO.25
1681922(Nov 1) regd cvr Vienna-Switz, airs SG546,48-51. Day after FDI.40
1691925(Sep) flown cvr Vienna-Budapest, 30g+2s air (SG632).25
1701927(July) flown Beethoven 10gr p.stat.card Vienna(Aspern pmk)-Munich + 5g(SG617).15
1711927(Mar) FFC Vienna-Czech, blk of 4 8g (SG619 cat £13).30
1721937 12gr illus p.stat.card flown Vienna-Norway(destination) ‘jusqu’a Malmo’ + SG716(x3),769.25
1731938 German airmail cvr Vienna-Brazil, 10g+3s (SG775 cat £38) airs. PHOTO50
1741939 regd cvr Vienna-UK, scarcer German 15pf+40pf (SG656+71 cat 25+eu used thus)..25
1751948 regd airmail censor cvr Vienna-Uruguay(destination/rec’r), Artists set(SG1145-51 cat £70) & sp.pmk.PH.50
1761949 UPU illus unadd.FDC of SG1175-7(cat £25) with Vienna pmk. See also lot 80,300,415,802,993.25
177Levant: (see lot 653): 1871 EL Smirne(thimble pmk)-Trieste, 15sld (SG5).35
1781895 cvr Austro-Hungarian Consulate(cachet) Adrianople-Budapest @ 1pi rate.40
1791899 20pa on 5kr p.stat.card comm.used Jerusalem-Germany. Written in Hebrew.15
1801903 advert cvr Trebizonde-Teheran(Iran), pair 20h (Mi44).25
1811911 ppc to Cyprus (destination & Larnaca rec’r), 20pa (Mi54) & Jaffa pmk.25
1821914 French currency 10c p.stat.card comm.used Beirut-Egypt.20
183KuK Feldpost: (see lot 257,1448): 1917 cvr Hungarian FPO 138-Prague, blk of 10 1h (SG23).20
1841916 cvr Belgrade(KuK FPO pmk)-UK, 20h+25h ovpts (SG29-30 cat £9).20
185Lombardy-Venetia:1858 EL Venice-Rovigo, 4mgn 15c(Sa.20) + 1864 outer Massa-Mantova, 5s p14(Sa.38).25
186BAHAMAS: 1893 QV 2½d red on 4d p.stat.env, H&G2 comm.used to UK (London SMP rec’r)..25
1871904 1d staircase p.stat.env, H&G6 comm.used Nassau-Nova Scotia.25
1881928 regd cvr Nassau-USA, 3d Peace (SG109).20
1891930(Jan) regd double flight cacheted cvr Nassau-P.Rico-Nassau-Miami, SG97+99.40
1901932(20/8) regd cvr Savannah Sound(ERD D4 pmk)-USA, KGV ½d(pair)+2d.40
1911937 cvr Green Turtle Cay(fine pmk)-UK, marginal strip of 3 ½d (SG115).20
1921942(Oct 12) Columbus Day illus cvr San Salvador-Nassau, blk of 4 ½d (SG162) Columbus ovpt.20
1931951 regd hotel env airmail Nassau-Canada, 15 vals to £1 (SG131-2,49-60 min cat £100). PHOTO80
1941970 OHMS cvr The Bluff Andros(violet skeleton)-GPO Nassau. Oval Commissioners Office Kemps Bay pmk.20
195BAHRAIN: 1932(Nov) illus IA FFC to UK, Indian ½a+8a (Z123,131 cat £41). PHOTO75
1961947 airmail cvr to USA, 4-colour to 1r(SG32,39,44,49 cat £18) & Bahrain Air Persian Gule pmk. PHOTO50
1971990-1 regd parcel cards(2) Manama-India, hi-vals SG243(x8)+4(x3) or 244(x4 cat £115). 1d in v.diff.shades.60
198BARBADOS: 1889 countersigned crested EL bandsman Yorks & Lancs Regt @ 1d rate. Scarce. PHOTO450
1991893 mourning cvr to UK, 2½d (SG93).15
2001898 scarcer local cvr to St Joseph(rec’r), pair 1d (SG118). No flap. Double rate!20
2011903 ½d badge p.stat.card, H&G11 comm.used St Philip-St Michael.20
2021916 pictorial Marine Hotel env to Canada, SG171(x2).25
2031922 regd cvr to USA, 4d (SG214 cat £26). Inc letter ex Capt.Garduve MC.40
2041932 regd 5-colour franking cvr to USA, SG229-31,32,35.25
2051935 ppc + illus advert cvr(2) to USA, 1d or 2½d S.Jubilee(SG241+ 3). Inc RMS LadyDrake Posted HighSeas30
2061938 air cvr to Brazil via Trinidad per SS Duc d’Aumale, SG248,50,55(x2). S/line Late. Minor opening faults.25
2071939 airmail cvr to USA, 4-colour SG249a,55(x2),59,61(scarce commercially used cat £11).20
2081940 cvr to USA @ 3d rate. Blk/yellow Spend your Vacation in Barbados perf label.20
2091944(Dec) BWIA printed FFC to Jamaica @ 4d rate. Scarce.40
2101944 underpaid airmail cvr London-Barbados @ 2/= rate taxed with strip of 4 1d P.Dues(D2) tied reverse.40
211BASUTOLAND: 1927 S.African ½d p.stat.card comm.used Quthing-Morija.40
2121929 S.African 1d p.stat,card comm.used Mafeteng-Morija.35
2131933-7 KGV-VI 4d regd envs size H2 (2: H&G1a,2c) fine unused.40
2141935(Oct) regd airmail cvr Maseru(S.Africa pmk)-UK, 4d+1/= (SG5,7).30
2151935 regd S.Jubilee FDC Maseru-UK of SG11-14(cat £21).20
2161946 long crested OHMS regd env P’master(cachet),Maseru-USA, 5/=(SG27) on front + blks of 6 Victory rev.40
2171964 OHMS Official Free(circ. crowned violet cachet) Central Stores Maseru(oval violet pmk)-Pt Elizabeth.20
2181964 QEII 5c regd env size G Mazenod Institute(scarce s/line regd h/st)-Morija + 2½c.25
219BECHUANALAND: 1905 QV 1d Br.Bech. p.stat.card comm.used Mochudi-Holland. PHOTO75
2201925 KGV 3d+1½d regd env size G, H&G16 fine unused.30
2211927 cvr Francistown-UK, pair 1d (SG92).25
2221932 KGV 4d regd env size G, H&G17 fine unused ovpt’d Specimen.25
2231935(Feb 12) cvr Imperial Press Conference(sp.pmk)-Jo’burg @ 1d rate. Only here for 2 days.35
2241959 regd airmail cvr Lobatsi-Canada(RPO rec’r), 1/=+1/3d (SG149-50 cat £10).20
225BELGIUM: 1579 fine Corsini EL Antwerp-London p.qta(postage prepaid). Scarce.50
2261838 outer Anvers-Paris charged 19 via Belgique par Valenciennes. Too Late s/line(all red). Boxed B4R(blue)15
2271864 EL Courtrai-UK via Angleterre par Ostende TPO, 40c(SG27 cat £36) & 87 pmk40
2281901 regd cvr Avelghem-Paris, 25c (SG85) x2.15
2291924 firms advert ppc to Verviers, 3c (SG351) pre–cancelled by boxed Bruxelles 1924 Brussel.25
2301929 regd cvr Schaerbeek-H.Kong(destination/rec’r), SG314-5,472-5,90-1,3-4.25
2311936 German airmail(labels) cvr Brussels-Lisbon, airs SG560+686.20
2321937 postal order(complete both halves) Roeselare-Bruges @ 70c rate + 30c fiscal. Ret’d unpaid(cachet).25
2331937 ‘round world’ illus regd airmail cvr Liege Exhib’n-Belgian Consulate,Hawaii(destination/rec’r) via Marseille- N.York, SG563(x2),811,852. Only 150 flown.40
2341938 regd cvr Brussels-USA, Basilica Fund SG815-6,21(5fr).25
2351942 50c p.stat.card(+50c SG737) comm.used censored Verviers-Italy. Secret writing wipes.15
2361971 2nd class airmail cvr to NZ(destination) ex UK(via courier to beat strike), hi–vals SG1396a-7a,1467,71.20
237Congo: 1895 15c blue p.stat.card Matadi-Belgium via Boma (all blue pmks).20
2381931 airmail(box avion) crested env Governor East Province, Stanleyville-UK, SG136+174.25
2391962 illus unadd.FDCs(4) for Indian UN Forces ovpts: India U1-6(cat £44) & FPO 660,716,771 or 777 pmks.40
240Eupen: 1920 10c red opt p.stat.card comm.used to Germany.20
241German Occ: 1915 advert express(label) cvr Brussels(oval milit.censor)-Germany, 5c+50c (SG2,5 cat £10+).15
242Ruanda Urundi: 1936 regd official free(PO cachet) cvr Usumbura-S.Africa via Albertville,Kabalo.20
243BERMUDA: (see lot 864): 1882 cvr St Georges(blue pmk + 2 duplex)-UK, 4d (SG20).40
2441903 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Hamilton-Berlin. Written by crew member SMS Falke.35
2451912 KGV ½d & 1d p.stat.cards(2, H&G14-15) fine unused ovpt’d Specimen.30
2461913 KGV 2d regd env size F Hamilton-USA + 2½d(SG48).25
2471915 cvr Warwick East-USA, 2½d (SG48). Light violet triangular censor.35
2481920 OHMS PO crested env Hamilton-USA. Bermuda Official Paid circ.h/stamp.20
2491933 cvr Hamilton-UK, block of 6 ¼d (SG77 cat £18).25
2501946 airmail cvr St Georges-India(destination/rec’r), 10/=(SG119c cat £65). Fault when affixed. PHOTO75
2511948 airmail cvr Hamilton-UK, 1/=(SG115). Red 5-line IATA(air transport) Conference Bermuda cachet.15
2521951-4 KGVI ¼d p.stat.wrappers(2)uprated with violet oval ¼d or ¾d postage paid h/st used local St Georges50
253BOLIVIA: 1909 internal 1c p.stat.card H&G5 uprated La Paz-Santiago(Chile) + SG100-1.20
2541930(July) LAB cacheted FFC to Brazil inc sp.airmail etiquette, SG226,44-8.30
2551947 regd airmail cvr La Paz-USA, SG433a(scarce 10c imperf pair),436,66.40
256BOSNIA: 1891-5 cvrs(2) to Austria, 5k(Mi4) tied reverse by KuK Milit.Post Foca or Trebinje pmks.40
2571912 cvr KuK milit.post Kalinovik-Czech, 5h(Mi25) + 1h charity local tied reverse.20
2581916 regd cvr Sarajevo-Zagreb, 45h (SG374).25
2591918 regd cvr Prijedor-Czech, Emperors Fund set (SG436-8).15
260BRAZIL: 1889 200r blk p.stat.env, H&G2 Rio(tarde pmk)-Denmark(destination & rec’r) per Atrato via Lisbon.20
2611894 20r wrapper + 100r,200r (SG127-8) S.Paulo-Germany via Lisbon.20
2621896 regd cvr Rio-Funchal(destination) per SS Thames via Lisbon, SG128(x2)20
2631922 50r p.stat.card, H&G39 comm.used to India(destination) via Egypt + 50r (SG306).20
2641929 Polish Legation env regd Rio(grn PA oval pmk)-Polish Legation,London, SG333(x2)+385.20
2651932(Sept) ppc flown 2nd Graf Zepp flight(cachet) to Germany, SG406(x2)+511(Zepp ovpt cat £27).25
2661933 Air France/Aeropostale(cachets) cvrs(2) Rio/Pto Alegre-Rio Grande, SG333,470+2 or 473+507.Censurado Rio Grande do Sul in black or violet (civil war). See also lots 10,38,710,1454.25
2671933(Jun) Graf Zepp cacheted(violet) flight cvr Rio-France via F’hafen(grn rec’r), SG409+532.25
2681934(Dec) Xmas Graf Zepp(no cachet) regd flight cvr Rio-Austria, SG422+480.25
2691940-1 airmail cvrs(3) to Switz/Germany(censored). 3 diff.Condor-LATI or LATI airmail labels/handstamps.40
270BR.ANT.TERR: 1969-79 nice lot all diff.pmks/base cachets(inc ships) on cvrs(13) to UK. Couple signed.65
271BR.GUIANA: 1896 2c on 3c p.stat.card(type 2 opt) addressed to Bartica with Bartica Grove pmk.No message20
2721913 cvr New Amsterdam(skeleton pmk)-Germany via Georgetown, SG240c+253(x2 ea).15
2731924 2c p.stat.env + 2c(SG274) G’town-Trinidad(Empire Exhib’n rec’r). Rare box BrEmpireExhibn cachet. PH.80
2741927 comm.cvr Taymouth Manor(fine pmk)-USA via G’town @ 4c rate. See also lot 382.25
2751957 comm.cvr Canje Launch(river PO)-UK via New Amsterdam & G’town slogan, SG333-4(x7).25
276BR.HONDURAS: (see lot 85): 1891 local ‘Aikman’ cvr, pair 2c on 1d inc 1 bisect (SG37a cat £110 cvr).30
2771917 pharmacy advert cvr Belize-USA, strip of 3 1c (SG101).15
2781924(July) cvr to USA @ 4c rate (SG127 x2). Scarce boxed BEE Visit Br.Honduras Court cachet. PHOTO75
2791936 OHMS cvr Belize-USA, 3-colour Relief Fund SG138-40(cat £70). PHOTO100
280BR.IND.OCEAN TERR: 1968 regd(Victoria) airmail cvr Desroches Is-UK, ovpt set to 1r (SG1-10).20
2811975 airmail cvrs(2) TPO Nordvaer-S.Africa, birds set to 10r (SG62-76 cat £50).40
282BR.LEVANT: 1876 cvr N.Shields-Barque Selma,C’tinople, 2½d SG139 pl.1(cat £180 on cvr). C’tinople tax mark deleted & redirected with red BPO pmk & firms cachet back to Newcastle via Odessa. PHOTO75
2831901 regd advert cvr Smyrna-UK, pair 40pa on 2½d (SG4).25
2841910 regd cvr Smyrna-Germany, surcharge set SG22-4.25
2851921 cvr BPO Constantinople-UK, GB ½d(pair)+1d (Z188-9).20
2861922 comm.cvr Smyrna-UK, GB 2½d (Z287).25
287BR.OCC.ITAL.COLS:1943(Jan 15) local Mogadishu FDC front, EAF S1-8 & blue pmks.Cat 2500eu(FDI).PH175
2881944 cvr Tripoli No.1-Palestine via Egypt(censor), MEF 5d(M15). Scarce blk/red ZA/14317 label.40
2891947 regd airmail cvr Rhodes-UK, MEF 2/6d (M19). Cat 5000eu(cvr). PHOTO250
2901950 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, BA Eritrea 10c+65c (E14,20).35
2911950 comm.cvr Mogadiscio-UK, Somalia 75c (S28 cat £13). Cat 1400eu(cvr). PHOTO250
292BR.POs E.ARABIA: 1960 underpaid airmail cvr Dubai-E.Pakistan, pair SG85 & tax mark.15
293BR.VIRGIN IS: 1889 large OHMS regd cvr Tortola-Germany, 1/=(SG41 cat £70). Rare. PHOTO500
2941913 double regd(Road Town & St Thomas)cvr to France, Leewards 2/6d(SG44 cat £50). PHOTO100
2951919 regd cvr Road Town-Canada via St Thomas, blk of 4 3d war tax (SG79a cat £88). PHOTO75
2961947(Dec 1) local Tortola FDC of 10/= & £1(SG120-1 cat £34).30
2971952(Apr 15) local Road Town FDCs(2) of set to $4.80 (SG136-47 cat £65). Pencil address.30
298BRUNEI: 1952 regd cvr to USA, set to $5 (SG100-13 cat £15).25
2991952 airmail cvr Kuala Belait-USA, mixed issues SG79,80a,81,85a,87b,100-2,6,8-9(cat £38+). PHOTO45
300BULGARIA: 1916 regd advert cvr Sofia-Prague, SG163(x5) & 3 diff.censors (local label + 2 KuK Vienna).25
3011918 dble regd(inc Vom Auslande uber Bahnpost 5 label) censor advert cvr Sofia-Leipzig, 3-col.SG163,87-8.25
3021925 regd cvr Serb Legation,Sofia-Paris, top vals SG237-8.20
3031941 IL arms p.stat.card(P70) comm.used Skopje-Germany(censor) + SG453-4.20
3041943 local cvrs(2 inc regd) @ 1L(SG453) or 4L(SG455) rates. Pirot or Sofia Station pmks.20
305BURMA: 1921 regd cvr Myanaung(D7 pmk)-UK, Indian ½a+2a6p(scarce SG170).20
3061927 regd official cvr Rangoon-Bassein, Indian 4a. Ret’d as unknown with boxed DLO Rangoon.20
30719 29 On Postal Service regd receipt Rangoon-Pegu returned with boxed DLO Rangoon pmk.20
3081938 KGV 1a opt p.stat.env H&G1 Mawchi Mines-UK(all letters to Burma etc go by air 5-line h/st rev)+ SG2,4.20
3091939 regd airmail advert cvr Mandalay-UK, mixed KGV-VI SG9,20,22,25.15
3101940(Oct) KGVI 1a brn p.stat.env H&G2 Rangoon-Karachi + 6p(SG20).15
3111945(Nov) censored cvr Exptal PO36(Pazundaung for 2 months)-India, 2a(SG41) tied reverse. Opened by Examiner 2 label tied box crown DCB/4 & DG138.20
3121946 KGVI 3a+1½a grn regd env, H&G3 fine unused.25
3131947 regd airmail cvr Rangoon-UK, SG73+76(blk of 4 cat £15) tied reverse.20
3141950 KGVI 9pi dark green p.stat.card(H&G9: message half) comm.used Rangoon-India + SG100,4.15
315CAMBODIA: 1954(Dec 1) illus unadd.FDC of Indian Army PO ovpts N1-5(cat £25) & Phnom Penh pmk.20
316CANADA: 1847-49 ELs(2) Montreal(2 diff.pmks inc unframed 5-line)-USA rated 1/6 or 1/7 + circ10 or mss30.25
3171875 regd cvr Craigvale-Toronto, p11½ 2c+3c (SG94+6 cat £48). PHOTO50
3181895 cvr Yorkville-UK, blk of 10 ½c (SG102 cat £130). PHOTO100
3191896 Western Union Telegraph Co env regd St John(NB)-Cape Breton, 8c (SG118). Nice wax seal.35
3201899-1900 Montreal-Toronto or local Toronto advert cvrs(3) @ 2c rates with flag cancels(no code,A or D).15
3211917 YMCA POW p/card Amhurst Internment Camp(violet dated censor)-Germany(Flensburg rec’r). PHOTO65
3221917 cvr Toronto-USA, strip of 3 1c coil (SG217 cat £85). PHOTO75
3231920 KGV 1c p.stat.env regd Bothwell(large oval regd pmk)-USA + 2c,10c(SG211) ie 3-col. Indian brave illus.35
3241921 KGV 2c p.stat.env regd Montreal(Victoria Ave pmk)-UK + 2c,10c (SG210).20
3251922 Parliament Buildings printed/illus(rev) env House of Assembly PO Toronto-Minden(Ont), 3c coil (SG224)30
3261935 airmail cvr Toronto-Peru(destination/rec’r), hi-vals SG301(x2)+3($1 x3 cat £125). PHOTO100
3271935(Jun 1) regd FDC Ottowa-Toronto of 50c Parliament (SG350). See also lot 6,18,84,924.30
3281938 funeral directors illus advert cvr Montreal-Paris, 3-colour late use SG123,41,50,89(cat £18).20
3291938 set to $1 (SG357-67 cat £40) on 3 illus FDCs (1 regd).50
3301947 sp.delivery express(red/orange label) p/card Seigniory Club(PQ)-N.York, SG407+S12.20
3311951 illus FDC Ottowa-UK of $1 Fisherman (SG433).25
3321953 airmail advert cvr Winnipeg-UK, SG414 + coils SG420a,22a(strip of 3 cat £13).20
333CANAL ZONE: 1908 Gamboa River ppc comm.used La Boca-USA @ 1c rate (Sc.22).20
3341906 cvr Empire-USA via Cristobal, 2c on 1p (SG22).20
3351912 official printed cvr Cristobal-USA, 2c(SG36) & NY & Canal Zone RPO North pmk.20
3361942 airmail cvr US Naval Air Station-USA, SG142(x2). Circ.blue Passed Naval Censor.15
337CAPE: undated signed outer to Cape Town rated 3 with fine circ. Crown PO Simons Town.25
3381887-1905 4 items inc Wynberg-Claremont, Sir Lowry Bay regd env, King Williams Town(sq.circ)-Basutoland30
3391891 Hope 1d p.stat.card comm.used Victoria West(cds + 393 numeral)-Pretoria(ZAR sq.circ).30
3401894 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used Ceres-Capetown with fine 6 numeral.30
3411894 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used Robertson-Capetown with fine 25 numeral.30
3421896 QV 2½d grn/buff p.stat.env Molteno(cds + 530 numeral)-UK.40
3431901(Sept-Nov) cvrs(2) Paarl(2 diff.pmks inc sq.circ)-Cape Town @ 1d rate. 1 via Western TPO 4, other with Martial law label. P in circle + triangular Passed Press Censor in red or blue.35
3441902 Army env C398 ex Royal Lancers to Fortnum & Mason,London. Pmk’d Richmond.No stamps.Taxed.PH.45
345CAYMANS: 1908 regd OHMS cvr to USA via Jamaica, 3-colour 1d,3d,6d (SG26,28,30a cat £58). PHOTO150
3461928 regd(Grand Cayman h/st) cvr Georgetown-UK, 3-colour 1d-2d (SG71-3).35
3471938 regd cvr Georgetown-Jamaica(redirected within), KGVI ¼d(x2)-1/= (SG115-23).15
3481945 advert airmail cvr Georgetown-USA, 3-colour 2½d,3d,6d & Examiner D/41(rubber) censor label.25
3491948 regd cvr Georgetown-USA, 10/= (SG126a).20
3501962(Nov 28) advert cvr Georgetown-Japan(destination/rec’r), pair 1/9d (SG176). FDI cachet.10
351CEYLON: 1878 wrapper Panadure(paid pmk)-Kalutara(paid rec’r), 4c (SG122) & 11 numeral tied reverse.40
3521889 QV 3c p.stat.card comm.used Slave Is(paid pmk)-Teldeniya(scarce rec’r) with 95 numeral.25
3531890 QV 10c p.stat.card comm.used(estates report) Agrapatana(paid pmk)-UK with fine 90 numeral.30
3541891 QV 5c p.stat.env Kalutara(paid pmk + 6 numeral)-Colombo(paid rec’r).45
3551891 QV 5c p.stat.env Balangoda(scarce paid pmk)-Colombo with 3 numeral.30
3561893 QV 10c on 12c regd env, H&G9(scarcer size I) fine unused.20
3571894(Mar)QV 5c violet lettercard complete(scarce) Lavant Estate-Maskeliya via Hatton, early Yatiyantota pmk25
3581895 QV 5c blue p.stat.reply card complete comm.used Colombo-Jersey(rec’r) via Naples.20
3591899 QV 2c p.stat. wrapper Kandepola-UK + QV 2c (SG147).20
3601900 ‘Times of Ceylon’ 2c QV p.stat.wrapper Colombo-POW Ragama(scarce Mahara recr & oval camp cens)30
3611908 ppc comm.used Kandy-German Consulate Hoihow(rare destination & Br.PO rec’r), SG277+9. PHOTO50
3621913 KEVII 5c blue/buff p.stat.env as H&G37A but unlisted 120x70mm comm.used Nanuoya-Lindula(rec’r).25
3631942 cvrs(2) Colombo-USA, blks of 4 3c/6c or 20c(SG398-9 cat £16+). Violet crown Passed L/6 censors.20
3641943(Jan 1) FDC Colombo-USA, 5c(SG387f x5 inc blk 4). Examiner L/360 censor label.15
365CHILE: (see lot 8): 1859 EL Valparaiso-Santiago, 4mgn 5c dull red-brn (SG18) & 4-ring cancel. PHOTO50
3661896 Columbus 5c p.stat.env comm.used Linares-Valparaiso(rec’r).20
3671934 hi-rate airmail cvr Santiago-UK, SG198(10p x3),200,16,45(cat £15+).20
368GB used in: 1867 10d (Z81 cat £275) & large part C30 duplex. PHOTO75
3691/= green pl.12 + 2/= blue (Z84,86 cat £185) & part cds + C30 pmks (2)60
370CHINA: (see lot 361): 1898 local Newchang advert cvr, 1c (SG109) tied reverse.25
3711903 regd advert cvr Shanghai(French PO)-Germany, pair Chine 25c opts (SG9, 1 cnr fault).25
3721931-39 cvrs(10) to USA @ 2c-6c US rates with USS Luzon,Oahu,Whipple,Tutuila,Mindanao(x2 diff),Tulsa, Smith Thompson,Monocacy or Palos pmks + China locations eg Shanghai,Hankow,Canton.75
3731938-9 cvrs(2) to USA @ 1½-2c US rates with USS Tutuila or NY PO Yangtse Patrol pmks.25
374Jap.Occ: WW2 Shanghai battlefield ppc censored back to Japan ex Tamura Unit,Middle China Exped’n. PH.50
3751919 regd cvr Danish Mission Dairen-Pt Arthur, Japanese 3s(x2)+10s. PHOTO50
376Manchuria: 1928 red band cvr Harbin-Moukden, SG2(x4)+6(x3: 1 of each damaged) tied reverse.30
3771932 red band censored cvr to Moukden, 1f(SG2 x4).30
378US POs: 1919 firms advert cvr Shanghai(US PO service pmk)-USA @ US 2c rate.20
379Yunnan: 1935 1c & 2c Junk p.stat.cards(2: scarce H&G11-12) fine unused.75
380CHRISTMAS IS: (see lot 55): 1959 QE2 30c regd env, H&G1 fine unused.15
381COCOS: 1954(Apr 5) Royal Visit illus cvr, Singapore 10c + scarce God Bless our Queen coconut cachet. PH50
382COLOMBIA: 1888 2c p.stat.card, H&G10a comm.used Colon(blue pmk)-French Chevalier,Br.Guiana(rec’r).25
3831916 cvr Tumaco-‘New Age’,Bogota unusually franked 2c grn fiscal (as SG type124). Light folds.25
38419 27(Mar) express SCADTA air cvr Hamburg-Bogota via B’quilla @ 85pf rate + 1p50 SCADTA opt’d A. PH.125
3851937 long Scadta cvr Barranquilla-Bogota, set to 5p (SG435-R450 cat £45). Central fold.40
3861950 airmail(LANSA/KLM label/h/st) banking advert cvr Bogota-Germany, SG705,28 +L11-12(x4 LANSA opt)20
3871951(Sept 15) printed regd FDC Bogota-USA of LANSA air opts (SG21-8 cat £110). PHOTO80
388COOK IS: 1935 regd cvr Rarotonga-USA, S.Jubilee 2½d(narrow E var)+ pair 6d (SG114a-5 cat £18).25
3891936 cvr Rakahanga-USA @ 1d rate (no wmk SG100c cat £32).40
3901947 regd cvr Danger Is-UK, 6d opt (SG148).20
3911949 local Rarotonga FDC of set to 3/= (SG150-9 cat £60).45
3921961 regd airmail cvr Mauke-UK, SG150(x2)-2,3(x2),5-7(cat £25).25
3931971 GB 4d p.stat.card(reply half) used to UK with 2 diff.Manihiki pmks.10
394Aitutaki: 1921 regd cvr to UK via Rarotonga, set to 1/= (SG24-9 cat £90). PHOTO100
395Penrhyn: 1921 regd cvr to UK via Rarotonga, set to 1/= (SG32-7 cat £110). PHOTO100
396COSTA RICA: 1928(Dec) FFC San Jose-Pto Limon, 20c air (SG164). Uncommon.20
3971943(Nov) illus TACA FFC San Juan-Honduras, 45c (SG347).15
398CROATIA: 1943 regd stampless cvr German FPO 176-Vienna via FPO 45528R. Uncommon.25
3991944 regd cvr Slavonski Brod-Zagreb, imperf Youth set (SG131-3) + 2k charity tax.20
4001944 official cacheted regd cvr Dubrovnik-Zagreb, mixed franking SG42(pair) + 50b official.25
401CUBA: (see lot 19,829): 1867 EL Bayamo-Manzanillo(rec’r), 10c blue (SG25).25
4021874 outer Havana-Spain, 2 pairs 10c (SG45) & oval pmks.40
4031926 1c p.stat.card, H&G39 comm.used (+ 1c SG336) Santiago-SW Africa(destination).20
4041930(Oct) cacheted FFC Havana-French Consul,Santiago, 10c on 25c(SG375). Ex French Legation(cachets)20
4051937(Oct 3) US writers/artists set (SG424a-w cat £100+) on 3 airmail cvrs to USA. On sale 3 days only.100
406CYPRUS: (see lot 35,78,181,1076): 1893 QV 1pi p.stat.card comm.used Larnaca(sq.circ)-Germany.25
4071895 cvr Limassol(sq.circ)-Nicosia, ½pi (SG31).25
4081906 QV ½pi p.stat. reply card complete comm.used Nicosia(sq.circ)-Germany + KEVII 30pa (SG63). PHOT.65
4091926-32 cvrs/ppc(3) Larnaca/Nicosia-Belgium/Berlin or local, SG119,20 or 22.25
4101928 regd mourning cvr Nicosia-UK via Limassol, 1½pi+2½pi (SG125-6).25
4111939(Nov) advert cvr Egypt-Cyprus censored in Egypt + red circ.Cyprus 9 & early armourial censor label.25
4121940-1 cvrs(2) Famagusta/Nicosia-UK, SG154(x2) or 5. Circ. Red Passed Censor 1 or 10.30
4131950 cvr to Maltese Camp,Dhakelia(Larnaca), 1½pi(SG164) & Meneou rural pmk.15
4141953 airmail advert cvr Famagusta-Sweden(destination), blk of 8 1pi (SG154).15
415CZECHOSLOVAKIA:1918(Nov) underpaid cvr Vienna-Brno @ 10h. Austrian 30h(SG293)ovptd T used P.Due30
4161938 international money order Nove Zamky-Jerusalem via Pt Said(foreign money order pmk), SG358+384.25
4171938 airmail cvr Bratislava-SW Africa(destination) via Greece, airs SG309+12(x2: 1 trimmed perfs).15
4181938 cvr Olomouc(red postbus pmk)-UK, SG380(+label) & 382(x4 inc 2 labels). See also lot 1086.20
4191939(Mar) regd cvr Prague-Dresden, mix frank Czech/German +Czech 20h/40h optd Heil Hitler +swastika.PH50
4201942-44 GB cvrs(2) @ 2½d rates with black or blue Czech forces sp.pmks.20
4211955 regd illus cvrs(2) Prague Exhib’n-Germany with perf set to 1k60 ex minisheet cat £41 & 3 sp.pmks.30
422Bohemia & Moravia: 1941(July-Nov) local Prague cvrs(2) @ 30h rate (2 diff) with red bilingual Victory wins on all fronts h/stamp or similar black slogan pmk (latter scarce).25
4231940(Jan) regd(label no.1) advert cvr Frenstat pod Badhostern-Argentina(destination/rec’r), SG20(blk of 10), ,33. Both German & Prague censors.25
4241940 illus(scarce) hotel p/card Hlorni Becva-Olomouc @ 50h rate.15
4251943 large format regd cvrs(2) Tabor/Beroun-Prague, officials Mi16(x2)+22 or 21+24(scarce).30
426Sudetenland: 1938(Sept) airmail cvr Schluckenau-Hamburg, mix franking German SG650 +Austria SG812-3.25
427DANZIG: 1921 ppc comm.used to Nurnberg, 4–colour mixed issues (Mi4,73,74,76).20
4281921 regd cvr to Holland, 9-colour franking to 2mk (SG80). PHOTO45
4291922(Oct) mixed issue 4-colour franking cvr to Castrop, scarce Mi45 type 1 + 74,7(x2),9(cat 30+eu).40
4301932(May) cvr to UK, 10pf(SG195) & oval LUPOSTA illus sp.pmk + dates.20
4311937 comm.cvr to UK, 4-colour mixed issues Mi241(ovpt),51-2,67.25
432DENMARK: 1860 most part EL Copenhagen-Veile, 4mgn 4s(Fa7 with colour printing flaw to left-hand tablet) & Sjell.Post.Sped.Bureau T2 TPO pmk + 182 numeral.20
4331898 regd advert cvr Copenhagen-Germany, 16o numeral + 20o arms (Fa42,60).25
4341921 underpaid ppc ex Germany, 25o P.Due (L7) tied Copenhagen pmk.25
4351923 complete parcel card Copenhagen-Stockholm, 4-colour SG154,65,68(2kr),77. PHOTO75
4361924(Apr) DDL FFC Copenhagen-London @ 65o rate. 204 flown. Clipped top left corner.25
4371926 unstamped ppc Perleberg-Fredericia, 2 diff.tax marks & 4-colour P.Dues: L10(damaged),12,16,18.25
4381930(May) express(label) airmail cvr Copenhagen-Amsterdam, SG182+251(x2).25
4391936 airmail advert cvr Sonderburg-Germany, 50o air (SG227 cat £300). PHOTO225
4401937(Oct) cacheted local Skive cvr for Stamp Exhib’n, 5o+10o(SG271b,298) with marginal printed exhib’n ads20
441DWI: 1873 outer to Vera Cruz, 4d vermilion pl.12(Z10 cat £50) & St Thomas paid pmk. PHOTO125
442GB used in: 1865-73 4d vermilion pl’s 11 & 12(Z10 cat £100) & C51 pmks(2).30
4431867-73 1/= green pl’s 4,5,6,7(Z29 cat £128) & 2 diff.C51 pmks(4).35
444Schleswig: 1920 regd cvr Apenrade-Hamburg, pair 25pf (Mi7).20
445DOMINICA:1903 Views ½d+1d p.stat.cards inc reply(H&G7-9) +1d.2½d p.stat.envs(H&G1-2)all opt Specimen50
4461908 double regd(inc red h/st) PO env to USA, strip of 6 1d SG38.35
4471928 regd OHMS stampless cvr to USA with 2 diff.types GPO Dominica pmk (D11+13).25
4481930 regd cvr to NZ(destination) via USA, 3-colour 1d,2d,2½d (SG72,76,78).25
4491950 regd airmail cvr to USA, 10/= (SG108a cat £25).30
4501954(Oct 1) regd airmail FDCs(3), QEII set to $2.40 (SG140-58 cat £45).35
451DOMINICAN REP: 1903-10 double regd cvrs(2) S.P de Macoris-Vienna via N.York or Santo Domingo(blue)-Mexico, 10c (SG113 x3) or 10c+20c (SG114,164).50
4521916 advert cvr Sanchez-UK, 5c official ovpt (SG206).20
4531928(Apr) WIAE flown cacheted cvr to Haiti, E232+241.15
4541933(Aug 3) regd cvr S.Domingo-Holland, SG299-300,18 & violet Bandera de la Raza flag sp.45mm pmk.25
455ECUADOR: 1932(Jun) cacheted military FFC Latacunga-Cuenca(rec’r), 10c (SG460). 200 flown.25
4561935 Quito Polytechnic official cacheted cvr to Switz, pair 10c officials (O468).20
457EGYPT: (see lot 35,411,1405,1703): 1869 local Alexandria cvr, 1pi(SG14) & Posta Egiziane pmks.25
4581892 5m on 2pi p.stat.env, H&G7 regd Tantah-Cairo + 5m(SG63 pair).15
4591888-1908 Pyramids reply p.stat.cards(9), H&G4-8,10,13,15,17 all fine unused.50
4601919 POW lettersheet Maadi Camp-Switz via APO SZ10 & Pt Said. Boxed violet censor.20
4611919(Mar) cvr(+ letter) El Arish-UK, GB 1d+2d & fine scarce Indian FPO 30 pmk. PHOTO50
4621928 env Germany-SS Aagina,Alexandria taxed with mixed P.Dues (D99,180a). Minor stains.20
4631927(May) airmail cvr Pt Said-India via Karachi, 27m air (SG132 cat £34).40
4641934 regd airmail cvr Cairo-Holland, aviation set (SG214-8 cat £80). PHOTO65
4651936(Mar 1) FDC MPO Cairo-UK of Army Post 10m (A13).15
4661939(Oct)early RAF censor cvr MPO Moascar-UK missent to India(maldirige + Bombay), 10m ArmyPost(A13)20
4671939(Dec) censored cvr BPO E502-UK, 3m army post(A12). Cat £225(cvr). PHOTO75
4681942 OAS air censor cvrs(2) to S.Africa, S.Africa SG75cd(blk of 4)+ War Effort 92 or 91(pair)+95(pair cat £50)40
4691942-44 stampless OAS envs(4) EPP 7,17,51,56-UK/local. 4 diff.boxed/hexagonal blue RAF censors.25
4701954 cvr/lettercard(2) Cairo-Europe, mixed 4-5 colour frankings inc 3-bar obliterated portraits (SG439-47).15
471UN: 1959 cvr to Sweden, Swedish 15o+5o booklet pane of 6 & Svenska FN Batallion Egypt pmks.20
472EL SALVADOR: 1894 5c p.stat.env, H&G39 Villa Modelo-Managua.25
47319th cent coll’n of fine unused p.stat.cards inc reply + p.stat.envd to 20c (27 different).30
474c1900 no value blue/buff official(arms design) unused p.stat single & reply cards(2). Unlisted.25
4751907 local San Salvador cvr with 1c(x2) p.stat.cut-outs (H&G env 79) tied.30
4761942 censored transatlantic air(h/st) cvr regd Free Italy National Committee in exile in San Salvador-Foreign ,UK, SG778,893,97,99,915-6(x3). Customs declaration(reverse).20
477ESTONIA: 1881 Russian 7k p.stat.env Reval-Switz via Russian TPO. Returned(rec’r) with s/line non reclame.20
4781892 Russian 20k p.stat.env regd Narva(SPBurg 1 & 3 pmks)-UK.25
4791921 regd cvr Tallinn-Sweden, 3-col.franking SG16(x4),20(x2)-1.20
4801935 4-colour mixed issue franking comm.cvr Jogeva-Germany, SG73-5,77,102.25
4811940 pictorial(Narva front & back) cvr Mooste Ag-Tartu, 15s (SG158).25
482ETHIOPIA: 1929 cvr Dire Daoua-Switz, 1m (SG226 x2).35
4831937 cvr Addis-Italy, mix franking SG322b(20c) + Eritrea SG193,205. Cat 150eu(cvr).40
4841937 ppc Axum-Italy, Eritrea 20c(SG192). Also receipt ex Axum with Eritrea SG242(x2). 2 items.20
4851938 regd airmail cvr Addis-S.Africa via Aden & Mombasa, 4-col. Eritrea SG203,5,39(x2),44 both sides. PH.50
4861939 internal airmail cvr Addis-Harar, Eritrea 1L (SG242).15
487FALKLANDS: 1904 QV 1d red reply card complete comm.used to B.Aires.40
4881913 KGV 2d regd env size F fine unused ovpt’d Specimen.35
4891913 KGV 1d red/blue lettercard fine unused.20
4901920 regd cvr Stanley-UK, war stamp ½d blk 4 + 1d pair (SG70b,71c cat £33). PHOTO50
4911924 regd cvr Stanley-UK, 2d+2½d (SG75+7 cat £46). PHOTO65
4921930 KGV 1d lettercard comm.used to Germany. Scarce. PHOTO200
4931935 regd cvr Stanley-UK, S.Jubilee set SG139-42.20
4941941 local Pt Stanley cvr addressed to SS San Castro with 8vals to 2/6d (SG146,49,51,54-5,7-8a,60 cat £38).30
4951947 regd cvr Stanley-UK, 1/3d (SG159).15
496Deps: 1947(Feb) regd(s/line) 3-colour cvr S.Georgia-Pt Stanley, G1(pair inc dot on A of East),2-3.30
4971947(Mar) local S.Georgia cvr, ½d(x2: 1 with broken arc), G1-a(cat £13).25
4981947 cvr S.Shetlands(violet code D temp.cancel)-Stanley, 2d(G3).25
499S.Georgia: 1933 cvr to UK, 1½d (Z56 cat £48). PHOTO65
5001951 OHMS stampless cvr(inc letter ex deputy postmaster) to UK with S.Georgia pmk.25
501FAROES: 1932 advert cvr Thorshavn(scarcer rounded 3 in pmk)-Eide, Danish 15o (Fa221).20
5021941(May) censored cvr Trangisvaag(Spis Faerosk pmk)-UK, pair 20 on 5o (SG3 cat £62).PHOTO45
5031950 advert cvr Sondevaag(undated cachet ties stamps)-Scotland via Thorshavn, Danish 20o(x2).20
504FIJI: 1895 1d+1½d complete reply cards(2: H&G3-4) fine unused.25
5051895 cvr Suva(scarce KD6 pmk inc FIJI)-Sydney, pair 1d(SG82 cat £16). PHOTO50
5061906 theatrical ppc Navua(fine pmk)-Suva @ ½d (SG115) rate. PHOTO65
5071925-7 comm.cvrs(2) Suva(machine pmk)-Philippines(destination) @ 3d rate (SG230 or 1+233).25
5081931 regd(violet h/st unlisted Proud) cvr Levuka-UK, 5d (SG236).40
5091937 KGVI 2d+3d regd env size H2(H&G7) fine unused with Specimen ovpt.20
5101938 regd cvr Suva-India, mix franking SG248+253.15
5111941 cvr Suva-NZ, 2½d (SG267). Scarce Fiji Bomber Fund label. PHOTO75
5121954 OHMS stampless cvr Tavua-Suva.15
5131956 airmail cvr Matei-Suva, 2½d (SG256c).15
514FINLAND: 1871 40p p.stat.env (145x80mm) fine unused.25
5151884 10p reply card (P19) complete fine unused. Scarce.30
5161901-7 10p p.stat.card or 20p internal cvrs(3) with imprint/stamps tied fine 75,244 or 403 rural pmks.50
5171915-6 cvrs(2) to Copenhagen @ 10k rate. Censors inc 2 diff.Tornea trilingual censor labels.25
5181917 complete blk/pink parcel card Helsinki-Toijola, Russian type 5p + scarce 20p blk 4 cat 125kr (Fa63,65).25
5191918 local regd Kristinestad cvr, 5p-70p (SG214-9 cat £35) temporary issue scarce on cvr. PHOTO50
5201924 attractive 4-colour regd cvr Helsinki-Holland, SG191,4,204,51.20
5211949 cvr Leipzig-Kauhava, Soviet Zone 84pf (Mi211). Finnish grn PO env.repaired label tied Helsinki pmk.20
522Karelia:1944 cvrs(3) Soutjarvi/Aunuksenlinna/Paatene-Sweden, SG1A or 16(x2 ea).Finnish censors 68 or 77.25
523FIUME: (see lot 1086): 1921 regd cvr to Naples, 30c+50c ovpts (SG168,170) tied reverse.25
524FRANCE: 1822 EL Paris-London rated 17, 2-line red Bureau des Postes Chambre des Pairs +60PP.PortPaye15
5251850 EL Amiens-Doullens, 4mgn 20c blk/white (SG6 cat £70). PHOTO65
5261855-7 EL/cvr(2) Reims-Sedan or Boulogne-UK, 4mgn 40c Nap(SG64 cat £48) in v.diff.shades (1 v.deep).35
5271863 EL Bordeaux-Estonia(destination/rec’r), 20c Nap tied box red PD + blk circ.OR. Cat 2200eu(cvr). PH.500
5281864 firms outer Paris-Berlin, Nap 10c+20c pair (SG91,95) & fine pointille fin pmk.35
5291879 outer Marseilles-Egypt, 25c blk/dp red (SG262 cat £30).25
5301893 regd advert cvr Paris-Italy, 50c P&C gutter pair of SG271. Scarce no millesime cat 3000eu. PHOTO650
5311919(May) 15c grn sower p.stat.env(Yv261: 147x112mm) Versailles Peace Conference(sp.pmk)-Pontoise.25
5321916-8 stampless internal ppcs/cvr(3),violet circ.War Ministry post censors(Narbonne,Annemasse,Bellegarde)25
5331922(Jun 6) flown cvr(by Portal) Bourges-St Cloud @ 25c rate + Prop.Aero.Bourges 25c,75c(x2) air labels.40
5341923 Alsace Lorraine firms parcel card regd Mulhouse Station-Turkey(rec’r) via Marseille, perfinned SG308 5fr x4 cat £25),43,69 + 10c customs stamp. See also lots 13,83,575,603,683,1166.35
5351929 ppc comm.used Bayonne-St Vincent(destination/rec’r), SG418b+69.15
5361930(May) sp.flight cvr regd Niort-Paris, SG397a+482(BIT pair cat £38).‘Transport Exceptionelle par Avion’.40
5371931(May) regd airmail cvr Nancy-Rome, SG483(x2),486(scarce Sinking Fund),490(cat £59).PHOTO50
5381931 airmail cvr Paris-Syria via Beirut, SG428a+490.15
5391935(Nov) cacheted Air Afrique FFC Paris-Congo-Madagascar, 8-colour Sower/Pasteur franking cat £26.25
5401936(July) printed FFC Paris-Stockholm, SG415+534.15
5411936(Aug) cacheted FFC Grenoble(Expo pmk)-Paris, SG415+22.15
5421937 cvr Villiers-USA, scarce single franking 1f75 Pasteur (SG566 cat £26).25
5431938 cacheted FFCs(2: sans surtaxe) Paris-Switz or UK, SG602-4,9 or 415b+550(cat £30).25
5441939(July) cacheted(red) 1st night flight cvr Paris-Marseille, SG578+650.15
5451946 regd(box 4-line cachet) cvrs(2) Thionville-Seychelles, Marianne SG928(x2)+34(50fr) or 930-1(x2 ea).40
5461949(Nov 14) FDC La Roche(Vendee)-UK, Celebrities SG1081-6(cat £35).25
547St Nazaire: 1945(Jan 8) regd cacheted FDC meter-frank cvr @ 4f50 rate La Baule-Le Pouliguen.30
5481945(Feb) regd cvr Batz sur Mer-Paris, 4fr blk/pink label with ILGT variety. Tax mark, boxed Unclaimed(rev) & to Sender. PHOTO100
549FRENCH COLS: Algeria: 1918 advert cvr regd AR Alger Bourse-UK, French 10c sower + 40c Merson.20
5501931 regd mixed issues 5-col.franking cvr Boufaris-Canada, SG2(x2),30,34(x2),62,92(x3 cat £19).25
5511953 regd cvr Maison Carree(stamp day sp.pmk)-USA, SG269,72(x3),320-1,23(x4 cat £56). PHOTO50
5521962 regd cvr Kolea-Bordeaux notable for 2 diff.types EA ovpt on SG386-7,95.15
553Antarctic: 1958 IGY cachet cvr Terre Adelie-USA, SG16(50fr),20-1(cat £140). Box red Charcot Stn(rev).PH100
5541960 illus cvr Terre Adelie-UK, 10fr (SG22 x3 cat £90).50
5551963 Magga Dan illus cacheted cvr Terre Adelie-UK, SG2-6,9-12(cat £135). Signed ship captain(rev).PHOT.100
5561964 regd exped’n cvr Terre Adelie-UK, SG35-7(cat £300). PHOTO250
5571965 Thala Dan cacheted exped’n cvr Terre Adelie-USA, SG8,13,35(cat £170). PHOTO125
5581968 cvr Crozet Archipelago(pmk + 2-line cachet)-UK, 20fr (SG43 cat £24).25
5591970 de Gaulle illus(x2 diff.designs) unadd.FDCs(2) of SG148(cat £110) & Martin de Vivies/Dumont d’Urville.60
5601983 regd cvr Dumont d’Urville-UK, scarce 25fr (SG180 cat £49).40
5611983 exped’n cachet cvr Dumont-Greenland(destination/ret’d cachet/PO labels)& redirected Sweden,SG175.25
562Cameroun: 1933 mission advert cvr Bafia(blue pmk)-Sangmelina, 50c (SG107 cat £10).25
5631938 airmail cvr M’banga-UK, mixed issues SG86-7,115(cat £10+).20
564Comores: 1954 illus Liberation FDC Moroni-France, SG17(cat £50).35
565Congo: 1929 comm.cvr Loutana-France via Pt Noire, Middle Congo 75c opt (SG56).20
5661935 comm.cvr Ft Crampel-USA, Oubangui–Chari 1f50 Paris Expo (SG106 cat £15).40
567Dahomey: 1900 Government printed env Porto Novo-UK, Benin 5c (SG36).40
5681919 official Government printed cacheted Cabinet env Porto Novo-Paris, stampless with tax mark.25
569Equat.Africa:1937 air cvr Ft Archambault-Belgium, Middle Congo SG76 + Oubangui Chari SG70(x2 cat £13).25
5701938 airmail cvr Bangui(Ubangi Chari)-US Embassy,Paris, mix franking SG13,30,55,58(x4 cat £23).35
5711939(Nov) underpaid airmail cvr Holland-Schweitzer’s clinic,Gabon @ 37½c rate. Early AEF censor.20
5721943 de Gaulle(Free French) ppc regd Brazzaville-USA(censor), SG127B,138A,164,188(cat £42). PHOTO50
573Gabon: 1918 stampless FM env Makokou(cds + district cachet)-France via N’Djole. Scarce. PHOTO50
574Guadeloupe: 1878 long EL to Bordeaux via St Nazaire (Ligne A cds), triang.tax mark & Paq.Fr.Pointe a Pitre.25
5751955 airmail cvr Pte a Pitre-S.Rhodesia(destination & Indapanzi rec’r), French SG1169+1211(x2).15
576Guiana: 1946 regd airmail cvr Cayenne-USA, airs SG215-6(cat £10).20
577India: 1920 15c p.stat.env comm.used Karikal-France. Uncommon.35
5781931 small 6c on 10c p.stat.env, H&G23 comm.used Karikal-Pondichery. Scarce.40
5791936 cvr Pondichery-UK, 3-colour mixed issues SG79,91,93(cat £12).25
5801949 medical advert ppc Pondichery-France, 3-colour SG261-3(cat £8).15
581Indochina: 1898 exped’n corps stampless cvr Hanoi-France, marines blue cachet & Tonkin Corps Expeditre.35
5821914 comm.cvr to Ceylon, 25c(SG58) & octagonal Yokohama-Marseille No.2 p/bot pmk.20
5831936 36c p.stat. airmail env,H&G3 Thanh-Hoa(Annam)-Paris.20
5841946 cvr from son in military to father(Colonel) in France, SG207(x2)+307(x8 cat £16). Gum stains.20
5851947 airmail cvr Hanoi-France, 3-colour airs SG203,7,11(cat £8). Commissariat Republic SP50688 cachet.15
5861948 airmail cvr Saigon-France, mixed issues SG170,78,210,317(all x2).15
587Ivory Coast: 1910 scarce 10c p.stat.env,H&G9a comm.used Grand Bassam-Paris.35
5881937 missions advert cvr Tenkodogo-USA, 1f50 (SG112).15
5891947 cvr Ouagadougou-USA, mixed franking SG121(x5)+ Fr.W.Africa SG4(x5),7(x7),11(cat £29) front & back.25
590Levant: 1909 ppc Samsoun(blue pmk)-Bohemia, 5c Blanc.25
591Madagascar: 1899 cvr to USA, pair 25c Diego Suarez (SG58).30
5921900 25c blue/pink lettercard, H&G8(049 control) fine unused & scarce.20
5931913 censored Marine Corps cacheted expeditionary force cvr Diego Suarez-France.30
5941913 5c Anjouan p.stat.env Andevorante-Hungary(destination/rec’r) + Moheli 10c + Anjouan surchs(SG22A, 24A) making 4-colour mixed franking. PHOTO100
5951931 regd cvr Tananarive-UK, surchs SG117+120.15
5961936 scarce 4f50 airmail env Tulear-UK via Paris + SG143. Minor creasing.25
5971944(Apr) regd airmail cvr French Red X Tananarive-Red X UK, high rate SG241,253(x4 ea)+242(x3 reverse). Stamps cat £176. Double censor: local Br.Censorship label & Passed Censor 252-1 + Examiner 5932.PH150
598Martinique: 1846 EL St Pierre(cds)-Marseille, boxed red Colonies &c Art 13.20
5991946 airmail cvr Ft de France-Marseille, SG197(blk 4),201,4-9,11,16(x2)-7,20(x2 cat £57) front & back. PH.50
6001947(July) regd cacheted FFC to France par Guillaumet, SG199,206,21.20
601Morocco: 1912(May) Cherifien Post set to 50m (cat £100+) on unadd.Tangier cvr with 2 diff.pmks.40
6021939 airmail cvr Casablanca-France, 8-colour franking SG369-75,77,79,81(cat £12).20
6031941 French 80c Iris p.stat.card comm.used Casablanca-Paris. Boxed violet Casablanca air taxe percue 1fr.25
6041947 regd cvr Safi-UK, Solidarity Fund (SG312-5 cat £35). Reposted in UK Ascot-Fulham, charged 3d P.Due.30
6051951 express(label) airmail cvr Casablanca-Switz, SG323,34a(x2),69,83-6,88(cat £34).30
606New Caledonia: 1905 local ppc comm.used Thio(blue pmk)-France, 10c (SG56).25
6071943 local cvr Pounerthouen-Noumea, SG147+154. Circ.allied censor 8.20
6081967 regd airmail cvr Noumea-UK, SG355,76,402(cat £19).20
609Niger: 1937 regd cvr Niamey-USA, Paris Expo set (SG77-82 cat £28).25
6101939 regd(s/line) airmail cvr Agadez-USA, hi–vals SG66,69-71(cat £11).25
611Oceania: (see lot 55): 1925 bit roughly opened(at top) cvr Papeete-UK, 1fr (SG34).20
6121938 regd cvr Papeete-stamp printers,UK, mixed issues SG90,95,103,5-6,122-3,5(cat £40). PHOTO.50
6131946 cvr Papeete-USA, blks of 4 SG92+113(cat £44).40
614Polynesia: 1965 illus unadd. FDC of ITU 50fr (SG44 cat £75).45
6151976 illus(front & back) airmail cvr Papeete-UK, scarce 200fr Gauguin (SG169 cat £65). PHOTO50
616Reunion: (see lot 41): 1954 airmail cvr St Denis-UK, SG346+357(cat £57). PHOTO50
6171955 airmail cvr Piton St Leu-UK, SG364(x5)-5. Scarcer pmk.20
618St Pierre-Miq: 1958 Human Rights-’66 Printing illus unadd.FDCs(8) of SG414,26,28-30,35,40-1(cat £123).40
6191967 illus de Gaulle Visit unadd.FDC of SG442-3(cat £93). See also lot 57.40
62019 72 airmail cvr to USA, commems SG498,502-3,4(x2)-5(cat £71). PHOTO50
6211988 unusual lot internal French cvrs(3) franked St Pierre-Miq issues eg SG361-2,399-401,552-5,98(cat £65)35
622Senegal: (see lot 29): 1925(June 6) Latecoere env flown FF Dakar-Casablanca(rec’r), regd by pilot(Lecrivain), 5-colour SG74,78,92-3,96. Written-up. PHOTO65
6231931 Aeropostale airmail env Dakar-France, mixed issues SG120+138(x2 cat £14).25
6241939(Nov) cvr St Louis-France, SG202 & early AEF circ.telegraphic censor B.15
625Somali Coast: 1928 regd insured(cachet) cvr Djibouti-Switz via Yokohama-Marseille p/bot no.6, SG184+219.25
6261937 regd cvr Djibouti-USA, Paris Expo set (SG237-42 cat £22).20
6271949 regd airmail cvr Djibouti-USA, scarce hi–vals SG276-7,99,367(cat £17).25
6281964 airmail cvr sailor on Danish merchant vessel Djibouti-UK, SG437,41,44(cat £11).15
629Sudan: 1899 countersigned expeditionary corps cvr Kayes-Paris via LM.No.2 p/bot(SS Tibet). PHOTO75
6301937(Oct) Air France cacheted trial flight Kayes-Dakar, SG141+150. Scarce.30
631Tunisia: 1908 comm.cvr Bizerte-Tunis, 10c p.stat.cut-out tied. Scarce.25
6321919 cvr Tunis-Paris, scarce 3-colour POW ovpts SG61-2,64(cat £28).40
6331931 regd airmail cvr Tunis-Germany via Switz, 8-colour SG136a,9,42,4,72-5(cat £18).25
6341946 airmail cvr Tunis-USA, Forces Fund ovpts (SG253-6 cat £30).40
6351946(Jun) regd TWA cacheted FFC Tunis-Washington, SG139a,281+3. 280 flown.30
636Ubangi-Chari: 1925(Xmas Day) regd cvr Bangui-France, SG50,4,65a,70(cat £14). See also lots 569-70.30
637Upper Volta: 1921 regd cvr Ouadadougou-Paris, 40c-5fr ovpts (SG11-17 cat £62). PHOTO.50
638Wallis & Futuna: 1965 illus unadd. ITU FDC of SG187(cat £50).35
639GAMBIA: 1880 QV 1½d p.stat.reply card(H&G2)+ KEVII 1d p.stat.single & reply cards + 2d regd env size F all fine unused ovpt’d Specimen (4).40
6401895 QV 1½d p.stat.card comm.used Bathurst-Leipzig.25
6411906 KEVII 2d regd env size G to Germany via L’pool & London + 5d(SG63 cat £30). PHOTO80
6421925 Govt House crested env Bathurst-Harry Luke, Colonial Secretary,Sierra Leone @ 1½d rate.25
6431934 regd cvr Bathurst-UK, 4-colour SG123-5,8.25
6441941(Dec) airmail cacheted FFC Lagos-Bathurst @ 1/6d rate. Rare blue box US Examiner 00000 censor.40
645GERMAN COLS: Cameroun: 1902 Kribi ppc comm.used Duala-Germany @ 5pf yacht rate.15
646China: 1913 2c ovpt p.stat.card comm.used Tsinanfu-Germany.40
647E.Africa: 1900 cvr Muhesa-Hamburg via Tanga, scarce blk of 4 2p on 3pf(Mi6d cat 180eu singles). PH.300
6481900 DOAL cvr Dar-Scotland, set to 25pf inc light ochre shade 2p(min.cat £90). PHOTO150
6491906 cvr Lindi(blurred pmk)-Hamburg via Tanga, 7½h (Mi24).25
650Levant: 1897-1900 hotel cvr @ 1pi rate & 20pa p.stat.card(2) to Germany both with scarcer C’tinople 3(Pera).35
6511905 Jerusalem ppc to Belgium, 10pa (Mi12 scarcer type 2) & Beirut pmk.40
6521908 cvr Smyrna-Germany, marginal strip of 4 10pa (Mi36).25
6531908 20pa on 10pf p.stat.card(P13) Beirut-Dedeagh(destination & Dede Agatsch Austrian PO rec’r).30
6541909 5c on 5pf p.stat.env(U5) Jerusalem(scarce Deutsche Post type 3 pmk)-Germany.40
6551917 OAS ppc C’tinople-Austria with bilingual violet KuK unit cachet + FPO 451 pmk.20
656Marshall Is: 1899 5pf single + complete reply p.stat.cards(2: P5 or 7) Jaluit-Germany(rec’rs) but no message.35
657Morocco: 1913 comm.cvr Mogador(scarcer Marokko pmk)-Germany, 10c(Mi48).40
658New Guinea: 1899-1907 p.stat.reply cards(3: P4,10,12) fine unused.20
659SW.Africa: (see lot 1624): 1898 10pf opt p.stat.card(P2) Seeis-Germany(rec’r) but no message.40
6601905 stampless feldpost military group RP ppc written Abjosasu-Flensburg pmk’d Okahandja.25
6611909 field battery ppc comm.used Aus(bluish pmk)-Germany, 5pf(Mi25).30
662GERMAN STATES: Alsace-Lorraine: 1871 ELs(2) Strassburg/Mulhouse-France, 10c pair or 20c(Mi5-6).50
663Baden: 1865 unpaid cvr to UK charged 1/= via Heidelburg-Basel TPO, B3K P.Due + triang.FR 1f76. PHOTO80
664Bavaria: 1842 outer Munchen-Regensburg(both 2-line pmks) rated 6. N.Abg(too late).15
6651858 local Augsburg EL with enormous mgns to close at right 1kr lilac-rose (Mi3a) & 28 numeral.35
6661871 regd(charge h/st) outer Wallhalben-Nurnberg(station rec’r) via Zweibrucken(half-moon), 7kr(Mi25Xa).PH50
6671908 Munich Exhib’n official ppcs(2) both used locally each with 3pf tied different exhibition pmks.25
668Bremen: 1784 EL to Belgium(then part of Austria) rated 9 ‘fco Wesel’. Early fine s/line BREMEN.25
669Mecklenburg: 1856 fine 4mgn 3sch yellow (Mi2a cat £90) on fine front Hamburg Station-Gustrow.PHOTO50
670NGC: 1870(Feb-Mar) ELs(2) Hamburg(PE2 or IA pmks)-UK, 5gr (Mi6 or 18). See also lot 804.50
6711869 EL Lubeck(2-line station pmk)-Denmark via Lubeck-Hamburg TPO, mixed issues Mi4+15. PHOTO50
672Prussia: 1865 cvr Coeln(box pmk)-Marseilles via Prusse Erquelines 3, 6pf+3sgr (Mi15b,18a). PHOTO50
6731840 EL Berlin-Beaune via Prusse Forbach 2 & Besancon rated 12 charged 18 with scarce CPr4(vdL829) & unusual thimble R30 No.1 h/stamp.35
674Thurn u Taxis: 1864 EL Wiesbaden-Weilburg, 4mgn 1kr+3kr (Mi20,32(cat £31) & 215 numerals.30
675Wurttemburg: 1865 cvr Stuttgart-Paris, 9kr yellow-brn (Mi28b). Cat 600eu(cvr). PHOTO150
6761894 5pf p.stat.env regd Ulm-Karlsruhe + 10pf,25pf(Mi57b cat 160eu) ie 3-colour franking. PHOTO100
677GERMANY:1873(Jun) 1gr p.stat.env(U3 scarcer type 2) Samtens(boxed pmk)-Bergen(Norway?) + 2gr(Mi20).25
6781874 pneumatic cvr Berlin(PA11 Anh.Bhf.pmk)-Boston via NY, 1gr+2gr(perf faults), Mi19-20. Uncommon.25
6791875 cvr Flensburg-Wales, 25pfe (Mi35 cat £29). Cat 240eu(cvr). PHOTO75
6801876 insured cvr Grevesmuhlen-Neu Strelitz, Mi33a+36a(50pfe x2).40
6811877-9 local Berlin or Hamburg firms p/cards(2) @ 3pfe rate (SG31: both shades cat £17+).20
6821885-7 firms p/cards or local env(4) with 3pf(SG39: single or scarcer pair in varied green shades)30
6831892 mourning EL Nancy-Spain, 5pf(Mi46a) & Noveant-Comy pmk. Used in France.25
6841898 comm.cvr Weisser Hirsch-NZ(destination/rec’rs) @ 20pf rate.20
6851912(Oct) 5pf+50pf Zeppelin illus p.stat.card flown Frankfurt-Wiesbaden. PHOTO65
6861912 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Hamburg-Peru(destination/rec’r).20
6871917 feldpost cvr(+ letter) to Ulm with blue cachet of airforce squadron 10 (FPO 294).20
6881920 regd cvr Memmingen-Saarbrucken, 20pf (Mi122 with Bayefn variety) + pair 50pf(Mi125).20
6891923(May) regd cvr Berlin(Pankow)-Switz, Mi246b(x2)+249. Freiburg customs label & violet postal check pmk15
6901923(Jun) regd airmail cvr Berlin-Konigsberg, mixed airs Mi218,237,64(x2)-5(cat 53eu).30
6911923(Oct) local Berlin/Nurnberg cvrs @ 2 or 4 mill.mks rates (Mi310A or 314A x2 ea)15
6921923(Sept) regd advert cvrs(2) Berlin/Hamburg-Nurnberg @ 150,000(Mi287 x2) or 500,000mks(Mi295 x2)rate15
6931923(Sept 12) advert cvr Thailfingen-UK @ 300,000 mks rate (Mi288 x4 cat £12).15
6941923(Nov 29-30) local Nurnberg or Stuttgart-Nurnberg advert cvrs(2) @ 10md or 20md mks rates (SG330-1).15
6951924 airmail advert cvr Elberfeld-UK, SG354-5,60(cat £10). See also lots 27,31,43,46,384.15
6961924 parcel card regd insured(label) Frankfurt-Switz, Mi342(x3)-3,56. Customs label/cachets.20
6971924(Aug) official flight ppc Gorlitz-Dresden, Mi355 + sp.etiquette tied sp.pmk/cachet.40
6981928 regd parcel card complete Barmen-Denmark, 15pf,40pf+80pf pair (SG406,10,12 cat £17).25
6991929(May) cacheted Graf Zepp 1st US flight with s/line interrupted cachet, 4RM Zeppelin (SG445 cat £55).40
7001929(July) ppc flown Graf Zepp 1st American flight(cachet) ex F’hafen, SG432+44(2mk cat £80). PHOTO50
7011930(May) cacheted Graf Zepp S.American flight cvr to Brazil, 2m+4m Zepp.opts(SG456-7 cat £1200).PH.650
7021931(July) printed Graf Zeppelin Icelandic flight card, 1mk Zepp(SG443 cat £55) & on-board pmk. PHOTO50
7031932(Mar) Graf Zepp cacheted 1st S.American flight cvr to Argentina, SG435+9(x3 cat £15).40
7041932 regd cvr Munich-Berlin, 30pf + scarce 12pf+3pf opt (SG436+477 cat £19).20
7051933(Oct) regd Graf Zepp Chicago flight(cachet) cvr Hamburg-Brazil via F’hafen, Chicago opts cat £900.PH.500
7061936 French airmail(s/line h/st) cvr Hamburg-Argentina, 3–colour Mi522b(cat 50eu),25,37(100pf).30
7071936 regd cvr Nurnberg-Switz, 3-colour costumes SG590-1,4(cat £33). Opened by Customs label.25
708Third Reich all different unused p.stat.cards inc many illus (15 items). Nice starter lot.20
709Third Reich all different used illus p.stat.cards (20 items) many with sp.pmks.40
7101938 German airmail cvr Hamburg-Brazil (2-line censor), Mi513,8,35,8(2RM cat £30),662(x2).30
7111938(Jun 1) illus/printed FFC Hamburg-Esbjerg, 20pf air (SG529). Unlisted Muller/Haberer.30
7121938(Dec) Graf Zepp Sudetenland cacheted FFC Frankfurt-Reichenberg, Mi512+19(se-tenant),30,649,69,71.30
7131941 feldpost(label) cvr Berlin-Teplitz using Germania 60pf olive(x3) scarce p.stat.env.40
7141941 regd COD(label) censored(?) cvr Leipheim-Thiede, SG493B(x2) + scarce 764-6(cat £30).25
715Alsace: 1941 regd express cvr Eckbolsheim-Stuttgart, 4-colour SG6,10-11,14(cat £12).20
716Lorraine: 1941 regd cvr Metz(pictorial pmk)-Berlin, set to 100pf (SG1-16 cat £40).30
717Officials:1923(Jan-Feb) official p/cards(2) Rastatt-Freiburg,franked 5mk(x5 Mi33a or c inc blk of 4 cat 40+eu)25
7181923(Oct) drucksache wrapper Breslau High School(cachet)-Gleiwitz, blk of 4 250,000 on 10pf(Mi93) reverse15
7191923(Aug) naval cvr N.Sea Command,Wilhelshafen-Kiel, strip of 3 500mks (O280).15
720Zones: 1946(Jun) military censored cvr Menden-Argentina(destination & rec’r), 15pf+30pf (Mi24,29c x2).25
7211947(Jun) cvr Dusseldorf-Switz, mixed 15pf+60pf (Mi922+956b cat 63eu). Milit.censor civil mails label.35
7221948 regd cvr Gutersloh-Bochum, mix franking SG933,48(5mk),52,A56,58(cat £144). PHOTO100
7231948(July 3) mix franking cvr Berlin-UK, Berlin 10 opt on Mi178 + Allied Zone Mi967,970.40
7241948 comm.cvr Hamburg-Syria(destination), 6-colour franking Mi918,43-5,7,9. See also lot 81.20
7251949(Mar 6) illus FDC Leipzig Fair(sp.pmk)-Holland, R51-2(cat £13).15
7261949 illus ‘Help Berlin Airlift’ cvr Hamburg-USA, Help Berlin A140-1(cat £23).20
727Berlin: 1948 comm.cvr Charlottenburg-USA, 50pf opt (B13 cat £38).30
7281949(May 1) local cvr with scarce UPU set (B54-60 cat £420) & sp.airlift May Fair pmk. PHOTO300
7291949 cvrs(2) to UK, Goethe 10pf+20pf or 30pf (B61-3 cat £250). PHOTO(ex).200
7301949(23/6) illus 1st anniv Berlin Airlift unadd.cvr, SGR54 & Neukolln pmk.15
7311953 airmail cvr Steglitz-Australia, B100,10-11(cat £55).40
7321955 airmail express(label + cachet) cvr Charlottenburg-UK, 50pf+1DM (Mi53,57).25
733West:1951 illus p/card Ingolstadt-Munich, 2pf Bizone + 8pf Relief Fund (SG1039 cat £31).25
7341952(Apr 15) local Coburg plain FDC of Mona Lisa SG1074. Cat 200eu (FDC).40
7351952 airmail cvr Frankfurt-USA, 90pf p/horn (Mi138). Cat 130eu(cvr).35
7361953 airmail cvr Hamburg-London, scarce blk of 3 15pf posthorn (Mi129).35
7371953 cvr Pforzheim(sp.pmk)-UK, Relief Fund SG1101-2(cat £108). PHOTO65
7381955 airmail cvr Munich-USA with Relief Fund SG1150-1(cat £52).35
739East: 1950 regd airmail cvr Berlin(Wilhelmsruh pmk)-UK, 3-colour SGR42,46,E29(cat £30).25
7401950 creased regd parcel card Leipzig-Belgium, 80pf (Mi226 x5). Unusual.25
741GIBRALTAR: (see lot 925): 1827 EL to Cadiz, 3-line red De Gibr San Roque Alta Baxa rated 9q.30
7421841(Feb) outer to Scotland per Iberia rated 1/=. Good framed arc.40
7431869 cvr to UK, GB 6d scarcer pl.8 (Z46 cat £32+; GB cat £140) & A26 pmk. PHOTO65
7441896 regd cvr to Switz, 50c (SG28).25
7451897 QV 20c regd env size H to UK + 25c (SG26 x2).40
7461904 KEVII ½d p.stat.card comm.used to Tetuan via Algeciras-Ceuta. Written in Yiddish.20
7471935 regd airmail cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG114-7 cat £48).40
7481939(Nov) OAS airmail to UK, 1½d(SG123 strip of 3). Early s/line blue Passed by Censor.15
7491944(Mar) unstamped airmail cvr to UK(& redirected). Examiner A/6002 label + scarce rubber skeleton Post Maritime Mail by Air cachet. PHOTO50
7501949 regd airmail cvr to Switz, SG122d,128b(2/=),130a(10/= cat £33).40
7511949 local cvr @ ½d rate (SG121). 3-line box cachet advert for Gibraltar Festival 1st-10th July.20
752GILBERT & ELLICE: 1926 regd(box h/st) cvr Ocean Is-USA via Fiji, 6d(SG19).30
7531933 cvr Ocean Is(D5 pmk)-Canada, 1½d(SG29).20
7541937 regd(Tarawa) cvr Abemama-Ocean Is, SG40-2. PHOTO50
7551939(Jan 14) FDC Ocean Is-Fiji of KGVI set to 5/= (SG43-54 cat £45).40
7561944 OHMS stampless cvr Fanning Is-Hawaii. Boxed G&E Passed Censor No.1.40
7571946 cvr Fanning Is-NZ, pair 1d SG44.15
7581949 regd cvr Nukufetau-UK, SG44,55-6.20
7591949 local regd Ocean Is cvr, £1 S.Wedding (SG58 cat £25).25
7601957 airmail cvr BFPO Christmas Is-UK, GB QE2 ½d(x5).15
7611976 comm.cvr Washington Is(violet pmk + cachet)-Bikenibeu Hospital,Tarawa @ 5c rate.25
762GOLD COAST: 1901 QV ½d grn p.stat.card comm.used Abokobi-Aburi(rec’r). PHOTO50
7631905 village ppc comm.used Ada-Germany @ 1d rate.20
7641905 v.long OHMS regd(scarce h/st) cvr Victoriaborg-UK, mixed QV-KEVII 4d+2½d(SG16a,41).PHOTO75
7651908 KEVII 1d p.stat.card comm.used Aburi-Switz via Accra.20
7661909 QV ½d p.stat.card + KEVII ½d(SG59) used Keta(crown pmk)-Dahomey(rec’rs). Address part erased.25
7671937 cvr Takoradi Wharf-UK, SG117-9. Unlisted(Proud) box Late Fee Paid. PHOTO150
7681942 cvr Accra-USA @ 3d rate. GC censor label + 5 h/st. Scarce box Via American W.Africa Line.25
7691948(Dec 20) commercial(inc letter) airmail FDC Accra-Pt Harcourt, 10/=(SG148 cat £50).No 2½d on sale.PH50
7701949 cvr to Fernando Po, SG136-7,9-40(cat £9) & s/ring Paquebot Accra pmk (Hosk.2710).15
7711949 airmail advert cvr Essikadu(skeleton pmk)-UK @ 1/= rate.15
7721762 EL Carlton-on-Trent-London rated 4, bishop mark & blurred s/line Newark.35
7731775 EL(mother-son) to Bristol rated 4, 2-line Lan/ceston.20
7741780 EL to London rated 3, bishop mark, circ.red Post Paid & 2-line Ports/mouth across flap.40
7751787 legal stationery EL to Aylesbury pd7. Circ.Post Paid + partial 52 Newport Pagnel 2-line rare mileage.75
7761793 EL St Ffsery-London rated 6, s/line Bodmin.25
7771795 EL Brereton-London, 3-ring red Free C + s/line Lichfield.45
7781795 EL to Machynlleth rated 5, large 2(07) Bala mileage.40
7791796 outer to London rated 6, scarce Builth horseshoe.30
7801796-1802 ELs(2) to Aydon Castle,Northumb rated 5 or 7 with fine Ripon horseshoe or boxed mileages.25
7811796-1810 ELs(2) to Rochdale/Barnsley, Manchester black horseshoe or red circ.185 mileage.25
7821797 EL(court documents) to London rated 7 with s/line Lichfield.20
7831798 EL Bowerhouses-Edinburgh rated 4 with s/line Dunbar.10
7841798 EL written going thru the Needles to Derry via Dublin(pmk) re-rated to 1/2d with Portsmouth horseshoe.35
7851798 free (red 34mm) outer to Biggleswade rated 5, fine convex Rochester (50x5mm).25
7861802 EL to Upton Bishop near Ross rated 6 with Castle Carey boxed mileage.30
787c1805 undated outer to Baldock rated 5 with both Hitchen/37 & Welwyn/25 mileages on front.20
7881808 EL to Derby rated 6, Newark 181 boxed mileage.20
7891809 long letter to London rated 10 fine red Bolton 203 boxed mileage.20
7901812 EL EL to London rated 1/8, s/line Selby.30
7911815 paid(tombstone) outer Wigan (219 circ.black mileage)-Baldock,London ‘P11’. Mss 1 more to pay.25
7921815 EL London-St Lucia(destination) rated 2/9 per Paquet.25
7931816 EL written Ostend-Lambeth posted at Ramsgate(75 mileage) rated 8 with 10 o’clock oval red rec’r.15
7941823-8 ELs(2, 1 ex Lothington Hall) to Rochdale rated 4 or Huddersfield Pd7, fine diff.Bury-L/205 mileages.40
7951829 EL to Birmingham rated 1 & 6, 2 strikes boxed Coventry Py Post + boxed No.2 (Kenilworth).25
7961831 EL Thurlow-Banbury re–rated 8 to 10, s/line Haverhill (44mm) across join (reverse).30
7971832 long cross-written EL betwn brothers Lyme Regis-Bristol rated 9. Fine Charmouth udc.25
7981835 long EL(spurned suitor!) Dedham Hall-London rated 9. Boxed blk Newmarket Penny Post.25
7991835 EL Talgarth-Brighton rated 7 with Brecon & Broyntliss udcs(latter bluish).20
8001844 local mourning Bradford outer with boxed Paid1d.20
8011845 EL Northampton-Leicester with red Pd1 h/stamp20
8021845 EL Devonport-Vienna rated 1/10 redirected to Milan with red W.A.B. (Wien Abzug Brief).25
8031847 EL London(Strand B s/line)–Leghorn(Italy) via Boulogne, Via di Pt Beauvoisin & Corrispa Esta de Genova + fleur-de-lys (VdL 794: scarce) charged 12. Oval PF & circ. Too Late GPO.25
8041854 stained EL Calne-Lapland(destination) rated 1/2d via Devizes,Helsingborg & KDOPA/KSuNPA POs in Hamburg. 2 different Franco h/stamps.40
805Crimea: 1854(Dec) stampless cvrs(2) to Scotland rated 3 or 6, blue or grn Post Office Br.Army cds.100
806Mixed cond’n lot of 1d imperfs/stars/plates + later QV items to overseas (17 items).40
8071841 EL Hawkhurst(box mileage rev)-Battle via Lamberhurst, 4mgn 1d red black pl.5(cat £200) & MX. PH.100
8081844 close-clear 4mgn 1d imperf EL(riverbank repairs) Newton(scarce red udc)-London via Newark(541 dup).35
8091846 outer Rochester-London, close-clear 4mgn 2d blue. Cat £350(cvr). PHOTO50
8101850 outer L’Pool-P.Rico, 3-col. 1d+2d(x2) imperfs + cut-to-shape 1/= embossed. Rare combo. PHOTO200
8111850 small just 4mgn 1d imperf cvr to London, 255 numeral + scarce Doncaster traveller code 2 pmk.35
8121851 cvr Chester-Birmingham, 4mgn 1d on v.blue paper & 180 duplex. Light strike rare Tarvin udc(reverse).40
8131855(May) outer London-Bordeaux, pair 2d SG23. Cat £600(cvr). PHOTO150
8141855(Sept) cvr Weston super Mare-Penzance, 1d p.16(SG26). Cat £240(cvr). PHOTO75
8151856 part EL to Neilston(Glasgow rec’r), 1d star p.16 & Rutherglen udc. PHOTO150
8161857(Apr 2) cvr London(21 pmk)-Ireland, transitional cream paper 1d rose-red (spec C9:4 cat £120+ on cvr).35
8171858 mourning cvr Chelmsford(s/ways duplex)-Saffron Walden, 1d star SG40. Rare Danbury udc reverse.40
8181859 EL Liverpool-Paris, pair 2d SG45 scarcer pl.12(cat £280). PHOTO175
8191859 cvr London WC-St Asaph, 2d SG45 scarcer pl.7(cat £65). Circ. Too Late GPO thimble.40
8201868 cvr Ripon(646 pmk)-York, 1d pl.103. Redirected to Harrogate with 1d h/stamp type DX.20
8211870 EL Bristol-Bordeaux,1d pl’s 135+155(x3 cat £39).40
8221872 cvr Axminster(35 duplex)-Anerley(S.London), 1d pl.147 + ½d SG49 pl.3(cat £54).30
8231875(Jan 1) outer London-Calcutta(India), 1d pl.160 & FB pmk. Scarce thus.35
8241875 neat cvr Stamford(712 duplex)-Richmond, pair ½d SG49 pl.5(cat £50).30
8251878 cvr Tavistock-France, pair 1d pl.187 + ½d SG49 pl.15(cat £47).25
8261877 cvr Liverpool-Switz, marg.pair ½d pl.13 +1½d pl.3(cat £125). PHOTO100
8271879 bankruptcy EL Wrexham(924 pmk)-Llangollen, ½d SG49 pl.16. See also lot 262.20
8281855 long cvr Edinburgh-Redgorton(udc rec’r), 4d(SG62). Cat £780(cvr). PHOTO150
8291858 EL Havana(Cuba)-Spain posted in London @ 3/= rate inc late fee, SG72(x3 cat £1050). PHOTO250
8301862 cvr London NW-Ledbury, 4d SG79. Cat £300(cvr). High rate. PHOTO75
8311862 EL London EC74-Spain, 1d star + pair 1/= (SG42,72 cat £740). Env.stain at right. PHOTO250
8321864 outer London W34-Sicily, miscut/misperfed 1/=(SG90). Boxed Piroscafi Postali Francesi. Cat £450(cvr).75
8331865 outer London-Amsterdam, 3d SG76. 2-line Engeland Franco. Cat £600(cvr). PHOTO150
8341867 EL Liverpool-France, 4d vermilion SG94 pl.9. Cat £140(cvr).35
8351867 outer Manchester-Sicily, 4d pl.8 strip of 3 + 6d pl.6 (SG94,97 cat £520). PHOTO200
8361868 outer London(partial twin 48 pmk)-Silesia via Aachen(blue pmk), 6d SG107(cat £175). Inc late fee. PH.75
8371870 cvr St Leonards(pmk rev)-Boston(US), 1d pl.129 + 3d SG103 pl.5(cat £80) & Hastings 342 pmks.40
8381870 EL Middlesbrough-Vienna via Aachen(blue Aus England franco), 3d SG102 pl.5. Cat £110(cvr).35
8391870 EL Dundee-Valencia, 6d SG109 pl.8(cat £140). PHOTO50
8401870 mourning cvr Clifton Bristol(cds + 134)-Paris, 4d SG94 pl.11. Cat £140(cvr).40
8411871 EL Bradford-Naples, 1d pl.127 + 4d SG94 pl.12. Cat £143(cvr).40
8421872 EL London-H.Kong(destination/rec’r) per French pkt, 3d SG103 pl.7 + 1/= SG115 pl.5(cat £115). PH.100
8431873 cvr Liverpool(SD pmk)-Pennsylvania Hospital for Insane,USA per Cuba, 3d SG103 pl.9. Cat £110(cvr).35
8441874 firms outer London-Vera Cruz(Mexico) via Southampton(blue h/stamp), pair 1/= SG150 pl.9(cat £350). Box red L1. 25cts h/stamp. PHOTO150
8451874 firms outer London-Genoa, 2d pl.14 + 6d grey scarce pl.12(SG125). Stamps cat £338. Box red L2. PH.175
8461874 outer London(5 pmk)-Amsterdam, fine 4d SG94 pl.13. Cat £140(cvr). Boxed red L1.40
8471874 outer London(11 pmk)-Sicily, 3d SG144 pl.15(x2 cat £160). PHOTO65
8481875 cvr London(W4 pmk)-Milan, 2½d mauve SG139 pl.2. Cat £180(cvr).45
8491876 outer London-Trieste(rec’r), 2½d rosy mauve SG138 pl.1 on blued paper (cat £190). PHOTO100
8501877 EL London-Trieste(rec’r), 1d pl.181(x2) + 3d SG144 pl.19(cat £85).45
8511877 firms cvr London-Australia, 8d orange SG156(x2). Cat £975(cvr). PHOTO250
8521878 2nd provisional 2d regd env(EU3 size G) fine unused.20
8531879 outer London(EC53 pmk)-Patras(Greece: destination) via Corfu, 2½d SG141 pl.15(cat £80).45
8541880 firms EL Liverpool-Paris, 1½d(SG52 pl.3) + 1d SG166. Cat £290(cvr). PHOTO90
8551880 cvr London WC(SMP pmk)-Paris, 2½d rosy mauve SG141 pl.11. Cat £125(cvr).30
8561883 firms outer Throgmorton St,London-Lyon, 2½d blue SG157 pl.23.20
8571886 firms EL(inner faded) Manchester-Vera Cruz(Mexico rec’rs) per Serovia, 4d SG192. Cat £350(cvr).PH100
8581888 cvr Liverpool(sq.circ)-Victoria(blue Casterton 28 rec’r) via English Mail TPO, 6d (SG208).30
8591890-4 1d p.stat.cards(3) comm.used to Europe with Homerton,Leyton or Upper Holloway sq.circ.pmks.35
8601890-99 1d lilac cvrs/p.card or p.stat.card(4) comm.used with fine all diff. New Cross or Finsbury Park sq.circ.30
8611891 QV ½d p.stat.illus card(Eddystone Lighthouse rev)used to St Ives with blue Royal Naval Exhib’n sp.pmk25
8621892 long regd cvr Gracechurch St-Germany, 3-colour 1d lilac +2½d,6d Jubilees.30
8631894 regd ½d+4d(both orange) p.stat.env London WDO-France. See also lots 26,1765.20
8641897-1901 comm.cvrs(2) London(sq.circ)-Paget(Bermuda rec’r), 1d lilac or 2½d Jubilee.25
8651899 larger size(190x125mm) QV 2d+1½d double embossed env regd Cardiff-Cambridge.25
8661901-3 QV ½d(+ 1d lilac perfin) or KEVII 1d wrappers(2) London(FS pmks)-Java(destination/rec’rs).25
8671903 KEVII ½d wrapper comm.used Ilford(rare FO7 vertical duplex)-Holland(rec’r).40
8681904 local Manchester ppc, ½d rate with oval Posted in Advance for Xmas Delivery pmk.35
8691906 regd cvr Japanese Embassy-Japan, 3-colour SG226,242,257(1/=) cat £97 + London & Holyhead TPO Down pmks. PHOTO75
8701907 KEVII 2d regd env size H2 Lothbury-Paris + perfinned 1½d,2½d(cat £36). Firms cachet relates.25
8711907 KEVII 1½d purple WH Smith advert wrapper comm.used London(FS pmk)-France.25
8721907 KEVII 1½d purple p.stat.env regd Anerley Rd,Norwood-Berlin + 2 KEVII 1½d purple p.stat.cut-outs.25
8731911(Xmas Eve) ppc Rye-Hastings, ½d p15x14 (SG279 cat £100 on cvr).30
8741912 Irish Literary Society,London env to NZ, mixed franking KEVII 2d(SG291 cat £22) + Mackennal 1d.25
8751912 regd cvr Norwood-Austria, KEVII 4d + KGV ½d(SG286,339 cat £20) & Anerley Rd,Crystal Palace pmk.25
8761914 long cvr Aberdeen-USA, QV 1d lilac control W. Unusual on cvr.20
8771916 regd cvr London NW17(St Pauls Rd,Camden Town)-Capt in Engineers,India, 9d SG392(x3 cat £18).40
8781919 Gorran Haven ppc to London, KGV 1d & rubber skeleton Gorran,Gorran Haven,Cornwall blue pmk.15
8791924 regd cvr Wincanton-USA, 3d(SG376)+ Wembley set (SG430-1 cat £26).20
8801925(Nov) cvrs(2) husband-wife Jedburgh-York & vice-versa, 1d Wembley(+ ½d) or 1½d Wembley(SG432-3).50
8811921 regd cvr Threadneedle St(large oval pmk)-Ventnor(IoW), 5d ochre-brn (N25(4) cat £40. Ret’d to Sender.25
8821927 stampless cvr London(Ministry of Defence box pmk)-Dept of Agric,Ibadan(Nigeria) via Lagos. Unusual.20
8831928(July)KGV 1d p.stat.card airmailPhil.Congress,London(sp.pmk)-Iraq(destination/Khanigin rec’r)+ ½d,1½d20
8841929 airmail cvr London-Switz, pairs ½d+2½d PUC(cat £24).20
8851929(Dec) airmail cvr Hayes-Cairo(MPO rec’r), SG420+3(x2).20
8861931(July) airmail cvr London-Uganda(rec’r), 3d+10d (SG428 cat £40).30
8871931(Dec) IA illus FFC London-Broken Hill(N.Rhodesia rec’r), 9d (SG427).15
8881932(July) airmail cvr Manchester-The Hague @ 4d rate. Boxed No Flight sent by Ordinary Service.15
8891933 express(label) cvr Marston Rd,Stafford-Ludlow, 3-colour SG418-9,26a.20
8901933(Nov) West Country Provincial Air FFCs(2) Plymouth/Croydon-Southampton @ 1½d rate + 3d label.20
8911934 airmail cvr Tonbridge-HMS Royal Sovereign,Malta via Rome(Xmas Day) @ 4d rate.15
8921934(May) airmail cvr Harrow-TSS Andalucia Star,Rio, 1/=+ 2/6d seahorse(SG415a cat £75). PHOTO60
8931934(Sept) airmail cvr Staithes-SS Euphorbia,Russia(rec’rs) via Berlin @ 7d rate.20
8941935 airmail cvr Newcastle-Gambia(destination/rec’r) @ 9d rate via German airmail.20
8951935 KGV 1½d p.stat.env express airmail London-Rostock(Germany)+ SG424,42-3(ie 4-colour mix issues).20
8961935(Apr) airmail cvr Hawkhurst-Shell,Fr.Equat.Africa(redirected to B.Congo), SG426a-7.25
8971936 airmail cvr Dumbarton-India, 3-colour KEVIII ½d(blk of 4),1d(pair),2½d. See also lot 77.15
8981936(Dec 11) local London regd KEVIII printed Abdication Day cvr with KEVIII ½d-2½d.20
8991937(May 8-14) Anglo-US Goodwill Coronation flight by Dick Merrill, UK-USA & back with joint frankings.20
9001937(Nov) illus Shetland FFCs(2) Edinburgh-Lerwick & return both @ 1½d rate.20
9011938 airmail cvr Manor Park(London E18 rubber)-Australia, scarce C38(3) plate blk 5 3d(SG467).30
9021938(Oct) illus NE Airways FFCs(2) Newcastle or Perth-London both @ 1½d rates15
9031938(Nov 21) local Maltby regd FDC of KGVI 4d+5d.20
904 1940(Jan 10) RobsonLowe illus cvrs(8) for 1d Post Centenary with sp.red 1d Paid pmks of Andover,Bolton,Carlisle,Basingstoke,Northampton,Bury,Slough or York.80
9051940(Jun)-41 surface mail(SG483) or airmail advert cvr @ perfinned 1/3d both London-USA. Orange/white Press & Censorship Bureau labels tied 202 or 204. 25
906WW2 Press Club crested env airmail London FS(rubber skeleton)-USA @ 2/6d rate. Boxed Examined by Censor Postal Section Press & Censorship Bureau. 20
9071941 airmail censored cvr Todmorden-Venezuela(destination/rec’r) @ 2/9d rate.20
9081944 green Cable & Wireless coded social telegram ex overseas to Somercotes, Oval telegraph censor.15
9091946(Jun 11) local Southport illus Victory FDC of SG491-2 with Don’t Waste Bread slogan pmk.25
9101946(Nov) air cvr Sand Hutton Camp for displaced persons(York)-US Polish Relief Agency,USA, SG475+492.20
9111949(May)regd cvr Birmingham-Ludlow, SG485+8a: wmk s/ways inverted min.cat £57) & oval blue BIF regd.40
9121950 airmail cvr London-Canada, complete booklet pane of KGVI 2½d (SG489).20
9131951(May 3) regd FDC to NZ of light colours, Festival set & 2/6d-£1 (SG503-14). PHOTO80
9141953 regd local London cvr with KGVI s/ways wmks: SG504a,5a(x2),6a,7a(cat £15).20
9151955 cvr Rhyl-USA, complete booklet pane QEII 1d (SG516a cat £40).30
9161957 QEII 8½d+6d regd env size H airmail Troon-S.Rhodesia + SG540,48,59(x2).15
9171961 Parliament Conference illus FDC London(sp.slogan pmk)-Austria of SG629-30.25
9181963 regd OHMS cvr London HQ-Tamworth, phos SG635p-6p(x2 cat £37).30
9191967(Aug)-69(Jan) set of 5 illus FDCs Machin ½d-1/9d all with Windsor pmks.20
920Officials: 1903 local Somerset OHMS cvr Shepton Mallet-Winscombe via Bath, KEVII IR official 1d(O21).30
9211903 OHMS cvrs(2) Petersfield(sq.circ)-Longmoor Camp(rec’r)/Somerset, KEVII ½d(pair) or 1d Army(O48-9).75
922P.Due:1920 unstamped cvr to Sir Henry Wilson,Imperial Chief ofStaff,London ‘by bag’ &charged 4d PD(D4x2)20
9231924 underpaid ppc Paris-Redditch taxed with 1½d P.Due (D3 cat £20). See also lot 604,1538,1779.15
9241928 underpaid cvr Canada-Kent, 2c coil(SG257). 3 diff.tax h/st inc box Tax 2cts & charged 1d P.Due.20
9251950 regd cvr Gibraltar-Whitley Bay, SG140+2 taxed by Customs(labels) with 1/=+2/6d PDs (D33-4).15
9261956(Apr) underpaid cvr France-Carlisle taxed with 4d P.Due (D43 cat £32).25
9271970 airmail cvr Rhodesia-Lyndhurst @ 8c rate. Illegal stamps label + pair D72(5d)+74 P.Dues(cat £24).20
928Guernsey: 1922 ppc comm.used Cobo(fine rubber pmk)-UK @ GB KGV 1d carmine rate.35
9291941(Feb) local cvr with 1d arms(SG2 x2) + bisected GB 2d Centenary.25
9301941-4 plain/cacheted local FDCs(3) of ½d(x2),1d or 2½d(cat £24) & 3 diff.pmks inc Market Place.25
9311944(Apr 12) FDCs(2: 1 local, 1 to Jersey) of 2½d (SG3 cat £27 in very different shades).25
9321948(May 10) illus Liberation FDC to Yorks of C1-2.15
933Jersey: 1941(Mar) feldpost cvr Germany-FPO L00544,Airforce Paris. This air unit operated ex Jersey.40
9341943(Jun 29) local Jersey regd cvr with SG3-8(cat £21) & scarcer Greve d’Azette pmk. FDI 3d.20
9351970 airmail cvr Rhodesia-Jersey, ‘illegal’ label & taxed with D3(x3)+4(cat £8) P.Dues.15
936Lundy: 1953 Coronation opts set of 7 on illus(ship) unadd.FDC with sp.pmks.15
937IoMan: 1940(Aug) family EL Mooragh Internment Camp(s/line)-London with Official Paid red cds & Opened by Censor 2851 label. Inc photocopies of their letters & travel documents to flee Austria. PHOTO100
938GREECE: 1900 10L red Hermes p.stat.card fine unused with small violet SPECIMEN h/stamp.20
9391914(Sept 7) early WW1 censor(1019 label)cvr to UK, 25L(SG220) & v.scarce Kh.Tha.Kissias telegraph pmk.35
9401917 10L p.stat.card comm.used Trapezi(scarce dotted telegraphic pmk)-Switz.30
9411926 5L blue military p.stat.card used by Capucin monk on Syra-abbot in France + 3-colour SG216,9(x2),25.25
9421924 internal cvr @ 40L rate underpaid with box 80L tax mark & blk of 4 D274 reverse. Opens out to display.40
9431932(Feb) IA illus FFC to S.Africa, SG418b,9d,451. 170 flown.20
9441934 Mistra ppc comm.used to France, SG417-8b(x2) & Athens TPO pmk.15
9451937 airmail cvr Athens-S.Africa, SG473,88b+d,509,C500(x2 cat £28) tied reverse.25
9461940-1 illus Feldpost p.stat.cards(4 diff) comm.used ex FPO 212,251,712 pmks(Graeco-Albanian War).Rare100
9471941(Feb) airmail cvr Athens-USA, SG488b,e(x2),509,21(x2),C526(cat £16).20
948Graeco-Turkish War: 1922 advert cvr Smyrna-Germany, pair 25L (SG220).35
949Salonika: 1902 ppc comm.used to Cuba(destination/rec’r), Turkish 5pa(x2)+10pa & fine pmks. PHOTO50
950GREENLAND: 1939 colour illus Danish NE Greenland Exped’n p/card to Denmark with Danish 15o & sp.pmk30
9511952 cvr Angmagssalik-UK, 4-colour mixed issues SG1(x2)-2,5,26(x4),28,30.25
9521958(14/8) regd airmail plain FDC Sdr Stromfjord-Holland, 5kr ship (SG36).30
9531959 medical advert p/card Godthab-USA, 15o grey-violet (Fa31a). See also lot 561.20
954GRENADA: 1887 QV 2d regd env to UK + 4d(SG33). PHOTO80
9551905 SY Valhalla ppc in St Georges harbour to Cape Town, 1d & A pmk of Gouyave. PHOTO120
9561926 regd cvr Grand Roy-UK, 5d(SG124). Scarce village pmk. PHOTO100
9571927 cvr to USA @ 1d rate. Very scarce Late Fee h/stamp. PHOTO100
9581932 cvr to S.Africa, ½d+1d (SG112+4).15
9591939(Oct) cvr St Georges(bluish-blk pmk)-Aruba(rec’r), 2½d(SG157). Early Opened by Censor label + 7 mss.25
9601941 uncensored cvr Postmaster(cachet)-USA, 3-colour SG153b,4a,5a. Inc official PO order form.15
9611944 double censored (inc ISS/444 label) cvr to USA, 3-colour SG156a,8a,60.25
9621947 scarce KGVI 3d regd env(H&G10b) Gouyave-USA + 3½d(SG168).40
963GUATEMALA: 1898 3c p.stat.card, scarce H&G9 comm.used to Germany with violet cork pmk.25
9641912 comm.cvr La Democracia(Esquintla)-USA, blk of 4 10c (SG120) tied reverse.20
9651914 cvr Atescampes(Juliapa: mss pmk)-USA via Yupiltello, 3-colour SG116(x3),7(x4),21(x3) tied reverse.20
966HAITI: 1892 cvr Pt au Prince-Paris via Southampton, pair 5c(SG32).25
9671901 3c p.stat.reply card, H&G6 complete comm.used Pt au Prince-Belgium.30
9681925(Dec) airmail cvr Pt au Prince-Cap Haitien, 50c (SG302). 1st flight 6 months earlier.25
9691927(Dec) printed/cacheted WIAE FFC Port au Prince-Dominican Rep, SG300+2. Pilot signed (Rowe).15
970GB used in: QV 4d sage-grn pl.16 (Z11 cat £200) & C59 (Jacmel) pmk. PHOTO65
971QV 1/= green pl.13 (Z26 cat £65) on piece with C59(Jacmel) pmk20
972HONG KONG: 1911 ppc comm.used to UK @ 4c rate. Written SS Nikko Maru off Manila.15
9731932-8 cvrs to USA @ US 2c-3c rates with rubber USS Pigeon/Canopus ship pmks + HKong BCC/Victoria.20
9741936(Mar) illus IA cacheted FFC to UK via Penang @ 50c rate.20
9751937(Apr) illus regd cacheted FFC Kowloon-Manila @ 55c. Return flight ex Philippines + SG453,55.15
9761937(Oct) Pan-am airmail advert cvr Victoria-USA, mixed KGV-VI SG124,8(x5),139.25
9771938(Jan 12) cvr Wan Tsai-NZ, 5c postal fiscal(A2 x3 cat £51) used 2nd day issue. PHOTO50
9781939 airmail cvr Kowloon-USA, 3-colour SG151,53,57($2 cat £44) & noon pmk.40
9791941(May)printed matter wrapper Victoria-Canada, 5c(SG165). Double censor: triang.violet 17 +PassedC-27020
9801941(Dec) regd airmail cvr to UK, 4-colour Centenary SG165-6,7(x2),8(x3 cat £60). PHOTO65
9811948 airmail cvr to UK, 6-colour SG140(x2),41(x4),43(x2),45,48,52(cat £15).20
9821953 local cvrs(2) @ 5c rate with fine Un Long or Yau Ma Ti pmks.30
9831961 local ppc comm.used Kai Tak-UK, scarce 65c (SG186 cat £19) & violet bars cancel.25
9841972 regd airmail advert cvr to Germany, 3-colour SG229,33-4($5 cat £35).25
9851972-3 regd airmail advert cvrs(2) to Germany, SG227a(x3)+33(x2) or 229(x2)+232(x7 cat £82).60
9861973 illus FDC QEII set to $20 (SG283-96 cat £65). Typed address.40
987Treaty Ports: Swatow(5), Tientsin(5 inc Z1018), Chefoo(1: Z305), Foochowfoo(2), Amoy(4 inc Z76), Canton(6), Foochow(5 inc F1), Hankow(2 inc Z496), various types cds pmks on vals to $1 (30).65
988Foochow: 1877 QV 16c yellow (Z327 cat £150) & F1 pmk.50
989HUNGARY: (see lot 7,183,1490,4-5): 1871 5kr red/grn dual language parcel card fine unused.20
9901871 regd cvr Szekes Fehervar(vapos pmk)-Prague, 15kr light brn (Mi5a cat 360eu). PHOTO250
9911893 insured money env Eszek(Alsovaros)-Nis(Serbia), 24k (SG48 x2).25
9921915 regd cvr Petrovaradin-Graz, 35f(SG127). Scarce Petrovaradin censor seal tied s/line Cens.Censor No.120
9931916 stampless firms p/card Varazdin-Vienna taxed with 10H P.Due. Box blue KuK Varazdin military censor.20
9941917 unpaid cvr Kaposvar-Budapest, tax mark & 10f+20f P.Dues (D194+7).15
9951918 15f p.stat.env regd Zupanja-Red X POW Agency,Geneva + SG250,3. Red box Kuk censor.25
9961920(Mar 10) plain FDC Budapest(violet pmk)-Prague of POW set (SG369-71).25
9971931(Mar) Graf Zepp round Budapest cacheted flight cvr, SG478a(x5)+530(Zeppelin opt cat £133). PHOTO65
9981935-6 underpaid cvr/p.card Germany/Austria-Budapest/Baja taxed with 2f(x2)+20f or 2f+12f P.Dues (D569, 74,76). Boxed Ervenytelen cachet.40
9991946(Jan) regd cvr Ujcsanalos-USA @ 1300p rate (SG861 x13).25
1000Postal Agency:1914-53 internal ppcs(6)with boxed s/line cachets eg Detta,Nagymaros,Szeronos,Ralospelota50
1001ICELAND: (see lot 25,37,45):1902 I GILDI opts on 5a,8a,10a p.stat.cards(6)both single & double all fine un.40
10021910 ppc comm.used ex NDL Bremen polar voyage, mix franking Fa66+80. PHOTO100
10031920 tiny Xmas card internal cvr per Jolakvoul, 8a (Fa130)30
10041930 regd cvr Reykjavik-Austria via Edinburgh, full Millenary set (SG158-73 cat £850). Rare. PHOTO650
10051928(July) airmail cvr Siglufjordur-Reykjavik, Fa160(air cat £12)+170.35
10061931 cvr Siglufjordur-Norway, 3-colour SG116(x3),151,56(cat £21). No flap.40
10071931 advert cvr Reydarfjordur-UK, 35a (SG154).25
10081931(Jun) cacheted regd Graf Zepp cvr to USA via F’hafen, Zeppelins (SG179-81 cat £400). Sorani Cert.PH300
10091938(Dec 21) regd cvr Reykjavik–N.York, University set (SG234-6 cat £40).30
10101944(Jun17) regd cacheted FDC Pingvellir(sp.pmk)-Reykjavik, Republic set (SG265-70 cat £100). PHOTO65
1011INDIA: 1865 3-col.franking cvr Bombay(paid pmk)-UK, SG53,63-4(cat £54). Minor env.fault. PHOTO50
10121870 cvr Calcutta(red paid cds rev)-UK, 6p + 8a (SG52,73 cat £16) & B1 pmk.25
10131895 cvr Bombay(sq.circ)-Egypt via Sea PO A & Suez, 2½a(SG103) tied reverse.20
10141913 KGV ¼a p.stat.card + KEVII 3p,½a comm.used Khandwa-Jerusalem(destination/rec’r) via Pt Said.20
10151922(Feb-Mar) cvrs(2) to Bombay or HRH Prince of Wales Camp,Karachi, 9pi(SG192) & HRH Camp sp.pmks25
10161932 airmail cvr Gumma Bazar-UK, 3-colour SG212,214(1r x2),222.15
10171933-5 internal underpaid cvrs(2)with Sikar/Dankaur horseshoe due h/st +Barmer/Sitar octagonal unpaid pmk20
10181934 long regd airmail cvr Nagpur-UK, 5-colour SG211x2)-12,232,34(x2),36b(x3).15
10191935(Apr) airmail cvr Quetta-UK @ 8as rate STB delayed Guadur by bad weather. Inc flight details.25
10201940 seamail cvrs(4: 1 per SS Exchange) to USA inc 1½a or 1a3p p.stat.envs & 4 diff.types censor label/h/st.25
10211943(Nov) airletter(censored but very political comments untouched) Bangalore-UK @ 4a rate with violet 3 star pmk in use 2 months. See also lots 461,1037,1411,1564.25
10221945 airmail advert cvr Karachi-UK, 14a(SG277). Blk/white PC90 label tied crown DHB/4(box)+DHB/53(s/line)15
10231947 12a on 14a airmail p.stat.env Bangalore-USA + SG276(x2).15
10241950(Jun 26) plain FDC Park St(Calcutta)-UK via Sen Dah RMS, SG329-30(x2)+1(cat £24).15
1025ICC: 1968(Oct 2) illus FDC FPO 742(Saigon)-UK, set to 2R (N50-7 cat £32).25
1026Used abroad: 1870s cvr Bandar Abas-Bombay, Indian ½a(Z52 x2) tied reverse B 8-line pmk. PHOTO150
10271897 cvr Bushire(sq.circ)-Bombay, QV ½a tied reverse.35
1028INDIAN STATES: Bundi: native cvr with ½a blk (SG38) tied reverse by both pmk + mss.25
1029Chamba: 1913-31 KEVII ¼a inc reply half, KGV ¼a(x2 diff), ½a or 9pi p.stat.cards(6 diff) used to Amritsar.30
1030Cochin: 1945 advert wrapper Trichur-Cherru, perfinned 9p(SG98).25
1031Faridkot: 1887-9 ½a & 1a p.stat.envs complete H&G2-7 fine unused(6).20
10321894 ¼a p.stat.card comm.used to Patiala State(Patiala/Sunam rec’rs) with Faridkot sq.circ.pmk20
10331895 ½a p.stat.env Chitlakabap(Delhi)-Rohtak. Boxed P.Due 1anna. Part flap.15
1034Gwalior: 1947 KGVI ½a p.stat.card regd internally ex Chivrona + pair 2a (SG123).15
1035Jaipur: 1945 ½a Nawab p.stat.card comm.used to Gangapur with Jaipur-Hindaun Set 2 TPO pmk.15
1036Jammu: 1891 Indian ½a p.stat.env Tavi(Jammu sq.circ)-Amritsar + ½a(SG147).40
1037Jheend: 1897 QV 2a6p opt p.stat.env regd Sangrur-UK + India SG85-6(x2 cat £8+).30
1038Kishengarh: 1942 tiny native EL, 2as (SG75a cat £13).35
1039Morvi: 1930s internal cvr franked reverse 3pi(SG16 x4 cat £30).40
10401930s 3pi p.stat.cards(2: H&G3 or 5) comm.used internally.50
1041Nabha: 1902 QV ½a p.stat.env regd Jaiton-Kishengarh + 1a (SG17 pair).25
1042Patiala: 1919 regd KGV ½a p.stat.env Garnala Kutchery-Alipur + 3-colour SG48(x2)-9,52.25
1043INDONESIA: 1946(Mar) cvr Medan-Soerabaia, Japanese 5c-10c pairs & Indonesia PTT ovpts. PHOTO75
1044IRAN: (see lot 1026): 1915-16 2ch & 5ch p.stat.cards(2), H&G31+33 fine unused.20
10451925(Mar) printed FFCs(2) Teheran-Meched & return, SG577,95,98 on each cvr.40
10461925(Apr) printed FFC Teheran-Baghdad, SG595+7(x3).20
10471942 banking advert cvrs(2) London-Teheran @ perfinned GB 3d rate, 2 diff.types UK censors, Iranian Arabic label + Anglo-Persian-Soviet censors 2,11,13.20
1048IRAQ: (see lot 883): 1924(Oct) regd airmail(to Cairo) cvr Baghdad-UK, SG43(x2)+47.35
10491931 regd cvr Baghdad-Scotland, 3-colour SG42,44-5.15
10501934 IA airmail cvr Baghdad Al Mansur-UK, SG139+45.20
10511943(Jan) censored airmail cvr Indian FPO 27(Baghdad)-UK @ Indian 8as rate.15
10521949 airmail FDC Baghdad-USA of air minisheet (MS338 cat £110). PHOTO150
10531958 airmail cvr Maqil-UK, SG436(x2)+446. Circ.violet censor.10
10542002 parcels customs declaration form to NZ franked with SG2118(x14) + 2166(x6 cat £240). PHOTO65
1055IRELAND: 1810 outer to London rated 1/1, 55mm s/line IRELAND. PHOTO50
10561839 outer to London via Dublin rated 2/8, fine unframed Belfast Late pmk.20
10571841 EL Waterford-Dublin, 3mgn 1d black pl.8(cat £190) & MX pmk. PHOTO75
10581848 EL to Ballymoney with green 2-line P.D.C.Raine20
10591864 cvr Tarbert(Limerick pmk rev)-Paris, 4d SG82 & 426 duplex. Cat £300(cvr). PHOTO90
10601869(May) outer Belfast-Naples, 6d dull violet (SG108 cat £175) & 62 duplex. PHOTO75
10611870 EL Coleraine-Ballymoney, fine 2d blue pl.13(cat £30).25
10621873 cvr Kenmare(cds + 260 duplex)-France via Killarney, 1d pl.160(x3).25
10631923 local Maryborough cvr, pair 2½d (SG4 cat £19).25
10641926 1d red/buff p.stat.card comm.used Ballsbridge-UK.20
10651929 2d green(120x95mm) no wmk p.stat.env Dublin(Buy British Goods slogan)-UK.20
10661936 airmail cvr Grainseuch Mhic Cathais-Singapore(destination), SG72(strip of 3)+77(blk of 4 cat £13+).30
10671941 airmail cvr An Uaimh(Navan)-N.York, 3d+1/=(SG122 cat £18). Double censored inc pink SP1 label.20
10681941(Oct 27) regd censored cacheted FDC College Green,Dublin-UK of SG126-8(cat £13). FDI 2½d.25
10691948-9 printed airmail FDCs(2) Dublin-UK of airs (SG140-3 cat £14).25
10701949-51 2½d lettercard(Litir) or (no wmk) p.stat.env(2) both comm.used Dublin-Liverpool.30
10711950(11/9) illus Holy Year FDC Carndonagh-UK of SG149-51(cat £25).20
10721953-4 no wmk ½d+2½d or 3d p.stat.envs(2) fine unused.25
1073ISRAEL: 1947(29/11) illus UN Resolution Jewish State cvr used locally Tel Aviv, Bale 9+11.25
10741948 New Year illus unadd.FDC of SG10-14(cat £15).15
1075ITALY: (see lot 101,107,113,476,803,1167): 1602-11 early ELs(2) to Corsinis in Florence. Good condition.50
10761844 EL Livorno-Cyprus(destination) ‘by ship’.25
10771855 fumigated EL Ferrara(fine circular disinfected cachet)-Forli rated 3.35
10781870 cvr San Remo-UK, 60c (SG15 cat £26).35
10791874 identity ticket with 10c postal fiscal(Sass.1) cancelled Livorno. Cat 1200eu(cvr). PHOTO150
10801889 regd advert cvr Pontelagoscuro-UK, 50c mauve (SG36 cat £27).35
10811895 regd cvr Turin-Madeira(destination), 25c (SG59 x2).25
10821900 cvr Alessandria(sq.circ)-Australia(destination/rec’r) via Naples, 25c (SG59 x2).40
10831913 cvr Bologna(railway pmk)-Viareggio, 2c opts set (SG93-5 cat £22).40
10841924 NGI SS Divilio ppc comm.used Genoa-USA @ 60c rate. S/line Paquebot (Hosk.1138) of Genoa.20
10851931 airmail cvr Rome-Paris, SG201(scarce 1L20 air),273,309(cat £130). PHOTO150
10861937 airmail hotel advert cvr Abbazia(Fiume)-Czech(Brno box air rec’r), SG247,495,502(cat £23).30
10871947 regd airmail cvr Orta Novarese-UK, Radio airs set (SG688-93 cat £9).15
10881948 regd airmail cvr Orta Novarese-UK, St Catherine SG698-702(cat £92). PHOTO75
1089Eritrea: 1936 countryside ppc comm.used Macalle-Italy, 30c(SG193).25
10901936 Massaua ppc comm.used Massaua-Italy, 30c (SG193).15
10911937 airmail cvr Asmara-Italy, pair 75c airs (SG241).15
10921937 LATI airmail env Asmara Airport-Italy, SG195+205.25
1093Naples: 1859 outer Caserta-Naples(rec’r), 4mgn 2gr (SG3 cat £27) type 1.25
1094NZ forces WW2: 1945(July) OAS airletter NZ MPO KW8(Ancona hospital)-UK.15
1095Papal States: 1857 EL Bologna-Milan, 3mgn 8baj(SG26 cat £65). Boxed Portalettera 2 Distribuzione.30
10961870 cvr Rome-Paris, 10c+40c (SG46,52 cat £141). No flap. PHOTO100
1097Sardinia: 1861 firms outer Genova-Nice(red Sardaigne Nice t/sit), 3mgn 40c carmine red (Sass.16D cat £70).35
10981860-2 outer/ELs(4) with 3-4mgn 20c blue in 4 diff.shades light-dark (SG47 min.cat £128).75
1099Somalia: 1935 ppc comm.used Mogadiscio-Italy, 5c+15c (SG161a+4).20
1100JAMAICA: 1875 outer Kingston-UK, 1/= (SG13) & AO1 pmk.30
11011901 Titchfield Hotel ppc comm.used to Austria, QV ½d (SG16a x2) & Street Letter Box Kingston pmk.20
11021927(Jan 31) regd internal cvr Kingston-Cross Roads(rec’r), Child Welfare set(SG107-c cat £32). Last day cvr40
11031939 KGVI 2d+1d regd env size F St Marys Girls Home,Kingston-USA + SG123,5-6. 10c US P.Due(customs)20
11041941-2 airmail cvrs(2) to USA @ 10d-1/= rates. Orange or carmine on white censor labels.15
11051942 Canadian Legion env to Canada, 9d(SG129). Blue Canadian Army 316 crowned censor. PHOTO50
11061942(Oct) POW env Internment Camp(oval camp dated pmk)-USA. S/line Postage Paid + D/39 crown censor30
11071954 regd cvr Grey Ground(oval violet TRD pmk: ERD)-UK, mixed KGVI-QEII SG121b+153(x3).15
1108JAPAN: (see lot 374-5,869,1043,1208): 1890 cvr Kobe-USA, 10s (SG120h).20
11091904 blue military p.stat.card(MC2) comm.used with black native pmks + red cachet.25
11101914-19 illus printed POW p/card fine unused & uncommon.15
11111918 advert cvrs(2) Kobe/Osaka-USA @ 10s rates via Tenyo-Maru or Indo-Maru. US censors 1424/1504.25
11121923 1½c Crown Prince visit to Taiwan(SG213 cat £23) tied obverse to Japanese maritime ppc by sp.grn.pmk25
11131929 cvr SS David McKelvy,Yokohama-USA, 6-colour franking inc scarce 8s (SG211).25
11141948 NW Oriental Airlines(label) airmail cvr Tokyo-USA, SG432(x4),447(x8),458(x2 cat £13).20
11151951 ppc comm.used Tokyo-UK, 59y airs (SG577 x2 cat £34).35
11161952 advert cvr Tokyo-UK, tourism SG639,41+3(x2 ea cat £15).20
11171953 BOAC Comet illus FFC to UK, airs SG628,31,72(cat £27).20
11181953 Ise Shrine national park minisheet (MS713 cat £21) on plain unadd.FDC with sp.pmk20
1119Used abroad: 1927 comm.cvr Dairen(violet INPO pmk)-UK, 10s (SG243 x2). Via Siberia violet h/st.25
1120JORDAN: (see lot 1414-5,1725-7): 1960(May) KLM illus FFCs(3) Amman-Beirut,Istanbul or Ankara.20
11211956 local Bethlehem cvr, mix frank SG445-6(x2) + Jordanian Occ of Palestine 10m(P7a inv opt cat £40).PH.50
11221965 35f airletter comm.used Amman-UK + SG482,546.10
1123KENYA etc: 1893 BEA ½a p.stat.card H&G1 Mombasa(sq.circ)-Germany(rec’r) but no message.15
11241905 OHMS long regd cvr Mombasa-UK, pair 1a+5a (SG18a,24a cat £35). PHOTO65
11251911 large regd advert cvr Mombasa-Germany, 3-colour SG37-9(cat £20). PHOTO50
11261914 comm.cvr Masaka(Uganda: scarce s/ring)-Holland via Mombasa, mixed KEVII–KGV SG34(x3)+45(x4).40
11271923 cvr Njoro-Switz, SG76(x5)+77(x2 cat £19). Violet-black pmk!30
11281924 KGV 15c red p.stat.envs(2, H&G4-a both sizes) fine unused.25
11291928 regd cvr Manyoni-UK via Dar, Tanganyika SG93+99(40c cat £9).25
11301930(Dec) regd FFC Dar-Tanga, Tanganyika SG98(x2). 70 flown.40
11311932(Aug) Wilson Airways FFC Dar-Nairobi, Tanganyika SG95-6. Box violet Feeder Service.30
11321933 KGV 15c p.stat.env, H&G4 airmail Naivasha-UK + SG78,82,83a(x2),85 making 4-colour franking.25
1133WW2 airmail cvr to UK, SG137(x2)+145a & box blue Postage Paid FMO cachet. Box Passed Naval Cens.PH50
11341941(Jan) OAS censored(box military) cvr EAAPS No.1 steel pmk-UK.15
11351941(Feb) regd airmail cvr Tanga-UK, SG141(x2)+45. Boxed violet Passed Censor 12.20
11361942(Sept) RAF censored airmail cvr APO2-Canada via Durban & W.Africa, SG132,39a,44,45a(x5)25
11371948 forces airmail cvr Mackinnon Road-UK, 20c (SG157). REME workshop signed cachet.10
11381952(Apr 1) printed FDC Dar-USA, new colours SG136(x4),38(x2),40(x6),42(x2)-3(x3 cat £41) front & back.30
11391953 underpaid airmail cvr Zanzibar-Dar taxed with pair 30c P.Dues(D10) & MO&SB pmk.25
11401954(July 1) illus regd FDC Tanga-Scotland of original set to £1 (SG167-80 cat £30).25
11411965(Nov) BOAC illus VC-10 FFC Nairo-Zurich @ 5c rate.10
1142KOREA: 1955 regd internal cvrs(2) @ 100h rate (SG250 or 206(x3)+247 cat £9).25
11431962 220 won airletter, H&G4 fine unused. In use 3 months only.20
11441966 34wn airletter, H&G8 comm.used Bishop of Pusan-USA + 3wn (SG472).15
11451967 regd cvr Seoul-Germany, SG253(x2) reverse + MS511(x2 cat £154). PHOTO125
1146KUWAIT: 1988-9 regd airmail/seamail(h/stamps) parcel cards(5) to India, hi-vals to 4d(SG806) or 3d(SG913) £200+ & Shuaiba,Fahaiheel Central,Hawalli,Safat or Salimiyah Central regd labels/pmks.75
1147LABUAN: 1946(Dec24) local cvr N.Borneo BMA 8c & box 4-line Victoria pmk used FDI(in use 1 month only)35
1148LATVIA: 1893 printed matter cvr Nereta-Leipzig via Riga, Russian 2k on horiz.laid paper (SG30).25
11491893 Russian 4k p.stat.card comm.used Libau-Berlin.20
11501921 regd cvr Riga-Saxony, surchs SG69(x5)+74(x2) & Konigsberg censor.25
11511928 advert cvr Riga(Dz St pmk)-Germany, 5-colour SG100,5c,29(x2),32-3(x2) tied reverse.20
11521928-37 inland p/cards(3) @ 6s/10s rates & fine Leepaja or Zilape-Riga or Riga-Plavinas-Gulbane oval TPOs.40
1153LEBANON: (see lot 1408): 1907 Broummah hotel ppc Beyrouth(2 pmk)-France, Turkish 5pa (SG212 x2).25
11541919 cvr Beyrouth-UK, Palestine 1pi(SG10). Minor env.opening fault.40
11551943-4 hi-rate airmail cvrs(2) Beyrouth-UK/USA franked SG185(x2)+213 or 180,89,210-1(cat £47). Free French censors in red or violet(latter tying Controle label). Item to UK double censored inc UK label.50
11561981(Mar) airmail cvr UN Interim Forces(sp pmk)-Fiji(destination).15
1157LEEWARDS: 1921 mourning cvr St Johns(Antigua)-UK, 2 strips of 3 ¼d(SG46). 1 value with ‘sliced 2nd S’.35
11581924 regd OHMS cvr St Johns(Antigua)-Costa Rica(destination) via NYork, 1d+5d (SG61,71).25
11591926 KGV ¼d brn wrapper, H&G7 fine unused with Specimen opt.15
11601929 regd cvr St Johns(Antigua)-USA, 1½d(x2) + scarce 4d (SG64,70 cat £21). PHOTO50
11611930 regd OHMS cvr PO Antigua(crown cachet) St Johns-UK, 3-colour SG59,67,69.30
11621933 cvr St Kitts-USA, SG59+62(x2). See also lots 127,294,1241,1527-9.15
1163LIBERIA: 1898 5c p.stat.env, H&G5a comm.used Millsburg-Brewerville(both fine pmks). Scarce.35
11641928 comm.cvr Greenville-UK, 5c official (O521). Scarcer pmk.25
11651937 regd cvr Monrovia-USA, 3-colour SG511,12(x6),13,O519. Senders cachet cut-out bottom corner.20
1166LIBYA: 1895 advert cvr Tripoli(Barberie pmk)-Venice, French 25c blk/rose P&C.30
11671911 camel train @ port ppc Tripoli di Barberia(sq.circ)-Italy, Italian 5c. Interior Ministry public health cachet.30
11681912 desert ppc Posta Militare Tripolitania(hooded pmk)-Italy with occupation forces s/line & oval camel corps25
11691915 printed hotel p/card comm.used Homs-Rome, 15c ovpt (SG5).25
11701920 ppc comm.used Zavia(Tripolitania)-Italy, pair 5c ovpts (SG3).20
11711941 airmail cvr Tripolitania forces GHQ–Italy, mix franking Libya 50c & Italian 50c(SG247) & PO 9 pmk.35
11721942(Nov)-3(Sep) YMCA/Red X OAS censored envs(2) MPO KW4(Capuzzo) or 12(Delle Madia)to Egypt/NZ.40
1173LIECHTENSTEIN: 1922 regd cvr Vaduz-Innsbruck, 3-colour Mi48B(x2),53A,54aA(x2 cat £23).30
11741928 10r grn p.stat.card comm.used Vaduz-Germany + 10r Rhine Floods (SG81 cat £49). PHOTO50
11751928 regd cvr Schaan-Switz, Prince’s birthday set (SG77-9 cat £100). PHOTO75
11761938(Oct) regd acceptance on Zurich–Stockholm Swiss Week(cachet) flight, SG149a,55,59(cat £65). PHOT.50
11771946 Wildlife illus regd FDC Vaduz–Switz of SG252-4(cat £35).30
11781960 Europa illus unadd.FDC of SG404(cat £80).45
1179LITHUANIA: 1927 insured(label) cvr Kaunas-France, Dr Basanavicius p14x11 set in pairs (SG285-8 cat £24).35
11801934 regd insured(2 diff.labels) cvr Kaunas-Bradbury Wilkinson,UK, SG391(x2)-2,402(x2). Seals(reverse).20
11811992-5 illus regd cvrs(5), most to UK with better frankings SG459,473,498-9,512,MS582.20
1182German Occ: 1918 cvr Wilna-Berlin censored Konigsberg, 3-colour mix franking German 10pf,Postgebiet Ob.Ost 2½pf(x2) + Gen.Govt Warschau 5pf.25
1183LUXEMBURG: 1893 10c red p.stat. reply card complete comm.used Diekirch-Holland.15
11841901 lovely firms advert pictorial(view of city) comm.used to Milan @ 10c (SG156) rate.25
11851953-4 plain FDCs(2) of SG505b-c(tourist series) or 578(fencing). Cat 165eu (FDCs).40
11861951 illus United Europe FDC of SG543-8(cat £160). PHOTO125
1187German Occ: 1940 regd COD(label) cvr to Vienna, 3-colour 4pf,10pf,60pf(SG410).25
11881941 regd cvr to Hamburg, set to 100pf (SG397-412 cat £40).30
1189MALAYA: 1917 cvr India-Singapore @ 1a(gum stains) rate with scarce blk/white Straits censor label.20
11901923 cvr K.Lumpur-UK @ 6c rate. Scarce circ.Br.Empire Exhib’n lion cachet. PHOTO150
11911930 underpaid cvr India–Singapore, tax mark & 2c+4c P.Dues (D2-3) tied reverse.25
11921935 regd cvr Penang-India, 3-colour SG218,31,58(12c S.Jubilee cat £23) tied reverse.20
11931935 comm.cvr Masjid Tanah-India via Simpang Ampat, Straits 1c+4c tied reverse.20
1194FMS: 1914 comm.cvr Jelebu-Scotland via Seremban, 4c (SG36e).20
11951923 cvr India-K.Lumpur @ 2a rate via scarce FMS Railway Sorting Carriage pmk.40
11961927 underpaid cvr Colombo-K.Lumpur, tax marks & 2c+4c P.Dues(D2w-3).25
1197BMA: 1946(July) airmail advert cvr Penang-UK, strip of 3 6c(SG6b cat £36) + strip of 4 8c(SG7) tied reverse.40
1198Johore: 1927 regd cvr Batu Pahat-Singapore, SG103,10,13 tied reverse.25
11991956 20c Sultan regd env Kukup-Ipoh + 10c (SG139).20
1200Kedah: 1937 cvr Alor Star-USA, 2c+10c (SG27,30c).35
12011939(Dec)cvr(inc Xmas/New Year card) Alor Star-USA, SG68a(1c pair). Early boxed violet PassedCensor 28.25
1202Pahang: 1950 regd airmail cvr Kuala Lipis-USA, set of 15 to $5(SG53-73 cat £140). PHOTO100
1203Penang: 1938 cvr London-Poste Restante Penang @ 1½d rate. Returned to S.Africa(address rev) via Penang oval DLO in black & Singapore in red. Scarce combination h/stamps. PHOTO150
12041936 advert cvr to USA, mix franking Straits SG224,261, Negri SG21(x2) + Pahang SG32.25
1205Perak: 1898 1c tiger p.stat.card(P4) comm.used Ipoh-Batu Gajah(both sq.circle pmks).25
12061923 underpaid ppc Scotland-Ipoh with scarce violet Ipoh 8cts to pay box h/stamp. PHOTO150
12071937 Sultan 2c grn p.stat.card (P6) comm.used Ipoh-Penang.35
1208Jap.Occ:1942(Dec) regd FDC Taiping-Penang(rec’r), Japanese 3s,5s,8s,25s. PHOTO65
12091942 On Govt Service env Batang Padang-Ipoh, 8c(J241) & Perak Yubin Kyoku pmk of Tapah. PHOTO65
12101943 local regd censored Singapore cvr with scarcer Trengganu red opts J97b-111a(cat c£2000). PHOTO1500
12111945 4c red p.stat.card comm.used Taiping(JD5 pmk)-Malacca. Boxed Japanese censor.40
1212MALTA: (see lot 38,1504): 1877 outer to UK, GB 2½d rosy mauve pl.6 (Z38 cat £17).25
12131902 underpaid Italian ppc to Valetta, tax marks inc h/struck 2d.25
12141904 underpaid ppc France-Valetta @ 10c rate. Tax marks inc 3d in circle.30
12151911 cvr Victoria BO Gozo-UK, pair ½d (SG476).20
12161917 cvr Valletta-Naples, 2½d(SG77). Martial law 6 label + triangular censor.20
12171925(Apr 17) unadd.cvr with imperf P.Dues ½d(pair),1d-2d (S1-4 cat £53) & Valletta pmks.25
12181926 KGV 3d regd env size G GPO-Berlin + mixed issues SG147,158.20
12191931(Jun) FFC to Genoa, 3-colour SG175,95,97 & purple airmail pmk. Boxed By Air to Genoa Only.25
12201935 IA airmail cvr to UK, 2½d pair S.Jubilee (SG211, 1 torn) & violet airmail pmk.15
12211940 banking cvr Valetta-Genoa @ 2½d rate. Both triang.censor 59 + red/white censor label tied 7 in circle.20
1222MAURITIUS: 1873 EL to Marseille, 4d + pair 6d (SG62,65) & B53 pmks. PHOTO75
12231890 QV 2c p.stat.card comm.used Rose Hill-Beau Bassin(rec’r) with 25 numeral pmk.40
12241897 flimsy native cvr to India per SS Warosa, 3-colour SG101,3,8 tied reverse.25
12251924 Pt Louis ppc comm.used to Cuba(destination), 12c (SG217).20
12261935(Feb) airmail cvr GPO-UK, pair 25c (SG236). Tax mark deleted.20
12271947 OHMS stampless cvr GPO(pmk + circ.blue undated frank)-S.Africa.15
12281948 regd advert cvr GPO-UK, SG256b(x2)+ marginal SG259b(x3, 1 with minor sliced S flaw).25
12291954 regd(Pt Louis 3 blue h/st) banking advert cvr to Switz, perfinned SG299-300,303.15
1230MEXICO: (see lot 8): 1869 mourning outer Mexico City-Vera Cruz, fine pair 12c blk/grn pin-perf (Sc.66).25
12311858 outer Vera Cruz-Puebla, 4mgn 2r dark green (SG7b cat £21).35
12321926 official cacheted cvr Mexico City-Oxford University, official O473+464.20
12331929(Dec 10) regd(rev) Mexico Air Week cacheted cvr to Texas, SG482(x2) & sp.pmk. Scarce.25
1234MONACO: 1894 cvr to French Consul,Paris, pair 15c pink (SG15 cat £29).35
12351924 regd cvr Monte Carlo hotel-Scotland, mixed iaaues SG17(pair)+67.15
12361926 regd illus(map rev) advert cvr Condamine-Holland, vals to 10fr(SG105) cat £50.40
12371941 censored(PC90 Examiner 4550 label) airmail cvr Monte Carlo-USA via Marseilles, SG190,92(20fr),233.20
1238MONTENEGRO: 1897 2n & 3n p.stat.wrappers(S6-7) Cettinje-San Marino or Belgrade. Uncommon.35
12391901 2n yellow(P8) p.stat.card comm.used Cettigne-France(rec’r).15
12401908 10pa lettercard comm.used Niegouchi-Vienna.20
1241MONTSERRAT: 1933 cvr Plymouth-USA, mix franking Leewards 3d(SG68 cat £38) + war stamp SG60. PH.65
12421937 cvr Harris-UK, mixed issues SG66+84(cat £17). Scarcer pmk.40
12431949 regd cvr St Johns-USA, strip of 3 2½d S.Wedding (SG115).20
12441945 regd airmail cvr to S.Africa via Trinidad-Nigeria, KGVI set to 5/=(all p.14 ex 2/6d), SG101a-10a.20
1245MOROCCO AGS: 1898 5c single + reply & 10c Gibraltar opt p.stat.cards(3) fine unused ovpt’d Specimen.25
12461895 Gibraltar 10c p.stat.card comm.used Tangier(cds + A26)-UK via Gibraltar.30
12471902 10c QV p.stat.card comm.used Casablanca-Switz via Tangier & Gibraltar.30
12481935(May 8) regd FDC Tangier-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG62-5 cat £38).40
12491935(May 8) regd FDC(cruise line env) Tangier-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG238-40 cat £28).30
12501937 comm.cvr Casablanca-UK, mixed KGV-VI SG210+230(x4 cat £16).20
12511937 regd cvr Tangier-UK, mixed 3-colour KGV-KEVIII SG75,234,6-7.15
12521937 regd cvr Larache-UK, mixed 4-colour KGV-VI blks of 4 SG156,65-7.20
12531957(Apr 30) regd Tangier local last day cover of QEII set (SG323-42 cat £40).40
1254NATAL: (see lots 1829-30): 1879 cvr to Ireland via H&K Pact, 6d Postage opt (SG83).25
12551901 QV 1d p.stat.env used locally in Ennersdale (scarce violet pmk).25
12561907 cvr Insinga-Scotland @ 1d rate.20
12571907 Tugela Falls ppc to NZ(destination) via Pm’burg, pair ½d(SG146) & POA 109 pmk. PHOTO75
1258NAURU: 1917 crested env(ex British Colonial Admin) Pleasant Is-USA, 2½d (SG6).40
12591935 regd airmail cvr to UK, S.Jubilee SG40-2+3(x2). Uncommon commercial usage.30
12601952 regd cvr to UK, 4-colour SG26-8B,30B(cat £21) & Central Pacific pmk + Auckland regd label.40
1261NEPAL: 1960 illus unadd. FDC of 5r Tragapan (SG133 cat £110). PHOTO75
12621961 regd(native violet box) internal cvr SG125(x3)+142 tied reverse violet box s/line Rajbiraj Ex PO cachet.25
1263NETHERLANDS: (see lots 82,571): 1863 cvr to The Hague with NR Spoorweg(rail) red cds. Box red + blue s/line Guylen charged 10.25
12641893-4 3c or 5c Wilhelmina + 2½c lilac cipher scarce mix frankings on p/cards(2) The Hague/Dreibergen-UK.40
12651900 Wilhelmina 5c p.stat.env regd Amsterdam-NZ(destination) + 5c,25c(NVPH 71).30
12661916 cvr Middleburg-UK @ 12½c rate. Pair perf.military censor labels tied box Commandant in Zeeland cens.20
12671926 underpaid cvr Arnhem-Zwolle, 7½c(SG279A). Taxed with 5c on 1c P.Due (D296).15
12681926(Aug) regd airmail cvr Sneek-Switz, 5-colour mixed issues SG172,250,59-61,82,309.30
12691927(Nov) airmail advert cvr Schiedam-Casablanca(destination/rec’r) @ 35c rate.35
12701930 Rembrandt set (SG385-7 cat £32) on s’Heerenberg-UK cvr.35
12711937 airmail cvr Rotterdam-Venezuela(destination), SG437a+472.25
12721938(Aug 27) illus Wilhelmina Coronation FDC The Hague(sp.pmk)-Zaandam, SG483-5.20
12731938(Dec) illus Dingaans Day FFC to S.Africa, SG417(x2)+486(x4) & return with S.Africa SG80-1(x4) cat £20.20
12741940 LATI airmail cvr Utrecht-USA, 5c+40c(SG515). German censor label.20
12751945(July) cvr The Hague-Nice, SG571-2 + se-tenant 7½c+2½c(SG426a). Boxed Dutch censor.15
12761948 underpaid censored(box violet Soerabaja) airmail cvr Pasoeroean-Amsterdam taxed with 30c PD(D456)20
12771950 cvr Haarlem-UK, scarce Cultural Fund set (SG713-18 cat £50).35
12781950 Child Welfare illus unadd FDC of SG727-31(cat £20). Cat 1500eu FDC. PHOTO350
1279Curacao: 1906 Venezuela ppc to USA, 5c & sq.circle pmk.15
12801947 regd advert cvr St Nicolaas(Aruba)-USA, SG155-8,60,62,64,69,201,251.15
1281Indies: (see lot 1276): 1845 EL Sourabaya(oval grn Ongefrankeerd 30)-Bezoekie.35
12821899 comm.cvr Salatiga(sq.circle)-Holland via Maos,Weltvreden(all sq.circ), 15c(SG96).25
12831900 10c-20c Wilhelmina ovpt p.stat.envs(4, H&G13a-16a) fine unused.20
12841904 underpaid ppc Sourabaja-Swatow(destination) via Hong Kong @ 5c rate.20
12851904 5c p.stat.card regd Soerabaja-Holland + SG121-2,8 making 4-colour franking.25
12861929 long official(cachets) local Waingapoe(W.Soemba) cvr to Commanding Officer of garrison.25
12871933 airmail COD(label) regd cvr Batavia(Aplenvliet pmk)-Amsterdam, SG265+224(1g x2). File holes.15
12881935(May) cacheted FFC Batavia-Makasser-Batavia via Denpasar @ 12½c rate in each direction.25
12891938 camera advert cvr Djokjakarta-Soerabaja, SG403(x2) tied long boxed NEO trein railway pmk. No flap.25
12901940(Oct) illus/cacheted KNILM FFC Batavia-Amboina(Moluccas) & return franked 37½c in each direction.20
1291New Guinea: 1945(Jan) US 6c airmail env US Navy 3115(Hollandia)-USA passed by naval censor.20
12921962 UNTEA 7c p.stat.card + SG1,10(x2),21 comm.used locally in Hollandia with Binnen pmk.30
1293Surinam: 1889 5c p.stat.card used Paramaribo-Holland + 2½c(SG14) tied 3–line Surinam over Southampton.30
12941899 5c p.stat.card + 2½c(SG46) comm.used to Germany. Boxed Suriname via Plymouth.25
1295NEWFOUNDLAND: 1918 advert cvr St Johns-USA, 3c(SG88) & ‘food will win the war’ slogan pmk.15
12961921(Mar) airmail FFC St Johns-Fogo(rec’r) @ 3c rate + s/line Air Post Fogo. PHOTO75
12971922 KGV 1c p.stat.card comm.used St Johns-Switz + 1c (SG130).20
12981927 regd cvr Harbour Deep(2 pmks inc violet)-St Johns(City Regd Dept), 2c SG150(x4) & R cachet.Pop:196.30
12991928 cvr St Johns East-India(destination/rec’r) & redirected to UK, 12c (SG173 cat £27).40
13001928 cvr Rawlins Cross-Scotland, 10c (SG172a cat £35). PO only open 6 years. PHOTO50
13011931 advert cvr PO St Georges(magenta box pmk)-USA, 4c (SG201).20
1302NEW GUINEA: 1919 regd cvr The Treasury(cachet),Rabaul-Switz, 3d(SG96 x2 cat £22).40
13031927 regd OHMS cvr Rabaul-S.Africa, 6d imprint (SG130a cat £50). PHOTO65
13041932 regd cvr Madang-Australia, 2/= air (SG200 cat £50). PHOTO65
13051939 regd wrapper Kavieng-Switz, SG191,212-3(x2),17(cat £30).25
1306NEW HEBRIDES: 1923 regd(blk/white label) cvr Vila-USA, 4-colour mix issues SG30,34,36-7(cat £147).PH.125
13071968-70 Concorde 35c or 15FNH airletters(4 diff. inc Vanuatu ovpt) all fine unused.20
13081977 surcharge set to 500FNH (SG220-32 cat £45) on 3 illus unadd.FDCs25
1309French: 1920 regd cvr Vila-USA, 5c+2fr (F22,31 cat £55). PHOTO100
1310NEW SOUTH WALES: 1879 cvr Wolloncough(cds + sunburst)-Marrickville via Morancarell @ 2d(SG207-8).25
13111887 outer Drayton-Ipswich, vert.pair 1d + 6d regd (SG102+7 cat £218) & 85 duplex. PHOTO200
13121895 cvr Sydney-USA, ½d SG271d in blk of 5.20
13131898 3d regd env, H&G10 Albury(50 numeral)-Germany + 2½d (SG295).25
13141900 cvr to USA via S&W TPO Qld & Vancouver, strip of 3 2½d (SG296b) & TPO North pmks.30
13151901 regd cvr Broken Hill Rly Stn-Tasmania, 2d+3d (SG226f,302) & 1427 numeral.20
13161909 QV 3d regd env H&G12a + 1d(late fee), 5d (SG329).20
1317NEW ZEALAND:1869-71 cvrs(2) Dunedin-UK, 6d shades(SG122 or a cat £70) & 2 diff.pmks. 1 EdinrM TPO.80
13181875 cvr Dunedin-Scotland(Edinr-Carlisle ST rec’r) via Suez, 6d (SG156).25
13191894 cvr Auckland(sq.circ)-USA(Iowa rec’r), strip of 5 ½d (SG151 cat £10).25
13201897 bit grubby local Wellington 1d sideface advert cvr with boxed Not Found & s/line Unclaimed cachets.20
13211900 QV 3d regd env size G, H&G2a Christchurch-UK per SS Westralia + 2½d (SG260).45
13221906 unpaid ppc Rawene-Arapatu, 2d charge mark & pair 1d P.Dues (D14).20
13231906 Christchurch ppc to NSW @ 1d rate. Red Kiwi publicity label for International Exhibition tied. PHOTO50
13241908-11 nice ppcs(2: Mt Eden College, Pitt St church) Auckland(machine cancels)-Samoa @ 1d rates.20
13251915-18 cvrs(3) Pt Chalmers,Christchurch or Wellington-USA @ 1d-1½d rates. 3-line Passed by Military Censor NZ in black,red or violet. See also lot 1094.35
13261921 KGV 2d yellow/blue lettercard H&G15 comm.used St Kilda-UK.15
13271923-35 ½d or 1d wrappers(5), H&G9,11,12-14 all fine unused & uncommon thus.40
13281925 underpaid ppc GB-Wellington, 1½d tax mark & probably D23-4 PDues tied.25
13291934(Dec) illus advert FFC NZ Air Travel Okuru-Ashburton @ 1d meter frank rate.20
13301935(May 1) illus FDCs(2: diff.designs) Wellington-Auckland of 5d or 1/= (SG563+7 cat £59).50
13311935 airmail cvr Wellington-UK, airs SG549-50(x2 cat £40).25
13321936(Oct) regd airmail cvr Wellington-UK, Commerce set (SG593-7) + SG572,596(cat £26+).25
13331940(Oct 1) local illus Wellington FDC(H40.18) of Health stamps (pairs SG626-7 cat £56).40
13341940 illus(homestead + mountains)airmail cvr Auckland-UK, SG624(x2). NZ censor label tied blue 22 NZ cens20
13351940 underpaid local Te Aroha cvr or unpaid firms advert p/card Kaiapoi-Ch’ch, ½d+1d or 2d PDues (D41-3).30
13361946 Peace set, 1947 KGVI 2d-3/=, 1950 Canterbury set all on 3 illus regd(inc CANPEX h/st) FDCs.40
13371967 illus local Auckland FDCs(6) of set to $2(SG845-62 cat £14).20
1338Express: 1918 KGV 1d p.stat.env + 6d(E1 cat £23) on local urgent Christchurch cvr. Minor staining. PHOTO75
1339Life Insurance: 1900 official cvr Wellington(flag pmk)-Toko(rec’r), ½d(L13). PHOTO100
1340Officials: 1933 OHMS cvr Wellington-UK, 1d official(O111). GvR Found Open & Officially Sealed label.20
13411935 KGV ½d grn p.stat.card(H&G2) Education Dept,Te Kuiti-Hangatiki public school.20
13421963 illus FDC of QEII 2½d+3/= (O162+7 cat £41+).35
1343Ross Deps: 1967(July 10) plain FDC Scott Base(sp.pmk)-Wellington of decimal set (SG5-8 cat £25).20
1344NICARAGUA: 1892 10c grey/blue p.stat.env, H&G15, comm.used Leon(blue pmk)-UK via Corinto.20
13451898 2c p.stat.card + 5c p.stat.env(2, both H&G40) comm.used Jinotepe(2 diff.pmks)-Managua(rec’r).50
13461928-33 official (cachets) banking cvrs(2) Bluefields/Leon-USA, 3c or 4c officials (O517 or 696)25
13471936 airmail advert cvr San Juan del Sur-USA, 3-colour Resello ovpts SG816b(x2),18,853A(x2) tied reverse.20
1348NIGERIA: (see lot 644): 1894 cvr Old Calabar-UK, ½d+2d (SG1,3 cat £22). PHOTO75
13491901-2 S.Nigeria QV-KEVII 2d regd envs(H&G1a-2: sizes G or H2) fine unused.20
13501901 Niger Coast 1d red ovpt’d GB p.stat.card comm.used Warri(sq.circle)-Germany.40
13511905 ppc comm.used Forcados River-UK, S.Nigeria 1d.35
13521923 cvr to UK, 1d(x2) tied Lagos-Ibadan TPO pmks reverse. PHOTO75
13531929(Apr) regd cvr Barakin Ladi-UK via Jos, ½d(SG15b x10 inc blk of 4). Very early(PO opened Feb).45
13541933 advert cvr USA-Asaba returned to Lagos with scarce Inconnu & Return bilingual h/stamps. PHOTO100
13551936 airmail cvr SS Barbara Marie,Lagos-UK, scarce 2/6d+5/= (SG42-3 cat £100). Inc letter. PHOTO80
13561936 airmail cvr Maidugari(skeleton pmk)-UK, mixed KGV-VI SG40+48(x2 cat £11+)20
13571941(Dec) illus FFC Lagos-USA via Miami, KGVI 6d+2/6d(SG58 cat £25).20
13581941-3 airmail/seamail cvrs(5 inc 2 regd) to UK with all diff.half-moon/triang.censors.Also skeleton,tax mark.25
13591947 regd cvr Alders Town(scarce skeleton)-USA @ 4½d rate.20
13601948(Dec 20) scarce illus S.Wedding FDC Ibadan-UK of SG62-3(cat £25).35
13611950 regd(scarce s/line h/st) cvr Buguma(skeleton pmk)-UK @ 1/3d rate.20
1362NIUE: 1921 regd cvr to UK, set to 1/= (SG38-43 cat £65). PHOTO90
13631936(Apr 1) local OHMS FDC of 2d,6d,1/= (SG64,7-8 cat £28).40
1364NORFOLK IS: 1951 regd(provisional label + violet h/st) airmail cvr to Australia, 4-colour SG3-4,10,12.20
13651953 regd illus airmail FDC to Australia of SG13-18(cat £20).25
13661959(July 6) illus FDC to UK of 3d + 2/= (SG6a,12a cat £22). See also lot 52.20
1367N.BORNEO: (see lot 1147): 1889 6c p.stat.card comm.used Sandakan-UK. Surface scuff on front.40
13681894 1c p.stat.reply card (P8) fine unused.20
13691939(Jan 1) regd airmail FDC Sandakan-Canada via UK, set to 50c (SG303-14 cat £115). PHOTO100
13701948 regd cvr Jesselton-UK, set to 50c(SG335-46 cat £10). 25c has lower bar broken at left (cat £35 if right).25
1371N.RHODESIA: 1932 airmail cvr Lusaka-Latvia(destination/rec’r), 3-colour SG4-5,7.Ret’d via Berlin as died.30
13721935 regd cvr Fort Rosebery-UK via Ndola, S.Jubilee set SG18-21(cat £16).25
13731952 KGVI 4d regd env Kitwe-Jo’burg + FDC of 4½d,9d (SG37,39 cat £20).25
13741953(Sept 15) regd illus FDC Kitwe-S.Africa of QEII set to 20/= (SG61-74 cat £100). Uncommon. PHOTO75
13751950s KGVI airmail cvrs(4) to UK @ 9d or 1/= rates(all different frankings) inc SG35,39.25
1376Zambia: 1973 comm.cvr Kitwe-Mufulira, scarce 4n (SG199 cat £23).25
1377NORWAY: (see lot 45): 1930 cvr Stavanger-Denmark, 3-colour Fa100(x4)-1(x6),164b(cat 54kr).20
13781935 airmail cvr Oslo-UK, Holberg SG232+4.15
13791935 Spitzbergen ppc(written from there) to Italy, scarce 20o Tourism (SG224 cat £55) & Nordkapp pmk.40
13801936(July) illus/cacheted FFC Hammerfest-Tromso, SG137+235.20
13811944 regd parcel card Skein-Oyfjell, hi-rate strip of 4 60o(SG294).15
13821956 N.Cape RP ppc comm.used to UK (SG442-4 cat £50) & Trondheim-Kirkenes N.Cape illus pmk.40
13831960s-70s(couple earlier) p.stat.cards inc reply(9 diff) all fine unused. Several double imprints.20
1384NOVA SCOTIA: 1856 cvr Kentville-Handsport, close-clear 4mgn 3d brt blue(SG3 cat £150). No flap. PHOT.100
1385NYASALAND: 1900 BCA 4d regd env size F Blantyre(sq.circ)-UK via Chinde + pair 1d(SG43). PHOTO75
13861935 illus/printed/cacheted FFC Blantyre-Beira, S.Jubilee 1d+3d (SG123+5 cat £24).25
13871937 regd airmail cvr Zomba-UK, 2d+9d (SG117,121 cat £16).25
13881937 cvr Salima-Scotland, SG114-5(x2).20
13891938 cvr Nkata Bay-Scotland, mixed KGV-VI SG100,114,131.20
13901938 KGVI 4d regd envs(2: sizes F&G) fine unused.30
13911941 censored cvr Zomba-USA, 3d(SG134). Examiner label Q/ tied crown passed Q/3.25
13921953 QEII 4d regd envs(2: size G or H) fine unused.25
1393OMAN: 1970-1 printed Oman State airmail envs(6)to Italy/Switz with appendix issues. Rebel post via Jordan.30
1394ORANGE FREE STATE: 1896 ½d p/card(P2b) comm.used Vrede(large sq.circ)-Bloemfontein(rec’r).20
13951897 1½d p.card(P9) comm.used B’fontein-Belgium(destination/rec’r).25
13961901 VRI 1d on 1d p.stat.card comm.used Thaba Nchu(3-line violet censor)-Cape Town. H.P.Y censor.25
13971911 VRI ½d opt on ½d p.stat.reply half comm.used Aliwal North-Germany + Transvaal ½d. Interprovincial.20
1398PAKISTAN: 1947 local Karachi regd cvr with 1r-5r hi-vals (SG14-16 cat £15).20
13991949 regd airmail Jinnah illus FDC of SG52-4(cat £10) Karachi-Italy via Egypt(censored there).Messily re-addressed but black AV2 cachet. Uncommon thus.25
14001951 On State Service env regd airmail Rawalpindi-UK, pair 8a officials(O31 cat £50). PHOTO45
14011955 On State Service cvr CO,HMPS Zulfiquar-UK, SGO40(x6) & Karachi HMPS IQBA pmk.20
14021957 On State Service env Rawalpindi-Pakistan Govt office in London, officials O27(x2)+30(x4 cat £32) rev.25
1403PALESTINE: (see lot 9,1154): 1903 ppc comm.used Jerusalem-Paris @ Turkish 20pa rate.25
14041918(Nov) OAS ppc FPO GM1(Haifa skeleton pmk)-UK. Triangular censor 3673.20
14051919 unpaid cvr France-Palestine(Jaffa skeleton & RMS IEF rec’r of Ludd) insufficiently addressed & ret’d via Egypt (blue censor label tied circ.Opened by Censor). Circular Passed by Censor 3.25
14061922 comm.cvr to Germany, 3m+1pi (SG73,79) & Tel Aviv-Jaffa pmks. Jaffa s/ring reverse.25
14071936 comm.cvr Ramallah-American University,Beirut, 15m (SG108).30
14081940 cvr Jaffa-Beirut @ 15m rate. Twice censored: blk/pink 70/6138 label tied box 5-line + circ.Lebanese.25
14091940(Nov)-41(Jan) OAS green envs FPO 122(Tulkarm)-UK @ GB 10d rate. Violet box/triangular censors.20
14101941 meter-franked cvr Tel Aviv-Cairo. Palestine red/white censor label under Egyptian label +post censor99.15
14111944(Jan) triple censored Pan–am airmail cvr Indian FPO 48(Deir Suneid for 3 months)-USA via Base PO 1 (Egypt), 3–colour Indian 2a,3a,1r tied reverse. Rare. PHOTO100
14121945 internal cvr to Safad with 10m coil (SG97a cat £27) tied Qiryat Haim pmk.40
14131946 airmail cvr Sde Yaaqov(scarce skeleton pmk)-Denmark, 10m (SG97b x7).40
1414Jordanian Occ:1949 cvr Jerusalem-Amman,6
14151952 underpaid cvr Jenin-Jerusalem @ 3m rate, tax mark & 2m P.Due (Transjordan D245).35
1416PANAMA: 1930(Jan) cacheted FFC Colon-San Salvador(rec’r), SG236. 346 flown.20
14171921 B/0.02 p.stat.card, H&G13 fine unused.15
14181931(Nov) internal FFC David-Panama City, 5c air (SG250).15
14191942-4 local cvrs(5) with 3 different pmks & all different 1c obligatory tax.25
1420PAPUA: 1924 regd cvr Treasury(cachet)Pt Moresby-USA via Sydney, pair ½d+6d (SG93w,101 cat £65).PH.75
14211929 comm.cvr Buna Bay-Samarai, 1½d (SG95).25
14221932 regd cvr Kulumadau-Scotland via Sydney, 2d+4d (SG96b,99aw cat £30). PHOTO100
14231934 comm.cvr Abau-UK, 2d (SG133).25
14241935 comm.cvr Kokoda ND-UK, pair SG146.25
14251937 regd Coronation FDC Bwagaioa-Rabaul, 1d with halo flaw & 5d with white line from value to frame.40
14261946 airmail regd(temporary label) cvr Samarai-Australia, Aussie Peace set.15
14271958 local Lae illus FDC of 3½d-5/= (SG6a,18,20,22,24).10
14281956-63 regd(inc airmail)cvrs(5) to Fiji,UK,Australia,USA or local ex Samarai,Daru,Minj,Kainantu or Banz @ 2/= to 2/8d rates all with Relief PO No’s 1,3-6 pmks. See also lot 149.40
1429PARAGUAY: 1931(Oct) 70c p.stat.card regd cacheted 3rd GrafZeppelin flight to Germany + SG287,92,308, 74(x2),77,404,30(x2) Graf.Zepp opts cat £32 reverse. PHOTO75
14301932(Aug) Graf Zepp 5th flight(scarce with 2 cachets) to Italy, SG308+439. Minor env fault. PHOTO50
14311939 regd banking cvr Asuncion-USA, officials SGO475(x2)+8(x4).35
1432PERU:1861 EL Lima-Genova via London & Paris, 4mgn 1d(SG8) & s/line pmk. Scarce GB 2f87 5/10c. PHOT.50
1433c1925 complete parcel card regd Lima-USA but originating in La Merced with 1s(SG439) tied d/ring de La Merced. Gum stains around regd label.30
14341936 regd official cachet Consular Service env to Peruvian Consul,Australia via NY, 50c official(O573). PH.50
14351944 Red X cachet censor env regd to Red X,Switz,4-col.SG654,96,99(x2 ea)+700.2-line Airmail to NYC only15
1436GB used in: 1874 6d grey pl.13 (Z46 cat £50) & C38 pmk of Callao.15
1437PHILIPPINES: 1918 comm.cvr Manila-France, 10c(SG341) & circ.violet PBC(passed by censor).25
14381928(Nov) London–Orient cacheted FFC flown Manila-Salomague stage, SG335(x4).20
14391937(Apr) Pan-am FFC Manila-Hong Kong, SG451(x2),53,55. See also lot 975.15
1440Jap.Occ: 1942-44 mainly illus/cacheted FDCs(18) of J2-6,12-31 +32-4 & 39-41(both perf/imperf). Stamps cat £100. Most with boxed Passed by Censor Japanese Military Police.65
14411941 local Bacalod City printed matter cvr(bank statement) with SGJ1(x2)+15.15
14421944 cvr Manila-Bacalod City, SGJ18. Postal Savings Bank h/st: economise or agonise.20
1443PITCAIRN: 1937 illus/printed cvr to NZ @ 1d rate (Z54 cat £40). Signed RL Christian(postmaster). PHOTO100
14441940(Oct 15) FDCs(3 inc 1 regd) to UK of KGVI original set to 2/6d(cat £14).20
14451952 regd (2 cachets inc distorted rubber h/st) cvr to UK, ½d+4d (SG1,5b cat £13).20
1446POLAND: (see lot 264): 1893 Russian 14k p.stat.env(U31A) Warsaw-Switz via Vienna.20
14471903 regd cvr Warsaw-Switz, Russian 35k (SG103).20
14481915 cvr KuK FPO Biachatow-Czech, KuK feldpost opt 12h(SG7). 2-line red Piotrkow censor.20
14491934-5 local Warsaw official cvrs(2 diff) franked officials O295 or 306.25
14501940 Gen-Govt ovpt set to 3z(SG372-91 cat £180) on regd cvr Dubiecko-Berlin. PHOTO200
14511940 regd cvr Lublin-Munich, 4–colour ovpts Mi2,6,10,12.25
14521943 regd express cvr Krakau-Germany, 4zl (SG422).35
14531946(Nov) GB 3d green forces regd env Polish FPO431(BAOR)-France + GB 3d.30
1454PORTUGAL: 1839 ELs(2 inc prices current) Bahia/Rio-Porto rated 160 in blue in 2 diff.fonts, 1 via Lisbon, per Triumfo do America or Activo. Blue oval Barra do Porto or C.Est de N(ship letter).50
14551873 cvr Lisbon-UK, 120r(SG93 x2 cat £220 but 1 with perf faults). PHOTO100
14561910 unpaid ppc Covilhas-Lisbon taxed with pair 10r P.Dues (D393).20
145719 11 regd cvr Alcacer do Sal-Holland, 100r (SG413).20
14581925 25c Ceres p.stat.card uprated Alemquer-Belgrade + SG517(x3: scarce on cvr),541(x3) & 5c oily paper.35
14591934 advert cvr Lisbon-France, 1e60 Branco (SG654).15
14601936 advert cvr Bragancas-New Hebrides(rare destination), SG845(x5) tied reverse.40
14611940-6 airmail(inc nice TWA label) cvrs(3:1 censored) to USA, SG927 or 964(x3 ea),976(x2)+994(cat £40).30
14621943 censored airmail advert cvr Lisbon-UK, SG893a(scarce 3e air cat £17)+ 948.25
14631949 airmail cvr Horta(Azores)-UK via Lisbon, portraits set (SG1021-8 cat £50). 3e50 surface rub.25
1464Azores: (see lot 1463): 1908 traditional ppc comm.used Horta-Germany, 20r (SG182).15
14651913 2c Ceres ovpt’d p.stat.card comm.used Angra do Heroismo-France.25
1466Guinea: 1953 airmail advert cvr Bissau-UK, SG279+285(5e).20
1467Inhambane: 1914 comm.cvr S.Africa-Inhambane(rec’r) @ 1d rate via Ressano Garcia-L.Marques TPO.25
1468L.Marques: 1909 comm.cvr to UK, 100r (SG46).20
1469Macao: 1937 cacheted FFC to Honolulu, 50a (SG354 x4 cat £42).30
1470Madeira: (see lot 44):1944 advert cvr Funchal-Lisbon, Portugal SG960. Circ.CMPT P38 &oval C4 violet cens.35
1471Mozambique: 1936 comm.cvr Quelimane(Zambezia)-Switz, SG338,40-1.20
14721937 cvr Inhambane-USA, 3-colour SG333,40,44.15
14731938 airmail cvr Luabo(blue pmk)-UK via Beira, SG344(x2).20
14741948 long regd advert cvr L.Marques-USA, hi–rate SG354,7(x6 ea),367,90(x2 ea).20
1475Mozambique Co: 1935(Aug) illus FFC Beira-Blantyre, SG249+53.20
1476Ponta Delgada: 1907 local ppcs(2 diff) comm.used to USA, 20r (SG33).20
1477S.Tome: 1909 20r lilac p.stat.card comm.used to France.25
1478PUERTO RICO: GB used in: 10d red-brn (Z102 cat £275) & C61 pmk. PHOTO75
1479QUEENSLAND: 1902 regd OHMS cvr GPO Accountants Brisbane-USA, 2½d+3d (SG237+41).30
14801895 cvr Brisbane-UK, 2½d (SG191).15
14811904 cvr Augathella(cds + 130 numeral)-Tasmania via Toowoomba(626 duplex), 2d (SG234).15
1482RHODESIA: 1903 1d arms p.stat.card comm.used Kopje Salisbury-UK.20
14831905 1d arms p.stat.card Kalomo(NW early pmk) via Bulawayo. Hand-drawn native head-dress reverse. PH.50
14841910 ½d green p.stat.card comm.used Bulawayo-Plumtree(rec’r).20
14851916 advert cvr Mt Selinda-USA via Melsetter & S.Africa(C1 circ.censor), 2½d (SG103).25
14861922 comm.cvr Enkeldoorn-UK, pair 1d (SG284 cat £20) admirals.30
1487& Nyasaland: 1954 illus FDC Salisbury-UK of set to £1 (SG1-15 cat £55).45
14881963 underpaid S.African FDC to Umtali, tax mark & 2d P.Due (D2) tied.20
1489RUMANIA: 1852 EL Kronstadt(Brasov)-Hermannstadt(Sibiu rec’r), 4mgn Austria 6kr (SG9 cat £12).30
14901871-4 Hungarian 2kr yellow or orange p.stat.cards(2) Nagy Varad(vapos pmk)-Budapest.35
14911898(Feb) 10b p.stat.card comm.used to Berlin, fine Bucarest No.5 Independence Roumaine pmk20
14921905 10b red p.stat. reply card complete comm.used Bucharest-C’tinople(Austrian PO rec’r).25
14931916-18 10b p.stat.cards(2 diff) local Galati or Bucarest-Paris. Boxed military 3-line censors in red or black.25
14941918 ppcs(2) Nagy Varad/Arad-Hungary@ Hungarian 10f rate. 2-line KuK Arad or Censura Oradea Mare(box)25
14951919 local Arad cvr with rare mix franking Hungarian 20f + Rumanian 15b.40
14961928 regd airmail cvr Cernauti(oval red air pmks)-Bucarest, SG1086,88,99,1100+1(x2 ea),T979(cat £27).35
14971932(Sept 15) cvr Medical Congress set (SG1262-4 cat £38) Bucarest-Craiova. Scarce.40
1498German Occ: 1918 advert cvr Caracal-Vienna, 25b opt (Mi11). 3 different censors inc 2 Vienna.20
1499POs Levant: 1896 cut-down cvr Cospoli(violet Rumanian PO)-Ploesti(rec’r), SG9-11(cat £60). PHOTO50
1500RUSSIA:1854 10k(+1k) blk p.stat.env(137x107mm) Poluten(2-line inc date)-St Petersburg(box red inc date).25
15011877 5k grn p.stat.card(P2 type 1) comm.used Pensa-Moscow(2 diff.rec’rs).25
15021889 7k p.stat.env(U30: 145x81mm) regd Nizhny Novgorod-Myslowitz(Silesia) + 7k.20
15031898-1904 4k p.stat.cards(2: P12 message half or 14) or 3k ppc comm.used St Petersburg-Berlin or Moscow with fancy 2(violet),4 or 6 in circular frames (3 items). See also lots 477-8,1148-9,1446-7.40
15041903 4k p.stat.card(P12: scarcer reply half) comm.used St Petersburg(6 in d/circle)-Malta(destination/rec’r).20
15051913 Romanov 10k & 14k p.stat.envs(2: diff sizes) both fine unused25
15061917-18 censored POW p.stat.cards(2 diff, both inc reply halves) comm.used Obolenskoe-Czech. Scarce.40
15071921(Dec) regd cvr Petrograd-Berlin, imperf 1000r (SG219 x10) tied reverse.20
15081934 regd cvr Pugachov-Vienna, 3-colour SG547,73,77-8(perf).20
15091936 regd airmail cvr Moscow-UK, SG375(2r)+548(pair). Ex Br.Legation(coat-of-arms reverse).20
15101944-5 censored patriotic(illus war scenes) formular p.stat.cards comm.used internally. Scarce (2 diff).50
1511Zemstvos: 1887 local Orghaef(Bessarabia) cvr with 3k red local tied reverse. Rare. PHOTO100
1512Levant: 1895 10k red & grn lettercard fine unused.25
15131913 20pa on 4k red Romanov p.stat.card comm.used C’tinople-Austria.25
1514Ukraine: 1943 regd official(railway) cvr Luniniec-Berlin, mix frank Hitler 12pf(Ostland) + 6pf,12pf(Ukraine x2).20
1515RYUKYUS: 1949-50 50s & 1y red lettersheets(2) fine unused & scarce.30
1516SAAR: 1920 official cvr St Wendel-Duren, mixed ovpts SG8+41.20
15171921 express(label) cvr Merzig-Hamburg, 3-colour SG53,62-3.25
15181928 airmail cvr Saarbrucken-Algeria(destination/rec’r), SG114+126(air).25
15191950 regd cvr Saarbrucken-Knutange,SG288,93-4(cat £210). France 10fr PDue pays poste restante(rev).PH150
1520ST HELENA: 1915 comm.cvr to UK, 1d (SG73).20
15211935 OHMS stampless cvr to USA. Boxed Official Paid.25
15221936 Central Ridges RP ppc comm.used to Germany, 1½d (SG99 cat £13).35
15231952 Union Castle Line regd airmail cvr to Nyasaland(destination/rec’r), SG135b-6,39(5/=),51(cat £24).30
15241979 cvr Jamestown-UK, set to £2 (SG319-31A cat £18).15
1525ST KITTS-NEVIS: 1888 St Christopher QV 1d & 1½d reply cards(2: H&G5-6) complete fine unused.15
152619 20 comm.cvr St Kitts-USA, SG24(x2)-5(cat £17). See also lot 119,1162.25
15271929 comm.cvr Sandy Point-USA, Leewards 1½d (SG63). PHOTO50
15281935 regd cvr Nevis-UK, mixed S.Jubilees 1d(SG61) + Leewards 2½d(pair SG90).40
15291942 airmail cvr to USA via Antigua, mix franking SG68 +Leewards SG110-1(1/=,2/=). Circ.violet crown3 cens25
15301946 regd airmail cvr to UK, 5-colour SG68a,9a,70,73d,76ab(cat £24).30
15311957(Feb 1) illus local FDC of 8c + $2.40 (SG112b+7b cat £17).20
1532ST LUCIA: (see lot 792): 1901 QV 1d red p.stat.card comm.used Castries-France.20
15331902 QV 1d p.stat.env Castries-UK + KEVII 1d. Mixed reigns.20
15341919 comm.cvr Soufriere-USA, 1d (SG79a). No flap.30
15351937 regd cvr Castries-Canada, 4-colour SG115-8.20
15361939 rare KGVI 3d regd env, H&G6 Castries-USA + 2½d. PHOTO200
15371953 airmail cvr Soufriere-UK, scarce 4-colour mixed KGVI-QEII SG151,3,5,73(cat £9).15
1538ST VINCENT: (see lot 535): 1905 Govt House env regd to Lady Fremantle,UK, 2½d+4d (SG69,71 cat £28). Redirected to Bath but Posted Out of Course & attracted 2d P.Due. PHOTO65
15391916 comm.cvr Kingstown-Grenada, 1d(SG109a) + 1d war stamp (SG122b: comma variety cat £29). PHOT.65
15401919 regd cvr Kingstown-Nova Scotia(Forties Settlement rec’r), 1d war stamp + 5d(SG114,126 cat £18).40
15411942 airmail cvr to USA @ 1/4d rate, printed St Vincent censor label tied s/line Passed by Censor No.325
15421949 regd airmail cvr to USA, S.Wedding set (SG162-3 cat £40).35
15431969 cvrs(2) to UK @ 8c rate with Prospect or Spring Village pmks.15
1544SAMOA: (see lot 1720): 1894 cvr Apia-USA(rec’r), 5d on 4d (SG69 cat £38). STB 7 known cvrs. PHOTO150
15451916 NZ opt 1d lettercard complete with edges used local Apia. S/line blk Passed by Censor. Scarce. PHOT.50
15461962 regd airmail cvr Tuasivi-USA, $2 (SG235 cat £160). Rare postally used. PHOTO250
1547SAN MARINO: (see lots 62,66-7): 1882-1907 p.stat.cards inc reply (MiP1-3,5) fine unused(4).20
15481894 10c grn p.stat.card comm.used Borgo-Rimini.25
15491927 reply half 40c p.stat.card comm.used to France + 30c (SG116).25
1550SARAWAK: 1948(Oct 25) illus FDC Kuching-W.Australia, 8c S.Wedding (SG165).10
15511973 official cvr Medical Dept(cachet) Miri(scarcer official paid pmk)-Kuching.15
15521974-77 60s+15s Malaysia regd envs(2 diff.size G) Baram/Lutong-Kuching.15
15531978 cvr Jambori Petra Jaya(scarce 30mm skeleton STB in use 14 days)-Bintulu, SG213(x2),22,28(cat £8).25
15541977 30c illus Malaysia butterfly airletter comm.used Kenyalang Park-UK.15
15551980s internal cvrs(11) with Batu Lintang,Beladin,Durin,Kaki Wong,Kampong(Gadong,Kalulit,Belampit,or Tekajong), Ladang Tiga PA, Nanga Machan,Wakil Pos Nanga Entabai 35-40mm skeleton pmks75
15561987 underpaid cvr Batu Kaura(40mm skeleton pmk)-Kuching taxed with Malaysia 20c P.Due (D24).15
1557SAUDI ARABIA: 1951 cvr ex Br.Embassy,Jeddah(cachet) to brewery in Denmark privately carried to London & posted there with Foreign Office pmks/cachets & 4d meter mark.20
15581954 regd airmail(both boxed h/st) cvr Katif-USA, SG348+59(x2).15
1559SERBIA: (see lot 184): 1877 EL Pozarevac-Belgrade(rec’r), 20p (SG46).25
15601904 5pa p.stat.card with arms opt (P57) comm.used Belgrade Station-Switz + 5pa(SG95).15
15611905-9 comm.cvrs(3) to Vienna @ 15pa rate (SG117-8) & Gorchoumlye,Varvarihe or Kragujevatz pmks.40
15621911 death notice mourning EL Belgrade-Zarak, SG116(pair).20
15631943 POW reply lettercard from wife in Dolovo to Serb POW in Stalag 27B(censor),Germany.20
1564German Occ: 1941 Yugoslav 1d p.stat.card ovpt’d in grn(P1) Lozovik-Kragelvina. Boxed violet censor.25
15651942 regd censored cvr Belgrade-Vienna, 2d(x2)+5d ovpts (Mi5,8).20
15661944 regd cvr Kovin-Weisskirchen(Bela Crkva), 2d+7d (Mi75,79). Scarcer VB boxed censor.25
1567SEYCHELLES: 1900 fine 30c brn p.stat.env comm.used to Munich via Dijon. Looks commercial!40
15681903 KEVII 12c regd envs(2: sizes G or H) fine unused. See also lot 545.35
15691938(Jan 1) regd local FDC of original vals to 25c (SG136,7,9,40-1 cat £27).20
15701948 cvr to Kenya, S.Wedding set (SG152-3 cat £48).45
15711949-51 cvrs(2) Victoria-UK, 18c (SG139ca or cb cat £20).20
15721962 KGVI 20c regd env size H Victoria-UK + QEII SG202,4-5.40
15731971(May) illus FFC interim air service Mahe-Mombasa, 85c (SG272) & sp.pmk.10
1574Mauritius used in: 1859 Britannia 6d blue 4mgn imperf (Z2 cat £900) with B64 pmk. PHOTO300
15751863 10d + 1876 ½d on 10d (Z25,32 cat £625) & B64 pmks (2).200
1576SIERRA LEONE:1891 cvr Freetown(red-brn pmk)-UK per SS Boma & L’pool Br.Pkt, 4d(SG33)& B31 pmk.PH50
15771896 QV 2d regd env size F Freetown(oval red pmk)-UK via L’pool + SG45(x2).35
15781907 KEVII 1d p.stat.env Freetown-UK.15
15791909 regd cvr GPO-UK via Plymouth, ½d+2½d (SG90,99).20
15801917 military mail env Freetown-UK @ 1d rate. S/line Passed by Censor + 11 in shield.25
15811937 regd cvr Freetown-USA, 4-colour SG131,2a-3,43(1/=).25
15821956 cvr Freetown-UK, SG212(blk of 4 cat £26) tied reverse. 2-line violet Insufficiently Prepaid for Airmail.25
1583SINGAPORE: (see lot 28,1203,1210): 1903 comm.cvr Kandang Kerbau-India, Straits SG110-11 tied reverse.25
15841915 cvr to USA via Bombay(2-line Passed Censor), Straits SG193(x2)+201 tied reverse.20
15851945(Dec) OAS under 10gr cvr to Holland with violet skeleton Dutch PO pmk. PHOTO45
15861953 25c KGVI airletter(no.1) comm.used to UK + 5c (SG18a).20
15871969(Nov–Dec) illus unadd.FDCs(2) of 1c,4c,$2–$10 (SG101-2,13-15) musical instruments.40
15881973 regd airmail cvr Airport-Germany, scarce Shipping minisheet (MS188 cat £45).35
15891977(Dec) illus Singapore Airlines/BA Concorde FFC to Bahrain @ $1 rate.15
1590SLOVAKIA: 1941 cvr Bratislava-Prague, 4-colour SG31,44,65-6. German censor.15
15911941 regd(?) cvr Lipianj-USA, 5k(SG49) tied reverse.15
15921943 regd cvr Podolinec-Kozmarok, SG46 + Culture Fund (SG113-6). Cert.of posting attached(rev).15
1593SOLOMONS: 1930 comm.cvr Tulagi-Brisbane, ½d+1d (SG39,41 cat £11).30
15941943(Mar) censored cvr US APO 716(Guadalcanal for 17 days)-USA @ US 6c rate. Scarce.35
15951944(Sept) official US Election war ballot ‘free’ env US APO706(Bougainville)-USA via APO709(Guadalcanal)25
15961945(Mar) NZ Forward OAS env to NZ, RNZAF C pmk(Guadalcanal).20
15971956 cvr to N.Guinea, 2d+1/=(SG85,91) tied s/line Barakoma Airfield + separate date.25
1598SOMALIA: 1960 airmail cvr Hargeisa-UK, SG290c+355(ovpt cat £40). PHOTO50
1599SOMALILAND: WW2 cvr Major in Camel Corps-UK, 1a(x2)uncancelled + triang.Passed by 38 censor.PHOT.50
16001941(May) LATI airmail env APO-u-MpK 21 (Mogadishu)-S.Africa. Boxed SAFF censor.35
1601S.AFRICA: 1913 long regd cvr Jo’burg-UK, mix franking Transvaal 1d(strip of 3)+2½d(SG1 x2). Scarce.25
16021916 cvr Caledon-Hampshire Regt POW in Germany @ Cape 1d rate. Censor 99 label, 2 diff.oval blue Cape Town censors, circ.Passed Censor C3 + Post Free PC POW h/stamp.40
16031917 KGV ½d p.stat.card Mill Street(Cape Town)-Windhoek(SWA). Circ.violet Passed Censor C.8/99.15
16041918-19 ppc correspondence(4) USA-Middleburg(Tvl) @ 2c rate with all diff.triangular or circ.Pretoria censors.40
16051914-31 lovely lot advertising illus cvrs(6) for midget radio,café,fruit farm,books,tailors,jeweller.50
16061925(May) flown cvr Cape Town-Durban, SG6,26-7(airs cat £28)25
16071937 comm.cvr Blue Lagoon-UK, vertical pair 1½d (SG57). PO only open 7 years.25
16081938(Dec 14) illus regd FDC Voortrekker Monument,Pretoria-UK, Voortrekker sets (SG76-81 cat £36).25
16091939(July 17) printed regd Huguenot FDC Durban-UK of SG82-4(cat £32).30
16101942(Jan 12) local regd Durban cvr with war effort set (SG88-93,5-6 cat £90) in pairs (3d vert). FDC 1½d. PH.45
16111944(Feb) OAS 3d airmail lettercard(written in German) Jo’burg-US soldier APO 302(Caserta,Italy).10
16121949 air cvr Durban-USA, blk 6+pair+single SG107b(cat £35) + blk 8 SG127 rev inc pennant flaw(cat £24).PH45
16131951 cvr Pretoria-Holland notable for booklet pane of 6 ½d(SG114ca) + single ½d+1d ex booklets.20
16141951 foreign parcel post label Upington-UK, 3d(x3),2/6d + 5/= singles SG121-2.15
16151959 regd airmail cvr Cape Town(paquebot pmk)-UK, 10/=(SG164).10
16161969(Feb) SAL-SAA official FFC no.9 Jo’burg-Rio-N.York @ 10c rate. See also lots 70,211,468,1273.20
1617S.AUSTRALIA:1863 EL(unexplained death)Overland Corner(cds+ 116)-Adelaide via PO Railway, 2d(SG24a)25
16181862-4 social EL/cvr(2) Kooringa/Strathalbyn-Adelaide, 2ds (SG24a-5) & fine 28 or 55 numerals.40
16191891 QV 1d p.stat.card written Alma-Adelaide pmk’d fine Hamley Bridge sq.circle.20
16201904 regd cvr Beachport(sq.circ)-Tasmania, 2d+6d(SG284). PHOTO50
16211905 regd hotel env Port Augusta West(scarce sq.circ)-Tasmania, 3-colour inc 4d (SG284). PHOTO65
1622SW.AFRICA: 1915(May) Karibib ppc OAS FPO 5(state 2 pmk of Walvis Bay)-Cape Town. Boxed blue censor.20
16231919 EL(water table report for Dec 1918 on old German SWA stationery) to Windhoek(box rec’r with year error). Scarce Okasise Rail violet rubber pmk. PHOTO50
16241920 local Luderitzbucht cvr with mix franking S.African 1d + German SWA 5pf.20
16251925 1d on ½d p.stat.card,H&G5 comm.used Farm Ameib-Swakopmund(rec’r) pmk’d Usakos.40
16261927 OHMS returned postal packet env regd Windhoek-USA, triangular SG44A-B(x3 ea cat £18).25
16271935 airmail regd cvr Windhoek-Germany, SG61b,69(singles), S.Jubilee 88-91(cat £35).30
16281936 airmail cvr Windhoek-UK, Voortrekkers SG92-3+5(cat £59)45
16291944 comm.cvr Koe(scarcer agency pmk)-E.London @ 2d rate25
16301947 underpaid cvr Gobabis(s/ring skeleton relief pmk)-E.London @ ½d rate. 2 diff.T2d tax marks.25
16311949 regd(violet h/st) airmail cvr Omaruru-UK, horiz pairs SG74+82 (2/6d cat £26).25
1632S.RHODESIA: 1928 comm.cvr Chipinga-USA, 1d (SG2 x3).20
16331937 illus regd airmail Coronation FDC Salisbury(scarce MO pmk used 1 day only)-UK of SG36-9(cat £15).35
16341937 regd (pink label) airmail cvr Concession-UK, mixed KGV-VI SG19(4d)+39(6d Coronation).30
16351938 comm.cvr Inyazura-USA @ 2½d rate.25
16361940(Nov) cvr Bulawayo-UK, ½d rate(SG53). We Realise in Rhodesia………….Br.Navy patriotic label.20
16371941(Oct) airmail cvr Salisbury-USA, SG35b,44,49(x2). 3/9d rate not censored.20
16381941 official free (RAF cachet) cvr Belvedere Camp-UK. Only open 5 years.30
16391943 cvr Inyanga-RAF Mt Hampden,Salisbury, 3d (SG35b).20
16401940 cvr Bulawayo-USA, 2d(SG35a). Examiner DE/ red/white label + DE/2 crown censor.15
16411955 KGVI 4d regd env size H2 Salisbury-Jo’burg + QEII set to £1 (SG78-91 cat £110). PHOTO80
1642SPAIN: 1791 EL Mallon(Zaragoza?)-Lerida rated 7 with 3–line crown Ara/gon.35
16431806 EL to Cognac per Tolosa & Nantes(2-line) rated 6 & 10, 2–line Bilbao Bizcaia.20
16441840 EL Cadiz-Oporto via Lisbon per Royal Tar. Circ.BC Cadiz, box P.Brit & rated 120+40.25
16451850 outer San Sebastian-Madrid, 4mgn close-clear 6c type 2 (SG2 cat £18) & arana pmk.25
16461902 stampless ppc to Pontevedra with blue crowned Estafeta del Congreso pmk.20
16471933 firms advert folded p/card Zaragoza-Eritrea(destination), 25c(SG734).20
16481938 airmail cvr Palma-Germany, SG882,88 + 10c Majorca label + censor. S/line Par Avion Jusqu’a Rome.20
1649Ceuta: 1935 local ppcs(2) comm.used to Germany/UK @ 30c rates (Spanish SG751 or 3) & 2 diff.pmks.25
16501927 printed paper rate cvr to UK @ Spanish 5c rate (SG376).20
1651Melilla: 1925 regd advert cvr to UK, Spain SG339a+343(x2).25
1652Morocco: 1924(Nov) airmail cvr Larache-USA(flown to Madrid), 10c (SG103 x4). Scarce.40
16531927 ppc comm.used Larache-Germany, 25c (SG107).20
1654Tangier: 1951 airmail advert cvr to USA, mixed franking SG132,143 + Spanish 50c (SG1106).15
1655SUDAN: 1900 5m opt p.stat.env Omdurman-UK via Egyptian TPO + 5m(SG13).20
16561900 4m on 5m p.stat.card,H&G4 comm.used Khartoum(SPS pmk in use 4 yrs)-Ireland via Wadi Halfa Camp.35
16571907 stampless OHMS cvr Khartoum-Governor,Red Sea province,Sawakin(rec’r). Redirected to Coldstream Guards,London via Suez. Part flap.25
16581908 cvr El Obeid(D4 pmk)-UK @ 5m rate.15
16591916 ‘steamers blocked in Suez’ ppc Khartoum-UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO No.1 @ 10m rate pmk’d Halfa-Khartoum TPO No.2. Triangular violet Sudan censor 6.30
16601939 local Khartoum cvr with scarce 3pi air opt (SG75 cat £60).40
16611939 OHMS airmail Cheshire Regt(cachet) cvr Atbara-CO @ Chester, 8pi (SG45b).20
16621939 Anchor Line env Port Sudan Quays-UK, 4-colour SG53d,54a,74,6-7(cat £12).20
16631942(Sept) airmail formular lettercard Indian FPO 87(Gebiet)-UK @ GB 3d rate. RAF censor.20
16641950 illus regd local Khartoum FDC of air set (SG115-22 cat £30).25
16651958 2nd class airmail cvr Kadugli-UK via El Obeid, SG127+146.10
1666SWAZILAND: 1938 KGV 1d p.stat.card H&G4 fine unused with violet Speimen h/stamp20
16671948 regd cvr Mbabane-UK, KGVI set to 5/= p.13½x14 inc SG32c,37b cat £73. PHOTO60
16681952 airmail cvr Mbabane-Australia(destination) @ 1/3d rate (SG32d,35a cat £12+).25
166919 61-on QEII 5c on 6d(H&G7) or 5c(not H&G8) regd envs(2) size G fine unused.15
16701962 QEII 5c regd env(H&G8) + 2½c(SG81) pmk’d Manzini 2-Germiston. Manzini No.1 regd h/stamp.20
16711965 QEII 5c regd env(unlisted type)+ SG98,113(x2) Emlembe(scarcer pmk + regd cachet)-UK.25
1672SWEDEN: (see lot 471): 1845 EL Umea-London via Ystad rated 1/8 with Stockholm cds, poor Hamburg boxed 3-line & fairly good KSNPC Stralsund boxed 3-line pmk. Oval tax mark.30
16731856 EL Gothenburg-Malmo, 4sk (SG2 cat £75). PHOTO50
16741879 6o p.stat.card(sl.trimmed but message re bible in Sweden unaffected) to UK pmk’d PkXP TPO17.Taxed.25
16751882 formular PS p/card regd(rare) stampless Helsingborg-Hoganas & ret’d with mss note.40
16761889 10o p.stat.card comm.used Gotherburg-Kiel with s/line FRA SVERRIG.20
16771890 cvr Goteborg-Wyoming(USA), pair 10o Oscar (Fa45d – yellowish paper).20
16781900 5o kortbref Hotel Rydberg,Stockholm-GB via Trelleborg-Sassnitz TPO + SG43(pair),47 & PkXp TPO 34.20
16791900 5o Jubilee p.stat. illus card to Stockholm comm.used with Polcirkeln(Polar Circle) unframed pmk.25
16801921 cvr Grabo-Berlin, scarce airs SG120c(x2)+d(cat £26).40
16811923 20o on 25o p.stat.card comm.used Stockholm-London.20
168219 29(Oct) airmail ppc Stockholm-Mexico(destination/rec’r), 30o+35o(SG105+133). No clues to route!25
16831936(20/2) regd cachet FDC Stockholm-Rumania(destination/rec’r), Tercent set(SG188-99 cat £30) & sp.pmk25
16841938 regd cvr Stockholm-Germany(opened by customs cachet), 15o(Fa178) + scarce 115o (Fa170).25
16851952 cvr to FPO 94625, blue military reply stamp & Arctic Circle Polcirkeln illus pmk.15
1686SWITZERLAND: (see lot 7): 1854 EL(receipt) Zurich-Zollikon, 4mgn 10r rayon 2 (Mi8 type 2 cat £170). PH.125
16871864 outer Wangen-Lille via Basel,Paris, 40c grn (SG58 cat £85). Large PD. PHOTO65
16881866 outer Basel-Lille via Suisse St Louis Amb A, 30c red (SG57 cat £50).35
16891886 EL Trois Torrents-Monthey, 15c yellow (SG132A cat £42). COD/taxed?35
16901900 Charles Fischer folded advert cvr Geneva-Berlin, perfinned 25c UPU (SG199 cat £65). PHOTO50
16911913 sp Herisau Aviation Day colour ppc with sp.blue label (MiV cat 180eu) reverse. PHOTO75
16921914 ppc comm.used Grindelwald-Burma(rare destination/Moulmein rec’r) @ 10c rate.25
16931915 cvr Zurich-Otwil, scarce 10c Pro-Juv (J5 cat £110). PHOTO100
16941925(May) cacheted ‘soldier memorial unveiling’ FFC Basel-Zurich, 75c air (SG326 cat £110). PHOTO75
16951925(Aug) regd cacheted FFC Lausanne-Milan, 25c+65c air (SG318+25 cat £58).40
16961936 airmail cvr Basel-USA, airs SG345(x2)+359(cat £11). 2-line L’Affranchissement Manquant + mss 2.20
16971937 regd airmail cvr Chexbres-France, airs SG359-60(x2),63(cat £35).25
16981941 airmail cvr Zurich-Argentina via Chiasso, SG379a,413(x2) on front + marg,pair 5fr & strip of 4 10fr SG389A,90B) on reverse. Very scarce. PHOTO250
16991941 express(label) ppc Zurich Rail Stn-Bern(telegraph rec’r), 50c on glazed paper(Zum113y cat 375Sfr).PH80
17001948(Aug 21) illus IMABA FDC to UK, MS498a minisheet(cat £100) & sp.pmk. PHOTO65
17011949(15/6) airmail FDC Villeneuve-UK, Pro-Patria set (SG506-9 cat £25). Scarcer French FDI pmk. PHOTO50
17021955(Feb) Lausanne Phil.Exhib’n minisheet (MS561a cat £130) on illus unadd.FDC (French FDI cat 225SwF).65
1703SYRIA: 1909 firms advert cvr Damas(1 pmk)-Egypt(2 diff.TPO rec’rs), Turkish 20pa(x2).25
17041920 local Aleppo(3 pmk) cvr with Turkish 5pa fiscals(3) opt’d 3/10pi(KS4). PHOTO65
17051933 regd cvr Aleppo-Argentina(destination/rec’r), 5-colour SG181,4-5,248,53.20
17061933 airmail cvr Alexandrette-UK via Berlin, SG225,66,63,66(cat £9).20
17071942(Mar) OAS censored cvr NZ FPO 2(Rayak for 2 months)-Jerusalem (FPO 149 rec’r). Scarce.40
1708TASMANIA: 1894 1d p.stat.card, H&G3b used Latrobe-UK via Launceston + ½d(SG216) & blank duplex.20
17091898 QV 2d green illus lettercard, H&G1 fine unused.25
17101891 cvr Hobart(PR pmk)-UK, 2½d surch(SG168A) with ‘broken d & missing dot’ varieties.Trim base perfs.PH50
17111899 On Public Service Police Dept env used locally in Hobart.20
17121901 QV 1d pink p.stat.card comm.used East Devonport-UK + ½d (SG216).20
17131908 underpaid ppc Scottsdale-Kindred @ ½d rate. Oval tax mark & 1d(D23) with mss cancel.25
17141908 salmon ponds Plenty River ppc used Devonport West-Denmark(destination), ½d+1d (SG237,241c).20
17151911 Melbourne Exhib’n ppc comm.used to Tasmania, Victoria 1d cancelled on arrival with Augusta Gate pmk20
1716THAILAND: 1909 3s on 1½a p.stat.card, H&G18a comm.used locally in Bangkok.20
17171938 Oriental Hotel Bangkok airmail env to S.Africa(destination), 3-colour SG255+7(x2 ea),8.25
17181946 airmail cvr Bangkok-UK, 6-colour mixed issues SG243,53-4,6,95,8-9.20
1719TOGO: 1917 soldiers @ firing range ppc comm.used Lome-UK @ 1d rate.20
1720TOKELAU: 1948(Jun 21) OHMS cvr Nukunonu(Union Is)-UK, Samoa SG216. Last day cvr.15
1721TONGA: 1899 USS Co env Nukualofa-NZ, scarce surchs SG29-30(x2 cat £130). PHOTO200
17221896 stampless cvr Vavau-UK via San Francisco, scarcer Govt Frank Vavau. PHOTO125
17231897 4d regd env Nukualofa-Germany via N.York(regd label) + 2½d(SG33). Rare. PHOTO200
17241925 regd cvr Nukualofa-Switz, 1/= (SG63).25
1725TRANSJORDAN: (see lot 1414-5): 1926 comm.front Kerek(rare violet pmk)-UK, 5m+1pi (SG147,151). PH.50
17261948 regd advert cvr Amman-UK via Beirut, 4-col.SG234(x9),62(x3),T268,70(x2). Violet lozenge censor B-43.20
17271949 airmail cvr Amman-N.Ireland, 5-colour SG230,86-8,T266,69. Boxed violet censorship(reverse).25
1728TRANSVAAL:1902 ERI 4d regd env Krugersdorp-Jo’burg + ERI SG239,243(x2). Oval AE Mainwaring censor.25
17291902 cvr PO Volksrust-Tasmania(destination & Campbeltown rec’r), ½d+2d (SG244,6).25
17301902 GB QV 2d regd env size G APO Pretoria-Cradock + GB KEVII 1d(x2). See also lots 2-4,1397.25
17311903 KEVII ½d p.stat.card comm.used Spelonken-Switz + ½d(SG244).20
17321910 KEVII 1d red/blue lettercard comm.used Middleburg-Berlin + KEVII ½d,1d.20
17331912 regd cvr Maritzberg-Nylstroom(Germiston Station rec’r), 1d+4d(SG265).20
1734TRINIDAD: 1894 firms env Pt of Spain-Barbados(rec’r), 2½d(SG108).15
17351896 QV 2d regd env Couva-Pt of Spain + QV 1d(x2).25
17361902-6 regd(h/st or label) cvrs(2) to UK, SG117+28(x2) or 133b+6.25
17371914 late use QV 1½d brn p.stat.card regd Mayaro-Prague + QV ½d,1d. Scarce early s/line regd. PHOTO50
17381931(Oct) regd FFC Pt of Spain-Fr.Guiana(rec’r), SG226-7. Unlisted Muller. PHOTO50
17391933 comm.airmail cvr to Colombia(destination/rec’r), 4-colour SG219,24,26-7.25
17401936 regd cvr to USA, S.Jubilee set (SG239-42 cat £28). Possibly extra flagstaff on 2c?30
17411938 Esperanto cvr San Fernando-NZ(destination), 3c (SG232).20
17421966 underpaid cvr Oropouche-San Fernando, tax mark in triangle & 8c P.Due (D29a cat £32).50
17431982 underpaid cvrs(2) Carapichaima/Blundells-S.Fernando, 2 diff.tax marks+ mix PDues(D40,44-5 cat £16)40
1744Tobago: 1896 regd p.stat.env size G to N.York + 4d(SG22). Malformed CE variety cat £4000(cvr). PHOTO750
1745TRISTAN: 1950(Feb) unstamped cvr to USA with Cape Town p/bot pmk, tax mark & violet boxed cachet IX.40
17461953 regd cvrs(2) to Cape Town, KGVI set to 10/= (SG1-12 cat £100).80
17471956(Feb) airmail cacheted survey cvr Gough Island-UK, SG19+24.15
17481967(Feb 1) underpaid local cvr @ ½d rate with T5d cachet + 5d P.Due(D5 cat £27) used FDI.40
17491958 underpaid cvr GB-Revd.Bell taxed with 2d P.Due (D2).25
1750TURKEY: 1904 ppc Paris-C’tinople(red Galata arrival pmk + blue rare Yeni-Djemi rec’r) @ French 5c rate.40
17511911 ppc comm.used Maltepe(unlisted type C&W)-France @ 10pa rate. See also lot 948-9,1153,1403.25
17521917 censored(red seal + blk box) cvr Pera 5-Switz, mixed issues SG505+537. See also lot 1703-4,1813.15
1753TURKS & CAICOS: 1936 regd OHMS cvr to USA, 1½d+3d (SG178,181 cat £15).25
17541937 regd cvr to USA, mixed Kings SG178,191a(dp shade),193(cat £46).40
17551942 cvr Grand Turk-USA, mixed issues SG192+94(¼d x2). Examined by Censors 6330+5978.25
17561948 OHMS cvr Postmaster(oval cachet)-USA with official paid pmk.20
1757UN: 1959-60 airmail cvrs(2) N.York-UK/Sudan with 2 diff.shades 15c air (Scott C3-a: cat $75 unused).25
1758USA: (see lot 30,44,71,86,372,378): 1828 stampless FREE(red h/st) EL Portsmouth(NH: red oval)-Maine.25
17591843 EL Philadelphia-France per Louis Philippe via Havre(outre-mer pmk). Red Paid in oval + blue 12.25
17601853 3c Washington p.stat.envs(2 diff U3-4 inc letter) Cleveland(O)-N.Spencer or Louisville(Ky blue)-Augusta65
17611865 cvr San Francisco-Brooklyn via steamer, 3c dull red (Sc.65 x2)20
17621881 regd advert cvr Hot Sulphur Springs-Georgetown(Col), 3c(x5 inc strip 4) + 10c(Sc.184+8) & pen cancel.35
17631882 cvr Buffalo(Wyoming)-Newark(ILL), 1c+2c (Sc.182-3) & violet star cancel. Scarce territorial.25
17641894 brewing illus advert 2c p.stat.env(+8c Columbus Sc.236 cat £14) St Louis-Germany.20
17651895 GB 1d red p.stat.card reply half comm.used Tombstone(Az)-UK. See also lot 644,899,973,1595.20
17661901 Washington 2c p.stat.emv Pittsburgh-Altoona(Pa) + 4c(SG285), 10c Sp.Delivery(S283 cat £17).15
17671921 Washington 5c p.stat. advert env Brockton(Mass)-Java(destination/rec’r).15
17681924(July) cacheted 1st night flight cvr Cheyenne(Wy)-Iowa, 8c air (A614 cat £18)15
17691925 regd advert cvr Hartford(Ct)-Santa Barbara(Ca), blk of 4 5c Norse-American (SG625 cat £62). PHOTO65
17701930 airmail cvr Salt Lake City-Scotland @ 5c rate. Violet s/line Air mail to Exchange Office.20
17711935 cvr Tacoma(Wa)-Oakland(Cal) @ 3c rate. S/line violet Paquebot (Hosking 2184). Scarce.25
17721936(May) cacheted Hindenburg FFC N.York-Frankfurt(illus rec’r), SG694+700.20
17731936(Nov) airmail cvr Utica-India per SS Normandie to France @ 49c rate inc SG610(x2),699.15
17741957-8 scarce 4c Liberty red & violet p.stat.reply card (UY16) complete + single message card both comm. Used Newark/Houston–Trinidad with messages re oil industry (2 items).25
1775Alaska: 1939(Jan) illus emergency airmail cvr Copper Carter-Chitina @ 3c rate.15
1776Antarctic: 1934(Jan) illus 2nd Byrd Exped’n cvr Little America-USA, 3c(SG732). 1 year postal delay cachet.20
1777Canton Is: 1947(Feb) cacheted Pan-am FFC to Australia, US 10c+15c airs.15
1778Hawaii: 1913 US 1c p.stat.env comm.used Honolulu,Hilo(undated s/circle)-Paauhau(violet rec’r).25
1779Navy: 1942(Oct) cvr ex Sqn Ldr in RAF battalion attached to US Navy Air Station,Pensacola(Florida)-N.York @ 3c rate. Redirected to UK with tax marks both countries.20
1780P.Rico: 1929(Jan) illus/cacheted FAM6 FFC San Juan-USA, SGA628+634.15
1781VATICAN: 1934 cvr to Paris, 1L25 (SG29 cat £14).20
17821937 ppc comm.used to UK, scarce 75c Catholic Press (SG51 cat £90). PHOTO125
17831939 regd cvr to France, 1L(SG28) + Sede Vacante opts (SG70-1(x2),73-5.15
17841945 ppc to UK @ 1L rate(SG102). Oval Military Censorship routed through Civil Mails.15
17851950 ppc comm.used to Norway(destination), scarce 35L (SG146 cat £27).30
1786VENEZUELA: 1887 comm.cvr Caracas-Canada(destination & thimble rec’r), 25c (SG121).20
17871889 10c Bolivar p.stat.card,H&G1 used La Vela(pmk + firms h/st)-Paris via Caracas & Ligne A No.120
17881894 wrapper Caracas(violet pmk)-France, 5c (SG163). Scarce rate.30
17891900 formular card in red(view of Caracas rev) comm.used Puerto Cabello(grn pmk)-Belgium + SG199-200.25
17901902 10c p.stat.card, H&G12 comm.used Caracas(violet pmk)-N.York + scarce mix issues SG179,227.35
17911907 10c p.stat.card, scarce H&G10a(Febrero de 1900) Caracas(blue duplex)-Switz per vapor americano.20
17921930(Dec) FFC La Guaira-Jamaica, SG399(x2)+401. Uncommon.25
1793VICTORIA: 1859 EL Melbourne-UK via Suez & Southampton, fine 6d(SG73) & 1 in bars pmk.25
17941865 cvr Richmond(cds + 71 duplex)-UK, 6d grey-blk (SG107b). No flap.25
17951875 mourning cvr Carlton(538 duplex)-UK via Melbourne, 9d (SG173 cat £40). PHOTO50
17961885 1d grn Stamp Duty ovpt wrapper, H&G10(wmk’d) fine unused.35
17971890 OHMS postmaster-general frank env Melbourne-German Consul,NZ(rec’r).20
17981903 cvr to Tasmania, 1d (SG385c pair) & Up Train MG2 TPO pmk.15
17991904 advert cvr Pt Melbourne-Germany, SG384+85c(x2). See also lots 858,1715.20
1800VIETNAM: (see lot 1025): 1954(Dec 1) illus unadd.Indian Army ovpts FDC of N11-15(cat £17) & Saigon pmk.15
18011954-74 all different airletters(6: H&G1,2-3,5-6 + military H&G2) all fine unused.25
18021970s War dropped propaganda leaflet in Vietnamese.10
18031973 60p airletter comm.used Phu Cuong-USA + SG423,9.15
1804W.AUSTRALIA: 1894 2d swan p.stat.card, H&G3 fine unused.25
18051894 local Perth cvr with scarce 2d postal fiscal (F12 cat £80). PHOTO250
18061903-9 QV 2d blue/ultramarine lettercards(2, H&G3+4) fine unused.50
18071902 ½d brn p.stat.card(election advert rev) used locally in Perth with LC Room cds+duplex & PR rec’r.20
18081903 internal cvr Perth-Guildford(rec’r), 1d (SG117 x2)15
18091909 local Bunbury ppc used @ 1d swan rate (SG139) with B duplex pmk.20
18101910 Mundaring Weir ppc comm.used Ship Room,WA-Gibraltar(destination/rec’r) @ 1d rate (SG139).20
1811YEMEN: 1920(Oct) OAS ppc Hodeida-Scotland, fine FPO 330 pmk. Countersigned ex Rajputs. PHOTO500
18121958 airmail cvr Dhamar-Aden Camp(rec’r), 6b(SG62a) ted reverse.20
1813YUGOSLAVIA: (see lot 133): 1908 monastery ppc to France, Turkish 5pa (SG212) & Uskub pmk.25
18141918 advert cvr Gjulaves(Slavonia)-Zagreb, scarce 20h Croatia Freedom (SG84).20
18151920 1f parcel card comm.used Sveti Ivan Zelina(Croatia)-Bjelovar + SG101,4a. Uncommon.30
18161922 complete parcel card regd insured(V-label) Belgrade-Bajina Basta(blue rec’r), SG166,6875,86-7(x2).20
18171934(Jun) airmail cvr Split(triangular air pmk)-UK, airs SG303-4.20
18181935 cvr Zagreb-Senta(rec’r), imperf 3–colour SG305-7. Unusual.25
18191938 Belgrade ppc comm.used locally with SG383+5(cat £10) & Balkan Games sp.pmk20
18201940(Jun1) illus unadd.Balkan Entente FDCs(2), SG441-2 + sp.pmks. Cvr has set, card has set in scarce se-tenant pairs. Cat 150 euros as FDCs.40
1821Post-war black & white Tito political propaganda cards(7 different) fine unused. Uncommon.75
1822ZANZIBAR: 1895 ¼a p.stat reply cards(2: H&G3-a) both fine unused.40
18231941 comm.cvr to USA @ 30c rate. Red/white Opened by Censor label.25
18241944 Sultan 30c regd env size G Mkoani-Chake Chake. Boxed Mkoani Pemba h/st(LRD).30
18251949(Jan 10) illus regd FDC to Jo’burg of S.Wedding set (SG333-3 cat £40).40
18261961 50c regd env, H&G12 airmail to USA + mixed issues SG319,48,59(x5).25
18271966 A5 format commercial regd airmail cvr to Dar, SG436,42,52(x2)-3(x3),4-5(cat £14).20
1828ZULULAND: 1896 regd cvr Eshowe-Durban, 1/=(SG25 cat £38). PHOTO150
18291904 regd cvr Eshowe-UK, strip of 5 Natal KEVII 1d. Minor creasing.25
18301907 comm.cvr Melmoth-Sweden, Natal KEVII ½d+1d(x2).30

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