28th September 2019


Yorkshire Cover Auctions 


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11857 cvr Rome-London via Marseille with fine tombstone Fr 3f76c accountancy.40
2Boer War: 1900 cvr Britstown-POW Bellevue Camp,Simons Town(censor) @ Cape 1d rate with 230 numeral.30
31901(Aug) regd cvr FPO 20(Transvaal)-UK, pairs GB 2½d Jubilee(Z6) + VRI 1d opts(uncancelled)30
4 Redirected: 1904 regd cvr Vienna-Fiume, Austrian 10h+25h. Redirected Fiume-UK + Hungary 5f+10f tied reverse 25
51906 printed matter cvr Hamburg (DB flag pmk)-Captain in Prince Alberts Regt,India @ 5pf rate. Much redirected around India then boxed Reexpedie to UK c/o Cox & Co,London40
61926 airmail cvr Troyes(France)-Switz @ 1f85c rate, redirected back Switz-Troyes @ 50c air rate.30
7WW1: 1915(Feb) French 10c p.stat.card Paris-C'tinople. 2-line Return to Sender (acheminement impossible).20
8POW envelope ex Belgian in Camp de Giessen(cachet + censor)-Belgian govt in exile,Ste Adresse via Switz.20
9Airmails: 1930 airmail cvr 5th Air Traffic Congress The Hague(sp.pmk)-UK, Neths SG308,320A.20
101934(Apr) illus double cacheted FFC Australia-NZ & return per ‘Faith in Australia’ with Australian SG125,7,8, 39(x2 diff.Sydney pmks) & NZ SG548-9(cat £56) pmk’d Kaitaia. Addressed to Holland.35
111934(Oct) MacRobertson Air Race cvr carried(cachet) London-Melbourne by Col.Roscoe Turner + signed photo of him & plane. Item returned to UK @ Aussie 1d rate.30
12S.Jubilee: 1935 cvrs(4) to USA @ 2½d or 6c rates ex Antigua,Bermuda,Barbados,Trinidad(San Fernando)20
131935(Jun-July) illus KGV Birthday matching cvrs(10) to USA. Jubilee low vals ex Swaziland,Straits,SWA,St Helena.S.Rhodesia,Somaliland,St Lucia,Bechuanaland,S.Leone & Seychelles(cat £76). PHOTO(ex).75
14WW2: 1943 airmail cvr Switz-UK @ 50c rate. German OKW + UK Examiner 1780 tapes + secret writing wipe.20
151943(Mar) censored(UK) airmail cvr Switz-PO Box 260/141(Polish undercover UK address/FPO 1 rec'r)@ 50c25
161945 airmail cvr B.Congo(censor)-Uganda @ 2f50 rate via Nigeria(blue-grey Examiner label tied box PP/27).30
17UN: 1949(Jan) Childrens Fund env(forerunner UNICEF) airmail Paris-USA, French SG909,14,1007(blk 4).20
181958 regd(bilingual labels) cvrs(5) UN Brussels-Germany, Belgian UN set (SG1642-57 cat £14).20
191980s-90s sp.event cvrs(33, majority regd) ex Geneva/Vienna HQs all with sp.pmks.35
201990 UNIMOG env ex Medical Asst(cachet),Dezful(blue pmk),Iran-Yugoslavia. See also lot 227.20
211819(?) fumigated EL St Thomas-Cumbria rated 2/4. Scarce grn undated F Leeward Islands(Falmouth) PH175
221825 cross-written EL Quebec(?)-UK(redirected) re-rated from 1/2d, blk stepped Ship Letter Gravesend(S7)25
231826 outer Hamburg(ship letter pmk)-London(S23 crown ship letter) per Sir Ed Banks rated 8.25
241834 outer Lisbon-UK per Soho rated 1/2d, stepped black Portsmouth Ship Letter (S14).35
251836 outer Cadiz(3-line pmk inc date)-London per Glasgow rated 5/=, red stepped Falmouth Ship Letter(S6).40
261838 firms EL Genova-Nizza Mare col vapore. Oval brown Via di Mare Levante.25
271840 firms outer Havre-London(red Ship Letter S28) per Britannia rated 8.20
281840 outer L’pool-Holland per Batavia via London(pd Ship Lre S51)rated 8. 2-line red Engeland over Rott’dam25
291841 EL Naples-Leghorn rated 10. Boxed red Pacchetto a Vapore Stati d’Italia.30
301843-7 firms ELs(2) Livorno-Genova rated 8 or 10 with Via di Mare E h/stamps in red or vermilion.30
311845 EL Cincinnati(O)-York paid(s/line)10 & charged 1/=(L’pool h/st) & America L’pool pmk.20
321846 outer Hamburg-N.York via L’pool per Halifax steamer. Red Paid dotted circle pmk + h/stamp 7.25
331848 prices current EL Antwerp-London(s/line red ship-letter S36) per Soho .S/line red Too Late.25
341849 firms env Charing X-S.Africa rated 2/8 per Richard W.Nash, red unframed Ship Letter London(S29).25
351854 cvr N.York-Glasgow per Atlantic via L'pool (Paid in America red tombstone) rated 24.40
361874 crested env Virginia-Admiral Cochrane,C-in-C Pacific Fleet,Victoria BC(Canada) @ US 6c rate.25
371875 cvr Chicago(red & blue paid pmks)-Scotland, pair US 3c. 4-line unframed Glasgow Packet Paid.35
381903 Genoa RP ppc comm.used to UK, Germania 10pf & Deutsch Seepost Far East Line code f pmk.20
391905 Egyptian ppcs(2) comm.used to France, France 10c Sower & Ligne N p/bots 6 or 8 pmks.25
401911 Nigeria ppc written Tenerife-Belgium, France 5c sower & octagonal Matadi a Bordeaux No.2 p/bot.15
411924 comm.cvr Stettin-Helsinki, German 30pf tied pictorial ‘ship’ paquebot (Hosking 955).25
421929 cvr to USA, US SG652+80 & United Fruit Co SS Toloa purser posted high seas pmk.15
431929 cvr SS Bellans(cachet)-Egypt, Egyptian 1m+4m & Sea PO Cyprus pmk40
441930 cvr to UK, Aussie 1½d & boxed Packet Boat of Auckland (Hosk.1551)+ Marine PO RMMS Aorangi pmk40
451932 Azores ppc comm.used to UK, Azores Ceres 75c & Providence(RI) pmk + s/line Paquebot (Hosk.2118).20
461932-8 cvrs(8) USS Luzon,Whipple(x2 diff.pmks),Tutuila,Mindenao,Tulsa,Rochester or USN Purchasing Office to USA with South China Patrol or Shanghai,Tsingtao,Chefoo or Hankow pmks.50
471934 Hamburg Amerika Line illus env Hamburg(pictorial 12pf meter)-Berlin.15
481938 ‘Smye’ cvr Lyttleton(NZ)-UK, Niue Coronation set. S/line Loose Letter (scarce Hosk.1594).40
491949 comm.cvr Swan Island(WI)-Virginia via Tampa @ US 3c rate. 2-line Steamboat/Pacquetbot(Hosk.2189).20
50Balloon: (see lots 525,1386): 1936(May) cacheted 4th car versus balloon race in Poland: express cvr Borzecin- Tychy, Poland SG300,2,7 tied sp.boxed illus violet pmks. Uncommon.25
511939(May) illus hotel env flown within Switz ex Zurich Exhib'n(cachet/pmk), 65c(SG325a). Pilot signed.20
521958 illus Pestalozzi cacheted flight cvr (Helvetia) Germany-Switz @ 70pf rate.15
53Birds: 1978 Botswana set to P5 (SG411-27 cat £50) on 2 illus unadd. FDCs.35
54Chess: 1950 illus FDC Dubrovnik-Liechtenstein of Yugoslav set (SG647-51 cat £32) & sp.pmk25
55Christmas: 1905(Dec 1) ppc Stockport-Winsford @ 1d rate. Red/mauve ½ perf label tied 1905 Santa Claus Christmas Fair violet cachet. See also lots 319,580,880,982,1080.30
56Chiropody: 1967-8 advert cvrs(2, diff.illus) Lisbon-UK @ Portugal 3e50 rate. Front & back Dr Scholl adverts.15
57Concorde: 1975-6 Air France Concorde illus FFCs(7) to Rio,Senegal,Canada(2 diff),N.York,Azores,Mexico.40
581976(Jan) inaugural flight illus cvr Bahrain-London with se-tenant blk 4 SG232-5(cat £16). Pilot signed (Todd)25
59Cricket: 1966 signed Garfield Sobers ppc used FDI Barbados-UK, SG358 (the man himself).20
60 Drink: 1935 advert cvr Salvador-Germany @ 45c.Slogan: Drink Water from Coatepque Lake: Salvador's Vichy 20
61Esperanto: 1910 advert printed p/card for Esperanto comm.used Milan-London @ 10c rate.15
62Fishing: 1896 illus advert(fishing tackle suppliers + medals won) cvr Perth-Stirling @ 1d rate.30
63Football: 1938 comm.cvr Paris-London, 1f75 World Cup (France SG612 cat £18).25
64Freemasons: 1897 illus Danish Lodge of Good Templars cvr Skive-Hjorring, SG80+97 & Struer-Langat pmk.40
65Helicopter: 1953-5 Swedish cacheted FFCs(2) Namdo-Stockholm or Trelleborg-Porjus (pilot signed).25
66Hotel: (see lots 177,1413): 19th cent. unused pictorial Grand Hotel Locarno, Hotel Jungfrau @ Eggishorn or Hotel Menaggio on Lake Como Swiss p/cards(3). 2 have Swiss 5c/10c arms(Mi52,54) affixed.40
67Motoring: 1952(Jun 1) illus Berlin Motor Sport races 10pf p.stat.card(P30) with sp.AVUS FDI pmk.25
68Mountaineering: 1960 Saltoro Exped’n to Himalayas illus ppc to Pakistan signed exped’n members.10
691961 official signed Nuptse Himalaya Exped’n ppc Nepal-UK, SG122(x2),139(x2)-40.25
70Olympics: 1924 French cvrs/p/stat(3), internal or to UK/Switz with Olympics SG401(x2),402 or 4.30
711935 airmail cvr Barranquilla(Colombia)-Switz, 12c Olympics (SG467).15
721952(20 Jun) illus unadd.Olympic Festival,Berlin FDC of B88-90(cat £60) & sp.pmk.40
73 Parachuting: (see lot 1245): 1951 illus unadd.Yugoslav FDC of 1st world championships (SG696-7 cat £52). 40
741924(Sept) early parachutist ppc flown Zurich-Basle-Grenchen, Swiss SG280+318(cat £33) + 30c flight label.25
75Police: (see lots 1373,1388): 1941 stampless cacheted Tunisian police cvr Zaghouan-Grombalia.15
761964 cvr + 25m airletter Nicosia SBO-USA. Boxed UNIFICYP Civilian Police Aussie Contingent & boxed Self Determination for Cyprus or Insufficiently Prepaid for Transmission by Air (2 items).25
771959 regd OSGS cvr HQ Sudan Security Police,Khartoum-Governor,Upper Nile(Makwer rec’r), SG opts O76+ 9(x2). Strictly Confidential h/stamp.20
78Religion: 1897 US 5c Columbus p.stat.env S.Francisco-France. 16th Internat.Christian Convention label tied.25
791952 35th Eucharist Congress,Barcelona illus unadd,cvr with Spain SG903(imperf pair 10c)+1135 & sp.pmk10
80Royalty: 1924 printed signed cvr Comptroller to Queen Alexandra, Sandringham(official paid RSO pmk)- General Sir George Higginson,Marlow. Violet GvR cypher. Minor edge tears at right. See also lot 1041.30
811937(Jun) KEVIII illus unadd,Wedding Day cvr pmk’d Monts(France). Box Damaged by Water during Voyage15
821950 regd cvr Oxford-Cheltanham, KGVI 2½d+4d & skeleton Royal Show pmk.15
831953(July) illus Rhodes Cent cvr to Canada ex Royal Tour(sp.pmk), S.Rhod SG71-5 regd ex Royal Train.20
84Rowing: 1905 ppc(4-man boat being rowed down Adelaide river) Largs Bay(sq.circ)-France @ S.Aust 1d rate20
85Scouts: 1933 regd cvr Szeged-Germany, Hungarian set SG563-7(cat £25).30
861937 World Jamboree Holland env + printed letter ex camp to UK, Dutch 12½c (SG468) & sp.pmk20
871979 illus unadd.cvrs(20) with Liberia Norman Rockwell set of 50 scout paintings (SG1390-1439).25
88Skiing: (see lot 1121): 1938(Feb) regd cvr Lahti(sp.FIS pmk)-Switz, Finland set (SG321-3 cat £40).30
89Space: 1967-8 airmail cvrs(2 inc regd) Turks Is-UK, SG268-70 or 278,82,84(x2). Apollo NASA illus diff.cachet15
90Speedway: 1951 illus(rider in action) advert cvr Malmo-UK @ Swedish 30o rate.15
91Tobacco: 1876 printed matter EL(4pp on US tobacco crop) Bremen-USA, German 5pf (Mi32).25
92ADEN: 1919(Jan) OAS ppc to UK ex S/Sgt en route UK on HT Chakdara. Base Office Aden IEF pmk.40
931937(1 Apr) scarce 9p Dhow p.stat.card used FDI Aden Camp-UK + ½a(SG1). PHOTO65
941937(1 Apr) local FDC with Dhows set to 1r (SG1-9 cat £58) front & back.40
951939 cvr to Switz, SG3(pair)+5.15
961950 KGVI 6a airletter H&G1 comm.used to UK ex RMS Orontes25
971953 airmail cvr to Canada, mixed KGVI-QE2 SG36,42,47,50,54,58,62,65.15
98AEGEAN: 1927 regd advert cvr Rhodes-UK via Italian TPO, 3-colour Italian SG76,180+190(x2 ea). PHOTO65
991932 Rhodes ppc comm.used to Genoa, Dante 10c opts (SG70 x2 cat £10).35
100ALBANIA: 1916 Italian armed forces p.stat.card comm.used Posta Militare Albania No.3-Italy.25
1011917 Hungarian feldpostkarte comm.used KuK Staff 1567(Lesch)-Graz.25
1021914 regd cvr Starove(blue pmk+ prov.regd)-Munich via Elbasan,Durres, Skanderbeg (SG27-32 cat £30). PH50
1031926(Sept) airmail cvr Durres(violet pmk)-Tirane, airs SG186-9(cat £20).35
1041927 King Zog’s villa ppc comm.used Schkoder-Switz, 3-colour AZ opts SG211,12-13(x2ea)25
1051929(Aug) official cacheted flown cvr Vlone-Tirane, SG230,53,72(cat £18).40
1061929 Durazzo firms window env with 25q(SG253) & Piroscafo Sarion pmk25
1071932-6 firms p/card/ppc/cvr(3) Shkoder/Tirane-Europe @ 5q,15q or 25q rates (SG279,81-2).40
1081943 Italian Army p.stat.card comm.used PM N22-Italy. Armourial Tirane Military Circuit cachet.20
109ANDORRA: French: 1950 Radio Andorra ppc comm.used to France, 4fr (F115 x2 cat £21) & La Vieille pmk.30
1101976 airmail cvr GPO La Vieille-USA, F168(x3),71,73,75,277(x3)-8(butterflies x2 cat £42).35
111Spanish: 1948(Feb 16) regd illus FDC to Spain of SG44,6-7,50 (cat £54). PHOTO50
1121965 regd cvr La Vieja-Germany, SG58,61,65(cat £10).15
113ANTIGUA: (see lots 1124-8): 1903 regd cvr St Johns-Germany, 3-colour SG32-3,35(cat £46). PHOTO60
1141921 regd cvr St Johns-Canada, war stamps SG53(strip of 4)-4(cat £16).25
1151931(Jan) scarcer FFC to Fr.Guiana(rec’r), SG56,73,76(cat £12). Unlisted Muller. PHOTO50
1161935 regd cvr St Johns-UK, S.Jubilee 2½d+1/= (SG93-4 cat £20).30
1171938 crested env HMS Vindictive,St Johns-UK, mixed 3-colour SG62,65,69 + Leewards ¼d(SG58).25
1181944 airmail cvr to RAF PO,Yorks(& redirected with RAF PO label), 1/=(SG105). IB/235 Examiner label.20
1191950 regd airmail cvr St Johns-Switz, S.Wedding set SG112-3(cat £19).15
1201951 regd(inc 2 village printed labels) cvrs(3) All Saints,Freetown or Old Road-UK, SG118-9.30
121Barbuda: 1935(May 6) S.Jubilee FDC of Leewards SG88-91(cat £50) addressed to Antigua.45
122ARGENTINA: 1897 5c p.stat.env, H&G13 Rosario-Germany per Bresil + SG143,5(x2): ie 3-colour.20
1231920 San Martin ½c wrapper + SG450(private perfs),52(ie 3-colour) B.Aires-UK.20
1241933 regd advert cvr B.Aires-Latvia(destination/rec’r) per Cap Ancona, 5-colour SG516A(x3),29,31,35,50,615.25
1251934(Jun) cacheted(violet) Graf Zeppelin return flight to Germany, SG539,67a,69.25
1261935 4c San Martin illus(map/flag) publicity p.stat.card, H&G48 complete folded used locally B.Aires + 2c Pro-Sanitoria & 10c Trans Oceanica Exhibition labels.25
127Antarctic: 1950 comm.cvr South Orkneys(violet pmk)-B.Aires(rec’r), SG645(x2)-6(x4).25
128ASCENSION: 1936 regd cvr to USA, strip of 6 1½d (SG23 cat £15).25
1291939 regd cvr to UK, top vals 2/6d-10/= (SG45-7 cat £72). PHOTO100
1301940 regd cvr to UK inc scarcer 1d & 3d, SG38-9,40-3(cat £48).45
131AUSTRALIA: (see lots 10-11): 1887-1916 cheques(6) drawn on Melbourne or Tasmanian banks with wide variety Victoria/Tasmania issues inc fiscals tied.25
1321915 long cvr to Perth, ½d+2½d(SG1,4 cat £30) cancelled on arrival GPO MRR(mail rec’r room) unusual pmk40
1331916 KGV 4d regd env, H&G8 fine unused.45
1341917 cvr Sydney-Switz, SG20+21c(x2: minor flaws noted). Violet/white Opened by Censor label.25
1351917 James Sandy & Co env Sydney-USA, 2½d roo (SG4 cat £23) perfinned JS&Co.35
1361924 KGV 4½d regd env H&G24 Echuca(Money Order Office pmk)-Black Rock (Sandringham rec'r).30
1371929 airmail cvr Melbourne-UK, strip 3 SG116. 2-line red Insufficiently Paid for Transmission by Airmail.25
1381929-32 cvrs(2) Thursday Island(2 diff.pmks)-UK/USA, SG116(x2) or 119.50
1391930 University of Queensland printed env Parliament House-UK, SG94,96,119.25
1401930(Jun 2) regd flown Sturt FDC Perth-UK, SG115,17-8(x2 cat £24).45
1411931(Apr) IA printed FFC Darwin(NT)-UK, SG96(x2),102,9,121(x2 cat £18).20
1421931(May) all-up illus ANA FFC Sydney-UK, SG103a+123-a(x3 inc imprint pair & re-entry cat £150+). PHOT125
1431931(Nov) Xmas illus/cacheted FFC Melbourne-UK, SG99 + airs 139-a inc OS ovpt cat £78.45
1441932 cvr Adelaide-UK, 2d red-brn (SG98). Scarcer single franking.25
1451932(Mar) crown crested env Brisbane-Toowomba, OS 2d (O125).30
1461935 airmail cvr Barlow(NSW)-UK, strip of 3 6d airs SG139(cat £51).35
1471935 regd cvrs(2 inc airmail crested env ex PMG) Perth/Sydney-Scotland, S.Jubilee 2d+3d or 2/=(SG156-8).50
148c1938 airmail cvr US Consul,Sydney(cachet + env)-US Navy,Darwin @ 1/1d rate.20
1491940 cvr Mil.PO Royal Park(Vic)-UK, mix franking AIF 2d + Papua 2d+3d Coronation.20
1501940 airmail cvr Toowoomba(Qld)-UK, 1/= lyre bird + scarce AIF 6d (SG174,199 cat £33).30
15119 40-4 censored cvrs(18) to UK/Ireland/Canada @ 2½d-1/9d rates. Wide variety red Opened by Censor labels with/without dots, boxed diamonds or 2-line censors.75
1521945 POW cvr Tatura Camp-UK, 2½d & violet Melbourne pmk. Aprroved by Camp CO cachet + 2 diff.censor20
1531948-54 illus FDCs(3) of SG223-4.248-9(pairs),280.25
1541947 cacheted/illus Pan-am FFC Sydney-New Caledonia, 1/6d (SG143a).15
1551970 official Australia Post illus unadd.FDC of Grassland 5c (SG458), Scarce.25
156AAT: 1948(Mar) cvr Macquarie Is-Australia @ 2½d rate. 2-line ANARE 1947 violet expedition cachet.20
157BCOF: 1948 cvr Air Force FPO 30(Iwakuni)-UK, 3d(J3).20
1581948 regd cvr Army FPO 215(Kure)-Tasmania, 3d (J3 x2).25
159AUSTRIA: 1895 2kr Illyria p.stat.card comm.used Spalato-Germany via Zara. 2-line Leta Arrta per Mare.40
1601911 OE Lloyd Prinz Hohenlohe ppc to Vienna, 5h & Kotor-Trieste maritime TPO pmk.40
1611915 regd censored(Vienna wafer seal) cvr Vienna-Hannover, scarcer 35h biplane (SG246).25
1621916 stampless ppc comm.used SMS Prinz Eugen(ships FPO pmk),Pola-Budapest.25
1631918 regd cvr Vienna-Copenhagen, 50h(SG257). Boxed red or blk wafer seal Vienna censors.15
1641918(July) flown cvr Vienna-Budapest, mixed grey/white paper airs SG296-8(cat £80). PHOTO75
1651922(Dec) regd inflation cvr Vienna-Bremen via Dresden(postal censor), 4-colour 1040kr rate.15
1661925(Sept 1) airmail(cachets) cvr Vienna-Budapest, SG582 + airs 620,28.25
1671927 regd cvr Vienna-Beyrouth(Syria: destination/rec'r), 24g + 1s (SG581+7).20
1681927(Apr) FFC Salzburg-Vienna, SG623+638. 161 flown. See also lots 4,401-2,507.30
16919 28(Jun) sp.printed illus FF p/card of G31 aircraft Klagenfurt-Salzburg, SG617+22 & sp.pmk25
1701931 flown ppc Vienna-Berlin, 30g air (SG627 cat £16).25
1711936 airmail cvr Vienna-Singapore via Greece, mixed German 25pf Hindenburg + 1sh air (SG773).25
1721949 censored regd airmail cvr Wien Modling-USA, POW Fund (SG1170-3 cat £75). Inc letter. PHOTO50
173Levant: 1884 5sld p.stat.card comm.used C’tinopel(s/ring)-Paris.25
1741903 10pa(Mi43) on port ppc Metellin-UK.30
1751908 scarcer 5c POs in Crete p.stat.env comm.used Jerusalem-S.Africa(destination).40
1761909 US Mission,Trebizond,Black Sea printed env Trapezunt(Austrian PO)-USA, pair 20pa(SG61).45
1771910 Hotel Carmel ppc comm.used Caifa-France, POs in Crete 5c (Mi17).25
1781911 C'tinople ppc comm.used to Paris, 20pa & scarcer Prevesa Austrian PO pmk. PHOTO50
1791912 ppc comm.used Beirut(Austrian PO code c)-Vienna, 20pa (SG61).15
180Austrian Italy: 1918(Jun) cvr(inc letter) FPO 494(KuK Belluna 2-line)-Vienna, SG3-4,9,11,15. S/line cens.PH50
181Lombardy Venetia: 1862 vinegar factory printed EL Vicenza-Pavia, 2sld (Mi6 type 2 cat £160). PHOTO150
182BAHAMAS: 1895 QV 2½d p.stat.env regd Nassau(cds pmk)-Germany via London with scarcer AO5 pmk.PH50
1831928 long comm.cvr Tarpum Bay-UK, 1d (SG111). Central fold.40
1841930 regd matching airmail window envs(2) Nassau-UK, scarce 2/= or 3/= Cent(SG129-30 cat £135).PH(ex)150
1851935 regd airmail cvr Nassau-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG141-4 cat £40).30
1861937 cvr Green Turtle Bay-Malta(rec’r),mix KGV-VI SG117,146+8. Malta SG196 & Paquebot Knights of Malta20
1871943 regd censored 4-colour Landfall opts (½d: dot in o,1½d,2d,2½d) cvr to UK.15
1881946 KGVI 2d red/buff p.stat.card airmail Nassau-USA + 2d red (SG152b).20
1891946 regd airmail cvr Nassau-Seychelles(destination/rec'r) via Mombasa, marginal ½d-1/= (11 vals cat £15+).25
1901951 local comm.cvr True Blue(skeleton pmk)-Nassau, KGVI 1½d & B duplex.30
191BAHRAIN: (see lot 58): 1933(Oct) banking cvr to Germany, 3a6p (SG8).20
1921935 airmail cvr to UK, 3-colour SG15-16,18(x2). By Air cachet.45
1931941 regd airmail cvr to Bombay, SG20+23(x5 inc blk of 4) tied reverse. Boxed Not Opened by Censor.40
1941948 regd airmail cvr to USA, SG54+56(blk of 12) tied reverse.25
1951953(Feb 15) local Awali FDC of 1½a local (L3) block of 4 cat £10.15
196BARBADOS: 1892(Jun) cvr to USA @ 2½d rate. Overpaid: 2½d rate applied from Sept’92.25
1971891 ½d brown p.stat.card Ellesmore,St George-Bridgetown pmk’d cds + bootheel. Monthly rainfall report.20
1981905 regd cvr to Canada, 5d (SG110).25
1991905 underpaid ppc to UK @ ½d rate. Tax marks both countries inc T in heart.25
2001910-53 nice lot advertising cvrs(12) inc illus(clothing x2 diff, Derry Malt, guest house): rates ½d(printed matter)- 1/6d(airmail) inc meter mail. Denmark,Nova Scotia & US Virgins noted destinations.65
2011935 Firestone tyre advert cvr to USA, 2½d S.Jubilee (SG243).15
2021937-47 cvrs(4 inc 3 regd,1 airmail & 2 OHMS) to USA/UK, SG231d+234a,252c+4a, 3-colour inc 2/6d,254.25
2031941 ppc comm.used to UK. Red Official Paid meter mark. Violet crown Passed by Censor 8900.15
2041944-52 local Bridgetown cvrs(2) @ 1d or 3c meter frank rates. 1 on local Cricket Association business.15
2051985 local Grenada cvr redirected airmail to Barbados with 3-line Received Partially Open/Officially Sealed/ Eagle Hall PO h/stamp.20
206BASUTOLAND: 1900 Cape ½d p.stat.card Mafeteng(cds + 156 numeral)-France + Cape ½d(SG48a). PHOT65
2071905 cvr Morija-Pretoria(rec’r), Cape KEVII 1d.35
2081942 comm.cvr Sekakes-Cape, 1½d(SG20). Scarcer pmk.25
2091951 airmail cvr Mamathes-UK, SG22-3(x3 cat £13).20
210Lesotho: 1975 unpaid cvr Teyateyaneng-Qachasnek with strip of 4 2c P.Dues (D14 cat £14) tied30
211BECHUANALAND: 1886 scarcer 4d regd env with large Br.Bechuanaland ovpt, H&G2 fine unused.30
2121904 Bulawayo ppc Mochudi(BB pmk)-UK, QV 1d (SG61).45
2131905 ppc comm.used Francistown-UK, KEVII 1d (SG68).25
2141905 EL written on train Kimberley-Bulawayo, mixed QV-KEVII SG60+69 & Palapye Station pmk. PHOTO75
2151907 KEVII ½d+1d Bech.Prot.ovpts on GB p.stat.cards(2: H&G3-4) ovpt'd Specimen horseshoe fine unused.50
2161934 regd OHMS airmail cvr Lobatsi-Kenya, SG102(x2)-3(cat £26). PHOTO50
217BELGIUM: 1864 EL Turnhout-UK via Angleterre par Ostende d/ring, 40c (SG27 cat £36) & 367 pmk.40
2181900 comm.cvr Antwerp(station pmk)-London, 50c grey-blk (SG88a with tablet)30
2191930(Dec) cacheted FFC Charleroi-Brussels-B.Congo, SG566,573 + 564(scarce 5fr air cat £44).40
2201933 regd cvr Brussels-Hamburg, scarce Anti-TB set (SG646-52 cat £260). GPO seal tied rev. PHOTO200
2211937 sp.round flight p/card ex Phalene Brussels-Leopoldville & back, mixed Belgium + Congo frankings.25
2221937(Apr) SABENA cacheted FFC Brussels-Prague, SG686+735.15
2231939 regd cvr Brussels-USA, Orval set (SG861-6 cat £35). See also lots 8,18,506,1648.30
2241940 censored(German) airmail cvr Brussels-USA, Relief Fund SG904(x3),6-9.20
2251960 illus unadd.World Refugee Year minisheet FDC of SGMS1719(cat £100) & Gent sp.FDI pmk. PHOTO65
226Congo: (see lot 16): 1922 river ppc Matadi-UK, 1fr (SG76).25
2271962 UN Forces illus unadd. FDCs(4) of Indian U1-6(cat £50) & FPO 660,716,771 or 777 pmks40
228German Occ: 1916-17 local Antwerp p/cards(2) ex Dutch Consulate (cachet or pre-printed back) @ 8c rate inc mixed issue franking with p.stationery. 2 different types Antwerp censors25
2291918 advert cvr Tournai-Brussels, 5c+50c W.Command ovpts (Mi2a,8) & censor’s pmk.25
230Ruanda Urundi: 1937 cvr Usumbura-USA, Queen Astrid charity set (SG103-5 cat £18).30
231BERMUDA: 1891 comm.cvr Hamilton-Canada per SS Trinidad, QV 2½d(x2). Double rate.25
2321897 QV ½d blue/buff p.stat.card comm.used Hamilton-Italy(destination/rec’r) via London + ½d(SG21).30
2331902 ½d & 1d dry dock or KGV p.stat.cards(4: H&G11-12,14-5) fine unused.35
2341910 ppc comm.used Hamilton-UK, Turks Is 1d & s/line Paquebot (Hosking 2384).25
2351911 printed matter ppc St Georges-Belgium, pair ¼d (SG34).20
2361916-18 ppcs(3) comm.used to UK/USA @ 1d rate. Circular PC Bermuda cachets in red,violet or black.50
2371917 ppc comm.used Ireland Is-Canada. Circular violet PC Bermuda cachet.20
2381934 comm.cvr St Georges-USA, blk of 10 ¼d (SG77 cat £25).25
2391941-3 ppcs(8) to USA @ US 1c-10c rates. All diff,US Army/Navy pmks inc parcel post + many US Army cens80
2401941(Dec) ppc to USA @ US 1c rate & US Navy skeleton pmk. Circular US Navy Be2 censor. Uncommon.25
2411942(Nov) regd(provisional) air cvr Hamilton-UK, 2/= STB SG116a with retouched broken top right scroll.PH100
2421947 regd airmail cvr Hamilton-UK, 2/=+2/6d (SG116d,117). PHOTO65
2431947(Aug 1) cacheted Colonial Airlines FFC Hamilton-Washington @ 6d rate.15
244BHUTAN: 1990s internal official(cachets/envs) cvrs(22) with good range pmks & commem frankings.25
245BOLIVIA: 1893 5c p.stat.env H&G3 + 5c(SG59) Santa Cruz-Cochabamba & cork pmk.30
2461894 10c p.stat.env, H&G6 Cochabamba-Oruro with grid cork pmk.20
2471905 2c p.stat.card, H&G2 Oruro-Hamburg via Antofagasta(Chile) + 2c (SG101(x2).20
2481909 cvr La Paz-Scotland via Callao(Peru), 3-colour SG201-2(x2),3.25
2491937 LAB-Condor airmail env Santa Cruz(box blue pmk)-UK, SG292,4,303,6(5bs).15
250BOSNIA: (see lot 1753): 1908 11h waterfall lettercard comm.used Zupanjac-Travnik.15
2511910 cvr Mostar(red KuK pmk)-Trieste @ 10h rate (Mi34).20
2521912 regd cvr(inc letter) Bileca-Trieste, 10h+25h (Mi34+6) tied reverse.25
2531916 cvr Sarajevo-Vienna, 5h invalids (Mi97 x3) tied reverse.40
2541917 regd cvr Sarajevo-Vienna, 5h+35h (Mi67+74).20
2551917 military cacheted between KuK transport HQs stampless cvrs(2 inc regd) Duboj/Sarajevo-Fiume.25
256BRAZIL: 1888 outer Rio-Campo Saigo via Coritiba, 100r (SG77a x2 cat £14) tied cork cancels.30
2571896 80r p.stat.card comm.used S.Paulo-Paris via Cachoeira TPO & Ligne J Paq.Fr.No.3(blue).25
2581901 advert cvr S.Paulo-UK via TPO to Rio then Danube to Lisbon, SG171(scarce 500r opt)+239.25
2591904 50r p.stat.card, scarce H&G29 comm.used Rio-B.Aires per Nile, + 10r(SG165).20
2601930(May) Graf Zeppelin flown cvr Rio-Recife-Lakehurst inc 10,000r Zeppelin opt cat 100eu. PHOTO75
2611932(Mar) Condoe Zeppelin cacheted(red) flight cvr Rio-Friedrichshafen. SG409,472,486.20
2621934(Jun) Graf Zepp 2nd flight regd to Germany(sp.F’Hafen rec’r), SG512(Zeppelin opt cat £27).40
2631939 regd cvr Rio-Germany, SG410(x2) + Red X set (SG571-3 cat £18).25
2641940 regd LATI airmail cvr Santa Cruz-Germany, SG617-26 commems.20
265BR.ANT.TERR: 1971 Treaty (SG38-41 cat £25) on illus FDC Argentine Is-UK.20
2662003 Bases set to £5 (SG377-88 cat £55) on illus unadd.FDCs(2) with Rothera FDI pmks.35
267BR.GUIANA: 1897 1c p.stat.card comm.used Met-en-Meerzorg to Leguan (rec’r)30
2681905 2c violet p.stat.wrapper, H&G3 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen. Uncommon.15
2691924 2c p.stat.env +2c Georgetown-Trinidad(BEE slogan rec’r). Scarce box Empire Exhib’n cachet. PHOTO100
2701939 signed Pinkus Jungle Exped’n cvr to USA, pair SG308 & TPO Mazaruni pmk.25
2711942-3 cvrs(2) to St Vincent/Antigua @ 4c or 28c(air) rates with Examiner I/10A or II/13 labels.35
2721960 cvr Cuyuni River PA(skeleton pmk)-Georgetown via Bartica @ 5c rate.25
2731961 OHMS stampless cvr Essequibo Str(skeleton pmk)-Georgetown. Mss ‘Pension’(boat?)15
274BR.HONDURAS: 1891 ‘Aikman’ local cvr with pair 2c on 1d, 1 bisect tied (SG37+a cat £110).35
2751893 cvr Belize(rare D8 pmk in use 3 months)-USA, 12c (SG59). PHOTO65
2761889-1902 QV-KEVII p.stat.cards inc reply(7: H&G3,5-7,12-14) all fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.50
2771924 KGV 2c brn p.stat.wrapper, scarce H&G3 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
2781926 comm.cvr Punta Gorda-USA, SG127(x2).20
2791935 regd airmail cvr Belize-USA, S.Jubilee set (SG143-6 cat £23).20
2801951 regd(Belize label) cvr Double Head Cabbage(oval violet TRD)-UK, SG176-7.35
281BR.IND.OCEAN TERR: 1973 air cvrs(2) Farquahar Is or Pedros Banhos Chagos-USA, SG17,20,2-3 or 32+5.25
2821974 illus cvr TPO Nordvaer-Seychelles, SG1(x3)+3.10
283BR.LEVANT: 1879 cvr Beyrout-USA, GB 2½d rosy mauve pl.14(Z7 cat £26) & GO6 pmk. PHOTO75
2841899 US Mission advert cvr C’tinople-Holland, GB ½d vermilion (Z146)25
2851901 GB 1d red Jubilee p.stat.card comm.used Smyrna-Belfast.20
2861905 ppc comm.used Beyrout(hooded pmk)-UK, Levant 1d(L2).15
2871913 ppc comm.used Salonica(BPO pmk)-Switz, 1d(L15).25
2881919 banking advert cvr BAPO C’tinople-USA, GB 2½d. Boxed Censored by 5 Military Authority.35
2891918-20 GB 10/= seahorse with scarcer 2-line BPO C’tinople h/st + 2/6d blk of 4 (Z185+7 cat £470+).PHOT.150
290BR.OCC.ITAL.COLS: 1950 airmail cvr Asmara-UK, BA Eritrea 75c (E21).30
2911950(Mar 31) cvr Mogadiscio-Scotland, BA Somalia 5c+30c (S21+25 cat £15). Last day cover cat 500eu. PH100
292BR.PO.E.ARABIA: 1949 airmail front ex Muscat with ½a-2r ovpts (SG16-24 cat £80)30
293BR.VIRGIN IS: 1904 Virgin 1d p.stat.env,H&G1a Tortola-Germany(rec'r).40
2941918 regd cvr Tortola-USA, blk of 4 1d+3d war stamps (SG78b,79a cat £51). PHOTO65
2951918 double regd cvr Road Town-USA via Charlotte Amalie & St Thomas, KEVII 2½d+3d(SG57-8).35
2961972-3 comm.cvrs(3) to Nigeria/Lesotho(destinations) with East End,West End or Virgin Gorda pmks.25
297BRUNEI: 1951 airmail cvr K.Belait-UK, pair 25c scarcer perf (SG87b cat £38).45
298BULGARIA: 1884 10st Prince Ferdinand p.stat.card unissued essay in red & blk/buff fine unused. PHOTO50
2991893 stampless cvr to Sofia(rec’r) with 15th Infantry Regt violet cachet. Corner env.fault.40
3001906 10s p.stat.card comm.used Varna-Zagreb(rec’r) via Sofia pmk’d Varna-Sofia TPO No.225
3011922 regd cvr Varna-C’tinople, 4-colour SG245(x10),47,49-50 front & back.20
3021932 1L p.stat.card comm.used Vratza-Sofia, SG298(Sunday Delivery)+304a pmk’d on arrival.25
303BURMA: (see lot 903): 1859 outer Captain,Burmah.Moulmein-Rangoon(rec’r), India 1a & B127 pmk. PHOT150
3041916(Jun) cvr Rangoon-Kyaukse(rec’r), Indian ½a & scarcer Rangoon RMS Sorting Office pmk.25
3051938 KLM airmail cvr Ahlone-UK, SG2,4,13(1r).25
3061939(Oct) airmail cvr Rangoon-UK, SG5+12. Armourial red/white censor label + triang.Rangoon censor 4.20
3071947 Jap Occ 1a brn env H&GIB13 h/st opt On Postal Service official use Rangoon-Myintinge-Mandalay. PH50
3081950 KGVI 6as airletter Akyab-Lady Guatkin,UK. Boxed black X & By Surface Route h/st.25
309Jap.Occ: 1943 Independence Day set (J82-3,87b cat £110) on unadd.Rangoon ppc FDC with sp.pmk. PH100
3101944(May) comm.cvr Letpadan-Maubin(rec’r), pair 5c(J91).25
311CAMBODIA: 1948 airmail cvr Phnom Penh-France, SG168+256(x3 ea)+179(blk 6 cat £20).25
3121950 official regd cvr Council of Ministers,Phnom Penh-France, SG182(strip of 4)+196(2p) tied reverse.20
313CAMEROUN: Br.PO: 1915 CEF ½d/5pf single+reply & 1d/10pf p.stat.cards(set 3 MiP1-3 cat 350eu) fine un.80
314 CANADA: 1847 outer Montreal(5-line unframed red paid pmk)-N.York rated 20 in blue & 9 in red. 25
3151847-59 Crown Lands cvrs(2) St Jerome(mss date)-Montreal rated 4½ or Toronto-Quebec with s/line FREE.25
3161862 lady's cvr Toronto(grid pmk)-Pt Hope, 5c brick-red (SG32 cat £22).25
3171878-89 3c small Queen internal cvrs(3: pale orange-vermilion,rose-red or red-brown shades.20
3181898 local Nova Scotia regd cvr ex Arcadia Mines via TPO, 8c (SG120).25
3191900 QV 3c p.stat.env Millerton(NB)-UK + SG151,166(Xmas) making 3-colour franking.35
3201902-3 White Pass & Yukon Route rail envs(2 diff) White Horse(Yukon)-UK via Vancouver @ QV 2c-4c rate.65
3211908 KEVII 1c p.stat.card(scarcer reply half) comm.used Puce(Ont)-USA.15
3221908 ppc comm.used Ottowa-Belgium, QV ½c (SG150). Scarce rate (cat $260).40
3231911 illus advert env for town of Carman(Man) to USA, SG175(pair).25
3241913(Aug) RMS Virginian ppc to UK, 2c tied oval violet British Mail Branch PO Quebec pmk.40
3251929(Mar) last flight cvr St John(NB)-Ottowa, booklet pane of 6 1c (SG246ab cat £40 mint)40
3261930(Dec) Commercial Airways cacheted FFC Edmonton-Ft McMurray, 5c air +10c orange(CL50).’Fog delay’40
3271938 illus(front & back) fur traders advert cvr Winnipeg-Sweden @ 1c rate15
3281942 sp.delivery cvr Hamilton-USA, SG357-8 + 10c Sp.Delivery (S9).15
3291946 regd airmail cvr Vancouver-UK, 20c+50c (SG386-7). See also lot 927.20
330CANAL ZONE: 1924 US 1c & 2c ovpt'd p.stat.envs(2: U6-7) fine unused.20
3311929(Oct) cacheted Pan-am FFC Cristobal-B.Aires via Chile, SG119(x2). Only 143 flown.40
332CAPE: 1866 cvr Stellenbosch(oval pmk)-Durban via Cape Town & RMS Mauritius, 6d(SG25a) & triang.pmk25
3331901 local cvr to Wellington via Blauw Vlei, ½d pair (SG58). Violet triang.Press Censor + Martial Law label.20
3341901 cvr Calvinia-Paarl, SG58(x2). Orange signed martial law label + 2-line Passed Censor.20
3351903 underpaid Docks ppc to Scotland, ½d(SG58) & Alfred Docks pmk. 3 diff.tax marks inc s/line TAX.20
3361906 ppc Grahams Town Station-Bethlehem(ORC rec’r), ½d(SG70). See also lots 2,206,351.25
3371907 unpaid cvr Cape Town-IofMan(destination/rec’r), GB KEVII 1d obliterated by 1d IS/tax h/st +T10c.20
338CAYMANS: 1909 ¼d p.stat.card(H&G2), ½d grn & 1d red/grey p.stat(3) all ovpt'd Specimen.40
3391915 regd(box blue mss Grand Cayman) cvr Georgetown-USA, scarce 5/=(SG51 cat £180). PHOTO300
3401926 comm.cvr Georgetown-USA via Havana, 2½d(SG74).20
3411936 regd OHMS cvr Georgetown-Switz, SG99-101,3-5(cat £63). PHOTO80
342 CEYLON: 19th cent QV unused p.stat cards(4 inc opt), 4c or 5c envs(5 inc opts), 5c l/card,15c on 12c regd(11) 20
3431877 cvr Nuwara Eliya-Galle(both red paid pmks), 4c (SG122) & 45 numeral.40
3441883 4c grey-blue p.stat.env Putlam(paid pmk)-Colombo with fine 67 numeral.35
3451891 QV 3c p.stat.card comm.used Kurunegala (PD6 paid pmk)-Colombo + E duplex.25
3461893 Two Cents on 3c red-violet, scarcer H&G27a comm.used Colombo-Pettah(rec’r).15
3471896-1901 QV 2c p.stat.cards(2 diff.H&G34-5 inc message half) Ambalagoda-India or Colombo-Trincomalee.20
3481898 2½c green district letter env used locally with fine Gammadua pmk.35
3491900 ppc comm.used Colombo-Australia(destination/rec'rs), QV 2c (SG256 x3).20
3501900 QV 2c p.stat.card(scarcer reply half) Lindulla-Nanuoya via Talawakele(all fine pmks). Tea estate details.25
3511901 cvr Cape-POW,Diyalatawa Camp(oval Passed Censor) @ 1d rate. Contents(not inc) £2 PO. Maldirige.25
3521904 KEVII 2c p.stat.card comm.used Maradana-Brazil(destination/rec’r) + 4c(SG267).40
3531919-23 QV 2c or KGV 3c(H&G56) p.stat.cards(2) comm.used Galle(2 diff.pmks)-Colombo or Jaffna.15
3541924 KGV 10c regd env size G Colombo Courts-Galle Gymkhana Club + 1c,10c.25
3551937 scarcer formular regd env insured(label) Matara-Colombo + mixed KGV-VI SG338,377,385.40
3561937 airmail cvr Colombo-UK, mixed KGV-VI SG368a(pair)+383,5(x2 cat £10).15
3571944(Sept) double censored airmail cvr Indian FPO 46(Pereadeniya)-UK via EA APO 58, 50c (SG394d).30
3581951 KGVI 5c p.stat.env,H&G74 comm.used Chavakachcheri-Colombo.15
359CHILE: 1890 5c Columbus p.stat.env,H&G3 comm.used Ancud(scarce thimble pmk)-Valdivia(rec’r).25
3601897 15c Columbus p.stat.env,H&G7 comm.used Los Andes-Angol.15
3611901-3 5c Columbus p.stat.envs(2: H&G14-15) Osorno-Valdivia or Puerto Montt-Valparaiso(rec’rs).20
3621907 attractive illus(olive oil) advert cvr Valparaiso-Italy Via Andes, pair 5c (SG107).25
3631911 1c illus p.stat.card, H&G34 locally used in Caleta Buena ex SS Craslin Hall.20
3641916 10c on 5c p.stat.env,H&G26 Taltal-Puerto Montt(rec’r).15
3651920 regd(h/st) advert cvr Talcahuano-Argentina via Concepcion, 4-colour SG153(x2),57,61,68(x2).20
366GB used in: 1867 9d straw, Z80 cat £200 & C30 pmk.50
367CHINA: 1915-26 internal ppc + comm.cvrs(4) Nanking-Sianfu or to Europe @ 1c-10c all different Junk rates.30
368WW1 advert cvr Russian-US Chamber of Commerce,Harbin-USA, 1c junks(x2). 2-line Passed Censor40
3691921 1½c Junk p.stat.card,H&G16 Tientsin-UK + ½c,1c(x2) Junks (SG269,287).25
3701946(Jun) airmail cvr French Consulate,Canton-Shanghai, $40 (SG672 pair).25
3711947(Jun) cacheted Pan-am FFC Shanghai-Guam, $5000 (SG895). See also lot 46.25
372CHRISTMAS ISLAND: 1959 QEII 30c regd env, H&G1 fine unused20
3731958 illus FDC to Australia of set to $1 (SG1-120).15
374 COCOS IS: 1952(Nov) cvr to Malaya, pair Perak 2c & good pmk. 30
3751953 Quantas Coronation illus flight cvr to UK with Singapore 10c(x7)20
3761953 Coronation Quantas airletter (much scarcer than illus cvr) flown to UK, Singapore 10c Coronation(x3).25
377 COLOMBIA: 1900 pair imperf Cartagena provisionals(SG183A cat £65) on cvr to UK + violet skeleton pmk.PH 50
3781914 regd largeish cvr Electricity Co,Palmira(skeleton pmk)-USA, SG284(x2),297,R30825
379c1925 undated cvr Pto Wilches-USA, 3c(SG464) with h/stamp OFICIAL in black tied to cvr. Most uncommon.25
3801929 regd advert cvr Bogota-N.York, SG395,7 + Scadta 30c,20c grey ovpt’d R. See also lot 71.20
3811946(Sept) illus Colombian Airlines cacheted regd FFC Bogota-London via Madrid,Paris. Uncommon.20
382COOK IS: 1931 regd cvr Rarotonga-Australia, 4-colour SG74,81-3(cat £57).65
3831937 OHMS cvr Rarotonga-UK with fine Official Paid 32mm circular cachet.30
3841949(Aug 1) airmail regd FDC Rarotonga-UK, SG151,3,5,7(cat £12).15
384A1954 cvr Purser,SS Waitemata(cachet),Rarotonga-USA, GB 1½d. Boxed green Packet Boat(Hosk.1561) + 1965 cvrs(2) Manihiki/Pukapuka Is-UK with cachets of MV Akatere (3 items).25
3851963 regd cvr Resident Agent(cachet) Penrhyn-UK, SG150,55-6(x2 cat £12).20
386Aitutaki: 1912 comm.cvr to Australia, 2½d opt (SG3 cat £18).40
3871937-52 cvrs(2 inc regd) to UK/Tahiti, SG124-6 or 155 & 2 different pmks inc blue.20
388COSTA RICA: 1932 regd cvr San Jose-India(destination/rec’r), SG175-6(strip of 5).25
3891940 Columbus official no value p.stat.env, H&G1 comm.used to USA.15
3901945 underpaid(cachet) cvr San Isidro-USA, SG371(x2). Spanish language censor label.15
391CUBA:1928(Feb)printed cacheted FFC Santiago-Dominican Rep per Santa Maria,SG353.Pilot signed(Rowe).20
392CYPRUS: (see lots 43,76,1346): 1895 QV ½pi p.stat.wrapper Larnaca(sq.circ)-Greece.25
3931901 QV 2pi regd p.stat.env Nikosia(sq.circ)-Kyrenia(rec’r) + 1pi(SG42).30
3941902-10 KEVII 5pa wrapper,10pa reply card,2pi regd env size G fine unused ovpt’d Specimen(3).40
3951919 OHMS stampless EL Dept of Agric,Nicosia-Commissioner,Famagusta(rec’r), scarce Official Paid pmk.40
3961932 regd cvr Nicosia-Austria via Italian TPOs, pair 2½pi (SG122).15
3971935 regd airmail cvr Nicosia-USA via Egypt, scarce 9pi S.Jubilee (SG147). Cat £180(SG on cvr). PHOTO60
3981940 cvrs(2) Larnaca/Nicosia-UK/Malta via Egypt(censor), 1½pi(SG155). Red circ.censors 9(+ armourial censor label + oranges cachet) or 10.35
3991948(Oct) cvr Karaolos(Jewish transit camp)-Nicosia @ ½pi rate. PHOTO75
4001964-5 airmail cvrs(4) to USA with HQ 40th or 41st Infantry Batallion cachets(all different). 2 with Turkish Bombs On Cyprus Endanger World Peace or Self-Determination for Cyprus cachets.40
401CZECHOSLOVAKIA:1912 cvr Nove Strasece-OrangeFreeState(destination/rec'r),4-col.Austria 1h,2h,6h,12h25
4021918 Austria 8h p.stat.card regd Goltsch Jenikau-Franzenbad + Austria 5h,20h(Mi186,222b).25
403Bohemia & Moravia: 1941(Nov) airmail cvr Prag-N.York via Frankfurt(German censor), SG30+35(5k).25
4041939(Sept) regd cvrs(2) Brno-Vienna, ovpt set 1k50-10k (SG12-19 cat £385). PHOTO(ex)250
40519 39(Oct) regd cvr Brno-Vienna(opened by Customs label), ovpt set 5h-1k20 (SG1-11 cat £158). PHOTO100
4061941-4 official local Prague cvrs(5) with all different official frankings/rates eg 060,61+5(x2),107(x2),110 etc35
4071943 regd feldpost stampless cvr Prag(Deutsch Dienstpost pmk)-airforce PO,Vienna. Ex FPO L94055.20
408E.Silesia: 1920 ppc comm.used Frydek-Czech, imperf 20h OS ovpt (Mi7).25
409DANZIG: 1920 regd cvr Langfuhr-Sweden, 5-colour mixed franking inc surchs Mi2-3,7-8,17-8.30
4101923(Sept) airmail cvr via Amsterdam to UK aerophilatelist with scarce airs to 500mk: Mi112-18,33-7 on front + Mi152-4(x2 ea),55-6 on reverse. Stamps cat 1300eu. PHOTO250
4111938 hotel ppc regd airmail Zoppot-Berlin, airs SG196,99(scarce 2½g),234(cat £60). PHOTO75
4121939(Sept 1) regd cvr to Dresden, SG249(blk 4)-50(cat £12) & sp.Hitler Our Liberator pmk.20
413DENMARK: (see lot 64): 1857(Jun) EL Flensburg-Hamburg(KDOPA rec’r). 4mgn 4s type 2 (Facit 4d).25
4141909 ppc comm.used Copenhagen-Austria, 4-colour mixed franking Fa69,76-8.20
4151921 Skodsburg Baths Sanatorium illus advert cvr to Copenhagen, 3-col.mixed SG173(x2)-4,137(x2 cat £15)40
4161921 comm.cvr Copenhagen-UK, scarce 40o blk/blue-lilac (Fa150b).30
4171923 advert cvr Copenhagen-Germany, scarce mixed ovpts SG103+197(cat £20)30
4181926 military parade RP ppc airmail Copenhagen-Switz via Hamburg, 10o+25o airs (SG224+6 cat £125).PH100
4191926-46 underpaid local or ppcs ex US/France all taxed with 10o P.Dues (D227-8,290). 3 items.20
4201930(Jan) airmail cvr Copenhagen-Argentina(destination/rec’r), 4-colour Fa90,155b,161b,226 (1k95 rate).30
4211931 ppc comm.used Copenhagen-UK, scarcer SG167(1kr) + 263(cat £7).20
4221936 express cvr Copenhagen-Hamburg(rec'rs), 6-colour SG267(blk 4),298-301(x2 ea),2(cat £15).20
4231945 firms illus advert cvr Copenhagen-UK @ 40o rate. Danish censor label.15
424Schleswig: 1920 comm.cvr Hadersleben-Denmark, 3-colour SG2,4-5. Inc contents.20
425DWI: (see lot 21): 1873 outer St Thomas-Vera Cruz, GB 4d pl.12 (Z10 cat £50) & C51 pmk. PHOTO150
4261881 3c red p.stat.env (FK4) fine unused. Cat 800+kr.30
427GB used in: QV 4d red pl.12 + 2/= blue (Z10,31 cat £180) & fine C51 pmks.50
428DOMINICA: 1901 regd cvr to Paris via London, Leewards QV 1d(x2)+2½d (SG2-3).30
4291906 double regd advert cvr to New Brunswick(Canada), Leewards KEVII 1d (SG21 x3).25
4301927 KGV ½d wrapper, scarce H&G3 fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
4311929 regd cvr Pointe Michel-USA, Leewards 1d+2½d (SG62,67).45
4321935 regd OHMS cvr Roseau-USA, mixed issues 1d S.Jubilee(x3) + 3d(SG80).20
4331936(Jan 2) cvr Portsmouth-UK, unusually mixed S.Jubilee SG92-3,95 + Leewards SJ 2½d(SG90).35
434DOMINICAN REP: 1927(Dec)-28(Feb) printed/cacheted FFCs(2) to Cuba/Haiti, SG241+E232. Pilot signed.25
4351932(Aug) cacheted FFC Sto Domingo-Jamaica, SG297+300.25
4361938 13c regd env, H&G2 fine unused.15
437ECUADOR: 1895 3c p.stat.card, H&G13 comm.used Guayaquil(violet UPU pmk)-Germany25
4381932(July) cacheted military FFC Loja-Guayaquil, SG459(x2).20
439EGYPT:(see lot 43):1874 outer Cairo-Paris via Marseilles-Lyon sp.TPO,French Ceres 80c & 5119 duplex.PH150
4401915(Sept) stampless ppc IEF Base Office G(Pt Said)-UK. Circular expeditionary force censor.20
4411922 regd cvr Alexandria(Fr.PO)-USA, 2c(x5 inc strip 4)+15c surchs (SG54,61 cat £39) tied reverse.35
4421926 underpaid ppc Italy-Alexandria taxed with 10m P.Due (D103).20
4431927(May) airmail cvr Pt Said-India via Karachi, 27m air (SG132 cat £36).40
4441935 regd cvr Cairo-Holland, Air Congress set (SG214-8 cat £90). PHOTO75
4451937(Dec 1) scarce control A/36 blk 4 3m(A12) on cvr Abu Qir-UK via Alexandria. Cat £250++(cvr). PHOTO.90
4461949(Jun) sp.printed CITEX FF illus env Cairo-Paris + SG322,9 & sp.pmks. Blk 4 CITEX labels tied reverse.20
447EL SALVADOR: 1889 10c red provisional p.stat.env(front only H&G2) comm.used La Union(violet pmk)-Spanish Consulate,UK via Panama + 1c(SG9). Rare40
4481891 scarce 3c p.stat.card, H&G11 comm.used Santa Ana-Guatemala(rec’r).25
4491892 10c p.stat.env, H&G23 comm.used La Libertad(oval dated cachet)-Paris via N.York, pmk’d 12 duplex.30
4501903 comm.cvr to Belgium(rec’rs), 13c (SG492) & fancy ES circ.cachet + violet oval foreign mail pmk.25
4511911 6c on 13c p.stat.env, scarce H&G100a Santa Ana-San Salvador(rec'r).35
452ESTONIA: (see lot 1449): 1847 outer Dorpat-Pernau (both d/ring fine pmks) rated 10.30
4531935 comm.p/card Rakwere-UK, mixed issues SG68,101,103(cat £15).25
454German Occ: 1942 local Tallinn window env with Reconstruction set (SG6-11 cat £50). PHOTO50
455ETHIOPIA: 1936 cvr Addis-UK, 5-colour Eritrea SG192,200-1(x3),2+4(cat £18).35
4561936 LATI airmail cvr Harrar-Sweden, 3-colour Italian Somalia 25c,1L25,1L75(cat 37eu) tied s/line 1936 Anno XIV & 2-line Poste Imperiali Italiani Harrar(rare). File holes. PHOTO100
4571937 Ital.E.Africa illus forces p/card comm.used Addis-Italy + Eritrea SG193,242 & P.M. pmk15
4581943 regd airmail cvr Addis-USA via Nigeria, SG331,2(x3),3(cat £17).30
4591947 regd airmail cvr Addis-France via Cairo, 4c-60c set (SG326-33 cat £13)25
4601947 airmail cvr Addis-UK, scarce airmail opts SG349-51(cat £370). PHOTO250
4611950(Dec) formular printed Xmas illus airletter comm.used Addis-Sweden, SG400+1(x2).25
4621952 regd airmail cvr Asmara-Mombasa via Nairobi, SG436+442($2 x2 cat £26).25
463FALKLANDS: 1935 internal cvr Pt Stanley-North Arm, S.Jubilee set (SG139-42).20
4641938 regd cvr Fox Bay(code c pmk + regd label)-NZ, SG143-5.20
4651957 regd OHMS cvr Stanley-USA, mixed KGVI-QE2 SG172-3(x2 ea),5-6,89(x2 cat £13).25
4661963 regd airmail cvrs(2) to Scotland, late use KGVI 2/6d or 5/= (SG182-3 cat £23).40
4671987 regd express cvrs(2) Fox Bay-Switz, Penguins set (SG532-5 in blks of 4 cat £30)25
468Deps: 1947 cvrs(2) S.Orkneys/S.Shetlands-UK, 9d(G7) & violet or blue diff.pmk types.30
4691947 regd(Stanley label) cvr S.Orkneys-UK, 3-colour G2-4.40
4701949 regd airmail(h/st) cvr S.Georgia-UK, 1/= S.Wedding (G20 x2).25
4711954 cvrs(3) S.Georgia-UK, set to £1 (G26-40 cat £130).80
4721954 cvr Deception Is(S.Shetlands)-UK, ½d+6d (G1+6).30
473S.Georgia: 1943 unadd.cvr with 10 KGVI vals to 9d (Z73-82 cat £160) & S.Georgia pmks.50
474FAROES: 1927-33 comm.cvrs(2 inc advert) Thorshavn-Denmark or Vestmanna, Danish 15o(SG246 or 277b)25
4751941 cvr Trangisvaag(Spis Faerosk pnk)-Thorshavn, 20 on 5o (SG3 cat £12)25
4761941-2 banking cvrs(4) Trangisvaag-Thorshavn, 20-60o surcharges (SG1-2,4-5 cat £180).150
4771953 tiny cvr to UK, GB 2½d & Thorshavn pmk. Boxed Fra Island.20
4781963-70 banking local advert Vagur cvrs(2) @ Danish 60o-70o rates (SG275 or 440a).20
4791976-8 ship cvrs(3) to/from Faroes with Danish/Iceland frankings & Ur Icelandi/Danmark boxed s/lines or SG8+ 31 to Holland tied s/line Fra Faroerne. MS Blikur or Smyril cachets.20
4801986 regd parcel card Tvoroyri-Denmark, hi-rate SG41+48(cat £12).20
481FIJI: 1887-1904 1d reply card(+ ½d SG104) or 1½d p.stat.card Suva(x2 diff pmks)-Germany/Switz(rec’rs).25
4821913 regd(h/st) cvr Suva-Austria, mixed issues ½d-5/= (SG107,9,13,15-16,21 cat £215). PHOTO220
4831926-33 cvrs(2) Suva(2 diff.pmks inc machine)-UK/USA, SG229+32 or 230(x3).15
4841930(July) illus Fiji Airlines FFC Lautoka-Suva @ 2d rate. Pilot signed.40
4851935 regd(violet box cachet) cvr Suva-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG242-5 cat £32). ‘Dot in sky’ flaws on 2d+1/=40
4861938(Apr 5) illus regd FDC Suva-Lautoka(rec'r) of ½d-6d (cat £25).30
4871943 comm.cvr Suva-USA, SG249+257. Examiner X/113 label.35
4881963 regd(violet h/st) airmail cvr Vatukoula-Germany, SG303,7,35.20
4891976 airmail cvr Lautoka-Australia, SG422. Circ.violet Castaway Island cachet.15
490FINLAND: 1866 EL Karjusden-Lovisa, 10p blk/yellow (Fa7 x2 cat £900) & small Frederikshamn cds.PHOTO500
4911875 8p grn/chamois p.stat.card(P6c) comm.used Tavastehus(blue pmk)-Tampere.25
4921904 ppc comm.used Imatra-Austro-Hungarian Consulate,Rumania(destination/rec'r), pair 2k Russian (R2).25
4931921 90p on 20p p.stat.reply card (P55) scarce complete comm.used Kuopio-Germany.25
4941922 Helsinki hotel env to UK, 10-colour lions to 1mk inc surcharges SG225-6+8.25
4951925 parcel card Tampere-Viipuri, 3-colour Fa74(5mk),101,5(x2).20
4961925 regd cvr Helsinki-Holland, 5-colour defins Fa71,91,102-3,16.20
4971931(May) printed airmail cvr Helsinki-Germany flown via Hannover & Berlin, SG282,85,88(cat £33).40
498FRANCE: (see lot 6-7,17,439): 1776 EL Lille(s/line)-Sergeants Inn,London rated 10 with bishop mark rec’r.25
4991796 EL Oleron(64 dept h/st)-Zaragoza(fancy Za rec’r) rated 4. Island off Roquefort.20
5001842 long legal EL Felley-Geneva rated 3. Boxed red LF2D(vdl 1888).25
5011850 stampless cvr Assemblee Nationale(cds)-Vosges. See also lots 522-3,568,592-3,1373,1739.20
5021857 cvr Paris-London, Napoleon 20c(x2, 1 4mgn) & fine pointille fin pmk. Box red PP.35
5031867 outer Marseille-Rome, mixed issues 20c+30c (SG95,116 cat £26).30
5041877 cvr Br.Embassy(seal)-UK, pair 30c P&C NunderB (Maury 69).25
5051879 printed env US Embassy,Marseilles-UK, 25c blk/red P&C (SG262 cat £30). Inc letter.30
5061880 Belgian 10c p.stat.reply half Berlaimont(Nord)-Belgium via scarce France par Erquelines TPO(vdl 1358)20
5071892 Austrian 5kr reply half p.stat.card comm.used Paris-Lower Austria(Ulmerfeld thimble rec’r).20
5081923 cvr between post WW1 official committees for drawing up frontier between Austria & Italy in Paris & Bolzano, 3-colour War Orphans Fund SG388(x5)-91.25
5091930(Feb) cvr Paris(airmail exhib’n pmk)-Strassburg, 1f50 air (SG484) perfinned EIPA 30(cat 460eu).PHOT250
5101930 regd cvr Poitiers-USA, 4-colour SG414-5b,400d,387(2fr misplaced centre cat 150eu on cvr).40
5111932 90c red Peace p.stat.card, P46 type 1, fine unused & scarce40
5121936(July 26) pair FDCs(2) Vimy Ridge Canadian Memorial(sp.pmk)-La Madeleine, SG549-50.50
5131936 hotel env Dinard-UK, scarcer sky-blue 1f50 Normandie (SG526a). Also golf thematic (silhouette golfer).25
5141937(Sept) Paris Exhib'n(pmk) airmail cvr to Switz, SG534,37,44,75(cat £17).20
5151937 Louvre paintings ppcs(2 diff) unadd.with Victory 30c+55c (SG586-7 cat £120) & Louvre,Paris pmks.50
5161939 Air France airmail cvr Paris-Holland, hi-vals 3fr-20fr (SG598-601 cat £33).25
5171939 airmail cvr Rennes-Thailand(destination/rec'r), SG599,629a(scarce on cvr 75c),643.20
5181949 regd airmail cvr Marseille St Just-Barcelona, 100fr air (SG1076).20
5191950 airmail cvr Paris-USA, SG976,78(both shades),1069 + Relief Fund SG1082,3(x3),4-6. Stamps cat £48.40
5201951 Stamp Day sp. p/card & SG1107 used FDI Valence-N.Borneo(destination)30
521FRENCH COLS: Afars & Issas: 1970 regd cvr Ali Sabieh-USA, SG515,25,45(blk of 4),48(cat £30).25
522Algeria: 1916 cvr Sidi Chann(Oran)-USA @ French 25c rate. Plain censor tape tied both circ.armourial War Ministry Oran postal censor + boxed Opened Military Censor.30
5231919 ppc comm.used Alger Bourse-China(destination/rec’rs) @ French 10c rate.25
5241953 regd airmail cvr Alger-Germany, SG276 + scarce commems 287,94,303,16,20-2(cat £58).PHOTO50
5251955(Mar 19) cvr Alger(sp.pictorial balloon day of stamp pmk)-USA, SG328(x2)+51(cat £20).20
526Anjouan: 1892 15c p.stat.envs(H&G2,7a) + 1901 10c single & reply p.stat.cards(scarce H&G5-6) fine un(4).25
527Antarctic: 1958(Jan 15) printed/cacheted IGY FDC Terre Adelie-UK, SG19-21(cat £58).40
5281957 airmail cvr Kerguelen-UK, 50fr+100fr penguins (SG16-17 cat £175). PHOTO125
5291960 illus cvr Terre Adelie-UK, SG4-5,8-10,12(cat £164). PHOTO100
5301963 Gallieni(env + cachet) Crozet-Malagasy Rep(destination), 50fr Telstar (SG25 cat £65). Central fold.40
5311963 cvr Kerguelen-UK, SG6-7 + scarce 14(cat £229). PHOTO150
5321966 cacheted expedition cvr Terre Adelie-UK, pair 15fr elephant seals (SG12 cat £72).50
5331966 illus unadd. FDC of satellite probe, se-tenant strip SG40-1(cat £67).40
5341968 multi-cacheted(front & back) expedition cvr Terre Adelie-UK, SG31+49 (cat £440). PHOTO300
5351972 cacheted expedition cvr Terre Adelie-Strasburg, de Gaulle SG80-1(cat £30).20
5361983 regd cvr Alfred Faure-France, SG170+180(scarce 25fr cat £56).40
537Cameroun: 1917 cvr Duala(German pmk scarce code b)-Switz, 5c+20c opts(SG33,35). French milit.cens.PH50
538Comores: (see lot 564): 1954 Liberation illus unadd.FDC of SG17(cat £50) & Moroni pmk.40
539Congo:1935 regd airmail cvr Brazzaville-France, mix frank Middle Congo SG80,85 + AEF opt Gabon SG112.20
5401937 airmail cvr Brazzaville-Paris via Pt Noire, mix franking Gabon SG145 + AEF exhib’n 90c SG31(cat £9).20
541Equat.Africa: 1938(July) Brazzaville 3rd Fair(sp.pmk) cvr flown Air France to Bamako via Dakar, SG58 + Middle Congo SG47 + Ubangi Shari SG59(x2 cat £15).25
542Fezzan: 1950 medical ppc Sebhu-France, 3-colour SG25,7-8(cat £22). Scarce.40
543Guadeloupe: 1902 lighthouse ppc comm.used to France, 3-colour SG34-5(x2 ea),37.25
5441938 PTT official collection env regd Pointe a Pitre-Portuguese Vice-Consul,Br.Guiana, SG113+138(x2).25
545Guiana: 1899 10c p.stat.card(patriotic printed reverse re Dreyfus affair) Cayenne-Holland(rec’r).25
546Guinea: 1927 PTT official collection env regd Mamou-France, 30c(SG92).20
547India: 1899 10c p.stat.card comm.used Pondichery-Italian vice-consul,Lisbon(rec’r). No origination pmk.25
5481903 misposted 10c p.stat.card comm.used Pondichery(British PO pmk)-Germany. Should have been taxed.40
5491906 scarce 15c on 25c p.stat.env, H&G9a Pondichery-France.40
5501907 10c red p.stat.env, H&G10 Mahe-Paris. Uncommon.40
5511938 comm.cvr Pondichery-UK, SG92+99. Ex British Embassy (crown crested).25
552Indochina: 1899 regd cvr Saigon-France, 15c+25c (SG11,13).25
5531901 Tonkin Corps Expeditre cacheted stampless expeditionary corps cvr Hanoi-France.35
5541902 Saigon ppc comm.used Halien-France, 10c (SG10).20
5551926 cvr Langson-Paris @ 6c rate (SG12$) via Langson-Hanoi & Hanoi-Haiphong TPOs.25
5561926 regd banking cvr Haiphong-Philippines(destination) via H.Kong, SG123(x3)+8.20
5571931 regd cvr Tayninh-India via Singapore, SG144(x3)+149 tied reverse.20
5581949 airmail cvr Saigon-French Consul,UK, SG186(x2),213,340(scarce UPU x2).20
559Ivory Coast:1925 regd cvr Abidjan-France, SG46(rare booklet pane 4),49,61(x2),64-5(cat £15+). Gum stains.30
5601934 cvr Grand Lahou-Paris via Abidjan, SG103 + Upper Volta SG23.20
5611935 airmail cvr Bobo Dioulasso-Paris via Dakar, SG58 + Upper Volta SG66(cat £15).25
562Levant: 1907 Cyprus ppc comm.used Jaffa(Palestine)-Belgium @ Fr.Levant 1c rate.30
563Madagascar: 1891 Colonies 10c blk/lilac p.stat.card Andrangoloaka-UK via Reunion Marseille p/bot no.4.25
5641913 regd cvr Tsihombe-France via Ft Dauphin, 3-colour scarce opts on Comores SG21,6,8A(x2). PHOTO50
5651934 cvr to France, SG114 tied Marseille a la Reunion No.6 paquebot pmk.15
5661936 return trial flight by M.Assollant Tananarive-Tulear, SG113. Lettre Transporte Exceptionellement Avion.25
567Martinique: 1913 25c blk/pink p.stat.env, H&G3b comm.used Fort de France-France.25
5681952 regd airmail cvr Fort de France-USA, scarce France 500fr UPU (SG1013 cat £75). PHOTO75
569Morocco: 1907-15 ppcs(2) comm.used to France @ 5c rate with FPO pmks: 172(Casablanca) or Marrakesh.25
570New Caledonia: 1927 comm.cvr Noumea-Paris, 3-colour SG94,112,14.20
5711929 regd(scarce blk/grey label) cvr Noumea-USA, SG142-6,72.25
5721942(Nov) cvr US APO 3195-USA @ US 6c rate. US Army Force 7 censor. Inc letter on army life.20
5731958 official airmail cvr Noumea-Papua, SG332(x2)+8. Large violet boxed Par Avion A.O cachet.25
574Niger: 1928 regd cvr Gaya-Brazzaville, SG29(x5)+69 (cat £14).25
575Obock: 1892 10c blk/blue p.stat.reply card, rare H&G2 fine unused. PHOTO65
576Oceania: 1945 cvr Papeete-UK, SG150-1,2(x2),70-1(cat £30) & Visit ‘slogan’ pmk.25
5771954 airmail cvr Papeete-Capt,SS Pioneer Gem,Australia, scarce 14fr Gauguin (SG213 cat £80). PHOTO65
578Reunion: 1883 firms outer St Denis-Nantes via Marseilles-Lyon TPO, 25c imperf Sage(SG31a). Fault. PHOT50
5791948 regd airmail cvr St Leu-USA, SG290,3,300-1(cat £23).25
580St Pierre-Miq: 1941 cvr to UK, Xmas 1941 opts on 90c+1f60 (SG223+7) cat £220. PHOTO200
5811964 cvr to USA, birds SG423(x2)-4(blk of 4 cat £30).25
582Senegal: 1897 10c p.stat.card comm.used Dakar-Austria via Ligne J Paq.Fr.No.425
5831906 advert cvr Thies-France, pair 5c (SG21).20
5841931 regd airmail(St Louis-Paris-Hamburg) cvr N’Gaye Mekhe-Germany, SG126-7(x2 ea),138(x6 cat £41).PH50
5851963 official Health Ministry env Dakar-Paris, uncommon officials O240(x3)+43(x2).15
586Sudan: 1924 comm.cvr Kayes-Paris, 25c (SG92 x2).15
587Tchad: 1936 airmail cvr Ft Archimbault-Paris, Middle Congo SG80+84(x2).20
588Togo: 1932 regd cvr Lome-UK, mixed issues SG74(x2),92 + scarce Exhib’n SG101(cat £23).40
5891945 regd cvr Lama Kara-France, SG80,131,146(x2 cat £19) + green local tourism label.25
5901953 regd cvr Lome-USA, SG181 (40fr elephant x3 cat £28).30
591Tunisia: (see lot 75): 1910 regd cvr Tunis(chargements pmk)-Germany, 8-colour SG30-1,3-8.20
5921918 advert cvr Bizerte-Sweden, 25c (SG37). Intercepted in France with French military censor label.20
5931945 airmail advert cvr Sfax-Sweden, SG182+265(x8). Intercepted in France with Controle label.15
594Ubangi-Shari: (see lot 541): 1938 comm.cvr Bellevue par Bissangoa(no place name in pmk)-USA via Bangui, mixed issues AEF ovpt on Gabon SG111 + Middle Congo SG76.25
595Upper Senegal: 1915 15c orange & violet mounted Tuareg p.stat.reply card fine unused.15
596Upper Volta: (see lots 560-1): 1921 regd cvr Ouagadougou-France, SG12,14-15(cat £20).30
5971938 underpaid cvr Ouagadougou-USA, SG40,42,45(cat £17). Tax marks both countries.25
598Wallis & Futuna: 1958 Human Rights to 1969 Concorde inc SG185 illus unadd FDCs(10) cat £185.60
5991979(Feb) Polynesian Airlines illus cacheted FFCs(3) Mata Uta/Sigave-W.Samoa or internal between islands, SG175+258, 239+54 or 265-6(cat £34). All signed by pilot or flight manager.40
600GAMBIA: 1902 KEVII 2d regd env size F fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.15
6011913 KGV 2d regd env size G to Germany via Liverpool & London + 1d(SG87).45
6021935(Jun) cacheted airmail cvr Bathurst-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG143-6 cat £26).25
6031950 airmail cvr TPO No.2 R.Gambia-UK, SG152c(x2)+153a(x6 cat £16).25
604GERMAN COLS: Cameroun: 1909 volcanic eruption ppc Victoria-USA via Tenerife @ 5pf rate.30
6051914 cvr Duala-Berlin(rec'r), 10pf (Mi22b). Cat 150eu(cvr). See also lots 313,537.45
606China: 1887-90 forerunners used on pieces with KDPAG Shanghai pmks: pairs 10pf,20pf(x2 diff.shades),50pf. Most expertised Dr Steuer. Cat min.460eu (6)100
607E.Africa: 1896 cvr Dar-Germany, 10pf on 20pf (Mi9).25
6081911 4h p.stat.card(P22 wmk’d) Dar-es-Salaam(type 4 pmk)-Berlin.15
6091914 ppc comm.used Tanga(code a type 3 pmk)-Germany @ 4h rate.20
610Kiaochow: 1904 5pf p.stat.reply card complete Tsingtau-Germany(rec'r) but no message.20
611Levant: 1899 advert cvrs(2) C’tinople 1 or 2 pmks-Germany/USA @ 1pi rate(SG12: very different shades).30
6121900 20pa on 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Jaffa-Trieste25
6131904-8 10pa(x2 diff) or 5c opt p.stat.wrappers(3) comm.used Jerusalem-Egypt or Germany.40
6141905 ppc comm.used C’tinopel(3 pmk)-Paris, 10pa type 2 (Mi12 cat 17eu).35
6151909 20pa on 10pf p.stat.card comm.used Jaffa(bluish pmk)-Sarona.35
6161909 10c p.stat.card comm.used Beirut-Germany.15
617Morocco: 1901 5c on 5pf complete reply card(P3) used locally Magazan with message.45
6181906 10c on 10pf complete reply card(P12) Magazan-Germany(rec’r) but no message.35
6191911 ppc of police on parade comm.used Rabat (scarcer Marokko pmk)-Casablanca, 5c(Mi47).45
620SW Africa: 1900 5pf opt private p.stat.ppc comm.used Outjo-Germany. Water stain.30
6211905(Feb-Mar)feldpost ppc/cvr(2) to Germany ex Deutsch Seepost Hamburg-W.Africa pmks XXXIV or XXXXI.40
6221905 feldpostkarte stampless ppc comm.used Kubas-Germany.40
6231906 feldpostkarte OAS comm.used Warmbad-Germany.25
6241906 feldpostkarte comm.used Gibeon-Germany.Schutztruppe Gibeon violet cachet.25
6251909 5pf p.stat.card comm.used Okahandja-Germany.25
626GERMAN STATE:Baden:1866-9 3sgr p.stat.envs(2 diff)147x84mm Villigen/CarlsruheTownPost-Spaichingen20
627Bavaria: 1858 outer Augsburg-Trieste, 4mgn 9kr(Mi5d type 3 cat £26) & 28 numeral.20
6281866 outer Nurnburg-UK, 4mgn strip of 3 6k (Mi10a cat 500eu thus) & 356 numeral. PHOTO300
6291911 insured front Munich-Bruckenau, 25pf + 1mk both type 1(Mi80,86). Scarce non parcel card usage.40
6301916 firms printed parcel card Nurnberg-Turkey(rec’r), perfinned 20pf + 2mk (Mi97,105).25
631Hamburg: 1820 fumigated EL to Bordeaux charged 38. S/line Hambourg + TTR4. Box Allemagne par Givet.25
632Prussia: 1851-62 1sgr (x2 diff) p.stat.envs comm.used internally ex Flammersheim or Berlin Townpost & 3sgr p.stat.env(U25) Liegnitz-Poland. All 3 items 147x83mm.20
6331865 EL Berlin(Post-Exp.23 pmk)-Linz, 3sgr grey-brn (Mi18b). Cat 150+eu(cvr).40
634Schleswig:1864 EL Segeberg-Flensburg via box SchleswTPO 1 Nth & Hamburg,1¼s(Mi7 cat £39)+ 133 pmk35
635Thurn u Taxis: 1860 EL Neustadt(Coburg)-Wurzbach, 3kr+1kr (Mi12b,20 cat 22eu) & 275 numeral.20
6361862 cvr Salzungen-Erfurt, 6kr (Mi22A). Cat 140eu(cvr).30
6371864 1sgr p.stat.env Hanau(20 numeral)-Walldurn via Wurzburg.15
638Wurttemburg:1897 5pf p.stat.card Spanish Consulate,Stuttgart(armourial cachet)-Rumania+2pf,3pf(Mi55,60)25
639GERMANY: (see lot 23,41,47,171):1872(Mar) cvr Nordhausen Rail Stn-UK, ½gr+2gr(Mi3,5 cat £95). PHOTO.65
6401872(July) Reichspost formular p.stat.card comm.used Bad Ems-Nauheim, ½gr (Mi14 cat 65 euros).40
6411897 Reichspost 10pf p.stat.reply card(P27 type 2) complete comm.used Hohenlimburg-Italy.15
6421907 cvr Norderney(Friesian island in N.Sea)-military address in India @ 20pf rate (SG86d).25
6431912 Zanzibar 6c p.stat.card to Dar-es-Salaam re-used 1915 as feldpostkarte within Bavaria. Unusual!20
6441919(July 1) express National Assembly FDC Weimar-Frankfurt, pairs SG107-9(cat £15)..25
6451921(Aug) ppc Hamburg(scarce Culture & Sports Week machine pmk)-UK, 20pf(Mi145b x4).20
6461922 ppc Munich(industrial city pmk)-Hungary, airs SG219,21,23 cat £82. PHOTO50
6471922 scarce private printed paper 15pf wrapper(as SG155) Borna-Koln + 25pf(SG156).20
6481922(Aug) regd airmail Berlin-Holland-UK, airs SG220,2-4.5(x2)-6 cat £83. Oval post censor W8(rev).PHOT60
6491923(Aug) regd express airmail cvr Berlin-Switz @ 9600mks rate (SG242-3,272(x4)-3 cat £150). PHOTO75
6501923(Sept 10) express(?) cvr Singen-Neuhausen @ 420,000mks rate (SG276,281,285(x5 cat £23).20
6511923(Sept 20) local Teichwolframsdorf FDC of 250,000mks on 500mks (Mi295). See also lots 949,1060.25
6521923(Sept 21) regd advert cvr Stuttgart-Erfurt @ 500,000mks rate (SG313+284 x6).15
6531923(Sept 24) advert cvr Hamburg-Switz @ 750,000mks rate (SG313 x3+287,292(x2)15
6541923(Oct 3) cvr Hannover-Bad Oeynhausen @ 2 mill.mks rate (SG246,287-8,294(x2),314 cat £40)30
6551924(Oct) airmail cvr Dessau-Moscow via Berlin, Welfare Fund set (SG365-8 cat £130). PHOTO100
6561926 printed mourning Italian Consulate in Berlin regd cvr to Heidelberg, pair 20pf(SG372).20
6571928(Oct) cacheted ZR3 flown p/card F’hafen-USA, 2RM Zeppelin (SG444 cat £85). PHOTO65
6581929(Apr) Graf Zepp RP ppc flown Holy Land flight(cachets in red & blk) F’hafen-USA, 1mk(SG397).45
6591930(May) Graf Zepp S.America flight cvr to German Consul,Mexico(rec'r) via Brazil, 4RM opt cat £650. PH.250
6601933 scarce Hindenburg 15pf p.stat.card(P219) comm.used Bad Nauheim-USA. PHOTO50
6611933(Aug) regd cvr Planitz-USA, scarcer mesh wmk 30pf+40pf (Mi490-1) See also lots 1686,1751.20
6621933(Oct) set of 3 matching Graf Zeppelin Chicago flight cvrs to USA, SG510-12: 1mk(to Brazil),2mk(to USA), 4mk(return journey). Stamps cat £1300. PHOTO(ex).650
6631934 regd cvr Nurnberg-Denmark, Hindenburg 5pf + 50pf(scarcer Mi492).25
6641934 cvr Bremen(Saar plebiscite slogan)-USA per D.Bremen, 25pf Coloniser (SG540 cat £33).30
6651935 cvr Remich-USA, 25pf Hindenburg mourning (SG550 cat £14).25
6661935 long insured(V-label) local Lennep cvr with Welfare Fund set (SG585-94 cat £80). Central fold. PHOTO65
6671936(Mar 23) 1st Hindenburg LZ129 cacheted trial flight within Germany ex F'hafen, SG530(x2)+2.20
6681936-9 airmail cvrs(2) Frankenheim/Hamburg-UK, better 40pf single frankings (SG600,631 cat £18)30
6691935-40 comm.cvrs(3 inc regd) to Iran(destination/rec’r) @ 25pf,40pf or 70pf(3-color regd) rates. 1 censored.25
6701937-8 airmail cvrs(3 inc express) to UK/Brazil all with 4-colour Eagles to 80pf (SG526-33 cat £28).40
6711939 German airmail(cacheted) regd cvr Bremen-Argentina, SG496B+535(2RM cat £31).25
6721939 German airmail cacheted advert cvr Hamburg-Argentina. Rare business paper rate: 25pf Hindenburg scarce grey-blue shade (Mi522b)+532,34.25
6731939 cvr Berlin(Charlottenburg)-Breslau, 6pf+19pf Nuremburg Congress (SG660x2 cat £14).20
6741941-4COD advert cvrs(2 inc regd)Reutlingen-Goslar or local Hannover,H’burg 4pf/ 8pf(pair)+Hitler 40pf/50pf25
6751943 airmail cvr Leipzig-Sweden, SG818,826-30(cat £17).20
676Alsace: 1941 regd cvr Strassburg(pictorial pmk)-Berlin, 30pf-100pg (SG11-16 cat £31).25
677Lorraine: 1940(Sept) cvr Boutonnay(scarcer French hexagonal pmk)-Saar, 5pf(Mi3 x6 inc marg.blk of 4).30
678Upper Silesia: 1920(Mar) cvr Beuthen-Schleswig, 3-colour mixed issues Mi3,5,6,11b.25
6791921 cvr Koschentrn-UK, 5mk (Mi29b). No flap. Mss ink marks(contemporary?). Cat 200eu(cvr).40
680Zones: 1946(Mar) censored(US Zone) cvr to Munich, Bizone Mi11-3 + Mi914-5 tied separate s/lines Gerardstetten(Wurtt)+ date.25
6811948 regd cvr Wilstedt-Switz, Cologne cathedral set(Mi69-72 cat £25) + Mi36-7 type 1 opt, Mi39(x2)type 2 opt25
6821948 regd(temp.label) local Rothenbach cvr, SG932(x20 inc blk 18 rev),946,48(5mk cat £128). PHOTO75
6831949 cvr Freiburg-UK, Christian Wurttemburg set FW47-8(cat £40).30
6841949 matching cvrs(2) Tubingen-UK, Wurttemburg Goethe set: 10pf+20pf or 30pf (FW44-6 cat £130).100
6851949 cvr Rastatt-USA, Baden UPU set (FB56-7 cat £33).25
6861949 60pf red airletter (LF4) with E variety fine unused.40
687Berlin: (see lots 67,72): 1948(Dec) comm.cvr to Scotland, 50pf ovpt (B13 cat £39).30
6881949 100pf airletter, LF1 type 2, comm.used to USA.40
6891950(Oct 1) ERP illus FDC to UK, SGB71(cat £58) & Industrial Exhibition sp.pmk40
6901952 comm.cvr Mulheim-UK, 40pf bell (B79: clapper to left cat £80). PHOTO50
6911953 advert (police sports club) airmail cvr to Switz, mixed bells (B86,101 cat £29).20
6921953(Oct 9) BEVERBA illus unadd.FDC of 5pf bell (B102 cat 65eu FDC) + 40th anniv illus German internal airmail flown regd ex Berlin using 25pf p.stat.env(PU7)+40pf bell(B86 cat £27) & 2 diff.sp.pmks (2 items).50
6931956-7 illus unadd.Buildings FDCs(4) of B137-42. Cat 250eu(FDC)65
694West: (see lot 1526): 1949 Parliament 10pf & 20pf p.stat.cards(2), fine unused20
6951952 comm.p/card Weilheim-UK with 20pf p/horn + se-tenant green X label ex booklet(S5) tied.25
6961952 airmail cvr Hannover-USA, A132,B91+SG1074(blk 4),75-6,79,82-6(cat £200+). PHOTO150
6971952(Aug) illus Brunswick Stamp Exhib’n cvr to UK, SG1075(x2)+7(cat £43).30
6981953 8o or 10o p.stat.cut-outs on internal ppc/firms p/card(2) ex Stuttgart/Marl + Berlin 2pf perf. Uncommon.25
6991955 airmail cvr Hannover-USA, Lufthansa air set in pairs (SG1131-4 cat £45).30
700East: 1950(Mar) cvr Leipzig(sp.fair pmk)-UK, Leipzig Fair set (SGE7-8 cat £34).25
7011951 cvr Zwickau-UK, Polish President set (E41-2 cat £46).35
7021953 beach ppc comm.used Ostseebad(pictorial pmk)-Philippines(destination), E116-7.15
7031954(Oct 1) illus unadd,cacheted FDCs(2) of 5pf-70pf ovpt set (E189-97). Cat 900eu(FDCs). PHOTO(ex)200
704GIBRALTAR: (see lot 1205): 1828 EL to Cadiz rated 9q(red h/st), 3-line De Gibr Roque Anda Baxa.30
7051898 QV 20c regd env size F to Belgium + 40c (SG27).45
7061898(Dec) double rate cvr South District-UK, 2½d(SG42 pair). Inc photo & write-up.25
7071905 underpaid RMS Ortona ppc to UK, GB ½d & s/line paquebot. Taxmarks both countries.20
7081911 regd(red & blk label) cvr to Germany, 2d+2½d (SG68-9 cat £13).30
7091921(Feb 18) RP HMS Vindictive ppc to UK, 2d (SG93). Written 16th on-board. Posted day after FDI.20
7101925 regd OHMS cvr to Belgium, 4-colour KGV 1d,3d,6d,1/= (SG96a,7-8 cat £33).40
7111935 regd airmail cvr to UK, marg.blk of 4 2d SJ with extra flagstaff (SG114-a cat £130). PHOTO120
7121947 S.Gibraltar airmail cvr to Br.Army on Rhine, KGVI vals to 1/=(cat £10+).15
7131966-9 6d or 1/= regd envs(2 size G) comm.used locally or to UK +SG189-90 or 203+9.15
7141977-80 10np regd envs(2: sizes G or H) comm.used to UK/Denmark + SG361 or 287a+451a & 2 diff.pmks.20
715GB used in: QV 6d grey scarce pl.12 (Z49 cat £95) & A26 pmk.30
716GILBERT & ELLICE: 1912 cvr Ocean Is(violet Postal Dept 2-ring cachet)-Marshall Is, SG8-11(cat £55).PHOT75
7171935 regd cvr Ocean Is-Scotland. S.Jubilee set (SG36-9 cat £60).50
7181945(Mar) OHMS stampless cvr Butaritari(scarce D6 pmk)-Australia. Boxed Passed Censor No.5. PHOTO50
7191947 regd(scarce R4 cachet) airmail cvr Ocean Is-UK via Australia, blks of 6 Victory SG65-6.20
7201954 regd(unlisted h/st) cvr Funafuti-Australia via Fiji, KGVI set to 5/= (SG43-54 min.cat £48).45
7211964 comm.cvr Bairiki(distorted skeleton pmk)-Tabiteuea, SG65(x2).25
7221964 OHMS stampless cvr Tarawa-Australia with scarce Offical Paid (OPD4) pmk15
723GOLD COAST: 1902 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used Adda(cds + killer duplex)-Christiansborg.30
7241905 QV 1d p.stat.card comm.used(firms cachet etc) Anamaboe(D3 pmk)-USA via Cape Coast.30
7251913 comm.cvr Seccondee(crown pmk)-UK @ 2d rate inc 1d late fee per SS Falaba.25
7261914 regd cvr Victoriaborg(crown pmk)-UK, SG50a+70(x2). PO closed 1915.25
7271925(Nov) cvr Winneba(scarce d/ring 32mm pmk in use 1 year)-Canada @ 1d rate. Inc letter.25
7281928 crested(crown colony + PO wax seal) regd cvr Accra-UK, pair scarce 2½d (SG90 cat £32).45
7291928 surfboats ppc comm.used Abetifi-Belgium, 1d SG87. Tax mark deleted. Scarce pmk.25
7301929 KGV 1d p.stat.card comm.used Kokofu-USA via Bekwai(D3 pmk), ½d(SG103 pair). Scarce.40
7311937 underpaid cvr Late-USA, mixed KGV-VI SG104+117. Tax marks both countries + US 2c(x2) P.Dues.20
7321942 cvrs(3) Axim/Accra/Takoradi Wharf-UK/USA all @ 3d rate. Blue crown OO/2 boxed censor or red/buff Opened Gold Coast censor labels + violet hexagonal 7 or 19 Gold Coast censors.40
7331945 airmail advert cvr Accra-USA, 2/=(SG130 x2 cat £60).Pale grey OO/234 Examiner label. PHOTO60
7341959 local Accra banking cvr, SG172(x2),75,211, posted out of course & taxed with 6d P.Due (D17).15
7351778 EL Bartlett Buildings-Bridgewater rated 4, bishop mark & tiny s/line Partington. PHOTO50
7361788 EL Newport-Aylesbury rated 7, 1st type 2-line 52 Newport/Pagnel. Scarce. PHOTO65
7371791 EL(funeral expenses) to Chester rated 4, 2-line Burton on Trent.20
7381792 sl.toned EL(arrest warrant) Fleet St-Aylesbury rated 1/4d. D/ring Temple GPO. Scarce. PHOTO75
7391792 signed Free(red 3-ring) outer London-Stroud(Kent).35
7401793 outer to Baldock re-rated 4 to 7, concave Maidstone.20
7411799 EL to Aylesbury re-rated 5 to 7, over-inked 2-line Newport Pagnel.40
7421800 EL to Prescott rated 6, fine Lichfield reversed horseshoe.25
7431802 Free(red apple) EL Wycombe-Aylesbury signed Carrington. Wycomb.H boxed mileage.30
7441803 land enclosure EL Litchfield(box mileage)-Leek rated 6.15
7451804 EL Wokingham-Aylesbury redirected to London & re-rated 11. Red mss Forwarded from Aylesbury.20
7461808 EL Stockport-Chester rated 6, distinctive brownish 179 circular mileage.35
7471809 EL to Bewdley rated 10 ‘with speed’. Circular Selby undated.20
7481815 EL Lord Massingham-Norwich rated 10, 2-line ROUGHAM Penny Post + boxed No.120
7491828 outer Devonport(red cds)-London rated 1/1d. Red Sunday paid tombstone rec’r. PHOTO50
7501829 EL Wycombe-Aylesbury rated 1/=. S/line 55mm High Wycomb (mileage erased).20
7511829 EL Bilney Lodge-Lord Bishop of Norwich, 2-line LYNN Penny Post.20
7521831 EL Somerset House-Knodishall re-rated to 9. Missent to(red mss) + Ipswich cds.25
7531831 outer Vere St(scarce blue MX pmk)-Spilsby rated 10+1. 2-line boxed Spilsby Penny Post. PHOTO50
7541830-6 Free outers/EL(3) with all diff.red crowned types. 1 ex Vere St(MX pmk) & Lowestoft udc noted.20
7551834 postpaid EL Hampstead-Norwich, 2-line Norwich Penny Post + boxed No.4.15
7561835 outer Berkhamsted(circ.mileage erased)-Aberdeen(& redirected). 2 diff ½(blk) & Addl ½(red) h/stamps.25
7571836 EL Liverpool(boxed red Paid at + code G pmk)-Cognac via London(scarce d/ring pmk). Red circular P-F + undated Angleterre par Calais. Paid 3/2d but still charged 21.25
7581839 EL Manchester-Bradford then Ulverstone rated 1 & 7 with mss Redirected at Bradford Yorks(cds).15
7591839 EL(account) Spalding(faint udc)-Sutterton rated 6, 2-line BOSTON Penny Post.40
7601839 EL Thorney-St Albans rated 9, 3-line Peterborough Penny Post + No.4(both boxed). PHOTO50
7611839 EL Woodbridge-Saxmundham rated 5, 2-line Woodbridge Penny Post.20
7621843 outer Northampton-Leicester(rec’r), red Pd1 h/stamp.25
7631843 EL(invoice) Wolverhampton-London with fine red Paid 1d h/stamp.40
7641844 part EL Blackburn-Clitheroe with fine circ. red Paid 1.50
7651844 paid EL Gt Yarmouth-Rochdale via London. S/line Pre-paid h/stamp.40
7661844 cvr Bury St Edmunds-Bungay, red circ. Bury 1 Paid h/st (STB variety to listed types).25
7671945 EL Wycombe-Aylesbury(rec’r), High Wycombe red unframed skeleton cds + 3-line Paid One Penny.45
7681847 outer Milford-Pembroke rated 1, fine Hubberstone horseshoe.35
7691848 neat cvr Tunbridge-Wrotham(Seven-Oaks rec’r), red P.1d h/stamp.25
7701848 EL Maidstone-London with red fancy P.1 h/stamp.25
7711861 shipping EL Gt Grimsby-Arendal(Norway) privately carried by Captain Johnson & brig Harmony.20
7721842 EL Warrington-Rotherham, 3mgn 1d JF & MX pmk. Square J, open top right corner & re-entry.25
7731843 EL(funeral)Norwich-London(box rec’r), 3mgn 1d imperf & MX pmk. 2-line Coltishall Penny Post. PHOTO50
7741843 cvr Stockbridge-London, virtually 4mgn 1d imperf tied MX. Broughton PP(penny post)25
7751844 EL Donnington-Folkingham via Spalding, 4mgn 1d imperf & 2-line Donnington Lincoln Penny Post. PH50
7761844 cvr to Captain,York Barracks, 3-4mgn 1d imperfs (QJ,RH: P converted to R variety) & MX pmks. Blue Stillington Penny Post(reverse). PHOTO50
7771845 EL Doctors Commons-Datchet(Slough rec’r). fine 4mgn 2d blue SG14. Cat £350(cvr).50
7781845 EL Grimethorpe-London via Barnsley, 4mgn 1d imperf JH(blurred J) & 49 pmk. Fine red Brierley udc.25
7791846 EL(Summer Assizes notice) York-Kirbymoorside, 4mgn 1d plate 64(QR flaw).25
7801846 EL Pendleton(blue udc)-London via Manchester, 4mgn 1d imperf(DJ) & 498 pmk.15
7811848 outer Northwich-Macclesfield, 4mgn 1d imperf & light blue 574 duplex. PHOTO80
7821848 outer Spalding-Peterborough, 4mgn 1d imperf(EI) ex plate 79 & 727 duplex.20
7831848 EL Silchester(red udc)-London via Basingstoke, 4mgn 1d imperf(EC) & 29 pmk.20
7841854(Oct) EL Huddersfield(387 duplex)-London, 1d SG17(x2 cat £70). Inc late fee.35
7851854(Nov) EL Bradford-London, pair 1d stars (SG18 cat £100).45
7861855 EL London(20 pmk)-Paris via TPO, pair 2d SG20(cat £220). PHOTO100
7871855(Oct) family ELs in flimsy env E.Moulsey-Paris, pair 2d LC stars SG34. S/line Hampton Court. PHOTO80
7881856 cvr Leicester(s/ways duplex)-Sheffield with 1d SG30 plate 31(JK: gothic K variety). RPS Cert.30
7891856 local London EL with 1d SG29 pl.28 (HL re-entry) & 77 pmk.20
7901857 local Edinburgh outer, 2d green-blue shade SG34 tied s/line local h/st. Posted Since 7 last night cds.PH75
7911857 cvr Edinburgh-Dublin via L’pool, fine 1d brn-rose (SG32 cat £55) tied s/line India Street.35
7921858(Apr) cvr Glasgow-Bridge of Allan, 1d star p.16 (SG36). Cat £160(cvr).45
7931860 local Edinburgh cvr, 1d SG40 tied Posted Since 7 Last Night duplex. Boxed Clerk St(reverse).20
7941862 cvr London SW-Somerset, 1d SG42.25
7951865 regd(oval red pmk) cvr Birmingham-Handsworth, unusually 1d pl.74(strip 4)+78(cat £14) & 75 pmks.30
7961870 Law Life Assurance Soc printed renewal notice EL London-Dorset(rec’rs), 1d pl.117.15
7971870 regd cvr Manchester-Edinburgh(EdinM TPO b/stamp), 1d pl.138 + 2d pl.13(x2 cat £63).40
7981871 cvr Windsor-Andover, pair ½d SG49 pl.3(cat £110).50
7991875 cvr London WC-Malta(rec’r), ½d pl.4 + pair 1d pl.157(cat £55).35
8001879 local Lochmaddy OHMS EL with ½d SG48 pl.19(cat £65).35
8011881(Dec 1) scarce FDC EL of 1d bluish lilac 14 dots SG171(K7(2) Edinburgh-London. PHOTO250
8021894 1d lilac cvr to Chelford with superb & scarce Chestergate BO Macclesfield sq,circle pmk.20
8031855(Oct)outer London-Amsterdam, 1d starSG29 +pair 4dSG62. 2-line Engeland Franco Cat £1250(cvr).PH300
8041856(Jly)cvr Edinboro(red Posted Since 7 Last Night)-Paisley,4d SG63 & box Charlotte Place.Cat £1100.PH250
8051857(Feb) cvr London-Algiers(destination/rec’r) via French TPOs, 4d SG65. Cat £1000(cvr). PHOTO200
8061858 outer Dundee-Lima(Peru), pair 1/= SG72. Boxed M2(reverse). Cat £775(cvr). PHOTO225
8071859 cvr North St,Bristol-Protestant College,St Julians,Malta(rec’r), 3-color 1d star,2d pl.7,6d SG68. PHOTO150
8081859 flimsy outer Cardiff-Messina via Marseilles(scarce d/ring Marsiglia par Messina), 3-colour pairs 1d stars, 4d SG66a, 1/= SG71(cat £900). PHOTO300
8091862 outer London(12 pmk)-Bordeaux, 1d star + 4d SG79(x2). Cat £490(cvr). PHOTO125
8101862 cvr Henley on Thames-N.York(Am.Pkt Paid 24 rec’r), 1/= SG72 & 355 duplex. Cat £425(cvr).PHOTO120
8111862 outer Liverpool-Marseilles, 2d pl.9 + 6d SG70. Cat £255(cvr). PHOTO65
8121862 firms env London EC86-Lille, strip of 3 4d SG80. Cat £580(cvr). PHOTO150
8131863 EL London(2 pmk)-Jamaica(rec’r) per Tasmanian, 1/=(SG90). Inc late fee. Cat £450(cvr). PHOTO125
8141863 EL London(12 pmk)-Zurich via Paris, strip of 3 6d SG84. Inc late fee. Cat £500(cvr). PHOTO125
8151863 EL London(12 pmk)-Paris, 1d stars(x2) + 3d SG76. Cat £640(cvr). PHOTO200
8161864 cvr Edinburgh-India, 4d+6d (SG81,84). Cat £440(cvr). PHOTO125
8171864 EL Birmingham-Belgium, 3d SG77. 2-line Insufficiently Prepaid. Cat £600+(cvr). PHOTO200
8181865 EL London EC84-Amsterdam, pair 3d SG76, 2-line Engeland Franco. Cat £950(cvr). PHOTO300
8191865 outer London(scarce twin 46 pmk)-Amsterdam, 6d+1/= (SG97,101). Inc late fee. Cat £600(cvr). PHOT200
8201865 outer London W21-Sicily, 1/= SG101. Boxed Piroscafi Postali Francesi. Cat £450(cvr). PHOTO100
8211865 outer Glasgow-Amsterdam, 3d SG92. 2-line Engeland Franco. Cat £500(cvr). PHOTO150
8221866 cvr London W13-St Petersburg(Russia) via Aachen(Aus England blue franco), 4d SG93 pl.8 + single & pair 1/= SG101. Boxed red Franco. Cat £1100(cvr). PHOTO350
8231866 cvr Bath-Canada via Liverpool, 1d pl.98(x2) + 6d SG97. Cat £240(cvr).65
8241866 outer Manchester-St Thomas(rec’r), strip of 3 1/= SG101. Cat £1000(cvr). PHOTO275
8251867 outer London(twin 48 pmk)-Lyon, 1d pl.78 + 4d SG93 pl.9(cat £92). Late fee.45
8261867 mourning cvr Bolsover-France then Italy, 4d SG93 pl.8 & Chesterfield cds/duplex. Cat £140(cvr).40
8271867 EL Manchester-C’tinople(rec’r), unusually 2 diff.6ds SG96-7. Cat £425(cvr). PHOTO100
8281868 outer Birmingham-Italy, pair 3d SG103 scarcer pl.4(cat £600). PHOTO250
8291868 EL London(scarce twin 49)-Italy, pair 6d SG104. Inc late fee. Cat £425(cvr). PHOTO120
8301868 cvr London(scarcer triple 48)-USA via Cork(steamer Java) & NY Pkt, pair 1d pl.103 + 6d SG105. PH.100
8311869 EL N.Shields(573 duplex)-Italy, 6d SG109 scarcer pl.8(cat £190)75
8321869 EL London(103 pmk)-Portugal, scarce strip of 4 6d SG108(cat £760+). Oval Franca. PHOTO250
8331869 EL London(105 pmk)-Paris, pair 4d SG95 pl.11 + 1/= SG117 pl.4(cat £245). PHOTO100
8341869 outer London-Venice, 1d pl.122 + 6d SG109 scarcer pl.8(cat £143). Boxed L1(late fee). PHOTO75
8351869 outer Liverpool-Greece(scarce destination/rec’r), pair 4d SG95 pl.11(cat £180). PHOTO80
8361870 cvr Littlehampton-Virginia(USA) via N.York, 3d SG103 pl.5 & 978 duplex. Cat £110(cvr).35
8371871 cvr London WC9-Rome, 1d pl.150 + 4d SG94 pl.12(cat £78). S/line Via Richiesta(rev).45
8381871 firms outer Cardiff-Italy, pair 3d SG103 pl.6. Cat £180(cvr).50
8391872 cvr Scarbro(693 duplex)-Canada, 1d pl.139 + 3d SG102 pl.8(cat £80).40
8401872 EL Manchester-Acapulco(destination) via Panama & RMStr via Southampton, 1/= SG117 pl.550
8411872 EL London-Portugal, strip of 3 6d chestnut SG122a. Oval Franca. Cat £280+(cvr). PHOTO100
8421873 cvr Manchester-USA(NY Paid All rec’r), 3d SG103 pl.9(x2). Cat £180(cvr).50
8431873 EL Greenock-Portugal, 6d grey SG125 pl.12. Cat £375(cvr). PHOTO120
8441874 firms outer Birmingham-Madrid, pair 6d grey SG125. Cat £675(cvr). PHOTO200
8451874 EL London-Finland via St Petersburg, 2d pl.14 + 3d SG143 pl.12(cat £118). Red Wfr 1½(scarce). PH.75
8461874 firms cvr Edinburgh-Australia(rec’rs inc scarce Beaufort & Waterloo), 6d grey SG127 pl.13 PHOTO60
8471875 outer Manchester-Vera Cruz(Mexico) via St Nazaire & Ligne B Paq.Fr.No.4, 2 pairs 6d grey SG147 pl.13. Charged 25cts. Cat £420+(cvr). PHOTO150
8481875 firms EL London-Rio(Brazil), 3-col.2d pl.12,3d SG143 pl.17(pair),6d SG147 pl.14(cat £390).Box red L2.250
8491875 cvr Holm Rook-Australia, 3d pl.16 + 6d pl.14(SG144+7 cat £170) & scarce FO9 duplex. PHOTOs100
8501875 mourning cvr Steventon-Versailles, pair 3d SG144 pl.17 & 094 duplex. Cat £200(cvr)60
8511876(May 1) FDC London-Florence of 2½d SG141 pl.3(cat £150). Rare. PHOTO750
8521876 outer London(79 pmk)-Tunis(destination/rec’r) & charged 10, 1d pl.179 + 2½d SG141 pl.3(cat £153).PH80
8531876 EL London(101 pmk)-Ragusa(Dalmatia), 2½d SG141 scarcer pl.3(cat £150).60
8541876 firms cvr London(94 pmk)-India via Sea PO B, pair 4d vermilion SG152 pl.15. Cat £1625(cvr). PHOTO650
8551878 EL Bristol-Rhodes(destination & blue rec’r) via Marseilles,Smyrna, 2½d SG141 pl.1450
8561878 cvr Rochester(650 pmk)-India via Sea PO F, 8d orange SG156. Cat £625(cvr). PHOTO180
8571879 EL Gracechurch St(London)-France, 1d scarce pl.219 + 2½d SG141 pl.14 & L1 late fee duplex. PHOTO75
8581879 cvr Harrogate-Australia(inc redirected to Melbourne), 6d grey SG146 pl.1650
8591879 regd cvr Manchester-Paris, 1d pl.187 + 3d SG143 pl.19(x2). Cat £203(cvr). PHOTO65
8601879 United Services Club env Charing X-Canada, 1d pl.212 + 2½d SG141 pl.13. Scarcer small boxed L1.50
8611879 outer Manchester-Vera Cruz via WI Mail, strip of 3 4d grn SG153 pl.16. Cat £1200+(cvr). PHOTO400
8621880 EL Lombard St(London)-Venice, 1d SG166 + 2½d blue SG142 pl.19(cat £80) & L1(late fee) duplex.40
8631880 cvr Aberystwyth(2 duplex)-India via Sea PO, 2 pairs 2½d blue SG142 scarcer pl.17(cat £300). PHOTO150
8641880 2d regd env Lombard St(London)-Switz + 2d pl.15 & 2½d blue SG142 pl.18(x2). Cat £183+(cvr). PHOT65
8651880 EL Mark Lane(London)-Italy, 2½d mauve SG141 pl.16 & rare L2(late fee) duplex. Circ, Too Late GPO.60
8661881 cvr Maybole(243 duplex)-Australia, pair 3d SG143 scarcer pl.20(cat £280). PHOTO125
8671881 outer London WC9-Whitehaven(Sorting Tender TPO b/st). 1½d SG167.60
8681882 cvr Menai Bridge(B51 pmk)-Capt,British Empire,Bombay via Sea PO F, strip 3 5d SG169 cat £675. PH.220
8691883 EL Manchester-Montevideo, 1d lilacs(x2) + scarce 6d on 6d SG162. PHOTO150
8701883 cvr London SW-Barbados(rec’r), pair 4d dull grn SG192 (cat £420). PHOTO200
8711884 cvr Liverpool(sq.circ)-Langholm, 1½d SG188. Cat £120(cvr).40
8721885 2d regd env Lombard St(London)-Paris + 2½d,5d (SG190+3). Cat £370+(cvr). PHOTO125
8731885 QV ½d p.stat.card comm.used Ryde(IoW sq.circ)-Bridport. Ex Sea-View Ryde cds.10
8741887 crested env Shrewsbury-Royal Engineers,India via Sea PO E, 5d Jubilee scarce die 1 (SG207). PHOT90
8751889 cvr Sth Kensington-Cape Town, 3-colour 1d lilac + 3d,4d QV Jubilees (SG202,5).40
8761889-1901 6d+1½d double embossed(ESC73) or 6d(ES26) QV p.stat.envs(2) London(x2 diff.pmks)-Leipzig both + QV 2½d Jubilee. 1 marked Late Fee.35
8771895 regd advert cvr Cardiff-Bavaria, 3-colour 1d lilac, 1½d(marg.strip of 3)+4d Jubilees (cat £38).35
8781898 QV 2d regd env Cannon St-N.York + perfinned 5d,10d Jubilees (SG207a+10). Cat £315(cvr). PHOTO90
8791902 QV 2d regd env size H Plymouth-Germany + mixed QV 1½d + KEVII 6d (SG198,245).25
8801905 ppc to Herefordshire, KEVII ½d & oval Posted in Advance for Xmas Delivery Manchester cachet.40
8811907 cvr Lombard St-Prince Bonaparte,Paris, 10d (SG254b). Unusual. PHOTO100
8821908 KEVII 2d+1d regd env size H Leicester Sq(London)-Holland + 3d(SG233 cat £85).50
8831911(Dec) local Netherbury(Dorset) Xmas ppc with 1d p15x14(SG279a). Cat £100(cvr).30
8841911 Brighton beach RP social ppc Brighton-France, mixed Kings ½ds SG268+322. See also lots 58,62.15
8851912 regd cvr Ipswich-USA, 3d grey/lemon (SG285a: unpriced used). PHOTO200
8861912 KEVII 1d p.stat.env Pontardulais(S.Wales)-Hamburg + 1½d (SG287 x2 cat £76).45
8871912 firms env London(FS1 pmk)-Bavaria, 3-colour perfinned mixed Kings SG284,339,342(cat £21).25
8881916 regd cvr Camden Town,NW London-RE Captain,India, strip of 3 8d (SG390 cat £33).45
8891921 cvr London-Dudley, 2½d blue SG372 N21(10) with marginal pillars label. RPS Certificate.15
8901922 cvr Market Deeping-Peterborough, 2d intense orange shade SG368 N19(9) cat £475. Rare. PHOTO250
8911922 regd cvr Liverpool-Pickering, scarce 9d pale olive-grn (SG393b cat £40).50
8921922-3 regd(early labels) cvrs(2) Burnage(Didsbury)-S.Africa, KGV 1½d(blk 4) or ½d+ pair 3d(SG364,376).25
8931924(May-Sep) cvrs(2) Empire Exhib’n Wembley Park(slogan or circ.lion pmk)-Bedford, 1½d(SG431 cat £30).25
8941924(Apr 23) plain Wembley FDC Empire Exhib’n Wembley Park-Burton on Trent, SG430-1. PHOTO125
8951924(Apr 26) Wembley 1d(x3) + 1½d (SG430-1 cat £48) on regd cvr Norwood-Stockton.35
8961925 cvr Carlisle-Whitehaven, 1½d Wembley (SG433 cat £70).40
8971927 regd cvr Putney-P.Rico(destination/rec’r), SG420(x2)+ late use KEVII 7d(SG249 cat £200 cvr).50
8981928 airmail cvr Hammersmith-Holland, SG420 + pair 1½d Wembley (SG433 cat £140). PHOTO100
8991929(Aug) airmail cvr to S.Africa flown Cape Town-Pt Elizabeth-Durban & signed both pilots. PHOTO50
9001930(Apr) printed regd env London Naval Conference-Kent, 5-colour ½d-2½d & sp.pmk. Inc headed letter.PH65
9011933 airmail cvr London-SS Arandora Star,Naples via Chiasso-Milano TPO, 1½d(SG420 x3).15
9021933(Jun) IA illus FFC Southend-India(Karachi-Calcutta FF cachet), 1d+10d (SG428 cat £40).30
9031933(Sept) illus IA FFC London-Burma(Akyab rec'r) @ 8d rate.20
9041934(May) cacheted FFC Kirkwall-Inverness @ 1½d rate.15
9051936(Jun) local S.Devon cvr. control strip(U34) of 3 KGV ½d & Paignton B69 Phil.Congress pmk.10
9061936(Sept 1) printed regd local Manchester FDC of KEVIII ½d,1½d,2½d. PHOTO65
9071937 flimsy airmail cvr London-B.Aires by German airmail SG447(x2)+450(2/6d seahorse cat £44).30
9081937 airmail cvr London-Malaya, 6-colour mixed 3 Kings: SG442,57-9,61,62(x2)-3,6.20
9091938 airmail firms env Manchester-B.Aires, perfinned(inc 2/6d) SG426a,49-50(cat £43).30
9101938(Jan-Feb) cvrs(2) London-Canada, KEVIII or KGVI 1d both + green 'poached egg' labels tied.25
9111939((May 1) regd airmail FDC Grimsby-Barbados of KGVI 9d,10d,1/=. Scarce, PHOTO150
9121941 airmail cvr London-Australia, 2/6d brown (SG476).20
9131941 airmail express(label) censored cvr London FS-USA, 3-colour KGVI 3d,6d,1/=.15
9141942 KGVI 2½d POW p.stat letter scarcer type 1 London FS-Stalag 306,Germany. Censored both countries.25
9151944 air cvr Milford Haven-HMS Guardian,GPO London, 5d(SG469). Rubber 2-line h/st: Airmail Not Available.20
9161948 KGVI 2½d p.stat.env + ½d Blackburn-Switz. GvR GPO Customs label tied. Unusual.15
9171950 KGVI 6½d regd env size H airmail London W74-USA + 4-colour KGVI 1d,2½d,1/=.2/6d grn.15
9181951 Festival illus FDCs(2), SG503-7,13-14. H/written addresses20
9191955(Sept 1) scarce airmail illus FDC Edinburgh-NZ of 10/= Castle (SG538). PHOTO200
9201955(Sept 1 & 23) matching regd cvrs(2) Threadneedle St-Surrey of 2/6d+5/= or 10/=+£1 Castles(SG536-9)100
9211958(Aug 18) matching set of 6 illus FDC for 3d regionals. H/written matching addresses. Cat £125.40
9221958(Sept 29) matching pair FDCs(2) for 6d+1/3d of Scotland & N.Ireland. Printed address.25
9231961 Europa illus FDC of SG626-8 with Torquay sp.CEPT slogan pmk. Typed address.10
9241965 Recorded Delivery(label) cvr Horsham-Staffs, 10d (SG583).10
9251972 Wedgwood se-tenant bklet panes inc excellent ½p side band on illus FDC with Barlaston sp.pmk15
926Officials: 1904 crested cvr Salisbury-Bristol, KEVII 1d Army (O49 cat £100 on cvr).30
927P.Due:1897 underpaid cvr Vancouver-Preston @ Canada 5c SQ(SG106). Tax marks: T25(circ), small 5d 620.15
9281902 underpaid small cvr Belgium-Somerset, tax mark inc 3d FB. VR Found Open & Official Seal label20
9291921 local London EC1 unpaid cvr(+ letter) with 4d tax mark & 4d P.Due (D6w). See also lots 335+7.20
9301961(Aug) Braemar RP ppc comm.used unpaid to St Andrews, due h/st + scarce 5d P.Due (D52 cat £20).20
931Guernsey: 1942(Apr) local advert cvr with blued paper 1d arms (SG5 cat £25). PHOTO75
9321969 illus unadd.FDCs(2) of set to £1 (SG13-28 cat £25).20
9331973(Sept) BIA/Aurigny Air cacheted flown(certified 100 or 150) cvrs(2) to Southampton. Both pilot signed.25
934Jersey: 1827 EL St Helier-London rated 1/1. Very good Jersey scroll. PHOTO80
9351907 insured KEVII 2d+1d regd env size H to Paris + 3-col. SG218,242,257(1/= x2 cat £100+). PHOTO120
9361942(Jan) cvr to Guernsey, 1d on chalky paper (SG2d cat £48). PHOTO65
9371943 local underpaid cvr but not taxed, pair ½d+1d on greyish paper (SG1d,2e cat £38).45
9381943(July 29) regd local cvr, SG1,2e,3-8(FDC of 2½d,3d) & Five Oaks pmk. Stamps cat £41.35
939Channel Is: 1958(Aug 18) illus FDCs(2) for Jersey & Guernsey 3d regionals.20
940Herm: 1953-69 comm.cvrs/ppcs(8) with all different locals tied & inc 2 diff.bisects. Also unused b/w ppc.40
941Lundy: 1939-48 comm.ppcs(2 diff) to UK, KGVi 1d or 2d + ½ or 1 puffins & circ.boxed pmks.25
9421953(Jun 2) illus unadd.FDC of Coronation ovpt set. Also handpainted b/w John Duke ‘Greetings’ island ppc.20
943IoMan: (see lot 337): 1851 outer to London rated 2(mss), fine blue Douglas Isle of Man cds.25
9441915(Sept) POW env Douglas-UK @ 1d rate. Oval Aliens Detention Camp,Douglas censor. PHOTO45
945GREECE: (see lot 1496): 1899 cvr Athens(5 pmk)-C'tinople(Br.PO rec'r). 4mgn 25L purple (SG91).25
9461908 regd advert cvr Athens(Kentpikon pmk)-Xanthi(Turkish rec'r) via Salonica, 25L strip of 3 SG173A.20
9471908 ppc Dardanelles (fine pmk)-France, Turkish 10pa(x2)40
9481913 comm.cvr Chio(no.1 pmk)-Turkey(rec’r), Turkish 20pa.40
9491938 2d40 p.stat.reply half(P41) comm.used Chemnitz,Germany(sp.pmk)-Athens + SG468(x4),88c,505.25
9501940 air regd cvr Athens-UK, SG488c+e,503+10(x2),C526 tied rev.Greek exchange control + UK PC66 labels15
951Salonica: 1904 comm.cvr to Hungary(rec'r), blk of 6 Turkish 20pa tied reverse by 2 pmk.30
952GREENLAND: 1961-3 Scottish E.Greenland printed Exped’n cvrs(2 diff) Mesters Vig/Angmagssalik-USA/UK.15
9531975 Ivigtut CryoliteMines advert printed matter illus cvr Gronnedal-Germany,SG86(x7 inc blk 6).See lot 1716.20
954GRENADA: 1935 regd cvr to UK, 3-colour S.Jubilee SG145-6+7(x2) cat £10.15
9551935 OHMS stampless cvr to UK with Official Paid pmk.40
9561941 cvr Carriacou-USA @ 3½d rate. S/line red Passed by Censor.25
9571943 cvrs(2) to USA @ 3½d or 1/5d(airmail) rates. Both with red Crown passed SS/4 cachets.30
9581952 regd OHMS cvr to USA, scarce $1.50 (SG183).20
959GUATEMALA: 1896 12c on 3c p.stat.local delivery lettercard, scarce H&G1 fine unused.20
9601903 advert cvr to S.Francisco per Colon, strip of 4 25c on 1c(SG127) ex booklet as imperf at left.25
9611930(Mar) cacheted Pan-am FFC to Honduras, SG223,30,41. 240 flown.25
962HAITI: 1901 3c grn p.stat.card comm.used Jacmel-UK.20
9631907 regd cvr Miragoine(scarce pmk)-USA, 10c (SG145).25
9641911 cvr Cayes-Hamburg, SG137+141.20
9651926(Jun)+ 1927(Apr) FFCs(2) Pt au Prince-Gonaives or Port de Paix, both 50c (SG302).Red/blk air cachets.40
9661942 censored cvr Pt au Prince-US Navy,Pearl Harbor,Hawaii(destination), 10c(SG320).15
967HONDURAS: 1924 advert cvr La Ceiba-UK, SG196(x5)+8(x2). Health remedy label(reverse).15
968HONG KONG: 1910 ppc comm.used Tientsin(Br.PO)-UK, 4c (Z1017)20
9691938(Apr) airmail cvr Victoria-USA, v.early mixed KGV-VI SG130($2)+151,3(cat £14).35
9701937 airmail cvr Kowloon-UK, SG139(x2 cat £12).15
9711938 advert cvr to Canada, 15c (SG138) & fine herringbone pmk.15
9721938 advert cvr to Canada, SG121+4 & Sheungwan pmk.30
9731941 regd airmail cvr to UK, 4-colour Centenary SG165-6,7(x2),8(x3 cat £60). PHOTO75
9741947(May) airmail cvr to Sweden, SG152+6. S/line By Air to Office of Exchange Only.30
9751953 regd advert cvr to Germany, hi-val SG156c,60ab($5 x2),62b($10 cat £43)+177. Rare. PHOTO75
9761965(Apr) QUANTAS illus FFC to Vienna, 4-colour SG196-7,203-4.10
9771966 airmail sp.delivery cvr Man Yee Arcade-USA, $2 Churchill (SG221 cat £9).20
978Used in Shanghai: 1876 16c on 18c (Z784 cat £170) & S1 pmk. PHOTO50
9791863-82 6c-24c (Z774-6,78,86,92,94,95a cat £252) & blue or blk S1 pmks (8).50
980HUNGARY: 1871-3 cvrs(2 inc regd) Pozsony(2 diff pmks)-Graz, 5kr(Austrian) or 15kr(SG12 min.cat £65).50
9811911 advert printed matter ppc Budapest-India(destination/rec’rs), SG100+18.20
9821914(Xmas Day) regd cvr Herczeghalom PA(box pmk)-Gyulafehervar, 3-colour War Charity SG154(x2),7,64.40
9831915 cvr Varanno-Prague, 4-colour War Charity SG153-5,7.25
9841919 regd local Budapest p/card with personalities SG324-5A. Uncommon commercial use.25
9851921(Apr) 16f p.stat.env flown Budapest-Papa + airs SG401-3(cat £14).25
9861925(Apr) cacheted FFC Budapest-Szeged, SG433-6,43(all x3). Stamps cat £50+.40
9871927 underpaid advert cvr Yugoslav-Budapest taxed with mixed issue P.Dues D486,93(x2),509(x3).25
9881950 Stamp Day minisheet ((MS1156a cat £85) on illus FDC to Switz. PHOTO50
9891964 airmail cvr Budapest-Gilbert & Ellice Is(rare destination), SG1646-7. See also lots 4,85,1430.15
990Baranya: 1919 150f on 16f or 35f regd envelopes(2) fine unused.50
991ICELAND: 1908 ppc comm.used Stykisholmur-Reykjavik, 1e + 4a (Fa76,78).45
9921912 10aur red p.stat.card comm.used Akureyri-Germany.40
9931930(Oct) scarcer FFC Dyrafjordur-Reykjavik(rec’r), pair 10a airs (SG156 cat £25).40
9941932 advert cvr Reykjavik-Canada, Fa145+7(x2 cat £37).40
9951933 comm.cvr Hvammstangi-UK, 35a Gullfoss (SG197 cat £15).30
9961934 waterfall ppc comm.used Reykjavik-Germany, 20aur air p.14 (Fa205).30
9971945(Aug) regd FFC(return) Reykjavik-Denmark(censor) & back, airs p12½x14 set (SG208-13 cat £90). PH100
9981951 geysir eruption ppc comm.used Keflavik Airport-UK, scarce 60a+1kr (SG300+3 cat £23).35
999INDIA:(see lots 5,548,1040): 1860 cvr Arrah-Scotland via Bombay, 2a+4a (SG41,45 cat £69). PHOTO50
10001860 cvr Futtygurh(96 numeral)-Lady Tyler,UK, 2a+4a (SG42,46 cat £50).40
10011866 Via Marseilles cvr Calcutta(India Paid cds rev)-UK, 3-colour SG44,53,64(cat £116). PHOTO100
10021880 regd cvr Bombay-UK, SG76+71(pair 4as).20
10031885-1947 cvrs/p.stat inc regd envs(24) all internally used. STB all used in pre-Independence Pakistan.30
10041915 cvr to USA, 2½a(SG171). Circ.violet Bombay censor 14 + red/buff armourial censor label.15
10051918 unpaid cvr Sambhar Lake-Shahpura via Ajmer & J-10 TPO No.1. 2 diff.P.Due cachets.15
10061935(Jun) internal stampless cvr to Quetta via TPO with s/line Quetta Earthquake Postage Paid h/st. PHOTO65
10071940-1 cvrs(3) Bombay/Madras/Viceroys Camp-UK/Ireland @ 2½a-3½a rates. Triangular Madras censor 12 or crested red censor labels 30C or 260C.20
10081945(Oct) OAS airmail EL Rafpost 135(Bengal)-UK.15
1009Used abroad: 1897 cvr Bushire-Cairo via Sea PO, 2a6p(Z145) & sq.circle pmk.30
1010INDIAN STATES: Bamra: 1894 ¼a p.stat.card on greenish blue, H&G2 fine unused.20
1011Bundi: 1940s native wrapper + tied enclosure, pair 3pi (SG79 cat £14).35
10121940s tiny native regd cvr with 3-colour SG80-1,2a(cat £44) tied reverse. PHOTO100
1013Chamba: 1903-4 scarce QV ½a or 1a Service p.stat.envs(2: H&G1-2) comm.used. Latter to Jhelum(Kashmir)25
10141914-5 ¼a p.stat.cards(3 diff inc message & reply halves reply card) comm.used to Amritsar.20
1015Cochin: 1892 ½p(H&G1) p.stat.env with native pmks. Commercial.15
1016Gwalior: 1907 KEVII 2a regd env, H&G4 fine unused.15
10171949 KGVI 1½a p.stat.env, H&G20 comm.used Shivpari-Bombay + SG129(x2).15
1018Hyderabad: 1929 8pi p.stat.env regd Nagar Bhalki-Pattakhana + SG36b(strip 3)+39 reverse.15
1019Jaipur: 1907 Indian ½a p.stat.env Kotah-Jaipur City(rec’r) + Jaipur ½a(SG10) tied reverse.20
10201946 ¾a p.stat.env,H&G8 Samod-Finance Minister,Jaipur City + ¼a(SG58 x15 inc blk of 6 front/back)20
1021Patiala: 1929 1a on ½a p.stat.env(unlisted H&G) comm.used to Sikar.20
1022Travancore: 1940 ¾ch p.stat.env, H&G11 regd locally in Aleppey(x2 diff.pmks) + SG41,44 reverse.20
1023IRAN:(see lot 20): 1912 regd cvr Sultanabad-Teheran, SG362+74(1kr). Oval black censor.35
10241919 cvr Recht-Teheran @ 6ch rate. Violet octagonal British military crown censor 549.35
10251919 cvr Kazvin-Hamadan, mix franking SG367+522(4k opt cat £41). Bilingual English/Farsi censor label. PH.50
10261928(Apr) printed cacheted Junkers FFC Teheran-Bushire, SG631 + airs 643,44(x2).25
102719 30 airmail cvr Teheran-Egypt via Baghdad, SG672,5,81,95(x2),97,99(x2 cat £10).20
1028IRAQ: 1920 comm.cvr Asharstrand-India, ½a opts (SG1 x3). Pmk only in use 2 years.35
10291928(Nov) regd airmail US Consulate(seal)cvr Lower Baghdad-USA, 4-colour SG43-4,6-7.30
10301933 IA illus FFC Basra-Calcutta @ 35f rate. Only 56 flown. PHOTO65
10311949(Jan) Pan-am cacheted FFCs(2) Basrah-Istanbul or Shannon(Eire) @ 32f or 38f rates.15
10321949(Feb 1) regd airmail FDC Junoubi Baghdad-India of air set SG330-7 + T328(cat £25).25
10331952 formular airletter comm.used Kirkuk-UK, SG278+88. Great detail on air trip ex UK via Malta & Tripoli.25
1034IRELAND: (see lot 1335): 1805 outer to London rated 1/1. S/line IRELAND (55mm).40
10351837 EL Dublin-Aberdeen rated 1/5 + scarce black Addl ½ h/stamp.40
10361840 paid EL Dublin-UK via Liverpool(inspector star). 3-line red 23 Paid 1d h/stamp.25
10371865 regd(red PLO Dublin pmk) cvr to Newry(& onto Cavan), 1d pl.86(x5 inc strip 4 cat £25) & 186 pmk.40
10381878 advert cvr Dundalk-Bordeaux, 2½d rosy mauve SG141 pl.8. Cat £125(cvr).40
10391885 cvr Dublin(late fee pmk)-Tralee, 1d lilac + ½d slate(SG187).25
10401907 Kingston disaster ppc unpaid Dublin-India. 4 diff.tax marks inc 2 India (Overland Postage Due).15
10411910 mourning cvr (death EVII) Vice-Regal Lodge,Dublin-Monkstown with Dublin Official Paid pmk.20
10421911(Dec) ppc Queenstown(skeleton pmk)-Devon, 1d p15x14 (SG279). Cat £100(cvr).30
10431923 GB 5d olive size F regd env(scarcer no size letter) Johnstons Bridge(rubber skeleton)-Dublin. PHOTO150
10441923(Mar) comm.cvr Dun Laoghaire-Switz, pair 1½d ovpts (SG54 cat £17).30
10451930 cvr Bruigbeanta(skeleton pmk),Co.Donegal-UK, 6-colour SG71-2,4,6,9-80,82(cat £16).25
10461954-8 2d grn p/card, 3d blue no wmk p.stat.env + litir-charta(lettercard) all fine unused(3).20
10471960(Dec) Air Lingus cacheted FFCs(2) Shannon or Dublin-N.York @ 1/3d rate (SG183 cat £40).25
1048ISRAEL: 1949-51 airmail cvrs(6 inc regd) to UK/USA(inc 1 incoming) with varied colour censor tapes/types.1 ex TSS Neptunia.50
10491949(May 1-5) internal censored private p/stat(3 diff) all with military PO cancels at TABUL Exhib’n.25
1050ITALY: 1894 10c postal order for 6L used Carovilli-Naples + 20c,25c pair SG33-4. Latter cat 120eu on cvr.30
10511908 cvr Monza(Milan sq.circ)-Germany, 25c (SG67 x2). See also lots 26,29,30,98,100,180,1132-6.25
10521915 regd express cvr Genova-Zurich via Bologna(censors inc label), 4-colour 85c rate inc 30c express(E80)20
10531915 ppc Rosazza-B.Congo(destination/rec'rs) @ 10c rate. Forwarded cachet.20
10541921 ppc comm.used Genoa-Madeira(destination & Funchal rec’r) @ 40c rate.15
10551925(Sept) Ceylon stamps ppc flown on local experimental flight Como-Bellagio @ 10c rate.45
10561930(6/12) cvr Naples-Rome (rec’r), 10L air (SG277). FDC40
10571934 express cvr Milan-Berlin via 2 Italian TPOs, SG412 + E351(2L50 express).20
10581936 advert cvr Milan(rail pmk)-Rome unusually franked Eritrea 50c(SG195). Expertised.20
10591939 regd airmail advert cvr Trieste-Zurich, SG239(x2) + scarce airs SG545+7(cat £40). PHOTO50
10601943 GermanNavalRecoveryCentre(cachet),Sestri Levante(Genova)-German Wehrmacht,La Spezia, SG244.25
10611945(Jun)cvr Corchiano-USA, pair 2L50 opts(SG629: scarce on cvr).Oval milit.censorship routed via civil mail20
10621951(Apr 29) FDC Italian Swiss Stamp Expo,Pallanza-Ticino, SG779-80,87(cat £65). PHOTO50
1063Campione: (see lot 1633): 1937 RP ppc to UK, SG239,41,506,8,10 & Campione d'Italia Como pmk.15
1064Eritrea: (see lot 455,1058): 1903 camel + scrub ppc Cheren-Sweden(destination/rec'r), pair 5c ovpts (SG21).25
10651923 internal cvr Massaua-Asmara, pair 25c (SG33).45
1066c1935 scarce 15c lilac Eritrea opt p.stat.card(reply half)addressed to Milan+15c(SG202).Full message.Nopmk25
10671938 airmail cvr Saganeti-Italy, SG195+205. Scarce pmk.35
1068Levant: 1910 ppc Constantinopoli(Italian PO 2)-France, 20pa on 10c (Sass.21).20
10691920-2 Italian 15c p.stat.card + 40c or 25c advert env(2) Posta Militare 171(Smyrna)-France/Belgium.35
1070Papal States: 1856 outer Ferrara-Mantova(3 rec'r), 4mgn 2b yellow-grn(cat £21). Boxed P.Stato Pontificio.20
1071Sardinia: 1862 outer/EL(2) Pescia/Chieta-Livorno/S.Antelmo, 10c shades (SG39-40 cat £152, 1 4mgn).75
1072 S.African forces: 1944(Mar) airmail cvr APO-u-MpK 10-S.Africa, war effort SG100-1(strips of 3).RAF censor 20
1073Trieste: 1945(Nov) cvr to USA, AMG VG ovpts on 5L+10L(Sass.10-11). 2 Allied censors inc label.20
1074JAMAICA: 1831 EL(land sales/illness) to UK rated 2/2. 2-line Spanish Town/Ja. PHOTO65
10751845 EL(crops/slaves) Trelawny-UK rated 1/2d. Early Rio Bueno d/ring cds. PHOTO120
10761895 comm.cvr Hope Bay-USA, SG16a(strip of 3)+27.35
10771907 KEVII ½d p.stat.wrapper comm.used Kingston-Colombia(destination) + QV 3d(SG21a).25
10781912 KGV ½d & 1d p.stat.cards(2: H&G25-6) fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.20
10791929 regd OHMS cvr Kingston-UK, Child Welfare set (SG107-c cat £32).40
10801930 cvr Little London-Govt Railway,Kingston @ 1d rate + dated Xmas label tied.20
10811935 airmail cvr Lime Hall-USA, S.Jubilee 1½d(x2)+6d (SG115-6 cat £23).20
10821941 printed Internment Camp p/card to USA with oval camp pmk + 4-line Jamaica postal censor(both violet).25
10831949(Apr) Br.Caribbean Airways printed/cacheted FFC Kingston-Miami @ 6d rate.25
10841972 Govt Service banking cvr Liguanea-Antigua, hi-vals SG316,8-9,26,61(cat £18+).20
1085JAPAN: 1884 1sen blue wrapper(WR5) fine unused.10
10861916 stampless ppc Germany(2-line censor)-POW,Oita(red DC POW oval rec’r).25
10871928 cvr Osaka(sp.red pmk)-Belgium, Emperor 6s+10s (SG250-1).25
10881936 airmail double regd cvr to UK via Hsinking INPO, SG300,3(x2),4(1y).35
10891953 cvr Yokohama-USA @ US 3c rate. Boxed paquebot (scarce Hosking 3474) & circ.SS MS Sword Knot Pacquet Boat Mail Posted at Sea cachet. See also lots 1113,1516.25
10901959 10y coil (Sakura 371) on illus unadd.FDC20
1091NZ forces: 1946(Nov) cvr NZ APO 222 code A(Iwakuni)-UK, NZ SG667-70.20
1092Used abroad: 1938 comm,cvr Dairen(violet INPO pmk)-UK @ 10s rate (SG243).20
1093JORDAN: (see lot 1354,1657-60): 1954 regd(early label) cvr Jerusalem Airport-UK, SG433,37,49(x2)-50,53.20
10941954 regd cvrs(2) Jenin 1 or Tulkarm 1-Jerusalem(rec’rs), SG391(x2) or 433(x3).25
10951954-5 cvrs(2) to J’salemCitadel(1-2 rec’rs), SG445+7or 8 & oval violet(Azzoun) or blk(Abu-Dees)rubber PAs.40
1096KENYA etc: (see lot 1319): 1895 BEA ovpt on ½a & 1a p.stat.cards(2, H&G3-4) fine unused.25
10971901-3 cvrs(2) Kampala/Entebbe-UK/Italy(destination) via Mombasa, pairs 1a Uganda (SG84 or a).50
10981905 comm.cvr Masaka-UK via Mombasa(skeleton) @ 1a rate.25
10991913-21 comm.cvrs(3) Rabai,Nakuru or Kampala-UK/Germany, SG45+8 or 47 or 49.40
11001921 ppc comm.used Kampala-Costa Rica(destination & rec’r) @ 6c rate.20
11011927 Tanganyika KGV 30c regd env size H, H&G3a, fine unused opt’d Specimen25
11021927 Tanganyika 15c p.stat.env Tanga-Berlin + SG93(x2). Ex PO Pangani.25
11031930(Nov) regd FFC Dar-Tanga(rec’r), GEA 75c (SG54-a). Only 57 regd flown. PHOTO50
11041933 regd airmail cvr Nairobi-UK, SG84(x3)+88(2/= cat £22). UK GPO officially sealed label tied.40
11051935 airmail cvrs(2) Kericho/Tanga-UK, S.Jubilee 65c or 30c+1/=(SG125-7). Inc boxed By Air to London.25
11061940 comm.cvr Kikagati(Uganda)-UK @ 20c rate. Scarce pmk.30
11071940(Dec 24) OAS/OHMS Military Franked/boxed military censor(all marks in red) EAAPS violet pmk(no number)-Kinangop(rec'r). Previous priced @ £125!35
11081942(Apr 20) regd(violet scarce R4 h/st) censored(EA box) FDC APO 2-S.Africa, blk of 4 70c (SG154).25
11091942 censored(EA violet) airmail cvr APO 63(Marikani)-Scotland via APO 66(Mombasa) @ 1s30c rate.15
11101943(Jan) airmail OAS cvr to S.Africa, 1s30 rate tied blank d/ring 25mm pmk. Triang.Passed Naval Censor.35
11111950 regd airmail cvr Nanyuki(scarce skeleton)-Italy via Nairobi(skeleton regd), SG142(x2)+46ba tied reverse15
11121960(Oct 1) printed airmail regd FDC Mombasa-UK of set to 20sh (SG183-98 cat £40).25
1113KOREA: 1937 advert cvr Keijo(Chosen)-France, Japanese 20s Mt Fuji (SG268).40
1114Indian Forces: 1953(Dec) airmail cvr FPO 740-India, 3p-1a ovpts (SGK1-4 cat £35). PHOTO65
1115KUWAIT: 1947 airmail cvr to UK via Cairo, blk of 4 3½a (SG59 cat £50). PHOTO75
1116LATVIA: 1862 EL Riga-Paris via Prusse Valenciennes 3(blue cds), charged 11. Boxed P33.20
11171893 advert cvr Dorpat-Estonia(Reval rec'r), Russian 7k & TPO 90 pmk.25
11181913 cvr Riga(oval rail pmk)-Berlin, Russian SG93-4,128(x2).20
11191939 regd cvr Liepaja-Germany, 4-colour Independence SG279-81,84. National costume label(rev).25
1120LEBANON: 1907 Baalbek ppc comm.used Beyrouth(2 pmk)-UK, Turkish 10pa (SG213A x2).20
11211936 advert cvr Beyrouth-Holland, 5-colour inc scarcer Tourism skiing commems SG167a,91-4(cat £20).25
11221942(May 11) FDC Beirut-UK of Independence set (SG252-7 cat £25).25
11231945 advert cvr Beyrouth-N.York, scarce 25p (SG280) + army stamp (T289 cat £24).25
1124LEEWARDS: (see lot 21,121,428-33.1200-1),1914 regd cvr Antigua-USA, KEVII 3d+6d (SG41-2 cat £20).40
11251916 cvr Antigua-Canada @ 1d rate (strip of 4 ¼d SG46).20
11261922 regd cvr St Johns-USA, pair 3d purple/lemon (SG51d cat £54). PHOTO60
11271928 1½d brown p.stat.env, H&G8 fine unused with double-lined Specimen ovpt.20
11281949 cvr Antigua-USA @ 2/9d rate (SG107 x3 + 111ab(2/=) cat £10+). See also lots 1461-5.20
1129LIBERIA: 1888 3c p.stat.card, H&G1 Monrovia-Hamburg(rec’r) via L’pool Br.Pkt red cds. No message.25
11301899 ppc comm.used Harper-Germany via Prof.Woermann, 3c (SG156).25
11311912 cvr Monrovia-SS Kharlif,Lagos via Accra, officials O210+237(x2).30
1132LIBYA: 1912 war damage stampless ppc Zuara(military PO)-Rome. Violet Italian regiment cachet.25
11331912 cvr Tripoli d’Africa-British Consul,Tripoli, SG2-5,9-10,12(cat £16), Cat 300+eu(cvr). PHOTO50
11341912 cvr to Switz, Italian 5c(blk of 5 rev) & hooded Posta Militare IV Division Tripolitania pmks.35
11351922 Libia 10c opt p.stat.card comm.used Tripoli-Italy + 15c (SG52).40
11361932 crested Italian Tourist Office,Tripoli-Canada(destination), Dante 1L25 opt(SG25), Inc headed letter. PH.75
11371952 regd express(cachet + label) cvr Tripoli-UK, 3-colour SG180,3-4.25
1138LIECHTENSTEIN: 1920 regd cvr Triesen-Vienna, perf Prince John's birthday (SG43-5 cat £9).20
11391929 regd cvr Vaduz-Triesenberg, 30rp Prince John (SG86 cat £25).30
11401930(Aug) cacheted FFC Vaduz-St Gallen, 15rp+35rp airs (SG110+3 cat £84). PHOTO50
11411935(July) cacheted FFC Vaduz-Innsbruck, 60 on 1fr (SG150 cat £100). PHOTO65
11421936(May) illus(airship rev) env regd Triesenberg-USA flown Hindenburg, airs SG151-2(cat £300). PHOTO200
1143LITHUANIA: 1908 comm.cvr Shavli-Transvaal(destination/rec'r), Russian 2k(x5) tied rev. Bit grubby on front25
11441921(IX) cvr Kaunas-Latvia, air set (SG109-15 cat £20). Month error in date (stamps issued XI).25
11451923 postal receipt comm.used Telsiai-Kaunas, 25s (SG191).25
11461924-8 advert cvrs(3 diff) Kaunas(3 diff.pmks)-Switz @ 60c rate (all different frankings).25
11471931 cvr(inc letter) Kretanga-UK via Kybartai, pair 30c(SG304).15
1148LUXEMBURG: 1901 ppc to NZ(destination/RPO rec'r), SG152+4 & Noerdange-Martelange box TPO pmk.25
11491914(Dec) war damage ppc sent as feldpostkarte German FPO 103-Esch taxed with 5c P.Due (D173).20
115019 35(Aug 15) cvr Esch(Phil.Exhib'n pmk)-UK, imperf 2fr (SG339 cat £31).30
11511937 ppc to USA, scarce 75c Phil.Exhib’n (SG263 cat £18).25
11521956 Europa scarce illus unadd.FDC of SG609-11(cat £100). PHOTO65
1153MALAYA: 1899 comm.cvr Singapore-India, 4c on 8c (SG108b)25
11541923 underpaid 1a on ½a Indian p.stat.env to K.Lumpur with boxed violet K.Lumpur 8Cts To Pay.25
11551936 cvr Penang-USA, S.Jubilee 8c + KGV 6c (SG257,264).10
1156FMS: 1909 3c tiger p.stat.card comm.used Ipoh-UK via Taiping & Penang.30
11571909 regd cvr Taiping-Penang, 1c-10c ovpts (SG1-3,5,9 cat £222). PHOTO400
11581926 unpaid cvr Bruas-Taiping. Scarce BTA segment tax mark & 8c P.Due(D4) rev. Inc letter. Min.cat.£18045
11591926 underpaid Indian p.stat.env to Kajang, taxed with 2c+4c P.Dues (D2w-3) tied reverse.20
11601931 unpaid cvr India-Seremban, tax mark & 12c P.Due (D6w) tied reverse.25
1161Johore: 1910 comm.cvr Muar-Singapore, 1c+2c (SG61-2) & d/ring Muar Bandar Maharani crown cachet.45
11621924 regd cvr Johore-UK via Singapore, 2c+5c(x3: SG104+8).30
1163Perak: (see lot 374): 1939 KLM airmail cvr Ipoh-UK, SG94+6(x2).20
11641940 comm.cvr Lahat-Klang, 8c(SG110).20
1165Jap Occ: (see lot 1516): 1942 local K.Lumpur comm.cvr, Pahang 8c(J241) & boxed black censor seal.25
11661944 comm.cvr Ipoh-Parit Buntar, 8c(J307) tied reverse. Japanese boxed censor 3.25
11671945 Perak 15c regd env(RE2)size G Ipoh(JH59 illus pmk)-Singapore, mixed Kelantan 4c +J293,297-302,10.35
1168MALTA: (see lot 186): 1854-61 ELs(3) London(via French paquebot rated 1/9) or Italy-Malta(diff.rec’rs).20
11691854 EL Marseilles-Malta rated 10 per Bosphorus with blurred Purifie au Lazaret Malte20
11701904 underpaid ppc ex Italy with tax mark & fine 4d in circle. Postman 8.35
11711904-26 incoming 3-colour ppc or 4-colour regd cvr Germany-Malta with rec’rs inc 8 or 34 postman h/stamps.30
11721910 KEVII 1d p.stat.card comm.used Victoria(Gozo)-UK.20
11731922 regd 4-colour Self-Govt opts cvr to USA, SG114,6-825
11741928 regd cvr GPO-USA, 3-colour mixed issues SG159,174(x2),183. Green customs label.20
11751931(July) FFC Valletta-Mwanza(Tanganyika), 3-colour SG194,97,202 & sp.airmail pmk.25
11761934 regd cvr Valletta-S.Africa, 1/= (SG203 cat £25).40
11771931 Bank of Rome advert cvr regd(Bank of Rome label) to Germany, 2½d+3d (SG198-9) & oval pmk.25
11781941(Aug) OAS cvr Valletta-UK. Red triang.censor 91 + Examiner 13 Malta label tied circular 12.25
11791950 airmail cvr Valletta-Turin, SG238. Airmail 3d, Returned for extra postage (cachet) & SG255 added.20
1180MAURITIUS:(see lot 1504-5):1887 QV 2c p.stat.card comm.used Rose Hill-Beau Bassin(rec’r) & light 25 pmk.30
11811890 local Beau Bassin Archery Society 2c p.stat.card with cds + 27 pmk.40
11821903 6c on 8c p.stat.reply half(H&G16a) comm.used Pamplemousses(thimble D5 pmk)-Holland.35
11831908 cvr Curepipe Rd(thimble D4 pmk)-Rumania(destination/rec'r), 3-colour SG145,65a(x3),67a tied reverse.30
11841921-3 ppcs(4 inc Mapou Festival) comm.used to Belgium @ 4c-12c rates.25
11851925 KGV 20c regd env size G Rose Hill-UK + SG206,220.25
11861932 36c p.stat.env H&G18 regd Vacoas-Sweden + 4c(SG226).30
11871935 regd local Port Louis cvr with S.Jubilee set (SG245-8 cat £50)40
11881936 KGV 3c purple p.stat.card comm.used Argy-Pt Louis(rec'r).25
1189MEXICO: 1852 outer Magellan(red skeleton pmk)-Durango with red 2 h/stamp.20
11901864 EL Queretado-Guanajuato, 2r (SG7b cat £21) opt’d with district name & Franqueado en cachet.25
11911871 outer Guanajuato-Trapinato, imperf 12c (SG68) opt’d district name.20
11921904 Eagle 2c reply card,wrapper,env & lettercard + 5c env + lettercard(6) all ovpt'd Muestra (specimen).25
11931914 underpaid cvr Vera Cruz-Mexico City, US 2c, 10cts tax mark & scarce 10c P.Due official (D286).40
1194MONACO: 1931 underpaid cvr UK-Monte Carlo taxed with pair 60c P.Dues (D116).25
11951936 Air France airmail cvr Monte Carlo-India(destination/rec’r), mix issues SG130,140(5fr),159(cat £63). PH60
1196MONTENEGRO: 1893 Jubilee opt 2n & 3n complete reply cards(2),H&G14-15 Cettigne-Brno Station(rec’rs).30
11971907 cvr Antivari-C’tinople(rec’rs) via Pristan, 25h opt (SG124a).40
11981914 regd advert cvr Nikchitch-Kotor, 35pa (SG160).40
11991917 hotel advert cvr Antivari-Holland, 25pa (SG159).25
1200MONTSERRAT: 1910 regd cvr to Germany, Leewards 5/= (SG28 cat £95). PHOTO180
12011949 regd cvr St Johns-UK, Leewards SG117(x3).20
12021953-7 cacheted FDCs(4 inc 2 regd) to Br.Guiana/US/Canada of SG136a(blk 4),37-9,40-5. Scarce lot.25
12031958 regd airmail cvr Plymouth-UK, $4.80 (SG149).25
12041965 regd cvr Plymouth-USA, scarcer type 2 ½c-$4.80 (SG136b,39a,42ab,49a cat £23).30
1205MOROCCO AGS: 1898 Gibraltar 10c p.stat.card comm.used Tangier (A26 duplex)-Belgium25
12061909 ppcs(2) Mogador/Magazan-UK via Tangier(2 diff.pmks), KEVII 10c (SG113-a).40
12071912 Al Mugrab(newspaper) printed wrapper 5c on ½d KEVII, H&G6 Tangier-UK. Scarce.35
12081927 ppc comm.used Marrakesh-UK, 15c+75c (SG204+8).25
12091928 regd ppc Tangier-Prague, 3-colour mixed opts SG58,231x2)-2.25
12101935 regd cvr Tangier-Switz, S.Jubilee set (SG62-5 cat £42).35
12111935 regd cvr Tetuan-USA via Gibraltar-Plymouth, Spanish S.Jubilee blks 4 (SG149-52 cat £100+). PHOTO75
12121938-47 cvrs(5 inc airmail) Tangier-UK @ GB 2½d-6d rates(all diff frankings Z164-200(x3) cat £66).75
12131948(July 28) regd illus Olympics local Tangier FDC of SG257-60.20
12141947 regd airmail cvr Tangier-France, GB 1/=(Z191). Oval violet OAT cachet.25
12151951 OHBMS stampless env Tangier-UK with violet armourial BPO Tangier cachet.15
1216NATAL: (see lots 1269,1772): 1902 ppc to France via Durban, QV 1d tied fine POA 3 pmk. Tax mark deleted.35
12171902 regd advert cvr P’mburg-UK, mixed franking QV 2d(pair) + KEVII 1d (SG106,128)25
12181905 ppc Cape Town-Natal @ 1d rate with fine & scarce Hillarys rec’r.25
12191911 comm.cvr Durban-USA, 3-colour KEVII SG131,46,49.25
1220NAURU: 1923 ‘Wilson’ cvr to UK, 1½d (SG3 cat £85) & poor date.40
12211936 comm.cvr to Australia, ½d+1d (SG26-7A).15
12221936 regd cvr to Scotland, S.Jubilee ovpts SG40-3. 1/= uncancelled.15
1223NEPAL:1959 Parliament,Temple + 1960 Kings B’day(maxicard + cvr) illus unadd.FDCs(6) of SG134-7+8(x2).20
1224NETHERLANDS: 1862(Dec 31) outer Amsterdam-Alhier, 4mgn 5c plate V with 2 retouches cat £55+.45
12251863 outer Breda-Amsterdam, 4mgn 10c plate 10 cat £44. See also lots 9,86.35
12261895 Willem 12½c p.stat.env Breda-Java(rec'r). 2-line Ned-Indie Ned-Pakketb.40
12271915 regd cvr Philips factory,Eindhoven-UK, pair 22½c(SG187). Minor stains but Philips lamp label reverse.25
12281916 GB ½d Mackennal p.stat.card + ½d comm.used London-Flushing. S/line Censuur Gepasseerd.15
12291931 regd insured(label) cvr Amsterdam(Tulipplein pmk)-Germany, 10c+27½c (SG317,326).25
12301931 comm.cvr Rotterdam-UK, scarce 12½c Child Welfare (SG399 cat £33).30
12311932(Jun) Graf Zeppelin Dutch flight(cachet) card Enschede-Rotterdam, SG317+371. Cat US$600. PHOTO100
12321934(Aug) Graf Zepp 6th S.American flight Rotterdam-Berlin-Brazil, SG371(x2)+441. PHOTO50
12331945 regd airmail cvr Utrecht-Seychelles(destination/rec'r) via Mombasa, SG579,83,95-601,4,7.20
12341946(Oct) illus/cacheted KLM proving flight Amsterdam-S.Africa, SG515+630.15
12351955 Culture Fund (SG810-14 cat £22) on regd illus FDC Weesp-USA. Printed address & sp.pmk.25
12361955 Childrens Fund (SG821-5 cat £18) on regd illus FDC Schiebroek-Rotterdam. Typed address & sp.pmk.20
1237Curacao: 1891 7½c black on 15c p.stat.card to Dutch Consul,Venezuela. Scarce but no message.20
12381882-6 Willem 5c single + reply cards + 1892 2½c numeral fine unused with 3 diff.types Specimen opt.25
12391944 regd local censored illus patriotic Red X FDC of SG224-31(cat £30).25
1240Indies:1897 Willem 12½c p.stat.env Kota Radja(sq.circ)-Holland via NI Postagent Penang(sq.circ)+ 2½c.20
12411918 regd cvr Pengkalanbrandon-Canada(destination/rec'r) via London, 5-colour SG210-12,16-7.20
12421940 advert cvrs(2 diff) Bandoeng-UK @ 15c or 25c rates. Both triple censored (2 diff.local + UK labels).25
12431947 5c on 3½c p.stat.card(scarce H&G98) regd air Semarang-Aden(destination/rec’r) + SG502(x2),3(x3),4,735
12441948 airmail cvr Soerabaia-UK via Batavia-Amsterdam & OAT(manuscript), SG403+531(x4).20
1245New Guinea: 1959(Dec) printed French-Dutch film expedition cvr Hollandia-Waris(rec'r) by parachute, SG65.20
12461958(Nov) KLM illus FFCs(2) Biak/Tokyo-Holland, SG27-9 or 25-9.15
12471963 UNTEA 7c p.stat.card comm.used Sorong-Hollandia + UNTEA opts SG9(x2)-10.35
1248NEW BRUNSWICK: 1848 re-used outer(describing voyage) Mirinache-Scotland rated 1/= via Chatham & Sackville, brown W.O.Douglastown with manuscript date. Scarce. PHOTO50
1249NEWFOUNDLAND: 1873 cvr Twillingate-UK per Hibernian & L’pool red pkt paid, 6c (SG39 cat £30). PH.90
12501890 QV 2c p.stat.card comm.used St Johns Central-UK.20
12511918 IGA cvr St Johns-USA, 3c(SG88) & ‘Food will win the War,don’t waste it’ slogan pmk.15
12521921(Mar) flown cvr St Johns-Fogo(rec’r) @ 3c rate. S/line Air Post Fogo. PHOTO80
1253NEW GUINEA: 1932 regd cvr Madang-Australia, 2/= airmail opt (SG200 cat £50). PHOTO65
12541938(Apr) regd(violet Gasmata cachet/pmk) FFC to Australia, 2/=(SG186 cat £17).40
1255NEW HEBRIDES: 1953 plain FDC Vila-UK of top vals SG74-8(cat £33).30
12561953 regd official printed PO stampless env Vila-USA.15
1257French: 1957 defin set to 5fr (F96-106 cat £75) on 4 illus unadd.FDCs.50
12581963 commercial cvr Pt Vila-USA, SGF97+F108(Red X commem cat £15).15
12591971-3 regd(2 diff.labels) official cvrs(2) Pt Vila-USA with 2 diff.red Postage Paid s/ring pmks.20
12601975 10fr Bull (F213 cat £40) on illus unadd.FDC.25
1261NEW SOUTH WALES: 1840 part EL Sydney(oval red Paid Ship Lre)-London(s/line red Ship Lre S36)@1/4d.30
12621857 cvr Yass(cds + 44 numeral)-IoWight per Simla ex Sydney, 4mgn 6d (SG90). PHOTO75
12631875 QV 1d rose p.stat.card, scarce H&G2 fine unused with Specimen opt.30
12641888 QV 1d violet opt’d OS p.stat.env,H&G8 fine unused with oval NSW black ring cachet(Specimen).15
12651891 QV 3d on 4d regd env, H&G6a fine unused.20
12661908-9 ppcs(2) to Parramatta/Killara, 1d arms(single or x2) pmk'd fine TPO 1 West down code 1 or 2.30
12671908 underpaid ppc to Japan(destination/rec’rs), SG333-4 & T cachets. Boxed Def 5 Fine 5 10c P.Due cachet25
1268NEW ZEALAND: 1898 OPSO ret’d letter from DLO,Wellington-Whangarei(rec’r). Scarce survivor. PHOTO50
12691900 unpaid cvr Invercargill-Natal(destination). Scarce tax marks (circ. 5d & violet hexag.T25c) both countries.40
12701904 QV ½d p.stat.env Hikurangi-Hamburg + pair 1d universals probably ex booklet as straight edges.25
12711906(Nov) International Exhib'n Christchurch printed ppc comm.used Exhib'n-UK, 1d (SG371 cat £16).40
12721908-11 Waitomo Caves ppcs(2 diff) comm.used inland or to UK @ ½d/1d rates with s/ring early pmks.25
12731926 illus Exhib’n cvr Dunedin Exhib’n-Canterbury, blk of 4 ½d (SG463 cat £64). PHOTO65
12741931(Dec) Xmas cacheted FFC Hastings-Blenheim, SG468(x2)+548(air cat £16). Only 93 flown.30
12751932(Apr) cacheted experimental FFCs(2) Russell-Whangarai & Whangarei-Auckland both @ 5d(SG551)rate25
12761933 Maoriland ppc comm.used Hastings-Russia(destination/rec’r) @ 1d rate.15
12771934(Mar) illus env for 6th Trans-Tasman flight pmk’d Auckland & addressed to USA franked 4d air (SG549 cat £22). 3 diff.tax marks + mss ‘Insufficiently Prepaid for Transmission per Southern Cross’ (scarce).30
12781934(Dec 31) local Wanganui last day cvr of 1d postage, blk of 4 SG461(cat £44) but some toned perfs.25
12791935(Jan) airmail cvr Wellington-UK, airs SG549-50(x2 cat £40).30
12801935(May 1) illus FDCs(12) Wellington-Napier of set to 3/= (SG556-69 cat £225). Uncommon thus.200
12811935(May 7) plain FDC Papakura-Waipu of S.Jubilee set (SG573-5 cat £35). Cat NZ$400. PHOTO70
12821935(Sept 30) illus Health FDC of SG576 Port Ahuriri-Napier. Typed address. Jones H35.1A.15
12831938 cvr Waitangi(Chatham Is)-USA, strip of 3 1d (SG578). See also lots 10,44,48,1091.20
12841938 illus regd airmail env Dunedin-UK, SG570-2,79(blk of 4),601(cat £38).30
12851939(Mar) Union Airways illus East Coast FFCs(3 stages: Gisborne-Opatiki,Opatiki or Tauranga-Auckland)30
12861942(Oct) YMCA illus env Pahuitanui Military Camp(in use 4 months)-Wellington, SG617. PHOTO50
12871947 regd cvr Auckland-USA, pair ½d(1 with guide mark)+9d(SG667a+76 cat £39). Oval scarce red AR. PH50
12881947(May 1) regd airmail FDC Wellington-UK of KGVI set to 3/= (SG604,6,8-9.80-9).25
12891967(July 10) local New Plymouth FDCs(3) of set to $2 (SG845-62) & sp.pmks.20
1290Officials: 1938 Chateau Tongariro advert hotel luggage label used to Rotorua, KGV 2d (O98).25
12911940 OHMS cvr Ngaruawahia-NZ Artillery,Devonport, pair ½d(O134).15
12921963(Mar 1) illus FDC Lower Hutt-USA of 2½d+3/= (O162,7 cat £40+).30
1293P.Due: 1939(Aug 15) last day usage 1d (D38 x2) on unpaid cvr Porangahau-Waipukurau.25
1294Ross Deps:1971 airmail cvr Scott Base-Switz, scarce decimal SG5,7-8(x2 cat £34).Ex MS Lindblad Explorer.30
1295NICARAGUA: 1897-8 10c p.stat.envs(2, H&G38,41) comm.used Chinandega(2 diff.pmks)-UK via Corinto40
12961933 airmail advert cvr Granada-UK via Managua(fly Pan-am slogan) 3-colour SG465,7,620,31.15
1297NIGERIA: (see lot 16): 1906 Lokoja Camp ppc to UK, Lagos 1d tied Forcados s/ring pmk.30
12981907 Gold Coast ppc comm.used Egwanga-UK, S.Nigeria KEVII 1d.35
12991912 S.Nigeria KEVII 2d regd env size G Warri(boxed h/st)-Denmark(destination/rec'r) + 2½d(SG36).35
13001914 regd cvr Zungeru-Germany, N.Nigeria 10/= (SG51 cat £48). PHOTO100
13011916 WAFF crested env(4th Bn Nigeria Regt) env Lagos-UK @ 1d(SG2a) rate.20
13021921 KGV 2d regd env size G Ijebu Ode-UK + 2d die 1(SG18).30
13031923 regd cvr Lagos-UK, die 1 1d+4d (SG6e,16 cat £18).25
13041933 scarcer KGV 1½d p.stat.env Lagos-UK + ½d(SG15b). Inc letter.30
13051934 comm.cvr Bansara(scarce pmk)-USA via Enugu, 1d (SG16b x3) tied reverse.40
13061934 cvr Lagos-Germany, 3-colour 3d,4d,6d (SG23-4,25a cat £10).25
13071937 airmail cvr Kafanchan-UK via Kano, mixed KGV-VI 3-colour SG34(blk 4),46,48(cat £14).20
13081938 cvr Etinan(scarce skeleton pmk)-UK via Kyo & Aba, SG34-5(x2 ea).25
13091946 regd cvr Itam(skeleton)-UK via Aba,Uyo, SG53b(scarce 3d x2) tied reverse.15
1310S.Cameroons: 1930-7 cvrs(4) to UK @ 1½d/2d rate with Tiko,Buea,Victoria or Kumba Br.Mandate d/ring pmk50
13111954-7 regd cvrs(2 inc air) Muyuka(2 diff.pmks)-UK @ 1/7d or 1/9d rates.40
13121961 regd cvr Buea-Onitsha. mix franking SG72f,81,89(x2 ea) + UKTT opt 2d (T4)20
1313NIUE: (see lot 48): 1921 regd cvr to UK, set to 1/= (SG38-43 cat £70). PHOTO80
1314NORFOLK IS: 1951 commercial cvr to NZ. 4-colour SG1-2,4,6.15
1315N.BORNEO: 1894 8c green p.stat.card comm.used Sandakan-Germany(rec’r).40
13161937 comm.cvr Sandakan-USA, 12c (SG285).25
1317N.RHODESIA:1924 KGV 1d grey-lilac p.stat.card + 4d regd env with flap embossing & 2 diff. s/line Specimen.40
13181934 OHMS airmail cvr Chief Secretary(signed cachet),Livingstone-Uganda via Broken Hill.20
13191943(Jan) cvr Shinyanga(Tanganyika)-USA @ 30c rate. Censored in transit Examiner O/.label & O/4 cachet.25
13201948 local Lusaka cvrs(3) with 13 vals KGVI to 20/= (SG25,27,30,32,34,36,38,40-5 cat £160+).100
13211953 CAA(airmail label) flown cvr Lusaka-USA, Rhodes set (SG54-9 cat £14).15
13221954 QEII 4d regd env size G Katete-Port Elizabeth + 2d(SG64).25
1323NORWAY: (see lot 771,1570,1609): 1907 Royal Family official ppc for Royal Visit to Paris in May sent Paris London @ French 10c rate on 2nd day of visit. Postcard lists official programme for visit. Scarce.40
13241928(Dec) airmail cvr Oslo-Copenhagen-Hamburg, 45o air (Fa128a).35
13251937 PO env North Cape(2 diff.pmks)-UK, scarce commems SG223-6,35-8(cat £228). PHOTO175
13261963-5 illus/cacheted Arctic Circle SAS FFCs(5 different stages).25
1327Antarctic: 1951 regd illus Exped’n cvr Dronning Maud Land-Finland, SG282+394 & sp.illus pmk.20
1328NYASALAND: 1930 banking cvr to Czech(destination), 1d+2d (SG101+3) & TPO pmk.25
13291930 regd(blk/white label) cvr Zomba-Austria, 1d+6d (SG101+7).30
13301931-2 comm.cvrs(2) Lujire/Dedza-UK @ 2d rate (SG103).35
13311933 airmail cvr Zomba-UK(much redirected), 1/=(SG108).20
13321934-7 cvrs(2 inc airmail) Ncheu(2 diff.pmks)-USA, 3d or 1/= (SG118,122 cat £16).45
13331937 airmail cvr Lilongwe-forerunner WWF,Regents Park Zoo,UK, KGV 9d+1/= (SG121-2 cat £31).45
13341937(May 12) local Chileka Coronation FDC of SG127-9. Scarce pmk.35
13351941 banking cvr Zomba(drink tea/coffee advert pmk)-Ireland @ 2d rate. British & Irish censor labels.25
13361942 comm.cvr Blantyre-UK, 1½d (SG132).15
13371946 OHMS official paid(label) cvr Lujire-UK.25
13381958 comm.cvr Nthalire-UK, Rhod & Nyasa SG19-20.15
1339Malawi: 1971(Mar) illus (Dhow on Lake Malawi) airletter Blantyre-UK posted during UK postal strike SG369 (sp.ovpt)+371 & UK local labels tied Chelsea pmk on arrival.20
1340ORANGE FREE STATE: 1893 scarce ½d/1d p.stat.card, H&G5 written PO Langlaagte-Cape pmk’d Boshof.45
13411898 ½d red p.stat.card Zand River-Barkley West(rec’r) via Winburg pmk’d 13 numeral. Rare. PHOTO65
1342PAKISTAN: (see lot 1003): 1949 airmail cvr Karachi(RMS air TPO 2 pmk)-UK, 12as (SG12).15
13431951 12as airmail env, H&G7 Peshawar University-USA via L1 TPO4 + 6as (SG34).15
1344Bahawalpur: 1875-1915 cvrs/p.stat(11) to/from Bahawalpur. Nice range pmks inc Mail Agent,Rail Station etc.35
1345PALESTINE: (see lot 1636): 1906 ppc comm.used Jerusalem-Germany, Turkish 10pa(x2).20
13461907 Cyprus ppc(Troodos Camp) comm.used Jaffa-Belgium @ French Levant 1c rate.35
13471918 Bethlehem ppc APO SZ44(Jerusalem skeleton)-EEF military, 5m on 1pi(SG4). Palestine box censor 2.25
134819 22 advert cvr Jerusalem-UK, SG63(x2)-4. Boxed Minimum Letter Rate UK-Palestine 3d (reverse).20
13491938 13m regd env,H&G7 airmail Jerusalem-Austria via Brindisi & Venice TPO + 5-colour 2m-8m.40
13501941 cvr Nahariya-Red X,Switz @ 15m rate. Red PC22 censor label 71/10533.15
13511943(Jun) OAS grn env censored airmail Indian FPO 55(Ar Rama/Eilabun)-UK, GB 3d(x4). Proud NS. PH.75
13521945 15m regd env, H&G9 Jaffa-UK + 15m (SG108a) & 2 pmk.35
13531947 regd airmail cvr Tel Aviv-KGVI,Buckingham Palace, 3-colour SG99,100(x2),8a & scarce All.Rd BO regd.35
1354Jordanian Occ: 1951-2 cvrs(3) Tulkarm,Ramallah or Ga’Qalya-Jerusalem(rec’rs), P2(x2: thick(doubled?) or thin ovpts). Couple + 1m oblig.tax.30
1355PANAMA: 1909 scarce 5c p.stat.env, H&G6 comm.used Panama-Germany.25
13561925 offical cacheted(x2 diff) Consular env to Panamanian Vice-Consul,Glasgow, 5c (SG201).20
13571930(May) Pan-am cacheted FFC to Venezuela, SG201+235.20
13581931(Nov 28) internal FFC addressed to USA, 5c air (SG250) & sp.pmk.15
13591945 airmail censored cvr to UK, SG401,5,10. 2-line Airmail to & in US only.15
1360PAPUA: 1926 regd cvr Pt Moresby-USA, 4-colour SG93,95,96b,99. Missing flap.50
13611932 regd cvr Kulumadau SE.D(scarce pmk)-Scotland, 2d+4d (SG96a,99). PHOTO100
1362PARAGUAY: 1890 3c p.stat.card, H&G8 comm.used Asuncion-B.Aires.20
136319 11 regd cvr Asuncion-B.Aires, 7-colour franking SG218-22(x2 ea),23-4.25
13641929(Jan 2) CGA FFC Asuncion-B.Aires, SG334+345. Flown Vachet. PHOTO65
1365PERU: 1872 firms cachet cvr Callao-UK, mix issues 1d grn(SG20) +GB 9d(Z50 x2 cat £400) & C38 pmk.PH350
13661905 Consular envelope Lima-Peruvian Consul,Wales, pair 1c officials (O348). Scarce cvr.30
13671906 4c p.stat.card, H&G59 comm.used Abancay-USA.20
13681916 comm.cvr Callao-Lima(rec’r), 3-colour ovpts SG388,90,92(inv.opt cat £20+).40
1369PHILIPPINES:1917 cvr Cayagan-military HQ,Manila,& onto camp in USA, SG337(x3).Small circ.PBC(censor)35
13701931(May) Sikorski float plane RP ppc flown US Army Zamboanga-Manila, 26c opt(SG410). STB 15 flown.45
13711941(May) cacheted FFC Manila-Singapore, 20c(SG531). Triangular censor 93.15
13721941(Oct) twice censored cvr Baguio-Shanghai(circ.censor), SG567(x3). Red/white Opened by Censor label.35
1373Jap.Occ: 1943 illus/cacheted local Manila FDCs(5) of J13-14,16,18-20(all blks 4),J29(blk 4)-30(cat £33). Most with box Passed by Japanese Military Police censor.35
1374PITCAIRN: 1937 cvr to USA, NZ 2½d Coronation(Z55 cat £45) & bluish pmk. PHOTO80
13751938 illus Pitcairn Radio cvr to USA, NZ 1d (Z41 cat £17).20
13761940(Oct 15) illus unadd.FDCs(2: different designs), SG2 or 3+7.20
13771945 regd HMS Bounty 1790 h/stamp cachet on local cvr signed RP Clark(postmaster), SG1-6.25
13781946(Dec 2) regd(type 4 h/stamp) FDC to UK of Victory set (SG9-10).10
13791951(Sept 1) local illus FDC of 8d(SG6a) imprint blk of 4 cat £32+.25
13801953 NZSCo env to UK, 4d-1/= (SG5b-7 cat £25).30
13811961 local illus cvr with set of 11 to 2/6d (inc SG19a,23a cat £50).35
1382POLAND: (see lots 15,50,1445): 1917 local Warsaw advert cvr with mixed ovpts Mi1(x2)+9. Undeliverable (Warsaw City Post violet cachet), Released & Returned cachets. Boxed Wieczania Oplacona.30
13831918 Gen-Govt Warschau 7½pf p.stat.card comm.used Warsaw-Germany. Boxed red Posen censor.15
13841933 express(label) cvr Warsaw-Brno, 50g (SG272a x3).15
13851933 regd airmail cvr Bielsko-Australia(destination) via Greece, SG259(x5),86(x2),90(cat £20).35
13861938(Sept) regd 1st Stratosphere balloon card Zakopane-Lodz, 75zl minisheet (MS335b cat £110). PHOTO80
13871939(Dec) regd(provisional label) cvr to US Consulate,Berlin, 50gr+60gr opts (Mi9-10) tied 3-line Deutsche Post Osten/Szczucin/date.30
13881940 Dienstpost Osten cacheted cvr German Police,Warsaw-Vienna, 60gr ovpt (Mi10).25
13891940 regd cvr Dubiecko-Berlin, complete Gen-Govt opt set (SG372-91 cat £180). PHOTO150
13901944 legal document ex Pilzno with Gen-Govt 50gr(x2)+1zl revenues tied.20
13911944 cvr Polish Merchant Navy(box cancel) to UK, Monte Cassino ovpt set (SG494-7 cat £75). PHOTO50
1392PORTUGAL: (see lot 56): 1905 bullfighter ppc Lisbon-Nesta unpaid taxed with 20r P.Due (D394).20
13931916 hotel cvr Lisbon-UK, SG492(x3). Local censor label tied circ.censor 43 + UK censor label 921.20
13941926 lovely bookshop advert cvr Lisbon-France, 1e60 (SG569).20
13951936 regd airmail cvr Porto-Uruguay(destination/rec'r) via Morocco, SG852(x3),87,90(x2).25
13961950 airmail cvr Lisbon-UK, 3-colour SG943,49a,1038(scarce 5e Holy Year cat £44).35
13971951-3 illus unadd.FDCs(8) of SG1053-64,69-70,94-1101(cat £59) all with sp.pmks.50
13981953 illus unadd.Stamp Centenary FDC of SG1102-9(cat £25) & sp.pmk. PHOTO50
1399Angola: 1911 cvr Lobito-UK, 50r provisorio ovpt (SG140).20
14001916 regd censored cvr Loanda-Paris via Lisbon, 4-colour SG207-9,11.30
14011986 blk of 4 UNITA ‘rebels issue’ postally used Jamba-USA(rec’r). Inc letter.25
1402Azores: (see lot 45): 1912 advert cvr Angra do Heroismo-France, pair SG261.20
14031928 nice advert cvr Horta-USA, pair 80c (SG307)20
1404Cape Verde: 1893 30r p.stat.card comm.used S.Vicente-Germany.20
14051926 advert cvr Praia da Eure(PA)-Paris, pair 80c (SG245). Scarcer postal agency.40
1406Funchal: 1897-1910 20r p.stat.cards(2 diff) comm.used to Paris with 2 diff.pmks.20
1407India: 1896 ¼t grn + 1898 ¼t red p.stat.cards(2: H&G7-8) Diu-Bombay or Damao-Lisbon. Scarce.50
14081922 regd cvr Verem-India, SG443(x5)+449(x2) tied reverse.30
14091940 airmail twice censored(PC66 label + Indian censor) cvr Mormugao-UK, hi-rate SG538-41 tied reverse.30
1410L.Marques: 1897 cvr to Germany via Pretoria & London, 100r (SG7).40
1411Macao: 1951 airmail cvr to USA, SG428,31,34(1p cat £54) tied rev. Boxed blue Par Avion via Hongkong. PH50
1412Mozambique: 1928 comm.cvr Inhambane-USA, 40c (SG288 x4)25
14131940 hotel advert cvr L.Marques-Jo’burg(censor), 80c (SG362).15
1414S.Thome: 1906 river scene ppc comm.used to Lisbon @ 10r rate.15
1415Zambezia: 1902 comm.cvr to Germany, 50r on 65r (SG63).40
1416PRINCE EDWARD IS: 1866 cvr Charlotte Town-USA, 6d (SG17 cat £120) & 13 numeral. PHOTO200
14171867 cvr Charlotte Town-George Town, 2d(SG12) & 13 numeral.45
1418QUEENSLAND: 1898 QV 1d chocolate/yellow p.stat.card, H&G10a(view of Overshot dam) fine unused.20
14191897 QV 1d p.stat.cards(2 diff.H&G4)comm.used Charters Towers(165 pmk) or Pittsworth(306 pmk)-Brisbane20
14201911 Japanese ppc comm.used Thursday Is-UK via H.Kong @ 1d rate. PHOTO50
1421RHODESIA: 1897 Mashonaland 1½d p.stat.card, H&G6 Bulawayo-UK + 1d (SG29).25
14221901 BSAC 4d regd env size H2(H&G1a)Salisbury-Holland via Cape + blk 4 1d(SG77). Red box regd h/st.PH50
14231913 KGV 1d p.stat.env, H&G5 fine unused20
14241923 ppc comm.used Livingstone-Belgium, 1½d(SG199).15
14251968(Jan) TAP illus FFC Salisbury-Lisbon, SG380,98,400.10
14261969 express airmail cvr Salisbury-Italy, 2/=+5/= (SG404-5).20
14271972 airmail cvr Mount Pleasant-Botswana, pair SG470. Scarcer postal agency.25
14281973 regd airmail cvr Avondale-Monaco(destination/rec’r), SG446-a(x2).10
1429& Nyasaland: 1955-63 airmail cvrs(2) Kopje/Zomba-Canada, SG16-17(x2 ea) or 46.10
1430RUMANIA: 1879 Hungarian 2kr p.stat.cards(2: diff.shades)comm. Arad(2 diff.pmks inc tarde(late)-Temesvar.30
14311895-7 10b p.stat.cards(2 diff.printings) comm.used Botosani/Atmagea(Tulcea blue pmk)-Germany.20
14321917 5b blue p.stat.card(P61) + 5b ex German rail official interned in Botesti-Swedish Red X via Iasi. Boxed Civili. 2 different Romanian censors.25
14331928(Dec) airmail cvr Bucarest(x2 diff.pmks)-Paris, SG1084-6 + airs 1099-1101(horiz.wmk cat 20eu).20
14341930 airmail advert cvr Bucarest-UK via France, blk of 4 5L air (SG1185 cat £21) tied reverse.25
14351937 certified official(env+seal) Foreign Ministry regd cvr Bucarest-Romanian Consulate,Hamburg, SG1191, 1313+19. Vom Ausland uber Bahnpost 5 regd label.25
14361938 LOT airmail(label) cvr Cernauti-Palestine, Balkan Entente SG1368-9(x2).20
14371948 regd cvr Braila-UK, mix franking SG1900,34,37-8,T1948.15
1438RUSSIA: (see lot 492,1117-8,1143): 1820 EL St Petersburg-London via Hamburg rated 5/=.25
14391845 EL St Petersburg-London via Paris rated 1/3d.15
14401848 EL Taganrog(box pmk)-Odessa rated 4.25
14411856 firms EL Odessa-Marseille charged 11(h/st) via Breslau-Berlin(3-line + Porto 3) & Paris-Marseille TPOs. Boxed Aus Russland.30
14421866-7 ELs(2) local Moscow or Odessa-Kiev, 10k (2 diff.shades Mi15 or 21).25
14431870 10k p.stat.env(139x113mm) used internally ex Luganski + 10k(Mi21a).25
14441872 forerunner no value p.stat.cards(2 diff) in black fine unused H&G1-2.15
14451876 firms env Bialystok(Poland)-Silesia via TPO 55, 8k(SG32).20
14461883-9 5k(x2 diff.sizes),7k(x4 diff),14k & 20k(both x2 diff) p.stat.envs(10) all fine unused. Scarce lot.50
14471890 2k wrappers(3) in different formats all fine unused.40
14481924(Aug) regd airmail cvr Moscow-Berlin, airs SG417-20 + 3k on 3r currency control stamp tied rev.30
14491935 cvr Petrosavodsk-Estonia (Narva-Tapa TPO rec'r) via Leningrad (received damaged & resealed cachets in Russian & French) @ 25k rate.25
14501936 regd express(cachets) cvr Leningrad-UK, 3-colour SG375(2r x2),549,727m.25
1451Azerbaijan: 1922(Dec) comm.cvr to Germany via Moscow, 200,000r on 10r grey + 500,000r on 2000r blue & black tied reverse. Unfortunately 3rd stamp missing but still very scarce.40
1452Levant: 1900 32pa on 4k reply card(P5) fine unused complete. Reply half has no ovpt. PHOTO65
14531898 4k p.stat.card comm.used C’yinople-Germany.25
1454SAAR: 1951 regd cvr Ottweiler-UK,Relief Fund set (SG296-300 cat £500). PHOTO350
1455ST.HELENA: 1904 multi-view ppc comm.used to France, 1d (SG56).15
14561913 regd cvr to USA, 1½d+3d (SG74+7 cat £14).40
14571934 regd OHMS cvr to UK with boxed Official Paid.25
14581935 regd cvr to UK, 1/= Centenary (SG120 cat £18).40
14591957 printed French Foreign Ministry St Helena envelope to Paris, 4d(SG159). Uncommon.20
1460ST.KITTS-NEVIS: 1805 business EL to UK re-rated to 4/=, scarce 2-line St Kitts/date in use 3 years. PHOT100
14611892-3 Leewards 2½d QV p.stat.envs(2: diff.sizes) comm.used to Barbados/UK with A12 pmks.35
14621927 Badge 2d regd env size H2 to USA + Leewards ½d,2d (SG59,65).40
14631929 cvr Sandy Point(fine pmk)-Scotland, Leewards 5d (SG71).45
14641943 airmail(bilingual red 2-line h/st)cvr to UK, SG68+75b. Examiner BB/6 + mss 55 censor label. Stains.25
14651945 airmail censored cvr St Kitts-UK, Leewards 1/= (SG110bb cat £13).25
1466ST.LUCIA: 1907 printed matter cvr Castries-USA @ scarce ½d rate (SG64).15
14671908 OHMS regd cvr Castries-Germany, 1/= CA wmk (SG62 cat £50). PHOTO80
14681929(Sept) FFC to P.Rico, SG98(x2)+100(cat £17+) tied 1st flight pmk25
14691936(Mar 1) regd FDC Castries-Scotland of top value 10/= (SG124 cat £100). PHOTO100
14701948 regd airmail OHMS cvr Castries-UK, S.Wedding (SG144-5 cat £35).35
1471ST.VINCENT: 1913 regd OHMS cvr to UK, 6d (SG115).25
14721915-23 KGV 2d regd env size G + 3d size H2 (H&G4a,5a) both fine unused ovpt'd Specimen.25
14731918 regd OHMS cvr Kingstown-USA, 5d (SG114 cat £16).40
14741918 regd OHMS cvr Postmaster(cachet),Kingstown-UK, 1/=(SG101) + 1d war stamp(SG129).45
14751927 KGV 3d regd env size G Kingstown-USA + 1d.30
14761953 matching regd cvrs(2) Kingstown-USA, $2.40 + $4.80 top vals (SG176-7 cat £30).35
1477SAMOA: 1920 Victory set (SG143-8 cat £75) on local Apia cvr. PHOTO65
14781935 matching cvrs(3) Apia-NZ, pairs S.Jubilee 1d-6d (SG177-9 cat £12).15
14791935(Aug 7) illus regd cvrs(3) Apia-NZ of set to 3/= (SG180-8).25
1480SAN MARINO: 1924 30c on 15c reply half of P15 p.stat.card comm.used locally with 2 diff.pmks inc Borgo.25
14811934 express cvr to Rome via TPOs with SG117,9-20,45-52,54,E16420
14821947(Dec) Stamp Centenary illus sp.airmail cacheted cvr to N.York, SG360-6(cat £18).25
14831949(Dec 29) illus cacheted UPU FDC of 100L sheetlet (SG403 cat 260eu). PHOTO125
1484SARAWAK: 1938 comm.cvr Sibu-Bintulu(rec’r), 1c+4c (SG106+9).25
14851939 cvr Kuching-USA, 3-colour SG108,9-10.20
14861940 regd cvr Kuching-UK via Singapore, 5c+8c (SG112+15). Boxed violet Passed by Censor. PHOTO65
14871949 illus local Kuching UPU FDC of SG167-70(cat £11).15
1488SAUDI ARABIA: 1917 internal official cvr ex Djedda 5, 5-colour mix perf/roulette SG11-15. PHOTO150
14891923 cvr Djeddah 5-UK via Egypt, ½pi+1pi (SG41-2). PHOTO150
14901953 regd airmail cvr Mecque-UK via Djeddah, SG331a(x4),51,67(scarcer commems x2).25
14911962 regd airmail cvr Taif(violet pmk)-Nigeria(destination/rec’r) via Khartoum, SG351,98,400,53(x3).15
1492SERBIA:1897-9 5p or 10p p.stat.cards(2) locally used ex Austro-Hungarian Consulate(blue or violet cachets).25
14931913 regd cvr Koumanovo-UK, 10pa (SG170 x5).25
14941916 stampless cvr FPO 801-Serbian student,Algeria via FPO 999. Boxed Serb censor 27.40
14951918-9 ppcs(2) Num/Belgrade-Paris @ 10p rate (SG197). Boxed or s/line Serbian military censors.30
14961918 Athens Univ.ppc comm.used stampless Corfu(Ministry of Posts)-Corsica. S/line Postes Serbes + Serb boxed military censor. Velickovic certificate. PHOTO65
14971920 regd express cvr Belgrade-Prague, 3-colour SG197,200(blk 4),202 tied reverse.25
14981944 POW scarce reply lettersheet comm.used Belgrade-Serb in Oflag 2406/VIC,Germany(camp censor recr)25
1499German Occ: 1943 1d50 on 1d p.stat.card(P3) comm.used Petrovgrad-Boka(rec’r). Scarcer box VB censor.20
1500SEYCHELLES: (see lot 1715): 1929 KGV 20c regd env size F Victoria-UK + 15c(SG111).40
15011942(July) cvr Victoria-USA, 18c (SG139c). 2-line violet Passed Seychelles censor no.2. PHOTO50
15021948 regd airmail cvr to UK with S.Wedding set (SG152-3 cat £48).45
15031952 cvr Victoria-Australia(destination), KGVI 18c (SG139cb cat £18).25
1504Mauritius used in: 1863-72 4d+6d (Z20,22 cat £158) with fine B64 pmks (2).45
15051872 scarce 10d (Z25 cat £325) with fine B64 pmk. PHOTO100
1506SIERRA LEONE:1907 double regd(inc London FS label) cvr to Switz, 2d+2½d (SG89-90).25
15071907-11 SS Leopoldville or Westmoreland St Freetown RP ppcs(2) Freetown-Belgium at 1d rate.25
15081911 W.African Regt crested env Freetown-UK @ 1d rate. S/line Late.35
15091913 KGV 2d regd env size G Freetown-Germany via London + 4d(SG117 cat £17).30
15101913 military RP ppc Llandammarch Wells(Wales)-Pendembu(scarce v.early rec’r) @ GB 1d rate.25
15111935 underpaid cvr Freetown-USA, S.Jubilee SG181(x2) rev. Tax marks of both inc scarce 20c h/st (UP21).35
15121938(Jun) cacheted FFC Freetown-Bathurst(Gambia), SG188-9,91.25
15131940 airmail cvr Freetown-UK @ 1/3d rate. S/line violet Passed Censor signed by RN Cmdr Veale. Inc letter.30
15141943 comm,cvr Freetown-UK at 3d rate. Buff Examiner QQ/10 label.15
1515SINGAPORE: 1937-8 airmail cvrs(2 inc crested Swimming Club env) to Canada, 35c Straits (SG268 or 286).25
15161942 local cvr with Japanese 3s,5s,8s,25s & large red 1st Greater Asia pictorial pmk (JH51).40
15171952 Indonesian Consulate env(+ cachet) to Penang @ 10c rate15
15181954 Telok Ayer Basin RP ppc comm.used airmail to Italy, 35c (SG25a).15
15191965(Mar) illus QUANTAS FFC to Vienna, SG71-3 & Airport pmk.10
152019 71 Art & Satellite illus FDCs(2) of SG160-70 inc blk 4 cat £65+. See also lots 375-6,1153,1371.30
15211976 airmail cvr to Israel(destination), scarce Shipping minisheet (MS188 cat £45).35
1522SLOVAKIA: 1939(May) illus advert cvr Smolenice-Hradec Kralove(rec’r), mixed opts SG9+24(x3).20
15231940-3 ppcs(4 inc RP) to Prague,Znaim,Zbysov at 1k20 rate (SG52 or 65). 2 with Slovakatour 20h labels tied. All with red machine censors (2 diff.types).25
15241942-3 airmail cvrs(2 inc advert) Trencianske Teplice or Katarinske Huta-Prague, 3-colour SG44,68,86 or 46,57,97 & brown censor labels tied red machine censors.25
15251941-44 regd cvrs(2) Trnava/Kuty-Bratislava, SG35a(3k) or 35,41,46.20
15261954-5 local Munich cvrs(2) to Austrian Consulate with different Slovak Republic propaganda labels tied.20
1527SOLOMONS: 1937 local Gizo Coronation FDC of SG57-9 with rubber 30mm pmk.15
15281939 comm.cvr Shortland Is(scarcer pmk)-USA, SG42(x2). PHOTO60
15291945(Apr) OAS censored cvr RNZAF NZAPO C(Guadalcanal)-NZ.25
15301947 illus (canoe prow) cvr Munda-USA via Honiara, SG64(x2).25
1531SOMALILAND: 1905 regd cvr Berbera-Switz via Aden, 4-colour KEVII SG32-5(cat £14). PHOTO65
15321920 regd cvr Berbera-UK, 1r (SG69 cat £28). PHOTO50
15331944(Jan) OAS censored(military 54) cvr APO 65(Hargeisa)-UK.20
1534S.AFRICA: 1914 ppc comm.used Jo’burg-Winterton(SA rail rec’r) via Estcourt @ ½d rate.20
15351923 advert cvr Durban-Germany, 4-colour KGV inc 2 coils (SG3,6(x2),18,19a).30
15361925(May) cacheted airmail cvr Pt Elizabeth-Cape Town-UK, 2d + 6d air (SG28 cat £14).25
15371928 regd(cachet) cvr Durban(West End RO pmk)-Malaya(destination/rec’r), marg.pair 3d (SG35 cat £35).35
15381936 4d kraal regd env size G Oranjezicht-Austria + ½d officials(O12 x9 cat £20+). PO opened month earlier.25
15391938(Dec 14) regd FDC Wilderness-S.Rhodesia of Voortrekker sets (SG76-81 cat £36).25
15401939(July 17) regd airmail FDC Somerset West-Australia of Huguenot set (SG82-4 cat £35).30
15411941 stampless telegram env used locally at Inchanga(Natal). Uncommon.15
15421944 stampless cvr Patentie-E.London taxed with pair scarce 2d P.Dues (D32).15
15431947 airmail cvr Durban-Cyprus(destination/rec'r), SG46c,54,59. See also lots 899,1072,1554-6.20
15441959 meter franking(poor impression) cvr London-Jo’burg, taxed with 2d,4d P.Dues (D40,42 cat £15). Returned to Sender with myriad marks inc 6d tax marks & London FS & RLB.30
15451961(Feb 14) 6d lion regd env size H2 Musgrave Rd,Durban-UK + ½c-50c (SG185-96 cat £24). FDC.20
15461965 ITU sp. FDI card(2 diamonds rev), SG260-1 + sp.pmk & typed address. PHOTO50
1547as above lot but 3 diamonds variety & h/written address to UK.40
1548S.AUSTRALIA: 1884-5 QV OS 1d wrappers(2) on white/buff papers ovpt’d serpentine Specimen in red.25
15491885 QV ½d violet/buff p.stat.wrapper(H&G3) ovpt’d Specimen in red.15
15501891 cvr Murray Bridge-Melbourne, SG167b + pair 229b(2½d ovpts).25
15511897 QV 1d brn p.stat.card comm.used Ralangadoo-Penolco(both sq.circ.pmks).20
15521906 advert cvr Adelaide-Italy per SS Orontes, SG242+294(pair). Envelope stains. See also lot 84.15
1553SW AFRICA: 1915(Apr) OAS ppc APO 4(blank D2 state 2 pmk of Luderitzbucht)-Jo’burg. Boxed blue censor.25
15541917 S.Africa ½d p.stat.card Klein Windhuk(violet pmk)-Keetmanshoop(rec’r). Circ.violet censor B100. PHOT65
15551917 cvr Luderitzbucht-Klein Windhuk(scarce rubber violet pmk),S.Africa 1d(x2). Circ.violet censor 100A.40
15561918 S.Africa 1d p.stat.card Tses-Swakopmund(rubber rec’r) via Keetmanshoop. Box violet 2-line censor.40
15571930 OHMS Returned Letter regd env Windhoek-UK, SG58-60(cat £58). PHOTO50
15581935 OHMS cvr Luderitz(30mm Sea Bathing Health Resort pmk)-Windhoek. Magistrates official free cachet.20
15591936 regd airmail cvr Windhoek-UK, S.Jubilee set (SG88-91 cat £35).25
15601937(Mar 1) flown(SA Airways) cacheted regd FDC Windhoek-Cape Town of blk of 4 1½d(SG96).25
15611939(July 17) regd airmail Huguenot FDC Windhoek-Transvaal of SG111-3(cat £48).40
15621972 regd illus sp.event FDC for unveiling national monument Omaruru-USA, SG173,81,211-3.25(cat £48).40
1563S.RHODESIA: 1924 KGV ½d & 1d wrappers, scarce H&G1-2 fine unused.25
15641931(Dec) experimental flight(s/line cachet) Salisbury-Upington-Cape Town, SG15(x2)-16,18(cat £14).20
15651932(Mar) airmail cvr Bulawayo-Tanganyika(Camp PO Dar rec’r) via Dodoma, 6d(SG20).15
15661935 local Salisbury (38mm pmk) S.Jubilee FDC of SG31-4(cat £42)35
15671937 KGVI ½d p.stat.card + 1d red p.stat.env, both H&G5 fine unused (2).15
15681940 cvr Bulawayo-UK, ½d(SG52) & We Realise in Rhodesia……Br.Navy patriotic label.20
1569SPAIN: (see lot 499): 1850 EL Aguila(Murcia)-Galicia, 4mgn 6c (SG2 cat £18) type 2. Arana black pmk.40
15701870 shipping EL Malaga-Arendal(Norway: destination) privately carried. No postal marks.20
15711874 5c+5c grn & blk p.stat.reply card (Edifil 2) fine unused.25
15721929 Sagrada Familia ppc comm.used Barcelona-Germany + 5c Barcelona Expo label tied.20
15731934 firms p/card comm.used Barcelona-Ethiopia(destination), 10c (SG741).15
15741940 airmail cvr GermanEvangelicalCommunity,Barcelona-Portugal, SG962+4(x3) + 5c local tied. Milit.censor15
15751946 airmail cvrs(2 inc regd) Bilbao/Barcelona-India(destination/rec’r) or Switz, 5-colour frankings to 2pta.20
15761951 local Barcelona stampless cvr with GPO Vinaroz armourial cachet & 10c local tax tied.20
15771948-55 Philatelic Exhibition illus cvrs(5) ex San Sebastian,Zaragoza,Barcelona(2 diff inc sp.printed 3pta p.stat, card) & Seville-Mexico all with sp.pmks.40
15781953-4 illus FDCs(2) to USA of University & Holy Year sets (SG1188-90,93-4 cat £15) & sp.pmks.25
15791963 6pta airletter (Edifil 77) fine unused. Cat 103eu.25
1580Guinea: 1936 comm.cvr Santa Isabel(F.Poo)-USA, 50c (SG292).15
15811957 airmail advert cvr Bata-Germany, SG396+407(x2 ea cat £8).15
1582Ifni: 1951 illus unadd.FDC of 5p air (SG70 cat £10) & Sidi Ifni sp.pmk.15
1583Morocco: 1927 advert cvr Larache-Barcelona, 5c ovpt (SG102 x4). Central fold.20
1584Tangier: 1948-51 airmail cvrs(3 inc regd) to Switz, SG138 or mixed 3 or 4-col.frankings + Spanish airs to 1pta25
1585SUDAN: 1909 Egyptian 2m p.stat.env Ras el Tin-Sudan (Berber & scarce Kereima-Argo TPO rec’rs).35
15861917 cvr Khartoum-Cairo via Cairo-Assiut TPO @ 5m rate. Violet triang.Sudan censor 8.25
15871917 2m grn p.stat.wrapper(H&G4) Inspector of Irrigation,White Nile(cachet) Khartoum-Scotland.20
15881922 2½p regd env(H&G7) Korti-UK via Kareima-Argo TPO No.1 & Shellal-Halfa TPO 2(oval regd).40
15891923 cvr to UK via Shellal-Halfa TPO1, 10m tied scarcer Khartoum-Pt Sudan TPO.25
15901931(Mar) IA illus cacheted FFC Khartoum-UK, SG38,48-9(ovpts cat £24).20
15911936 camel race RP ppc Pt Sudan Quays-Germany, airmail(box bilingual cachet) 6-colour SG37-42.25
15921937 airmail cvr El Mesallemiya(D3 pmk)-UK via Khartoum-Sennar TPO(scarce D4), SG41+3.40
15931942 cvr Atbara-Egypt via Shellal-Halfa TPO1, SG85(x2). Green Sudan 6 censor label tied.25
15941943 regd OAS censored cvr FPO 549(Khartoum)-UK, GB 3d. See also lot 77.15
15951944 bit soiled airmail cvr Khartoum-UK. SG43+44b. MM/4222 Examiner label.20
15961950(July 1) local Khartoum illus FDC of airs (SG115-22 cat £30).25
15971950-1 airmail advert cvrs(4 inc regd) to Europe, scarce commercial use of airs SG115(x4),17-19,21(cat £24).40
15981952 regd illus(camel post) airmail cvr Khtm Sennar Kassala s/ring TPO(scarce)-USA, SG118,27,30,32.35
1599SWAZILAND:1938 airmail cvr Mbabane-Germany, KGV to 1/= (SG11-17 cat £13).20
16001953 6d ovpt airletter Piggs Peak-USA + mixed KGVI-QE2 SG28(x2)+52 pmk'd Bremersdorp.20
16011961 5c on 6d regd env airmail Hlatikulu-NZ(destination/rec’r) + mixed issues SG66-8,71-2,74,78,84(cat £10).25
1602SWEDEN: 1850 firms EL Stockholm-UK via Hamburg(2 diff.pmks inc blue KSuNPA). Myriad rate marks.40
16031890 official regd cvr Stockholm-Germany, 20o(Fa46b x2). Fine royal wax seal reverse.40
16041891 insured(boxed Warde) 10o p.stat.env Djura-Falun + 20o Oscar.30
16051906 insured(warde) official cvr Malmo-Landskrona, 50o grey official (Tj23 x2: front & back). Nice wax seals.40
16061908 5o ‘calling card’ p.stat.env Stockholm-USA + 8o (SG46x2).20
16071922 regd cvr Goteborg-Stockholm, 3-colour inc scarce surchs, SG95A(x2),90,92.20
160819 26-36 Tomtens colour illus factory envs(4,2 diff.designs) Goteborg-USA @ 25o-40o rates (all different inc 2 diff.25o Fa183a-b). Reverses full-size illus of 4 different products. Nice lot.50
16091937(Jun) cacheted FFC Stockholm-Oslo & return, SG175f+190 & Norway SG232.15
16101943 airmail cvrs(2) Jonkoping/Stockholm-Geneva/Paris, SG237(x2)or 265. Secret writing wipes & 2 diff.cens.25
16111944 airmail cvr Goteborg-USA via UK(censor), SG237-8(x2),269(x3). 2-line By Air to UK.25
16121955 illus Stamp Centenary FDC to UK, SG366-70(cat £30) & sp.pmk. See also lots 65.90.20
1613SWITZERLAND: 1859 cvr Luzern-Scotland via St Louis 3 red cds. Boxed Fr1fr78c accountancy.40
16141865 internal stampless EL Munster-Canton Aargau via Luzern-Zurich TPO.20
16151865 outer Geneva-Turin, 30c vermilion (Mi25b cat £50). See also lots 6,14-15,51,66,74.40
16161874 cvr Montreux-UK, 30c dull blue (Mi33c cat 60eu on cvr). Unusual PD.15
16171900 local Bern cvrs(2 inc advert), 5c UPU(Mi71) with varieties: SE white patch or dot betwn eyes cat 140eu.80
16181915 cvr to UK, Tell Mi111 type 3(x5),112 type 2(x3),124(x6) & Feldpost 4th Division pmks.25
16191924(Apr) Herisau military aviation day ppc flown Grenchen-Zurich(30c sp.label tied), SG280+318(cat £33).25
16201925 airmail cvr Zurich-UK, 25c airs (SG318 x2 cat £66).45
16211926 regd cvr Schmidrued-Innsbruck, Pro-Juv J32-5(cat £20).25
16221927 express(cachet + label) cvr Geneva-UK, 90c (SG329).20
16231927(Aug) cacheted FFC St Gallen-Basel, 20c air (SG317).15
16241930 regd cvr Zurich-UK, Pro-Juv J48-51(cat £25).25
16251930 regd advert cvr Bern-Uk, tete-beche blk of 4 20c carmine red Tell (K25).20
16261930(Aug 1) 25c airmail National Fete illus p/card flown St Gallen-Zurich.25
16271930 hat-makers illus 20c Tell private printed p.stat.env regd Wadenswil-Germany + 50c (SG240a).25
16281934(Oct) regd cvr NABA Exhib’n Zurich-Mulhouse, scarce minisheet MS357(cat £1000). PHOTO500
16291937 airmail cvr Baldegg-Dutch Indies(destination/rec’r) via Hungary, 80c (Mi141z). Boxed violet Taxe Percue 40c Zurich Airport.25
16301940(May) regd Red X flight cacheted cvr Frauenfeld-Baden(FPO 22 rec'r), SG324a,83-4.20
16311943(Sept) illus cvr Geneva Stamp Exhib’n(sp.pmk)-Basel, Mi416 + GEPH minisheet (MS433a).PHOTO50
16321951 airmail cvr Montreux-S.Africa SG514a,17,27-31(Pro-Patria set cat £48).30
1633Campione: (see lot 1063):1949 regd cvr to Switz, set of 7 to 1fr (SG6-12 cat 70eu).30
1634WHO: 1950 express(3 cachets/label) printed env Geneva(UN)-UK, 5c,40c,1fr (LH1,5,19 cat £20). Central fold45
1635SYRIA: 1912 Rhodes ppc comm.used Tripoli(Syria)-Vienna, Turkish 20pa. Scarce thus.40
16361919 cvr Damascus-Alexandria,Palestine 1pi(SG10). FPO SZ62 & Arab negative seal pmk(rev).Censor 10.PH50
16371921 1pi OMF opt on 20pa p.stat.card, H&G6 fine unused20
16381938(Dec) regd cacheted FFC Damascus-Tunis, airs SG264(x2),324.15
16391942 unadd‘Airmail Tax Reduced’advert p/card, Independence set(SG358-63 cat £32) & 2 diff.Damascus pmk20
16401947 airmail env(toned in places) Homs-UK, ovpts SG417 + T422(cat £43).30
1641TASMANIA: (see lot 131):1854 cvr Launceston-Scotland per Sarah Anne, 4mgn 4d pl.1(SG9 cat £450). PH400
16421884 4d regd env size G(H&G2a)+ range ½d/1d p.stat.wrappers & envs(diff.sizes/papers) good-fine unus(7).25
16431886 cvr Ulverstone (53 numeral)-Forth, 2d (SG157).20
16441899 HMS Dart crested env Hobart-UK, mixed issues SG157a+216.20
16451900 cvr Richmond-UK via Hobart, 2½d view (SG232).30
16461902 On Public Service EL(register birth) Woodsdale-Oatlands.15
16471903 QV 1d pink/brown p.stat.card, H&G7b comm.used St Marys-Launceston(rec’rs).20
16481909 ppcs(2 diff) Zeehan-Belgium @ 1d rate(SG250/250ea). 1 printed matter, 1 taxed with Belgium 10c PDue25
1649THAILAND: 1922 US Presbyterian Mission,Chiengmai cvr to USA via Bangkok 1+2, mixed SG165,7(x2),218.35
16501939 3s green p.stat.card, H&G60 comm.used Prue-Lambang(rec’r).25
16511949 regd airmail cvr Bangkok-Switz, SG296(x2),317-8,9(x2)-10(cat £24).20
16521959 Quantas illus Boeing 707 FFC Bangkok-UK, SG331,45,96-9.10
1653TONGA: 1893 cvr Nukualofa-NZ(rec’rs), 2d (SG11 x3: 2 with manuscript cancels cat £48). PHOTO150
16541896 4d regd env H&G5 Nukualofa-USA via NZ + 2½d(SG33). PHOTO100
16551934 cacheted Tin Can Mail cvr Niuafoou-NZ, SG29(x2)+55.20
16561945 regd cvr Vavau-Australia, 1/= with small hyphen variety (SG80a cat £40).50
1657TRANSJORDAN: 1920 regd cvr Es Salt-Jerusalem(skeleton rec’r), strips of 3 2m+5m(SG10,13 cat £30) & violet 3-line cachet pmk. Rare. PHOTO250
16581950 airmail cvr Mefrak-UK via Beirut, 4-colour SG258-9,63(x2),T265(x2),70.35
16591952 airmail cvr Nablus-UK, 4m (SG259 x10).20
16601953 airmail cvr US Embassy, Amman-USA, mixed issues inc ovpt SG328,65,68.25
1661TRANSVAAL: (see lot 3):1900(Aug) scarce 1d p.stat.card, H&G7 philatelically used locally in Barberton.45
16621901 regd cvr Pretoria-Switz via London, mix franking ERI 1d(x3) + VRI 6d. Triangular Pretoria censor.35
16631904 crested env Cantonment Potchefstroom-UK @ 1d rate20
16641905 regd OHMS cvr Pretoria-France, ½d+4d pair (SG249,260)25
16651905 river crossing ppc comm.used Elanglaagte(scarcer pmk)-UK @ 1d rate.20
16661909 cvr Pietersburg-Switz, 2½d (SG263b). Cat £180(cvr). PHOTO50
1667TRINIDAD: 1884 printed matter local cvr, bisect 1d on 6d (SG105a). Cat £300(cvr). PHOTO100
16681896 advert cvr Arima-UK via Pt of Spain, SG106-7(x2).20
16691902 3-col.franking cvr Pt of Spain-USA per SS Grenada, SG114,7,27(x2).20
16701902-6 regd(h/st or label) cvrs(2) to UK, SG128-9 or 133+6.25
16711916(Oct 19) small FDC Pt of Spain-Belmont of 1d Red X (SG175).20
16721930(May) NYRBA FFC Pt of Spain-Scarborough(Tobago rec’r), 3d(SG223). Sp.NYRBA label tied. 487 flown.20
16731930(July) NYRBA FFC to Grenada (rec’r), 6d (SG226). 224 flown.40
16741936 cvrs(5) Belmont(scarce D4 pmk),Arima,Williamsville,Palo Secco,Tunapuna-USA all @ 6c rates.30
16751943 Active Service grn env Mucurapo-UK, SG251+4. Violet circular crown censor 8798.25
1676TRISTAN: c1937 illus Coronation env to UK, GB 1½d Coronation & violet type VI cachet.40
16771937(Mar) illus/cacheted cvr for visit HMS Carlisle to Tristan, GB ½d+1d & London p/bot. PHOTO50
1678c1946 cvr to UK, GB 3d Victory & 2 type V cachets.25
16791950 stampless taxed cvr to S.Africa with violet cachet IX(Edinboro Settlement) & Cape Town p/bot.40
16801952(Jan 1) local FDC of ovpt set to 10/= (SG1-12 cat £100). PHOTO75
16811955(Oct-Dec) underpaid cvrs(2) to exped’n leader,Gough Is with survey cachet, tax marks & Tristan 1d or 2d used as P.Due (took 6 weeks). Matching underpaid pair Gough Is-Tristan took 5 months (4 items).50
1682TURKEY: (see lot 951,1120,1635,1750): 1850 EL (in Greek) to Trieste(rec’r) rated 18 & 2-line Smyrne/date.35
16831908 ppc Mersina 2(type 83 violet pmk: uncommon)-UK @ 10pa rate.25
16841910 ppc comm.used Candilli(uncommon type 18 pmk)-France @ 10pa rate.20
16851913 regd cvr Stamboul 2(Latin pmk type 77: uncommon)-UK, scarce 2pi (SG346 cat £9) tied reverse.30
16861918 1pi p.stat.env(U34 opt) regd Voivoda-Berlin+ SG918,21. Turkish censors/seal. 4-line German censor.40
16871922 complete parcel card Samsoun-Angora via Kaledjih, SG769(50pi)+919(x2).25
16881925 ppc comm.used Rize 1(Anatolia type 11 pmk: scarce)-UK, SG979(x2).25
16891945 airmail advert cvr Galata-Sweden, SG1135,47,T1290. Free French censor + oval red OAT.25
1690Cilicia: 1919 complete parcel card comm.used with TEO opts SG76(x2)+85(25pi cat £14).40
1691TURKS & CAICOS: 1895 QV 1½d reply p.stat.card complete comm.used Turks Is-Germany via London. PH75
16921923 regd(oval cachet pmk) cvr to USA, 1/= (SG172 cat £23).40
16931929 comm.cvr East Harbour-UK, pair 1d (SG164) & Turks Is pmk.20
16941935 regd cvr to UK, S.Jubilee set (SG187-90 cat £14). See also lots 89,234.15
1695URUGUAY: 1868 firms(cacheted) EL Montevideo-N.York(ship letter 4 rec'r) per Flor del Mar.25
16961894 2c p.stat.card,H&G33 comm.used Montevideo-Germany via Lisbon + 1c (SG142).15
16971913 5c blue illus (school) p.stat.card, H&G52 Montevideo-Germany + SG297-9(ie 4-colour franking).25
16981928(Mar) CGA FFC Montevideo-B.Aires, SG454, 95-6 tied sp.boxed airmail cachet.35
16991932(Apr) regd 2nd Graf Zeppelin flight cvr Montevideo-Germany, SG548,58,665,67.30
1700USA: (see lot 36-7,46):1850 EL New Orleans-France Paid 5(h/st) & charged 13.Box red Colonies &c Art 13.45
17011860s 3c p.stat.env(U34) N.York(target cancel)-Poughkeepsie + 1c Franklin (SG60b cat £50).40
17021862 cvr Elgin(Ill)-Scotland via NYork, 24c brn-lilac (Scott 70a cat £350). PHOTO225
17031874 1c p.stat.card +1c(SG147) Richmond(Va)-UK. Cork cancels + 2-line Insufficiently Paid.25
17041893 2c p.stat.env uprated with 6c Columbus (Sc235a cat £29) New York-Philadelphia.35
17051898 2c blue Liberty p.stat.card, scarce UX13 comm.used N.York-UK.30
17061900 red/buff PO official regd env size 235x125mm comm.used stampless Heber-Eureka(Utah).40
17071905 5c Lincoln p.stat.env Madison Square-SS Titania.Tsingtau(destination & Kiautschou rec’r).25
17081907 ppc comm.used Detroit-Nevis,W.Indies(destination/rec’r) @ 2c rate. See also lot 49,78,91,239-40,1193.20
17091914 ppc San Francisco-India(destination/rec’r), mixed issues SG423+497.15
17101920 sp.delivery cacheted FFC Los Angeles-San Francisco, 16c air (A547 cat £42).40
171119 28 regd cvr Prescott(Az)-Bridgeport(Ct), 2c red p.stat.env +SG602(x3) tied by woodcut rodeo scene cachet25
17121930(May) Graf Zepp S.America flight cvr N.York-Germany, $1.30 Zeppelin (A688 cat £475). PHOTO225
17131935(Nov) cacheted Transpacific FFC San Francisco-Philippines, SG774+A776(x3).15
17141941(Feb) cacheted Pan-am FFC N.York-Portuguese Guinea, 50c air (A777).10
17151945(Sept) Lincoln 1c p.stat.card(UX28) Long Island-US Consul,Seychelles(destination/rec'r) + 1c(x2).15
17161952 SAS illus/cacheted ist Trans-Arctic FFC Los Angeles-Denmark via Greenland(2kr tied).20
1717Hawaii: 1911 comm.cvr Honomu-Br.Guiana (destination/rec’r), Washington 5c (Sc.335). Scarcer pmk.35
1718VATICAN: 1931 regd cvr to Czech via Italian TPOs, 7-colour SG1-7,8(x2),9.20
17191937 regd cvr to Switz, Catholic Press set (SG47-54 cat £130). PHOTO85
17201939 regd cvr to France, 6-colour SG28,70-1(x2),73-5.20
17211945 papal ppc comm.used to UK, SG102. Oval Military Censorship routed thru’ Civil Mails h/stamp.15
17221952-4 80L+100L airletters (LF5+7) + 1958 unfolded 20L + 35L reply p.stat.cards(4) all fine unused.35
1723VENEZUELA: 1864 EL La Guaira-Caracas, ½r yellow (SG21 cat £40). PHOTO75
17241894 10c p.stat.reply card complete(H&G9) comm.used Valencia(oval pmk)-Belgium via blue Ligne D Paq.Fr.30
17251899 10c p.stat.card, H&G8a comm.used Puerto Cabello (smudged blue undated pmk)-N.York + 5c (SG163).20
17261905 regd cvr Caracas (circ.undated + bars)-Italy, 25c+1b officials (SGO327+9) tied reverse.35
17271954 lovely pictorial (front & back) airmail env Caracas-B.Aires, 50c (SG1250).20
1728VICTORIA:(see lot 131): 1843 EL Eastern Hill,Melbourne-Huddersfield per Mary Lyon rated 3 in red, 8 in blk, oval red crown Ship Letter Melbourne & blk s/line Ship-Letter(London). PHOTO65
17291856 cvr Melbourne-UK per Lightning, 4mgn 6d (SG32a). Scarce L’pool Australian Packet Paid cds. PHOTO75
17301864 cvr Melbourne-UK, 4d+6d (SG107b,110b cat £10).30
17311881 QV 4d lilac regd env, H&G1 fine unused.25
17321889 QV 1d grn p.stat.wrapper, H&G14 comm.used Buninyong(cds + 22)-UK.15
17331899 OHMS p/card used locally Melbourne ex Minister of Lands & Surveys (frank stamp).20
17341900 QV 1d+1d complete reply p.stat.card, H&G22 fine unused with Specimen Melbourne cds.15
17351901 regd cvr Melbourne-Hobart, 2d+3d (SG377-8 cat £11).25
17361904 Melbourne ppc comm.used to UK, scarce 1½d (SG386: clear wmk). Cat £100(SG on cvr).30
17371904 cvr to Tasmania, SG385ba(x2)+7a & Up Train Victoria code MG2 cds + TPO duplex.25
17381912 'Weekly Times' advert cvr Melbourne-UK, 1d on 2d (SG456).20
1739VIETNAM: 1954(Nov) FM cvr SP4719(military cachet)-UK, French 30fr & poste aux armees pmk. Part flap.15
1740W.AUSTRALIA: 1901 cvr Perth-UK via SMR 9 TPO, 2½d(SG114) & GPO R duplex.20
17411901 official Dept of Agric.cachet/free frank wrapper to Scottish Botanic Gdns.Paid Official WA cachet(rev).PH50
17421902 ppc Freemantle Rail Stn-UK via SMR 11 TPO, ½d+1d (SG94a,112).40
17431903 cvr Northam-UK, strip of 3 1d (SG117).25
17441903-9 2d blue lettercards, H&G3-4 both fine unused(2).50
17451904-5 1d swan dark blue p.stat.cards(2: H&G9-10) both fine unused & very scarce.45
17461906 cvr Perth-UK, 1d+3d (SG139,141).25
17471907 cvr Bunbury-Tasmania, 2d (SG140) & cds + B duplex.35
17481907 Ceylon ppc comm.used Colombo-UK, W.Australia 1d swan (SG139) tied Colombo pmk.30
1749YEMEN: 1955 10b red airmail lettersheet, H&G1 fine unused.20
1750YUGOSLAVIA: (see lot 54): 1894 20pa Turkish p.stat.card comm.used Monastir (type 85 pmk)-Salonica35
17511916 Uskub ppc used stampless to Germany with German FPO 22 pmk25
17521919 regd cvr Zagreb-Switz, Hrvatska opt 3k (SG71).25
17531919 regd cvr Mostar-Belgrade, 90h on 35h ovpt (SG12).25
17541920 early unified Yugoslav Osijek river ppc comm.used to Karlovac, bisected 30v (SG111).30
17551921 unpaid ppc Mitrovice-Bos.Brod taxed with D164(x2)+66 P.Dues. Scarce.40
17561923 scarce 10pa blue parcel card comm.used Ivanek-Strumitza(Macedonia) + SG166(x3),187.35
17571924 tourist ppc Baska(island of Krk Croatia)-Prague, SG169(x2)+181.15
17581926-8 ppcs(3) Belgrade/Rab/Skopje-Austria/Czech, SG221(thick or thin opts)+233 or 210+233.20
17591926 COD regd parcel card Zagreb-Pec, 5-colour mixed SG192,99,202-3(x2),8 & 2d P.Due (D188) reverse.25
17601929 0.50d insured p.stat.env Zagreb-Germany + SG211,17 tied reverse. Nice wax seals. Uncommon.25
17611930(Mar) cacheted FFC Zagreb-Graz, SG245(x2) & sp.pmk. 238 flown.25
17621938 ppc Berlin-poste restante,Dubrovnik, damaged 50p PO label pays fee. Rare.25
17631938-40 Workers Fund sets (SG378-81,406-9,432-6 cat £30) on regd cvrs(3) Celje-Holland.25
1764ZANZIBAR:(see lot 643): 1895 message half 1a on 1½a Indian p.stat.card comm.used to Germany via Reunion a Marseille LV No.3 & sq.circle pmk. Part address erased.40
17651907 regd cvr to Sultan of Zanzibar@Mombasa onboard SS Admiral, 3as(SG214). Inc official business letter.45
17661915 Sultan 12c regd env size F to UK + 6c (SG248).35
17671931-3 On Govt Postal Service printed envs(x2 different) stampless to USA with sq.circle or cds pmks.40
17681935 On Govt Service env airmail regd to Berlin via Italy, 8-colour SG299(x2)-308 inc scarcer 303+7.25
17691944(Nov 20) illus regd Al Busaid local regd FDC of SG327-30.15
17701960 30c regd env size H type 1, H&G11b airmail to USA + SG360-1,63,65(all x4 cat £16+).25
1771ZULULAND: 1893 GB 1d red p.stat.card opt’d Zululand(H&G2) fine unused ovpt’d SPECIMEN violet h/st.25
17721906 Zulu ppc comm.used Melmoth-UK @ Natal 1d rate.20

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